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Snapshot® Mobile App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Snapshot® Mobile app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Snapshot® Mobile? Can you share your negative thoughts about snapshot® mobile?

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Snapshot® Mobile for Negative User Reviews

HorribleHope you like running red lights. This app punishes you for slowing down and stopping at yellows because that’s “hard braking” even if it’s just moderate. Oh, also hope you don’t drive a manual transmission. It registers a lot of downshifts as hard braking, even if passengers are completely unaware you didn’t perfectly rev match. And you can’t use your phone waiting in a parking lot while your passenger goes in to get a drink or use the bathroom — that’s using a phone while driving. And sometimes using your phone after you just get home and go inside, that’s using a phone while driving too. You go to work every morning? You’re gonna face rush hour traffic Ok, so you’re gonna keep distance between you and the person in front of you, awesome, now they brake hard and they brake soft. Except now people are constantly cutting you off, forcing you to brake hard. Follow too closely? Premium jail. Keeping a good following distance? Believe it or not, premium jail. I understand the physical limitations. But these false positives end up costing you real world money, and for some of us that little bit of money has a big impact on our lives. It’s really unacceptable..Version: 2.4.0

Wildly InaccurateThis app has a great concept just like all of the others. We recently switched to Progressive from another insurance company so I of course wanted to take advantage of the driving app. I’ve always gotten A+ ratings. When you have teenage drivers every little savings helps, however this app needs MAJOR improvements. It does not log all of your trips, it marks trips wrong, it says phone usage when you didn’t even touch your phone. The app itself is also absolute garbage it is constantly telling me to enter my phone number to “log” back in . Okay fine no issues but then It says this number is blocked for too many attempts. It tells me to call. Listen if I wanted to call and wait on hold for however long I’d just use a local company for my insurance. This is an app, I should have to option to fix this “bug” and log back in from whatever mess this is THROUGH the APP! The creators need to go back to the drawing board and give it a whole revamp. It got 2 stars from me because it is decently designed and some what easy to navigate..Version: 2.11

Garbage appHey! Do you want to be falsely judged, graded on that judgment and the have to pay extra on your insurance for it? Well than this is the app for you!!! This app has put me as the passenger at time when I’m driving, doesn’t count half my trips, and will say I was using my phone while driving when I’m not. Used to use my phone as a GPS and was told that’s why it said I was using my phone while driving, (not, yeah our app made a mistake), so I put it in my pocket and guess what! It still will say I’m using my phone! Also, its said that I hard brakes 4 times waiting for the same light. Don’t know how that happens. And of course, it still doesn’t count little of 40 percent of my drives (compared it to the data on my Hum device) Garbage app!!!! Switch companies or drop the snapshot before it’s too late!!!.Version: 2.4.0

APP costs me money but doesn’t workI voluntarily uploaded the because it will “save me money”. It crashes. I get nasty emails from progressive saying “ app isn’t on, you can be penalized if you opt out!” BUT I DIDNT OPT OUT!! It crashed. I hit the link in the nasty email. It reopens to a “survey”. I answer the survey and phone freezes. Many times, not just once. So I can’t open the app to report my driving. I call. Rep says” delete and reinstall” except when I Do that, to reinstall takes me to the app in the AppStore, and a tiny Cloud symbol which reinstalls the app with all my data and it crashes. I call. Rep says “delete it from the Cloud”-( family member works for apple and has no idea how to do that. ) I ask rep-He had no idea either. Meanwhile I am voluntarily increasing my auto premiums and I am a GOOD DRIVER. Progressive-SNAPSHOT IS A BAD IDEA UNLESS IT WORKS *FAIRLY*!!.Version: 2.5.1

Incorrect determination of phone usageThe app itself is fine (besides a lot of privacy data issues) but what it’s worst at is phone usage. The algorithm to calculate phone usage is definitely flawed. I drive with phone mostly in my pocket and I still many a times get 2-10% of phone usage. Once done driving, and while walking inside my home and use the phone it shoots up the phone usage to 20%. It doesn’t know how to identify start and stop of trips accurately or difference between car stopped moving and person starting walking from parking lot..Version: 2.11

