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Traversa Ride 360 App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Traversa Ride 360 app received 96 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Traversa Ride 360? Can you share your negative thoughts about traversa ride 360?

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Traversa Ride 360 for Negative User Reviews

Very inaccurateThis app maps a country in Europe and I live in Canada. I have mentioned my concerns 2 months ago and after reinstalling the app, we still somehow live in another part of the world. Very inaccurate in location and indicating where my child’s bus is on the route..Version: 2.1.4346

Needs A lot Of WorkSo the place it shows the bus is not correct it doesn’t update when they move. The contact information for the driver of the bus isn’t correct or they just don’t answer the phone at all! The times of pick up and drop off constantly change because it’s not in sync with the buses location. This app needs A Lot of Work! If it worked properly it would be great but it doesn’t. Maybe they will fix all of this. I sure hope so! My sons bus driver didn’t even pick him up on the first day of school and never answered my calls or text neither did transportation! It’s ridiculous Rock Hill School District 3 Do Better!.Version: 2.1.4338

Please fixThis app only works sometimes. I use this app to know when my kids bus is coming in the mornings. When it’s working right, I can tell exactly when the kids need to be out in time for the bus to be at their stop. But when it’s not, it’s a complete guessing game as our pickup time is never when the bus actually comes. It could be be up to 10 minutes difference either before or after their pickup time. When it’s not working, my kids have stood outside in extreme cold for 15 minutes waiting for their bus, not knowing if it’s even coming because the app won’t show where the bus is. I know this is first world problems, but if you are going to make an app for convenience and safety, please have it work properly so Canadian kids aren’t outside freezing waiting for their bus..Version: 2.1.4342

Needs update or new siteThe app doesn’t have routes for my 2kids that was and is supposed to be on a bus route as they are already in the school system. Unfortunately, the app and school system supposed to work together, and link together on these active routes with each individual student present on it but not. There’s more to be done with this app. It’s not updated for the bus transportation to know and have a student going onto those buses. Please have it updated and worked on..Version: 2.1.4342

Won’t let me see my studentIt doesn’t work anymore..Version: 2.3.4352

No scan updates or alertsPiece of crap.Version: 2.1.4342

Would be really good if it workedI love the idea and concept of this app and was excited to be able to use it through my sons school, but it won’t let me log on. I registered an account and was able to get in that one time, but it couldn’t find my son. I tried again later and it would say my username/password was incorrect. Go to forgot my password and it would tell me the user didn’t exist. Go to register again and it would tell me I already have an account. Really need to work out the kinks.Version: 2.0.2086

No updatesThis is NOT showing to be reliable to track anything there have been NO updates and no information do not helpful at all to track my son🤬.Version: 2.1.4342

UnresponsiveThe app is unresponsive and doesn’t update the information. The information is not arranged in order which is very confusing.Version: 2.1.4342

Poor appApp is extremely poor. Doesn’t register bus locations, doesn’t show bus scans until days later, no notifications even though I have them all set to on. Do not recommend..Version: 2.1.4342

TerribleIt never works probably as an app. Always having a technical issue with something. Currently it has been over a month you can't reset the password on your phone..Version: 2.3.4374

Why only one ParentSince most children have 2 parents why limit the app to only one parent being able to follow their child’s bus schedule. It’s very inconvenient.Version: 2.3.4358

Terrible bus appThe tracker only updates the bus location about every 6 minutes, that’s ridiculous. Our last bus app tracked the bus in real time. The supposed arrival changes constantly and we don’t receive updates when the bus is going to be late or when they have to do a “double route”. And when they do a double route, that means my child is put on a different bus that I don’t even have the option of tracking. Our last bus app would tell you which bus your child was being put on and allow you to track that bus as well. I am not impressed thus far, I hope they make some changes to this app soon or allow us to back to edulog, which is a great bus app..Version: 2.3.4357

DisorganizedI’ve reached out the the app people, the county, the school, dispatch and other numbers for SCPS transportation. They times are off by approximately 45 mins each way. I have asked to be informed verbally what time the bus will drop off and no one can answer because they all see the same incorrect information I do! I know what time pick up is because I’m there in the mornings, and although I’ve informed them what time he picks up they still have not corrected it. I understand it’s a new app however they should be able to quickly correct obvious inconsistencies. What’s apparent is that the different entities are not working together. Hopefully I’ll receive a call back today with some accurate info…. but I won’t hold my breath..Version: 2.1.4338

