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Mafia City: War of Underworld app received 108 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about mafia city: war of underworld?

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Beware!!The game is fine to play, nothing special. I spent $0.99 on one of the packages and a couple days later 3 charges for $9.99 came out of my account. I sent them an email about it and they replied “sorry, we can’t help you” that was their actual words, no offer to reverse the unauthorized charges on my account. Be careful when making purchases! They won’t help you if anything happens. Update: After contacting yet again through Facebook and email both, I got no response on Facebook and they sent me another email asking me to “please understand that it won’t charge you unless you make the charges” I did not make these charges. Worst customer service ever and very unwilling to try and help at all. I would give this game a zero stars if I could. Don’t waste your time with this one. Update: (7/9/20) After a few days of trying to get someone to talk too, I finally got someone who said something besides we can’t. They informed me that their game is perfect with no glitches and no way for anyone to hack into it so I had to be the one to make the charges on my account. Again, don’t waste your time and protect your money. Don’t download this game!!.Version: 1.5.109

🧐 not a good game!!! Warning#1 Very costly to start playing this game. #2 has signs of hacking/malware contacts seem to get recorded and sent in background. #3 psychological technics used to influence spending-bad if child has access to credit card..Version: 1.3.270

Eh, some things are nice but a lot is ridiculous500 gold to move around buildings? Let the player choose how they want their mansion organized without charging an arm and a leg. It doesn’t hurt anything by making it free considering everything else is super expensive. Game is fun, but don’t expect to get anywhere without spending money on it. It’s almost impossible not to once you get to a certain level. Plus, cities are dying. Now is the time to start combining alike cities so there’s more players, my city is slowly dying and nobody is going to want to spend money or play anymore on something that will be useless without people! Merging is not impossible if you get of the dead accounts and make room for new ones. Do something to fix your game before you take a pay cut from a lot of players!.Version: 1.3.636

Terrible supportI played the game for about 2 months and spend thousands building my character. All of that was good and I enjoyed playing the game. Then I started being relentlessly cyber bullied by another player making personal attacks including racial inferences amongst other things . I tried to take it in stride and brush it off but it got to the point of being too much. I tried approaching the other player to cut it out but that just resulted in them intensifying their bullying. I messaged to game host several times asking for some assistance in the final day of the matter and I was ignored. I had taken screen shots of my attempts to ask for the other player to stop and his continued bullying, offered to share with the GM. Just really disappointed having spend nearly $15000 on this game only to be ignored . I simple acknowledgement and that their looking into it would have been something. While the game is fun, I don’t recommend it based the terrible support through the GM interface I experienced. The host can’t be bothered to ensure it’s a safe environment for all players. They just want your money that’s all they care about. If you have a problem they’ll just ignore you. Having spent a lot on the game ill will continue to play for a brief period longer but I’m certainly not investing another penny in the game. I’ll move my funds to another game from another developer and play my current account until it’s dead..Version: 1.3.821

Such a bad gameHalf these reviews are fake and that’s not how Mafia Works..Version: 1.3.381

Where do I begin?Well, the question is where do I start? You will never have the account. The account is never yours. Story time! A friend of mine, who I’ve been playing along side for well over a year, account got hacked. Now you’d think oh no problem that’s an easy fix, provide identity of ownership and any bill that relates to that account. Wrong. Everything has been provided. They refuse to believe him. So thousands of pounds have been wasted. Now you’d think customer service would value the players that are pouring money into their business. Wrong. They dgaf. To them you are replaceable because someone else comes along. The game lags all the time. Everyone is a******es on the game. The customer service do nothing about it. They provide no support, I’ve had more support off cooked spaghetti than I have with them. Run away while you can. Don’t let them get you and take your money. Be free while you can, prosper. Find another game to spend your money and free time on..Version: 1.5.612

Look at screenshots as adverts are misleading.The adverts show you making choices but it’s misleading because this is a grinding game more than anything that requires you to build and train. Shame it doesn’t show that! Just realised others have been complaining about misleading ads for years yet nothing has changed. Best to delete this game and go elsewhere as these people don’t care and want you to download because they make money off it..Version: 1.5.109

TerribleI first was playing different games to this when I got spammed with adverts from this game. I didn’t want this game or really pay attention to this game. However as I watched the adverts more it looked pretty decent, so I downloaded it and let me say I instantly realised that it was nothing like the adverts said, which is false advertising and illegal. But i decided to try it anyway and let me tell you it was shocking just stick to the adverts developers that looks decent but what in the actual game it’s terrible nothing is good about it not to mention it’s false advertising. Don’t get this terrible game because you’ve seen the ads it’s shocking and completely different literally not one bit of the ads is in this game terrible..Version: 1.3.957

Just another pay too win...I’m deleting my game today, it’s just another game that you really need too spend cash too really get anywhere... I’m sick of building up cash and other items needed too progress in the game only too be “attacked” by another player 3X stronger than me 3X times in 10 minutes and having too spend days even a week or more too repair and heal all my forces... it’s no fun anymore and just demoralising.....Version: 1.3.957

Money grabVery boring game, designed to make money from wallet warriors who have thousands of dollars to spend when they join a new city to buy resources and level up quickly, thus killing everyone who doesn’t spend or spends a little. Resources generate very slowly compared to other games this one has copied to further disadvantage free play players. Troop movement is also very very slow so you need to use speed ups which will cost you $5 US to move 50% faster so if you use a few of these in one attack then rip wallet. If you do manage to survive the grind and attacks of wallet warriors for a few months then you will be playing on a dead server with nothing to do as everyone has left and the only people who play have invested way to much money to leave. Burn!.Version: 1.3.257

It is not what any of the ads showed.Every add i’ve seen for this game is NOT at all what it is. Just show adds for your actual game it’s not that hard..Version: 1.5.165

