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Brawl Stars App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Brawl Stars app received 89 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Brawl Stars? Can you share your negative thoughts about brawl stars?

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Brawl Stars for Negative User Reviews

Going DownhillWhen I began playing, it was so fun, skill based matchmaking at least up to 300 trophies a character. Eventually I started to get characters up to 500. Bearing in mind a lot of my brawlers were around power level 6-8. However due to the brawl pass, I have been having to use brawlers which are higher in trophies in order to make progress in the pass. However it gets to a point where I’m losing basically all my games, sometimes it’s due to mine and my teammates actions however after going to the end screen, basically everyone I play has power level 10 brawlers(this is only at just around 500 trophies on the brawlers I use). Also in most my games I got the underdog thing where my trophies are a lot lower than those I’m playing against. It’s got to a point where my brawlers are all below par. I have gone forwards and back with this game however if you like playing games against those where you stand a chance. Brawl stars isn’t the game to choose. To conclude, if you love losing games and you ain’t really bothered about trying to get as high as possible then, continue downloading, however I must warn you that the game becomes hard and annoying to play as soon as you begin to get above rank 15 on characters..Version: 27.500

17k player hereFix. Your. Game. It’s really fun but it has so many problems. Upgrade your potato servers so that you can actually play without lagging and not being able to move. Also what kinda stuff is the balance team on? They refuse to buff certain brawlers like Mortis and let others be stupidly op like sprout was. Also the maps in this are god awful. Getting pinched by 2 brawlers at spawn while you’re lagging and can’t move isn’t fun at all..Version: 26.185

New update sucksNew display is garbage, impossible to play.Version: 7.278

UnbalancedGame would be good if every new brawler didnt break the game.Version: 53.176

Cool game. Bad players and poor matchmakingLove this game but recently it has become unbearable. Once you start getting good then it depends a lot on the matchmaking to get you good team mates to actually win. The matchmaking in this game is something that needs improvement because poor teammates and a stacked opposition has costed me many wins. I have also been on the other hand when my whole team has been stacked with star power players and the opposing team has nobody with star powers which is no fun to play against. I have also noticed many players who self sabotage recently. They do nothing but sit in a corner and move occasionally to stop from idle disconnect which costs wins. A report button is needed to stop this..Version: 43.248

Unbalanced brawlers, pay to win, but overall good.Lots of brawlers are very unbalanced and the amount of people using certain brawlers like starly and piper is higher than the others either because of how op their super is or their attack or ability. And other brawlers like crow is just starting up hot garbage. It is usable but opening hundreds and hundreds of boxes just to get this brawler that barely has any counter moves is ( in my opinion ) a waste of time. Certain brawlers need a buff instantly such as max. This brawler along side with crow and others has lots of potential but there will always be batter brawlers that just makes these brawlers almost useless. Last “con” of this game is the fact that this game is very pay to win. Yes I know that if you are a pro and can beat starlys with very underpowered, but starters can just go into the game and buy lots of gem and get the good stuff in the shop. Example being: one time when I was below 60 cups I met a opposing team of Leon, Tara and frank. My team couldn’t do a thing. There was just no way that a team of Shelly, colt and Nita can beat a pay to win team. And even if they did not buy the brawlers that they were using. The match making system is rigged. Over all these are just all the frustrating problems that I have experienced. I hope to see some changes to this game and buff/nerf certain brawlers..Version: 24.148

🇺🇦❤️🇷🇺#gamesarenotpolitics #игрывнеполитики #stopwar #нетвойне supercell. russian CHILDREN (those who play brawl stars/clash of clans) aren't to blame of the war. games are not politics. thx<3 (i'm not russian child but this...).Version: 42.330

Cool game, gets boringThe game is really fun in the start, earning more brawlers used to seem so interesting but once you get a lot it just gets boring. i really start to get bored because all it really seems like you do after awhile is beat people up and earn the smallest amount of things. plus i would really prefer to have boxes again. it’s honestly unfair how little chance you have of actually getting something good from a star drop and it just gets so boring after getting trash rewards almost every time. what i think you could do to fix this is is probably increasing the chances of getting something good every few star drops. plus the game modes / events mostly have the same concept. for example, showdown and hunters have 10 people and u just kill everyone you can. plus i would like if you make the leveling more fair since im always getting paired with people who are like level 11 when im around level 9 for some brawlers? it’s really unfair when they use hypercharge on you and you can barely do anything about due to the level distance between you two. plus everytime theres a new brawler supercell makes them so much overpowered and everyone takes advantage of it before it changes. Seriously maybe put some thought into other brawlers damage levels and the new ones. the whole unfair advantages are same things make the whole game start to seem basic and boring..Version: 53.176

No ammo spawnsHow tf u gonna make it harder for me to live after I just died. How am I supposed to defend my heist safe. How am I supposed to stop the guy who’s on a breakaway cuz my teams dead. How am I supposed to stop the bully’s spawn camping my team in bounty. How am I supposed to DO ANYTHING if I respawn with no power cubes and no ammo in showdown... BRING MY AMMO BACK.Version: 36.238

Brawl Stars: levelingBrawl Stars is a free to play game with several gamemodes allowing a player to causally play through or grind for higher trophy count. Each player can unlock characters through a loot box system, meaning it’s completely randomized of the loot you get which is a real big problem. Unless you pay hundreds of dollars with your money on this game you won’t be able to get all brawlers for free as loot boxes are expensive and brawlers that are 290 gems are already worth up to more than 10 dollars. If your like me who can’t or won’t spend a dollar on this game can tell that getting at least half the brawlers in this game takes a lot of time, I’ve been playing on my account for over a year and have barely gotten one legendary brawler when there are still about 4 or 5 more to go. While also containing upgrade points for your brawlers although another very restricting part of the game is how you need a massive amount of money to upgrade all your brawlers. This just makes things unfair during ranked battles when people are at max level and you are just starting off with a new brawler. I believe with a more task based upgrade or currency systems that isn’t used to buy loot boxes would really help this game out as more people can enjoy and grind out characters at a more comfortable and engaging way..Version: 36.270

The game wont startHow can i contact supercell support!!.Version: 4.7

The new update sucksThe movement joystick is bad because it’s not anchored to a point and you can’t change your preferences.Version: 7.278

Bring back the boxesBrung back at least the mega boxes the game used to be way better.Version: 53.176

MatchmakingI’ve been playing this game for a while and I really enjoy it but when it comes to matchmaking it’s terrible. With this new ‘competitive’ game mode power league it is so much better than power play but there’s nothing competitive with your matchmaking...I have players with power level 2, 4, 5 characters taking part who are literally throwing the game. I was gold 2 and now I’m silver 2, that’s 3 ranks - I have nearly lost every single game in the solo mode which isn’t even fair because it seems like I get matched with the worst players...It’s especially noticeable at the end of the game when I see everyone’s rank and sometimes the pairing is just awful and I wonder how your algorithm actually pairs teams. Just make it so when you reach a rank you can’t drop below that rank, you just stay at that rank if you can’t win games...I’ve never been so close to uninstalling this game until this ‘competitive’ game mode came about, so please fix your matchmaking and the ranking system!.Version: 35.137

