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Continuous Family Fun 🥳We love love love this game🥳🥳🥳💜💜💜 This game is for anyone and it has the ability to be played all the time or every now and then. You don’t need to put real money into to gain levels or achieve certain titles either, which is awesome. If your like me you will want to spend money on it but have to refrain but you are able to obtain everything without. A special note to the developers, We had a thought that maybe a good idea would be for you to create a home or storage place for the extra eggs we get at home camp please also an option to delete unwanted locked chests too and maybe some more levels please please please 😀.Version: 3.17.0

Beautiful graphics and fun to play, but too expensiveWhile it’s possible to play without paying a lot of real money, it slows down gameplay considerably and eventually you’re more or less forced to pay real money anyways to skip otherwise expensive quests. Dragon gems are what you need to pay almost everything in game, so it’s really restrictive if you simply don’t have the budget to keep putting money into it. I think I’ve already spent around $100 real cash just to be able to open those treasure chests you constantly reap from stuff. Now they clutter my space and I just sell them bc they’re useless if you can’t open them (aka, spend real cash). I’ve spent what I’m willing to in order to give it a proper try but I just don’t have the means to continually keep paying. It’s possible to collect dragon gems by advancing levels and completing quests, but those are very rare and barely amount to anything. I think it would be a lot handier to be able to spend the in game coins on more things rather than spending dragon gems. Right now, I collect a LOT of game coins I can only spend on expanding my treasury (aka buying coin vaults) and 4-5 kinds of eggs out of probably a 100 kinds. The rest is all based on spending dragon gems. Or if it was possible to make earning dragon gems easier, that would also be very helpful..Version: 4.4.0

Great but...JUST KIDDING! The title is a joke, this game is absolutely amazing 😉 and there is infinity ♾ levels I would recommend it to ages 9+ because anyone younger than that might loose their patience a bit because all of the special offers and things like that, the longest time I’ve ever had to wait was 5 days Anyway there is one bad thing about this app that really annoys me, The fact that u can’t put it down! The other day I was playing this game and my family came over from England (I’m from Australia by the way) and my mum told me to put my phone down but I just couldn’t, eventually I had to or I would get sent to my room. I just wanted to say thank u so much for making this game and it has made my life complete, God bless you From Anonymous.Version: 4.2.3

NiceThis game it’s really cool and easy.Version: 4.11.1

EmmettHonestly, I love this game and play daily! It used to give me hours of joy a day, I loved progressing through the game and getting brand new dragons. The only downside to the game would be that it got to a point where it seems like I can’t do a lot of things without watching ads or spending money on gems. I’m unable to play a lot of the levels due to needing more chalices and can only play one - two a session. I have way too many magical chests (around 15) that I’m not able to open because they’re 150 gems each. It’s ridiculous, I wish there was an easier way to earn gems in-game. Aside from the points above, this game is still amazing and I would recommend!.Version: 3.18.1

Good but needs improvementOk I’ve been playing for a couple of months and have a few opinions. I had been playing war strategy games for years and wanted to find a “free” to play game that didn’t involve spending a fortune on. All of these games are developed to make money...nothing else. With that said and understood I was determined to spend as little as possible but still have a good time. I’ve spent around $200 so far and sitting at 13 million points. Dragon power is approx 4500. I’m not spending anymore. Lol they are serious in tempting you to spend! They spit out chests and vaults non-stop and the only way to open them is to buy jewels/chalices. I’m telling you it’s ridiculous how many they give you. There’s no way to turn the chests function off. If you opened all of them you’d spend a fortune. $200 is actually more then i wanted to spend. Trust me I did spend thousands on those war games. So I sell every chest/vault that pops up for coins. Every one of them. It is hysterical. It’s almost like they’ve got an algorithm that will keep popping out chests out until you open them. The game is fun and I enjoy it. You don’t have to spend much money at all if any. All of the different dragons look and function nicely. They have events often which I like. I do recommend the game but remember you don’t have to open the chests/vaults to have fun and progress. Take your time..Version: 3.27.1

Merge patience to play this!Yes the key to this game is patience and for some of the levels, I wish I could merge my patience to increase the amount I have, as it is a long wait for enough chalices to play a big level and then if you make an error with your first move......grrrr! But, I don’t agree with the other reviewers - have an undo button, stop the game getting crowded etc. I think the point has been missed. These are the features that require you to learn and develop skill to play the different levels, in other words they are key features of the game. Eg you learn that some levels quickly get overcrowded so the skill is in preventing this from happening. I do agree that most things only being available for £££ gets wearing and my diamonds have also disappeared many times. However, I have now completed all levels (am bereft....more levels please) and have not spent 1p. Lovely little game, seriously addictive, but at a low point in my life I found it a relaxing and absorbing way of passing the time. Lovely graphics and colours and I view this as a relaxation exercise..Version: 3.22.0

Money hungry gameThis is a great game I love playing it. BUT when you have your dragons working the amount of treasure boxes they uncover is too much I have loads sitting around my land I merged a few to make space they then cost over 100 gems to open and at £4.99 for 100 gems it could work out very expensive. There should be an option to ditch the boxes if you don’t want them. There should also be a better opportunity to earn gems within the game. When you go through the process of levelling up your plants etc to get to the wonder level it gives you eggs once then it’s no use it just sits there. Developers I think you need to adjust a few things e.g. how many treasure boxes that we don’t really need when you can work your dragons funny how they never unearth a gem box..Version: 3.16.0

AddictiveAgeless game. Teens to seniors will love playing this game. Great for your cognitive skills. Very enjoyable..Version: 5.8.0

A few suggestions...This game is honestly amazing and super fun to play. The levels get harder as you keep playing, and the camp can keep me busy for hours. One thing that annoys me slightly is the fact that you can accidentally tap your life essences, or you coins, or other things, and you can never get them back. I was working really hard to make the highest level of the life essence, the wonder, when I accidentally tapped my level 8 life essence. It was the highest one I had, and I had to restart, though all of my dead land in the camp was no longer dead. Another issue is with the events. The events are always extremely fun and I loved the recent Froopyland event (I think that’s what it was called? I forget) but I always make the mistake where I never tap the event points and instead keep merging them for the highest level, and in the end, the event is over before I can tap it. There should be like a thing where you can collect the event points after the event that you didn’t collect during the event. A last suggestion that I have is that there should be more things you can buy with coins. Almost all of the things in the shop are for gems, and the only way you can get them is to either buy them with real money, or get the gem star. All in all, this game is awesome and I highly recommend it..Version: 4.12.0

Great addictive game, but can be costlyI absolutely love this game, especially the merge 5 in camp challenges. I’m ok with waiting for challices to accumulate and dragons to rest and I often leave my device open on charge at night to harvest while I sleep. I do have a bit feedback for the developers though. Please provide an option to have the game running in the background so I don’t have to leave my device open on charge to harvest etc. The amount of chests that cost you money that you get from ‘free’ chests is a bit ridiculous. As well as challenges that ask you to open the chests that cost money. I’ve spent some money on this game, but can’t afford to continually spend money. I’m aware some of the challenges you can elect to spend gems to skip the challenge, but how do you accumulate gems if they aren’t offered very often and you can’t afford to buy them? As an adult, sitting on my device all day for some of the ‘special weekend challenges’ isn’t an option, which means I never get very far in those challenges. I’d like to know if anyone has gotten all the way to the end. Overall it’s a great game, but could do with some tweaks..Version: 3.26.1

Need an undo buttonI think this game is loads of fun. If you don’t spend real money then the game is a bit slower and limited on prizes or opening locked chests (which I just sell for coins instead as I intend to play for free). There are not a lot of ads where as some free apps make you watch so many ads it’s ridiculous. There are little things that maybe are mildly annoying, like having to take so long to get to better levels but perhaps the biggest annoyance for me is accidentally deleting (selling) an item and there is no undo button to get your item back. It’s not a big issue if it’s a smaller item but when it’s an item that took a long time to finally up merge to, plus the first of its kind, you consider not playing anymore..Version: 3.15.0

Dragon ChalicesGreat game, a lot of fun. However, you can only really do one level at a time after a while as the games cost 7 chalices to play, it really makes it difficult to enjoy the levels when only like one a day can be played.Version: 4.0.1

My love is quickly ending...I do LOVE this game! BUT.... like the majority of the reviews say, everything is extremely high. There are few opportunities to earn gems. Also, if I work for weeks or months to get my chest to the highest level... I should be able to open the egg chests that emerge from it for FREE instead of having to pay a ridiculously high amount of gems to open them. The hard work in this game is NOT WORTH IT! There also needs to be a revamp in the chalice system. If I beat a level, I should be able to replay the levels for maybe 1 chalice. There should be a way, like most games, to level up your max amount of chalices. Maybe when you unlock a new piece of land? It takes 50 minutes to restore 1 chalice and some levels are all 7 chalices to play, which results in 1 level in 5 1/2 hours. I have beaten all of the levels, now I’m trying to get all stars and the challenges are hard to complete. But I lose interest when I can’t beat it and I have to wait several hours to play again. Considering every review has something along these lines, there will clearly not be a change unless perhaps someone else creates a similar game for competition. I bought one of the islands because it was 1.99. But I’m not spending 7 bucks for something that will only be stretched just a little ways..Version: 3.17.0

My favourite game but things need to be fixedMerge dragons is my favourite game but games always have flaws here’s a few things that I would like to happen but it’s ok if you can’t do it I wish dragon gem stars were less rare and gave you more gems and the items in the shop cost less gems because they are really expensive, I also would like it if we were given more chalices because waiting seven hours for seven chalices is a long time especially if you can’t watch adds due to bad connection, more time for the events, and more recourses in the event islands and the points worth more and less life force to heal the land due to not having a lot of life plants to harvest and collect life orbs. Other than those thing good job on making this fantastic game and keep going! EDIT: about the new dens I created one and I can’t chat to my members and check if any of them was being rude so I can kick them Another edit:I can now chat but somehow it kicked me out when it made select my profile picture I’m still leader but kicked out and it rested my friend list please help I’m freaking out.Version: 4.1.1

Stopped workingHey, since the last update 28/4 this game has stopped working for me. It opens but the screen freezes then closes back to my iPhone Home Screen????.Version: 6.0.0

