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Yahtzee® with Buddies Dice app received 78 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about yahtzee® with buddies dice?

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Good gameI just play challengers and do the freebies. Starting to get the pop up ads but u can hit the x to go back to the game. Good fun for free.Version: 6.0.0

Lotso fun!Only have had 1 major issue with game: There’s a returning tournament called “The Feast,” which gives every player a free turn about once a day. If you want to play more than once, it “costs” 3 dice. Last month, they graduated the price — if you bought more than, say, 4 extra turns, the price suddenly jumped up to 4 dice. Then, after about 4 more turns, the price went up again. The price would reset to 3 dice/turn each day. I claimed it wasn’t fair to charge more for playing more while they argued that they were trying to level the playing field. Well, others must have complained for there no longer are graduated price increases. Otherwise, it’s a fun game, especially when you join a family (i.e. team). While you have no control over which numbers you “roll” with your “dice,” it’s all about strategy...and helping give your family members free turns. Lotso fun! Update: Scopley has gotten rid of the graduated entry fee. When COVID-19 hit, Yahtzee started offering a lot of different in-app purchases that are cheaper and offer different features, sometimes offering 24-hours of free play for a game! They’re not perfect, but whenever I bring something to their attention, they respond and try to make amends immediately. That + being fun to play, what more could a gal want...besides hitting the lotto, solving all of the world’s problems, and happiness for all?.Version: 7.4.1

Awesome gameSuper game. Never a shortage of people to play with. Always different tournaments and challenges available. Just WAY TOO MANY ADS!!.Version: 8.2.0

Addicting, loved it as a child, even better nowRecommend this game to all.Version: 8.2.2

Free diceLove it, but more free dice would be a bonus especially for the players who put a lot of play time in.Version: 8.0.3

LizGreat game. Only problem I have is it keeps logging itself off, especially when I’m trying to get a free dice. Hmmm. Having said that it could be my iPad, although that’s the only game it dies it with.Version: 6.8.2

Yahtzee is great.This game is as exciting as you want it to be. You can play by yourself or get others to play against you. There’s competitions and you can get many points by winning. It’s what you put into it, that makes it fun and exciting. You can join teams to play against others, usually the other members of the teams are supportive and glad to have you as part of their team..Version: 7.4.1

Amazing👍looove it.Version: 7.5.1

Excellent game, highly recommend, couple of usability improvements possibleGreat game, I use it on my iPhone XS and iPad 6th Gen. It works well as an app with both buddies on different devices and human-vs-computer on a single device. I paid to remove the ads about 2 weeks into downloading the game 2 years ago (after knowing I would be playing it regularly with family members) and really enjoy using it. I would like it to have a “Landscape Mode”, at least on the iPad version as it’s the only app I use in “Portrait Mode” which is a nuisance. Also the “Current Games” scrolling bar on the home screen freezes regularly when refreshing, a refresh button might be better to negate the leftwards pull-to-refresh. Recommend to anyone looking to play Yahtzee with friends, strangers and just for fun in some great tournaments that are continuously running..Version: 7.3.5

Great game but......This is an awesome game. It gives me the perfect “wind down” from a long day. I probably spend too much time playing it in fact. I also do spend money from time to time, which got rid of the massive amount of ads. But, I have noticed some things that I feel could be addressed to improve customer satisfaction. I read reviews all the time complaining about not getting enough extra rolls, and it is true. Offering us the option to subscribe to something for extra money is not the solution. If we had extra money to spend we would just buy what we want. Just change the odds on the scratchers to be less stingy with dice, you attract more flies with sugar not vinegar. Taking away the red scratchers at the end of buddy matches was a pretty crappy thing to do. Scopely needs to listen to what everybody says, not just the ones who are happy to spend money. Your massive graphics do make this game difficult to play because it does drain the battery life so fast. I would play it more if it wasn’t such a drain. If you really care, you will listen to what people want. Just make tweaks to the game in favor of the players that love your game, not tweets to make more money. Greed is a deadly sin..Version: 7.3.5

AMAZING!!Great for car trips and when you’re bored in hospital! This is my go to game at the moment haha!! The app never glitches and functions really smoothly ..Version: 6.12.0

