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Description of Mafia City: War of Underworld

▲Compete to become the Godfather in an awesome strategy game that requires wit and time management!
▲Steal from Banks, form alliances with other players, and fight together to take over the City and the Mafia World!
▲Date Cute Babes who cheer you on daily and heroic Crew Members who support you with undying loyalty!
▲It’s a real-time interactive Turf War with daily skirmishes throughout the year!
▲Collect Luxury Cars to impress both enemies and friends! Race cars in the street as you take down police cars trying to prevent your latest heist!


● A screen that is both 3D & HD where you can zoom-in to manage your own Mafia Turf with its awesome graphics. It’s a virtual reality you CAN’T miss out on!
● A Real-Time Strategy game that requires you to make alliances with other players and constantly improve yourself to take on stronger foes!
● Magnificent Technology Trees that you’ll need to manage well in order to acquire the strongest Crew Members. There are guns, armored vehicles, bikers, knives, and men who are willing to fight with their bare fists!
● Extensive Maps that are loaded with different enemies and special buildings that are updated weekly. You’ll need to explore everyday in order to become to Godfather!
● Weekly events that celebrate every culture & push players to think on their feet constantly!
● Customize your Crew Leader so that he or she becomes the most feared Boss!


▲ BULKERS: Human Weapons that can defend your other men and devour your foes!
▲ SHOOTERS: Gallant Gunners who have the ability to wield all sorts of long-ranged weapons!
▲BIKERS: Get on your Bikes & Ride to the tune of lightning fast speeds and ruthless robberies as the streets these Crew Members zoom through are left in flames!
▲ MODIFIED VEHICLES: Vehicles that have been altered to terrorize the alleyways and transport stolen goods!

▲Subscription Benefits:
1. Validity: 7 Days
2. Within the valid days after subscribing, Collect (Daily): 1.5M Cargo*1, 100 Gold*3, 20K Leader EXP*1, 50 Energy*1, and 1 Elite Seed Box.
3. Cargo, Cash, and Arms Gathering Speed Boosts can be obtained within the valid days after subscribing.
4. Fees will automatically be charged after the last Valid Day. Canceling of a subscription can only be done manually
5. Your iTunes account will incur a fee upon confirming your subscription.
6. The subscription will be continued unless the auto-subscription option is closed 24 hours before the current subscription ends.
7. Within 24 hours prior to the end of a subscription, your account will receive information concerning the purchase and the next subscription's price.
8. After subscribing, you can close your subscription service in your account's settings.
9. The subscription feature cannot be tried for free.
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

▲Subscription Benefits:
1. Validity: 30 Days (from the day of purchase until the 30th day at 11:59:59 PM)
2. Within the valid days after you've Subscribed, you'll be able to collect the following daily: 100 Gold*3, a Family Token IV*2, Family Gold*200, a 5-Min Family Business Speedup*12, and a 1-Hr Speedup*2.
3. Within the valid period, you'll be able to collect more Family Points and Reputation on a daily basis.
4. A fee will be automatically deducted to renew your Subscription after the validity period is over. If you'd like to cancel your subscription, you'll need to do it manually.
5. Your iTunes will be charged when you Subscribe.
Terms of Service:
Privacy Policy:

Mafia City Studio
Official Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Official Facebook Fan page:
Customer Service - Secretary (The Secretary Is Always At Your Side!)

Mafia City: War of Underworld App User Reviews

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Mafia City: War of Underworld Pros

Great game!!So I spent a couple of hours playing this to get my lvl 1 crook up a few levels and after an hour I finally managed to find a pan, which (of course), I chose to beat a lvl 5 hitman with and ended up with a girlfriend (who is very hot and sexy by the way). With my new girlfriend I finally managed up to a lvl 35 boss and got some slaves to build me up a house as well as I bought a car with the money from my gang members. Once levelling up the song pump plays and it is really epic. 11/10 would recommend you play. Ps I managed to steal a woman’s purse from a man that was giving it back and she seemed to like me a bit.Mafia_boss_levell_35Version: 1.3.381

Can’t sleepBecause of this game. This ruins my life lol.BayviewmanVersion: 1.3.812

Mafia City: War of Underworld Cons

App support is a scam/jokeI have bee playing this game for over a year now. Just about a week ago after making some purchases I tried to switch accounts, I have 3... and all the sudden I can sign in into 2 of my accounts in 2 different cities. I have reached out to their customer support but they respond like once every 24hrs which is a joke. So I sent screen shots of the actual name of my farm and main account in different cities and they respond 24hrs later saying they can’t find it. They don’t even read the messages, just act oblivious to what you said so they can respond with some other misguided information 24hrs later. It is a complete scam to pay money for a game app and have such poor customer service, what should take minutes to resolve has elapsed days, and to people who play this game know that means you will get booted out of a clan, get attacked and there’s nothing you can do because the customer service is a complete joke. Do your job!.Frost ice creamVersion: 1.3.875

Cannot connect to serverId like to give it a rating but I can’t play it it keeps saying cannot connect to server.Rx720bfcVersion: 1.2.31

Is Mafia City: War of Underworld legit?

Yes. Mafia City: War of Underworld is 100% legit to us. This conclusion was arrived at by running over 118,114 Mafia City: War of Underworld user reviews through our NLP machine learning process to determine if users believe the app is legitimate or not. Based on this, AppSupports Legitimacy Score for Mafia City: War of Underworld is 95.0/100.

Is Mafia City: War of Underworld safe?

Yes. Mafia City: War of Underworld is quiet safe to use. This is based on our NLP analysis of over 118,114 user reviews sourced from the IOS appstore and the appstore cumulative rating of 4.8/5. AppSupports Safety Score for Mafia City: War of Underworld is 95.5/100.

Mafia City: War of Underworld Screenshots

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Product details of Mafia City: War of Underworld

App Name:
Mafia City: War of Underworld
Games, Strategy
Legitimacy Score:
Safety Score:
App Size:
159.63 MB
Bundle Id:
Relase Date:
16 May 2017, Tuesday
Last Update:
25 April 2021, Sunday - 12:23
IOS 9.0 or later

Mafia City: War of Underworld 1.5.612 Update Note
✱ Version History

【New Contents】 1. New Event: Ramadan 2021 Event. 2. Fishing Trip Event: (1) New Sea Area: Fiji. (2) New 'Mysterious Bait' for catching Fishes that have not been unlocked in the Illustration Book. 3. Land of the Infamous Event: (1) Brand new Map w....