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Lightning Link Casino Slots app received 163 negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about lightning link casino slots?

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Freeze upsThe extra games... role up role up goes to white screen every time I try to play it. Very frustrating. Makes me want to quit playing this game. Feels like it was fun at first but is only focused on buying coins and even if you do buy them it gives very little time in entertainment. Getting tooo greedy!.Version: 5.14.1

WinlessJust downloaded this game, looks good , then I played it, 46 spins before first win and only 3 wins above my bet in 100 spins. Usually when you download a new game they start you of with a few wins to keep you interested, but maybe they are not bothered, ah well carry on the search for a game that is not fixed..Version: 3.1.0

GarbageIt seems like it would be fun, since you can play games that are actually at a Casino. Don’t let that fool you. Casino games are designed to have you lose most of the time. How can developers actually take the time to make the games on an app worse?! Fewer bonuses than a casino, and they don’t pay anything. One of the challenges was to win 1 million coins. It took losing 6 million to make 1 million. If this model was an actual casino, they would be out of business because nobody would go there! Get better games and let your consumers have fun instead of just going for a money grab for purchases. You can’t even click your bonus coins without tricking you into a pop-up to take you to buy coins. I get you are in it to make money, but if there is no return in game play it’s just a rip off!.Version: 5.4.1

STOP RIPPING YOUR PATRONS OFF AND FIX YOUR SITEYou have numerous NEGATIVE reviews addressing ongoing site issues and you respond by us and tell us...patrons are being ripped off with free coins; paying and getting tripled billed; site crashing when winning bonus coins; video link is set NOT to pay know all of you think all patrons are on drugs or something? The reviews are meaningless because this is the way your site is designed...1. False advertising to watch videos knowing free coins feature is OFF; Mission promotion for free coins is a joke because they require you to BUY coins and play high bets for rewards ie play 50 spins at 100k per bet when you get at the most 500 free coins if you’re lucky; random bonuses which if you’re using your free coins you won’t get or won’t pay...sad, you have good games and are losing patrons because of greed...people SHOULD NOT PAY FOR COINS...better to go to casino or Cash Mania site or Cash Frenzy where you are given lots of free coins; videos pay coins for watching, no glitches or money scams...bad business.Version: 5.7.1

Poor Aristocrats 😔Does anyone feel bad for these app developers who obviously go broke after spending all their earnings way too quickly when their apps was once a hit? The only effort you’ve put into your game recently is the obnoxiously loud ‘in app purchase’ offer that shoots you in the face offering overpriced coin packed with zero winnings. RIGGED.Version: 4.9

VERY sluggishPop up messages really slow and unresponsive. Many better apos out there. Got on a game and got zero wins..Version: 5.16.0

Hardly any free spinsNo free spins.Version: 4.9

Daily bonuses need to be more frequentI agree with what many others have said and that is the 3 hourly bonuses are a complete joke. You get 2 minutes of play time with them if you’re lucky and then you’re forced to wait another 3 hours to get some more free coins. The developers should either a) offer more free coins for watching advertisements and have no daily limit on the number of advertisements you can watch and/or b) make the daily bonuses every hour instead of every 3 hours. And why can’t the 3 hourly bonuses be collected automatically without requiring a sign in? It’s rather annoying to have to sign in every 3 hours to collect it! A lot of players are unhappy and the standard response is ‘sorry you didn’t have luck with us... we’re sorry to see you go, we hope to see you back later’ which is very cocky in my opinion as they know we will all come back and don’t feel compelled to make any changes because of that. They know they’ve developed a highly addictive game that people will play regardless so don’t take any feedback or suggestions seriously. Wake up to yourselves Lightning Link Casino. Cheers.Version: 5.1

If I could rate zero stars I wouldI won the jackpot in moon race which was really happy about it was $512,000,000 coins I was over the moon. Next minute the game freezes on me and resets I’m like ok cool no worries it’s just a normal lag or something. I reopen the game and all my coins have gone I was back at 2mil coins. I contacted support to whom I spoke to trinady I sent them screenshot pic of my winnings as I was so excited I took a screenshot lucky I did. All support keep telling me is that unfortunately everything seems to be okay on there end and if we can help with something else please let me know. LIKE HELLO YEAH GIVE ME BACK MY COINS it’s not my fault your app failed to do its job and not function properly. I keep trying to contact support but now they are just ignoring me. This is the worst app ever they are bunch of scammers and liars I HIGHLY RECOMMEND ON NOT SPENDING ANY MONEY ON THIS GAME AS THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF. I have spent money is the past on this game and I’m now in the process of getting a refund through Apple of all my transactions..Version: 4.5

Shadow of its former self. Constant bugs and stolen creditThis app WAS the best pokie app available but the constant winding back of credits makes it unplayable unless you spend real money. The decrease from 1.5M daily bonus coins to 300k won’t even get you through the first tier missions. The 3 hourly spins are exactly the same and the only thing that would allow you to scrape 5 minutes of continuous play, was the monthly membership which is also now gone. An absolute joke what greed has done to this game. Too busy trying to charge real money for virtual currency, version after version is released with constant bugs hindering any continuous play experience. That’s not even mentioning the pop up’s shamelessly prompting you to purchase ‘deals’ which are far from it mid game, as soon as you open the app and especially after credits just vanish. Stopped bothering with support as a responses are non existent..Version: 5.8.0

“Bonus Ready” bonus we’re stolen by???All of a sudden, all of my unclaimed “Bonus Ready” were claimed, or should I say “deemed”..... I did not get any credits from those bonus and I had accumulated them for later.... what a .....Version: 5.12.0

Won’t launch!Simple as that! Running a iPhone 11 Pro and it just hangs on the loading screen..Version: 5.14.1

Free games poorLike the games but for a game that your not playing for real money you would think the pay outs would be a lot better I bought 10mill in coins and didn’t get a single free game in indian dreaming.Version: 3.1.0

Waste of MoneyFinally broke down and bought $35,000,000 coins. Should of known better. As soon as you buy the coins no bonuses - barely any wins... seriously??? You cannot tell me that it is random. More like fixed ... Developer’s logic “Let them play for free and give them some wins however as soon as they buy coins we got them. Don’t let them win so they buy more coins”. Ha...I definitely won’t! And fix your ads. They get hung up after the ad is finished and then never payout the coins that you are suppose to get for watching them..Version: 5.15.1

Totally waste of moneyGreat selection of games, But Don’t buy coin packages if you want to win. I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. Not gonna lie, at first it was fun. Then I made the mistake of buying coins. Since then it’s been one rip-off after another, Highly unlikely recommended!!.Version: 5.16.0

3 mins play every 3 hrs... waste! No 10 million free coins in install!!Gets worse everyday. Love the games but you wait 3 hrs for coins and they’re gone in less than 3 mins. Can’t win enough to do the missions or play for more than 5 mins max. Will never purchase coins to lose that fast. They say it’s like a real casino. Who cares? You don’t win real money... it’s not a real casino .. it’s a game to occupy some time. Too many other apps out there that give millions in coins and you can play longer that 3 mins every 3 hrs. Wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone looking for a little relaxation & enjoyment unless you only have 3 mins to spare. And what 10 million coin bonus? Never got that either! Devs say visit fan page. Ya right! 300,000 coins gone in one minute trying to do a mission. The odds are not like a real casino at all. I play these games at a real casino and actually win real cash way more than the fake coins I’ve ever won here. So fed up with the 3 hr wait. Glad I found another app the pays millions of coins and has the same games. Can play all day if I want with no ridiculous 3 hr wait to get a bonus that’s gone again in 3 minutes. The only good reviews I see are from your friends and family. Certainly not anyone wasting their time and money on this..Version: 5.8.0

Worst Game Platform EverFirst off make sure you are rich and can afford to keep buying their coin packages because that’s how they base how many free coins you will get daily. I used to buy their coins several times a week and was getting 6 million coins for my daily free coins but as soon as I stopped buying my daily reward coins went from 6 million to 300,000. It’s bad enough that you actually need a lot of coins to play their daily mission which you will never complete with little coins, the coins they give you every three hours is pathetic too ( I just got 150,000). It wouldn’t be bad if the lowest bet wasn’t 10,000 for some games and 20,000 for others. Their mission is to get you to buy their coins, it’s all about them making money and taking your money. Stop yourself now, you’ll do better going to a real casino, at least you get real money in return unlike this platform that can’t give you enough FREE play coins to play with. Don’t waste your money or your time they don’t care about the players only what they can get from you, which is your REAL money..Version: 5.13.0

Extremely terrible payouts.Losing $75 in an hour when you aren’t even betting high is ridiculous. For a game that doesn’t pay out real money your value for the dollar is terrible. I’d rather throw my money away at a casino. You need to up your payouts. Value for the money is abysmal. Bonus games are impossible to get. You’re rating of a 4.w out of 5 is impossible and I question it.Version: 5.15.1

Ruined this game! App deletedIt is such a shame they have ruined this game because i absolutely loved playing it - i even bought coins! Which i swore i would never do! But... the “support” is completely unsupportive, the social media page they run is full of faulty links and incorrect information, and now in the last 2 upgrades they have changed the payout calculations (or just the algorithm) so 90% of wins return LESS than your actual bet! Bet 1,000,000 - win 40,000. And the daily missions are now impossible to complete (to get 1000 lightning points costs a fortune in bets) so instead of making you feel rewarded, you feel anger. Not really a smart move considering the psychology of attracting people to these games. Its just a rort and a real shame since it was so enjoyable before. Deleted the app. Will find something NOT by Product Madness/Aristocrat..Version: 5.0.2

