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Lime - Your Ride Anytime App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Lime - Your Ride Anytime app received 158 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Lime - Your Ride Anytime? Can you share your negative thoughts about lime - your ride anytime?

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Lime - Your Ride Anytime for Negative User Reviews

Poor app and featuresThe app itself is quite basic, and functionality is poor. Often, it will show you a bike, but when you get there, the bike wont unlock (has happened over 50% of tge times i have tried). They could easily allow in-app testing to see if the bike is functional before walking to the bike. The app is clunky, and after trying to add in an rmail address after signup, i gave up as the confirm email link kept taking me to the app store to downlod the app. Also, charged me in a different currency to where i live. Overall, pretty disappointed..Version: 2.79.0

Great service but expensive if you think of using it in regular basisI have tried the app today for the first time, and as much as I enjoyed the ride and I thought that the UX was ace (finding the bike, riding it, and locking it) I found it extremely pricey if you think of using it on daily basis. Compared to other large european cities which offer monthly/yearly rental bike memberships for a fairly reasonable price (i.e Barcelona), I estimated that if I use Lime to get to work, that I am going to pay £2.5 for a 10 minutes ride each way(aprox), and that I am planning on using it 5 days a week at least, the montly price goes above £100 which I find extremely unreasonable even if it is electric. Would love to see a membership price for Lime customers that want to use it regularly..Version: 2.41.0

Issues with locking and appI rode a Lime scooter to the very end of the allowed area and attempted to park in several different spots with no restriction whatsoever but the app didn't let me. After moving around like half a block and trying to lock again, the app just killed my phone. There's no phone you can call to get support, and because I had to charge the phone but still was like 1 km away from my final destination, I decided to leave it behind and walk to get the phone charged. Trying to avoid extra charges, I paused the ride but surprisingly enough, after raising two tickets online to get support from who knows who, I came to realised that despite of having the option of auto charge the wallet off I still got charged 27 dollars extra over the 10 dollars I had charged initially to my wallet. Really, very disappointing and now I feel that I'm arguing with the air because I didn't get any reply to the reports I sent..Version: 2.38.0

Useless nowI used to be able to see where every scooter was regardless of where I was. Now it only shows them if they’re right next to me. I found one the other day a few blocks away by zooming all the way in on a random spot. Then it suddenly showed up. I don’t mind walking a few blocks to a scooter and with this app that’s impossible. Also they charge way too much now. It costs more for me to scooter than to Uber. Upon further inspection, I can only assume they’re trying to limit the amount of scooters used in certain areas. I’m not in a red zone but I’m not in a great neighborhood, so instead of making it a red zone, they just make it impossible to find a scooter. Yesterday I tricked it into showing me a scooter. I walked all the way over to it and even when I was standing right on it, it wouldn’t tell me it was there. Completely invisible to the app and it had 10 miles on the battery. Thanks for making your app borderline impossible to use. And the other scooters are just useless so I have to use lime..Version: 3.28.0

Test your software before dumping scooters in cities. Work with local communities to make it happenThis is an untested, unthought through app. There is no way for one user to activate another’s scooter. What if I kids or I want to pay for someone else’s ride? This problem is identified on the FAQ but WHY WASNT THIS THOUGHT THROUGH INITIALLY????? When the product was RELEASE?! The scooters have been here for months. why hasn’t it been solved? what happens when someone’s phone dies? why would you keep charging someone or worse, risk a scooter being stolen by another person because YOU DIDNT THINK THROUGH THAT SCENARIO. Also, why weren’t city and local governments included in your decision to litter our city with scooters?! Very unfortunate and frustrating experience. Also, my scooter clocked 20 mph. Not the 15 that was promisedr. I really hope there is more thought put into something that effects so many people. It’s frustrating that factors like other pedestrians, motorists, stoplights, the inability to monitor and regulate drivers as they barrel down sidewalks and risk the lives of others, drunk or incompetent drivers, etc, are not consider. This puts people at risk and you’re really just asking for a law suit. All things that weren’t thought through and if they were, weren't given the proper attention they deserve. I hope more consideration is given the future..Version: 2.19.1

UnreliableTried to take a lime bike to school, declined my payment for no reason. After trying many times I bought $15 of Lime bucks or whatever. Still said payment was declined. Frustrating..Version: 3.42.0

Fun but SO expensiveI just got around to trying one out a bike as there was one parked outside my house. It was fun and so easy to ride, unlocking and everything was fine. But I only took it around my neighbourhood for 15-20 mins and a few km’s and it cost over $15. If I was to use one it would be to go a lot further than that (otherwise I would just ride my normal bike) so that would surely end up costing close to $50. That would end up way more expensive than Uber, ola etc. so I don’t see the point. Feeling confused!.Version: 2.133.1

Error displaying limes. Juicer modeApp showing limes available for harvesting on the map but they are not there. Same “ghost” limes sitting on the map for 2-4 days in a row with its price changing. It’s very confusing and inconvenient. It’s even more of a problem at night time during collections..Version: 2.54.0

App don’t notice a restrict parking zone before rideI just pick up a Lime bike on seven sister, that show as a restrict park zone; but for some reason the app authorized me to ride on it, but the app didn’t tell me nothing about the zone, I went to turnpike lane to where I’ve to be, but when I tried to lock it the app show that is a restrict park zone, I’ve to ride till manor house to leave the bike and then I’ve to pick up a bus to go back to turnpike lane. So, I spent 3,85 with this awful app called Lime and I’ve to spent another’s 1,50 with bus, and all this cost me 40 minutes delay to my appointment, Lime, never more..Version: 3.37.0

Great addition to public transportI’m loving the option to hire the electric assisted bikes and would love them more IF the hire fee wasn’t so expensive! Also some are damaged and don’t work properly but you only find this out once you’ve already hired it, which makes the high fee even more annoying and a real turn off! However, that said, I am definitely enjoying cycling more than I ever have since the electric bike option came into play! Make it more affordable for more people to use on a daily basis please and then I’ll give you 5 stars!.Version: 2.97.0

Jump bikes are terrible.I used this for Lime bikes a while ago (the green ones) and it was good. Used it yesterday (early October 2020) and firstly there was a bike on the map that didn’t seem to exist, so had to walk far to a different one. There didn’t seem to be any green lime bikes anywhere, and the red Jump bikes aren’t very good. Had three in the day and two were badly damaged. The power is noisey and doesn’t start instantly so is difficult sometimes to get going on hills. The locking is a bit weird and there’s no ‘stop ride’ on the app in case it doesn’t lock properly on the wheel. Not too clear what the buttons did on the dash. It would be good to have an ‘electric off’ function to save power. Also KERS would be good to recharge. Seems expensive for what it is and the power dropped very quickly. Doubt you can get the distance it says. Not impressed. Also where are the electric scooters in London?! Sort it out Lime!.Version: 2.113.3

Pluses and minusesI like the scooters overall and the value is good. It was great when I thought I would be about 5 minutes late walking to work, but found one on the way, and ended up 10 minutes early. But I've come across some serious downsides. 1: you can't use them for errands, because they don't have a basket. And you can't use GPS, because there isn't a phone holder. (And a GPS app that shows you bike routes would be VERY useful with these things) 2: a lot of the ones I've looked for were located inside private buildings, so you couldn't get to them. I reported them, but who knows if they can get banned. They were at the local rich college kid apartments, so they will probably just use another card and keep doing it. There's no real way to stop it. 3: Since the chargers only do so at night, there are very few scooters available during the hours I need to get around. 4: you can't rent more than one scooter at a time, so no sharing with friends or family that don't have smart phones..Version: 2.17.0

Some problemsThis app has a great idea and actually works pretty well... for the most part i still have troubles with some of the vehicles being kinda broken or havin lower battery than anticipated, but thats not the main problem, and is going to happen regardless anyway. The problem i am experiencing is the app. Sometimes itll error on me three or four times in a row before i can end my ride making me pay for unused minutes. There are also times where the app shows a vehicle having a full battery when it actually doesnt(idk if thats the system or the vehicle itself tho). What does make me kinda mad tho is i noticed theres no way to end ride using the app for the lime bike, and the lime bike will purposly take until the next minute EXACTLY to end the ride causing you to pay for unused minutes. Its some nitpicks i have, but its those kind of nitpicks that make people think this app is so bad. Its really not. It works for the most part but could definitely use some tweaking and revision..Version: 3.21.0

Terrible application, Terrible customer supportPlease be advised that this application has terrible connectivity, terrible user interfacing, and terrible customer support. In my experience it’s been nothing short of frustrating, excessively overpriced, and not dependable in any way. I have had multiple issues with the login and account access, I’ve had multiple issues with the actual vehicles, And most recently I have been blocked entirely from the service because apparently I’ve used too many payment methods, which by the way all are in my name and are legitimate accounts, and that has triggered their system to permanently blocked me for suspicious activity. Upon speaking to customer support not only was the representative apathetic but merely offered me the solution that if I’d like to continue using the service I would need to create a new account use a new card number that’s never been used with any of their services before and reapply for line access services as well. Oh, we have a detailed email to Lem access letting them know the reason that I’m trying to apply for another account under the same name as this might trigger the system to permanently block me from use again. Overall for the cost that it will incur you you might better purchase your own vehicle out right. With a handful of trips online scooter you will have easily paid off your investment believe me..Version: 2.114.0

Beware International Transaction FeesI’m in Australia and was charged an international transaction fee on top of the ride fee for a scooter ride. Not happy that Lime does not disclose this. Lime, please provide local payment service in Aus to avoid these fees! Would prefer not to be forced to preload $10 credit and instead pay for each ride individually. Sign up failures in the app happened a few times for myself and friends when first signing up. Trouble scanning the QR codes as well in poor light. Great concept and enjoyed the ride but needs work on app sign up process and disclosure of fees. Also think surge pricing for scooters is ridiculous. Flat rate/transparent pricing please. Helmet holder wouldn’t go astray. Often scooters have 2 helmets on them and you have no idea where to leave the second one if there are no other scooters around..Version: 2.28.2

Lime app used to be dodgy but passable. Now it crashes so I can’t loginAs titled really. Used it for a year and it was acceptable though buggy with lots of annoying small problems. There was also the small issue of them telling me that I couldn’t have a lime prime subscription due to committing ‘lime fraud’ but refusing to explain what they meant by that - as far as I know I have never committed fraud in my life so it was a ridiculous statement on their part. They were of course still fine with taking over £400 of my money for full price rides over several months. In any case my partner has a lime prime account and now we cannot login to the app at all as the app crashes every single time I try to login. They’re still happy to take my money of course! Cannot recommend lime app or their customer service - can’t wait to receive my electric bike and be done with them forever 👌🏻(getting a volt bike).Version: 3.18.0

Decking reliabilityWhen I first saw these bikes on the street and started to use them, they were the best thing since sliced bread! And to be fair, when you get a decent bike they really are enjoyable. Unfortunately the increasing problem whereby a bicycle is booked and then not available when you find it is annoying. The other problem is booking bicycles which somehow are hidden in houses or Estates which become inaccessible. Do users who park in wrong places get heavily fined?Nothing worse than walking around looking for your ride, only to find it unavailable..Version: 3.3.0

Terrible Product, Terrible ServiceFrom the 20 minute wait time on call to fix an issue with a seemingly purposefully drawn out operator prompt section (all the while you’re paying per minute to ‘use’ a vehicle you can’t actually use), to the issues themselves including but not limited to a helmet that won’t detach, shonky acceleration, and unclear indicators of a vehicle being in use/being usable; I’d say stick to another renting vehicle service or ride-share app..Version: 3.43.0

