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Minecraft Education App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Minecraft Education app received 72 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Minecraft Education? Can you share your negative thoughts about minecraft education?

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Minecraft Education for Negative User Reviews

Wayyy too many ads.Please decrease the ads, You’d be a better success if you’d remove a little bit..Version: 1.14.70

Amazing app but pls make it freeI love love love Minecraft but it costs money Which obviously means I can’t get it so I got really excited when I found out that there is a free version and it’s educational and it has coding and I love coding so l tried it out and fell in love but it was too good to be true and my free trial ran out I’m so upset 😭 why why why you do this too me I have been Looking for a new Minecraft to play for ages and yes I saw it coming for the free trial ending but still come on seriously 😒 why I’m desperate please fix this.Version: 1.14.50

BadIt’s okay, but it only works with a Microsoft account. If you don’t have a Microsoft account don’t download it. It’ll be crap..Version: 1.17.31

Very buggy, but very good! (READ THIS!! HELPFUL!!)You don’t really need to use this for school use. If your school gave you an email for school use you might be able to make an account with the email, but if it doesn’t accept KEEP TRYING. It is very glitchy and takes a few attempts. I can playa Minecraft for free now! 🙌 When I play this, it is very fun and impressive for a mobile game! But, here are 2 issues that are driving me insane: 1: entering nether portals. When I enter a nether portal, there is what feels like a 45% chance my screen will be stuck on the “generating terrain” screen and I have to close the app. 2: invisible chunks. If you don’t know what a chunk is, a chunk is a section of Minecraft land (like an acre, a section of earth). Sometimes the chunk will be completely invisible, but mobs and players can walk on it. This can happen in the nether, too. 3: I have an idea why this is a thing, but just for anyone reading, there is no music. Unlike the other editions, there is no music from C148, so if you are playing survival, DO NOT create a juke box. The discs do not work. That is pretty much the worst parts, but take note that it is not updated past the ocean update. There is no Netherite, bastions, piglins, warped forests, and basically anything past the ocean update is not there..Version: 1.14.50

Soo bad to log inSo I was playing in this game and it was stuck on the account screen.Version: 1.18.45

Good try but LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLEHi mojang, I just to say your concept is really good and educational for all ages, but the first stage (or quest as they call it in-game) on the sample level is literally un do-able For a start when I've the quest for example 'talk to the advisor' I do it hundreds of times and it still doesn't complete or go onto another task, then the 'help bot' does nothing except say you have to try it first, which I have done but the game doesn't work Finally, when I go to the work place it says "Drag the open gate block from the Toolbox onto the Workspace and drop into the on start block" but there isn't an open gate block but an open door block of which doesn't work for gate but for a 'you guest it' nothing! It is A really good idea and concept but the FIRST QUEST isn't able to complete. I hope someone from mojang can please explain what is going on and why it isn't working. Until it gets fixed I'm not going to play it as again the first level isn't working. (I'm playing on iPad by the wqy).Version: 1.12.60

Not letting me in a multiplayer worldI like this game but it never lets me join my friends game it always say Can not join this game and it’s so annoying I had to try so much but it never works if it worked then I would have put a 5 star rating but it didn’t fix that please.Version: 1.14.54

BRUHDon’t suggest getting if ur still in school bro they didn’t let us right? so i hacked into the firewall and got edu but put the firewall back up. A FRICKIN POLICE OFFICER CAME JNTO MY CLASSROOM AND BRUNG ME TO THE DEANS!!! i got an infraction for having it on my computer + iPhone, iPad, Windows, MacOs, Linux, whatever platform u use, i used it on every platform and it’s absolutely laggy, and i joined somebodies world and the NPC had an IP grab link in its dialog! Edu also allows mods but be careful with the mod su download. if there was a choice to choose -100 stars, i would, but i rated it 2 stars because the performance is horrible but the game itself isn’t THAT bad plus teachers don’t use edu to teach their kids anymore in middle school. there is something called BOOKS that weigh atleast 40 pounds plus a 10 pound computer. Do not recommend getting edu. get at ur own risk!!.Version: 1.18.42

