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TradingView: Track All Markets App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

TradingView: Track All Markets app received 66 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using TradingView: Track All Markets? Can you share your negative thoughts about tradingview: track all markets?

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TradingView: Track All Markets for Negative User Reviews

IPhone view ideas now missing from chart menuFurther to my review below the option to jump into ‘ideas’ for the chart you have open has now been removed completed from the chart menu on iPhone. Clearly not been tested at all. Is the goal to stop people from quickly looking at trading ideas? Terrible new layout for ‘ideas’ several steps to see a new idea and then back to square one to search for more. Really awful. Do people actually get feedback before deploying such bad changes??? On the iPhone, when on your watchlist of currencies, e.h you hold down on the pair and click ETHUSDT Ideas from the pop up menu. Instead of going to ideas it brings up another Version of the same chart with different timeframes available to view the chart and the ‘ideas’ section is a scroll further down and a tiny drop down to show the newest ideas. It’s really not user friendly. When inside an idea it’s so easy to be knocked right back out to the watchlist. I can’t see how this change helps anyone I’m afraid. Certainly don’t need another view of the same chart..Version: 2.60.1

Update not the bestThe recent update has made me the app more difficult in my opinion… the fact is doesn’t go straight to the chart from the watch list is a negative for me and the fact it always opens on daily time frame rather than the time frame we was last looking at on a different pair is also a negative. Please change back… was 5 stars before this update.Version: 2.30.1

Inexistent customer support to help with bugOn both the desktop and the web app, I used apple sign-in and shared my email address. On both, I am able to log-in to the same account. (As expected) But using apple sign-in on the mobile app creates a brand new account and makes my actual account pretty much inaccessbile. What's worse is that I have been struggling to find any way to contact TV about this, but their customer support seems inexistent. Their Help Centre is just a collection of articles and provides no way to contact them..Version: 2.32.0

Super lagApp reload whenever i change time frame,eg 5min to 15min and so on, lags about 1 min or more please fix.Version: 2.52.0

Slow,laggy,frozen appApp is terrible. If you leave the app and then try to reopen is freezes for about 15 or more seconds. You have to force close the app and then reopen. Even webull is no where near this bad..Version: 2.53.0

Good but could be betterI am trying this because Morningstar had taken away the key ratios page that I relied on and replaced it with crap. This has a lot of good things but a lot of simple things seem to be missing. For goodness sake how about a screen for stocks hitting a new high? New low? If it is there somewhere I can’t find it. There seem to be an awful lot of pointless stuff to appeals to the “wallstreetbets” crowd, and social interaction rather than actually choosing investments on a rational framework. I was in several free trials and this one is mostly easily understood. The vertical scaling changes every time I touch my screen and logarithmic scale seems to be absent or obscure to set up. That right there is an indication of lack of seriousness. Logarithmic should be the default setting and if you don’t know that they should protect the newbies from their ignorance. Time will tell..Version: 2.48.1

Sooo slowAfter iOS 14.4 and app updated refresh is painfully slow. please fix!.Version: 2.24.1

Looks good performs averageA basic function such as scrolling back through a chart on the iOS app seems too much for this app. Very laggy and makes the experience of using the app painful as this software has so much potential. Just fix the basics and the rest can wait. Also syncing across devices is a waste of time as you have to manually remember to save otherwise when you go to another device you’ll have an older chart, auto sync never quiet seems to work..Version: 2.52.1

Please fix alert system & watchlist creation feature on mobile andI enjoy using the charting system but please fix the issue of setting alerts on rays and line while using mobile. On iOS the app will bug out and only half the screen will show after you enter in a description for your alert. If you try and go back and put a second alert (such as with an entry alert and a stop signal) then the app will most likely freeze and close out upon even opening up the edit alert on the second ray. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS! Also, an add on feature to add tickers to a watchlist straight from the chart feature or add (plus sign option) would help users create watchlists on the go. This would be much appreciated. A drop down check off menu, similar to what is offered on the desktop version is what comes to mind. Other than that I enjoy using the app but please fix the alerting system on mobile and consider a more seamless watchlist creation function..Version: 2.38.0