TerribleAnother Game of War / Clash of Clans clone - just like to hundreds already out there but, if it’s possible, so much worse! Even the tutorial is shoddy - the quality of the written prompts within the game really should be an embarrassment to the developers - poor spelling, grammatically incorrect, often incoherent - it doesn’t inspire any confidence in the game. Compared to the other incarnations of this type of game, play and interface are clunky and the “soft porn” graphics with the ‘babe’ are tasteless and somewhat insulting. All in all, a sordid little game which, in an already flooded market of similar games, is not worth your time, effort or money. Deleted 15minutes after downloading. I’m guessing that the only reason it rates so highly in the App Store is because of the in game incentives offered for 5 star review..Version: 1.0.28

Well developed...but lots of problemsPros: Great graphics, great take on the same old format for these types of games. Cons: major money pit. Great until mid tiers, but expect to spend serious cash everytime you get attacked. There's no skill required, and server population is quickly dominated by pay to win players. Solutions to fix the problem: incorporate some form of advertising so that people can level the field by watching ads for gold or a resource/heal equivalent, incorporate a better defense/strategy system. A higher level player shouldn't be allowed to attack a lower level player too often in too short a time span. This allows players to provide some money into the developers pockets and enjoy the game along with those who spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. Without any changes, new players have no reason to stay in game..Version: 1.3.205

Waste of timeCustomer service is a complete joke and when you have a legitimate issue they send you and automated response. They don’t care as long as they get your money. You will never grow as the only thing in this game protect the biggest players and allow the bigger players to crush anyone new!.Version: 1.3.123

Game is ok.It's okay but can't make the difference between then and than. Pick up a grammar before you do the text in your game. 🙄.Version: 0.8.20

Nothing like the sexy memes😢😢😢I was excited to be a level 999 boss but it was a clash of clans ripoff. Don’t get this game👯‍♂️👯‍♂️👯‍♂️.Version: 1.3.381

Fun meet people all over the world , except!This game is stressing me out and it’s supposed to be fun. There needs to be like a mayor event for smaller mansions and clans. No one can come close to competing with the people I think in Japan where the game was made with there prices to buy anything. Peo0le who play the game and have little to no money invested should be able to enjoy the game as well instead of trying to come back from getting zeroed by an elites and really anything over 26 and up. I know you can’t do anything but whatever it makes me feel better getting my frustration out about this game that I used to love playing. It took me 2 years to become a m26 and stil don’t have any T9 troops because of the problem I stated and I have three farms. Anyways thanks for reading this or not , enjoy your gaming experience if you can.Version: 1.3.787

Fake AdvertisementI don’t know why they show a different style game in ads!!! Same old Clash of Clans style game!!! One code 1000 of different games, same style..Version: 1.5.165

Be carefulThe gameplay is at the beginning not bat. But you’ll find out very soon, that if you wanna have enough power against the others you need lots of money. And how bigger the level you grow, much more money you need. I know people here they spend more than 1000$ just to have a chance against the others. I know other games with more fun, you pay once for the game an then you can play whole Life..Version: 1.3.733

DisappointedUninstalled the app as the graphics were not as expected. It’s a freaking stupidly built game!!!.Version: 1.3.908

Very very bad customer service.I received an in game message all in RUSSIAN from what claimed to be a GM. I was told i had to pay 4.99 as a refund had been requested. A refund was not requested. This message tried to lure me to off site pages I did not know to pay back this money all the writing was in Russian I had no clue what it was. Then I tried to go on my account today which has over $100 spent on it and it tells me I am restricted. To message the line account which is full and can’t have anymore friends. This is ridiculous I want my account unbanning or all my money back simple. You told me I requested a refund this wasn’t true I didn’t receive any money and further to that you then blocked my game account. Terrible service, I didn’t receive a single message back from the GM in game when I messaged that about it. Infact I would have rated this a 0 but you must give atleast 1 star for the review. This games company holds many players to Blackmail like this over there accounts. I did some research and 100s of people have had this same issue and all of them where blocked or forced to pay money for there account..Version: 1.5.612

Took my moneyI bought the $0.99 starter package and they took $20 from me. Overall it’s a fun game..Version: 1.3.288

Poor Customer Service- Stay Clear of this gameHaving played this game for several years, and with many accounts and spending a lot of money on this game, on one account I was concerned of security of account and myself asked the developers to restrict account, account linked to my Facebook. now upon requesting the account to be unrestricted they do not care, suggest foul play, so if you ever come across this situation be aware they are happy to take your money but will not help you or co operate with you, PayPal deemed them rogue traders due to poor customer service. I been reviewing games such as original gangstaz, downtown mafia and underworld empire before and found this to be a refreshing change, however GM lacks customer service and refuse to compromise on issues that I faced Stay Clear !!!!.Version: 1.3.562

No support no helpEnjoyed game and the people playing it , you can have more than one city but be warned which ever one you spend money on upgrades to get ahead will be takin from you so you have to start again and when trying to get help to get it back NOONE gets back to you Don’t bother getting this game Unless you want to throw your hard earned money away or willing to play for 5 years to get strong enough.Version: 1.5.271

Ok but good god the adsAs a game it’s fine, it’s the same as most other build up games but my biggest gripe is the sheer number of ads that bombard you while playing the game. The entire left hand of the screen is one ad after another to buy something for the game, you move from one screen to another and an ad will pop up to buy something for the game. I understand the reason for the pay options but just put them in one place like a store and let people go there if they want them, don’t fill the screen.Version: 1.3.926

Replies.Reading the comments I noticed the automated responses that didn’t acknowledge the comments content. Does that mean you don’t read them?.Version: 1.3.926

One of the worse games made in 10 yearsI’ve been playing for over a year and half, I stay only for the people I have met there. The packs are unclear so you mess up and have to buy more, The servers are made so often that they die within 3 months The customer service is worse than a automated system The programmers can’t even do a basic system till back when a GM makes a big mistake instead they punish all players You have thousands of players now any where from 10k - 200k in the minus gold that’s up to 10 packs just to replace gold THEY have stolen from us, There are over 200 players currently being refunded for the game breaking T&C and many others are quitting. The only amazing thing about the game is the many different people you meet ☺️ That being said my friends and I are moving in to atleast a game that the customer service slightly cares (as this game unless you spend $2k a week they only give you automatic responses and do nothing to help).Version: 1.3.821