Sharing a worldIt takes forever to share a world and it doesn’t even work most of the time. This is so annoying. ..Version: 1.18.32

BruhI have to play on demo because it won’t let me log on my school account and the demo sucks..Version: 1.18.42

HomeschoolGreat app but needs to be open to homeschooling as welleven maybe the public.A good idea would be to have to pay say $3:00 if you are homeschooling or puplic. Its sad to think the children who get homeschooled or even the puplic can’t enjoy this.I would like to see a reply and a fix for this thanks bye.Version: 1.4

Glitch or something, doesn’t work with iPad 2nd genWe did the trial version and there were some glitches like sea turtle eggs not hatching. That was fine. However, when the free trial was over and I purchased the app,y son was able to play it once. When he came back to it, the app kept saying the free trial had expired and a license needed to be purchased, which I did. Every time I hit confirm to purchase it, it would say I had a subscription. It worked after I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it. But after awhile, tue same screen saying I needed to purchase the license came up again. It’s been very frustrating. I’d like my money back since my son won’t be able to play it on the ipad. But I bet I won’t get my refund..Version: 1.19.53

Really?The game looks cool, you get 2 stars for that but you’d ask somebody, “Hey is minecraft education edition good?” Then they will say, “Yep” Then you cant even get it since it’s for schools, What if you had home school?? Just let people have it easily without having to sign up! But it’s super cool looking and I’m making the first picture so keep up the good work, but remember.. no making you sign up...Version: 1.12.5

Too many things going wrong!Too many things go wrong in this game. If things didn’t go wrong then it would be 5 star, but I’m giving it 3 star because of some things that need to be fixed. Firstly, this annoys me the most. When you go into the library and click create new on a template, it goes to loading the world then it takes you back to the library! This is SUPER annoying. Please fix this soon. Secondly, it sometimes says there is no internet connection when my internet is working perfectly fine. We just got a new internet box, latest model and works really well, but for some reason Minecraft Edu isn’t working with it. This really needs to be fixed. Thirdly, when I go into one of my worlds, the app suddenly closes and I go to the home screen of my iPad. This gets me really annoyed, and it keeps on doing it anytime I reopen the app. Finally, when I make a block of grass, I can’t dig very far which is annoying when I’m making a basement, underground house or a pool/lake. Please make the ground thicker for block of grass. If those things were fixed, the game would work really well. Please fix these things soon so I can play the game again..Version: 1.14.70

Omg scary soundsWhen I load into my Minecraft world I just get peacefully and in creative mode just hanging around trying to find a village and then suddenly I just hear weird sounds but then I just randomly get out of the game and then I just don’t want to play Minecraft education it just feels weird to play it and sounds this needs to be fixed if this is a bug please fix it because there’s weird sounds in them like I’m just building something like for example in a house in creative and I hear weird sounds and I just don’t want to play it it’s quite scary.Version: 1.17.31

Peux même pas jouer ça marche même pas😡.Version: 1.18.45

BADIt won’t let me sign in👺😡🥵🤬.Version: 1.18.42

Why?I can’t join any of my friends change the join system or I’ll ask my friends for mor 1star reviews..Version: 1.14.54

100% honest truthPlease if it is possible could you make an option so you don’t have to sign in because maybe your school does not want to have to sign the school up. Make an option where you can choose whether you want an account or not. So those who don’t’ think have an account/not allowed to make one/do not want to make one to be able to play. I really like the idea and purpose of the game except I can’t play because I don’t have an account and are unable to make one some of the features would be awesome to have in normal Minecraft not all of them but some. Please consider this..Version: 1.4

Mojang, YOU RUINED CONSOLE EDITION! (specifically ps4)So, let’s start off with good news. I’m glad you added 1.15 sooner than you normally do. Now, time for the bad news. I have been playing console for a long time and I have done many things. I loved the original home screen for Minecraft and I have loved the pocket edition version as well. But you can’t just I don’t know, PUT IT ON CONSOLE EVEN THOUGH THE ORIGINAL WAS THE PERFECT SIZE FOR THE TV AND THE NEW ONE IS TOO SMALL AND NOT THE USUAL LAYOUT AND I CAN NO LONGER ACCESS THE FREE SKINS FROM EACH ##### SKIN PACK! I am very angry and disappointed in you Mojang. PS: this has nothing to do with education edition. I just don’t know how to write a review on ps4 and couldn’t be bothered to buy pocket edition for $14 just to write a review..Version: 1.12.5

