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First impressionsI just downloaded the app, I saw the ad on forest and saw they were made by the same developers so I decided to give this app a try too! It seems okay and I'm interested to see if it's useful.Version: 3.2.17

有意思的app,帮我养成良好作息远离熬夜.Version: 3.2

Good!Such an interesting app.Version: 3.12.3

For the fountainNice.Version: 3.2.17

Really fixed up my sleep pattern!I was terrible for staying up super late and crawling out of bed at midday, but Sleeptown has fixed all of that for me. Plus it's such a fun little app even during the day using the design your own town feature. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because if my phone locks during the night, my buildings collapse and it'd be great to have a feature that means the app works on strict mode even when the phone is locked..Version: 3.12.3

Amazing app great workLove the design, cleanses and simplicity of the app. Helps you leave your phone and sleep! The exciting buildings and the motivation of getting a special one helps you look forward to the next day! Would you be making a Apple Watch version btw?.Version: 3.2.17

So helpfulI’m a medical student and staying on a specific sleep schedule was difficult for me but with SleepTown I’ve been able to stay on track the whole semester so far. Love waking up to the new buildings every day and the only thing I wish was different were the ability to change the orientation of the buildings similar to how we can change the orientation of most of the decorations. Overall this is a great app in my opinion and was well worth the few dollar cost that I spent on it!.Version: 3.1.4

Une nouvelle motivation pour prendre soin de soiCette application me sauve. En moins d’une semaine, j’ai retrouvé une belle énergie parce que j’ai maintenant un objectif pour me motiver à éteindre ma tablette et à aller au lit à une heure raisonnable et régulière. Aussi la douceur du design et des couleurs sont magnifiques. Très zen!.Version: 2.3

Love itAwesome..Version: 3.2.17

GreatGreat.Version: 3.1.7

AmazingThis is an amazing app. I have had much better habits after using it. I had some days when I just got very tired and needed to sleep around 8 or 9 pm, which is more than 2 hours before my set goal for going to bed. Then the app would tell me that I can only start to build 2 hours before. Sometimes the body’s need is not that strict- I had hoped for some flexibility in terms of how early I could start building- to go sleep earlier is no harm- but went over board surely hurts..Version: 3.2.17

For the free building....Ok.Version: 3.2.15

AmazingI use the forest app and this is just another thing that helps me with habits and making my life that little bit more productive. Worth every penny would recommend.Version: 3.1.5

Amazing app, and a few features I wish for.I love this app, honestly. The buildings are cute, but the best part is that it locks me from my phone when I need to sleep. The shaking it to wake up setting actually helps me feel a little more alive in the mornings, too. This really helps me go to sleep or at least chill out until I can. My only complaint is that if I don’t meet my scheduled bedtime, I can’t use the “don’t leave this app” function. I wish that it would let me go into sleep mode, even if I don’t get a building out of it. It’s 12:30am because I didn’t get home until late and I missed my bedtime. It would be cool if it also had a “morning mode” that would automatically lock it for another 10-30 minutes after waking up to encourage me to Rise and Shine, but I suppose I could just use their Forest App if I had the self control. Anyway, great app and I recommend it to everyone I know. I love apps that lock me from my phone..Version: 3.3.8

I love this appI use this app almost every day and it has been instrumental in helping me get more sleep. My biggest problem is usually telling myself “okay 5 more minutes” and then scrolling through different apps on my phone for the next 2 hours. But since this app gives you a tangible reward for not doing that, I’m finding that it’s so much easier to fall asleep. 5/5 stars, highly recommend for people like me who need motivation to stay off their phones..Version: 3.2.17

Cute and usefulAfter 2 weeks, I’m finding the app does help me avoid my phone at certain hours. Would be great if flexible hours could be set. Would also like to rotate buildings..Version: 2.2.3

Something for the imperfect user?I really like this app, and it’s been a great motivator to not be mucking around on my phone when I should be reading a proper book or sleeping. However if I miss the “bedtime” the app won’t let me “put my phone to bed” as it’s too late for today (at which point I can throw up my hands and say fine, I’ll go read Reddit for two hours then) I wish it were possible to tap “Sleep” anyway, even if you’ve missed your bedtime, and have it still doing something to encourage still leaving the phone alone and waking up on time. Maybe it can grow a small flower or hedge or something like that? But I’d be pleased to just still click Sleep, instead of a fail message and a countdown to tomorrow night..Version: 3.2.11

Great motivatorI enjoy this app almost as much as I enjoy the Forest app. Really amazing how much not wanting to see a building destroyed can motivate me to go to bed and wake up on time. The only real downside is that I’ve built pretty much all of the buildings, and I don’t really have that novelty factor anymore to look forward to…another minor thing: if any new designs for buildings are currently in development, I would request some buildings to have entrances that face southeast. Pretty much all the buildings right now have entrances that faces southwest, which make the towns that I design a bit limited in their orientation. Perhaps you could allow us to turn the buildings, like we can turn the other items (benches, tables, etc.) And finally, like the Forest app, it would be great to be able to have a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual view so that I can have a better sense of my progress; right now only the weekly view is available. Thank you for an amazing app and all your work!.Version: 3.1.6

AvisMagique l’appli sa aide trop pour se motiver à dormir.Version: 3.2.17

Simple operation, helpful app overallVery convenient UI, could be even better if there are random “visitors”/ “game events” / short stories awarded towards the town - which is now more of a deco game..Version: 3.2.17

Nice surprise every morningGood one to keep you a bit surprised every morning when you wake up.Version: 3.1.4

So adorable and usefulYou should definitely get this game!! So many features such as linking to Apple health and linking with friends to sleep better! Really relevant issue with many people not getting enough sleep.. I know I don’t. So I’m really glad this app has come out.Version: 3.1.5

Amazing idea and designI love it so much! It’s such an amazing idea to look after our sleeping patterns with friends. It’s easy to use and the designs are fun! But it would be better if we could message or react with friends too!.Version: 3.12.3

