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Wordscapes app received 92 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about wordscapes?

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Ads obnoxious, improper wordsThe ads are beyond obnoxious and some of them are ridiculously sexist. The game gives you points at least for real words not in the puzzle but I just did one where the blanks were both “yup” and “yep” as two separate entries, neither of which are real words. The mechanism is fun but I’d pass on this app -I was convinced to download by good reviews, which are now hard to believe..Version: 1.13.1

Enjoyable, but need to increase vocabulary, and be consistent in what types of words are allowedVocabulary is very limited. Too many legitimate words (e.g. ewer, treed) aren’t accepted, and too many obscure, rarely used words (e.g. lier), slang words (cocker, nan, veep), and “Americanized” words (e.g. lite (but not nite?)) are accepted. Also needs to be consistent - some abbreviated words are accepted (ref, mil, lib, croc, spec, abs, lat, pecs, etc.) but others are not (intel, min, dem, etc.). Also euro is accepted, but peso is not (don’t think I’ve seen the word dollar come up, but I’ll assume it would be accepted). And why is wile accepted but not wiles?? Same with luge, but not luges?? I wish you could select different levels - easy, medium, hard, etc. so that some with a larger vocabulary than others could be challenged while others who don’t could still enjoy the game. While I do agree there are lots of ads, my biggest annoyance is how many times I’ve accidentally clicked on the hint buttons and lost my coins. It takes so long to accumulate 300 coins, so it’s extremely frustrating to lose them by accidentally touching the hint options. You should include a double check “are you sure?” option..Version: 1.13.1

More levels and a better dictionary requiredI love this game but the one thing that seriously irritates me is the limited range of words that can be accepted. You accept words and slang like “thru” but won’t accept actual words like “lisle”. Unsure why you’re using wiktionary as your basis instead of something like scrabble dictionary or an actual proper dictionary. As I’m fast approaching the end, would appreciate more levels being added and different words, I’m seeing recycled words and puzzles and scapes as well which is disappointing. Good things about this game: do love the music, love the concept (combo of boggle and crosswords), love coins per bonus word, love the tournaments, love the shuffle being free..Version: 1.0.61

TOO MANY ADS! Love the app - but far too many adsReally enjoy this app. Great for the whole family. But surely there must be a better way for you to have to make money out of it than the ads you play every single puzzles! Particularly that R6 Digital it goes far to long and having it play back to back just makes me NOT want to know anything about their company. It’s actually having the opposite effect an add should have. Just some feedback as I love your app but these ads need to be addressed and limited. The ads go for FAR TOO LONG! Same long ads! Not a good reflection on your app or enjoyable experience for anyone!.Version: 1.1.2

Not HappyThere are issues with the game that others have outlined in detail - the basic nature of the vocabulary and the lack of recognition of some pretty standard usage words and the inclusion of non-words, the ridiculous “piggy bank” which stockpiles “coins” you’ve earned through playing but cannot access without paying (outrageous!), etc. But the thing that made me delete the game was the tourney this past weekend. I had forgotten to play until later on Saturday, played for awhile on Sunday then had things to do. When I remembered and checked about an hour after the tourney ended, I was pleased to see my beautiful new crown and that I had finished in second place which is where I’d been pretty much for the time I’d played on Sat and early Sun. Imagine the disappointment on Monday when I went in to play and suddenly my new crown was gone and another player was now listed in 2nd place with 3 or 4 more points than I had. It’s a silly thing perhaps, but it’s a digital game and scores are tabulated by computer so there’s no way a score can change unless it’s deliberately changed and not earned. It was the final straw of frustration before the camel walked away rather than have its back broken..Version: 1.9.1

Too many ads & confusing bitsI don’t mind a few ads every now and then but, as others have said, there are WAY too many ads, they are too intrusive & some ads you can’t get rid of unless you get out of it & go back in. Why keep so many ads when numerous people have mentioned uninstalling it because of this (as I am going to do after this review)? You’re just driving people away! If you had fewer ads you would have more views through more people keeping the app. I also hated when one time (I’m uninstalling at level 12) there were boxes at the side & I couldn’t move on unless I tapped on them and wasted my ‘money’ earned in what was a completely pointless exercise! Could be a great app as the little games are cool but currently really bad!.Version: 1.9.1

Too many adsIts a fun game .. but im rating it one star for two reasons: A) ads after every level B) the bonus piggy bank they trying to sell me !! that isnt a bonus 🤨 That is (a percentage of )the points you get from clearing every level. They trying to sell you the points you made off playing. for 3$ 😆 No thanks.Version: 1.8.1

DictionaryFirst off my earlier review doesn’t show up on the site, so I must have said something the developers didn’t like. For example: Way too many adverts in the free version but once you get past that and pay for it, not to bad. What’s not good enough is the limited American dictionary. That’s not how the rest of the world spells word people. So many words are missing..Version: 1.1.7

Game is Great - Up until I got charged $20The game is absolutely great. Very accommodating and even has a dictionary for you to learn the words. However, the Ads were just plain annoying after level 80 because that’s when you want to get as many stars as possible for the competition. So this is where I thought I’d fork out $5 to pay for no Ads... but then I kept getting declined and declined, even though I had $10 on my card to make the payment... so I thought okay I’ll put $50 on the card, ONLY TO BE CHARGES $20!!!!! Why am I forming out an extra $15?! Please explain and please reimburse me for my $15 when you advertise in your In-Game store that it’s only $5..Version: 1.0.58

RepetitiveLoved this game to begin with and got hooked quickly. I paid for the no ads version as they are annoying. People amuse me that will pay £3.00 for a coffee but will not pay for a game they play daily!! But now I have been playing for a while I’m just getting the same words over and over. Come on guys there are millions of words in the English language. Also a bit too American for me. What’s wrong with metre and tyre? All in the dictionary. The weekend challenge also makes me a bit annoyed. You have to literally play all day to get anywhere near the top of the leaderboard. Great game for a short period but you will find there are no new challenges after a very short time..Version: 1.3.2

Piggy bankThe coins you earn for solving puzzles and could potentially use for hints are put into a bank that you cannot access unless you pay 3$. Completely ridiculous..Version: 1.6.1

Haven’t been able to play for weeks due to crashing!I started playing this game a couple of weeks ago and got up to over level 200 in just a couple of days. It was thoroughly entertaining and addictive to play, and I even happily spent roughly $10 on coins. But suddenly I can’t play anymore because the app keeps crashing on opening! The orange “people fun” screen appears, but the whole game crashes and exits seconds later! Very disappointed considering I’d only played for a few days and spent money that is now a waste! Please fix this issue. Currently running on latest app version, and running on an iPad iOS 12.0.1.Version: 1.1.6

Ads ads ads... and more adsGreat game but way too many ads. After 10-15 levels you get ads every 2-3 rounds. Ridiculous. Removing game due to that..Version: 1.11.0