Why you should allowed update to the gameI can’t even doing anything because it says connection timed out please let me update it.Version: 1.18.42

Good but terrible at the same timeIt has good learning tools (if your 3 years old) but game is terrible and it’s not good with multiplayer I recommend just investing a Little bit into Minecraft the og version or it’s just not the same Minecraft Education has pretty much never updated and is behind with all the updates.Version: 1.18.45

GlitchingSo on my dads Xbox 1 it freezes in minecraft a lot it always happens and it really upsets me but minecraft is still a really Fun game its a fine game but you should make it so it doesn’t freeze on any device that will help people that experience it so it doesn’t happen again because it is annoying and people don’t like it please because then people won’t experience it and it will all be fine.Version: 1.18.32

Good but some problemsIt’s great, but lots of basic glitches and bugs are still lurking in the app. Sometimes it won’t let you sign it, it might auto move you somehow, and it might even start auto clicking on your mouse when you didn’t even click. It seems like mojang doesn’t really care about this app and is using it just for more revenue. I recommend adding the new Minecraft updates to education edition as well. Like the nether it’s update and cave updates and stuff..Version: 1.14.70

Good, but has problemsI am a big fan of minecraft, and I got this app for school. I think lots of the new features are really cool, but some stuff like the chemistry tables are really confusing, wich is just kind of disappointing. I know that this bit isn’t really related to education edition, but Mojang, you are taking minecraft too far. I like minecraft just how it is, but with the addition of striders and pigskins, and netherite coming soon, it is just getting to confusing to handle. I think minecraft doesn’t need any more updates, because I think that the amount of blocks and mobs there currently are is enough. Overall, I still love this game! I have java and Nintendo edition as well as iPad, and it can be kinda laggy on my switch, but as I said, it is still a great game and I love it. Regards, Speeding burrito.Version: 1.12.60

CANT SIGN IN! (EDITED REVIEW! APOLOGIES! OR MAYBE?)Mojang, please read this immediately! I want you to remove the sign up thing pleeeaaaassseee and if you don’t, I will... Fygeyhceryhhgrrybdwwryiopljkkk)vcrthhbbvsethbnkkoiydxv See what I did there? I hacked your game! You do not want this to happen? Now please remove the sign up thingy! I signed in my Xbox account and...IT DID NOT WORK! JUST REMOVE THE SIGN UP THINGGGGGG!!!!! Ok? See ya! And you better remove the sign up thing!!! Goodbye!!!!!!!! Edit: So sorry about that but the real goodbye is...😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 not happy. About the sign up thingy. But App Store clear this app! It is rubbish!!!!!!! But...why is some people liking the app? But Mojang, why are you not removing this sign up thing?.Version: 1.17.31

WhyJust why you don’t even let me sign in I’m doing the correct things and it doesn’t let me you need to get this game fixed I deleted it because it wasted my data it looks like you did a good job but please fix the signing in page it’s giving me errors and my gaming pc that’s really good never lags even crashed because of this game so that’s why I give it a 1 star.Version: 1.17.32

AnnoyingThis game is great and all.. but when for school thing is need to join my friends it says could not connect we have the same version of it (Minecraft education) it’s so annoying please fix it.Version: 1.14.54

Used to be goodThe game used to be awesome but now I hate the new controller and jump button. The game won’t let me play without it kicking me out. It is really annoying and very glitchy I can’t even join someone without it kicking one of us out. Sometimes when I try to join it says that who I’m connecting to is correct but it says that I can’t join. When the game updated we couldn’t play on the world that I had already started and got really far. Sometime when I try to break a block it looks like I didn’t break anything but when it finally shows up I break a bunch of blocks. When it kicks me off it doesn’t save the things that I did..Version: 1.20.12