Tried to recover my old account and they banned me!!!Summary: Very TERRIBLE Customer Service!!! I played the game when it first came out and it was so fun. Redownloading it and tried to recover my old account w supercell through game support. Instead of helping, after I gave them all the correct information, they banned me from they game completely!! Saying I was trying to access an account that wasn’t mine, and that it was unsportsmanlike and violates their terms and services... even though it’s my account and all information I provided was valid. So instead of helping a returning customer, they decided to be rude and lazy. Good game, but VERY TERRIBLE customer service!!.Version: 33.118

Popular game, frustrating flawsBrawl stars is very popular, with the fast matchmaking and having even more multiplayer capability with the bigger clans and game modes. It is relatively easy to rank up compared to coc. However there are many flaws that make it unenjoyable. Sending a friend request to someone irl is complicated, you need to either team up or be in the same clan. The maps are slightly interesting with the random chest placements or rare bounce pad or energy drink. But the maps usually cater to long range brawlers. Speaking of brawlers, the brawlers are very unbalanced, with jessie needing the biggest nerf. Not only are the brawlers unbalanced, but also the ranking system. Speaking with my other friends and clan that I play with, we agree that the ranking system is very biased. (no, I'm not talking about random teammates being horrible, but randoms are generally very bad) The ranking system typically stacks one team in random matchmaking, with that one team having higher overall power level and trophies. Now onto connection issues, I have perfectly fine wifi, I never lag on other games (I also play pc and ps4). So why should I lag on a mobile game? Brawlstars has very bad servers and it either disconnects me from matches or has long lasting pauses. The joystick is also frustrating, as it keeps moving as you drag your finger. Besides all that critiscm, this game is a step up from typical mobile games..Version: 17.149

Needs some work but overall a great gameI’ve put in a little bit of time and feel I can leave a fair review at this point the game is super addictive and fast paced which I like I find myself jumping to get on my phone whenever I see a brawl notification pop up I’ve logged countless hours and don’t see myself getting rid of it anytime soon but the game could definitely use some work. As far as battery draining maybe u guys could make it so the game uses less somehow I have to sit with my phone plugged in just to get in more than an hour of gameplay. Also if u don’t have lightning fast WiFi or a good cell phone provider good luck trying to play at all your character just spins shoots and runs in random directions leaving you a sitting duck as you get completely ruined by the other team. Team balancing could really use some work as well, it’s near impossible to play lately without a solid team if no ones online I just lose trophies I know others out there are like me an just want to play an be able to enjoy it without all of that. Also what’s with the brawl boxes aha? I’ve had the same low number of characters for over a week and been at a standstill I’m getting passed up solely because I haven’t been able to unlock anyone and progress For these reasons you guys have earned yourself 3 stars definitely looking forward to more to come, please keep me posted!.Version: 14.117

Used to be good, now they just want $This used to be a fun game that someone could play and do well without spending money. Supercell didn’t like that. They’ve added Brawlers that are OP that you have to pay for and the in-game currency is broken. I’ve always liked supercells games from COC to Clash Royale to this. Idk if they’ve switched management or something but they really seem disconnected from their audience now. I’m close to uninstalling this game, it’s sad..Version: 53.176

Fun game ruined by teamersThe community for this game is terrible, consisting of mainly salty 9-year olds, who target you for the game if you kill them a couple of times. There are also some of them that are so incompetent at the game that they team on solo showdown... THERE'S LITERALLY A DUOS MODE, they obviously do it because they're not good enough to win so they team. Supercell have also added emotes, one of these being a smiley face which people use when they kill you ( yes, they are actually that sad) or use it to team. When someone tries to team with me in showdown I make it my mission to get them. The game's fun (while being kind of annoying at times)and there aren't any ads, but prepare for teamers and having to pay up if you want to get any of the more rare brawlers. EDIT: I wrote this a while ago and teaming is still a really big issue. Emotes are actually pretty cool but can be used for toxic purposes. I guess what I’m really after is an ability to report players. One thing I just thought of is that after you play a match there could be a little camera icon next to your character or something and by pressing that it would save a recording of the game you just had, which you could save in your camera album and post them in the game so people could watch what some other people manage to do. This could also be used to show where people are teaming..Version: 33.118

Used to love this game...This game at launch was great, I lived the concept and I loved everything they were doing to improve the game. Up until this most recent update. Changing the controls and making it landscape really killed the game for me.. sorry supercell but ooh lost me on this one. :/.Version: 8.21

Horizontal game is badI played daily about a year ago and sometime between the the game has been switched to a horizontal platform. I prefer being able to play in platform. Plz give us the option to pick a mode.Version: 12.197

Not fun to playThe game is good but needs improving for a couple of reasons: 1: The characters aren’t balanced, for example, Leon is fast has good health and does a ton of damage plus he’s super is op while Crow has bad health, bad damage and while he’s super is ok if your doing it the player your doing it against has to be low otherwise its useless except in running away. Some characters are rated legendary or super rare yet are underpowered when compared against common brawlers. 2: Crow was my first and only legendary character which are super hard to get and while he is super fun to play he is underpowered so he ends up losing all the time which ruins the game. 3: Showdown is just full of campers and teamers who will always gain trophies no matter how bad they are, this means you either have to join them and have no fun or get killed. I would play other modes but they take time and I always seem to get dumb teammates. Plz add something like a report button so teamers can get reported and banned so they can be taken out of the game..Version: 15.168

Not Well OptomisedThis is a fun game with every match playing out completely different, but living in a place with less than decent connection, I experience a lot of packet loss (especially with characters like Barley). Many times I find my shots not doing any damage at all despite seeing the animation, hearing the animation, and having my shots being consumed. It is very frustrating to get someone down to 200 health only to have my next 3 shots do nothing as they kill me. Another issue involves the character moving when I’m not pressing the screen and the character not moving when I am. It’s a great game, good animations and is very unique, but becomes completely unplayable with slight connection issues..Version: 14.45

Latest update removes level information.In the latest update they’ve removed info about the level of the players you are up against. This means I could be totally out-classed and I’d never know it, I just know I got crushed. I don’t know when I should upgrade my brawlers or not. This was clearly intentional to avoid this exact situation. Before, I could be upset about match making, but now I have no idea when it’s bad or not. I don’t appreciate having information about a match REMOVED..Version: 50.219

Need too fix your algorithm or I’m gonna eat my shorts!So.... where to begin, this game is full of try hard toddlers that wet the field from their try hard sweat. I swear the algorithm of the game just wants me to boil my phone. Like when your a level 6 and they put you against two level 10 and a 9 like come on game do you want me to rage out an eat my own shorts because of my lost streak! But I have to say love that your adding new characters constantly. The only thing is, I can never get any of them ! Every time I open a box to flies my face looks like what some would say a pelican eating a ghost pepper burrito. It’s not pretty. When I spend 3 hours trying to win 3 games for a quest and I get my mega box I feel like the frosted flakes tiger, when their is nothing I’m the Trix rabbit. Trix can be for rabbits too. Let me get my rightful 6 fruit shapes..Version: 36.270

