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Street Fighter IV CE App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Street Fighter IV CE app received 69 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Street Fighter IV CE? Can you share your negative thoughts about street fighter iv ce?

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Street Fighter IV CE for Negative User Reviews

Not updatedStill developer did not update the game for max models. Buttons are only half visible.Version: 1.06.01

Improvement controls are screwedNothing like the arcade games to just say that and the controls are screwed and if there are buttons for the powerups then you don’t need a whole combo of moves to preform them. It isn’t the same as the real arcade machines and the bots only do the moves you can’t block or whatever and have aimbot..Version: 1.06.03

Latest update is so disappointing!The problem of being cut off on a ranked match is one thing but the game freezes randomly causing you to lose BP for no reason...The problem never used to exist on the VOLT edition prior to this...It would get cut off but you wouldn’t lose BP at least!.Version: 1.06.00

This game is so stupid1. The game is not stable, you get kicked out or black screen during the game. 2. This game is not beginner friendly. I got bullied by top rank players and can’t get matched with same level because beginners quit because few same level players. And top tankers bully for fun. 3. It is hard to control the character especially for the small phone players and players don’t have mini extra controllers. I have iPhone 8 and the game just don’t get my command accurately because all the movement button stay so close that it’s impossible you only press one without touching others. If you want to be a serious player, you have to purchase a unique controller that pair with your phone like those pros..Version: 1.05.01

Don't Buy This GameThis is the worst mobile port I have ever played. Sub 20 fps on an iPad Mini 4, graphics that are more pixelated than a Sega 32x game, and sloppy controls that have been simplified to the point where it bears no resemblance to the original game. Capcom should be ashamed for putting such a low quality port..Version: 1.01.01

Messed up controlsUltra button is messed up don’t know who this developer is but I pressed the ultra 4 flipping times and not worked, full refund is due I think Capcom stop messing around and update with new characters.Version: 1.06.01

DISAPPOINTEDGRAPHICS ARE SH*T, I should've listened to those negative feedbacks... Had to take a stab at it but extremely disappointed iPhone XR ios 13.5 AND THE GRAPHICS ARE TRASH I WANT MY 7$ back😞. Please anyone reading this game. it's not what you think DO NOT purchase it..Version: 1.05.01

Graphics not sharpThe background is vey blocky. Especially when you play via tv connector. It’s not high definition. Needs to be crisp on big screen. Otherwise would be great..Version: 1.05.01

The recent upgrade is shocking!The recent update has put the game to a bad halt. The content in the game are so small and pressing the buttons are very difficult! Why have capcom decided to destroy this awesome game with the latest update. It’s annoying, please capcome! Fix this!! Very annoying 😡😡😡.Version: 1.05.01

USF4Great update adding a few missing characters which I noted in my previous review. The street fighter mechanics are all here for anyone familiar with the series and controls have options to allow simplified specials which helps when using a small phone screen. Now onto the bad part. The graphics are pretty poor. The characters are low res and the backgrounds have been nerfed with no animations and all the colours are washed out. Worst of all despite all these downgrades the game somehow still seems to run at a very low frame rate even on iPhone X resulting in some awkward looking animations at times. iPhone X iOS 13.5.1.Version: 1.05.01

Needs update ASAPYou guys take to long to do updates. The last update you said that when the opponent leave the fight you won’t get disconnected and it’s still happening. Also even if you have a regular match or a free match and you do same skill fighter they always pair you with either someone better than you or viceversa. Also there’s a lot of players winning the 1st round and leaves the fight they always get the win in their stats regardless. You need to fix all of that Still playing but it gets frustrating when all of this is happening.Version: 1.03.00

