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Great conceptGreat app, but needs work today I noticed all tasks are not showing on the ‘my tasks’ page. Will still use it but just hope the bugs and design will mould with time..Version: 1.6.8

Combine To-Do & Planner AppI love using the planner app as well as the To-Do app, but if they worked together that would be much more helpful. The reminder option and time of reminder option is hugely helpful in the To-Do app so I use that app for deadlines and planner for broad planning but it would be much simpler to use just one app with all of the capabilities..Version: 1.6.32

“We cannot complete your request because Planner traffic is unusually high.”I’m a heavy Planner user. I began getting the error in the title of this review months ago whenever I add or edit an existing item. I’ve tried reinstalling, different phones, no clue as to what the issue could be. “Please try again in a few minutes,” the error concludes. I’ve tried using the app at random times throughout. Would give this 4 stars if it worked for me. As is, hard to recommend to others without a resolution..Version: 1.10.3

Great app for planning and assigning task.This app works great in any environment where on the go task planning is important. Allows you to add pictures and checklist to assignments. Works well with Teams and is an integral piece to process management within a manufacturing setting. Highly recommend..Version: 1.11.0

Love itEasy to use and has helped me organise my work activities.Version: 1.13.20

OkOk.Version: 1.13.21

Huge productivity boosterLove that I can access my PC task list from my phone, delegate items, get automatic email reminders for upcoming and past due tasks. Great for personal organization and team coordination. Very intuitive user friendly interface..Version: 1.6.11

UPDATE..Great project management but....UPDATE: Latest build fixed the problem and I can now view and edit from planner. Well done, MS! Planner does not sync with MS Teams in an IOS environment. Listing of projects show but no buckets or workflow. MS Teams takes you to web version only. Will this be fixed?.Version: 1.5.3

Plan better w/Microsoft PlannerMy team uses Planner for our weekly goals meetings. We review assignments and assign task with ease. Export features allow us to provide KPI (key performance indicators) w/senior management and end users. If you are not using Planner to plan and want to increase your team’s output, I strongly recommend that you trial the program. You’ll love it!.Version: 1.13.3

Really impressed with the MS Planner app.My team was able to quickly adapt MS Planner for use with our general contracting firm. We are able to organize jobs and individual tasks. If simple Gantt chart and timeline features were added it would be the best app I have ever used. Keep up the good work MS team! 5 starts when Gantt is added. : ).Version: 1.6.8

V goodLove the ability to identify your own tasks. This reduces the need for non technical staff being able to focus on their own tasks and not worry about the ‘big picture’..Version: 1.13.20

Planner is greatOur company has been using planner for core operational PM and task related events. It is flexible, intuitive and clean. Flows work great to tie to other apps within MS world and outside. MS must invest in the enhancement of Planner to take it to the next level: + create more pre-established Flows + simple integration with email/calendar and perhaps Tasks or ToDo (this would increase adoption enormously....too many competitive tools with email support) + company internal branding, simple images for plans...add a little sizzle to make more main stream + drag and drop, drag and drop, etc If MS wants companies to stay within the MS umbrella for certain apps, then make them work together. The MS apps are great, may not have all the F&F of competition, though the MS apps serve a greater purpose: not all companies need robust PP, CRMs, etc. The core MS apps nicely fill so many gaps needed, without the time and $ burn..Version: 1.5.6

Great for team visibility, one or two things missing…..I love this tool and use it every day to manage the tasks my team are working on, or plan to undertake. I think the buckets and labels are great too… BUT the things that I really NEED and have workarounds (manual and annoying ones) for are: 1. The expected time/duration of the task (how long will it take to do the task) as well as when should it be started and finished by 2. Offline mode. No airplane mode or ability to work offline. I would prefer not to send tasks to my team if I am choosing to work out of hours because I don’t expect them to check emails and notifications at those times. It would be great if I could work offline, and when I go back online (I.e. in working hours), the tasks update and populate. If you can do this - I will stop using ToodleDo!.Version: 1.12.3

