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Toca Life World: Build stories app received 40 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about toca life world: build stories?

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GlitchI have decorated a house and every time that I tap on it, it loads then brings me to Home Screen for some reason and I don’t know why or if anyone else has had this problem. Though it might be that my sister has the same Apple ID and also has the app and it might have gotten messed up?.Version: 1.31

Help this appPlease please make one more city for free but I want it to be a place full of magic like there’s a treehouse you may as well make the 99p free. Maybe 🤔 you could do a bit of the app where you go on it and you design your own home like not put stuff in it like put your own stuff in it I’ve got loads of ideas which I’m going to tell you now: maybe you could take a picture of yourself and then there is a special thing and you make it into you a talk about a character just for them. Or maybe make another house design thing for free that is big The first one for free that was tiny that was disgraceful. Sorry if I’ve been badmouthing you I read loads of your views and it’s a bit sad because you just make people pay for these things it’s just disgraceful so you could make the games where one place is free and the rest you have to pay for their good games because it’s like and you’ve got all the characters as well and it’s really fun. Do you know how sad I am that I can’t get a game called this anymore you’re not allowed to so it’s really bad for me so this is why I won’t need to change it and might not ever see the comment if you even do you come and maybe you could make a new house I don’t care just do something different for free and maybe make the videos longer on the TV they just annoying and I really wished that the pinky thingy house design thing I really wished it was free so why can’t you do that I’m very disappointed..Version: 1.30

:(This game is amazing and all but I accidentally deleted it and I spent about $40-50 dollars in game and when I downloaded it back all of it was gone.Version: 1.29

Help!I have several issues with the game, sometimes it glitches and the world completely resets! Everything is back where it was, I loose all my gifts at the post office and I have to re-customise my creator characters. And sometimes the glitches cause certain objects to disappear from the game, this has happened with objects and animals, I have been unable to find them since then as they disappeared from their original place. And there is another glitch with the character creator where if I make more than one person only one shows up. I hope these issues get fixed! They are disturbing my gameplay and I know that some of my friends have experienced the same..Version: 1.17

What are the gems forIt is a great game I am just wondering what the gems are for and why they are here.Version: 1.3

Honest reviewWell the games fun and all and I have a few packs that including the modern mansion, when I was inside decorating my house just reset so all of it went out and all of my items which was a pain and it has done that 7rl times before that and it turned out I needed to update even if I do need to update can you stop this and once it didn’t need updating and reset can you at least try and say “that the game is updating if for example “the game needs updating quick update it before all your stuff diapear” and that is also includes the other kids who could like the game so much that they cry so please fix this, thank you.Version: 1.34

Restarted again!I’m starting to HATE this game because it restarted itself without me pressing the button. I requested things to be fixed before and I got my gifts but now they are gone again! The Toca people should have fixed my world after I told them for the 5th time this month! I want everything to go back the way it was or else I’m done!.Version: 1.17

Update GlitchThe “no yes” shirt is on everyone and some people are naked..Version: 1.2.2

We Love Toca Boca! But Please Fix The Major Glitches!My daughter and I, love playing Toca Life World! It’s a very addicting fun game, we play it nonstop. But I feel there could more things added to make the game even more better. Need more custom design houses we love designing our houses. We need bigger houses like a Mansion. Ability to be able to create more than 30 people..more custom hair colors, create our own clothes, ability to wear our own jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets. Add more newborn babies and add more toddlers. Add a baby/ Toddler shop with clothes, accessories, and items just for the babies toddlers. Add baby strollers, portable baby high chairs or add high chairs in the custom design. More toddler clothes. Upgrade add more new places to explore, and should add outer space where we can go to space in a rocket ship. Also add a royal place where there’s a castle, princesses, princes, kings or queens so on. More secrets, and Ability to make people sick for the people who uses Apple devices. Please read this and reconsider trying out these ideas that would be very awesome!!!! Everyone would love all these new upgrades!! I know my daughter and I love getting new upgrades and love playing Toca Life. Three stars because the glitches and you need to listen to us everyone is telling you to fix the glitches the major glitches still there no matter what. Please fix the glitches items people disappears. I worked so hard to put items where I want them to be....Version: 1.27

