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Drum Tuner - iDrumTune Pro app received 79 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about drum tuner - idrumtune pro?

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Been using for yearsOnce I settled on the frequency I wanted to use on my drums; I mostly stuck to the frequency analyzer for live gigs. This app has made the difference between ok sounding drums and great sounding drums..Version: 1.03

WitchcraftYou can preset your kit size and it then helps you tune each head (both sides!) exactly to what it needs to be in the correct intervals. Witchcraft.Version: 3.2

Very help applicationTry this application and Tune-bot for reach Each tom frequency is the best for fine tunning and sound like Rock My kit tom size 8-10-12-13-14-15-16-18 white emperor Snare 14 emperor X and 22 bass drum fiberskyne powerstroke 3 with black ambassador for ress..Version: 1.05

Excellent!!!I’ve been drumming since 1987 when I purchased my first kit - a Premier APK power Tom 5 piece- if I had this app then, I could just imagine what those drums would or could have sounded like! I was only 17 and had no clue how to tune a drum ( let alone tuna fish…but I digress) . Through the years I’ve struggled to get a great tone from any of my drums but finally I can with this app!!! I’ve used it on my Pearl Export kit and even on an old CB kit and the results were astounding!!!! This is such a great tool as your ears will always fool you- so with the visuals of accurate frequencies and helpful tutorials and explanations I finally can hear what my drums are supposed to sound like !!!! Thank YOU!!! ******* one slight inconvenience is the app wants to crash every so often so I look forward to any updates that might be coming ****.Version: 3.3

Incredible toolThis app is amazing, Now I know exacly what to do..Version: 1.03

Finally a tuning app done rightI was tired of hearing so much drumming misinformation out there and bought this as soon as I saw a review. Finally a scientific way to tune the drum without the hits and misses that I was getting weary of. The YouTube videos of the app were the best and really got me going. The only thing that I could find fault was with the crashes otherwise it works great..Version: 3.2

Hands Down Indispensable!!Be truthful to yourself… music is scientifically measurable. Why wouldn’t your drums? There is no better way to learn. I am slowly gong through this online tutorial… the revelations!!! “So THAT’s what’s going on!!!???” Ecstatic joy to finally dial-in a professional sound!!.Version: 3.8

Great upgradeThe old iDrumTune was a great tool, but this new pro version does so much more. The log feature is excellent and really paints a picture of the way your whole drum is tuned. The resonant head feature is a thoughtful addition, that helps to deal with the whole drum. The new frequency pictures are nice too and give some indication of the overtones. I can imagine the presets becoming more and more useful too. Just for the record, I am good at tuning by ear after doing it for 30 years, but this app gives me another set of reference points. One fascinating thing that I found was that when a drum sounded perfectly in tune to me, the app could still display tiny differences in the actual frequencies at each lug. When I then adjusted the head to make an exact numerical fit, the drum really began to sing in a way that I find hard to achieve consistently when working only by ear. Essential App for every drummer, however experienced!.Version: 1.01

ExcellentWhat a great app - very well designed and together with the online videos a really invaluable tool.Version: 2.41

Excellent theoryI haven’t tried tuning with the app yet, but if it’s used at Abbey Road Studios just on a phone then it must be good. The information about the science of tuning including the fundamental frequency ranges for each piece of the kit is worth the 5 stars alone. This will help no end in the studio. The downside to the app… I want more presets. It comes with tuning presets for rock and jazz though, but I want more. Tunings and theory for other types of drums/styles/genres would be really cool. Like bongos and orchestral drums for example..Version: 3.3

Excellent developer!I just wrote a review for this app, but I wanted to add a little to my review. This developer has also created metronome apps that I purchased in the bundle. I strongly encourage customers of this app (or not) to consider those apps as well. They are very good apps and are both thorough and straight forward. Check them out!!!.Version: 3.7

Amazing!This app is truly amazing. Being relatively new to drumming, I was trying to learn everything about tuning and how drums actually work individually and in relation to one another. The tutorials are very well done and the explanations are easy to follow. Using this app takes all of the guess work out of tuning while still allowing you to use your ear. I get tons of compliments on how my drums sound. Get this app!!.Version: 2.42

Works greatEasy to use and easier to understand compared to Tunebot..Version: 2.2

PerfectIm still learning all the features but its very nice and it really tunes very good, for who doesn’t know how, it feels like you are tuning a guitar but it’s just the drums, it just seems that you are tuning a guitar or something like it, hope you enjoy it 👌🏾.Version: 2.0

Amazing. Returned my drumdial day after buying this app.I’ve tried a lot of methods and gadgets to tune drums. This was the best and the cheapest. I drove straight to L&M and returned my drum dial the day after buying this..Version: 2.2

