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RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App app received 183 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App? Can you share your negative thoughts about recmycalls - call recorder app?

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RecMyCalls - Call Recorder App for Negative User Reviews

You failed as an app when I needed it the mostThis was really important that I had these calls recorded. I followed instructions. You failed as an app. When I went back to listen to my recordings they were blank. I will not only be not referring you, I will be going everywhere I can to give you horrid reviews. I’m a single mom who deals with a narcissistic and emotional abuser regularly. The only way anyone can ever prove that in court is with recordings. Take your job seriously..Version: 4.34

Charges Fees Without KnowledgeThis is a terrible app. I thought that this app was free and it was charging me $30+ within one month!!! This is very unethical business!.Version: 2.1

Gratuit 👎🏻On fait une recherche pour application qui peux servir a parfois et apres avoir tout lu tu a des frais attrape non merci!!!.Version: 2.1

Rip offI purchased the app years ago before ‘subscriptions’ were a thing, and now I’m being forced to subscribe. Ripped off..Version: 4.7

Cheat consumers to subscribeIt gives pretty tricky notification to users to say "you can experience a 7-day trial and then will subscribe until you cancel". It doesn't directly ask you if you want to subscribe, only "7-day trial and then..." which misguides users as if you have the second chance to choose after the 7-day trial. If you click 'ok' then it would start to rip you off. It automatically makes you subscribe it even after you uninstall it until you cancel the subscription in iTunes Store. But before you find this your money might have gone..Version: 1.6

Will not recordHas worked but for some reason the merged calls show up. When the recorded screen is refreshed there are no new calls. I have emailed support but heard nothing. Paid for the year and seems a wast of money..Version: 1.18

DisappointingI like apps which do not ask me for my card before I even try it, you end up getting notification from your card and you can’t even remember which is which taking your money. Can you make the app free for at least 10days then if someone is satisfied he will go ahead and give his card info. Otherwise for me when i see apps like this I install and uninstall immediately as soon as it starts asking for my card before i even know how it works.Version: 4.18

Recording quality is bad and lost a recording.I’ve used other recording apps in the past with great success. I downloaded this app quickly in a pinch to record something to be used in court. The first issue is that it calls the person using a out of state number which draws suspicion. Then when they answer and it starts recording it makes a very loud beep which everyone hears. Then once playing the recording back I literally cannot hear myself it’s so quiet, but the other party sounds good. The second 16 minute conversation I tried recording is completely blank. It’s nothing but static. This app was a complete waste of time and money..Version: 2.4

Don’t likePlease cancel my subscription.Version: 4.35

Not workingThe app, not recording I I tried to contact them but there is no answer. If my problem is fixed I will change my comment.Version: 4.15

Cant even use it without payingThis is so bad, I want to give you a zero, but I can’t, so I’m giving you a 1!.Version: 4.22

CallRecorder FailI was unable to make this app work. I never recorded a single message. I had friends try to work it out, but they were also unabLe to. And then I find out I have been charged three subscriptions of $12.99 for this non-service. To be fair I should have canceled the subscription so that is my own fault. But my visa statement just says Apple and doesn’t identify the product or service so I assumed this large amount of $12.99 was for Spotify or something useful. I recommend avoiding this product.Version: 2.4

Horrible - Stay clear of this one!Like many on here, I did my 7 day free trial. I did let it laps, and agree I should have been charged heading into my second week. However, I had canceled the membership, yet had been continuously being charged. I have a stop payment now on my card, now weekly receive emails, letting me know this same app is trying to charge my card, and is not successful. Now, I cannot even download a single app on this iphone, because of this stupid app, and my billing disputes. THIS APP/COMPANY IS HORRIBLE, AND EVERYONE SHOULD STAY CLEAR. I thought Apple supposedly did a better job on screening apps, but apparently not..Version: 2.2

No pricingBefore you can take advantage of the seven day free trial you have to sign up with automatic renewals, but no mention of the cost.Version: 1.18

HossainThe apps it doesn’t work when I want to try to call is going to service call but even so just call it doesn’t pick u.Version: 1.18

TerribleDoesn't work at all.Version: 1.13

Numéro hors QcLe numéro à contacter pour faire l’enregistrement est dans le code régional 294, i.e. hors Qc, alors mon forfait cellulaire ne permet même pas d’appeler, donc app une utile pour moi. Zut..Version: 4.34

PurchaseI want to try and I press $7 and I get charge 77.99 I don’t want this. How can I cancel? Please.Version: 1.17

Waste of timeCame across this app and thaught it would be a nice idea . Downloaded and installed and that’s where the good part ended. When I tried to open app it told me I was subscribed to trial and if I wanted to continue and that was the end of road for me. Even so I wanted other then a bunch of non descriptive errors there was not much. Also almost $50 for a subscription on yearly basis or $10 a month is quite high for something basic like this. I get you want to make money but that’s a bit high for a basic service. Also it should work in first place . That’s a hard pass for me.Version: 4.28

Impossible to cancelTried using the app never worked Tried to cancel Seem almost impossible to do that seems like a bit of a scam as everything is So awaiting obviously I bill to come now.Version: 4.37

Membership cancelationHi I canceled my membership few days after I signed up but the app still charging me even tho I deactivated my account i just noticed it tonight..Version: 3.11