Enjoyed the game but it keeps shutting the app downDownloaded this game after seeing the add for it but it’s nothing like the add I don’t mind to much as I actually liked the game well the little I got to play as it kept crashing and shutting the app down back to my home screen, uninstalled the game and then reinstalled to see if this would make a difference but still the same, my iPad in up to date on system updates as well so can’t be that, shame was quite getting into this.Version: 1.3.957

Less than zero starsWhat is with this trend of advertising a completely different game? This is nothing like the game in the advertisements. Just utter garbage. Why not just make a game like in the ads? This game is patient zero in a pandemic of lying advertisers. Erased immediately. Now there’s a trend of fake reviews and generic responses to bad reviews. Apple has to do something about this.Version: 1.5.165

Customer service is horrible and I will explainTill they fix my game I wont change the star. I started the game not to long ago. Just turned to level 6 leveling up pretty fast because I know what I was doing. Then all the sudden the game gets stuck so I said okay let me refresh it and nothing, then I said let me reinstall it and still nothing and so finally I switch devices from from my iPhone to my iPad. I redownloaded it on my ipad and worked great so I sign into my original account and guess what it got stuck. I contact customer support repeatedly and they tell me to do the things I have already done! This game is great but as you see it’s bugged and till I get a reply and fix my game this one star is staying..Version: 1.3.506

Horrible supportI have been trying to contact customer support team from 3 days no response my account is taken away by someone i provided all the proofs you banned it thats good but you cant kickout his device from my game and allow only my devices i spent thousands of dollars and i get this i am very unhappy on this service.Version: 1.5.165

Pay to get ahead!More addictive than crack, this game had had me glued for hours and hours FOR DAYS. it’s been almost a month and I play this game more than I watch television. It’s very obvious, however, that for one to become a player with respectable power and levels, they HAVE to purchase items to defend themselves against the more powerful players and clans. This of course, is common in most similar games. I rate it 3/5 and still play it daily. I’m serious about it being addictive. High level of vulgarity and sexual innuendo make this game inappropriate for minors imo. There’s also an attempt by the developers to bribe players to rate the app 5 stars with In-game gold, a blatantly underhanded tactic to achieve a higher rating than it would have without the bribes..Version: 1.1.28

That’s how Mafia worksThis game is just a meme at this point.Version: 1.3.381

App closesWon’t let me open the map, then closes app and can’t get past this point. I have tried reinstalling the app but makes no difference. Also experienced the app randomly closing down for no reason on different occasions..Version: 1.5.509

TerribleI did play this game and like many others very disappointed with the game itself compared to the advertisement wow the worst game I have ever played I deleted it now. Totally misleading and considering the age we are in very bad graphics I mean was this made on a zx spectrum? Anyone thinking of downloading don’t. Save yourself the disappointment. Oh and the advert for this game that you guys said you was going to “have a word with them about” well it’s still the same advert and no surprise I bet I will get the same message from you as many others..Version: 1.5.165

Bug problemI think you guys have a bug problem in the game because every time I open level III or level two boxes for resources it doesn’t add into my inbox it does shows that were how much does each resource level two and three worth but it doesn’t add into the inbox and where all the resources and other stuff I just show me how much is worth but it doesn’t add so I think there’s a problem in the game I tried to contact customer service but did not not help so I don’t think this is worth it right now to download because they didn’t fix the bug yet I am really feel that all that cost more I probably lost more than 3 million or more cash in cargo resources because it did not add into inbox which is supposed to do that I send them a video and images off that is not adding into my inbox but the customer service is no help they are just helping nothing so I think this game doesn’t work anymore and they are no help to the people please do not download this game unless if you guys fix it then I will change the review because I don’t think you guys changing any bug or anything.Version: 1.5.109

Seems decentHaven’t played a lot yet so can’t really give an oppinion, but it seems like it might be the kind of game I’d enjoy, il have to update when I’ve played more. But I noticed a few people giving it one star reviews because the game isn’t like the ads, that isn’t fair and those reviews should be ignored and just give the game a try. Take clash of clans for example, it was hugely popular, maybe still is I’m not sure, but can you remember the ads for that game, that wasn’t actual gameplay either, lots of games do it, if not all of them. So if it seems like it might interest you just download it and give it a go, if you don’t like it uninstall, it’s not hard guys..Version: 1.3.926

False advertisementAbsolute disappointment as the add suggests an in-depth, role playing and scenario generation by player choices. None of this is true in the game it self, it does nothing to stand out from other games that all you do is upgrade buildings and rinse repeat. It’s clear to me there’s been some review boosting. So by these points I suggest you don’t waste your time downloading this as everything about the game is fraudulent down to the obvious taking of Tom Hardy from the film Legend and using his image as the protagonist to the extremely well made add that mirrors absolutely nothing to this terrible game. Updated: You can sod off with you’re automated developer reply an all, exactly the same reply to others! Do not give this “development” team a chance! They are clear cash cow creating frauds..Version: 1.5.385

Do not make purchasesI was charged a couple small purchases driving to work that i did not do nor authorize. After painfully trying to resolve with thier zero customer service i went to apple an was issued refund. After refund my account in BANNED, and they try to EXTORT me for this wrongful money back. Now account banned and im dealing with non english speakers for hours waiting on thier terrible CUSTOMER SUPPORT. They refused to fix nothing so now i am forced to ask apple for refund of all purchases. DO NOT INVEST IN THIS GAME THEY ARE SCAMMERS QUICK TO BAN AND OFFER ZERO CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO PAYING PLAYERS. Response to developer: I did contact your trash customer support team with all the various methods downloaded apps to try to contact. The gm never looked at my issue just kept say pay you directly through paypal and it took two weeks for that response, i was on no monthly or weekly purchase plan. Im a small player made some small purchases. But when im charged for nothing and seek help no customer support for weeks, contact apple refunded. Then as i make another small purchase a week later my account instant banned, and being told to return the money apple refunded me, basically tried to hold my account ransom and extort me my cash. For a damn purchase i didn't make or receive nothing. DONT DO BUISNESS WITH THESE CROOKS.Version: 1.5.195

