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Thanks for a enjoyable gameThis game deserves more then it gets. It gets reviews like Oh My GoD tHiS gAmE iS uNfAiR or, I’m LaGgInG tHiS yOuR fAuLt SuPeRcElL or I dIdNt GeT gRoM tHiS yOuR fAuLt SuPeRcEll not to mention getting review bombed by Genthin impact players. This game is a balanced masterpiece with new update always keeping you on the edge of your seat with fair gameplay that takes in to consideration tactics and terrain. It goes smoothly and the devs always change something so if your unhappy they’ll fix it eventually. It also has a pass that f2p players can acquire, which is great for people like me. The free rewards that they give and the beautiful builds that you can create mean there’s endless possibilities for a fun time. With a great community as a bonus and the incentives to play with friends and make the grind enjoyable, this game deserves more recognition. My cheers to the brawl stars devs Dani, Frank and the other one, (sorry, can’t remember her name, but good cosplay) I hope you have a great 2022.Version: 41.148

I wish you would give crow more attack powerI love the game but everyone says crow is trash could you make it so his attack does more damage the farther away so it can counter leon. My name is Jõrmangunder in the game and i want crow so badly, but you can do whatever you want. The poison helped immensely for crow which made me love crow and the game more, I think the health is just fine since he is a bird and they arn’t made to be strong. Also can you make another mythic because everything else has three brawlers apart from mythic, but still i love the game and you did a great job. I like the fact that no brawler is worse than others completely. I realise what i said makes crow more like piper so could it just be anything else but please i hate when everyone always says crows trash and leons so op and that everyones jealous.Version: 15.168

Doing swell, but needs some fixing…So I recently learned that you get put into games that have the same rank as the brawler you’re using. Well, this REALLY needs fixing, because I’m using a Power 7 Rank 2 Nita against power 2s and 3s. It’s something that can get completely out of hand. The supers for Bull and other “ram-type” brawlers gets weird. Bull can run across water with his super, but things go unexplainably weird if his super stops in the water. Either the super should be buffed, extending the running distance if across water, or nerfed, preventing Bull from being Jesus in the first place. Scrappy, Jessie’s super, had crazy range. It’s useful for lower powers, but after that it’s gonna be pretty difficult for, let’s say, Edgar or Rosa to fight back. Some Brawlers’ ranges need to be nerfed a little bit. I’ve played Colt against multiple throwers and ranged brawlers, and they are just out of my range, while I’m directly at their sweet-spot. I recently got map-maker, and I have a great idea for one. Problem is, I can’t save if I am not finished, which becomes a big problem. I have downtime on my phone, and if something isn’t finished, I can’t save, my phone goes on downtime, and I lose so much of the work I tried to make. So yeah, some things need to be nerfed, others buffed. Thank you if you read this, and I hope you can fix some things..Version: 36.270

MatchmakingLove the game play it daily awesome fun pushing trophies and playing with friends. Only complaint is when i unlock a new brawler. Like i did today (leon) i cant find games to play which is really disappointing when i get a new brawler i have been looking for for a long time i cant even play him 😢.Version: 32.159

Brawl starsI LOVE brawl stars it’s super fun but I have some issues. The characters are a bit slow could u pls fix that and it would be nice if you could like shoot more uk? Instead of reloading and waiting. I’d also like (and probs others too) for the stuff to be more cheap (in game currency) now I don’t go crazy on this game so that might be y but yk? It’s kind of expensive. Overall great game! :D 🥰🩷🩵💙❤️💖.Version: 49.175

Brawl starsLook can I just say it’s not about getting all the brawlers that’s not the point! I’m fed up of people getting upset on not getting legendaries that’s not the aim of the game. Take me for example I haven’t spent any money of the game and I’m 9000 trophies, roughly and the good thing is if you save up the gems on a brawl pass twice you will be able to get the brawl pass with 10 extra gems that’s what I’m doing. For instance I have saved up in season 3 and I’m gonna get the brawl pass in season 4. All I’m trying to say that you may think not getting legendaries isn’t very nice and mean but it’s fair. The other thing is all brawlers are good it’s just some are harder to use or some are just frustrating to use. For instance dynamike is one of the harder brawlers to use but it’s one of the stronger brawlers but that doesn’t mean it can’t be defeated, it can be defeated it just depends who’s attacking dynamike. So it’s a great game but you got to be patient and in my opinion don’t spend money it’s not worth it and it’s just a waste of money but by all means it’s your choice..Version: 31.85

This game is awesome just one thing that I think that would be an awesome addI have been playing this game since ever they added Jacky and I have seen the characters and they are awesome but one thing that I think that they should add is every once in awhile you guys come up with 3 character designs and then everyone can vote for which one they like the best and then you come out with that one and I think that you guys should add more challenges and make them harder for the rarity of the brawler that they get if they win and also I think that u should make more animal characters u have all these humans and robots you have crow and Mr.P not a lot others you should add some more I think that it would be very cool and make the game better and you should make a report button because I have had multiple time that my teammates sabotaged the game because they were just being stupid you should also add team only battles. Also I think that you should make frank shoot faster he is so slow and it is such a vulnerability when he is loading up Other than that I think that this game is perfect for people it is a awesome game you get addicted to it really fast and just keep coming out with those awesome brawlers hope you guys think about what I said does not matter if you just add one idea thanks if you do hope that you read this and think about my ideas thanks.Version: 36.270

Superb GameI was much more drawn to this game than any other supercell product. The movement aspect of being able to control a character themselves rather than placing a card or troop down to attack is what really appealed to me as you feel closer to them while still being able to strategise. It’s tense, hair clutching, and a great time. I installed it about a month after it was released and I’ve loved the journey so far, the trophy road characters, championships. I eagerly wait for every update and new brawler. I got very lucky to get Leon when he came out and am so satisfied now that I’ve got all the brawlers. All I wish that was taken into account is that the star player doesn’t just get given to the best player on the winning team but rather out of both teams allowing another way of gaining star points. I am completely for the 200 point limit though as it is a good indicator of when to stop playing and it feels like you really are earning the trophies without a reward. The skins are somewhat expensive so I also hope there can be another way of obtaining them and finally I hope joining a team has actually value as right now it just seems like a novelty feature where someone with a higher trophy count comes along to be first place but I know that this game is still very much a work in progress so I know you probably will address it. But overall thank you for a great game and fantastic experience..Version: 26.185

Criminally underratedThe BEST game you can get on your device!!! I downloaded this game when it launched globally just over a year ago and got bored after a few week BUT I redone loaded the game about 2 months ago and have played it daily since then and I absolutely love it! I think most people get bored fast cause of the small amount of brawlers you have access too early in the game, so I think adjusting hero drop rates would help, so the grinding part is getting good at the brawlers/game in general, not unlocking the different brawlers. Overall though the game is fantastic, it is engaging, fun and very skilful with a unique feel and multiple different game modes and maps that makes each day feel a little fresh. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is feeling dissatisfied with the standard crop of AFK/Idle games and wants something challenging and fun.Version: 25.96

Amazing game.I simply have nothing else to say. Brawl stars is incredibly fun in the sense that all different brawlers (characters) are unique and and a whole new level of replay ability. It is frequently updated and always has something new to do. There is an incredible amount of customisation with brawlers, skins, gadgets, star powers and gears. It is so fun strategise with friends and participate in club leagues against other teams. It doesn’t take too long to get good either. You come across new characters quickly and are given an individual matchmaking rank for each one. You quickly get drawn to one character and if you start to lose trophies with them, you switch to a new brawler and earn them back quickly. It never gets old. Across the 7 main game modes and 3 special events. There is a massive variety for different play styles and strategies. I love this game and I highly recommend it..Version: 41.148

Fix the lag if possibleAs with gameplay everything is great. However fix the server issue. BS servers are significantly slower than CR servers. I have never gotten lag in Clash Royale but it happens all the time in Brawl stars. It’s especially annoying when you have no way to communicate about your lag in the game and then your teammates automatically rage at you for doing something wrong when it was just crappy server connection. As a casual player it doesn’t matter too much but for people who play the game competitively it will impact them a lot. Look at Nova Esports. Their team played in the world finals in 2021 and got rekted and lost the chance to prove themselves and win ACTUAL MONEY because of retarded server issues. And what to they get to compensate? Nothing (I don’t actually know what happened). It’s clearly an issue with the game currently, not us, because as mentioned before, your other games like Clash Royale have never lagged me before or not nearly as frequently so it’s clearly to due with the servers for brawl stars or just the intense hardware requirements of the game. Anyways please fix the lag and if not possible please add a free emote that shows the wifi symbol into the game to allow players to express their frustration. That is all and the Brawl Stars development team and game are great. -Sincerely, a casual player since 2020.Version: 40.179

Brawl Stars unbalancedThis game is amazing! But the only thing that is bad is that, I have been playing since Beta and I got only one legendary . But one of my friends has been playing for just 3 weeks and he got two legendaries. He has just bought one brawl pass and I have never. And he got one legendary in a brawl box even, and the other one in a Mega Box. It’s very unbalanced. And I have never got any card from a brawl pass such as Lou or Belle. Because my friend have bought a brawl pass he even got Belle on top of that. And while I grind some people have been bush camping to get second and I grind and I often get killed because of campers. Otherwise I gotta say this game is a game to play. And also try other supercell games too..Version: 42.330

Another brawlerIt is almost January 8th which is my birthday and I have been with brawl stars for 3 years and for my birthday I would like for you to make a brawler named CJ which is a chromatic brawler that has 3200 health. Each upgrade for him he would gain 200 health. At power one he do 1800 damage and gain 75 damage each upgrade. For his main attack he throws Nintendo switches that explodes into 10 game cards that do 500 damage each if he misses (like gene). His super looks like a harmless new IPhone that actually explodes and does 3000 damage in a splash area (like squeak) and each upgrade increases his super’s damage by 150. His first gadget is call SHEILDING XBOX that gives him a shield with 5000 health on it. His second gadget is called REVERSE which is that if an enemy tries to hit him he pulls out a uno reverse card and the enemies attack bounces straight for them and if it hits them it does an extra 1000 damage. His first star power is called REINFORCEMENTS where he spawns his nephew MJ and his friend Chaz that both have 5000 Health and track down enemies around him and that do 1000 damage each hit. His second star power is called EVOLUTION where he does extra damage and has extra health for 10 seconds. This is why I think you guys the developers could make a new chromatic brawler named CJ..Version: 47.227

Great game and all but a suggestion...Hey, I’ve been enjoying the game and have been playing since global as I live in New Zealand, I wanted to give a suggestion for free gems, watch a video and get 1 gem, 1 video per day. I think it would be a great idea as I’ve heard from friends and other people that play that they run short on gems and barely get any from their brawl boxes, so I just wanted to write this and maybe you guys at Supercell would see and maybe change something. I’m not asking and it doesn’t have to be done but if it can then thank you to all. Overall the game is great, love the full time brawl ball!.Version: 20.80

Y you make trophy’s so hard to getI’ve been playing this game for years and only 5k trophy’s and then it gets hard. to get a legendary you need gems or 1 in a 100K y you make this game pay 2 win it is such a amazing game but when you get to 5k trophy’s it gets very pay 2 win so pls make it so that you can get a new brawler a bit es er that is way I gave 4 stars:D.Version: 33.118

Too good to be trueThis is by far (and in my opinion), the best supercell game I have ever played. There are many game modes, and once you have 150 trophies, you unlock the daily event, which is a game mode that changes every day. There are many characters, which have there very own unique ability. You can choose what type of character you want, for e.g, if your a melee type of player, there are characters in the game for you, or if you prefer accurate blasts, there’s many characters there for you to use. The first game mode you start with allows you to get familiar with the game, as you keep on re-spawning if you die. Also, you will be placed against players that have similar skill like yours, for e.g, if your a pro, you will be placed against another pro, which makes the game much more fair. Over all, this is a fantastic game and I recommend it to everyone. A definite 5 out of 5 rating. Keep it up supercell!.Version: 14.45

Good Game with Bad ThingsSo I’ve been playing this game for over 2 years and have 20k trophies, and it is a really good game. It is defiantly worth putting time and effort in, and you don’t even need to spend money, I just do for the passes. There are only a few bad things about this game. It took me 2 years to get my first legendary, and I still only have one, and I know people who only started this year and have all of them. I know it’s a luck system, but I feel that new accounts have more luck. The new matchmaking queues are so annoying, and also trash teammates and afk teammates are the worst. But this game is still great, defiantly worth playing, even though there’s all these negatives. Thanks Supercell for making a great, fun and enjoyable game, just fix a few things to make it even better than it is.Version: 30.237

Brawl stars samBrawl stars are really good game it is fun and creative you can make a map and play other people’s maps. I have had a lot of fun over the years playing this with my long distance friends and love the way the game works..Version: 51.226

It keeps crashingFor some reason with the latest update the game has been crashing more and more often, due to this major problem I have been having some trouble playing the smoothly without something going wrong, if you can fix this problem I would appreciate it very much..Version: 15.156

Please get testersThe game is great and fun, but its absurd how every single time they release a brawler, its always game breaking and makes the game so much less fun, for example kit, who for some odd reason has the easiest super to hit in the entire game, 0 windup on it, 0 end lag, and if you use the super and simply spam the attack button you’re guaranteed to kill most brawlers in the game with the exception of brawlers like frank, but in any power box game mode, kit gets 200% bonuses from power cubes. In what way is that fair? Its not like the latter is any less broken either, on release charlie was broken, the twins were broken, it cannot be this difficult to actually make a character that isn’t game breaking. Are the characters even being tested? The second complaint I have is how they nerfed f2p progression under the ruse that they really buffed it, sure, f2p players get more than they previously did, the problem being that anyone who actually pays money got buffed so much more that its not even comparable. Not only did they make the brawl pass one month, it makes it even harder for f2p players to actually complete it because they don’t have any of the brawl pass quests. Making a brawl pass + just solidifies the fact that the devs care more about the money than anything. Whats the point of buffing f2p progression when in comparison it pales to the p2w style of playing?.Version: 53.176

I like it but...Right when i updated it, it wont let me play brawl stars. Whenever it was at 88% done loading it just crashed. It was one of my favourite games other than clash royale and clash royale is a little buggy too. So please fix this bug supercell.Version: 4.7