非常可爱的软件满足拖延症且收集癖并且爱玩手机的人.Version: 3.2.15

Very cute appWell designed, but sometimes the main page crashes and says the building has been destroyed before the sleep button has been pressed. Otherwise, the app runs quite smoothly.Version: 3.2.1

Great app, also recommend their other appsIt’s useful for putting yourself on a sleeping schedule. 💤 I also use their app “forest” which helps you stay focused during the day and their WaterDo app which helps you remember to do tasks in a fun way. 🌲💧‼️ Why I mention: By using yhe forest app you can plant actual trees once you earn enough coins 🪙🌲, and by using the WaterDo app they let you donate water to the water project after you do enough daily reflections. 💧📝 It’s nice seeing companies care about giving to the community and environment in a fun way that keeps everyone engaged and motivated to achieve better in their own lives. 🎖️‼️ Great concept and 10/10 would recommend all three. 🌎💕.Version: 3.3.8

Useful app to build good sleeping habitsI love this one and Forest a lot. They are good to improve efficiency and get high-quality rest..Version: 3.2.17

非常喜欢这款软件软件有效的提高了我的自控能力,如果开发人员可以把城镇放在首页,再在城镇上添加各色各样的行人,那将更加完美。如果再将土地的边界取消掉,房子都可以盖在两片土地之间,这将大大的提高城镇的可塑性。.Version: 3.1.5

Pretty coolI like the app so far but I don’t like that you can still fail construction on the days you have marked as a day off? Or maybe I just don’t understand that feature yet. All the individual details of the app are kind of hard to figure out but I’ve only been using it for a few weeks and it has accomplished the main goal — getting me on a better sleep schedule and improving my amount of sleep per night..Version: 3.2.17

Motivating and cuteThis app has a lovely interface and it is motivating to see what building you will get, very simple and I am enjoying trying it out.Version: 3.1.7

GoodPlease make an alarm option similar to the default apple one with only vibrating at first.Version: 3.3.8

Cute and helpfulI don’t always get to sleep on time but I’m more conscious about my sleeping patterns. I’m definitely in a more regular sleeping pattern than I was after a few months with the app. Worth trying if your bedtime is l over the place..Version: 3.1.4

Sounds really goodLooking forward to using it!!.Version: 3.1.6

Very useful, but...Love this app. I know building a virtual city seems like a silly incentive to sleep on-time; but you really grow invested in seeing your town grow! My only gripe is, I purchased a song from the iTunes store to use as my custom alarm sound. However, when my 7:00 alarm rings and my phone is locked, the default tone plays; my custom one only sounds when I unlock my phone, which makes it pretty useless. Is a fix possible? Otherwise, great app!.Version: 3.12.3

Great ideaLove the idea! Me and my wife will be using this app!.Version: 3.2.17

Successfully pushed me to sleep…With rewards, even if it’s a little, you will be more willing to do extra things..Version: 3.2.17

Life changingI never realised how much I depended on my phone usage at night and subsequently how much it negatively impacted my sleep until it was restricted by this app, and now I’m getting more sleep and managing to keep it consistent every night. Mission accomplished, SleepTown!.Version: 3.1.6

Good appI actually use it it helps motivate me to turn my phone off - I wish you could buy things other than property lots tho.Version: 3.1.7

Great for sleepThis has helped me SO MUCH thank youuu.Version: 3.12.3

Good app but I wish it were more flexibleSo far this app has been pretty motivating in incentivizing going to bed on time, but I wish the buffer were a little longer than 10 minutes, maybe closer to a half hour. I know with gamification apps it’s a tough balance to strike between being too easy so the incentives are meaningless and too strict so that users just quit in frustration, but I feel like there really needs to be some kind of sliding scale of lesser rewards the later you go to bed, or something like that. A problem I’ve come across is that my brain is a petulant jerk at times, and if I accidentally try to go to bed at 10:20 instead of 10 and open the app to be confronted with the unfriendly “you failed” message, then I feel inclined to stay up until 4 AM out of spite. So in that respect the gamification aspect kind of backfires..Version: 3.3.7

Should have gotten it earlierFrankly, when I saw the price on the app, I thought REALLY? But after night over night procrastination and resulting in poor energy and health, I decided to give it a go. And it removed ALL my excuses! My issue was easily distracted by phone (games and news) so everytime, it feels like 1 or 3 more minute then it became 2 AM in the morning. This app definitely helped to set the hard deadline in a fun way (of accomplishing new buildings and wonders with friends and families). Since the OFF Screen time, Habitica, and Screen time limit did not work for me, I'm really glad this does..Version: 3.2.16

Very goodGood.Version: 3.2.17

Love it, helps me sleep!Love using the app, it’s worth the money paying for it. I don’t remember the last time I sleep at a consistent time. Now I can, and I set a bedtime and know that I need to get off my phone to construct a building and when I wake up it’s cool to see which building you get. It’s a very good motivator to get to bed on time and wake up. Help me retain a good sleep schedule. Love both this app and the Forest app😃.Version: 3.2.11

PerfectThis app really can help form a good sleep habit. I've used it for a week and had a good quality sleep every night.Version: 3.2.2

Sleep Hygiene!!I have always struggled with sleep hygiene and has jeopardised my studies... but just to have that little bit more motivation to stay off my phone has really helped me out!!.Version: 3.1.4

Really helped me keep my goals!!!SleepTown does exactly what says it would and it’s so satisfying waking up in the morning to see a building has been built.Version: 3.1.4

Surprisingly addictive (the good kind)Alright so it’s not a game, nor will it require time away from anything. I was first brought onto SleepTown by way of Forest which has changed the way I use my iPhone for the better! SleepTown has not only surpassed my expectations but believe or not I am going to bed on time and not spending time on my iPhone (how simple that may sound I know there are millions of us who can’t due to the phone addiction) then waking up to a surprisingly building that provides me with a weird satisfaction that I slept and obtained a building for my town. Look, this is probably not for anyone who could give a rip about spending countless hours on their phones while in bed or could care less about sleep (if this is you... life catches up), but if you are in the class of “I care about the quality of sleep and want to break away from giving my attention to a device that is a time sucking, data hog, irrelevant piece of metal and plastic”... then I would suggest SleepTown..Version: 3.1.5