Only game I play!Absolutely love this game.. it really IS the ONLY one I play now! It’s perfectly possible to play without making any purchases. OK, it may be slower, but hey .. you get to the end of the game quicker if you buy stuff and I’d rather earn the Jewels myself. I don’t play the timed games because I have a tremor and can’t do them quickly enough. I do play the games that come before the timed ones, and it’s possible to build higher and higher scores to win rubies, single eggs and nests of eggs. I do have a suggestion.. on the list of dragons, would it be possible to name the dragon families to go with the egg names, so it would be easier to work out which dragons/eggs we need to make 3s and 5s?.Version: 2.3.0

You never run out of things to doA lot of people are saying that you can only make steady progress in this game if you pay for it. That’s simply not true. There are two sections of this game: there’s your island, where all of your items and dragons are kept, and there’s the puzzle portion. To play the puzzles you need to wait for your trophies to refill. Each level takes at least one trophy, and some more, while you can only have a maximum of seven trophies at a time. It also takes an hour for a trophy to refill. If you see the main part of the game as the puzzles, then you would have to pay to make progress. But the main part of the game is actually on your island. You can play non-stop and never run out of things to do. Merging flowers, trees, homes, energy, completing quests to get rewards, and collecting rewards from the puzzles, all leaves you with a lot. You can also expand your land and unlock higher level items through merging. I have had moments where I could play for hours and not be bored. If you’re planning on trying this game, try and spend most of your time on your island and you’ll make the most of it..Version: 3.0.0

Good casual gameThis isn’t a game that you can really play all day, but that’s fine otherwise it would probably get very boring quite quickly. It deviates from the average merge game by implementing challenges rather than just having an empty grid which is filled every two minutes. The dragon camp is also a good way to discover the higher merge tiers, and the limited coin and stone storage is great for saving your coins and stones for higher level merges. The crystal chests can get annoying but they’re easy enough to come across in the game with enough patience and they can minimise the space they take up by merging. A great game, highly recommend.Version: 3.9.1

Epic with a dash of improvementThis game is literally one of the most addictive to play, I spend a few solid hours on it each day because I enjoy it that much. The graphics are great and once at a decent level with plenty of land unlocked and heaps of dragons there’s a fair amount to do all the time. But there are some things that could be improved: - A lot of the prizes from chests you pay a fair amount of gems for are really disappointing. If I’m gonna pay 60-90 gems I expect it to be somewhat decent, not just a few puddles and a couple of eggs. - The chick that comes every 24hrs asking you to give her something in return for a better prize is also sometimes really disappointing, I’m not saying it’s all the time because I’ve had decent prizes from her. But for example I’ve had her ask me for a Stage 8 tree in return for 1 common egg, I recommend the prizes be slightly more balanced. On the positive side, I enjoy the events that occur every so often that give you the chance to win some different and more epic dragons. The challenges are also really enjoyable and can be an easy way to get more coins or stone if you play it right. And the diverse range of dragons and the evolutions of each kind of dragon are great! I enjoy the game so much and will continue to play it everyday, definitely worth my time and money 😁.Version: 3.3.1

Would of been 5I really enjoy playing this. Definitely one to down load. You can build a camp, go on quests, breed dragons plus loads more. You get regular special events too which are so much fun and addictive. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because there is no button that secures things you do not want moved so things are often moved by accident and the event ‘harvesting’ can get really boring. There are little challenges along the way which help you complete it but alot of it is just harvest, harvest, harvest and this gets dull which is such a shame as its a fab game for children and adults alike (especially big kids like me lol) Its also very colourful and the graphics are cute and fun too.Version: 4.11.1

Dragon hibernationIt would be cool to have the option to put our dragons all to sleep when we want to merge chests etc and don’t want dragons harvesting. It could cost coins or bricks but would be a good feature.Version: 5.6.0

Addictive, loving itAfter playing this a few months it’s so awesome, I use the small chests now to collect much needed coins, I love the detail that has gone into this game, my dragons are beautiful and the events are great 👍.Version: 3.10.1

Still really love them gameI have to admit that the first reason I downloaded this game was because I saw so many adds on if while playing other games. But I have actually really liked the game. I first dowloaded it on my iPhone and that was great. I have recently gotten an iPad and have downloaded the game on it as well (with my game progress on it thank goodness). But I do have one issue from moving to playing on a higher screen; The shop where you buy eggs, chests and everything else on my phone takes up over half the screen and shows nearly five different products witch is fine as it’s a small screen and harder to see everything on. However, on the iPad the shop still takes up 3 quarters of the screen and only shows about 3 products which is really stupid and inconvenient. Of course this isn’t a huge problem and I am going to still play the game but I would really appreciate if there was an update for just the iPad game setting that could make the shop take up less than half the screen and shows more products away once. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this and I hope to see some small changes to the game in the future :).Version: 4.6.1

I love the game I do BUTAfter playing the game for a few months I’m obvs waiting for updates for more levels. I like how there are secret levels too! I like how you can still ‘play’ in your camp even when you don’t have the chalices. However the amount of the chests you get and have to unlock only with gems in unbelievable. More then half my camp is filled with chests that I can’t open. I’ve merged together till I can’t anymore. If there can be an option to delete them off your screen that would be great. Or even a storage chest. If you could put out some more levels and secret levels that would be great too!.Version: 3.23.0

Very addictingThis game is very addicting, but too long of time to reload chalices and treasure chests are too expensive..Version: 6.0.0

Fun and AddictiveIm really enjoying the game. It’s quite addictive thou so not much housework gets done. Downside is. You need gems which you get by stars or buy. Would be great to get a few more easily like winning them. Also the treasure chests take up a lot of room. You need gems to open them. If you have no gems they just sit there taking up space. Very ignoring. Someone told me you can sell them but that only lasts a short time. I have so many its hard to play as there is no space. Be good to be able to sell them all the time. Apart from that its fun for all ages..Version: 3.25.1

Amazing, addictive little gameWas so pleasantly surprised by this game. I downloaded it via the makemoney app to receive money for playing but ended up loving it. You can play for free but it does take longer. I have made several in app purchases but that was my choice. It’s not a game for impatient or busy people, there’s very little fast-paced play except for the challenge levels. DEVELOPERS: could you please consider and way to hop back and recomplete old levels, for purple stars, eggs etc. Since launch you gave added so many (wonderful) new levels. It takes a lot of time to scroll through all the games to find what you were working on. That’s my only complaint! Thank you for this wonderful game ☺️.Version: 5.1.2

I like the game but there’s one problem that may end my time playing itI like the game, but there is something that I think can be enhanced in the game. For someone who spends a good amount of time in the game I get bored with being in the camp and just trying to collect life seeds from the sky. I think the problem of the game is that getting the chalices for playing the levels take to long earn. You could fix the problem by simply reducing the time for receiving chalices or be implementing a way on which you can keep them if you beat the level, or you can do both. With the problem fixed it would allow more things to do other than sit bored in the camp waiting for chalices. For example I left for the night to sleep. The next morning I came back to play some levels. At the time I had to spend 3+ chalices per level. When I checked to see my chalices I had seen that I only had a total of 7 chalices which got me a total of 2 levels played. After I play them I’m all out and I’m forced to wait another 4 hours so I can play another level of the game. Please do something about this problem, you could get more people to stay and play the game and have a better experience of the game in general..Version: 3.26.1

Awesome!I cant put this game down! It keeps draining my battery lol. So fun!.Version: 1.9.0

Pretty nice but the problems vary........Hello! I’m just gonna say I absolutely love this game. But there are a few problems. Sometimes I accidentally press the sell button while I am on the description of an item and it really bothers me when I sell items on accident. I think the button should either be located elsewhere, or say “are you sure you want to sell this item” with a yes or no button just in case. I hope you can fix that problem! It’s really hard to earn gems, which you can upgrade or buy many things with. I think it should be way more easy to earn gems. The challenges though...... first of all if you get on a really high challenge level it’s completely impossible to pass and I have to use up all my trophies :( but lucky you if you pass a level that only gives you 46 seconds to complete it. Could you at least add more seconds, I understand you are rewarding me with a very high level dragon, but you’ve got to make it easier to pass or able to skip it. Ty for reading! Good stuff: Then again this game is awesome and SUPER ADDICTING! NO OTHER WAY TO EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME!!!! The little dragons are super cute!! Even though they sleep for a long time and so soon. The idea of this game is super great. If you love merge games this will be the best one you will ever download. Thank you so much for reading!!!! 👋 bye.Version: 5.8.0

FanI love this game and I’m very happy this was created I would like to just say, THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THOSE WHO HELPED CREATE THIS GAME! I know this is short and not nearly considered a sentence compared to the other Reviews but I am only 9 and i’m trying thank you for reading this! ;) From a 9 year old girl Ps, thank you for reading have a nice day!.Version: 5.3.0

Event troublesLove the game but would really like to join in, in the events. Out of the last 3 or 4 I have only been able to do the merge 5 in camp. This week and one 2 & 3 weeks ago I click on the event play button and it returns me to my camp. Have left messages in contact us, with 0 reply’s!! No trouble shooting, no nothing. I am up to date on all updates. Also I got an update for the event 2 weeks ago saying merge 5 and the last weeks event were coming. The merge 5 happened and that was it. Hope gram games gets their act together soon!! A reply would be appreciated!!! I would rate 5 stars if it weren’t for the event troubles!.Version: 3.27.1

GuttedAbsolutely gutted at the fact I was told more levels were being added and I have now been left doing nothing again cause I have finished the levels, it’s boring just being in camp doing nothing and repeating levels gets, well, repetitive of course. I would really love for you to add lots more levels in the next update which I would like to be fairly soon, I have been bored for quite a bit and the new Merge 5 event was the only exciting thing in the game and I finished it one day that’s how little I can do in the game, and after I finished it I was left with nothing again. Just would like some advice on how to stay busy in the game with no levels to do..Version: 3.27.1

Ever expanding??Been waiting months and months for expanding soon and still nothing. Loved the game just nothing else to do. Been back through and still waiting for new stuff.Version: 4.1.1

