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EWA English Language Learning App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

EWA English Language Learning app received 67 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using EWA English Language Learning? Can you share your negative thoughts about ewa english language learning?

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EWA English Language Learning for Negative User Reviews

SpammyFull of ads and hooks to get you to sub to their overpriced plans..Version: 6.9.0

Great Idea but Needs workI tried out the free trial and love the idea of learning a new language while reading some of my favorite classics. But still I had to have Google translate open to help me out. Some of the vocabulary translations made no sense in the context of the sentence and when double checked with Google translate, I realized the definition was wrong or the word could be translated that way but not in this context. I also was hoping every word would be available to tap on for vocabulary but some significant and confusing words were not available as vocabulary. I definitely would not pay for a subscription for this until the tweaks get fixed. Lots of potential in this program it’s just not there yet..Version: 6.5.6

ReseñaGood.Version: 7.0.14

Too easyWhen you are going through the initial set up of your account, they ask you lots of questions which makes you feel like the content you were going to get access to his tailor-made to what your level has and what your goals are. Unfortunately, after I upgraded to the $15 per month whatever… I was only given access to a bunch of beginner courses. I sent them a message two days ago to see how I can be switched up to a more challenging level of difficulty so that the exercises will actually be worth my time. I’ve yet to hear anything back. As of right now, I have spent about 20 minutes going through pretty simple exercises to teach me very very basic things like how to say “me “ “you” or them or us. Awaiting support…..Version: 6.3.1

3 days trial?!I had high hopes for this, but I uninstalled after the screen asking me to choose a subscription plan. 3 days trial??? Seriously? How can I know if this is working for me in only 3 days, that’s ridiculous. Chances are I’d just forget to cancel and get charged for an app I’m not using. Also, it asked me what my native language is in the beginning, and I couldn’t select two. Then it proceeded to talk to me in the language I selected, without asking if that’s my preference. I’m comfortable enough with English to prefer it for app interfaces, even though it’s not my native language. AFAIK this is pretty common with folks living abroad and speaking English regularly, or even many folks that live in the lie home country and just use English a lot. I had to go back and start over and then LIE by saying my native language is English to get it to talk to me in English!.Version: 6.9.4

It’s not free!deleted immediately after downloaded!When you choose to install this app you would never know they will charge you 150 one day. You don’t need to reply me definitely loge a complaint..Version: 5.3.3

Promising but maybe not worth subscriptionLet me start off by saying I love the concept of the courses and really appreciate the books. Love that they have my favorites: Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre. I’m surprisingly making good progress with The Little Prince. I’m learning French and even though I said I’m intermediate, the courses are all for beginners; subjects cover basic greetings, colors, numbers, days of the week… things any intermediate and advanced learner already knows. I clicked advance in my settings and saw none of the courses changed. I recommend Duolingo for a challenge. The only reason I’m not asking for my money back is because the books may be worth it..Version: 6.3.9

First impressionsThe general features are great: word definition and pronunciation, paragraph translation, audio option. But some of the translations are inaccurate or simply wrong..Version: 6.9.0

Lecture interessante, exercices pas tout a fait au point…Le principe de lecture est intéressant avec traduction au besoin d’un mot ou de la phrase. Toutefois les exercices ne sont pas au point, la traduction n'est pas toujours bonne….Version: 7.0.12

Charged me $167 without askingTrial only lasts 3 days, got charged without additional reminder. App itself sucks if you wanna learn Spanish, many errors. Do not recommend at all..Version: 6.9.13

Big disappointmentAnd that’s not even tell all disappointment. First thing - app asks what’s the native language but continues conversation in English. The next one - offers as the only study option English - the language in which I already conversing with app… why would I need to study English if I’m already conversing with app in it?!?! Really big disappointment and waste of time.Version: 6.8.0

Goldilocks & The Three Bears ReviewI wanted to chose a book that was easy as all the other books are classics and complicated in English let alone in French. I was disappointed that Goldilocks and the three Bears was only to read and not to listen like the other books I’ve perused. I hoped there to be a range of different levels of reading not just classics. What a disappointment as Apple Store conveniently took £97 for the year. Won’t make that mistake again with an app..Version: 6.5.9

Can I speak with a real person?….The AI who “spoke” with me to set up my account would only let me select English to learn. I am a native English speaker who was hoping to read the classics in German. That option was not given to me by the AI who insisted the only language they had available to learn was English. If I had have been able to talk to an actual person, I’m certain my account would have been set up properly..Version: 6.9.0

