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TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes app received 49 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes? Can you share your negative thoughts about truckmap - truck gps routes?

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TruckMap - Truck GPS Routes for Negative User Reviews

Needs improvementDoesn’t give you ahead of time exits it’s right when your at the exit and when it’s in a construction zone or a place it doesn’t recognize or unfamiliar with it automatically tells you to u-turn or take a route in the opposite direction of your current position. Then it will shut off the app once it gets confused of where your actually at in the middle of traffic in a semi truck that is a pain to deal with especially when you get tickets for touching your phone from DOT or authorities while driving... with that being said purchasing the rand McNally won’t be so bad after all... But for it to be free I guess you can’t complain just keep your Atlas on hand in case it gets crazy.Version: 2.47

Overall goodHas gotten me to my destination 9 outta 10 times, it does tell u to make random turns down streets that would definitely get you stuck driving a 53’. Was in queens yesterday and kept telling me to turn, ignored and continued on until I saw a left-hand turn that I could actually make and not get stuck. Also, lets say Im at a cross road, I have route 83 west on left and 83 east on right, app will only say “take route 83”. Like I said, good app, just a few kinks..Version: 3.61

Somewhat welWorks well, use it a lot in larger cities. However the only thing I don’t like about it is that certain exits the app isn’t specific enough about the direction to head, especially when highways split. Very frustrating when it zooms in so close that I have to take a hand off the steering wheel to zoom out to see which way to head. Another thing is the app can’t be exited out of for longer than like 1 minute without it completely disappearing and stopping the route. This makes getting phone calls or other stuff very frustrating when you need to close out of it but try leave it running at the same time. Please fix this and I’ll give it 5 stars!.Version: 3.41

Feed backGoggle has a nice road map, but I need to know which roads are available for tractor trailer. I can’t tell on the map..Version: 3.13

Not satisfied.Should show maps in more details because it’s a truck Gps app..Version: 2.18

Needs a little workWould like to see a speed limit on here instead of just your speed sometimes you don’t see any road signs for awhile. The black box that tells the next turn covers up a lot of the screen on my iPad it would be better if that was a little smaller and shows the next couple turns and a window with street view when approaching exits showing the lanes would be great. It seems to be kind of a battery hog so if there’s anything that could be done about that it would be helpful.Version: 3.61

Need to improveNot working on ipad.Version: 2.51

MissingHi can you update for canada please. Thank you.Version: 2.35

No help in CanadaI’d pay money if this app did Canada at all, how hard can that be? You can see all the roads - just unable to navigate....Version: 3.10

Wastes your time and suggests non truck routesI’ve used this app a few times when renting trucks and it worked okay shorter local routes. However on the most recent trip I took going from Long Island to upstate New York, this app initially suggested an idiotic seven hour scenic tour through Connecticut and Vermont for a trip that should be 2.5 hours tops. In order to get it to choose a sensible route, I had to add multiple destinations along the way just to keep it on track. Unfortunately when you do that, it messes up the ETA calculation which would show anywhere from 10 minutes in the past to ten minutes in the future. At one point I had to ignore it because it seemed to forget about an entire stretch of 495 and kept trying to get me to exit the express way, go onto a bunch of residential streets, only to have me get back on a few miles later. The next time I ignored it because it wanted to take me into Manhattan, and it then decided it wanted to reroute me onto a parkway, which do NOT allow trucks and have very low 7-8’ clearance, when I had put in my height of 11’. Simply put, use this app at your own risk. It’s not worth the trouble..Version: 3.22

Incorrect from the beginningMy navigation went down in the truck so I tried this. Got on the highway and it immediately told me to get into an express lane that is forbidden to trucks. Then it directed me to take a road that would lead back to the road I was already on but take 30 minutes longer. It also claimed that it would only take 4 hours and 23 minutes to drive 450 miles. It stuck with that length of time for over an hour before adjusting a little. The only good thing I have to say about this app is that it was easy to download. I wouldn’t recommend though..Version: 2.51

Decent at first, but now I hate itWhen I first got this app it was a life saver. It was way better then the Qualcomm that’s with my truck. The best feature was finding truck stops and weigh stations along your route. The problem was after one update, it seems to be allergic to interstates. It always wants you to take a state road that prolongs the trip. I make a lot of trips from Whitestown, IN to Lancaster, TX, and it’s about a 930 mile trip. Using truck make it makes it a 1168 mile trip, and 65% is on a state highway going through small towns. There was one time I was heading to a rest area on i70, and it wanted me to exit 15 miles back, get on a state highway and continue, then finally get back on i70 right before the rest stop exit..Version: 2.47