Why brawl stars is the bestI have been playing since the beginning made A new main because I was playing in a trash iPad then had to make a new main because my supercell I’d didn’t work and most of my friends play this game and I would say lower the trophy’s loss for people at 1250+ like if you lose one game you lose 10!!! Trophy’s and you only gain like 3 but me and my friends think this game is amazing and you should add maby some easier brawlers to get for the new players such as a new rare or a new trophy’s road brawler at 10k instead of ending at emz at 8k but still this game is great I do recommend if you have bad luck on your account make a new one and test your luck I made a new account after not being able to get on my old main and I got Leon from my 5th mega box.Version: 32.159

Great just too hardFrom the title you might understand that my argument is that the game is just chill maybe saying just get better you can get better there’s someone was a gigantic shotgun because in your head school coming to get you and I don’t like that maybe my reviews a bit too low maybe it isn’t but I just don’t like it because it’s just too hard you literally have to just play from the first day of the game and you’d be able to get every character in any other case I can’t even go up one level without dying 1 million times just make it easier somehow like find the characters are just too hard I’ll give you a hint I just don’t really remember any good characters but you’re forced to deal with people like I don’t know the people who somehow find glitches how about the creators of the game actually try playing it it’s like roblox is problem it’s just too hard and you don’t know what you’re doing it you don’t know if you want to go here here here here it’s impossible and it’s just way way too hard if I were the creator of the game I’ll make it at least easier and tell proper control stretch things that normal good players would really understand and know will tell them all the strategies and the kind of game in a lot of things.Version: 35.137

Great but-Great game has a few complaints in the past still have them but a little better now....Starr park is sorta freaking me out but that’s not the main problem right now. The matchmaking. Not only is it sooo unfair it’s soooo slow as well! Several times when I want to play a game with my bib (930 trophies) sure it’s a high trophy rank and not many people have it that high, but when I look on the leaderboards there are plenty of people around the world with many different brawlers that high! So I don’t see why I need to sit there for up to 45 minutes ‘searching for players’. If this is because I’m only versing people from my country...then that’s ok but FIX IT. Why can’t we verse people all over the world? It would be much quicker and the matchmaking won’t be as bad. Once I used my bibi and in the game there was a 400 trophies emz and only one brawler not below my Bibi’s trophies. Sure it was great for me and ofc I came first but the poor emz, versing people more then double it’s amount of trophies!.Version: 35.108

Unbalanced brawlersI really like the game because of the variety of the way they fight, I also like this game because you don’t have to pay to win like Clash Royale and you are not very slow at getting new brawlers. Clash of Clans is too slow at upgrading your village. But you should weaken Piper and upgrade Crow. Because Piper is to strong, and Crow is to weak. I think you can’t weaken Surge because you can reach him even he’s at level 4. But Piper is simply to strong, when I’m using Belle to fight with Piper, I can’t even show up in front of her, because her damage to me is too dangerous and she can crush the blocks, it’s so unfair! Crow is to weak because he is to thin, you can’t even reach the enemies because you are similar to Shelly, you have to get closer but you are too weak. My brother is using Crow very often but he was frightened because Crow is too weak, he is hiding from other brawlers and rarely kills one when he’s brawling. Even Crow’s super power is even as low as his normal offense. You must fix it!.Version: 41.148

The game is great but I have only one suggestion ☝️Super cell I’d like to say your efforts are beyond extraordinary in all your games…much love ❤️ but I have one little thing and it really grinds my gears and it’s the spawn in invincibility I get it in the modes for spawn locations but it needs taken out of like showdown I can’t tell you how many times I’ve killed the last person on that duo and there partner spawns in probably from previous encounter from another team and annihilates me due to invincibility I get it they spawn in with nearly no ammo but let me paint a picture here I’m a dynamike right just stunned killed walking to get power orbs then teammate spawns in last second okay they just stick right on you no escape got killed so many time like this…Shelly power lvl 6 dies to power level zero Shelly just spawning in with invincibility and super at hand…either way it’s unawarding and no skill needed to die spawn in and use you invincibility to get a kill when it should never play awful and kill the team that’s made good plays all game to get to the advantageous position they are in or use invincibility cheese and bull rush to further chip down that team so other players can kill them while teammates hide it’s so bad please look into it is all I’m saying it would be a quality of life improvement for sure…if this even gets read that is highly unlikely 😕.Version: 50.219

Cool cool coolI love this game and the brawlers in it I have been playing for over a year. Just a few ideas though could you make a couple more game modes because after a while you can get sick of the ones that are in the game right now. Also can you make it so you can play friendly games with no wifi if you only have bots. Also add more updates because you are adding them like once every two months and also make there be less servers so that there’s only a few big ones because it is getting very hard to find rounds it takes over 10 mins normally. Other than those things I love this game I play it for ages keep up the great work!.Version: 31.78

Brawl starsI love this game but they need to balance a few things about Nani and match making. With match making they need to factor in the power level of brawlers as well as trophies. I recently played a game with my power 2 brawler and got matched up against multiple power 10 brawlers this is just plain unfair. Nani is also insanely op not only does it do insane damage up close but it also has a long range, even if it is easy to dodge at a distance I often find myself fighting Nani up close with a tank like Shelly and losing. I read through a few other reviews about the game and saw people complain about legendary drop rates and how expensive skins and new brawlers are however I think brawler drop rates and pricing in the shop are well balanced it adds value to playing the game everyday and saving up..Version: 28.188

Best game on mobileI’ve been playing Brawl Stars since 2017 with about 4 accounts since 2017. My main account now is on 21k trophies and is f2p as I haven’t paid any money on the game. I never get bored of this game as it has many things such as challenges and a competitive aspect to the game. For example Club League which I play every day to get as much trophies as possible to get to the best leagues. The main reason I play Brawl Stars is trophy grinding coz it’s fun and matchmaking is actually quite good. However, one bad thing about Brawl Stars is teaming. Ngl I’ve teamed in Showdown a few times but now I’ve stopped as ik it annoys people A LOT and it annoys me a lot coz I lose a lot of trophies coz some tryhard thinks it’s funny to team with another tryhard. Other from that Brawl Stars has plenty of things to keep me playing Brawl Stars almost every day..Version: 44.242

Good game except....Hey supercell I love this game and I play a lot except I started a few days after my brother got it and I only have like 12 brawlers and he has most of them pls make it easier to get brawlers. I said to my friend to get this game and she was gonna get it but she said it looked BABYISH and I understand what she means but it’s not. so pls make the game look a Little LESS babyish. Most of the brawlers are weak and some are OP so pls fix that and make gems cost a lot less money than they do. Like 150 gems is like $13 so pls fix that. Yes I understand that you need money but can lower the price to like $5 for 150 gems? That’s a lot better. I really wanted the shark Leon skin but it was like 409 gems!! And I went to buy some but they are so EXPENSIVE!! and there was no WAY I was paying like $30 just to get a skin in brawl stars! And in showdown make like 15 people be able to join the game because 10 is not enough and before you can click your fingers the game is already over so pls fix. I hope you like my requests and I hope you do them Thank you for reading 😃.Version: 26.171

SHELLYThis game is good really engaging team play and the battle royal we all know and love I have one gripe with it though and that’s the playable character Shelly sure you can kill her at range while being careful not to get up close but any melee character doesn’t stand a chance her ultimate charges up as soon as you use it by only shooting one character I think at leat her ult shouldn’t charge itself but I don’t know the best fix but I do think she needs a tweak as she’s too good at what she dose and that’s keeping people away. Let’s take bull the other shotgun playable character his gun may have not so much spread but that function counters it’s self with the auto aim feature of this game which mentioning only really helps short range characters if you think about it. Now though back to bull basically his standard attack is the same as Shelly but Shelly gains a ultimate every time she kills someone with her ultimate that’s where my main issue with this game is. Sorry I ranted a bit but I hope it gets my message across while placing a solid argument for an improvement on the game. Ps bull is not broken just used him as an example/comparison.Version: 29.274

Best game I’ve playedThis game is so fun but the matchmaking takes forever because my Shelley’s at 717 trophies there aren’t many people who play showdown+ because that game mode wastes your trophies but I like it. Also could you please make an update that you get a free mega box once every month because that would make it more fun and also some gem quests. quests for the brawl pass aren’t the best but a quest for some gems might be nice.Version: 38.165

Why is it so difficult... to unlock the last 5 characters? it's been nearly a year and i still haven't unlocked tara or the crow or whatever... i abhor this - also we gotta do something that allows complete customization for controls because people's hands are, in fact different, and so are the phones this game is played on, so that has to happen. and i'm absolutely tired of not being able to communicate - every good victory comes from communication during the battle. i can't stand it when my squad is leading by 12 points but don't know when to stop advancing, or a teammate has all the gems and then foolishly loses them all by going to the opponent, trying to be a star player, and losing the match in the process... speaking of star players. why isn't there an incentive for being a star player other than (omg wow 🙄) experience? furthermore i got friends that play this game - i i would LOVE to brag about how many times i was a star player - me and my friends are competitors. the purpose of "sports" or games like this is the competition, not everybody is a winner... 🤷🏾‍♂️ if everybody is a winner, i might as well play something else, but if nothing else, please do something that enables in-game communication (simplistic is fine) so i don't have "all that work, for nothing" syndrome, please?.Version: 27.270

DO NOT INSTALLYes I know I rated the game 5 stars but on the five star reviews make it to the top and I need to warn everyone! This is game PAY TO WIN before and as you’ll see brawl stars wasn’t so money greedy and cared about the state of their game but now; the match making if you play solo purposely matches you with either one 100% worse than you and another teammate 100% better than you or two terrible teammates, as well as throwers, greifers, de-climbing, and on top of all of this, with the release of new brawlers since fang, every brawler was locked behind a pay way, battle pass before could be bought with gems, now money, before you could get characters out of boxes now, money or the “star road” which forces you to buy gems MONEY! Don’t play this game the monetization, the rage inducing gameplay and the amount of hate free to play players revive from their very own community, even content creators make fun of you, I saw a stream form Orange Juice Gaming and someone said they couldn’t buy the battle pass due to financial struggles he replied with what could be summarized as “skill issue” and was not said in a joking manner. If you have money and want easy games play this if you enjoy your time and rather spend money on any other game that doesn’t oppress or intentionally screw over a majority of their player base this game IS NOT FOR YOU!.Version: 53.176

Best game ever, but....This is probably the best iPad game I have ever played. I have 6000+ trophies and everything is great. Keep up the good work! The only thing I have to say is I think the chance to get brawlers is too low. I have gone 14 weeks without getting a new brawler from a brawl box. And I still have an epic, mythic, and two legendaries available. Please increase the chances because 0.5, 0.2, and 0.04 are ridiculous chances. Regardless this is an awesome game.Version: 19.105

Love it!Great game i have got 41/45 brawlers because of it getting addicting (quite a big downside). If I could find better randoms I would play this game a lot more (but i mean I play everyday anyway) One thing I really dislike is people saying stuff like “GiVe uS FrEe LEgEnDaRY” I feel really bad for the team having to put up with people disliking just because they can’t get everything when they reach like 100 trophies!! I really recommend this game to people who love challenging ways to gain in video games!! Every time I’m bored I just open the game and I go into a state of anger and competitiveness and I love it I just love the rush of excitement when you get people who know the game as well as you do and also when your about to lose they don’t angry emote and shoot at you they try to help win and don’t give up!! I love this game so much it’s starting to be tied with my favourite game!!!!.Version: 35.126

Matchmaking systemGreat game, very addicting for me and is really fun. When it comes down to the matchmaking it sometimes takes forever. I get that it’s based on your characters rank but some certain ranks are annoying. People don’t either join, not the same based on a certain rank when you go into a game. Another thing is maps make more games and total maps it gets boring just a little. But these are just my opinion, still I really love this game ❤️😁.Version: 31.85

Great gameThis is a great game and I have been playing since the first week of beta. There are a few flaws like bad randoms going afk,own goaling, and teamers, but you have to understand that the supercell teams can only do so much. Even if there was a report button, there would be thousands of reports every day lots of which would probably be from trollers. They can't go and investigate every single case, and it's really hard to program code able to do that. I'm saying this because I have read some reviews that were really bad because of these issues and I think that Brawls Stars is a really good game and they don't deserve those reviews. I hope this helped, and people will be more understanding that if you play the game and ignore the things you can't fix, it's a really good game. I also have been really mad at teamers, or own goalers even at rank 25 but it still is a good game..Version: 28.166

It depends on youYeah… so im an og in this game and it is amazing. I’ve been playing this game since 2017, so that is kind of crazy. It has been through some bad and some spectacular updates. So if you’re trying to find a game to solve your boredom… trust me, this is what you’re looking for. Although this game is great, I wouldn’t say i’m too big of a fan for the new update. To me—personally, the suspense of opening a brawl box and just waiting to see if you’ll get a new brawler, gadget, or super was the best part. So them taking that away, really bummed me out. However, I hope they will re-add them sometime in the future, or maybe even make something better! It’s crazy how much this game has brought me through, even though it sounds kiiiind of strange. There were some times where I just needed something to take my mind off of the stressful things going on around me, and others where I would just want to do something fun with family or friends. So me seeing how far this game has come from when they only had emz on the trophie awards, no chromatics, no gadgets, and not even any brawl pass awards, really makes me super happy! I hope this game will just get better and better with more time to come. So trust me, it is definitely something I would recommend to you, but if it’s not your cup of tea then don’t bother..Version: 48.300

NoodleI downloaded brawl stars as soon as it released globally, and I was immediately hooked. Super fun game to play with friends, super fun game to play alone. I’m always excited for new updates, because there’s always new content. Every time there’s a problem with the game, it’s fixed pretty quickly (like extending trophy road. I’m around 18k trophies and there weren’t any rewards for me) they’ve also done well addressing issues like teaming in showdown. You can’t necessarily prevent it, but they have taken measures on maps with modifications to make games harder with those who team. The box system is fair, I love that your chances of getting something increases with every box. The only issue I have with this game is that they took gems out of boxes with the addition of the brawl pass. I understand that the brawl pass gives you gems, but the amount you receive is small. Being free to play, I save my gems to buy brawl passes (great value by the way, good job supercell), but I know other players may care more about skins. I think it’d be better if there were more gems in brawl pass, or if they would spawn in boxes again, but just a lower amount to account for the brawl pass. Overall, I love this game, and I don’t think I’ll stop playing it anytime soon. Thank you, supercell, for another great game!!!.Version: 30.223