New version app keeps jammingNot sure whether its the TradingView app or iOS15.1 that’s causing the issue that I’m having. Basically after every minute the screen refreshes to a random stock that is in my alert. And it keeps happening over and over again. Tried deleting and reinstalling but nothing seems to solve it. Not too impressed. Previous versions appear to be more stable..Version: 2.36.1

Numbers new high low chart needs font size/styles optionsLatest update has good improvements but still no way to view after hours trading prices at any time, tired of being forced to open yahoo finance for this..Version: 2.53.0

Don’t like the new preview feature in the watchlistDowngrading to 1 star. Instead of adding support to turn off watchlist previews on the iPad they’ve instead decided to spend their time coming up with a terrible logo. Now they’ve also decided to bury chats within a settings sub-menu so that’s even harder to get to and makes no sense for it to be there other than they couldn’t think where else to put it to make room for ‘News’ which is not something you’d look at as frequently. It’s like they’ve got a new management team who feel a need to try and change things to show they’re actually doing something. Seriously, you’re ruining your app..Version: 2.32.0

Lacking basicsThe ability to use the magnetic or ruler function with the pen would make the app immensely productive. Add it to the tap function of the pen please. Also needs a friendlier UI, the desktop app is tenfold better. I can’t even make a folder for my annotations on the charts using the iOS app. The basics seems to be overlooked. I was really looking forward to using this app with my iPad but it seems like 3 steps backwards from the desktop version. Response- I think the ability to tap the pen to take off magnet mode would be great. Have you tried to anchor a trendline at 1 point and then extend it to the future with no price? Its a nightmare on the app version. On the desktop just let go of ctrl. Or the desktop shift function of making lines straight, could easily be integrated to the pen taps function. Also make use of a tablets screen, why have my instruments all stuck in this little rectangle to the bottom left? If you improve in any one of these departments this app would be 10x better.Version: 2.49.1

This app is not good enough to trade with. It needs to be like the web version or the PC appI will not use this app until these features are introduced. if they are i would love to trade on the app instead. Some really really simple features that are missing are: Scrolling with a mouse wheel on the chart. It’s insane that you cant already Having the watchlist/object tree or any of the right side toolbar as a pop out on the chart screen Customisable screen zoom It would be lovely to have it like the PC app where you can have multiple TABS with different charts up (not multiple charts on one screen). Seems crazy that i pay for a subscription and the app is sub par. Please TradingView bring these in and ill love you forever Just make it exactly like the pc version!!.Version: 2.53.0

Pretty handy.The app is great to take a quick look at a chart or two if you know exactly which ones you want. But I can't find / or it isn't possible to view the flagged list I've made on my desktop. The app would be great if this could be added (or maybe it already is and I just cannot find my flagged list).Version: 2.2.0

MacBookWish this was available on the MacBook.Version: 2.18.1

RefundI didnt wanted to renew it they charged me and now they are saying they can only refund half???.Version: 2.52.1

This is ridiculousI was automatically billed For $60 after my first free month ended and I was cool with it but I was paying way to much so I cancelled my subscription for $60 a month and went to the basic, my account even says basic and I took all my payment information off because I wasn’t using it. After canceling my subscription a week later I decided to use it and I went to replay mode and I couldn’t use that feature because of course that’s for paid members and I was okay with that, so WHY did I just get charged $60 again when I don’t even have the subscription and my payment info is not on there? I’m so furious right now because I have bills to pay for. And Everytime I try to contact Trading view, there’s no number nor email. Which is in called for. I need a refund. I don’t even know how did I get billed without even being subscribed. AND WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY EXTRA FOR CUSTOMERS SERVICE??? Like why would you as a company make people pay for there problems to get solved ???.Version: 2.18.1

