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TV Cast Pro for Sony TV App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

TV Cast Pro for Sony TV app received 112 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TV Cast Pro for Sony TV? Can you share your negative thoughts about tv cast pro for sony tv?

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TV Cast Pro for Sony TV for Negative User Reviews

Doesn’t do what I expected.I expected this app to allow my Sony tv to stream (chrome cast) from my phone or computer on any app that allowed me. However this is not the case, and the app is very ineffective..Version: 2.2

Not greatDoes not work with my Sony Bravia 2018 model. Refund please.Version: 3.2

Not as expectedDirections vague and don’t apply to all situations Paid $10 then opened it and it says not available Won’t allow me to beam YouTube/TikTok’s from my phone live Disappointed.Version: 3.2

This app sucksNot intuitive doesn’t work with much.Version: 3.0

TrashWaste of time and money will not do what you ask it to do would give negative stars if could.Version: 3.2

UselessThis app is useless, you can’t watch any type of movie on it..only play videos from your camera roll..Version: 3.2

Waste of 7 bucks!Horrible waste of money. Does not work and the messaging is super annoying. I want my money back..Version: 3.2

Complete wasteWaste of time and money did not work.Version: 3.2

ShrinkingFailed to load on my Sony tv again! Tried everything! Ready to give up!.Version: 3.4

Screen mirroringScreen mirroring is an add on? You already have to pay for the app then you have to buy an add on for what the app is supposed to do?!? Not good and would not recommend.Version: 3.2

Disconnects from networkCan’t play from phone. Disconnects once you try to find video.Version: 3.2

Bad AppGenuinely one of the worst apps I've ever had to use. Incredibly unclear instructions, even with the videos, on top of having to pay for basic features such as screen mirroring..Version: 3.2

Terrible app.....totally misleadingIf I could give a zero rating I would! I was directed to this app when attempting to cast from my phone to my Sony TV. Seeing no other option, I purchased it. It's horrible, difficult to navigate and will apparently only cast web content through its clunky browser. I never was able to figure out how to make the video full screen even after I managed to get something to cast. I've used Chrome cast and Vizio Smartcast. They both work far better than this! I rarely write reviews but I had to say something about this miserablely archaic app. I will be attempting to get my money back, although I suspect it will be futile. This app feels very much like an absolute scam.Version: 3.2

Please do not download this appDoes not work and is really buggy, please do not download it. I just wasted $10.Version: 3.2

Save your moneyPlease do not waste your hard earned money on this application. Trust me, if you do, you will be sorely disappointed. It is not close to the same league as screen mirroring to the Apple TV (which is imperfect but way, way, way, way better)..Version: 3.2

I should have read the reviews firstI thought this would allow me to cast livestream movies from a device to our tv. Nope. Not even the add-on mirror app does that. Always read the reviews before downloading!.Version: 3.1

AwfulThis should be free and you still have to make another purchase if you wanna stream movies and things from your phone awful app......Version: 3.2

Don’t waste your moneyHow can you sell a product that doesn’t work?? Disputing this rubbish!!.Version: 3.2

AppI downloaded this app and it does not work. So disappointing. It’s requesting I download another app as I’m using my iPhone. Would I be refunded?.Version: 2.2

TerribleDoesn’t work and can’t find how to cancel.Version: 3.1

Don’t waste your money.Good luck getting this to work. The instructions are atrocious and if you do get the app to work it’s nothing but a disappointment. There aren’t any clear instructions on how and even if you can get a refund..Version: 3.2

Refund neededDownloaded app & then it says “we are currently preparing the launch of the app for sony tv in your country.” So you have sold me a product that isn’t finished yet? I would like a refund please..Version: 3.0

Doesn’t work at allReally disapointe ! It doesn’t work at all. Seam like I pay for nothing.Version: 3.2

Not what I expected...This app was presented as if you could cast anything from your cell to the tv. Very misleading. I purchased strictly to do just that, only to get in and realize I can only play video that has been saved to my phone. I can’t link an app to the video streaming. Very disappointed that I paid $7 for this. It could probably be a little better explained on what it does, prior to purchasing an app that isn’t compatible with what I needed. However I will say once I bought the first app, it prompt me to buy the mirroring app also and then my apps would work on the tv. 😳 I’m not buying that on top of what I just purchased, just for that not to work either. These apps should have a free trial before you purchase. Over it but still frustrated!.Version: 2.2

App doesn’t workThis app is not good at all. It doesn’t even work. I want my refund back because it won’t work. I paid and got nothing for it..Version: 3.2

Do not buyVery disappointed in this app, taking our money for the app to then say you have to download another one..Version: 3.2

If I could give zero stars I would.My tv told me this was the correct app. I installed followed all the instructions and read the FAQs. None of it worked and support has yet to respond. I want a refund. This is absurd.Version: 3.2