Terrible gameFirst off, the game is a total ripoff of Mafia 3 on PlayStation/Xbox, although the game are not so alike other than stolen characters, the name of the game copies Mafia 3, Second of all, the game has false advertising of something that clearly isn’t the game and has nothing to do with it, finally, the game is infested and crawling with adds I couldn’t even open the game without seeing a 30 second un-skip-able add, after that add and loading to the title screen an other un-skip-able add, after that it was clear I wasn’t going to even play the game, if you think this is a cool looking game, think twice, the game is terrible and a ripoff, even if the developer responds to this review, I won’t even bat an eye to see what he/she said, find a better game than this one.Version: 1.3.205

Rubbish game don’t botherI just joined this game a month ago and these guys on 1M power just keep hitting me so I can’t build and I can’t afford to buy gold or bubbles or tp not very fair thay can bully people like that I only have 30k power and it’s just non stop😢😢😢 Hope u fix this soon Admin with people over 1M attacking new players till then I’m not playing stupid on a good note the graphics are gr8 and heaps to do but till u fix this power bullying I’m not gunna play.Version: 1.2.72

DisappointingThe game is unnecessarily complex to use, there are tasks hidden in about 6 various locations for no apparent reason. It becomes boring pretty quick and it doesn’t help that there no protection for smaller players. You can and do get attacked by people 5-10 x more powerful than you, they should implement a restriction where you can only attack players within a few levels of yourself..Version: 1.3.392

Poor in-game payment managementGreat idea for a game provided the playing field can be evened out a little, UK & American players are paying far far far higher prices than there Asian counterparts which is killing this game, cities are becoming dead, players are loosing interest and leaving the game for cheaper alternatives such as clash of kings which is not only cheaper but helps the players who don’t or can’t spend grow there city at a good pace to not fall back. Competition for the bigger players in Mafia city who are happy to spend money is getting smaller & smaller which is why they attack the smaller players through sheer boredom, it’s not rocket science its killing the game, the gulf in payments for certain areas or countries is just completely ridiculous, more and more cities will fall victim to this and people will then start city jumping to find a better challenge. I feel there are many empty or dead cities already appearing in this game, which is a shame as it is a fun game..Version: 1.3.329

MixedPlayed this game on a pc and works well. Good game and quite engaging if perhaps a lot to get your head around with lots and lots of things going on. However tried to play on iPhone and iPad and absolutely rubbish. Continuously crashing after just 30 seconds and rebooting. Completely unplayable which is a real shame. So another game consigned to the dustbin. Unless you spend lots of time wedded to your desk and pc give this a miss. There are plenty of other games, very similar and much more playable across platforms. Which for those wishing to grab five mins every now and again is what you need. Real shame..Version: 1.3.598

Had to restart after level 13Dear gamer I did like ur game but I have too restart after i write these because when I was doing level 13 it was playing up with the net and pieces where messing up together from other parts of the game..Version: 1.3.957

Mafia CityThis game is ok. It’s kind of confusing and complex and the guide to help you and explain the game does help worth crap. Mostly everything I’ve figured out and it tells you you can ask the GM but no one ever answers you on there. Then the messages that scroll across the screen and that pop up go so fast you can even read everything it is tell you. Another thing that’s confusing is like there certain things like your cash production and certain things increase it, well there’s like umpteen different things that do that. There’s just a lot of things I’m not getting and have no way to get the answers. One thing I like is that you don’t have to pay to play I mean you can get packages but it’s not like one of those games where it effects your progress extremely in order to do good..Version: 1.3.821

3.5/5 StarsI give the game a 3.5/5 stars overall. The game is fun, and succeeds at taking up my time, but as with all games, it has its setbacks. Firstly, I feel the game is way too hand-holdy. The game walked me through a lot of the easier steps, well after I’d figured out what to do. It tends to get a bit annoying, but I can live with it. And lastly, it gets a bit too into the more mature stuff very quickly, with well than enough sexual innuendos and such as a main mechanic of the game. Final results: • Hand-Holding, -1 Star • Sexual Innuendos, -0.5 of a Star 3.5/5 It’s a pretty decent game..Version: 1.3.381

False advertisingI thought this game was similar to Sims because of the video advertisement but it wasn’t. I actually don’t mind this game but come on, make a TRUE advert that represents this game properly..Version: 1.3.575

Horrendous customer service!You can’t progress in this game unless you pay for packs and they are expensive for what they are! I was reluctant at first but gave in to lockdown boredom and paid for a few packs. I had an issue with a few purchases. When I took it up with customer services they gave false information, we're aggressive and VERY unhelpful, with child like responses. I had to go through Apple to get a refund in the end. App will be deleted shortly after this review. Don’t waste your time!.Version: 1.3.926

Hot GarbageThis game is nothing like the ads... the ads seem fun. This is just plain bad.Version: 1.5.195

Not like AdsMake it like the ads, then I will download again..Version: 1.3.381

App support is a scam/jokeI have bee playing this game for over a year now. Just about a week ago after making some purchases I tried to switch accounts, I have 3... and all the sudden I can sign in into 2 of my accounts in 2 different cities. I have reached out to their customer support but they respond like once every 24hrs which is a joke. So I sent screen shots of the actual name of my farm and main account in different cities and they respond 24hrs later saying they can’t find it. They don’t even read the messages, just act oblivious to what you said so they can respond with some other misguided information 24hrs later. It is a complete scam to pay money for a game app and have such poor customer service, what should take minutes to resolve has elapsed days, and to people who play this game know that means you will get booted out of a clan, get attacked and there’s nothing you can do because the customer service is a complete joke. Do your job!.Version: 1.3.875