Surprisingly easy to jump in and begin usingI thought I was going to have to spend a lot of time studying this app out before begin using it. It only took me a few minutes and I started our team on the path of more focused planning! Thanks you guys at Microsoft..Version: 1.6.2

Awesome App 5 starsBetter and more powerful than todo lists. Tracking team tasks and todo’s is trivial and so simple to use. Must have app!!!.Version: 1.6.23

PlannerL’outil que je cherche depuis 35 ans!.Version: 1.8.18

Do not usePlans you create are bound to the team or group. You can’t move them. If you delete a plan or task it is gone forever. No recovery. If you delete a group or team the pans are gone. Just don’t risk using this app..Version: 1.13.15

Needs a few recommendationsThe MS planner is robust to a point. The checklist is nice but limited...it really needs to be sub tasks within the main task or project with the ability to schedule and assign to colleagues. We’ve been using Quire app and it has this ability. For heavy task planners in our office it’s a must and falls short for what we need..Version: 1.7.8

Needs more on the mobile app sideOverall the app is more responsive than the desktop app integration with Teams. If there is a search feature I haven’t found it on the mobile app. It makes it challenging to search through 100s of cards. I also wish you could edit your own comment because a few times I hit send too soon or saw mistakes after sending. Only other thing is I wish there was a toggle for the search feature to look through the comments..Version: 1.6.4

Easy to useHave just started using this app to manage my small team of technicians. So far I’ve been impressed at how easy it is for everyone to use and how it’s focussing everyone’s attention on completing their work within agreed deadlines. Good job!.Version: 1.6.9

Has a lot of potential.Began creating a group for the Small Business I work with. I find that being able to communicate as a team as well as view, create and assign task is very helpful for a business. This in turn also provides a sense of organization as well as good workmanship. The only thing that would be great is to have this available as a desktop app and not just available on webpage. It just makes things more convenient and less like to lose you place if the internet or web browser crashes. Other than that, this is a great addition and has plenty of potential. Thank you..Version: 1.8.12

One more thing...Please add dark mode.Version: 1.8.4

Really good start, useful & efficientNice job for “ initial release”. Still needs a few tweaks but is helpful as is. Easy to use once you understand the logic. You will find more and more uses as you use the app. Integration with all devices is great. It saves me from using and paying for multiple apps..Version: 1.6.8

Reoccurring tasksPlanner is very useful. However, I cannot set reoccurring tasks for routine tasks. It would be really good if it is addressed..Version: 1.13.17

Would be useful to be able to convert a task to a checklist item easilyThere’s only an option to promote a checklist item to a task, not one to demote a task to a checklist item... Would love to see more linking features between tasks etc.Version: 1.9.5

New Microsoft Planner AppGreat to have this available now & easy to access from iphone. The provision of notifications when necessary would be good too..Version: 1.0.2

GeniusI love this app. I use this to manage my strategic goals and to-do for Daily operational tasks. Great app.Version: 1.5.9

Great app !Great app ! Love it 🥰.Version: 1.13.20

Coming along nicelyMS keeps adding functionality and is becoming my favorite app. Need to have an add-in for IOS Outlook etc to forward to immediately create a task/plan. Also with the additional functionality on MS To-Do, it is starting to become a bit confusing as to which program to use for which function given the amount of overlap. But excellent app.Version: 1.9.7

Great start just needs some polishThe tool is great and has been quick and easy to use. The only issue I have is that there is no export facility available or top level reporting capability for management. Once those are in this will be awesome..Version: 1.5.9

Some ideas for improvementThis is great tools in office 365 app family but it is still lacking a few features - ability to import from csv or excel file ( you can export to excel, why can’t you update the info e.g deadlines in excel and then import it?) this is specially good on initial setup of the project - Gantt chart - team time tracking - list view.Version: 1.6.23

Planner changed my lifeI can’t tell you how many hours worth of note taking and managing actions Planner has saved me. I had always dreamed of a system where I could keep track of all my actions from multiple teams on one platform. Just wish the desktop version was quicker - man it’s slow - have to use the iPhone to do everything..Version: 1.6.32