Terrible app so inconsistentThis app never gives real time updates. Has areas where our bus is and will not give a proper location or update. Terrible and unreliable.Version: 2.3.4349

No way to use. It’s impossible to find a studentIt isn’t working.Version: 2.3.4358

Poor design and functionWe have asked multiple times to get the notifications working with zero improvement. No notifications at all and the live tracking feature is barely functional it’s so slow. Good idea with the app but very few functions of the app work at all..Version: 2.1.4346

Missing GPSI noticed this year that the GPS map has been disabled. Will this be remain gone? I found this to be very handy. I would like to see this option back..Version: 2.3.4358

The WORST ever APP I dealt with !!!God knows why and how a school district would select this app for parents to track the bus rpute for the kids when this app is not working almost all the time !!!.Version: 2.3.4374

Getting miffedSo far this thing is a piece of junk. Keeps telling me to change district or map brings up Rome. Update 2022: a lot of glitches. Doesn’t update all that often. Today has a 30 minute lag. This thing is supposed to give updates in almost real. I shouldn’t need to wait 30 minutes to figure out if my kid scanned on the bus or not. 23-2024: scans appear to finally be worked no messages allowed, should have a cancelation notification for increment weather but doesn’t- but that’s through yet another app. Still sucks to notify a student won’t be on through email as I’m deaf and would rather text. I’m working on other options(EIPS rural district). And where did my map go?.Version: 2.3.4358

Does it even work?I get nothing out of this App! No messages. I tried sending a message..did it go through?? I never received a reply. I don’t get info when a bus is late or anything! What’s the point of this App? I think it’s useless..Version: 2.1.4339

BusIt’s not very helpful. Are we not able to see our childrens bus schedules anymore?.Version: 2.1.4342

Good concept; barely worksIt’s a good concept but the most unreliable app ever and a waste of taxpayer money. When the app does work, the best you get is a listing of your students, their bus number and schedules pickup/drop off times. The location tracking never works and delays aren’t communicated in a timely manner. It would also be good if the app actually connected on the first day of school—a failure to connect means you can’t even find a bus number or times. I’m guessing some college students could build this over a summer better than this company has done over several years..Version: 2.1.4339

So InaccurateIt never seems to update in real time. Bus pick up time is 7:47 am and it will show that the bus location hasn’t been updated since 6:58 am. I have everything selected to get a notification 5 min out and/or previous stop and I have never received a notification. Thought this would be great on -30C mornings but it really hasn’t helped at all..Version: 2.1.4346

App with lots of potential, but subpar execution.Our school district started using this app instead of sending out text messages letting us know when the bus was running late. They advertise that you can see the location of the bus at any point during the route and get updated arrival times. That sounds like a real nice, helpful app, doesn’t it? Unfortunately the execution falls short. I revised my rating up from 1 star because I realized part of the problem was my school district not properly training the bus drivers on how to use it. The user interface could use some updates, but the app is getting marginally useful after two weeks instead of being completely useless as it was the first five days of school..Version: 2.3.4357

Could be GoodThis app has a lot of potential, but seems like it’s in the development stage. The scan dates are usually wrong, and disappear once a day so you can’t really use that feature. The bus location updates once every 30 mins, so that’s also a feature you can’t use. It does however show you where your kids get dropped off, picked up, and has their bus number. Although that information is remembered after the first day….Version: 2.1.4342

Horrible!The worst app. It doesn’t do anything. It just shows my students and nothing else.Version: 2.1.4346

Ride360App barely ever works and when it does it doesn’t work properly.Version: 2.1.4342

It has potential but lots of kinks to iron outI don't count on it. After a full school year, It is great in theory but only somewhat helpful sometimes. The kids' Apple Watches are more reliable for telling me if they got to school or are en route (and that isn't always reliable, either). Their schools are in different cities so imagine seeing a kid registering as still at school when there is no safe path to walk home as would have to cross over at interstate highway. Many times the kids walk in the house before they are recorded as having been delivered. They have to walk a block to get home and it isn't like they run home. This has so much potential but just isn't there in execution. I sent a message once in the app that a kid would not be riding the bus several days due to play practice and got no reply. No clue if they actually got it. When my incoming kindergartner starts in August, I will at least know what to expect and will set the bar low. But there were several frantic calls to the 4th and 6th grader last year when they were not showing as being in the proper place only to find out all was well. Oh, and our oldest probably had to get a half dozen replacement access cards. That can't be cheap for the school..Version: 2.3.4352