WorthlessThe things u getting it’s different than the advertisement, don’t waste ur money and time. 3 day free is just a lie anyway they took ur money and no way to cancel it any time I tried to cancel Just says there is a problem will solve it out soon . Just rubbish, so disappointing app even 1 star is too much.Version: 5.7.2

Great idea but patchy deliveryI was quite excited by the idea of this app. However, after loading it today I found that the first 3 book I tried were unavailable (reason given was ‘maintenance’) and of the 2 books I could try, tapping on some words for the English meaning simply did not work. Still a great idea & I will try again..Version: 6.4.5

Not appropriate for kids, no reinforcementThis is not appropriate for kids (or even for a mom like myself). There are space aliens in lingerie/underwear, and people naked under the covers after obviously having sex in the movie clips. And that’s not even with the “show adult content” button and selecting that you are under 18! The lessons are generally good, however, there’s little room fo reinforcement of what you have learned later on. Wonderful idea, fun clips (besides the inappropriate ones, that was awkward when my son looked at my screen), but… needs progress and a way where you see what you’ve learned integrated into new lessons. Also, movie clips do not adjust enough to the age you put. Between ages “under 18” and the age range of 30’s, there’s no difference between the movie clips, which I find it not advanced or comprehensive enough for a whole $15/month..Version: 6.4.7

False AdvertisingI lived in Colombia for two years and came to speak Spanish fluently. I downloaded and bought the app because I was led to think it would help me increase me fluency even more and brush up on lost idiomatic phrases l, etc. I was told (as I answered their questions to show my level of spanish) that they had a learning experience tailored to my level of ability. I get to the app and, to my great dismay, they start me at level 0, a beginning Spanish speaker. Theu sure reeled me on. I paid a fair chunk of money for this app hoping for good language training (seeing how they used video clips to teach) but it turns out, the training is essentially as good as Duo Lingo, a free language learning app. Very disappointed..Version: 7.0.10

Very disappointingIt took two weeks to finish their course work exercises, and when I asked how to get more content, all I got back was “we will be posting new lessons as and when available. Definitely not worth paying for. IF you can show me how to get past beginners French I’ll be happy to change my review. But from your initial response I don’t think the app is developed enough to do that.. Alternatively , refund my subscription. Many thanks.Version: 7.0.0

Expensive- No free versionLike others I tried this out just to see how it might help me, but the price is so high, and with only a 3 DAY trial period I decided not to go ahead. It’s just too much of a risk. On reading other reviews I see that the developers claim you can skip the subscription option and use a free version with ads., but that’s not the case. There’s no way that 3 days is long enough to assess whether a language learning app works for me, so I won’t be risking £100 a year to find out..Version: 6.5.6

Improving, going to be greatThis app is going to be great, I think it needs a little refinement but it’s definitely going to be a contender with Duolingo. I like how it has links to stories that you can read within the app, however I have noticed that when you click on the translations for words within the stories they’re not always correct. I’ve also noticed a sometimes the conjugations, and translations aren’t always correct during the regular exercises, but I’m sure they’re ironing out these issues. This is going to be a great learning app. A little expensive right now for not having everything ironed out but I think once they get the kinks fixed it’ll be worth the price no doubt..Version: 5.7.1

Problems with booksMaybe the beginners’ lessons are OK, but the books are of limited usefulness. The selection appears to be limited to public domain works (including scanning errors) and, at least for the easy books, consists mainly of translated English and French stories and books. As others have said, the pop-up translations are very often wrong, useless, or absent for the very words where they are most needed. I have to look them up on Google Translate or DeepL. So all in all, I may as well just choose some available texts and go through them using one of those tools. It’s a good idea, but needs more work. Why not just link each sentence to DeepL, or to the original English sentence?.Version: 6.2.8

Bro what?Paying to study for real?? The app as it was before with adds is better.Version: 7.0.10

It’s great, but it doesn’t let you change the dialectAs you know there are many dialects of Spanish. This app is AWESOME the way it is set up. As I was using it, I realized that it was very different from the Spanish my boyfriends family speaks (his family is from Mexico)... and I don’t want to learn a different dialect because the reason I’m learning is so I can communicate with them. So.. I still think this app is awesome, don’t get me wrong. But I have no clue what dialect these books are translated under, and it was really confusing reading them when what I already know is different from some of the vocabulary on this app. Unfortunately, I can’t use this app :/.Version: 6.2.5

