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Mafia City: War of Underworld app received 141 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about mafia city: war of underworld?

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Studs & BabesI would love for this game to ask if u wish to play as male or female. Then depending on ur choice could then date a babe or a stud. The only thing that I could think of that would improve the game at this point..Version: 1.3.329

BewareThe game was cool at first. I worked my way up to level 13. I was gifted some tokens and over 60 1k gold bars. BEWARE! The game developer or the game itself will take the gold back from you without notice! If you use any of the gold it will put you in a negative and any gold you win after that only goes to get you out the negative!! I’m giving a 1 star because when I contacted support they basically told me...the gold wasn’t yours so too bad!! I begged and pleaded and stated that they gave no notice so why should I be punished...still nothing!!! POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!! Deleted game!! Until the agree to fix my issue...I will not be playing again and this 1 star will stand!! This game is a RIPOFF!! Report it for fraud!!.Version: 1.3.821

Brilliant gameLove the game it’s so good always giving rewards everyday for signing in and being an active player great game I recommend it the most active game most people play this game is really good a lot of people play it my friends family etc play it and have said it’s a brilliant game.Version: 1.0.0

Best of this sort of game I’ve played!I’ve played many of this genre of game before. I try to see how far I can get with what I start with. From time to time I might buy a bundle to help me go on, but most times I avoided hem due to price and lack of good content that is worth purchasing. I don’t think it’s truly necessary to buy anything to enjoy this game and keep going. You earn so much without even trying! Here’s a lot of events that I honestly don’t even check out and then suddenly I have seven messages with rewards. Plus the daily rewards also give you a lot. But I do purchase a few bundles here and there because they’re really cheap and bring sooo much it’s crazy! So far I’ve enjoyed this game a lot. It has fun and varied things to do and look out for. I totally suggest it for people who enjoy this sort of game and don’t want the pains of getting to a certain level and then going down the spiral of needing to purchase things to keep moving forward in a reasonable and fun pace..Version: 1.3.665

Good gameGreat so far.Version: 0.8.20

Paid me for a 5 star reviewI don’t like this game at all, and I’m only playing it to earn gems in my favorite game. This game offered me 200 gold to give it a five-star rating, so I’ll just take it to progress in this game to benefit my other, and write this honest review. There is very little that is unique about this game. It’s a standard game that has you upgrade a base, develop troops, attack other players if their peace shield is down, looting resource spots on the map, and be in a clan with other players. The dialogue is also very flawed and the intended message is lost in it’s fractured delivery. Cuss words are used in a ridiculous and 12-year-old-boy-like way. Not to mention the “babes”—the pulsating sexual objects that you play dumb games with and you can “date.” There also appears to be prostitute-like women on the corners of the street. Ok then..Version: 1.3.30

As honest as I can beSo I’ve played a lot of these kind of games, there fun to see how far you can get on your own. Now I play for free cause it is a free game and that normally doesn’t work out for me, I get sniper by a lvl 30 or a clan/guild runs me over for points for an event. For the longest time I thought these games are just ways companies make easy money. This game has really been a different story for me, the clan I joined actually talk to each other and want to become stronger, the developers send me tips and event messages daily, the whole game is fun again for me. Now it is a pay to win game I will say that, but if you have a job where you look at a machine run like me it’s a fun game to jump on and have fun, best part is I haven’t spent a dime and from doing everything with my clan and all the little quest the game throws at you I have obtain over 5k gold. So that is my honest review, not a bad game at all, gives to all kinds of people (free players, money dropping top rank players), something to enjoy at a normal work..Version: 1.3.165

Great gameThe worst thing I can think of is you get too many rewards.Version: 1.3.391

Really coolJust a shame it takes so long to progress.Version: 1.2.6

Good game, gets a bit repetitive.Good game to play, a lot of players that take it too far but all over good game..Version: 1.3.598

Games greatDont listen to people sayin if u havent played it from begininng dont, i only started 3 days ago and i am doing great, build up ur levels level up ur mansion level up ur soldiers and more inportantly find a good clan that will help u out and u will be fine, great game just to level up quick u end up spending alot of money on gold and things if ur patient unlike me u wont have to.Version: 1.3.506

Liked gameGreat game.Version: 1.5.181

What to sayHi I’m only 10 but I really like this game and I think you should level the age limit to 13 so more people can play Please let us know if you can take the age limit down xx thanks By Matilda.Version: 1.3.636