Needs more workI put TA petro address in it in Salt Lake City it took me straight to the airport. I had to call a police and they showed me the way out off there.Version: 3.9

UpdatesThis app is getting better but still needs more work. One current issue: As a truck driver I drive long distances and don’t always need this app in the forefront. I use many other apps such as music, company app, etc. When TruckMap gets minimized or put in the background it will lose the route after a certain time period. It gives up in other words. I still need it just not constantly. Please fix this. Again this app is improving it just needs more. Contact me I can give a full breakdown of issues and provide some constructive criticism..Version: 3.3

App need some improvementThis app stops working when is opened another one.Version: 2.25

OversizeDoes not allow you to find permitted routes Does not show other rds just main highways.Version: 2.23

Bad bad routeWent down a single “lane” gravel road with 90* rights and lefts. Basically a forest road access to power lines. Deleting the app now..Version: 3.50

Doesn’t announce every turnThis is a very helpful app and fills an obvious void for a trucking route app that google maps and Waze don’t have (I have no clue why they haven’t bought out this or a different app and integrated into their yet..). There is a very serious flaw which needs to be addressed - it misses some turning commands. For example it says exit right to 10 c-d in 1 mile. At exit 10 c-d it branches off into 2 different sub exits : exit c and exit d. One exit is going north and one south. But the next command from the app is exit I-95 in 7 miles. But which sub exit brings me to I-95!? It happened every time there a sub exit after an exit it fails every time to select which sub exit to use. This is a clear flaw in the navigation system..Version: 2.51

Wrong info about gas stationThere is no gas station where u took me.Version: 3.53

Needs more canadian workI drive a large drill rig mounted on a dual axle Pete in canada. not only can i not figure out how to change it to KM, half the addresses dont come up when i put them in..Version: 3.47

Doesn’t workI downloaded and deleted the app right away after I tried to input an address for route guidance (I tried multiple addresses, none were “recognized”) and it was unable to locate any address I typed in..Version: 3.61

JunkI was trying to get to DoorLink Manufacturing in Riverside, Missouri - 5700 NW 39th Street and it put me an area of apartments and wanted me to turn on Riverside saying that my destination is there even though the app recognized the above address. The actual destination was about 5 miles away. I will never use this piece of crap again. Also, it will not tell you if you need to be in a certain lane for an upcoming exit that you may need to take and it only tells you to take a numbered highway without telling you the direction such as North, South , East or West. For example, I-70 West I-35 South and so on. IMO don’t download this app. It’s junk..Version: 3.31

Not worth it driver, don’t do itAs previous reviews have stated this app will put you in some nasty spots 100%! Here’s an example-going up to big island VA it wants you to take 501 all the way into the paper mill, but if you’re over 65 feet long you are NOT allowed over the mountain pass from Lynchburg into big island-clearly marked huge yellow signs. Sent it to the tech team for the app to report the STILL tries to route you that way and absolutely will NOT show alternate routes. FYI if you ever follow this and get stuck there 1.DO NOT make that turn as VSP waits to give tickets! Instead take 501A through town and yes it’s tight but it’s the only way to get back to BR29. Follow it to the roundabout and hook the hard left to get onto Park. From Park follow the signs back to 29BR then jump off at hwy 130 to get to the paper mill. 1. Fix it so we can choose an alternate route 2. Update your mfkin maps for legal truck routes-go state by state with an atlas and eliminate every single road with a restriction for trucks (length, weight, height) and then give the option to CHOOSE the route you want that follows directions our shipper/receiver gives. Until you do this it’s worthless for truckers of any kind 😡 assimilate your defecation.Version: 3.26

Does not workBeen using the app for several months and have experienced several glitches. It always gives the longest route, adding tons of miles to trips despite choosing the “fastest” route option. Most of the times the glitches happened while driving, commanding me to exit roads only to tel me to U-turn with the Semi to get back on the same road I was driving on to begin with. It has also lead me to roads where trucks are not allowed. It’s by God’s grace that I have not caused or been involved in an accident - or have gotten a ticket, because of this app. Find other options, please..Version: 3.19