Worst casino wins everI just downloaded this game took me to the first slot a cowboy one. You get 10 mil to start with so I tried max bet it jumped to 500 grand and I lost the lot in 1 min. If you want a good slot game with decent payouts just forget this game I would have better luck in an actual casino..Version: 5.7.1

Don’t bother with this appThis game is appalling, never get any wins and maybe if you’re lucky once a month you’ll get excited cause it lets you win several spins or bonuses but once that’s exhausted you’re left hanging for weeks again!! Mostly you get to play for about 10 minutes and of that 10 minutes 8 of it is watching ads to claim coins! And that’s if the ad even plays, worst game ever!! Better off playing real Pokies (although you have to spend real money) but you will either win or lose and there’s way more excitement in trying to win real money lol for the record I have played for over a year and it gets worse all the time the bonuses never match what u need to level up and then after the season it resets you back to zero to start all over again!!! I don’t get it, personally I don’t get how anyone would spend money on this game either, I’m all for supporting developers when they produce a great app but this one! Hell no!!!.Version: 5.16.0

Love and HateI love the graphics and the feeling of real play. However, the cost to buy is utterly ridiculous for the amount of coins you get. I literally lost $20 worth of coins in less than 5 minutes and I was betting high. Please, please I really enjoy this game, but allow people to win more often. Especially since many people are already stuck at home. Winning makes people feel good. And we could all use some good feelings right about now. Also, I read the comments on the Facebook page. Try to listen to the feedback people are providing. I know you want to make money, I get it, but try to find a middle ground..Version: 5.5

Needs to PayA really awesome game concept bringing real life machines to the phone but it’s just sad that the real life pokies pay more features then the phone. Waiting 2-3 hrs for the bonus so you can play again just to be give an amount which is equivalent to seven presses. You guys really need to focus on keeping people playing the game for longer instead of expecting us to fork out money to buy more credits, because in retrospect most people know the purchased credits are not going to last any longer then usual. I for one would be more willing to pay for credits if I was shown more of a guarantee that it will last longer than 15 minutes of doing the minimum bet. Despite all that it is a really great concept and aesthetically pleasing. At the end of the day though, it would be nice to play the game longer then 5 minutes every 3 hours..Version: 5.1

Nice ButNice to play with but DON’T bet anything over 500k as nothing comes out and it will drain all the credit, this is based on a few months of playing it. The bigger you bet the harder to win anything..Version: 5.7

Addicting game but very low chance of winningI am also a member of this app game. Honestly I really love this game , I sometimes go to Casino just to play lightning slot like dragon link. I starting to hate this game now because of very low chance of winning the jackpots even just a major. Ever since I play on your app, I never even hit one major or grand. I bought 125 million and won up to 800m. Then I started to slow down and Hoping to hit a major or a grand but not even once . I put a lot of time to play just to see what is the chance of hitting major and grand but never got to see it and I already lost all. That just how I feel about this game. I love it but I would never buy anymore due to the odd of winning , thank you.Version: 5.5

Ripped off BIG!I had trillions on various Aristocrat slot apps very similar to “heart of Vegas, city of Vegas” with all my favourite slots. I updated/replaced my iPhone 6 for my current iPhone 7 & couldn’t find the app in the App Store. I contacted customer service, provided all my User I.D details & app version details through many emails & got the run around for 1 whole year with excuse after excuse till they stopped replying. I never saw the apps again, or my 60 trillion balance restored, or any reply’s. I’m disgusted, disappointed & shocked at the lack of honesty shown by a highly reputable brand.. Thanks for the waste of time!.Version: 4.8.2

Enjoyable Game but also annoyingWaiting for the bonus every 3 hours is annoying and only getting a very small amount of coins each time isn’t enough to play the game. I get that it’s a replica of the actual machines but this a game, not a real gambling scheme. i’ve hit the jackpot maybe once or twice of having this game for a month, apart from that every bonus I have had has been gone within a couple of wins due to the bonuses not being enough. The game will be easily 5 stars if there were more ways to get money or increased bonus rates..Version: 5.4.1

No big winsBeen playing this game for 8 months now about. Ain’t had no major or grand jackpot. Biggest win wasn’t that good. 2 stars is all this game gets. Getting annoyed now. Hope you give more winnings soon. Game is lagging and it’s not fun no more..Version: 5.6

What a joke! Don’t waste your time and moneyDownloaded this game because I enjoy them in a real casino. The coins they give you in the 3 hour bonus are a joke compared to other games, so I was naive enough to purchase coins. What a complete waste of money. But I’m the bigger idiot who purchased multiple time thinking I still want to play. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and forced to stay at home. They could at least provide some quality play time or better deals without raking you for your hard earned money. The missions they set up to get lighting points are impossible after the 1000 mark without having coins. They’re profiting off people with trying to keep themselves busy by forcing to purchase and not providing enough entertainment. Seriously guys let people enough themselves in these tough times. I’ll probably just get a response saying...Sorry to hear this game doesn’t meet your expectations. We take all player feedback into consideration. Because that seems to be their response to everything. Don’t worry, not getting another dime from me. Truly disappointing!.Version: 5.6

Scamming at its finest 😂With how horrible this app is already ran, not being awarded the coins after watching the advertisements is beyond hilarious... Since the game is designed for us not win any extreme wins, we’re left with ads that might give us a little bit of an extra chance. But once you click that ‘x’ at the end of the ad, you’re sometimes rewarded with nothing better than sweet fk all 😂 you just watch their ad for nothing. At the end of the day, the developers are clearly heartless and are trying to rip money out of yas. So DO NOT put money into this trash application. Don’t get angry at the application makers because they really really really need the money for their families and kiddos. Cheerio..Version: 5.3

Low score because of pop upsI’m scoring this game a low score because every time I go to click on something, something pops up, a lot of the time it’s purchases ,purchases should not pop up in the middle of clicking something, that means it’s purposely trying to make you purchase I find that immoral and it should be illegal, I like the games but I don’t like the way the pop ups, pop up , Yes there should be pop ups but it should not pop up where your clicking..Version: 5.14.1

MathewWas very excited at first to play the game until I realised the more coins you have the less the machines pay. For days on end I would build up only to have all machines stop paying and end up at 0 again. I have no problem spending money to get coins but would like to have it last longer than a couple of hours. Have spend money on this before only to have it disappear within minutes. Never get any responses to feedback or problems with the game. The so called support doesn’t exist. Maybe you should try harder to get people who are willing to spend money to stay rather than just ignoring them.Version: 5.0.2

Don’t download or buy coinsI have been playing for some time. Recently, I’ve been purchasing coins and FINALLY hit a HUGE win. I put the game away looking forward to being able to play later. When i opened the game up, over 60 million coins were gone! Not only that but I was very close to getting to the 5th level where I’d win approximately 3+ Billion coins. I’m not spending anymore money on another co8n purchase. I shouldn’t have to. I would’ve hit the 5th level and had millions to spare!, There were times when I made coin purchases but never received all the coins up and until I contacted customer support. I don’t want to have to chase after customer support for coins I should’ve received. This isn’t the first time coins have disappeared either. The last time it happened and I contacted customer support I never received a response. The loss was small enough that I was willing to forget about it. This loss is not easily forgotten about and I won’t forget about it. In this day and age, while people are out of work due to COVID-19, many of us don’t have disposable income to throw to the wind. Spending money and getting what you paid for is one thing. Paying money and being defrauded is quite another..Version: 5.15.1

Time to call in the ACCC and Fair Trading (lightning Link)Awful game. When looking at the few times ‘support’ actually responds, their standard line is, “..sounds like a job for the support team..” but nothing happens. SOUNDS TO ME LIKE IT SHOULD BE A JOB FOR THE ACCC...! The game is very ‘flakey’ and constantly crashes - mainly when being awarded you ‘bonuses’. This usually results in missing out on bonuses all together. If you reach out to support, you hear NOTHING back from them. Just gave it one last try. Had 1,350,000 credits. Betting 100,000 and it all went in under 5 mins. NOT ONE WIN. Anyone who plays REAL poker machines be careful as this computer game exposes, more so than normal, how these games are just designed to take your money. It’s not as though you can ‘cash-in’ when you’ve finished playing like the real machines. It’s just dead money. It’s criminal. Save your money and avoid Aristocrat products - both online and in pubs and clubs. It’s a shame because this online game should have made people WANT to play their real machines in pubs and clubs. Unfortunately due to greed by Aristocrat, it’s worked the opposite way. Exposing the hidden dangers in their real machines. It should be removed from the app store. I’ll be exhausting every law in Australia in getting the money I’ve spent with them, back..Version: 4.9.2

It’s hard enough to win without being short-changed as it isHave to keep resetting the game for bonuses to update and it keeps shortchanging me. Why would anyone want to pay real money for an app that does that?!?.Version: 5.9.1

Great Properties BAD APPBeware despite the games being the same fun ones found in the casino this app is almost a scam. I have found the frequently THE REAL CASINO versions actually “pay/win” more. This app desperately wants you to spend money. Which I understand paying for the rights to use the game and host the app cost money, but for a casino app you would think it would be more winner friendly than the actual casino. Yes, those slot apps where every spin is a million coins are boring, but this app seems boarder line predator like. Often a purchase screen happens to pop up when you want to spin or collect bonus. This sends you to the store to make a purchase. Further more you will be in the middle of missions for them just to up and disappear even while in game play. In all I get this is a business made to make money, but I feel the developers are quite shady and unethical in the way they go about it. I will stick to spending my money on the real versions of the slots that pay out more often and are not practically a scam..Version: 4.5