Great game but .......I love this game and really enjoy playing BUT you can only progress through the leagues by beating the computer bosses (?) and you can only do that by buying more dice. I still play the games but it does get really annoying when you get beaten time and time again and really frustrating if you are leading till the last throw of the dice and they miraculously get Yahtzee. Come on make it more playable for the players!.Version: 6.1.2

Great gameReally enjoy playing Yahtzee with lot of buddies to play against and lots of different features. Particularly like the tournaments which have lots of variety..Version: 8.0.3

I Love It!!!!!If you love Yahtzee, goofy challenges, unique prizes, team efforts and [of course] the "usual drill" with regards to always available, constantly updating and mercilessly inundating event offers, then you are probably going to spend at least a small amount of cash on this app. While it IS possible to play WITHOUT spending (especially if you’re good AND lucky), it’s just a tad MORE enjoyable if you’re able to pick up a few more fun extras during events and challenges (I really enjoy changing up my dice sets and other playful decorating options)! Try [always!] to keep SOME focus on what’s going on around you and remember to "take it easy" if you find yourself getting caught up in every single one of those challenges, tournaments and event offers; I’ve found it can be quite easy to get carried away if you’re at all distracted! DO keep in mind, as you navigate your way through this bustling 'Yahtzee Adventureland’...you will have all SORTS of options to create new friendships; as well, the possibility could also present where you find yourself reconnecting with people you haven’t touched base with in many moons. In any event, have fun and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!.Version: 6.3.2

Yahtzee - Improvement Idea.I really enjoy the game however do find it a little frustrating . I successfully gained promotion to the top league and then qualified for the next league that was coming soon . Whilst I gained the rewards at the time I would have expected to be automatically promoted once the league became available. I even carried on playing each week ensuring I gained sufficient points to avoid getting demotion. However , once the league became available I have had to re-qualify all over again using invaluable bonus points ! . I successfully gained promotion last weekend but gained no rewards for doing so because I had previously had them . No sure whether this is a glitch in the game but it does not encourage me to get promoted again until a new league is available! The system should either allow auto promotion once a league is available or if this is not an option then reward individuals again if they have to requalify. This needs to be looked at !.Version: 6.0.1

YahtzeeYahtzee is a very relaxing game but it’s also a little tense so I’m gonna put 4 stars because I 85% like this game.Version: 8.0.9

Super gameI enjoy playing this game with other people from around the world but I do find it frustrating trying to obtain some of the decent rewards especially the sticker albums. It took me a while to figure out all of the games and how to get the rewards but to obtain any decent rewards there’s just not enough hours in the day. Given some of the quests are run over several days I can’t always devote the time required to complete the tasks and get the best rewards. Maybe either extending the timeframes on some games like Prize Climb and Prize Pass to say 10 days would give us a better chance of succeeding given you need to play at least 50 games to get the top prize and that’s if you win everyone. I would like to see it made a bit easier to complete the albums as I always seem to get to around 75% as the time runs out. Overall this game is fun and exciting to play but requires a little bit of tweaking to the rewards sections..Version: 7.6.3

BrilliantA great game that keeps you on your toes. I love the variety in the different tournaments and the rewards. The only negative thing I think is unfair is getting a long way in the tournaments etc, especially in the Gift Grab, to win the gold token/coin. Some of us aren’t interested in playing with different designs of dice and frames. We just like to see how far we can get in the games with a ‘useful’ reward at the end of it. I hope my comments are considered. We can’t all afford to buy dice etc but enjoy the games. I also feel that the amount of dice won on the scratch cards are a bit harsh . I had 27 red scratch cards the other day and won 2 dice!! It would be nice to have a few more please. Also, the blue scratch cards are supposed to be the best one of the 3 and many a time I only win 1 die. Please be more generous with the dice from scratch cards. PLEASE CONSIDER MY REQUEST. Thank you. Kind regards. Mary.Version: 8.2.0

Fun😁Fun to play, ads get a bit much after a while tho.Version: 6.11.1

Great game!I play often. It is a great game. However... I do not want notifications about the American Mid-term Elections. You have to remember that about 95% of the global population are sick of hearing about the US disfunctional political system!.Version: 5.10.1

