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Lime - Your Ride Anytime App User Positive Comments 2022

Lime - Your Ride Anytime app received 91 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lime - your ride anytime?

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Lime - Your Ride Anytime for Positive User Reviews

Miss NikoraWe tried the scooter as a family so we are able to know the safety methods and requirements, although we haven’t quite figured the charging rate and process we were very happy with our ride. We had a tonne of fun as well as thought why we would find these very helpful to central hamilton look forward to more ridding and learning as well 👍.Version: 2.61.0

Fun fun fun!!!So awesome to have here in Auckland! I still walk most places just to get the exercise, it can struggle with the hills & the bus is cheaper for more than short distance. No doubt they will eventually introduce a subscription option to make it more competitive price wise. For now it’s just fantastic to have another transport option to get around. But mainly it’s fun😊.Version: 2.20.0

Free riderI loved it what end of a Monday. How a bit desperate when run out of batteries and without internet access. Rather odious moment but after few minutes walking dragging the scooter along finally found the friendly Chilean whom no only oriented me but also share internet access and manager locked the scooter and leave it few kilometers away from home. Please remember to have strong extended internet coverage to initiate and lock and ended your ride..Version: 2.74.0

A few issues but great overall.I use these e-bikes constantly in Melbourne, Australia. They are great for my short commute to work. The support team is phenomenal! I have contacted them for little things, like no helmet or problems locking bike, and big things like extending the parking zone around my house. They send the local team to investigate and solve most issues within days. The usage zone is good, it covers everywhere I need to go as I like right in the city. My two biggest issues are 1/ non existent bikes that are on the map but not where they should be, even when I’m apparently right on top of them and 2/ no helmet on most bikes. I have my own helmet now, that I take to work to ensure I’m compliant with local laws..Version: 2.131.0

Expensive ridesWhile the App is nicely made and the scooters only cost EUR 1 to start, the real costs are significant. I scooted along the Seine in Paris for just over a kilometre and paid over 10 EUR. You pay for time and distance. Go for it when you want to have some fun but taking any other mode of transport is definitely cheaper. Beware of constant location tracking on your mobile which drains the battery..Version: 2.23.1

KelownaThis ride was good, but the last ride we had would not move and we were still charge nine dollars. I’m waiting to be reimbursed. Thank you so much.Version: 3.20.0

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike! 😉Sooo. Where should I start?? So... Of all the rental bike schemes, I've had the opportunity of trying within Central London. Lime comes top of the pack. Firstly it's a cool colour. It stands out, it looks nice, clean and trendy/classy. Finding these bikes is easy whether you're searching for one using the app or walking about looking for one. They seem to be everywhere, whenever you need one. 🙂 Once you've found one it's quick and easy to hire. Providing you've already registered. It's a quick case of load your app and then aim, scan and away you go. Simple's. A little warning, once you push off and begin cycling, the bike will lurch forward like a randy horse. It does this, to give you a nice take off and get you going. Once you've done locking up is just as easy as doing up your zipper. All that said, my only issue is the pricing... A Boris Bike/Santander Bike is by far cheaper. Lime bikes do score low on this note and one does hope, their pricing schemes or options, will reviewed... As this could be a huge game changer for me. Other than that. It gets a Greenlight from me. 😉💃.Version: 2.56.0

Monetary Value needs reassessment.Nearly $7 to go just down the road.. I suggest undercutting public transport by becoming cheaper by the kilometre for a one way trip on Orbiter (Hamilton) or an all day pass. Nonetheless, they’re very awesome and I’m a big guy and they held me up and shot me down the road at ~18km/hr (if that’s the correct measurement). Quick and easy overall. Worthy..Version: 2.60.0

Fun but had to figure out how to get it goingI was very wary of this unit as I hadn’t ridden a scooter for years and at first couldn’t get it to go but then I realised it had to have a really good speedy push which suddenly brought it to life. It was fun to use and got me home very quickly... the map is however another matter!!! I was in a restaurant and the map told me there was a scooter available if I went out of the restaurant and turned left but there was nothing there for a 100 mtrs apart from a competitors bike. However in the other direction there was a bike just 50 mtrs away but it was not on the map. Still, that apart, I’m now a fan and will be back for more.Version: 2.43.0

Easy to use and very fun.A friend of mine told me to try it out on a cruise inside the CBD area and I have to say... It's an amazing experience riding one of these for a short and quick trip. Better than commuting..Version: 2.21.0