Lousy payoutsFirst let me say, this is my favorite slots game. However! The payouts are horrible and the cost of coin packages is extremely high! The bonus coins are given every three hours and are so low that I can play for only a few minutes. I purchased $20 worth today and it lasted not even five minutes with minimum bets! I have written customer service twice about other issues and they have never responded. Very disappointing because I love these games! Customer service: you appear to read these reviews, but I have never had a reply to any of my emails. You really should improve your 3-hour bonuses. I waited three hours to only receive 150 credits. Not even enough to play. Very disappointed on these bonuses, when many other APPS give hourly bonuses and they are ten times the amount that you give. You obviously want us to spend money, instead of keeping happy players, who are on fixed income, or at the moment many of us have NO income. We can’t even play the extra games because the minimum bets are extremely high! Love the games, but disappointed in your game tactics!.Version: 5.9.1

Bonuses neededNeed more free coin bonuses aaa cost of coins is expensive. Why don’t you listen to your players and do something about it!!.Version: 4.6

Actual theft!I was playing along wasting some time and was close to being out of coins (no surprises there) I then had an AD pop up like the million before that when you watch you get FREE coins. I chose to watch said ad to my shock of being charged $31. I didn’t authenticate any kind of purchase it simply popped up thanking me for my purchase. I thought ok that’s odd some kind of fault I’m sure iTunes support will help me.... No I’m still in battle with then for my money that was stolen from my account. Ive had the run around from iTunes support to product madness and back to iTunes support. They won’t even give an iTunes credit. Disgusting that a trillion dollar business like apple can’t even help their customers..Version: 5.11.0

Music playingAbout every 15 seconds of music that actually makes 10x tot bet looks like a commercial.Version: 5.16.0

Why so expensive 🤔I love this game but your coin packages are ridiculous. 1million coins is noooothing! Yet that’s $9 🤦🏽‍♀️ I’ve spent waaaaay to much money on here now I’m sick of it 🙄 your losing a loyal customer. Whyyyyy the 3hour wait for a bonus that’s way too long 🤦🏽‍♀️.Version: 4.7.1

Waste of Money no payouts just like the guy from 2 yrs ago you guys cash grab . 👎I’m going to delete ..Version: 5.14.1

HorribleThis might be one of the worst apps for gaming. It’s SUPER tight! And it is so kind to put the bet max right next to the bet button. Unlike a real slot that would laugh at you if you didn’t have enough to bet max, this slot changes to the maximum bet in regards to your chips. Meaning it leaves you with NOTHING!!! It’s super frustrating and has happened several times where I put my phone down and when I pick it up, accidentally hit max. Which takes me from betting 10k to 4 million!! Or whatever I may have patiently worked my bank up to. Then it’s gone in one spin. When I have contacted app support I receive a cookie cutter email asking for screenshots to support my complaint!! Oh my bad I forgot to take a screen shot Before I accidentally blew all my credits in one spin because of your greedy machine set up!! Thanks Yes the games are very real looking and acting. The challenges are nice. But what I mentioned above is SO frustrating and it’s happened SO many times with no one even pretending to care..Version: 4.3.1

Not enough coins to play withGames and graphics are great however every 4 hours to collect isnt enough. Too hard to build up on coins unless your spending thousands of dollars a day buying them. I have no idea how these people are getting up to the billions. I struggle getting to 50 mil and then only to lose it all within an hour or two. Would be good if higher freebie coins and or free coins every 15 minutes like in your cashman..Version: 4.6

Lightning Link CasinoI love the games and the missions however the coins are very expensive and you wait 3 hours just to get minimal coins ... i have brought heaps of coins and still no big jackpot for me, seen as the coins are expensive to buy you would hope they last a little longer! Also when something b goes wrong with the App they don’t want to know about it..Version: 4.6.2

DisappointedWhen I first found this slot app, I was really excited about it getting quite a few wins and good bonus ready coins from them; however, that all changed. I spent quite a bit of money buying coins after awhile.. like almost every day because I enjoyed the lightning games they offered. But after awhile .. especially now.. I rarely get good play on it AND the bonus ready coins you get after you wait! for a whole 3 hours! Is extremely chintzy! Not at all like in the beginning when I first was playing in here. I had been telling my friends about the app and how great it was, but not now. And do not bother saying that this is how it is at real casinos because I frequent casinos.. I have won more than I have lost and at least you get play on your $$. I hope it improves in here like it was in the beginning because I will no longer be referring friends to it nor making any more purchases unless it reverts back to how good it was when I first found this app. Rarely do the 6 coins come up now either. You can spend $10 in here and be lucky to get 1-2 times with the 6 coins!!!.Version: 4.4.1

Great games, lousy payouts and wayyyy tooo expensive coin packagesYou seriously need to lower the cost of your coin packages, way too expensive for the amount you get. Especially when the missions are high on wagers. Increase the bonus amounts if you expect us to wait 3 hours or drop the wait time to an hour. Overall a one star, so many sites offer way more coins for a hell of a lot less in cost!.Version: 4.8.2

Used to love this gameHowever it is becoming unplayable with the amount of pop-up offers and now some games default to a very high bet. Please fix..Version: 5.12.0

Should be removed from the App StoreWorst ever ! They are ripping off everyone - just read the Facebook reviews. Constant glitches, don’t pay big payouts ( if your lucky enough to land one) and no customer service. I spent $50, played minimum and can count on one hand how many free spins I got. I am not naive in that the pokies always win in the end however you buy with the expectation of getting some enjoyment and let me save you the trouble and tell you it won’t happen. This App takes losing to another level. It shouldn’t be allowed on the App Store as it is clearly ripping consumers off..Version: 5.16.0

!!!DELETED!!!DELETED!!! Love the games but just like a real casino it is ADDICTIVE! You get sucked right in! Challenges are unrealistic unless you pay tons for more credits. If like me, you thought this would stop you wasting money on slots...forget it! You’re better off sticking to the real thing. At least you could get a return for your $$$.... However the real machines are from the same creators of this app...Aristocrat...and both are designed to take your money. If you look at the negative reviews, the developers always say they will look into it...sorry they only fix what will create more money!.Version: 5.0.2

RUN! Try another appUpdate 2: Another bad experience. Payouts on Friday nights are noticeably worse than other nights. Coincidence? Not a chance. Update: since I’ve posted a critical review of the app it seems that I’m getting the bonus rounds even loss often than before. Both of the last 2 nights I had over $15,000,000 in coins and didn’t get a single bonus either night. Do not buy coins. The return on investment is not there. You will lose your purchase immediately and regret it. Playing free coins is ok but if you are looking to purchase coins this app is not a good bet. It’s common to go hundreds of spins and get no bonuses. When you do get a bonus it’s very possible to get a win of only 3 times your bet. TOTAL. They recently changed their daily spin for tier points and the rewards were cut in half. Had an issue and reached out to customer service. No response. Do yourself a favor. Save your money. Do not buy coins and try a different app..Version: 5.4.1

Ripped offThis game is really good to play but unfair when you buy.. seems to be the ones who don’t buy win .. have tryed to contact them but no response. My problem being is when I buy one package I end up being charged twice . I have transactions to prove that I have been charged twice for one package.. You owe me coins for every time I was charged twice.. Look up my transactions please and stop charging me twice almost every time I buy. I’m a good customer so treat me as such😥.Version: 5.9.1

Bad updateAfter the latest Halloween update my lightning link won’t load at all. I just get a black screen then shuts down. Please sort ASAP.Version: 5.12.0

Will not allow bonus round to occur.There is a major glitch with the current update, every time you win a bonus round it send out an error message. You try to reload to get rid of errors message after a few tries you lose the bonus round..Version: 5.13.0

Cashman slots the way to goThe payout system on this is ridiculous. The developers will lie through their teeth and tell you it’s realistic but it’s not. From someone who frequently plays the pokies in real life and through apps, I can say with great confidence that this app is purely designed to run you out of coins just in a hope you’ll spend more money. They had a sale for $75m for $20us so I thought why not. Bought my coins which lasted me 10 minutes at 500k spins. 2 features, one paying 5 mil (10x my single game bet on a 15 free game features) and the other one legit paid nothing at all except the feature itself. I thought I’d give it another try just to see my next purchase of the same amount would barely give me a few mil. Way over priced, huge rip off, and these idiots would give Indians a good run for their money with their scamming techniques. It’s a shame because the rest of the app is amazing. Great game selection, a fun little side mission system that doesn’t take away from what the pokies are but encourages you to play different ones, it’s just their rigged pay outs. All in all I’d honestly give this app a zero if I could for that alone. Uninstalled. Bye Felicia 👋.Version: 4.3.1

Rip off ! ... PURE GREED HERE !Never have I encountered such a GREED ! .. initially I loved these games but be warned . And whatever you do don’t invest your hard earned $$$$ money here :/ ... sadly there are too many people in the world like this now . Unfair unjust and just plain GREEDY . ALL THEY SEEM TO CARE ABOUT IS TAKING YOUR MONEY . eventually the universal law comes back around to people like this so I have faith they will eventually get their comeuppance from scamming people sideways .. sad really because they are doing their selves and injustice by being so GREEDY ! Do yourself a favour and find something else to play . Real casino has been a favourite and they are quite different to most . At least you will get more than two seconds worth for your money ..Version: 5.3