Daily PuzzleI have really enjoyed playing Wordscapes recently. I’m on level 152 and love the educational yet fun twist on the app, one of my favourite features on the app was the ‘Daily Puzzle’ because I could - to put it simply - do a different puzzle of varying difficulties each day however recently I haven’t been able to do the daily puzzle because every time I go on it, it just is frozen on the screen saying I have completed the puzzle already. It is also saying that it is August 31st however today (the day I’m writing this) is Monday the 13th of August. I’m annoyed at this bug/glitch because I love the daily puzzle. I really hope this bug is fixed. Other than that I think it is a great app. EDIT: I wrote this review earlier today and I have continued to have problems with the app. The daily puzzle is still not working insisting that it’s August 31st and that I have ‘already completed it’ this annoys me and I really hope it gets fixed in the near future!.Version: 1.0.48

GREEDY UPDATEThis is my favorite game and I spend hours playing. Via my friends in the tourney I recently learned the newest update TOOK OUT many words, real words, mind you, that had been rightfully added to an expanded dictionary several months ago. The reason: A money grab. Less bonus words equal less coins earned equals more people have to buy coins via the recently brought back “piggy bank”. I have this game on two devices, and I have paid for them both. I have not had to buy hints, as I didn’t need them. Then they introduced the tournaments where I use them frequently. Once I run through the coins I have accumulated, I WILL need to buy hints, thus giving the game some more revenue. That will likely be the case for many, many players! But instead they went for the easy money, and ticked off the most loyal, adoring players in the process. I'm fortunate I was warned NOT to update, but many people I care about had auto updates "on". Wordscapes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more loyal player than me. But this new update is beyond the pale. It is "shameful", as one reviewer wrote. Kindly put the expanded dictionary back where it belongs, and KEEP the players that have supported you for a very long time, because I don’t know if they’ll stick around without you doing so..Version: 1.9.0

Update 1.0.62 still has shut-down problems.Around 6 May 2019 Since last update app keeps shutting down after individual games in each level and after accessing Tournament score. These problems were not occurring before latest update. Mon 20 May 2019 Shut down problems that started after previous update still remain after 1.0.62 update. Using iOS 12.2 on Apple iPad Pro. See level WALL Tower levels 3809 to 3824. 3809 first screen. Daily puzzle done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3809, 3810 done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3811, 3812, 3813 done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3814, 3815, 3816 done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3817, 3818, 3819 done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3820, 3821, 3822 done. Shut down. Reopen. Levels 3823, 3824 done. End of level. In Chisel levels 3793 to 3808 shut downs occurred after levels 3795, 3797, 3801 and 3803. Shut downs seem to be occurring regularly after screens 3 and 8 then also in other screens in other levels. Hope this provides you with enough specific information to track down and fix this annoying problem. These shut down problems only started occurring after the update released in early May. I had not experienced them previously on this iPad..Version: 1.0.62

Tournaments are a jokeI love this game and play regularly and I had doubts when I read some reviews that said that the tournaments were mainly done by bots, but now I have clearly seen it first hand and those reviews are right!!! I decided to take about a 15-20 minute break from it to go to the store and relax my eyes. When I went back on to play, 2 people had passed me and one of them suddenly had over 2300 points. In the 15-20 minutes I was away from it, someone who wasn’t even in the top ten of players had passed us all with that many points. Now I play this game a lot and I would like to think I am pretty good, but this is complete crap and takes all of the competitive fun out of the game! I even paid to stop the ads and there is no way I could put up 2000 points in 15 minutes. I will not ever spend another dime on this game and feel this is cheating and just downright cheap to do to people that really want to compete and have fun. Not to mention that when you get to higher levels it becomes repetitive. I have done some of the same puzzles 4 times. Did they run out of words?!? Maybe the bots could come up with some to help the developers out! Complete joke competing in the tournaments... don’t even waste your time!.Version: 1.2.0

Fun While it LastsAfter seeing so many different ads for this game, I finally downloaded Wordscapes. The game was a lot more fun to start off than what I thought it would be. The early levels are easy and introduce the crossword mechanic to you so you get familiar with it. As you progress through the levels, the puzzles get harder. To help with the harder puzzles, the game gives you power ups, but I hardly found the need to use them and the money to buy hints was very easy to come across. The game offers a nice variety of backgrounds for all the different levels, so the game as a whole is a peaceful experience that also makes you feel like you are keeping your mind sharp. I do admit though that some charm is lost after 100 levels or so, and I found myself not feeling the urge to keep continuing on. This may be because it is still just the same game mechanic over and over. So the experience is still a fun one but it does lose a bit of appeal after some time. I see a lot of complaints on the ads of the game, but they didn’t bother me an they would only last for 5 seconds usually. A solid game overall..Version: 1.3.1

RepetitiveSame words repeated over and over make the puzzles all feel very similar. The developers have also repeated puzzles, puzzle names, puzzle wallpapers and bonus photos for the daily puzzles so I expect they're as bored with this app as I am. There seems to be sloppy updating going on. There are also too many American English words but no proper English equivalents e.g tire but no tyre, meter but no metre, too many slang words, too many non-words such as prefixes and stupid words like thou and hast that no one ever uses unless they're reading a bible out loud. The dictionary for the game needs to be trimmed of these olde worlde words and have some proper ones added. My interest was piqued slightly when I saw mention of the new Master levels, but they're exactly the same as all the other ones. Same puzzles, same words, still no more than 7 letters. Over and over and over again. Did I mention it's repetitive? As soon as I get to the end, which I can no longer see, I'll be deleting..Version: 1.0.61

Cool it with the ads alreadyMade it level 100 and finally uninstalled because of the overbearing amount of ads. Get a grip..Version: 1.7.0

WordscapesSince I updated to this new version, Wordscapes keeps shutting down on me without me finishing, and most of the time, Wordscapes just shuts down before I even start..Version: 1.13.0

It’s mine.This game was a great game to play prior to the last one or two updates and it shows that the programmers do not play these games at all, if they do they would find that they couldn’t close ads as their “x” is out of the screen boundaries. This locks the game for any other play that you want to play, you will find it doesn’t happen during the daily games but when you get into the secondary games for the day well that when everything locks up after the first ad. If it’s not fixed very soon I will be deleting the game very soon as I had enough of it. Like to hear from other users that have the same problem ..Version: 1.4.1

Fun but...Update: This game was uninstalled at 7am. It is now 2:20pm and the game is STILL using my battery even though it is uninstalled. I haven’t been on my phone other than texting and somehow my phone dropped down to 54% when it was fully charged. So, naturally I look at my battery to see what’s causing to drop so low so fast and it says “uninstalled apps 54%”. I’ve only uninstalled one app today and that was this game this morning. Just warning everyone. DO NOT get this game if you want to save the battery life on your phone. This is a really fun game but in ten minutes my battery dropped from 60% to 32% and my phone got extremely hot. I looked at how much of my battery the app was using and it said 92%!!!! This morning, when I haven’t been on it for over 8 hours, it is still somehow using 62% of my battery. All because I was on it TEN MINUTES last night. This game is obviously meant for iPads or tablets - not phones. It was fun but it shouldn’t do that to my phone in just ten minutes. Also, there were words that they said weren’t really words. Their dictionary needs to be expanded big time. How can this game be about dictionary words and you don’t even have half of them?.Version: 1.1.2