Scooters behind locked fences :(I’m sure this will get lost amongst all the other reviews but here goes- this is a really wonderful app with one flaw; on multiple occasions, i’ve walked to a scooter and found that someone has parked it behind a locked fence, in a parking garage, or somewhere that is otherwise blocked off. I can hear it ringing, I can see it, but I can’t get to it. it’s quite frustrating to say the least. I wish there was a way to indicate that someone has parked the scooter in an inaccessible location- maybe there already is a way to report “improper” parking, since you’re supposed to take a picture after parking, but if there is i haven’t found it. it might make sense to impose a minor penalty/ fee on the person who parked the scooter inaccessibly, so long as the person who finds it can provide photo/ video evidence that the scooter is blocked up somewhere it can’t be retrieved from. maybe prompting people to explain why they’re cancelling a reservation would be a good time to check that the scooter was correctly parked?.Version: 3.13.0

First Lime experienceLoved it. Only issue was take off at pedestrian crossings. Very very slow when accelerating. So slow I had to walk the scooter to get across the road.Version: 2.68.0

Pictures is not goodIhave use the things like the picture say put at the back of the house but he say my picture is not good so not pass how could this happen!.Version: 3.46.0

Love lime e bikes but it’s too expensive in AustraliaIn Australia it’s $1 to start and then 30 cents minute. That works out at $19 per hour. That’s more than it would cost to hire a car. I love the concept but I hear Uber’s e-bikes are $2 per half hour. That would be far more appropriate and would cause me to use the bikes a lot more. I can’t afford $20+ a day ($100 a week!) to ride a bike to work and back..Version: 2.25.0

Works well but doesn’t support dark modeHaven’t had any issues with the app until end of ride in which case none of the ‘upper area’ buttons are visible. This appears to be an issue with dark mode iOS not being supported fully..Version: 2.83.0

Handy and funI have been enjoying the ease of use of the lime app to have fun with my kids. The group ride option is fantastic and the location feature on the maps is so handy, I’ve learned to reserve a lime before making the trek to get one as sometimes someone else has jumped onto the line I just walked 10 minutes to get..Version: 3.16.0

Bleepin awesomeThis is such a great idea Wanna take this back to Canada.Version: 2.38.0

Easy asComments about being charged in USD. NOTE.. if you sign up using Facebook and your FB account is in USD then theirs your problem. I signed up using my email and all good. Easy to rent, find, and drop off. I think helmets need to come though..Version: 2.20.0

That’s a nice and easy ride!I rode through kangaroo Point to South Bank and it worked really well, but along this point there wasn’t very many stations and a lot of people asked to me where they could get one. I would suggest to implement more stations along this way!.Version: 2.41.0

Great experience, sometimes difficult for couples/friends to locate scooters togetherTried it for the first time with my partner in Brisbane. Was a great experience! Easy to use and unlock, pricing was very reasonable Would suggest solar panels, as it can be disappointing to get one and it’s almost out of charge; and clearly marked suggested designated drop-off spots, especially if you want to scoot with a friend. GPS was a little problematic.Version: 2.23.1

Amazing rideThe bikes are amazing they are so easy to get to places quick and easy!.Version: 3.25.0

No parking zones completely ruin experienceThe new no parking zones have rendered the whole experience infuriating. You can’t find them anywhere because they are all parked in stupid places and then you can’t park at your destination because it’s a no parking zone so you double your coat, ride time and walking distance finding a park 🤦🏻‍♂️ absolutely useless now as innercity transport.Version: 2.65.0

No helmet availableGreat service, however when the helmet is not available when you ride, there should be an option for a before an after to prove no helmet was available at the time of booking.Version: 3.42.0

Hours of OperatingWould be useful if the times of when people are able to use limes are posted on the app. Was wondering for a couple months why it never shows anything during the late night/early hours of the morning. Thought my app crashed or something. So would be good to see that on the app. Had to find out from a juicer that limes don’t work during the early hours smh.Version: 2.38.0

Unfair chargesI left the scooter at one point in the street but I didn’t take a picture of it. And I got charged one hour and a half price until I found the scooter again in the same place and I took a pic. How I can fix it ?.Version: 2.130.0

