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Brilliant.Found this after having epic problems with the Apple podcast app. This is so much better. I can easily find podcasts that I am subscribed to..Version: 1.3.8

AwesomeThis has to be my go to for podcasts find anything from anywhere when you want it or add it to play later Very easy to use Thank you for this app love it.Version: 5.10.0

Apart from episode 11 casefilesToo much screaming, way too much much much. The case files are a selection of short mystery and murder stories. There should be a way to give feedback as there is much gratuity and repetition. In fact you can not contact the developer at all. Generally an excellent app..Version: 2.22.3

GoodGreat app, definitely my preferred podcast app. Would be 5 stars if not for a few little problems. Biggest issue is occasionally just getting stuck on loading for the next episode you want to play. Works fine if you close app and re open though..Version: 3.47.0

ExcellentSimple, reliable app. Works reallly well..Version: 3.47.0

GangsterGreat app, even lets you fast forward adds.Version: 3.11.0

Problem fixed, developers very helpful! What happened 😱So glad to have this app workings well again, it is my first go to for podcasts. Thank you to the developers for getting back to me and fixing the problem 👍🏼😊 It was working great, now won’t load any podcasts. iPhone 11. Just sits there spinning. Nothing comes up. Have deleted the app and downloaded again still the same problem 😳 Can’t even open the app support..Version: 4.1.0

Love this AppI’ve been listening to podcasts for years. Prior to finding this app I used Apple Podcast and typically love everything Apple touches until they changed the Podcasts and now lets just say it’s not user friendly for me and I’m pretty tech savvy. After constant frustrations I decided to search the App Store for another player and I found this one. Read a few reviews and decided to give it a try and I absolutely LOVE It! This app does everything I need/want it to do. Doesn’t crash like the Apple Podcast app. Easy to control what’s up next. Easy to search and has the past episodes.Version: 2.22.3

Much easier than apple default podcast appFound this app after becoming frustrated that apple podcast app kept restarting my podcasts when I’d resume one. Never had an issue now and makes it very easy to queue with the “listen later” feature..Version: 2.25

Across the pondIdeal listening, relaxing & helpful, many times I have listen to a substantive report late at night, just me & my iPhone with headphones. I drift off sometimes only half way through. My favourite story was the 24 hour diner in Chicago.i wonder what happened to all the people Thank you Kind regards Bill Simpson (uk).Version: 3.0.4

Donald was due.Love the show. If I could vote in the US I would of voted for trump even though he’s a spoilt pig of a man who always thought the world revolved around him and now it kind of does. I blame the 2016 political climate. Something needed to change. I think he has a chance in 2020. Come on USA. Can’t you find a decent human to run..Version: 3.11.2

Five starsSearched for a podcast app, & picked this one. Didn’t expect much, but have found it to be as good a app as you could possibly get & free, would highly recommend, as I’ve never had any problems with it, so give it 5 stars..Version: 5.4.0

Perfect other than not being able to favourite specific episodesReally like this app better than the corporate apple one, only wish I have is to save specific episodes so that I can revisit or share them more easily.Version: 2.0

Great app... but one thingI have been using this app for over a year now. Hoping it would bring in one feature (now I’m home all the time) I wish I could cast this to my google home. Please bring this in soon..Version: 3.18.0

James SmithI have just finished listening to all 19 episodes of James Smiths podcasts.. what an absolute pleasure it was to have him on my daily walks with me while I recover!! James you are funny.🤣informative.🤔. interesting.😉humble 🌺and very refreshing too!! Hope to meet you one day!! 🙏👌.Version: 3.8.0

One of the better onesOne of the better free podcast apps. It doesn’t however have all the podcasts on it that I can find in iTunes (ie, can’t find The Self Made Theory) - how do I fix this?.Version: 2.5

Drive with Georgie GardnerWhat a fabulous interview with Julia Gillard on the new Drive series with Georgie Gardner! I feel like I learnt more about our former PM in 45 minutes than I did during her entire term. Brilliant interviewing by Georgie... looking forward to the next one on this series!.Version: 3.28.0

Crushing itVery simple insightful discussion with Colby Bowers on multi family acquisition strategies. I need to find out more about Warrior network utilization Building a team for multiple market strategies Fear of success is my greatest fear Great podcast and thanks for your time.Version: 3.42.0

The best appI absolutely love this app. It’s my most used app. I never have any trouble with it and I used it daily for hours, listening to my favourite podcasts as I get on with my day to day life..Version: 3.19.0

Love this app!I use this app on almost a daily basis. It’s so easy to use, and the updates on the interface are great. I love listening to NPR Ted Radio hour, spiritual podcasts and even just some to motivate or get you learning. It’s a great app to use on my morning drive, and makes things a little less lonely while informing me on so many ideas and topics. I enjoy having things handy in on the front screen and being able to visually see the different podcasts “profile photos” in makes it easy to click on the one I want before I drive. Not to mention the downloading! One of my favorite parts as someone who tries not to use to much data. I am so glad, they’ve kept this as a free option because it’s so helpful and easy. The only thing I would like to see is a way to organize the podcasts better and save tour favorites maybe! Otherwise, the app is brilliant and so much better than Apple Podcasts! There’s more variety and a much better overall user experience, even with the ads! Love the app, wouldn’t trade it! Thank you guys! ♥️.Version: 2.26

Updated reviewI was impressed with the memory fix and had to give this app another try. I must say I like the app better now and one of the nice features is searching for an episode across multiple podcasts.. One thing still missing - Be able to make a playlist of all the episodes I want to listen later without downloading the episodes to my phone. Put this feature in and I will be a loyal paying customer Earlier review - -------------------- For all the best features of this app, I couldn't understand how using the app for three days could consume 1 Gb in app memory. I don't have podcasts downloaded, and there is no way to clear the cached data. I was impressed with the suggestions feature which shows recommendations based on your listening history..Version: 2.26.20