IDrum tune ProExcellent App very user friendly with lots of tips.Version: 3.3

AwesomeBrilliant little app to help you tune your drums & I Successfully tuned my 18’’ floor Tom for the first time ever & all pitch perfect. Top notch.Version: 2.0

AmazingI could never get my toms to sound anything like what i thought they should. In short order they sound amazing. This app is worth every penny.Version: 2.42

Really useful but could do with a redesignEverything works as advertised but you can see that app was designed a while ago..Version: 2.42

Drum tune proGood to know, well spent every penny worth it to master tracks and finial lyrics..Version: 3.0

Great, Very Accurate, Brilliant Support from DevelopersUsed this app for the first time yesterday. Firstly the support from iDrumTunePro is excellent and communication with them is fantastic. There’s no doubt that this app will develop over this year. I do not profess to be a good drum tuner and those drummers who say just do it by ear are very blessed that they are able to do so. But this gives a fantastic starting point for drummers like me, and gives you a point whereby you can get a good idea of where the drum needs to be and the app will allow a player to remove unwanted overtones etc. I’m very much in the experimental phase but the app gives good direction, is tremendous value for money, and gives ease of use when saving settings. Thanks Rob and the team for a great app and for your very quick response with any correspondence..Version: 1.04

Good when your ears don’t work so well.A little tricky to get the hang of, but so far so good..Version: 3.3

Fabulous appWhat a great app this. Versatile, comprehensive and great tool to experiment on your tuning with. Super value for money IMO. Takes the frustration out of drum tuning which is not an easy art to master. Thanks guys..Version: 2.0

Worthwhile drum tuning appThe app works very well and is accompanied by clear documentation. The developer uses science and obviously is a subject matter expert. This is worth the cost for any drummer to get better sounds from their kit.Version: 3.8

Great tool!!Love this app! Allows me to get the right sound every time..Version: 2.2

First timerOk first g at tuning a drum kit. To be honest I am tone deaf so if I can do it anyone can!!! Sons drum kit and having had his first lesson he moaned his kit did not sound right! Downloaded this app and with a little courage gave it a go..... and with great success. Ok, he says it sounds much better and is now upstairs making a noise! Great app, thanks!!.Version: 1.04

This is def what you are looking forI would have paid $6 just for the tuning explanation alone. Works great. My three toms including floor do not have resonate heads. Tune different for non res TOMS ?.Version: 2.0

Swiss knife of drum recordingAn incredible app for getting repeatable, accurate and consistent drum sounds in the studio, taking out the guess work from tuning (fundamentals and overtones), and doubling as an incredible teaching/learning tool for younger and seasoned engineers alike. It has become essential to my era-sample (re)creation for a record/PhD research project on vintage production and sample-based hip-hop, and I have introduced it to all my classes in music tech curricula. The great learning resources that come with it teach you the physics of drum sound, so you approach recording with laser-sharp focus! Essential!.Version: 1.03

It worked for me, the first time I tried.I’m a guitarist, who wouldn’t play any instrument, if I had to tune it by ear. I have used electronic guitar tuners since the early 80’s. I have a drum kit that I enjoy playing from time to time. Sometimes, I get serious about it, for a month or so. But, every instrument eventually goes enough out of tune, it isn’t pleasing to play. That’s what happened with my drum kit. This drum tuner helped me. I have all my toms and the snare tuned. The toms even play a melody! I’m very happy and the money I spent on this app., was a fraction of any other method I’m aware of. Worth the money. It took a little working out (just getting the concept in my head of what was happening ), but the tutorial videos were fairly easy to understand and there is an informative manual in the app. After one use, I understand it and I love it, because I’m enjoying playing my kit so much and recording it, instead of using drum machines..Version: 1.04

Old guy trying to tune his kit after 30 yearsHi I’ve been playing for 40years in and off due to circumstances been playing electronic for the last 15 went back dusted off my old acoustic she sounded like cardboard boxes. Been sitting there all this time. Was considering buying new skins but thought why not try to tune them first? Because i have always found it a giant pain in the drum stool ! Avoided if I can. Change heads etc. then I had the idea 💡 there must be an app. Hand on heart I don’t really understand half the lingo only cos I’m a man and skimmed through it. But honestly hand on heart I used this app and my babies have never sounded so good. Best money I have spent in ages. Thank you 🙏.Version: 2.42

Works pretty well for a phone tunerDoes the job, took a little getting use to it but it definitely works, drums sound much better.Version: 3.8