Issues and ideasHi Toca Boca, I was really excited once I discovered this game since it seemed really fun for role plays and stuff, but an issue I have come across is that it gets a little bit boring if you don’t buy the other stuff. I totally would buy everything... If I had enough money!!! Why is there so much to buy and why is it so expensive. I know you want money but this is just insane for an iPad game. When you open the game for the first time you should own most of the stuff already, instead of having less the half of the stuff. There are so many possibilities in this game but i just can’t afford it. I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone who doesn’t have much money. Another thing is that when I try to buy the stuff that I can, and enter my year of birth, it says ‘oops, that didn’t go through. Try again’. And it’s annoying. If changes aren’t made soon, then I will delete the game but if there are improvements then I will delete this review. Sorry, and thanks Toca Boca. I hope this is good feedback for you. Keep making games..Version: 1.31

Clothes GlitchThere's a glitch in clothes in the game that makes a character's outfits disappear and it just leaves them wearing a white T-shirt. Also, any clothes that you pile up for your character to wear later just disappears, never to be seen again..Version: 1.19.1

GlitchI love this game, it’s a lot of fun, but there’s a problem with it. I have had toca world for about a year and a half to maybe 2 years and I have not had any problems with it until about 2 months ago, 2 months ago I was furnishing a house with some of the stuff from hus (the store with like the pillows and stuff, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) and I finished furnishing it but then I left the house and when I went back every single one of the things I had added was gone, I tried it again and put all the things in the same spots again but it happened again, I tried like 3 more times but each time the same thing happened. I was frustrated at that point so I gave up and went to do something else, but then a few days later I went to furnish a different house and the same thing happened, finally like a week later it stopped but an hour ago I was furnishing a house from the new update where you can like make your own house and this time every time that I would leave the house after furnishing it, my game would crash and when I would go back in all the stuff was gone. I tried putting like three things in at a time and leaving to save it and repeating but every time I would do that all the things that I still had to furnish it would disappear from the entire game and I would have to restart it. I recommend this game because it’s a lot of fun but I hate that glitch..Version: 1.22

I love it but......I absolutely love this game a specially when I’m board but why make us pay for this game on other devices or games it’s completely free so if you have this app then why pay for it so please make it free for everyone and make it completely free I get it your trying to make money but you can make money on a different game just not on this one I love this game very much but how can I love it if I only have a few buildings so please pleeeeeeaaaaasssseeeee make it all free if you come up with more buildings then please make it free most kids download this game becouse they herd good things about Toca and this one is free to download but when they actually played it most deleted it becouse it’s very upsetting so please I speak for everyone when I say please make it free. Again I love this game but the game keeps crashing I put stuff in a room and it goes missing it goes back we’re it first was and then when I bring it back to the house it takes me out of the game automatically and I go back in the game and everything resets plus all of my prizes keeps disappearing and it would be really helpful if you fix that plz and can we get the prizes from when the game first opened because if you didn’t have the game from when it first came out then you won’t have all of the original prizes and I would very much appreciate if you fix most of these thing and the free thing well that can wait but plz fix the bugs and let us have all of the prizes plz and ty for your time.Version: 1.28

Great game but very glitchy. But still great!So, I love this game. It is really fun and enjoyable. Whenever a new update comes out I get so excited! I love the new update where you can customize the walls and the floors of your house! But I have two problems with the game. First off, it is very glitchy. Every now and then, as I am playing, the game randomly glitches me out. I loose everything I have! All the gifts from previous weeks disappear. Just like that! Like the spa masks. I loved those but it glitched me out and now they are gone. Plus, sometimes I spend a long time trying to decorate my houses. Then, just randomly, it glitches me out! It is frustrating. So then I have to go back and redecorate all three houses and redecorate all of the locations. It has happened 5 times! Just recently I customized all my walls and floors and decorated the rooms. But right as I try to click on something, it flashed white and took me back to my home page! When I go back in, EVERYTHING I had done was gone. My second problem is that you have to pay for a lot to enjoy the full experience. I would love it if there were at least a few more locations that were free besides the town and the floople place. The only things I have bought are the houses. And yes! It is enjoyable but when I can’t really go many other places, I start to loose interest. But otherwise, I LOVE this game. The videos are fun and I like to vote. Thanks for making this game😆.Version: 1.26