Great time wasterI enjoy this game. You don’t need to spend money to make decent progress, however the events can be very time demanding to get the higher end rewards. Maybe you could reduce the amount of points needed to get these? As it’s because of this that I’ve lost interest in most of the events. The only other issue I have is that I have about 300 or more dragons constantly wanting to harvest junk I don’t need. I wish there was a way to turn off the auto-harvest. On a downside, the chests that cost gems to open usually aren’t worth opening (as they often give lousy rewards) so I just sell these for a bit of gold..Version: 3.26.1

Great!This game is amazing! I only have a few issues though. The first one is you can't get dragon gems very easily. The only way to get them is in stars or buying them. And let's face it, the stars don't fall very often, do they? My second one is that you dragons take SOOO LONG to sleep, and when they (finally) wake up, they do about one thing and then go back to sleep for a long time. This means when you run out of chalices, you basically have to wait, and that's not very fun. But overall, this game is amazing and I really really really recommend it to anyone of any age. I got a little bit put off bc (because) it looked a bit babyish, but don't judge a boot by its cover, this is one of my (very few) fav (favourite) games. LOVE IT!.Version: 1.9.0

Good gameI do really enjoy this game and agree you can play without spending money but its a shame the dragon nest vaults and chests can only be opened with gems or be sold for a small amount of coins. Would be much better if you could open then with coins or items collected. I currently have about 120 in my camp cos i dont want to spend the money to open them but don't want to sell them for such small amount of coins when i know whats inside it worth a lot more. Disappointed with the newest update been waiting for new levels for months to only get 7 which I’ve already completed now I’ll have to wait months again before I can play new levels again Once again a disappointing update more levels this time which is great but this new feature of a royal egg box you can collect special eggs and store them in this special box but then have to pay 150 gems to actually get your eggs and yep you guessed gems cost real money needless to say my eggs will just stay in this box.Version: 3.25.1

Great Game, Events could be EasierGreat game for passing the time, however events seem to require you to pay to get through them and it would be great if you didn’t have to.Version: 5.2.1

Need more levelsAs a merge game it’s good.. BUT... some of the quests involve having to get things that require purchasing gems and they aren’t cheap. I understand it is how free games can continue to develop, so I don’t mind every now and again. However, I expect something in return... and we don’t really get it.. we have been stuck for nearly 6 months without any new levels to play! There are the weekly or bi-weekly events that you literally have to continually play for the whole weekend to complete them - very time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you need the dragon power for the 21,000 and 34,000 land opening requirements! A great game could be even better with a good burst of new levels! And maybe something like a rewards season where you complete quests to earn rewards on a free tier system with an optional paid tier system maybe?.Version: 4.14.0

It’s OkayMerge Dragons is a fun and exciting game. However, there are some things which could be improved. The fact that you have to wait ages for your dragons to wake up, and how you have to wait for your chalices to fill up. Still, it’s fun playing the game and completing all the levels and challenges. I would definitely recommend playing this game if you also like Dungeons and Dragons..Version: 3.21.0

All about moneyThis game is all about money money money, you need the purple gems to play and to get them you need to spend real money, plus I’ve been stuck on challenge 2 for 2 days as it’s a timed challenge of 2 mins 5 seconds it’s absolutely impossible to pass unless you buy extra time which needs purple gems which need real money, GREEDY GREEDY DEVELOPERS, players are prepared to pay a certain amount but the developers of this game are truly greedy %#~*+<>€ On the camp site I merged the seeds then flowers then flowers again and then it gave me an orb and to open the orb it wanted purple gems UNBELIEVABLE that’s when I decided to write and say DO NOT DOWNLOAD nothing but GREEDY DEVELOPERS TRYING TO MAKE YOU PAY... PLENTY OF FREE GAMES TO PLAY.Version: 3.15.0

Please fix current event valentinesHi the current event has frozen saying no internet connection. I hope not to lose my progress as I have gotten half way through and gathered a lot of life orbs. Love this game been playing for 3-4yrs now..Version: 3.17.0

Please please PLEASE add a undo buttonI really enjoy this app, it's a fun way to pass time and the dragons are cute. However, i really hate when i accidentally merge stuff that I didnt mean to merge, and then I just have to live with it. I really think you should add an undo option, even if if you could only use it once a day or something. I've had it happen many times that I have to waste chalices because the level tricked me into making a move that made the rest of it unable to be completed, meaning I needed to reset (and meaning the chalices I used were completely wasted). similarly, the auto-merge sometimes messes me up and produces a similar result where I end up having to restart and waste chalices. if i could undo a merge, even just 1, it would really improve gameplay and make those levels that can be tricky just a bit more manageable. like i said, even if the undo option could only be used once a day, that would still be super helpful. Devs, please consider this!!! I really like your app but I get really fed up when I have to waste 5-6 chalices on a level that tricks me into merging something that literally renders the rest of the level uncompletable!!!!!!!!.Version: 4.1.1

Please create more camp spaceI love playing this game, so rewarding and relaxing and the graphics are beautiful. I’m not playing it as often these days though due to my home camp being crammed with items. So many Wonders and event prizes than can’t be merged. Having earned them with hours of play and some actual cash I don’t want to delete them but they are making it hard to play the game. So many event eggs waiting to be merged when the same event comes around again. Any chance of more camp space or even a way to merge these items just to save space? I used to love the weekend events but the enthusiasm waned when I realised my prizes would clog the camp up even more. Also concerned about the den feature. My den disappeared months back when loads of others had the same problem. Still hasn’t shown back up, can’t send or receive gifts from den mates, etc. Another part of the game I feel I can’t use anymore. Please fix this amazing game, I’d love to be a regular player (and buyer of gems) again..Version: 5.7.0

Fun GameIts a good game! 5th time downloading this and finishing it too. But still stuck at the end saying the map will expand for the fifth time. When it doesn’t change I remove the game and download it again. And also the challenge game that happens, it will be really more fun and easy if it doesn’t go from 50 hearts to 500, 5000 just to unlock 1 dark square. When I reach the 500 & 5000 I automatically stop playing it and concentrate on my land. I can’t be bothered wasting time on that due to only having 2 dragons and small resources. Last is the price changing every time we purchase an egg or an item in the shop. Can it just be still instead of chasing every time we purchase a dragon egg etc. when I see the price going up I just can’t be bothered playing anymore.Version: 3.27.1

Good but had trouble making an in-app purchaseI love merge dragons I cannot stop playing it! It is so much fun merging and creating new things it is so satisfying. Even when all my dragons are asleep there is still stuff to do at camp and the levels are so much fun. Now I tried making an in-app purchase and it took a couple of tries until the game actually excepted that I had made the purchase and gave me what I brought (which was totally worth the money). Finally I cannot play challenge 3 I tried doing it and failed once so I decided to play challenge 4 but now I have completed challenge 4 it will not let me replay challenge 3. It just puts me back in challenge 4 which I then quit ( not giving me my chalices back). Please explain why this is happening otherwise I live the game! 🐲🐲.Version: 4.10.0

REMOVE THE MAP ARROWI love this game and spend a bit of time in camp doing things. It drives me around the bend when all dragons are asleep and the big arrow turns up and points to the map. Even if I have no chalices. Honestly, it’s so unnecessary when you’ve been play for awhile. Please update to have the option to turn it off. I’m so close to deleting the app because it actually frustrates me that much..Version: 4.10.0

Merge DragonsI’ve never looked to play a game as I’ve always kept my brain and consequently hands busy. Now, due to no fault of mine, I find that I’m one of the many who have been shielded in this Pandemic. So, being absolutely bored solid I looked into a game. Total and utter Newbie, my Den is called BeNiceFolksPlease. I didn’t want to have my own Den, but it happened. We have a nice bunch in the Den, all loving the game. It’s not mind bending BUT there are things you must do to get up there. Thank you People. Keep those brains busing. You can always make it more fun. The best part is, you can spend if you want but do the levels and win stuff instead. I thoroughly enjoy my Dragons. Thank you kindly Steph.Version: 4.11.0

Great free game playI love this game. At first I didn’t understand the whole chalice thing. You only need it for the actual levels. Then there’s camp free play all day. You can also earn chalices by watching videos but this is a rare occurrence. Great game..Version: 5.8.0

Totally addicted but events could give more goodiesI love this game and it is so addictive. I do think the chests could have a lower value of gems to unlock them. The expense of buying gems and how quickly you can spend them is very frustrating. I think there should be a mixture of free chests and chests you need to buy to make it a bit more exciting. Also, I do love the events but perhaps you should make an incentive for people to play more like offer free gems that you can find within the event? Otherwise I do get bored of the events very quickly and very rarely complete them. Maybe pop a huge life orb tree in the 5000’s so we can make the life orb of heavens a bit quicker. Would be awesome if you took any of these ideas on board but overall I love this game and it is my go to game for relaxing :).Version: 4.13.0

Very pleasedHonestly i love this game. i think it’s the longest i’ve played a mobile game for without taking a long break. i’ve had this game for about 3 months now. i like that even when you get so many chests that you have to open with the purple dragon things (which costs $$) you can decide to sell them for coins instead and then with the coins i buy new dragons. i also like that you can collect the chests and merge them to sell for more coin. i really like the events and cute plants and dragons. the only thing i’d change about the game to be honest is how expensive it is to buy (with real money) the purple dragon gem things. That being said, the gems aren’t necessary to progress in the game and it’s just me being impatient that wants them haha. props to the developers for a fun and easy game. kudos.Version: 3.17.0

Pretty good, butGood game that I’ve been playing for a long time. But I would like to suggest a feature that collects all the on-screen event items when the time runs out. Or an option to go back and collect them (and do nothing else) within 24 hours of ending. Because of my time zone the events ends in the middle of the night, and the previous day I didn’t have time to check it/collect. I had enough items to get most of the prizes, all but the last, but the time ran out while I was asleep and I got nothing for my many hours of gameplay. I know this my mostly my own fault in the end, but you must realise that adult players are sometimes too busy to check a game on their phone, especially as the events only last a short time. This caused me a lot of annoyance and frustration, and I’ll definitely be taking a long break from the app..Version: 3.11.1