Mr tTightest slots on line, the more you bet the lower the payouts. When they say the bonuses are unlocked they NEVER show up, looking for an alternative..Version: 5.16.0

Product madness is a rip offYou're better off spending your money at a real casino, at least you can get some back(real money) The prices are ridiculous compare to other apps..Version: 4.9.2

Loved this at the startThe graphics are great as well as the variety. I enjoyed it at first and had an ok run, some wins along with losses. Then it went bad not just on one game but every game. Literally hundreds of spins to get a feature and then get paid nothing. Also the majority of pays in a game if you managed to get one, didn’t even cover you bet so you have to lose credits and fast. Also like many others, I went from having more than 200,000 lightening points to 2500 which means all free credits and lightening tiers go back to small values. That’s just a rip off an given it happens to so many people it’s how the game is designed so you don’t get much free. Of course they want your money and they make that by giving away very little and paying out even less. Good game, shame it’s designers are so greedy. Like many others you will either waste a lot of money for nothing and give up. If you try and play for free you will also give up because the small amount they give you every 3 hours won’t last long and you will just get annoyed..Version: 4.3

👎Nice and great game But when you buy Never win To get used to buying I want two accounts in the game The account that I do not buy from, most of the time I win As for the basic account, if I do not buy, I do not win.Version: 5.18.0

HelpCan't update or play my game .that force update won't go off my screen.ugggggg.Version: 5.8.0

Scam! Read before you purchaseDon’t buy coin packages if you want to win. They have a luck factor built into the algorithm. Isn’t it funny when you first install one of their many apps it plays so fun then you spend money and never get the wins like you did at first. Plus the infamous “rate us” pops up after win when you first install and play lol. They like to throw the word luck around a lot. The thing is luck has nothing to do with it. They are playing on the gamblers emotion of winning. If real slots machines played like this FAKE game I’d never put another penny thru one. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on FAKE coins and yet to get to play more than 10 minutes on low bets. (No need to call me an idiot I’ve beat you to the punch calling myself one) Save your money for a real casino. At least there you have a real chance to win REAL MONEY plus you get real comps. They act all customer service friendly on here but on their app it’s a different story. Learn from me and others mistakes giving this sham money. Before you hit purchase think what am I getting in return . I can promise not entertainment. Since they are not regulated they can lie and do lie all they want . I don’t know why they got the payback so tight . They literally can make more fake coins lol. If one person reads this and doesn’t spend one dime on this ,me wasting hundreds of dollars was worth it..Version: 4.3.1

FrustratingI had to remove my credit card from my google account because of the quick change this company does when you are trying to collect your free bonus. I had multiple times that I was forced to buy packages I did not want and had to go to my bank to have the charges reversed. This is in my opinion a very dishonest and sneaky tactic that borders on fraud. I like these games because they are the ones I often play at the real casino. I don’t like the fact that they have “seasons” and restart your status every 3 weeks or sooner. After receiving free bonus coins of over 1,000,000 just about every time before the holidays to now getting a measly 75,000? Seriously????!!!!!???? When the minimum bid is 10k, you get 7 spins and usually those spins don’t produce any wins or maybe 100k which goes very quickly, especially when the machines are ice cold which seems to be the norm. If I could’ve kept my status up I would possibly think about purchasing a coin package, but because they dethrone their players every couple of weeks, I won’t do it. I would rather spend my money at the real casino where winning real money is a possibility and I have a choice of multiple machines. I have found other casinos to download that support and reward loyalty in a traditional manner. ;0).Version: 4.4.1

ReviewHate the new format. Can’t win anything since the last update not friendly to players.Version: 5.4.1

Just like the real thingPlaying this app teaches us that these games are tight and we learn never to waste real money on aristocrat games gambling you will seldom win and even when a feature or large collect happens they take it back quickly.Version: 5.6

Don’t Bother with this AppI did 100 spins at 10,000 points and didn’t get one type of bonus. They’re all about you buying more coins, pretty pathetic for a free entertainment casino! I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone, it just makes you mad and your stress level skyrockets!.Version: 5.11.0

In betweenWay too many pop-ups for you to purchase in game currency, it’s pretty hard for you to hit high levels due to how low the amount of coins u get from level 1 and 2 bonus spins. Also the game just glitched, said something was wrong with my bet and made me exit the game, it was my last spin and got a feature too... no coins received from the feature, nor did the feature automatically complete, the feature just voided due to bugs that the creators need to work on.. way too many glitches and bugs within the game itself to function consistently. Compensation for that lost feature seems about right..Version: 5.1

Feedback is a joke!Ever since they teamed up with yahoo as their ad sponsor (when you click to watch a video for free 70,000 coins) it always fails! Lately, I have been scammed out of free coins and I’m watching crap I don’t even like or has anything to do with what I like! By now they owe me over $2 million coins but will I ever see them? Hell no! I doubt anyone even reads the feedback. If they do, they don’t care about who they represent or take their job seriously. The algorithms in this game are so awful and it’s nothing like a real casino. Don’t spend your hard earned money on a game when you don’t get anything in return. Go to a REAL casino so you have a chance to win REAL money! This game is getting the axe from me. Freeing up the space to download something more entertaining and worth it. They should be reported to the BBB!.Version: 5.5

Worst Customer Service Ever!I’ve spent a lot of money with this game because I love the games , but in 2 cases I have had problems with this game and contacted customer service twice. They must only have one representative because each time I got the same person and he kept calling me Patrick and I told him that I was a female and that my name was Clear and he called me Patrick again and every time he responded to my email he act like he didn’t understand English or what I was saying because his subject was always totally different than what I was complaining about. And he had the nerve to say maybe I was spending too much time playing the game over an hour. The nerve. They will never get my money again and I still will continue to play. Update: The developer did get in contact with me through the Apple store. They were apologetic about my experience, which I appreciate, and also gave me some free coins..Version: 5.7.1

TerribleThis game is terrible. Not wasting my money on Credits....hardly ever get the bonus round and not enough perks to keep me interested🤨.Version: 5.6

Waste of TimeI’ve played this on and off for quite some time. The game pays and plays OK on minimum bets but as soon as you increase it goes dead and just takes all your coins fast. Makes the whole thing pointless and a waste of time..Version: 5.14.1

Cash RakerThough the app has some of my favourite games, it’s just like the other apps by the same developer - hardly any features, free games or bonuses and hardly any credit but always expecting us to buy more. Since I actually knew the people who created and repaired some of the real machines and how they’re suppose to work, I know that these games/apps don’t run/work the same... I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’d rather spend my money on real poker machines - at least I’d get something in return for my money. I don’t know how/why any business could allow others to ruin and tarnish what they’ve built, like this one has..Version: 4.0.1

ScammersLightning link casino is a fun game ....BUT THEY ARE SCAMMERS!!!..... they have scammed me out of money an coins that I don’t have to lose that I won on the games..... an I didn’t receive nothing..... I hit a jackpot on one of the games and didn’t receive my coins so I reported it an they said I must have been off line so they could not do anything about first off this is a game you can not play if your not on line!!!!..... but on line off line whateva you still should honor that and a person get they jackpot!!!!...... I have bought coins to play an they didn’t give me all my coins!!..... this GAME IS A RIP OFF!!!!...... it should be some kind of way I could report this game..... I have proof about everything...... DONT SPEND ANY MONEY BUYING COINS FOR THIS GAME!!!...... it’s not worth it and you can’t tell anyone!!..... don’t play here!!!!.Version: 5.12.0

Missions impossibleDo not buy coins. They still owe players coins from last season. If you look at the fb page people have millions of dollars lost because of their glitch. Until they pay back I say boycott the buying of coins. Rip off!.Version: 4.6.2

Rip offRidiculous.Version: 5.14.1

Don’t recommend playingThis slot app sucks don’t get any free spins what so ever.Version: 5.6

Worst pokies app!!...Once I download the app so excited with all the games thought at the time one of the best. First couple of days I kept getting pop-ups for coin offers 2-4 times a day and I was surprised how good and cheap the offers were (even though the coins don’t seem to last) once I got the chance to add funds to my account a week ago and made my first purchase I haven’t come across any offers since so sadly couldn’t buy one instead only from the coin store which is a complete rip. Only app that doesn’t have daily coin offers real shame. Guess I have to spend my money on another app shame.Version: 4.0.1

Missing Completed Mission PointsThe “Missions Available” points can be misleading. Once the mission has been accomplished, at times it takes awhile for the game to be refreshed before these points are awarded. Other times, after completing the mission, points are not rewarded..Version: 5.9.1

DisappointedVery disappointed. I just finished winning not too long ago and the game just froze on me. Closed the app and then opened it again only to find the winnings I had won previously to it before freezing, disappeared....second time it’s happened...please fix this issue!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 4.9.2

Total jokeAt 1st I thought product madness a fair win lose game but after having 340 spins with no wins of this game and another 200 on Cashman with not one pay out and to take my win away on Cashman after I hit the grand jackpot I am just done with the whole thing. I don’t mind loosing I do mine being cheated out of billions of coins with the an error has occurred please restart the game and when I come back my feature won’t load so I lose it. And don’t even get me started on FaFaFa so many game error during. My features over a billion gone there to. Please either fix the app and reimburse me or close shop and stop scamming people.Version: 5.14.1