Bad updates and repetitive mapsI have been playing this game for years and I have really really liked it. But recently supercell have been making awful updates like taking away boxes and replacing them with credits. Credits are basically tickets that you save up to buy a certain brawler. The game was way more fun when boxes were around. The whole point of the game was to basically get boxes and unlock random brawlers, making the game a lot of fun. Now you get to choose a certain brawler you want taking away the fun. It’s also very tedious and takes ages to get a new brawler. Plus, without boxes you get way less coins meaning you can’t upgrade any brawlers or buy gadgets and star powers properly. An update I do really like is bling. It’s really useful and you can pick any pin you want to buy. Another thing I really hate is the repetitive maps. My favourite game mode is duo showdown, but recently I’ve stopped playing because the maps are so boring. Supercell removed all the good old maps and replaced them with boring ones that haven’t changed for at least 6 months. I’ve noticed this with other game modes too. I really enjoy the game and would rate it higher, I’m just super disappointed they removed all the good maps and the boxes. Most players would agree that they need to bring back boxes. Other than that I totally recommend.Version: 49.189

Pourquoi ?Ils ont enlevés les boîtes c’est quoi ça ? C’est plus brawl stars ! Ils ont enlevé tout intérêt pour jouer au jeux il n’y a plus de suspense on sait déjà quel brawler on va avoir 🙄😒.Version: 47.227

I hate the new updateThe new control is so bad you cant shot fast and it less specific. PLZ go to the old control it was better!!!!.Version: 7.278

Report SystemThe game needs a Report system, the amount of times I have been screwed over by some duo team mate staying afk the whole game needs to stop, I’m losing trophies at a high level and playing competitively, every other game has A report system especially at a high level, take some care of your players and your game..Version: 51.226

Bad UpdateUpdate just killed my interest in the game.Version: 7.278

My personal experienceI’ve been a brawl stars fan for many years and just recently came back to brawl stars after quitting around 2 years ago, the game has changed a lot. Meta has drastically changed too, however the game has became really unfair, unfair matchmaking and etc. Every time I try to push a brawler I’m then encountering a team of 3 which has 1000 trophies whilst I’m only on 800 ish and pushing with RANDOMS. I don’t know why, but I’m not able to report AFK players, and at this point it is just annoying having to push solo and not being able to find people to push with. I have the Brawl Stars discord, but it ends up people blaming each other when their the one in the wrong. Additionally, the new Mastery league has motivated me to push brawlers, but now I’m just tilting which then when I keep tilting I never have to motivation to play the game ever again. The game in general is just based of luck in matchmaking; you might get some of the worst players, you might get some of the best. And it just makes matches so so so unfair. Especially when Mortis is over picked and is a skilled brawler, but people who use him are always unskilled. Overall, my point is that the matchmaking system is really unfair and needs a change.Version: 48.326

Improvements the supercell can make??I do enjoy the game but it’s so dumb losing trophies when you had a good effort and get minus trophies. At least give us 1-4 trophies depending on your performance and make unlimited tokens instead of exhausting then as to new players to get more experience. Rosa should be nerfed again but when released she was too OP to be a rare. Supercell next you introduce a brawler please think about this. Also try thinking about server and ping. Make the EU play in their region and NA with them selfs and Asia and Asia etc. when u have a red signal sign just don’t stop out of nowhere just let us move a bit and get into bushes or something especially in showdown. It lags wow you can’t move someone kills you -7 trophies. Extremely good game. :( I feel like the game is still under progress and can be improved. After a series of time your about to get another reward from the t road you just get stopped by ‘terrible connection’ and it’s just toxic. Like my brother. He was at 3988 trophies getting near to a mega box. Oh we all knew this was gonna happen. The game is selfish and gets you an unlimited LOSING streak. Please read this. Thx.Version: 18.83

Pay for battle pass?!I’ve played this game for a long time and it was so rewarding saving up all my gems so I could finally get the battle pass and then they made it pay only?! I’m really upset and also a little bit insulted that they would do that to their fanbase, I understand you have to make money but that was good the way it was, probably doesn’t matter about my review since you have enough people playing to be able to make the battle pass pay only but nonetheless I would have given this game five stars if not for this, a lot of stuff you can still buy with gems but being able to get the battle pass with them was a big highlight for me anyway that’s it from me, the games good as I’m sure a lot of people know I’m just hoping that maybe you guys can bring back the battle pass for us non p2p guys, thanks and if you do I’ll switch this to 5 lol.Version: 54.243

Buff Morris!Buff Morris!!.Version: 28.188

I enjoy it butI started to play this game like, one and a half year ago, and I really enjoyed it. But, after I software-updated my ipad, the game started to crash like every 2 round. I cannot even play candidates of the day because there is too much stuff placed and the game just crashes. I use ipad mini 2, and other mini 2 users seems like they are having this situation. Another thing is, even if I write this feedback, you are not going to read it, and it makes me frustrated. I enjoy this game, but I don’t enjoy the game crashing even in the middle of the game because if I win the trophie (for example I was in 3rd in showdown and game crashes and after I rejoin the game,) it doesn’t give me trophies, but If the game crashes at the start of the game and I just get 10th, I lose the trophie. How unfair is that? I mean, I’m not the one who closed the game and went back in. I will still enjoy this game, but I’m starting to get tired of this.Version: 37.201

You’re going to want to read thisI first would like to start out this review by noting that every great game goes through a stage like this. What stage? I’ll explain. I’ve been playing brawl stars for maybe about 3-4 years now and it has been pretty much the only game I’ve stuck to. This is because unlike other mobile games it has so many great mechanics, game modes, character variants, and functionalities. It also had the aspect of being really free to play, which was crazy considering it was coming from a big company like supercell. However, after about 2 months of not playing, they’ve added quite a bit of things that shocked and saddened me. I noticed that a skin for the kit character had a big body with big breasts and more skin showed in weird places than usual. I am definitely not saying that is a bad thing, but for a mobile game played by millions of kids adding an anime looking character in a maid outfit like that seems like a way for people to want to buy it not just because it’s a skin. I also found that there was a whole lot more items to buy with actual money in the shop and even the pass was worth real money, and not gems like it used to be. I could go on, but I think you get the point. If a brawl stars developer reads this, please explain what happened to your game. I am really sad and disappointed that my once favorite game on my phone is a classic mobile game that I no longer recommend anyone gets..Version: 53.176

ХуйняХуйня, все равно с VPN играть можно. Аутисты..Version: 49.175

What the heckI was recently playing a match where I lost, but that isn't why I'm making this. It's because of what happened in the match. The opposing team had enough gems to win, but then one of their players died, and they had none. Then someone grabs four, and the countdown starts, get five, it keeps going. I'm now in the center with my teammates, and out of nowhere they get 20 gems and they win. I also hate it how people will grab enough gems to win, then hide by their spawn and camp the bushes. But that's the people, not the game. But it would be a lot easier to get their if the characters didn't move so slow. Example: The opposing team just got enough gems to win, and the 15 second countdown starts. You die as soon as they get the gems, boom 5 seconds to respawn. 10 seconds left. You go as fast as you can to get to the other side. You make it with 3 seconds left on the countdown. You start shooting, and the bullets home to the person with the most gems. Your teammates stay back near your spawn, and the teammates for the other person show up. You keep shooting the, gem person, hoping that you can do enough damage fast enough and kill them. But your bullets home the the teammates that are further away, and you run out of time. If you moved faster, you could double the time left on the countdown, kill the gem person, and hopefully win..Version: 40.179