What a great and amazing ideaI heard Miami shores was having a meeting to terminate the use of these lime bikes all over the neighborhood Didn’t think much till I took the dogs walking threw FIU and there was about 6 of them just waiting for me , I pulled out my phone dl the app and scanned a bike it said 1st ride free .. ( cool ) thinking I’ll never use it again not knowing how much it is to ride .. we went for our walk returned the bike as another someone was looking to get in one I asked how much they charge he says $1 an hour I’m thinking I pay $10 in Hollywood hmm.. I have an Airbnb and what a concept if I can provide my guests a bike I don’t have to maintain for such little money or no money for me who would complain about $1 ? So now I’m going to look for a couple to leave in front for who ever is in the mood for a nice bike ride cheep.Version: 1.23.1

I took one to swans. Very fun.Thanks lime!.Version: 2.26.0

An Easy StartJumped off the train at MK and realised I’d forgotten to book a cab. Walked out to grab a taxi and spotted the green machine, how hard could it be I thought only 4 miles. Setting up an account took a couple of minutes. Finding which bike was a challenge and because I forgot the Reg I lost my free 10 mins, doh. At first it wouldn’t set off I think I was scooting faster than the local speed limit. Once out of the sped zone it was off like a startled cat. Completed the journey in 15 mins so cost £5. A precooked cab would be £6 so no real saving. Quads are a bit sore due to the bouncing but all in all good fun. Update. Just had a look at the availability of scooters near me. The ones available don’t have enough range but I could pony express. Would I have to pay multiple unlock fees.Version: 3.23.0

Amazing!My girlfriend and I had a blast riding around the city, highly recommend..Version: 3.18.0

My LimeBike experienceThis app is so helpful for people who want to get to A-B without damaging the environment with pollution. The prices are expensive however it is a very fast bike and requires very little energy to pedal! For those who say they can get an Uber pool for cheaper then don’t use this service, while you are in your Uber you are helping pollute the world and are causing global warming to become even more dangerous for our future generations. Anyway back to the review, these bikes are dotted all around London however it is somewhat harder to find bikes from Stratford And further east, yet there are still some around! I love this app and rate it a 5/5 for everything -Nicky.Version: 2.43.0

Lime for Auckland?Or Lime for Auckland Mayor? One of the problems with non-car mobility in Auckland including around the CBD is the hills. It can be hard to turn up to dates or meetings feeling chilled and looking at your best, after a vigorous walk or bike to your destination. Electrification offered a solution, but performance of e bikes and e scooters is relatively poor in AKL... Lime haven’t quite solved this with some pretty slow rides up local hills, but with the sheer number of scooters out there and the sheer efficiency of the access system, and the overnight juicing system, they’ve got pretty close. Lime for Mayor?.Version: 2.25.0

ConvienceSo convenient and accessible!.Version: 3.25.0

Great fun!Great fun! Definitely could do with more to increase accessibility! Perhaps having a drop off site in numerous locations would also be great. So large groups can source scooters with ease..Version: 2.20.0

Great concept for Auckland CBDHandy for getting between public transport in Britomart & office in Wynyard Quarter. This concept supports the much needed shift to public transport options, know there’s an easy option to finish the trip. I’ve yet to evaluate whether its value for money. Alas it seems inevitable that idiot hoons on queen street will ruin it for the rest of us. Not impressed to see my first $50 payment tripled to $150 on my credit card bill. But overall I support this..Version: 2.22.1

Prague in the limeThe cobblestoned streets are a bit of a jarring ride. I also suggest that you buy a bicycle phone holder with quick mount. This will allow you to put your phone on map and see your progress. Also, be aware that some if the bridges are “walking only” so you’ll have to walk your scooter in George bridge..Version: 2.45.0

Lime scooters are great!!!Just spent the day cruising around Brisbane with my best mate, all thanks to lime! Scooters are everywhere and are super easy and safe to use! Cannot wait for our next little adventure. Best way to get around the city!!! And super fun!!! Great app, great product! I wish them all the best and hopefully we see lime everywhere soon :).Version: 2.40.0

Helmet adjustment time needed.It took 1 minute 18 seconds to adjust the helmet strap properly. It would be good to have 2 start times. One to unlock the helmet. The 2nd to start the ride. Thanks..Version: 3.16.0

Phone went flat, could keep ridingPhone went flat and I could keep riding until I got home and charged up enough to end the ride.Version: 2.21.0

So much funI had to take a number 2 but I was a little far from any restroom. Good thing I saw one of these and quickly downloaded the app. I rode merrily as I was dusting the area. I reached my destination in time for me to explode. A day saved by lime.Version: 2.28.2