Multi-player horribleUPDATED REVIEW: I uninstalled this game. Changed my handle in Game center, and reinstalled the game. That got my ranking reset to 0 wins, 0 losses. That is what I wanted. Started playing again. I was hoping to see improvements in the multiplayer ranking system.... Nope.... I wait F O R E V E R for the system to pair me with a player. Even if I change the setting to where it's searching for a player, regardless of rank, it takes forever to find a match for me. Also there still a lot of false ranks where the win vs Loss is lopsided. All wins and no losses. These are players who are somehow cheating the ranking system. You can barely beat them if at all. Sooooo come on Capcom.... time to fix all of this. All of the characters in this game are nice. Plays well. BUT (and it's huge) the RANKED multi-player matching system, even after this update is horrible! slowwwwwww and 3/4 of the time will not match me with equal or slightly higher ranked players. Also, I'm still getting pared with "players" with zero rank, and yet the play like pros. Soooo this aspect of the experience is VERY frustrating and really REALLY needs to be addressed. Other than that, it's a good game..Version: 1.01.01

CrashI was playing and it made me quit in the middle of the match also it always lags and bugs out does it not work for iOS. I lose every time in a match due to lag I really don’t know if I might get a refund now cause I spender a long time in this game now resolve this or I actually might get a refund now.Version: 1.05.01

Below expectationPlayer vs Player game play is slow and choppy, unplayable..Version: 1.06.01

Good but KEEPS CRASHING MIDPLAY 60% of the fight!!!!You engage in new fight with an opponent and it is all good and really enjoyable. Then it hangs. Sorry mate, you will have to kill the fight and start searching all over again for another opponent. €<€#$¥#^}*~}¥&@£@!!!! Now Updated with improvements but it still bloody crashes!.Version: 1.06.00

Where do I begin!?Ok, so where to start? First of all, I’m thinking you can probably do a little better on the graphics side of things, come one, it’s 2020. This just looks rushed and feels rushed too! Doesn’t have that real STREET FIGHTER feeling! The controls, 2 buttons!? Seriously? (Excluding focus and super move) Come on!! The real technique to street fighter was always the 6 buttons in the first place!!! And dear god the backgrounds!! Could they look anymore like they got done drowning for 30 minutes?? And I know this is a moved commonly used but why the hell cant I jump kick into a sweep?? Thats just frustrating! The AI is more rigged then the normal street fighter IV on hardest!! But I do have some pros... the game all in all if you haven’t played a street fighter, is a good way to start, and it’s pretty good for when you’re on the go! Just whip out the phone, no internet required, just some arcade ladder :)! This game had and still has a lot of potential! If you would just update it and make it look better! If you’re not very good at the game, it can help you with special moves, blocking and other things! All in all it’s a very badly made port, should reconsider fixing this, and make this better!.Version: 1.05.01

Had this for a whileBut just started playing it a lot more in the last few months. Combos are just as easy if not easier to do on the mobile as in a controller. Only issue is that I cannot get into any Ranked Matches, and when I get into one, before or during Round 2, game completely crashes/freezes. My record is only 0-1-0 when it should be 23-9-0 by now with all the fights I was winning and crashed 😔.Version: 1.06.00

No worth itI purchased it today and it keeps on crashing all the time. Or I get disconnected from game. Horrible lag. I’ve a great internet connection btw and this is the only game I’m having issues with. Can I get my refund please!.Version: 1.06.03

No supportNo support for IPad Pro 11 inch. 6.99$ down the drain...Version: 1.04.01

Bring back SF vs Tekken!!!Why the heck isn’t there an update for SFvTekken?!?! That was a far superior game in terms of fluid smooth graphics and modified fighting controls for mobile phones. This version is laggy and not as polished. Update that game’s IOS capability as that was 10 out of 10 for me!! This is just crap in comparison..Version: 1.03.00

Oro?Would it be possible to get an update that add more characters? One i’d want the most is Oro. Every version of SF4 has oro, except the mobile version..Version: 1.06.03

Ok port.. choppy experienceI have ipad air 2. Frame rates were choppy. I would rather they use the classic 2d sprites (less resource hog) and get it running smoothly at 60fps. Now this isnt all bad attempt.. from a port standard an ok attempt. But as a gamer the experience wasnt fulfilling. I will play later and update but other than cool introduction it wasnt fun experience due to the choppy framerates during gameplay. Also, virtual buttons and controls are great options, but there really needs mfi. Its frustrating playing on screen controls. If they added mfi will be 4 star..Version: 1.03.00

Street fighter 4 lag editionIt’s very difficult to play online . It’s so laggy plus it’s disconnected in between matches..Version: 1.06.01