Greedy and p2wThey reduced coin income...and now you need to spend real money to obtain rare characters if you want the chances you get them are higher. ( You still can get them through in game coins but the chance are way lower than spend real money).Version: 4.7

Definitely the worst game Supercell has ever madeGame is trash. Period. I’ll go more in depth though. - Way too many updates - Changed way too many things OG players loved - Way too many brawlers, maps, gamemodes, gadgets, and everything else in between I used to love this game, it was probably my most beloved game when it came to mobile gaming. Now I barely play it, and when I do I get frustrated either way. Way to go Supercell..Version: 44.242

Toxic playersI used to have a lot of fun but there are too many toxic players. Especially when you reach the higher part in trophies 30k+ people just blame you just because u cant hit ur shots. And these people dont know that u have delay and that that delay is preventing u to play properly. Then they just use the thumbs down pin and just quit the game or just stand in the goal. (Brawl ball) So yea plz fix these idiotic toxic players!.Version: 39.97

Matchmaking, Trophies loss/gain, and drop rates need fixingI like the game and I just wish the matchmaking for showdown and all other modes were better. I got to 340 trophies with colt (Power 10 BOTH star powers) and played showdown for an hour, now I have 300 trophies. I had to just camp to get them back and it took ages because if I come 8th I lose 3 trophies, 7th and 6th grant 0 trophies and the rest is so low that I have to play for hours to get trophies. 8 out of the 10 players were either Bull or Shelly and I just die. I decided to play a gem grab midway through and remember I was playing with a power 10 Colt. We lost because my two teammates were afk! And they were power 5 and 4!!! The enemy team, who won, were all power 10! I really enjoy playing this game but sometimes it makes me want to uninstall. On my account I have opened so many mega boxes and do you want to know how many legendary brawlers I have? None. I only have two mythic brawlers. I got Tara about a week ago from a mega box and bought Gene with gems when he came out. Honestly this game just gives me a headache sometimes. I hope Supercell can take some of this in and give back to the community. Oh and this game is actually good if anyone is wondering if they should install it and you should. Thanks Supercell!.Version: 19.105

It abuse your cred it card!! They tried their best to steal your money!Watch this carefully before you download the game!! It will charge your cred it car d right after you did your in game purchase. Then the worst thing is, even though you did successfully get the refund. Brawl star will just deducts your in game gem as the payment. I never see a company worse than supercell!You can play this game but DO NOT BUY ANYTHING!! Supercell is a scam company! The worst I ever meet in my life in gaming industry!.Version: 37.239

Latest update is terrible...Yet another update trying to change the game from bottom-up, another update that fails to reward invested players. I've playing since release, I think it's time to stop hoping about this game....Version: 7.278

BadI cant even play because of the new update it just brings me back to my homescreen everytime i want to play a round.Version: 4.7

To hard to get a new brawler.Brawl star is the best game I have ever played before, but for those free to play players it is to hard to get a new brawler. I’m a free to play player , I have been playing for three months and I play everyday, unfortunately I only 140 gems if I have not buy anything. My advice is that brawl stars have more chances to get brawlers in any boxes and all the offers to do with gems have a lower price..Version: 19.105

Awful gameAs per every other game of supercells if you in the oceAnia area apparently you loose everything you earn to there useless servers that can’t even hold a gam together have been playing since global and hasn’t gotten the slightest bit better but then again I’ve been playing clash of clans for years and always had problems don’t bother playing if in nz or Aus you will end up hating this stupid app purely for the fact that it lags and disconnects remarkably always when your about to win STUPIDEST GAME EVER.Version: 14.117

Brawl stars veteran in depth reviewSo yeah, first off, this will hopefully be a good review, the game went global yesterday so there are a bunch of uneducated people who haven’t ever heard of this game writing reviews I have been playing for a good bit (8-10 months I think but I started 2 weeks before the update where you could buy brawlers with tokens when you got a duplicate got removed) and made a canadian Apple ID just for this game and am around 2500 trophies with all of the brawlers but the legendaries and frank unlocked INTERFACE: Now, the new update is pretty bad imo. This game was getting stale enough where no one was really taking about it, but I don’t like it. The interface is now way more complex and cluttered and looks kinda like it was ripped off from fortnite. I still don’t know how to get to It is really annoying to chat with you clan now (which is called band or something) and now they have President and VP ranks which really just don’t work Also, I feel like 100 is just too much, they should cap it at 50 tbh I haven’t got to see the new brawler much, so I don’t wanna talk about Leon yet since I may give bad input BRAWLERS: The brawlers have different mechanics and are unique, so that’s pretty good, and honestly right now I feel like there all decently balanced (though Tara and barley are still the best right now imo) but some brawler like colt are really lacking right now COMMUNITY: Community is a super important aspect of the game, right now the community is pretty small and stale and it’s not too toxic, but it’s boring at the same time and nothing ever happens but I feel like this will change BANDS (every time I say clan it means band): The new band interface is super confusing, everything used to be in one place, but now everything is all over the place When you get into a good and active band, it is fun, but since there are 100 people it is hard to build relationships (as friends of course ;) and instead it’s like meeting people for the first time Also, now promotions are more meaningless than ever. Clans have no abilities and there is no clan or special clan activities or anything like that. LAGG (IMPORTANT): This is by far the laggiest and worst optimized supercell game and nobody talks about it My WiFi is decently slow (around 3-4 mbps) and other supercell games run just fine, but I get lag pretty much every game (and no a frame drop for a second does not mean lag, the game freezing due to WiFi and my character being messed up for 2+ seconds means very minor lag for me). Also, this isn’t very optimized hardware wise This game runs really slow at like 15 FPS on my iPad Air 2, but that may change since I haven’t played on that in a while. My phone runs it smoothly though (iPhone 8) QUICKFIRE: Previously known as auto aim, quick fire is a feature where you can just tap and it will fire for you rather than you aiming It is made for quick reaction shots, but really it’s just a no skill thing From what I’ve heard it kinda corrupts newer players but idk I like the nerds that they put in when they changed the name to quick fire, but I think it’s no skill, I am a pc gamer too so I don’t like games that give you cheap no skill things but the majority aren’t gamers like that and do, so I get it, though I don’t use it at all MATCHMAKING: I’m not too sure about this new update, but I don’t think they changed matchmaking much It can get broken quick, with the algorithm taking into account the amount of trophies the specific brawlers you have and completely ignoring your total trophies, I think they should mix the two I have been matched as a level 5 150ish trophy Tara with level 8 300 trophy bulls, and as a level 0 0 trophy Tara with a level 5 100 trophy bull I think it’s pretty broken and you either are the noob or you get a noob Greed: Brawl stars is the most greedy and least greedy game at the same time The brawl boxes are pretty balanced and the star box thingys are good if your active and reward you for being active, but the rewards themselves are VERY underwhelming Also, after at least 400 brawl boxes opened, I have not gotten a legendary, and I feel like when I get new brawlers I usually get 2 in a row or something They have a dynamic probability of getting a new brawler of X rarity and you can view that, but mines has not changed in forever, and 0.08 for a legendary is what I think it is, but that is for a big box you can purchase with gems which cost real money About gems, there is no way to earn them until recently, and even since they are very rare. I have gotten 27 ever since the 2nd most recent update which dropped like 4 months ago I think, and it costs 60 for a big box. In order to get big boxes or skins, you pretty much HAVE to spend money or just be insanely lucky, but at the same time this isn’t P2W Also, it is wierd. I have never seen an add in a supercell game until this game, which has optional ads, which I don’t like FINAL THOUGHTS: This game is great, and you should play it, just don’t come in with expectations of this mind blowing amazing masterpiece In my opinion this game should still be vertical but for the devs it was horizontal or kill in early access so I don’t blame them I feel like everyone is having that feeling where your fascinated when getting a game for the first time but that feeling doesn’t last forever This game will start to get boring, for me it did around 6 months of playing and I have been fazing in and out of activity since I don’t like this new update, and I think the game was in its best state the previous update, now it’s just confusing and cluttered This is definitely geared towards new players and I don’t think there is a high learning curve for the veterans Overall 3/5 I would love it if just one person read this since it took me 61 minutes and counting to type and i want at least one person to be helped by this. :).Version: 14.20

