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Spin - Electric Scooters App User Positive Comments 2022

Spin - Electric Scooters app received 41 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about spin - electric scooters?

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Spin - Electric Scooters for Positive User Reviews

Dc spin ridingLoved it! What a fantastic way to get around this huge city and way more affordable than lime scooters..Version: 2.1.136

Virgin rideFirst time out was a little nervous but really enjoyed it..Version: 2.43.0

October spin was cold lolOctober was cold here.Version: 2.45.0

Better breaks, bell and a very smooth ride !!Super fun and like the added speed..Version: 2.38.0

Happy ride much.Thank you for the experience..Version: 2.38.0

NiceExcellent.Version: 2.58.0

Fun when phone worksBad network connection kills the system. You can’t lock it properly with a bad signal. Also map borders (a notable zone) is not obvious in the map. Otherwise really enjoyed it..Version: 2.3.0

Spin scootersExcellent fun around the red ways around Milton Keynes even for 4 50 plus.Version: 2.43.0

It’s good but needs improvementWe tried them with my partner a few times. It’s great idea and it’s fun I can see using them for work. Only few issues is. The limit of scooters in out town. They get parked on random places. They need to be specific parking places for them so you know where to look. We’ve notice people keep them in they gardens. Which is lot fair for the other users. As app says is one nearby by it’s actually is someone’s house. They need allocate parking spaces for them and you can only leave them there not everywhere you can specially with kids using them..Version: 2.31.0

Great rideAn excellent ebike … smooth, comfortable, feet touch ground and I’m only 5’2”. I love the automatic transmission. A bit expensive, but I did stop to visit en route..Version: 2.55.0

Mr Michael JoyceLoved it. My son has his own one so we went out for the hour. Great stuff 👍🏻🛴.Version: 2.28.0

First timeWent out with my son and enjoyed it a lot fresh air and different I’m 46 but still rocking ..,.Version: 2.41.0

Great funWent and gave these ago today to see what the hype was and really enjoyed getting out and using it. Unfortunately my husband purchased his ride pass and the timer started immediately and we were at home and didn’t realise it would start straight away so we had a lot less time when we found some scooters. It would be better if the timer started when you hit let’s ride to get the time you actually pay for..Version: 2.30.0

ScooterThe best day of my life 🤷🏼‍♀️.Version: 2.2.0

Cruise San Francisco!Easy to unlock and super fun!.Version: 2.63.0

DvertidoDivertido.Version: 2.42.1

Amazing bikesAmazing bikes.Version: 2.56.0

BatteryWish I could see the battery before commuting to a scooter..Version: 2.60.0

Spin is awesomeI used them in Washington DC and probably did 25 miles over two days, they are fabulous..Version: 2.1.136

ReviewThis was pretty fun!! Just wish it went faster.Version: 2.43.0

Charged me unlock fee twiceAfter I paid $5.99 for 30 days of no unlock fee. I get charged $2.00 directly after! Watch there going to tell me I had to wait 30 min for the $5.99 to be applied when it sure didn’t take any time coming out of my bank account instantly! Can you guys fix this. I have a photo to prove it. I want my $2 back. What was the point of paying $5.99 to not get charged that $2 so now it’s costed me $8 in total to drive the bike for $4.50 which is a 10 min ride. Crazy! Last summer you guys had deals where you could pay $30 and drive the scooters all week as much as you wanted with no unlock fee. I guess you guy got smart and found ways to make more money. Fun shouldn’t cost so much especially when you don’t have a car..Version: 2.61.0

E ScootersI was recommended by a family member and i thought lets give it a go and it was so fun .. easy to connect and great set up.Version: 2.19.0

RECOMMENDWAYYY cheaper than lime scooters.Version: 2.35.0

Battery ran outGood ride but battery ran out.Version: 2.39.0

StealingThis product stole 5 pounds from my bank account.Version: 2.23.0

Fun and easy to get aroundQuick and easy to get around, but car users don’t seem to understand the escooter rules and expect you to use the pavement.Version: 2.39.0

Easy to use and get going fastThe Spin scooters kinda popped up out of nowhere in Miami and Coral Gables but they work just like Birds and Lime. The interface is easy to use and get around. I haven’t noticed any issues for some time now. I like that the developers are constantly updating the app and keeping it in check because really the only thing they really need to get right is how fast the app launches and gets you on a scooter and I’d say it’s pretty fast once you’ve got past creating your account. The app connects to the scooter very fast and I’m off with in seconds! I’ve only noticed some scooters may have funky brakes and accelerators but I’m sure this is due to wear and tear as people don’t tend to treat things that aren’t theirs so well. Other than that I love Spin!.Version: 2.1.115