Sporadic and InaccurateThis app has too many issues to be used as a tool to determine driving habits. Even when it’s allowed to track location 24/7, it does not. When this issue was brought up to the IT department, they simply implied that I turned off location services on my phone. The app has stopped working four times over a period of two weeks showing a message which implies that the collection of driving data is no longer needed. After that a warning email is sent from Progressive threatening to kick me out of the Snapshot program. So, I had to delete and reinstall the app four times during two weeks. Is it worth using it for saving $11 each month?.Version: 2.12

Not a good appI have had Snapshot on my phone since February 2023. I just found out today that any movement in the car or any notifications including those from ring doorbells and other forms of notification that cause the screen to go on even if you were not touching the phone, will count against you, because any time the screen goes on, it counts as if you are manipulating the phone. I called progressive about this and find this unacceptable. They do not have a software solution for this. My advice, if you are forced to use this app, turn other notifications off, except absolutely essential ones. Because anytime a notification makes the screen go on, it will count against you and you don’t want to get billed at a higher rate because it is showing that you are using your phone when you are clearly not. This also applies to the phone being in motion and obviously, in the car, the phone is in motion. So I would have to give this app a one star rating based on my experience. I would give it zero if I could..Version: 2.12

Worst app everEvery couple of days I get an error that the stupid app disconnects from the servers. Every freaking time I have to delete re-download the app re-register and now guess what I’ve done it too many times that now my phone number is locked. With my life and how busy it is I don’t have the time to be doing this abs job and making sure that it’s working properly so I can get my stupid discounts. I don’t have the time to be calling Progressive to get my phone number unlocked so every couple of days the stupid app kicks me out. I honestly feel like Progressive does this on purpose. I can’t wait for the stupid policy Period to be over with. I honestly don’t recommend this to anyone..Version: 2.12

Constantly Having to RedownloadThe reviews on the accuracy issues with hard braking are accurate. It will register an “event” in so many cases where there shouldn’t be one. But my main pain point is that the app regularly just stops tracking you. And when you open the app, it says that Progressive is all done and the app can be deleted. But then you get an email a few days later telling you to check the app because they haven’t gotten an update in 15 days. So you have to delete the app and reinstall and re-set it up. This is nearly monthly and happens with all three drivers in our house..Version: 2.12

Barely worksI have had to delete and redownload the app randomly about 5 times since I’ve been having to have it. It’ll just stop working and won’t even tell me and it’ll act like it’s done collecting data even though the tracking period isn’t over yet. I’ll have this garbage app on my phone for the next 10 years at this rate. Beyond that though, it’s terrible at tracking anything. It’s calculated a hard break when I’m going straight down the road and never even touch my brakes. My latest fun one was I got two hard breaks while the car was still sitting in my front yard. Alongside that, I got a fast acceleration the other day, which is downright comical considering I’m driving a 2012 Prius C, there’s no such thing as a fast acceleration in that car, I’ve seen scooters that are faster than that car. If I would’ve known what a piece of crap this app was I never would’ve bothered, it’s been way more trouble than it’s worth, don’t waste your time..Version: 2.12

New Snapshot in Progressive app hosedI used the Snapshot app a couple of years ago when it was external to the Progressive (overall) app and it worked well. Unfortunately now it’s internal to the Progressive app - and this time it’s recording phone usage that ISN’T HAPPENING!! I never use my phone in the car and I’ve even put it in the back seat in a bag - and Snapshot will record that the phone was used. I’ve phoned a couple of times (customer service told me one time to make sure my engine was off - no idling in a parking lot) but their suggestions didn’t change anything. I believe that the app is now registering when the user is using Waze, or other apps that are tracking your locations - like if you’re using a pick up service at a grocery store, etc. I’m VERY unhappy with the new “internal to Progressive app” version..Version: 2.11

Phone usageI have issues that when I use Apple play I will get docked points for phone usage or when I arrive at a location and park and get my phone to check text messages or check while I stop at a gas station and am parked in a safe location I get docked points. Seems unfair as I don’t use my phone while driving. Randomly got hard braking a few times without it even mentioning where exactly. (I’m very light on the brake pedal) so the app seems figidy if my rate does go up because of their app issues I will switch companies. I have also had an issue where my wife was bad so it would charge my phone and then disconnect and automatically reconnect and so on this also docked me points..Version: 2.6.0