"The Stars of Brawl: A Turbulent Odyssey"In the realm of Brawl Stars, a tale unfolds, Of stars that brought excitement and woes untold. Team Stars, Lag Stars, and Crash Stars combined, An odyssey of triumph and turbulence entwined. Team Stars, a concept that promised unity, A chance for teammates to shine in harmony. But as alliances formed and battles waged, The scales tipped, leaving solo players enraged. Lag Stars emerged, a disruptive force, Turning matches into a chaotic course. Connection woes plagued the battlefield, As lag-induced frustration refused to yield. Crash Stars arrived, shattering the game, Casting a dark cloud, engulfing its fame. Crashes and glitches, a relentless cascade, Leaving players lost in a glitch-ridden arcade. Amidst this turbulence, hope still glimmers bright, For Brawl Stars to reclaim its former light. Developers, hear the players' cries, Address the issues that cloud the skies. Bring stability to the Lag Stars' reign, Unite players, free from connectivity pain. Mend the crashes of the fallen stars, Restore the joy that once flowed like memoirs. For Brawl Stars, a shining gem in the night, Can rise above this turbulent plight. With dedication and listening ear, The stars can align, erasing all fear. So let us hold on to hope's flickering flame, That Brawl Stars shall reclaim its name. A testament to the power of the stars, A journey of triumph, healing the scars. In this Brawl Stars odyssey, we unite, Navigating challenges with unwavering might. For in the realm of stars, we'll persevere, Together, creating a Brawl legacy, crystal clear..Version: 49.189

I hate trophies…This game was fun when I got it but suddenly it got so frustrating to play. I HATE IT when games take trophies away from players when you lose because it’s just so annoying to work hard on getting trophies just for your STUPID TEAMMATES TO BE TRASH OR JUST STRAIGHT UP NOT PLAY AT ALL and it’s so annoying here because most of the modes that you play require teammates. I tried playing Larry and lawrie to win some trophies but I DROPPED 100 TROPHIES BECAUSE OF MY STUPID TEAM AND MY OPPONENTS JUST KEEP CHEESING THE WIN SO MUCH AND I HATE THAT SO MUCH! I like this game but looking at my brawlers having lower trophies than they should have is irritating to see and I almost don’t want to play anymore because of losing trophies. I want something done about this so it’s not a bad experience for me and other players. Either the trophy loss gets removed ( This seems a bit excessive in my opinion) OR make the trophy loss like clash royal where it stops at your arena or in this case tier so you can still lose trophies but it is not as frustrating as it is right now. This is something that I don’t like when I play a game and I like this one it has nice characters and style but playing it just feels to risky to do now and it don’t want to be sitting here training myself to be “better”. I would like to… y know not spend HOURS OR DAYS trying to get my brawlers back at the spot I started at and it just that doesn’t make the game fun..Version: 54.243

NopeI’ve never been so inclined to write a review but this is a rigged game, you’ll win 4 lose 5 and it keeps repeating, your teammates are mostly bots when the game wants you to lose and most will occasionally leave the match right when it starts leaving you with one less player. Most of the really good characters are pay to win because you’ll have to get dumb lucky to even get a chance at the good ones, I have 4000 trophies in the game, probably opened 700 crates and not a single being a legendary. Some of the characters are completely unbalanced like Jackie before the nerf being ridiculously over powered and bibi being stupidly weak at her job. If you don’t plan on spending actual money in the game be prepared to NEVER get anything more rare than a purple character and get shafted when it comes to every crate, and don’t forget the hideous match making where half your team leaves. I decided to delete the game after so long due to the amount of times in a row a teammate quit the match and left me to lose trophies. This game could have been really good if it was done right money wise like clash of clans but sadly it felt short and it became apparent that this game is simply just another quick money grab as the community of actual dedicated players has been dying each and every day and soon (hopefully) the entire game will die out and become irrelevant because cash grabs aren’t meant to last this long in the first place..Version: 28.188

Fix your gameSupercell, Brawlstars is a good game, the only thing is ranked. I just got suspended because someone else in my team disconnected and it kicked me out. Plus it’s annoying when I’m in gold rank and my teammates are in silver, bronze or have no rank at all it would be so much better if I was playing with people in my rank and I also don’t want to be playing against people in a higher rank because then it’s just too hard. Another thing that would be great for rank is if you could just press play again and play with your teammates again instead of going back to lobby and then playing with other random people. Lastly not sure if you can change this but can you try to make the maps in ranked more random, I played gem crab 4 times in a row yesterday and heist twice in a row. I hope you read my review and other than those things I LOVE the game I can’t stop playing. So if you could fix those things that would be great. Thank you..Version: 55.211

Fix your darn gameI used to like this game, and then I realized how flawed your trophy loss, matchmaking, and quest system is. who wants to spend hours trying to grind out kills in showdown? Who wants to lose 30 trophies (or more) attempting to do so? Who wants to play randoms against op team comps? I don’t want to play a game like that..Version: 27.535

Reporting other playersThis game could be one of the best on the App Store but there is something holding it back from reaching that status. It is the fact that there is no system implemented to report other players for feeding nor being AFK. I understand there is a system in place where if someone does not move a bit will take over but some salty people will just move a step when that warning comes up to not be kicked. Secondly there are people in the game who actively try to make you lose and when there is no system in place to stop then they can really cause some damage when you are playing ranked or competitively. For example in general grab they will pick up all the gems they can and go to the opposition and die and will never attack the enemy’s or do any damage. I believe a system should be put in place where after a game you can report or praise another player and reports can be looked over by a supercell team and people who have a similar amount of appraisals can be put together in matchmaking. I also think the matchmaking system could use significant work where it takes everything into account not just trophies level of the character your using. So champ power, your total trophies, win to loss ratio and power play tophies..Version: 26.171