Nice “game”I like the houses and stuff but I wish you could choose which ones to build each night (maybe have a not so rare house you could choose to unlock each week) and have random ones that were harder to unlock so you could do a “present” and it would unlock a random house :) I love the app.Version: 3.1.6

Great app but wish it integrated w ForestI love this app, but an issue I have is when I wake up and confirm the construction of my building, I am flooded by e-mail, social media etc notifications and then am spending time on my device I wouldn’t have normally spent had I not used the app to check on my sleep town. It would be great if, once a building was confirmed upon wake up, the app could transition into Forest, forcing me off my phone to start my day :).Version: 2.3.2

Fab for revision daysI’ve needed to get up to study for my exams and SleepTown has not only helped me to do this but also made me put my phone down earlier before bed. I would recommend- definitely worth the £1.99 :).Version: 3.1.4

Pretty alarmPretty alarm sound, nice tracking, soothing design. Would be good if this data and that of the forest app could be combined or viewed somewhere alongside each other..Version: 3.2.17

Love this!An adorably designed and useful app.Version: 3.3.8

AmazingThis game is an incredible way to motivate me to go to bed, really like it.Version: 3.2.17

Like this ideaNeat idea am giving it a try this week.Version: 3.2.17

Great app!I often lose track of time or can’t make myself stick to a set sleep schedule, but sleeptown helps by giving me motivation to go to sleep and wake up at the right time! i also think the shake feature is very helpful because when i have nothing to get up for, with my normal alarm clock, i’m prone to either switching it off entirely, or letting it snooze until an hour has passed... shaking makes you more awake! 😂.Version: 3.2.15

Great conceptI highly suggest this app to anyone who struggles to put their phone down at night. It’s a great app for teaching good sleep habits and I’ve benefited greatly from this app. I now have a regular sleeping habit and look forward to waking up well rested daily..Version: 3.2.17

The bestThis app does not only help me form better habits but to keep these habits on a consistent basis in order for my life to really change, thanks to the creator for the other app he has made too such as forest and water to do, you should make one based around health.Version: 3.2.17

Bug on iPhone 12pro maxIt seems in the 12pm, when you build your own land, the button of building new field is invalid probably because the app falsely recognise the area as phone head.Version: 3.2.17

💤💤💤Amazing! I always used to stay up really late on my phone until I got this app - I have consistently been getting 9 hours sleep and waking up early for the first time in my life !! 🏡 - would like to be able to rotate buildings though.Version: 2.3.2

I’m finally having good days!I noticed that my entire day can be ruined just simply by not sleeping well. I figured that the app costs as much as a soda, so what can it hurt right? This app has already changed my life! I’m in a Doctorate program which means I’m responsible for a lot. It also means that I viewed my time at night as my only free time (8pm to sometimes 1 or 2am) and I’d be back up by 6:30 - my sleep schedule, however, was not very responsible. My phone was the culprit. Once I got this app, I got the best sleep of my life. This app IS self-care!!🤗.Version: 3.2.17

Helpful toyI like the app as it makes you go to bed at a certain time. Or at least not to use your phone! Take a bit of practice to remember to turn on and off (sleep and wake up). But a great joy to see a growing town. Would recommend!.Version: 3.1.6

Want more updates!Looking forward to seeing more updates!.Version: 3.12.3

Helps me go to bed on time.It took a couple days for me to figure out how it all really worked, but I love this app. It’s fun to see the buildings go up and once I have a streak going I don’t want to break it. More nights hitting scheduled sleep/wake times increases your streak which makes your town earn more revenue overnight! I do wish there was more than one “get ready for bed alarm” (as in, I could set reminders for 60, 30, 20, AND 10 minutes before my scheduled time, so I can wrap up what I’m doing and go to bed without rushing). I also wish the ambient sound had a timer - it only plays for a few minutes and that’s never quite enough for me to drift off..Version: 3.1.4

Very helpfulReally helping and making it fun to have a better sleeping pattern.Version: 3.1.4

Where did the support go?I love this app! I love building my town and this app has really helped me. I would gladly pay a subscription for it or purchase tickets to get a better chance at getting a better building! But my town has been out of sync for over a week and no one is responding to me from customer support in-app. I had gotten a response before when I asked a question when I first started this app, but this loss of customer service is concerning. I spent months building my town just how I want it, and if it’s gone I suppose it’s gone, but I do hope that is not the case because this app has helped me so much and I do not want to lose interest in it!.Version: 3.2.17

Good to get me off my phoneThis app is great at keeping me from scrolling through social media at night :) getting a better nights sleep from this!.Version: 3.2.15

Life saverI have and love both Forest and SleepTown, and use them daily. I have no complaints except for the fact that both apps come up with a message along the lines of “a connection to the SSL server couldn’t be made” whenever I try and sync or open news or store whilst using WiFi (I can connect when I’m using mobile data). I’ve had the same issue on both my old phone (iPhone 5, iOS 10) and my current one (iPhone 8, iOS.Version: 3.2.15

🥰SleepTown has stopped me from being on my phone at ridiculous hours of the night! Definitely recommend..Version: 3.1.4

Ver niceYup.Version: 3.2.17

Does what it says on the tinGreat incentive to keep bed times. I totally forget about it on the weekends but you can be more organised and set days off if you like. Love it highly recommend..Version: 3.2.1

Really motivating!Finally, I can get rewarded for putting my phone down and actually sleeping! The UI is beautiful in this app and you get a true feeling you are working on something larger when you decide not to stay that extra twenty minutes on your phone at night (or in my case couple of hours). I'm very excited to build up my city and to see what future updates and customizations there is to come. PS. This DOES work with SleepCycle. Just setup SleepCycle, then go to SleepTown and press sleep, then lock your phone while staying in the SleepTown app :).Version: 2.3

An amazing conceptThis game app is centred around creating a good sleeping pattern. After coming off shift work, my sleeping schedule was all over the place but after just a few weeks I’m waking up easily at the same time. Knowing that you can build your town makes you want to go to sleep at the right time!.Version: 3.2.17

