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TV Cast for Sony® TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TV Cast for Sony® TV app received 61 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Cast for Sony® TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv cast for sony® tv?

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TV Cast for Sony® TV for Negative User Reviews

TerribleTerrible still not working. Nothing but pop ups and then just circle time waiting..Version: 2.0

So difficult to figure out3 of us tried to get this to work and failed. And I really, really dislike the forces upgrade$, which I bought and still did not work. Waste of $$.Version: 3.1

No use at allDownloaded a number of the Cast apps to try set up JVC smart tv with VEWD and none work. Deleted as quick as downloaded..Version: 2.1

Never worksMost of the apps on Sony TV are buggy. This one is no different. I hardly got any online movie working with this app..Version: 2.0

Do not buy Sony!!!Absolute worst experience I have ever had with a smart TV. I have purchased two Insignias that have given me zero problem. I wouldn’t wish the experience I just had with this Sony TV on my worst enemy..Version: 2.1

Conner to HisenseDidn’t worked in a hotel.Version: 3.3

Not steadyCuts outs all the time.Version: 3.0

Sony TV cast......does not work for Sony TVs... Very poor. Waste of time..Version: 1.6

App to sell feature Sony should have offeredMost of this “app” serves as a platform to sell other non-Sony apps. Not what I expected from Sony..Version: 2.2

I’m too old for thisTried to get my Sony TV to get streaming from PBS, TV instructions said download this. Didn’t know I’d have to pay, but OK. Spent an hour trying to figure it out, then found I’d have to pay for another app to do that. I give up. I’m sure your English is superb, but how much would it cost you to hire a native English speaker to narrate, for idiots like me who have trouble with a German accent. Sorry..Version: 3.3

Fing annoyedDoesn’t work at all for screen sharing Apple TV.Version: 3.2

Does not workTried everything to cast to my Sony tv and it would not connect..Version: 1.2

Micro Transactions AboundWow. An in app purchase just to rewind and pause media content? This is the most money grubby bank I’ve ever seen..Version: 3.3

Not working!!Does not work on my Sony TV - not available in UK Sony TV’s??.Version: 2.1

Bad ProductDoes not work in Australia with HiSense TV Please issue Full Refund.Version: 3.2

Adds ruin appYou pay hundreds if not thousands for a top line Sony tv, then have to spend more money to do something that can be accomplished with a simple adapter..Version: 2.1

Kinda goodHas issues with loading so then you have to uninstall app a few time but when it does work it does a pretty good job but it doesn’t work on every site.Version: 1.1

CrapDoesn't work. A waste of £5.99. DO NOT WASTE UOYR MONEY!.Version: 3.2

Absolutely garbageAbsolutely garbage. Don’t waste your time..Version: 1.4

Terrible AppThis app is terrible! It doesn’t ever do anything and leads you to believe if you add addition items (that you have to keep buying) it will stream. Doesn’t ever stream anything!.Version: 2.0

Does nothingUseless.Version: 1.3

Rubbish. Don’t botherIt’s rubbish.Version: 3.2

Very little limited functionalityThis app has virtually no functionality unless you purchase multiple add-ons at high prices..Version: 3.0

CrapDeleted almost as quick as it loaded Wouldn’t connect to anything.Version: 1.6

Waste of money!!!!!I bought this so I could watch Disney plus from my phone to my tv. It would not let me watch anything but the personal videos from my phone Waste of money!!!.Version: 2.1

Not good in fact it’s terribleNo formatting spent hours trying to get different formats of video and web content no dice. Cannot connect to paid subscriptions through apps to mirror as well.. not that I’ve been able to achieve..Version: 3.2

Want my money back !!I spent over 10$ in the app and it doesn’t work at all. It does not share the screen with the tv. Want my money back.Version: 3.0

You can only cast content within their appUseless just like this Sony TV. Samsung would NEVER. I have an app on my phone I want to watch on this “smart” TV. Nothing seems to work. I’m annoyed. The one time I brought a different brand and it’s been buyers remorse since. Don’t DL this app..Version: 3.2

Waste of timeThis app is useless you can’t you have to buy add ons such as phone mirroring and other things and it doesn’t even work..Version: 2.0

Constant InterruptionsYou can not go for a second without an ad popping up ruining your movie. I don’t know what other app supports my tv so I’m stuck with this garbage..Version: 1.3

ConfusingThis is not an easy process. Doesn’t play without glitches. Some videos don’t load. They ask you to upgrade but don’t explain what the upgrade is..Version: 2.1