Not child appropriateHad a few words that were bad.Version: 1.9.0

Riddled with adsI get that it is free, but this is too much. An ad after every single level is a bit ridiculous. If you are doing well you spend more time looking at ads than you do playing the game. There are better word games with less ads. Go play those. I shouldn’t HAVE to pay to get rid of ads, in order to make the game playable. If the developers read this. Every time I play this game I am putting airplane mode on as a middle finger to you. If it were more reasonable I would let the ads play. To their copy and paste response: no, there are ads to support the developers, and then there is your greed. There are plenty of games that do ads reasonably. Then there is this one, “make the game unplayable unless they pay to remove the ads”. This is just a review so people know they will be getting a crazy amount of ads, I will put it in airplane mode to avoid them, instead of paying for your “make the game playable” purchase, so you don’t make a cent off me. And others should do the same..Version: 1.11.0

Old Version Better/Coin IssueI’ve played this game for a few years now and noticed a disappointing new feature with the coins. In order to use them now you must purchase them. This was not a requirement with the old version and makes me consider deleting the game daily as the use of the coins used to provide you with helpful features like; revealing one letter of your choice for a difficult word, etc. It’s a bit illogical to continue to show us coins that we’ve earned through finding additional letters or for reaching a certain level, yet we have no access to them unless we purchase them??? It feels like a design flaw as you play and really makes me wish I hadn’t updated to this newest version. Other than that I would have given 5 stars but it’s such a nuisance I have to grade much lower despite truly enjoying playing the game. Suggestion: Get rid of the option to pay for coins per player's choice if you decide to keep the paid “earned coins” version of this game as most people are never going to bother purchasing anyway it’s like having a commercial running in the upper right corner of your television screen while you’re watching your favorite TV show. It cheapens the look and feel of the game. It feels like the game creators are begging for money as opposed to a real game which would never have a running advert in the corner. Otherwise the game is perfect..Version: 1.10.0

Umm...? Somethings not safe here...This game is great!!!! I love it! It would totally be a 10/10 but... Something just is not quite right, if I need coins for a hint... and I don’t have any, I have to pay real money for the coins right? Makes TOTAL sense! But if you decide... “nah I’m not spending my money” the you tap the button to get out of the thingy because you don’t REALLY need coins blah blah blah! Anyway so the a thing pops up every time (just how the game works) and it list three was you can get more coins for FREE!!!!! Well... this is ware the UNSAFE business happens... the 3 ways you can get coins for free that are listed is, 1. Video (totally safe that’s no big deal) 2. Offers (just more videos, or downloading games witch is totally fine) And 3. surveys!!!!! DO NOT TAKE THE SURVEY!!!! It asked me for my age, name, and some other personal info!!! I stoped immediately and made sure it did not go through. Now I’m not saying don’t buy the game!!! It’s a GREAT game!!! The survey is the only bad thing about it. I’m just saying... it might not be bad... but I personally don’t trust that kinda stuff. Anyway this is a amazing game and I can’t stop playing!!! Thank you to anybody that has actually bothered to read this 😂😂😂.Version: 1.3.1

Two ads every levelRidiculous frequency of ads. There is no reason for this. Deleting game from device..Version: 1.8.1

Amazing but....I love the game it’s really good but maybe the clue button could be cheaper because I was on a level and I couldn’t watch a video cause I already watched one before and I only had 98$ so I couldn’t get a clue. but amazing game and I play the game and I don’t know many words that you put in so it’s harder for me to play.Version: 1.0.52

Fun diversion with flawsI’ve been playing this for some months now and enjoy it when I have a few minutes here and there. I do crosswords as well and it’s fun to look at 6 or 7 letters in any given puzzle and either see immediately the word that uses all of them—or to stare at it blankly wondering how any of those letters combine to make anything. The problem is that any words you make that aren’t in the grid should go into the bonus words. But the dictionary they use for the bonus words is so limited that I have long lists of valid words that are both in the dictionary and in common use that the game rejects. Added to that, they accept very few non-American spellings and non-American English words. I have emailed the developer about my frustration with the game, and they responded but didn’t seem to consider my concerns valid. They also have weekly contests, with point prizes for the top ten scorers. That was fine at first, but the game has so many users now that they should at least double the number of prizes. If the dictionary was improved, I would probably give the game 5 stars, but it’s too frustrating as it is to fully enjoy it..Version: 1.3.1

Waste of timeStarted playing the game, it could be a good and enjoyable game, but there are too many ads and if you want to play, you have to pay. I bought a piggy bank thinking it would be good, when the piggy bank filled up, you have to pay again to open it!!! Very disappointing. It is a pity that the creators were so greedy, it could be a good game if poor people could enjoy it too!.Version: 1.9.1

I’m Giving UpI am addicted to word games and have quite a few of them on my phone. I have decided to delete this one, however, because it is so frustrating. Even though I have contacted the developers twice with questions, the answers I got did not resolve the issue nor actually answer my specific question. Also, the few directions that are available are confusing, especially when dealing with tournaments. Some issues: I will input the same word several times during the course of one game and it is not accepted, and then all of a sudden it is. And basic everyday words are not accepted in some games but are in others. They will allow the word “can” but not “canned”, as in canned vegetables. It’s totally frustrating, and I keep shaking my head and wonder why I’m wasting my time. But not any more. On to more satisfying pursuits in the world of words. Add the fact that you have to watch an ad after every game, Wordscapes is not worth my time. A note to users who choose to keep playing this inferior game: after you play a game and the ad pops up, shut the game and then come right back to it and you avoid having to watch the ad, many of which repeat with irritating regularity..Version: 1.10.0

EdamLevel 78, Edam is a word, it’s a type of cheese.Version: 1.4.1

FrustratingMy biggest frustration with this and similar games... the American spelling. The rest of the world doesn’t spell that way. You guys need to understand that’s odour is correct. Odor is not. Theatre is right theater is questionable. The point is, that in an international space you should be using international spelling..Version: 1.12.1

Beware of missing features!The developers of his app give some features (adventure game within the game for example) to some users, but not all. They also give "random mid-week tournaments" to some, not all; however, in my team of fifty players, we found that the same people got the tournament week after week, so it's not incredibly random. If your mates get all the extra tourneys, they get to advance through the game at a much faster rate with 'crowns' that can only be obtained in the tourney play - and THAT'S why it's not fair to others of us. Bottom line, if you don't mind others being given blatant unfair advantages by the game, you'll have fun. And contacting them to ask why results in a 'sorry, not sorry' reply. One star given for my inferior game experience caused entirely by the app developers themselves. Others bestowed with the bonus features will probably rate higher. *My reply to Developer: then your TEST shouldn't allow people to unfairly advance faster in the game. If you win your individual tourney, you are eligible for max 50 crowns/wk. Extra TEST tourney, gives access to 25 extra/wk. UNFAIR GAME ADVANCEMENT!!!! Then take the test crowns away. Test all you want and hallelujah for you, but you should not let people advance in your game and others do not have equal access. I don't expect to get 50 crowns per week unless I EARN them, but I don't expect others to have access to 100 game advancing crowns per month, when I do not!.Version: 1.9.1