Crappy app and scooterI really liked it at first but I started having a lot of problems with the scooter. I tried to end the ride but it wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t in the red zone and it kept on asking to put the helmet there but there was no helmet there in the first place. I was stressing out and waking to areas that didn’t have the red zone but the icon won’t show me where I am on the app. I was standing there trying to end the app for roughly 5-10 minutes. I kept on worrying about the money going up cause I didn’t let me pause the ride. I have had so many problems with this scooter, especially when it stopped in the middle of my ride. I will only use neuron from now on..Version: 3.45.0

Won’t refund your money, won’t unlock, brakes don’t work on someThe first time I used Limebike, I requested to add $10 to my account and next thing I know there’s $40 on there. I went ahead and attempted to unlock a bike and figured I would handle the $40 later. Well, the bike I attempted to unlock wouldn’t do so, even though the app said it was unlocked. So I left that bike and went to use another. But couldn’t unlock another because it said I was already on a ride. 4 hours later I went back home and passed the original bike on the way, still not unlocked, but I was still charged $9 for the ride I never took. So once I got home I called Limebike and talked to a representative who “refunded my $40”. That would be all fine and dandy if I actually got my money back. Unfortunately, it’s 5 phone calls and 4 weeks later and I still don’t have my money back. On a side note, these bikes are cluttered around the city and most of them have crappy brakes or rusted bike frames. Slightly dangerous if you ask me. Check your bike before you unlock it!! it will charge you for the 2 minutes it takes to realize the brakes don’t work..Version: 1.34.1

Walking for nothing...When you look at the map you see a scooter. Then you walk to the scooter and it’s gone. Then you find another one.. when you walk some one already picked up. When you realise you are already out of your route and spent time finding a scooter. The app itself is amazing, easy to use... but it’s just frustrated walking for nothing. It should have an option to book temporarily, and even if you don’t make in time, you would be charge a fee to book and don’t pick it up. Easy! And save the frustration.Version: 2.27.0

Charged to push a broken scooterThere good until something goes wrong!! I tried to take a lime scooter out - it was broken so I tired to cancel. Turns out the rider before me had parked it in a no park zone (maybe because the scooter wasn’t working- idk) anyway because of this I couldn’t cancel my ride and had to push the scooter around looking for a bay - this was hard and made me late back to work. Anyway, after this I contacted Lime expecting they refund me the charge they did, but only partially. I really don’t see how they can see that as fair. I paid to push a scooter to a bay. Surly I should be paid for this or even compensated!! Anyway that’s why it’s gets a 1 start rating from me. Also very overpriced compared to bikes and bus fares..Version: 3.32.0

Unreliable and dodgy pricingIt’s a great idea and when it works well, it’s handy and I had over 50 rides. Unfortunately there are some major problems. The pricing is based on their calculations and I was over charged numerous times, after locking the bike correctly. Unlocking a bike is luck, I’ve attempted multiple bikes just to get one to work. Even though the bikes are brand new in Sydney, they started to get worse in condition and reliability of power. I’ve even had to pay to unlock a bike that ended up having no power despite showing full battery. Nice try but still to many problems and too expensive to be reliable..Version: 2.32.0

WorstHad to walk 45 min home because there was no slide bar on app to pay. Tried 4 different scooters..Version: 3.31.0

So FRUSTRATINGThe app has significantly gone downhill recently. I’ve been using Lime for almost 3 years and all the issues I’ve encountered with them has happened within the last couple of months. The app will show you an available scooter but when you scan it, it’s all of a sudden unavailable but still showing up on the map. When you try to ring scooters to find them, nothing happens. They don’t want to use the scooter on the sidewalks but they have implemented “speed zones” where your speed drops from 20mph to 5mph and it’s totally unsafe if you’re in traffic (it’s happened to me a few times and I’ve almost been ran off the road because of it). The app is super slow when it comes to pausing/ending your ride so your just getting charged waiting for the app to do its job. Also if you are going to use a lime scooter make sure everything works before you take off; about half of the scooters I encounter don’t have functioning brakes. Overall, not safe, kind of a rip off, would not recommend. 👎🏻.Version: 3.17.0

Charlotte Nc. Horrible experience after horrible experienceHello all I’ve been a juicer with this company for a few months now and it’s been an absolutely nightmare to say the least. As a juicer (Charger) you go out every night to pickup lime scooters and charge them by or before seven in the morning the next day. Well the games this company play is for instance they drop the pay rates right as you pickup these scooters, customer service is pretty terrible they read off a list so every problem is treated the same weather or not it actually is. Hubs which are drop off location disappeared to the point that no hubs are available any longer leaving you to manually drop each scooter which causes the pay cycle to get completely screwed up and it leaves room for them not to pay you. They will also leave you waiting hours and or days on end for responses to problems that should be fixed immediately. They also send out their operation team to shut down and pick up scooters while the juicers are out, so while looking at the map to harvest ,all you see is big white van and large numbers of available scooters depleting due to operation removing available scooters to harvest. App glitching constantly causing wasted time and wasted money wear and tear on your vehicle. All around a really lousy company to work for..Version: 2.41.0

Bikes need maintenance!Riding on Lime bikes used to be enjoyable, but now there seems to be a half and half chance of getting a working bike! Problems encountered in the past 72 hours include…motor dead despite sufficient charge, seat not holding its position, pedalling only engages motor but not the wheels, pedals suddenly losing resistance in 3rd gear (almost throwing me sideways into traffic), cable lock wouldn’t come out when bike unlocked, unable to put cable lock back in, unable to pay through app because of some error with Stripe so couldn’t use the bikes. Please expand your maintenance crew!.Version: 3.32.0

WORST SCOOTER SERVICE!! Use any otherI’m telling you, just use jump or any other scooter or bike!! Every street is a restricted zone and our scooters were left in a no parking zone by a worker; so when we started our group ride it charged us 10$ per person and an additional 10$ for starting a group then finished our ride automatically and when we went on separate accounts it charged us about 8$ each to keep starting it again. We walked them a block to get it out of the restricted parking but it didn’t end there... we had to look at the app constantly to avoid the restricted locations because they can stop the scooters from across the street and every other block is restricted. When you drive near a restricted area the scooter will slow down to under 4mph or just beep and cancel ride making you pay extra to start another ride. For 5 people in total to ride for 1.5 hours was about $200!!!! Ever since we switched to jump their has been no problems..Version: 2.102.0

Good to ride bad AppWas using daily until someone at Lime decided to put a hold on my card for balance of 2.35 outstanding. I think it happened cause my card renewed so exp date changed. When I tried to update it would not let me. After seven emails back and fourth they finally told me what the prob was. But they can’t over ride it. Instead they told me I have to get a new credit card... pay the bill... and then I can then put my old credit card back on. Really this is nz... we’re not that stupid. Anyway I was using twice daily but back to walking again. As I write this they just sent me an email to say I had not used in a while and giving me a $3 credit. Funny yea nah..Version: 2.28.2

Used to be funTo many dead zones, not worth how much you have to walk it. Was way better when it was first here..Version: 3.21.0

Run of Lime3 years ago I would give 5 stars for the Lime in Munich but now if I could give a negative stars I would. I was in San Francisco and tried to use scooters for 7 days and it was impossible. They always have some issue - sometimes was reserved and the most times was without battery or some issue they couldn’t explain. On day I pay $20 for use all day and I walked more than 2 hours searching for one scooter able to use so I lost my hope and my day (I kept trying all the scooters on my way and nothing changed). Now after those days I, at home, I checked my bills and saw a ride at 7 a.m. costing $18,80 plus taxes and wasn’t me and when you try to contact help they only have A.I.. If you need agility or to talk with a human you need to send an e-mail and pray for the answer. The scooters are good but all the service are too bad..Version: 3.37.0

Chasing ScootersI’ve only used your service 3 times, and have thus far truly enjoyed the experience. It is practical and fun. I however immediately knew what the one pitfall was - you can not reserve your scooter. I just experienced first hand how unfortunate this nonexistent feature is. I walked 2.5 miles to my destination, chasing 3 different scooters on the way. As I approached the third one, I watched someone 10’ in front of me take the scooter. When returning home, I had the exact same experience. I chased 2 scooters, and again, I watched someone take the second one 2 feet in front of me. I walked another 1.5 miles before finally getting a scooter that was almost dead. I had to kick it about half way home (1mile), as it didn’t have enough power to get up the hills. In total, I chased 6 scooter and walked 4 miles before getting a nearly dead one. You absolutely must offer a reservation option with a 10-20 minute window to take the scooter. My experience was somewhat extreme, and maybe an exception; but it was absolutely avoidable..Version: 2.10.1

Terrible UITheir compliance filled UI is the worse thing since communism.Version: 3.17.0

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERAfter contacting them multiple times for a refund on a ride I DID NOT USE they shuffled me from person to person and no one would give me a clear answer. One representative told me I would get a refund and they would call me in an hour and I never once received a call back from them. I constantly had to be the ones to contact them and this has been going on since April. The representatives stopped replying to any of my emails. I will definitely not recommend lime to ANYONE..Version: 3.15.0

Very disappointedFirst of all, The Lime scooter doesn’t have enough torque to go up steep hills and so you need to push. But what is Worst of all, the 2 scooters I was riding with myself and a friend SHUT DOWN on me! They shut down, but I was still being billed and paying for them, AND the app would not let me park them. I was infuriated about this, they wouldn’t go even though they had power, I was being billed and couldn’t park them. At least let me park them if they have no power given! OR if I can’t park there then at least allow me to ride off to park somewhere else. This was 15-20 minutes of my life that I was time wasted like this. never use Lime again something is wrong with being shutdown even though the scooter has power, being billed, and being blocked from parking them all at the same time..Version: 3.20.0

Great concept, clean design, but the bikes are poorly maintainedI use lime all the time. out here in rockaway, if you want to go from 13st to 90st, boom—just find a lime bike near you and you’re on your way. my friend uses it to bike down to a surfing beach when we surf, and there’s always one nearby. problem is, there are only E-bikes here. no regular bikes in sight, and i’ve never seem a lime scooter before. that’s only a concept to me. don’t get me wrong, the E-bikes are great, but they’re way more expensive. another issue is that i never know if a bike is in service, so it’s kinda a luck-of-the-draw situation. this is an issue described in multiple other reviews. additionally, sometimes i’ll get off the ferry and try to grab a lime bike so i can bike along the boardwalk instead of take the shuttle. i try to unlock the bike, and unlock it does... but only in the app. meanwhile, back in the real world, the red lever will still be down and stuck that way, making me waste a dollar as an unlock fee. i have also heard rumors that after this summer (2019), lime will be shutting down in rockaway. i don’t know how accurate these are, but if they are true, well... that’s depressing because the service is great. long story short, i think this is a great concept, but the bikes themselves are poorly maintained. please fix these issues ASAP..Version: 2.58.0

Terrible supportTried using the electric bikes once, on my first attempt the bike didn’t unlock so had to go find another one. On the next attempt, the bike registered as unlocked but it didn’t actually, it reset after charging me for 1 min of use that I didn’t have. Maybe I should’ve taken it as a sign and stopped there but I urgently needed a ride, so I tried one more time and this time it did unlock fine, but once I arrived at my destination and I locked it, it kept charging me for 10 more mins and didn’t lock till then. I sent a message to customer support complaining about the two false charges and I still haven’t heard back anything for over a week. absolute ripoff.Version: 2.75.0