First ride was awesomeI do find the ride surprisingly bumpy despite having some flat bits of road. Not sure why as other scooters in the past I tried where not that bumpy. Maybe it was just this one but this is why I got 4 stars instead of 5.Version: 2.19.1

Fab rideEnjoying DC on the scooter.Version: 3.51.0

Good but bugsSometimes you can’t end tide or you end the ride but scooter still works and when I click earn we it’s lime and click signup it just redirects to the same page! Still a good app.Version: 3.46.0

BrilliantI refused to use them because people on them look like penises. Due to getting drunk the previous night I left my car at the bar. Just liked to get it. Now I’ll be looking like a penis more often🤣.Version: 2.37.0

Lime bikeI loved it my second ride but first on very 1st time bike the one without a battery n 1st time on this new battery bike so fast not like the old one hard to peddled but first bike cheaper than second bike I enjoyed thank you I have to use it coz saw legs walk from Chinatown to fish market lol thanks again see next time..Version: 2.117.3

This is too good to be trueI have been in Berkeley CA and seen the ford bikes and really wanted to ride one. I know that you have to have clipper card or something like that which I don't have. Also I have issues riding on the street. Luckily, recently in my town, lime bike appeared and I was shocked when I first saw it. The first thing I noticed was the no dock system and the brain of it was the app. I thought maybe the dock was still being built but I read more on it. It had no docks. I hooked up my card to it and now getting from school to home and from home to school is easier than ever thanks to LimeBike. I also like the feature where it tracks your calories burned so there's no need for an Apple Watch or any of that. I love going on rides and this makes it so much easier..Version: 1.22.1

Bus late? Hop on LimeThe bus was stuck in traffic so I hopped on Lime. A bit wet due to the rain but I arrived on time at my destination!.Version: 3.20.0

Martin QuirkeThese scooters are the future, they are a non polluting quick and easy way to get around city quickly, especially if you’re short on time without missing anything from point to point. If like me you are a tourist, I find planning your journey first with the really easy to use maps is the best bet. That way you maximise your chances of seeing everything you want to and more!.Version: 2.116.0

Best time everThis is the best invention ever. Period..Version: 2.20.0

Love riding like but... 3.5 starsI love the idea and I love the product, But! I would be using lime everyday if it would except my card details I’ve tried 5+ times to put money into the app but it loads then refreshes to the home page without giving any information and I have to re-enter my card details etc. I have used the same card previously a few months ago and when I made a plan to ride with lime (which I was depending on to get somewhere) I just couldn’t make it work. But if you are able to make the bikes work, they are amazing, convenient and fun!.Version: 2.51.0

Great scooter rideMy husband and I took a break from the kids on Friday night and went out on a date. We went to downtown St. Paul to the stone arch bridge and there we found Lime for the first time. We decided to ride together and rode 2.8 miles before the battery died it was the perfect amount of ride time for the site seeing we wanted to do. It was very easy to use and you are able to lock and pause the ride with ease. Unsure why other reviews state they couldn’t use their ride again, my guess is that they were not using their app correctly. For the 2.8 miles we were charged for just over $9, which is reasonable! Other reviews state that they feel that’s too much since you can get an Uber for under that price— here is the problem with that 1) Uber cannot bring you were Lime can- bike trails, common parks, site seeing.... Uber can drive you to the location but it takes something like lime to get you through said location so you don’t have to walk everywhere. 2) charging- think about how much work it is for the person who goes out to find these everyday at the end of the day to recharge the scooters and bikes. It is time consuming! 3) 10 mph cruising speed! The perfect speed! Definitely worth the price paid hands down!.Version: 2.56.0

1 ere experiencePremiere experience en trottinette. Je recommande fortement mais couteux..Version: 2.58.0

Quick and mostly convenientUsed Lime scooter for short 1km trip to get some dinner. Found it to be fast enough and responsive. At first I mustn’t have kicked off enough first before applying throttle so scooter was not engaging motor. Once I let go of throttle and applied it again after kicking off it engaged the motor..Version: 2.26.0

Unlocking scootersAfter a period of time when I was unable to unlock scooter, success today. My first ride for ages. I was able to cover a long distance in short space of time. Go Lime😀.Version: 2.44.0

LimeVirginHeadmistress proper go without people around this morning in their fantastic scooter. Might be different and pick you up at history in traffic but pick a time to ride them and theyll go anyway.Version: 2.21.0