Very helpfulI’m using this app another one from the store a tune-bot and a drum dial and I have never heard my drumz sound so good . If only everyone enjoyed hearing them as much as me lol too bad mother cluckers.Version: 3.0

Great appDefinetly worth the money. I highly recommend it. Saves so much time for people like me that are not fluent in recognising pitch. If I had to nit pick, the app does randomly shut down for no reason after using it for a long period of time..Version: 3.3

A must for a drummer, lifesaver for RecordingsI'm a very engineering focused sound engineer. I love science behind things and that's how I approach most of my work. Until now tuning was mostly a trial and error stuff, that I could do mechanically but never really understanding what I was doing and tbh most drummers could tune better than me. The fact that this app comes with a barrage of data gathering algorithms and processes helps really understand every thing that happens in a drum, and what is it that I'm really trying to achieve when I'm tuning. Perfect for recall ability between takes. This is like SSL total recall but for drums. Even if it feels daunting at first cause there are so many options. I love picking the note I want my drum at, then use some mats and pick the top and bottom f1 frequency. I then use the frequency analysis to help me get each head in the ballpark and then I move to the pitch tuning, and finally the lug mode for the minute adjustment. At this point in some drums I use a quick "listening test" and may do a quick turn on 1-2 lugs just to even out overtones and save the frequencies used. Then simply pop in the live room between takes and "recall" your settings. Takes 5min. Boom!!!.Version: 1.01

Excellent toolI’ve been a drummer for 40 years and trained in the traditional craft. This modern tool is a huge improvement over the old ways—and a much faster path to achieve the sound I want..Version: 3.1

Thank you!This is a godsend! Thank you for making a simple yet incredibly deep drum tuning app. Can’t say enough good things about this..Version: 2.2

Awesome tool for drummersBeing a novice drum tuner I found this app to be the most important discovery I’ve made. Although I’ve tuned drums to ear and didn’t sound bad, using simple “turn lugs till the wrinkles are out” method can’t compare to actually using the science to tune drums. My drums sing and sound like any pro drummer touring with major acts. This app gave my vintage drums that pro sound!.Version: 2.42

A great tool!Overall accurate and very easy to use. It can be used as your main reference when tuning or as a supplement to check when you're tuning by ear. Any drummer can get really good use out of this!.Version: 1.03

Game Changer!This app is absolute genius! I’ve tried so many of the other methods out there, but nothing has worked like this. I’ve been waiting my entire drumming career for something this precise to come along. In over 20 years I don’t feel I’ve been able to tune my drums exactly the way I want to until today. I can’t possibly recommend this app more!.Version: 2.42

IDrumtune ProA valuable tool to significantly reduce the 'guesswork' in tuning - for all levels - and particularly those with compromised hearing! The comprehensive literature in the app - and more so on the website - is worth the minimal price of admission. Customer service is equally impressive. Congratulations!.Version: 2.0

Very Helpful...I found the lug tuning function of this app to be very helpful. I struggle to tune by ear, and the lug tuning function really assisted me in getting a nice sound out of my drums. I suspect the pitch tuning function will be handy moving forward. Well worth the purchase price..Version: 1.05

AMAZING!!!I’m always turning my set every time I play. I’ve been wanting something like this for years. I love the way my set sounds now. So much more fun to play a dialed set. Works perfect. Best musical tool app I’ve ever purchased..Version: 2.42

A Great AppI’ve been drumming for 20 years and this is easily the best app I’ve used for drum tuning. I’ve got various snares with a different number of lugs so it’s really helpful to be able to change the number of lugs - definitely worth buying for beginners and pros!.Version: 1.03

So grateful I found this!I had no clue what I was doing, spent a couple hours reading the tutorials on their website and actually feel confident on tuning drums now. I know the adjustments that need to be made instead of just guessing. So glad I found this app! Thank you thank you!.Version: 2.42

The best app and customer serviceJust bought the app yesterday and can’t believe how good it is. The app is intuitive and very sensitive to tuning. As an inexperienced drum tuner this app has been a God send. I have communicated with the developer and he responded quickly with multiple in depth answers. This app is highly recommended. If I could rate it a 6 stars I would..Version: 2.2

Useful addition to my toolkitAs a new drummer, I found this app invaluable to get going. I tried working with my usual tuner (for wind instruments), but the app provides more than a useful interface and visual reference (I find the lug tuning is especially great). The tutorial section helped me understand the concept of drum tuning and getting a sense of the interaction between the batter and resonant heads. I still work slowly when tuning my drums, but with purpose and the results are significantly more pleasing..Version: 3.1