I don’t get itI had to watch a tutorial on how to use this app. Apparently, there is supposed to be an AM and PM box, yet, I only have the PM box. And, what is the point of having the map, if you can’t see the bus location on the map? I think this app could be approved , if you could see exactly where the bus is, on the map. This would also be a idea, if the bus breaks down, or has an emergency issue. I can see where my pizza delivery person is, but not my child. I don’t like it, at all..Version: 2.3.4357

A little confusingThis app is a little confusing. When I click on my child’s profile it tells me the scan has been accepted. I would like to see the date also. It only shows the time. That’s why it gets confusing. It would also be really nice to receive a notification on my phone the moment my child scans his card. That way I know he’s on the bus. Another thing it needs is a GPS, so that I can track where the bus is located once the scan has been entered. It needs some work..Version: 2.1.4338

Not reliable from parents perspective.Bad app.Version: 2.1.4346

If I could give it a 0 I would!This app literally knocks out my Wi-Fi on my phone. I thought it was a fluke one day when I had full Internet and then I logged in and it said that it couldn’t do my stuff because I didn’t have network connection and I realize that I logged in like four more times after having it come back after getting out of the app, it would just kill my Wi-Fi on my phone. It logs out by itself all the time and now I can’t get back in because it says that page cannot be found when I try to reset it. So his app is so poorly run and has so many bugs these people should be ashamed!!!!.Version: 2.3.4352

Terrible appThis app is terrible. First I never see any bus scans for my kids, my kids say that they scan their IDs every time they get on the bus. Every time I check my students “no scans found.” Secondly, the notifications are a joke. Can’t see the entire notification on my phone so I click on it, it sends me to the app, which for some idiotic reason, logs me out after each use so then I have to log in and then the notification disappears and no way to view it. Click on messages no messages. No notifications at the top of the screen, nothing. No notification bell to view recent notifications. This app is terrible..Version: 2.3.4357

Not accurateThe district promise to cha ge to this app to know where are our kids but this is not correct they show us the time they’re supposed to be dropped off and the time is up they say the kids are already been dropped off and it’s not true when they scan the ids not working really they don’t show if they are on the bus or not they just show us the location of some of the bus not all of them I have 5 kids and 2 buses only one work with the location and show they’re already been dropp off but not true got really scared because I was not there.Version: 2.3.4352

No bus locationsThe map does not actually show where they get on and off the bus..Version: 2.1.4342

Very poor designOur district switched to this app over the summer, but it wasn’t at all functional for the first 5 months. Now that it is considered “up and running”, it’s barely functional. The app does not notify when the bus is near, it also does not update in real time. In order to get an update it’s necessary to crash the whole app and reopen it. If you try to toggle between children the busses will fall off the map entirely and will show they aren’t running at all. The time estimates are incorrect. If there is any delay (ex: 2 hour delay due to snow) you can’t track the bus at all. If they split the route you can’t track the bus at all. I’ve spoken to our transportation department and they have let me know that this is just how the app is and there are no fixes that can be done. We are recommending not using this poor tracking system next year..Version: 2.1.4348

No information on canceled busesI was trying to see what bus I had after a notification saying that my bus was canceled for today. I could not find if there was a backup bus or we had to walk an hour to school..Version: 2.1.4342

Terrible no notificationsOur district started using this app this year. I’m very disappointed. Although I can go in and manually see where the bus is, that’s about it. It does not send me notifications, even though I signed up for them in the app. It is supposed to tell me when the bus is at the stop before my house, five minutes out, etc. and it sadly does not work whatsoever at all to do that. It does not send me any notifications and any info I get I have to manually check for, but the only info I can see, even manually checking, is where the bus is on the route. I can’t even see when kids scan on and off the bus. I have also used the contact feature before leaving this review and have not gotten a reply..Version: 2.3.4358

Well!!!I want to like this app.... but so far the information on bus location is a guessing game especially in the morning. The location notifications “there are none”. Lately, there are 2 buses on the screen. Like what happened? Did the bus breakdown and a different bus is coming to pick up my child. It is VERY confusing and add more frustration to the day. We were looking forward to this app being a good reliable tool. But sorry, not yet. I’m hoping there will be future versions that will correct the location and notification confusion..Version: 2.3.4358