EntertainingI do really love the game but I would have to agree with the other guy in all his statements and I have a few issues of my own. You should: - shorten the dragon strength time - shorten the length of chalice refills and level chalice expense as them players are always able to do something while their waiting. - reduce the amount of locked dragon chests that spawn as when you get to high level in camp they take up all the available space for those who don’t want to spend gems to open them. (Leave them as a rare treat. Instead of becoming dominant in the camp.).Version: 2.1.0

Awesome but...This game would definitely be a 5-star game if it weren’t for just a few things. First of all, events don’t last nearly long enough, especially for younger people who have limited screen time so can’t spend as much time as you would need to get far in the event. This means that I only get 2 event dragon eggs per event and my camp is clogged up with pairs of eggs until the next event with the same reward eggs. Secondly, many levels require 7 chalices to play, meaning I can only do one level possibly in a whole day. I can’t be expected to watch 6 ads in a row just to do two levels one after the other. The chalices also refill too slowly. Altering the refill speed or maximum number of chalices would solve this problem. My final suggestion would be to remove locks on certain chests in camp. I have been playing MergeDragons! for well over a year and haven’t opened more that two cheap to unlock chests in camp since I am not allowed to buy dragon gems to unlock more. The only time I was able to make a wonder level item was today because there was a level with many bushes and I could open the chests as it was a level and not camp. Apart from those points, this is an amazing game so good job! However to make it even better, please consider doing something about these points..Version: 4.11.1

Exactly as advertised.It’s a simple game that you don’t have to put much thought in. You build up your own dragon home and level them up by merging them and their homes as well as plants and other such things. You do have hard levels every now and then just to be a little more challenging and keep you interested, but if you’re after a relaxing game where you don’t have to remember what different bottoms mean and can play at your own pace then this is the game for you. Plus dragons! Who doesn’t love dragons!? There are in app purchases but they are not needed to the game play so you can just ignore them. Highly recommend..Version: 3.21.0

Stop the greedWhy do we even get a chest? Most of the time I open a chest I get another chest on which I have to spend gems on. That I don’t have. Merge free to open chests to its highest level, and when I open it, it’s just a bunch of chests giving back, that need real money to open. Those chests that use diamonds to open should only be available on the store, to be bought with real money or gems. I don’t want to open a free chests to get another chest that I have to pay to open. I would rather not get chests at all if that’s what’s going to happen. Same thing with the golden tree, why merge the oranges that take up so much space to get diamond chests that I can’t afford to open. Why do the dragons start digging on trees, rocks, flowers, exc. without me tapping on it first? They only have a few moves before they go back to sleep. I would rather be the one to tell them what to do before they tire them selves out. Then have them dig for stuff I don’t even want or need. I’m giving this five stars, not because it deserves it, but because I want my comment read..Version: 3.24.0

Great addictive gameThis game is a little bit like match three games, but different in that the matches cause the objects to morph into something else. Tasks require thought, but are not so challenging as to be frustrating. And of course dragons are involved - what more could you want?.Version: 1.9.0

Great game, but...Developer needs to read the reviews and adjust accordingly... This game is fantastic! I find myself playing for hours at a time, I have spent money and probably will again if the developer would make the purchases worth it. The gem system is greedy, I spent gems to open a chest yet it only had MORE chests to open for MORE gems! That’s just not ok! I also find in the land quests, to complete the quest you basically have to sit and harvest life orbs for hours on end.... it’s incredibly boring and frustrating, could you maybe have a look at a fun way or just something different instead of the same thing for hours?.Version: 3.27.1

Great gameThis game can go on and on and on and is amazing. There is not need to pay as when you camp is busy resting you go out and adventure then come back to came and merge your loot from the adventure gaming and just keep going and going..Version: 1.9.0

Good but addictivePeople normally don't complain about game addictions, so I am putting this up as a warning: This game is addictive. It has amazing graphics and is the only dragon hatching game I know that can be played offline, which adds to the appeal. But in the end, the satisfaction upon completing merge chains will subside, and you might spend hours on this game when you could be finding better things to spend your time doing. This is a good game, which makes it hard to quit it. But I find that I have become a slave to it, which is why I deleted it for now. Enjoy the game, have fun, but make sure you realise when you have become addicted..Version: 3.15.0

Finally a game you can play free and still enjoy.Merge dragons is addictive. There’s a lot to do and the regular special events add a bit more variety. It’s possible to play and enjoy the game without paying for crystals or dragons etc. It just takes a bit longer to move through. It can get a bit cramped with all the bits and pieces you collect. The only thing I dislike is the chests that just stay around. They take up valuable space and often require a lot of crystals to open and may not be worth the payment. I’d love the option to dump the chests in the trash. Overall it’s a great game..Version: 4.10.0

Battery....Yeah, so it's a pretty good game and I like how there's levels as well as the base because I don't like things where it's just like arcade, but I like working to something that saves and you can continue to build on. ( the base) However, the battery usage is atrocious! I had it on screen for 10 minutes and it used 91% of my battery. And my iPad isn't old. Then my battery started charging super super slow after that and took 10 hours for it to charge. It may or may not be related, but MergeDragons still take up a lot of battery. Overall though, it's a very fun an addictive game..Version: 1.9.0

The dragons..I really love this game a whole lot but the problem is the dragons. Every time one wakes up they do one thing and they are back to sleep. Like seriously. I don’t think it’s worth it. I wait 15 minutes for a dragon to wake up and all it can do is one thing till it goes back to sleep so .. I hope you make it better cuz my massive addiction to this game is ... falling apart. Please please please! Change it if you do I would really love this game a whole lot more then I already have. So I hope you see this and fix it! Thank you!.Version: 5.1.1

WhyI used to love this game and it would have been 5 stars like my 1st review, but when you introduced the challenges it ruined the enjoyment, challenge 16, I’ve been trying to complete it for days and days, I know exactly what to do, where to go, yet keep running out of time and I’ve used a lot of diamonds, 40 diamonds for 1 more minute is rubbish, can’t see how I can progress, may as well delete.... Update I didn’t delete, I managed to complete challenge 16. For all those people saying your land keeps filling up with chests, you can sell them, don’t need to keep them on your land. Developers please add some more levels, I’ve completed the game and see the challenges have been reinstated but with even less time to complete! They were hard enough before! More levels please..Version: 2.7.1

Amazing GameThis game is awesome it has a ton of levels and is super fun. All the levels are different and require different tactics on how to beat them. I also like the free rewards and Chest that comes with each win. Plus Camp is fun and I love how you can collect rare and epic dragons and items. The Match Chains are fun to discover and watch unfold. However, I don’t like the aspect of spending your gems on opening chests and earning prizes. This is probably a generic complaint, but gems are very hard to acquire and so many are spent on things that just end up taking space in Camp. I think there should be one ultimate goal as well as the other prizes to unlock with gems. I’m not so fond of the idea of using Life Orbs as points once there’s no more land to heal. I think they should go into some kind of Vault and stay there until they need to be used for healing the land. But that aside, I like that the dragons have the power to destroy Dead Things, like Rotting Wood, Demon Portals, and Zomblins. Overall, this is a great game and I would totally recommend it to the kind of person who enjoys adventure and fantasy..Version: 3.24.0

Fun but...This is my go to game it is so fun but there are so many consumables there’s way too many jewels that need to be had and if you like me you don’t want to spend your money harder and money on a game. I just don’t understand. So there’s a lot of things that are wrong with this game the chess for one they frustrate me I mine and mine and mine and my poor little dragons only have two and three actions to be had. So now I can’t do much with these chests because for one they’re locked and require you guessed it jams. Then they lose their actions because they cannot go on any longer. Two and three actions for a level III Dragon is not enough especially when I paid so much for their eggs to hatch which by the way requires three of them which is fine but now I spent all my money for two actions. Fun game dragons are adorable and the chalices are horrible like why do I have five houses and the energy waiting of the game makes me not even want to go back because or makes me not even want to play because now I don’t wanna lose all my chalices so it’s play now and wait sixHours. Or wait and play one time for three Chelsea’s and then don’t play again for the rest of the day and wait again lots of fun but lots of changes that could be made to improve on this game.Version: 3.26.1

The problems in Merge DragonsHi I am a really big fan but not the #1 fan cause a lot of people like this game anyways the game always glitches whenever I play a level and would you guys mind if you could put a little bit more Chalics cause when I play a level it has a h need for a higher amount of chalics so then after I finish playing that level all my Chalics are finished within that level so then I have to wait 7 hours to get a refil so that’s annoying and another thing when the notification comes on my phone saying that the dragons are awake I quickly open the game thinking that they are not gonna go back to sleep but I think wrong cause after 5 minutes all the dragons are asleep so I play 1 level and then I come back to camp and one dragons awake so the it harvests only one thing then it goes back to sleep so long story short could you guy(s) please make the dragons sleeping time shorter or something and could you also please decrease the price on stuff so that the dragon gems aren’t wasted cause it’s hard getting more gems without paying real money thx . Looking forward to your next update! 🙂.Version: 2.5.0

WowNice.Version: 1.9.0

RatingI enjoy the interaction between myself and the dragons. And the fact that you can earn dragons and eggs in a variety of ways helps with the variety and enjoyment. The best part for me is when the dragons get to set fire to the worn out trees, acting like dragons are supposed too. Cheers.Version: 4.4.0

You need three to mergeThis game is amazing. You know those people who just go around, reviewing all the games that they play? I guess you could say that I am one of them, except, unlike them, I actually truthfully tell the makers of each game what I think of them. Here is my truthful thoughts about Merge Dragons. THINGS I LIKE 1. It’s fun. Who ever thought that merging eggs was fun? 2. Theres a sense of achievement. Winning a level, earning cool prizes, merging three eggs, it all gives off a great feeling 3. The idea of merging three is amazing! It’s a great idea for a game!!! THINGS I DON’T LIKE 1. After you have used up all of your chalices, plus made your dragons back at camp do a lot of work, they eventually go to sleep, and since your out of chalices, you can’t really do much, either wait for the dragons to wake, the chalices to refill, or just pay to speed it up 2. Expense. Dragon gems are WAY too expensive, and also WAY too rare to get without purchasing them with real money. Plus, lots of good items cost hundreds and hundreds of them 3. The daily chest takes just a smidge too long to unlock. I’d say change it to five hours so you can claim it a few times a day like some other games Thank you so much if you spent the time to read this. Please reply back, and I hope I haven’t hurt your feelings after saying all that bad. Tysm and good bye!! -Cookierun288.Version: 4.7.0