If it’s not one thing it’s the otherEDITED; the final fantasy ads haven’t shown up since they emailed me about it but now i have a whole bunch of other ads that are now scrollable and won’t show anywhere to close them. Also the ads that are constantly at the bottom of the screen now pop up mid play a good 25 times in a row and doesn’t stop even if I close the game. Force quit solves nothing. Just got to wait it out until it stops spazzing out. Most times I play now, the game freezes and absolutely nothing shows up on my screen and am forced to close it. Happens at least twice a day. The music makes my speakers vibrate and go weird and it is the only app on my phone that does it. Sometimes the backgrounds for the links won’t show and looks weird and is difficult to press AND half the words that are actually in the dictionary aren’t considered real words, yet stupid shortened versions, or nicknames of words are. Did the person that made this game actually go to school? ORIGINAL; Can’t X out of the final fantasy ads and are forced to close the entire game because of them. I enjoy this game but ff ads are enough to delete it. I did already review this game but it seems to have been deleted?! Smh..Version: 1.0.48

Fun but lots of issuesFun in theory but there are a number of issues that others have mentioned. 1) words that ARE WORDS do not show up as words. Or words in singular form are not words but then the plural form is. Not at all consistent and should be fixed. 2) TONS OF LONG COMMERCIALS/ADS after nearly every puzzle 3) the game kicks me out/shorts out VERY FREQUENTLY.Version: 1.4.1

Money grabThe game is fun and free, so, it has that going for it. However, it's deeply flawed, at least in my opinion. Words like 'Asia' are not considered words - but 'dale' is considered a word? Okay, I can deal with that. But what I can't support is the obvious "give us your money" scheme. The game operates like a crossword puzzle, so, all of the words are connected to some degree - except the word at the very top that shows up every few levels. Since it's not connected (outside of the crossword), you have no guesses as to what any of the letters may be. So, once you've exhausted your vocabulary, you're still left with this one word before you can proceed to the next level. After spending 10+ minutes, you're tempted to use those valuable tokens you've earned just to get a hint. It's not as big of an issue in the earlier level tiers. However, once you've progressed far enough, it becomes ever more clear that this one word was placed here to convince you to buy more tokens. This breaks the game as you're compelled to use hints. If this were removed, the game would be a solid brain stimulant. But it creates an unfair advantage and the player is handicapped for the sake of greed. 1/5.Version: 1.3.1

IrritatedIt is bad enough having to deal with adverts between games but when you, firstly, can't get out of some of them without exiting the game and restarting, but, secondly, you now have to deal with moving ads at the bottom of your game which are not only annoying but hurt my eyes!! Most of the games advertised I wouldn't download especially because their ads are so annoying!! Again the ads are stopping the game. The Apple ad has no way to close it so I can't continue playing! I have to reboot my phone to get it off!! Many of the other games are so boring because they are so repetitive and really irritating!! I understand you get paid for the ads but honestly!!! Once again!!!! The adverts are getting worse!!! You press the x to get out of them and it doesn't work! You get forwarded to the App Store. I have to reboot my phone almost all the time now so won't be playing this game till you can sort it!!! 😤😡.Version: 1.9.1

Battery DrainThis game is super fun. They use a terrible dictionary, know that before going down this rabbit hole. Very addicting game, such a blast to play. Also, sort of relaxing. HOWEVER——this is the WORST battery drain I have literally ever seen! Plus data sucker! A lot of the other poor reviews state the ads, which do become frequent, depending on the speed you play. There is an ad after Every. Single. Game. So, if you breeze through the game, there is an ad. You spend 30 seconds on the game then watch a 30 second commercial. And there are about 5 different ads they cycle through, that’s it. My biggest gripe, though, is how quickly this will drain your battery. It gets very warm, very fast. 20 minutes of playing (if you have a full battery) and it is hot! There is a tournament on the weekends, but you cannot play as often as you would like because of the instadrain. I can play this once or twice a day for a few minutes. I don’t like having to constantly watch the time and battery level while playing. So, so sad because I will most likely end up deleting..Version: 1.1.3

Used to be a Great game. Too many ads and crashingOkay, so I’ve played this game on various devices throughout the years, and it’s addictive as hell and does wonders for my vocabulary. My biggest issue is how frequent the ads are, but I suppose that’s what you get with a free game. And I was willing to accept that. Until a few days ago. Ever since then, I’ll be in the middle of a level, and a full screen ad will pop up. And it’s not because I’ve clicked the banner ad at the bottom either - I wasn’t actually touching the screen when it happened the first few times. When these pop up, the game completely crashes and is unplayable since they pop up almost every level now. So do me a favour - get rid of these new intrusive ads, and I’ll give you 5 stars. Sound fair? :).Version: 1.10.0

WordscapesNice!!.Version: 1.0.8

So-so needs some work.So-so game. Lots of ads, lots of words missing from their library: Nog Abed Edam Nos Vail Slav Asia Salvia Coms Yale Licky Pule Are just a few so far. Pretty well have to shut off cell data and wifi for it to be decently playable..Version: 1.5.1

Good conceptNot so great execution. It’s bad enough that the “videos” one must watch in order to get points (coins?) to buy hints are anything but random (when I hit 20 consecutive views of the same obnoxious game, I quit counting), but to sit through one and tap to get another only to be told that there are no videos available is, well, adding insult to injury. I also question the validity of some of the words; I have played Scrabble for years and am accustomed to stricter rules than Wordscapes apparently applies. Fix the video issues and I may update the review. Update: Video issues are, well, different. More instances of “no video available” and (new one) after video, screen freezes BEFORE awarding coins, and game must be exited in order to unfreeze, losing earned coins. Plus, you have to open a different app before coming back to try again to earn coins. Sometimes you get a video before getting “no video available” and sometimes you don’t. Sorry, the issues outweigh the “pleasure” of playing this game. At level 512, I will not be playing any more..Version: 1.2.1

Game ok ads are terrible and annoying & can’t removeCan’t remove ads, shopping cart won’t open to able me to remove ads. The options to earn more coins don’t pay out the coins once completed so you basically provide your time for marketing surveys FOR FREE! They probably sell your email address to market researches to use for tons of spam to be sent to your email address. So you are basically tricked into providing your email address for support only for no reply but your email address used without your consent. No customer support available and it seems others having the same problems as me and not getting any response from developer either or a fix for the issue. What is the point in earning coins if you can’t use them? I will probably end up deleting as nothing worse than annoying adverts ffs..Version: 1.0.63

Fun at first but getting repetitiveEnjoyed the game for the first few weeks but finding in not enjoying it as much. So many three and four letter words repeated over and over again. There seems to be a limit to the vocabulary. So many vague words’ that nobody has heard of and lots of slang and words that aren’t proper words. I mean really? Duh? Aha? Aah? They aren’t words. And what happened to the rest of the English language? Did you get a half price special on words? Only bought half of the language? Seriously guys it’s getting monotonous. Up to 5000 games and still getting 5 second 5 word games. I think the developers and getting lazy so they can keep adding new levels. Losing the desire to play.Version: 1.11.0