It’s a good game but there rushing the development of new brawlersI play Brawl stars quite often but I often lose games due to one reason, the way they rush new brawlers. Recently in the game they have been adding lots of new brawlers very rapidly. What the developers are trying to do is make the new brawlers really good but very rare at the same time. This seems like a good idea but eventually in the game almost everyone has a incredibly good brawler and they are all shooting at you at once. I myself often use the starter brawler because it used to be really strong and it if it is used properly it is the best close range brawler. But not any more since they made the new brawlers really easy to use as well. They are making all the new brawlers unbalanced and much more powerful than anything else, even whilst being used wrong. Before they added the new brawlers every brawlers when used right was really good. So I hope supercell is very careful with the development of the game. And I hope that they don’t make the new brawlers so good that they win every game.Version: 36.270

TOO MUCH ELIXIREvery time I open a brawl box, I get elixir. This has been going on for months now! Come on guys!!.Version: 4.7

Alright GameThis game is actually good but the only thing that is letting it down is the fact that most players don’t act like players and feel more like A.I’s. I also feel this whole game is a big setup for as the siege bot keeps near me even if I’m in a far end of the map, I also feel that players are constantly trying to kill me. It’s kind of absurd to have to reach a certain amount of trophies to get replay as when I have good moments when playing my low ranked players and I want to show it to my friends or brothers I can’t. I demand that the map should be bigger as most of the times in duos it gets really intense. Furthermore i think that siege bots should be removed in solos and duo as they’re so flipping ANNOYING!!! This is one I’ve had on my mind for a long time but I think that when hiding in bush’s for to long you should lose health as some people camp through out the whole game and worst part it’s like cheating, it’s not showing any skill in the player, like what’s the point of calling it brawl Stars if you don’t fight, it may as well be hide and seek. I hope Supercell responds to my ideas and take action cause i think it will make it a better game for me and others. Thank you..Version: 27.270

Love the game - Godzilla Season is HorribleI love Brawl Stars, I’ve been playing the game for years now. But I must say, this new update is absolute TRASH! The mutations the introduced in this season make the game absolutely terrible. The brawlers that are mutated and have new abilities are way too overpowered. It defeats the purpose of al the work they developers have put into making balance changes to the brawlers so its more fair. These mutations make it impossible to have fun playing a mutation mode if you dont have 1 of the few brawlers with the good mutations (They really need to take a real hard look at this update and completely rework it, its a hot mess. The new Godzilla game mode is also terrible. Being Godzilla in that mode is basically pointless. Enemies can kill you so easily just by staying far away. And you dont really do THAT much more damage for it to even be worth playing as the monster. I’ve noticed that people just avoid grabbing the buff because its not worth it. This is by far the worst season EVER! I do not recommend even giving it a try. Like I said, I love the game and have played it for years but they are clearly running out of ideas. I’ve stopped playing the game recently because this season is SO BAD….and I play this about once a day. Maybe stop trying to dish out 1-2 new brawlers every month and focus on the aspects of the game that have made it successful these past years. I’m very disappointed..Version: 55.236

New update 👎👎👎👎👎👎.Version: 7.278

Bring back old pocoYou literally downgraded pocos art. It was 3D and now it’s 2D and uglier. He was fine the way he was..Version: 27.247


The more you progress the less you getFun game at the begining but after you progress it gives duplicated brawlers and the only way to get fun ones is to buy with money. Poorly made and not great to play long term. You should have done better. Eli -.Version: 4.7

Unbalanced and pay to winI have always loved brawlstars since I started playing 3 years ago and I have considered it one of the most free to play friendly games ever and with fun and balanced brawlers. However recently brawlers such as Chuck, Kit and L&L have been introduced. All three of these brawlers could be bought for around $30 (AUD) a week before anyone else could get them for free. I have no objection to this but the main problem is that all these brawlers where extremely overpowered but instead of giving them emergency nerfs on day one, they where allowed to wreak havoc for the entirety of their pre-release and for a short time after their full release. This meant that people who paid for them were able to dominate the meta. Some people got them to rank 30s on the first day with barely a single loss! I feel as though I am watching the sweet fun little game that I used to know grow into a shameless cash grab. Please, Supercell, I know that these new updates have made Brawlstars more popular than ever before, but is it worth it?.Version: 53.176

WhyI used to love this game and play it all the time. It is a great idea and I believe it should be brought to more countries because it is a good game. But I’m the most recent update you ruined it. The combat was just fine before but with this new on it is not easy at all to attack. Especially with dynamike and barely where you have to predict and aim ahead. The upgrade system is fine but plz restore the combat to its former glory you completely ruined the game for me and probably a lot of other veteran dynamike and barely users..Version: 7.278

READ THIS REVIEW BEFORE PLAYINGBad game. Just a bad game. They have done many updates that I did not like, but now I think they overdid it. Brawl stars used to be a unique game where you teamed with your enemies. That was the only point I played the game. Supercell did not like that because they did not like the loss of profit (even if it was below zero, they were still losing an amount below zero). So what they do is ban it, I have quit the game due to the fact that it is not fun, and it is pointless, because we can’t play with our team msted. Do not play. In new relised what they do I say new patch notes. In a recent one, they said that each player is getting 200 gems for free, they gave us 20. They made up an excuse, and carried on. Come on, your losing 5.00 Sterling pounds each player, and with all the players an estimate I’d 5 million. Five million is the profit of a day. Just make the players happy. and it’s not that there losing, it’s that the players are gaining, making them earn more. They lie and make us play, what the point? Any company wants to profit, but not this bad. By making the players play more. #bring back brawl to what it was.Version: 38.101

Unbalanced Characters? Here’s a solution from Supercell: an even more OP CharacterOne thing that ruined this game completely and made me uninstall immediately: the newest character, Rosa. Guys.... Invisibility and Invincibility might be 1-2 letters different but the power difference is enormous. Come on Supercell, you know better than this. Don’t just put a clone of another character (el primo) n then give it more attack range and higher damage and pretty much 4 secs (what were you guys thinking putting 6 secs) INVINCIBILITY ARMOR (yes I know it’s 70% damage reduced but that’s nowhere far from being invincible. She basically has the potential to deflect more than twice of her decent health amount of damage while still being able to refill her super charge to get ANOTHER 4 painfully seconds of being the captain marvel of star brawl universe). Sorry, but your new brawler just lost you a player. IMO, I rather have a microphone feature instead so that at the very least I can communicate with my teammates to play better and not just quickaim (tapping shoot button) all the time or warn when an enemy is nearby etc..Version: 17.149

Matchmaking has become stupid, brawlers are unabalncedI got mortis and decided to play him because he seemed like a fun assassin to play. I got up to 160 trophies no problem, and now I’m going up against power tens in nearly every game. At this point, matchmaking would be insanely better if it was based on power level, that way, brawlers are equal in power and the game actually comes down to skill. Brawlers like Edgar and Ash are far stronger than other brawlers. Edgar used to be a major problem until his health nerf, which was then made obsolete because of his insane 35% lifesteal. Ash is downright unfair. His rage makes him outspeed way too many brawlers, and his damage is way too high. Please just balance the game by making matchmaking more fair for people who just got a new brawler, and balance out the game, too many brawlers are good right now and it ruins the fun and skill of the game..Version: 38.101