BoringI absolutely hate the new update already, only a minute in and it already is to confusing to use. I liked the original control with the circle and just one button on the side, but now it is SUPER confusing to use. Please change this back to normal ASAP..Version: 1.20.12

Me again, please readSo, no offence, I love the 1.17 update BUT with that, my games are loading soooo slow and about the fintropolis glitch? well that got worse, I couldn’t even see half of the things that was in it. As well as that, minecraft keeps kicking me out of the game randomly, then I have to load it again. In 30 minutes I’ve been kicked out 6 times. Which means every five minutes! It’s very frustrating, perhaps it’s just my internet, but just in case it’s not, please fix these glitches..Version: 1.17.30

Can’t join friendsI can’t join my friend the screen is so bad I hate it the joining is bad I can’t join my friend I would buy Minecraft for 10$ not this..Version: 1.18.45

I hate thisThis is a issue, bro, fix this glitch mojang, this glitch is annoying and i am also in this stupid problem, AND FIX THIS GLITCH BC ITS AN BIG ISSUE, AND please fix it, it's annoying, the "unable to connect world" glitch is freaking annoying..Version: 1.14.54

I can't connect in other servers.So me and my Friend have this game. And we have been able to connect with eachothers games and join them, But then one day suddenly she decides to join mine it says "unable to connect" we've tried over 3 times now and it still doesn't let us, (when I say 3 times I mean 3 times TODAY) we've probably tried 15 times counting the other times. I don't really want to give this game a 2 or 1 star review because your game is REALLY fun! But if I can't connect or my friend can connect with eachothers servers I don't think I might keep it at a 3 star review, please understand I dont HATE the game I just don't understand how it doesn't works. I hope you have a good morning/evening/night!.Version: 1.20.12

It’s a waste of timeYeah a lot of people like it but if you don’t have a class, it’s just boring.Version: 1.18.42

UpdateCan we please get the newest update of minecraft, it has been out for about 3 months now and i would really like to have frogs added to minecraft education edition.Version: 1.18.42

Good but has way to many bugsI really like the game but all the bugs. For example when I first joined my world I immediately got kicked out then I tried joining again but it said I was in the server already. I didn’t know how but an hour later I tried again but this time I was able to join but everything was glitched out like me seeing flying mobs and all the villagers houses were in the sky then notice that the nether was the end and the end was the nether. Please fix this bug so me and other people don’t have this glitch.Version: 1.18.45

GameI love this game but I wish that we can play from different schools and more friends and more different skins to choose from. (: :( more updates and chisel so we can make things smaller into detail with different blocks,please and thank you (: ):.Version: 1.18.42

Never get this game it is the worstI tried joining my sister’s world but it didn’t work I kept trying and trying but it still didn’t work so I deleted the game and try to get it back again but still didn’t work worst game ever😡😡.Version: 1.18.45

"loading resources" and mob spawn ratesI know 2 stars sounds harsh, so i'm going to say some good stuff first. i like playing the game because it's fun and free. recently, i have found a problem where i can't even get into my own world without the screen just being frozen on "loading resources". there is no loading bar for that, so i can never know how much progress the game is making "loading the resources". by experience, i know that waiting does not work, even if i exit and reopen the app. this is a crucial problem that needs to be fixed. now before that cropped up, i could actually play. but in all of my survival worlds, there'd always be a lot a lot of hostile mobs. i have the gamemode set to easy and there is still a lot. unlike the real minecraft which i've played a couple times at my friend's home, this minecraft makes going out at nighttime nearly impossible, because you'll end up getting swarmed by hostile mobs. traveling in water is an even bigger concern. the drowned spawn rate i find is way too high. go underwater, and there will be at least three drowneds waiting for you. i know the other hostile mob spawn rates are really high too, but drowneds simply spawn way too often. also, i think that the sheep spawn rate is a little low, because unlike a normal gamer, i have to spend an unreasonably long portion of day 1 just searching for sheep to kill and get wool from which is immensely annoying. i hope you can fix this too..Version: 1.18.45