GPS Counts As Phone UsageA few others have mentioned it and I feel the need to as well, but there is an issue where if you have your phone open with GPS it will count as phone usage. This is a problem for me especially as the only time I really drive long distances is to see family and I have a tendency to get lost. I learned that due to me using GPS constantly it counted towards my phone usage while driving and my rate went up 189$ because of this. I literally cancelled my Progressive policy because of this as they said there was nothing they could do because I was using my phone while driving. Mind you my phone was in my Center console not even in sight, so this just felt like an extra blow..Version: 2.8.0

This app can cause you hundreds of dollarsProgressive uses the data from this app to calculate your insurance payment. So you imagine this app is fairly accurate. Unfortunately NO. I used the app for about three months. Five out of ten trips were not recorded. Even for the recorded ones, it missed part of the trips. Or even after you left the car, it still says you are in the car. It produces wrong data, not just inaccurate. I was out of the country for nearly three months, during which I called and let progressive know about this. However, they still opted me out. And then I got a $175 increase on renewal. I didn’t have any new tickets or accidents. The Rep told me that the increase was based on data collected from Snapshot. If you are using this app, you may be paying hundreds dollars extra for the wrong data collected by Snapshot..Version: 2.3.3

Too many registration attempts?With all the headache this app has been giving me I’m hoping for a HUGE discount. Every few days I open my app to see my status and just generally check things out. Every few days or so I open the app and I get a message that progressive isn’t tracking me anymore and I can delete the app. I’ve called progressive multiple times on this just to double check and make sure. They always have me delete and redownload the app. So this morning I go to check my app and of course the same problem I’ve been having for months. This time however, I can’t “reregister” because I’ve done that too many times. I just want a discount on my insurance but this doesn’t seem worth it..Version: 2.12

A few issues to addressThe app generally seems to work well. It doesn’t kill my battery and most of the time I don’t see events in my trips. I’ve never had an accident or a ticket in 15 years driving, so that makes sense. When I do get an event, however, it often counts one “hard brake” as 3-5 events but only shows one dot on the map. It also records “phone use” events on every few drives even when my phone is in my pocket the entire time I’m driving. I don’t have CarPlay, so it can’t be related to using a hands free device. This means my grade is a “C+” and the app says I need to “keep working toward a discount”. Progressive needs to work a bit on the accuracy for sure..Version: 2.3.4

Easiest way to lose a clientThis app doesn’t work. It chooses which arbitrary things are considered hard breaks, and it arbitrarily decides when it wants to allow you access to the app. Calling customer service to get answers also doesn’t work since it work’s through a different team. Even if you do a defensive maneuver when someone gets i front of you or panic stops, there’s no way to appeal the app deciding that it was your fault. Phone usage for GPS, radio, phone use (through the car system) is still counted as use of phone and distracted driving. So after 5 months of use and close to renewal, 3 days of the app deciding my driving was bad added a 100$ surcharge and regular add ons for “everybody” added close to 100 more. Do not get this app, avoid choosing Progressive of you only need car insurance.Version: 2.12

WARNING DO NOT DOWNLOADThis app will 100% raise your rate no matter how slow or safe you drive! I drive a Tesla that drives perfectly and I constantly received marks for hard braking and fast acceleration! I started to monitor the app while driving and this thing will flag at the slightest bit of braking or acceleration! Just slightly speeding up to merge into traffic will flag you! My rate increased from $450-$850 for my 6 month premium! It takes 6 months to grade you on the app. It gave me a C and said “Congrats you received a $48 discount!” Then when my policy came up to renew they said yeah you received a discount but also we raised your rate because of your snapshot score! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. It’s a ploy to raise your rates without you having an accident or anything. This is a business using tech to try and say there’s a reason to raise your rate. Also FYI I’ve had ZERO ACCIDENTS and am 34 years old. You’ve been warned!.Version: 2.3.4

Logs phone use even when phone was not in useI purposely leave my phone in my purse when using this app, so I do not use my phone when driving. Still, most trips will have a phone use “event”. It may be because my screen lights up when a text or call comes in, but even though I don’t answer it, it will log it as a 0.1% phone use and count it against me as a full event. It is extremely frustrating because I am so compliant: I no longer take phone calls when driving (I can’t even have my passenger answer my phone call or text for me), and I can’t use navigation or my phone for music when driving because it counts it all as events. So even though I have given all this up to try to get a good rating, I will still have a drive where I do not touch or use my phone in any capacity, yet still get a phone use event. I think it’s unfair and extremely annoying..Version: 2.10.0