Great app (except the current version)Have been a paying subscriber to TradingView for years. It has been the best and easiest way to pull up my favorite charts with preferred settings, indicators, and drawing tools SYNCED across all desktop, tablet, and phone screens. However, The latest update looses connection often. Widgets that used to take a few seconds to sync now won’t sync unless I screw around with the app first. The app itself freezes a few times daily, and needs to be restarted to update quotes. It’s not reliable for me at this point, and I am researching alternatives. This is too buggy for a paid service. (iPhone 12 pro, IOS 15.1.1, TV 2.36.1 build 659) Edit: Thanks for the quick response, and it’s great to know that the team is doing everything possible to deal with Apple’s iOS changes. TradingView is still the best option for me, and I gladly renewed my subscription at Black Friday prices. Hopefully, the issues will be resolved soon. Thanks again for a great overall product!.Version: 2.36.1

Pas de prix en pré market , donc difficile de trader en dehors des heures de marchéEn pré et post market, les prix ne s’affiches pas, donc très difficile de suivre les titres. Impossible d’avoir les hot list sur iphone. Sinon, le reste est bien..Version: 2.49.2

App crashDoes anyone experience app crash and reload back to first favourites tap? I will re rate the app after it’s fixed..Version: 2.36.1

Issues with Chat functions on appOverall I am happy with the app as it works well for charting but the chat functions are pretty buggy. I have numerous private chats and sometimes it doesn’t load the chats when I open the app and I need to hard close the app and re open it again and then it _may_ load. Also when chat does load when I type out a message and hit send (up arrow) it doesn’t show as it being sent it just hangs a loading icon. I then have to come out of that specific chat and go back in to see if my message was actually sent. Sometimes messages are lost so it’s frustrating. I also don’t get any notifications for new private chat messages from the app and as a side gripe I think the general alerting for price alerts could be better as changing the audio to a different sound which you can set as part of the price alert doesn’t appear to work..Version: 2.50

Unable to account deletionI have created an account on 3 December 2022 with a Premium plan and then cancelled it the same day as I thought I won’t use the Premium features. However I had a problem after cancelling the trial as I am unable to delete the account. Don’t know how the TradingView system works as the app says I need to cancel active subscription first (which was cancelled by Apple team at Apple chat support) and then delete the account. Due to privacy concerns, I want to delete the account but the app keeps saying I need to cancel the active subscription first. Apple chat is unable to help as they said it’s beyons their limit and there is no way of reaching out the developer!! What kind of developer is that doesn’t allow customer inquiries!? They have just FAQ page which explain the steps but there are still some spesific cases (like mine!) which needs support. We should at least be able to create a ticket or open a case. One of the worst developer ever..Version: 2.53.0

Go to chart view from watchlistIn the latest version the button has been removed that takes you to the full chart view from the watchlist. There is a button at the bottom for the general chart, but you used to be able to click on a specific watchlist item, then there would be a button called view full chart under the graph…..Version: 2.56.0

Nice app but requires improvementsGreat app with a lot of active traders and ideas. Though it is hard to navigate around. For example, I would like to ‘like’ a comment with the basic account. The app requires me to update my phone number. The option I have is ‘Ok’ to close the pop up. I am back in the square. It should have suggested me with options so I can update my phone number, etc. I went to setting under profile details, and couldn’t find where to update the phone number. This is basic and it should be improved..Version: 2.12.0

Ouch! This app hurts like crazy!Love the website. So I figured I needed this app on the road also. After about a half-hour fiddling with this thing, I am beyond shocked. It just couldn’t be the same guys who put together a phenomenal website. This seems more like an after thought. A box-checking exercise. Like, “They said we need an app, so, here you go”. First of, it lacks the intuition of the website. For me it’s get in, punch in the stock ticker, get the background info I need, and out. 30 seconds flat. With this app, I can’t figure out where the search bar is. And there seems to be an overemphasis on all the wrong things. For example, an overemphasis on technical charts. They are important of course, but so also are the financials, company profile, and that awesome sell/buy “odometer”, which are nowhere in sight! To the team working on this, I hope you get back to your true form. This isn’t it though. For everyone else, stick with the website for now..Version: 2.15.2

Pure garbagePure garbage don’t waste your time and money.Version: 2.18.0

Poor latest update for one reasonWhen you update an app the user experience needs to be easier and quicker ideally. It used to take my 1 sec to get the fibonnaci tool. Now it takes me 4 secs. I chart alot on my phone and everything takes so much longer with the new layout. It's adding hours per month to my screen time. Can you please add a favourites bar so we can add our favourite drawing tools and access them quicker. At the moment I have to tap on the "drawings" scroll down to gann and fibs, then scroll right, then tap on fibonnaci retracement. It's very long and tedious. Yes it looks pretty but annoying. Thanks.Version: 2.24.2