Poor communication from the app to the bike leaves me out of pocket on holiday.Flew into Sydney today and thought Lime was an excellent choice to explore the city. Had a few issues with unlocking the bike due to a wheel spoke resting against the wheel lock on the bike. In trying to unlock the bike, there was no indication that this was the case from the app, but after adjusting the rear wheel, the lock opened with no issue. After finishing my journey, I’ve noticed that my account has been charged the correct amount, but also an extra $28 has been withdrawn from my bank account. While I have no issue with preauthorisations, overdrawing a customer’s account without their knowledge due to a technical issue with the bike itself, as well as poor communication from the app to the bike, isn’t really fair. I understand that in pre-adding balance to a Lime account bypasses preauthorisation stage, and this was suggested to me as a solution to the issue, but this wasn’t actually clarified until I had to call support. Nowhere on my ride receipt does the preauthorisations show, and even if the money isn’t lost forever and will return to my account, I’m out of pocket while I’m on holiday, and the reimbursement will not be expected to return to my account until I’m home. I would suggest a clear message to the customer so they’re aware of the preauthorisations, as well as fixing the hardware issue that caused the issue in the first place..Version: 2.28.2

BE CAREFULOk so the bikes and scooters are fun. But I purchased lime prime and No where did it specify, not even the terms and agreements that the E-bike and scooters where not covered by lime prime. So I got a scooter and I was still charged on my card. NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. So I called them and the lady was trying to refund me an incorrect amount but i said no. She refunded what I wanted but NOT back to my CARD but towards the credit!!!! I had to calll again🙄 ughhh. atleast she fixed it and that was all. Few days later I ride an E-bike and was still charged. I called and this lady tells me that those are not covered by lime prime. I was upset because the first time I called she didn’t tell me that. So I asked for a refund for my Limeprime $30 and she agrees and Tells me to wait 24-48 hours because someone else has to give me my money back...??¿ so lets hope I get my money back 🙃 Just be careful guys . LIMEPRIME IS ONLY FOR REGULAR BIKES.. WATCH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. You might be charged TWICE. and if you call the number.. Press 0 to speak with a representative to get to them faster instead of emailing them...Version: 1.24.1

Bad bikeNo helmet!! Pretty bad!! I started a ride and after few minutes it stopped and I couldn’t continue.. finished the ride and started again for 20m long charged me too much for a bike you need to push too hard.. and thought I did a mistake, finished the ride and started again for another 20m up the hill and didn’t worked again.. so frustrating I had to gave up and continue walking.. at the end of few meters I paid 8$ and got few hundred meters, will not recommend at all.Version: 3.37.0

Beware the new scooters!I live in Austin, and I used to love this app. The scooters were convenient and usually within a reasonable distance from me, however, recently I’ve seen new scooters around (I guess a new model) and every time I’ve used one I’ve had a problem. One wouldn’t go above 10 mph, one was jerky (it would accelerate for a second then stop for a few then start again), one stopped working while I was in the middle of an intersection (and I almost got hit by a car because of it), and I just tried to take a ride home and I had to try two scooters (both would not start, so I am currently trying to be refunded) before I found one that worked (and it was the older model). They need to fix the new models or go back to the old ones before someone actually gets hurt. It’s unfortunate because it was very convenient for me, but now I feel like I’ve wasted too much money on scooters that didn’t work, and honestly, I feel unsafe using them. I may have to switch apps or find another way to get around..Version: 2.15.0

Malek MThe app does not work properly with the scooter, it doesn’t allow you to end the ride even when at some correct parking spots… the geolocalisation doesn’t work, so when you try to end the ride or reach help support, the system is designed to never allow you that… So the only way is to request that forgot to end the ride and then still the clock ticks and then they charge you for few hours of unused ride and some more fines… the help section is unreachable and the messages and claim remain unanswered… It’s one of those systems made to rip off client when their app doesn’t work… and they have no help team or support anyone to reach out to ...Version: 3.25.0

WowThis is soo bad it won’t send me the text this must be fixed because I want In I see others on the scooters all the time and I would like to just get to go on once but the app won’t work. To the creators, please fix this bug because I am sure I am not the only one experiencing this bug. I’ll change my rating when it works. Also I don’t understand why this app has 4.9 stars.Version: 2.27.0

Bikes great. App - not goodMap technology is terrible. Can’t see streets or lanes. You will walk to where the bike appears and find it’s not there. Map is unable to be rotated to get better bearings. Once you are where the bike appears to be located on the map you Zoom in super close and see a faint alley barley visible making the convenience of the bike for transport ruined by the extra kms you have to walk to actually find the bikes. Once the app is better this should be a good service..Version: 3.37.0

Bone-shattering, noisy and embarrassingSince being introduced to Like Bikes I DO love them: they're convenient, the app is easy to use, the bikes are plentiful and easy to find and when you get a good one in good repair, they’re a real pleasure. Sadly they’re not kept in a decent state - whether that’s the public mistreating them or Lime not maintaining them efficiently or a bit of both, they rattle like a roller coaster from the 1980’s, the backboards are always loose, banging and making such a racket when you ride them that people on the street glare at you. When the bike is in a bad state it is also a really uncomfortable ride, especially with all the cobbles, bumps and road humps in London. Some are worse than others, but it’s becoming so embarrassing now I am turning to other bike suppliers in my area and only use Lime when I have no choice. It’s a shame because it’s a great scheme - although expensive - and the rivals are coming out with better bikes and better prices..Version: 2.103.0

Unfortunate.Needs a notification for when you go into areas where you cannot park. I had to go all the way back down the hill that the lime helped me get up because the juicers couldn't be bothered going 500m up a hill. Other GPS based apps are more than capable of producing sounds and vibrations once the user reaches a certain area, like Google Maps, and because this one didn't, I'm down an extra few bucks on top of having to walk all the way up the hill at 1am after an extremely long midnight shift. If this is rectified, I will change my review..Version: 2.45.0

If you would like to get charged double the amount go for Lime!I have used this service twice now and both times I have been charged incorrectly - the calculations from my journey history do not match my bank account. My second journey 2 x my bike didn’t unlock but of course I paid the £1 unlocking fee and 0.15 for 1 min! I got lucky the third time round and got charged £3.40 as stated on my journey history. From my bank account £4.42 was taken? The only reason I’m giving this a 1 star is because the ebike was a joy to ride and unfortunately I will not be using this service because of their financial errors. They have now refunded me after 3 days of emails and going on their messenger so disappointed because I loved riding the bikes! I’ll stick to the good old Santander bikes after this!.Version: 2.46.0

Crashes after loginCrashes after login even if you do Apple login or by mobile phone. Can no longer use it. Super frustrating.Version: 3.23.0

Bike issuesDear Lime, I love using your bikes and scooters but too often there are bikes that have a barcode removed or some repair is needed (specifically the Brixton and White city area). I really enjoy using your bikes so I hope you continue to have them. Take care, Haj.Version: 3.15.0

Just wish I could reserve one!The scooters are awesome and I love hoping on one to get around. Just super frustrating and annoying when I go the long way around or out of my way to grab one, only for it to disappear right before I get there. Really wish you could reserve scooters when you’re within a certain distance so they disappear off the map and other people don’t go out of their way for nothing..Version: 2.29.1

TerribleThe app is terrible. Not user friendly. I had a credit of $25 for about a year because it charged me several times so I just decided to finally use it. First it’s not easy to find how much credit you have, you have to search for it. Ok so I go to use it and decide to do a group ride. When I ended the other rider I didn’t realize my own scooter didn’t end til I saw it was still on. The app doesn’t show the rides that are currently running and it’s not easy to find. I had to search around to find mine and finally end it. The credit I had ended without warning and it just kept charging me. It would be nice to get a warning. It’s not like I can keep track because it doesn’t show history on what I’m being charged for the other rider on my group ride (something I figured out later). I thought I still had more of my $25 credit because my history showed only my ride which I had to figure out on my own. I thought it showed history of the “group ride” together but it doesn’t. So by the end of the night I figured out my credit ended and I continued to be charged. Not good business and I won’t be using Lime anymore and neither will my husband and friends. Disappointing..Version: 2.126.0

BIRD is betterAwful.Version: 3.40.0

OverprotectiveWhy is the age 18+ to ride lime scooter? I see plenty of 11 year olds riding them. If you are making 18+ then technically they are only for adults yet 50 percent of the people I see riding them are kids. Please reduce the age so I can feel comfortable riding them as well. It is not like it is a car or anything maybe I would like you to rate it 13+ or something but 18+ is definitely too overprotective. in America 13 year olds are aloud to drive in there neighborhood with a parent..Version: 2.28.0

When it works it’s good, however this is a rare caseWhen it works it can be quite useful, however there are many times where something is wrong. I have gone out my way multiple times to find a bike, scan it for it to then tell me that the bike can’t be used at this moment. I have also finished a ride and parked the bike in what I though was I fine area (non-red zone), to then get a £10 fine, even after checking that the area wasn’t red. This has happened 3 times. Luckily customer support were helpful and I got this refunded each time, however it is still a pain to have to go through and shouldn’t be happening at all..Version: 2.75.0

Unreasonably expensiveMany think London transport is expensive but this can easily be double the price so not an option for the most. I tried but couldn't find how to add a credit card information on the app the day before so I was forced to do that when I was ready to ride and had to dig in my bag and get my purse out in the street which is not the most safe, comfortable, or preferable when one is in a hurry in the morning. That's a note for the UX team hopefully to be fixed soon. On the bright side it's enjoyable to ride with that little electric help, and have many bikes nearby,could easily go up to 4-5 stars of the above issues were resolved..Version: 2.48.0

App excellent. Scooters & bikes uncomfortableHired scooter in Wrocław and boy does it go like the clappers. The only problem is when you go over tramlines - there is a danger of a serious accident. Brakes are really poor on both the scooters and bike. Bike’s electrics don’t really add any speed to your ride - probably a good thing as if you did brake you would end up under a bus. Found my back to hurt as the structure of the bike is too rigid and the seat dug into my bottom. Locating the bike/scooters excellent. Shame that for the scooter there is not more flexibility so that you can make the most out of using the numerous bike lanes in Wroclaw’s suburbs that are all well connected to the city centre. Just to add that the brakes on the scooters are awful compared to Bolt..Version: 2.104.0

Lovely bikes but poor app/serviceWhy do you make it so hard to disclose that your eBikes cost 30c per minute in Australia? Also, why is it so difficult to raise a complaint via the app, having to type in personal info you already have from me and going through endless captchas to prove that I’m human? Why does it sometimes take 5 attempts to unlock/rent a bike (ending up with 5 pre-authorisation charges)? Why do you refer to prices in £ in Australia? Don’t get me wrong, the bikes are great but your app is substandard..Version: 2.23.1

Stealing by auto signing me up for “LimePrime”I used Lime once last year and then started getting charged for LimePrime for 10 MONTHS without ever subscribing to it. It’s almost $10 a month. This is criminal!.Version: 3.52.0

Idea is great but the app is a disaster!The biggest problem with the app is help is unavailable. Any errors say to contact support but no contact information is available. The only phone number available is if the scooter is damaged but problems with locking, payments, anything else won’t let you contact support. The app is originally from the US so the only payment phone number was an overseas text to the US (we’re in Brisbane). If you’re just using the app for yourself, you will be frustrated but if you’re using for you and family, it’s a new level of frustration. I used my credit card for my wife and daughters and the system would not let us use the card on multiple devices. The app said to (you guessed it) contact support without telling you how to contact them. We literally wanted to give them money and they didn’t take it..Version: 2.28.2

Poor App UI, broken bikes, and unresponsive customer serviceWhile traveling in Berlin my partner and I decided to rent Lime bikes for the day via the group day pass, using the app for the first time. When I went to buy the pass, my phone crashed and in a rush to meet friends I must have purchased a one person day pass by mistake. We go about our day renting bikes (encountering several broken lights (illegal to ride in Germany) and flat tires) and accidentally rack up 75€ in fares for my partner (!!). There was no notification at the end of each ride letting you know what was charged, so we had no way of obviously knowing one bike wasn’t covered by the day pass When I contacted customer service to see if they could retroactively reduce the fare, they would not be work with me and did not respond to my specific questions (they copied and pasted a policy and gave me a discount on my next ride as a “courtesy”). 50% off my next ride is not helpful when my day of bike rides added up to the cost of a rental car. There are so many bike share app options - don’t waste your time with Lime.Version: 3.39.0