Game developers please read!!!!Okay so I absolutely love this game I have been playing it for forever, I especially love how we can now have friends. I have gotten all of my friends addicted to it now so they can send me stuff. I have some ideas that I think if you added it would make the game that much better! Like If we were able to trade and buy things from our friends, or making an option to send all the dragon back to their houses. The camps can get a little overwhelming with all of the flowers and other objects that hold a space in the camp and while organizing it gets really hectic when someone is trying to organize and the dragons keep harvesting things on their own but if there were a button to temporarily pause the dragons or send them to their houses it would help a lot! Also if there were a way to increase the amount of chalices that would be awesome too. I know it’s set up to keep the game player coming back every day to play a new level I just wish I could play more than one level a day. Again I absolutely love this game these are just my opinions and tip on way to possibly improve the game..Version: 3.15.0

Game Ideas!!!!!This game is fun! My friend got me playing it. We’ve been playin it for a couple months now and we’ve noticed a few things that would make the game even better. Like being able to select specific things the player wants to select and it being locked on the grid square or unlocking it at the users choice. Say I wanted my fruit trees to stay in a specific place. The player should be able to select that item and choose to lock it there and it not move if you accidentally grab it or be able to unlock it and move it . I also think that if the gift giving was changed, the game play would be much more fun. For example, say I have too much of one thing on my islands weather that be eggs, fruit trees, dragons, stones, life tree, ...etc. if the game was changed so the player could select a specific item on his/her island so that could be then gifted to another player. I believe players would level up faster, heal dead land, and even possibly remove the evil fog but players will most definitely be able to get to WONDER items more quickly then what it is right now. Just some simple programming to the game to make my suggestions a reality would be greatly appreciated. These are just some ideas for the creators..Version: 4.4.0

Great game, but...In camp, do you know those super egg vaults that need 135 dragon gems to open? What if you don’t have that amount? What’s the point of wasting like 5000 healing points from your great life orb that took you an hour to craft? In my opinion, all of the things in camp that is a “ egg vault” or a “egg chest should be free..Version: 4.13.0

Dragonia reviewIt is a game that can be relaxing, frustrating or simply needing one to work out strategies. I especially like the extra tasks and trophy challenges. The fact you can return again and again is great for acquiring extra dragons. Your events are also really good with beautiful artwork, your artists should take a bow, I know the work involved. I don’t have the patience for a lot of tap tapping so don’t always complete the events. However they are still appreciated. I liked the events at home base merging five. Thank you for creating something beautiful and entertaining. Kind regards Julie.Version: 5.2.0

One of my favorite gamesAs someone who loves games that involve collecting things, this is a wonderful way to pass the time. I'm always excited to see what the next level dragon or item I'm fusing will be and I find myself chanting "one more fusion" over and over in an attempt to get myself off the game. It's great that you don't really have to spend any money to play since you can get gems fairly easily and making coins isn't hard either. The price increasing with each purchase gives the game a bit more challenge, but being able to upgrade coin storages and make more at a time keeps it from getting too difficult. It feels well balanced in my opinion. One thing I would love to see is some sort of catalogue where we could see all possible combinations in whatever category they fit into. I know we can click on things and check that specific line of combos, but sometimes it feels like a chore doing it that way. Especially if it's a certain dragon line you'd like to see, but your dragons happen to be asleep and you can't get to them. One place to see all unlocked combos would make things much easier..Version: 1.9.0

Love this game but needs major work!I love this game it’s awesome.. there’s just a few things i would definitely add to it to keep players playing.. 1. You need to change the price of doing a game level, 6 chalices is ridiculous especially when you don’t get many and they take forever to get just one. 2. When there’s an event you need to make it last longer and make it easer to be able to actually complete it without having to spend actual money to do so. 3. Make it easier to get dragon eggs without spending money to get good ones. 4. You need to make getting ores and gold easier and prices in the store for houses and things need to not cost so much it takes forever to get a decent amount and then you can only really spend it on one item and u need to start all over again. 5. It doesn’t give me the option to delete friends I click the icon for it and nothing happens? How do I delete non active players please fix this I really love this game but compared to merge monsters it’s so much harder to play, you need to make it so when there’s an event on you gets nests rather than just one egg.. Plus also stop making this game about spending money it should be able to be played without having to spend hundreds of dollars...Version: 4.1.1

Amazing but FRUSTRATINGThis game is really fun and addicting because you constantly want to level everything up. I have been playing it consistently which mean that is isn’t getting boring or repetitive. The most irritating thing about this app is that when the weekend events come, they end at a very awkward time. For me, they end Monday at 12. I am in school at that time so I can’t check my phone to make sure I’ve collected everything. Twice in a row now I have had a level 8 or 9 token things that are worth a couple thousand tokens, they disappear if I didn’t collect it. I like to play the events to the very last second to get as much as I can, but sometimes I don’t have enough time to collect my tokens. If there was a way where you could automatically collect all your tokens and receive the items you deserve after the timed event is over, that would make this app a 5/5. The one that just ended today was one that I was most excited for, it was the Zen themed one and I’m sure I would’ve have had enough for the last prize, the Zen dragon. But the time ran out before I collected all of my tokens and it seems like I just wasted so much of my time. It’s very disappointing. Please fix this..Version: 3.15.0

Enjoy but...Love the game and addictive. Really want to see more. I play every day. Like a lot of others I’ve finished all the levels and have been waiting for more. From what I’ve seen online I’ve only been waiting half as long as some too. Also the events get to a certain point then become essentially impossible as every square is 500 or more and with only tiny dragons available and small flowers to try and get there. All in all love it but need more or I’ll lose interest soon. Please come to our aid 😊.Version: 4.2.3

I’m obsessedThis is my favourite frickin game it’s so much fun and addicting. It’s not like other games where you have to wait hours for lives to refill or pay for more to keep playing the game cause there’s still a lot to do while playing in the camp.Version: 4.7.0

Addictive and funI got this game off from a survey/offer of a game which leads you to get games and play them to earn stuff in that game. So I got merge dragons in this way, and found it fun and eventually started playing it over the course of the last two months. I’ve been playing the events and am three quarters off the way through the levels. The one thing I would say is, that on the last event, (the lunar) since the devs patches the strategy when you could hover the orbs over dead land and press the activate button, the events have been much more gruelling and we can’t get to the furthest large treasure spots. I understand why they did this, but they just need to make it less time consuming as in constantly farming orbs..Version: 3.9.5

Love the game but hate the greed.This game can quickly become addicting. However, once the newness wears away, you notice how stacked certain things are. Dragon egg prices as well as most of the items in the store increase with each purchase. That’s frustrating. Worse are the bonus games that run for about three days. I don’t bother anymore. You cannot get ahead without buying chests to unlock the shadow keys. So I either spend hours upon hours creating large life orbs and can barely clear the first area or I try to mine whatever it is that gets me points for prizes. Again, extremely tedious work that consumes most of your day. I understand that this is a game for us and a business however when you spend weeks saving your yellow stars up to final merge to the biggest star and you get one flower, one small blue life orb, and a ton of locked boxes that cost a lot of gems, it feels greedy. I’m willing to spend money on the game but I can’t afford $100 a pop just to open a few boxes or to get somewhere in the bonus games. I think the buildup and excitement to the star and receiving virtually nothing is has pushed me away from this game. Saddens me because the concept is awesome..Version: 4.9.0

Great, but some problemsIt is a great game, but every time I update and it says there is an event, there is never any button for me to access that event. I get notifications about the event beginning and ending but I have no way to play it. Also the amount of energy dragons have us a but short and the wait for new chalices is a bit too long. Finally, the amount of things in the shop that cost the rubies when there is little chance to get any without paying money. Even in the slight occasion you get a purple fallen star, the most you can get is 5 which can’t really get you anything. Hope there are new levels soon!.Version: 2.7.0

Best game I ever played!I love this game and it is very fun! If you are looking the the ratings and the reviews before you get this app, then I recommend you this game! You can get daily rewards and clear the evil fog by merging more dragons and eggs. The events give you different stuff like dragons, eggs, egg nests and other helpful stuff! So far, I’m working on trying to clear the fog and I’m nearly done! When you clear a particular amount of fog, you can unlock this little island that will let you join groups and text other people that play the game as well! You can complete goals and when you complete them, you can get shooting stars and if you are even lucky enough, you can get purple shooting stars that will give you gems and when you are done collecting the gems the purple shooting star will give you a normal shooting star. A normal shooting star will give you life orbs or coins or chests. You can keep some the stars and merge them when you have two more of them and when you press on them, it will give you high levelled chests or life orbs!.Version: 4.12.0

Good game but very slow progressionLoved this game so far! The challenge levels and camp mean you can keep it interesting by going from one to the other. Biggest problem is the time it takes for chalices or “lives” to regenerate. 30min for 1 chalice would be better, not 1 hour! Feel like I can only complete 2-3 levels per day! Also my dragons keep digging up treasure boxes but given I don’t have any gems to open these, they are just taking up space on my camp! Would be good if there was an option to discard these or be able to collect gems quicker. Had this game for 4 days but can see me being bored after 1 week if the chalice regeneration remains so slow..Version: 3.24.0

One issue...I absolutely love this game, it’s probably the best game I’ve played in a really long time. However, the one thing that is beyond frustrating, is the automatic merge. I’ve spent hours playing the game, and when it automatically merges objects that I haven’t manually moved, it’s a huge pain. I’m finding this problem mainly occurring with the dragons, no matter how far apart I merge one tier, it still merges with the next level up. With all the hours, and money, I have spent on this game, I feel slightly disheartened and not as excited to play as I previously was. It would be really wonderful to have an option of “confirm this merge” for the higher level items, just to save the huge frustration that the automatic merge brings. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend this game to anyone..Version: 3.20.0