Good app but...Forcing the user to go back into the app to keep progress is an amazing feature, but here is where SleepTown looses a star for me, the two hour waking up period before the alarm goes off and 15 minutes after wake up is to much, for me at least. I wish that there would be more customization with the time allowed before and after the set sleeping period. This app is totally worth the money though. I would love to see continuous updates, I also think they should add a feature where you can set a sleep goal and it adjust your schedule according to your starting sleep time and slowly adjust to reach your goal over a series of nights or whatever set time the user wants. Which goes back to my key complaint, customization. All in all I love this app, and I can’t wait to see how it gets better..Version: 3.2

A good appI really like this app, it has motivated me to go bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time every morning. And everything is better when you are doing it with a purpose..Version: 3.1.4

异地情侣查岗必备如题,不告诉对方能关严格模式的话,基本就是异地情侣掌握对方晚上动向的好办法.Version: 3.2.16

Excellent AppExcellent App to force you to form a good sleeping habit indeed..Version: 3.2.1

Great appI love this app and use it regularly. It’s a fun way to keep a on top of my sleep patterns. I gave three stars because I see some improvements: 1) More animation of the cities. I find that building cities and putting down buildings, moving tiles etc. gets pretty tedious after a while. More animation and an easier way to build would improve this 2) Crossover with forest. I love your other app, but wish there was some kind of crossover where the trees that you plant in first also could appear in your town.Version: 3.1.4

Loving the conceptReally like the concept behind this app, I’m only a few days into using it, myself and my partner downloaded it so it’s fun to compare our buildings in the morning. I can’t edit my town in terms of moving buildings around, and yes I’ve tried pressing and holding :).Version: 3.1.7

HelpsIt actually does help me put my phone down at night. One feature I would like, however, is the ability to make an exception for emergency apps. I have diabetes and and app on my phone that alerts me when my blood sugar is low or high. I’d like to be able to check that one particular app without consequences in case I need to wake up in the middle of the night for a blood sugar emergency. (Don’t worry, I still check it if I have to). Otherwise I’m really enjoying it and appreciate it for helping my sleep schedule!.Version: 3.3.7

So far so good!I’m on my second day but so far all’s going well! It’s nice to have a small achievement to wake up for, makes me want to get to sleep earlier rather than playing on my phone for hours..Version: 3.2.16

Once upon a time there was a girl who had trouble sleepingWhen I was a senior in college, there was a period of time that I was lost in life. Didn’t know where I’m going after graduation, didn’t know what’s coming for me later in life. I had trouble sleeping, every day and every night. At around three in the morning where my panic peaks, I would pick up my phone and go online shopping (it is that bad, trust me) till about five when I started to see light shine through my window...... Sleep town helped me get my life back. Two years later right now, I have moved to a new city, started a new life, and am proud of the tiny town of 225 buildings in my pocket 😊.Version: 3.1.7

Worth to haveNice with those who can’t control playing phone before bed time!! Just like me🤩.Version: 3.1.4

Pretty goodI haven’t had it for long but it works perfectly and i look forward to using it more, I would say though that it would be good to have the sleep options last for longer than 10hrs.Version: 3.2.17

Good motivation!Very handy to remind me to get enough sleep.Version: 3.1.4

Great way to make a game of good habitsThis app has really helped me to get better sleeping habits. Since starting university, my sleep schedule fell apart, so I decided to get back on track and SleepTown has really helped. Now I sleep better than I did before university and I do better in my classes!!.Version: 3.2.17

Genuinely deters me from using my phoneThe thought of waking up to rubble rather than a virtual building is definitely motivation enough to not give in to notifications late at night. Definitely worth it!.Version: 3.12.3

Hopefully this will work...I’ve been having a lot of trouble with keeping up a healthy and consistent sleeping schedule. Having used Forest and benefitted from that, I’m hoping this will give me the incentive to sleep better and spend more time away from my phone. (Mainly doing this to get an in-game reward, but hopefully it helps me with sleep too).Version: 3.2.1

Amazing!!!!I love how you designed the game and all the houses in the town and it’s very creative and this game has completely been an absolute blast. I got this game a few days ago and I have always enjoyed playing this and I discovered all different types of houses and I think that is very creative of people. I’m thinking that MAYBE you could do a day one which means you can’t use your phone in the day and you will get house furniture and create a mansion..Version: 2.3.2

很棒养成睡眠习惯的好软件。 之前遇到的所有软件,注重的都是怎么叫你起床。但忽略的赖床的根本原因:睡得晚。 这个软件从源头上解决问题,认识到只有睡得早才能起得早,使起床不再是一件痛苦的事情。 强烈推荐!.Version: 2.2

Love it!Do wish you could turn off your phone when using it just have to wait till it turns off automatically but love this app either way!.Version: 3.1.5

Great app!This app really worked for me, I have had trouble in the past trying to get to sleep and waking up in time. This app was recommended to me when I was in their other app (Forest, which I would recommend too😊), I liked the idea of it and gave it a try. Thanks!😁🛌🌙💤☺️.Version: 2.0.1

Could use some work...The alarm has seemed to not be going off for me recently, and all of my buildings this week are gone. The app also seems to be lacking in flexibility in the times. Maybe you can only "go to sleep" 1 hour before the designated time, but when you wake up, there is like 5 minutes of flexibility. But at night there isn't any. You HAVE to be off your phone by that time. I once was watching a movie with my friends and was 5 late of my goal..Version: 1.2.6

This is SO GOODAs a college student, my sleep schedule is WRECKED. I knew something had to change. I haven’t had this consistent of a sleep schedule since I was in middle school. I’m consistently tired when I should go to bed (and I had been taking melatonin before and now I’m on my fourth night in a row of not having to do that. it’s magic) and then I’m used to waking up when it has me waking up. seriously. it’s the best few bucks I’ve ever spent..Version: 3.12.3