Summer FunMore fun that I thought, a high riding position that gets easier as you go, just remember to fully charge phone before using as phone battery died and I had to charge and then ‘end ride’ not that it was a problem as my daughter was able to ride till it was done, cheers Lime.Version: 2.29.1

New Jump bikes are amazing BUTYou find a bike if you're lucky in your area. You "book" it, walk 10 min just to find out it's nowhere to be found but on the app (most likely inside a property). Reaching Customer Service for any matter is complicated. Once you reach them they're alright. Sometimes the bike is faulty and I want to find the next one, to continue my journey. The app only shows them when you lock the bike you're currently on. Ok so search the next one and pay another 1£ to restart the current one. I would still recommend, if everything goes well you had an amazing fun trip for an adequate price. Please do something about those points Limeys, and you get 5 stars :).Version: 2.132.0

Writing bad review on scooterless walk to workI rode lime scooters exclusively for months because they were safer and taller (better fit for me) than Byrd or Lyft. However, the app's never been great (lags when you need to lock and if you don't wait, you'll be charged for not locking). What's killing me today is I unlocked 3 scooters (in Nashville) on my way to work just to find each wasn't working. That's a dollar each for the 30 seconds it takes to realize that scooters not working. So is lime leaving broken scooters tipped over on the sidewalks to collect my donations for their repairs? The dollar to unlock needs to go away anyway. I ride 5 times a week, report every issue I find, but because my rides are short the dollar doubles the cost. Frequent riders need a discount on unlocking even when the scooters work..Version: 2.34.0

Need a way to show bikes are reserved.The most awesome experience… 4am NYE ride back to the hotel, what a great opportunity, thanks Lime for making this 2wheel dream a reality… In saying that just between you and me: you need to work on your app interface for payments took me 4 goes and I nearly didn’t bother, then just went through PayPal because I had too, and scanned 7 ‘reserved’ bikes in a 5 km radius. Maybe stick an LED on it that shows it is in use (like taxis do) but otherwise…loving your work!!!!.Version: 3.37.0

First time on a LimeEasy to use app and smooth uneventful ride! So cool! Only reason I didn’t give a 5star is it took a couple of seconds for the throttle to ‘kick in’ which felt unnerving I was expecting instant response but I got used to it. Not 100% confident how it will handle around corners in the wet and have to watch out for big bumps on paths. Otherwise totally rad!.Version: 2.51.0

Great tech support and app for JuicersI’ve had mostly positive experience since I started charging in January. They helped me understand and answered specific questions I had about charging. I haven’t had any issues serving charged scooters except last week and they promptly replied. I learned to take screen shots so I can get a manual payout. Last night was my first night being able to pick up drop offs scooters and I could not serve them. I emailed them and within a few minutes I received a reply and advice. I still can’t serve drop offs but I submitted screenshots and was paid :) Sometimes I can’t harvest a scooter but hey it’s rare. This has become my full time job and I appreciate the opportunity to make a living and be able to provide as a single mom to my small children. And I appreciate the bonus we were just given on February..Version: 2.32.0

Love the idea, but a few flaws...I’m brand new to bike sharing. My husband and I used them while in St. Louis this weekend. For the most part- it was FUN! Here’s my feedback that could make it better for those like us. We do not live in a city, so this is only something we will use on vacations, for that you should be able to pay as you go and not be required to put $10 credit first. Second, we should be able to scan two bikes with the same app to allow family members without a phone (our son, for instance) to ride also. Finally, I wish we could have reserved our bikes while we were at the zoo. I would have gladly continued to pay, but they needed to be locked, so it ended our session. When we returned an hour later, they were gone, and we had to find alternate transportation. This could’ve been an issue if there was not other forms! All of this may be a part of the service already, but it want clear if so from the initial use of the app..Version: 2.7.0

Cool ride on my hog.After considerable comments in the media this week that these scooters would result in certain mayhem and death to the rider, I thought I would give one a go. I feel like a friggin stuntman. It was great..Version: 2.21.0

FanboyThat was a blast and it can carry my300lbs.Version: 3.14.0

Fun but don’t be fooled as it does cost.My husband and I got the app and thought it would be a few bucks to zoom around Adelaide for a bit of site seeing. After all was said and done between us we were charged more than $50 for 2 scooters for an hour and 15 min. It was fun and the scooters worked well but felt the price was misleading..Version: 2.37.0