Charts rarely loadThis app is very good when it works. Unfortunately I have been running into issues with the charts as they will often not load despite displaying current price and percentage moves in the watch list. I am writing this review to get the attention of the developers so that this can be addressed as I’m sure it’s a simple fix. I will then provide a 5 star rating. Thank you.Version: 2.16.1

Not efficient with iPadsOn iPad the TV app is horrible, it’s an amazing tool for the web based version but for on the go with the iPad it’s just not there yet. When scrolling using a connected mouse it doesn’t work for zooming in and out of charts like the web based version. If I had any say in the new update it would be to make the iPad version of TV just like the web version as it will increase functionality and probably be an insensitive for web based users to start using the iPad version..Version: 2.37.0

Performance improvements neededI am going to be blunt: the app is slow! Very slow! Especially the Watchlist UI. Even if I have a small Watchlist with 10 symbols it always takes a couple of seconds (20-30 seconds on the latest iOS and a Pro Max model phone). If you compare this data loading feature with any other trading app you will find TradingView is the slowest :( and some of the other apps are even free to use! Also when loosing connection (for whatever reason) there needs to be a disclaimer somewhere saying “the data was last updated at xxx time” that way I know I am not looking at the latest information. Again this is a feature most other trading and charts apps have. I love what the team has done to the online platform (especially the attention to PineScript) but the mobile app urgently needs some love and attention. Please bring the mobile app to speed as it is not doing your platform justice!.Version: 2.51.0

James B Customer Service Bad ExperienceThe customer service is horrible. I was using this app for 1 year religiously as a Premium member. I was offered a promotional offer by James B, and since I did not respond right away, I was not granted the refund I asked for right away, nor was I granted the promotional offer. Customer Service definitely needs to be trained better. I feel like they are inconsistent, and I will not be recommending my friends and family this company no more. I was considering this company for Black Friday, but I’m not sure I want to take that risk to deal with the customer service. Trading View Account Name: Abatix. Update:Developer responded to send an email to their “Support email.” last time I wrote to the support email, it wants me to open a “ticket.” As their support email is nothing more than an email they don’t respond to. This in turn will make me be forced to deal with James B again. Not helpful!.Version: 2.36.0

The new favourite bar on screen is annoying for tiny iPhone screensAs I wrote in the title the favourite bar looks too cumbersome on small screens, sure I can disable that in pencil icon (drawings) but it will also disable that on my desktop and iPad app as well which is actually more annoying to be honest..Version: 2.54.0

Great App but becoming less mobile friendly with the new feature role outsI have been using this app as a subscribed user for over 3 years. It has been a great experience and really loved the app. But lately some of the new features are not user friendly. For example, the most recent “quick preview on the watchlist” feature makes the whole user experience horrible and terrible when navigating from chart to chart. It is so horrible that it actually made me search for other similar service providers. The whole purpose of the Mobile app is to navigate between charts seamlessly. For some reason, they are moving away from this by trying to pack way too many things into the mobile app. Suggestion to TradingView: Less is more. And in case if you keep adding such features, at least give the subscribers the ability to customize. Thank you..Version: 2.30.4

IPad version - still have to select “Full Feature Chart” every timeThis version on my iPad shows just a preview line chart on the side each time I select a new ticker from my watch list 🤨 Have to select the ‘Full Feature Chart’ button each and every time to get to see full chart with annotations. No option in settings to change this on iPad?. C’mon TV, please give users options to select original default rather than force this on them. PS If your response is going to be: “you can change this in settings now”, then sirs please explain how to change on iPad? Thank you (iPhone is working fine, default is full feature chart).Version: 2.34.0