Inaccurate phone usageI’m learning I have to be careful while using this feature now because the app will continue for about 5 minutes or so after you have gotten to your destination. I am able to use GPS as long as I set the destination before I leave and don’t touch my phone the whole trip. But when I park my car if I don’t wait at least 5 minutes it will count the phone usage on my trip. They should make a feature that lets you end your trip on the app and trim the phone usage off at least a minute before you end the trip. I have used the snapshot device in the past and so far I feel like the phone app is more accurate with hard breaks. The device was way too sensitive and would always report on what most people would consider normal breaking. I’m giving 2 stars because the app at least has made me drive more cautious, stop tailgating and pay more attention. All for saving money lol..Version: 2.8.0

Not AccurateThe app is “usually” ok when deciphering if I’m driving or not but the phone usage portion is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous! I’m new to my area and have to use my gps (hooked up through my Bluetooth) to get around quite often and I always get dinged for cell usage while driving. It doesn’t matter that I set up the location BEFORE moving and don’t touch my phone again until I’m parked and exiting my vehicle. I even have it set to “DO NOT DISTURB” when connected to Bluetooth and I still continuously get falsely accused of being on it. You’re better off getting the plug-in tracker and avoiding this mess of an app that will ultimately get you a higher bill for misinformation sent to your insurance company. 👎.Version: 2.4.0

Dreadful appI’m a longtime Progressive customer and very happy with the company. Many years ago, I used the plugin device and (I think) got a discount. This app is another story. It’s dreadful. I’m the ONLY driver but the app defaults to “ it appears you weren’t the driver on this trip.” Every daggone time I have to remember to go back to the app and change my role to “Driver.” I don’t drive much anymore & the app can’t seem to handle that either. I’ve used the app a long time now without coming to the end of the progress bar. Yesterday, I got a message to delete the app because it was done collecting data. I logged into Progressive on my desktop and got a message that The app wasn’t finished with me. When I tried to reinstall and reregister I was locked out. It’s very frustrating, and the only time I e been dissatisfied with Progressive insurance. I’ve called twice for tech support and spoken with nice people who assured me the nonworking app was working just fine. Even Progressive tech support has no idea what this app does. If you want to participate in Snapshot, my advice is to ask for the plugin device. It actually does work..Version: 2.12

Inaccurate app!This app cannot honestly tell the difference between hard braking and regular braking, and they need to program the app for a better “judgment call” on what true hard braking is. Not once have I ever hard-braked on this app, but in one trip they had me down as having 4 hard-braking episodes in 2 areas. Better for a human to be in the car with you, “judging” your driving ability than this app! I guess they wanna make it hard for people to get a discount “honestly” why even try for it when you’re already “defeated”. Plus, we live in a day and age where it’s the others around us that we have to look out for, because of their crazy driving, and we are on the defensive end trying to keep from getting hit. Oh well, the app will still make it your fault for hard-braking or swerving because of trying to avoid an accident WE didn’t cause. WE have to avoid idiot drivers out there who seemingly got their license from a Cracker Jack box! Anyway, final verdict on this app......flawed and very inaccurate!.Version: 2.3.3

Too many false positives on “phone usage”Application is not distinguish between hands-free BT and headset usage. Using GPS for direction, incoming calls, texts, emails even if not answered counts toward phone usage. Giving the fact that using headset now is illegal this app falsely creates record of illegal activity. Even if car stopped and engine off and you make call it flagged as “usage” originally i requested the dongle, but they told me that Virginia required the app. Well, I am using it for a month already, zero hard brakes, zero accelerations and zero after midnight, but will have to opt-out because of deficient app. Update: talked to Progressive on how app reported on events “phone usage”. We went through all 5 events, date and time, and all reported “phone in hand” even though 2 calls were on BT, one call was inside parked car with engine off, one was incoming routed to the voice mail, and one was incoming text that I looked after stopped. Basically false reporting as “distracted driving”. I immediately opted out and will return original discount, no matter how accurately one is driving, “distracted driving” surpass it all in all evaluations..Version: 2.3.3

Very inaccurateIve reported inaccuracy over and over and they have actioned nothing. I have to check the app everyday because no matter where youre at in the car it says your driving. I dont drive much maybe twice a week. My week old driving habits with excessive phone usage ate all from me not checking the app cause i wasn’t driving. Last thing i want is to have to baby sit an app so my insurance doesn't go up. The few times i did drive my phone was in my purse and i answered a call via my car and i got phone usage. Again contacted them and they said the app only counts it if my phone is physically interacted with so i guess my check book is in there playing phone games while im driving. What a joke!.Version: 2.5.1