Weird buzzing noiseWhen ever i join the tame and try to get some characters it just makes a buzzing noice and sends me to my home page its really annoying and I've spent so much money on this game please fix it I'm really angry and its just so annoying its like if i click on the little button to get the characters out and scroll through then all if i scroll to far it just makes a sort of crackle buzzing sound and it sends me back to my home page. Also before I downloaded the game i read the reviews and found one similar to mine and thought well I'm sure they fixed it now and it wont happen to me but it seems to be after you spent a-lot of money on it it does this because i read the other ones and they all say the same . And the game still keeps updating without fixing the problems that it has and when i get a reply by the developer i DO NOT want a bot that just says “go to our website blah blah blah” PLEASE FIX THIS PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I LOVE THIS GAME AND ITS REALLY ANNOYING IVE APENT SOOOO MUCH MONEY PLEAAAAASSEEEE FIIIXXX ITTTTTTTTT.Version: 1.25.1

Home DesignerI love this game and think it’s awesome it’s just that I can only get 1 home on home designer and I can only get a few house items and my iPad isn’t giving me any updates for the game so can you please add make it so Apple iPads can get the new houses and the new stuff? But other than that I think this game is AMAZING!!! Please add more houses to the home designer. And I do know there’s more because I have searched up to see if others got it and lots of people online have so please add more houses for iPads!.Version: 1.23.1

10 year gift update is very laggySo I’ve loved the game for a long time, so when the 10 year gift update came out, i was so exited to receive the older gifts, even if it was only for a short period of time. However when i updated my app, i went in the post office and, as I’d expected, all the old gifts were there, however i then proceeded to take some of the gifts back to my house to use them with my characters. I filled cardboard boxes from the post office and made characters in the character menu hold them so i could use them once i got back to my house, however to my dismay, when i got there, all the cardboard boxes I’d used were empty. I presumed this was a flaw in the new gifts where you couldn’t have them at your house. Disheartened, i went back to the post office, figuring I’d have to use them there, however when i got there, all of the gifts I’d tried to take were gone. My sister had a similar problem, where she accidentally trashed some of the gifts and then couldn’t retrieve them again from the post office. I dont know if this issue could be fixed by deleting and re-installing it, however I know from experience that this deletes your gifts that you received every friday. I’m at a loss of what to do because whilst i want to use and enjoy the older gifts, i do not want to loose all of my gifts that I’ve had for nearly a year. If someone knows how i can solve this issue I’d be very grateful. Thanks.Version: 1.35

I love it buuut...This game is one of my favourites but recently I’ve had a glitch whenever I click on the apartment it just takes me out of the game which is really annoying because now I can’t go into the apartment which is where I spend the most of my time in the game so now it’s basically closed and I can’t go there so can you please fix it?.Version: 1.19

GlitchWhen i take stuff out from somewhere like the mall or the home store and move it to like a house or a different location, it’ll disappear when i leave and come back to it, please fix this it’s super annoying!!.Version: 1.19

Can you add an updateYou should give us about 4 worlds to start play on and have to buy the rest other wise unit is kind of boreing.Version: 1.8.1

Good game, but glitches sometimesToca is a good game but it glitches a lot. I was playing and then my screen turned white. Little did I know that it just deleted all my progress. Though it only happened once to me, I know many other people with the same problem. It happened 5 times already to one of my friends and she just got the game 2 months ago. I designed the Misty Cottage and then now it is gone. I would really appreciate it if the creators could try to fix this problem. I do recommenced this game but it would help a lot if this problem was fixed. Now, I have a few suggestions. Maybe the creators can put more places that you don’t have to pay for. When I first got the game it only came with the town, Floople friends, and the house area. My other suggestion is maybe the creators can put more food ingredients in the only food store. The one that you do not have to pay for. Thanks for making this game. Hope you can fix these problems.😁 Fix the problem. Okay. I am writing this now like a week after what I wrote at the top. I was playing Toca a few days ago when suddenly it glitched me out and deleted all my progress. I redid everything and then like 30 minutes later, it glitched me out again. After I re did it all it deleted it again! After that it wouldn’t glitch me out again. I hope it doesn’t in the future too. Fix this problem because I do not want to redo everything! 😑😊 Thanks..Version: 1.26.2