Excellent application for managing teamIt is an excellent application which can be used from phone, pc internet. It will automatically send notification to member regarding their task due dates and so on..Version: 1.11.0

Great APPThis APP would get 5stars, however no iPad support Pros - Teams can work from the same plan with updates sent directly to their in box - As a business owner, teams can be given their tasks to complete the project with links back their Sharepoint site for relevant supporting documents - Conversation history makes it easy to keep on track and where people are at with tasks. - Define a task outcome and description enabling team members to know what is expected. Cons - Our team spend allot of their time on the road working from our iPads. There isn't a iPad version at the time of writing this version 1.02 - NO ability to set up a focus or setting up for priority actions for the day. Unable to define a plan for the day or adjust on the fly - No ability to set to set up cascading tasks when a task is completed - No ability to define recurring tasks - No ability to see project description within APP or online.Version: 1.0.2

Looks Great! Only Problem Is...I've looked at MC Planner and it looks good, but when I download it, it says I need to use a work / school email. I was really disappointed because I really wanted to use this but it doesn't work. I'm giving it a 5 start so that I don't discourage others, but can you please change it to make it a personal planner using a personal email? Thank you!.Version: 1.10.3

Need notification ASAPNo notifications yet so it’s useless for getting update in planning.Version: 1.8.11

Can't believe I'm rating a Microsoft app 5 starsI really like this app. It's the right blend of simplicity and power. Feels a lot like how I tried to make Wunderlist work for business years ago but it never really did. This feels cleaner and less friction overall than Trello. Keep up the great work. I don't use Teams though. I'd love to get this hooked up to Slack. One thing I'd change: after clicking into a task from the 'My Tasks' section, the name of the Plan is in the upper left, next to the Bucket Name. Clicking the Plan name should take me to the Plan, not to change the bucket, like makes sense would happen when you click on the bucket name. I can't seem to get back to the Plan unless I go to the Planner Hub. Just a few extra clicks that mightn't be needed....Version: 1.2.3

Can’t delete the plans that you make on mobileIt’s a nice app but I can’t delete any of the plans that I’ve made on mobile. There’s no option to do so on mobile even after clicking “Plan Settings” you’re only given the option to edit it. There’s also a lack of features in this app. I can’t move the plans above or under where it appears so that they can be in accordance with my schedule. You also can’t choose what colors they display on the planner hub..Version: 1.9.10

AwesomeIt’s awesome.Version: 1.9.5

Simple and effectiveGreat application but really could do with admin profiles so to restrict changes that users can make. At present, anyone can make any change to any plan..Version: 1.8.12

Great! But...Great app. Love that more than one person can share a To Do list and that I can assign tasks to a colleague/assistant. But...one massive improvement would be that I can use the app on airplane mode. When there is no internet I can’t even open it. Annoying when trying to work on a plane!.Version: 1.6.25

Great appGreat for organizing tasks and managing teamwork..Version: 1.6.11

A great tool!Through the years I have used many different pieces of software and tried to develop many different practices, to schedule my life both at work and at home. Planner is simple quick and efficient. I would like to see a little bit more customization allowed, so that it works a little bit more streamlined. There is a large crevasse between Microsoft planner and Microsoft project finding something close to the middle would be optimal for the users of Microsoft. But I was trying to run with the premise do not let perfection get in the way of progress - CLewis.Version: 1.6.19

Great app needs one featureWith the calendar picker for due dates and start dates, either put the day name of week or make the picker an actual calendar so when to pick dates I do not need to go between this and a calendar.Version: 1.6.11

Good ProductThis could be an exceptional product if it did two things, integrate with me project and have the ability to record a numerical metric. Otherwise, I would stick to to-do. Planner also needs to easily integrate with outlook and it needs a desktop app. It’s a good start but not totally on the mark..Version: 1.11.6