VERY POOR PAYOUTS!!VERY POOR PAYOUTS!! A TRUE CON GAME!!! All these little bonus games they have to encourage more winnings and further play are great except they don’t work half the time, causing the app to freeze or completely crash. My latest experience, I had a number of tickets for the “fairground” bonus game and was doing alright. I had several wins of 400,000 coins or 200,000 coins etc. I was completely flabbergasted and overwhelmed when my spin came around to land on 125 million coins! WOW! I could not believe my luck but then true to form the game informed me that I won a massive zero coins. That’s right a big fat zero!! I made immediately went to open a trouble ticket to complain about the occurrence and was told oh sorry that game failed and for some reason went back to zero so you’ve lost all your coins but here is 2.5 million coins to somehow make up for the 122.5 million other points that you lost forever. If you don’t like it that’s too bad. I guess it’s time to start looking for another game where they actually care about their players rather than just trying to con them out of their coins and getting them to buy into huge stakes to win nothing!.Version: 5.14.1

GarbageDownloaded the game and played for 30-40 minutes. Not a bonus or any worthwhile line hits. Not a good first impression. Don’t bother downloading this garbage..Version: 5.17.0

Buggy and crashingBeen playing this game for months. Today the new Bunny season for Easter has totally made this game unusable as it’s constantly losing connection and crashing having to reload the game. Also noticed after watching an ad lately to get extra 70,000 coins, the game freezes after the ad and I have to close it down and get rid of it from my iPhone 6S plus’s background to reopen it freshly just to get it going again. I literally just won free games and it was still going through the ball spins with money and bam! Error message comes up and I have to click “ok” for the game to reload itself and I’ve lost everything that I won in the free games plus not being able to play on with the free spins. Absolutely pathetic..Version: 5.6

Not Worth the DisappointmentLove the games they are current casino games. The payout is horrible. You don’t get enough free coins and the bonus and win ratio is frustrating. Over a million in coins betting minimum bet and no bonus and cash gone in 5 minutes? Really? Cash grab only!.Version: 5.1.2

😡😡😡 RIPPED OFF AGAIN, GAME RESET AFTER UPDATE 😡😡😡This is the 3rd time this has happened. I have gone from tier 5 level to having to start again and building it back up. to getting shafted once again and put back down to tier 1. Surely the game knows what level we are on. To the developers. It’s not fair that I have been playing this game for countless hours and spending a lot of money on it. I’m angry 😡 can you please put me back to tier 5 if not tier 4 where I would have been by today. I was 300 lightning strikes away from tier 4 and I would like to go back there please. I don’t want free coins, I want my tier level back. It’s expensive and 100’s of hours getting there for an upgrade to take it all away. Tier 5 you get great bonus spins, please put me back or I really am deleting all of your products and the $1000’s I spend a year will go to someone else. I’m going to lodge an official complaint with apple if my tier level is not put back. Because after spending money, you are not allowed to make someone start again on any level or game if they have paid for any item or download to get there. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 4.1.2

Where did my coins go?This was my favorite slot game and I have played it daily for years. Purchased hundreds of dollars worth of coins. Coins are very expensive but I liked the game so much I would spend money regularly. However yesterday I received the blue error message and after reloading my 23 million coins were gone and I was down to 489,000. Support was a joke. Asked for screenshots. I have gotten that blue error message loads of times and never once had an issue. How would I have known to take a screen shot. They then preceded to tell me I played through my balance on Sun and moon betting 1.5 million a spin. Funny I told them in my ticket I was playing sun and moon and betting 1.5 million a spin. I cannot believe they are just willing to lose a regular customer over 20 million coins they could easily give back to me. Worst “customer support” I have ever seen. I never thought I be so disappointed in losing a fake slot machine game but I love playing the missions every night to wind down after my crazy day. So this game is fun but I caution everyone to not buy any coins because they could be gone in the blink of an eye..Version: 5.3

Waste of moneyHardly any free spins and low pay outs.....Version: 1.0.369

GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE....NOTHave purchased and won coins but have had a lot of trouble with resolving issues after coins from jackpots and purchases were not added to my total. Have been told after contacting Support “there’s no evidence on the server” despite taking screenshots both times and being issued with half of the free credits I had won the first time. Very lengthy process after making contact with Support to resolve this multiple times..Version: 4.0.1

Not happyYou have really upset me i bought some money so that i could play whithin one hour it was all gone and more even the money i had in the bank how much money do we have to buy to have some time not happy jan it hasn’t changed much all i ask is to let me have a bit of run for my money. Still not happy you haven’t changed you don’t answer me your games are only for looks you can play all day they just don’t pay it’s a shame. Your game is always the same I bought two packs one after the other l did not get even one hour of playing at my usual bet stop playing ads all the time there is more ads than game. How much do you have to buy to get some play for your money l have to stop playing at this point i cannot afford you.Version: 5.14.1

Your game is a rip offffThis app should be banned. If you win coins on this game it doesn’t pay and the bonus is so low you are forced into thinking purchasing is the only way you get to play is to pay!!!! Not good for addiction gamblers and feel like it shouldn’t be allowed to even be a app. On apple App Store..Version: 5.1.2

Product madness owns majority of pokies apps so they can rip off everyone at onceThis app is absolutely terrible. Do not use real money to buy coins! The moment you do , you will get very little wins and will just keep chewing and chewing up your coins in hopes that you will put in more. Worst of all they take away your ability to claim free coins by watching videos, as they already know that your willing to buy them. This company is an absolute rip off , i even emailed them asking why i cant get free coins and they sent me the same message three times that didn’t even answer the question. Another thing that i found quite shocking is that the people who own this app ALSO own many of the other pokies app. They are ripping people off over many pokies apps and the fact they arent being held accountable for this is appalling. The people who own this app should be ashamed of themselves . I haven’t put much of my real money into it but i imagine there are people who are willing too. This company is ruining peoples lives for what? Fake coins? Absolutely ridiculous.Version: 5.6

Worst slot app for payoutI’ve spent way too much money on this app. Better off saving your money for a real slot machine that might actually pay you rather than on these bogus imitations.Version: 5.7

No bonus coins for FACEBOOK.I was told and instructed to log into Facebook to receive 2 million coins. I later read on the apple App Store I was suppose to get 10 million. I didn’t receive any at all. That’s a misleading shame I’ll put my hard cash into another app and developer. I have 6-7 casino apps I play on the daily routine. Spend $300-$500 a week. You guys lost a potential customer and highly educated one at that. Trying to find a link for customer service for an hour and the results lead me here. Enjoy. Telling the public was the last thing a man like myself wants to do. If I want business I would take care of my people and provide a customer support team first off. There’s my help to your company in which I shouldn’t have wasted my fingers..Version: 4.3

Scammers!! Do not play!Just like other slots app, this app is a scam and worst then the real casino. Winnings and bonuses are very rare you’ll be lucky if you get one or two bonuses a day(that’s if you have coins to play). The coins you can collect are very little to only enough for 2-3 spins at minimum bet. Be careful when you play!! They like to change your bet to max without you knowing 🤬 I had 13 million coins and it was gone in 3 spins because the cheating app swap my bet to max! They done it to me 3 or 4 times. They are quick to eat your coins so that you’ll buy their coins, DONT buy it it’s not worth it and the amount of coin you get is very little. Plus the more you buy it the faster they eat your coins so you will buy more. I highly don’t recommend this game. Save your money and time..Version: 5.16.0

Horrible customer serviceLoved this app but have lost money way too many times due to app errors and a lot of the time just glitches. Most of the time I just left it because well too bad but when I lose 11 million which vanished into thin air and don’t have the mini game puzzle things anymore which I used to be able to play I’m find it hard to enjoy this game anymore. I have written to them hoping they will repay me money back 3 times for different situations on different days and then given as much info as possible and my requests just disappear like they don’t want to help. Have spent money on this game am very loyal have been playing for over a year. when I get lucky which doesn’t happen very often and don’t get a cent it’s very underwhelming.Version: 5.1

Fix the pay rateI’ve been playing this game for probably a year now I’ve had big wins say 13-40 mil but for the past three months I’ve had nothing but trouble just getting a feature I understand it’s a pokie game it’s an exact replica of them but it’s also a game I can’t have fun when I’m constantly waiting for my bonus to tick down and use it within two minutes trying to get something when it doesn’t pay at all please fix it because it keeps my away from the real ones but when I’m not getting anything out im shutting the app down within two minutes it’s frustrating the missions are stupid you get absolutely nothing compared to what you have to put it more then half the time I spend all my coins 4-5 times trying to do one mission that doesn’t even get me to my next level to collect coins it’s a game we the people who play are supposed to enjoy not waste hours of a day waiting to play again and get nothing and have ads pop up asking for money it’s a mobile app lol you might as well sell this app or whatever and make real ones for pubs and club ITS A MOBILE APP!!! Fix it or I’ll delete and re claim my $20 back that I have wasted getting no where with the game Cheers.Version: 5.1

UnfairI was playing this game last night and won 125M coins in an event where you spin the Ferris wheel only to be paid out 0 coins. The game then decided it would give me a respin for free where I won 250,000 coins that it actually paid out. I believe the coding decided that it wouldn’t allow me to win such a large prize on my first ever spin of the event. Completely unfair. On top of this I have used the in game support message option to ask for my coins to be paid out as it’s ridiculous that it decided it wouldn’t pay me, only to always have my messages disappear when I reopen the game. Sort your mess out lightning link..Version: 5.14.0