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICEI would give this company 0 stars if I could. The other day our lime car randomly locked with ALL of our stuff in it- backpacks, school books, computers, wallets, etc. and we could not get it open! No matter what we tried the car stayed locked. When we called customer service we were on hold for hours before we reached an agent who could help. Once we finally got through they were rude, told us the couldn’t send someone (even though it was on a weekday during normal business hours), and left us stranded! Anytime we asked a question we were met with the same answer of “I don’t know” or “No one can help”. We finally asked to speak with a supervisor and low and behold were on hold for even longer. We even called AAA and the police department for tips on how to get the car open. If this company wants to be taken seriously in a big city with a lot of customers, like Seattle, then they need to reconsider their product reliability and customer service. I would recommend avoiding their products at all costs..Version: 2.66.0

Fun and great idea but takes more money then it saysThe app said I was charged 2 dollars. I tried a scooter for literally 1 minute and was charged 7$. 100% never using this again, immediately lost my trust..Version: 2.61.0

Horrifically expensivePaid £45 for two scooters for 2 hours. First time ever using the app. There were some basic instructions when opening the app, but no warning about what the time limit for inactivity is before the scooter locks, or what the fine will then be (because the app assumes you’ve ‘parked’ the scooter in an out of bounds area even though you’re just looking at a map to try and find your way before moving again!! I still don’t know if it was genuinely that expensive or if that’s including a fine for the ‘parking’ that didn’t actually happen, because there’s no breakdown of the fee. It’s either shamelessly expensive, or deliberately not giving enough information to new users in order to make money out of them through fines..Version: 2.75.0

Permanent warning messagesMost of the scooters are locked inside the private property. The app doesn’t allow you to properly find it or report missing. The idea sounds fun (even though it is expensive) but it is a disappointment..Version: 2.57.0

Lol nothing worksI’ve been asked to upload my driving licence over 50 times now even though the app says I have already done that... because I have 5 times. I was charged a parking offence for a scooter I didn’t use... and I signed up for the PayPal offer but was charged for unlocking regardless. The one time my partner actually managed to get the app to work and the scooter then didn’t function. Full battery but no movement. Oh and if you get out a scooter but it doesn’t work you can’t end the ride in the same place. The app won’t let you. I had to manually move the scooter then put it back in a slightly different place. What a joke..Version: 3.10.0

Significant bugFor the most part the app works well, however there is one significant bug that I’ve encountered more than once. When attempting to pause a ride, I’ve noticed that the app seems to freeze and won’t let you resume riding again. Nor will it let you stop the ride and start again. For all I know, I’m still getting charged despite not actually using the scooter. This needs to be sorted ASAP..Version: 2.29.1

All other scooter companies are betterI usually don’t bother leaving reviews, but they really deserve it... I purchased their £6/day offer yesterday and it couldn’t have been a worse experience! All of their scooters didnt last longer than 15 minutes before notifying me that they have low battery! The app showed 15 scooters fully charged on my way home so I tried to get one of them. I entered the building and asked the receptionist if he knows where the scooters are. I got yelled at as they assumed I’m the owner of the scooters. It turned out to be a landfill site, how ridiculous! Luckily other companies don’t seem to have had any scooters on that landfill site. That means either their scooters don’t have to be replaced every 15 minutes and thus aren’t left in weird places or their app is simply well-designed and doesn’t show a landfill site as some collection point. If that wasn’t enough, since I paid already I wanted to use their scooters again later, but again then the app simply stopped showing any scooters in whole city and didnt let me scan them from the street..Version: 2.106.0

This is getting old1.5 miles from my house. Decide to go a little out of my way to get a scooter. Can’t find it even though I’m right on top of it. Start walking and spot another one .2 miles away slightly out of my way again. Same story. It’s not where it says it is and the bell accomplished nothing yet again (I’ve never seen it work). Continue walking and decide (stubbornly) to make one last effort to go for a slightly out of the way scooter. I find 2 next to each other and am told by the app I need to add at least $10 to my account. As I reluctantly do this one of the scooters is taken. I then realize upon refilling my account that “my” scooter won’t run because I happened to try to scan the one that had too low a battery. I’ve probably spent 30-50$ on life scooter rides and have probably shaved a net 2 minutes off of my walking commute because of instances like this. While they are fun to ride as a means of entertainment they continue to not be a viable option for transportation..Version: 2.19.1

Sign Up Via App Needs ImprovementI haven’t tried riding a Lomé scooter yet but wanted to write a review about the sign up process through the app and I’m not sure if anyone else had trouble with this. So a couple of days ago I downloaded the app and tried to sign in using my email address, at the time, I didn’t want to use my Facebook account or phone number as I wasn’t sure if I was going to use Lime on a permanent basis yet, so email was a good choice. The problem is that there is no signup option on the app itself, only a email entry if you’ve already signed up. I went to go sign up on a Lime website thinking it could be used on the app to find out it was for the Lime community and couldn’t be used for the app. I tried going through customer services with little luck. I ended up having to sign up using Facebook even though I didn’t want to use that account. It would be good if Lime would add a proper sign up function for email like most subscription or email lists based companies have..Version: 2.83.0

In New Zealand. Some work and you’ll be great.Cons: -Scooter works well although not a lot of torque, which is a problem being that Auckland CBD and the greater New Zealand has frequent hills might need some further investment and research on this for a better motor. (Perhaps a mode which changes the drivetrain to allow a slower consistent speed for hills). -Price is in USD then converted to NZD. Not to point out the obvious but it needs to be said... we aren’t in America, I don’t feel this is relevant. With the USD the way it is and New Zealand pays a premium for everything. Please fix and have a reasonable fixed rate in NZD. Pros: -App is very functional so far (2 trips) rather seemless to get activated and ride. -Great notification on reducing Co2 emissions.(I hope that the energy required to charge these is from a sustainable and green source eg wind hydro or solar). -scooters picked up at 21:00 yay no inebriated people! A suggestion however, a little later might help those whom do late night groceries/ shopping, 22:00. -Great work keep it up..Version: 2.19.1

Fix your app it’s 2022The vehicles are generally good but the app is appalling. It doesn’t update in real time, so you have to stop and wait about 30 seconds for it to show you if you’re allowed to be in a certain zone. Lime scooters can stop as you go down the road because you’re unaware that a block for no apparent reason does not allow scooters, for example. Finding somewhere to park is a nightmare because you have to stop, open the app and wait a minute for it to bother showing you where the parking spaces are. Completely unacceptable.Version: 3.41.1

ChargeI love LimeBike they're easy to use and fun. But they use to charge me small amounts when I barely used any time. They used to charge me like .20 when I used 5-10 minutes. Now they changed the prices to be cheaper for a half hour, but I'm getting charged .50 for 3 minutes. Update: one year later, it’s now $.50 to just check it out and then $.05 for every minute, which if you calculate it is now $1.50 per half hour, so a total of $2 per 30 minutes. Which.. sure? I get you’re trying to make money— but it’s cheaper for me to take a bus now to the store instead of using a bike. And I think I saw something that said you’re changing it to $1 to check out, which is ridiculous. I used to see everyone on limebikes! They were all over our university now (this year) I had to go off campus to find one regular bike. It’s sad to see a great idea be more focused on who will pay more for this item, instead of being a cheap reliable bike. Go back to last years prices! I would love to see more people using it if you brought down the price!.Version: 2.17.4

Horrible!!! Walk insteadDO NOT USE LIME SCOOTERS--THEY ARE A RIP OFF!!! The app is difficult to use. The scooters are untrustworthy. The company is criminal. Let me illustrate... I decided to try aLime scooter out as I needed to get somewhere faster than I could walk there. So after going through the rigamarole of signing up and unlocking a scooter, it kinda went and kinda didn't, so I decided I'd end the ride after only a few hundred feet. But when I went to do so, Lime threatened to fine me!! So, feeling obligated, I continued, only to have the piece-of-crap scooter die on me (it said it still had 2.4 miles of charge left) in the middle of a huge "no parking zone" --which I didn't know I was in because of the crappy app displaying so many stupid confusing windows it was almost impossible to see anything useful like the map on my phone screen. So when I tried to end the ride after it died, Lime wouldn't let me end the ride, again threatening a fine!! So I had to WALK the PIECE-OF-CRAP scooter out of the no parking zone I had unknowingly entered WHILE I WAS STILL BEING CHARGED FOR ITS USE!! And because dealing with the crappy scooter took so much time I missed my appointment!! What a crock. What a terrible "service"--it's more like an extortion scheme with all the threats and poor app function. I will most definitely NOT use Lime ever again, and I suggest you not even try it. Unless you like being scammed out of your money..Version: 2.58.0

Unable to finish rideIssue 1: I plan my ride by looking at the map for where I can end the ride. I drive to a designated parking spot, but it won’t let me end the ride there. It says I have to go to a designated spot. On the map I am literally on top of the spot and there is another bike parked there. I then end up spending 10-15 minutes trying to end the ride. This happened to me twice. Issue 2: It keeps asking me to attach the lock, although I already have done it. Again I end up spending 10 minutes trying to end the ride. I use the Voi scooters on almost a daily basis, and never had such issues with them..Version: 3.45.0

Pricing in Canada is insaneIf this is how we tackle climate change, where only the wealthy can ride these bikes, we’re doomed. So much greed..Version: 3.19.0

Great 1st rideSaw these being utilised between Auckland cbd and mission bay last night. My girls were able to have a good look around mission bay because of it and fun at the same time. I hope this sticks around. It’s a great alternative for getting some where quickly for a single person rather than a car, or jumping on a full bus/train. Great Idea. Just worried about safety of no Helmet and idiots being reckless and ruining the good that this could do for traffic..Version: 2.21.0

The scooters just stopI’ve been traveling the world and since I’ve been a New Zealand have really enjoyed riding these scooters. However the difficult part is some of them have stopped working within just a couple minutes of the ride even when the battery indicator still shows there’s a charge left, actually this has happened three times now. I’ve tried to contact through the app and it goes nowhere almost as if they’ve set it up that way. This is very frustrating and I feel I am owed a credit for at least three rides where I went out of my way to find a scooter and never had the chance to make my destination..Version: 2.25.0

Awful. Don’t bother.So I downloaded as in London there is the new escooter test as well as the lime bikes. App is awful. I’ve done a few deletes and reinstalls, and finally given up and permanently deleted. I’d log in, then for a second it would show the map, then it would throw you back to the log in page. Nothing worked, phone, email, apple sign ups, nothing would stop it from jumping back to the log page. Then you hear all the other bad reviews of it being expensive, scooters not charged when they say they are, people getting stuck with a non working scooter 100 yards down the road and you can’t argue the fees lime gives them for a short trip. App not knowing the parking areas, then fining people when it’s actually left in a parking bay! I’ve used lime in the US and it’s fine, I have no idea what clowns are in charge of the UK version..Version: 3.15.0

Just use Bird - system doesn’t workTried to “rent” one of these - message from app “We’ll be right back We’re currently unavailable, but we’re working to bring you Lime scooters, stay tuned!” When try to actually scan a free Lime scooter with 93% battery. What a stupid system. Just rent a bird at least it works..Version: 3.20.0

Too expensiveThinking about taking one of these to commute to work but it’s cost me approximately $200/month. Might as well go back to driving……..Version: 3.46.0