Good game but............There is a lot of repetition of words and a lot cannot be considered proper words as per a dictionary, such as deli. US spelling takes getting used to but I’m up to level 1161 in 4 weeks and I’m not getting much of a challenge now. I haven’t had to use any hints for 2 weeks so will probably delete this game soon. Last, and most annoying, ADS, ADS, my god. I know this how the games get revenue but to have an ad at each and every single game, sometimes even if you leave a game and come back, you will have to wait for an annoying, stupid ad, none of which I have any interest whatsoever in using. Another reason why I will delete this game..Version: 1.5.1

Developers need a dictionaryThis is a slick game with beautiful pictures and graphics and it’s super easy to get into. However, it’s one of the stingiest games for recognizing words and allotting coins. Some puzzles allow 3-letter words but many do not and this is clearly to limit the coins you can build up with bonus words. In addition, the long list of dictionary words that are not recognized as words is the most frustrating part, especially when it allows singular words but not their plurals, or vice versa, or words like uncouth but not couth. Many words related to fabrics and textiles are missing (jean, raglan, terry, ruche, slub, hank). And other words as varied as luxe, firth, spelt, pronto, ware, lade, trues (and so many more) are all missing. But then they’ll throw in the most random esoteric or archaic word just to mess with you. No consistency. Vocab has been the biggest deal breaker for me. I refuse to be dumbed down and I feel bad for people using this for vocabulary building. An excellent alternative game: WORDS OF WONDERS - so easy to build up your coins, actually learn new words, AND they tell you where every picture is on your journey..Version: 1.5.1

Scam so you are sucked into spending $$$This is potentially a terrific game which sadly hinges on a player spending tons of money. If you are a ‘wordie’ like I am, you are always looking for brain teasers. The game itself is a good brain teaser. HOWEVER, beware!! As you move up levels you will be enticed to spend money in order to move up in the game. I purchased the $2.99 option which removed adds, thinking I would be free to play the game. NOT SO! I am now stuck having to watch adds, or take a survey if I want to move forward in the game and cannot come up with a particular word. For each Ad or survey you watch, you earn 25 points. 100 points are needed for a letter clue. Another peeve, I know more words than the puzzle itself, so rather than give me the word I know, the puzzle either doesn’t know the word, or pushes it off to the side in a category box for ‘additional words’, where it just languishes. There is no extra win associated with knowing more. All-in-all, this is an extremely frustrating game if you don’t want to spend lots of money to purchase playing time. I hope the developers read this and take to heart that they can’t expect people to pay a fee ($2.99) and then continue to squeeze. For sheer frustration, I rate this game with one star..Version: 1.1.6

Can’t Sync Between DevicesThe concept of the game is easy enough... and if you have a decent vocabulary, the game itself is too easy. I’m nearly to level 300 and have barely had to pause to think about it. Definitely not challenging so far. My biggest issue is I can’t sync between my phone and iPad. I contacted customer support and was initially pleased by the quick response. Unfortunately, they keep forwarding my responses to another person, so I’ve spoken to 4 different people even though person 2 explained they’d just do a manual reset or something that never happened. Person 4 goes “Are you trying to sync them to the same FB account?” What??? Why would I be confused about it not going to the correct level if it wasn’t even the same account I was syncing them to?? I finally said never mind because no one from their support team has helped me over the past week and apparently they can’t bother to even read what my complaint was in the first place. Yes, they answer the same day, but every day it’s a new person and you’ll be explaining your problem over and over! And it’s emails! They can’t communicate? So all in all, pretty easy game and decent time killer... just can’t get the game to sync between my phone and iPad. 2 stars because the last two emails I got from them are utterly ridiculous. I paid to remove ads and regret the fact their company got my few dollars..Version: 1.5.1

Upsetting with constant non removable adsI started the game in a very good note and literally enjoyed it but by the time I reached level 10 few ads started to pour in. By the time I reached level 30 the ads became more frequent. At one point this particular ad just glued to my screen and I couldn’t remove it any further thus couldn’t play it any longer. This ad had no cross button and so with the sad heart I had to uninstall this game from my phone. I seriously wish that they would something about. Few ads are fine but this many frequent stubborn ads are bit too much. Not sure whether I will ever download this game again..Version: 1.0.45

TOO MANY ADS ADS ADSWay too many ads in this app. And very annoying ads. Even tho you can pay to get rid of them, $8.49 (which is probably close to $12 in Canadian dollars) is extremely high for a game that is not at all challenging. It seems more like a kids game, for maybe 10, 11 year olds. So I have tried it and now will delete it. One of the worst games I’ve tried for sure..Version: 1.7.0

The Ads You Run Are Creepy, Sexist & DisgustingCurrently on your app there is an ad for a game about a woman losing custody. You know kids play this game and this is disturbing. Also this was not the only creepy ad you allow on your app. I’m done with this creepy company..Version: 1.13.1

Great but a little unfairThis game is great, mentally challenging and I love the daily challenges and additional challenges, although there haven’t been any for quite some time. My feedback though is that, although I understand this game needs to earn money for the developers, to complete an entire row of 16 word puzzles per section and 5 sections and only earn 25 coins, but to buy a single letter costs 100 coins is unfair in my opinion and should be more balanced. It puts me off so I only end up doing the daily challenges. Also, when you get words which are not in the grid, there is no distinction between an easy 3 letter word and a more difficult 7-8 letter word and, again, you only earn a single coin for each additional word. Great game but needs more balance on these issues.Version: 1.0.63

Not badThe game itself is good but the star tournaments are a complete waste of time for the few points you get you have to watch the same videos time after time between games and they go for about 30 seconds each and mostly the same video every time and to make it worse the game they are advertising I already have so you waste about half the time in watching them and not much reward. Better to just do the normal game without the wifi and only turn it on to watch videos when you want points much quicker and more rewarding. Thanks Heather.Version: 1.2.1

Ok if your AmericanThe levels start of far too easy in this game. I am currently on level 121 and it still far too easy!! This game is a bit too fluky for my liking. As you can just keep guessing words by mixing the letters around. For example I got point for words such as cur and cors 😮 I never even knew these were words?? A bit annoying that random words like these are used on the otherhand its useful that u can click on their meaning. There are a lot of plural tricks to look out for too such as cot and cots which make the game a bit long winded. Overall an ok game but could be improved by taking out plurals and using a better choice of words. Also taking out slang words such as gal 😂.Version: 1.0.58