ReviewEvery time i play this game my phone was extremely hot to the point it could explode.Version: 6.3.2

Fun though One annoying featureSo great, so fun, different challenges Though one glitch, in challenges like Survivor when you only have a few seconds to get your points, is it possible to not have ads interrupt ? Otherwise what’s the point when your gunna lose to something that’s out of your control? Like I know you could buy ads but that’s not the point, otherwise a great app 😊.Version: 6.10.0

We never get bored of this game!My family has been playing this for a good two years now and it’s always really fun. The team seem dedicated to evolving the game (lots of new gameplay and developments every couple of months or so) and it’s also one of those excellent games you don’t need to spend any money on to succeed. There’s very rarely any errors or crashes and there’s also a nice community element with the family games. The design is great and we really enjoy collecting new dice designs to play with too! Highly recommended..Version: 8.0.0

ObsessedThis is the first review I’ve done for a game and it’s because I’m obsessed. There’s always a game you can play and there is no energy system if your playing against your friends. The tournament’s you can enter over periods of time which is still okay! There are a few ads but unlike other games you can click off it straight away and carry on playing rather than sit through a 30 sec video!.Version: 8.0.5

Addictive!Love this game, keeps my mind busy. Just wish you could have wackyee type levels the more you play with a buddy. Or have the option to play levels with x2’s etc against a buddy. Anyway yeah it’s my fave at the min Update! Love the new treasure chest levels wish it wasn’t so hard to get dice now on all the different events. You hardly win any dice anymore and then it costs loads to enter and then keep re-entering; to even stand a chance of completing weekly challenges etc. Plus it’s expensive to buy extras from the store. It’s gone down in my top games now due to lack of progress, rewards and ways to get dice..Version: 8.2.1

Great game for all ages to play together.I have played this game for year, in many shapes and forms, always found it enjoyable. I have also been able to able right through my childhood to now play with my grandchrildren of all ages from 18 to 6 and still have a ball , so thank you for the great times over the many years of FUN!!!!!!!.Version: 5.10.0

Great game but....I love this game and I play it a lot I only have 2 problems with it the first being how expensive dice etc packs are to buy they are priced so high compared to other games!! the second being the fact that when you win dice you sometimes get duplicates which is so frustrating when you have worked hard to get to that point of having enough tokens to get a dice. Please fix this as I really do love the game 🙂.Version: 6.11.0

Ads, ads, ads, 😖Lots of variety and quick games. Don’t understand all the stickers and silly prizes though and the ads are so repetitive and stupid games.Version: 8.2.2

4 stars - too much adsMy only complaint is too much ads!.Version: 8.2.2

Addicting!I love this game. I’ve been playing for a little over a year now and I play everyday, many times everyday actually. I love the “family” options- chat, family feast and family games. For a few months now, it has become almost impossible to rely on winning bonus rolls. For instance, when I receive even 1 black scratcher, that means I have played 5 games with someone. After playing for a year, I have many rivals that I play daily and that means I get quite a few (scratchers) “chances” to win bonus rolls, they just don’t seem to be available very often. So the same example of 5games, many times I don’t scratch the black cards until I have 10 or more. Most often- out of 10black scratchers, I will win from 0-4 (pretty average) and that’s the reward for playing 50 games! I would love to win rolls as often as I did when I first started to play, and now, with lack of them, I play less. Because I play less, and don’t have the rolls (sometimes necessary) to win tournaments, so I’ve been stuck on the same league for months. I would love to see more bonus rolls and possibly a few less “trophies” to progress. This game is still so much fun and I’m still addicted! I would just like to be addicted and playing with more bonus rolls!.Version: 6.13.0

4/5I love this game and have been playing for so long, but lately the app lags so much and randomly closes. Not sure if it’s just my phone but none of my other games or apps do this. It’s a shame because I’ve missed out on a few survivor mini games because it just shuts down- after it happens a few times I just don’t bother trying to reopen the app.Version: 6.8.2