Great but can def be improvedLoving the scooters. Gets me to work in half the time of the bus and for less $$ Have found lately that there are lots of available scooters that don’t show up on the map. Maybe just a bug? Also there should be a way to reserve a scooter. Super frustrating chasing them down to have them snatched *just* before you get there..Version: 2.32.0

ConvenienceI work in town. Don’t take my car into the city but often find I have things to attend to other than work while in the city. I’m not young (50s) but really love the convince of being able to get somewhere quickly using a scooter. Nice job lime..Version: 2.26.0

ReviewLove using the scooters. However I have one slight complaint about other people using the scooters and hiding them on their sites so the public are unable to use them. Particularly around the ANZ building at Wynyard Quarter in Auckland CBD. That area is gated off to the public however scooters are visible and we can’t access them..Version: 2.27.0

Fun to go on but terrible coverage and often brokenI try and use these when I can because they’re easier than using a Boris bike although the coverage around London is very poor and also typically the bikes won’t work because the stickers will be removed or there will be some other fault with them so in general good fun but don’t ever rely on them if you need to travel around London.Version: 3.22.0

Joel and LynnWe like it’s very much.Version: 3.15.0

Took 4 tim s to find a working limeBattery indicators don’t tell the truth. Unless it’s a full battery I wouldn’t bother. Walking all over cbd, should have just walked home need to be able to reserve lime if close. To find 1 under maintenance, 1 still on hire but no one around, 1 missing I think inside a commercial building & no 4 to flat to work but on 50 %. Not to mention the 2 taken from under my nose by hipster joyriders Fun.Version: 2.22.1

Great ideaFirst time I rode on one today. It was so easy to down load the app and to pay and go. They go extremely well and quite fast. They would be Great for commuting to work on a fine day. More enjoyable than a bus ride as you are in control. Do not go fast through busy areas and be wary of pedestrians..Version: 2.27.0

Fun Fun and Fun!!!Great experience.Version: 3.37.0

Game changingFirst time with an electric bike share and I was very impressed. I am tall and was able to adjust my seat to a suitable height for the first time with a bike share bike. The electric ride was smooth and enjoyable and hopefully they can keep the bikes charged suitably for riding around Sydney. My first but definitely not my last line ride..Version: 2.24.0

BlastGrab a like scooter and ride.Version: 3.17.0

The birthday ride.I ride this scooter to take a video birthday message to my dear friend for her birthday message I chose todo this because when I’m riding the scooter, I’m smiling. I’m simply smiling so wide that i feel as if I am a child again I feel carefree and happy I fed joyous and light. My true self is alive and I wanted her to see me. Not the sad responsibility laden heavy shouldered woman, but a light happy 50 year old woman She is also turning 50 and us frightened of the weight of that age. I wanted to show her my silly happy light hearted 50 year old woman self. We don’t have to be practical and sensible just because we are grown up!! Emmalina pumpkin eater.Version: 3.41.1

ParkingLots of fun riding! Just had to figure out how to park it!.Version: 3.40.0

Staff RideWe had a blast our first time around..Version: 3.19.0

Variable service but hanging in thereA frequent user(approx half dozen times per week) I have a love hate relationship with lime. Saves me heaps of time, but I have been charged without (bike doesn’t unlock etc) and have had to deal with riding damaged bikes. Keep improving as I want to keep using the service.Version: 2.50.0

Great for a quick spinHad a blast with my kids. Better than running after them when they’re on the bike!!.Version: 2.41.0

Fantastic fruitLiterally the best thing since sliced bread! These scooters are fast, (17mph) furious, and amazing! Easy to use map helps you locate your ride. And once you’ve happened upon it’s pinpoint location, if you still can’t find it, you can ping it. Very user friendly and a blast to ride around downtown anywhere available. I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and so wish they were available there. Any time I’m in an area that they’re located you can bet I’ll be on one. Once activated, they disappear from the gps map so that others can’t find and take them. You can pause your ride if say you and a few buddies are riding around downtown bar hopping and simply resume as soon as you get back outside. And let’s say God forbid that someone does jack your ride, you can deactivate the scooter or once it gets so far from your phone it will completely stop. They are the literal best and you absolutely have to try them out if you haven’t. Add it to the bucket list!.Version: 2.108.0

Tour of ParisC’est bon!! It was amazing!! Great way to get around the city if you don’t have much time!.Version: 2.25.0