Fun but kind of a let downI enjoy the games available, the lightning links are the best and when you actually do get a win it pays well but the 3hr wait for a bonus and not getting a daily bonus of a larger amount is a bit of a let down. If there was an offer of large amounts to purchase than I might be more inclined, but $AU15 for $3,000,000 is highway robbery.... You want to hit $50,000 plus to actually get anywhere and your hourly can be as low as $10,000 it’s disappointing.... pick up the game a little creators.... let us enjoy it as much as you enjoy making money on the app....Version: 5.1.2

No longer a fun gameI have only been playing for about three months. This game went from fun and exciting to boring and quickly taking your coins. I use to enjoy the missions and looked forward to new ones each day. Every two weeks I couldn’t wait to see the new theme. Things changed, now it doesn’t even allow you play time. When I had coins I would bet 100,000, 200,000 or 500,000 coins spinning 20-25 times without one win! One every few days I would hit a bonus and barely win enough coins over my original bet! I have no clue what the game developers are thinking by setting the game to take coins so fast without any play time. I have never purchased coins and will never get drawn into purchasing any. There are to many other FREE casino apps to download. I will give it a few more days and play off the little bit of coins it gives you every three hours (which is a joke), but if things don’t change I will be deleting the game moving on to a different game..Version: 5.11.0

Horrible ExperienceNever pay for this app, it just takes all your money in minutes, without any bonuses..Version: 5.14.1

Complete robberySpent well over $200 on this game with the coin packs and it just eats them away as quick as possible. Features are near enough non existent, some pay well and then you get absolutely nothing. Don’t waste your hard earned money on this game!.Version: 5.6

FrustratingOnce again another unhappy fan. This is really the best app to play But the returns are very disappointing. I don’t mind spending money on the entertainment side of it as that’s the name of the game. But I have had enough. The only way is to delete the game as if you don’t you may be tempted to sink more into it. I have deleted other aristocrat games and haven’t missed them. So it was fun while it lasted. I know you don’t take any notice of our complaints But I feel that getting some return is better than nothing at all. I have paid heavily for the entertainments but enough is enough From all the complaints you have received it appears you don’t take any notice.Version: 5.14.1

It’s A Giant Rip-off - Don’t Buy Anything!I’ve been playing this game since it first came out. Not gonna lie, at first it was fun. Then I made the mistake of buying coins. Since then it’s been one rip-off after another. They have this Piggy Bank feature in the store where you can break the bank to get more coins than usual. Well, I’ve “broken” the bank 11 times - and not once have I won anything. When I say I haven’t won anything? I mean - like major suckage. My last purchase was $35 for 30.5 million coins. The coins lasted roughly 12 minutes. I had no bonuses, no big wins, barely won the amount of the bet back - and then the jerks had the nerve to prompt me to make another purchase! I’ve complained to their support team a number of times about the crappy payouts and getting ripped off. It falls on deaf ears. So my advice - don’t buy anything unless you’re a multi-millionaire because not only will you not win anything, but you’ll be mad at yourself for wasting the money. It finally occurred to me that they are profiling my account and I’m never going to be allowed to win anything no matter how much money I spend. I’m sure they’ll say they don’t do that, but thusfar, I have not exactly found the app developers Product Madness (and their parent company Aristocrat Games) to be the most honest of souls. Save your money - and the hair you’ll pull out in frustration of getting ripped off repeatedly!.Version: 5.10.0

Lightening linksNo bonus rounds. No fun..Version: 5.10.0

Rip OffWhat’s going on cannot download..Version: 5.6

Reset your device to get unlimited 10 million free coinsThat’s how I won 550 million.... and I didn’t need to pay for anything. Make sure you use a device that you never use often 😂🤣😂🤣. Works brilliantly and product madness don’t get a cent bahahahahahaha! Update- 1.9 billion from resetting😂😂.Version: 5.12.0

What a shameGreat selection of games ! Horrible game play. I didn’t wanna believe the 2 star review, stating you will win zero bonus games. I used the 10m welcome bonus on all my fav games and produced nothing. Just wow.. Highly unlikely recommended..Version: 5.16.0

Used to love but now I hate worse casino appLoved this app and sometimes I would get on some good winning streaks but when the slots aren’t doing good it’s really bad. The downfall about that is the coin packages are so expensive and it takes so long to get the free bonus coins. My other complaints is that their apps can fail and steal coins also I have had a game not pay coins if I pushed the spin button on a bonus my biggest complaint and what made me delete this app was that I accidentally pressed a huge very huge bet that I never would have bet and never have, after so many massages back and forth they would not refund me back the FREE slot money. I have been to the real casino and done the same thing and had my money refunded but this app that makes you pay for play money won’t refund anything. I hate this app and company that runs this app. Worse casino. Best casino app so far is hot shot casino. The coin packages are more reasonable and the free bonus money come faster..Version: 5.1.2

Going downhillApp has gone down hill the past month or. Daily Bonuses for fans have dropped 70%, the 3hourly bonuses reward next to nothing and the chances or getting big wins or free games has gone down so much. They don’t care they just want us to purchase coins. Way to mess with ur loyal fans. Not even worth 1 star..Version: 5.3

Very Poor Customer ServiceI have used this app for a while, and while I love the games the app crashed. I lost all my tiers and coins and the gold package I had purchased. I contacted Product Madness and the stated I hadn’t purchased it, I provided the receipt and they would not do anything about it..Version: 5.1

Shady bettingThe game is fun and realistic but they have these promotions where if you bet a certain amount for a number of spins you get a weak gift. The bet amount is ridiculously high and it automatically places your bet for you so if you just spent money like 20 bucks to get chips or coins then you pick a slot it will literally automatically put your whole bankroll on one bet and it doesn’t do that normally until they run this promotion so you can lose everything on one bet by accident if you don’t check your bet when normally you start on min bet. It’s a total scam and frustrating I’m about to delete the app and never play or buy again. Worst part is you can’t get a hold of anyone or change the setting to stop the scam. Be careful and if you do play don’t ever buy chips ever! They scam people hard. Sad.Version: 5.9.1

No GoodBeen playing for a while now and still ain’t Won a jackpot, where’s the fun in this game? You acting want us to buy money don’t yous? Well NO sorry..Version: 5.14.1

Be warned. Don’t waste your time.Sadly, just a money grabbing scam. Seems rigged. Sure, the games are fantastic. Games we all know and love. It really is a lot of fun, and I could play it for hours if I had the coin. I wouldn’t even mind spending real money on extra coins. But then, there is the problem. There’s zero incentive for me to do that because I feel I’m just being ripped off every time. The coin packages offer next to zero actual play time for what you pay. The bonus coins (which is every three hours from when you last collected) give you probably 1 minute of play, if you’re lucky. The challenges are annoying because it asks you to bet insane amounts of coin to complete them. Everything is geared towards you spending your own money at all times. I understand it’s a business, but I genuinely think the creator[s] are missing an amazing opportunity to make even more money by actually looking after their customers. It really makes me sad because there are no alternatives with real casino games. Soooooo frustrated with this and all their other apps too. So disappointed. I’ll not be spending another cent on this until i see or hear of it change..Version: 5.4.1

Great game but...Great games but you always lose. You’ll have a win and then even if you bet low you always go back down to zero. It’s definitely tailored to making you pay..Version: 3.1.0

Fun games but very hard to win!Pro- As far as the games go, I really enjoy playing them. They are similar to the games you play at a real casino. I have had no problem with glitches on this app. Cons- At the start I was able to play and win enough coins to play for a period of time. However now after buying coins a few times, I’m unable to play for more than about 10 minutes. Then wait for the next bonus 3 hours later and get very few coins to play with. If you happen to get to play enough to go up in tiers which allows you to get bigger bonuses, they reset it and you get to start all over on the lowest tier which means a tiny bonus that will allow you 5 minutes of play time if you’re lucky... that is very frustrating. I hope they make some changes soon or I’ll find another app to play..Version: 4.4.1

MVery sad I had over 20 million coins this morning I close the game I came back evening all gone. I spent over $200 buying coins.Version: 5.13.1

FaultyFor the past few days the app has been playing up for me. Every time I get a free spin, it shows up with an error message saying I have to restart the app. Usually it takes me back to the game I was in, but it made me lose my coins and my free spins. Fix it please.Version: 5.12.0

Tiny bonusI like the games but man are they tight! Worse than real life, seriously, whats the point? However on a positive note a person spends very little time on it because all your coins are gone in no time!.Version: 5.7.1

Bad customer supportI have proof of lost coins/screen shots/timestamps etc Customer service is auto responses that don't answer any queries and they don't read the complaints. They never refund any lost coins ever !! . Its such a shame as the game is otherwise enjoyable. DO NOT spend any money on this game because if there is a glitch or issue they will not refund anything. Ive lost millions of coins and they wont give them back. Auto response is to just tell you to update app ! They have no escalation process , complaints are not taken seriously . They all about making money and taking everything they can from you so you spend more money..Version: 5.0.2