Bad gameBro I played it and they have like 75 sweets can’t believe I spent 6 dollars on this game I want my money back.Version: 1.06.03

Obviously it could be betterI have to say that this is pretty good for a mobile game, the models should really be updated tho I can see why people absolutely hate the graphics some phones can't handle it but for an IPad... should be higher quality than it is now also that announcer man could be better he needs more omph that he does now he sounds very bland like you just gave him the script and said "read this" and nothing more other than that this game controls well and feels a lot like street fighter X tekken so 3 stars could be better but capcom might not even read this so what was the point....Version: 1.01.01

AverageI really want street fighter 5 because there is new players and I never tried new players so rn update for example Abigail!!.Version: 1.06.01

Can we get a new game please?It takes forever just to get an update and there’s nothing new. Just make a new game with more characters and stages..Version: 1.05.01

No online playingLots of memories back !!! Deeply saddened to see the useless option Ranked match or Free match. What is the point if it doesn’t allow you play online? Not happy as after playing few months it gets boring playing with the CPU, you intend to play online with people with the skills that you learned but no! It just disconnects you after 10/15 secs. Would have been a great game if it was fixed..Version: 1.04.01

Choppy and bad on iPad Pro 12.9 2nd genErased the game want my money back.. it’s a disgrace.. if you’re going to blow it up on iPad make sure graphics match.. very bad..Version: 1.04.01

Watered down street fighterHeavily pixelated graphic and Overly simplified action (only one level of punch and kick) which makes combo hard to pull off. Not enjoyable at all. Regret with the purchase..Version: 1.01.01

Not impressedUsed to play this on my dads iPhone 3 and 4 back in the day decided to pay for it on my own phone a few years later and I’m very disappointed would like my money back cause £4.99 ain’t worth it.Version: 1.05.01

Lag and not interactiveThis game was everything i played on my iphone 5 and was the best. i got(bought) it again thinking it would give me the same rush but looks like nothing in terms of developmeng has been done all these years. Every game on the versus or ranked match laggs on 5g..Version: 1.06.01

Not what I was expectingMy experience with this game was played on an iPad Pro 12.9”. The gameplay itself was good. On the iPad Pro, the game is very pixelated. I don’t mind if it was in 2d but in 3D it’s kind of weird. Still, not a reason to downvote if they’re accommodating for other devices. The two most irritating things about this game is that it has controller support in-game but not for menus. It’s really annoying reaching over to tap on the menu items. The second irritating thing I’ve experiences was the music cutting out randomly. It’s really annoying and kills the mood every time I get into a groove (I tend to listen to the cues in fighting games). Still, as a mobile game I probably would recommend it..Version: 1.05.01

GraphicI did not expected this kind of graphic on an iphone x, i tried to find a graphic setting but hopeless.Version: 1.03.00

Online mode always crashesOnline multiplayer mode never lasts more than a few seconds before I am disconnected . Offline solo mode works fine, but online mode is the main reason for buying! WiFi disconnects every time without fail. You sometimes get lucky with mobile data and get a couple of fights in before it crashes. Nothing to do with my connection. No response from Capcom says it all..Version: 1.05.01

Very badThere is no several moves , graphicly sucks , and multiplayer there is few people , thank you very much capcom to make pay 6,99 $ for nothing , and i don’t understand how this game can have 5 stars , that make no sens ..Version: 1.04.01

5* game 1* for effort indeedGames graphics should really be updated (it's disappointing to see the new characters with clearly more animation frames next to the old characters that still look choppy), missing free battle, as well as no option to play your own background music is a bit disappointing, especially for a fighting game that's being released in 2017. Instead of releasing this as a whole new app they should've just released it as a sfiv volt update which is what it really is..Version: 1.01.01