Won’t let me unsubscribeThis app seems like a big scam and it won’t let you unsubscribe.Version: 1.18

What a rip off$12 a week, not a chance, great idea but your kidding yourself for that price..Version: 4.10

GarbageThis app steals your money!! Don’t download.Version: 1.18

BadAnyone know how I can get hold of the owner of this app ASAP? They’ve took over £50 from me and I had the app for one day still taking £7 a month now and it’s leaving me with nothing.Version: 2.12

Difficult to useNo clear instruction how to record incoming calls.Version: 4.36

5sec waste when use the callTo hard going to recording to manny things use the call.Version: 4.34

Do not downloadIt sneakily subscribes you and is difficult to unsubscribe. Overpriced and not worth it. I reckon the 5 star ratings are made up by the developers.Version: 1.18

DisappointedDissatisfied Did not work.Version: 4.30

Terrible service .Terrible service . Don’t waste your money.Version: 4.37

Has been impossible to cancel!I downloaded to use the trial version which I ended up not using. I tried to CANCEL before the trial was up and it did not work. I was charged $8.73/ week! I tried again and the option through the app said "cancel" but then the screen just leads to prompts relating to reporting a technical issue. I contacted PayPal and iTunes to try and stop payment, which was successful for that current charge but EACH week I am again getting charged $8.73. There is no number to call. Also, I read other reviews that complained about the same thing. This is EXTREMELY frustrating!!!.Version: 2.6

FraudDownloaded without knowing the monthly fee. Now they keep sending me bill even after I canceled the subscription. Do not download it..Version: 1.18

DON’T EVEN DOWNLOADI downloaded this app. Opened it once to check it out. The first info it had was that it’s $7.99 a week. I closed the app and deleted it. I NEVER agreed to anything or clicked on anything. It also downloaded on my daughter’s phone. Well they started changing me $7.99 twice every week. By the time I balance my credit card statement, I had been billed 8 times for $7.99. Again, I only opened the app and deleted it right away. Total rip-off..Version: 2.4

I want my money back !!!I probably downloaded this app a while ago and deleted cause it didn’t work then forgot . My toddler just recently started talking he was picking my calls I got excited and decided to quickly download any record app to record him it said free trial only to charge even at that it didn’t work after Charging me 8dollars and some change not only did it not work it wanted me to purchase another app free trial which I did confusing I deleted both same hour i could not use it and I don’t want to pls refund thanks ..Version: 2.8

Careful scamThis app will only take ur money as subscription. Lucky i stopped the DL half way.Version: 1.13

Doesn’t work!!!What a load of rubbish! Doesn’t work only makes a high pitched sound when playing back the recorded calls. Waste of time do not bother!.Version: 2.11

I give upI use this app. Usually poor quality Today I use it and get 12 minutes of hold Music and not the interview. What a waste of my time and money..Version: 2.4

Scam! Warning warningI have been trying to cancel my subscription but they are not letting me do that. Have also complained to Apple but they seem to let this company continue scamming people. So far I have not had my money returned. It is still not allowing me to cancel my subscription. Scary!.Version: 1.18

Ok so, it is Absolutely how as advertisedI am a software developer myself, and I absolutely Hate marketing lies to ramp up numbers. This app does Not allow a feature right in the phone app that you can just click to record as advertised. If its an incoming call you literally have to tell the other caller to hold on exit the app the phone app, find their app, click record, CALL the record number, then merge the call back with your caller. Not worth more than $5 a month. Literally just a voice messaging system to stay on the line with you, and takes up your other line. Better off recording from another device..Version: 4.30

Way too complicated & A complete rip offIf you’re looking for a discreet, user friendly, affordable app for recording you calls, THIS IS NOT IT!This app is the worst. It is not intuitive and requires to many steps. I was trying to record a very important conversation that was lost due to the calls not merging properly. Nothing about the recording process is smooth. It is not discreet either. There is a loud beep that happens once the calls are merged. On two occasions while recording the app caused a blaring tone that me and the other person on the line could hear. It did not stop until I hung up. With RecMyCalls being such a malfunctioning, hard to use and no frills app, imagine my surprise when I realized there was a WEEKLY fee of $8.50. That’s $34 A MONTH! That’s a complete rip off and not at all worth it. I have to start paying closer attention the “after trial” costs..Version: 2.10

Very bad softwareI tried three times following the steps of outgoing call. It seemed like it recorded the whole conversation but only found out that nothing was recorded on the file.Version: 1.18

App doesn’t workRecoding system service doesn’t work have tried to make contact but no response from company.Version: 4.31

U can’t be serious!Weekly 10$, for what? are we out of our minds? 40$ per month to record phone calls ? what a ripoff!.Version: 2.2

CancellationI want to cancel this subscription, but there doesn’t seem to be an option for this. Is there anyone who could help me?.Version: 2.3

MenothappyDoesn’t mention that there is a rip off monthly charge would give 0 stars if it would allow me.Version: 1.18

Solutions to Previous ReviewIt would be extremely helpful to know which concerns you were able to address and make adjustments or solve going forward. While I appreciate a personal conversation, the end result of sharing this information will help all that want to leverage your app and technology. Thank you!.Version: 3.9