Let us buy more premium land!!I have been playing this game for a few years now and yes a lot has changed in the game but I still play everyday. Plus I pay the $3.99 a month for 25 gems a day which is a good incentive to check in. I do remember when it used to be the same price for 40 gems a day but oh well. This is the only game I’ve played consistently over the years. Honestly everything is just so pretty. Of course I’ve downloaded other games but none of them have as much to offer. Having played for so long my camp is very built up and it is near impossible to run out of things to do. The challenges are fun but I’m way more interested in my camp and am constantly having to reorganize or delete/sell things to make room. Doesn’t help that the higher up on the merge chain the more space things take up (not to mention the wonders). Since this is the only game I play and I enjoy it so much I have no problem with spending a little money here and there to add to my experience. There’s plenty of room on the left side of camp to add more premium land pieces. Just let me give you my money! Please??.Version: 4.3.0

Great game, poor executionSeeing the ads that constantly ruined my gaming in other apps, and noting the simple yet addicting mechanic, concept, and DRAGONS, I thought huh, this looks like something I ought’a try. So, I went and downloaded it, and my feedback is as follows. The “word bubbles”, for lack of better description, and the text therein were horribly cluttered and somewhat annoying. I couldn’t help but hear them read in a terrible, cliché protaganist voice. The naming might need work, but that’s just my opinion. Yes, the dragging is an absolute drag, but so are the wait times. Wait for your dragons to sleep, wait for more chalices, wait for things to pick up the pace... The game has great bones, I’ll give you guys that, but it still feels like a beta playthrough. It only needs some polishing, but when it gets that, I can promise a lot of people will consider picking it up again. *EDIT* After going through a bit, the drag time was so much smoother. Wait times remain annoying, but leaving the game and revisiting later is the remedy. However, dragon gems remain a pain to collect. (Not to mention some of the prices for in-game items. If dragon gems were easier to obtain, they might be reasonable, but the pricing gets pretty absurd. Maybe a coin-to-gem transaction could exist? Just a suggestion.) Good game overall!.Version: 3.15.0

GoodIt’s really good. Just one question, isn’t Gaia according to Greek mythology the “bad guy”?.Version: 3.17.0

Addictive but frustratingI love this game but recently the most annoying thing keeps happening. During the different levels (not in camp) my dragons keep merging together, this is very frustrating as it takes so much longer to complete the level. They merge just when I move one near to another, please can this stop happening?! It should at least give the option of ‘are you sure you want to merge dragons’ I want to keep lots of smaller dragons and not have one big one! Please sort this out!! Also, the occasional challenges you do are far too hard. Without spending every hour of every day on them there is no way to complete them, I spend ages on them but can’t even get past the 500 dead land squares!!.Version: 3.8.1

Addictive but a few issuesI love how addictive it is. There are no ads, which is fantastic considering most free apps interrupt play with ads every few minutes. This game is fun, but has some issues... Here are some things I hope you can improve. I dislike how long it takes to get chalices. Some of the timed levels are almost impossible, so it’s really annoying waiting for chalices. Sometimes I can’t seem to get my dragons to do what I want, and they seem to go for the less valuable life flowers. Lastly... I love the events, but they’re often not long enough to finish the event. I also find them glitchy I.e constantly telling me that it’s an online game and not letting me play even though I’m clearly online. I started an event last night and I was part way through playing it tonight, it said that I had a day and 12 hours left to play the event, but for some reason it blanked out and hasn’t appeared again. It has done that before and I’ve used gems in the event, and it’s annoying that it has wasted gems. Another issue I find with events is it doesn’t run in my time zone (AEST) so they often start and finish early in the morning, which means I don’t get as much time on the event as is indicated. I still love the game but improvements need to be made..Version: 3.9.1

Amazing gameIt’s very addictive and I love merging things. It’s cool how you can get so many eggs. I have one problem with the game though the chests that are locked use up all your dragon gems. I think they should just have a timer to unlock them like the chests you get from completing levels..Version: 4.11.1

My reviewI love this game. However I believe there are a few things that could be improved. Such as; the fruit trees could grow with time, just as their seeds do. You should also be able to control what ALL of your dragons are doing - it gets a bit annoying when you only want one thing done and they’re all doing their own thing - so maybe you could create a feature that allows you to toggle between complete dragon control and semi-control (when they do their own thing). Also, I’m getting a little annoyed with the event that’s currently on. It’s taking FAR TOOOOO long to complete a challenge (the ones that give you stars). It’s incredibly difficult to make the last level of the life orb..Version: 3.19.0

Great game but lost gemsI downloaded this game about a month ago and have to say I’m pretty addicted! My only grumble/query - I only found the “connect to Facebook button” today so decided to go ahead and do it. I received 25 gems for doing it and then closed the app on my phone. I then went back into it to use the gems to open a couple of chests I had saved up and found that they had disappeared 🥺! Not sure if there’s a way of getting them back or not.... Also, loved the dragon moon event. When is the dragon bunny event starting as from the latest update it sounded like it was right after the moon even but it hasn’t started on mine??? Overall - incredible game. I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to keeping a game for a long time but I think this may have hit the spot for me 👍🏻👌🏻.Version: 3.20.0

AWESOME 🤩!!!!!!!!This is amazing and because I suggested this to my dad and cousin they both love it so much and so do I!!!this is the best game I have ever had but can you make it easier to get gems 💎 because I am having a hard time with my gems??and I am not really sure what you mean when you say harvesting rocks because I don’t understand where you get the rocks from?!!?!?!?I love this game so much that there isn’t a word for it!!! This is worth my time and I have literally been playing 2 days straight because I have had half term this week. Keep going!!! And to anyone that is reading this stay safe and be happy All my love ME!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Btw don’t listen to all the hate comments because this is my favourite game and I have at least 50 games on my iPad so Yeah!! Please don’t stop making these games they are awesome!!! You are a real inspiration to me because I am 8 and I wanted to try and make a game with my dad and great uncle!!! After I had made I would thoroughly enjoy it if you check it out I. Would like you to consider making for gems paying with the money in the game for the lowest one I really hope you consider this Now for the last time goodbye And keep it going.Version: 5.4.0

OverallTo whom it may concern, This game is a lot of fun! I enjoy how easy it is to play and how it can help you calm down after a long day. There is only two things I don’t particularly care for. One is I have no idea what the purpose of the guild is. I know it’s a fairly new addition but I don’t see its point. It also saddens me that it is almost impossible to earn gems in this game. Very rarely do you get one or two from a falling star. I understand you want people to put money into this game… But it seems to be in your face all the time for gem purchases. For example how often the dimensional bubbles pop up. I wish there was a way to turn that off! Especially when I’m doing the three day event. I seem to waste a lot of time deleting those dimensional bubbles to get them out of my way so I can continue merging since I will never buy them. It’s also annoying how every single time I go to purchase an egg with my coins I have to scroll all the way to the end. I wish gem purchases was a separate tab than coin purchases. But I love the artwork! I love the three day events! And I like the little mini quests you can complete! Keep up the good work!.Version: 5.1.1

Great game ! Gem suggestionsFirst off, I don’t play mobile games for very long because I get bored but Merge Dragons is one of those games that have withstood that. It’s such a soothing game and a great time killer I love playing it every now and then. Theres so many different types of dragons and it’s cool that they offer people a chance to get the premium dragons through events. The only thing that makes it a tiny bit hard is the higher you get, the more harder the quests get and some of them are a bit too hard to do and require dragon gems to do. I wish Merge Dragons gave some ways to earn gems in addition to micro transactions. Some games I’ve seen, have an exchange system and it would be cool to see that in the game. Maybe like 1000coins to 10gems or something and vise versa. Before the game would allow players to work up to a dragon star (which gives gems) during events but they don’t do that anymore... it’s exceedingly hard to collect gems without purchasing micro transactions. I’m stuck on a mission that requires me to open 12 egg chests which the smallest egg chest costs 9 gems to open. And it takes gems to skip a quest too... so I’m stuck with these quests until I somehow get enough gems to finish or skip. Point being, if there was an exchange system for coins to gems and etc, or even just watching videos for gems that would be perfect!.Version: 3.25.1

Please add google iCloud saveI don’t have a Facebook account and I only have a google account can you please add google iCloud save I can’t save my megre dragon account because of this please try to add google iCloud save I’m still too young to make Facebook accounts So please add google iCloud save Thanks,.Version: 4.9.0

More levelsI love this game so much but I’ve been waiting so long for more levels because I’ve done them all 🙄😂 But please please please get us more levels ASAP thank you 🥴.Version: 5.0.0

I disagreeI disagree with all of the comments that are saying that it is slow and glitch even tho I have bad internet and is an absolutely amazing game I would really recommend this game to everyone and it can be very addicting. But I have a lot of spare time because of quarantine and would never ever get boring. I love how satisfying it is to see your land grow and see how much Xperia’s you have and how many levels you have went up but I would like you to do more updates because I would find it more fun especially because I have not been on it as often as I was when there was an update and it attracts more attention. Still an AWESOME game!.Version: 4.12.0

EventsLove the game but for the special quests (the one that teleports you to another world) can you make it that once the event is over it automatically collects the points? Like for the latest event you had to collect sweets to unlock things.. but in almost every quest i forget to collect the points and then i just wasted so much time on collecting the points you know? Other than that pretty good 👍.Version: 4.2.0

Great game, highly addictive - be warned!Love this game, like with most, it takes a while to get going, but once you’re in the swing of things it’s highly absorbing. When you glance back at the time, you’ll wonder where the last 2 hours went! I’m experiencing problems at the moment, hopefully these will be fixed very soon. Normally, the fruit, when gathered in 3s or 5s (5s are best) will give you the cash to buy some things from the store (I’ve not used real money to play at all). The plants when gathered in 3/5s (again 5s are best because they give you 2 bigger plants in place of the smaller 5). The toadstools get so big they take up 4 places, I tend to shrink them until I have 3/5. There needs to be little space for them to shrink. The dragons are created by merging the eggs, then as they grow, you’re asked if you want to merge dragons. Then you get bigger and stronger dragons that can do more tasks. When you open the game, all your dragons are out so it pays to have as many trees, grasses, toadstools, etc as possible so they all stay out and working. Otherwise the sneaky little suckers go back to bed! They’ll try doing that when you’re playing too! Always check by taking them to a tree to see if they can pick some more. When they’re all out, just keep double clicking everything that you want and need, once the dragons have finished reaping. Need any more help, do get in touch 😊.Version: 5.2.1