Excellent!!Stop me from watching my phone when I lay down in bed!.Version: 3.3.7

Cute appCute little app and definitely motivates me to put my phone down at night. The features are a bit overly complex though so it can be tricky to understand, and it would get 5 stars from me if you could select the alarm on certain days of the week only (I don’t want it going off on weekends but can’t seem to stop it)..Version: 2.3.1

NiceGameplay is boring, but it definitely works!.Version: 2.3.2

Just downloaded!But definitely loving this app so far.Version: 3.12.3

Please support widget!!!!!Please support widget, it’s gonna be sooo helpful! Love this app without recording my voices..Version: 3.3.7

Great concept (first impressions)Just downloaded today! i have trouble sleeping because i have eczema which keeps me up itching and restless so i watch videos and play dragon city to tire out my eyes. this is a great way to stop me from doing so because i love the idea of getting a new building every day! also very motivating to get rewarded for sleeping on time hehe ^^ i’m excited to see how my town looks in a month. i discovered this app through an in app notification through forest saying i’ll get a forest house for downloading but i read reviews and i couldn’t wait to start my town!!! can i still get a forest house for being a forest user?.Version: 3.1.4

I don’t scroll through social media for 3hrs anymore before bedtime!!I’m a pre-med student so sometimes I run on 4hrs of sleep. I have their forest app for productivity and I got this to change my sleep habits. Your actions are your consequences and I really love the idea of this app. If you’re into cute stuff like this while also getting your sleep in, you’ll love it. This app has an alarm function to ensure you wake up and build your town. It gives you 10 mins after wake up time, or else your building will crumble. Also, you have to make sure you stay in the app in order for your building build while you sleep. Super neat app, will definitely impact my sleeping schedule as I can spend hours scrolling through TikTok or Instagram 😅.Version: 3.2.17

On a True Sleep ScheduleSleepy Town actually makes me want to go to sleep at a decent hour to wake up at a decent hour instead of messing with my sleep schedule every day! Whenever it’s on, and I’m having a bit of insomnia, i don’t think about picking up my phone anymore because I don’t want to destroy the building I’m working on! It gets me to take action against my phone usage at night for sure! Would highly recommend!.Version: 3.1.5

Effective and Worth itGreat app, very organized and motivational to follow a set sleep schedule. I’m a forest user and this acts just like it. Best investment I made alongside Forest..Version: 3.2.15

CuteBuildings are super cute.Version: 3.1.7

Good for getting you to put your phone awayI don’t feel that this app helps you sleep as it doesn’t do anything. However it’s really good in that it makes you not use your phone during specified hours. If you use the phone during the sleep time, your construction will fail. Yo can only make custom towns on small grids which is annoying. I would like to use the large grids for that..Version: 3.1.5

Amazing app!This app has really helped me get my sleeping schedule consistent. I have never felt greater, the app also helps me reduce my screen time. I highly recommend it to those who want a better sleep schedule..Version: 3.1.5

I get better sleep now!SleepTown has helped me a lot with getting regular sleep. It motivates me to put my phone down and go to sleep at the right time. I prefer its wake up alarm to my default phone app.Version: 3.2.16

It’s godIt’s good.Version: 3.2.17

Great app if you don’t work shiftsI love this app but as I’m a shift worker I can’t continue to get streaks, it would be great if there was an option to add the days you are working that week and it could adapt around creating healthy sleeping patterns for people who change up the days they work :).Version: 3.2.17

Thank you!Thanks!.Version: 3.2.17

Very motivationalThis app helps me keep off my phone at night. I do recommend setting your wake up time as 10-15 minutes later than when your alarm actually goes off if you like to snooze it like me; the buildings collapse after an unforgivingly exact ten minutes. However, it’s the one app I’ve found that helps me track my sleep schedule and stay on target! Plus it’s super cute and for a one time purchase of only a few bucks is definitely worth trying out..Version: 3.2.17

So far so goodI’ve only used this for two sleep cycles so far. So far so good! It’s really motivated me to get to sleep and wake up on time because I love building the town. The graphics are really detailed and it’s great eye candy. If the graphics were boring then this app wouldn’t work. I do not agree with the reviewer who said it was “too strict.” There is a 2-hour buffer allowed before bedtime and another before wake-up time. That’s plenty of room. The app has to be a little strict, otherwise it wouldn’t work. So he is wrong. I’m not sure what the long term will be, but I love apps that work right away. You don’t even need an account to try it out. You can set one up later to sync. Thank you for making a visually-appealing app in a crowed marketplace of ugly, flat, fluorescent, pastel, gross-looking, unintuitive apps..Version: 3.1

GoodUseful for me.Version: 3.2.16

Sleeping funBuild while you sleep. Helps you to leave your phone alone. Wake up to a new creation..Version: 3.2.17

I have an idea!I see some people thinking that the ruins/broken building is a bit negative. So I think that the feature that would solve this would be to *allow the user to remove the broken building if they reach their goal the next day*. I think this idea makes the most sense as it takes a night to construct a building so it should also take a night to remove a broken building. Hope this feature gets considered..Version: 3.1.6

Helped my sleep patternI’ve always struggled with my sleeping pattern and being totally addicted to my phone, and this has really helped me get into a better routine. I’m more productive, less tired, and have more hours in the day. I LOVE this app..Version: 3.1.5

More fun & effective than it seemsI thought I’d download this and immediately stop caring about my little town (aka sleep goals) as I usually do with these types of “games,” but the first time I destroyed a building by oversleeping I had a real sad! The only thing I’d like to see changed is to be able to adjust the sleep goals without resetting progress because I’d like to slowly move my sleep time earlier in the night, but the game is fine because I CAN still beat the sleep deadline and keep progress. It’s just harder when nobody is telling me to, lol! Great game, and I’m glad I learned about it through forest!.Version: 3.1.7

Must... Gamify... Every aspect of lifeYes, I don’t care enough about my health to maintain motivation to keep a consistent sleep schedule. “It is good for me” is somehow not enough of a reason to move an abstract intention into action. But for some reason my brain has no problem mustering up a feeling of urgency to create my prosperous virtual town. So, I must hack my brain, so that the lame things it cares about (virtual towns) can actully contribute to my well being. Enter, sleeptown. A nice complement to forest. I only just downloaded it yesterday but I did sleep last night and stayed off my phone, and now I gotta keep the streak going. I’m entering the review to get a free new building. But everything I am saying here is true and certified accurate. Happy sleeping.Version: 3.2.17