Super funTook a few minutes to get it working but was fun.Version: 2.62.0

Great first time experience!After walking around downtown Salt Lake City and realizing the walk back to the car would be long and mostly uphill, we decided to try the electric scooters. (We had some confidence since we had just successfully finished a segeway tour, which was a great experience !) We downloaded the app and followed the instructions. It was pretty simple and fast to unlock the scooter and get going. The slowest part was how long it took to download the app. Riding the scooter took a bit of getting used to, since I don’t have experience riding a scooter. But if you know how to ride a bike, you’ll be fine. The scooter was faster than I expected. But it worked out great getting us back to our car quickly. The return process was also very straightforward. Only downside was the price. I didn’t know what to expect for the price. A label on the scooter mentioned $1, so I was surprised to be charged $20. All in all it cost around $10 for 20 mins. There were three of us that rented a scooter, so I could have probably called an Uber for much less $$. But it was a great experience. I’ll definitely do this again..Version: 2.41.0

DangLove it.Version: 2.5.0

Great Customer SupportI recently used the spin scooters in Orlando. Make sure you go over the options carefully in the app especially if using Apple Pay( the 20$ is security deposit doesn’t mean it’s the day pass). We had a great ride and they are accessible scooters anywhere downtown. The scooters feel very safe and only allow you to go 10 mph. I had a few issues with understanding the costs when we finished and realized how much we ended up spending over the 3 hours.(we accidentally paid by the hour) Make sure you buy a day pass or hour pass so you’re not paying by the minute(my gf and I made that mistake). I was able to talk to a customer support rep , Lisa, and she couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful. I had no problem accepting the fact that we probably made a mistake, but Lisa showed genuine compassion and detailed how the system works and the best options going forward. She gave us both significant refunds and understood our mistakes. I only to want use Spin electric scooter now because of her service skills and compassion. We have several different brands in Orlando and I’m so glad that I was able to talk someone who really understood the problem. I look forward to using Spin in the future. I always applaud and recognize quality customer care! Thanks again Lisa!.Version: 2.35.0

Virgin riderFirst time on a scooter after attending a free training session at First Site. Loved it and despite the grey clouds didn’t get rained on. 5km for 60p so great value too.Version: 2.39.0

I enjoyed the scooter!I absolutely loved the scooter ride! It was fast which made it even more fun. I was in Salt Lake City when I used spin. But my confusion is that, I put 10 bucks into the app and it kept taking money out of the bank. I was charged 72 bucks but the app said I spent 50. Kind of frustrating but it was worth the $72. I rode around SLC about 3 times. Went back and forth between the University of Utah and Temple Square and rode around trying to find target. This was my first time riding an electric scooter in a city so I can’t compare to any other scooter apps or scooters but I will tell y’all I had a blast! (I would rather spend 72 bucks on a public scooter then buy a $300 one and barely use it). Have fun on the scooters!.Version: 2.68.1

Great experience but…Great experience on the actual scooter. Shame I paid £5 for 1 hour but that couldn’t be paused for later use that day. I used it for 14 mins and want to use it again later which is an extra £5!.Version: 2.56.0

ProperWent to link a shot and man got there within actual minutes iss mad bruv swear down.Version: 2.39.0

From workI was stuck as my car was being mot d. Spin really helped..Version: 2.42.1

Absolutely stupendousLoved it got from a to b well quick fam.Version: 2.24.1

BrilliantLoved riding these, made the journey from the station to the centre much more enjoyable.Version: 2.17.0

5 starVery nice to ride.Version: 2.38.0

The first impression was so bad and not luckyI get out of the metro station and I was looking to find a scooter to ride home never found any of Lyft and lime around so I found only Skip, I downloaded the app and I tried to use it, the scooter started with the problem on the app and I rode the scooter and was very slowly 5-7 mph, the battery was flashing then I arrived to home and the app was messed up and the scooter never turned off, I parked in front of my house, so no one can steal it, and I am sure there is someone took it or steal it. Btw you should buy the balance $5 to start riding the Skip Scooter, others Scooter providers are free signing up fees!!! I will give them one another chance and I will edit this review after or I will keep it the same its depending on the service I get. Sami.Version: 2.1.115

Long to set upGood little get around but long to set up.Version: 2.49.0

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