Go to gameI have been playing for quite some time now, the kids even say to me mom your playing merge dragons aren't you. They even helped me play my game when I would hand them my phone to keep occupied if they forgot there tablets. I like the chances of being able to get premium dragons and items with the events. I really like that you can place things the way you want it and make it your own style. I have kept my at least 7 wonders in my dragon camp, and working on getting a bunch more. They give wonderful rewards when completing them and continuously. The friend gifting experience has even gotten better where you can see if a gift is waiting for you. It would be nice if the link to Facebook was better, I haven’t been able to do it for some time now. I wish there was a contest for dragon ideas, best dragon drawn maybe gets the final stage of that dragon as a reward and the choice of its name like if you wanted to call it Penelope or what ever they wanted to name it. So many likes and so many ideas. I don’t write many reviews so I am sorry that I have gone long or off topic. It the bottom line is this game is good and has been on my phone all the time since the first download of it and have enjoyed it ever since for the most part..Version: 3.24.0

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I’m not going to lie, I’m addicted to this game. I have only been playing for about three days but am thoroughly hooked. Consider this a warning: only download this game if you have lots of spare time!!! 😆 I would recommend this game to anyone between 11-infinity. And of course to any dragon lovers like me. A particular draw for me is the sense of satisfaction one gets from the game. You start out with a tiny piece of land and one dragon but soon see your land and your collection of dragons grow dramatically. The game is easy to play and even though there are many things to learn they are laid out simply and effectively. There are of course in app purchases as with most games these days, none of which I have bought and this has not seemed to hold me back at all apart from obvious things like exclusive land, dragons, gems, items etc. I don’t find this particularly frustrating as there is such a variety of free options and achievements anyways! The game itself is very pleasing to the eye, the graphics very engaging. I love the imagination and the colours that have gone into the making of this. It isn’t the most beautiful and cutting edge design but very cute and nicely presented. If these types of games appeal to you, I do not think it would be easy to get bored of this game. No matter your level, new and truly unique things are always introduced! 10/10 from me..Version: 3.26.1

Best game ever 😃I love these cute little guys so much 🥰.Version: 5.8.0

StorageI've been playing this game pretty much since it first came out, and I love it! Years later and I still play it. I know on one review I left some suggestions and eventually the developers added them in, so I have another consideration to improve the game: storage. Like, for anything, not just coin/silver storage. I have trees, flowers, eggs, buildings, chests, dead trees, coins, rare items, rewards, etc that I like to complete the merge chains on but either don't have space to do, or my dragons harvest the wrong item because they're on screen at the same time (I.e, harvesting from life flowers instead of stone sources when I'm trying to build dragon homes.) I don't want to delete or sell these items, but they take up a lot of space (especially the wonders!) Having a storage option, or the wonders going to their own island when they're unlocked, would be helpful. You could even make it so people can spend gems on increasing general storage after an initial level (five-twenty items,) so the game isn't losing money in anyway. Or you could let storage stack items without it taking a space, like 5x life flower sprout only takes 1 storage space and 1x pear tree takes 1 storage space and 23x life orbs takes 1 storage space up to an upper stack limit..Version: 5.1.1

Pleased not quite satisfiedIt's an amazing, the levels are challenging and the level of animation detail is pristine. I do agree with the negative reviews, I recently lost my camp and level progress, but was not completely dismayed as I was allowed to keep my dragons and had spent real money purchasing a few of them. The gem costs are a little ridiculous, and the fact the cost increases as you purchase things with gems is appalling. Furthermore the chalices are a big issue, I be happier to refill them if it didn't cost 70 gems just for 7 and some levels are 7 chalices. It might make more sense to spend 70 gems on a time basis, for instance if you were to receive one hour of no challenge cost for 70 gems. Furthermore the chests and sometime the the egg nests are pointless. The egg nest should always have a minimum of five eggs... if I'm going to use real money to. It gems and then use those to buy nests that only give four eggs,I am not sure the cost ratio is fair. Also the chests are pointless often yielding items that can be achieved by harvesting and coin purchase overall the game is enjoyable, it would be an improvement if the value for money was changed... I would be more inclined to spend money on it if there was..Version: 3.15.0

Fun to play, too easy to lose things.I love playing this game and it’s really rewarding, but when ever I go on, there are times that I find I have lost dragons in my camp, they are mostly the event dragons or the owl griffons, this is the second time I have gotten on and found that an entire species of dragon is just gone. I worked hard for those. There are also times when I will be playing and my hand will brush against the sell or delete button and then it’s gone. I am asked about the big things, if I am sure but the smaller things that are still hard to get, I am not asked about and they are just gone. Like with the event challenges, if you are not really careful you can delete your only way of obtaining the objects you need. There are also times when I think I need to get rid of chests because I cannot open them without paying money to get a small amount of gems first. I don’t know about everyone else but I don’t feel like paying an obscene amount of money for only a few gems. The the purple crystal nest chests, I am fine getting rid of the others but those chests don’t come around a lot and I am running out of room. If there was just a little more room at your camp or an easier way of obtaining the room so you could keep those chests till you could open them, I would love that. Or a way of consolidating them for a different prize or something would also be welcome..Version: 3.22.0

I love itThis game is great but some people like me who are young can’t spend money on gems so maybe do like a weekly task that by doing it you earn 10 gems or something cause it would be helpful. I love the 3 day holiday game and I love how you can get dragons from games it is amazing thank you for creating this game.Version: 2.9.0

Don’t know what happenedI wanted to update for the new version yet every time I pressed update it would load for a second then stop and I’d have to do it again. Makes sense as I just tried before writing this and it just came up saying not enough storage etc. though randomly after I tried updating it a while ago it’s gone weird and has lost all my progress. Like all my stuff is there etc though all my saves n stuff are gone. By saves I mean the encyclopaedia of everything I’ve merged and every time I make something like the thing above the purple life flower or whatever it’s called or make something that I usually always make it says AY NEW ITEM LAD - well not as chill as that though you know what I mean. It’s just annoying too because now I can’t play anymore levels! And my coin storage is 0- -1 somehow! And I CANT GET ANY COINS TO BUY MORE STORAGE BECAUSE ITS FULL ON ZERO SONEHOW AND SAME WITH THE STONES LIKE BRUH. This is usually a cool game and I really like it though it’s just annoying now. Since like yesterday or two days ago. Good game though it’s gotten buggy yesterday or like two days ago..Version: 5.5.0

Not a fair game at all. I’ve tried everything and been so patient.I’m really angry about getting only three dragon eggs out of the last four event egg chests. That’s not fair at all. And I really don’t like the value of the gems some items require like hundreds of gems which are very pricey. Also another negative is I really like those event accessories but I’ve merged the tapped accessories and I still got the orbs and dragon trees which is absolutely pathetic. At least if they gave the glowing dragon trees that would be of some use but not normal dragon trees. I also would have liked to see more graves. I need those graves. But I had some previously but I lost an unbelievably huge amount of progress that I had done before my phone wrecked and I haven’t been able to get it back. It had a lot of stuff I can’t get now. The only good thing is I really enjoy this game and if they were even remotely fair I would have spent some money on the game.Version: 3.7.0

Bugs in the update?I recently installed the latest update and now every time I try to open the game it crashes. I’m too scared to reinstall the app in case I lose all my progress..Version: 4.7.0

BugsI have been playing this game for a couple of years. And since then, I changed phones. I understand that when changing I would lose my save game which is fine. However, with this recent event, I was playing it earlier this morning, got what is a fair way through for me, and then went to my camp. When I went back to the event island, half of my things where gone. There are blank tiles, stars weren’t showing up, and only 1 dragon and one level 3 life flower. I have had this happen with other events too. I love this game but it is starting to get beyond a joke. Please either fix the bug or give us a way to save the game externally (ie Facebook, game centre etc). Until fixed, 1 star, otherwise a 4-5 star game..Version: 3.16.0

Absolutely love this game.This game takes up so much of my time. I love it. 1- It does annoy me that if you want to pause on a level, that you then have to spend the same amount of chalices to continue playing it again. 2- Love the design of the 3 new event icons, but don’t understand why for the season one you still have the counter blocking the top left section of our screens. We should just be able to tap on the season event icon to see where we are. Or at least make the counter smaller. I absolutely loved the den event the other week, I’m so pleased I have a den of my own and was able to take part in the beta test for it. More of them please. I’m definitely hooked and have been since the day I started playing this game. Love it.❤️💚💜.Version: 5.6.0

Very addictiveProvides hours of fun. Best part is that you can play off line. Keep up the great updates. Loved the Moon Event. Would love to see more events. Haven't finished the game yet but would love to see more ways of earning gems. Those purple stars are far and few between. Keep up the great work!.Version: 1.9.0

Great Game!!!❤️👍I love this game, and I have played it off of many devices for years. It’s cute, interactive, captivating, and stirs a deep sense of dedication and curiosity in oneself. There’s lots of surprises, and a large variety of interesting dragons. I especially love that their definition of dragons isn’t just confined to the common stereotype of giant fire breathing lizards. I will admit that it is frustrating that the most efficient way to get gems is to spend actual money, but if you’re patient the game can be very fun and rewarding. It’s fun to name the dragons and discover how items evolve once merged. I would love if they had more events, and maybe a shroom themed event where there’s a decent variety of interesting shrooms and maybe new shroom dragons? (Hope the developers and such read this cuz I gots some real ideas) It would be fun if the game was more social beyond the dens and you could choose to send friends like actual items from your camp in case you want to help them or something. I don’t know if this is already a thing but bee dragons that are as cute as chocolate dragons (absolutely love them btw)would definitely be appreciated.❤️.Version: 4.12.0