CrapI cannot use this to call my voice mail on iPhone 7 even if added separate contact for voicemail it does not work. Really disappointing, want my money back....Version: 1.18

Not free..!You have to pay $5.24 + taxes to have this app 😳 what a waste!.Version: 1.14

RobbersYou use the free download, which has signed you up automatically for $12.99 per week unless you cancel in 3 days. This practice should be made illegal.Version: 2.2

HorribleYeah the app works great navigating through but when it comes to actually getting your recordings it takes forever to save a 5 minute conversation and it may or may not actually record anything when you finally go to listen to it. I had this happen 3 different times. All you hear is ringing and then air sounds. It doesn’t work with Bluetooth which by search you find that out. But it may also not even work with WiFi calling. That’s something that’s definitely not mentioned. Beyond annoyed with this application..Version: 2.4

Don’t install this app!!Worst app ever!! I tried the one week trial and wasn’t able to even make it work so I cancelled the subscription but was still getting monthly payments posted on my bank account. I have used the help service to get a hold of someone for assistance and I haven’t been getting a response. I have been forced to remove my iTunes payment information to avoid payments being posted for an app I don’t use 😖😖.Version: 1.18

I’ve downloaded buy the Icon don’t appear in my phone neither in my purchasesI’ve downloads but I don’t know where the app is in my phone it simply doesn’t appear in my screen. Registering here in case I get charged I will want my money back.Version: 3.9

Billing every month without our permissionThey seems hungry to earn the money or thief, for a week free and not even subscribed but they started to collect the money every month £7.49 without my knowledge it’s unfair..Version: 1.17

Rip offDo not buy this app.Version: 1.18

The recording cuts off before the call is over....I do Numerology readings over the phone that take up to 2 hours or more and the last two I’ve done where I’ve used this recorder have cut out around 2 hours, both before the call was complete. Now I have a client who is missing a portion of their reading (a key reference too) and I now need to schedule another call to cover what has been left out. This is a waste of both of our time..Version: 1.17

HorribleAbsolutely terrible! I would never ever recommend this! Doesn’t work! This should be taken off App Store! If you need something to record go elsewhere!.Version: 4.38

ScamDownloaded this and used it once. Just realised months later it's been charging me monthly for an app I deleted months ago. Have contacted their support team to be removed from this billing list. This is not a transparent service and if not resolved quickly I will take it up with Apple.Version: 1.17

Developers get rich schemeYou sign up to a 3 or 7 day trial after which you are charged £6.99 per week!!!!! I might have paid £5 as a once off - but you must be joking at near on £7 per week. Perhaps the developer relies on folk forgetting to cancel. On checking their bank statement a month hence and realizing their error! Or perhaps it’s for the rich, or those who can claim business expense!.Version: 1.18

CancellationWhen i bought this app, that day i remove my ID and app. But today, i got email from apple for payment of this app. I do not want to buy this app. How can i do?.Version: 2.1

Dropped a call and didn’t save recordingI’ve successfully gone through app registration with confirmation code I received by text. As per instructions I’ve managed to start the recording on my first outbound call and for the first 4 minutes everything was going great, but the CALL GOT DROPPED and I suspect it was because of the app. When I tried to redial using this app, it asked me to go through registration process with confirmation code AGAIN. And the RECORDING from first 4 mins of the call was NEVER SAVED, even though the call was merged with recording phone line as per instructions!.Version: 1.17

Can’t cancelEasy to sign up but makes it hard to cancel subscription.Version: 4.18

Not freeThis will cost you £9 a month if you even down load the free 7 day version - appears impossible to get out of this ....Version: 2.1

Complete ripoffComplete ripoff. The app doesn’t work and they charge you 9.99/week!.Version: 2.3

Free trialI subscribed for this service, they advertised the service for 3days free trial and start charging after trial had finished. When I checked my statement my credit card has been charged straight away after clicking and accepting the trial offer. I need a refund. Regards.Version: 3.12

Ripping off curious customersIt was 7 day free trial. I did unsubscribe within 1 hour and after 7 days they still charged me. The developer is ripping off the curious customers..Version: 1.13

Scam!!! Rips you offScam!!! downloaded this app, it make zero mention of any charge but 7 days later they charge me $11 for renewal. It doesnt even work very well. It sucks..Version: 1.18

App doesn’t work!Service number is non-existant, what a waste of money!.Version: 4.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!I am an avid Apple user. In fact, this is my first complaint in over 10 years using Apple. This app uses a bait and switch technique to trick you into signing up for trial period. Being that I use many Apple products, I do have repeated charges on my bank account. Until I made my way through to my App Store subscription history on a whim...that’s where I saw I was being charged $7.99 A WEEK from April 2018 to January 2018! A hefty price to pay for an app only used once because the app is garbage. Do not download. Save yourself the stress..Version: 2.11

Shady developersI’m not subscribed but I’m being charge $7 a week for this service??? I contacted support that lists options of a refund, subscription cancellation. They’re refusing though to do both. On my end this app isn’t something that shows it’s been a subscription….I’m furious. They’ve pushed the issue unto Apple to issue me a refund when it’s clearly them who has to do it. They want ppl to believe they aren’t in charge of the funds however receive it just fine on their end. Look at the reoccurring subscription and remove me, I’ve done so on my end, I shouldn’t have been charged. It’s not worth the download. This isn’t my first app so I’m pretty sure I know how to remove a subscription correctly. If I’m charged again then it’s clear the developers are illegally charging consumers..Version: 4.34