IOS 15 bug, BOR Safari end problem!It’s been three full weeks since iOS 15 was officially out and the app has this loading issue ever since. When you you guy plan to solve the issue? I’m paying the premium member every month and this app is literally not usable since last month… I may file a refund claim since I’m paying for a defect product which I can’t rven use………Just to update. I was lucky enough to get the reply from the company, but they said it’s the problem from the Safari end…. We’ll, this app on Safari works fine. It’s the phone end, that’s not loading the charts… it’s been more than two full weeks and we can’t see the charts at all, then what’s the point of using a stock app if it can’t load stocks… Like a lot of people have discussed, when are you guys going to fix the bug on the compatibility issue with iOS 15? Can’t even open the chart now… I’ll still give you guys 3 starts since this is the app that I had been used the most even though it’s not usable now….Version: 2.34.0

Great app that is easy to useIt has lots of gre features and seamlessly works with the browser version which is a huge plus. The app is missing the ability to manage your current trades and orders. Not necessarily opening new orders but at least manage existing including close, cancel and amending..Version: 2.2.2

Horrible chart tab reliabilityI’ve used TradingView since before Covid crash. I’ve seen multiple iterations. Desktop version of TradingView is perfect. Mobile TradingView, on the other hand, has steadily worsened every few iterations due to non intuitive user interface and constantly changing interface that makes memorization challenging. Most important, the charts tab, top 3 feature if not most important feature, feels like a project a freshman computer science major made. Resuming app from background will sometimes cause chart tab to freeze; changing ticker, time frame, anything will do nothing. I am FORCED to restart the app. Some changes, like to a technical indicator, are presumably saved but turn out not saved when reentering the app. Other times, things like changing timeframe of chart, while never putting app in background, will freeze the chart until the end of time. Once again, I am FORCED to restart the app. I use TradingView daily. It’s 7:15 am writing this app, and I’ve needed to restart the app twice already due to programmers who probably don’t understand concurrency. Charts tab wasn’t always like this. Reliability was great back then. Now, whether it’s ios13 or whatever, this tab is genuinely bad. I don’t look forward to using the app and would rather use desktop. Hire talent from Silicon Valley, fire your intern, idk. Just fix the app.Version: 2.34.1

FrustratingWhen it works it is good but the app is very unreliable and glitchy. There is no alternative that offers candle sticks, drawing and all of the TA tools and add ons. This is good, I like it and I use the tools lots. However, it really winds me up daily! Often I can’t get prices, it just crashes and wont load up. If you try to multi task and click away from the app to another app on your phone it resets every time! You lose the chart you were looking at and have to reload the app and start again. I often lose drawings I have made on charts and sometimes old drawings that I have previously deleted suddenly come back..Version: 2.25.0

Charged without notificationOut of blue.Version: 2.54.0

RevisedI don’t know why there is an app when the web version is clearly superior. The app is way too simple and cluttered with the need to perform multiple taps to do simple things … etc etc I can’t even go through it all as I’m pretty fed up with TV not giving users their most requested features… New edit: I’m still not sure as to the use of the app compared to the web version, (just use safari but it didn’t deserve one star. It’s a regular old 3 star product. If you go by the Reddit page you’ll find no shortage of suggestions on new features. My issues for the app version are these: Landscape view in full screen is corny… It hides your tools and the top left is obscured by the rounded corner design of the iphone… Also if not in full screen but using landscape, there’s just blank white space on the ends There should be better method for drawing straight lines The buttons for choosing your drawing tools are so large and you constantly have to scroll through them. Additionally, one should be able to customize their order I’d prefer chart settings to take me to actual chart settings instead of the last sub chart setting I was in. In full screen view vertical you have access to draw Not in landscape… please fix. I would like to see a “recents” watchlist of the last 10-20 tickers… Going through diff watchlists when you’re only looking through 2 stocks in each gets tiring and making a new watchlist just seems inefficient..Version: 2.50

Terrible customer service.Would not recommend..Version: 2.52.0

Rubbish ticker previewThis app was 5 stars but now they've added a ridiculous preview on the watch list. So now i have to press twice just to open a chart from my watchlist. Why have you added a stupid line chart preview? Ridiculous..Version: 2.30.4