Attacking other playersI really hate when players over 3mil power keep on attacking player with power under 200k power and saying they are attacking just for resources and the defending player has no chance of counter attacking that player he just has to sit there and take it or quit the game I think there should be some sort of power protection on weaker players like a guy with power of 500k can only attack other guy with 250k power and higher so the defenders have a chance to protect his stuff and a guy with 250k can only attack a guy with 100k and higher and so on. I believe that it will help the lower lv players stay longer and actually learn how to play the game. That will help you guys keep more players inside the game.Version: 1.3.392

This model still worksThis is another variation on the same model played for many years, although added fun elements, it doesn’t go that far to make it unique. One can only assume that creativity is lacking and no one is brave enough to create a new game. That said it is still a great time waster. I do hope that it doesn’t focus only spending players and us non spenders can have the same fun regardless..Version: 1.3.799

Awesome addictive but......It's a good game tbh i love it but the loading time when your upgrading needs to be less of a wait time and we could have a change of the map Style.Version: 1.2.51

Good gameI like it ;).Version: 1.5.271

Good GameGood addictive game, however too many cities opening, developers need to consider merger of cities to avoid inactivity and more game play in cities. Hopefully this is taken on board, also developers need to avoid promoting certain clans who are from Taiwan region and giving them cheaper developers packs, this is happening commonplace and needs to be avoided to promote fairness in the game. No more new cities and current ones should be merged together even in 10s or 5s and avoidance of game malpractice. Currently I have a group of 1000 people who have noticed this and messages shown on line. Many thanks.Version: 1.3.95

Very good gamePeople saying this games bad your wrong, If you tried making something like this you would of probably failed. This game is definition of epic ness.Version: 1.3.506

It’s expensiveExcellent and addictive. This game would be better if a mansion decor didn’t cost $2500. $500 per crime op decor? What is this game trying to prove?!? Lol I’ve spent my fair share of money, don’t get me wrong, but why are these things so outrageously expensive? Not everybody in the world has $2500 laying around that they can spend on a phone game that could crash tomorrow. I’m just wondering why y’all can’t lower the price so everyone has a chance of using these features?.. it’s not like you haven’t made a billion dollars off this game already..Version: 1.3.270

CoolIt’s okay so far annoying that can’t have phone diagonal for better an easier game play.Version: 1.3.665

Enjoying all the playabilitySo I just started a couple of weeks ago and so far I enjoy the game. It has lots going on, which kind of overwhelming at first, but this also means there’s lots to do. I have a goal that says I need to fight mercenaries, but I don’t know where to find them. Oh well. Have no idea what I should be prioritizing, but just making stuff and fighting random street gangs is cool enough so far. There are enough rewards available that you can progress through the game without paying (I spent .99 on a starter pack) but there are some higher level bonuses that do cost a pretty good chunk of change. Overall, I like the many options of play..Version: 1.3.550

I only did it for gold I will change it once I get rewardsThe game is nothing like in the ads trust me.Version: 1.3.381

Rating for mafia5 out of 5 would be happier with more information on a few things but the game is exquisite and one of a kind..Version: 1.3.392

FantasticLove this game, play it for hours and hours each day, very addictive and can be played without having to spend lots of money, even though I tend to buy packs on this game it doesn’t break the bank and not a necessity! Made a lot of friends all over the world through the game too.Version: 1.3.165

Great War strategy gameI have been playing for over two years now and it just keeps getting better. I have several members that don’t spend and they still grow because there are constant events. I played other war games before this one and developers were very greedy. Don’t get me wrong to get good statistics you still need to spend but for those that are not super competitive you can do well even without spending a load of money. I would say that this game is hands down the best war strategy game there is out there. My only complaint is that they make new cities too fast now so the cities die off quicker then they used to. Wish they would put more people in a city before building new ones!.Version: 1.5.165

GameGood game but keep getting hammered by much higher members now I’ll keep writing to make up the words that are required to fill in the gap.Version: 1.3.665

Great game.. but stop promoting pvpFirst off this is a great game. Great content and is constantly being updated and new game play being implemented. I’ve been playing for about 6 months, but I’m done. Can’t keep spending money to build up power only too get zeroed by players with 60+ million power. It takes way too long too gain power in this game and could cost thousands of dollars to build up power only too get crushed by a bigger player. If you don’t mind grinding for hours, getting zeroed, spend a few hundred dollars and get zeroed again and again then this is a game for you..Version: 1.3.875