Toca boca world glitch 🙁Please fix the glitch in toca boca world I was on the world and it kit me off and I went back on and the the hole world was reset and I did not touch the botton fix it 😠.Version: 1.23.1

I cant make more than 3 characters on floopleI bought the game pass but when I make characters it only takes 2 and makes one disappear fix it please.Version: 1.32

A Bit PricyHi, my daughter LOVES THIS GAME! It’s just she asks for some of the packs, I would say yes if it was with her money but overall I don’t think that toca world should have packs that cost REAL money. My daughter thought that it’d be a good idea for there to be a new place and you could click what pack you want and then you could complete tasks to get the things, and for the people that already bought the packs would get their money back. If you ever added this my daughter would go crazy! She would be so happy and spend every single day on the game, unfortunately i am not willing to pay that on just a game. If you ever add this in more people would get the game, you can still become successful. And my daughters best friend has got the app and bought some packs, but she accidentally deleted the app and downloaded it again and nothing’s there and she’s super sad, maybe you could add like something where u can add a email, also today she just finished her house that she had worked 3 days on and boom, it had fully restarted and there is no furniture at all, sorry but I’m gonna have to do a 3 star. This game is getting worse, when you add updates the people that aren’t aloud to buy anything on Toca world just get sadder and sadder, there are so many glitches and bugs. I would like if you would try to fix all the bugs and make the things that cost money completely free and the people that already bought the packs get their money back, even the people who deleted the game..Version: 1.33.2

WHERE IS THE SECOND HOUSE😡😡😡😡😡😡So I have been waiting now for over 2 months for the second house to come out, and it’s still not here. If you are wondering, I live in Canada and I am very upset at the moment. ALSO when you do come out with the second house in Canada MAKE IT FREE! We have waited to long for this and it would be quite the pain if it wasn’t free to play. THANK YOU 😡😡😡.Version: 1.23.1

Please help!I baught the 67,99 pack for 40% off so it was 30 dollars but i didnt get half my stuff i tried everything! Please help me!im crying right now.Version: 1.27

GarbageIt won’t let me enter my home.Version: 1.26.2

Honest review please help Toca BocaThis game is literally my favourite except, when I go onto the neon rainbow apartment it crashes, then when I go back onto the app and get into the house all my decorations are gone, this is the fourth time it’s happened and I am not pleased, I’ve spent hours decorating and it’s unacceptable to have this problem when it’s something I have payed for with real currency. Please fix this soon I am quite disappointed because I really like the layout of the neon rainbow apartment. All the other houses I have never had this problem with so I expect the same with the neon rainbow apartment, My little sister has the exact same problem so it’s not just my device. Cheers, Please fix this problem and everyone will be happy.😁.Version: 1.31

Glitch/problemTHIS PROBLEM IS Me and my friend are playing, it randomly kicks out of the app and resets everything! We have spent a very very long time on moving things from one place to another. It is very annoying that all of our hard work has gone to waste. FIX THIS PROBLEM PLEASE. Toca is a very addicting game, but if this keeps happening, then the app is ruined and it won’t be addictive like it used to be. Please fix this immediately!.Version: 1.35.1

Used to love this game but glitches let me downSo I used to love this game like it was my fav game but I bought misty cottage cuz it looked really good and I wanted to do a modern renovation becuz I was the kinda player that would Renovate houses and locations and role play in them so I did that Renovation and I was really enjoying it but a week later I opened the game up and the misty cottage was it’s normal preset and it kept on doing it multiple times and so I just gave and stopped buying stuff from the game and I didn’t just do it for that I did for the other tons of glitches there are like the ‘clothes glitch’ were my character is wearing a outfit and I open up the game and it’s wearing the starting preset and I have to got to the free junkyard to get it back and it really wastes my time to play on devices, and this is really a good game without the glitches. I will continue to ignore the glitches but in this time could Toca Boca consider fixing theses bugs in the next update, if u could that would be greatly appreciated! 💕💕 I love the wall and floor update!.Version: 1.27

