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Toot! App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Toot! app received 16 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Toot!? Can you share your negative thoughts about toot!?

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Toot! for Negative User Reviews

Heavily censored appThis isn’t a platform, available content is heavily moderated by the developer, and you’ll only have access to a fraction of the Fediverse. Save your money..Version: 1.9.0

Waste of money!Won’t allow me to sign in. Says my email and password are incorrect even though I’m using the exact same info for web log in. Waste of money!.Version: 1.15

Works OK but lacks some features.For example why can’t I mute a whole instance like from the web client, and why do muted and blocked users and instances still show posts in the timeline?.Version: 1.2

Doesn’t Show Mastodon.social as an option when signing inNot good, please resolve.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t workGreat paid 4 quid for an app that seems to just stick on some random window - no setting no sign it please refund.Version: 1.0

Maintained, but bad UXSo this is probably the most actively maintained Mastodon apps, and I want to say yes, it’s good Unfortunately, the developer has some really, really weird ideas about what good UX is, like refusing requests to add indicators for notifications, or toggles to turn off image animation, or other niceties of a modern social networking app..Version: 1.14

Alright app with slightly batty devsIt does it’s job well, in fact it’s probably my favorite client app thus far. However while I do appreciate the option they included to “”Filter Awful Survers, filter out any toot originating from a white supremacist server. (Currently, only Gab.)”” I personally dislike how it’s automatically selected. It almost felt as if they were trying to parent us and say what we are and aren’t allowed to view using the app. I would have rated this app higher if it weren’t for them quite literally pushing their views (That you can turn off after going through the settings.) onto us. Perhaps in the future they’ll learn to consider others (However wrong) opinions and turn off the ‘automatic’ setting. Maybe just a pop-up notification would show when we first start the app that says something like “If you want to limit seeing Toots from offensive servers you can turn on a “Filter Awful Servers” option..Version: 1.10.2

Too easy to delete a postIf you accidentally swipe down while trying to compose a post, toot will delete it for you. No thanks..Version: 1.9.4

Missing features and blocks instancesThe app is missing features that Mastodon has had for a while now. Also, the developer blocks instances that he doesn’t like due his own personal reasoning..Version: 1.9.0

Was doing great......until iOS14 attacked. I can't functionally access my photos for posting. Whatever protocol it's using to access albums is trash and adds extra steps to sharing images. Just...let me pick my photos and tell me if there's a limit. Whatever you did is the worst UX for photo sharing I've ever had. I'm having to airdrop my pics to send them through desktop. Please fix it. The search function is kinda butts too..Version: 1.13.2

What happened!?Having issues loading gifs and videos after latest update!? Will give more stars once fixed. It’s was a great app!.Version: 1.3

No auto-play of GIFs?! Really?I actually paid for this app because the Mastodon devs said that auto play of gifswas not possible when viewing Mastodon on a mobile device using a web browser. I buy the app, still no auto play of GIFs. Ugh..Version: 1.2

Dev censors. Hard pass.The developers treat you like a child and block servers they don’t like. Just use a web browser and save your money..Version: 1.11

Font is to smallI’d really like to use this as my daily driver. On my phone it’s almost impossible to read the text..Version: 1.14

Accessibility options would help (:I love everything about it – if the dev could add options for enlarging text, it would make it easier for me to use. Well done!.Version: 16.0

NO GIF or VIDEO SUPPORTI love this app, and it's among my favorite for Mastodon, _but_ its lack of any support for viewing GIFs or videos is infuriating. At least you can still upload them and they'll look find for other users, but if you try to tap on a GIF or video to watch it on the app, it redirects you to Safari to view it in the browser. Please fix this ASAP!.Version: 1.7.1

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