CumbersomeOnce upon a time I designed a call recording app but never developed so this was of interest to me. I installed it and it just feels cumbersome not easy to use you have to call a different number for what I don’t know to get the call recorded. I’m sure it’s because Apple won’t let you add plug-ins to add functionality to the Phone app. I also received a call but did not see where I could start my recording. I also went into the preferences to see if I can record all incoming and out going calls and did not see that either..Version: 1.18

Misleading marketingWhere do I begin? The IG ad shows a record button on the default phone screen grid. The intro video on the app download shows 70k 5-star reviews, while the app only has 21k mixed reviews. The merge call feature looks like 2 taps when in reality it's a convoluted process that involves many steps and permissions to your contact list. The sad reality is this app is barely usable, has a weekly cost and honestly if a company has to lie in advertising, it's a hard pass for me. I also see the app developers blanket responding to complaints with a generic response, Apple needs to ban misleading apps like this..Version: 4.30

Never Able To Use Due to ErrorI have had this app for about a week now and I paid for the yearly subscription. Every sing day I have tried to open this app and it keeps telling me there is an error. I am so upset because I really needed this app for something important and now I can’t even use it AND I wasted $50 I don’t really have to waste…There is also no one to reach out to about my concerns. How do I get my money back?.Version: 4.29

The worst appHow can u charge me for nothing? when I first downloaded the app I deleted in the same day and haven’t used it, I realized that u’’ve taken more than £100 and I was lucky that I realized and cancelled the subscription that I haven’t done myself! is that fair ?.Version: 2.7

Useless AppI purchased this app and was unable to use it. The sound quality was so bad that I can barely here the recording. To many step to just record incoming and outgoing. I want my refund back. Also, you must subscribe with them in order for this app to work. The catch is the subscription is a monthly charge and it hard to cancel the subscriptions. There is no contact information from. I tried to cancel thru Apple which I hope will work..Version: 1.18

SCAMThis is not a free app, it scams you to upgrade without being able to use the recorder..Version: 3.14

Utter waste of MoneyI bought this app paid my money and in return have an app that doesn’t record. I’m using iPhone 7+ my network carrier is Movistar/Telefonica not some back street provider. I have all merging facility on my account but..... the app company still will not accept responsibility for this app not working. Do Not Buy !!!.Version: 1.14

Not a free appWhen you advertise free app or word it in a way to make sound it’s free then you need to pay to use after downloading that’s not good sorry.Version: 2.11

Not FreeIn order to use a 7 day free trial you have to give details for them to be able to take payment for after the 7 days. Gives no details on how to cancel.....Version: 1.13

App doesnt connect the phone lineThis is not what I paid for the phone line doesn’t always go through.Version: 4.37

Mr MWhy you we have to pay only because is recording ? I think is not right this one because there are a lot options to record free..Version: 1.12

Fake appIt’s always show preparing recording. Never record anything..Version: 2.4

Didn’t RecordFollowed instructions repeatedly and app didn’t connect nor record.Version: 2.7

Doesn’t work and made me look completely unprofessionalGot an incoming call that needed to be recorded as it was hugely important. Downloaded this app for the job. The call came in, I followed the instructions from earlier. The app put the person that called me on hold and then wouldn’t merge the calls to record it. The person calling me put the phone down. Nearly lost a massive opportunity because of this app. Do not use..Version: 2.12

Anything that ask for trial I instantly deleteGot as far as installing this app. Instantly deleted it once start asking for payments and trial. Not a big fan! There are other apps around that will do just like this without the subscription..Version: 2.10

FraudThis fraud, it doesn’t record when needed.Version: 1.18

Not good for my iPhone 8 PlusNot got to use it and I was asked for my billing info right off. . Next thing I know a long distance number kept flashing and then my cell phone screen froze .. I had to let my cell battery die and then pray it rebooted after charging it back up. 😑 want to take this off my cell and not be charged the 7.99 weekly and 9.99 monthly that I was asked to sign up for prior to killing my screen. Have not had this on my cell more than 12 hours. Help.Version: 2.2

Deleting app 20 minutes after I downloadedI tried to make a call and it didn’t work. I tried again choosing my contact and following the directions but it didn’t connect or allow me to “merge.” So I tried again and it didn’t connect so I tried to add the contact again in the same call and something recorded but not the call. Too much hassle. There’s a 7 day free trial so I’m deleting the app now. Please don’t charge me. If there’s anything I need to do to ensure I am not charged, let me know. Thanks and sorry it didn’t work out..Version: 1.14

SneakyComes up as free app but when you try to open, then tells you the price to run. Very false..Version: 1.13

Cannot make call selectionCannot select a number say 2 for dog adoptions.Version: 4.24