Why won’t it let meIt won’t let me get in I tried my code and my moms phone number what’s going on! I tried everything 😭.Version: 1.18.45

It's Something, for sure,It is great and all, and I understand that this is for students and teachers, but I also think that you expect others to play this as it is a free version of Minecraft. It is lovely, but it is very laggy, buggy, and there is this problem, our animals keep disappearing! Even if it is a pet or it has a name tag, they still disappear! It's sad, because some of us are, y'know taking care of your pets, and grow attachments in the amount of time we have them before they disappear. It's really sad, and I hope you could fix things like this. I hope you read this, thank you very much if you did..Version: 1.17.30

DONT TRY THISSSSSSLast time I tried this I was like 6 years old I stopped playing cuz when I sign in then I stop to use the bathroom or something and when I come back I have to sign in again so annoying I would rather the normal Minecraft it’s not educational and you can do whatever you want and it’s so much fun. But I can’t get through any of the levels I don’t understand anything and when I go to the help bot (whatever his name is) all it says is ‘try it first’ when I already did this game is really annoying. And also the other Minecraft is for money so I can’t get it I’m never playing this again.Version: 1.18.45

Deleted my game dataI was playing like normal but the game was being very glitchy and when I broke a block it kicked me out of the game and when I entered the app again all my worlds were gone and I have spent close to 2 years on a world and now it’s completely gone. I will not being playing this game again because I’m scared it will delete everything again. If there’s a way to get my worlds back please let me know but because of this I will not being playing again..Version: 1.17.32

No, mojang just no.Now, I really do see the concept of making Minecraft an educational game, but it just doesnt fit. I think many people can agree, Minecraft is a game that is just played for fun, not an educational adventure. Now, this idea is good, though its just not budging with you audience of younger generations that dont enjoy school, learning etc. The concept was a good idea, but the way it was performed is just a total disaster..Version: 1.18.42

The best game ever😍😍😍I get to make videos and normal Minecraft is Minecraft is better than that, and like I made a video and all my friends were in it and I was unbelievable. Try it now and nothing else will happen to you well not that much will happen to you well, you actually can’t make rollercoasters so watch out, but I always do loops on Minecraft though watch out sometimes Minecraft can like I was playing and then it said something host did and I don’t know it wasn’t me. Please be careful.Version: 1.20.12

Really goodMinecraft educational is a really fun and interactive app that I love to play. I have come across an issue that has never happened before to me. When I opened the app it asked me to sign in and after signing in, instead of opening up Minecraft with my account it told me that it was unable to sign me in and told me to make sure I was signing in with my school or organisational account and to try again. This was very frustrating as I was signing in with my school account. I need this to be fixed but overall a really good game if you don’t count the issue..Version: 1.18.42

So trashIt’s not working you put in your password but it just doesn’t do anything it just sits there just like my cat when I’m trying to train her.Version: 1.18.45

I don’t like this gameWhen I saw this game I thought that I should get minecraft education because the real minecraft cost £6.99 and my parents wouldn’t buy me it so when the game finally downloaded (took a very long time) I went on the game to see what it is like and as soon as I clicked it then game went off so I tried again and did the same thing so creator of this game pls fix that and if the creator of minecraft if you see this review pls can you make minecraft free on mobile and iPad.Version: 1.19.52

Tiny but big problemWhen trying to log in with my school account for lesson today I pressed sign in and a screen popped up saying “we can’t connect to the service you need right now. Please check your Internet and try again” and so I checked the internet and other people were signing in fine and the internet was at fast speeds. If this is a bug can It please be fixed or if not a bug can I have instructions on how to fix the problem please.Version: 1.14.54

C’est nulJ’avait joué à un moment donné, j’avait oublié de sauvegarder. Ensuite j’ai beaucoup agrandi que je tenais vraiment à tout.Et là, je ne sais pas pourquoi, ça a revenue à la fois où je n’avait pas sauvegarder. Je pleure :(.Version: 1.18.45