:)I like this app! It makes me want to go to bed and wake up "on time" so I don't destroy my building. It would be nice if we could rotate the direction of the buildings in our towns, and have even just a little more freedom in placement inside the square footage of land (so we don't have a lamppost that sits right in the middle of its square--it would be nice if we could place it closer to the edge of the square, like if we wanted to have lamps line the side of the road, for example). Just some thoughts. ;) I like this app, it's a great idea to make going to bed and waking up early fun..Version: 2.3

The sleep time alert needs to be louder.I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but I haven’t once heard the alert to remind me to go to bed. I have checked notifications are turned on, and they are. Which means I need to set an independent alarm for a thing that should be telling me to go to bed… seems redundant? I also rarely hear the wake up alarm - I get woken up by my phones alarm. Perhaps they need a few more options for both alarms? So we can set the times the tone and how loud they remind us?.Version: 3.2.17

Very coolIt is so interesting. I love seeing that many small houses are being built day by day, and, it really helps me sleep and get up early. Nice ~.Version: 3.2.17

FantasticThis app is amazing. You ever wanted to be guilted into sleeping?? Well boy do I have news for you if you miss your bedtime you’ve failed and don’t get a little building. More motivational than anything I’ve ever tried. I’m trying so hard to build my little town up. Endnote: don’t want to sleep? Don’t get this because it sure is amazing at getting me to sleep on time.Version: 3.2.17

Really love itHelps a lot.Version: 3.12.3

It’s a very cute appI highly recommend this app. It encouraged me to go to sleep on time..Version: 3.2.17

NiceGreat app.Version: 3.2.17

Enabling SuccessLike the featured reviewer, I, too, have struggled with sleep regularity for my whole life owing to ADD. This has always been a problem for me. It’s caused tension in relationships and meant that I’ve gone around on very little sleep a lot in my professional life. I have been using Forest for a couple years to measure my work and to combat distraction and I downloaded Sleeptown to see if it would have the same benefits. A month later, my sleep regularity is at +90% in Sleep Cycle (where it has never been in the 7 years I've been using that app) and I'm sleeping better, snoring less, and have worked my sleep debt down to almost nothing. I particularly enjoy the phone shaking challenge in the morning. And I can tell this app is going to change my life. **A couple recommendations**: the art is good, but I would enjoy different styles a lot more (like futuristic or steam punk or medieval village… especially a medieval village), and I wish it were 3D (or at least that I could rotate the town on its fixed isographic PoV). And it would be really fun if I could import my trees from Forest and be able to place them in my towns..Version: 3.2.17

ExcellentReally brilliant app. I love being able to keep track of my sleep times.Version: 3.2.1

Useful appThis app can improve my sleep quality..Version: 3.2.17

The only thing that keeps my sleep consistentI love this app so much, I find that it - at the very least - encourages me to sleep roughly on time. I’d always spend the entire night on my phone, and I’m not yet perfect, but baby steps!.Version: 3.2.17

It really helps me to leave my phone awayThe App is so attractive because of its helping self-discipline mode!.Version: 3.2.15

BRILLIANT !!10/10 would recommend this app!!! such a good and creative way to motivate you to stick to a sleep schedule of your choice :) 100% should download ✅✅✅.Version: 3.1.7

It worksSure cute app. very helpful if you’re prone to staying up too late..Version: 3.1.7

Very good!I feel like this app has really helped me to get into a sleep routine. Before I was staying up until the wee hours of the morning and then getting up either really early if I was at work, or really late if I was off. This made me feel tired all of the time. This app has really changed that, by helping me to set a sleep schedule that works both on my days off and in college or work. HOWEVER. There are some nights, like tonight, that I literally have to stay up, due to unforeseen circumstances. I’m pretty sure that this has been mentioned before, but I think it would be great if we would still be able to lock our phone with this app in these circumstances. As the last person that said it, maybe we would be able to create random items like post boxes and street lamps, and that way we wouldn’t get full buildings but would still get some kind of reward for locking hour phone. Also I hate the fact that we get a destroyed building. I understand that the whole point is to not go on your phone, and to be honest I can’t think of anything better right now, but I feel like it is too punishing and almost says ‘you’ve failed’. However, these are just some small suggestions and I personally think this app is great if you want to set up a sleep schedule for yourself! Thank you!.Version: 3.0.1

好用对没有自律的人来说真的是太有用了.Version: 3.2.16

M’as l’air parfaitApplication très flexible avec d’assez beaux graphismes et couleurs. Ça d’implicité et son aide est son point fort.Version: 3.2.17

👏🏽Yes..Version: 3.2.15

Very goodIt is really a good way to be self-disciplined..Version: 3.12.3

Great sleep appThis is a great app and it really encourages me to stay off my phone and go to sleep or read. I can’t go off as the thought of destroying my building stops me. It’s a shame you can’t get rid of the broken ones at all. But other than that a great sleeping app..Version: 3.2.17

Really usefulSleepTown does offer me a chance to change my sleeping habits. Put down your phone and truly think about what you need to do..Version: 3.1.6

Neeeeed new feature!!!!!!Hope people in the same circle can set the different sleep & wake up time and still can earn the energy for the construction!!!!!!!.Version: 3.1.6

Love this appI use both this and the Forest app. They’re both very simple but extremely helpful. I recommend them to everyone.Version: 3.12.3

ReeceGreat App, not only for getting to sleep on time, but you get to wake up to a brand new building each morning! What a way to start your day, right? I have 111 buildings so I have had this app for about 5 months, admittedly missing a night every so often, but I still enjoy it..Version: 3.1.4

Good appI have used it to motivate the kids to put down their devices early in the evenings. It works a treat as they try to complete with each other for the best town. Only issue we are having is that we are not able to move the buildings around..Version: 2.3