Never buying from Sony again.A pathetic, desperate and embarrassingly obvious money-grab. This app is virtually useless without paying for add-ons for features that could/should easily be free. On the rare occasion that you end up able to broadcast anything from this one, you have to watch ads before your video. Ads. On an app that comes along with a $500 purchase you made on your Sony “Smart” TV. What a joke. Downloading and attempting to use this app will only frustrate you and ruin your mood for the day. It’s not worth it..Version: 2.1

Video cast for SonyThis app. Is not user friendly.. I have been working on this for 2 weeks and it still won’t work. Every time you go to connect to the video the app turns red and won’t work. A waste of time!.Version: 2.1

JunkWhen it works you have to watch ads before your video will cast. But that’s when you’re lucky enough that it works..Version: 2.1

Is it 1996?Loses connection to TV at random, and you have to go through this circular mess to try to get your link to play again, unless you pay for “premium” I guess..Version: 3.0

Horrible appThis is the worst app ever. It doesn’t connect and I much prefer the old Sony web browser.Version: 3.0

Worst casting app ever.Doesn’t work at all. Can’t cast more than 3 most recent videos from your camera roll! Have to buy a bunch of upgrades and add one for this to work for anything.Version: 2.0

This is crapIts all about the money $$$. You pay decent funds for s smart TV and then need to pay extra to watch your own stuff on it. It only allows last 3 videos free access. Please rethink this link..Version: 2.0

ReviewConnects well but I can’t get TG4 or RTE to play.Version: 1.4

Very poorInterface is bad, max UX fail.Version: 2.0

Not goodI don’t even get this app . It was the most worthless app I have ever downloaded . If I knew this going to be a waste of my time I would have never downloaded it . (WASTE OF TIME).Version: 2.1

PromisingLooked and seemed like a promising app to cast. Even with the premium purchase every video takes forever to load or buffer on your Sony smart tv. Another donation to another non working app...fix this please..Version: 2.0

A little glitchy but basically functionalTitle says it all.Version: 1.3

GarbageSimply doesn’t work.Version: 1.4

Does not workAs above how do I get a refund.Version: 1.6

Waste of time and moneyDoes not work or have user friendly interface. Want a refund.Version: 1.3

Sony does it (horribly) againThe worst consumer choice I’ve ever made bar none was buying a Sony (not-so) Smart TV and this flaky app just adds insult to injury. The connection flickers on then off again so that you never get to load the video in time to make the connection and the app home screeen just tries to sell you more of what are probably equally worthless apps. Stay away from Sony products at all costs is the message here..Version: 2.1

Does not work with HisenseNo directions no help. Nothing but a screen with a tv icon in the middle. Absolutely zero connection with Hisense..Version: 3.2

No soundI use this app when I had a iPhone 10 now I have the 11 and I can’t hear anything…. Good app though.Version: 3.3

It works but…I am bothered that I am not allowed to lock my phone while casting from it..Version: 3.2

Doesn’t work and is super spammyDoesn’t work and is super spammy. Save your time and skip it. I should have listened to the prior reviews!.Version: 3.2

Very LimitedWhat a waste of time it was downloading this! You have to pay to stream your own personal videos on your phone. You have to use the built in browser. I mainly just wanted to stream from Disney+, but I can’t do that either..Version: 2.0

Does not work properlyDownloaded the free app, then downloaded a mirroring app for 3.99 and it does not work properly at all! Waste of time and money!.Version: 3.2

Not really an app that does anythingI can Google from my computer or the TV Don’t need this to do that.. Also need, I more of a screen mirror... Guys technology is advancing faster than this app..Version: 3.1

Missed the descriptionDoes not work in England.Version: 3.1

Not working in the UKDoes not work, you get a message saying they are developing the app for the country. Try something else..Version: 3.2

What are you charging for a service that doesn't workThis app is a waste, since Sony no longer allows this app to work with their tv’s they shouldn't be charging to get rid of adds if the app doesn't even work!!!.Version: 1.6

Can only view addsWhen I try to play a video, the app announced that it will play an advertisement. When that ends, the video I selected never plays. Only the ads and then nothing!!!!.Version: 2.0

Doesn’t workTook so much time to set up, yet the only videos it could mirror were YouTube videos, which were the only ones I could mirror before downloading this useless app. I would advise not to bother trying..Version: 1.5

This app is a piece of junkDon’t work , s lot of problems to update or add other streaming service I hate Sony and this app.Version: 3.0

Stream SonyThis is the most bass ackwards piece of technology i have ever tried to use. Why in the world you have to PAY for the PLAY BUTTON to stream videos from the internet on your TV. GET AN APPLE TV.Version: 2.0

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