Would give 10 stars if it wasn't for 1 thing !I absolutely love this game I even pay the monthly fee for the extras and often buy extra dice etc .. on my old iPhone 5s it plays excellent I would give it 10* if I could but now I'm on my iPhone 5 it keeps freezing and throwing me off the game it's very annoying especially if it does during survivor which it now nearly always does. I've deleted and reinstalled many times it makes no difference it seems with new version it's gone down hill fast .. if you could give me any advice on how to fix this 1 and only glitch I would appreciate it !!.Version: 7.6.3

YahtzeeThis game is a great way to get familiar with the old game of Yahtzee in a modern way. Rolling the dice is always a thrill and you can interact with people in awesome games. The healthy competition that radiates from all players as they congratulate you on your win is great. I personally am in love with this game. The way Yahtzee mixes the old game with other card and dice games, as well as adding that little bit of magic that comes with using a device. There is so much fun at your fingertips. ‘EagerLion’ over and out. I’m getting back to the rolls!!.Version: 6.3.2

Engaging, but definitely riggedGame play is fun and engaging, adding twists to the original Yahtzee to make it more interesting. The tournament play is fun but obviously rigged, and I’m not talking about the dice. For instance, you can enter a tournament a few hours into the four hour span and after finishing your original game it will show that you aren’t far from the top of the leaderboard, tempting you to buy back in. Play your second buy in game and suddenly the scores of the people you’re trying to catch have ballooned. Here is a case of the game absolutely positively rigged: you play your first game of a tournament and lose. Depending on the style of game, the winner gets their points doubled and should therefore be ahead of you on the leaderboard. A check of the leaderboard won’t even show them there which is impossible as they would have to be mathematically be ranked higher. There’s also a glitch when toggling between games which shows that you are closer to winning your section bonus than you actually are. Other things can’t be proven but are very suspect. Notice how often the robot challengers roll a needed Yahtzee on their final roll to beat you..Version: 6.0.1

Love this game but....Far too many notifications coming up now. Too many people to challenge - I have my regular Yahtzee buddies and am not bothered about others. The game seems to crash more often now. Buddy chests don’t always open up when you claim them even though they flash for you to claim! The game appears to have issues counting too. Seems the total coins collected never actually matches the number you have when you go to claim them on the Adventure game. Today I had 999 when I went in, used 800 and have 60 left....how does that work? Great game but please sort out these bugs!.Version: 7.3.1

More algorithm to open your wallet that proper dice gamePlayed it for a couple of months but got so fed up with this game not offering proper Yahtzee odds. Constantly Trying to get you to buy extra rolls / it got to the point I could predict how a game would go. On my older device I can also see the final dice reveal stutter as it would jump to numbers keeping you from what you wanted. Every now and then it would detect my interest waining so would throw some amazing hands and bonuses. If you want to play Yahtzee look elsewhere. This is just going to frustrate you. Nothing wrong with wanting to make money but this is cheap..Version: 6.1.2

FunNice change up from other games.Version: 7.7.0

My Favourite Game!Well all I can say is..if you want a game that will entertain you for YEARS then this is the game for you! It’s constantly adding new and challenging things, it’s almost like a social thing because you can be as friendly as you want to by contacting people from all over the world or not..you can play everyday (all day) if you want or a couple times a week! You play a couple of people or as many as you can handle! It’s ideal for recuperating from an illness...but be warned...it is addictive:).Version: 6.12.0

Crashes constantlySometimes crashes 4-5x each game!! Very frustrating.Version: 5.6.0

YahtzeeReally enjoy playing but find it hard to find where to claim things I’ve amassed.Version: 7.0.3

I love Yahtzee BUTI grew up playing & Loving Yahtzee so when I found this game a couple years back I downloaded it of course and fell in love with it! After accumulating a bunch of dice & paying for the one without those Awful annoying adds popping up between each game Just when I thought I’d found the Perfect Yahtzee THEY GO & UPDATE THE THING! And It screwed it all up! Then I got a new phone and I don’t know what happened but when I downloaded the game again it was all different & I couldn’t get all my dice among a lot of other problems so as sad as I was I uninstalled the game. I check back from time to time to see if maybe I’ll read some good reviews that’ll make me want to get the game back But nothing yet! UPDATE....... I wish I knew the date I wrote the review above but anyway I recently downloaded this game again after at least a cpl yrs and I’m so glad I did! The game has completely Changed and for the better! It’s so smooth there’s no glitches or lags. Whoever is responsible for the improvement needs a raise & thank you! I’ve enjoyed Yahtzee since I was a young girl it’s my favorite game! Love all the pretty dice too! still loving the game !!!.Version: 8.0.2