Peter Crouch podcastThis is the best thing I tell you this has change so many lives Everyone I have told to listen to this Can’t believe how brilliant it is.Version: 2.22.3

Key to goldIf you’re like myself and constantly looking for knowledge, well this app makes it possible. I tune in to those I seek to listen to via the app and with their very user friendly design and ability to stream hundreds if not thousands of different podcasts from different people. All made possible through this application. I love how easy they make it!.Version: 2.24

Loved the app but have had issuesSo I love this app, and I use it about every day. But for at least the last few days, it’s been having issues with autoplaying the next episode. In that it doesn’t auto play at all and I have to open the app to play the next episode. And a few times it suddenly cuts out and stops playing, then I have to go to the app and start it again. So I’ve tried closing the app, restarting my phone, I updated the app and then tried deleting and redownloading the app, which has only lead to more problems. The option to continue listening to an episode from the home page is gone, and I have to go to the recommended section to find that, which is annoying and frustrating. And when I try to rearrange my list of podcasts it starts switching between small thumbnails and larger thumbnails, and the switching happens in a way that makes it impossible to actually rearrange them. Overall, I’ve used the app for around 6 months and I’ve enjoyed it until a few days ago..Version: 3.18.0

D’aride zakariaExcellent professional person his program is well done we are confident about he say.Version: 3.30.0

Just rightSimple use so far. Next I will try search..Version: 3.30.0

Easy to useThanks for adding the sleep timer function! I like this app a lot, I would like to pay a few $$ to get rid of the ads..Version: 2.1

Irish History in briefEach episode of This Week in Irish History is easy to listen to while packed with information. I look forward to more of the history that formed my family background. From Australia, great summary history thank you Finn..Version: 2.21.1

Greg HansonGus and Tim. I am so impressed with what you guys are doing for men. I’m a Clinical Psychologist also, mainly working with men and so much of what I do with and for men ... you guys are putting to such a needy audience. Thank you for encouraging and allowing men to be beautiful, happy and fulfilled human beings..Version: 2.6

Use it all the timeI have been using this app for a couple of months now and I much prefer it over the other podcast apps I have tried, specifically Apple Podcasts. I love the way the listen later section is set up and how easy it is to set up hours and hours of listening as I normally listen while I work or drive so I can’t be on my phone looking for episodes or stoping and starting podcasts. The only reason I haven’t given it a full five stars is I have found that certain podcasts have had playback issues or have had multiple versions of the same episode uploaded making it hard to know which ones work and which don’t, but I am not sure where this error comes from. Other than that I love this app!.Version: 2.26

Excellent AppEasy to use. Sooooo many different podcasts to listen to. By far my favorite app..Version: 3.34.0

Update has broken the My Podcast sectionBeen using the app for years, however the latest update has left it unusable for me as I am not able access my podcasts. Most disappointed. 😞.Version: 4.0.0

Almost perfectThis is a very well thought out app, and much more intuitive than the Apple podcast app. It’s great how you can compile your favourites and have the option of searching your lists, then having a separate feed of new shows from all your lists combined. My one and only gripe of that you can’t turn off the function that automatically plays the next podcast when one finishes. This is really frustrating of you listen to podcasts when falling asleep, as you can wake up realising that you’ve slept through a load of them, and lost where you had got to. It would be great if this simple function could be an option to turn off..Version: 5.5.0

Better than the Apple app, but still a few things to work out.It’d be great if I could do a whole new review, instead of editing my old one from a few years ago. So there’s a critique for you, Apple! Onto the app... They’ve fixed a lot of bugs over the past few years & have made the app a lot better. There are a few remaining bugs, though. 1. It’d be nice if the app wouldn’t crash a few seconds after I first open it, then work fine on the second opening. 2. It’d also nice if the order that I placed my podcasts in the grid wouldn’t reset itself each time I open the app. I have them in the order I want to listen to them, but the app keeps rearranging them every single time I open it. 3. PLEASE add a mass move option on the episode queue. Allow me to tap “edit” on the top right & then select multiple podcasts to drag at once to where I want them to be in the queue. This is the only major drawback of this app that I think the developers are overlooking. I add a good 5-10 (or more) daily podcasts, & then have to drag each one individually to the top of the queue. Every single day..Version: 3.28.0

Best app for long road tripsLove listening to the Podcast App as we travel great distances on camping trips in the Australian outback. The topic variety is great and we download at home then play podcasts offline. Updates always seem to improve playability and searching..Version: 2.27.4

My Favorite (and Most Used) App!I use this app all the time for two reasons: I LOVE podcasts and I really enjoy the structure of this app. It has a simple layout, it looks modern and up to date, unlike Apple’s podcast app. I really, REALLY enjoy the grid layout of being able to see all of my favorite podcast at once (I hope the developers keep this). I do wish that there were settings for the user and I could customize the layout of the home listen screen, especially since I pay for the upgraded version with ads (SO WORTH IT!!). For example, I don’t really care for the top line up of new shows, I already get notifications for that and the “new” tag pops up on my podcasts when a new one is available. Also, like my second favorite app, Audible, I wish there was an option to change the background/theme to “mode” or something. Definitely not deal breakers, and I would give this app more than 5 stars if I could, but maybe in a future update. Thanks for the app!.Version: 2.14

GreatI use it to improve my English and its very usefull. Thank you ..Version: 4.1.0