Paid onlyI saw an ad on Instagram that led me to believe this app was free to use or had a free version. Well, it doesn't cost anything to download it. But the free part ends there as far as I can tell. There's a chat when you get started that checks to see what your weaknesses are, then they give you the option of picking which subscription you want and has no way to move forward until you pick your subscription. So I deleted the app, but now they have my email address to send me spam or sell to email lists. I guess it's a good app if you have extra money lying around to pay for the use of it..Version: 7.0.0

Features not working properlyThere are two options; Read and Listen. The Listen option works great. However Read does not work fully in that when you tap on a word to see the translation, then tap on speaker icon to hear the word spoken, it only plays the Italian spoken pronunciation on a few words, the rest nothing plays when you tap. Also in the Learn tab where you can review words earmarked for learning, most of the words are spoken with an American/English pronunciation, only a few are Italian pronunciation. There is a link; words that play in the Read section, have an Italian pronunciation the Learn section, and words that don’t play in the Read section have an American/English pronunciation in the Learn section. There are some words that are not underlined/translated, so had to Google them separately in web browser. If you can fix these will be an excellent app. I’m on iPhone 12 Mini, iOS 15.1.1, reading David Copperfield, 13/Jan/2022..Version: 6.5.6

Immediately shoved me into an English classI’m a native French speaker looking to learn Spanish..Version: 6.2.6

Amazing idea with lots of flawsI was excited about this app to keep up my fluent Spanish. It asked me up front what my level was and I thought it would customize the experience towards that level. I decided not to pay for the app as I wanted to try it first. The app doesn’t seem to have any functionality for more advanced speakers in the reading section. The games and the vocabulary are very very basic and there is no way to test out of them and get more applicable content. Also, I agree with other peoples reviews, the pop up translations are lazy and bad. I’m really glad I didn’t pay for this app and I tried it out first!.Version: 6.5.5

Pésima experienciaEn febrero de este año pagué la suscripción de un año, este mes intenté retomar y ya no tengo suscripción vigente, me parece un robo..Version: 7.0.16

ScamThis is a scam. It asks for all your personal information and then you can only use if you subscribe for it to charge your card after 3 days. Scam..Version: 6.2.8

Caution! This app is a subscription, not freeI downloaded this app and after answering a few questions, I was offered to select which paid package I wanted to buy after my 3 day free trial. There was an option for try for free, which I opted for, thinking this was perhaps an ad filled version alternative a la Duolingo (which I don’t mind) but it seemed to also select a paid package as well (there was no free/ad option in packages boxes). Closed and deleted app straight away, as the cheapest package was quite expensive, unfortunately not affordable for me. Yes, it says “in ad purchases” but this needs to be made clearer as it is the norm to have the choice to pay or not pay, every time an offer is made in app. I’m not against paying for apps at all but please at least be clear and honest with your costings/choices because otherwise it feels like a con, when I’m not sure that’s the intention...? I have checked my subscriptions and there isn’t one, most likely because I quit and deleted the app as soon as I saw what was happening..Version: 6.2.4

Awesome idea, still buggy content.I’m reading along with the audio for a book in the app’s library, but I have no idea what the audio is reading. It doesn’t match up at all with the book! I wish more words were in the dictionary. Often I have to open another app or website to look up these words, which kind of defeats the purpose of this app. I also keep seeing reference to movie and tv clips, but I don’t see this at all! I just see some super elementary courses, two games, and a reading library. I tried contacting support through the app, but this feature didn’t work. I hope this app continues to develop and fix bugs. It could be a phenomenal language learning tool that I also think could be used in the Spanish program in the school I teach in. I teach Chinese and I’m learning Japanese, so I’d love to see those languages added, but I think the first priority is to work out the bugs for the app that exists before expanding..Version: 6.6.2

Not greatI was excited installing this app. Especially the reading side. Unfortunately it is very poor. When you click on a word that is underlined (not all the words are underlined) it gives you several different meaning which none of them indicate which is the right one to use in context. Then when you click translate the sentence it is something completely different. I tried it in both Spanish and German and both was the same. This is just no rights books run through google translate. You don’t need to buy the app to get the same functionality it is free in google..Version: 6.6.7