Addictive game alert beware!Love this game, love having the chat area to talk to old friends and new Only downside I’ve seen is not being able to choose from all your own team mates for daily match, you may get a couple of people you know that play regularly so you have a chance to achieve goal but often there is lower level players who maybe only play now and again. Please let us choose our team mates from our regular game opponents x.Version: 6.1.0

Love the app but getting frustratedI have been enjoying the app until recently, the ads a more frequent and I don’t mind waiting for an ad but numerous ads do not allow you to close out (I waited for a whole 2mins for one and no way to exit except to close). This has also resulted in me not being able to continue games I had actually paid to play. Please fix this, because rather than pay to have no ads I will just no longer play the game and delete the app..Version: 6.13.2

Please READI am a daily player I absolutely love the app but there is just one thing, I recently made a family and it doesn’t always show when people ask for help or even send a message, maybe there should be two parts to it so you no if someone is messaging in the family and so you no if anyone needs help as it’s just showing 1 or sometimes show nothing & if there is more message for the number to be the amount of messages waiting to be read same with the helping people to. :) I did try to sort out why it wasn’t showing but noticed there is no settings on family just the info were you can edit..oh and one more thing please let us use are own emoji keyboard on chat :) thank you xx.Version: 6.0.0

Good game ... but costlyI love this game have always enjoyed it and even have the actual board game to play with family . My point really is that its costly if you want to buy dice rolls and when have a few through being successful you do use them quickly and the game is expensive when you need more . Also when you win in tournaments you don’t automatically get to play free in the next game . Bit of a money making scheme in my view and having to wait 2 hours or more for another free game . There should be a daily bonus for playing which gives you dice and players should be rewarded for playing each time ..Version: 7.3.1

BlockingWhen the small straight is unavailable really annoying when you can go there..Version: 8.0.9

AhhhhhhhThe whole thing is just tickets which cost money to get. I cannot play a game unless I wait 12 hours. The buddy idea I don’t like bc u have to wait until they actually do something before u can then have your turn. I just want to play a game against the computer without having to pay. The actual game though has a great idea and I love it. Pls please please stop all the tickets thing though..Version: 6.3.2

Great gameI’ve been enjoying this game ever since I installed it. It’s really addictive and great for when you have nothing to do and you can play more than one person. My problem with this game is that when I first started playing there were no adds, you could just play from match to match. Now every time you are in the process of playing a game with someone and move onto the next player you are playing you get adds popping up. Why is that? When it never started out that way. As soon as the adds start interfering it makes me want to exit the game which is a real shame. Other wise great game, recommend a download, just a shame about the adds..Version: 6.6.0

Sometimes SlowAs above..Version: 8.2.2

YahtzeeI loved this game as a board game and I was so happy years ago when I realized there was a mobile version to play on phones and I’ve been playing ever since. This game is still my absolute favorite game, it never gets boring I’ve been playing for 4 years and it has changed and always for the better, I’m never disappointed. I love that you can collect not only dice but scoreboards as well. There is always prize climbs and coin adventures to earn more exclusive dice. You can also play the showdowns and earn tokens, bonus rolls and anything that you need to add to your playing pleasure, as well as more dice. There are also special prize token machines added for special occasions or just because it is spring so there are so many opportunities to earn more fantastic dice. This game has all the bells and whistles the developers have thought of everything, it definitely exceeds all expectations. If you love the board game(Yahtzee)or dice games then I would recommend downloading this one. Also an added bonus is the customer support team they quickly, efficiently and competently address any issues you might have and resolve it to a fair and satisfactory outcome..Version: 6.3.0