🤢🤢The game cant load it’s just awful..Version: 1.5.165

LostI know when you start it gives you the hands on where to touch but I’m really lost after trying to figure out the point of this game. It’s really hard to read anything on an iPhone as the fonts are so little on it.Version: 1.3.197

AccountsI would have to say this is been one of the greatest games I’ve played in a while. I have been playing since he 18 close to two years now. There are some issues that I’ve noticed and I’m late for major issues. I enjoyed the game so much I created many different accounts to keep me going for extra Parmesan everything else. But as of late every single account has now been on banded and I have no way to get into them and I have no way to start A new one. I do not remember what cities all my accounts were in acceptable. All I’m looking for some results on getting my account fixed so I can play again for as of now I cannot play the game interview developers release the Apple ID that has been used in their server so I can start a new. This is a great game. If you want to get ahead of the game quickly yes you do need to spend some money some of the packs a great some of the pantry very expensive. I applied to game without iron which takes a long time to get anywhere and I’m also spent on other matters. Or cities so all in all great game I think you could be cleaned up and have some of the minor issues fixed. I do believe the story line could be a little better I did notice though as the story goes all of a sudden it stops talking in the storyline changes so I think if you guys will create a better story line it would be great power and all all I would like to do is be able to play again. Period. Thanks the twisted one.Version: 1.3.197

RACIST! If you aren’t Japanese don’t even play.Was really liking this game until all the racist comments started from the Japanese clan in my city. There is one individual that is 3x the power of anyone else and if we don’t listen to him then none of us can play. The whole city is shut down except his clan members. This should not be allowed. Racism against other countries is terrible and the ones who have spent money now have to lose their money because this one person who is most likely a developer, has installed bots to instant attack others as soon as their truce expires or drops. He is able to track us in the city no matter where we are. He bullies everyone who isn’t Japanese and will wipe you out completely until you obey him..Version: 1.5.259

Great gameThis game is so addictive. I love it. it’s a great way to pass free time and I can just come back when I want. The only this I would like to see in proved is the notification they can be every couple minutes..Version: 1.0.0

Bullying and racistI downloaded this game to see all the details that’s going to happened and none of what it shows in the advertising happened. It started off good building my empire but pretty soon u will have to pay for bullets, gold and other items to build up to different levels. When I went on chat and seen people giving away a couple pieces of gold, there was racist comments in the chat so I deleted the game. It tick me off that the developer put so much in how this game suppose to be but fail to say how you have to pay for gold to get to different levels and racist comments. When the person spoke out about the comments the people in the chat start bullying her! Don’t download this game! I’m sure other people wrote the same thing but the developer never posted!.Version: 1.3.957

Nothing like adsStop baiting with fancy ads that are irrelevant to the game..Version: 1.5.165

Misleading adsIf you are here because you like the game based on the Ad, you will be deceived when you download it. This game required a lot of money to be spend, sort of to be competitive. So it’s a money farming for the company..Version: 1.5.165

Get your credit card out and be ready to dump a ton of moneySure, the ratings of this game shows about 5 stars, but in reality it’s a 1-2 star game. I would highly advise you to actually read the reviews. People rate it high to get a crappy reward but when you read what they have written, it’s a 1-2 star game. Pull your money out and give it away, and a lot of money that is. This game gives you nothing at all to be able to play! I won’t fall for the, give us a high rating for 200 gold, which actually in game doesn’t help out one bit, period. So my advice, do not download this game, and if you do, be ready to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars, that’s a promise. I have made it to level 13, now I can’t do anything without spending a lot of money. Stay away or have your bank account drained, it’s your choice..Version: 1.3.270

TrastThis game sucks.Version: 1.5.165

Don’t buy packs!!!!!Now, dont get me wrong, the game itself is pretty good. Ive met some cool people on here. BUT having asked the question already within the game and got no real response, i will post it here. I am in the UK, when i buy a pack there is no equal exchange rate, which basically means that a pack to a UK player costs nearly 10 times the amount of what the exact same pack would cost a Chinese player. American players are paying around 6 times the amount. Having found this out, i no longer spend within this game!.Version: 1.3.270

Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works! Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works!Thats how mafia works!.Version: 1.3.381

HOW IS THIS GAME 4.9 STARSThis game is a dumpster fire, you can’t moderate your chat, it’s horribly unbalanced, for some reason you randomly switch between 3D models and 2D images which is hilarious for how bad it looks. The actual game looks like one of those interactive ads that DEMO the game in a compressed format. The music is annoying and repetitive, the menus are unintuitive and weird and the voice acting just needs to go. Characters will constantly repeat phrases when you repeat things in menus which is annoying and everyone in the chat just spams slurs..Version: 1.3.381

Fake pubJust a fake pub for a Weak game.Version: 1.5.220

What a jokeDont download this game its the worst.Version: 1.5.271

NewI would like this game. But it keeps crashing. Not sure why?.Version: 1.1.28

Big FlawAs much as i love playing this game with same people i met in it, i cant even give this a three star review cause their is so much fundamentally wring with it(if you dont play you might not understand). Basically it doesnt matter how far you get in the game because as long as you dont join the strongest clan on the server, your screwed. The strongest clan will constantly attack you and your clan for no reason, other to be diks. But the main issue with this is that theyll throwneverything they hace at the weakest player to and utterly destroy him. Then from the rest of the game you just tryingn to get all your wounded out of the hospital only for them get put back their again. The only way to fix this is to set a base minimum on what you can attack. ie: Mansion 30 Power 6,732,760 shouldt be allowed toattack a Mansion 8 Power 64,120. This happend constantly to our newest clan member and he basically got screwed iver for the rest of the game..Version: 1.3.392

BulliesBullies & Money Game Unless you spend you get nowhere with the game !!! I wasted couple of months in the game so I quit already . The chat seems to be uncensored and unmonitored so you can expect to read and even hear homophobia , racism , sexism, bullies. Be warned ! You will be laughed at and abused. Should you even dare to complain about a player and clan who has repeatedly attacked you for 7 hours straight and attacking will continue. Bullies are common place and encouraged by certain clans and alliances. So do not expect a fair game of skill and tactics. Money rules in this game and it will until it dies. Unless you willing to spend money you become a farm of someone who does. This is very common. People quit over it in multitudes! Don’t even start it’s frustrating I already quit wasting 2 months in the game ..Version: 1.3.506