If I could give negative stars I wouldThe app does not show the location of the bus. Only the planned time for pick up and drop off. If the bus is not on schedule there is no notification. As effective as this is, we could have just gotten an email at the start of the year with the planned times and guessed on what time the bus would actually arrive. Update: Continuing to be terrible. The app shows that the bus has passed the drop off point but it hasn’t arrived yet. Compounded by the fact that it’s 30 minutes late. Update: We are 3/4 of the way though the year and still dealing with the app not showing the location of the bus. It should have been here already but instead we are waiting for a bus in 30° weather, unsure if it will arrive in 1 min or 20. Update: Notifications sent don’t appear anywhere in the app. So if you miss it on your Home Screen you just won’t know about it..Version: 2.3.4349

Worthless Location DisplaysThe app will go 10 minutes before updating location of the bus. Arrival times can be 45 minutes off. What’s the point of this app if I can’t rely on the location services? Dorchester 2 school district previously used an app called Edulog parent portal. It was basically a livestream of the bus location and would push notifications to parents to say that the bus was within a certain radius of the pickup location. Highly suggest this developer replicate many of these capabilities. Currently in an unstable state..Version: 2.3.4358

It’s Simple. It’s No Good.I’m not sure why the state decided to switch from a functioning system that gave live updates within seconds to one that barely functions as promised. There are ZERO live updates as to the location of the bus, knowing when the bus is here or already gone is STILL a guessing game, and there are other features aside from “bus tracking” that doesn’t even apply to our district. I’m not sure who’s bright idea it was to use this app for all of SC, but they really need to check the bulb again. The light is clearly not on upstairs. A simple test of the system prior to making promises about how much better it was going to be would have made it clear this app was not going to work. We literally NEVER know when the bus will be here. And I have two kids going to two different schools so knowing where they are when I’m at work is pretty dang important. As are the millions of other parents forced to used this barely-functioning-as-designed app..Version: 2.3.4357

What a disasterAlmost one month into the new school year and the app still doesn't show where the busses are :(.Version: 2.1.4342

App is horrible, never worksThis app has never worked correctly over the years our school has used it. The times are not accurate, change without notice, bus routes are never updated, location of the busses are never correct either. This has been an issue from day one and nothing has been done. Would give zero stars if that was an option. This app needs to be fixed or schools should not use it anymore. It causes stress between families, bus drivers and the school (and its not their fault, but the apps fault). Many parents from all the schools in our area that use this app have never had it worked correctly, this is getting ridiculous and needs to be fixed asap..Version: 2.1.4342

Terrible connectionThis app is so slow and does not work well..Version: 2.3.4358

This app is supposed to work, right?After 4/5 of the school year has passed the only thing this app has going for it is my kid’s picture and basic info. But it doesn’t show me where the bus is, despite there being a link to show where the bus is and there are no messages. It’s very possible that the school system is supposed to make updates to the system but if that’s the case, they’re not doing that so either the company that makes the app or the school system is to blame. Nonetheless, it needs to be fixed if people are going to rely on this thing..Version: 2.3.4349

Wash, rinse, repeat…Had high hopes for this “new” app to track our child’s school bus, but this app is worse than the old one. I pretty much agree with all the other (negative) comments that have been made. More than once, the app has shown that the bus was past our pickup point when it had not even arrived yet! In fact, the bus was sitting around the corner waiting to arrive at our stop at the exact pickup time. Additionally, there doesn’t appear to be any simple way to refresh the app without killing it and reopening it. Super frustrating!!!.Version: 2.3.4358

Wrong infoUnable to correct info for wrong busing info. Never tracks scanned passes even though scanned at the bus. Disappointed the school district has invested in such a bad app..Version: 2.1.4342

With the map disabled it doesn’t give any additional informationOur district started using Ride 360 this year. It gives me the time my kid is supposed to be picked up, the time it is scheduled to arrive at his school, and the corresponding pick-up/drop off times for the afternoon. The district has disabled the map, so there is no way to see if the bus is on time or not. The first day of school the app announced that the pick up in the morning was over, but it was at least 40 minutes before the scheduled pick up. Then it refreshed a while later and reverted to scheduled pick up times. Last year the district published scheduled pick up and drop off times, and I can’t see that this app gives any other useful information..Version: 2.3.4352