Supercell Does It Again(actually 3 times)!Very fun game. Good graphics, very nice and dynamic gameplay. If you like LoL or HotS, you're gonna love this game. I personally don't play either(I play OW, CoC, CR), but I LOVE this game. Strongly recommended that you at least give it a shot. PS. Piper's portrait is SO PRETTY.Version: 4.7

Join,relatively addictive gameIt’s a great game, enjoyable with lots of action and very interactive with other people Joined da goats we have lots of friendly people with great stats or you can join da goats 2 or just visit oh yeah and brawl stars it’s like the best game in the world you won’t regret it getting it i’ve went through so many ranks and after a while and make it boring and you could take a break, but you so much on to the excitement as brawl stars. It’s so satisfying to get a new brawler or buy a new skin even come up in trophies except they’re are very frustrating moments in the game yet like when you lose a ton of battles or get kicked from the club but that just gives you a player backstory. Thank you supercell👍👍 —— 2 years later—- ok so I’m super inactive now and this game is good granted but it gets dull pretty fast and ngl haven’t update in like forever but the thing is I loved it when I was younger but it just is kinda just the same old thing listen supercell, don’t change the game a bit you guys got to chill on the updates like dude I just want to hop on and play a game not update then get bored and play smthing else but it just kinda gets to a point were I would have to grind for days and gain nothing so yeah it’s kinda slow good game for a younger crowd I would just rather play something else-peace out-..Version: 53.176

Really fun but a little issueI have been playing this game for a long time. And have made several alt acounts. This has been my fav game for a long time. I really appreciate the devs working so hard to make this super fun game. And helping other players with there problem. Such as the way to get brawlers how they removed boxes and added credits. I really think that credits where a good addition to the game but I am really going to miss boxes. I fill like you should bring boxes back but make them less Comon on the brawl pass because there is no better feeling then finally getting the brawler that you wanted. I mean I am being a little harsh about it and I will be fine if I doesn’t happen. But I am really going to miss boxes. There is a few little miner problems that I think need inmproving on such as the brawl pass because it’s getting a little boring. And like a new thing like gadgets or star powers or gears for brawlers. Thank u devs for making a really awesome game and doing an amazing job fixing the problems. All I know this game has a good future ahead because it’s in good hands. ✌️.Version: 47.190

The most popular game in App Store!Well, Supercell has actually thanked us, the original brawlers, to play this game, and I am actually impressed that they are still working hard on Brawl Stars so that they can make a better game for everyone else to play on their devices, which is the beginning of a game development in the global world, and now lets make the Supercell dream work!.Version: 14.117

Best Mobile GameI have been playing Super Cell games since Clash of Clans first came out and I can easily say this is their greatest game. It is the most fair in terms of not being able to pay to win. While that alone makes it deserving of a 5 star rating, the developers also do an incredible job at making the controls easy, fun and fair. The character abilities and character art are some of the best I’ve seen in a mobile game. The game modes are fun and not too short or too long. However, my biggest issue with the game is the matchmaking. While I understand it is difficult to make it perfectly fair every single match I find myself in underdog matches much more often than I’d like to, or there will usually be a trophy difference of 10k+ between my teammates. Also, I think they should slow down with new brawler releases. While I love all the brawlers I feel as though they are going to reach 50 far too quickly. It will be confusing for new players to have to learn all the brawlers and at some point there will just be too many and people will not be excited for the new releases anymore. Other than those two issues, the game is overall very fun to play and has never gotten boring since its release..Version: 35.170

Brawl starsThis game is so good! The improvements that you can make are for example make Frank a little faster at hitting and increase Taras attack from power 1 to 600 damage instead of 460 because it’s now so weak and now it max attack is 1440 if all hits so can you improve it thanks..Version: 28.188

Good gameGood game, but should bring back OG maps :(.Version: 24.148

Almost perfect game!Hey, I’ve been playing this game since launch week, now I play it with my College friends! I really like how this game combines ideas, modes, and gameplay from games like League of Legends, Fortnite Battle Royale, and Overwatch and Paladins, but does it in a way that doesn't even remotely rip those games off. And the fact that each match in any mode with all the ideas from the games above lasts only five minutes, is the icing on the cake lol. However, my college friends and I came up with a good idea that can make Brawl Stars even better! Similar to the games above, you guys should add a pre-match countdown screen in which players can choose their characters based on their teams needs, or teams can decide what team composition they want to run within 30secs. I know, it’s possible to choose your character based on your teams needs, or for a team to be able to choose a team comp if your play with your friends or with people in your club. But if you want to play with random people, then it’s impossible to do that. Therefor in some games with random people your team will lose a few times simply because of an accidental and random team comp. In other words people who play with random people, can’t know who their teammates are going to pick which can sometimes leave some openings on your team that the other team can exploit. Supercell, we hope you can at least consider our idea for the game!.Version: 17.149

Great game, room for improvementI give five stars for giving a great game that does what it’s supposed to and does that well. However, there are parts to make it even more immersive and additions that I have in mind. 1. Have a tutorial. The cliche tutorial is a safer than sorry type of thing. Just put it in so people are on board from the beginning. Nothing too long, just a nice intro. 2. Better game chat. Clash of clans was perfect. The chat needs to be bigger and easier to access. Clubs should be like clans (club wars as well). This is another big reason people play online games these days. 3. Add a charge shot player, another melee character and more tanks. Charge shots would be great as they could destroy players with prep but become a worry in a quick fight (somewhat like Piper). It would be great for better players as the tactics would be amazing (we need to get people away from Leon). A fast melee is dangerous and we need more variety than just Mortis. Also, all the tanks are very balanced, but I think that we need more. Almost all the characters are in a low(er) health range, losing variety. I may add more ideas. Thank you for making a great game, I hope I can help you back. EDIT: Please add a report button to the game. So many times I have been teamed against in solo showdown (as have countless others), and it is extremely unfair. Players are disadvantaged to these cheaters, and it needs to stop..Version: 15.175

Amazing game!I adore this game! When my cousin recommended that I played Brawl Stars I honestly didn’t think it would be that great. Until I played it!! I loved doing ‘duo showdown’ with my friends and unlocking brawlers! Even if my friend had more than me. I enjoyed freaking out every time I unlocked a legendary and then bragging to my friends that they don’t have one. 😂 I’m also loving the updates! I’ve been playing Brawl Stars for 4 or 5 years, and I must say, this game has improved massively! To the brawl pass, chromatic brawlers and even brand new ones! I’ve been with Brawl stars from before season 1 and frankly, I’ve learnt to love this game. I definitely recommend you getting this game. Its fun, exciting and amazing! (WARNING: you may be addicted to this game after a couple of days!!).Version: 46.191

Great game, with some minor issuesThis game is really fun, and the newer updates have been bringing the game back. But, there are some issues. After you unlock all of the brawlers, all of your credits go into a huge resource dump called fame. You could at least let us trade our credits for other resources like bling. The same with mastery. You could let us get some cool brawler customisation instead of a pin, player icon and special name that you can use anywhere. Also, this game has way to much connection issues, that feel weird. Like how come I can’t move or attack, but I can see what is going on in the game perfectly? All in all, it is a really fun game to play to pass the time, while still having long achievements that makes it fun to play. I hope that the issues I mention get fixed, because it would make an already great game even better..Version: 50.219

Very addictive game! But....I have been playing Brawl Stars for almost a year now and have come to love it and go on it constantly. I haven't gone one day without at least checking it once. It’s amazing. A few weak points is, of course, here we go again, the bush campers or AFK auto assigned teammates or 3rd partying. I know all these problems lie within the players rather than the game, but I’d like to see what extents you would take to correct it. Also, there should be an option to report players. During the PSG cup on the second to last stage, AFK players provided my friend and I a very swift loss. In fact, all four. Reporting needs to be incorporated in later updates. Also, as I’m sure you’ve heard, there needs to be further trophy road brawlers. Otherwise, there is basically no point in proceeding after unlocking EMZ. But, the game has progressed well since the initial launch of the game. With brawler remodels and new maps the game has ended up with lots of variety. But if you want more players and more in game purchases. Then skins aren’t the way to go. New brawlers. And many. Who knows to what extent of action people will go to get a new brawler or something. Easy money. Well anyways, thank you Supercell and please don’t stop making this game greater..Version: 26.171

Love the gameI love this game and it has really improved from my original standpoint with some new great updates! Hopefully will be as good as the clash games some day!.Version: 4.7

Things brawl stars needs to doBrawl stars is a 3 player game (if you play with 2 of your friends or someone) and you can battle other people. You can join clubs at certain trophies, and chat and battle with friends or people in clubs. You can use emotes in-game to express your feelings and for holiday just like a month ago they did free halloween emotes which was cool. Plus when it’s holidays they make new holiday skins for your brawlers, Christmas is coming up anyway so they’ll do it. And there are modes the games good but I’m writing about is if you have the brawl pass it’s only for that brawl pass and if you don’t have a lot of gems to buy or get the brawl pass then you’ll get a little quests to do which you would be bored a little, they should add more modes and quests for without the brawl pass and they should do if you buy or get a brawl pass it should be for the old and new ones because you have you buy or get it every time there’s a new one. And they need to make like if you want to buy gems a lot cheaper like the 10$ one is okay 170 gems is kinda worth it but 9,500 is for 100$ which is a lot because that will only last a month or so, if they want kids to play they need to make it a lot cheaper. But anyway overall the game is good but I hope that soon they’ll do what I ask them. Anyway thank you for reading this. Bye..Version: 46.191

Really fun, but two issuesBrawl Stars is fantastic. It is so fun, they keep up to date with updates, and it is just generally a great game. I have two issues. The first one is about teaming. I am happily playing a solo showdown, and it is up to the last three people. I was thinking i could win the game, but the other two people teamed up and 2v1ed me. If it wasn’t for teaming, i could’ve gotten 2nd, or 1st even. The second issue is about matchmaking. E.g. I unlock Gus, but i do not have enough resources to upgrade him, so I try get him to 300 with power 1. It works relatively well until power 7s,8s,9s, even maxed levels come up against me. A gus who does 940 damage compared to a Leon who deals 2000 damage is obviously unfair. Brawl Stars is one of the best games I’ve ever played, with or without the issues, but fixing those issues would make the game even better..Version: 50.219

Won’t update without money in my bank account?I’m suffering from a very weird and suspicious behaviour with this app, I can not update it without having money in my account last time I updated this app it told me to re type my billing information thought nothing of it and then 25 dollars was take from my account and I thought okay maybe something I didn’t pay for or more icould storage but it was neither and now I try and update it again and it’s now not updating cause there isn’t any money in my card it won’t up date cause it gets declined like does everyone else have to pay for a update so unfair after investing into your app disappointed.Version: 16.160

I few issues that make a big differenceWhile the game is fun, in solo showdown, people commonly team, yet you can’t report them, there is no reason to not add a report system because if someone reported someone for no reason, you could check the footage, there is also a big problem, two or more players killing one person, I don’t know how to fix this problem but it is still a really bad part of the game, I have one more issue, the matchmaking IS NOT random, making games much more unfair e.g playing Darryl and seeing crows, 8-bits, Janet, surge etc. I believe brawl stars should be a game where you can play and have fun with a brawler in any game mode, but you have not shown me that kind of sophistication Also, there are many brawler I need to address, please nerf Janet’s, willow and RTs damage and give mrP and Byron more damage to even out the playing field.Version: 48.326

Fun game and fix PowerLeague skinsHow come skins in the PowerLeague are you need a specific amount of wins then you can unlock a skin from the PowerLeague that you need to keep playing to get to a specific rank before you can get enough star points to finally get the skin but to get to the specific rank you gotta join random people playing a random game mode and there is a high chance of getting a group of bad people and the fact that you can also lose your rank and when you get the rank back you don’t get the star points so can you fix 1 of the options of getting the PowerLeague skin 1 making it so the skin is star points or 2 making it so you need a specific amounts of wins do at least 1 of those cause it’s a bit unfair. And sorry for not adding full stops.Version: 46.191

Great game, but pay2win and unfairI have been playing this game ever since beta (about 5 years) but I still only have one legendary. one of my friends has been playing the game for less than a month and has two legendaries. Not to mention he got both of his legendaries out of ONE BOX. The game is also unbalanced for people who pay. My friend pays money for every brawl pass and brawler. He has been playing for about 8 months and has more brawlers than me although I have more than 30 times more playing time than he does. I definitely like the knew updates but I would like to see the game balanced more for free2play. I would also like to add how the way to get trophies and brawlers now is way easier than before. There isn’t really a purpose of showdown when people just bush camp and come second when I am grinding but coming 4th or 5th. So again I am asking for the game to be balanced but I would also like more of a challenge throughout the game. Otherwise, your game is addicting. I have loved it for 5 years ever since beta..Version: 40.179

Supercell FeedbackI absolutely love brawl stars and recently the new update came out so I made a new account to test this new daily reward system. Here is the problem missing 1 day makes you miss out on all rewards after that. How do you expect new players to continue playing if all the rewards they can earn suddenly disappeared. Personally I was really annoyed when I missed 1 day and didn’t get it. If they stop playing for 1 day they may have home problems family stuff not enough time to log on. Kids may not have the time because of revision for test and the sort. It’s very annoying when you have all this stuff to earn and suddenly it’s all gone. But apart from that Brawls Stars is an excellent game and becomes more fun the more you progress once upon a time we were all bad at the game it just takes a little bit of effort to get started. Thanks for reading Supercell and if you didn’t wellll I guess this was a big waste of time lol. Enjoy the rest of your day bye guys..Version: 43.248

Reasons I like and dislike the gameI love the games because it gets competitive but then the brawlers come into play it’s so hard for me to get brawlers I go into big game or robo rumble and get all these boxes I have opens at least 150 boxes and haven’t gotten one brawler if you could make it so that I may get some brawlers and also the community I would love that Spinner_kjwoods That’s my user if you wanna contact me of of the game.Version: 26.171