Needs Improvements to Match DesktopTradingView is the best charting tool available but this app needs updates to match the capability of the web and desktop apps, particularly on iPad. There are some basic things that are curiously missing from the web version such as the ability to view news articles by ticker and technicals in the information view. The ability to trade from the app is still missing outside of paper trading and there is no order book data. The stock screener is completely missing as well. On iPad, it would be nice to be able to view the watchlist alongside the chart view just like the web. The lack of split view is particularly frustrating because for active trading I constantly need to switch between TradingView and my brokerage. Switching between tickers is clunky. Support for multiple tabs or windows would also bring the app closer to parity with the desktop and alleviate this issue. Finally, I think support for Apple Pencil could greatly enhance charting..Version: 2.41.1

Annoying …I use this app on a daily basis and the new update has brought in some irritating changes. Previously when I switched between charts the same time period (1 hour / 4 hour etc) would be used. Now every time I open the app the default is the the daily chart and this doesn’t appear to be something that can be changed. Also when switching charts a new tab with a line chart and summary appears which is not really of any use if you want to go straight to the detailed chart. These are only small problems but constantly having to reset the time period and close summary windows gets annoying after a while..Version: 2.30.1

No supportPro member (paid decent money) yet can’t even get basic support after 5 days of messaging for support so my app actually work. Only support (probably a bot) message I got was after 3 days with a link to a generic article on using their app - with details of what I said didn't work. They then told me do something again that I mention is the issue that doesn’t work. TV app doesn’t works and their support is non-existent..Version: 2.35.0

Wish I could trade alsoI’m a big fan of Trading View, have a subscription, and use it daily for trading on my desktop, sometimes on my iPad browser too. I feel like this standalone app would be more useful if I could trade from it, otherwise it’s just a toy for watching stocks. No offense, it works very nicely and all. I opted for the desktop version of your app and like using that a bit more than through Chrome or other browser, as it gives me a little cleaner screen space and a dedicated sign on for trading. Would be pleasant if the iPad version did the same. I will say however that this app was what tipped me off to trading view in the first place and I used it to familiarize myself with the platform before using it to trade on my desktop browser. So as an educational primer or sales tool it did work for me..Version: 2.32.0

Used to be greatThis app used to be amazing. Mobile AND app versions. Now, they keep adding features that I can’t imagine anybody would use. Why add an extra “preview page” before seeing the full feature charts? Waste of time. Other users I know who use the app feel the same way. But this is nitpicking. My real issue with this app is it keeps bugging out and it will randomly revert back to an old ticker I was previously looking at. I’ve noticed it reverts back to the last saved ticker because sometimes it’ll happen on the same ticker I’m looking at, but reverts to the time frame it was saved in. But the revert thing happens so frequently that I can barely get anything done in a single chart. Extremely frustrating. Don’t know what the developers are doing, but this is becoming an app I hate to use..Version: 2.34.1

Good features but realistically expected better considering feesThe open source nature of trading view coupled with available native features undeniably makes trading view a very useful platform but the constant bugs, terrible customer support and lack of focus on amending these issues is quickly prompting me to look for an alternative. I’m having my lines I’ve placed on charts move their physical coordinates when I change timeframe prompting some unfavourable miss-informed decisions which are entirely tradingviews fault also the desktop app constantly freezes and on Mac minimises itself and changes desktop randomly. This is a useful app but if you require a platform that you can really put your faith in to be accurate and reliable I’d advise you look elsewhere as TradingView simply cannot be trusted long term. If these issues where amended I’d very quickly consider upgrading to a premium subscription but as it stands I’m angry with myself for spending any money at all on this platform..Version: 2.29.0

Update ruined the appAfter last update app not syncing with desktop version of TradingView. If you make drawings on chart they not showing on mobile version even after saving current chart. Then when you open open mobile chart your desktop chart disappears. Updated review: Customer team asked me to send message to support team and report issue. I did hoping that it will help to solve issue. How naive I was on my expectations of good support. The only help I received was automated message telling me what to do and what not to do. Great. I guess this is what free users get - automatically generated email with annotation DO NOT REPLY..Version: 2.20.0