Game frozenWas playing g the game for about 2 hours last night, and then Jennifer popped up, and everything froze. The clocks are still counting down, buildings are still being levelled up etc, I just cannot change screen. So I logged out, and turned the game off. Went in this morning 10 hours later. Started up the game, and Jennifer appeared as before. Game still frozen, plenty of money etc to collect, just can’t do anything. Disappointing, because I was just getting in to the game, those 2 hours went bye so quickly because there was so much to do. Having said that would I invest another 2 hours of my time to get the same lock up, probably not. So my only option is to delete the game. Sorry, but I gave no idea what has happened..Version: 1.3.926

Mafia wars so coolFast no glitches.Version: 1.0.0

GlitchMy game keeps on dropping off ive uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times now still same problem ?.Version: 1.5.181

Mafia city city 972Best game ever so addictive, not stopped playing from day one, if you like to make friends around the world and fight each other or watch yourself become big and powerful then give this game a go. Highly recommend..Version: 1.5.165

AdditiveDon’t download it! It is too addictive. Seriously, you can’t stop playing.Version: 1.3.359

Lee McIntyreLove this game, been playing for a couple of months helped keep me sane during the COVID-19 pandemic! But you’re in-app purchase subscriptions are misleadingt... IMO the subscriptions aren’t clear enough that that’s what you’re purchasing I have spent a bit of money on one off purchases to improve my mansion but I made the mistake of purchasing subscriptions too, being new to the game I didn’t understand which was which until I had already purchased! Also the in game instructions of how to cancel subscriptions doesn’t work as any weekly/monthly subscriptions are not visible on the AppStore/iTunes >>> subscriptions section so no idea how to cancel these! which is a bit misleading considering it’s so easy to purchase them but an absolute mission to cancel any subscription.Version: 1.5.165

Good game which doesn’t require microtransactions to progressVery addictive game. Have been playing for about 2 weeks now and have not been restricted with progress due to not buying anything. Yes there’s the option of microtransactions, and they do occasionally send some good 99p offers but you don’t have to buy anything to get further than day 2 for example. This might change later in the game but for now I am happy with the game.....and might even buy a couple of the 99p offers that keep popping up to support the developers. Only downside is there’s loads of side options which I don’t fully understand what they do yet..Version: 1.3.270

Good gameThis game is good but can you the game on iPads because what ever I click on my profile it kicks me out so can you please and thank..Version: 1.5.165

Great gameVery addictive game, seems to freeze a glitch a bit lately and cargo and ammo sites are to rare making it hard to upgrade.Version: 1.3.359

Great gameLots of updates and new content.Version: 1.5.195

Missing coinsGreat game but for the past week now I give a 5 star rating every day and have not received my 200 coins were are they and today just now I gave a 5 star rating and still haven't received my 200 coins anyone else having this problem?.Version: 1.3.270

Happy as playing this gameMean game.Version: 1.3.506

Great PublicityI downloaded this game because of how well the team got the public to take notice. It wasn’t like how anything else was before- silly ads that caught your attention and made you laugh. When I downloaded it- i was surprised at how nice the character designs and voices were. The gameplay is a typical tycoon-style builder but I mainly got the app because I wanted to support the company. Not many media-developers handle public attention like they did and I really do appreciate how they took care and paid attention to the community. Cheers!.Version: 1.3.392

Good for LockdownGood to pass time.Version: 1.3.875

Great game, lacks abit in guidanceGreat game and enjoying it, my only issue at the moment is the tuition/ guidance to learn the game is not great. Some things are just that little bit too unclear. Otherwise having fun, hopefully as I level up it won’t become one of these games where you have to invest crazy amounts of money just get stay somewhat protected, like empire that I use to play..Version: 1.3.197

GrateThe ads are better than the game but still good.Version: 1.3.381

It’s good, but...When I first got this game it was really fun. My clan was nice and enjoyable, the other people were really fun to chat with, and it was pretty easy to get more power. Then it turned into complete hell with all the people who spend thousands on this game, and immediately start attacking other smaller players. There’s usually always a crazy Asian clan in every city that defies the city rules, thus starting a city war. I was part of one of these wars and my power went from 2.5 million down to 500,000, due to be constantly attacked. Otherwise, it’s a pretty good game..Version: 1.3.957

Not the first.Not the first game I have played like this. I have enjoyed this style of game in the past, and I hope everyone has learned from what ruined the other games. So far it’s been fun...I find myself rather addicted to building and growing. I realize the purpose of any game is to make money, i just hope they don’t allow people who have no lives and spend way to much money on a game to dominate those of us who spend sparingly or don’t spend at all! I look forward to learning this game and playing it for a while!.Version: 1.3.821