DisappointedI have this app on both my iPhone and Kindle fire. We go to actual casinos several times per year and the Lightning games are alway my favorites. When I first started playing on my phone and kindle, it was fun, but lately I’ve been so disappointed. The app version is way too expensive for coins. In addition, I sometimes buy coins and am taken to a screen stating I’ve won a “resource bundle,” but it will not allow me to claim this. I have had this happen several times. In the past month, I have spent over 20,000 coins on multiple occasions and have not one even one single bonus. This app has really gone downhill over the past month. I am probably going to delete. Total waste of $$$..Version: 5.5

What a rip offGames are antiquated and super tight. Went through 100 spins without any wins......that’s not fun that’s being legally robbed. Be careful of free points if you watch a promo video, its readjust your credits down by the amount it will credit you. Another example of bad faith on the part of the developer.Version: 5.16.0

No App SupportThis has been one of my favorite casino apps because of the addition of Dragon Link until recently! I won the Major and was shorted 100 million once the screen refreshed. I have a screenshot of my total after the feature completed and then after my next spin. I sent messages asking for my coin balance to be updated and NO reply. Poor customer service will have me taking my play elsewhere. Very disappointed!!😡***Update!! I submitted a ticket like you said complete with pictures detailing what I described above and JAN who has been mentioned in other people's complaints replied that they are unable to help me because their servers have no record of any "errors". Suggestion people play other platforms that have better customer support such as MyVegas!.Version: 4.6

No starting chips, no bonus, no payoutsBrutal slot app. There is no welcome bonus. They charge a stupid amount to keep playing and the slots never pay. Connected 10 of the highest symbols across 5 reels and it paid 5x bet. Such a joke..Version: 5.18.0

Not happyMy husband and I have been playing this everyday for at least a couple years. The games are like the ones we play at the casinos. Every since I completed your survey and you made many changes it does not play well. We buy the 30 day package but won’t be doing that anymore because it doesn’t give any more play time when you buy coins. Seems to play even less. The seasons can be fun but if it starts off lousy for a week then you can’t get on top enough to get to a higher level no matter how much money you spend. It’s just a struggle and that’s no fun and very frustrating and this WAS definitely the best game out there and the least annoying with not tons of commercial interruptions every time you change to a different game. Going to stop playing after our 30 day coin package..Version: 5.7

AnnoyedThis is definitely my top slot game and I recommend it to a lot of my family and friends to play but for the last 48hours every time after I get the lightning link hit the whole app freezes and I lose my winnings, please fix the issue I’ve lost out on a lot of credits because of this 🤦‍♀️ I will change my review and rating when the app has sorted itself out ...Version: 4.9

Disgusted at customer supportYour game was designed so if people put in money they don’t get the seasons and bonuses daily that make the game free and fun .. My home screen does not have the seasons and missions which are daily to receive free coins if I want to play I need to put money in.. this game is rigged and then to top of off when I asked customer support why this was happening on my phone and not any others a computer replied to me saying they appreciate my support and to go to the website for any other questions.. then to finish that all off I went on Facebook to see if I can get some free coins and was cut off after receiving a few thousand even though I had never collected before.. absolutely disgusting your preying on people who have issues and making money off them.. I will definitely be taking this further.Version: 4.5

Very Low Payouts!Have been playing off and on for awhile! Have spent $$ purchasing coin! Not once have I won a jackpot! Terrible!!! :(.Version: 5.9.1

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICEThis has to be the worst game along with customer service. Constant glitches, constant problems with wins or jackpots and when you do win and close the app go back hour later money has disappeared and when you try and contact customer service they either block you or cut you off and say you spent it or they just never get back to you and delete your ticket. Low payouts now, you spend more than you win and end up only playing for 5 minutes just to wait another 3 hours till you can play again. WORST GAME EVER..Version: 5.8.0

Happily Ripping People OffRan through approximately 40,000,000 coins and the xp at the top of the game did not increase at all. Is anyone at Apple investigating this disgraceful and blatant rip-off??? Previously ripped off by 51,000,000 that I won fairly but game malfunctioned. Contacted company - only gave me back 12,000,000. AVOID AVOID AVOID. This game is highly addictive and believe me they change the programming so that the wins are smaller. Do they care when people complain? Read the reviews yourself - they always give the standard response: “Sorry you didn’t have the same luck as others”, any issues with the game are met with “Sounds like a job for the tech team”. For what you pay, you actually get nothing. The sooner Apple actually investigates this disgraceful rip-off, the better...I wouldn’t hold your breath, the complaints have been raging but Apple has done nothing- wouldn’t want to hurt their commissions....Version: 5.16.0

It’s ok for starters10m coins to start with. Games are a bit slow and gameplay is low with graphics. Everything looks ok but again the function of games are not smooth and a little boring if a bonus hits. Played for roughly 29 mins and chips are gone, pop ups asking me to buy virtual chips for real hard earned money? If you’re considering paying money go to the real casino and not for virtual chips that are worth nothing out of the game. Games like this are out for your real money in return for virtual chips no logic really.Version: 5.20.0

PoorBoring in that wins are few and far between it’s all about purchases ..Version: 5.16.0

Not many winsI like the games but you seldom win. It appears that this game/producer has designed this game to promote/ push you in to buying coins. All games do to some degree but this one is one of the worst I have ever played..Version: 5.12.0

You’ll have better luck at the casinoAs a guy who loves going to Vegas and local casinos, I can’t understand 1) why in this app it’s hard so diifucult to get any kind of bonus win and 2) the bonus coins jackpots you do win are not that big. For example, if you’re betting 50,000 coins (treat it like 50 bux at a casino) and hit a bonus, you’d think that, like casinos, you’d be in the range of getting somewhere near 350,000 to 750,000 in the bonus part (3500 to 7500 bux at a real casino). I understand that sometimes you won’t get a good bonus... it happens ... I know, but the bonus payouts are terrible here and don’t correlate to any kind of rules or regulations that states impose, so they can get away with it. It’s just a way to cash in on gamblers. And this way of doing business is across the board for all of the Product Madness slot apps. Aristocrat makes some of the best slot games but they’re also liable on ripping off the consumers here..Version: 5.15.1

FrozeI was so excited I won 235 mil but it didn’t Bank the coins as it normally does. It kept freezing and when finally unfrozen it didn’t give my winnings ☹️☹️.Version: 5.6

Total rip off!!!!!I have been plying this game for over a year now and have had no issues! I do make in app purchases, but today I looked at my account and found that the app triple charged me for each purchase I made!! I contacted apple and they tried to help me reverse the extra charges but the app owner kicked it back and wouldn’t allow them to fix the issue! Then apple sent me the information I would need to contact the app directly and the link that should be there to contact them doesn’t exist!!! They now have over $150 dollars that doesn’t belong to them and I can’t even fight it!!! I would immediately delete the app but I am afraid if I do I will never get the chance to retrieve my money! I will definitely never play this game again!!! Beware and watch your account! Keep track of your in app purchases!.Version: 5.1

Too many pop upIs there any need to have so many pop ups? I get frustrated when the watch video prompt comes up in the middle of spinning and I’m forced to watch a video. I end up closing the app and going back another day..Version: 5.11.0

Disappointing. Terrible experienceAfter downloading and playing this game I reached a total of 260,000 lightening points. These points add to your overall ranking and make a difference to the free coins you receive daily. I purchased coins and spent over $100 during my time playing this game only to have my lightening balance reset itself to 10,000 points. When I contacted support I waited 3 days for a response only to be told that they had no record of my points and that they could not restore them or help in any way. My experience was a complete waste of time and money. Fun games but zero support. BEWARE OF DOWNLOADING THIS GAME! They will gladly take your money but turn their backs on you when there is a technical error on their part..Version: 3.1.0

Can’t win anythingI know they are set for real casino plays but when you play and play and get absolutely nothing it doesn’t make me want to pay anything towards this site. Too tight and really not that much fun due to losing all the time. Sorry. Loosen up a bit and maybe I would consider buying some coins.Version: 5.11.0

DisappointedYou should put the max bet symbol somewhere else I accidentally pushed max bet well I was holding the auto spin walked of and it did $10million bet well I went toilet really angry at how I just bought $30million worth of playing coins to comeback and nothing was left so angry right now.Version: 4.0.1

Very sad!Why is it I save up to get some decent coins to play with and you take it back so fast, and only give me one crappy bonus? 👎☹️. Never did see that so called 10 million welcome bonus coins either. 👎😤 only one bonus per game that is so bad 😠still crap! You just don’t want to loosen your purse strings or give more than a few bonuses if that! This game is getting much worse!.Version: 4.9

CheapskatesUnfortunately bonus coins you get every 2 1/2 hours give you only enough coins for 1-5 spins in a game, if you don’t win big that immediately stops your game play. I’m totally out of coins, and I’m not even sure I like the game enough to keep wanting to play..Version: 1.1.11

Wish I never updatedHad this game for over a year, never won real big until lately. Then I updated and can’t win enough to even cover the minimum bet. Can’t get through the bottom level on missions. I am sooooo sad this has been my favorite game. I spend a few dollars a week on this game and until new update I was able to win enough to play a hour or so . Now can’t win enough to play 10 minutes. I am so sad.🥺 I just rolled over 15 times in a row and never won anything. It looked like it was hitting the feature and then the coin was gone. I had a great connection and already cleared my cookies , so I will stop paying for coins again will stop playing . Again this makes me sad..Version: 4.7.1