Fun, but disappointing aspectsI enjoy playing this game but there are few things that need improvement - like customer service. I received a purple star that wouldn’t open. I contacted cs and they blamed it on my not keeping the app updated. I have it on auto update and told them so. I asked for reimbursement and they said that if they did, the new purple star may not open as well. But, they didn’t try that, so we’ll never know! Then they closed the case file and and reminded me to update the app again. I felt insulted and unsatisfied with their “help”. Another aspect of the game that needs improvement is their events. They were fun for a while, but they never change much. I think they should change it up a bit. Also, it is difficult to see sometimes what keys are required and I have inadvertently tapped on a key I needed to open land, or merged it before using it. A picture of the keys needed for the event put somewhere would be helpful. I would also like to see more and/or different items available to purchase with something other than gems. Lastly, an “undo” button is needed. It is too easy to tap on a Wonder inadvertently and sell it. You can enable in settings a feature to safeguard tapping other items, but it doesn’t work for everything..Version: 5.8.0

Gems.Make gems slightly easier to get rather then just paying for them. Other then how rare the gems can be it’s a good game.Version: 3.9.1

Amazing 👍🏻👌🤩Everyone this game is sooo good and even though people might not like it I do. When I first started I didn’t like it. But then I downloaded it again and fell in love. I have loads of spare time so I can play. Everyone out there who likes it listen to your hearts not other people’s opinions not that they don’t matter but everyone should have their own opinions. Well it does get addictive but you should still be able to get of it. I spend money on games but try not to and I also saw a low rice and this game has really low prices with real money and not real money please just try this game you might move it and you might not it is your opinion. Thank you for reading 👌👌🥺🤩🤩.Version: 5.2.1

A ok game just a little unfairI Love Murch dragons there’s only one problem though you have to get 125 dragon power just to unlock the dance what do I think it isn’t fair at all because I think you should be at least 100 dragon power what about players who don’t have Janz also I do wish that this game was better but I love that I got hooked on it and can you please just add some more dragons on it and also made and all the good drawer make sure that most things cost coins especially when you’re in like the questing and can you please give us some gems for free like whenever we do something like a goal and then we get like 100 gems to do it but I appreciate that thanks peace and pleased to make a time a little bit better.Version: 4.0.1

Super jeu!Bonjour, j’aime beaucoup se jeu il y a 1 seule chose qui pourrait rendre se jeu merveilleux! On a un temps limité dans le jeu... il n’y a que 7 calice! J’aimerais pouvoir jouer plus longtemps. Même si il y a un campement on attend toujours que les calice se recharge. Pourrais t’il en avoir plus ou es ce qu’il peuvent prendre moins de temps de recharge?.Version: 5.8.0

Great game, in fact the best one I’ve played.Best app I have ever played, been playing for months and still I’m not even close to completing all the dragon collections or match chains. The ONLY issue I have is the quests that involve opening chests that cost gems, or quests where you need to touch monster idols to complete. I’ve spent a fair amount of money already on the game - which I think you deserve to get for the amount of entertainment you’ve provided. However, I like to complete all quests so having to spend money to complete those particular quests is somewhat frustrating. Good example- quest where you must open 65 or more chests that cost a minimum of 9 gems each. . This is impossible to complete without spending money, and once you have already paid over 100 dollars to get through this type of quest, it becomes frustrating. I agree you deserve money, but surely 100 dollars or more should allow you to play the game without ever making another purchase. Please consider making quests not dependent on gems- it’s my ONLY complaint..Version: 3.16.0

A favourite I have been playing for time butI notice that most of the levels require a lot of chalices especially the totemshire and after which means I can pretty much only play one level a day. I’m sure it wasn’t always like this. I also don’t agree that you have have to you the same amount of chalices to get back into a level that you are working on. Now I have to wait😩.Version: 4.6.0

Pretty fun lolI really like this game and it’s super fun to play. the only problem i have is the chalices. i wish i could play more and have more chalices than just 7 a day. other than that it’s great! its so exciting when i unlock a new patch of land :).Version: 5.8.0

I love this gameI play this all the time it is really good I really recommend this game. But one thing you could do better is reduce the time dragons sleep because they sleep for around 20 minutes and if I do not have any chalices left then I cannot do anything. Thanks for listening🙂.Version: 3.22.0

A little less money a little more thoughtFirst, I absolute love this game! It’s great fun, a wonderful time killer, and super colourful and interesting. If you’re after a game to keep little ones tied up for a while or even just to pass time on a long trip, this is a perfect game. Secondly, here the tricky part I know you’ve got to keep us invested, however the chalice refill? That’s an absolute crock. Any other turn based game refills within an hour - hour and a half; if you want to keep your players I would revise that. That also goes the same for the dragon homes, it’s hard to build the best dragon home (for a shorter recovery time) when they can only build one at a time before needing to sleep. It’d be worth revising that. Thirdly, UNLOCK THE GOD EGG CHESTS WITHOUT NEEDING DRAGON GEMS!! When I accumulate 20-30 of them and can’t open any of them due to needing nearly 10,000 gems? You’ve got a problem! And no, no I’m not going to spend $100+ in the game (a little steep don’t you think?) make a better solution. Maybe put it so they can have a timer release one per day, and we can purchase timers if we want to open more. But seriously I pick them up like the plague and have to sell them because I can’t do crock with them. Fix it. Pronto. You have options explore them! Else wise.. 10/10 thank you!.Version: 2.1.0

A few changes you could makeI love this game it is amazing but there are a few things you could change. 1. You could make profiles with passwords. I know that this is completely my fault but I had gotten 4 rare eggs for an event and was waiting until the next one to merge 5 but my sister went into my iPad and merged 3 of them. It would be helpful if you had to login first. 2. When the dragons go to sleep, they each go in the house and queue for a certain amount of time. If they went in and came out at the same time or came out that certain amount of time. So when they go in they come out ..., minutes later, for each dragon. 3. It should be one chalice per level. You have to wait ages to play a level. Once you’ve used your chalice in it it should stay unlocked so if you fail you can go again without having to wait. 4. You can accidentally delete things really easy. I don’t have any ideas but can you make an ‘are you sure you want to delete this’ button. I am not really complaining but this game could be a lot better if all of these changed. Thank you.Version: 3.26.1

Quite enjoyable but frustratingI really am addicted to the game, but there are a few things that could be better. It is very annoying to have all of these chests clogging up the space in my camp, and it seems nearly impossible to open them as you rarely get any gems. I would suggest making it easier to get gems so you can spend them on things you need/want. I would also recommend making a little ‘manual’ in camp to see how to get/where objects come from. There has been many situations where a new object pops up in my camp, and I don’t know where it was harvested from. Overall, really love this game, and would recommend!.Version: 3.22.0

People write bad reviews. The game is awesome 😎I love merge dragons 🐉. People keep writing a bad reviews. People get there screen stuck when you just press the lock screen and unlock scree button at the bottom. It is super fun. you should download it..Version: 4.10.0

An opinionMy mum has been playing the game ever since it was created in fact she was the one who help you develop the game and ever since the new update she has been reset to level God knows what and now cannot join any of the servers for co-op she has no friends and her star levels been reset other than that it’s a great game and thank you very much I am just amazed with how far to come ever since I started playing it PS I also was halfway through the event the match five one that came up recently and what happened was is I got literally one point off getting the nest of the wind Dragon eggs and the event ended so if you can I’d love it for you to please present me with the dragon egg nest beans as I have been a good sport and I have been playing the event very fairly..Version: 4.0.1

Wants too much $ but...Has dragon chests that require hundreds of gems to open available immediately and taking up room in your spot cannot be merged unless identical but no instruction is given on how to merge gems to create more so therefore it is impossible to get more gems without buying them. That being said coins are fairly easy to obtain by just playing the game and not investing any actual real life world dollars. My personal policy is not to spend any money on a free game until played it for at least six months. When you decide to start this game make sure you link with FB to save especially if you have invested any money. I also recommend taking screenshots as wide as possible and occasional pictures of your dragon book pages. The development team is EXTRAORDINARILY HELPFUL AND SUPPORTIVE in helping you recover if you have the data and save your game often. Also Google Merge Dragons Wiki for great tips and tricks. So on one hand I find the beginning game too slow to live unless you spend money on gems. If you get through the beginning one way or another the game begins to get momentum and is more playable. Last criticism is beware of overused superlative language in game and trust wiki Merge Dragons instead..Version: 4.4.0

Like it but hard💀💀💀💀💀💀💀This game is very amazing but there’s one thing,I’m struggling on the Fjord challenge where you have to create a life tree sapling for a moon dragon whelp,every time I merge the baby trees, I get four trees and I can’t get past it, last time I passed it ,I run out of healing flowers and I barely have any gems so I reset all the time which makes me very cross , I swear that if you don’t fix this , I will definitely delete this but if this is fixed , I will rate this five stars so keep this up ok and why is this 4.6 out of5.0.Version: 3.21.0

Fun, unusual and oh so addictive!What a fabulous game. I’m totally addicted however there are a couple of things that I would like to see changed 1. Map quests - I’ve reached the end of these, played most 3 times or more and would like to see more coming more frequently. When’s the next expansion of Dragonia? 2. Not receiving enough gems to unlock chests in the camp. Would be great if we could transfer the score accumulated to camp money to buy more gems, why is there a score if it can’t be utilised in any way? 3. The time it takes to get the chest. Maybe change it to twice a day instead of once? 4. The swap once a day. Should be a like for like. Giving a high value item (elder tree) for a low value return. A little bit frustrating. 5. Once the land has been cleared of the fog and items released, it would be great if any hearts produced could turn into camp money instead of just disappearing. The above are just the top five things I would like to see changes on. Please don’t take these comments in a negative way. It’s meant as constructive criticism. Thank you for such a great game! Would love to hear your thoughts on what I’ve said..Version: 4.6.1

More levels !Love this game! It is so relaxing to play . I need more levels !!!.Version: 6.0.0

Can’t connect to the events or to iCloud partI am having trouble connecting to the WiFi or mobile data to play the challenges, it may happen once in a while after attempting a million times but will lose connection after a few minutes and I also can’t connect to save to Facebook. This has nothing to do with my internet as I’ve tried with multiple WiFis and nothing happens but I can watch ads to get chalices quicker. Also, maybe you could change the way the health is restored and used. The one chalice An hour is silly and when you are playing on levels that need 7 chalices it means you are waiting 7 hours to play one level then have to wait another few hours to play another.Version: 3.15.0

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