Great way to stop using your phone at nightIve always struggled with putting down my phone at night. Ive tried the ios bedtime, creating shortcuts to disable internet etc. what finally ending working is using this app to make me want to build little buildings while i dont use my phone. One problem is that i use it to help wind down prior to bed time (eg stop using phone an hour + prior to sleeping) and the hard 10 hour maximum sleep period can be insufficient at times. Would be great if there was no limit on sleep time! Thanks developer..Version: 3.2.17

Build your own townThis app helps me to put down my phone and sleep. It’s full of fun little houses and buildings. You can DIY your own town and construct world wonders in the meantime. Now, I’m expecting another world wonder and I’ll sleep on time to achieve that! Good works sheep town people!!.Version: 3.1.4

Would only change a couple thingsI just finished my first building and the app is very fun and useful, however there’s a couple things that I wish users could have a bit more control over. 1. I wish changing your sleep times didn’t affect your streak. I understand the point is the consistent sleep schedule, however I’m sure different users have different goals. For example, my current goal is to just not use my phone once I go to bed and I’m not currently that concerned with sleeping the same times every day at this point. 2. I love the idea of the circles, but I wish it involved people completing their individual sleep goals each night and didn’t require everyone to be on the same sleep schedule..Version: 3.3.8

Beautiful yet simple AppIf you struggle to put your phone down at night and it’s affecting your sleep patterns, this app will be great for you. It has a nice simple interface that is easy to work with, and the design of the app is pretty and simplistic. I enjoy using the app as it encourages me to meet my goals, and gives me motivation (to make my town look nice).Version: 3.1.5

Nice appGood.Version: 3.2.17

This has genuinely helped get into a better sleeping habit for me!I enjoy this so much! I get a small sense of accomplishment every morning I wake up successfully and is a wonderful way to start the day for me :).Version: 3.1.3

Great IncentiveGreat incentive to keep on track for your sleep goals. I’ve reduced a star for the extreme coin cost to edit/creat a town or to demolish old/ruined buildings....like why does it cost 200 coins to remove remains of buildings which were never created in the first place?? Its ott..Version: 3.12.3

Great but...I really like it and it helps me just I do not like how you can’t turn off your phone. My charger isn’t the best and some people don’t have outlets near their bed. My charger sometimes will just stop charging and die because it was on all night. Then I lose my progress. So please make it so that you can turn your phone off. One other thing, when I have the alarm on it doesn’t seem to go off. So please fix that. One last thing, I do not like how you have to have an account for it can’t we just use the app. Every feature says please sign in and what if I don’t want to make an account for everything..Version: 2.2.3

Keep off yr phoneNo longer burn hours on social media. Put away the phone and get some sleep!.Version: 3.1.4

Thanks for the help!As a huge fan of Forest, I had to check this out. I’m constantly wanting time away from my phone, but nighttime is rough, always thinking of one more thing to Google, or one more check of the ‘gram. This app is so motivating in the morning, just the little act of seeing my building and town grow more and more makes me want to keep using it and keep being productive and not self-sabotage with that snooze button. Thanks for this one!.Version: 3.1.6

BrilliantSuper good and easy to use..Version: 3.1.5

So goodPerfect.Version: 3.2

Love this app! A few suggestions:I really like the concept and the graphics! It makes going to bed and waking on time easier and more entertaining. It could be better if there was more flexibility for sleeping and waking. Resetting times should not have to reset streaks. People may need to change schedules for various reasons, and it’s inconvenient for them to start over with their building streaks. Also, it would be an improvement to have multiple alarms for those who are deep sleepers. Finally, it would be nice to have a certain buffer time for sleep and wake times so that if I am off by a minute or two, the building won’t completely fail..Version: 3.1.4

Good刚好i不好.Version: 3.2.17

Love itGreat app! Love the aesthetics and it really motivates me to maintain healthy sleep patterns while enjoying the game too! However, it would be good if there was an option that allowed you to manually add in whether you achieved your sleep goal as this would solve the problem of accidentally falling asleep without pressing on it (which I did last night haha!), and probably some other one off problems people have too..Version: 3.1

AmazingBrilliant app! What would make it even better was a better notification system to let you know when to go to bed. Other than that I really enjoy using it.Version: 3.1.6

“Gamifying” healthy habitsI found the UI confusing at first. Wake time and alarm clock time was confusing. How to actually use a Ticket 🎟 was confusing too. I destroyed my first 3 houses on accident as a result. After I figured it out I realized I was using it wrong at first. Am now really enjoying SleepTown. It’s a good way to reinforce healthy habits. It sure is a slow build though to get coins but as other reviewers have said better to do that than letting people buy quick progress. Wouldn’t mind seeing something like Forests elixirs though..Version: 2.1.1

GénialeJ’ai trouvé un appli pour me motiver a me couché.Version: 3.2.17

Actually works!Great way to promote sleeping on time on schedule. Sleep is so important so I’m grateful..Version: 3.2.17

Good appGreat for managing and getting enough sleep.Version: 3.2.17

Great app for regulating sleepingWith SleepTown, every night before sleeping I don’t need to struggle to put down my phone any more, also there’s interesting Town design which prompt users to cultivate a good sleeping habit in order to get the full collection of buildings. Well done, sleepingTown..Version: 3.2.1

Very cuteVery cute app. I definitely need help keeping a sleep routine. Not a morning person at all, so the shake challenge is awesome.Version: 3.1.6

GreatReally good.Version: 3.2.17

SleepTown works but strictSleepTown is so useful but when I fail on my task sometimes it convinces me to stay up longer on my phone and it will only let you get ten hours of sleep or less overall love it and is worth the money.Version: 3.12.3

Needs more encouragementI really like the idea behind this app and as someone who has exams and really needs to reset their body clock it is helpful. However I also think that destroying the buildings if you do not achieve your goal seems extreme - if anything this is more likely to make me delete the app altogether! Perhaps the trees that you grow on Forest could also be in your city? That would be cool..Version: 3.1.6