High level players bully lower levels for resourcesI’ve played numerous games with the same concept as this one. I like the story of this one and feel that it’s entertaining enough, however just like with all the other games, I build up what I can and then every day some other larger, bigger player comes and completely destroys what I’ve built. I have no resources or troops left and I’m just stuck rebuilding. You start to feel like a supplier for whichever jerk wants to completely decimate your game that night. It’s frustrating. I will likely stop playing soon because the truces are expensive and there’s no reason for them not to farm lower level players...there’s no penalty or consequence for effectively bullying new players. Also, devs need to build in more options. I’m a straight female...this game is clearly directed at straight males. Would be great if this could be adjusted to adhere more to preferences. I’ve been away from the game for 2 days and in that time higher level players savagely destroyed my turf for the resources. I’m disappointed that this is allowed to happen. My turf has now been relocated so I can “rebuild in peace”. Forget it. I invested time and energy into this and because I step away for a weekend some mouth breathing jerks can completely destroy everything without penalty. I’m done. I’ve deleted the game..Version: 1.3.706

Gave it 3 stars, but would’ve given it 5When I decided to try this game out I was deceived by the advertisements of this game. I honestly thought their would be more action. This game will still pass time, but over time people will get bored. Some suggestions are create more cutscenes to captivate players. Show a celebration when a crew win, and show crew members in the hospital or that the cemetery with the boss vowing revenge. If possible create a feature where you can do more with babes. The games are cool and challenging, and date let’s you know it’s going down, but there’s more to explore. Also make Jennifer an unlockable babe. Lastly make past cut scenes in story mode replayable. Sometimes with the games lag you may have reboot and you miss the whole scene..Version: 1.3.186

So far so good!Not bad start, seems to be fun.Version: 1.3.391

YeetSaw there was no lvl 100 boss, lasted 10 seconds in the game before I deleted it..Version: 1.3.381

Paid Reviews?I don’t have a ton of respect for developers that pay users for five star reviews, and while this is definitely not a 5-star game, it has some high points. The gameplay is quick and intuitive - it is highly familiar because it is the same structure that we’ve seen in similar games for the past few years. The Mafia themed spin is nice though; similar to why Final Fantasy is enjoying a following even though it is built on the same basic platform. This game is considerably more risqué than others like it; “dating” the babes in the game fits in with the Mafia theme, although is clearly targeted at the teenage-boy market. This is part of what gives the game a dash of charm over staid and tiring stablemates. What I can’t get over in the game is the lack of polish that both the visuals possess, as well as the sad story line and thinly disguised plot. Proofreading is not a challenge, so why is this game painfully error-prone? If the screen tearing and dialogue was cleaned up to be slightly less cringeworthy (and grammar/spelling were dealt with) this could easily be a 4-star game on what has become a 3-star platform. Pros: Intuitive Quick Lots to do Cons: Tired Idea Pointless Sexual Themes Spelling/Grammar are Cringeworthy Plot? What Plot?.Version: 1.2.51

Cheap Cash GrabThe game over all is rather boring. It is a lot of waiting for stuff to finish building, collecting, or attacking. However they are more than willing to speed it up, for a price. This game throws micro transactions at you all of the time. They also mark the ability to “earn” gold but while it says earn you do have to pay. The biggest slap to the face was that if you rated the game 5 stars they would give you a reward. First this is bribery plan and simple but not only is the reward pointless in real life but also in the game as 200 gold will not get you far. To rap it up they make it nearly impossible to play the game without it, mostly because after a certain period anyone can attack and a micro transaction can mean the difference between life and death. The game over all doesn’t care about the players and only wishes to get their hands in your pockets..Version: 1.3.392

Rude repliesI have an issue with the system and the person helping me was so rude and for a paying customer that’s was really disappointing and worst issue is still resolved.Version: 1.5.271

On iPad and iPhone game crashes constantlyWhen going into map view or back to will crash every single time. Game also crash when trying to help clan and crash doing simple tasks. Game will crash just selecting things in mansion. Game will crash every single time you want to participate in clan battle so is literally unplayable. Game will crash once every few minutes on average. Spend most of your time loading the game..Version: 1.3.875

Cannot connect to serverId like to give it a rating but I can’t play it it keeps saying cannot connect to server.Version: 1.2.31

Stealing my PlantationThe one thing about this game they have permanently decided to ruin is the plantation garden where we could reliably build resources. They screwed this up by allowing people to always be able to steal your resources. Now that they have ruined this part of the game, im no longer interested in continuing. Because it doesnt matter if your dedicated and work hard, why bother at all if you come to harvest the plantation and your work has been actively and directly encouraged to be stolen! Its really stupid of the developers to think we want to come here and work hard for nothing, no reward. That we will come here to make plants that the developers will encourage everyone to steal. Youre dumb if you thought that was ok to do to your players. Just really dumb. Sorry dummy. And so now these fools are letting people steal your flowers even before you can harvest them yourself. Really dumb. Today, an hour before I could harvest my flowers they let someone steal flowers from me that I could not harvest yet..Version: 1.3.575

Misleading AdsThe ads for this game, to put it bluntly, are NOT for this game! Thankfully it’s free, so it’s not an outright attempt to scam money, but it does steal by way of sponsorship and advertising - so where did the footage for the ads come from? I don’t believe for a second that any third-party marketing company made an ad and released it without the approval of those hiring them - 30s ads are extremely expensive, contracts for the rights to use them, and who owns the intellectual property rights are a bare minimum pre-requisite, along with a game Company Director-level approval to certify the list of requirements has been met and has been approved for release; that way the game company is responsible for the ad and it’s content, not the ad company themselves - otherwise an ad company could take advantage of that missing requirement and make an ad for their own company to run, or splash it’s name all over any ads at the cost of the game’s developer - so that never happened, but if it did, then that’s very naive and remiss of the developers and to directly, and publicly, blame the ad company for this would mean you could initiate a lawsuit against them, not send a simple e-mail, or ‘have a word’ to get it sorted. This was deliberate, there’s no way you couldn’t be aware of the ad campaign since there are at least two for this game alone..Version: 1.3.926