Wrong % change???A quick and easy way to see the current value from multiple exchanges. However the 24hr change value is always wrong, always, and not just by a little bit, it’s very strange. Also the default graph view does not show a useful timespan or value range, the standard view should be for 24 hours showing the full range of valve during that period. The widget also is buggy, seems there’s 2 versions, if I opt to have the widget it only displays 3 asset values from the watch list, if I remove the widget, later without my choice a different version appears which I’m unable to remove but that version is more useful as I can see the whole watchlist..Version: 2.39.2

Ok, but in the end not as good as using web browserI’ve been using trading view for a few years now and I was pretty excited to see an iPad app. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough thought put into the design of this to make it a replacement for the web browser version. 1. The list of instruments on a separate tab is so painful... you have to toggle back and forth and its really disruptive to your flow. Also no ability to sort your watchlist by name, %gain/loss, or anything else? That’s not good. 2. There is no total % gain/loss on the chart... it shows it at the top but its relative to the timeframe you have, which is crazy. Show me the % gain loss for the day like you do on the browser version... that’s a no brainer 3. No favorites on your drawing tools. That means I have to click three times to get a trend line... that’s again a terrible design choice 4. Timeframe selector across the top of the screen, making it as hard as possible to reach it with your fingers and again requiring multiple clicks to get what you want. Here’s how that should work. Near the bottom left of the screen I should be able to press and hold to show me all my timeframes, then slide and release to select the one I want. All in all, almost isn’t good enough here. TradingView needs to spend more time thinking about use cases and design ergonomics..Version: 2.5.0

No goodI have paid monthly from June but the system still asked me for upgrade also I cannot use indicators. I couldn’t contact for supporting system too. It’s not good Thank I will cancel soon. I paid for nothing for 2 months now. I want to talk to the supporting team but no where to go. I don’t understand you seem no support to customers you just take from customers. I disappointed with TradingView very much. If you have support services please show up on your website. You should make it clear for customers..Version: 2.31.2

No customer service and was charged during free trialImpossible to reach anyone for support so my only option is to leave a bad review. I wanted to try this app to see if I would like it. The basic plan hardly allows someone to do anything productive when you are actively trading and watching various coins at the same time. So I read I could upgrade to Pro for free for 30 days. The next day I was Charged about $180. I still have 3 weeks left of a free trial to see if this app can do allI need it to do on a daily basis and am in a FREE trial. I was duped into paying when it said I wouldn't be charged unless I did not cancel at the end of the free trial I have been trying for 2 days to reach someone. I opened a ticket as suggested by their automated email and phone message but it was never answered. I contacted PayPal and they denied my refund within an hour or so because they stated they contacted the merchant who said i didn't cancel my subscription before being charged??? That doesn't even make sense. I'm on my first week of a 30 day free trial so why would I cancel when I still have 3 weeks to try it out?? I love how Paypal gets a response within an hour but I try for 2 days and NOTHING..Version: 2.24.1

Favorite barPlease have favorite bar tool on the chart as of desktop.Version: 2.52.0

BadWorst out there .. but no other alternative.Version: 2.48.1

Please fix the iPadOS 15 bugsThe app is great on OSX and good for iOS, but it has a pretty bad experience on iPad. The iPad version is pretty much the phone version except riddled with bugs, when it should be more featured like the OSX version. I keep my iPad with me as I go around the house, and using the native iPad app is a frustrating experience. The most frustrating bugs show up when you use a physical keyboard. For example, if you press the command key, suddenly all of the positions will enter edit mode without an option to exit that mode; the only way to fix it is by killing the app and booting it up again. The command key is a navigation key in the iPadOS interface and it should never be overridden, please at least fix that bug and I will bump the rating..Version: 2.34.0

Huh? Totally useless for real tradingI can’t even figure out how to get the alert log to show me today’s alerts instead of last year’s. (And, yes, changing the sort order doesn’t help. As far as the app is concerned there has been no alerts since last summer.) Not sure what all those people who gave it 5* are using it for. Unusable for keeping track of what I need to buy or sell today. I wish I had thought to test this before I left my house without my laptop. I need to know what alerts went off today! I guess all I can do is pray that none of my stocks with against me before I’m back in front of my laptop at market open tomorrow morning. UPDATE: days later and I still can’t figure out how to get this app to show me the log of any alerts later than 3 months ago. Frustrating and a useless waste of my time, not possible to trade without being able to review today’s alerts. What a joke. 15 minutes to the close of session and instead of getting my trades in, I’m sitting here wasting time leaving an angry review..Version: 2.34.2