Great to play........but a few thingsThe overall game is great. The only thing I don’t like about is that you have to pay to get stuff which isn’t fair to the people like me who love the game but don’t want to pay all that money. I also wish that your progress would be saved when you leave because i put it there to keep it there and when i log on i want the same stuff to be there. I also don’t like when i get rid of stuff on purpose but when i leave and come back it’s there again and if i put something else in that spot but i come back and it’s covering up the stuff i put there. It’s a great game to role play but it is not fun when you are stuck with the usual grocery store, clothing store, food court, etc. i want to be able to for example take my kid to school and go to work but i can’t and we are talking a lot of money to buy all of that. What would be better is instead of buying the building with real money, why don’t you put all the buildings in the game including a job so people can earn money so they can afford the items in the building. I know there are people who play this game that get bored easily and when they are stuck with the same things to do, they are gonna get rid of and you are going to get more reports like mine. That would make the game more enjoyable. So please for the sake of your company and the people’s enjoyment please take this feedback.Version: 1.24.1

Stop the money grab styleI don’t understand why nobody is complaining that lots of things in the game cost money. Like seriously are we gonna just accept that to build more houses it costs money? Sometimes I really feel like this game can be a money grab considering that not everybody wants to spend money on this. It’s a good game but can only entertain you for like 3 hours to make a house, explore, create characters and receive items. This game should have a bigger purpose because it gets boring so easily I am disappointed 😔. At least make one of your games not have game passes that cost money for real I’m getting sick of this. Also, make a bigger purpose like jobs, and to deal with real life situations (getting robbed, high school, etc) I would of rated this game higher if this game improved its money grab style. I know this is how you make money but for at least just one game. Who is going to spend £60 for a “mega pack” or £40 for a “starter pack”. I am really annoyed at this. Thank you for reading bye :).Version: 1.29

NoEverytime i’m playing this it glitches me out of the game and when i go back in all of my data is deleted. it’s annoying because i’ve worked hard on all of it and deletes everything even tho i spent money..Version: 1.25.1

Read if your parents won’t buy stuff for you!! ❤️❤️Ok so I LOVE this game because I love to make characters of my own. Also I like making the worlds. But when I went to make my first character, it only had THREE SPOTS to make THREE characters! On the App Store it said you could make over 40 but that’s not true. Then it said make more characters learn more and it took me to the store and it said I had to pay 6 DOLLARS!! For a KIDS GAME that I downloaded. Then in the game it gave me an add for the bohemian house and I had a daughter in the game so I pressed learn more cause I need more space for my kids. When I went there it said you have to pay. I was SOOOOO sad.😢 While I was there I saw that you had to pay to make WORLDS the WHOLE point of the game. I can only make ONE house and I can only hang out in Bopp City. If you’re mom will buy you the houses and worlds then this is a good app but if you’re like me don’t waste your time. And also if you’re 5 then... DONT GET THE APP! OK SWEETHEART! Ok thank you for reading till the end. Bye from your local 10 year old ranter, me. Edit: I was looking in the App Store and I found Toca again, I saw the Mid Autumn Festival and got REALLY excited 😊 I went into the app and tried to find it, but then I found out that YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT! I was SOOOO mad 😡 and a little sad 😔 So PLEASE make this non payed because I really would like to go to the festival. Thank You, Human in the world.Version: 1.25.1

I lost everything for no reason 😓😭😢I love this game ♥️ ♥️ but I was playing Toca boca and for some reason I got kicked out I honestly did not know why (this happened yesterday btw) I went back in my game and I realized that my characters I was playing with were is different clothing... I checked AND I LOST EVERYTHING EXEPT FOR THE PACKS I GOT ;( everything reset FOR NO REASON! MY MAIL I GOT WAS GONE JUST EVERYTHING G O N E. I honestly do not know how it happend.... 😓😓😓🥺🥺🥺 if there is a way to bring back everything or u can bring back my items... PLEASE TELL ME... It took my days and hours to do my houses and organize everything :( btw it will be cool for u to add a swimming place ngl :) and I like the Toca series so I would love to watch more ♥️ but I think the elevators are glitched because when I enter one and go on another floor the screen stays white....Version: 1.28