Apparently only basic levels of Spanish are offered.I finished the basic level for the Spanish course and was very disappointed to discover that the VERY basics is as far as it goes. Thinking I must be mistaken, I reached out to support several times over the course of the past week. I have received no reply. It's a shame - I was actually enjoying the app for the most part. Visually speaking it is very well designed and interface is intuitive. That said, the beginner level is actually less extensive that what you get from Duolingo for free. I know this because I have completed the entire Duolingo Spanish course. The library feature is pretty cool but it alone is not worth the cost, imo. I can't speak about the other language offerings but if you are wanting to learn Spanish beyond beginner level, maybe pass on this app. I hate leaving negative reviews and rarely do. If it were a $10 app, I would have just moved on. But a hundo is a hundo and this is not a hundo level offering. I'll will of course revise this review should it turn out that I have been mistaken and the issue can be fixed with the help of support. Otherwise I would recommend Spanish learners take a hard pass on this one until the course is more robust and meaningful. Sorry..Version: 7.0.4

A good concept but...It’s a good concept with a few flaws. Firstly, the “courses” are just lists of words based on categories. I wouldn’t really call that a course. Also I don’t really see the point of have short dubbed video clips saying the word or phrase you want to learn. Totally pointless. I like the book and article reading with the translation and being able to sort from easy to hard. I think the app is a little expensive for what it is..Version: 6.2.5

Had high hopesHad high hopes for the app to take my Spanish to next level. First of, upon selecting an intermediate level, the first lesson was very repetitive making me select ‘hola’ over 10 times with audio as example. Secondly, the app does not seem to offer video examples of conversations from movies only one word which is very disappointing. Not worth the subscription, there’s better material out there for free. Deleted the app 10 minutes later. Don’t waste your time if you’re serious about learning a language. Your money could be better used elsewhere. This is coming from someone who speaks two languages fluently and is wishing to learn a third..Version:

Persian/ farsi languageHi, My native language is persian/ farsi I would like to use your app to improve my english but I can’t choose my native language as you don’t have it in your list. Is it possible for you to put persian/ farsi in your list please? So I can use your app same as other people Many thanks 😊.Version: 5.6.4

Not honestI saw this app on my Instagram, and it’s book reading got my attention, so I paid $50 dollars and purchased it, after that I saw there is no book or game available, just teaching English with using short parts of movies, then I asked support team and they said sorry books and games are not available in your language [Persian] and this is while when I was purchasing the app there was option for Persian language too. Now I’ve paid for an app that is not useful for me at all. So before purchasing the game make sure they have your language available because they are not honest and won’t refund your money..Version: 6.2.3

I need my money backHello, I unsubscribed in third day and you charged the amount on my card in the same way. Please I need my money back and I need the answers because you don’t answered my messages. Thank you.Version: 5.7.1

Wrong translationsThe point of this app would be to teach you new words, but there are tons of mistakes with the translations, and once you got it wrong it’s hard to relearn it properly. Also the “rating list” is completely fake, I don’t even know what’s the point of that. The only positive thing is that you can read books within the app..Version: 5.5.3

My experienceThe app is not very helpful to improve my English. It is very good if you want to read a book but as exercises there are not a lot and doesn’t classify by your experience. I would like that every step I do should then classify as high level and the exercises become a little bit more difficult. It is useful if you want waste time but as learning I didn’t see any impact on myself..Version: 5.6.4

Why ask users to pick a level if you’re going to ignore it?On setup the app asked me to choose my language level. I chose intermediate as I have an A level in French but it’s been a few years and I’m always looking for more opportunities to practise. The listening exercises it gave me were on hello/goodbye and counting to ten. I couldn’t believe it..Version: 6.9.0

Not badIt’s too repetitive and basic and I don’t think it’s worth paying for but if you’re learning another language through other apps this is a good app to use alongside it as you can play word searches and have challenges with others which is quiet fun. But definitely wont be able to teach you how to speak fluently maybe can teach you a few extra words but that’s about all..Version: 6.9.3

Only functions about half the timeI would really enjoy this app, if it worked on any consistent basis. It is just as likely that the translations won’t work as they do work. Sometimes they work for a few sentences and then they stop working. Most often they don’t work at all. The translations are utterly uncurated by a human, of course, and done by the stupidest bot available. So what you get is translations that are contrary to the text. A conversation between men and women, for example, is often translated randomly. So a man is talking but the translation makes it a woman. I have to go back to see if I missed something but, no, it’s just that the translation randomly put female in place of male. This makes language learning more difficult. I rarely pay for apps at the beginning but I was excited about this one. Waste of time and money. One frustrating use after another. Awful..Version: 7.0.4