False advertisingAbsolutely nothing like the ads. Terrible and boring!.Version: 1.5.165

Okay gameThis is a decent game until around level 6. It starts becoming very time consuming and not fun. You can play it for about 5mins per day unless you want to pay for it, which I don't. Free to play is correct until level 6 then its pay to play, and the payment isn't cheap. Be better if the game was $2.00 and it allowed you to build multiple things etc instead of waiting hours and days. I deleted the app after level 8..Version: 1.3.957

Nothing like ads (ignore auto dev responses!)The adverts for this game are insanely misleading and this practise is disgusting and needs to stop. If you look through the numerous reviews complaining about this issue you will see a litany of automatic responses from the developers saying that they will contact the ad company to change the adverts (passing the blame), but as of yet still nothing has changed! They have zero intention of ever taking the ads down, they just want to lie to your faces and take your money. Do yourselves a favour and avoid this one, or better yet leave your own reviews to spread the word about this disgusting practise!.Version: 1.3.957

Horrible managementThe game is all about money .. rewards free are horrible .009 percent of what you will need they give you as reward for example you need 300 million cash for an upgrade a reward will be 50k cash 😂😂 Management will never help you just keep paying ...Version: 1.5.220

The slowest and worstcustomer serviceI mistakenly bought a pack. Contacted their email facebook and line but got no reply. Update to this problem after 7 hours of keeping me waiting for their respond the developer just sent me a short message telling me there’s nothing to be done and i should just see my money being wasted away like that. Offered no solution the problem whatsoever and basically just ell me good luck and be careful. What kind of service is this??.Version: 1.3.329

Game is good.. English secretary is an idiotThe game is amazing full props to those who put it together and keep making to better.. the secretary on line though.. is useless.. he is incapable of using his head and just repeats what u say to him back slightly differently as if he just told u new information.. has never actually helped me solve an issue with the game. By issue I mean small bugs where u don’t get full rewards during events.. even though u can prove u don’t.. this so called secretary can’t look at what ur showing him or her and actually try to solve ur problem.. instead just starts throwing random and unhelpful comments back at you until you give up through frustrating. Apart from that highly recommend even for free to play.. is fun game especially if u find good people to play with. Additional.. since I had last reviewed this game, I have had several even worse encounters with this companies joke of a support system. They will always find a way to blame u, even if it makes no logical sense. They will rob you of what u paid for because they don’t care about the players other than the whales who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep up with the massive amount of updates this game rolls out. Only reason I’ve left it as a two start is due to the overall enjoyment of the game.. just expect that unless ur filthy rich ur gonna be left out to dry.Version: 1.3.759

No goodYou should scrap this boring game and make the gameplay as it appears in the advertisements. The game as it appears in the advertisements would be awesome. However the reality of what this game actually is, is very disappointing. Being told to upgrade this, and upgrade that constantly, and being walked through a game-world of endless, overly-complicated menus is really dull. Admittedly, I never played the game far enough to know if the character instructing the player to upgrade this and upgrade that, and go into this menu and that menu, is just part of the game introduction, or if it this dictation goes on for the whole game. But either way, it’s a fail, as I don’t want to be told what to do for the entire game, but nor do I want dozens of easily forgettable menus and options to have to try to remember right off the bat either. Sorry but I’d be surprised if anyone at all likes this game. Anyway, the main thing is that I DID play the game long enough to know it’s nothing like the advertisement. You are far from the only game developers guilty of this, so I gave it a chance anyway, but personally I found the gameplay very boring and with apparently no scope for individual decision making, which is sadly ironic considering that the false advertising suggests that is exactly what the player is going to get. Uninstalled the game as it’s like ordering a Ferrari from a catalogue only to have a Smart 🚗 Car arrive on your doorstep..Version: 1.3.957

Mafia CityDon’t waste your time, developed a city only to have it all disappear after 5 months . Started me over and am not impressed. no stars from me, well one so I could submit this.Version: 1.5.155

An okay gameIt was a good game but nothing like it was in the ads, I wanted to be running around the city saving bosses like in the ads, but instead it’s just another base upgrading game like clash of clans, overall an okay game.Version: 1.3.821

DisappointedThis game has potential it really does but if the developers don’t make a state the ordinary players you’re gonna lose more people from this game once they realise they can’t grow because their been consistently being attack by bigger mansions aka the big spenders, I use to enjoy this game “USE TO”.Version: 1.3.926

Not goodThe game looked really good but my game would crash every minute.Version: 1.3.270

Don’t waste your time or especially your MoneyFirst of all let’s start with if you downloaded the game based on the advertisements in other games, it is nothing like those advertisements. Secondly there are hackers and cheats in the game that constantly bully you and destroy all your stuff so you will be forced to spend real money in the game. The Developer says to message in the app “Line” but there is no resolution to the issue. When you report a specific player for suspect playing you get the “Well look into it”. They you are bombarded even harder by the same person. Third: while yes it is a build and conquer I personally believe you should have to spend money to get to higher levels. Gone are the days of hard work and dedication, to these EA Games style pay and play games. After about 90 days of dealing with poor game play experiences, constant cheaters and hackers attacking, it is fair to say this game is a money pit and not for those looking to just kill time for fun. This game will rob you blind if you don’t watch out..Version: 1.5.109