Not What Was AdvertisedI really enjoy the game. Clans are the way to develop relationships and really get out what you put in. The development of strength takes awhile if you don’t make in game purchases. It tends to be overwhelming at first with multiple events running simultaneously. Once you figure out your preference then the game flows better. Luckily, my city isn’t one power dominates. It makes for a quality play. Not what was advertised! Facebook prompted me with a more realistic and interactive game. This is not it! Still enjoyable but false advertising on how the game is played and the graphics..Version: 1.5.109

Game ok, but used and downloaded a lot data from youBe ready of this game. Because game used and downloaded a lot data from you. I was playing for a couple of minutes. I check my download data information and this game used a lot. 500 megabit in just a minutes into playing. If you insists of get it this game, play it with a free WIFI connection, because is going to cost you a lot of downloading information, every time you play this game..Version: 1.3.575

Great gameCool game no issue go get it.Version: 1.3.105

Great gameAwesome game ! Three weeks in and loving it!! It helps to make purchases but isn’t needed if you play correctly and reap the rewards! Recommend messaging the higher clans when you start becoming more powerful and seeing if they have any space to join - this way it’s a lot easier to join the clan rewards :) have fun!!.Version: 1.3.875

The BossGoing well so far but it is early days. It is certainly an interesting game. Give it a go!.Version: 1.3.733

Quality gameBest game I’ve played in a long time. Make sure you find the right clan for you and you will be entertained not only with the game but also with many players from around the world. I’ve made friends with people and they’ve also helped me understand the game and made me laugh out loud along the way..Version: 1.5.220

??Hey I’m retry sure it’s not your guys fault I think it’s apples but iv e need double charged on a few things and not sure how to contact them I don’t care about the money just want what I’ve obviously been charged for.Version: 1.3.160

Give it a chanceLadies, (as one of you) hear me out. This game looks like it was designed for 12 year old boys in theme and certain features (being able to 'date' your female 'assistants' who replace commanders etc), but you seriously need to give it a chance. The game offers a lot compared to others of its type, and while the time to build stuff does get steep rather quick, the game is quite generous with its rewards. Always lots to do. Please, everybody, male or female, give it a go..Version: 1.1.3

Good time wasterAlways good.Version: 1.3.665

Would recommendThis game is very easy to play make sure kids don’t play this because it has some 18 + stuff apart form that would play anything like this again and I didn’t spend any money on this game.Version: 1.3.392

Stick with it..funConfusing to start but stick with it, fun, interesting and keeps you wanting to come back each time..Version: 1.2.72

Give it a tryWhile in the beginning it can be a test, you meet great people form great alliances, an excellent time killer events vary and are entertaining and the rewards reflect the effort. Whether you spend money or not you grow.Version: 1.3.957

That’s how mafia worksI turned into level 100 boss yay.Version: 1.3.392

Great gameLove it, but later on, your development is massively slowed and in order to catch up you will need to buy Ressource packs ons then the game gets expensive.Version: 1.3.957

Very AddictiveVery addictive but some in app purchases can be a bit expensive..Version: 1.2.72

Games coolVery happy.Version: 1.3.83

Just wowI gave a five stars because I want everyone to see this comment. This game is definitely for big pockets players. If you want to have a nice mansion and kill a lot of troops you have to use your credit card. You can grow with no spending but it will take you forever. Now if you want to have a cool design in your turf they have this things where you can buy it but to obtain a permanent design you will have to spend at least, $1500 dollars because they give you 5 puzzle pieces but they will cost you $99 dollars. This is definitely ridiculous but hey that’s how they make money’s isn’t? Also the customers service they have is horrible, they get upset at you when you go to them for game failures. This is the second time I write a review in a game. I hope this help others..Version: 1.3.665

Predictable but funUsual process. Upgrade, do battle grow and stuff. 200 gold for 5 star review. Probably only worth 3.5.Version: 1.3.506

Very very addictive gameTruth be told the concept of this game is very good however saying all this reason why I give it 4 stars is because it also turns into gambling as you have to buy things with real money the more you get sucked an then they start throwing all these lovely price reduction an promotion from 99p all the way upto £99 !! Which is a joke tbh.Version: 1.3.957