Jerry Jerry Quite ContraryJerry Jerry Quite Contrary Hung out the back of Matt Cos he’s a Fairy Matt said Jesus Jerry You’re pretty hairy Shut up Matt and drink my Dairy.Version: 2.28.2

The Way ForwardAs I plod around doing daily tasks I have found it so pleasurable, thought provoking and informative to listen to podcasts. They have replaced the lazy journalism of TV and radio that seem to have their own political agenda and don’t ask valid questions. Top of the podcast lists must be Planet Normal. It really is so enlightening. You have set the bar at a high level so please don’t lower it..Version: 3.37.0

Good app - why is premium a subscription?This is a good podcast app and I’d love to support by purchasing the “ad free” version which I don’t have a problem with doing at the price but why is that a subscription? I need to pay the full price of the app every year to continue using it? I don’t understand that. Lots of apps have paid options to remove apps, this is the first I’ve encountered that removing ads is a yearly subscription. That aside this app works much better for me than the free Podcast app which frequently freezes. This app also present the podcasts in a visually please manner. Great app, but change the ad removal to permanent instead of having to essentially rebuy this app every year..Version: 2.14

SolidI much prefer this app to the Apple one because you never lose your upcoming planned playlist, with the Apple one it’s very easy to click on the wrong thing and lose your labouriously compiled list. The only reason I haven’t given this five stars is that there is no history, so if you try a new podcast and you like it, once you’ve listened to it it’s too late to go back and see what it was and subscribe to the rest of the podcast, it’s gone forever! Surely they could add history as a feature? And I think subscribing to premium still doesn’t give me that, which seems a bit rubbish, .... but otherwise I love it.Version: 2.27.7

Great app. Very user friendlyOnly gripe I have is the car play compatibility. It is very buggy and does not properly allow for the resuming of individual podcast listening..Version: 3.40.0

It’s worth itAt first glance it seems silly to pay for an app that does the same thing free apps do. However, Apple’s native Podcast app falls short due to its poor, unintuitive design. There is no flow to the user interface. You have to wrestle through it only to have an unsatisfying experience. I went looking for a replacement and found this app so much better that I soon happily paid to remove its irritating overlay ads. You get what you pay for, it’s a pleasure to use and they earned my money. I am a frequent podcast listener trying to follow many different shows. I like to navigate while I listen, see what I recently listened to, resume partially listened episodes, view all my podcasts at a glance, get a quick handle on newly released material, etc. I’m pretty picky but this app does everything I want and I trust you will be satisfied as well..Version: 2.25

Brilliant courseAs a former French teacher with nearly thirty years experience of teaching British sixth formers, I am exceedingly impressed by the quality and effectiveness of this course- its core material is always interesting, well read and brilliantly explained. The follow up PDFs are a great and useful reinforcement. Merci à tous!!.Version: 3.34.0

ConfusingI like the sound quality of the app, but I do no find it easy to navigate around. To have a home page where the small cover pages of each subject podcast are visible . So I can click on eg The infinite monkey cage and all the episode I have down loaded and/or listened to are there. Or go back to home page and choose one of the other podcast. Your site is continually nagging me to upgrade which is putting me off leaving and not using it anymore. I’m really disappointed as this app was recommended to me. Maybe it’s just me . 😌.Version: 3.15.0

It’s the best app I’ve used so farLove this podcast app. Definitely the best I’ve used so far as well. Some podcasts I like to listen to, I want to listen to older archived episodes and this is the only app that I’ve used that has downloaded all episodes of any podcast. Other apps I’ve used only download the past 10-15 or so, so this is a big plus for for. I like the grid layout on the main page as well. My only gripes with the app is that isn’t a universal settings page. I’d like to change it where it doesn’t play the next episode automatically, once the podcast is done I’d like to either choose my next episode or just be done listening entirely. I also wish there was a dark mode as well, though that is purely cosmetic. It’s a well thought out app and works amazingly, just wish there was a way to change a few settings app wide..Version: 2.22.3

Podcast appWorks good I like the setup . Had a couple times wear it would freeze up on me but I didn’t have recent updates and my antique smartphone probly has more to do with the problem then the actual app. Five out five ..Version: 3.21.0

Never too old to LearnI’ve been listening mainly to the history podcasts during lockdown. So interesting- fired my enthusiasm and taught me things we never learned at school ( I’m 74) . Complaint- do wish some of the presenters ( no names mentioned but mainly a man) would stop with the umms and ahs and affected stuttering . Otherwise brilliant 👍.Version: 5.12.0

JonoThis app is exceptional in that unlike other podcast apps I’ve tried this one presents the show tiles on the home page in a way that allows me to see 20 shows at once which is amazing when I have subscribed to so many shows and need to recall what channels I need to listen to. Also the listen later list is superb because I can add episodes easily, adjust what’s on the list and easily navigate to the top/bottom where my most recent episodes are added..Version: 3.47.0

BrilliantOrsome podcast. Live in New Zealand and while still illegal the industry is still very big here. So good to know what is happening where sanity prevails Keep it coming 👍✌️.Version: 1.5.2

Give it a try! You won’t regret it!This app works amazing. For 2019, I want to try new things, and one of those things I decided to try is podcasts. This app gives you an easy way to access the podcasts you desire, and discover new ones. There’s a podcast for everyone here. From news, to celebrities, to stories, to even Minecraft, you’ll find one you’ll enjoy! I’ve had no problems with the app, and it doesn’t hurt to try it out! If you’re looking for some podcasts, I suggest CelebriTAY, WHO Weekly, CNN10, and May I Pet Your Dog? I hope this has helped you try the app out, I think it will be beneficial, even if podcasts aren’t for everyone..Version: 2.22.1