Latest Update ISSUES - UPDATED!!!!I posted below review weeks ago destroying the clowns (Dev team/Product Manager) who decided to change the size and control of the game and it looks like our feedback have been taken into account, all back to normal now and I’m enjoying this childhood game of mine. Thank you for the prompt update after the catastrophic release of few weeks ago. Now happy to rate it 5/5 Here my last comment where I rated the release with 1 star: Wish I could downgrade to the previous version as this new release KILLED all the fun (not that the previous one was perfect, but in these cases you go with the lesser of the two evils) Complete SHAMBLE with the new UI by the developers Why on earth have you just decided to reduce the size of display including the buttons etc...!!?? I used to struggle with my big thumbs on the previous one and now it’s literally impossible to coordinate two movements WOULD HAVE GIVEN A 0-RATING IF I COULD.Version: 1.05.01

It’s not badPreviously purchasing Street Fighter Four, I can no longer play. I purchased this, hoping there would more improvements made..Version: 1.05.01

Laggy connections and no one online.Great game unfortunately no one online plays in Australia. If you do find a game, it will be overseas and unplayable due to the connection..Version: 1.03.01

DisappointedI was looking forward to playing this game however on a phone in my opinion just does not work, the on screen joystick is difficult to use and leads to frustration. I’ve requested a refund..Version: 1.06.01

Stop asking me to play the game!!Decently fun game, but why do I get notifications every hour encouraging me to play this game?? Seriously annoying!.Version: 1.02.01

Great potential but disconnects all the timeAmazing game but as soon as you play an online versus battle it cuts out and says connection lost. This happens 90% of the time and is really frustrating as this is the main feature of the game for me. For £4.99 I expect more..Version: 1.03.00

OmgIt won’t download. But otherwise I think it would be a good game if I could play 😠.Version: 1.04.01

Not my favourite street fighter.This is a great game if you can ignore the rough pixels and lack of console controller support..Version: 1.06.01

Pixelated Sprites?When Street Fighter IV Volt came out, it was very impressive for a mobile game at the time. In 2017, Street Fighter IV Champion Edition served as an update, however, it still utilizes pixelated sprites. I would’ve loved to see something similar to the 3DS port. Every now and then, I come back to this game feeling that it could’ve been better..Version: 1.06.03

No xbox one controller support?5 stars when I can use Xbox controller.Version: 1.05.01

Online play is horribleA good time waster if you want to learn the fundamentals of characters, what will work, what won’t work, punishes, etc. As these can all be done in training mode. Would like to have seen free sparring and the full roster on here as street fighter V is out. However online play is terrible, matches always run a few frames slow (if you can even get connected) so you can’t punish or complete combos against your opponent. All in all a decent time waster but if you want to seriously become good at SF, invest in the console version..Version: 1.04.01

Needs to be updated to work with IOS11Requirements says it works with IOS6 and newer. Does not say it doesn’t work with IOS 11..disappointed.Version: 1.01.01

Lacking MFI controller supportI have paid for an officially licensed game controller (Gamesir M2), and this game would be perfect for it, but there is no support for even Apple licenses game controllers. Am going to request a refund and maybe comeback when the game controller support is provided..Version: 1.04.01

Doesnt downloadI deleted a bunch of apps and freed up some space for this game, when it clearly says it requires 2.2 GB and i have that much space, i still cant download it. Dont know what changed now, used to be able to play it.Version: 1.06.03

HorribleBad.Version: 1.03.00

Fix your gameI did not buy this game to get disconnected and lose my both win record and reward every time I win... I am just losing and when I start winning just to "you are disconnected"... it happened with me 4 times at the end of the match and the result is that I cannot guarantee any credit for my account unless I lose which completely unfair (sorry for my previous comment as I could not handle the situation any longer since I spent 4.99 pounds to buy the game and so I expect a good quality in return, and what happened is completely the opposite in the multiplayer)!!!.Version: 1.01.01

UnplayableI absolutely love street fighter but I can’t get used to the controls. Playing with a virtual joystick is so hard and I can’t pull off any special moves. Feel like I’ve wasted my money.Version: 1.05.01

CONTROLS NEED TO BE MOVEDGreat game and IP. Issue is for the tech team: move the controls to accommodate larger screens. As it is, it’s near impossible to use the controls as they’re too far over to left and right hand side.Version: 1.06.03

Not goodEvery time I go into a Match it logged me out I know it’s an old game but fix it.Version: 1.05.01