Love itWhen I saw the adds I was like no it’s probably now that good but then after awhile I was like oh what the heck I’ll just try and guess what I loved it and I like how when you the button at the bottom it always walks you through the steps but it just points and isn’t obnoxious that’s another reason I love it and I don’t know why people say you have to be rich to play no you don’t you can buy things if you want but it you play you earn gold money and cargo so fast I don’t look at the cargo and money cause I have so much but sometimes gold. I haven’t spent a penny so I don’t know what people are talking about when they say that they have to pay 99$ for five puzzle pieces like you get hour or a couple of Minutes. But I just didn’t like how when I saw the ad it shows it different than it is but I don’t really mind anymore. Welp bye and good luck! 👍.Version: 1.3.665

Great game for making some friendsI have been playing for a while and I’ve noticed how helpful people are and how caring your clan members can be. Some things I wish could be added to the game (investing in two things at once) would be a nice touch. It’s a relatively fun game even though there is a limited number of things you can do. The game is pretty well made. But I think the prices in the shop should drop or you should get more for your money. This would be nice because if I’m going to spend a hundred dollars on a game I would hope I get some things like a babe rather than buy 3-4 packs and get one. Sorry but that’s $400 and unreasonable for a babe. Other than the prices I love the game. It’s very well built (bugs are common in games) it doesn’t fail or crash when a few thousand people are on a server which is amazing. Love the game and please consider some of my suggestions..Version: 1.3.506

It did itI haven’t played this at all, but I just wanted to say anyone that uses the song Sans. or megalovania in their add is the best person/people ever. This sounds stupid, but someone just had to point this out. Now I will delete the app..Version: 1.3.799

Great game but advert misleadingI enjoy this game but I agree with another review that the advert shows gameplay that doesn’t even slightly resemble the real game. Very misleading but as I said a decent game. I will say the endless amount of mini games can over complicate things sometimes and it’s not the most simple game to get your head round. I went a long time for example having some really good unlocks I knew nothing about and I found by pure accident! Would it helped in earth stages of game..Version: 1.3.957

Mafia!Algood game, lots to do. Alot of clans to join! NAM.Version: 1.3.575

Highly addictive!Some things were hard to understand at first but it keeps giving you tips along the way, great game.Version: 1.3.575

Not badThe only thing I don’t like is the girlfriends.. Stripping them down lol. Made me a little uncomfortable. I do love the game better than the older versions of this. Everything is 3D or 2 D looks well made. I’m happy to been able to choose a female avatar. I would like to see boyfriends instead of girlfriends lol 😆. I only dropped one star 🌟 because of how uncomfortable I felt with the stripping down of the girlfriend for quest or maybe it was the beginner training? I’m sure the guys would love this. I love seeing my buildings and the casino in it. So far the game really is great 🌹.Version: 1.2.72

SuggestionHey been playing the game for over 4 years now, and you guys integrated a virtual betting system during the World Cup of 2018, I really think you guys should implement a virtual sports betting system for all live sports games, obviously to bet on with resources in the game! Thanks!.Version: 1.5.181

WowieIt’s just like the ads I’ve seen!!! It’s super realistic and accurate! Just hit a guy over the head with a frying pan and he turned into a hot chick. And the English is flawless absolutely no mistakes! 10/10 would recommend!.Version: 1.3.562

Awesome gameFacebook ads don’t hype this game enough. Finally a game that you don’t have to pay to play.Version: 1.3.636

MOBILE STRIKE ALTERNATIVEHighly fun and addictive especially when you make friends and get into the game play. Like all MMO's it's pay to win but at least the dev team makes it interesting. In Mobile strike there are ridiculous amounts of troops sand speedup time that don't even make sense and can't be quantified on a normal scale. I love how that's not the case with mafia City there is a max lvl and you don't have to worry about spending 2000 to max and the dev team coming out the next day with something else for you to spend more money on. In this game the spending is gradually increased over time the higher lvls you achieve. I love the game the entertainment value from the people on the game at least in my experience, is worth every penny I've spent so far. I do wish more resources and speed ups were put in the 99 packs or they sold exclusive resources and speedups packs but other than that, it's good to go. Also troops are very expensive so it discourages fighting unless you can replace them😬 if you don't have at least 600 I would say don't download this game. Unless you don't care about being someone's target practice..Version: 1.3.821

Awesome Game, Bad Account Freeze..Awesome game, I SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME HERE AND THERE, I compete in events, & I made a new account to become a leader on a new server / city! But was upgrading and building my account bought a pack and started getting more power, then All of sudden my game froze, I have restarted phone, re downloaded the game 3x and tried it from 3 different apple accounts, & No luck, Still was frozen and on my game center account, i turned off game center change game center accounts and still stuck and froze, Now i have no chance to be a strong leader in the new city and this is very disappointing... Plz help... I expect t7 packs and speed ups in return hopefully....Version: 1.3.550