This app is awefulIf I could give this app negative stars I would. Supposedly the state of South Carolina made it mandatory for the state to use this app this school year. Or that is what our district is telling us parents. What a HUGE mistake that was. They apparently decided to go with the cheapest option possibly. I called my local district to complain and they tell me the reason for all the problems is because too many people are using it at one time so it crashes. What do you expect!! Did you not know you would have hundreds or thousands of parents looking at this app every morning and afternoon to see where their child’s bus is. Ridiculous! I bet if the makers of this app had to sit at home for hours wondering where their child was then maybe just maybe they would have created something that actually works!!!.Version: 2.3.4357

Horrible appMy school tells me to use the app and it never work it wont even say my school. its a waste of time.Version: 2.3.4358

Has potentialIt’s not so bad, but definitely needs work. It doesn’t update as quickly as you would hope. I’ve had to refresh quite a bit to get an idea of where the bus is and when it will arrive . ex: bus drop off what 2:57 and I was headed out the door 10 minutes early so I could meet my daughter just on case it came a little earlier and I stepped outside only to see my daughter walking down the street headed home. Looked back at the app..still said the bus was 3-4 blocks away from her stop. And then suddenly it updated to tell me she was dropped off. It was 2:49.😳.Version: 2.1.4339

Still not working.90%+ of the time this is not working. Sometimes shows scans, sometimes shows where the bus is but no consistency. Doesn’t update properly..Version: 2.1.4342

Great idea, poor useabilityI initially thought this app was going to be fantastic and while the idea is amazing, it never works right. Each time I need to refresh the screen while waiting on the bus, I have to completely close the app and reopen my account and click through the different pages to get to map that has the bus’s current location. Also, I work downtown and was trying tracking the PM route but it was stuck showing me downtown and would not show me where the bus was located out near home. I even tried to move the map around with 1 finger and 2 fingers and it still wouldn’t work. Updates and bug fixed would be great; also the ability to refresh from the map page would be helpful as well..Version: 2.3.4358

Great, when it worksIt doesn’t update the bus location as often as you need it to, BUT the approximated arrival times are pretty spot on. My only real qualm is that my daughter’s morning bus is NOT listed as one of her routes (only her afternoon bus is), and despite messaging someone over a week ago to resolve this message, nothing had happened. I didn’t even get a message back with, “We don’t handle that side, call your bus barn…” No reply at all. Due to that, my daughter missed her bus this morning. It’s been raining pretty hard for the last hour, so I kept her inside until I needed to send her. Then, despite the rain, the bus was five minutes earlier than usual. So, IF you get all the right routes for your kids and it updates often enough, it works great. Don’t expect responses from customer service though..Version: 2.1.4342

This app is entirely flawedSo there are a lot of glaring issues with this app. But the worst problems include inaccurate times. ( not just a little off I’m talking hours) it displayed that my child had already missed the bus hours before it was set to arrive. And the most odd issue i have is that for some reason the app seems to think my child is a riding the bus in ROME. Yeah like Rome Rome. So it really thinks my child gets picked up in eastern USA rides the bus across the ocean to ROME. Attends school there and rides the bus back across the ocean to the US? And if that wasn’t already impossible enough it thinks this trip was taken in under 8 hours including drive time. So yeah easy to say this app is broken. And those are just two of the many many issues i face with this app on a daily basis. I’ve heard many parents in the school district are freaking out because it is so broken..Version: 2.3.4374

Why so difficult?How about a little more information on adding students?.Version: 2.3.4358

GarbageI wish my school would use something else. What is even the point the gps is sooo inaccurate. It doesn’t even work half the time..Version: 2.1.4342

Love the idea, execution not greatThe bus almost never shows up on the map, and 99% of the time the drop off ETA is completely wrong or changes back and forth between two times (i.e. 4pm then 4:25pm then 4pm, etc). If the bus was actually on the map it would be easier to gauge the drop off time. Sometimes the kids scans aren’t processed showing that they were picked up at all, even though I saw them to the bus and watched them get scanned in. Maybe it’s an issue of my school district, and that’s why I decided to give it three stars instead of two…because I really love the idea..Version: 2.3.4352