What is this thing doing?I would have left feedback on the app but that doesn’t work either. This thing will say that I had 2 hard stops (when I didn’t) and not even show on the map where it says I did it (that’s because I didn’t). It keeps doing it; making up hard stops. I’ve had snapshot before and it used to be more accurate then this. Someone changed something within the last 2 years and now it randomly makes up hard stops and doesn’t show where it claims you did it. Which will effect your overall grade. Which effects your overall coverage price. Pretty convenient glitch, if you ask me. If you are marketing a technology it better work like you claim it does. So please fix it!.Version: 2.3.3

False phone usage flag after finishing tripI used the Progressive snap shot app a few times. So far it can detects my trip and braking correctly. However, the app incorrectly detects cell phone usage. If you use cell phone right after or few minutes or 15 minutes after completing trip, the app will flag you as using cell phone during trip. I hope that Progressive would modify app to allow user to mark trip as completed. Some other users also brought up this issue. So, my guess is to use cell phone after trip, user probably may have to wait at least 20 minutes or longer after trip to avoid being flagged as using cell phone during trip. If you happy with current premium, do not use the app..Version: 2.3.4

Has IssuesI have two big issues with this app. One is phone usage. If my Lock Screen is even just on it seems to count as usage even if I’m not using my phone. I keep it in my cup holder because I have CarPlay and never using my phone physical in my car. The other issue is it is terrible at recognizing if I’m the passenger. Every time I ride with my coworker it thinks I’m driving and his habits hit me. And if I don’t check the app daily, then I can’t switch it to passenger for those trips. My coworkers driving is definitely hurting my score on the days on forget to check the app..Version: 2.6.0

The App is a jokeI have to have this app in my phone and I can say it’s terrible. Depending on the sensitivity of your phone it will flag you often for breaking hard or accelerating fast even though you don’t. I contacted Progressive to complain and they lied to me and said it only determines if you accelerate or break hard by gps. Total lie as I purposely made my phone read a break hard by lightly slowing down and then dropping my phone on the truck floor….. Maybe it’s a glitchy app, but it’s crazy that it worked….. If you have an old phone probably better to use that so you don’t get so many false “events”…. When I originally downloaded the app, it worked fine. Then after a month it said I could delete it. Then Progressive said I have to reinstall, then it picks up false “events “ all the time. I’m going to switch insurance if they say we have to pay more!.Version: 2.11

InaccurateAs others have said, this app erroneously records phone usage. It regularly says I’ve used my phone when it hasn’t been touched for the entire drive. I’ve contacted progressive a couple of times about this issue. The most recent time they told me if the phone moves it could count as usage. So basically if it slides around a little in the charging area of my car, that counts as usage. It is also extremely sensitive about the hard breaks issue and then gives condescending advice about slowing down at a stop light. Hello, I’m not slamming on my breaks when I get to a red light. I’m slamming the breaks when some idiot cuts me off! Or once when I stopped for a pedestrian who walked out into a crosswalk. I guess the app would prefer I ran him down. All in all I regret signing up for this thing. Especially if I don’t end up getting a discount. It is not worth the hassle..Version: 2.6.0

Apple CarPlay and general phone use not goodI never use my phone while driving, but I do use Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth to talk if I get a phone call. The app counts this as phone use, which to me seems silly. The whole reason for those features, is to promote safe driving. Why would I get dinged then? There needs to be a way to differentiate from when Apple CarPlay/Bluetooth is being used, versus when the phone is physically in my hands and I’m being irresponsible. The app also says I’m using my phone when I’ve gotten to my destination, have put the car in park, and take a look at my phone. I do this a lot when I get to work. If I’m early, I’ll hang out in my car, play on my phone, and chill before going in. It’s crazy that I might get dinged or my score drops because of that. There should maybe be an option to say that you’ve parked and are at a safe location..Version: 2.3.3

