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Lightning Link Casino Slots App User Positive Comments 2022

Lightning Link Casino Slots app received 48 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lightning link casino slots?

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Lightning Link Casino Slots for Positive User Reviews

RobbieIt’s great it has a lot of the slots that you would play in a gaming lounge or casino,It would be good if you had the option to gamble your win like a real slot machine tho..Version: 6.0

Great appI read all the other comments on here and I wish they’d tell me where they gamble IRL because they comment here like they never have losing streaks. These games are very similar to the actual casino ones. I have both winning and losing streaks at the casino and on this app. I do notice the lag in spins sometimes and it does seem to be losing spins when it does that. I also notice it wants an Internet connection between every spin (long lags before spin button highlights when have spotty cell service). So not sure if results are because of an algorithm or because it was what was communicated from app and server between spins. My only complaint is the coin offers. I bought like 20 million for under $5 and now all the offers are like 3 million for $10-15. I’d buy them every day if the offers where the same as the first one I bought..Version: 4.3

Overall a fun appLove the games on here and overall the payouts are decent for me. My only complaint is the updated mission system. I preferred the old way where all the games on the list had missions of 100 lightning and progressed from there. Now a few start at 1,000 and 2,000, most of which I will never bother with since they require too many coins to complete. Since I am a f2p player, as a whole I do like this game. Random piece of advice: I always laugh at those who waste $100s on free casino apps like advice is spend a couple bucks if you like, but if you’re gonna spend even $100+ on a casino app, save your $ and go to an actual casino where you actually have a chance to win real $ 😂.Version: 4.3.1

Put the gamble button on like the real ones !!Same as the pokies we play in Australia, all made by Aristocrat, pretty much what at least 60% of all slot machine Apps on the App Store are copied from imo !! Actually not imo it’s fact !! Biggest issue I have & have addressed this issue through every Product Madness game as I have them all. ISSUE: PLEASE PUT THE GAME/DOUBLE UP FEATURE ON ALL OF THE GAMES - E.G BLACK or RED or SUIT !!! LIKE ALL THE ONES WE PLAY IN THE PUBS & CLUBS IN AUSTRALIA, why it isn’t on there is still an unanswered question I’ve asked numerous times ! Thanks for the games, but NO thanks given for automatic replies & still no gamble feature..Version: 4.0.1

Something is amiss.Let me start by saying this is one of the best apps I have seen!!!!!! My problem is the way the seasons are done. (People who play this site will now what I am talking about. )Whenever I finish a season, now matter what level I finish at, I am always starting at level 2. Sure they give you points and a head start, but recently 4 hours into the game I checked on level 5 and there were already people on that level, which is extremely hard & expensive to get to. Whenever you contact support it’s like a broken record…we’re sorry, play responsible, yada yada yada.I feel that with this site if you continue to buy coin packages, you are consider a person that this site wants to keep you on, so they let you win.(just like the real casinos) Will I continue to play? Probably……..will I buy coins? Nope Maybe they should revise this site and make it fair for all players….not just the ones who buy buy buy!!!!!!!!.Version: 6.4.4

Lightning LinkJust been playing the last couple of days and really like it.Version: 5.14.1

Great gameWhat a scam of a game, on two occasions this game has taken all my coins and all my lightning points and made me a new player. The last time was on 9/3/20 when I had $850 million coins and 383,00 lightning points one day into the new season. The last time was similar and also one day into the new season. Support are totally useless and very unhelpful. I was told to do a factory reset of my iPhone but that did nothing it’s clearly the app. If you think I’m paying real money for fake coins think again. This has happened to other people I know who have this crapy app. Typical greed from the Aristocrat company. I recommend NOT TO DOWNLOAD THIS APP because you are wasting your time try to get anywhere on it because as soon as you do well they seem to magically take all you have worked for and start you from the start.Version: 5.5

Purchasing coin problemHi LL great games, great graphics, great how you get rewarded a with levelling up and missions are an awesome idea. every so often when i try to purchase coins it says “error” or “denied” for some reason? (And yes, I do have money in account). Every couple days I’ve received notifications saying “sorry for the purchase mishap, here’s 1 million free coins but when I click on the notification it takes me to the game and doesn’t give me the coins? Any chance we can work out this problem with purchasing coins and also if you say your going to give me free coins please do so😑.Version: 4.1.2

It is just as the game explainedThe game gives zero real money back it is simply for fun and if you empty real money into it then it’s not their problem. you make the choice of either Putting money into in or not it’s that simple. As for me it was really fun especially the 10M coins you get to start off with but then it just went down hill. My honest opinion is that this game is fun and cost zero money to enjoy though the free 10M coins does last a little it was fun while it lasted. Give it a shot and enjoy the 10 minutes of playing it then realizing you have no coins left..Version: 5.24.0

Waste of TimeI’ve played this on and off for quite some time. The game pays and plays OK on minimum bets but as soon as you increase it goes dead and just takes all your coins fast. Makes the whole thing pointless and a waste of time..Version: 5.14.1

AdsYou ad for inc. is so frustrating I’ve deleted the app altogether. Forcing us the watch the interact with 3 separate ads wishing one ad is bad enough let alone the amount of clickable links on the screen that you find more often then not you are being sent to there pages and to top it of the is zero exit option available so I end up closing the app..Version: 5.14.1