A horrendous experienceI used a LimeBike in London. When I parked, I received an immediate £10 fee for where I parked it, even though I thought I was in a parking area. I used the instructions to park, took a picture and left it next to a bunch of locked bikes. Apparently parking in central London (where most of the bikes are) is riddled with these zones that will charge you £10 without warning. The app easily has the capability to warn you if you’re in a no-parking area, as evidenced by charging me the second I locked the bike. However, it doesn’t do this, instead saying to leave on the pavement—which I did, next to a bunch of locked bikes. How is that not acceptable? Customer service has been dire since, as there is no UK number and they can’t respond to tickets quickly enough. Couple all these things with this: - if there was no issue, it was a £2.65 cost for an 11 minute trip?! That’s so expensive!! - the eBike electric motor cannot be controlled independently, and it’s very low power indeed (I couldn’t tell it was there) Overall gutted with this, I’d hoped it would be good. Still waiting for support to reply to me, let alone refund the false parking fine I didn’t deserve. Not sure why the app has good reviews otherwise. This was on an iPhone XR so maybe it’s different. Or maybe the reviews are all fake. AVOID..Version: 2.54.0

Poor GPS leads to lots of finesWhilst I love the concept of pick up and go bikes and have used other brands, the issue with Lime is that they have quite a few exclusion zones, particularly around the city area. The GPS on the bikes isn’t good enough to detect that a bike is in the very tight zones you can park and I literally get fined £10 3 or 4 times a week for parking in a exclusion zone when I am clearly not. Lots of reports to support, pictures of where I am and most are refunded but it’s a pain and not a good experience. For the price I’d expect better, I’d use Mobike or Boris Bikes if I could but Mo have exclusion zones where I need to go for my daily commute. Shame as the GPS accuracy is letting down an otherwise fantastic service..Version: 2.56.0

If it’s not one thing it’s anotherWhen it comes to the scooters if it isn’t one thing it’s another, some the screen doesn’t work, some the throttle is broken, most are hardly ever charged and today I got one AND THE BREAKS GAVE OUT ON ME!!! I was riding home from work and I don’t get off until anywhere from 12:00 am to 2:00 am and there was a single car on the road that decided to RUN A RED LIGHT, and when I went to go break I COULDNT! Plus the steering was off so I couldn’t really swerve out the way, so my two options were to 1. Get hit by a car and end up in the ER, or 2. Bail out and get road rash from my hip all the way up to my elbow. So guess which I went with…. Well IM FINALLY DONE WITH LIME!!! Don’t expect to see me use your scooters anytime soon. Y’all need to really fix up those scooters before anyone in the Denver area should ride them. If I would have gotten hit by that car, lime and Uber (since they are partners) would be paying for my hospital bill! Sincerely - A 19 year old guy who y’all couldn’t care less about.Version: 3.19.0

Expensive & slowJust tried my first ever ride with Lime. I am an experienced cyclist and it was very disappointing. Firstly it’s expensive: it cost me £8 to ride to work which is much more expensive than the tube and nearly as much as an Uber, so looks like they have got their pricing all wrong. Secondly while the ride was more comfortable than a boris bike the electric motor seems to be mainly compensating for the incredible weight of the bike so it was just as much effort as riding my normal bike. Nice idea this but poorly executed. I won’t be using it again. Plus the bikes are a complete eyesore. Not sure I want many of these parked on my street..Version: 2.28.2

Bullied away from using an available scooterDon't put your money into this. The customer service may be good, but fellow customers are bullies. I was not allowed to unlock a scooter by jerk who had it "reserved"..Version: 2.62.0

Not quite the adventure I was looking forI was enjoying the beautiful weather in Dallas with my daughter today on a lovely lime scooter. As I was nearing a turn, I noticed the steering wheel seemed a little tight. I turned it a little and it seemed to loosen up. I then jetted of again. The feeling of the wind in my face and the my hair blowing in the breeze made me feel like a teenager again. Then, all of the sudden, baaammm. The entire top end of the scooter falls completely off sending me on a 14 mph dive onto the concrete. I may be going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing these aren’t serviced often. After my daughter determined I was in fact alive and there were no holes in my head, I stood up and hobbled about 1/2 mile to my destination. I then decided to give Lime a little call and tell them about my “travels.” Customer service was kind (she seriously was very nice) and sent me a multiple page incident report that must be completed in order to be considered for a refund. Should you feel adventurous, especially if you are over 40, might I suggest 5mph and bubble wrap. I, however, will be avoiding green scooters like the plague for likely the remainder of my years..Version: 2.58.0

When it works it’s great, but when it doesn’t it’s maddeningWhen the app and the bikes work, they’re great, tons of fun However they often don’t. On at least five occasions in the last 12 months, the app has been saying there are bikes right under my nose, but there’s nothing there. On at least three occasions there’s been a mechanical issue Today I am especially frustrated. I looked on the app, saw a bike nearby and reserved it. I scanned the bike but it didn’t unlock, it started beeping at me instead. After that it seems to have disabled my access so that I can’t rent any other bikes (not that there were any available: have walked past five in ten minutes that were out of commission) Am one more failure away from deleting the app.Version: 3.39.0

Yes and no but over all it’s a no.I really love this idea of this product, but it is so insanely over priced, from personal experience you can ride for under 2 miles and pay more than you would to Uber 15 miles... so unless you are using lime for the experience then cost effectively there are cheaper ways to travel home without a dui or safely and efficiently without a car. (Also I would like to say on multiple occasions the app has given the impression that scooters were over half way charged, then once activated they wouldn’t work and I have yet to be refunded the amount regardless of me filing a complaint both times and them stating they would reimburse me the money the for the second time, either way I’m still waiting for my reimbursement from one occasion let alone the second that they stated they would. The app also states in the App Store that it costs $1 to activate a scooter which is a blatant lie because it was $1:50 when I first downloaded the app and has raised once again) over all I would say this is a money hungry business looking to take as much money from customers as possible until they are irrelevant and no one uses said product anymore, which is sad because it seems like such a great idea if lime could only manage to care about it customers as much as the money it makes. This company makes me wish there was a 0 stars review. :/.Version: 2.51.0

Same cost as Lyft only much slower, colder and more frustratingI liked the idea at first but this is a train wreck (or maybe a scooter wreck) First off, why the hell does a 2 mile e bike ride cost the same amount as Lyft when it took 4x longer?! That means it’s really 4 times more expensive per minute to ride a dorky bike in the cold than to have someone else pick you up and drop you off while you relax or get things done. Parking the bike was confusing too. First the app said there was no Lime service and I couldn’t park there but didn’t tell me where I COULD park. Then that message went away for unknown reasons so I parked it on the sidewalk. Oh and get this... I tried to submit this message in the app to help them improve but ironically they designed the app so the iPhone keyboard is blocking the submit button and there’s no way to hide it. No wonder they do a mandatory $10 min charge, because I’m sure other people will get sick of them after the first ride too. Well enjoy my $10, it’s the last you’ll ever get from me..Version: 2.25.0

Useless piece of garbageI have never encountered a less useful app in my entire life. I tried to ride this piece of trash, and it was essentially like riding a clunky, off balance scooter. The only time I got the motor to activate was when I was downhill- what good is that to me? Honestly, if you are looking for a scooter transport app, save your money and time. Lime used to be worth something, now it is absolutely worthless. Make no mistake- use lime, and you are dooming yourself to a sub-par experience destined to failure..Version: 2.132.0

Steal in the bright morningI just used that sh...t bike for 25min and they charged me 12$… I could use Uber instead, with the same price. I'll never use this app again..... 😏.Version: 3.45.0

Does not deserve 4.9This App and service is absolute garbage. I will be calling their customer service first thing tomorrow morning for a refund. I downloaded the App on a walk when my partner needed to use the restroom and could not wait the length it would take to walk to the nearest public bathroom. So I DL the App and check the map and we head to the nearest two bikes. First problem, you can’t actually rent two bikes from one account! What kind of business only sells one item per customer?! That is ridiculous. Ok so I figure I’ll just get the one so she can get going but no, the E-bike was unavailable. Quick check of the map says there’s another one .5 miles away in the wrong direction bit we decide to make the quick walk and try again. We get there and guess what, this bike is unavailable too. 2 strikes and wasted time all the while my poor partner is on the verge of ruining their pants. We decide screw this company I guess we’re walking. Then on the walk we came across one more bike not even a E-bike and gave it a try. To no surprise it was unavailable as well. Three times I tried to use their products and three times they wasted my time. If a bike is unavailable it shouldn’t be on the map. How is that something you didn’t think of? I will never forget this..Version: 2.3.0

Expensive ServiceDon’t use this service as they are expensive. Much healthier if you just walk. Spend your money somewhere else where it’s worth it..Version: 3.17.0

DO NOT USE LIME!!! USE BIRD INSTEAD!!!!!I tried to use lime for the first time on a trip with some friends in San Diego first off the app is trash I had good reception but the app wouldn’t allow me to register a scooter for the longest time. I decided to get the $20 option and Once I finally got one I rode it for about 20min, about 8 miles of riding then got off at bar parked and snapped a pic. As i returned for some reason I couldn’t use the same scooter when there was plenty of battery left so I tried to use another one and it didn’t work so I used bird which is way BETTER THAN LIME. After a very pleasant experience with bird I notice I had a notification that said lime had take $40 dollars from my account plus another small $5 fee I check the app and there is no remaining funds in my wallet. The ride I originally took with them was no more that $8 dollars SO WHAT HAPPEN TO THE REST OF MY MONEY ? Customer service is trash after emailing them and waiting for about two weeks they didn’t answer any of my questions and just told me I would be refunded $1.40. I didn’t understand why that amount Would be refunded and they never said anything about why there was no remaining balance in my wallet for the app. So to conclude THIS SERVICE IS PATHETIC AND I WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF I COULD PLEASE IF YOU ARE READING THIS USE THE BIRD SERVICE INSTEAD IT IS WAY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 2.41.0

Greedy scootersSo I was riding my scooter in Austin then the scooter just died. I went down a curb so I thought I may have knocked something loose. So I thought I should end ride then start again so it would re register or what ever. But didn’t work but after troubleshooting i learned it was dead. The app warned me that I was parked in a illegal spot or out of the area and thought it’s fine because I’m not leaving it here. I move the scooter to a correct spot then got another one. Later that night I got a text saying I would receive was a 25 dollar fine. I thought again it’s fine because I move the scooter and took the picture and everything. I check my bank account and they took the money out almost immediately after I parked the scooter. I tried calling the number but I can’t ever talk to a human and reading other reviews on here I feel like I’ll never get it back. They are too expensive and quick to charge. 1 filler every time you get on a scooter and 15 cents a minute adds up quick. Though that is not to bad with the good experience of riding the scooter but be carful they will be quick to fine you..Version: 2.43.0

At first it was good but then they let me downI got this app thinking it would be a quick and fun way to get around London but instead something expensive and unsafe to use . I had unlocked a bike which had supposedly been left in an area which it shouldn’t of been , little was I to know and got charged £2 for leaving it in a prohibited location , the app confined to pop with notifications to say that I was being charged £5 every minute despite the bike still being where I left it as I had to cycle there to check. When I first used this bike it was great sadly this experience has made me delete the app..Version: 2.103.0

Poor customer serviceNo customer service available in the UK and in case of an emergency you need to call a US help line number which will cost you an extortionate amount of money. On top of this, due to their very limited customer service staff, you will have to wait for at least 25 mins. When I complained about the bill I had to incur to tell them about the emergency that was happening, they said that they had to treat their customers “fairly” and hence refused my request for a refund or free credit. If anything, they are treating any Lime user outside of the US unfairly. To save you from any of this hassle, use Uber bikes instead or better yet, buy a bike as 10 journeys will cost you the price of a bike off eBay..Version: 2.106.0

Harder than I thoughtHarder than I thought. I’d rather walk because it’s less tiring. Not like electric bikes, we must do all the effort and more to also push the weight of the scooter. Followed all the instructions..Version: 2.61.0