Bad game but one good thingEdu is 12 updates behind or something like that, constantly every single time I exit the app even if it’s still in my history I need to log back in, and once I had like 30 worlds and they randomly disappeared. All of them! I have some other worlds now, but not any of those! Also, they deleted one of my favourite worlds that were in the library so I can’t get that world back now, and so many things ruin the app. The only good thing is, in edu the /ability command still works, and if Mojang see this, I want you to put it back into normal Minecraft! The /ability command, I mean..Version: 1.14.70

At least it’s freeIt’s free.Version: 1.12.60

PLEASE WORK !Ok so basically whenever I try to join my friend it won’t let me! And whenever I ask safari it says it’s a glitch but this glitch happens to everyone how is it a glitch? This is a rip off of Minecraft I’d rather spend 6 dollars on the real Minecraft instead of this ripoff if u say that I’m a rude person u should fix ur game please know that and if u are the creator of the real Minecraft why didn’t u make the education one as the same as the real one we could’ve had free Minecraft instead of this rip off so please fix these bugs and if u say u did and they continue I will give ur app a 1 star just know that I just want to join my friend why do I have to play single player it is very boring and whenever I put survival it’s very boring and hard to get things without 2 people !! Ur game is a ripoff do not ever play this ! Just try to beg ur parents to get Minecraft for 6.99 it’s not that expensive but my parents won’t buy it I’m grateful to have roblox I’m grateful I have robux instead of this ripoff delete this game I hate it!!!.Version: 1.20.12

Not any moreI can’t get in my account it sucks 😡😡😡.Version: 1.18.42

Update wantedDon’t get me wrong I like 1.18 but I would prefer it be closer to current so that it feels more like Minecraft itself.Version: 1.18.45

Minecraft Education will not sync with IOS 16.2My son loves playing Minecraft Education on an iPad with his friends, so much that he loses track of time. We’ve been managing that challenge by using Apple’s parent downtime/screen time limits. Recently with the new iOS update to 16.2 I noticed that MCE is not recognized 1- as a game in the applications category and 2- maybe not at all by screen time. My son just continues to play because the new MCE is not recognized by downtime. This leads to family stress and only unpleasantness for the gamer! We know Minecraft is too fun to stop! I hope developers look at this glitch to make all players’ experience better and more harmonious. Then parents can step out of the picture and let Downtime do its job!.Version: 1.18.45

Sometimes doesn’t work…So every now and then me and my friend play minecraft together and we join each other and have a lot of fun. But recently, minecraft has been lagging and won’t let me join my friend. I really hope you can fix this because I really love to play minecraft and when I found out there was a free version I was so happy! Please try to fix this. Thank you..Version: 1.14.54

Free minecraftLets be honest Were only getting this game to get a feel of minecraft pe becuase our moms dont let us buy a 10$ game.Version: 1.18.32

Ok I guessOk ok so listen the other day I tried this game and listen Im A little disappointed in this game the only reason I tried this was because I can’t download mine craft (try Minecraft you’ll love it ) so I tried this it was really disappointing I know that it’s not supposed to be exactly like Minecraft but it says Minecraft education so I should have been wise. All I have to say is if you can’t download Minecraft but wanna download something like it……… don’t download it but if your totally obsessed with education well………… download it (wow this is long lol) anyway I’m not trying to be a hater but this game isn’t really for me any way see ya later thank you for reading have a good day.❤️❤️🍬👍✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽.Version: 1.18.45

Something gone wrongI can’t join people when I have to do something in Minecraft education.Version: 1.14.54

Love it but something wrong...I could give this app a five star but the app has some things. 1: you have to sign and yeah, you have fun but if you accidentally exit or quit the app, you have to sign in again, and this makes me think mojang is trying to steal people’s information and hack or use it for his downloads. 2. You hear some background noises( while playing or joining a world.), some are strange, some are scary, and some are blades. This makes me think mojang is also trying to scare people too. 3: the /event slash command does not work. I keep typing correctly but it keeps on saying “(eventname:) could not be executed on Minecraft:player” and it gets annoying. 4: it is a lazy idea that you did not make a chain armor recipe. There are chains, so how??. Well that’s all i had to say but yes, it’s a pretty good game. Bye Bye!!.Version: 1.18.42