Honest opinionAlright so I have a clash of clans account and two years later I am still on it. I am also a big fan of shooter games. When this game was announced to be released worldwide I was overly excited. Well when the day came, Brawl stars was all I talked about. The colors popped, great variety of characters and wonderful way to make friends. Until, day 2. The only way you're going to win is if you master quick fire. A game designed to master quick fire? I really couldn't believe it. The skill system for the characters are way off balance. Then there's the trophy point system. 3v3 if won you win 6 and I think 7 for the star player then if lost you lose 5. You're going to be lucky to win 2 out of 5 games. So I am literally always mad when playing this game. Wonderful deals in the store though! Not like it really matters to the players perspective if you are constantly seeing the word "Defeat" after every match. It makes you feel incompetent, worthless, and it honestly can ruin somebody's life. I have gone through 2 phone cases now which is my fault but I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am SO embarrassed in myself for being even slightly interested in this game. Congratulations. This game seriously changes my opinion about supercell. Gone..Version: 15.140

Good game, but needs some improvementsI have 41k trophies and my club is in legendary 3 and I am mythic 1 for solo pl. Today me and my teamates waited over 2 hours for a power match and two normal matches (in club league) which is way too long causing some of the clubs to score far lower than they should just beacuse they are unwilling to wait in mm (matchmaking) for multiple hours. Brawl stars also needs to fix their balance changes, brawlers like dynamike and penny have been awful for years while belle, byron and stu have been top 10 since release. Clearly brawl stars needs to do more balance changes, possibly 10-15 would create more diverse metas and more fun for pretty much everyone. Finally, power league is in desperate need of a suggest brawler feature, the main reason why I and many others don’t enjoy power league is because of randoms not understanding which brawlers are meta and throwing games in general. A suggest brawler feature would help fix this (obviously not entirely, but it would help). This would probably largely boost the playrate of power league. If you don’t believe my stats my tag is #99Q9L2V2V. Please just take these suggestions into consideration..Version: 41.148

Super ButtonHello Everyone, I have been playing brawl stars since the beginning of the global release. It is a very action-packed, competitve,and fun game to play, hints the five star review. However, there are still many bugs i find I still run into, the game runs very smoothly. But there is one thing I find to be the most annoying thing ever. THE SIZE OF THE SUPER BUTTON ON THE IPAD. The button is SOOOOO SMALLLLL. It is basically the same size on the phone version as it is on the ipad version. This is so annoying because the button is so vital to the expirience you have with every brawler. I find myself accidently shooting when I am trying to use my super WAYYYYY to often. It would not be a hard fix and I know I am not the only one complaining about this small detail that makes such a big impact. At least give us an option to change the size of the button according to our liking. Sorry for ranting but I feel this is such a easy fix that would make Brawl Stars a MUCHHHH more enjoyable game on the iPad version. Like I said I am a huge fan of the game and see a very bright future for it but I don’t want such a small detail to keep me and other fans of the game from playing. Thanks for taking the time to read this, GxS.Version: 16.175

Brawl stars for the winFirst of all I love this game it’s quite new to me but I’ve had it for around 3 months now and I never get bored of it it’s a brilliant game and I just love it my favourite character so far is Edgar he’s very powerful but not really good against long range brawlers like brock or Jessie or collet or even bea I also play clash of clans but now I’ve started playing this game I’m like wow it’s not glitchy and matchmaking is brilliant so I love this game I’ve also rencently unlocked power league and even know Edgar is my favourite character I still ban him all the time because he’s to overpowered .I also just wanted to say I’m a bit in the middle about you removing the boxes I understand bcs it was getting to easy to get brawlers so that was good and honestly I prefer it with credits now even though it might be harder to get brawlers it’s still good. On top of that I love all the seasons that you have created . Season 17 mystery at the hub about spike going missing is really cool I love brawl stars so much I mean who dose not a brilliant game help I’m addicited..Version: 48.326

Insane gameIt has been my main game for the last Year, although i started two years ago i stopped play for like 10 months then a friend had it so ive been playing since. Im just coming up on 16k and i have 47 brawlers. I think buying offers is rigged so that you dont get brawlers cause i bought a 8 mega box offer and got nothing then i got a mega box in the brawl pass and got sprout. I think its worth it buying the brawl pass. I highly recommend this game as i have made around 50 friends play it and they all love it. All around great game 😁..Version: 37.250

Amazing!Amazing game I’m not sure why people are complaining! Yeah maybe I have deleted it a few times but it is really attractive for you to keep downloading it on your device! Rather then that I haven’t had one issue at all! You can get different brawlers with different types of roles like legendary or chromatic! So much more roles too explore too! Can’t forget about new events you can explore and play with and find out which one you really love and enjoy playing! Don’t miss out that you can actually play with friends and join a club have fun and even get to play with them! Brawl stars gives you loads of free things to do and it keeps you active in the game for hours! Since I joined brawl stars a month ago I don’t really know that much but in the past I loved brawl stars so I know some old information that’s not really important anymore! Love this game definitely recommend it! 👌🏻.Version: 49.189

TeammatesThe game is fun but supercell needs to work on the matchmaking system. You will be put against people of your skill level but your teammates will be terrible and ruin the game for you. I cant tell you how many times I've raged and cried at my bad teammates. It’s become a meme at this point..Version: 29.274

There are no pirate skins for charactersI have many brawlers and there are no pirate skins for any of them apart from carl but this skin costs far to many gems and i can not afford supercell can u please make some pirate skins for characters such as dinamike, Rico and bull which would be very good pirates because of there weapons and fighting style also more people would be willing to buy gems to get thes pirate skins and you would make millions of profits from this move and if not i know many people who love buying gems and do it all the time but are considering to stop if no new pirate skin comes out for there favourite character dinamike so could you please make more pirate skins or even have a pirate season for brawl star please do this supercell if you want to have a truly successful game..Version: 36.270

Amazing game, but needs a bit of improvementI have been playing this game for 4 years, and I have found that it is overall an amazing game. It has been my favourite game ever since I downloaded it, but recently, it just hasn’t been as good as it was in the past. I used to watch Brawl Talk, excited for the next huge update, but now it’s just getting repetitive, just slightly boosting our progression every update and making me feel stressed about doing all of my stuff every day. I think that if the developers made updates less frequent, but way better, it would be a much more fun game. We already have over 70 brawlers in the game, adding more makes it harder to keep all of my brawlers at high trophies. Other than that, I think that this is a great game, as it has great gameplay, great rewards for playing, and is just so satisfying when you get good loot from Starr Drops..Version: 50.219

⭐️ great game supercell!Brawl stars is a great game with good quality images. Sometimes it can get quite glitchy but just leaving the game alone for a while fixed that however the glitches are the only thing that made we give 4 stars because it can be really frustrating as it is SO addictive and the glitches make playing really hard! I love to play it with my friends and I like that you can chat with them and play together on clubs. I also think that the idle warning is useful because it can be annoying when people are playing in the same team as you and they just stand there at the beginning! And I think that if people go AFK they game kind of takes over until you start playing again but I’m not sure but this is quite useful for when you reload the game as it means you haven’t let your teammates down as much! Really great game I would recommend it to everyone!.Version: 31.97

Good But Needs A Few TweeksAs the title says the game content is good but it would be nice if you could toggle the controls size because for me my fingers just always seem to drift off and I randomly stop while dueling with someone. So try to add this in your next patch or update. PS I love all your other games supercell :).Version: 14.117

My review of Brawl Stars ✨Right, so I downloaded this because a really good friend recommended this to me. I though it was really being at first but then I started to get slightly addicted! I spent many hours on this game and it is not that hard to get gems 💎 and coins. I love the skins and it reminded me of fortnite! It has seasons and quests that come every day. I also love how this game tells you how long until the next season! Everyone will love this... IT HAS NO ADVERTS!!!! I TOTALLY recommend this game for it is equally as hard as fun! There are different game modes and you can friend your friends and play together! Also if you are in a call with your friends on whatsapp it doesn’t end the call like roblox and tik tok. The only thing I would like them to add is where you can have more people in your party and where you can do trios and squads. Apart from that, I 100% recommend downloading this game and telling your friends about it!!!! 💥✨💯.Version: 28.188

Great game, but a bit to hardI’ve been playing brawl stars for about 2 years now, and honestly, it’s an amazing game. Great progression, great looks, everything that could be wanted in a game is in it. Whenever there’s a problem, the developers fix it. My one huge problem with it is that once you get the brawlers to a higher trophy level, it becomes very, very difficult to win. Unless you spend a bunch on the game, getting the best brawlers and upgrading them to max level, or you’re just very good, for me, past 700 trophies it gets really hard to win. I’m sure other people would say different things about this, but I find winning past rank 24 very frustrating. Also, if you lose, you lose 7 or 8 trophies. That can add up. And I’m pretty sure it’s not that I’m just bad. Like I said, I’ve been playing pretty consistently for about 2 years. That’s half of how long the games been out. If I’m still bad then, then I’m not sure what the game expects of me to be good. But even in lower trophy levels, you can still get on a losing streak, and it’s really frustrating. But there’s still some addictive feeling to the game that makes you want to come back even after you rage quit. But besides this one criticism, this game is really great. It just gets very frustrating.Version: 50.219

Brawl Stars is AmazingI think this is an amazing game with many features, if you want a fun good game play this, the only thing I think is a bit of a concern is playing with people who are your level, not trophies but skill play wise. But overall updates are great and so are the brawlers. Love it ❤️❤️❤️.Version: 35.108

Super now hypercharged Unbalanced brawlersIt’s ridiculous! Why would they add a brawler with a op super, long and close range capabilities, a stun gadget, high hp, high damage, hyper charge and requires almost no skill. If you’ve played this game you either think Edgar or fang because of the lack of skill it requires and still puts game breaking results. Whole teams wiped out from one super, close range players stunned, and can close in with it’s high range attack and high hp. Hasn’t supercell kept this brawler in the limelight for too long now, I’m getting tired of queueing high rank games with fang or Edgar almost every game. Most brawlers can’t counter it resulting in instant loss as once they charge their super, it’s game over and a new whole in my wall to add to the collection. Nerf please, quickly before my wall collapses!.Version: 53.176

Quite Good, Trophy System Meh.Hi, I think Brawl Stars is absolutely amazing! I have two accounts, yet I can only use me lesser one, which is slightly annoying. The graphics are good and make it enjoyable. The gameplay is simple and easy to learn, auto-aim is useful, though mostly for close-range brawlers. One thing I’d like to say is, when you have played all your brawlers to high ranks, it gets hard to gain trophies. If you don’t get any new brawlers from boxes, you get stuck and your trophies slowly start decreasing. This is not always the case, just if your unlucky. This makes the game a little of a pay-to-win, but not so much you HAVE to pay, just because it makes it a lot easier. Other than that, great game, keep up the good work Supercell!.Version: 26.159

One of the BEST mobile games EVERThis game shows how professional Supercell really is. From the wide selection of brawlers and star powers, to the really fun and awesome game modes and maps. This game is a really good follow-up to their other game Clash Royale. In fact, all of Supercell’s games really show just how professional they really are. I feel like they are doing a really good job on developing these games and I look forward to future updates and games. This game really goes to show that mobile games can be just as fun as games on console and PC. I love the wide variety of brawlers. With consistent updates this game is too good to be true. Brawl Stars has core mechanics that bring this game together. This game may be to good to be true, but it is, in fact, true. Brawl Stars’ maps are really creative, and the fact that they are also doing community-made maps is really cool. I don’t know what their thought process for new brawlers is, but it’s amazing. This game is, hands down, one of the best, if not, the best mobile game ever. I would really suggest downloading this game if you haven’t already. I promise you’ll enjoy and if you don’t, try out one of Supercell’s other games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. One small step for mobile gaming, one giant step for mobile-gaming kind. That’s how I would describe Brawl Stars..Version: 25.96

Love the game but..I absolutely adore the game. Been playing since day one and haven’t had any problems till recently. The graphics are amazing, the art style is incredible and obviously a lot of effort has been put into it. However since I swapped to a new phone there have been quite a lot of connectivity issues where I have to wait a few minutes to get into a game, and when I do it’s very laggy and choppy. This makes it almost impossible to play and very frustrating as I love the game and have done quite a lot to support Supercell and the content creators that allow their game to have the world wide attraction that it has. Hopefully you could advise me on how to fix the issue or try your best to perhaps improve the servers as the game grows in popularity. Keep doing what you are doing because I never want to see the day that this game dies. Best of luck to you..Version: 37.250

The best yet from SupercellI have been playing supercell games for almost 6 years now and every single one of them has been AWESOME in their own way, but Brawl Stars takes it to the next level. For starters the game is fun and easy to play (my 8 year old could probably be good at this game) plus it’s addicting, making you want to log in everyday. Next is the progression system which is miles ahead of other supercell games, it is VERY free to play friendly giving 8 or 9 brawlers for free guaranteed on the trophy road, so even if your luck is really bad you still can have an enjoyable experience without spending a penny. The only complaint I have about progression is the lack of rewards after 8000 trophies in the trophy road, after 8k trophies you only receive 6 megaboxes for the next 6000 trophies and after that there are absolutely no rewards (other than star points) for pushing your brawlers. Next is the development of this game, it is INCREDIBLE how often this game is updated and there is so many new things in each update. Supercell are probably the best mobile developers because of their consistency, and that only adds to brawl stars’ repuatation. To end off this very long review this game is definitely worth your time because it is awesome and I bet almost anyone can enjoy it :).Version: 27.270

Power level 10/11 update idea for new player progressionAbsolutely love this game, play it almost every day for nearly two years at this point. Thought for developers - my account works seamlessly with this new update because all but 1 of my brawlers already had the power points up to 9 and had star powers unlocked for them as well since it was all before this new update. This allowed all my brawlers to reach lvl 9 and get star powers quicker than a player who starts after this update ever could - since the power points they receive are going to continue to be spread among all their brawlers for far longer. Making it harder for them to unlock star powers for their new brawlers. My suggestion is to cap new player brawlers’ power point distribution at level 9 until a certain % of their brawlers have the star power unlocked (or a user toggle so the individual can decide). That way they will have more star power brawlers for competitive modes like power league. I believe the star power unlock is the most important competitive unlock, and new players will be frustrated that they are unable to compete for far longer than players who have progressed before this update could. Thank you for your consideration!! Huge fan of SuperCell - best mobile game company in the world🙌🏼.Version: 40.145