From Best To WorstThis used to be one of my favorite games. With the latest update, they took away several known words to limit your ability to earn extra coins. This was done as yet another incentive to get you to pay for coins. You also have to go in and out of the app multiple times a day to get your “daily bonus.” I certainly understand wanting to make money, but features shouldn’t be taken away to do so. I truly hope this is rectified soon. I received a notification indicating I’d received a response, but your reviews are in terrible order. I saw another response stating all players have the same lists now. That’s great, now let’s add all of the words you removed to keep players from earning their own coins instead of having to buy them from you. I’ve already paid to upgrade to ad-free and have spent a decent amount of money on the app, but refuse to spend more. If the words are not added back soon, I will just delete the app, which is sad because it is my go-to daily app (even though I rarely get my “daily bonus”) and I truly enjoy the tournaments. There are other word games out there, it looks like it is time to find one..Version: 1.9.0

It’s fun at first, but the words are often slang, jargon, should-be-hyphenated, etc etcIt’s fun at first, I whizzed (wizzed) through (thru) over 200 levels, but sometimes would struggle to think of a word using the available letters, only to find it was a prefix (inter) or two words bolted together without a hyphen, or geek slang (sim, alt), so in the end had to delete the App. If I had been using this to improve my spelling, it would have taught me badly. If I had used it to sharpen my brain, it would have driven me crazy trying to find words that are not proper words. If this App had a decent dictionary, it would be great fun, educational, and useful. But as it is, it’s just a bit of fun, not educational, not useful, and if you can spell it could just drive you to throw your phone across the room. It’s best to avoid this App, until the dictionary is replaced with a proper one, not one full of made-up words and kidz spellin..Version: 1.13.0

Addicting!I love the game and the tournaments. I do get exasperated at the same words being used over and over — an awful lot not spelled correctly — and then in the next gone guy don’t even get credit for the same words. But it’s fun and sometimes it’s amazing how long you can look at a word and not get it. I find it crazy that someone can get a crown with 10 points. In most tournaments you barely have to play to get 10 points. Let the people who are competing get the crowns! All in all, love the game. UPDATE: Extremely disappointed that some ads now have sound. I dropped another game because of this. At the times I play, I often need quiet for the people around me, which means I can’t play. Other times I’m listening to a ball game and every time one of those stupid ads comes in, I have to get rid of it, then Re-start the sound for the game. It’s not worth it. If it happened once in a while it would not be so bad, but it’s every couple of minutes. Fix this issue please. The ads without sound are good enough!.Version: 1.9.1

Incredulous!The game starts off well (warning: it can be addicting), hence the one star rating. However, in later levels, the word library/algorithm/what have you was very selective in a double standard way, which was enough to turn me off this game for good! For example... Why is ‘nano’ (a scientific term) not considered a word when many other far more obscure scientific words are?! Why was ‘newt’ (singular) not considered a bonus word but ‘newts’ (plural) was?! Explain that to me! I will be deleting the game as these double standards have increasingly become very frustrating!!.Version: 1.0.59

WordscapesI gave up after the “x” to close ads only take you to the app page. Waste of my time.Version: 1.9.1

Ads. Ads. Ads.Is it bad enough that there are annoying bar menu ads at the bottom of the screen while I’m playing the game, but then as well you have to interrupt with more ads after every level??!!?!?! Totally annoyed..Version: 1.8.1

Keeps crashingI’ve been enjoying this game immensely, however now that I’m up to 2800, the game continuously crashes which is extremely frustrating. Wish I knew how to rectify it!.Version: 1.4.1

Last UpdateSince your last update you have not allowed certain words that were previously accepted. Also being on level 6990 we should get more than 25 points as you go along. Needs some work to b able to enjoy the game..Version: 1.9.1

STUPID HINT BUTTON PLACEMENT!!PLEASE FIX THIS ALREADY!! Lowering this to two stars as it’s been over a year now. ABSOLUTELY HATE HATE HATE THE PLACEMENT OF HINT BUTTONS!! I don’t usually use hints, but when lying down and holding my iPad with one hand, my forefinger hits the Hint button too often, wasting credit I didn’t need. Please consider and fix this!! I enjoy Wordscapes very much on my iPad, but as I hold it with one hand, all too often I end up wasting a hint when I didn’t intend on using one! I would like the option of hiding all hints unless tapping something to reveal them, or an option to confirm I did want to use one of three types of hints. It’s also annoying cloud sync doesn’t really sync everything. And it’s bizarre some words aren’t included, “pho” is one. And I’m not sure if one time “burbs” was accepted, but not “burb”, and the kicker was the dictionary for burbs listed it as a plural for burb! And while I’m at it, showing more info like points and/or rank while in game mode for Tournaments would be welcome..Version: 1.13.1

Selling you somethingYou barely get started and they are trying to sell you something.Version: 1.7.0

Good game, very glitchyI have downloaded the game twice in the attempt to avoid the problem. I’ve contacted support and they haven’t been able to resolve the it. The issue is I seem to get a few levels in and the game stops being able to process the words I’m writing. I went back to redo levels to see if it was something I was doing. I can’t enter words there either. I enjoy the game but not the hassles. Glad I didn’t pay. If I don’t hear from support soon I will likely delete and try again in a few months time. If it does the same again I’m writing it off. Sorry for the neutrality of the review I liked the game but it doesn’t work well..Version: 1.0.58

Fix the ad problemI love this game but rating it poorly because the ads are long and really invasive. There isn’t an option to purchase ad free version no matter which setting or icon you click on. Tried messaging the developer but just get ‘error in app’ message.. such a shame !! Has put me off buying any of their other games.Version: 1.1.4

Just okWhile this is good to scramble your brain for words you know (or may not know) and thus keeping it “fit” there are also significant limitations, such as the limit of words this app knows about. How come “liter” (the AE version) is accepted and “litre” (the BE version) isn’t. There are many other words this app doesn’t know about and that’s a real deficiency (eg. it knows “plunge” but not “pungle”). Instead it knows useless words like “doh”, “aah” and “nah” that border on usefulness and dictionary entries. It would be good if the devs would pay better attention to that and scramble the dictionaries of the world. Another detractor is the amount of ads and their length. There are not just on-screen Google ads, but also repetitive movie length ads between almost each level. For an app that doesn’t really require much development work this ad cashing in seems exaggerated. Lastly, the tournament (if you don’t want to miss out on some bonus coins) becomes a real frantic race as the clocks ticks. While it’s good for user engagement for the business it destroys some of the game play with people (myself included) using available word lists to keep up. I for my part had enough of this and say good bye to the game. There also seem to be a couple of variations on the same game with a very similar layout, slightly different name but effectively the same game. Raking in the money….Version: 1.0.50

SadI agree with other comments about the annoying ads - especially the ones that flash. I would happily pay to go ad free, but is not an option. So it’s deletion for me and a recommendation to anyone new not to download - it’s a good game (although very limited American vocabulary) but just not worth getting UK the ping of enjoyment and then being killed by ads. Glad these people don’t do my marketing.Version: 1.7.0