Great app but...I write this review with some reservations. I like the app and haven’t had any “real” issues with it, but...there are WAY too many ads in the app. Every time I touch the screen within the app an ad pops up. There’s are static ads on the main screen as well. It’s overwhelming particularly when driving and is rather unsafe navigating between podcast while driving. Please limit the ads OR make the purchase price a one time fee and not a never ending subscription. Also, is there a way to “log in” to an account with multiple devices to resume podcasts?.Version: 2.26.18

[email protected] construction life podcastLove listening to manny and jim on their podcast-super helpful,and so full of knowledge! These guys have helped me with my business,and have a listener for life! Thanks guys!.Version: 4.7.0

Even more true crime!I started to run out of favourite true crime podcasts on another app so had a look around on here... there are heaps! And they are excellent! Now I spend more time using this one! Works well and simple to use... and the choice is great. What more could you ask for?! Thumbs up.Version: 2.22.3

I love your appI am a carpenter and I listen to your app all day. It makes the day go quickly and I enjoy it so much. Thanks heaps for making my life so much better..Version: 3.18.0

Great App, but,,,It would be nice to be able to force Tag some episodes as ‘Played’ and have an ‘Unplayed’ selection button. There are many episodes where I have no interest in the subject and would prefer they don’t clutter my list. Also if you accidentally click on an episode that you have played it automatically sets it as unplayed in the list..Version: 2.5

Podcasts that don’t openPaid £8.00 for the use of this App but none of my podcasts open. Furthermore there’s absolutely no contact information to email anyone about it. Extremely annoying!.Version: 2.22

Please add a ‘podcast history’ functionI started using the app a couple months ago and am loving it so far. I only have one issue with the app. I tend to search for episodes based on topic and so have a large, and incredibly varied list of episodes downloaded at any one time. Because episodes automatically delete after being listened to, it is very difficult to later hunt down specific episodes I’ve listened to that I want to revisit or recommend to friends. My suggestion: Please include a ‘podcast history’ function on the app that lists episodes that the user has listened to. Just like browser history, users could also delete/ clear this history whenever they need..Version: 2.26.1

Coaching insights with Louis Cayer and Kris SouterGreat to hear the humble beginnings of such a world class coach. And like all great achievers he had to make sacrifices and keep heading towards his dream despite barriers and people wanting him to do other things. Great relaxed interviewing from Kris Souter..Version: 2.26.18

Great job boysLove this podcast and enjoy listening to the stories razor talks about even from his days when he played. He is the Tony Romo of hockey and a good Canadian boy too💪.Version: 4.1.0

PaulJust started listening to the interviews and they are getting to be a better standard as they go. More Rugby League & Union players are needed. The Ray Warren interview is what I was really excited to hear but barely spoke about his main career..Version: 2.22

Paid subscriptionIt's great, I really enjoy the UI. The badges on cast that released a new episode is super helpful. I haven't figured out a way to add podcast with exclusive urls so I haven't been able to completely jump off the Apple podcast app. Oh the yearly subscription fee is completely worth it but since I've renewed my subscription I've been getting visual ads when the app auto-plays the next podcast. Not a big deal but it should be stated. Edit: I was contacted pretty quickly after leaving this review, they are correcting the ad situation. Changed to five stars because of the excellent support addressing the issue with the ads..Version: 3.0.4

Total control - intuitive useThis is the best podcast app. You can select favorite podcast channels which appear on your homepage and notify you of new episodes. With one click add individual episodes to “listen later,” a list you can easily rearrange to a preferred order. I never have to worry about a bunch of episodes downloading automatically and clogging up my phone or having to be deleted by hand-The default settings give me total control. If you like auto downloads use a different app- there is currently (apr 2020) no auto download. One is in the works. IT support is quick and helpful- five stars for customer service..Version: 3.18.0

Rip off - avoid at all costsThis is a total rip off. Stay stay away at all costs. They charge you for an app that apple provides for free. It’s named deceptively..Version: 4.3.1

The Black TapesThis is an outstanding Podcast. I love the supernatural/paranormal, so this was right up my alley. The storyline was amazing; hats off to the writers. I’d go as far to say it’s the best Podcast I’ve ever listened to. It has a gripping storyline that explores the deepest realms of the imagination; one could almost think it was real. Careful, Alex you might get another episode of mass hysteria there in the US. “HG Wells... The War of the Worlds” Seriously though, the cast are great, their voices are so easy on the ears. The passion they put into their individual roles is so passionate it’s tangible. Great listen, highly recommend. Thanks Guys Lisa UK.Version: 2.28.1

What a discovery!I’ve just discovered podcasts and love it! There are so many interesting podcasts to listen to the choice is endless. It’s great I put my earphones in tune in to the podcast app on my phone, choose something interesting to listen to and enjoy!.Version: 3.47.0

APP acquisition{Does anyone want to sell the app👻?We need the excellent apps and will buy them at a good price.⑩Please contact me️:Skype⑨/WhatsApp☞-: +∞8615982002312 Facebook③:estelle668☟.Version: 5.3.0

The Do One Better ! PodcastsThoroughly enjoying the interviews on The Do One Better ! Podcasts. Very insightful, varied and thought provoking. Thanks - KP New Zealand.Version: 2.26.18

Better than Apple Podcast appAfter years of frustration with the default Apple app for podcasts, I downloaded this for my iPhone. It works perfectly..Version: 2.26.6

🙌After listening to this I have begun to live again it’s been a hell of a 4 months thank you guys!!!!.Version: 3.25.0

Only one piece of criticismOnly one piece of criticism, I wish when you paused a podcast it wouldn’t quit the app so fast. I have to continually pause podcasts and when I do I usually have to leave my phone unlocked so the app doesn’t exit playback. Apart from that it’s great 👍🏻 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟.Version: 3.3.2

