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Cluesheet Companion App User Positive Comments 2022

Cluesheet Companion app received 28 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about cluesheet companion?

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Cluesheet Companion for Positive User Reviews

YayI won.Version: 2.6.5

New Updated App Works Great!!Played this game on the Nintendo Switch with the old version of the companion app, the app would never sync with our game on Switch and we were always frustrated we could never play in our living room. They just updated the app and now it works GREAT! We have played numerous games now and the iPhone app syncs with the game on the Switch every time! Very happy!.Version: 2.6.5

At Last.........Thank you developers multiplayer now working with the update now an amazing game DOWNLOAD worth the money at last shame Nintendo would not recognise the game was broken and refused refund bad customer service Nintendo.Version: 2.7.3

ReasonsI love the misty and all the fun ways of solving. The only problem is the time it takes for everything to get done. It doesn’t lag in the least but the time of loading for communication. Is frustrating. I love the game and totally recommend it!!!.Version: 2.6.6

Easy to useReally pleased with this app I thought it would be terrible after the reviews but 3 of us using Samsung phone & iPads connected straight away and it worked a treat!.Version: 2.8.2

Works now!!!I was able to play a game of 2 people on the tropical map without problems I’ve been waiting for this to work for a while now! So happy to finally be able to play on tv! Good job to the devs.Version: 2.6.0

AppleSo the other day I went to the local apple tree and then I saw another man killing me while I watched from a distance but little did o know I actually died that day but thankfully I had the powers of God and Anime on my side so I really didn’t die that day but I did you know??.Version: 2.6.0

ConfusedIt looks really fun! But what is the password??!!??!!.Version: 2.7.3

It doesn’t workIt is no possible to play local game. I’ve tried several times but it keeps showing the message “wrong password”..Version: 2.6.5

Update fixed it!!Thanks for the update. This was very frustrating but now functioning without a problem. Great work..Version: 2.6.5

I must say, A-MAZ-ING DARLING I’m Craig revel hallward U.UI love the app! It is such a fun way to play with family and friends, or even strangers, I love this app, keep it up developer!.Version: 2.7.3

?????I have a question. When you first get the app what is the passcode it wants you to write??????.Version: 2.7.3

Doesn’t workCan not connect on switch, keeps saying passcode is invalid. Wasted money buying game for local multiplayer..Version: 2.6.0

Indeed helpI don’t get what you do for a passcode can you help with that I can’t work the dang game because I’m sad that I can’t play please respond with how to do it.Version: 2.6.5

MrsCan’t even get in the game , constantly crashing , rubbish.Version: 2.7.3

Handy appGreat app to have to play the game!.Version: 2.6.6

It’s aightYeah I like it. It’s kinda fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥.Version: 2.6.6

Fantastic app!What a great way to play cluedo! Defs recommend! Found the interface super simple, only downfall is you have to make sure everyone has enough charge on their phones especially if there’s limited chargers/plug..Version: 2.4.0

AmazingI played it with my whole family and we did not stop until 9:30 at night..Version: 2.7.0

Does not work. Do not payWe bought the game on Nintendo switch which was not cheap and were unable to play it because everytime it says “incorrect passcode”. Do not waste your money on Clue..Version: 2.6.0

WHATS THE CODEI got the game but I can not get in I need a code🕵🏻‍♂️🕵🏻‍♀️ I trues for like 25 min to get in but it will not work.Version: 2.7.3

Worse cluedo everWorse cluedo game ever! Can’t even play!.Version: 2.7.3

This game does not workPlease do not spend your money. Nintendo and this developer have stolen your money if you downloaded. It will not allow you to play local multiplayer and game will randomly start with random people. Ripoff.Version: 2.6.6

YayWoohoo.Version: 2.6.6

Update...SuccessGot this game to play with family while quarantined!! It wouldn’t work when we first downloaded it....THANK YOU for the works great! So much fun!.Version: 2.6.5

Super !!Super !!.Version: 2.6.5

Cannot connect to a lobby: now canUpdated: now that you can connect to the lobby with the update the game is very fun to play multiplayer at home with family. My wife and I both downloaded to play the game we just bought and after 30 ministers of trying to join a lobby we quit.Version: 2.6.5

DunnoApp is still downloading but seems good..Version: 2.7.3

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