It’s okay...It is an okay app so far. Starts off WAY to easy, but I guess that’s probably so that anyone can play, even young kids. It has far too many 3 letter words for my liking. It probably gets harder eventually, but till that point, it is a bit boring for me. I have two other qualms. The first is that there are legal words that the game doesn’t accept. If you do come up with a word that was not chosen for the crossword, it counts as a “bonus word” (which adds to your total to be able to later use for hints, which is a good idea). However, there are valid words that the game doesn’t accept. I can’t remember all of them right now, but some are “alee” and “luged”. They accepted “luge” just fine, so I have no idea why the past tense in “luged” would be an issue. The other main issue that annoys me is the frequency of the ads. I’ve played other games that have ads before, and I understand that’s how free games supplement their income in order to give us the content in the game. However, the frequency of the ads is the issue in this game. By far the most frequent ads I’ve ever seen. Sometimes have to deal with an ad every two minutes or less, if I finish the crossword quickly, which is ridiculous. At least you can X out of the ads fairly quickly. Still, having ads that often is annoying..Version: 1.0.55

New portraits setting complete turn offI’ve really loved this brilliantly simple game for over a year now and definitely happy to pay to get rid of ads. But recently my 5 stars has turned to only 1 because the new portraits setting are just depressing - it’s now set up in a way there’s no chance of winning without putting your entire life in hold for two days a week. So instead of looking forward to it I now find myself avoiding and resenting the game - definitely enjoying and playing less..Version: 1.14.3

OMG ads are so annoyingI love the game and would like to keep playing OMG the ads are so annoying and nagging. Feels like devs are saying “pay me”, “pay me”. I understand these takes efforts and we need to support devs but I would almost be willing to pay $0.99 and get rid of annoying ads.Version: 1.9.0

North AmericanFun game. Shame the language isn’t English. It ignores some real words and has some specific to North American English. Coins are almost worthless although vaguely helpful as I’m not North American so they only get used to find very specific non words. Can’t use other languages but you can use Americanisms which aren’t real English. Shame really. Some abbreviations are fine but others aren’t. Daily puzzles are based more on the order you get words right in which can mean you won’t get maximum points even if you get more words than in the grid. Relatively few adverts compared to similar games, which is nice. You won’t have to spend a penny on this game if you have a half decent mind for anagrams..Version: 1.7.0

Pornographic AddsMale enhancement products adds are inappropriate for a game app. Uninstalled..Version: 1.8.1

Nice With FaultsReally enjoyed this game so I purchased to get rid of the ads (not cheap as game apps go). However there are still pop-up in-game ads to buy tokens and such. An ad is an ad, so you’re not getting an entirely ad free game here. Also, they’ve not kept up the supply of games (ie. ran out of puzzles, tiles, etc.) so until they decide to replenish with more this app is just taking up space. If this were a .99 cent game there wouldn’t be much to complain about because the game works fine and is crash free. UPDATE Feb 2020 The developers fixed the issue with running out of games/tiles, but now it has a bug that burns a 300 point rocket clue sporadically and unprompted. I’ve had this occur several times, and have contacted the developer about it. First they said they were working on it. When it happened again several updates later they ignored my inquiry altogether. It takes many hours to accumulate 300 points and for those of us who are power players those 300 points are valuable. If losing hard earned points doesn’t matter then buy the game..Version: 1.5.1

Long on ads, short on vocabulary.Ads are frequent and often long, up to 40 seconds before it is possible to close them. Can be served an ad as often as every second level. The game is lacking in vocabulary, with many uncommon but not necessarily obscure words not in use. Lastly, after reaching level 100-odd, I came back a day later to find progress had been reset to level 50..Version: 1.0.48

Sleazy, inappropriate ad forced me to delete this gameAn ad for a sleazy and soft porn game called Choices cane up while I was playing this otherwise well constructed and useful game. I was even planning to download it for a seven year old in my family until this appallingly inappropriate content invaded my screen. I would otherwise enjoy this game and without this worrying intrusion into our children’s space would have got it for the family. Other game producers manage to get by without shovelling sexist and sleazy content, why can’t this game protect young players? You even have a logo for family sharing that includes little children in the graphic. How dare you?.Version: 1.0.58

Awesome game but...I do really love this game, and have been playing it for ages. I paid for the ad free version very quickly as I got sick of the ads and I’m really happy with it as a game in whole. The thing that really bothers me is it is very ‘US’ friendly, and maybe not so friendly to the rest of the world. They are happy to use words such as ‘amen’, ‘god’, but won’t include words like ‘gay’ which just seems archaic, and not so supportive of other religions either. Also, Tuesday isn’t considered a word, but ‘gah’ and ‘ooh’ are?! It’s pretty inconsistent with using plurals/adjectives/nouns (proper and improper) and the words that it does not recognise astound me sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, I do love this game, and play it every day, but I do think it needs a bit of a global/21st century update if I were to give my honest opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️.Version: 1.13.1

MisleadingSo, in this post-fact world the advert says you’ll learn to read faster and improve your vocabulary. I haven’t seen any evidence that spelling words from a collection of letters helps one read faster. Logic tells me it doesn’t. Perhaps they could cite some studies. My bigger issue is that it’ll improve my vocabulary. That’s hogwash. Central to ALL vocabulary instruction, starting in kindergarten, is definitions. This game does nothing to promote improvement in my usage of the words contained in it. Moreover, the game is all about building words from letters THAT YOU ALREADY KNOW. How does recalling words I’ve seen and used many times before, then provide no definition or context in which said word is used, help my vocabulary skills? I’ve waisted too much time playing this thing, hoping that I’d eventually get to the “lexicon” level which would grant me the amazing fluency and word knowledge advertised. But alas, the game doesn’t appear to have that...it’s basically Boggle that can be played at a banana slug pace. This would be a four star review if they’d at least provide definitions (maybe they do with the paid upgrades?) and actually allow me to practice speed reading. Throw in the parts of speech and you’d have five star reviews all day long..Version: 1.2.1

RuinedOver the last 10 months this game with its odd glitchy chat has become a life saver for thousands and thousands of people. There are people who are elderly or young but vulnerable or in various stages of lockdown- all stuck at home. Many have come together in little groups of 50 as “teams” on your app. They play together, they chat, they joke, they share their days, they celebrate occasions together. Mostly people had started to figure out how to adjust their tournament start times according to the competition they wanted. This new system does not take into account human beings are not just scores. Maybe a team wants a week or two off. They don’t want to be in a particular scoring group. This new system will just cause player burnout & frustration. We appreciate you are trying to address concerns about people who want more or less competition- but - simply allowing the team leader to choose a start time would be a great feature on the app. Also allowing teams to choose which team they want to ‘sync’ with - with a button - I think that would be awesome. And allowing the leader to assign another leader - well I think you have had about a million requests on that one. With these small changes I think this could become one of the most popular games in the world, even in what we are hoping, is a post Covid era..Version: 1.13.0

ComplicationsConstantly freezes !!!!.Version: 1.13.1

Could be addicting if...I love word games and downloaded this game because of the high reviews. The game itself is a great game. Challenging, but not to the point where you want to give up. I love the backgrounds. They change with every level you advance. If I were to rate the game alone, it would probably get 4-5 stars. The developers did a great job with the game itself, but they allow way too many ads. Expect to see an ad every time you open the game and before playing a puzzle. Ads are so frequent that it is extremely difficult to keep your focus and concentration from one puzzle to the next. On the FAQ page, the developers say that it costs a lot of money to develop the game, which is why there are ads. I understand that, but I’ve never seen a game with so many ads. I could remove ads by paying $2.99, but why do that when there are other word games that have less ads and cost less to remove the ads? The developers need to come up with a better balance of game time and ads..Version: 1.0.45