This Is annoying, a year of straight work and what?This game is absolutely amazing, it’s a fun pvp shooter or you can work in a team to overcome obstacles, but the one thing I HATE is the fact that I have played for 1 whole year, getting on at least every second day and playing for and hour or two straight of farming. Opened at least 4-5 mega boxes and hundreds of small boxes and at least 60 big boxes and I have absolutely no brawlers ;-;. Kinda sad And I hope I can get one soon, otherwise this game is very fun and you should get it. I’m about to open a mega box, it’s my sisters birthday and I rated the game 5 stars, I’ve spent money on this game. Just please let me have a legendary it’s been a whole year, I’ve had a bad day and it’s my sisters birthday. Please. I opened it and I got nothing, I have rated the game one star and I absolutely hate this. Please let me have a brawler as I have shown years of dedication and I’m suffering from depression..Version: 27.270

Great game, some fixes neededFirst of all, I love this game. I almost have a maxed out account and I play very frequently. All of the game modes are enjoyable and different. The game is also not very pay to win. However, I do have some issues. First of all, when your teammates leave mid-game or they enter a game but don’t even play at all, a bot takes the inactive person’s brawler. The problem is, the bots are complete garbage. Especially in high trophy matches, having a bot on your team is like being in a 2v3 situation. Either make the bots better or make it so that the inactive player’s teammates don’t lose trophies. Secondly, teaming in showdown. I just hate teaming. It makes showdown, one of my favorite modes, a complete hellhole. If there are a group of teamers, you almost have to join them, or else you risk getting targeted by multiple people, which is completely unfair. The worst thing is, teamers don’t even get punished and Supercell thinks teaming is a “legit strategy.” Lastly, some brawlers are always at the bottom. It seems that when Supercell makes balance changes they only look at the brawlers that are too strong. Many brawlers such as Dynamike or 8-bit have been weak for so long and never gotten buffed. This is a shame because some of the brawlers I really like playing just get outshined by so many other brawlers. Overall, Brawl Stars is still an awesome game that just needs a little fixing..Version: 28.188

Case of the Mysterious HackerSo, I like playing this game and there’s absolutely no problem with it. Just one little thing. Why does the report button only have to be in Power League? I was playing with my friend and doing a challenge when I was up to my last life. We almost won the game when this player using Carl used his Molten Rocks gadget and it went 8 squares without Carl even moving. Can you please get rid of the Wi-Fi Hacks?.Version: 46.191

HuhHave y’all under powered Shelly cuz she doesn’t work as well as she did b4 the upgrade. I have her as a lvl 11, I attacked a lvl 9, and it didn’t even scratch its life points. And what’s up wif the being a lvl 6-7 and going up against a lvl 9-10 or an 11.Version: 51.226

New Game EventsHello There I am a big big fan of the game and I played this game lots but one thing is that The game modes are not fun so I was thinking when if you make obby events or like fun mini games And the thing that bugs me in the game is that Every time I just feel bored like can you make it like you can make Brawlers more cheap because Right now I’m loseing and my Bo Is almost 500 Trophies just like 15 more trophies But I keep on losing..Version: 47.227

NEW UPDATE RUINED ITThis game was the best game ever. I was addicted to it, playing it all the time, until... THE UPDATE CAME. Everything was perfect with Brawl stars, but then they jumped the shark. They somehow managed to make the best game I had ever played into something I would recommend to no one. Apparently, Brawl Stars interviewed a couple of 5- year olds, who allegedly told them that the controls were "bwad" and the game should be changed from "portwait mode to wandscape mode, pwease." Before the update, there was no complaining about anything in the game. Maybe a few, "I wish they added a few more brawlers," here and there, but nothing of much importance. But suddenly, the developer team of Brawl Stars decided that they amazing game they had developed was nothing but trash, and decided to listen to the five- year olds' advice and make everything good about the game horrible. Okay, fine, I may have been kidding about the five- your olds, but Supercell interviewed a few people who had NEVER PLAYED THE GAME, who somehow managed to know a "lot" more about Brawl Stars than the actual, loyal fans. So, they gave us a new update: one which took away everything which made Brawl Stars fun and addicting, one which effectively took away the whole gameplay experience. And if that wasn't bad enough, when complaints started popping up everywhere, from Reddit to the band chats (obviously there would be many complaints; Supercell took away everything good about the game we all knew and loved), Supercell decided to ignore them all and post a statement noting that they were sure it was an awesome update, EVEN THOUGH NO ONE THOUGHT IT WAS GOOD. Seriously. There were no posts praising how good the new update was. It was all complaints and suggestions on how to make it better, even with a few petitions to revert Brawl Stars to how it was before the update. One of the petitions reached 2,000 supporters in less than a week. But the developer team still didn't accept that their game had become awful. Instead, their huge, overinflated ego got in the way of their common sense, and they willingly chose to let HALF OF THEIR LOYAL COMMUNITY TO QUIT THE GAME BECAUSE OF THE NEW UPDATE. Even I, a person who played Brawl Stars ever since it came out last year, am thinking of quitting. Goodbye, Brawl Stars, maybe forever. I may come back once in a while to check out the latest things, and to check if any new updates have coming out reversing the damage done by your previous update. But until you make Brawl Star "great again," (note: this is in no way supporting Donald Trump) I have officially quit Brawl Stars. Goodbye. And for those of you who read this whole review, thank you for taking the time to read it. I sure spent a lot of time creating it. With regards, A former loyal player of Brawl Stars.Version: 6.52

Tres plaisantJ'adore ce jeux. Tres bonne idée!! Merci supercell !!!!😁😍.Version: 4.7

THE BEST GAME IN THE WORLD pls readThis the best game, there are SO many things you can do on Brawl stars I hope you (supercell) continue this game forever it’s great all my friends play it too they wish they could rate it more than 5 star There are no ads you can be free too play and if you’re an introvert you can mute chat (just don’t spam pins in club chat please) You can change your profile there are lots of games too play and over 50 Brawlers! You can invite absolutely anyone and join any club and there’s a friendly battle to play with friends or just too test something out and also training ground too test out a brawler This game is for anyone it is great There is one thing I would like you too change; the cost of gears. OMG Janet is waaaaaaayyyyyyy to op it’s not an option that you die it’s inevitable with Janet in the game PLEASE FIX THAT thx.Version: 49.189

Need more movement optionsThe sliding movement control is plain annoying on an iPhone (not enough space) and the “locked” option changes the position of the control every time you lift your finger, resulting in situations where you misjudge the position of the control and end up going in the wrong direction. If their was an option to lock the movement joystick so that it was always in one place, it would be much easier to use. Moving your character should not be difficult like aiming, it should be easy to move your character where you want, the only difficult thing should be learning where to move them to..Version: 14.117

My favorite Supercell gameI’m was a beta player so I’ve been playing Brawl Stars for a while and never stopped. I have played all of Supercells games but these one is the best because it’s fast and not nearly as pay to win as what some of these reviews say. I do agree that pay to win is a much bigger thing the lower you are. Skill is by far the biggest factor in deciding the winner, not crash spent. I will say that Brawl Stars has been changing the game so in game purchases help a lot. They have removed so many of the free things that you used to get. Anther thing is that so many people complain about how they don’t get any legendaries. I played 5 months before I got a mythic or legendary . All my friends got a mythic / legendary within a month of getting the game. In all Brawl Stars is a very strategic game because you aren’t just saying where you want your fire power to go. But when, how, how much, and at which angle. You don’t have to rely on some AI to attack for you (well, unless your teammate leaves) but rather trust your instincts. There’s a lot more you have to play attention to than your opponent’s weakest side, or what cards they have, you have to know your opponents reaction to everything, the exact limits of every brawler and so much more. This is what make Brawl Stars Supercells best game..Version: 15.168

Wonderful just wonderful but somethingI have been playing this game for 6 months now yeah I am pretty new but still I would love siege coming back cause it’s so fun and I never experienced that game mode In my life so please add that back and also will we ever get a power 12 or 13? I have payed on this game but it’s still fun on not paying I only pay for brawl passes because I want to get the extra loot it was a bit weird in season 1 not seeing more tiers but I am glad you fixed that but any means what a game this has been and I will be playing it til the end cya also I got Valkyrie Janet today I really liked brawler because of the star powers and how much she can impact the game she is very strong in gadget and not gadget and non star power and star power form so thank you and with the Valkyrie Janet skin you are probably the best iPad games out there I would like seeing a PC support but it’s ok if you don’t think it’s easy you can keep with the iPad I even found this game because of my friend we are the same age he found this game since 11 months ago and he has been there since the box removal same for me I was in 15 and my friend was in season 14 I was so happy when I found this game I was really into the game since season 16 the candy land and I thought a chromatic brawler was a divine brawler but it wasn’t it was a season brawler but I have finished this now so Byeeee 😄😄😄😄🤗🤗🤗.Version: 49.189

Amazing gameThis game is good in so many ways. You can enjoy the game casually but also you are able to enjoy it competitively. I highly recommend this game as I have been with it for about 3 years and I have never experienced any massive or game changing glitches or features. The only change I would make is the play again feature. I like playing again to get a massive trophy gain or a massive token gain for the satisfaction. There is also challenges to use the play again feature but sometimes I don’t want to play with the same people that I played the last match with. It would be cool if they brought in a feature where you could play again on your own, so you get a new team with different brawlers. Apart from that, this is an amazing game that is very easy to burn time while not doing something boring..Version: 46.191

Idea new seasonDear supercell, Like you know, I have an idea for a new season that would be called « the little breakfast restaurant ». in this season there will not be one but two chromatic brawlers. The first one would be WAFFLY. Waffly is a waffle with sirup and butter on her. Also she is the boss of the restaurant. (Important:she has a black hat with a red maple leaf on it)her first attack is that she roll a sirup bottle that when a brawler touch it he is slowed and he has multiple damage like crow. His super’s called SUGAR EXPLOSION. She spill some good sirup that heal her and friends. The next chromatic brawler is CHEF. He is the cook of the restaurant and he is a thrower?(he also have the hat) His first attack is that he throw an egg plate that explose. His super is a turret cooking pot with bean soup in it( when he throw is some soup spill on the floor and when a brawler goes on it the cooking pot attacks him with some beans). And the last brawler( not chromatic) is JOHN. John is a fat customer from the restaurant and he is impolite. His first attack is that he burp and the range is like Emeri or Poco. His super is TOXIC FART: he does a big fart all around him that is toxic like the gaz in survivor. The fart stay for a long time. That it for my idea thanks to respond to me Hina#lalicorne.Version: 35.126

Love the game... butI absolutely love the game! So awesome! One big problem I have is that... reporting isn’t a thing (and if it is then I have no idea how to do it). I’ve so many people with inappropriate name (one I can get from the top of my head is Ni99aSlayer, but there are many others making other inappropriate references) I am 14 and with a couple younger cousins who enjoy playing brawl stars and I would hate for them to think that naming yourself “sexmachine” or “kinkydaddy” is cool for a kids game. Another reason for reporting is that there’s trolls who like to sabotage a good game (like in brawl ball or bounty) like where a teammate would score into our own goal in brawl ball or a person you goof around and wouldn’t care to defeat at least one person in bounty. Another reason may be that a teammate (that you don’t know) could start chatting with you and saying inappropriate stuff, and there would be no report button. Please add something so that way people can report a player. Edit Jun 2021: I don’t like the brawler: squeak. Not anything about the brawler necessarily but… the sound effects. Too loud. Whenever there’s a squeak on the opponent’s team I dread it because I know it’s gonna be confusing with all that sound. If the volume of it could be lowered or maybe less sound effect, that would be nice..Version: 36.204

Gadgets: The Downfall of BrawlThis game was amazing and has almost infinite hours of play time since there is always something you can do. I have a small issue that ruined the game for me completely, gadgets. Gadgets didn’t really do much to the meta in my opinion but completely ruined the game outside of matches. Lately all I get in my boxes are gadgets since most of my brawlers are above level 7. I started to have no motivation to do the quests for the brawl pass especially this and the previous season (3 & 4). Because no matter how hard I worked to get a box I would always just get a gadget that I would never use. So I stopped doing quests all together. And without the quests their wasn’t really any point to the game so I just quit. I have a suggestion to fix this though, have gadgets only be able to be bought in the shop. While this may sound crazy at first if you really think about it it’s not that bad. People would want it work harder on the brawl pass because their is now a larger likelihood of them getting that brawler that they’ve been wanting for all this time. Since you get all that gold on the brawl pass anyway it wouldn’t be hard to purchase the gadgets. Also you can pick which gadget you want for a specific brawler that you use often. Not some random gadget on a brawler that you never use. Thank you for your time..Version: 32.135

Brawl starsI love the game. The graphics are amazing and the brawlers keep rolling in every season, which I like that (Otis is my favourite brawler). Although there was something I wanted to ask you. To bring back siege and rampage. Some people still miss that game mode and I do too. So if you could plz and I mean plz bring back those two game modes. Supercell I will never lose faith in you ever again. 😋.Version: 50.219

I love it but one thing I don’t understand and hateI absolutely adore brawl stars and I have for a long time, my little sister and I love playing together but she has been having one major issue for a long time now. She won’t play for a while or she’ll only play bots where you aren’t suppose to lose trophies but she keeps loosing so many when she hasn’t even done anything. She’s autistic so it’s a massive deal for her and it sends her into a full on meltdown. I don’t understand why it’s taking them when she hasn’t done anything to lose them/hasn’t played in ages and why so much? I love this game but if someone could explain it to me then maybe it might make it a little better for her to understand and maybe not be as upset??.Version: 49.189

Extreme UnfairnessBrawl stars is an incredible game, grinding, challenges or hanging out with your friend makes it even funnier but... lately I have been experiencing countless issues with the servers. Every single time I’m going for a big achievement the server just lags every single player in it. The characters who log out will have the avatar taken over by a bot and that bot is absolutely fluent with their actions. Whilst everybody else is lagging the bot is either dealing massive damage or scoring a goal in bb thus winning the game for their team. Trophy loss on the other side whilst gain on the bot’s side. Another issue is when players log out when other people are playing competitively. So what I’m asking supercell to do is fix the servers and maybe for the people who log out in the middle of a match receives a heavy loss..Version: 26.171