Good appI really like this app, it’s easy to use and has a nice design. Just one issue really - sometimes ill set something to download on ‘listen later’, and when I go to listen to it later the download didn’t work? It just shows in orange with a little error symbol. I leave it in my living room next to my wifi, so not sure why this happens. Other than that, I wish it had some kind of chart or review function within the app itself, maybe...? Or maybe this wouldn’t really work? Anyways, good app!.Version: 2.6

Great appHas all the up to date episodes of the podcasts I listen to. Have never had a problem finding the podcasts I want..Version: 2.26.21

Much better than Apple's AppAll the podcasts you could want and they play in the right order!.Version: 4.1.0

Bannon’s War RoomCompelling, brilliant and completely engrossing. Best source of information on the current state of US politics, the Pandemic, cancel culture and lots more. This podcast has incredible guest speakers. Bannon and his team leave any opposition in their wake..Version: 3.48.0

Better than Apple PodcastI experienced too many times “episode unavailable” on Apple podcast when it’s clearly released and available. I downloaded this app on same time out of frustration, the episode played! Really happy with this app and a podcast lover. Beautiful setup and ability to save playlist. Great work people..Version: 3.2.0

Brinson is my daily go to podcast!Thanks Will and gang for being a welcome part of my daily routine. Keep up the great the Pod!!.Version: 3.20.0

Usually works greatI love this app because I decide what to download. I hated the traditional iTunes app because I like to listen to a lot of podcasts, but each new release would download on my phone and fill it up. With this app, I can listen to it on WiFi or data or download the ones I want to listen to offline. However, some time it just won’t play. I have some channels that won’t play at all anymore, and listening to a podcast is the only way to get it out of your downloads, so space on my phone is being taken up by podcasts that I can’t listen to, which is frustrating. Keep updating and fixing the bugs, because this is a great app!.Version: 2.8

Nice appEasy and quick all in one place.Version: 2.27.3

Great app overall but too buggy to go premiumLove this app but I will say, if you’re asking people to pay for a premium version then it’s not a good look when the FREE version has bugs and crashes often... Particularly I’ve noticed when launching the app it often gets stuck on the blue splash screen - easily 20-30% of the time I open it, on an iPhone 8 But I do love it! Thank you for a great feature laden app :).Version: 3.0.4

Great app, terrible addsWhy does a podcast app have audio ads that automatically play over the podcasts? It’s very annoying to press play and not be able to hear someone speaking because of the announcing sounds of a slot machine going off. Other than that this app is great, I can download and play apps on the go, I don’t accidentally skip to the beginning halfway through a 3 hour podcast while trying to change the volume on Bluetooth (which was a big issue with the default app), and I get notifications when a new episode gets released, overall it’s the best app I’ve used, but I wish I could pay a few bucks to remove the ads..Version: 1.9.2

Awesome... & only one small issueSo far this app has all the podcasts I’ve ever wanted to listen to. The only problem is sometimes they won’t load or play & I have to turn my ph on & off to make that happen..Version: 3.17.0

Laura Ingraham’s podcast—best on air!The Laura Ingraham podcast is an outstanding class act! There is continuity between the podcast and The Ingraham Angle on Fox News which speaks to Ms. Ingraham’s integrity as a journalist and validates the authenticity of Fox News Network. I’ve come to appreciate the wit and candor of her sidekick, Raymond Arroyo, a lot more than I used to. Laura is a proud, patriotic American who brings wisdom and common sense conservatism to the airwaves. She has a style that’s all her own. I find myself laughing about issues that tend to infuriate me because of her sarcastic, light-hearted approach. That’s just good for the soul. I’m a huge fan who never misses an episode!.Version: 2.26.6

Changed my LIFEOk... it didn’t really change my LIFE, but it’s AWESOME!! Works flawlessly, the ads aren’t bad (just a screen pop when you start, and the ads are appropriate), and they have all the podcasts I could think of! Oh and the best part is it’s organized by someone who actually listens to podcasts and wants to access them in a rational and easy way (unlike the iPhone podcast app that has become less and less user friendly with all the hoops you have to jump through to get where you want, which had me so frustrated I looked for an alternative, but soooo glad I did!!)! Love the picture tiles that you can see all your podcasts on one screen! There is an episode favorites section, more like a queue that you can add a lot more than one to and listen to them in whatever order you want even if they’re episodes from different podcasts! Seriously download this! This is the happiest I’ve ever been from an app download! And I don’t usually take the time to write reviews either, that’s how happy I am with this!!! And it’s FREE!.Version: 2.26.4

Great appSuper functional and can download to listen to when you don’t have data or wifi!.Version: 3.20.0

The best PodCast out there todayI do not miss the Chad Prather Pod Cast / Show, everyday after dinner i sit down and watch this show. I love his openness, humour and his knowledge of all things. All his guests are great and the shows other members make the show great..Version: 3.24.0

Great Retention ToolThis is a great addition to Duolingo, especially for those people who don't know somebody who can help them with their Spanish. The stories are interesting, and the narrator gives you just enough English to help you understand what's going on, while still making you work a little to figure out what's being said. I lived in Spain for 3 yrs back in the 70s and lost a lot of what I learned because I never used it after I left. I've found these podcasts to be a great way to help me retain what I've already learned, while exposing me to new words and sentences at the same time..Version: 2.15

So authentic !So easy to listen to.Version: 3.36.0

SuggestionIt would be great if podcasts didn't disappear and delete once being listened to. It'd be great to have more control on that..Version: 2.19.1