Virtually no opportunity to actually speakI’ve now done over 60 of the short lessons with this app. The little videos are amusing at first but the multiple choice answers for translation are so obvious you could complete them without understanding a word. And after all those lessons, I have had literally one opportunity to speak myself, which unfortunately cropped up just at a time when I needed to learn silently. I started as an intermediate, based on my vocabulary. I think I’ll be returning to Babbel to learn more..Version: 6.9.17

Not a credible resourceThis has SO much potential to be incredibly powerful, but it seems like they went for quantity over quality of content. Yes, there’s 1000s of books, but the translations aren’t quite right. A lot of easier books are meant to include pictures that are essential to comprehensions and those have all been omitted. The tool to look up individual words often gives different definitions than what’s being used in the context of the sentence and it doesn’t make sense. The app seems like a good idea (and is!) but it’s poorly executed. If more care was taken to develop fewer resources at a higher level, this could easily deserve 5 stars. I’m excited to see how it improves over the next few years..Version: 6.5.6

Could you please recheck for my refundingThis application cut my money 2 times for subscribe without permission. Then I asked for refunding. The system shown me they already refunded money to me but I did’t get any my money back. Could you please recheck for me again..Version: 7.0.6

Expensive subscription requiredSubscription of between £10-15 per month required. The app wastes your time initially by asking questions and showing you videos to translate for around five to ten minutes, then it informs you that you need to pay a subscription or try a three day free trial. The cheapest subscription is £10 per month. The book selection is small and most of them are old classic novels..Version:

Full of bugsThe app is just so full of bugs, at least the German learning, that while the sentences are funny, I regretted paying for a year. The vocabulary part is absolutely useless, I cannot add words once I reach my practicing target (for example 15 words), I cannot “learn” them, and the audio is English for the German words. 😱😤 I would like a refund, but I don’t think it’s an option. 😩.Version: 6.9.17

No free versionThere are replies to previous reviews saying that you can skip the subscription and just use the free version with ads, but you can’t. On sign up, you are offered three paid-for options and a free trial which requires payment details — no option for long-term use of a free version…. Confused and disappointed 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 6.4.8

Not going to work for meFirst, I can’t even find the movie Heroes part after I chose to start with books. I realize I don’t know enough Spanish to read many words at all so I have to click on almost every word. I tried the vocabulary part. But it looks like it’s just a test to see how much you know. And it says “Feliz” means “lucky” even though google, duo lingo and the feliz navidad song all say it means “happy” I don’t trust the translations and I don’t see any books that interest me anyway. I’m more of a mystery, Stephen king fan when it comes to books. I also am not a fan of not being able to do much at all without a bunch of energy points. Duo lingo is way better in that they allow you to practice all the time on the free version without waiting for hearts or energy..Version: 7.0.1

Extraordinarily expensive!For a simple language learning app the subscription model is extraordinarily expensive on all levels..Version: 6.6.4

There’s no Space for MYANMAR?The app looks good but I can’t use it even at the pre-sign in😬😒🤨. Coz it totally do not apply for Burmese Language 🥴👎👎🏼👎🏾. So I Like to suggest that you should open it up for Myanmar to learn English and other languages from your App😑!.Version: 6.9.7

Beware of the scamThe last step of the initial setup is a free trial offer which ends in a week and automatically signs you up for a $60/month plan for 6 months. Rip off.Version: 5.1.4

Too difficultEven the easy books are full text stories where many of the words don’t actually have translations. There’s nothing to explain grammar, sentence structure or nuance. This is not an effective way to truly learn another language. There are many other apps available that actually teach and are much cheaper!.Version: 6.4.9

Not quite there yetGreat idea and concept, and it’s convenient but a few issues: 1) not all words are underlined for translation and it uses google translate as a catch all - well, that’s not very useful if you’re offline is it. 2) iPad app doesn’t rotate for horizontal use 3) limited “articles” for some languages like German. Should be picking up many more from the press there.Version: 7.0.0

Translation of the wordsMy main interest of use it is because I like to read. I started for the most basic book and Honestly I was expecting more about this app, the translation of many of words is incorrect, too poor..Version: 6.9.20