SupercellHi Supercell, I Really like all your games and have Been playing since the release of the Taras Bazaar Season. I am here to request for a new trading option since I dont have all the Brawlers on my main account and If I could combine all the brawlers on my different alt accounts, I would habe most of them in game. Is there any way to trade brawlers in the currently game? Thanks.Version: 39.134

Best game on mobileThis game completely changed my view on mobile games. Brawl stars is very easy but hard to master and can be a very mechanical game at times but in no way I am saying it isn’t accessible for everyone because it very much is. In fact I’d say it’s probably one of the more accessible games out there and for free you can’t go wrong There’s a lot of micro transactions to speed up your progress but nothing as far as pay to win that for sure and skins are chefs kiss sweet if you don’t mind forking out some real money or special in game currency. Never thought a mobile game could be so mechanically amazing and the wide diverse range of characters and modes will have you playing for thousands of hours if you like it.Version: 52.177

Great game 🥰👍⭐️…I have been playing brawl stars for several years now and it is a very exciting and addicting game 🤨 .But overall it is a great game and I highly recommend it to anyone!!! Unfortunately there was a very sad update were our beloved boxes got removed 😭😭😭. But the new arrival of credits is fun to work and progress towards but will never be the same 😔. On the other hand my favourite brawler is buzz and although he is my favourite I enjoy using other brawlers and progressing trophies. Problem… my iPad and phone are connected to the same account but still is not connected to supercell ID which prevents me competing in supercell make tournaments etc. Always please could respond and try and get my problem fixed and I put a lot of time into this. Anyway I look forward to the exiting new updates and the future of Brawl Stars. I will always stay loyal to Supercell 🫡. Sincerely MrM4X.Version: 50.219

Brawler ideaHey SuperCell! I love u guy’s game. Brawlstars is so fun and it’s like the perfect battle game. I was curious if u could think about this idea for a new brawler. His name is ShadowKing. Starts with like 5400 health. And throws swords, but the player has the option to where u can have him throw his sword or smash around him for more damage but less range. Medium reload. Long range then custom. He’s a human from a different world who is super strong and is all most unstoppable. I think he can be apart of a trio name called “The Reckless”. For his brawl pass skin his name changes to Chosen Prince ShadowKing. He’s not the king of shadows or anything like that I promise. But he’s the prince of his planet called the Sith. He has white skin, has red spiky hair, armored vest, red eyes. He has 2 swords that are sort of normal that look grey but have a red glow around them. For his brawl pass skin his swords change to like 1 perfect gold sword. For his super he throws both his swords in a bit X forward and back that each do their own damage which would be a lot. He also can have like a rage meter like ash. The more damage he does/takes the more dangerous he becomes. I hope u guys try this idea. I would love it if it were to happen. Thanks for being amazing. (I’ve played since the Fang season)..Version: 49.175

My feedback on brawl stars in generalBrawl stars is such a great game. And as I have been playing it for about 5 years, I have lots of experience. It has been my favourite game for a long time and lots of updates happen often, and Supercell puts so much effort into it. Thank you. One dying thing that has been on lots of peoples mind, is the brawl boxes, they were a part of the community, and I just wish the devs could bring it back, instead of the Starr drops. The brawl pass is also getting boring and now we have to spend money to get it. Some other small features are getting a bit repetitive, but is great to see how competitive this game has become, also is fun to play for non-competitive players. Something that I have to touch on, is the fact that the brawlers are getting very un-original and feel like they are a bit rushed, and not as much thought is going into them. I would like if there were more collaborative events where players can create a brawler concept, and the community vote for the most exciting one. All in all, I love this game, and how hard the devs are working to keep the community happy. Just a few minor things that are bugging me, but not much! Thank you so much Supercell!.Version: 53.176

Brawl stars review.It’s an incredible games with silly graphics and out here characters. Brawl stars has a variety of modes such as bounty (get as many stars to win. You get star by killing opponents but lose them if you die) to brawl ball ( score a goal twice to win). And it even has duo and solo battle Royale where you try to be the last one standing by getting power cube that upgrade you health and damage. Brawl stars whilst being fun can sometime feel dull as you could hit a dry spell where you aren’t getting any new brawlers from boxes but normally you’ll find you might just get a better brawler later on. Brawl stars is a balanced game as no brawler is straight up dominant. This game is so fun and has saved my life doing this lockdown. I highly reccomend downloading and if you do. The game is free to play with in app purchases and has kept me entertained. Very pog.Version: 44.223

Download Right Now.Supercell has made another great game. This time it’s a fast paced shooter I LOVE IT. The devs take into consideration what the community wants all the time! From balancing characters to adding community made maps and skins. Plus the variety in the brawlers adds plenty of strategies. I’ve played this game since global release and have been obsessed since day one; the game is also updated almost every month and with each update there are loads more things to do. Every bad review on this game that I’ve seen has been about balancing or matching making and these critics obviously haven’t been paying attention. The minute a brawler is op the community points it out and in a few weeks it’s fixed. When it comes to match making, nothing’s wrong it pairs you with other players based on total trophies AND the brawler your using’s trophies, and when people say there getting wrecked by high power brawlers at low trophies that’s just advanced players who maxed out the brawler faster. Overall this game is great and I’d give it 10 out of 5 if I could, it provides fun gameplay from that first game up till all of your brawlers are maxed out(and more!) which is why it’s top three video games of all time in my opinion. So if you haven’t downloaded this game YOU BETTER..Version: 33.118

Chances of getting a brawler...This game “was” great. I got this about 5 months ago and have been playing it ever since. The matchmaking was a little whiffy but I forgave it (probably because it was prioritising nearby players over rank for a less laggy experience). Apart from my game now refusing to load past 0% (which REALLY needs fixing supercell btw), the thing that I hate is the “chances” of getting a new brawler. I don’t know the exact percentages by memory but I do know that they are all under 1%. I’ve been playing this game for FIVE MONTHS and haven’t got ANY good super rares, epics or Legendaries. For those who need a review to realise why it’s because supercell wants you to spend money. I’m vigilant enough to not bother but they’re really hoping you get so sick of not getting a single one after 5 months that you just buy them. I have never seen a game that isn’t tainted by adds or ruined by marketing strategies. This game is no exception..Version: 16.175

Enjoyable game but teamersOther people have wrote about these problems and I think it’s true brawl stars probably is the best game I’ve ever played but say for example I’m playing solo showdown bear in mind the title even says SOLO showdown people literally team up even tho theres literally a duo showdown that you can use and they obviously do that because they aren’t very good at brawl stars or there just being annoying and doing it for no reason. Also another problem is if you go afk just as you’ve pressed the ready button or in the middle of a game even tho ideal warning comes up it doesn’t come up straight away people could literally just shoot you while say your doing a job for your parents or someone wants you. In a new season they should do an update like if your AFK but a banner above your name and then you get protected and they can’t shoot you but then when you come back from being afk then you will be un protected and people can shoot you and you can shoot other people..Version: 45.225

Such a good gameThis is definitely one of my favorite mobile games. It doesn’t get boring easily and has a great game lore. People keep saying the chances of them getting brawlers or things are low but for some reason I don’t really have those kind of issues :P. (I’m a light spender btw) XD great game!.Version: 29.253

REFUNDS!!!I love this game, but my cousin and I have a brilliant idea. You see, when I tried buying bandita Shelly, I accidentally got rockstar colt. Same thing with pink piper and outlaw colt. I would like a refund ability in the shop were you can deposit a skin, and you will get the amount of gems or star points you spent on the skin. That would greatly affect this to a 5 star review. PLZ do it, I would appreciate it!.Version: 33.118

Time to brawl!Wow. Just wow. I’ve been playing brawl stars for years now. I originally started back in beta and got my star Shelly free. I lost my account, but I returned one year later. It was amazing! So many new brawlers! Afterwards, I was greeted with quick updates, soon after, the brawl pass was released! Do you know what that means- wait, of course you don’t! It means a new update AT LEAST every 70 days! Now, I have two accounts, I’ve bought the brawl pass several times, got a couple of legendaries and played them until it’s just too hard to go on but still. Brawl Stars just didn’t get boring. Now, I’m looking forward to the next brawl pass, obsessing over my two favourite brawlers, making fanart, watching brawl talk live and subscribing to several Brawl Stars youtubers. You too, can be a part of this amazing community. Brawl stars isn’t just a game either, it’s a mystery! Dive deep into the lore of Starr park, guided by the WKBRL stream (well, at least the stream used to help... until THAT happened) and theory about brawler origins, next updates and biggest of all, what is STARR Park, because it’s definitely not ‘a place you’ll never want to leave!’ Come! Join us in the world of Brawl Stars! Let’s Brawl!.Version: 37.201

Good game but could do with some fixesGameplay is unique with its individual brawlers, interesting game modes and design. I can see the developers put a lot of effort into this game and it’s has paid off for the most part. It does have some limitations, for example the game modes that involve teams (virtually all) I believe have no team selection mechanism apart from having a similar rank, however I have been in teams and against enemy teams where all of the characters could be projectile based characters and the other team would be a direct counter which has undermined the gameplay. Also, this isn’t so much a problem I have but have seen and that’s some sort of reporting ability for AFK teammates/enemy or toxic teammates/enemy. Those are a couple examples a few players have brought up but most games have implemented such an ability it just seems odd to not have a clear one in this game. Other than a couple minor faults (including but no limited to the aforementioned ones) that needs fixing before the developers add in a new brawler the game is great and super addictive.Version: 25.96

Fun time killerI love playing this game but I’m at the point where every game I go into there are the best brawlers you can get and I can’t seem to get them. It says to open brawl boxes but I don’t get crap out of them but cards for brawls I don’t use or are worthless in matches. Edgar can eat a fat one. Dude can jump and heal himself with every hit. I can play duo showdown and he can kill my teammate and I in literally 2-3 seconds when I’m blasting him with a shotgun. Stupid. Not a far brawler at all. There are a lot of brawlers that can just take me out in a second and I have all the brawlers I got up to power seven or greater and for some of em at power one to take me out with me not even being able to damage them pisses me off. I’ve gotten to the point to where if I don’t get a dam good brawler soon I’m done. Sorry but it’s very frustrating to have tasks to do and I get placed against power tens and legendary brawlers that I stand no chance at. And not to mention getting a good teammate is a rare thing. Half the time they just go kill themselves in the smoke or just stand there and act like they have no clue what it going on when they are high power and high trophies. I still play the game from time to time but would play more if it wasn’t so over matched on every game setting..Version: 36.270

IF YOU HAVNT DOWNLOADED DO IT NOW!!!To start of with this game is so addictive and I play for endless hours on end. I had stopped playing for a bit but I got back into brawling once again and let me tell you I cannot get enough of this game. The details and amazing graphics for as such as a mobile game is amazing. No adds no bugs and tons of fun. Couple things I would ask of you supercell is maybe adding a Trio for Showdown..and maybe some new game modes like a capture the flag concept. Another possibility would be a gifting feature or a trading feature I feel like that would be an awesome addition to the game because if your buddy is in need too upgrade a Brock or if there beginners like a colt or bull it would be an awesome feature too have a gifting option or even gift brawlers that you don’t like as much and things in the manner. One last thing would be such as if in a mode have a MVP for the loosing team so we don’t loose as many trophies because as hard as it is too gain them it’s very easy too loose a big bunch at a time. Well supercell thank you for making and developing such an amazing and friendly game keep up the great work and thank you for taking your time too read this! P.s keep it with no adds !! Brawl star player, Victor ❤️.Version: 19.105

My favorite mobile game STILLI come from a MOBA background for years and before that played FPS like CoD BO for just as long but got tired of the grind and 30 min + games. Even the quickest 10 min games weren’t quick enough and yet I don’t get enough dopamine from these quick games cause they’re warming up at that point. I no longer had the attention span and patient for matchmaking lobbies and time consuming games but still wanted that adrenaline rush you get with the competitive pvp scene. The game is fun, silly, wacky, simple yet deep, complex, with a high skill cap, sweaty, and still only SHORT 2-3min games! I could play just a few games a day and get my dopamine without feeling like I wasted any time! Sure you can technically pay to win but it is generally a level playing field and the rest is dependent on skill and your familiarity with your chars. Been playing this game for years and have no plans to stop. My main acc is maxed and from Beta days but I have a new acc and is having much more fun playing my new acc. Pro tip: invest only in the chars you like or is viably competitive, do not spread your resources too thin. You only need 8-12 maxed out chars out of 73+(at the time of writing this) chars to truly get the most of this game. Try this game out, it’s worth the time even if briefly! (Not at fault if you end up loving the game).Version: 53.166

Good gameThere are a few bugs that I have noticed while playing that still have not been patched yet. Sometimes the menu screen is all bugged out with the shop items and maps, sometimes it gets so bad that i wasnt able to choose what mode i wanted to play due to the ui bugging out..Version: 48.300

Power League banning systems for leaving is unfair.I am an active Brawl Stars player with over 20,000 trophies. At first, I loved power eagle, but then i noticed a massive flaw. The game kept on randomly kicking me out of power league matches, and then sending me notifications saying that I was the one who left eh match. Earlier today, I received a 5 minute ban because this happened too much. People tend to leave power league matches because they do not like the matchup or mode/map. What I suggest to fix this issue is to make a machine analyse people who often leave power league matches battle logs. If the leaving is targeted at a specific map, mode or if they have a bad comp, only then they should be banned. However, every other aspect of this game is absolutely brilliant and I intend t Brawl stars for many more years..Version: 34.152

Voice LinesI absolutely love this game. It’s addictive and fun, especially with the new integration of the battle pass with quests that keep you playing different brawlers and game modes for rewards. However I have one request, and if you could add it that would be amazing, and that is the voice lines. I really don’t like the voice lines in this game. I find them cringy and annoying, and not fun at all. Could you please add a setting in the settings to turn off voice lines? While the setting ‘Sound Effects’ does this, that also disables all of the sound effects such as clicks when you click a button, gun shots and explosions (obviously). The game feels bland this way, with just music in the background. All I ask is that you make a Voice Lines toggle time toggle on or off just the voice lines instead of all of the sound effects as well. Apart from that, I really enjoy playing Brawl Stars. Thanks, Elliott.Version: 27.535