Can’t mirrorWhat a waste. Can’t mirror screen to watch Apps from iPad. Don’t waste your money on this one. Wish it had said that in the description..Version: 2.1

Does not work for HisenseThe QR code on the tv takes you to down this app for hisense- did it and followed all the directions- says no internet connection and won’t work- help!.Version: 3.1

Doesn’t workThis app is a scam. Doesn’t work. Constantly says you need to upgrade for more money to get basic requirements for screen casting. This was a waste of my money.Version: 3.2

Not worth it, doesn’t workThis app doesn’t even work. And it costs a lot. The setup is unbelievably complicated. I’ll be asking for a refund and suggest you just avoid this app altogether..Version: 3.2

Would not recommendAbsolutely not a user friendly app, when trying to stream replays via Kayo you can’t fast forward! The fast forward icon does not work so when the connection drops out which it will! You can’t get back to where you were up to. Don’t waste your money on this app..Version: 3.2

Garbage programTotal garbage.Version: 3.1

Completely obsolete and waste of time and money.Apart from the casting app being completely useless. You’re prompted to buy a mirroring app for another $4. This is a complete scam. The only reason a paid for this app was to connect to an older Sony tv which “requires” this app to cast video from Disney+. FAIL..Version: 3.2

Utter crapInstructed to download this app for the Sony tv to be able to stream from my phone. Doesn’t stream anything other than YouTube and doesn’t work with any other apps which allow streaming to a tv with Chromecast or Amazon/AppleTV built in. The fact that they charged me for this adds insult to the injury. DO NOT DOWNLOAD this junk..Version: 3.2

WasteIt’s not working.why do you guys charge for this. How to get the refund ..Version: 3.0

Maybe for picturesAs with other reviews, likely will not do what you are hoping for. Waste of $7. This is not chromecast or airplay and will not allow you to stream like those functions will.Version: 3.2

Waste of moneyCan’t get it to work.Version: 3.2

Doesnt workDoesnt work.Version: 3.0

Took my money & didn’t work!Loaded & paid for the app that did not work. Contacted support & no reply. Don’t waste your time & money!.Version: 3.2

Not IntuitiveWhy do I have to pay extra for an app that is way too complicated - waste of money and now my time - bad job Sony!.Version: 3.5

This app is a scam!!Once you buy it for $6.99 and try to use the alleged service, it redirects you to another app that they’re pricing for $3.99, and if you download that app and try to use it, another app will pop up for $6.99 and so on and so forth into a a never ending loop scam..Version: 3.2

I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE REVIEWSDo not purchase!!!!!! I had to buy two apps for it then not to work. Absolutely ridiculous. I want a refund. Had the app an hour trying to get it to work. Refund..Version: 3.4

NoThis sucks.Version: 3.1

Does not workYou download the app and they want you to purchase another if you have an iPhone. Refund will be requested..Version: 1.4

Total RipoffMy TV sent us to this app for screen mirroring and as soon as I tried to actually do it they wanted me to download another app for $2.99 after I just spent $6.99 on the first app. I’m usually smarter than this and should have known better..Version: 2.1

Do not download! This does not work!After downloading this and the other add on they suggested, I am still no closer to getting my screen to share! Do not download, you cannot get a refund once purchased!.Version: 3.2

DisappointedIt’s not able to mirror everything thing playing on my iphone. The info on the Sony TV and this app is totally misleading..Version: 3.2

Don't try itTotal disaster and waste of money if you are looking for a simple way for mirroring what's on your iPhone to a hysense TV.Version: 3.2

Need my money backI need a refund. Not even 5 minutes and it don’t work. You can’t even full screen it.Version: 3.4

Doesn’t connect to Sony BraviaOnly works for developer to make $$$. Don’t make the mistake of wasting your money and time. Thought price was high but took the chance and lost. Downloaded required app from google play on tv but just don’t connect on same WiFi..Version: 1.1

NopeWould give it a 0 if I could.Version: 3.1

Seriously bad appFor something I’ve paid for, there’s a lousy interface, instructions that don’t reflect anything on my phone or remote, and did I say I paid for this? More fool me..Version: 2.1

Doesn’t WorkI downloaded the app on my tv, then after scanning the QR code it asked me to buy this app so I can share my screen from my phone onto my tv, it doesn’t work the app just asks you to buy more other apps to do the screen mirroring, I followed the instructions from the video and from the developers reply to other reviews with my issue but still this doesn’t work, I can’t connect to my tv although it is connected to the same network as my phone. I input the ip into the tv app but nothing happens even after I play videos on the app. The brand of my tv is “bush” Please help me otherwise I will just have to request a refund.Version: 3.2