Not currentI have just started my trucking job, and haven’t learned all the stores yet. I’m based out of Carlisle PA and travel mostly between Philly, NJ and VA and this GPS has failed me. My run to Philly this week alone it was constantly rerouting trying to take me down truck forbidden streets in a high volume traffic area. It tried taking me down residential roads and one way streets. Needless to say between reading the store directions off an iphone and listening to this app, I was very time crunched and stressed. Will not be using this again and highly considering buying my own GPS. The only plus is it knows where the truck stops are and how to almost get there without DOT pulling me over for going down a wrong road..Version: 2.47

App is great when it works.App is great when it works. Which is only about 60% of the time. The rest of the time it cant seem to find a route, or it just wont load at all. Also it doesnt tell you what direction the exit youre looking for is going. It will say “exit for 322” but it doesnt say east or west so im stuck staring at the map while im driving trying to discern what direction i need to go. Not exactly safe. Other than those things its fine..Version: 3.53

Took me to dirt roadI’ve used this app only a few times. I work on the Dollar General store account in the midwest and I often have to deliver to stores in the middle of nowhere. I’ve used it in Arkansas to avoid dirt roads (my Navigo gps inside my truck provided by Qualcomm often takes me to dirt roads). It worked. Though it took me to a dirt road in March 2019 while driving in Nebraska. Another time in Missouri it wanted me to go uphill left and right through a neighborhood with small streets to reach my destination instead of going just straight ( the store was 1/2 mile ahead). I’m not trusting this app that much. Also you cannot zoom out when using the navigation without eventually disappearing from the screen. Everything else works fine so far..Version: 2.33

UpdateWorst update in truck map before it was so good.Version: 3.2

When it works it great but it when it doesn’t your doomedThis app was good when I first got it about a year ago but I noticed about 4 months back it can’t hold the directions and switches routes to destinations that were never entered. It does this to me at least once a day and I have to reset my phone to get to recalibrate and give me the correct locations. The icon that represents my vehicle will be in a location around where I’m actually located and it will give really bad directions like to make a left turn on the interstate as if I was on the street. This reoccurring issue can almost make a driver feel like this app is unreliable. In such a time sensetive profession the last thing I need is to make it 5 miles from my destination and my gps to start giving me bad directions. Again this happened to me once a day and sometimes multiple times a day please fix this issue.Version: 3.61

Great gps app but has issuesWorks pretty well in routing for a big rig but has some issues. It kills my phone batter so fast that if I don’t have my phone hooked up the phone will be dead in an hour. The other issue I ran into was the search along the route for truck stops it needs to be fixed bc I was getting options from over 100 mi away in the wrong directions while failing to see truck stops that where on the route..Version: 3.59

GreatCan’t believe its free. Thank you so much !! Actually thanks a ton !.Version: 3.2

Some French requiredStill needs work!! For lack of a better term this app sucks when transversing through Quebec. This app should be able to navigate the roads when entered as read..Version: 3.5

Great is you like being taken 2 hrs out of your wayAfter using this app on several of my trips I have noticed it goes out of its way to take the longest route possible. I guess it would be great if you are getting paid by the mile. The app has also changed the route during my trip without notification. I have always had to run this app along side of google maps. The mileage and the arrival times are also not accurate. So guess that sums it up a app of inaccuracies. Lucky it was 2 stars.Version: 3.60

Not for CanadiansThis app doesn't recognize canadian entries.Version: 1.4

Cuts outKept having to exit and restart..Version: 2.25

DecentI’m local, so I generally know my way around. I use this more to help me avoid accidentally going into a no-truck road. It will get you in the ballpark. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone not familiar with an area. It also gives, in my opinion, far too many notifications. It will give you a quarter-mile notification, and then a tenth-mile notification, and then a notification at the maneuver. If you’re going over 35 mph it basically just hijacks your audio completely for a while. Also if a road has the word “court” in it, and it’s abbreviated to “ct” it will tell you that you’ve arrived at “Connecticut”. I love arriving at “Sheridan Connecticut” in Michigan. 🤷🏼‍♂️.Version: 3.23

Um Needs WorkIt will get you in the ball park. The route maps need serious work. They will try and send you down residential streets that are restricted for big semis. Also it will also take you out of the way. I deliver in So. California I’ve lived there 48years so I know my town, this GPS will try and have me go one route and it’s 30+ mins out of the way and I’ll go my way and the estimated arrival time will say 8:15am when going their suggested route was saying 9:32am. I use it to get me to an address, but I always use my better judgement. Maybe the developers should do like ways and have it to where truckers can say send in updates for the maps to say “This road is restricted to big trucks” or “Trucks with trailers longer than 30ft from the kingpin are not advised”.Version: 3.8