Great Scoot!Took one for a run during the Brisbane trial. The app worked well and the scoot was plenty powerful and fun. I hope we get to keep them as it's a great way to get around the inner suburbs especially with our rubbish public transport. Only negative was the brakes were really stiff on the one I had but it was clearly brand new and just needing an extra adjustment. The app let me report the issue after I logged off so hopefully those get looked at..Version: 2.24.0

Tracking one downThe first two I followed to use on the gps were already taken! Maybe there could be a way or locking one 5 mins in advance so multiple people aren’t waking towards the same one.Version: 2.20.0

Safe, easy, efficient and funThis was the first time I used Lime and it was a spur of the moment decision to download the app and jump on while on my way to brekkie. In less than 2 minutes I had the app, the scooter and was on my way. I barely needed to kick and the engine was able to take off - effortless. The wheels are hardy with good shock resistance over the sometimes bumpy paving. Steering is sensitive so it’s easy to weave in and out. What’s more, people in Santa Monica are so friendly and seem supportive of the mode of transport so I didn’t feel intrusive..Version: 2.5.0

Wow! To feel like a playful child again !Utterly brilliant ! I tried these in San Diego, the streets and pavements are multi-use. Just think how many car journeys we could save if every city had these? I used to be a “petrol head “ (and still enjoy motorcycles) but now I’m a fan of anything electric! Tesla, Bird, Lime ... cities should make space for these and update the regulatory framework to suit . Lawmakers across the world ...Do it now !.Version: 2.9.0

Best thing that’s happened to BrissyI loved this so much! I grew up in Brisbane and always thought it was a bit boring. But having this easy accessible form of transport while visiting has completely transformed my opinion of Brisbane. I managed to see so much more of the city than I ever have before in a short space of time. I hope they don’t get rid of them.Version: 2.35.0

DFWFirst ride in Dallas. Our bikes worked, the map worked, my bell worked, there’s a nice place to store your phone... And the sounds are cool. No complaints! There are plenty along Katy trail. I did however accidentally push the green button on the card payment twice on accident and it charged me $20 onto my “wallet” so now i feel like i HAVE to use it, and didn’t get my “first ride free”. It will automatically charge you $10 to put in your “bank” on the app. (Sneaky) ....There wasn’t a way to undo my double tap. (I was new and barely learning the app, so I was a little annoyed there wasn’t a warning.) And another downfall is that I’m from Fort Worth. It would be cool if if they had these on Trinity trail! We have bikes along it, but the red ones that get locked up and need to be paid for at the certain locations & returned. (I have my own bike as well but it’s nice to drop them off wherever without the hassle of loading) . Additionally , I see the company carries scooters, having more scooters around would be fun. I don’t see any near DFW.Version: 2.4.0

Terrible appConstantly unlock bikes to find they are out of battery and get charged unlocking fee!! App continually crashes and has nil information error. Great when you get a scooter that works, but that unfortunately is rare. Will only use if no other option..Version: 2.60.0

Parking nightmare solved!Heading to the MN State Fair, a friend suggested we use the Lime app and save ourselves $40 in parking by parking our car about a mile away and finding some Lime bikes to ride to the entrance to the fair. We were a little skeptical, but downloaded the app anyway. Parking at the fair is usually stressful and costly, and our day today included neither of those words. The app was easy to install and set up a profile/payment option, and the bikes worked great! The best part was we didnt have to find a docking station, we just dropped them right next to the sidewalk and walked across the street to the entrance.(I think everyone else was jealous). Upon leaving the fair, we found a bike and a scooter to ride back to our car a mile away. The scooter was really fun! We will definitely be recommending this app to friends looking to save money on parking and to those just looking to have a fun activity to do!.Version: 2.13.0

Ride history bugThere seems to be a bug with the ride history with the e bike. I’ve done 10 rides and only once has the ride history shown the route of my journey. The rest of the rides show either the pickup location or a straight line from the pickup and destination location. The ebike can take some time to get use to. To ride and slow speed when you have to navigate tricky areas you have to brake and pedal at the same time. The motor is not as fast as I would of hoped for. It will get you up a hill be very slowly. This would make me very nervous to take the bike on a busy road. But having said all that it has reminded me of the joy I had as a kid riding around. The ebike is a lot more practical than other non electric share bikes around which are just too much hard work to pedal on one tall gear..Version: 2.29.1

Customer ServiceI had a wonderful experience with an accidental issue of an extra $10 to my account. Was refunded within an hour..Version: 2.25.0

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