Safety ConcernsI just saw a guy getting knocked to the ground by one of these scooters while a group of about 10 adults and children standing on the footpath talking to me while I was walking 4 dogs. It must have missed the dogs by millimeters and at such a force knocked a grown man to the ground. Luckily the guy was ok but I hate to think what might have happened if it hit the dogs or a child! Not sure what safety measures can be put in place but its something of concern. I like the idea but you are going to get many cases of stupidity arising..Version: 2.26.0

LimePod is TrashThis is for LimePod usage. Firstly, I had trouble signing up. I got an error push notification from Lime saying they needed more information from me to process the application. I clicked it taken back to the app with no other information and no way to find more information. Your app needs more explicit error messaging. I happen to know what the error is because my girlfriend also went through this rigamarole, but if she hadn’t, I wouldn’t know what my next steps were. That’s a bottleneck where you could be losing customers. I also happen to know other problems she has (with pausing rides, seeing cars marked as “available” on the app and then getting to them and them not being available because of problems with gas or with the cars themselves, locking and unlocking and the capabilities that the support team is allowed to perform) which is why I’m giving two stars. The extra star is because once the cars are rented, they’re usable..Version: 2.59.0

Lime scooter wouldn’t let me end my ride, overcharged me by 3x amountI want a refund for my ride last night. When I tried to end my ride I was told there was a “network Error” . So I rode the scooter to a new area a few blocks away in hopes of better coverage. But I got the same error. Subsequently I was overcharged by 30 minutes and I traveled a quarter mile more than I wanted to. This network error IS NOT MY FAULT and lime has a duty to provide a way to end a ride that doesn’t depend on a Network. For example scooter could be attached to the user’phone via Bluetooth so that users can end without relying on a spotty network (mine is Sprint BTW). It is very suspicious that my phone had the same amount of network ‘bars’ when I was uploading my credit card information, and getting Lime to START charging seems to work perfectly with only 2 bars! It is UNETHICAL and ILLEGAL to trap a customer in a service that they are unable to end. It is frankly suspicious that Lime hasn’t implemented this very simple fix, please refund my money immediately AND fix this issue or I will report this to the City Attorney’s Office..Version: 2.72.0

Blocking side walkI can’t comment on the scooters or the service just yet. Only want to highlight it was disappointing to see the a bunch of scooter blocking the sidewalk early this morning in Kohimarama-Auckland-New zealand. It was clear they weren’t left there by user, but the company who deliver them in the morning. In the scooter it clearly states “DO NOT block side walk or traffic”. Please lead by example. I have taken pictures but cannot be attach here. I’m hopping this comment lead to improvement..Version: 2.20.0

Avoid!! Charged $120!!!Avoid this ridiculous scooter app. I’ve been charged over $120 so far and the charges have not stopped. The scooter I used was faulty and would not lock so anyone can use it at my expense. Limes help desk are less than helpful. Response is ‘ unfortunately we can’t locate your recent ride’ idiots. I’ve sent them emails, phone numbers, pictures of the scooter, bank transaction screen shots. Absolute idiots. Avoid the headache and just walk..Version: 2.117.3

Ultra ExpensiveFirst time trying it for less than 5 minutes and it was expensive..Version: 3.25.0

Good but could be perfectedI like Lime scooters... they are handy for getting around and I think they are well priced. However, it is frustrating to see a scooter in the app, walk towards it and have it disappear as you get close only to have to find another one and have the same thing happen. There should be an option to reserve the scooter to stop this futility. Also, the scanner in the app does not work at night unless you are right under a street light. And if you try to wheel the scooter a short way along the road to get it under a street light it screeches at you - which is very loud in a suburban street and no doubt the bane of any parent trying to get little ones to sleep. I tried to use the torch on my phone but as soon as I opened the app it shut off the torch - perhaps the app could be fixed to allow these to work together for people who want to get a scooter home after dark..Version: 2.24.0

Annoyed - App glitchI love the scooters! Absolute fun! However, the app itself always lags out for my phone (iPhone 8+). Whenever I go to end my ride, the app stays on the page that’s says “locking ride” and I have to close the app, and then restart it. Yesterday I paused my ride, and when I went back to unpause, the app kept on saying failed. So I had to restart and re unlock the scooter, causing me to use my last (of three) $5 coupons. Super annoying and the app always glitches whenever I go for a ride!.Version: 2.28.2

A blot on the landscape.Below is my original review. The scooters are still very fun to use. However, Lime have not taken into account the selfishness of people using the scooter and parking them. Most people in my area are already sick of them being parked directly outside shop entrances, in the middle of pavements, tops of stairs etc. Until Lime are proven to be more responsible to the towns and cities they operate, I can no longer in good conscience use these vehicles. Shame. Love using these scooters. They’re great fun for a quick get around. Problem is absolute idiot parking by a lot of users is going to make the scooters a scourge amd subject to greater regulations. I live in stockholm and the amount of times I’ve tripped over the scooters in the middle of pavements, tops of stairs, outside shop entrances etc is unreal. Seems a lot of users aren’t the most considerate. I love using them but even I find the concept a public nuisance where parking is concerned. Hope there’s a solution to this..Version: 3.10.0

Doesn’t workWas trying to surprise my fiancé as she really wants to go for a ride. Downloaded the app got my free ride, but the scooter wouldn’t move. Tried paying and scanning other scooters, but it wouldn’t work. Guess I’ll ty someone else.Version: 3.22.0

Terrible experienceI finally tried out the scooters and on my first ride I had to change scooter 3 times! First one the battery was almost dead but no warning. Second one the brake wasn’t working. Third one the accelerator wasn’t working. Fourth one got me back. Not entirely their fault if people don’t report the issue, although no way of knowing if they were reported. Messaging them apparently gets me some free starts on my account and a small bit of cash. Then the app stops loading entirely. Going through support gets it working but only temporarily. I finally give up and ask for my account to be deleted and the money to be refunded to my card. Now apparently there is no money to be refunded. Wasted a few quid on a journey full of hassle and don’t get any back. Not offering a decent service and relatively expensive for what it is. (Even when you pay the right amount for a ride).Version: 2.86.0

App is in need of an overhaulI love Lime - so easy to find a bike, jump on and ride off to where ever I need at any time. As to be expected the fleet at times will have quality issues - a wobbly peddle here, no helmet there, a slightly bent wheel somewhere else. But generally very well maintained. The issue I have is with the app - for a digital company it has a terrible user experience when anything goes wrong. Today I had an issue where the lock mechanism didn’t open upon start of trip and it charged me for this despite needing to physically force the lock open upon second attempt (and open charge). When it comes to disputing this payment there is no easy option. No trip ID to reference, no option to click into the trip and flag a problem. Just resort to taking a screenshot on my phone and emailing support. This is a bad experience and would no doubt be costing Lime significant staffing costs in reviewing these rather than automating. Need to pick up the game and hire a user experience consultant to get cracking on a refresh.Version: 2.52.0

Good idea but the worst app I used in a whileThe idea is great and I was super excited to rent a scooter and just enjoy. I have the app for 2 days now and I still haven’t been able to rent a scooter in Lisbon! 1. So buggy that a click doesn’t work and I ended up topping up my wallet twice and overpaying. 2. I’m in Lisbon and the app charges me in British pounds. I guess because my card is British. But ... why do you not warn me?! 3. So I am paying more than someone with a Portuguese credit card? Absolutely ridiculous. 4. The map is completely useless. I was chasing 4 scooters and 2 of them were not there. The other 2 had low battery and I could rent. So, I gave up at some point. 5. My app is in English, then I get notifications and in app alerts in Portuguese?! What the hell? It is something about parking fines but I guess I will never know ... I develop apps and I know it can be difficult thinking about all the details but these are core things you need to have right before you take my money! Worst experience I had in a long time. Good concept but localisation is just bad, very bad!.Version: 2.21.0

AVOID LIME MOPED!!!I have no idea how Lime got 4.9 stars on App Store given so many negative reviews and my personal horrible experience!! 1. You are required to do 4 trainings before the first moped ride which is fine for me, BUT chapter 3 of the lesson could not even load properly!! We spent 30mins in front of the moped trying to complete the trainings and both mine and my husband’s phone was stucked at chapter 3. My phone had good internet access so it’s not the network issue. What a waste of time!! Please hire some reliable engineers!! 2. When we tried again couple hours later, we finally completed the training and was able to ride on the moped. For a 3 mile 35 min ride we were charged almost $20, which is even a bit more than Uber. Why would I ride a moped for most money and time?? Maybe just for the one time experience but certainly not us a frequent option. 3. Finally and the worst part of the experience and parking and ending the trip. Be aware, you could only park in some designated and limited spaces. The closest spot we count was 0.3miles away from our hotel in a parking a lot. I had to walk back to the hotel. AND!! After we parked at the parking space and on our way walking back to the hotel, the parking lot supervisor chased after us telling us to move the moped out of the garage!! So we had to go back again and drag the moped out of the garage. Overall extremely terrible experience and delete the app right away! Garbage!.Version: 3.34.0

Don’t bother, over priced and over complicatedThey are extremely expensive for what they are £6 for a 4km ride. Something that would cost £2 on a Santander cycle. The red zones/ no parking area is confusing. I made a special effort to avoid parking in the red zone and I still got fined! I don’t get it... To top it all off, half the bikes I found/ tried to use were not charged enough so I couldn’t hire and every time I tried to hire these bikes I had credits and debits on my bank card making my statement look like a huge mess..Version: 2.103.0

Happy but not happyLove the idea, had an enormous amount of fun but would not lock... kept charging me for 10 mins after I wanted to..Version: 2.62.0

Fun but too expensive to ride compared to other optionsA cost of a single ride metro or bus ticket in Madrid is €1,5 unless changing zones. The cost of a Cercanias ticket is €1,70 between Atocha and Chamartín. Twice, I took a scooter the equivalent of two metro stops. The distance was not exact as I had to walk further as scooter was not as close as metro stop initially. The cost was €1,95 and €2,1. I like the scooter even if at times scary on Madrid sidewalks. It was fun to use and I liked the speed when I hit open stretches of sidewalk. I just don’t think I will probably use again after those two initial rides as there is no carbon savings contrary to what the app says. I would have walked or taken the metro otherwise. It is just not competitively priced compared to other transport options. If I am going to pay more than €2 for 2km and I don’t want to walk or use public transport, a taxi wouldn’t cost that much more. If they drop the price by half, then it becomes price competitive and useful..Version: 2.14.1

Charges for faulty equipment. Charges for scans for faulty equipment.I was charged for the minutes it took trying to figure out why I was getting the ⚠️ on the actual scooter when I tried to excel. Finally walked to find another one and dispute the fail on their end. Got to my destination finally. Had some drinks. Scanned the nearest scooter. Got charged. Scooter and app didn’t process but my payment did. Transferred more into my account. Got charged to scan again, closes the app, the app didn’t refresh to show the ride was initiated. Repeat previous paragraph it worked, yet I was not refunded for the previous unsuccessful attempt stated above. Jesus take the wheel, I’ll just take an Uber unless y’all own Uber then i’m using my escaLEGS or lamboFEETies and lose some weight. This is too much scams y’all it’s hard times and I risk my life riding y’all’s MF scooters at my account, and y’all just wanna be greedy like Violet Beauregard, y’all should be naked Coconut cuz y’all coo coo for coconuts trying to come at me at 15 mph on some drunken Karen I can drive an suv but not a razor type of ish. I’m madder than a hatter y’all got me twisted like an umbilical chord. Y’all got my heart racing like a presidential election. I’m hurt like a Sarah McLaughlin commercial..Version: 2.108.0