Great AppI’ve had a couple of tuners over the years and stumbled across this one via the App Store. From the reasonable price and good reviews I thought I give it a go. After watching some of the tutorial videos I was tuning my kit with great accuracy to my preference in a matter of minutes. Having the ability to create preset kits is a great feature if you have varying styles of playing. It has some great functions and I would recommend it to anyone who is starting out or is just not great at tuning! Keep up the great work!.Version: 2.0

Excellent AppSo easy to use! Both narrative and video instructions for each step. Once I dialed in the resonant heads properly, I couldn’t believe the difference. Best App I’ve ever bought, and creator answers emails!.Version: 3.4

An absolute must have!!I’m a professional drummer of 30 years and this app, because of the science behind it, it BRILLIANT! It works perfectly and is so accurate. It makes drum tuning so easy and quick, regardless of the head type, drum size or rim type. An absolute must have for live and studio work alike!.Version: 1.03

FantasticI have never been able to get my various kits over the years to sound right. I was just about to purchase the TuneBot product when I discovered this app. Apart from saving a significant amount of money, this app finally helped me tune up my kit properly. There is a truckload of information to read if you want to delve into the science of it all. The bottom line is you can tune up your drums properly, and significantly improve the sound. I have had a need to contact the author and the response has been fast and helpful. I thoroughly recommend this app..Version: 2.42

Microphone stays on after app is closed.Nice app and have used it for a few years. After the latest update I noticed the microphone stays on after closing this app and crashes another tuning app I have on my phone. When I shut this one down and open the other app that also uses the mic I have to go into settings and manually turn the access off in the Privacy settings. Other than that its a great app for tuning. The individual lug tuning is a little sensitive an can wind up chasing your tail but if you get it within a couple of hz your fine..Version: 3.5

Must Have!I forget what I paid for this app. but whatever it was it was not enough! I love experiment with different resonant head frequencies and this app has done wonders in training my ear. Whatever you’re charging, Rob, raise the price for this amazing tool. Ben Harris Atlanta.Version: 3.3

SO helpful!!!This app literally changed my drum tuning world! I have some troublesome drums that I always hate tuning and “fighting” on a weekly basis. That all went away when I applied the theories and knowledge gained by reading the excellent tuning explanations included in the app, along with the simplicity of using the apps features. My drums have NEVER sounded this perfect. All I can say is, thank you!!!!!.Version: 1.05

This is a Great AppI came back to drumming after a thirty year hiatus. Back then my Yamaha kit and I had severe disagreements over how it would sound. Before a gig I would struggle mightily with each drum trying to get the round, full sound I wanted. Eventually I would just throw in the towel—literally—and settle for a dull thud. Thirty years later I am old and fat and stuck at home with COVID on the loose and chemo therapy dogging my steps. My answer was to find myself a nice little Sonor kit and some cheap cymbals. After a few days of fiddling, I downloaded this app. Sure, drum head technology has advanced light years and drum shell manufacturing methods are far better. (I can now afford solid maple shells and a friend lent me his Noble & Cooley snare.) But, with this app, I now LOVE the sound of this kit. It is EXACTLY how I always envisioned my kit sounding. Now, if they could make an app to help my cymbals....Version: 2.42

Very cool appThis app is great; not only for helping tune my drums, but also for teaching (me at least) how and why particular sounds are created. I never had a good understanding of the relationship between batter head and resonant head; this app teaches how to tune both and make your drums sound great. Highly recommend..Version: 3.8

Best drum tuner out thereNot sure how they do it, this app is great. But more than that, it teaches you how to tune drums and to better understand your instrument! Amazing work.Version: 3.2

I tune drumsMan this is the best app for tuning your drums if you don’t have it I highly recommend it if your a drummer you will love it it’s awesome tool to have love it dude.Version: 2.42

Works great!Works great!.Version: 1.01

Not badI’ve had this app for a week now. Just put Fresh G2 batters (level 360) and Evans glass reso’s on bottom on my kit. Lug tuning and pitch finding wasn’t bad, readings were a little inconsistent at times but, gave a good enough reading to get my drums sounding much better than I could by ear which was the whole point of getting this. The price is reasonable and if your looking to learn about tuning as well as a practical application to help you should try this..Version: 1.05

Easy to useGreat app that was easy for a beginner like me to follow. Set up my first decent snare with no problem..Version: 2.1

The REAL dealThis app is the real one. Very intuitive, no nonsense, efficient, AND backed by scientific/acoustic research and a full video and web course by the dev ! Forget about others tuning apps or bots, this is the one. THANKS.Version: 2.42