AwfulThey want you to pay more once you’ve just got it, I will be getting a refund ASAP.Version: 3.0

To complicatedWay to many steps to get basically no where. Will not work with apps already on phone. You have to open though this app. This should be free or even pays us to have it..Version: 3.1

Doesn’t work with data hotspotWill try to get my money back. Wanted to stream movies from my iphone to my smart tv. But since I do not have WiFi at my home, it would not work. Even managed to find the IP address for my iPhone and I received an error message..Version: 2.1

Damn boredIt was only to cast YouTube.Version: 3.0

Doesn’t work in Canada.Doesn’t work in Canada.Version: 3.0

Refund pleaseAfter making payment and going through the process of installing, a message came up saying “we are currently preparing the launch of the app in your country”. Wasted my time and money. Not happy..Version: 3.2

Not user friendly, don’t waste your time or moneyI have the app on a Sony TV. Been watching tutorial videos and trying to cast anything several times with no success... I just feel like it should be easy.Version: 3.0

Don’t waste your moneyDon’t waste your money.Version: 3.2

TerribleDoes not work and just gets you to download more apps which also don’t do anything.Version: 3.2

MeDon’t waste your money on this !!! Rubbish.Version: 3.2

StupidVery misleading, you can only stream your photos or videos saved on your phone not screen mirror or play videos from another app.Version: 3.0

Do Not Buy This AppDoesn’t stream, it instantly makes you pay another $3 add-on. But no way I’m dropping any more money on this scam of an app to see if it works. Worst app I’ve ever purchased..Version: 3.2

Not what I neededI was trying to link my laptop to my smart tv and it would not connect and it crashed my tv. also didn’t realize I spent $6 on this app so would replay like a refund..Version: 3.0

Crap appDon’t bother downloading. Total waste of time and money. It’s $6.99 to download something that doesn’t work unless you keep paying for add on features. Do yourself a favor and try another app..Version: 3.5

Does not work with iPhoneI cannot get it to work from my iPhone to my Sony device, I tried everything and it would not cast from an app so this was pointless because that was the only reason I bought it. Super disappointed..Version: 3.2

Refund pleaseThis app does not work as described, please refund.Version: 3.1

This delivers the message, the developer is preparing a version to work in your country.This message appeared as I attempted to connect my Hisense TV ( meant to work on this TV). Apparently it is OK for iTunes and the app developer to sell a product that doesn’t work in the country of purchase. If I’m correct, Australian consumer laws would have a bit to say about this..Version: 3.0

UselessDo not download, once downloaded it then asks you to purchase a screen mirror app, which also does not work! And there’s no way of getting refunds either! Should’ve taken note of previous people’s reviews! Avoid!.Version: 3.2

Deceiving!!!Useless app, it doesn’t work!.Version: 3.0

Pro cast SonyNot very user friendly. I find it difficult to follow cluttered screen.The tutorial is vague to me..Version: 1.6

How do I get a refund?Please refund me for this garbage app, it forces you to use their online web browser, and can’t even stream from platforms such as crave or Disney plus. This was the whole purpose of downloading this app. Will not use, please refund me..Version: 3.2

HorribleIf I could give no stars I would. Doesn’t tell you it is not yet available in Canada before purchasing. Just a money grab. Wish I had never proceeded with the purchase. Way to expensive for nothing. Just another deleted app..Version: 3.0

TerribleDon’t buy it. Doesn’t work with Disney+.Version: 3.2

I don’t know What/Who this app is for.It certainly is not worth 7 dollars. To cast your phone photos and random web videos ONLY from your specific browser that REQUIRES a chrome cast anyway ? This feels like a complete hustle..Version: 3.0

NOT WORTH THE MONEYIt can’t even stream anything after getting it connected. do not spend money!.Version: 3.2

Waste of timeDoesn’t work. Wish I’d have read the other reviews before wasting my money.Version: 3.0

Horrible SCAM!You download per instructions and pay $6.99, then you’re told you need to purchase more apps to make it actually work. SCAM!! Surprised it has 2 stars, even more surprised Apple has not pulled this from their store..Version: 3.2

Did not work! Refund pleaseApp didn’t work. Refund please.Version: 3.0

Worst piece of garbage I have ever wasted money onNo coherent directions or video tutorials. 25+ yr IT tech.. wasted over an hour and not the slightest progress. 1/2 hr. Left until my webinar starts and have to find a useful app to watch it yet.. I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU THIEVES!!!!.Version: 2.1