BRING BRAWL BOXES BACK!!!!!!!I have not enjoyed this game due to the brawl boxes being removed out of the game. It is so easy to get brawlers now which makes the game not enjoyable anymore because you can’t get brawlers from the trophy road rewards and also, you can’t enjoy the flashing numbers when you open a brawls box anymore because of them not being in the game anymore!! If you could bring back brawls boxes, then that would be a pleasure to play brawl stars again and actually enjoy it and, probably more people would actually play this game again because when they get a brawler from a brawl box, that would have a nice surprise and they would be jumping out of their seats if they get a rare brawler. Also, if you do get a rare brawler from a brawl box, then you can flex on your friends that play with you and say that you got a very rare brawler and that will make the the coolest kid in you friend group. And to sum up everything that has been said, the game is not fun anymore because you know and you get to choose what brawler you get which is unfair because some 9 year old kids will grind to get that skin and then that will annoy everyone causing them to not like the game anymore because they will keep on spamming them which is quite annoying. Please add the brawl boxes back. Thanks..Version: 47.227

Games great, some small improvements would make it amazingThe game is very fun, pretty competitive, challenging, and sports a healthy variety of characters to choose from. I made it to about 2k trophies before I really started to notice an issue that made it not so fun. The more you play with a character, the more you improve their rank. Their rank doesn’t improve their power, it just determines how many trophies you gain or lose at the end of each match. I see the value in this as it incentivizes people to use multiple characters. However teammates can be so unreliable that if you want to gain trophies reliably, you either need to cut them out by only playing showdown, or play as characters that you haven’t ranked up yet. However when you get to around 2k trophies and you are an F2P player, you probably don’t have any characters low enough to do that anymore. If you want to play anything other than showdown at this point, which the game encourages you to do by awarding progression towards unlocking chests, then you need to be ready to lose more trophies than you gain, because you will probably get several teams with brain dead morons who seem to have no concept of what the objective of any given match is and make it impossible for you to win. Maybe put like an MVP on the losing team and prevent them from losing trophies? I don’t know. It’s just more frustrating than it is fun for me at this point..Version: 16.175

Jeu pourritMeta déséquilibré, pay2win, random toujours nul, match up conter h24, ya tellement de négatif dans ce jeu rendu en haut de 20k tr que c difficile de trouver du fun, je quit le jeux à vie..Version: 47.227

Absolutely unfairHonestly I was excited for this game coming out - a new experience of 3v3 battles from Supercell. But as much as it looks, this game gets really boring after a very short time. For one thing, the reward system is extremely light, where you would get about a few coins and maybe a limited amount of constant almost repeating things. If you look to this game and are hoping for chances of unlocking characters, you have come to the wrong place. The chances of you getting a new ‘higher ranked’ character is so close to none, that by the time you do get it you won’t care anymore. Getting ‘tokens’ to open chests go to 200 which is quite bad because then there is no purpose or passion of playing more, and the trophies have no point as when you are playing the game, the downfall might not even be you, but your teammate! This is also a game where you can’t win against people who have payed, and that is shown through the advantages through gameplay. Believe me, this game will have you for a few days until it’s just an app that takes up extra storage..Version: 16.160

Trash since updateWhat have you done to this game?!?! The person who thought of the auto aim should get fired and now we cant even choose who we upgrade? That is so idiotic.Version: 7.278

Is this game dying?BS is fun. No doubt about it. Love the mechanics, animations and competitiveness. I have spent a considerable amount of money for these. BUT the waiting for more players to start a game is the fun killer. We mostly use fragments of time to play mobile games, so no one wants to wait minutes to start a game which may only last half of the waiting time. If you can't get more players, at least create some bots instead. Otherwise you will also lose the remaining players. DO SOMETHING!.Version: 31.97

Deleted the game after boxes removedImagine having a game that was good and then thinking you could make it better by making it pay to win by adding pass exclusive OP brawlers (buster) behind a pay wall, and then still thinking you need to remove the only element of luck in favour of a new currency which can be sold making the already pay to win game more pay to win… I remember when brawl stars used to be fun, however is making decisions now should be fired. Money hungry rat.Version: 47.190

Fun game.. some quirksPro tip: you can turn off the music (more like “beats” mostly sampled from coasting bicycles) in the settings menu. The game often matches you with the exact same teammate you just decided not to rematch with. Seems like they should fix this. Another thing that bugs me: if I don’t level up a character, but get enough trophies to approach and/or achieve Mastery 1, I start to notice I’m weak compared to everyone else. This is likely because others are upgrading. However, I also notice I’m less able to to basic things like destroy powerup boxes. In other words these boxes take more damage to destroy at higher trophy levels. You’ll notice the boxes become stronger or weaker as you gain and lose trophies. Do not like. I’ll spend money on cool stuff, but not to avoid struggling with stuff like this in the game. Last thing that bothers me: there are bots. Obvious bots that exhibit the same quirky behavior on certain maps, like getting stuck between a wall and the poison gas, pacing back and forth, and sometimes just dying in the gas. Weirdness. Other than these things the game is fun. I would be more inclined to spend money if everything was more transparent. But the silent & secret strengthening of powerup boxes makes “what I am actually buying” too nebulous to understand. Still, though, I am able to enjoy this game quite a lot even without spending money..Version: 52.177

Could be great ifGreat game but crashes before or after every battle..Version: 4.7

Great but getting trophies is tiringI think this game is great and I play it a lot but the grind for trophies is unbearable. When you win you get +5 trophies, when you lose you get -4 trophies and you can probably see the problem here. If you don’t don’t win to a ratio of 2 wins:1 loss then you’ll either be gaining +1 trophy every 2 matches or even be losing trophies. Since this game is built on gaining trophies so much, losing them or not gaining them is a major draw back! Please make it either you win more trophies per match or lose less trophies when you lose..Version: 14.117

What’s the matchmaking system?When I first started off, it was really fun with actual balanced games and everyone was trying. Now when I play brawl stars my teammates are always either afk, working against us (as if they were on the other team) or they were just dumb. When this doesn’t happen, I feel lucky. I rarely get decent teammates while the other team has the most tryhardy team ever with almost the perfect combination of brawlers, while my team is just standing there afk. Now if you’re wondering ‘why don’t you play solo?’ Well it’s because whenever I play it, I will always get targeted as if I was more worth killing than boxes. Like 2-4 people would always gang up on me trying to clean me up. Thank god for karma cos some of them get cleaned and killed by other people. There’s also the problem of people teaming up. Like literally not attacking each other. Please, try to make the matchmaking as balanced as possible and try adding an afk question during matchmaking like ‘are you still there’ and get them to tap a button or something when people are waiting..Version: 28.188