Can’t cancel subscriptionSo I was doing the free trial and then cancelled my subscription, at least I thought so. But I got charged for the app... and I tried calling Apple, iTunes and all to manage my subscriptions but they told me I had to contact whoever I got the app from... I can’t find a phone number to call so now I’m stuff with a recurring payment for an app I had deleted and closed the account for a while back already. I’ll have to report them as an unauthorized charge on my account and block them. Do not get this app, there are plenty more out there..Version: 2.1

FraudThey charged me £6.99/week for an app that was deleted right after downloading. Even the rating is false. Avoid this completely. What a horrible company!.Version: 3.9

Shosuld be easy but it’s not1star.Version: 4.22

Not workingThe app simply not working in the UK. When I dial the special number the main call just remains in hold. That’s it. Nothing is happening. Customer service told me this is not their problem in very rude way!.Version: 2.2

Not convenient, efficient, or well-thought-out.I am a professional that needs to monitor and record phone conversations. What I need: A fast efficient convenient call recording app What the paid version of this app does: • does not allow you to record calls automatically when someone calls you which makes you miss part of the conversation or requires you to not receive the call and must call the person back one set up •You have to open the app, look up their name with access to your contacts or know the phone number to enter in the dial pad,Call the app phone number, call the person, press the merge button to record a call • App will not record the sound of you dialing someone and clips the beginning of the conversation due to the emerge of call features. • due to the merge feature, you are basically making a three-way call so your minutes are doubled on your phone plan if that’s an issue •Once recorded, there is not a clear option to email a copy to yourself. You must save the recording as a file, open the file, and then forward the file in an email to yourself. • calls are listed buy newest first and cannot be filed or organized. To the developer: I am a verified purchaser of this app and user. Please do not contact me to change my review just to increase the rating unless you actually want professional feedback on how to change the app..Version: 2.11

Rip offI have downloaded it and then deleted it but still I have to pay weekly subscription. Never ever install this app. Rubbish.Version: 2.2

Not enough timeNot enough time to answer the phone by another person??.Version: 2.1

DanThey are liars and theives , be careful don’t dowload this app. Cause you will be charged via ur Paypal even for a trial time 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼.Version: 1.18

UselessTried about 10 times but it never worked. Wouldn’t let me merge the calls and therefore didn’t record. Useless!.Version: 2.1

Not free, don’t work...simpleIt’s not free....3 day trial then £6.99 a week!! Then the app crashes and glitches as you press the get started button. Now if you can’t program an app to go past the setup page I’m not giving you penny!! Wish apple would keep an eye on shoddy app developers get rich quick schemes. This app wasn’t rated when I downloaded it but a week later it is with as many 1 stars as 5 star reviews...down load at your own risk or save your money give it to charity. Kmft..Version: 1.18

Not FreeDon’t waste your time downloading unless you want to pay to use :).Version: 4.14

Don’t use this App it sucks the cash out of youBuyer beware don’t download this app.Version: 4.24

Scam..!!!!!!Didn’t realise that I installed this app. Every 2 weeks £7.49 was taken from my account as subscription. Worst is yet to be told this app never worked as I was about to uninstall I checked the app and nothing was recorded ever..Version: 1.18

Waste of time total ripoffI paid the whole amount that’s the 1year subscription but the app does not record anything I am using this app on iPhone X . I’m very disappointed with this app please do not purchase and waste your money any time..Version: 1.17

Charge you without any noticeDO NOT download.Version: 1.18

Thieves!!!!As I’ve stated twice before, I cancelled this subscription through my settings per the instructions provided by the developer. They are still trying to bill me. I switched my method of payment to an empty bank account so they can’t steal more of my money. I can’t update my phone without adding money to that bank account but as soon as I do I’ll get charged again. UPDATE: I just found out that the security of my iPhone has been compromised by this app, I’m reporting it to Apple in the hopes that they’ll remove it permanently..Version: 2.3

C’est complètement abusé!!10$ par semaine...faut vraiment être malade pour payer ça...😂😂.Version: 2.2

When you cancel your subscription take a screen shotWhen I realised I hadn’t cancelled my subscription and this app was taking money from my account I tried to cancel it but have just discovered they have continued to withdraw money. Very unimpressed.Version: 2.3

No contact information or helpI had no intention of getting this app, I was trying to get some information on recording and the next thing I know it’s got a screen saying thank you get started. I do not want this app I do not know how to get rid of this app I do not want to pay for this app I do not know how to cancel this app I would hope that somebody would contact me and figure out what needs to be done if this in activated. It placed an icon on my phone. I deleted that off and I have no idea what’s going on but this is not a good thing that you can’t even touch your phone without all the sudden signing up for something. I want to send but because I didn’t pick a star rating it won’t send. I am forced to have to pick at least one star in order to send my complaint..Version: 2.1

FraudThis app is a fraud. After downloading it they will charge you $10 month, this information is not disclosed before downloading the app..Version: 2.3

Record your phone callsThis app is fake it charges you 699 a week and it crashes and doesn’t work it advertises on Facebook it’s free but it’s not and it does not work well with your phone highly recommend do not download.Version: 2.2

No GoodDifficult to use and it makes music and beeps on the line that is audible to the person on the other end of the call..Version: 2.3