Bogus $25 parking fine = deleting appI wish I could rate this 0 stars. What a let down after my initial joy riding LimeScooter for the first time in Austin this past week. I picked up my scooter in front of the JW Marriott and rode it half a mile to Moonshine Grill. There was a problem with the gas lever: I had to turn it like a dial instead of pressing down the lever for speed so that made for a tricky and somewhat dangerous ride. I only discovered this after I started my ride, but I got the hang of the broken lever. My real disappointment happened when I found another scooter (this scooter had a working gas lever) and returned to my hotel. When I initially tried to park and lock the scooter, I received a notification that I was in an illegal parking spot and I could receive a fine, so I moved to an area with other Lime scooters. I tried to park and lock again and got no notification when I proceeded to end the ride so I snapped my picture to complete the process. As soon as I completed the process, I was notified that I was charged a $25 fine! I have tried to reach Lime via the app support process, via their internet page, their phone number and text, but they have yet to respond. If I don’t get my $25 refund from Lime, I’ll consider it the cost for a lesson learned. I should have stayed with Bird Scooters. Their scooters were more likely to be in service than the Lime scooters... and NO BOGUS FINE!.Version: 2.18.0

No refunds for error in what the policy says the scooter will doI am very disappointed with my first experience using the lime app and Scooter . How can there be an app that runs the scooter software but doesn’t have a backup to turn it off ? Online yes it says it will turn off after so many mins , I waited over 30 mins bc my phone died on the way home with the scooter, being a first time user I will never make this mistake again, if I ride with lime again . It continued to run up my debit card the entire time . My husbands ride cost him $9 , mine cost $19 for the same fairly short distance . I called the customer service to see how to turn it off , auto response was not help . I went online followed the directions, had the bike in park , never turned off . I had to literally sit outside next to the bike while my husband went to get my charger , charge phone in the car next to scooter , then take the stupid picture to turn the scooter off . I got billed for time I wasn’t riding it off of what I see as a flaw in the software . Any given time something could happen to a phone, what if the person drops it and it breaks ? Would the scooter just continue to run up the card . I tried turning it off with my husbands phone and app , nothing , no back up plan . Disappointed in my fix experience..Version: 2.94.0

Annoying & disappointingCannot select search for bike only or scooter only. Every time I open the app it selects a scooter near me which I am unable to close especially when I’d prefer a bike, so then I have search manually until I find what I want on the street then I can select it through scan only. Often tells me that a bike I scan isn’t available but if I delete the app and reload then it will..Version: 3.3.0

Constantly overchargedEvery time I have used the lime scooters, I have been over charged. They always take $7 out of my account no matter the price that is displayed on the app. I have never spent over $7 in one go on the scooters yet I’m being charged that amount. I have reached out to the support centre and I am very unsatisfied. Their answer was extremely vague, and I still don’t know if I’m going to get the money I was overcharged, back. I have sent more then one emails and still have not received an answer on whether or not the excess payment will be refunded back into my account. The ride on the scooters are really fun and really smooth. I would definitely recommend trying them out!.Version: 2.28.2

Serious issues with the app / scooterI picked up a scooter from the drop off point and (having activated it) found out It was not able to be started/used as this zone was now not in use. I then was forced to walk the scooter home to drive it 5km to another drop off point as you cannot pause or end the ride otherwise. Oh, and the sidewalk alarm binged the entire way for the drive - so even that sucked. Awful experience. While My “ride” was refunded ($25 of it) this wasted 2 hours of a weekend to drive a scooter around town. Never using again..Version: 3.14.0

Rusted bikeMy bike was rusted. I “unlocked” it on the app and it started charging me. As the lock was rusted it didn’t open. So I couldn’t ride the bike. I also couldn’t close it properly. Although the bike kept charging me. I started walking to my destination and the app kept tracking me. In the end after an hour I got charged $25. Tried to contact customer service but there’s no number. I send a complaint file and got a $6 refund. According to the tracking system of the app I used the bike for 1hour and 20 min for the distance of 2150m. And thy charge me $25..Version: 2.36.0

Lime Scooter - essentially useless in Central LondonWhere to start? Read carefully all of the details on the app, scanned scooter and off I went. After much swearing (more on this below) finally got to my destination, parked safely as per the multiple pictures and be told I couldn't park there. London apparently has (few) designated parking spots - the nearest was, ironically, just after where I'd started my journey! Back I had to go. The limited parking isn't Lime's problem of course, but I'd expect very clear warnings before hiring it, which were completely absent. The journey itself was random, with the scooter reducing speed and effectively powering off regularly. Checking the app, seems there are many areas where the scooter can't be used or must be used in low power mode. Unfortunately, the GPS is not very accurate with tall buildings near, meaning even when on a road where it could be legally used, the scooter kept powering down. Spent £5 and wasted 20 minutes to travel 300m. Will not be using again..Version: 3.18.0

Rip off and sneakyIn Sydney, I rode an e bike for only 1hr and 20 minutes only to discover later that I got charged - a staggering $37. The app never gave me a price figure before , during or after but only finding out from my bank account . So I made a phone call as to why I was charged that amount seeming it was too high. They told me it was 45 cents a minute which I wasn’t aware of before. The only message it said about price on the app was it said $10 will be deducted but reimbursed later. I could easily rent a bike for $30-50 a day at a rental bike store. Its the lack of transparency that gives me mistrust for this company..Version: 2.117.3

Absolutely horrible product and service.Lime just hit Nashville and as excited as I was to try it my first experience has been terrible. First it took me walking blocks and blocks trying to track down one. (I was walking for more than 30 min) None were where the app said they were and I reported 4-5 missing before even finding one. It’s battery was almost dead but it got me across the pedestrian bridge where I found another that said it had 15.8 miles. When I got on it my app now said 13.4 miles range. I was going 2.7 miles. About half way through the trip I hit a hill and the thing started struggling (btw I weight 135lbs) and the range now said 7.1. Got to my house and the range said 0. So I put it by the bus stop on my road and took a picture for the app to know it was there. Couple days later I get an email not asking me but actually accusing me of taking the scooter. And demanding that I immediately return it to the public. First of all, an accusation like that better have some strong evidence since I know for a fact I don’t have the scooter. Second the tracking tech has to be able to locate it. Or this entire business model is doomed. Will never use this service again nor can I recommend it in good conscience..Version: 2.15.0

Very disappointingSo was excited to see these bikes appear in the streets of London. My only other experience of electric sharing bikes is Jump in San Francisco. I was extremely disappointed. The electrical assistance just seems to have the bike ride at normal speed with only a little less effort than a Santander bike. The pricing is also totally off. I did a 22 minute journey that cost an astonishing £4.30. An Uber pool on the return identical journey was £6.10. By comparison Jump bikes are vastly better. Way more powerful assistance, much lighter and far far cheaper at a flat fee of $2.17 (£1.66) for 30 minutes. Won’t be using these again and really hope Jump comes to London..Version: 2.30.0

Being charged for subscription and not able to unsubscribeI used the lime prime free trial a couple months ago, forgot to cancel it but I’m still being charged every month for it. Even after showing support my email receipts and statements they’re putting it on me claiming they have no record of my payments. There’s no way for me to cancel the subscription in the app cause my account apparently hasn’t been used yet, even though I have the receipts for rides I’ve done..Version: 3.32.0

UnreliableLime used to be a viable way for me to get around (albeit a little expensive - but fast and fun), but I have so many issues unlocking bikes all the time now, or just not having any bikes around at all. When you need to be somewhere you don’t have time to click the help button every single time. It’s not worth taking the time to walk over to a bike only to find it’s not going to take me where I need to go. It usually means I’m late because I’ve missed the bus I should have gotten, or I’m forced to call an Uber. Also there haven’t been any helmets on any bikes for ages! Apparently lime says if there’s no helmet then walk to the next bike - not the best plan when 99% of bikes don’t have a helmet, you’d be walking all day!.Version: 2.72.1

Got bamboozledI usually take the lime scooter to the area I park from my uni cause it’s expensive af to park near the university. And I convinced my girl today to just get a lime scooter so we could get there easy. So I made her download it with my referral code so we can both get it 1$ off. Usually it’s only a 2.50$ ride there, so me thinking oh if I get the 1$ unlock fee out we only have to pay 1.50$. She was against the whole thing and kept telling me can just walk it’s not a biggie but I was being hella persistent cause it’s so fun.So I get my girl to download it and it’s all g we get on and all of a sudden we get hit with a warning on the scooter saying theres a speed restriction so we going slower than 10 year olds on the street. Now we embarrassed af cause these little kids are passing us saying on your left like captain America. So my girl already annoyed and I laugh it off and say at least it’s cheap and we don’t have to walk. So the usual 5 mins ride took 10 mins and when we finally got to the car and tried to lock the scooter we get hit with the message saying you can’t lock it cause it’s outside the allotted area. So now my girl really mad cause we have to this take this slow a** scooter back to where we got it from then walk back to the car. And she’s fuming at this point cause instead of a 10 min walk it into turned into 25 min ordeal of embarrassment all cause I said babe it’s faster if we just take these scooters and they are just so fun to ride. So next time warn a brother before you update your policies?!? Cause mans just got hit with a 10$ bill and that’s what ever. But the L I just took is forever engraved into my soul cause my girl is never gonna let me forget the time I didn’t just listen to her and just walk. And that’s my day folks ✌🏽.Version: 2.62.0

Customer service worse than ComcastI say this without exaggerating: Lime’s customer service is one of the top 3 worst customer services I’ve ever seen, worse even than Comcast. The app hasn’t been working for me for over a month (keeps logging me out as soon as I open it or log back in). It’s a wonder Lime is making any money with customer service like this because until they fix this I have no way to use Lime. When I contact customer service they say they’ll escalate it after asking me a few questions. They then ask me the iPhone equivalent of have you turned it off and back on again (iOS updated? App updated? Cleared cache?). These are clearly scripted questions that come with the scripted emails. Whatever. It’s tier 1 support. I’ll just respond saying those didn’t work and they’ll escalate, right? NOPE. When you respond they assign you to a new customer support employee, who then asks you the same questions. I’m up to five on my current email chain with them. The worst thing is it’s the same ticket number so these customer service employees can pull up my past emails and see we’ve been through all this. But they never bother. Even when I ask them to..Version: 3.6.0

Took two go’s to use a valid uk drivers license to find out I couldn’t go anywhereHave been using lime bikes for a while and had lots of success. Tried using lime scooter and even though I have a valid uk drivers license couldn’t unlock so am walking home in the rain... but then found a second set of scooters! Managed to finally unlock my license, rode home, only to find out you can actually only park in the “preferred parking” zones. So rode past my home and back to the same place I picked up the scooter from. SO HELPFUL WOW.Version: 3.14.0

Excessive fares!I signed up only to try the service, it estates it was $1 for unlocking the bike, plus $1 every 30minutes, they do not stipulate that there is a difference between electric bikes (everywhere) and non-electric ones (no where.. I wonder why..). I got charged $13 instead of $3... they DO NOT tell you the fare they will charge you, and just to make a comparison, the Uber ride (normal Uber, not Uber Pool) would have cost me between $10-$12.. I feel scammed and even though I sent a request and tried to complain, no response was given, they just charged me more than an Uber..!!! BE CAREFUL WITH THIS APP..!!!! I already deleted my account and asked the bank to cancel the transaction. 200% NOT recommended..Version: 2.23.1

You’ve entered snowflake zoneKelowna BC you can ride Electric bikes in the walking areas at 50 km/h but can’t ride a 10 km/h scooter. Expand the boundaries. Your snowflake policies is what’s ruining this world.Version: 3.18.0