Awesome but... *UPDATE*I am sad because I forgot my Apple ID and I could not buy the new expansion of toca boca and I somewhere in the process I have made my game go into a weird loading limbo where I cannot go into the app and I either have to sight into my account (which the apple help service is still getting back to me about that) or DELETE toca boca world and obviously I will never delete toca boca so I’m stuck😕. ♥️toca boca forever♥️.Version: 1.8.1

Ok but a lot of problemsI downloaded this game a while ago and had no problems for the first few months. However, I soon had a few glitching problems, for example I was putting clothes in the suitcase and I zipped it shut, it made a buzzing noise and then went back to my home screen on my iPad. I went back in to find it had gone back to how it was when I first opened the game that day. Another recent problem is when I tried to download the new mall, it all reset itself. Finally, I have had a problem regarding my house, for instance I left my house to go to the shop and when I came back all the baby clothes were gone and I had to go and collect them from various places. I also had no towels and some of the mans clothes and the kids toys were gone. I also can’t get food to stay in the fruit bowl of fridge which is irritating. I have reset the game multiple times to see if it makes a difference, it does but then it goes back to normal. I would like a reply as this is extremely annoying and makes me not want to play. It could be the iPad I am using but I also have the same game on my phone and have no problems..Version: 1.19

Toca Boca pls fix this bagsPls make everything free and can you fix’s this bag you see when every I make more then one character it only comes up with one this has happened to my friends to And pls make everything free it would make everything easier And it would mean the world to me and many other people if you did.Version: 1.34.1

Lemme keep my stuff fgsThe game itself is quite fun and addicting although i must point out that once you are away from your house for a certain amount of time or have swipe out of the game and gone back in, it appears that all the stuff i have added to my house isn’t there anymore, even things such as food and stuff i’ve bought from the store. i’m not sure if i’m doing something wrong and i’m supposed to actually pay for them with the money but it does not state in the game anywhere that we have to pay with the given cash to allow us to keep the items we have decided to “purchase”. i have even tried to pay for the items but the money doesn’t go anywhere or do anything so i just figured that i could carelessly take it back to my home, only just to be frustrated and quite annoyed with the fact all my stuff is gone and must i say it is hard to get those items in the perfect place and something don’t stack or are too small to pick up easily. please someone explain to me how i can keep my furniture, food, etc. because i can let you know for a fact i am not the only person struggling with this situation as others i have suggested the game to have come to me asking how to stop their stuff from disappearing and i’d like to know the answer myself. it can be quite frustrating to players so adding a bit where it states how to buy furniture and get money to pay for these items. thank you☺️.Version: 1.25.1

Won’t let me get my buildings back after the Character Creator update.My sister has purchased almost all of the Toca Life games on her iPad, and I have purchased the rest on my iPhone. After the new update now not only are my buildings not there, but when I try to add them back, it attempts to open up the app (to check if I have it) and kicks me out with a pop-up saying it is no longer shared with me (via family sharing), and I need to buy it in order to use it. I have tried going to buy the app again from the pop-up link and it (sometimes) has given me an option to buy it again. I don’t know if this is something you can fix or if it has to do with the App Store itself. Thank you for your time. Edit: I was able to add back some of the locations since the latest update, but the problem still persists with the large majority of the others. I appreciate the time you have put into fixing this issue. Thank you again. Edit 2: I have recently received a developer response via email that requested I try some things to fix my issue, all of which being things I have already tried, and all of which have failed, including watching the video tutorial. I feel that you have not taken time to truly read my review and have simply sent an automated response. This is easily forgivable, although I would like an actual fix for my issues. Many thanks..Version: 1.8.1

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The pets need your help! In Toca Pet Doctor our animal friends want your love, care and help. Meet 15 animals who are a...

Toca Nature negative reviews, comments
Toca Nature Negative Reviews

*App Store Best of 2014* Nature is magic. Toca Nature delivers that magic to your fingertips. Shape nature and watch i...