Really goodIts so worth it.Version: 3.2.17

Good app, needs a little more flexibilityThe inability to change your sleep schedule after you’ve set it isn’t great, and it could stand to be a little more forgiving if you hit the “sleep” button 5 minutes late, but otherwise this is really good and cute..Version: 3.2.1

It worksThis app has be going to bed on time and NOT checking my socials during the night, enabling a better sleep routine! Definitely recommend!!!.Version: 3.12.3

Great forcing tool!The homepage of the App is absolutely delicate and beautiful. Clear and easy to use. The notion of constructing a town while you are sleeping is so fancy and powerful. I will definitely consist with it!.Version: 3.1.6

Changed my nights for the betterI love this app. I’ll admit I sometimes cheat in the mornings. I hit “wake up,” secure my building, then hop back into bed. But it’s impossible to cheat at night. I used to have problems falling asleep because I’d spend an hour or two on my phone lost in some bunny trail. Now my phone is off-limits after 10 because I honestly don’t want to be on my phone that late and loosing my building is enough of a reason to stay off. And you can customize! I just found out about this and this is awesome! The app is also huge. It would take a year to get every building and every achievement so even though I’ve been using it for two months it hasn’t gotten old yet. One recommendation: This might be a stretch but basically can you guys make this into Sim City? Like if you don’t hit the wake up button on time you hear a meteor crash into your building with appropriate screaming? Or if you just built a fair-ground you hear encouraging cheering? It’d be fun :D.Version: 2.2.3

Great Sleepytime fun!I find going to sleep and getting up at just the right time really hard, so using this app makes both much more fun. It’s early days yet for me, but there is something about this app that makes me really want to build a new house and keep my run streak! So it definitely does what it is supposed to do!.Version: 3.2.1

Getting used to.Getting used to the app. Really helps me stay off my phone until my alarm goes off which was a big problem of mine before. As soon as I opened my eyes I would want to check social media or mail even if I was planning on going back to sleep. Now I know my building would be destroyed and I didn’t not just put 6 hrs of hard work for that to happen. I would have given this 5 starts but i think the phone is very sensitive, this morning I woke up to a destroyed building but I don’t recall using my phone at all. I’ll have to keep using the app and maybe place the phone a bit farther away so I don’t accidentally move it (I’m thinking that was the case here). Anyways I’m going to go back to sleep for 7 hrs to build another building since the one from last night got destroyed..Version: 2.3

Great, but..This is a fantastic app for me during the week when I need to get up and go to school, and it motivates me to get the right amount of sleep which is brilliant, but I don’t think it has synced to the days I need off, because over this weekend I’ve failed both days even though I had selected to have them off. Otherwise I love this app- can this be fixed?.Version: 2.3

Clever app, definitely worksI downloaded this app because I’d been having trouble falling asleep at a reasonable time, and it totally works! I’m actually excited to go to sleep on time now, and every morning I wake up eager to see what new building I got. I do wish the app were a little more explicit with instructions, since I didn’t even know I could build my own city until the fifth day of using it 🙈 I hope the app will be updated with new types of buildings!!!! The more variety the better in my opinion. Seriously though, this app is an excellent way to build healthy sleeping habits, and well worth the money.Version: 2.3.2

Love it!Makes me stay off my phone at night and i’m able to focus on sleeping. i guess something as simple as the little reward of a tiny house is all i need haha, very excited to try and collect all buildings! however, forest is still my favourite app by this company, i stay on task way more and get more work done with it, defiantly recommend!.Version: 3.2.17

Adorable and FunctionalI enjoy waking up to a new little building that comes with my town! It’s been a fun new habit to integrate into my sleeping/waking routines. I adore sending little screenshots to friends and getting excited over buildings I got. Great app for its cuteness (similar to its sister app, Forest!) and smooth functionality. I’m hoping I can have more little Japan-themed buildings as they are quite close to what I saw when traveling in Japan. So lovely! Thank you for making such a handy and cute app! 💕🌸.Version: 3.12.3

Amazing!This is perfect for any age, I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone, one thing though, your sleeping habits have to be 4-10 hours. Could you extend it a bit?.Version: 3.2.1

Tone of the copy can be improvedI wish the app was much more encouraging. It seems the tone of the copy is out of place at times. It is discouraging to see the message that you failed. I had a long day, tried my best to be on time, was a few minutes late and now I have to see that discouraging message. Perhaps if it said something like, "you didn’t make it on time today, try again tomorrow", I would feel more encouraged to continue using the app to improve my sleeping habits. Please improve the tone of the copy, it would make a world of a difference in terms of user experience..Version: 2.3.2

Fantastic way to make sure my kids aren’t using their devices at nightMy kids compete with me and each other to build the best town - all without noticing that I’m using it to enforce the no-devices-after-dinnertime rule :).Version: 2.3

SleepyIt makes it actually take notice of how much time I spend on my phone over the course of an evening and when to put my phone away and switch off.Version: 3.1.6

Very Good but I think there should be modificationsI really like very app much however, a lot of the time I don’t hear the alarm for when to wake you and I feel it only gives like a minute to get up and use the app. Also, I think it should have a similar function to forest in not having a deep sleep mode since when I remember I need to check something on my phone I can’t until the next morning. I also think that it should have more than one schedule for sleep time during the week, since some people like myself get up early but like to sleep in on the weekend. Also with the circle, not everyone has the same sleep schedule so I think it should be modified to people have the choice to have the same sleep schedule or different and get awards together when they complete them, so you have multiple circles to cheer your friends on with making goo sleeping habits. Other than that I think it’s very good, but just needs modifications or new features available..Version: 3.2.16

Lots Of PotentialThis is a really neat idea, I enjoy the overall appeal of having a town grow while I sleep. However it has limited features right now but it is still young and I’m sure updates are quickly approaching. It needs a few more options (different times for different days, tracking sleep even when you miss your goal, etc) if it really wants to compete with some of the more sophisticated sleep tracker apps on the market. Also I would like to see more uses for coins, rewards are a powerful motivator and there need to be more to obtain. Also for the customizable towns, roads shouldn't come with the land, I think they should be purchased and moveable. Overall a great idea with a lot of potential, I look forward to future updates..Version: 2.0

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