Hope you don’t have to contact customer serviceThe rides I’ve had of been OK. But There are a lot of providers with scooters here in the bay area. I emailed their customer service the other day when I had an issue and I don’t know if they outsource or just have poor direction and staffing but it took a week until they wrote me back at which time they sent me a macro. I pointed out that I had forgotten that I had even emailed them and that this was way too long for a reply. To which I got another macro that didn’t address my concern from either the first or the second email. Also the bells don’t work well. And honestly they are pretty important to not have to Yell at people when you’re behind them. Also the map can be very incorrect on the location causing you to have to search for the scooters. I just read through the other reviews and it looks like this is a consistent issue. I was going to rate this higher because the scooters are fun however it is dangerous to use the service that has poor customer service..Version: 1.35.1

RegistrationOpened app to register and can’t. You have to scan a unit 1st. Why? Is lime charging me to register? Why can I not register 1st so I can scan and go? Or have to option of doing both… Gave three stars as it’s middle of the road and haven’t used it yet..Version: 2.62.0

AVOID APP IF BLACK AND DARK SKINNED.So I was in a rush so I decided to get a lime scooter, when you first register it makes you do a test after that it makes you scan your id then take a picture of your face, wasted 10mins doing the stupid test, it took a few tries to scan my id then when it got to taking a picture of my face it wouldn’t work I tried several times before giving up if that method doesn’t work you have to wait 48hours before your picture is approved. I needed that scooter at that moment not 48hours later. The sign up takes about 20mins, the journey was going to take 15. If you live in a big city like London get a boris bike don’t waste time on an app that isn’t made for all faces. Waste of time..Version: 3.32.0

The application doesn’t work and it keeps charging youI was late to work, so I got the scooter to arrive on time. What happens next is that I got to work and tried to lock the app on my phone, but there was no option to “end ride”. I stayed with the lime for 5 minutes and closed and reopened the app but it didn’t work. I was already late for work so I left. It is now after 20 minutes that I arrived to work and unfortunately it is still charging me and I don’t know what to do. Still I don’t have the end option and some homeless may jump on it and use it now and I’ll have to pay. It happened last time too. It took me 2 minutes after I arrive to be able to lock it. If it happens again, I’ll never use lime again..Version: 2.56.0

Ridiculous priceCharge way too much compared to other cities and countries. If you want people to adapt to healthy and convenient life styles. Charge a reasonable price like other cities and countries actually do. Robber?.Version: 2.21.0

Sorry you can’t park here rip off!First time using LIME scooters and I won’t be doing it again. Both hires we had trouble ending the ride as the app insisted we were not in a legitimate parking area despite the fact we were. The most recent hire we spent 30 mins trying to lock the scooters in 3 different designated parking areas displayed on the map with the same message that we were not allowed to park there. This feels like a scam designed to take more money from pay as you go customers. Odd that you walk about the city and find scooters lying about all over the shop..Version: 3.38.0

Always fun, but it’s a hit or missI live on a college campus, so access to lime scooters are amazing. Unfortunately, several of the scooters literally look like they’ve been hit by cars and are damaged. There are many that will have full charges, and you’ll unlock them thinking you’re good to go, but you get on and the scooter won’t accelerate. I’ve had more good experiences than bad, but it’s kinda ridiculous. Not to mention the fact I rode one tonight to my friends place, got ready to leave, tried to scan one to ride back to my place, and it said I had insufficient funds. So I go to add more, and somehow the app allowed my account to go -$3.70?? Don’t know how that’s possible, but i tried to add more funds, and it won’t let me. It keeps saying that the amount can’t be deposited from my account, when I know for a fact I have plenty money in my bank account. Kinda ridiculous and majorly inconvenient since i use lime almost every other day..Version: 2.32.0

TerribleWorst scooter app I’ve ever used..Version: 3.21.0

Bikes show up on app but are inoperableBikes in low traffic areas are often hidden from plain sight. Found one in an underground parking lot that cost me 20 minutes of failed unlock attempts and talking to tech support. Tech support was worse than useless. Told me to uninstall and reinstall the app and try again. I had just freshly installed the app 10 minutes earlier but he insisted. After waiting for 5 minutes to download the app on my mobile network from the underground parking garage it did the exact same thing, failed to unlock the bike. So the tech support said to go find another bike, because that bike needed maintenance. Total waste of time. After 15 minutes of walking and searching, found another bike upside down in a bush. Muddy handle bars, crappy ride quality, weak pedal assist, and still cost $6 to go 1 mile. Uber would definitely have been cheaper and a lot faster. Walking would have been faster overall and if it isn’t faster than walking, and isn’t cheaper than a cab, what good is it?.Version: 2.56.0

App IssueHalf the time the Lime Scooter don’t show up on the map and the app says no connection also if I just want to move the Scooter over the other side of the road or something to get it out of the way I usually have it unlocked for less the 30sec but now the app refuses to lock because of “no connection” so I have been charged $1.60 twice even tho I had it unlocked for 1:30 according to the clock, I also know I’m not the only person having these problems because my friends app does the exact same thing so if you want to move the scooter over somewhere to get it out of the way don’t scan it!.Version: 2.28.2

Need timerThe scooters are really fun to ride but they should have a timer on them showing how long you have been riding for or show much balance you have left in your wallet or at least make a beep when your on your last dollar. For the app, there should be a disable auto top up button, when i was driving them after my money in my wallet finished it just kept taking money out of my bank without my approval. the scooters are awesome though but the pricing is kind of as expensive as taking an uber.Version: 2.21.0

DONT USE LIME PERIOD, TERRIBLE COMPANYWhile visiting Seattle, my friend and I wanted to use the lime pods instead of renting a car for the weekend. After applying to use the pod, reading the requirements, I agreed to use the 15 dollar deposit fee knowing that I had nothing to worry about. After agreeing, my drivers license was declined and I was told I would receive an email explaining why. Never got an email... so then I called the next day complaining because I had been declined and told no reason why and was told the problem was because my issue date of my current license was less than a year (even though I’ve legally been driving more than a decade and that was not explained in the requirements) and that the only way to be cleared was to scan my old license that says VOID on it. I don’t know why anyone would carry an old, unusable license around. Upset with this issue and explaining I wanted to speak to a manager about this problem since this was a glitch in their system I was instead hung up on and they have successfully taken 15 dollars from me that I can’t even use in the state I live in. TERRIBLE company, don’t support them, you’ll just be disappointed..Version: 2.58.0

Bad businessWas very disappointed after trying to use the lime scooters. After activating 2 of the scooters we weren’t even able to drive them since we were in a “prohibited zone”. We were told we had to walk them 3 km in order to use the power on them but couldn’t deactivate them either. Doesn’t make sense that we were able to activate them without knowing we were in a prohibited zone and then told we must walk them 3km in order to use them. We then decided to just leave them where we found them and were later charged $40 after not using them..Version: 3.44.0

Incorrect chargingProblem one: you can unlock a scooter and be charged when the scooter is actually “under maintenance” and hence its power is still off. dont forget to lock this dead scooter if this happens, otherwise it keeps burning your wallet. So, I dont think the App is smart. problem two: if you are in Australia (not sure for other countries), it cost you in USD when you top-up your Lime wallet, say $10 USD. so your bank will charge you about $14 AUD, depends on currency rate. but in the app, it is shown as $10 AUD. and it cost you so called “$1 AUD” to unlock one each time, which is actually around $1.40 AUD. all the cost will be in USD. so it is not 19 AUD per hour as your may have calculated. it is actually $26 AUD or so. (buy me a drink if you prefer to spend a part of this money more wisely) So, I dont think the App is honest. In a nutshell, CAN I GET MY MONEY BACK?.Version: 2.32.0

Misleading information and bad customer serviceWas charged incorrectly and didn’t hear back from customer service even after a week of raising a complaint..Version: 3.30.0

Great but can be betterI’ve been using scooters to come and go to work once it’s 2km distance from my place. The experience is really nice, however, I’ve noticed that some of them don’t have horn which can be dangerous. Also, I think that should have more scooters available in the CBD and nearby suburbs once it’s very annoying walk long distance for getting one and when arrive get surprised without any at the place it shows in the app..Version: 2.28.2

Couple things,Lots of fun to ride & is a great idea to have introduced to NZ!! Although it’s fairly cheap to use money-wise, we aren’t in America so I don’t understand why we top up our accounts in NZD$ but pay our trips in USD$ something to think about and HOPEFULLY change that in the near future. Also would be great to expand the “service area” or “green zone” to the whole of Auckland..Version: 2.24.0

Limescooter in PragueI went out on one of these whilst in Prague and it was great fun. I have only two issues, one my fault and the other limescooters. I fell off and got my friend to end the ride for me, she did so but apparently someone else was still able to get back on and instead of being charged for my less than an hour ride I was charged £18! I tried to contact lime but didn’t get anywhere at all. Be careful on these because I fell off on flat ground and have since found I’ve broken my elbow and may need an operation to fix it, not fun!.Version: 2.55.0

Literal TrashIf you want to be scammed out of your hard earned money while being forced to push these scooters down the street because they don’t actually work, than this is the product for you!.Version: 3.19.0

No customer serviceWhen it works it’s fine. Had an issue where I went into negative credit (not sure how with a valid credit card on file) so they put a hold on my card. I messaged them about it and they said I had to clear the debt which wasn’t an issue but they wound my accept payment from my card. I have used the card previously without issue but they had since put a hold on it (no reason given when asked) and was told to use another card then to continue? Customer service was not helpful when questioned re issue. Have used the app in Auckland late night with no prevail. Currently getting a taxi home, wouldn’t recommend any further..Version: 2.44.0

Good way to get around but too expensiveI’ve used the Lime bicycles a couple of times and really liked it, so easy to find them (they’re everywhere!) and being electric makes riding around so easy and fun. Having said this, I probably won’t be using them much at all as o find the price way too expensive and I can get a Uber ride for the same price (quicker and less effort) 🙄 I really hope this will change as Lime gets more popular!.Version: 2.36.0

Drained my battery in 20 minI used the app for the first and last time today. The plus: finding a bicycle nearby was easy and unlocking it went smoothly. It was the first time I used an electrically assisted bicycle and that went well too. Nice basket to put your stuff and convenient place to put your phone. The minus: very bumpy ride! I don’t know if it is the saddle or the wheels but it was the least comfortable bicycle ride I have had in London. The very very bad: the app completely drained the battery of my iPhone 6 in 20 minutes. I was still cycling and unsure where I was going after that. When I finally reached my destination I locked the bike and heard a little music so assumed everything was fine. When I started charging my phone again 5 min later the app told me the ride was still on and I clicked on several buttons to report a problem but nothing happened for another 5 min. I am unsure how much I am going to be charged as a result. The app really needs to be improved to use less battery!!.Version: 2.75.0

Too hard to unlock bikesI've used the eBike for the first time today. I tried to unlock 3 of them yesterday, none of them worked, I was getting an error saying "Something went wrong, please try again later". I tried to unlock 4-5 bikes again today and only 2 of them worked. The journey with each wasn't too much trouble, the bikes are okay but it's very frustrating not being able to unlock a bike the first time and if it doesn't work you have to walk for quite a distance to the next one. If you're in the rush just forget it, plan an alternative journey. Customer support said it could be coming from my mobile data however in all cases I had 3+ bars and 4G was showing. I might give them another chance in the future but I really hope they work on those issues. It would be a great service if it does but not quite there yet in my opinion..Version: 2.67.0

Avoid the scootersThe scooters are slow and heavy and the logic to determine where you can leave them isn’t sensitive enough to work, so at times you won’t be able to lock your scooter, will be charged an obscene amount, and they don’t have any customer service. My local scooter parking spot has a tree near it which may be scrambling the GPS, either way it doesn’t recognise that a scooter parked there is parked correctly despite the “blue dot” appearing inside the area you are told to leave the scooter. I spent 30 mins trying to park the scooter yesterday without success and had to leave it u locked. A short trip cost me £15, would have been much less with Uber..Version: 3.25.0

Do not useI was charged $30 by like when it said that the transaction did not go through on the app.Version: 3.32.0

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