Will this charge me now?? Fraudulent if yes.I just downloaded this as it was free and immediately saw all the negative reviews so instantly cancelled it. I did not even open the app. It was on there for a total of 90seconds. Will i be charged now?!!?!? Need someone from the company to respond asap to confirm that i will not!! Also. Since writing this review. I see that the 3.4 rating is also a scam!! Alot of the so called 5star reviews are also complaints!! This is all very suspicious and the App store should automatically be recalling apps that have so many complaints/bad reviews to protect against fraud!!.Version: 2.15

Terrible appA total waste of money doesn’t record calls. Didn’t even know it was a subscription so feel conned. Should tell you clearer it’s a chargeable app..Version: 1.17

Why am I being charged when I have not even set up the account ??I have not even set up this app and I am being charged 7.99 for a week for a very long time my children who keep an account of my card have brought this to my attention you don’t even have my phone number on records than how can you start charging???? Please look into this urgently and stop charging plus refund my money back to me.Version: 2.15

Too difficultHave to first answer the call and then merge the call for this to work. This takes too long and does not work half the time.Version: 4.33

Doesn’t even work!I subscribed to the free trial (the app doesn’t give you any other option). I then tried the app and it doesn’t even work!? Don’t bother with this app!!.Version: 2.4

Life saver with some bugsGreat app, saved me much angst trying to record research phone call interviews. They’ve kept the interface very easy to use. Would be helpful to be able to label the calls in the app interface rather than after download. (Easy to download straight to Google Drive). But: - insanely loud beep at the start of approximately half the calls, not real nice. - calls drop when merging maybe 1/4 of the time using. Frustrating, but not the end of the universe. - asking to rate the app when I’m trying to make a scheduled call and the app freezing until I respond is not helpful in the slightest..Version: 2.1

Not good.Calls won’t merge. Didn’t work at all. Using iphone7.Version: 1.18

I wouldn’t recommendI have used this to record short calls with people and was ok, but the most important call I wanted recorded which was over 10 minutes just gave me white noise, so if your planning on having a call over 10 minutes go look somewhere else.Version: 4.35

Good at firstThis App generally recorded without issue when calling personal cell numbers. But calling businesses or 800 numbers audio drops out once trying to merge calls. When the merge call button is pushed, audio on the original call that is trying to be recorded - goes mute. The call takes several attempts to merge and in the process the audio is lost. The person who answered the call cannot hear you and you cant hear them and they hang up. This has happened consistently for weeks when calling any business or when there are prompts, options, or being tranferred to another extension..Version: 2.7

Not free but £6.99 a week !!!!Not only did the app not work unknowingly I was being charged £6.99 a week thankfully as soon as I was aware of this a quick call to Apple customer service had it sorted and just under £50 put back into my bank account. Hopefully Apple will remove this bunch of crooks from the App Store..Version: 2.1

Can’t emailCan’t share via email. Too many steps to record. Should be more automated. Why do I have to merge w/number in Manitoba when I work in BC? Where would I find another more local/ regional number to merge with? I might dump this app. Wu.Version: 2.2

Monthly fee of 9,99$ !So unnecessary!.Version: 1.17

Waste timeIt’s very hard to use in Australia, but the cancellation looks like easy..Version: 2.2

A big RIP offApple should protect us by not letting those developer supplying any other apps after those kind off rip off technics, 13$ per weeks for months covered under an apple receipt that you trust!! For what ? For just trying the app once and because there is no account you technically don’t understand how to cancel it. It deteriorate the image of apple and the trust we have for it. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THAT APP!!!.Version: 3.0

Please refund my subscriptionDisappointed to find I have been charged $114 AUD for an annual subscription when I did NOT select this option. I was under the assumption I was on a free trial for 3 days. I have cancelled the subscription and have requested a refund through iTunes. It would be worth looking at your UI. This is the first time this has happened to me as a customer on the App Store..Version: 3.4

Stay away they charge your billSo I signed up and all was working well so I thought, then I checked my phone bill I’ve been charged £20 for two phone calls to a Australian number while using this service, what a scam. I will be contacting trading standards and Apple so we can get rid of these con merchants.Version: 1.18

TrashDoesn’t work don’t waste your time..Version: 4.35

What wasteWhat a scam.The don’t tell you that it cost money when you download the app it’s a waste of time..Version: 2.1

ThiefEven when I deactivated my account I’ve still been charged the monthly payment, robbed blind by these scumbags, should’ve seen it coming..Version: 1.18

Don’t touch itVery unclear on charging. I ended up with a 6.99 a week subscription without even realising until the first payment was taken. Ster clear.Version: 1.18

Liars, not free, waste of download timeLiars, not free, waste of download time.Version: 4.38

It cost very too muchI’d paid only 4.99 for this app, but I think that paying for a monthly license is a bit exaggerated..Version: 1.17

I want to RefundMistaken to press I need to refund As soon as possible.Version: 1.14

Do not useThey charge international call charges for recordings - I was charged £58 for a 20mins recording in the process of dealing legal advice as this is wrong to do and doesn’t say anywhere in the t&c’s or small print - stay clear of this app.Version: 4.37

Stole my moneyThese app stole $190 dollars in a month from my account, I used once for fun. It’s a compulsory subscription. Be careful.....Version: 2.1