Roy GreenI have intense daily pain. Off and on for a decade, then every day. Pain killed the woman who used to be me. It is refreshing to hear Roy’s intelligent conversations on this often-misunderstood subject..Version: 3.34.0

Better than Apple Podcast AppI chose this app as I don’t like big corporations censoring what I want to listen to. The functionality of this app has decreased a bit over the last year but could be due to my iOS 12 on my iPhone 6. I would recommend this in combination with VOX music app to optimize iPhone’s functionality for audio needs..Version: 3.37.0

Good how it’s free to download podcastsGood how there aren’t many adds.Version: 2.21.1

Clear modern voiceShort pieces of interesting history. Presenter has a clear modern take on the world. Fact based but spoken with personality. Quirky and easy to listen to. Lots of little “ who knew” moments. Roll on series 2 ..Version: 3.28.0

Informative and easy to use, brilliant!I’ve found many podcasts on subjects I’m interested in and can listen to them when it’s convenient for me. I can listen missed subjects etc. It’s brilliant!.Version: 3.36.0

Easy to useUser friendly so you can get listening quickly and keep track of your favourite podcasts..Version: 2.26.4

Love this appLoving this for my podcasts. I love the listen later section and how I can move these around to listen in any order..Version: 2.26.1

Stéphanie Méthé la coach FlyéeComme j’aime cette femme si inspirante pour moi et les entrepreneurs mindset brefff toutes une découverte.Version: 4.5.0

A Great DistractionA perfect alternative to the stressful news items and anxieties of the post Covid-19 programmes. I also enjoy the input from their guests. My only problem is that Fi and Jane’s voices are similar in tone and phrasing, so I frequently need to work out who is speaking during their excitable conversations, accompanied by the background hum of their surroundings..Version: 3.29.1

Just right!Love the Eventing podcast! It’s the right mix of informative, fun, friendly and interactive. Listeners can be involved in discussions or have their questions answered and all while having a laugh! Brilliant listen!.Version: 5.3.1

Podcasts with simplicityIf I can download and utilize them during my daily walks - anyone can do it..Version: 4.1.0

I have a suggestion.I’m not big on listening to podcasts, but I do occasionally like to listen to a few. And I know that one of my friends listens to them ALL the time! Wether you fall asleep to podcasts, or you can only sit through a few minutes at a time, this is a great app for it. Every podcast you favorite is right there on a list. I think that you should be able to MAKE podcasts through this app too. It would be more convenient than having to download another app for it. I also think there should be a setting, that translates whatever they’re saying into any language. Most podcasts are in English, so it would be useful to have some kind of instant translator. (At least in Spanish and Chinese).Version: 2.18

DTMTS - a the art of interviewing. Simon engages with his guests, holds space for them to talk, and does relevant and accurate research (or at least checks out the work of his researchers!). You can tell Simon is genuinely interested in the subjects under discussion and as a results engages the listener. Well worth a listen if you’re interested in learning more about living life, through a sporting lens..Version: 2.27.9

Not sure how to continuously play oneEpisode after another. Other than that very happy with the app..Version: 3.40.0

Filter optionNeeds a date added filter option where you can play the first episode without having to scroll all the way to the bottom..Version: 1.7.1

Black HandsAbsolutely riveting........Version: 2.6

BadI thought I’d like to listen to podcasts in the car but this is practically useless for that! Even if I download what I want to listen to in advance in my home when I try to listen to it on the road all I get is the thing going around and around and around and around and around saying loading only it never loads! Once in a great while it will work but the vast majority of the time it does not! And good luck trying to contact them I have seen absolutely no way to get in contact with the people who do this or to get any kind of advice on how to make it work better. I should also add that sometimes I can’t even get the icons of the shows that I have or a list of the episodes—even that doesn’t download! And when something does download only three or four seconds of the program will sound and then nothing and then three or four seconds and then nothing and then three or four seconds and then nothing obviously impossible to listen to..Version: 2.26.2

Sorts and Plays the proper wayAt last, a sensible podcast app that will display your podcasts with the newest episode at the top AND when you finish playing an episode it chooses the next newest episode to play. The Apple app removed this “Sort most recent first, play from older to newer” a few releases ago which made their app useless..Version: 2.19.1

Better than the IOS appI downloaded this app because the new IOS update caused my regular podcast app to constantly crash and Apple still hasn’t fixed it. I listen to podcasts all day at work, so not having a functioning podcast app wasn’t really an option. With the exception of the ads that pop up at random times, I actually think like this app better. It’s easier to find recommendations and I’ve actually found a few new shows because of this app. I also really like the ability to order the shows show they play automatically one after another. It’s a lot easier to do on this app than on Apple podcasts..Version: 3.0.2

Motivating and encouragingIt’s so good to hear positive information about people doing good in the world. All the reports are fascinating, many of them are surprising and they are a great antidote to the regular news. It helps you to remember that we can all contribute..Version: 3.7.1

Brilliant Podcast AppThis app is superb. It is exceptionally easy to use-very clear and straightforward. What it excels at is its search facilities. No podcast app has such a powerful search function. Can I synch the app between my iPhone and iPad? Thanks..Version: 2.15

No downloads?Great app, beautiful design. But I must say I had to download all the podcasts twice - why? Once I check the ‘+’ button, it shows ‘downloading’ percentage. Once that is finished, it displays the number of minutes remaining on that podcast. So why do I need Mobile Data to play the podcast again? The podcast just becomes unavailable with mobile data switched off..Version: 1.3.8

Fantastic Simple AppThis is a fantastic app and really simple to use - best one I’ve found for just keeping things simple and listening to podcasts. It would be really good if you could add iCloud syncing or a way to sync episodes between devices. Thanks!.Version: 2.6