Love it - BUTMake no mistake this is a useful Microsoft app. It is free on the phone but you have to pay for a 365 account to use it. If you have used Microsoft project or other planners that follow waterfall methodology this probably will not work for you since you can not programme milestones or critical paths. You can Group things into logical groups “buckets” Assign tasks among your 365 team Start date Due date Progress not started in progress completed Add labels that are colour coded You can get limited charts. Email alerts to your 365 email. The integration with the 365 website is very slick too. One addition I would love to see is if on the charts where a late task is in red, or a in progress task is in blue Make it so when you take the chart colour task it takes you to the tasks. Other than that very fine work Microsoft. I’m using lists and SharePoint as well. We are moving home at the moment and Microsoft lists, SharePoint and planner are being used. It’s both fun and useful..Version: 1.11.6

Microsoft is crushing itRecent updates have been excellent. Staying in one place (Microsoft) with all of our software just makes total sense now with Teams, Outlook and Planner (not to mention SharePoint and Power BI). This has been really good for our small business. Makes us feel like legit elite software for the big guys is finally accessible to all..Version: 1.8.11

Needs more featuresIn-app notifications would be a great start! Borrow some of the functions from Teams please..Version: 1.6.32

Is missing a few things1st: I am an IT Consultant and I have access to more than one admin domain. I can not be logged in all the three accounts at the same time. Big bummer. 2nd: One of my clients with Ms Office 365 and with MS Teams is a guest in one of my channels. She does not receive ANY NOTIFICATION when receiving my messages in her desktop app. So dissatisfied! Other than that, I love it! Great tool. Needs improvement in the video calls and audio, can’t trust it 100%. Sometimes remote control just doesn’t work. Sync from Teams randomly works, it works from Sharepoint..Version: 1.10.3

No use outside of coveragePretty good but the inability to use when out of coverage is a joke..Version: 1.6.3

Pretty goodIt would be good if you could have the ability to personalise plans, such as changing colours. Still a great app though.Version: 1.9.10

Zo 007This is a really good app and lets you manage your tasks and your team. I wish it could be more integrated with Outlook and OneNote. At the moment when you record actions in meetings on OneNote you then have to manually add actions in Planner. Also, where have Outlook emails that are linked to an action or request directly come through an email then I wish you can create task directly into planner instead of manually adding. More integration please and as soon as possible..Version: 1.8.11

Nearly there .....It normally seems to take 2 years for MSoft to get their apps/products right - Teams looks like it might only take 6 months. As long as they don’t screw up the Skype for Biz integration maybe 5* next time..Version: 1.3.1

Petia testThis is test please ignore.Version: 1.13.18

Great help to organize everything!Easy to use and great flexibility within the Microsoft ecosystem.Version: 1.8.19

A great software application for managing my personal tasks.I have used this software for about six months now. Although the application has collaboration functionality, for my single-member LLC, all that I need is to keep track of a set of tasks, describe them, estimate the time to complete them, create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), assign a date and time (with the help of Calendar) to complete each time, which shows on my schedule as 'Busy' - which is exactly what I want, then finally record the actual time the task took. There are a few features that I would like it to have, like automatic integration with my Calendar product on iOS. But, except for a few features that I would love it to have, the software application is a great solution for my task needs..Version: 1.6.8

Planned maintenanceI use this app to plan the maintenance of 100s of equipment. Adding a checklist to each item , ensures that all the kit and equipment maintenance is never missed ..Version: 1.6.32

Some little things would make it betterTie into outlook so you can add a task from an email. Being able to assign a key task owner rather then a collection of owners.Version: 1.7.10

Fundamental fix that could greatly improve the appThere needs to be an option where you can assign view only option for added members. Relying on others to accurately update may not always be useful to track progress as there is not necessarily and associated double check on task execution. With view only there would need to be updates to the project leader/ debriefs.Version: 1.7.10