I love the game but there’s a problemHi I came to say that I like the game and love what you’ve done with it but there’s something wrong with it I just started and I know it’s not very long but I’m only doing this review so you know there’s a problem. When I finished the tutorial it let me do what I wanted but then it gave me a notice saying that if the connection in one of the lines isn’t good switch to one of the other ones so I chose line 2 and it made me do the tutorial all over again and I can’t complete it because when it asked me to build one of the training camps it wouldn’t let cause the only option it gave me to build was the security building but I didn’t have the right mansion level to build it so I got off the game and went back on it but it still told me to do the same thing so I uninstalled and installed it back to see if it would fix but that didn’t help either so I’m only asking if you could look into this problem please I like the game and I wanna keep playing..Version: 1.3.665

False advertisingAnother app that is nothing like the preview that’s played..Version: 1.5.195

Very bad customer ServiceThe game is good to a point when something goes wrong like a purchasing problem( given the wrong pack) or glitches/bugs and you have the proof of snap shot photos and still they don’t help you or come with a solution/re-imbursments. I will recommend not to play this game. Even FB, LINE or in game GM say the same thing sorry for the inconvenience but there’s nothing I can do:( i will never play this game again.Version: 1.3.197

Game was reset for no reasonI started the game up yesterday night and I got the helicopter landing scene... which is the beginning of the game. I didn’t update the game. There was no iPad OS update. What happened?.Version: 1.5.259

False advertisingThe ads are nothing like the game.Version: 1.3.926

You must spend moneyThis game has balance issues. Larger player can wipe you out at any time and so to be i a position to defend, you must spend money. The packs are expensive and don’t take you very far. If they fixed these things it would be good but it a problem.Version: 1.3.575

They Blocked my deviceI had an issue where I was charged for 4 packs when I only bought one and only received content for one. I brought the issue up with apple billing and they agreed with me - Mafia City didn’t agree so they blocked my device. I’m still waiting to get it activated. Beware, be careful you may get billed for purchases you didn’t make..Version: 1.5.314

Stuck on first level, help!I’m stuck on the first level and need help. I’m a level 1 thug currently in prison. I kicked a hole in the wall and crawled into the next cell but there was a level 20 boss in there with his girlfriend. I punched the girlfriend and she dropped some money and the level 20 boss went “noooooo!” And started crying. The girlfriend then blew kisses at me and I became level 10 crook. I kicked out of the cell but there was three level 30 boss in there and they keep sending me back to my original cell. I’ve tried kicking everything now and no money or keys are coming out. Help! I don’t want to be level 1 thug forever..Version: 1.5.361

Too many notificationsThis is a great and addictive game, met a few great people on this game but the fact that their are so many useless notifications really annoys me. It feels like every hour in getting rid of a notification that has popped up probably 6 times already in that day, if it wasn’t for the way too many useless notifications I would rate 5 stars but it’s wayyyyy to many useless notifications.Version: 1.3.139

Superpower players destroy new playersIf you like to click your screen a lot, this game is for you. Loads of repetitive stuff. P owerful players destroy new players. It seems like a strategy game, but in reality it’s a game which rewards you for spending money, and the people who spend the most money become super powerful and go around destroying everyone else especially new players. There are pacts between very powerful players which protects their position at the expense of newer players. This forces new players to either quit or spend lots of money to survive. There’s also the appalling sexism. No matter how you try yo explain it away, it is misogynistic through and through. I’m surprised that Apple and Google sell such a product. The other issue is that it appears that some players might work for the developer. One more issue is that they have worked out a way of permanently putting a good review at the top in the Apple store..Version: 1.5.109

AwfulWorst gaming experience you can come across. Had to download cause of the hilariously atrocious Ads they are paying for. Took me 2 minutes of gameplay before I decided to put an end to the misery and delete it. If you wanna get beat up at school download Mafia City..Version: 1.3.329

DisgustedSpent weeks/months building up my empire and was doing alright (or at least I thought I was) only to find out I had been randomly attacked for no reason and everything was destroyed meaning I would effectively have to start again this has left me extremely frustrated and means I have wasted all this time, I obviously have no intention to waste any more time on a game if this can randomly be destroyed without any reason. I am totally disgusted with this game and have immediately deleted it as I have no intention wasting any more time playing it..Version: 1.3.957

False AdvertisingAny ad I have seen for this game has been completely fake. Do not think your playing some GTA mixed with Elder Scrolls style game. You have two screens, your home base and the larger map area (maybe some other options screens). The screenshots in the App Store are correct, however every single ad I have seen for this game has made it look like something completely different. This also is the EXACT same game as Guns of Glory and King of Avalon. There are probably more games that have been copied and pasted like this one. Minimal creativity and extremely disappointing. It is absolutely not alright to lead people on with completely misrepresented gameplay in ads linking to this terrible crap. Clearly the people falsifying the advertising know what people want to actually why is the game not exactly like what the ads lead you to believe. The advertising campaign for these games is impressive, clearly people are falling for it, then settling for a subpar game. I am not. I am extremely disappointed and feel like I have been mislead by false ads making this game look much cooler than it really is. Don’t give these people money or your time. This is just terrible..Version: 1.3.799

Illegal chargesTrash game, I have uninstalled this game on November 8th and I didn't buy anything after November 8th. It still charge me 2 purchases records on November 12th..Version: 1.5.271

A scam and worthless customer serviceI have been playing this game for almost a year. Started off slow playing it then started getting into it. Now that I was into it I started competing in events and rewards. I have had a few issues when winning events and have contacted there customer service which on the app it is called GM. The GM will only respond once a day so even a slight issue can take weeks to resolve due to a one message reply. Then started contacting threw email. It was a little bit better replies but they keep giving you the run around so you do not get your rewards deserve and have to spend real money to improve due to them not wanting you t reward you on events won. Good luck if you spend any real money on here and have a issue because like my experience they are making money anyways so your issues are not important from what they told me If you click on to review the one star rating and read threw several reviews you will see how the game cheats you and how there is no customer service..Version: 1.5.195

Why should I report an issue with Mafia City: War of Underworld?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Mafia City: War of Underworld to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Mafia City: War of Underworld customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Mafia City: War of Underworld.

Is Mafia City: War of Underworld not working?

Mafia City: War of Underworld works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Mafia City: War of Underworld.

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