DumbIm not sure what this is for.Version: 2.3.4358

Why??I’m trying to figure out Why?? our school district switched to this App when features like the location or time notifications aren’t precise enough to be functional and/or too delayed to be at all useful. The App doesn’t even allow a parent/guardian to update things like an actual recent picture of your child (student), which could be helpful for a bus driver to confirm the correct individual is being transported to the right location, right?! You would think the developers could create an App design that more closely resembles a scaled down version of the Ubers & Lyfts of the world..Version: 2.3.4352

Slow, buggy and inaccurateAbsolutely awful app and service that’s more often completely wrong than correct. Our school system has chosen to use this horrible service to communicate with parents for route changes and pickup times. Unfortunately we get the notifications hours late, if at all, resulting in our kids missing the bus or being at the wrong location. A service that’s supposed to help us with our kids’ transportation must be accurate and reliable at all times. This just flat out isn’t. And if it can’t be trusted, it needs to be scrapped. Two thumbs down to this abysmal app and service..Version: 2.3.4374

Not working it’s day not run even the kids is n the busNot working.Version: 2.1.4346

This app sucksDoesn’t update bus location in a timely manor. 1 student added correctly and the other 3 I constantly get an error that it can not find student..Version: 2.1.4342

Map never works it’s been a long whileApp has gone nuts. It moved from Rome to York and rockhill where it shows buses. In the past it would tell us If the bus has picked up. It doesn’t show that any more. I notice there are updates of the bus and location , we are getting closer to the end of year . I would try another company with better developers, it cannot be this hard to update an app. It would be much easier for us to track the drivers phone than use this app. I would rate it negative if you had an option because this issue is definately not new. The send a message in app, doesn’t work without category, no options in category….Version: 2.3.4349

What good is a tracking app that doesn’t track?This never shows where the bus actually is. I can be on the app while literally watching her bus drive into the neighborhood, and the app shows nothing. I thought the whole point of this app was to be able to see where the bus is? It at least is a record of what my child’s assigned bus is, but was that worth having to get yet another app when we used to just be able to look that up on the school district website? Par for the course with FL schools, I suppose..Version: 2.3.4357

Poor service and not accurateThis bus app deserves a zero star rating !! The app doesn’t work , always says the bus isn’t running or if it does randomly pop up it’s inaccurate information! The bus is lagging behind by 10-15 mins and doesnt consistently update like it should on the current location , my kids get home and the app will still show then aways away or still at the school when they get home , this app is crap ! I had better experience with the app the school used the yr prior , atleast the information was accurate and I could follow the bus every second of the way until they reached my home ! But this app no.Version: 2.3.4358

DisappointingThe app does not refresh often enough to give accurate readings on when your child has scanned onto or off a bus. I’m still waiting for the app to update that my child has gotten off one bus and on to the other - which they did 40 minutes ago!! An app that doesn’t provide accurate information is useless. As a mom with a child with needs who is using busses for the first time, this app can actually cause undue stress!.Version: 2.3.4358

Location IssuesThe location of the bus is unknown quite often. Makes for an uneasy feeling to see "unknown" a minute after checking my child's location. Most of the time, the location status does not update but, instead, either shows drop off or clears the route without any indication of drop off. A notification of delays and if an unscheduled route is taken at any point of the transport with reasoning would be wise. My child has claimed to go a different route sometimes. I have noticed, the "unknown" location appeared on some of the days my child came home later than usual. The app showed the same departure time then lost location during transport. About 20 minutes or so after seeing the "unknown" location, the app showed drop off or the route was cleared. The bus arrived close to 4 p.m. on these days. I've tried to contact someone on days like the above but failed. This app has given parents less to stress about when working correctly..Version: 2.1.4311

Need to hire a UX designerOur school district switched to this app with promises of more prompt notifications when buses are delayed. Not only does the app not notify us, there is also no functioning place on the app where, after your CHILD (who hopefully has a cell phone) notifies you, you can look to see what the delay is. There is a “bus location” function which only shows where the bus *might* be on its route (we’ve discovered this location is not accurate), but does not show the direction the bus is headed. So I’m our case, we can’t tell if it was early or late. These are very basic UX design problems that could have been solved with user research. I don’t care how this app looks, I just. Need. It. To. FUNCTION. Our district has seemingly dissolved its transportation department, and it’s turning into a safety issue. If my kids are stranded at their bus stop and we’re not home to take them to/from school, they just. . .walk two miles where there are no sidewalks?? Get kidnapped and nobody knows where the bus was or what time they disappeared? Anyway, 1 star..Version: 2.1.4342