Yahtzee- great when it was simpler to playGreat game! Easy to play and many options for gameplay. Easy to hookup with friends. No need to spend anything extra to enjoy hours of play. A good filler game for those spare minutes waiting (as we do). However, too many pop-ups now appearing, prompting players to buy power-ups, etc. Some graphics are over- used and annoying as they are unnecessary..Version: 7.4.1

Stupid adsGame is great, ads are ridiculous. I am not paying to see ads when I have bought dice to play you think the ads would get removed. Every couple of rolls and hello an ad.Version: 6.11.1

Great game but still with bugsI like the addition of the new tournaments. But the app still has bugs, though not as bad as it was. Also please fix the statement, “score 250 points or more to win”, but if I get exactly 250 points it says I’m a loser. Statement should then instead read “score greater than 250 points to win” if you don’t want 250 to win. Tiny thing but it’s bad maths.Version: 5.6.2

Love YahtzeeReally enjoy the different options of different games you can play on one app.Version: 8.2.2

Great game playThe game plays fast and very interactive. Great game.Version: 8.2.2

This gameOf the 31 years of my life I never knew or took the time to learn how to play YAHTZEE but finally I was asked to play & really enjoyed the game. Now I’m ADDICTED.Version: 6.2.2

TournamentsWhy don’t you allow me to play your tournament games I haven’t been able to play for a week now it’s crZy what you’ve done to an enjoyable game making it almost impossible to playit’s getting very bad again won’t let me play half if the games.Version: 8.0.7

Excuse ‘s of YahtzeeI need to leavel up quicker so I can reach leavel 68 in 2 week with out playing oh ok no excuse.Version: 7.3.5

Love Yahtzee.Good game. No issues at all..Version: 5.0.5

Freeeeeeeee....zingGreat game, playing against the computer seams a big rigged. But anyone else have the problem of it freezing at the end of your turn??.Version: 5.5.0

Fantastic Game with HOURS of FUNFantastic game with hours worth of fun including multiple mini games, different style Yahtzee games that keep things interesting, tournaments that are free and there are only very MINIMAL ads. There’s ways to gain dice to enter tournaments for free by watching ads which aren’t long at all and worth it. Also, there’s a bunch of different ways to win dice that you use to roll, which is fun and interesting to see the new dice available. The prize claw gives you the chance to get new dice to roll during play, and you need tokens to access them, which does get aggravating because it isn’t easy to win tokens, but as long as you keep playing, and winning, you will win them in due time. New tournaments are added all the time and you can also just play regular old Yahtzee with friends or newly added friends. You could win scratch off cards to gain xp and gain achievements along with dice to use to enter tournaments when they are no longer free and you have to wait a bit of time to renter without them and also they could be used in Yahtzee game to re-roll. Thanks for a Yahtzee game WORTH the download!! I’ve been playing for a week and I’m obsessed!!.Version: 6.13.2

Tournament troubleUntil the last update, everything was really good, but since the last update I can no longer play any tournaments. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times but nothing helps. Any idea why?.Version: 7.3.1

Good game but far too expansiveI would have given this game 5 stars except it has fallen into the trap too many games have fallen into of becoming far too expansive. When I played the game a few years ago it had far less games and was much easier to just have a fun game. Now I feel like there is a new tournament every hour (which the game will tell you to rush to before it ends) and it takes a while to find the part of the game you actually what. It is like Lotto, when it was National Lottery and one big jackpot that was good, but then they diluted into millions of little games and main game got a bit lost..Version: 8.2.2

Best gameLove it !! Whole family are into it and we’ve even created a family group which is totally needed when ya need some extra dice 😂.Version: 6.0.0

Easy gameplayFun and addicting.Version: 5.0.5

ExcellentI love playing Yahtzee with Buddies. My game seems to be slow quite often so I have to switch my phone off and on again to get it to load better. One thing I think annoys me is the cards, red, blue and black. I think if you get a black or blue card, the winning dice amount should be higher. If you’ve had a good win I think the reward should be greater..Version: 8.0.3

Yahtzee with buddies with attitudePlayed this game years ago and it wasn’t up to much, now it’s lay out and game play is super cool and easy to use, my only criticism would be once you have used up your dice other than paying for them ipthere is not much chance to win or earn them but you win lots of EXP and gain Fun frames for your profile I’d rather win dice.Version: 8.2.2