Better than I could have imaginedNever written a review before, but this worked so well I had to give credit where it’s due. I was seconds away from buying a drum dial when I had a thought to check the App Store first. I am so glad I did because this app saved me $50+ and it actually tells you if your drum is in tune as apposed to the drum dial which only tells you the amount of tension on the drum head. Which can be two completely different things, depending on the shape of your kit. So stoked with the product and price! You guys knocked it outa the park!.Version: 1.03

Pretty Good!It’s pretty good, it’s not always accurate so multiple readings have to be made. It’s not a $100 Tune-Bot or Drum Dial, but for $3 this app is worth it. Plus there is a great tutorial included to get anyone started on the intricacies of tuning a drum kit, which I found very helpful for beginners and experts alike..Version: 1.03

Good toolVery easy to use and saves me a lot of time tuning..Version: 3.2

Great App - Great SupportWhat you can do with this app is amazing! I have been a drummer for 60 years and a professional for a good part of that, including doing some studio work. After working with this app and spending time tuning up both the top and bottom of my drum heads, being careful to put them within the proper frequency ranges, my drums have never sound so good! No matter how good a drummer you are, you will sound a whole lot better getting this app and properly tuning your drums. - Mike Gerdes Malvern, PA.Version: 2.2

Good TOOLVraiment plus complet que je ne croyais !!!!!.Version: 2.42

Trying it for the first time today... love it!I just got a Ludwig LM402 from Sweetwater and I am tuning it using the video instructions from the website super easy amazing sound I am very very happy and I would highly recommend this tool to anybody that wants to learn more about the science of tuning... I’ve been drumming for over 45 years I know a lot of different techniques and this is another great tool in my tool kit excited to try on other drums!.Version: 2.42

Works greatI am a retired band teacher and a professional percussionist. I’ve been tuning drums by ear all of my life, and this app lets me dial in the lugs to a finer degree than my ear is able to accomplish. I still like to get my pitches dialed in by ear first, and then use the lug tuning function to fine tune the head to itself. This improves the resonance and centers the fundamental. Overall, I am very pleased..Version: 1.04

Excellent appFirst, as many reviews here have said, it really is worth reading the instructions/theory if you’re not already familiar with it. Having last played acoustic drums regularly over 20 years ago (only playing electronic since), I recently bought a second hand kit that had been unused for a while. This app has got it sounding really great and has been worth every penny. I use it regularly now to check the tuning before rehearsals and gigs and after replacing heads etc. Highly recommended..Version: 3.8

Amazing App for all drummers!My name is Jayda, you can find me on Instagram or YouTube under the name @drummerjayda. I have been using this App for a long while now and it has been a life saver for me. I have tried many other methods and tools to tune my drums but this app has been by far the very best, easiest and most inexpensive tool I’ve ever used. I’m so incredibly happy with this App! Please don’t hesitate to purchase it! It’s on par with some of the most expensive tuning equipment out there on the market at a fraction of the price. Highly recommended!!.Version: 1.05

Great value appBest thing EVER for your non “ear” player! Seriously my drums have never sounded better, the app takes the guess work out of tuning, you guys and gals have made me my own best drum tech..Version: 1.04

Love itAwesome.Version: 3.3

Must have appI use this all the time. I found it a little difficult at first but as my old physics teacher said ‘if all else fails read the instructions’. Seriously though, read the theory first then have a play. One you’ve used it a few times it becomes very easy to use, relatively fast and, I’ve found, eliminates all the nasty overtones - I.e. no need to use tape to dampen the drums anymore!.Version: 3.4

An absolute mustI teach sound engineering and this app is an absolute must. Students (and session drummers) loved the last version, often buying it themselves. This new version is excellent. See for yourself..Version: 1.01

Great app!Great app, very useful for tuning the drums, rectifying the lugs’ tensions and experimenting with the batter and resonant heads relationship (Resonant Tuning Factory - RTF). Great communication as well. Highly recommended!.Version: 3.7

Worth the moneySeems like a pretty good tool so far.Version: 2.2

WowI e been a drummer for 36 years where was this at back in the day GREAT tool thank you.Version: 3.8

BrilliantAs far as I can tell this app works as well or better than hardware tuners costing 10 or 15 times as much. I have had years of experience tuning drums and was pretty happy with the results, but this was before the Internet so I never looked into the theory of tuning. Now it’s everywhere- articles, videos..... and in this app! My pitch sense is pretty good but this takes it to the next level. I find I use the spectrum analyser a lot as it gives great visibility of what is happening. Highly recommended..Version: 2.0

Worth the moneyI’ve never had any tools to tune my drums and always just did it by ear. I finally broke down and got this app to try it out and it honestly it awesome. Worth the one time payment. Thanks devs for not making it a monthly payment !!.Version: 2.42

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