Not badNot great, but they fixed the bus location not showing up at all. It’s usually helpful now. When it’s not it’s because of the particular patterns of the busses, not the app. The app feels old. A simple facelift would make it more of a delight. I also think they could show more info about the busses, and maybe I show both the scheduled and the estimated arrival time (as the estimate tends to wind around rather much). But overall it’s pretty useful..Version: 2.1.4338

Format for Birthdates.Silly and frustrating that it takes decoding what exact format is needed for birthday to even get started..Version: 2.1.4342

Only works 50% of the timeI love the idea of the app and when it’s working it’s awesome BUT everyday I have issues. Issues with logging on, issues with notifications, one student works while the other doesn’t. Unreliable at best..Version: 2.3.4352

Great Concept, Poor FunctionI love the idea of this, being able to see the location of the bus & have a more up-to-date timeline is hugely beneficial. That said, the app itself needs to be updated & improved. All of my notifications are turned on, but none come through. I’ve tried resetting it to no avail. When viewing my student’s routes, it will show accurately where the bus is & what the timeline is, then it’s as if it resets, & it just shows the general schedule. I have to restart the app repeatedly to get it to show the route again. I also have three students & it seems to conflate their information. Yesterday, one of my students was on their bus home, however the app showed two of my students on two separate buses, despite one of the students still being at school (which didn’t let out for 30 more minutes). If the issues were corrected, this would be such a valuable tool. As is, it’s unfortunately very faulty & seems unreliable at times..Version: 2.3.4358

Not reliableIn the beginning it worked well and we have high hopes knowing of courses kinks would be worked out with driver, kids and transportation department. However 4 months in and I still haven’t seen it work any better. You can’t track the route of the bus like it’s states. It doesn’t show the red line of travel. Times don’t update in real time. They are just the suggested pickup times. The afternoon time I have noticed really only adjusts once the bus leaves the school. But not during the actual route. I have never received any notifications of any kind - route change, mis scanned or successfully scanned once my kid is on bus. I have sent messages in through the app. But have never received a response back when requested for a phone call. Would be nice for it to work - but you can’t expect the user (parent) to sit and watch the phone all day. Having the ability to set a “reminder when kid is 15 min from drop off spot” or whatever time amount is needed would be a great feature. But before that I just want to be able to see where the bus is when I open the app and many times that is not available. Having all the routes on the main screen is great. But also confusing because when you click on them they don’t do anything and all go to the current route - which what’s the point of them being there if you can’t see any information (route, pickup points, times, etc) Again it’s a great idea but lots to work on to be reliable..Version: 2.1.4346

If it actually worked…The concept is great, if it consistently worked. No matter how many times I logout/login, uninstall/re-install, add student/delete and re-add my student, open or close this app it does absolutely NOTHING. Perhaps that is the fault of the district transportation department, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to contact them or troubleshoot effectively within the app. I have to call or email or FB message and wait. I’m sure if it worked as other have indicated, maybe I’d feel differently. I’ve been trying to get it to even SHOW the bus schedule for my student for 3 days. This is tops the most frustrating, useless, defective app..Version: 2.1.4342

Ride 360 appNeeds improvement.Version: 2.1.4342

Not a fanI’m not a fan of apps in general, and definitely not for busing and report cards… go back to a postcard or phone call. Hate that everything involving school now is done this way..Version: 2.1.4342

Dysfunctional and glitchyEvery update makes it even more unusable. Our school district started using this app for this recent school year. At first it was usable, yet it had it’s bugs. After a few updates it stopped working correctly. I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall it multiple times to try & get it to work. Now it’s logging me out repeatedly, refuses to accept my face id saved password, and it crashes when checking the location of my child’s bus since the routes have been updated (but not in the app). I spoke to the school principal and was advised that several parents have also given the same feedback. This app needs major stability updates..Version: 2.3.4352

Does not work so farCan’t locate bus and no notifications when swiping on or off bus..Version: 2.1.4342

Impossible to useIt won’t let me enter my country , creating an acct is impossible . Not very user friendly , especially on the first day of school. Very frustrating.Version: 2.1.4342