DecentOverall pretty decent. The few flaws I noticed are that when starting a route it often can’t tell which direction you’re facing. Sometimes tells you the wrong side the destination is on. Some parts of i-95 are shown to be able to exit but in reality is just a wall. Also very recently been having connectivity issues and truck routes won’t load causing me to frequently use the trucker path app instead of this one..Version: 3.53

Truck mapCrashes every time I try to use it.Version: 3.4

No power to unlock “my location”This app seems to be determined to permanently make my current location as Chicago. Nothing less, nothing more. ONLY Chicago!! I cannot even activate Location in SETTINGS, for crying out loud! Give me a CORRECTION or give me a break - break the app!!.Version: 2.6

No directionApp doesn’t tell you the next immediate exit and will skip all the way to the exit coming up after your immediate exit. It also won’t tell you whether to take the north,south,east or west exit so I have to keep a second phone gps running to so I know immediate exits and exit directions etc. Also for some reason the app won’t even open this morning on any phone I tried. Other than that it’s the best free trucking gps app out there if not the only one..Version: 2.51

Trucking appI like the app but however it takes you the longest route which is a disappointment. I was going to Indiana limestone and there is a street named dallaman (or something like that) with a 9 ton bridge the map attempted to take me over. Just improvements on the quicker times and ability to avoid bridges you shouldn’t be able to cross and height restrictions would make the the best trucking app. Since the app asks what type of truck you are in I thought it would calculate and consider how to avoid weight limited bridges and height restricted under passes Could you please add alternate routes that are quicker with less curves and turns.Version: 3.15

Getting worseWhen I first downloaded this app, it wasn’t bad- but it has gotten worse with recent updates. Big problems I notice: - favoring back-roads over highways. It’s faster running highways 9x/10- at least put in a preference control if someone wants to put up with 35mph limits and stop lights all day. - routing three left turns instead of a right. Run the route the MOST DIRECT WAY POSSIBLE. If the turn is unsafe, the driver should move on to a safer spot. - stop routing “behind” addresses. Every once in a while I notice the app wants you to approach from the back-side of the location, because that’s where a normal person would put their loading dock. Apparently there aren’t many normal people on my route. Route to the physical address, not the street behind it. Other than that, this app does a fine job, and even when it’s not working correctly I can use it for a quick map to glance at. If the devs made it better, I’d actually pay money for it- but it’s a long way off from being worthy of my hard-earned..Version: 2.33

Developers don’t know tablets existShort sighted and juvenile. Try opening this app on a 12.9 inch tablet and it still thinks it’s on a phone. If you press “skip account” when you first open the app, it asks “are you sure” with a mention of account benefits. It includes a text box for your phone number. If you change your mind and try and put in your number at that point it will not submit because pressing the “continue” button just opens the keyboard again. With privacy at the forefront, it still uses your location regardless of what you choose. With other very good apps out there this space is competitive and no place for rookie developers that don’t know that they’re doing..Version: 2.47

Route troubleI used this app this week and it sent me down 3 roads with clearance under 13.6 and 1 road with an axle limit of 2 axles.Version: 2.47

It’s okThe app it’s ok , but they must to improve some rotes and streets . It’s great they working with google, but as we are everyone understand google can’t route you from your beginning till end ....Version: 2.35

FORCE TO TAKE 407Even 407 is avoided it force to go there.Version: 3.66

BEWAREThis app is terrible if you rely on it for truck routes that are anywhere but the freeways. It has gotten me into trouble way too many times. Twice in the last 2 days. It had me turn on a service road that was too tight for my truck. I had to jump the curb/median so as not to wreck the side of my trailer. By the time a sign was posted only 30’ long trucks could make it, I couldn’t back up. This was in NYC. It has sent me on roads that when I get there are clearly not for trucks. Posted as well. Today it sent me on a road on Long Island that I couldn’t fit under the bridge. That was the last straw that made me write this review. Do NOT rely on this if you’re a trucker going anywhere but the major highways. And it’s terrible at finding truck washes as well. I’ve been across the U.S. and this is just let me down too many times..Version: 2.32

Unnecessary routesThis app needs to have the option to choose alternate routes. It doesn’t make sense that this app will send you off of one highway and onto other highways to drive extra miles to get to a place that you would’ve gotten to quicker and easier if you would’ve stayed on the previous highway. If a Pilot is right off I-80 and I’m on I-80, why lead me to US-30 then NE-23 and so on just to lead me to I-80 again; costing me more gas because I just traveled 30+ extra miles.Version: 2.47

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