Not greatI haven’t experienced any of the issues others have with it not tracking trips (sometimes, but usually when my battery is low, so I just assumed it was that), but the number of drives I need to make to get my discount seems very high. I’ve taken over 300 trips according to the app and my score still isn’t finalized. I live in a small city and drive to work, gym, and the grocery store- not a lot of room for extra trips, especially in a pandemic. I have had issues with it logging hard brakes when I have not, no idea how to fix that unless they recalibrate the app. I had the Esurance app before this and it was way better; showed me more detail, could edit trips easier, told me my discount after 25 trips and my progress towards increasing that discount. I only got progressive instead because I moved and the rate was much lower. I’ll probably be switching when my plan is up for renewal because this app is so frustrating.Version: 2.3.2

Scam to get you into ProgressiveThis app and its 10% initial discount is just a scam to get you into Progressive insurance. I just used it for several months and had an A+ for my driving. They sent me an email saying I’ll be getting $191 discount starting from my next 6 months period. They indeed gave me $191 discount but after raising my rate by $206. They raised the premium to cover the “discount” they promised. So, basically I’m not getting any discount. There were no reason to raise my premium as I didn’t have any accidents or any claims, did not move my residence, did not add any drivers to my insurance, did not change my car, did not receive any traffic violations or citation. The only thing changed was the discount they are offering me for safe driving. This app is very sensitive when counting hard break and fast acceleration. If you have one hard break it will count like 5 hard breaks. I had been driving like my grandpa to get this discount. If they give you discount, they will raise your premium to make it even or in my case I’ll be paying $13 more than I used to after getting the discount. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to sign up for this scam. It’ll be a complete waste of time. Also, this app drain your battery very fast. You’ll be charging your phone 5-6 times a day..Version: 2.5.1

Tested it out on an easy driveGave it a trial run. It said I had “7 events - hard braking” but the trip details only show 3. Funny enough, I actually had ONE where a car (no signal) cut me off so they wouldn’t miss a turn and THAT one actually didn’t register. One of my “hard braking events” supposedly occurred when I gingerly parked my car in a cramped parking lot and another during the slowest roll through an extremely busy construction zone. Definitely seems like a scam to raise your rates. Update: I literally NEVER use or so much as touch my phone when I drive. I do however have teenage daughters that take turns picking songs on my phone while it’s using Apple CarPlay. There’s no way to change this data without dismissing the entire event as if you were a passenger. Also there’s now an extra trip showing during a time both me and my phone did not leave the house because my whole family had COVID. Despite the threatening “you must keep this app open in the background” messages or whatever, snapshot managed to record allll of this ^^ regardless. Anyway, my update is that it’s still a scam. I’m deleting and will gladly pay the whole like $11 dollars it had knocked off our policy. Hope my rates don’t go up even more based on the few trips they fabricated/“collected data” from. If you’re thinking of signing up, don’t. Just have Credit Karma or Chime pull better rates elsewhere instead..Version: 2.6.0

Almost there, but irritating at timesI almost like this app, but the feature that makes trips too old to categorize is beyond irritating. I’d like at least to be able to contest entries, frankly, telling me that I don’t know well enough to remember my drives after a short time is insulting. Furthermore, I NEVER use my cell phone while driving, so for me it’s very easy to pick out the drives where I was a passenger, just based on cell phone use. I also drive a massive van, so my hard brakes and hard acceleration specs should also be 0%. The only reason I don’t have an A+ in this app is because it won’t let you go back and recategorize old entries. It’s BS. Probably going to switch providers once it comes time to renew because of this..Version: 2.2.0

Interesting Concept…but that phone use.I see many reviews complaining of the same issue. Phone use. I typically would have my partner pull up GPS directions on my phone, text someone back, change the music. Used to resort to giving the grumpy toddler in the back my phone to watch videos to limit the distractions of crying and whining while driving. I can no longer do that as it will say that 80% or more of my drive I was on my phone. I wish there was some way to avoid that although I understand there would be no way to prove it. Also, the hard breaking is a weird part, if a kid runs in front of my car and I slam on my breaks, im getting faulted for being a driver that just slams on their breaks. This is an interesting concept I just think it could use some more work.Version: 2.10.0

InaccurateThe phone usage is incredibly inaccurate. I don’t use my phone at all while I drive. I actually keep it in my purse. I have such bad anxiety about being distracted while I’m driving I hardly even talk to passengers in the car. But this app constantly says I’m on my phone. Every time I shut my car off, go inside or to my destination and THEN get on my phone it counts it as phone usage. If I use my gps but don’t even touch my phone, just have it on so I can hear the directions through Bluetooth it counts as phone usage. I literally have to leave my phone in my purse for about 10-15 minutes after I get out of my car before I can get on it safely without it being counted against me. It also doesn’t always get my drives correctly. It will stop my drive after like two miles. And then halfway through my drive it will start again and create a new trip. If I go to the gas station, get gas and get on my phone while waitin, then leave and continue driving it counts it as one complete trip and Phone usage. Even though I literally wasn’t even driving and the car was off pumping gas. It’s extremely frustrating..Version: 2.8.0