Room for improvementIt’s wonderful to know where my children’s buses are and whether they’re running late. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t automatically update in real-time; to see the latest bus location, you must completely close out of the app and restart it. Not the end of the world, but a little annoying if you typically keep your iPhone apps open in the background (or if you’re waiting for the bus and fail to notice that it’s showing outdated info)..Version: 2.3.4358

Does not work at allI had no problem registering and accessing Ride 360 on the website, but the app won’t recognize my account/allow login. When I go to forget password, it says the user does not exist. When I go to register, it says user already exists, use a different email..Version: 2.1.4306

NoThe concept of this app is great, but the functionality of this app is detestable. The ‘yellow bus’ seemingly only appears in the mornings, but not every morning. The notifications vanish before you have a chance to read them and the pick up/drop off times randomly change without notification so you never know if you’ve missed the bus or if it’s just running late. I think there is too much time being spent focusing on ‘where the yellow bus is’ rather than focusing on where the children themselves are. The app is useless if it doesn’t work as intended and based on the reviews I’ve read, it doesn’t..Version: 2.1.4346

Never worksThis app rarely does what is supposed too..Version: 2.1.4348

AppThis us a terrible app. Checking buses and drop if times etc is great but tge messages pop up and before you can read them they disappear and cant be read anywhere else. Whats the point if we can’t read them? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️.Version: 2.3.4374

Needs ALOT of improvementI am constantly having issues with this app. I like the concept of being able to see where my kids bus is, but half of the time the bus doesn’t even show up on the map. The scans when he gets on and off the bus are rarely accurate as well. The transportation dept cannot even communicate with me through the app when I send a message. It will not let them respond so they have to email me separately. Update: new year and nothing has changed. We almost missed the bus because the gps showed the bus miles away. This can’t be the only service available. Terrible..Version: 2.1.4299

App does nothingThis app does nothing but tell what bus the kids are on..Version: 2.1.4346

Not very accurateScans do not work. Status keeps changing from bus in route to not running.Version: 2.3.4358

What is wrong with this?What is wrong with this app that shows Roma every time you close out and open it up again shows Roma, we don’t live in the country Roma, we live in the knighted state of America, supposedly South Carolina Summerville, and instead of showing us a map where we live at what’s the location for the school bus to show us where the kids are at or being picked up over the buses, it doesn’t work it shows what time they’re post to be picked up and what time they’re post to be dropped off, but it never shows where the bus is that ever even picked up the kids know I already reported it to help, twice already and I sent a picture of Roma for whatever reason every time you close I don’t know, but it back up you see Roma, and I have my location on, this needs to be fixed now not later, but now.Version: 2.3.4357

Guilty by associationI signed my children up to take the bus this year when filling out the registration paperwork. Address has been updated since last school year. I called the contact number on this app when my children were being shown as no available information or current bus routes. When calling the number, I was unable to leave a voicemail. After school has already started, I called again. From there I was sent to a specific extension. I left 4-5 voicemails and no one called me back. I had to call my children’s school Dean and beg for them to help me contact transportation. It took them 1 day to help the Dean, while they ignored me for almost 2 weeks..Version: 2.3.4358

Very limited appThis app is not very useful beyond telling you which bus your child rides and where it is at any given moment. In addition, it periodically forgets who my students are and I have to add them all over again. What I need from the app is to show the entire bus route and where the other stops are located. That way when my kids miss the bus because it came early and didn’t wait, I can just take them to another stop instead of having to drive them all the way to school. It also needs to let you see other bus routes and times for pick up. For instance, I was taking care of my neighbors kids who go to the junior high. But there was no way for me to tell what time so I had to call into the bus barn-yet that’s the entire point of the app! Also, the app lists the incorrect pick up time for my elementary and high school kids. It says pick up is 15 min earlier than it is..Version: 2.1.4338

CrapDoes very little when working … nothing when not !!.Version: 2.1.4342

Pointless AppThis app is completely pointless. It allows you to see when the time when the bus is SUPPOSED to arrive. But the bus is always late and REAL TIME is not an option here. Now if the bus was able to be tracked and we could follow it on the app then that would be beneficial. Also, speaking with other parents they said some got messages about a different bus coming but others like myself didn’t get that message. But the message was on there for a glance and disappeared. Again, extremely pointless app if we can’t all see and read the full message. Times don’t update for half days either. So it’s just guess and wait for you child..Version: 2.3.4374

AwfulDoesn’t work.Version: 2.3.4358

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