Poor updateOnly have one start because I couldn’t give less. Wish I had never gone for update as cannot go back now. They have made it impossible to complete the weekly challenge for free set of dice would have to play all day and night to do it. Also the special one off games are not appearing such as the climb up winning prizes as you go. Disappointed and giving up! Don’t update to this app..Version: 5.0.6

Great GameLess pop ups would be better! They're over the top!.Version: 8.0.9

SuperTrès amusant.Version: 8.2.2

This game is a Con!Your game is a con!!!!! I’ve screen shotted the final frame whilst playing captain sparrow, despite me having a higher score (268) going into the last shot & with captain sparrow on (227) Available final roll with having only 4’s left required, if he rolled a Yahtzee of 4’s his total score would have been 247, someone please explain how he actually wins the game!!! Beating my 268?? Total Con!! This game is so Not worth the download!!!!.Version: 5.4.0

Plenty of varietyNice variety in this game with prize climbs, games against mostly randoms, and tournaments (my favourite). You are given a weird user name when you start (in the style of CrazyBeaver1234) but can rename yourself if you link to Facebook. Dice Master games have been reprogrammed and extended with more interesting gameplay and various difficulty - so you don’t always have to spend bonus rolls to beat them. Packs a lot into a small space!.Version: 6.11.1

Ads overloadI am totally sick of all the ads when trying to enjoy a game.Version: 6.3.2

Best Yahtzee app everOver the years, I have played many different Yahtzee games online. This is so far the greatest one, Scopely has done such an awesome job with coding this masterpiece of an online Yahtzee game 10/10. So many great features like tournaments with mini games, families and the fact that you can play this game for ages without spending IRL money or watching ads every 1 minute. Thanks Scopely.Version: 6.0.0

Great game, no ads unless asked forGreat game! graphics a little weird and it’s hard to navigate all the different options they offer for different tournaments the tournaments don’t interest me - I just want to play the game) , however once you start a game they offer a really good explanation of the rules so it’s easy to get going and really good fun to play and you can invite your own friends and play them too, which is good as it’s more fun to play back and forth then wait for an unknown opponent.Version: 6.1.2

I’m confused....Right so this game is amazing. I’m going to skip explaining how it works, and what features make it good, because that would take me all day. I was in a game with the bot, Pariah Fawceight. We are getting to the last few turns, when I realise to win, I only have to get three more points, as the maximum points she could gain from the fours section was really only likely to be 16 (no Yahtzee bonus). So, I get more than my three points and I am left waiting for her to take her turn. She scores 12 with three fours, and goes from 154 to 172. I have suspected this in some of my other bot games, but now I know it is definitely happening. I don’t know if it was put in on purpose, to challenge people, or if it is just a small mistake, but it is very disappointing when you plan out a victory and it fails. Other than that, great game, absolutely love it. Thanks!.Version: 6.1.0

Please Fix Bug!!!Great game. Personally, I love it. But it has a major bug issue when it comes to pop-up ads in the middle of games & tournaments. Every time an ad comes up during my game (which happens every 5th roll), the app just shuts down, and I have to re-open & reload. Very frustrating. The new Survivor tournament that has been introduced is fun too...but I’ve only been able to play a couple of times, as now, every time I enter, the app shuts down on me...and by the time I’ve reloaded it, my turn has timed out, and I’m automatically out of the game. Seriously...I love this game, and will continue to play it. But this particular bug is incredibly frustrating and never seems to get resolved...no matter how many updates are done. Would love to see it fixed so that maybe I’d have a chance to enjoy some of the new features & tournaments. 🙂.Version: 6.11.1

Addictive gameYahtzee is a great game with lots of side games to keep you interested. Really good that players can converse with each other. Would appreciate better info about new games and rewards... How to earn rewards and the best way to use the rewards. The advertising is too much too often. Like other reviewers have written the dice throws alter in Tournaments so not good for game credibility or honesty. Should have the same probability of certain dice rolling in all games for fairness. Why have you altered the probabilities for tournaments and master players? This game has so many good aspects do programmers should make sure each player winsbon merit, not rigged dice rolls..Version: 6.0.1

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