I need helpI bought the month and they don't respond it's under customer support😮‍💨.Version: 7.0.16

No option to skip subscription stepYou have said in a previous comment that subscription step can be skipped. However after downloading the app there is no option to skip. Account set up asked for payment with a free three day trial. There is no way to have a free trial without setting up an account with payment..Version: 6.2.6

AbonnementAi- je déjà terminé mon abonnement? Je l’ai pris pour un an. Bien vouloir m’expliquer plus s’il vous plait. Je ne sais trop où j’en suis dans mon abonnement. Si on a 25 points on refait souvent les mêmes activités. Il faudrait plus d’infos et quels sont les niveaux à atteindre? Y a- t- il une fin ou je refais toujours le même exercice?.Version: 7.0.10

OkayishThe idea is good, I like the one with the books and the game is a nice touch, the courses are a bit too repetative, but the whole movie gifs thing is great. However, the time they’ve put into the actual translations and teaching others is not even acceptable. I’ve tried different combinations of languages I know and they are basically giving wrong translations far too many times. This has the potential of becoming a great app, but at this stage it is far from it..Version: 6.5.7

Bugs, bugs, bugs..1) app asks for my level and despite choosing advanced it wants me to go though super basic words 2) I chose I know all the super basic words and then it tries to teach me exactly those.. Someone just replaced the algorithm here. This is were my first 10 minutes of the app and since it all looks so professional I can't understand..Version: 5.2.0

No worldwide native languageNot worldwide native language.Version: 5.6.9

Not for young audiencesStarting out, this app asked what your age category is. I chose under 18, since I was checking out the app for my kids to practice their Spanish. I was very interested in the interactive reading and media usage. However I was greatly disappointed that the media clips used even in the first couple levels had clips from movie scenes for mature audiences, likely rated R movies. I’m so glad I decided to screen this app before handing it to my kids! One scene had two supposedly nude people on top of each other (no body parts shown, but intimacy is implied), and another scene were a couple under the bedsheets together (nudity under the sheets is implied). Obviously not ok for children. There should not be an “under 18” category if these are the types of clips used. I don’t even appreciate them as an adult. Also, I tried looking through the books, wondering if that was salvageable. I’m a fluent Spanish speaker. Nope. It mis-translated words in the first chapter I read! The book used the word “tardar” which was translated as “take” or “learn”, but it means “to tardy”, and it’s obvious from the context it was incorrect, too. I’m greatly disappointed, and I’m grateful that they offered a free trial. I won’t be using this service. Loved the concept, but poorly executed and misleading..Version: 6.6.7

Maybe good for beginners but not for anything else.I subscribed to this app to try to improve my Spanish. I used the vocabulary test which said I am intermediate level. But despite this level being set the lessons are really basic. I know how to say Hola!! In addition a lot of the context is Latin American or even just American Spanish. I live in Spain. I’ve messaged support thinking that maybe it’s my fault but they don’t respond. I’d like my money returned!!.Version: 7.0.9

EWAApprendre c’est génial.Version: 6.3.9

Amazing concept. Terrible executionI want nothing more than to rave about this app, but unfortunately, despite having purchased a year long sub package, I have been unable to use it for more than 2 hours total in the 6 weeks Ive had access to it. Shortly (or more frequently immediately) after opening the app and trying to navigate ANYWHERE, I get kicked to the page asking me which sub package I would like to sign up for to use the 3 day free trial. I bought the year package back in mid June. I have tried submitting a ticket, however, the app will not let me send the report and gives me a message that “the team is aware of the issue and is already working on it”. I fail to see how that is possible, seeing as I haven’t been able to send the ticket in the first place. I was then prompted to give a review, and sent in details regarding my issue and not only has the issue not been fixed, I haven’t so much as been contacted by anyone that the issue is even being addressed. Mind you, I am not using the free trial. I paid $100 for a year. My hope is that SOMEONE will get back to me about this issue so I can actually USE the product that I have PAID for, but I am running out of patience. For what its worth, the little I have been able to use the app, I was extremely pleased and impressed with the product. It has the potential to be an incredible learning tool….IF I EVER GET THE CHANCE TO ACTUALLY USE IT.Version: 6.3.5

PacienciaMucha paciencia seguro la conseguiré para continuar adelante gracias por su apoyo.Version: 7.0.4

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