This application has limitations.If you don’t have the phone securely mounted someplace and ones dog moves the phone while one is driving, the app thinks you’re using the phone. If one pulls over to a safe place to use the phone, the app records that as phone usage while driving. The app is requesting a lot of metadata from the end user only to misconstrue this data. Why does the app need permission to use my contacts? Also, with location enabled my battery goes down to 20% rather quickly, which causes one to connect to a power source to make the phone usable. This app could be so much better..Version: 2.5.1

App GlitchSnapshot is great at reading what I am doing and easy to edit. However, the glitch that locks a user out of the app stating ‘you completed your diving, delete the app’ is bad. I deleted the app as it said then I received emails sometime later telling me I would be charged if I did not log drives again. The app locked me out of using it, so I believe it was complete. I lost about a month of driving without logging due to this. Getting notified of this known glitch would have been helpful. The Progressive rep I called was fabulous though. I would go to her again. She bypassed the long phone queue for Snapshot help and assisted me with all the issues..Version: 2.11

Continues to track when not drivingIf you make a short stop somewhere, it’ll continue to track as if you didn’t stop. I frequently make short stops at coffee shops or other places and if I use Apple Pay for that, it counts it as me being on my phone, but I won’t be driving at that point. It’s just kind of annoying that the app doesn’t see that your stopped at a coffee place or something. It also continues to track phone use for a little bit after you’ve ended your drive. Like when I get out of my car to go into my house, the app will still have the notification that I’m driving, but I’ve already parked locked my car and went inside my house. Other than that, the app tracks driving patterns really accurately..Version: 2.6.0

Thanks for using snapshotThis app works great, when it works. I’m at the point though where I get dropped to the “thanks for using snapshot” splashpage within 5 days of use. I’ve contacted support, and the solution they provide is ‘delete the app, reinstall, and re-register’. This is fine, in that you do not lose data from the previous install, trips etc are still saved on their server. This is not fine in that there is no notification that the app has stopped working, until 14 days of inactivity have transpired. I reinstalled 5 days ago, and already have the error. Guess I’ll just reinstall it again, or risk higher rates, but my goodness is this a pain..Version: 2.12

Phone UsageI don’t know if this app will have an effect on my insurance rate, but the phone usage is inaccurate. I’ve read that Bluetooth and apple play are counted against other users. I haven’t had that issue with anything coming through my Bluetooth. BUT, I can’t actively use GPS. I can have it speak to me through Bluetooth but I am not able to have the map up at all. If my phone is unlocked with my gps app actively open, the app thinks my phone is in hand and distracting me. I have a stand fo my phone that is eye level on my dashboard, but I can’t view the map or else it considers it phone use. Also, if my car is running but I’m in park or even AFTER I’ve shut my car engine off(for a few minutes), it counts as phone usage. I don’t text and drive, I typically don’t answer calls even though it comes through on Bluetooth, and I don’t play games/scroll through social media while I’m driving. My score has only dropped to a B+ but I feel it’s extremely inaccurate as I am not distracted by my phone. It’s a great idea and it does make it convenient if it will actually help with a discount, but the inaccuracies are frustrating and I hope it won’t raise my insurance rates with false information..Version: 2.4.0

FaultyI would recommend you not risk the “possible discount,” you “might,” get by using this app. Firstly the app needs to be running in the background at all times, and it drains your phone battery. Secondly, the app is faulty. For instance, today I was driving in the left lane of a two lane road and a driver decides to cut in front of me and stop instead of stopping in the shoulder. I have to brake hard to avoid hitter her. Ok fine. That should count as me having to hit my brakes hard. But instead it said I hit my brakes hard 5 times. When I look at the location on my map where it tracked the event it’s all in the same place. Clearly this should be one incident. Already I’m angry that I have to be faulted because of someone else’s bad driving but to count one incident as five is preposterous. I’ll be calling progressive and cancelling this plan today..Version: 2.2.0

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