SucksSo me and my sister are trying to join the game but I can’t play with my sister.Version: 1.18.45

Add the nether update, y’all are lacking on the education editionY’all are lacking, add the nether update..Version: 1.14.70

MAKE IT FREE WHEN YOU SIGN INWhen you download it you halft to sign in right...well about that was that I can’t sign in like the other person said I was really looking forward to this game but couldn’t sign in so I couldn’t play it which I am really sad about because I just really wanted to play it so why do you halft to sign in like that serton way because the second part of the sign in I did not understand so I am not going to play this game unless you make the sign in free(sorry about the blackmail.).Version: 1.14.70

BadGood if your a teacher. But not that good.Version: 1.20.13

What’s the point?I would give this a 3 star just because it’s just the exact same as Minecraft PE or whatever just a school version... So I don’t understand the actual point in the game as you can turn your Minecraft world to Experimental or Education addition in PE so you don’t need the school version really....Version: 1.12.5

This DudeHi this is my first time writing s review i really love how this game is free and its just like minecraft I had alot of fun Playing this game but the bad thing is when u cant load into other peopled server like those codes in stuff it all started when my friends started playing and told me to play too then after a week i started downloading it so I was new there and i had no idea what to do and how to play and i got use to it and now im lovin but bad loading:(((.Version: 1.19.53

The New Update....Sorry if this is long 😅 To start off: I USED to love this game, but now I cant even play it. Long story short. I downloaded this game to play afterschool with friends. We even spent weekends playing this game for HOURS. But because of this STUPID game I cant play it. I dont know if my friends have the same problem, if they dont thats gonna make me even angrier. So This weekend on Saturday I saw the new Cherry Blossom Update. I was so excited so i went in the game and asked my friend if she wanted to play. But in the beginning it showed a screen saying I had a “Two Day Trial” and after my trial I have to show my license, (which I think means I had to pay.) I didn’t think any of it so I just clicked off and ignored it. But then I realized today that It was a mistake to ever download this app. It said my trial ended and I couldn’t play anymore until I show a license. IM SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW WHILE WRITING THIS!! I hope you fix your game, if not, I’ll be purchasing the Minecraft that costs $7.00 instead of this game. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope Mojang fixes the problem, or I just might not purchase Minecraft at all! :) Have a good day/evening/night..Version: 1.20.12

Parents. Don’t install this app.This app can not event remove after installed on iPad. And kids just spending too much time on this game. And it won’t help programming at all. Not even a bit. All it does is keeping your kid spending too much time on it. This app is not even a proper app..Version: 1.17.32

Fix thisOk so it was a normal day i update my minecraft education keep in mind im in mobile. I decided to play it and make a farm, but as soon as i was about to sign in it says i have a error and that my administrator needs to call a number. This is very annoying and sad that mobile players cant play minecraft education anymore. Please fix this problem i want to keep playing my childhood game i been playing since 2nd grade, have a good day/afternoon/night. I came back to this and im still disappointed it still doesn’t work instead when i sign in with my school account and it takes me to this school nyc (i dont know what the site is called) site and i put it my email and password and then it says a error and it gives me a number to show my administrator but i dont know if i have one or not. But if this app’s only works when its school time and kids go school, then also fix that because kids can learn in this app when they go school and out of school. Have a good night/afternoon/morning.Version: 1.19.53

Only lets me play for 5 daysHello, this app was great at first, but after 5 days it said my trial ended? And I KNOW that if you sign in without an account it signs you out after 5 days. BUT I signed in WITH an account. I play this game on iPad and it’s good but I do not know why it kicks me out. I play with my brother and I signed in with my school account. If you know the problem please put your title as “Ani 5 days minecraft” Also it glitches out sometimes. Please fix this bug so I can play it again. Thank you and bye 🫥🫠.Version: 1.17.32

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Is Minecraft Education not working?

Minecraft Education works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Minecraft Education.

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