DisappointedThis is the first app i’ve EVER written a review for because it sucks so much. i had to pay money for it so i highly assumed i’d be able to cast from viki onto my tv to watch kdramas— but you can only watch videos straight from that app by using the browser. i have no clue why THIS out of ALL THE APPS that there are is the app that’s “compatible” with my tv. i actually want a refund i don’t care if it’s only $10, it’s not a $10 well spent. i thought it’d work good since it’s the app that my tv had recommended to me but please don’t waste your money on this app. it’s good for nothing. i understand the concept, but i already have youtube and netflix on my tv so to use the browser is completely pointless. you can’t use viki through a browser, it has to go directly through the app. a whole scam..Version: 3.2

Avoid this app!!!Absolute waste of money and time.Version: 3.5

Terrible experienceI purchased both this and the screen mirroring add on. The connection instructions weren’t great, but I did manage to cast my iPhone 13 to my Hisense tv watching Kayo. The frame rate was extremely choppy (5-6 fps) and the sound was not cast at all. Save your $20 and put it towards a Chromecast. I’ll be chasing a refund..Version: 3.2

This is crapThis is crap.Version: 3.2

Does not workIt very seldomly connects to the TV, if it does it does not work for more than a minute. Unable to cast Netflix/Stan or Kayo. Never had a chance to try Youtube. Waste of my time.Version: 3.2

Bad appI was forced to download this app to screen mirror to my Sony TV it cost me $6.99- then it wouldn’t let me screen mirror. It wants to charge me another $3.99 to mirror anything from my phone for another app.Version: 3.2

AwfulDisappointed I spent my money on it..Version: 3.2

TrashWouldn’t be worth it if it was free.Version: 3.2

CancelHow do I cancel this. I don’t want to be charged anymore!.Version: 3.5

Worst app everSo I bought this 7$ app hoping to watch a show on quibi on the tv. When I got it I couldn’t watch the show so I bought another 3 dollar app the was called screen mirroring that app didn’t screen mirror anything. It wouldn’t connect and didn’t work. Don’t buy this app unless they make it free or make some SERIOUS CHANGES😡😡😡.Version: 2.2

ArnaqueRien faire avec sa.Version: 3.1

AwfulTerrible app doesn’t work.Version: 3.1

This app does not work in Canada. Do not buy!This app does not work in Canada. You also need to pay more for screencasting, which I thought was the entire point of the app. Do not waste $10 like I did..Version: 3.0

Absolute rubbish. This purchase opens up another app to purchase.Downloaded the app and it is just opening another app which has to be purchased. No way to request a refund..Version: 3.2

Refund expectedDownloaded and purchased only to discover I cannot use this app in my country. Very disappointed..Version: 3.1

App doesn’t workThe app doesn’t work and I demand a refund!!!.Version: 2.2

Don’t waste your moneyI paid $6.99 and I got nothing. I downloaded it and after 30 minutes of trying to configure it in my Sony TV, couldn’t get it to work. Complete waste of money, doesn’t work!.Version: 3.2

Not happyExtremely frustrated to purchase this app for connection to my hisense smart tv, to be told after setting up that it’s not yet supported in my country - Australia!! Not happy at all!.Version: 3.1

Don’t waste your moneyI bought this thinking I could cast a movie from my iPhone (in Apple TV) to my sony tv. It didn’t work so I bought another app that said I could screen mirror my phone to the tv but that also didn’t work. I wish I would have read the reviews before I wasted $9..Version: 3.0

Yet another useless app to steal my moneyCost $10.99 and I can’t even stream my foxtel- worst app ever as I can’t even cancel or refund it!.Version: 3.2

Awful.Wasted $10 dollars. Not with it at all. It does not work! Do not buy! It’s a scam!.Version: 3.2

Worst 7$ I’ve spent- no streaming services work - no difference between the free and paid version - you also need to pay for screen mirroring on this by the way. Would’ve been nice to highlight so I don’t waste 7$ and then have to pay another $5 - would’ve rated negative if possible.Version: 3.2

CrapIt’s crap I want my money back. You can only stream from a browser or your own files but not from an app like Netflix or Disney etc. It’s lame. I want my money back..Version: 3.2

Terrible experience.No support online. doesn't let you screen cast or screen mirror without buying another app that has more 1 star reviews than anything else. DO NOT buy this app or any other companion apps. they offer no help and i am beyond furious at their service in general. if i could give it zero stars i would..Version: 3.2

What a waste of money!Yep. Totally.Version: 3.2

Won’t work for my tvI want my money back,this doesn’t work for my tv.Version: 3.2

Does not work as advertised.Save your money. They try to charge extra to mirror screens making it so you can’t cast streamed content..Version: 3.2

TerribleDoesn’t work very well and shouldn’t cost this much for nothing.Version: 3.2

Bad experienceThe app doesn’t connect!.Version: 3.1

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Is TV Cast Pro for Sony TV not working?

TV Cast Pro for Sony TV works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact TV Cast Pro for Sony TV.

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