Took my moneyI got this app for a day, ONE DAY. then i deleted it from my phone and thought i cancelled my subscription. the app charged me over $100 and when i emailed them asking for a refund since i used the app for less than a day... they never emailed me back and i never got my refund. $100 isnt cheap. basically got scammed, they never responded..Version: 3.16

Awful beyond awfulThey miss sell. It’s hard to use. They get your card details and keep taking the money. Hard to get in touch w problems. Sneaky way to get a subscription because unless u log into iTunes and unsubscribe you can’t get rid and they keep billing you. No way!.Version: 3.17

RUBBISHAbsolutely awful doesn’t even work downloaded to try it out alas I have an important call coming in a couple of days and it literally doesn’t record what you say it’s puts a couple of words together.Version: 4.18

Cancellation does not workThe app does not allow cancellation and will charge you even if you have tried to cancel through the app.Version: 2.12

Not goodI’m bailing out because a three day trial is not enough time to evaluate the app.... If it were one or two weeks then I might have had time to play with it and then decide whether it was worthwhile to keep.....Version: 1.18

Waste of time!!The service numbers in Australia don’t even work. Total waste of time. Don’t even bother! This app doesn’t work..Version: 2.7

Do not download!! It’s not FreeDo not make the mistake and download this app it will just take up space on your phone. This app tells you you can buy six months or one year and pay a monthly fee. They do have the option of trying it for free for seven days if you give your credit card information which they will automatically enroll you in one of their points. I can imagine their business is just doing so well from this deceptive app!.Version: 1.15

To catch a murdererBeyond dumbfounded, the call makes a beep at the beginning of the merging of the recording and the acceptance of the phone call alerting the person who's been recorded something is going on!? I am literally typing phone calls with someone who has committed a crime and has yet to be charged, your product is lousy. You can't even turn it off. I haven't renewed I've turned off the auto renew. I'll find another app but I honestly don't need any more stress than what I am going through, because you have a stupidly designed product.Version: 4.24

They still charge although I have cancel subscriptionI used this up for a few weeks. I did cancel the subscription, but I still get charged for it, even if I don’t have it anymore.Version: 2.4

Beeps like crazyBecause of the “beep” any thing with “press 1” and stuff are canceled. And you can’t reach anyone..Version: 1.17

Trop compliqué avec iPhone.Est ce qu’on ne peut pas enregistrer sans faire toutes les manœuvres. Ça perd du temps, fait des bip bip quand on saisit..Version: 4.38

Not goodIt’s very difficult to record someone. You have to call them and then tell them to hold on go to the other line and then come back. not only that, once you do get your recordings their unable to load. It continues to say “ server error “ This app is not even worth $10. There’s no customer service or no one to help you out in regards to the trouble that comes with trying to get the best out of this app.Version: 4.29

Fraudulent practicesThis App/Company debited my account for exorbitant amounts of money on a weekly basis without my consent. There is no contact info for this company. I would advise definitely not to use this app or this company.Version: 1.18

RubbishDoesn’t work..Version: 1.18

AchatJe n’ai pas fait l’achat de votre application et vous m’avez chargé 5,16$ je ne veux plus que vous prenez mon argent.Version: 4.26

SimplicityTo record you have to keep hitting add then it pauses, should just record automatically when you dial or ring a number without pressing more buttons.Version: 3.5

Stolen by this appThey took from me and my wife $180 just over a month. Compulsory subscription and when you find out, it’s too late, money is gone. Be careful..Version: 2.1

So averageThe thing I want more than anything is for it to automatically record all calls..Version: 4.31

SamIt looks free but it asks for money as soon as you open it the first time, filled my iPhone with junk! Not recommended..Version: 2.2

Audible “BEEEEP” during callsI thought an app like this would never come back to iOS. Here we are. My only issue with this app is that when you are recording a call, about 15 seconds into the recording, both you and the person on the other end can hear a loud “beeeep” identical to an answering machine. That is not very discrete..Version: 4.37

MoneyTakes money and no where to cancel sneaky subscription.Version: 1.12

It’s a trap do not downloadIt’s a trap if you want to pay $100 for an app download it otherwise once you download it asks you to pay $99.Version: 3.17

Bad serviceBad service.Version: 2.4

Ridicoulously expensiveFar from a free app, 10$ per week in canada! Simply redicoulous for an app that does something that other apps do for free..Version: 1.18

Such a rip offNeed to record every call manually, biggest rip off. I want my $70 back.Version: 1.14

Being charged unfairlyI downloaded this app, and use the free subscription, and now i have been charged $115 for it. I deleted this app straight away bcoz i was unable to merge the calls to record! This is ridiculous! I have unsubscribed to this have been charged the full rate of a yearly subscription..Version: 3.3

WasteI tried to record a call I really needed. The app closed when I made a call. Doesn’t work. Just cancel the free trial. I better not see a charge on my card. It’s only been day 2 is this app.Version: 1.17

Canceled during trial but they kept chargingI was just reviewing some past credit card charges I noticed that even after I canceled this app, they kept charging me for six months! After spending about an hour connected with Apple support, they would only agree to refund two of the six months. Based on reading other similar reviews, I wonder if this might be intentional. By the way, the app didn’t work at all. At least not for me..Version: 2.8