Used to be goodThis game used to be very entertaining and I enjoyed playing it regularly. I don’t even mind the longer ads as that is something that I’m used to with free games. I stopped playing for a while and came back to it recently. The issue that I have is the pop up ads that appear nearly full screen during a level. I had 6 ads pop up while doing the daily puzzle within the space of 2 minutes, the last of which bugged out the game as it was while I was pressing letters and now the “cursor” is stuck on a letter and I can’t press anything. Twice this has happened to me now and I have to close the game and reopen it. What a shame that heavy monetisation has become more important than a well functioning game. I’m giving 3 stars as the gameplay itself is good, would have given 5 if you hadn’t broken it with excessive ads..Version: 1.10.0

Addictive game, annoying adsA good game but the ads are really long, repetitive and frequent so I play only one game a day to save sitting through them. Unfortunately the dictionary is poor and the game does not accept many genuine words. Doesn’t offer much of a challenge, even after hundreds of levels completed..Version: 1.4.1

Addictive and frustratingPlayers are given a set of letters with which they are supposed to fill in the crossword squares. There are multiple sets per level and each level gets more difficult as letters are added (level one starts with three letters, the next level four letters, and so on). It’s a good game for working your brain but at the same time is relaxing due to there not being a time limit on how long you take finishing the crossword. It’s quite addictive. My one complaint is about the “coins” rewarded. Coins are earned from creating bonus words that are not on the crossword and by finishing an entire level. They can be used to “purchase” hints, which cost 100 coins each. At the rate coins can be earned, that’s a pretty steep price. I’d like to see the coin value increase along with the difficulty level. As it is, I feel like I’m being pressured to actually spend money on virtual coins just so I can get a hint when I get stuck. I’d rather delete my “free” game than repeatedly spend real money for hints..Version: 1.0.48

Do not trust - ignores your permissionsUnauthorised mobile data use! To get rid of ads in games like this, turn off mobile data to the app and play off WiFi. Simple right? HOWEVER, this app will randomly still pump in ads... some days it will, some it won’t. Play it on airplane mode... zero ads, so they’re not built in (excluding the ‘own brand’ apps, which are built in... I’m referring to 3rd party ads) Therefore the app uses your mobile data without permission. Original review: This is an extremely easy game. The only challenge is trying to decipher what rules it uses, because it doesn’t seem to know. Primarily it uses American spelling, but not alway (submitted both “favour” and “favor” in the same puzzle) My last puzzle had a word that when researched was Russian, or obscurely British. It uses weird abbreviations and slang, yet some really obvious words that are known worldwide aren’t valid. Basically, it’s a game where you just make up as many random words as you can until it decides they’re correct..Version: 1.1.7

Flawed but addictingI admit that I’ve become obsessed with this game despite its flaws. It’s a great way to spend some mindless time. It would be so much better if it had a better and expanded vocabulary. As it is, it doesn’t accept many perfectly legitimate words. One of them is “aqua,” which is particularly ironic given that one of the levels is called “AQUA.” Other non-starters are ware, garret, and fest, along with many more that I could name. And oh, someone needs to tell the developers that CHILE is a proper noun—the name of a country—but CHILI is not. And that LITE is NOT a word! The developers should consult a Scrabble dictionary — or any dictionary, for that matter. It would make for a MUCH better game if it just used Scrabble-approved words minus two-letter words. At least then there would be some rationale for why words are or are not accepted. The other thing that detracts from the game is the fact that levels start to repeat—the same combinations of letters show up multiple times. But hey, for a game with literally thousands of levels, I guess that’s to be expected. There are also a lot of annoying pop-ups asking you for in-app purchases, although these are not necessary to keep playing. One of them — the “piggy bank” — purports to be a reward but is actually nothing more than another opportunity to buy stuff. Despite all this, it’s a relaxing, not-too-challenging time-waster that can provide a pleasant break if you’re into word games..Version: 1.5.1

Fun gameGreat game challenging, fun and addictive. I would give it more stars but feel it’s not evenly played. My wife has been playing for months and her hints are 50 coins, I’ve been playing a couple months and enjoy the game but the hints on mine are 100 coins,the target hints 200 and rocket blast 300 totally bogus pricing. Before you say she’s at higher score(she is) I have a daughter, granddaughter and soninlaw that all signed up after I did and 2 of them at my recommendation and wait for it...... their hints are 50,100,150 coins. I’m not the only one this has happened to in the support section there are other complaints of the same thing. I sent an email to them with questions about this and I will say they answered rather quickly but with a crazy response of “we’re trying different pricing to see which we decide on.” What I got out of the answer was we think we can gouge some folks on the pricing so when they buy coins they get less benefit for the money they pay. I started with 2 stars but as I wrote this I down graded it go 1. Get your act together and I’ll revisit this review!!!!! Have talked to them thru emails 3 different times and each time it’s the same, ”we’re trying different pricing to see where it levels out, hmmm I wonder if they’ll refund the folks that bought hints and removed ads at the higher prices when they level out, hmmm NOT!!!!!.Version: 1.0.52

Non standard lexiconIf you love traditional word games this one may annoy you. It uses a weird selection of prefixes, abbreviations, contractions, archaic and slang words. Ideal for US kids but not for baby boomer word sleuths. It also has a very limited range of words. The same ones appear repeatedly. I’m not sure why, since the crosswords are tiny. If you’re ok with American spelling, it doesn’t take much effort to familiarise yourself with the limited words and then it can be quite relaxing. I play it to chill out. I am at level 1269, so maybe it gets longer words at later levels..Version: 1.0.61

New ads are waaaay too longAds used to be short and could be closed after a few seconds, which was fine. Now I’m getting lengthy ads for multiple products tied into a single ad with no apparent way to close until the ad has played out. And they appear at the end of every level, which is far too frequent given that most levels can be blitzed thru within a minute or two..Version: 1.9.1

Asset stealerEveryone knows the value of personal data. This game is designed to steal yours and your contact’s data. Don’t be fooled. The pretence is that you get free coins for... then once you give your data or your friend’s details, or money, it THEN provides extra terms that you’d probably NOT agree to (but it’s too late) or, it’s in the hands of a 3rd party to do a whole heap of stuff before you’d get any coins. Don’t be a fool. If you love this sort of game I strongly suggest trying a reputable developer not one that is in the game of stealing data and money under false pretences. I asked directly about this theft, funny, no response. If they want to cheat, here are cheat notes, to get around ads open a game when the ads starts, just double click on home button & reopen again and the game will start without having to sit through very long ads..Version: 1.0.53

Why should I report an issue with Wordscapes?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Wordscapes to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Wordscapes customer and are running into a problem, appsupports.co might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Wordscapes.

Is Wordscapes not working?

Wordscapes works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Wordscapes.

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