Why the brawl pass😡First of all I like the game but the brawl pass I’ve had this for 1 year now and to get the special stuff you need to buy it you need brawl pass to get it and what if you can’t what is the point of it bc I have it now but if kids didn’t they wouldn’t be able to get the new skin Lola bc it only on brawl pass luckily though I can hopefully manage to get Lola but what if the other kids can’t bc they don’t have brawl pass bc then you can’t get Lola it’s so unfair bc on of the seasons I forgot which one it was but I wasn’t able to get brawl pass so I couldn’t get the character you should delete brawl pass and make everything special go on the normal free brawl pass then at least the kid who collect there stuff get Lola colenel ruffs spike max squeak like them so please please do it make the kids happy please I beg you so much 🙏🏻🥺.Version: 40.145

Supercell did a great job with this gameThis game is one of the best mobile games ever. Ever since the removal of boxes, I’ve been playing more. I don’t know why people give this game 1 star reviews. But 1 request for supercell is for them to buff Edgar. Edgar is just a trash brawler in general. He’s a melee that doesn’t have that much hp..Version: 47.227

Excellent GameReally enjoy playing Brawl Stars, a fantastic game. But the reason for this review is just to ask if something can be done about the Power Points (PP) used to upgrade your brawler. Can you guys please make it so that we can receive PP for the brawlers we actually use? I’m getting a little tired of receiving heaps of PP from Brawl Boxes for brawlers I don’t ever use when they could be going towards the brawlers I actually do use. Other wise great game, cheers.Version: 14.117

Great Esport. And a few suggestions...Brawl Stars is the start of my esports career and has provided tons of fun for me and my friends. The updates are amazing and the concepts in the game makes it a very interesting experience. There are however, a few things that I would recommend changing. For example, after the most recent update where tick and a “trophy rush” was added, I feel that the game is becoming too easy. It’s more time-based instead of requiring good skill. What I would suggest is maybe tripling the number of power points players get after a season ends. So if someone loses 100 trophies on a brawler that’s over 500, they would gain 300 power points. This would make it so that the “trophy rush” where it’s easier to gain trophies won’t have to be available to all players. Perhaps the trophy rush deal can be unlocked at certain trophies so bad players won’t have high end trophies, which can negatively affect good players at the top. Also, if power points could be used to buy other things other than skins, it would be great. Maybe sell new brawlers for power points? Like 100k + points for a legendary or something. I’m just making a few suggestions that might make the game better for everyone in general. Thanks for the hard work and keep it up supercell..Version: 19.105

Very good, fun game.I have been playing Brawl Stars since about January of this year and i love it. I find it so addicting and so fun, i got loads of my friends to download it and play it with me and the game is a very fun experience. There are a few things i would like to see just to enhance the game a little bit. These are to friendly games and tokens. I would like it if you were able to customise bots skill levels and how many bots there were, for example you could make it so there were no bots and you were playing with about 4 of your friends so you have no bots to worry about. I would also like tokens to be decreased a bit from how many you get, from as it is now at about 2h 20m for 20 tokens, to about 1h 40 for 20 tokens? or you could increase the tokens to 30 or 25 for the 2h and 20m. Thank you Supercell for providing everyone with a wonderful experience in a mobile game, and keep up your good work! 😃.Version: 21.76

Woah!Okay, so, this game is pretty exceptional. I’ve been playing for over a year now off and on and I’m sitting at just a little over 5000 trophies. The characters are all unique in their own way, and I love that they do not lose value after discovering “stronger” characters. They continue to be required in order to advance in trophy count and level up your profile. The star point system is creative and unique to this game. The brawl boxes are helpful for upgrading characters, though I would like to see more specificity in this character card generation. Maybe add card requests that hint to the generator which characters you use, or have algorithms that know which characters you have been upgrading more than others? I am also quite connived by the fact that I haven’t received a new character in NINE months. I have no legendary characters after over a year of gameplay and most of my friends received at least one in under two months of gameplay. At the moment I am accepting this as just bad luck, but should this continue to be an issue, I will be seriously concerned with the capability of this game’s random generator. I don’t write reviews for games, but this is truly an exceptional mobile game that with a few tweaks that I feel are being ignored, could be the best on the market..Version: 23.65

Good but needs less improvements.I have been playing this game for around 2 years now. I am currently at 21k as I don’t play very often, but when I do play, I spend a long time grinding. I spent £10 on this game, and I found it worth slightly less, although then exclusive skins and pins were nice. However, there is (IMO) no need for new maps, new brawlers, gears etc. The quality of life improvements have helped a lot, but please please please get rid of the “Play Matches In A Team” quest as I can never complete it. So overall, it’s a good game, and I would recommend it, but some, not improvements per se, but just to step back, stop trying to add bigger and better stuff, and let the players enjoy what they have. I do realise that this is by no means good to keep professional players here, gain new players and make a profit, but I think that it will just keep the game ticking over..Version: 43.229

Dear Supercell, This is unfairI am nearly 12k trophies and I only have 1 mythic and no legendaries. I have been playing since the beginning (I have Star Shelly to prove it) and been on the grind every single day. I only have 25 brawlers after playing for 1+ years, and some people I know who started barely a few months ago have 1-2 legendaries and all have 3+ mythics. Some of them barely play amd yet they have more brawlers than me and are luckier, so Supercell, I demand an answer. Why don’t I get any brawlers? I am being left in the dust. I have more trophies than people with more brawlers than me, I played all the Supercell games and still play them (Hay Day excluded. I don’t play it anymore) I love all the games you release. I get addicted. I strive to buy star point mega boxes, get trophies for trophy road mega boxes and save up gems for discounted mega boxes (this is hard because I barely get any gems) and I never get anything. I do box openings like 100+ boxes and still nothing. Why Supercell? Please give me some luck..Version: 25.96

Amazing but greedyI have to say that is hands down the best mobile game I’ve ever played. It’s just so original in its gameplay and the variety of things you can do are great. One problem that I do have is that as time progresses, supercell has slowly been building a huge paywall in the game. They started creating more offers, and then created the brawl pass to get more people to spend money. Not to mention that they recently just made it so that free to play players can’t even get it anymore. Then they created Starr road to make it easier to spend gems on brawler (especially since gems can’t be spent on the brawl pass anymore) with their excuse being that some people didn’t like the luck based system but also brought it back a couple months later?? My biggest gripe with the paywall are the early access brawlers. At first I thought that maybe it was just a fluke. Since kit was released early for people who PAYED, he was game breaking and it ruined the game. After he was actually released he then got nerfed a couple days later. Again, maybe it was just a fluke right? Well Larry and Laurie just got released early for those who payed and once again he is game breaking and I’m going to guess that he only gets nerfed once he actually gets released. Come on supercell, do better :(..Version: 53.176

Please add an invite to clan buttonAdd invite to clan button for players not in a clan like in clash royale.Version: 27.270

AmazingIt’s a super fun game I’ve been playing for over three years now and I’m still not bored. there’s constantly new features being added which make it super fun. There’s loads of content so you won’t get bored. By far my favourite game ever.Version: 38.101

The games amazingThe matches are easy and short. Witch makes it very fun playing. You can also get free rewards of items such as characters and other little things each day your log into the game. The characters are amazing and each one you get has a different style of shooting plus a different gun. As getting more wins you can earn trophies to unlock free characters. So you can also use that if you don’t have the brawl pass. I already have some characters I unlocked in the game and they can also be upgraded with coins you can earn. You also don’t need the best device for this one game witch is okay because the fps will still be quite high. There’s unlockable matches that you get for higher levels witch makes the game easier for you if your new or an old player..Version: 43.248

Amazing game with a few flaws. By MattThis game is really good I recommend it there are a lot of enjoyable things including the brawlers and the satisfaction when u open one. There are lots of skins to customise your brawlers with to make them look cooler. However random Matchmaking is pretty bad so supercell pls fix it maybe add pings or change your brawler before or on the end screen. There is also teaming in the only solo mode of the game especially in higher trophies around 400+ it’s there nearly all the time making none of the modes perfect. Also supercell pls take out meteors. The luck system is also really bad because people can get a legendary brawler or all the mythical when they’re under 2k trophies then others don’t get their first legendary until 5.5 or 6k trophies. Also tilting (losing lots of) trophies when grinding is really annoying because you just get bad luck after pushing around 50+ trophies. Been playing for five months. Otherwise addicting and amazing game..Version: 18.83

Awesome game, but progression change neededThis game is brilliant. The way you win matches to gain tokens and trophies is great. A few months ago, they introduced a reward system changed. This was a brilliant addition and really helped free to play progression. My only problem is that, when you get to 550 (rank 21) trophies or higher on a brawler, you suddenly start facing higher trophy, higher level players with better power levels for their brawlers. This gets really frustrating when your brawlers are power 6-7 and your opponents brawlers are much higher than yours (eg. Power 9-10). This really changes key interactions inside gameplay and it means that you are playing on an uphill slope, it’s just not fair. I think this is pay to win, because players with no real skill are just paying their way to more and better brawlers without a need for skill. This is a great game but, like any supercell game, there are pay to win players.Version: 28.188

Really good gameI love this game so much but after you changed the ANZ servers it gets harder for me too play.I love all the new brawlers and updates this game is so awesome it’s an easy game it can be played for really and ages but please supercell change the ANZ servers back please,other than that this game is on another level to other games 🤩.Version: 33.118

Great game but kinda annoyingThe game is really fun and is a good game I would recommend. Although it’s a great game, with the addition of the brawl pass, free to play is hard for people that don’t spend money like me. Every pass only grants 90 gems while the pass costs 170 gems meaning for free to players to get the pass, they need to sit through 2 seasons to be able to get 1 pass. Especially since the boxes cannot give gems, there is not way to play the game for free and still be able to get every pass. Other then that, I have no problems with this great game..Version: 28.188

I love this gameI love this game and most of it my friends and I are always playing and having fun. But I will say some of the fun is in unlocking new characters I myself have 11k trophies and 33 brawlers but I haven’t even unlocked Nani yet, And you want to know why...Gadgets. At the start my friends and I thought this was a cool thing but now the only reason I would ever keep them is for friendly games. They decrease the amount of brawlers you get. My friend opened a mega box the other day and had 8 items remaining and you know what he got? 3 gadgets! So as much as I love this game I hope you know that it will die eventually when people stop getting brawlers and start getting gadgets. Please take this in to consideration I have known people who have stopped playing because of them. So if you could get them banned that would be great-thank you.Version: 32.159

We need to be able to report playersLove this game its really fun but i do get annoyed when i get paired with people in events and they dont help, such as in brawl ball if the opposite team scores then they will just stay in the goal and shoot the wall or something, you can tell its not a bot but they are just choosing to not help and it really annoys me because it happens alot, this is the only thing that ruins the game for me and the fact that they get away with this aswell. Even in duo sometimes its like im soloing as my team wants to hide in a bush and not help, like today the rico just ran away and hid in the corner of the map even though there was 3 boxes right infront of us , and spoiler alert i did not get any of the power cubes as i was a poco and it was too hard lol. But anyways please atleast consider this as it is becoming more frequent and it gets so so annoying. Also if you read this please consoder bringing back seige, it was my favourite mode, and please bring back summer games like volleybrawl. Thanks alot.Version: 44.242

It’s a rlly good game but i wish there was a couple of tweaksWell, first of all the game is amazing I love it. I’ve been playing for four years now and I just love it. My cousin got me into this game and I’m very thankful for that but there are a few things that I’m a little bit sad that they have changed well, first of all the brawl boxes, they were perfect. We read them back and I know a lot of people will agree with me on that Second of all The maps they need to bring all the old good maps back last, but not least the brawl pass it was good back when I had just started but now have I got older it’s just starting to get tedious because there’s so many good bowlers out there that are chromatic but I can’t get them because I don’t have enough chromacredits or I can’t get the brawl pass because it’s too expensive so I would love it a little bit more cheaper, but overall the game is really good. It’s basically changed my mind relationship with my cousin now.Version: 50.219

Awesome Game! Would recommend trying out!I would recommend people just to try out this game! It is very fun if you know how to play the game properly! And a ton of of brawlers (characters) to play with! Yes there is some aspects that I would love Supercell to improve but overall the game is awesome and will be fun once you start gaining more trophies in the game! And the good thing is that if your having fun and want some tips and tricks, you can because there are a ton of content creators out there to help you! Now maybe I just don’t know how to counter Meg but I think she needs a nerf but other brawlers is alright. Oh yeah one more thing, most bad reviews is just people who is kinda bad at the game, sorry for being a bit mean but it’s true..Version: 41.148

Keeps showing wifi not connectingShame so many people play this game and people have spent so much money trying to upgrade however nothing done to solve the wifi issue. So many users have same problem but you guys just sit back and enjoy the money coming in..Version: 14.117

Best game ever!I’ve been playing brawl stars for so long now. About 3 years of playing brawl stars and im still into it! I have 31k trophies and 48/50 brawlers. It is so fun! The aspect of working really hard to get a box (or brawler) makes the game so addicting and fun. I think that showdown+ should replace showdown because it makes less people bush-camp and more people go out there and fight. I would like Clubwars because some of my friends are in my club and some of my friends are in another club and i feel that it would be fun to do like a sort of quest against each other (maybe like defeat in showdown and whichever club kills more will win). We should get rewards when our club wins and get more rewards the more you contribute to it. Overall the best game i have ever played! (also please give us more free pin packs because pins do no harm so its not like giving someone gems or boxes or brawlers).Version: 37.250

Why are people complaining?I have been playing this game now for almost 3years, I love it and have never had many issues. I have not paid for anything on this game and I have reached over 16K trophies, with many of my brawlers being power 10. I am reading a lot of reviews complaining that it becomes difficult to win in a match where you are playing with a 500+ trophy brawler because you play against people with power 10, and that is how it is suppose to be. You need to be upgrading your brawler alongside their trophy’s stats and if you don’t then that is your own bad strategy. Gameplay is based upon the trophies of the brawler you have selected, so because of this the power level must reflect the amount of trophies. Another issue people are complaining about is teaming - specifically surfing solo showdown. I play on European servers and yes you do get people teaming every now and then, but at the end of the day it is not a huge issue and I barely notice it throughout my gameplay. In addition to this there is no toxicity as the only way to community in game is through expressions provided through pins, and you must friends someone in order to chat properly. So in my opinion the community is fine, and this game is extremely entertaining due to the fact that it is mobile. I also play PC, there are no complaints with this game compared to what’s out there..Version: 37.201