Stupid Stupid StupidBrawl stars is very disappointing after a few good fights and then when brawls stars gives me real players they keep making me lose I know you guys at supercell are wanting solve this but this should’ve been fixed years ago I probably have like ten brawlers and I keep wanting to win but it goes the other way. I am free to play player and I think it should be fair and I know its not about my skills so please fix this problem or else you’re losing a future pay to win player. Please respond to this review or I will not not play at all. I look forward to your response.Version: 42.356

Brawl stars updateOver the first months of the game I loved the game me and my friends had bunch of fun sadly we had to quit and find a new game cause of the recent update none of use players asked for landscape it was more unique with portrait and no one asked for auto aim I know this is an easier way to make spectating a thing but if it is gonna be this way than we don’t want it the Reddit servers are going crazy of bad feedback and supercell can’t even reply so they are making it worse.So if they revert this update download it and not than will see you in previous supercell games so peace out brawl stars✌️.Version: 7.278

Fun game but extremely riggedCool game however it is rigged in the extreme! Try and do a special challenge and you’ll just get whipped facing a team of brawlers of a MUCH higher level than your team. It’s an obvious ploy to get players to spend $$ on gems to continue the challenge. If you don’t spend money on a brawl pass, then it is a slow gruel to complete levels to get rewards. Game is worth a go, but don’t get sucked in and spend money on impossible challenges..Version: 41.148

Awesome-ishGame is really fun, brawlers, modes, star powers and challenges are all great aspects but you did a horrendous job at making power leagues. I don’t have 2 other people to play with for squad Leagues and I know that majority of people that play this game don’t either so why is it that things like Duo Leagues for things like Duo Showdown don’t exist?? Even a Solo Showdown mode would be a huge improvement because I don’t wanna play with some ‘Bad Randoms’ that you are very familiar with. Please just add Solo Showdown Leagues that’s all I ask. But also I don’t know why I have to get banned because I wanted to change the brightness. I use iOS and have to swipe up to change my brightness, but whenever I do that it restarts the app for whatever reason. I did this in the middle of the picking a brawler stage in Solo Leagues and it resulted in me receiving a 5 minute ban because my brightness was too low :/.Version: 36.270

Good but huge problemSo I probably think that you have heard this before but why does it matter on trophies rather than power trophies have nothing to do with power so pls fix ur broken match making because people save thier brawler until they get a high power but low trophies to crush people who have low power and low trophies and it is really annoying also buff colt what makes you think we can use him so well he is such a wimp brawler because his super is terrible because it does the same damage as his regular shots do and it doesn’t even shoot that much more farther for colt so pls just mabey buff his super to do actually more damage and better range on his super because right now he is like the worst brawler in the game so pls buff him also ur so called balance changes ruins the game because for some reason you guys buff the wrong character like for example you buffed Rosa when the one that you really needed to buff was colt or crow or Leon the only reason people use Leon is because his looks 😂 pls buff him also make a report button so we can report teamers and cheaters also my brother has 5774 trophies and he Only has 19 brawls 19!!! Thier are people at 2000 trophies who have more so make the luck system better also take away the “BRAWL PASS” it’s so stupid that you have to pay gems to get a character you used to not have to pay anything for a character now you do FIX THIS also mabey buff max a little bit for reading.Version: 28.188

Why I rated this one starIt’s because this game will make you grind only a little bit at the start but once you get higher and higher in the games progress the game becomes not fun. And you have to be careful on what you do in the game because once at my point you can not get resources so easily and they should make the brawl pass longer because I finish it super quickly. And usually there is still like three weeks before the next season comes so yeah. It gets to grind at the end..Version: 42.356

Please read, supercell and respondQuestion to supercell, are you allowed to report people for not playing for a long time, because I acidently got their friend request, and I can’t get rid of them because they have supercell ID even though they haven’t played for a year, please do not ban me, I just want to make space for friends I actually know, I have a great time playing the game but my friend has already gotten 8 brawlers from star drops in a year, while I have only gotten one, while playing for three years. Not to mention that somehow, I now have more coins than PowerPoints. Why can’t we have only coins! I don’t want you to get rid of the friend, just delete them from my friend list. From player Yoi, ID-L8PR8CCUY ps. That ‘friends’ name is Vanessa, please get her out of my friend group. I have tried to get rid of other friends who haven’t played in a long time, but it wouldn’t let me report it..Version: 53.176

Would’ve been 5 a few years back but……So I played this since the closed beta, and it’s always been great fun like get tokens, get boxes, better the box better the chance to get new characters, trophy road, amazing fun. Then I join back a few months ago and it’s like you can’t get any new brawlers without paying. The chances of getting ANY new brawler is SO slim and it’s like the box chance has been lowered to 3% (and that’s for the mega chest, most rewarding chest in game) to get a new character as a whole no matter the rarity. I’ve opened 26 mega boxes from buying them and earning them through brawl pass and not one single new character, not one. Up the chances of getting new characters from boxes (15% normal box, 35% big box and 45% for mega box) or I feel this game will turn into a pay to win scenario and I don’t want that cause this game is brilliant. Please fix this stuff cause I’m sure me and a lot of others are in the same boat.Version: 40.179

The new trophy systemI’ve never wrote a review in my life but bs is a game I invested thousand of hours in. As a competitive player who was top 50NA, I believe the matching system should be remodified due to the new trophy system. Beginners can now grind one single brawler to rank 20 and match up with top tier players. This really further discourage me from playing with randoms. The goal of the matching system should be finding equally skilled teammates and opponents. Moreover, your total trophies is not a indicator of your skill anymore since anyone can easily push a brawler to 700. It becomes more difficult to distinguish a skilled player or a trophies grinder. I hope supercell do address the issues. Until then my rating for this game would be one star..Version: 19.105

No customer service!I am really disappointed at the lack of customer service/support. My child was penalized for something he did not purchase! He had 2000 gems removed from his account as a reimbursement and he did not purchase gems, he purchased a brawler. We asked for the reimbursement because after a glitch he didn’t get the brawler. We got our money back but also got doc 2000 gems so now my kid is -1700 gems! Ive tried contacting them to no avail. No one responds! It has been three months!.Version: 41.148

Fix pay-to-win brawlers!!!I think it is ridiculous that every new brawler that comes as a part of the battle pass is OP at the release. The latest example is eve. She was extremely annoying and overpowered, and they didn’t even make an effort for any changes or nerfs until after the season. Why? Because they want to give incentive for people to buy the battle pass. I think that this is a dirty way to make more money, and that it’s sending the game in a bad direction by making the new unbalanced brawlers only available through purchase. This is barely even touching on the pay to win aspect of the game. I am currently 20,000 trophies and I can’t even play a new brawler that’s under 100 trophies without being matched against a lvl 9-11 brawler on the other team. Why would anyone level a brawler under 100 trophies to lvl 11? It isn’t until I visit the players profile that I see that even though we are at the same over all trophy level, all of most of their brawlers are level 9 or above, which clearly means that they’ve spent money to level their brawlers that high. It is only because of their purchases that they can get ahead by beating out my level 3 brawler with a level 10. By giving people this much of an edge, it ruins the experience for all other players. Until the matchmaking and balancing is fixed, I would not put any significant investment into this game..Version: 43.238

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