Early daysJoined after bad experience with Camel (W&O) but so far the graphics are great, the dynamics seem somewhat tedious but it feels as though there's more to it than you basic set of commands...I may update this as I get more of a feel for it, but no complaints so far!.Version: 1.3.329

Bon jeuA date j’aime bien le jeu.Version: 1.5.195

.Quite addictive, I really enjoy the game... I wish the packs were abit cheaper and you should have more $1 packs available:). Keep up the good work.Version: 1.3.908

Pretty goodAddictive game.. just a pity that you have to spend so much money if you want to level up with everyone else that is willing to spend so much money.Version: 0.9.29

Pretty goodAddictive game.. just a pity that you have to spend so much money if you want to level up with everyone else that is willing to spend so much money.Version: 0.9.29

Thats how mafia worksThats how mafia works.Version: 1.3.381

AddictingPlay it 24/7 can't get enough of it completely time consumin and really addicting just love it..Version: 1.3.562

Cool gameCould do with some grammar corrections lol.Version: 1.2.51

😂😂That’s how mafia works.Version: 1.3.392

AwesomeNice my favorite game.Version: 1.2.51

WM240It’s a good game. :).Version: 1.3.821

Cash grabI enjoyed the game very much I until I made an in-app purchase and got charged double. I reached out to The the developer and nothing was done about it even though I had bought many packs in the past. Beware with these guys, they are more than happy to take your hard earned money. Wouldn’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone..Version: 1.2.6

Glitches out but in your favourHad to delete and reinstall to sort my issues out. My game allowed me to upgrade everything all at the same time. However after the completion of any or all upgrades it didn't level up as was intended. I shared photos on the Facebook page about my issues and it seems as though it sorted it self out! The game is good and could be great if such issues didn't happen or if they did happen then let the upgrades work!!.Version: 0.8.20

Good Game for the Poor and Fun Game for the RichI throughly enjoy base building games and love talking to people around the world. After people who play for free get to about level 15 mansion, it stops getting fun because the rich people in this game and any other game related to this game style, are already above a level 20 mansion and you get picked on and never able to play comfortably since it is a war game but you have to build fast to survive and the only way to survive that way is to spend hundreds and thousands of money in these games. Obviously if I was a developer I would not care since I’mm making all the money. In conclusion, download this game you’” enjoy it until you get to about lvl 15 mansion playing for free..Version: 1.3.197

AwesomeReally great game and very addictive 👍.Version: 1.2.27

City'sI love this game it is very addictive. Met a lot of wonderful people on it and the game itself is so much fun. The problem with the game is they keep opening up too many different city's. for example you start on a city and then few days later they open up a new city resulting in a lot of people leaving and starting new city. If you don't put money in the game it's ok but when you have spent a lot of money and your city goes half dead it's very annoying .. I have sugguest that they start and merge the city's, resulting in more active members and more fun for the game.. the only problem with the game too many city's and keep opening new city's far too soon!.Version: 0.8.20

GoldNew beginner so far so good.Version: 1.3.392

MisguidedI love the game but today I recieved a notification saying my grandfather who I have on Facebook who is DEAD! Had just defeated Maroni like are u serious right now that's disgusting that u send that out when there not playing ... thanx for a heart attack from my past away grandfather.Version: 1.3.575

Overall honestyThis video game is a very different game from all others related. I’ve been playing for a year and have met brand new people every other week and helped, played, loved. Like any other game it comes with it’s glitches and I believe that there are many people out there who have ran into issues while trying to enjoy this game. I recently lost my account due to binding issues and Mafia City help personally helped me get my account back up and running. I can’t thank them enough. Just great amazing big business who tries to help small individuals. Never had such great customer service. Will continue to support mafia city and will follow the community behind it. GREAT GAME , educate yourself about this game 1st and don’t quit on the 4th day 😂.Version: 1.5.181

Not worth it. Read Reviews!!!Honestly in my opinion not worth it. Like many have mentioned. It is fine in the beginning stages but then later if you want to “replenish” yourself or even to get new “characters” it will cost you a fortune. Plus, the game advertisements are WAY wrong, which is FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Not fair to the people who were really expecting an interaction game, because it most certainly is NOT. Otherwise, besides that it’s a fun game to play in the beginning but the higher you go if you don’t have the money it really loses its appeal. Which takes away from everything. I’m actually considering deleting the game soon because it’s not worth it, which is sad..Version: 1.3.288