Rich Roll PodcastListened to Rich Roll’s book Finding Ultra back in the day (highly recommend) on Audible. Now would find it hard to live without his podcasts in my life, learnt so much and Rich gets the best out of his guests, which are, or end up being his friends. George - Australia.Version: 2.24

PhenomenalSuch a great way to enjoy podcasts, so easy to use and great search function. I’ve found so many new resources of learning. Thank you for this awesome app 💕.Version: 3.26.0

Please add an ad-free option!Just downloaded this app and it’s phenomenal, so much so that I wanted to invest my money and pay for an ad-free version but was disappointed to find there is no option for that. Please add it! Will you ever? 5 stars when you do. Glad to see the developers actually listen! 5 stars for adding ad-free version! You are keeping the 5 star review because you did indeed add an ad-free version. However, for $10 a year, there needs to be a little something else added to your app. Comparing The Podcast App to Overcast, TPA doesn’t give you a theme option, something Overcast gives you for free. Hopefully theming comes in a sooner rather than later update. A pure black theme for us OLED iPhone X users would be A+..Version: 2.6

Great app, questionable memoryThis is a great app and I specially love how easy it is to know when there are new episodes out. The only problem I have is that for each episode I start listening, the app takes up more memory. Even when I am done listening to the episode the memory usage doesn’t go back down and it seems to just keep accumulating (I only listen to podcasts while on Wifi and never download episodes to listen offline, so not sure why the memory taken needs to keep going up). Anyway, to me this would easily be the best podcast app if it didn’t take up all that memory, and I would love to go back to using this app and change this review to 5 stars if that got fixed..Version: 4.0.0

Best one so farI have tried a few different podcast apps, I like this one the best so far. I would give it 5 stars, but I think you should give an option to remove ads without having to pay a yearly subscription. Like a 1 time payment of $5 or less maybe?.Version: 3.44.0

Sync podcasts across devices.It would be great to have the ability to sync podcasts across devices. I listen on my phone and my iPad and want to be able to pick up from where I left off..Version: 2.10

Switched to this app from the Apple app......and I’m very happy!! I don’t mind the ads; I close them without even looking. I like that I can see what I’ve played and the blue dot indicates when a new podcast is on the list. I love how I can cue up a play list and press play and don’t have to deal with it for a few days (I usually put about 10-12 podcasts on the list at once). Thanks for a great app!!! Update July 2019: I’m still giving 5 stars but would love if there would be an option for “recently played” - sometimes I fall asleep listening and have no idea which episodes I’ve missed! Still a great app though!!.Version: 2.27.3

Beats the pants off AppleI used to find Apple’s podcast app really confusing and un-intuitive to use so I went looking for another option, tried a couple before finding this one which is simply perfect the way a podcast app should be, simple, clear and easy..Version: 3.6.0

Late night liveOne of the consistently great programs which is available when I can listen. Philip and his guests give us much food for thought. Thank God for the ABC and this fantastic app..Version: 2.21.2

GREAT STUFFI am visually impaired and the stuff on here keeps me informed & up to date with everything going on in the world. I am just new to podcast & just wish I tried it sooner!! It also has news & information about visually impaired people and how they get on in life with their visually impairment, It is very interesting stuff for me anyway!!! GREAT KEEP IT UP PODCAST!.Version: 2.27.3

Love the app but reinstalling breaks subscription/UPDATE: the most recent update has fixed the ability to Restore my active subscription so I am now VERY PLEASED with this app overall. Many thanks to the dev team for getting this sorted out. /UPDATE: after several app updates I still can’t restore my already paid for subscription. The app is great otherwise but it’s been many weeks since I paid for it and am still stuck with ads because the Restore button doesn’t work. Not cool. /UPDATE I love this app, best podcast player I’ve seen. I subscribed to it but seemed to have found a bug where removing and reinstalling the app breaks the subscription and the ads don’t go away. Can renew subscription and can’t Restore button the ads away. Not sure what to do as I can’t find a way to contact support either. This would be five stars if those things were fixed/made clearer..Version: 2.12

One of the best podcasts I have ever heard!This podcast was so INFORMATIVE AND SHAMEFUL HOW WE KNOW CANADIAN’S REALLY ARE! BIGOT’S.Version: 3.40.0

Great listeningReally enjoy being able to listen to the podcasts when I want too. With so much bad news and social disharmony it’s nice to relax and laugh..Version: 3.26.0

PodcastI absolutely love this app it’s amazing, so helpful.Version: 2.26.8

Finally a playlist that worksThe ONLY podcast player on iPhone that I can find that has a playlist that allows me to choose the order I listen to episodes. Finally. Thank you.Version: 3.8.0

Very happyUpdate: I'm changing my review from 2 stars to 5 stars. This developer worked hard to solve my data retention issue. I'm happy to report that have been using the app for SEVERAL weeks with the improvements and I am not having issues any longer. It's a good app, works well. However I was nosing around in my iPhone storage and lo and behold see that this app has stored 10gb of data on my phone aside from the actual app. So automatically I think that episodes are being downloaded but not deleted...and maybe they are but you can't reset that because there is no settings button. And then I thought I'd contact the developer so I went to the app page in the app store...nice try...both ways to even attempt to find the developer takes me right back to the data hogging app! The only way to clear this data is to delete the app. Thank you, I think I will and look for another app when I'm done..Version: 2.28.4

Not perfect but...The best podcast app I’ve used and regularly improved (hence five stars) - I get the same slight repetition early on in listening to an episode, but it’s much more reliable than most, and pretty intuitive..Version: 2.9