Highway RobberyIt’s good to see that no one has responded to my review and judging by how many bad reviews there are it’s not hard to believe - just business I suppose. Again sank some money into this game and probably do better with the real poker machines as I can actually get lucky and win some real money - wake up to yourselves, judging on how much money I have sunk into this game and looking at the number of user’s u must be raking it in how sad that once u win big then the next day it gives you nothing and you lose it all within hours of the next day I have been playing this game for some time now and unbelievable on how much money you need to pay to get some enjoyment for hardly any return - I sank over $300 over the last couple of days and finally got some reward getting up to $300M+ and then the next day the game just took it all back. My stupidity for really believing that you could get some sort of medium enjoyment but at the end of the day it’s not like I am walking away with any real gain.Version: 5.1.2

Mr ErnieI agree ‘bout Devildog sentiment.. but I would like to thank you for giving me 10M coins when I upload your games again.. I was so surprised and questioned why did you do that? And then I played your new games and gave me like 6M coins.... and I was thinking that, well it seems your giving your clients a fair value... BUT after that it seemed you never changed... 5 million coins with minimum bet, no free games? 500 spins? Right? Then here came the bonus, 8 free spins and retriggered up to 40 spins with only 3 Alikes and gave 100,000??? You know what, your are really a SCAM, losing 5m coins and then gave just like 100 coins, what do you think is that fair? HELL NO! To buy your coins again... before, you’re just like 4.9 stars, now,, you’ve got 4.4... you deserve that and later on you are OUT! Just stop fooling people, plsssss... enough....Version: 4.6

Pay outsOnce again I have paid for coins for 2 days and barely got to play for an hour. I’m not even playing high and still can’t win enough to play! It’s frustrating because this IS my favorite game! The free coins for watching a video works maybe once a day so you can’t even get coins there! This is the only game I have spent a lot of money on. I hate when it starts a new season because again you stop getting enough coins to help you play long! A coins you worked to get! I have only won really big twice. I don’t know how some of these players win these big wins or grand pots! I would just like to play enough and long enough to get my money’s worth! Or even win the grand once. I’m complaining but still playing. I probably should just delete the app! The packages or deals they call to purchase coins or so so high for the amount you get. It’s ridiculous and again I don’t know why I keep complaining and playing! I don’t even know if the developers read these or even care about players! But a pat on the head is telling me thanks and/or I feel these well is a slap in the face too! Fix the issues would be NICE! Done venting! Because I know this changes NOTHING!.Version: 5.16.0

Rip offDon’t waste your money!!!!!!. IF you get a bonus (yeah right)it barely gives you much more then ten times your bet. The three hour bonus s..ks now as well. Although you can watch a video and get a whole $70,000 which lets you play for less time than actually watching the video itself..Version: 5.7.1

DisappointedLoved this game but I’ve just played 20m credits with no free spins. It would be nice to sit at the end of the day & play for longer than 10minutes. Waiting 3hrs for bonus spins is ridiculous. Sorry but I can’t support your games anymore, which is sad 🥺 stop ripping people off. I’m so over the rip off. Continuously get 5 gold discs then the 6th comes on the next spin. When you do get the free spin (rarely) it pays very little or nothing but the initial value. I’m disgusted especially during these hard times that Aristocrat will gladly taken your REAL money & give nothing back. Pull your head out of the sand people - read the reviews & make a wise decision before giving away your money. Shame, shame, shame..Version: 5.6

All they want is your money!!Play a lot of slot apps on here. These guys are by far the WORST! You will get a bonus and build a decent bank, and boom, they push a button and you then win nothing and lose it all! What’s funny is once you start running low, here comes the pop-up saying your balance is low and offer coin packages to purchase. Their coin packages are the worst too! Way to expensive for a FREE game!! You have to wait and collect bonuses throughout the day to build a little bit of a bank in order to play! They’re pretty good at responding too saying they are sorry for your game experience and value feedback and will pass it over to their developers! It’s shame because their slots are fun, but what good is that when you can hardly play!! Stay away!!.Version: 4.6.2

Waste of timeWorst of all casino apps Terrible customer service Little to no winning.Version: 5.11.0

No bonusWhen finished doing the mission and should of received a bonus of 15,000,000 and push collect and still haven’t received is very frustrating this is the 2nd time it has happened.Version: 5.5

DOG OF A GAMEWhat a disgusting game! Use to love it till they got greedy and started paying out nothing! Set missions to complete to revive bones points, yet they only give you a couple of spins worth of money to play with so impossible to complete missions! Have to wait 3 hours to spin 2-4 times so about 20 seconds of play! What a joke. Then you message support and then send you the same automated text that they just send everyone! “ we enjoy reading your feedback and we are happy to hear your suggestions, hope your enjoying the game.” Well no I am not enjoying the game! Hope this app goes bankrupt as they are more greedy then the real pokies which pay out real money! It’s a game give people more coins to play with you scumbags!!!.Version: 5.1

Overall good sometimes glitchyLove the game don’t get me wrong, personal wish list: remover same piggy bank bs that’s in other product madness games such as cashman casino HOV & Fafafa to many ads on cashman & HOV use to love them games to !! till they became barley playable very very small bonuses for people on iOS devices cannot blame the hardware or software I use a iPhone 11 max pro always update with apps & OS. Needs bigger bonuses on tier 1 2 & 3 or leave it as is & make the gap between teir 3-4 & 5 not so in reachable for the people who can’t afford to pay to play with real money for coins.Version: 5.5

AwfulCheck the reviews on Facebook. This game is awful. Three hour wait for bonus coins, but that in itself pays low, so you might be lucky enough to play for twenty seconds every three hours. Free coins on Facebook has been broken for a week so that makes playing even worse. Getting big wins more often than not crashes the game so you come out with nothing even if you have a screen shot as proof. The game itself has very low payouts and special features are rigged. So if you buy coins don’t expect them to last long. The positive reviews on Facebook are fake. Because the ‘plenty of free coins and easy missions’ comments are a down right lie. Wouldn’t even give you a whole star if it went that low..Version: 5.1.2

PointlessStarted off good love the games but very hard to win much of anything, low bonuses, NOT hourly bonuses there every 3 hours and very small too small to get a decent win, probably the only reason I’m still here is the games that are available, dummy me also purchased chips multiple times why??? I still don’t know haha.Version: 5.7.1

Great slots just too overpricedLike their other app heart of Vegas the cost of coins is extortionate! I purchased 1 million coins for 9.99 and within 3 minutes they was gone playing my favourite game on minimum bet. Love the slots and the missions but each stage is so out of reach unless you purchase a ridiculous amount of coins and then it resets after 15 days so you’re back to square one...No coins and cheap skate hourly bonuses.Version: 4.1.2

Just don’t botherUsed to be pretty fun, and if you read the other reviews you can see that it’s changed & is way more money hungry than ever. You can understand wanting to monetise but $15 for a couple of mill, very little pay off & lasts so little, doesn’t really make sense or mean they’ll get many people coming back. I lost 200mill that I accumulated in a short session, not one feature & then when clawing back $$$ it crashed on my feature where I was going to a good 50mill. I never have won the grand and I’ve played it for two years, occasionally bought credit. It doesn’t matter, don’t be sucked in. The other missions are mostly clunky and slow & you rarely make much $. Yesterday received error messages when loading so I deleted it. For the better. It’s no good..Version: 5.14.0

Coins cost more than most other appsI have played these slot style games for years and find this app one of the most expensive. Until coin cost are more in-line with other games of this type, I’ll stick using free coins. Another casino game I play even gives insensitive’s to purchase, by having levels, which give extra bonuses..Version: 5.20.0

Lightning LinkI am done with this app. I get into a good bonus game and app shuts down. When I get back in it says can’t retrieve a previous game.Version: 5.13.1

Bonus & payoutWhen I first downloaded the game it was great.. I was upto like 100,000,000.. and for a few weeks was going good. now I’m actually getting bored of it because you do the daily bonus and get about 5mins out of it and never hit free features but plenty of ads popping up to buy chips! If I got more fun out of it, would be something to consider. All I can say is if it stays like that I’ll be deleting it with a poor rating. Other than that its not a bad app at all.Version: 5.0.2

Poor SupportNormally I would give this app a solid 5 star but when a bug report was raised no support reply and the ticket was closed with nothing done or comments made. Very disappointing for a game that is actually quite good..Version: 4.6.2

Free Spin didn’t award my coinsNot sure I’m enjoying this as much as I used to. Seems harder to win and tonight when I went for my free spin it didn’t award the coins. Kinda pathetic I’d say..Version: 5.12.0

Listen to your reviewsIt is obvious that this app developer doesn’t listen to the reviews- almost all complain about the 3 hour wait for a measly bonus seems like an easy fix to me.Version: 5.13.1

Make Lightning Link great again!What a shame that when you pay real money to play this game, you never seem to get decent payouts! What’s the point of this game other than making money from us, and we only get like 5 minutes of enjoyment? The money you get? Seriously?? 😤 We’re all in control of what we spend to play, but the least you guys could do is look after us, the consumers, so we can actually enjoy playing more often. I’m borderline uninstalling this app, the win ratio isn’t great at all, and don’t ever get to play for long Please make this game more enjoyable Product Madness 😣.Version: 5.6

Why should I report an issue with Lightning Link Casino Slots?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Lightning Link Casino Slots to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Lightning Link Casino Slots customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Lightning Link Casino Slots.

Is Lightning Link Casino Slots not working?

Lightning Link Casino Slots works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Lightning Link Casino Slots.

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