Greatest game in historyThis is by far the best game i have ever seen on mobile... no no no, wait the best game on all platforms greater than🅱️ortnite and 2k19. It deserves all the attention it has gathered over its short meme history but their success is nothing less than spectacular. This game will be played by people generations after us, they will play and become the level 100 mafia boss, greater than all of us combined. I would like to congratulate the developers for such an amazing and well created game with some of the most complex and unique game mechanics that the world has ever seen. So to the developers, thank you :).Version: 1.3.381

Great!Its a great game!!.Version: 1.3.329

Mafia CityA really great and enjoyable game thought I wouldn’t like it at first but now it’s one of my favourite games.Version: 1.5.612

That’s how Mafia WorksI once was a level one crook. It was a time time of great sadness but then I went to a bank that had so many memories with it. It was the bank that my father had robbed to pay off his child support for my older brother so I new if my bad father that went out to get milk 17 years ago could rob it and pay off his child support I could most definitely rob that place. I went there and shot that place up! I shot it so much green green fresh moolah came flying out. It was like a Disney land for level one crooks. Then all of a sudden my level on top of my head I couldn’t see started rising and I started feeling like a true level 35 boss. Sincerely, A level one hundred epic mafia boss.Version: 1.3.392

Enjoyable gameGood way too meet new people and have fun at the same time. Just hope it doesn't end up being the same as other online games and require constant spending to enjoy it..Version: 0.9.5

Can’t sleepBecause of this game. This ruins my life lol.Version: 1.3.812

Top GameIt’s a brilliant game, has lots to do, the ui interface is easy to use, can’t go wrong with it. The only issue I would find is the packs they sell, they are abit costly and doesn’t really make it fair for people who can’t play. Don’t get me wrong I’m a pay to play player myself but I can see the vast advantage it gives over people who can’t pay, maybe you guys could work on that? All in all very good game ✌️.Version: 1.3.759

AwesomeIt’s a good I play with my sons and I giggle cause I’m higher then them!.Version: 1.3.562

Only doing this for the goldThat's how mafia works.Version: 1.3.381

Money PitThis game is awesome and addicting. Good graphics and game flow. If you want to become really strong, you kinda have to spend money. It’s a ok most of the game in this category do the same. What I am really mad about is that the dev team” or “Secretary” never listen to feedback from players. I know a lot of people like myself that have been playing for years that have suggested many ideas and those idea don’t get added to game, even tho are good ideas that will make the game experience even better. Thank you.Version: 1.3.875

Not As Bad As I ThoughtI usually overlook these types of games and just go by them. They’re usually just a money grab and not that fun. However, I’ve scrolled past this game several times, and I might as well thought, let’s try this game. This might’ve been a good decision for me. Obviously, this game is still a pay to win game, I’ll admit that. However, there’s just something fun about this game. The clans seem as they always want to rank up and power up. There are some features that I don’t believe were in the other games as well. I’ll give it a 5 star rating, since it exceeded my expectations for a mobile game..Version: 1.3.706

10/10 IGNThat’s just how Mafia works.Version: 1.3.392

Great gameFun game developing your little city & collecting resources. If you decide not to throw money at it, can be frustrating when coming up against other more powerful players who have clearly spent large amounts of their own cash on paid for power ups. The rebuilding/recollecting can be disheartening. Other than that, it’s fun..Version: 1.3.506

Just want the gold bars lolLol.Version: 1.3.665

Account recoveryLove this game! However I’m unable to gain access to my account due to it being binded to an account I’ve recently forgotten password and google is giving me hard time recovering it. Is there any other way I can gain access?.Version: 1.3.733

HIt's good.Version: 0.8.20

AddictiveA very addictive game, you will keep playing for hours and hours!.Version: 1.3.550

KingpinSo much better than expected, lots to keep you busy / entertained, great graphics but nothing next level but more than enough for this game, very much a community / group type of game and plenty of other like-minded players to interact with 👌🍻.Version: 1.3.706

Give it a goVery addictive, don’t have to wait days for things to be updated. Give it a go..Version: 1.2.31

Great game!Im very picky when it comes to games and was sceptical of this one but I thought id try it in lockdown and I keep finding myself back on it, its great! Loves the babes feature and the whole layout of it, maybe a tad overwhelming at first but im used to it and the clan I joined is very active which is cool.Version: 1.3.926