Not a screenerWhen you type « stock screener » in app search bar you get this app as one of the top apps but it is not a stock screener app therefore should not be listed amongst results..Version: 2.48.1

Useful, but lags behind website in functionalityApp displays charts faithfully, and the draw/indicator functionality is there as well as Idea Stream etc. Unlike the website, you can’t manage object trees, you can’t delete all objects from a given chart (so if you have drawn hundreds of lines you have to delete them one by one, what a pain!) and there is *ZERO* trade functionality. You can’t make trades on the iOS app based on the chart. The lack of Pine Editor is a minor issue. There are other gripes that are not specific to iOS. The MACD indicator in TradingView is broken and does not reflect the same calculations that are done by other MACD indicators (Hence why so many have written their own MACD indicators for TradingView) and there are known bugs that wipe charts clean if you have multiple copies open which is problematic if you trade multiple time frames. TradingView, take note. I have paid for a Pro subscription and I won’t upgrade to a higher tier unless you fix these major issues..Version: 2.2.2

Nice and clean, but could be way betterIt needs a way to add symbols to a specific watchlist from the chart tab. It’s a huge pain to switch to the watchlist tab, find the watchlist you want to add it to, scroll up, click the + sign, add the ticker, then switch back to the watchlist you were cycling through, and scroll down to where you left off. There is so much room along the top bar of the chart tab to include an “add to watchlist” button. It also needs to display your tags and allow you to tag/untag stocks. Moving a stock ticker up in a watchlist is super annoying. You have to scroll all the way to the top, tap edit watchlist, scroll all the way back down to find your stock, drag it up, then scroll back down to where you left off. Just lots of scrolling... hard to do analysis efficiently which leads me to use my laptop even though I’d rather use my iPad..Version: 2.14.1

Terrible for saving TA charts after updatesGreat app, BUT Every single time I update multiple charts with TA it takes HOURS of my time.. happy to do it! Every time Trading View completes an app or desktop upgrade all my recent activity within a week is deleted / reverted back to TA I completed a month or year ago I recently renewed my subscription annually and yet again all my charts for 30-50 individual stocks / indices ALL DISAPPEARED I never leave reviews let alone cad ones but this is now beyond a joke and I’m tired of checking Twitter to see who else is suffering with me. Terrible systems updated protocol not to have these remain in check by project teams. Other than the above the app is 5 star.Version: 2.52.1

Purposely starts to glitch outI found at the most crucial moments to take a trade the app freezes not cool happens almost every time.Version: 2.52.1

Not Great AnymoreThe standard being offered is well below what is now available on numerous platforms. Shall Trading View not make some significant changes here they will end up being the Nokia of this market. Fees are also high compared to the other asker options. Don’t get me wrong I like it, but use other platforms from day to day now..Version: 2.31.2

PromisingThis could be great, has so many features - if the user interface was not so frustrating: settings are not retained, e.g. changing the currency resets every time to USD after selecting a chart; desktop app cannot store tabs reliably (the recently added feature to retain tabs is hit and miss). Having these complex capabilities makes a reliable workspace manager essential..Version: 2.40.0

Do not like update - time change hassleI do not like this most recent update at all. I constantly flip between 1min-5min-15min time frames. Before we could just scroll to the time frame and that was it. Now you have to click on the time frame then look for the time frame you want in a list and then click on it again. Whoever is on SEO/Marketing should know better. 1 scroll is a million times better than 2 clicks. If there was a long list to scroll through, fine. There’s not. 😡 I change timeframes probably a 100 times a day. That’s 200 clicks 🤔, verses 100 quick taps to scroll. Ans please don’t say there’s a Favorites Interval Picker. It’s still two clicks. This is ridiculous and whoever did this should be minus a job. Also, now I’m having a problem where if I zoom in, the screen is much more sensitive and it will pull another graph up and overlay it on-top of the one I was trying to zoom in on..Version: 2.28.0

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