Meh. Five bucks goneThis game is a very close match to the console, PC, and arcade games I’ve seen. Graphics are very good, and the game hasn’t crashed yet. It’s still the same old game though. Difficult to make the moves, and the computer does them all flawlessly, and very often. You don’t get many combos because they are so hard to perform. I tried for 5 minutes at a time to log in to a North American service to play but never got on one. I also tried with several different characters to go through the “challenge” part of the game, but you aren’t shown what the combos look like, so you’re on your own. You have to be very fast and have perfect timing, and for two thumbs, that’s hard to do. So you just jump around, kicking and punching and trying to perform your character’s special moves, with limited results. It’s basically another tap-fighter game because you have to move the joystick in such strange angles, you have to be perfect in your maneuvers, and you have to be very quick and precise..Version: 1.03.01

Online Ranked needs an updateI like the game but ranked desperately needs a fix / update! Nearly 3/5 of games will constantly freeze and both players disconnect, it happens far too often and is a very disappointing experience..Version: 1.05.01

CAPCOM -Give this a readAwesome game, just like volt. However, please give us back Wifi/bluetooth multiplayer so we can play with our mates! Also please return to us Free Sparring, that was fantastic. Finally, any chance of adding Hakan as one of the next three characters you are adding? Cheers!.Version: 1.01.01

Always disconnects very disappointingWorst application of all!! Terrible game! Always disconnects when playing. You can play once but disconnects 9 times! Very disappointing! Wasted my money! Don’t buy this application! Update is total Disaster! Smaller button hard to control.Version: 1.05.00

TerribleHave the 3ds version, expected at least something similar in quality (iphone 7) but its bad, not just the graphic, the whole feeling of the game, somehow looks empty, just asked a refund not worth even 99p, wasting of space..Version: 1.03.00

No multiplayerOnline play hasn’t worked since last update. Searching for opponent, never finds anyone. Worked fine before the update..Version: 1.04.01

Just ‘meh’ at best, unfinished productComing from a playstation controller to mobile is quite a change. While I am excited about the title of this game and the graphics is nice, the mechanics of the controls is far from a finish product. While 6.99$ is not a whole lot of money, the developer gave the impression that at this price, everyone would be receiving a full game.. passing its beta testing phase. Change my mind with future updates in the next couple of months to fix the fight mechanism and you bet you’d have a solid triple A title game here for years to come. Played on iPhone 12 Pro IOS 14.2..Version: 1.05.01

Disappointing 👎🏻This game is disappointing, too many glitches I can't even really play the game, please fix this game so everybody can enjoy 😊.Version: 1.03.00

ATTENTION EVERYONE!If you are battling online with another player and it’s lags and freezes for a few seconds then unfreezes and resumes, you are no longer playing that person. You are playing the computer. The person you were fighting has been disconnected and he too is playing the computer. Both sides still think they are fighting the other. You will know this because after the game unfreezes and resumes, your opponent is suddenly easy to beat and when you win, he doesn’t continue and disconnects..Version: 1.05.01

Never connects meThe recent new update is so rubbish. I’ve super fast fibre broadband but it still gettting DC sooo many times. On top of this if you’re in ranked match you’re messed up badly because the game will stuck and you’ll loose a lot BPs. Seriously Capcom you made this update a complete rubbish. Super annoyed.Version: 1.06.00

Phone callsReally unfair when you loose bps and earn a defeat because someone calls you Please fix this it’s really annoying and unfair it spoils the game otherwise a five star review.Version: 1.04.01

Worst street fighter !Always disconnect, loading time take ages ! Old version is prefect. Don’t buy this apps ! Waste of $.Version: 1.03.00

Has potential but............I have an iPad Pro 12.9" and 2 Steelseries Nimbus controller which works perfectly with this game, even though there's not full control support. But my biggest let down with this game and other iOS games is that I can never sit down with a family member or friend and play against each other, I always have to go online to look for opponents. Is this too much to ask for when you put down money on a game like this? I mean, this is a feature you get with actual console games so why is it these games don't have this feature? And the graphics on this game is very poor, you can clearly see every pixel. This game needs to be optimized properly for the iPad Pro 2017.Version: 1.03.00

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