Update idea!I think brawl stars should remove robo rumble and boss fight and replace it with campaigns! Campaigns are a mode you can play anytime after 1500 trophies! There are 3 islands, each with different themes and each island has five levels. Each level has five stages where you have to kill a certain number of robots to move on to the next one. Stage five always has the boss for that level. Once you beat all the three islands, you can upgrade them to tier two to make it harder, but the levels are the same with the robots buffed. This goes all the way up to tier three. And then there is the fourth island with infinite levels. This island is keeps up with whatever theme the season is. It has the same environment. This is for people who have beat everything but unlocks with the rest of the islands. For every robot you kill each level (boss counts a five) you get a Campaign Coin. You can use Campaign Coins in the Campaign shop to buy exclusive cosmetics (like a player icon that costs 10,000 for the insanely good players to flex) BRAWL STARS PLEASE READ THIS BECAUSE I PUT ALOT OF WORK INTO IT!! I have more ideas for the game. I really like this game please add more features. My favorite brawler out of the seventy five is Spike. Love the game!.Version: 53.176

Brawl stars is very good but...Brawl stars is a good game! But why are gems so expensive like I think that everyday when you log in you get like 10 gems as a prize for playing that day like a streak and you get items for checking in or playing and at the end of the streak a legandary brawler!.Version: 32.159

This game is very goodSo I like this game a lot and that’s why I installed but I installed Ito Twice because well my data was lost all my characters and skins but I remember my characters and they were all trophies and rare and green ones but only no two epics and and I had for mythical all all butgene and the newest one and lastly three legendary which is amber spike and Leon lastly for chromoatics snow guy hero sorry like five chromatic but the the old ones though out of the five ok I’m not lying about this and one more thing please fix this data loss bug please if I get all of these things back then thank so much and I forgot but I had a skin for the bat girl where the was the sword and hat for like the day of the ox something like that anyways this game is really good I recommend it! I forgot another thing my original account was called Blaze Death probably with the capability letters ok soory!.Version: 46.191

If You Haven’t Played This, What Are You Doing?!Supercell has done it again. A fast paced, action packed arcade style team game, which never gets old thanks to he rotating maps that switch daily. Add that to the 4 modes (not including ticket events) and you have a game that you can play for hours on end. The Brawl Boxes are unbiased, and with every dud box you get increasing your chances for a rarer brawler, it means you don’t have to spend a single penny on it. Also, you get 20 brawl points (?) every half hour means you can get a brawl box every 2.5 hours. Big Box keys are given every first win of a mode that day, meaning you can get 4 a day, with 10 required for unlocking. There are no real faults to this game, the clans feature works perfectly, and the ability to talk to just your team is a welcome addition. All in all, a brilliant game. Tara out of a Normal Brawl Box!.Version: 14.117

I miss the old brawl starsI used to rate this game a solid 5. I have loved brawl stars for many years. I have played and collected tokens everyday to earn new rewards, including the much loved mega boxes. I am very dismayed, because all of a sudden, halfway through the season, the game has changed and all the boxes I have been waiting to open have disappeared. I was aware of the new update, but I did not think you would be so unreasonable as to change it halfway through the season. I don’t understand the point. You could’ve at least waited for the season to end and let us make the most of the last few boxes. I understand that most people finish the brawl pass halfway through the season, but a lot of others do not. And even those who did finish were still collecting the rewards that are given to them afterwards. I really, really miss the old brawl stars. Don’t get me wrong, I still I love this game, but the fact that now anybody can just buy the brawlers with gems defeats the whole purpose! The point was to earn tokens and trophies to get mega boxes and go along the trophy road and earn your brawlers. Now you can just buy everything. I know one little review won’t make a difference, but I’m sure many people agree. I’m really disappointed. However, I’m sure everybody will get used to the new update. I think it will just take some time. Thanks!.Version: 47.190

Pre good gameThe game itself is marvellous, it’s true that p2w players have a higher advantage in other events such as Gem grab or bounty, but if you want to farm trophies fast, I recommend doing duo in showdown. I see a lot of people here complaining that p2w players make the game “unplayable”, this is not true because I am a f2p player and i have around 5000 trophies, you are able to farm trophies faster by investing the game but you can also get trophies by playing for free, sure I might’ve versed against power 10 characters while I was power 5 or 6 but sometimes I won, it also sometimes depends on your own skills and avoiding things like auto aim which is especially bad for thrower characters such as dynamike, overall the games good, perhaps the one thing Supercell can change is the cost of gems or characters, 15-30 dollars for a new character is seriously not worth it, you might as well just invest in buying extra battle tokens and stack up some brawl boxes. This way I was able to earn some new characters and even some star powers, you don’t need mega boxes to get higher chances with characters seriously they’re useless since to me the chances of earning a new character or star power is the same amount of chance you would in a normal brawl box. Overall good game..Version: 24.148

I love it!The new update brawl ball and the 2 new brawlers are amazing!!!!!! And now from the new added raritys I have a mythical mortis and I neeeeed Tara!!!!!!!.Version: 4.7

Unbalanced Brawlers.First of all, I absolutely love this game. It is incredibly fun with lots of different game modes and rewards everyday. The shop opens up a variety of items you can purchase for in game gold or gems and allows you to purchase new things everyday. But, when it came to the brawlers and their abilities in game I couldn’t bring myself to say they were balanced enough to create good gameplay. For example the brawler bull, he has lots of health and does lots of damage at close range which therefore in the arena/ Royale mode or whatever you want to call it when he gets the power stone things he’s just going to destroy you. I also found this with the brawler penny. Her attack does decent damage but her health makes it so she is easily defeated. Her special ability is alright. It does good amounts of damage but is terribly inaccurate and slow so it does not provide the cover needed. I found this weakness in lots of characters and personally I do not enjoy being a tank so I tend to play other classes. Penny is currently my favourite hero that I have and it’s hard when the hero that you use is underpowered and unable to defeat larger enemies..Version: 14.45

GREAT Game PLEASE ADD PLAYER RANKINGBrawl Stars is another one of the greats made by Supercell, just another name to add to a list of already infamous games that our future generation will remember growing up playing on our iPods, iPads, and our parents phones. This game is evenly balanced with new events every couple of hours to keep players coming back for more. They have done a exceptional job keep current players engaged. However, there are many improvements that could be added to make the game even better. The ability to rank your teammates with labels such as “great team player” or such tags highlighting an attribute of the teammate you have just played with will be a great addition. There should also be ways to negatively review your teammates too. Tags such as “Afk” or “Inconsistent play” or “Griefer” should also be included in the current ranking system so that players that try during the game will be paired up with inconsistent teammates less and less. Without such a system in place, many players of this game feel extremely frustrated and angry whenever they have uncooperative teammates that grief around all game; leading to cases of extreme frustration and even a few of my friends breaking/damaging their phones or uninstalling the app. Thanks for reading this review! Have a great day..Version: 16.175

Brawl stars is so much fun but still needs some improvementsI love this game and have been playing it for a while, I have found some issues with three main things, 1. Teaming, I always are trying to get my brawlers up and die to 2 players teaming up against me in solo showdown, this is very frustrating and still happens with my rank 15 brawler. 2. Bush camping, people don’t actually play the game how it is meant to be played simply they just play a high damage character and camp in a bush and once it is 1 v 1 come out of nowhere and the last person. Even just adding a feature where the bush moves indicating there is someone in that bush. It would be fine even if that feature appears if the brawler has been in a bush. Also pipers star power is encouraging players with pipers star power to bush camp. 3. Only being able to watch replays if one of your brawler has 500 trophies, this is annoying as watching replays means you can see what you did wrong but you can only do that once you have a brawler at such a high amount of trophies. Thank you for reading this far, I love this game and these are just some small problems I find with the game. psss... if your reading this crow needs a buff, he has too little hp and his star power literally doesn’t do that much... This is coming from a crow player btw xD.Version: 18.83

Brawler idea, Geraldo!Geraldo. A spy that could possibly be in disguise, but one things for sure he’s got a 99% success rate in completing heists!, Geraldo’s main attack ‘tripwire’ places a hook on a wall/ground or skulls and places a second hook in a medium range radius if the second hook is in range it places a wire between the two (doesn’t connect if there’s a wall in the middle) if a enemy walks through the wire it explodes the hooks and wire dealing 1500 (maximum traps 3) , his ultimate ‘assassination tactics’ on activation the strongest brawler in range of a medium radius takes 50% health reduction and 10% slowness also takes bonus damage from a random opponent (could be a teammate or you), his first gadget ‘body armor’ on activation gives Geraldo a 5s sheild that has 1000hp but slows him by 5%, his second gadget ‘blazing repellent’ on activation blasts Geraldo 5 tiles ahead and any enemy’s hit in the dash take 1000 damage and if an opponent hits a wall it slows them by 50%, geraldo’s first star power ‘tactical roll’ if hit at close range Geraldo rolls forward slowing enemies around him by 10%, his second star power ‘counter kill’ if Geraldo is killed the opponent that killed Geraldo takes 1500dmg and takes 350 damage for 5s, geraldo’s mythic gear ‘counter-explosion’ if an opponent dodges tripwires explosion another explosion launches at the opponent dealing 1500 damage, that’s all Bye!.Version: 52.193

Dont trust low reviewsIf scroll down you will see ‘bad reviews’, absolutely ignore these, first most complain about p2w aspect and how its ‘impossible’ to win which is completely wrong as it just requires skill and these people complaining about it being only p2w hardly play the game cuz if they did they would’nt be so terrible, next is wifi connection, not all peoples wifi is good and depends on your server, and last is the probability of getting better brawlers, first thats to balance the game as if everyone had the best characters MORE people would complain that the games too hard and there are offers in the shop youknow people, so stop complaining, this game has been absolutely amazing throughout the time ive played it, yea u can get bad tm8s but instead of complaining just get better and play more often and you will get past your downfalls.Version: 26.185

Love this gameI did randomly lose all my progress one day at it set me back to the tutorial. When I completed the tutorial everything was gone which was about 30+ hours of play time and approx £38 spent. But I went to the help section and spoke to the automated system which managed to recover my progress even though I hadn't linked it to a supercell account (I have now). Other than that hickup it's been great, very enjoyable game first one I have ever spent money on. Very simple addictive gameplay loop. I LOVE that there are no 'time' barriers ie wait 7 days for this upgrade or pay 5k gems. Things to improve. There needs to be some kind of connection strength bar on the home screen. So many times I can easily load up the game and see my brawlers, open boxes but when I go into a game I get the red WiFi icon and can't play. It would be great to know that before I load into a match and lose trophies..Version: 18.83

A little idea for the gameMaybe you should add an update which when you play as a character for like any character you have a jump button as a Phoenix crow when you jump the giant wings come out when you double jump you flap your wings and the caw caw echoes come please add that.Version: 18.83

Good but their is a few issuesThis game is super fun and I have played it for almost 2 years now I played other games by super cell but I quit because it got boring or too pay to win in my opinion brawl stars is that holy gem and not even that pay to win well it was you used to be able to get gems (paid currency) in box’s but not you can’t they have had may great updates but I don’t approve of removing gems from box’s now the only way to earn gems for free is from the brawl pass it’s much easier to get better boxs power points and coins however at the time I’m writing this in totally you can only get 70 gems in the brawl pass and their is no gem rewards in the paid one the paid one is also 10 dollars unlike their other games you do get a lot but compared to those one it’s nothing also you can rage a lot you can get terrible team mates in any 3v3 game mode those team mates are called “bad randoms” it can also be a bit annoying if you get a worse star power (passives) you can unlock them when you max your brawler some are great (rocket number 4 and hyper bear there are more but ima not name them) and terrible ones (band aid used to be strong now trash and mama squeeze also their are more but ima not name them) and you have to wait 2 hours for your tokens to refresh and you only get 20 that isn’t much other then that it’s a great game and you should try it :p.Version: 28.188

I love this game but it has a big problemI have been playing this game for nearly 2 years now and have racked up close to 1000 hours my expiernce is very positive the dev team are wonderful and supercell is a great company. However teaming is a terrible problem in solo showdown especially in Europe in which it starts at 600 trophies and gets bad at 700. I have sent 2 messages to the dev team with suggestions and what not and they have always responded very well and they understand my frustration and kinda stop me from throwing a fit of rage lol. But i have been forced to purchase a vpn that cost me over £45 ($50-55 ish) just to play on the North American server where teaming is almost non existent till 900 trophies. Pams and 8 bits in Europe are a serious problem that needs to be addressed. The only reason that I have given it a 5 star rating is because I belive that giving it a 1 star rating will not help my cause and the fight to stop teaming once and for all. SUPERCELL I love you but please sort teaming out especially in Europe coz it ruins the mode and makes the game less fun because I don’t know about you but spinning in a circle for 3 minutes worried that you will be betrayed isn’t exactly my idea of fun..Version: 28.188

In game currencyThe game is really fun and the excitement of getting a new brawler when opening a box but there is only one way of getting currency apart from buying it you can only get it from boxes Which can be a little while I would like where you can get it in game like if you win it could be that you get like 5 if you lose or if you win it could be like 10 or 15 if your the star player I would like if you could earn coins more easy because I can upgrade loads of my brawlers but I don’t have the money to do it I can open some boxes but I want to save them up because if I open loads up in one go I think I might have more chance of getting a brawler rather than opening one at a time and be disappointed or sad that I can’t get one. I think the game is really fun and can be chaotic and there nothing Wong with the game hope you can let us earn money from winning matches.Version: 31.97

My suggestionClones my suggestion is a brawler that makes himself fake clones at his super and secret tunnels in the walls can you add secret tunnels and a brawler goes in the tunnel changes and my last suggestion a tunnel making token for Jackie because she has a drill so why don’t she drill a path through? So that’s all my suggestions with those I think brawl stars will be better don’t you ?.Version: 25.96

Just a suggestionHi Supercell I’m a huge fan of your game and highly recommend it to any people who are looking at getting the game, My suggestion is this: What if maybe twice a year or something you allow people on Twitter or Instagram to send you the principal brawlers or skins and choose one skin and one original brawler to be implemented to the game?! Again just a suggestion still love the game.Version: 17.149

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