AwesomeSuch a great App makes searching any podcast easy.Version: 2.26.6

Overall great, but major bugs recentlyI’ve been using this app for several years now and it’s always been great. Everything I listen to is available here and I’ve never had a single issue, until this most recent update. All of a sudden the home screen is totally blank except for the place where I’d hit play on whatever I was listening to most recently. There’s nothing to click on or look at at all. Works fine if I had stuff in my Listen Later category, but I can’t select anything else to listen to. I hope this issue is resolved soon as I have been reduced to using the default Apple podcast app the past few days, which is a punishment I wouldn’t wish on anyone..Version: 4.3.0

Great app but ...I found this is the best app to navigate. I love the fact it is so user friendly. I’m terrible for swapping apps about bit in sticking with this one. I tried the Apple podcast again for a few days and it was a nightmare. And at such a good price for premium I actually paid it for once. Love it!.Version: 3.12.0

Prefer this to the apple appGood app! Can actually search episodes within a show, can’t do that on apple! Still wish there was a recently listened to and an add to queue feature but still prefer it to the apple podcast app.Version: 2.21.1

American Warrior SocietyAs an ER Physician, who also teaches Tactical Emergency Medicine, I’m always looking to expand my knowledge of Tactics, Medicine, Firearms and Ballistics. I consistently find the AWS Podcast, cutting edge. Rich Brown gives good insight to daily events, this is coupled with Mike’s incredible background. Their guest, Jack Carr, is highly respected as a Warrior from SEAL friends, that I respect. I’ve heard Mr. Carr interviewed before but Mike touches on aspects that, no one else seems to have touched. For me, Evil walks among Us, Everyday, Always there, Always Learning, Adapting, Never Tiring. Evil savors Weapons both Inanimate as well as Living. Studying the effects of these Mechanism on the human body is Fascinating!.Version: 3.42.0

First time PodcasterNever listened before and saw Katie on This morning I think and she was talking about her podcast and I immediately downloaded the podcast app and started listening - Couldnt believe Pru Leith is 80 OMG was a very informative, interesting and easy listen - thank u.Version: 3.19.0

Pete Evans Evolve PodcastsLoving the broad range of content and speakers you will be entertained and might even learn something new and connect with new people who connect with you in some way shape or form..Version: 3.28.0

Wonderful stars!Shannon Curtis and Jamie Hill give this podcast faithfully every week - I’m listening to their 1st Anniversary cast right now. They always have interesting things to say about all kinds of subjects. They’re musicians, and they do talk about music and their work with it - informatively. But they also get into relationships, philosophy, life stories, whatever. People who support them can also join their private Facebook group and talk freely about... anything they’re thinking about, including the podcast. We can suggest topics we’d like them to discuss - and they do! I look forward to the podcast every week, and I’m never disappointed..Version: 3.3.1

The happiness lab 🤩Strongly recommend this podcast.Version: 3.40.0

Does what I want it to do. For free.Allows me to easily sort and edit podcasts. I can search for new podcasts while listening to others. Ads do pop up, but hey the app developer needs to feed his family too..Version: 3.45.0

Blessings from unique messages.Dr Swindoll just nails it when addressing most important issues of living your enemies in Matthew. We were blessed and we will continue to support his ministry from here in Canada. Is there an office of his ministry here in this country? In Christ Doug and Joan Burns. Peterborough Ontario..Version: 4.6.0

So much better than Apple podcastsReally simple to find the podcasts you want, download them to listen offline later and see new episodes..Version: 1.5.2

Only Podcast App I useI’ve used this app for almost 2 years. The main reason I use it is because I am able to rewind 15/30 seconds if I happen to miss something. I know this sounds silly and you’re thinking but you can do that in any podcast ap. Not so. When I try listening to podcasts on the apple version in my car when I press the back button, or forward button it takes me to the last or next episode. (Not 30 seconds back in the conversation). This App does it right and rewinds exactly to where I want it. Thank you! I do wish it would work with my I-watch though, that’s why I’m going to give it a 4 instead of a five stars..Version: 3.21.0

Do you wanna raise downloads and revenue over 100 times?Please contact me at Skype"/WhatsApp"/telegram:⑨ +☟8615982002312 .☟Facebook:%Estelle668 .∞Everyone can enjoy 3②-day trial now!⌘👺,➨Worldwide promote your apps and rapidly increase downloads and revenue above 50 times!/♧ We are app marketing experts with rich experience️.Version: 5.3.1

Love it! But could love it more...I use this app easily and daily. I’ve discovered podcasts I wouldn’t have otherwise. The native Apple app did not sell me on podcasts —This app made me someone who listens alllll the time! A couple of things that could make this better: **I don’t seem to have good luck with trying to sort episodes in either chronological or reverse order... both would be great ** I’d also love it if it more accurately tracked which episodes I’ve listened to. There are appx 1 million This American Life episodes ;) and I’d love it if it clearly (and always) indicated which ones I’ve listened to and/or how much. **Playlists would be cool so I could set up what I want to hear in order... for a given period of time without having to try to find while at stoplights. It would just play! Or if they went in chronological order (they don’t!), skipping the ones I’ve already listened to. Listen Later is good for episodes I know I want to hear but not right then. But if I want to do specific ones in specific order, I’m not able to or haven’t figured out how. None of these are dealbreakers at all, but they would be great user-friendly enhancements. :).Version: 2.7

Very good, if only there weren’t ads!There’s a huge range of topics to listen to, but ads at the beginning of the podcast (short game ads that come up on the phone screen) are annoying. Aside from this small annoyance, the app is great!.Version: 2.20

Good app, would like the ability to add podcasts from linksWould like the ability to add podcasts from a link, such as a subscription based pod..Version: 3.18.0

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