Tons of funJust keeps getting more fun. Well played.Version: 1.5.220

AddictiveWhen you start playing you cant stop and loose track of time.Version: 1.1.11

YassssThis is the war game for you I love this game.Version: 1.5.195

MrNot bad but few glitches and takes a bit long to upgrade. Obviously designed to make people pay money. Shame really as it has potential.Version: 1.0.0

Well that’s how mafia worksNow this is a story all about how My life got flipped turned upside down And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel-Air In West Philadelphia born and raised On the playground is where I spent most of my days Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool And all shooting some b-ball outside of the school When a couple of guys who were up to no good Started making trouble in my neighborhood I got in one little fight and my mom got scared And said "You're moving with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air" I begged and pleaded with her day after day But she packed my suitcase and sent me on my way She gave me a kiss and then she gave me my ticket I put my Walkman on and said "I might as well kick it" First class, yo, this is bad Drinking orange juice out of a champagne glass Is this what the people of Bel-Air living like? Hmmm, this might be all right But wait, I hear they're prissy, bourgeois, and all that Is this the type of place that they should sent this cool cat? I don't think so, I'll see when I get there I hope they're prepared for the Prince of Bel-Air.Version: 1.3.381

Best iPhone gameAwesome game. I love it!.Version: 1.5.195

Fun gameUsual build game but plenty of activity to keep you interested while stuff is under construction.Version: 1.2.51

Mafia.Cool game will recommend thanks for the gold lol...Version: 1.3.575

I’m having problem linking my accountCan I get help linking my account.Version: 1.3.957

Pretty goodGood gameplay and game mechanics. Great fun during corona.Version: 1.5.220

It’s actually addictiveSeen all the reviews it’s not so bad tbh. Kills time. Remember to turn off all notifications because your phone will constant vibrate from all the notifications which is annoying..Version: 1.3.392

Read this comment/reviewThis game always pot up on all of my social and I didn’t want to play it at all but then I said screw it. I downloaded it and started playing the game now I can’t stop playing, I will admit it is a really fun game. To all the people the read this review I do highly recommend downloading this game because it is so much fun..Version: 1.3.506

TrashTrash.Version: 1.3.329

AwesomeThis is a really awesome game to play.Version: 0.8.20

Growing steadilyNice game with a growing city. No money spent and my turf is growing, although not as fast as others. As long as you defend yourself and have a strong clan you can move up the ranks. Progress slows but just use the free bonuses get from completing challenges to keep improving.Version: 1.3.575

Good gameStyle of last empire war z... i like it).Version: 0.9.5

A great gameThis game is always keeping me busy and heaps of things to do.Version: 1.3.821

That’s how mafia worksTo all those people hating, you just don’t get how mafia works, smh.Version: 1.3.381

AmazingAbsolutely and amazing HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAME!! A must to have if you are deciding to download do so now and give it enough time to actually build up and join a decent guild that’s where all the fun is at, with your guild mates and teaming up to destroy whoever comes your way, I have been playing this game for a few months now and I have not missed a single day that’s how much fun this game really is, you don’t have to pay to win but if you are able to it just makes it that much more fun to play and faster to lvl up, catching up is the tough part but don’t give in it gets way better...Version: 1.3.562

GoodGood.Version: 0.9.5

WowMuch titty plenty fun semi hard.Version: 1.1.28

Great game!!So I spent a couple of hours playing this to get my lvl 1 crook up a few levels and after an hour I finally managed to find a pan, which (of course), I chose to beat a lvl 5 hitman with and ended up with a girlfriend (who is very hot and sexy by the way). With my new girlfriend I finally managed up to a lvl 35 boss and got some slaves to build me up a house as well as I bought a car with the money from my gang members. Once levelling up the song pump plays and it is really epic. 11/10 would recommend you play. Ps I managed to steal a woman’s purse from a man that was giving it back and she seemed to like me a bit.Version: 1.3.381

SuggestionThe game is brilliant! I have played since for about a year and been in many cities. I now reside in city 131 and am loving it. The only thing I would change is the fact you cannot send items from one mansion to another. In similar games this was possible via a special gold envelope that we purchased in packs along with gold. Then you would insert the items you wished to send and send them. Is this something you guys could do also? as it would make the game a lot better in my eyes. Thanks yottagames for a great game!.Version: 1.2.72

ResourcesGreat but once get to certain level becomes difficult to get enough resources to continue.Version: 1.5.181

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