Don’t fall for itThey will charge you after the trial and you will lose your money even if you don’t want the full subscription.Version: 4.37

Very poor valueWho the heck would want to pay a subscription of over £15 a month just for the facility to record a call now and again My mobile charge subscription is only this each month !!! Mad price, put me off at once the developer is silly as such a high price will prevent mass market penetration When it gets down to a one off payment at around £10 I may be interested, until then it’s very poor value for any ‘normal’ use..Version: 2.10

J’ai annulé et ils continuent de prendre des frais sur ma visaJ’ai essayé de joindre et d’envoyer un rapport et sans succès 😡.Version: 4.27

This App is a ScamThis app is a ripoff, after you start a “free trial” you can cancel it but I was charged anyways. Initially they charged the wrong card and they sent me an email stating that they wanted me to update my information. I told them I wouldn’t as I canceled my subscription, and never was able to even use the app. Then somehow they just now found my new credit card and charged me there. This app is a scam. This app is dishonest. And the call recorder is impractical, and can not be started while in a call. And you cannot access your contacts through this app. Worst app I’ve ever downloaded by far..Version: 2.2

Why Make Recording SO OBVIOUSI accepted a call to test and it makes a super loud beep before the call starts recording. Completely stupid. Dead giveaway. Deleting!.Version: 4.35

RubbishRubbish to pay 5.24 per month and it calls to be a free app.Version: 2.2

WORST APP EVER! $7.99 CHARGED PER WEEK!This lame app not only charge you $7.99 per week but you actually have to dial a third-party number in order to make the connection to your original number. Not only that, but a loud beep is heard on both ends of the phone once the recording starts. Very annoying and makes the call receiver nervous and questionable. Unable to record three way calling, as you already have to call/merge third party number before you can begin recording. I have never seen such a lame service charge $7.99 per week. There are free apps that do the same for a lot less or free. Stay away from this app, unless you are a masochist and love to throw your money away..Version: 2.1

Subscription feeHey all, Before you download the app it is good to know that there is a $6/week subscription fee which I believe it’s overpriced..Version: 4.25

Not easy to cancel “trial period”I tried this app. In order to even try it, though, you have to give them payment information. According to the description, there is a 7-day “free trial period,” and if you don’t want to be charged you just have to cancel. I tried recording a call. Well, I tried *making* a call and couldn’t even get that to work. I have now been trying to cancel the subscription, per their own instructions. I thought I had, but I just got an email today saying that I would be charged in a couple of days if I don’t cancel before then. I have sent multiple emails to their “help” desk, and received absolutely no reply. I’m deeply concerned that I am going to be subscribed to an app that doesn’t work and for which I do NOT want to pay. Highly recommend against this company..Version: 1.17

FraudCharged me twice even when I had the subscription cancelled before it renewed..Version: 1.18

ProblemsI have been billed on three occasions even though the app was uninstalled, plus an automatic renewal happens each week. I’ve been billed three times and they just take my money without knowing it. What a very nice way to take money from hardworking people. Please give me an entire refund and don’t you ever bill us again. Funny thing, it asked me to renew subscription as soon as I opened the app showing that I never agreed towards anything give me my money back.Version: 2.2

Beware - ScamAutomatically signs you up for subscription during setup. Had to organise refund through Apple which were very helpful..Version: 1.18

RIP offBe careful when downloading this app... make sure you check your account regularly to ensure you are not charged £6.99... This app as advertised as free and I downloaded it and never used it for once. I was shocked to see £6.99 deducted from my Paypal account more than 6x in a month. Please Beware!!!.Version: 2.2

TerribleJust wasted your time 😏.Version: 1.14

Please add automatic start up with the appHi I actually enjoy your app however can you add the feature where the app picks up automatically instead of having to leave out of the app and do extra steps.... this would be so much more convenient... sometimes I can’t stop a conversation that has already started just to press other buttons.Version: 3.5

Subscribe to useThis is not a free app, it’s a free download. The first thing you are greeted with is your subscription option, be it a 7 day trial, 3 month or 12 month subscription, and NO confirmation if the product works first. NOBODY is going to fork out money before they try the product. Developers, STOP BEING GREEDY, make a basic version, or, make people pay per recording. Simple!.Version: 1.17

Do away with the distinctiveDo away with distinctive beep if I was recording someone. Extremely noticeable. Refuse waiting time to record. I have to wait at least 20 seconds before recording can even begin. Therefore have to make excuses. Not worth my time as my field is time of essence. Calls last seconds, not minutes. Not worth the price free apps better. Make it more discrete and faster recording and be way better. Free apps allow instant recording with no beep. Audio is amazing though. Great job with that..Version: 4.23

ScamI put my mobile number in now I'm getting phone calls from different companies,this app will sell your details,report this app to Apple.Version: 1.12

Don’t let them play you ..!!!I decided to give the app a try… the add says 4.99/week and free 1 week trial… the next day after I downloaded it they already got me charged… 8.49 then in just 3 days another charge for the same amount…8.49 that’s simply not acceptable.. scamming/tricking your customers is not how business should be conducted. I did contact them the next day to cancel the subscription since the app is worthless… they assured me that it’s been taken care of …. Lying is also not the way… disgrace..!!!.Version: 4.27

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