Great app for team collaboration - needs further developmentI have just started using this app with my team. It has been effortless to get started with, and is very easy to pick up. We work on a rotational pattern of 21 days on and 10 days off, all on staggered shifts, so having all the visibility of task list makes for effective crossover notes. Through that improved visibility, things get done even when you’re not there. It does need to have an export feature, like an export to Excel and definitely some form of printing would make it even better - this would make team review meetings easier if you don’t have the luxury of a projector in your office. Also, if the checklists within a task could be assigned specifically to people that would be great Great app. Definitely a winner.Version: 1.6.3

Almost greatGreat little app that works well on iPhone. If I could view as a Gantt chart then I would give it 5 stars.Version: 1.8.20

Using it every day nowStill solo in my business so I can't speak to the collaborative functions but for me this is awesome. Planner has a level of simplicity which makes it better than other tools like Trello to manage activities. I've used the buckets to capture specific projects and within each to capture tasks needed to be completed. I've also used buckets to list my actions for today and 1 or 2 days out so I've always got a clear picture of what's coming up. In addition it's super easy to assign colour coded labels. For projects I can highlight priority projects. And for my daily actions I can assign colour codes to say if it's a 15 min, 30 min, 60 min presentation, 90 min deep work etc. So at a glance I know what's happening. I used to try to manage all of this in my calendar or paper to do lists but this way is far better! Great work Planner team..Version: 1.13.13

Huge potential!The app is very easy to use and helpful but has one important feature missing: can you please add a field to size tasks? The number of tasks doesn’t say very much at all, a field for story points or similar is crucial to use the app effectively..Version: 1.8.12

Almost incredibleI really enjoy the way this task manager works. It helps me to finish complicated tasks. It needs to all you to set up templates or truly copy tasks or buckets. It also needs to let you hide plans once completed. Otherwise it is great..Version: 1.6.8

Dark mode & a stand-alone desktop app and this will be a contenderWith most businesses able to access O365 Planner comes in handy to get everyone on the same page. It’s currently a bit of an afterthought and needs a little tlc to get it up to Trello standards. That being said, my boss likes it because it will spit out excel when he wants it..Version: 1.6.32

Unable to launch - update, working in iOS 14Previously reviewed as 1 star as unable to launch the app. All fixed now. Happy to use the app again. Old review below for reference. I recently upgraded from iPhone 7 to 11. On my iPhone 7 Planner worked fine. On the 11, I can’t get into the app. It just hangs on the loading screen. No error. Have deleted and reinstalled serval times and rebooted. Please fix this as I used the app lots on my iPhone 7 so I don’t understand why it’s not working on a different handset. Thanks.Version: 1.9.11

The Ultimate To-Do!I've been using Wunderlist for years now, and it's a nice app but it's not what one would call "business class," Microsoft Planner however is wonderful! It's polished, powerful, simple, a true joy to use. My only gripe is, this isn't available for everyone with a standard Live account. I think I speak for the majority of people when I say I would gladly pay for the privilege to use this app as a standalone product. It's THAT good!.Version: 1.2.6

Extremely usefulThank you Microsoft for another excellent application..Version: 1.8.19

Nice appOffice 365 has taken me time to work out how to implement teams, planner etc for our organisation, but now that it’s setup and being used it’s a very powerful tool and loving how it progressively becomes way more integrated between apps..Version: 1.6.13

FabulousGreat to get out of 3rd party apps and now just in Microsoft.Version: 1.9.6

Great easy to useLike the app but looking forward to greater integration with To-Do.Version: 1.8.20

Mobile functionality feels limitedSitting in a coffee shop, I would love to be able to add a project on my phone and be able to populate it with data. Sadly this functionality doesn’t seem available. Yet?.Version: 1.6.32

On holdWe need an on hold status otherwise useful and easy app.Version: 1.5.9

Another Genius MoveHave been researching lots of task-organization software. The more I looked and tried apps, the more I felt like Goldilocks. Being a Microsoft user, I am surprised I missed Planner. It is “Just Right”! Our first project got rave reviews from our team. Very intuitive and genius organization. We hit the ground running within 24 hours of building our first plan..Version: 1.9.12

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