Fantastic gameLove this game, always fun and great choice of slots and the different special events like the bingo is awesome.Version: 5.25.0

BugsGames great I play it everyday, just think needs a few bugs fixed, I’ve won a few big prizes and haven’t actually gotten them. But otherwise great game.Version: 6.6.0

Great free gamesI enjoy lightening link. The games are the same as the ones I play at the casino. I normally win just enough to play for a while. When you get high enough on their some games you can win quite big bonuses. It is hard to get up there though..Version: 7.1.0

Need higher bonusesI bought coins twice and haven’t had a decent bonus since. I spent 70,000,000 coins before I even got a bonus. That’s rediculous!!! I will never buy coins again!!! All the lightning link games are the best. They just need to have higher bonuses more often. They also need to offer more coins for when we buy coins. I would buy them if they offered more. For the amount of bonuses they offer the price is too high. We want to be able to win more for it to be worth it. 1,000,000,000 is not enough for $100. Other games offer 2,000,000,000 for $100. That makes more sense to me if I’m going to spend money on coins. I will go where there is the best offer..Version: 4.4.1

AMAZING !!!Absolutely love this feels like I’m at the casino where really I’m in my own home. Ty for giving us this similar experience.Version: 5.21.0

Love this gameWould love to see more classic games added they are my favourite, perfect for when you’ve already spent all your money at the casino and still want to play 😂.Version: 5.22.0

RealisticThis game is perfect for people with addiction it’s as real as it gets no gimmicks just straight gambling more slot games should be like this house always wins.Version: 7.0.0

Lightning PowerLove the missions and rewards, as usual with Aristocrats apps the best slots are included too, as with all free to play apps could do with more free coins, but there are cheap coin packs too with bonuses for higher packages. Needs: More games More mission types Better tutorials.Version: 1.2.47

It is a good app butI wish they had a option where u can suggest games like cats hats and more bats and others that we have played in real life at bars and stuff.Version: 5.0.1

ReviewPlease fix the game i lost my free spins on Autumn Moon twice today because of game error. Also lost all my winnings. Sorry i have to write this in a review but there is no other way to let uz know what is happening..Version: 6.5.1

The games trash after a whileWhen I first started i was getting wins and spinning up good features in the bonus spin, now that i have played for a while I dont get wins at all, machines never pay so when it comes to doing the missions its pointless because after the first 2 missions you have to usually do bets of 500k 20 times or get 17 sultans on bengal treasures with a bet of 500k but with it never paying out you can never gain enough coins to even bet like that. Dont even know how people spend real money when it just goes down the drain on an app like this, might as well throw real cash into an actual pokie.Version: 5.0.2

Thank youThanks to all the staff for a great app. I love the games they are just like the ones that you would play in the club. Money goes up and down as like the real ones the mini games are fantastic the 3hourly coin bonus is fun I just love to play theses games so thanks to all. The only thing I am not keen on is the end of season you get sent back to the beginning and as a farmer I get knocked down everyday so I don’t need that on a game that is for relaxation we work hard to build it up in the first place. Lightning Link is very generous with free coins so thanks for a great app..Version: 4.5

Ripped off! You ripped me off and everyone again!When I went in to check on my status on the new missions, I see all of my credits and bonus spins have disappeared. Except for the last three that I got. I did not collect any of them. Please put them back. I sent this yesterday on my problem above, today I received everything that I had coming to me. Thank you for returning my credits and free spins. You have been awesome! What are you doing? Again I checked my status on my missions today and see you took off all 46 of my credits and bonus spins, what’s going on? Again would you please put them back. Why is this happening? Please, please, fix this..Version: 5.14.1

$$$Would it if it the coins values could be more similar to real life, everything else is perfect!.Version: 5.1.2

Good games but waste moneyI have read all the review and they’re all correct Game cheats and make you spend a lots of money. It’s hard to get good bonus and it’s worse than the real casino slots I understand they need to make money too but they should let people enjoying the game by giving good bonuses on certain time and this game doesn’t give you at all. I meant some peoples have good luck some peoples don’t but overall this game just trying to get your money from your pocket that’s it all the reviews are correct so far. I have same experience. Play Wynn slots it’s vegas game / vegas hotel owns that game Of course they want you to spend money to play but at least you can get a free room with that points I have spend hundreds of dollars on that game and also I have spend many nights in vegas bc of that game. You can earn points by playing game.. My point is all of you should play game that gives you benefits. You are spending money on game for nothing !!.Version: 5.10.0

Lightning linkLove it.Version: 5.12.0

UBet.Version: 5.25.0

Well made.The graphics are as good and for some better than what you will find in many casinos. You can lose straight just like on a real slot and have random big wins too. There are many other slot apps that have imposter games you have never heard of before and others with big names that never seem to let you win a thing but continually ask for you to buy coins. One thing I noticed which may be a glitch is just after a season had ended all players I assume were reset and only a small portion of tier score carries over. It is strange how it shows someone wins a tier 5 jackpot less than 10 minutes after the reset. Is it possible to get there in only a few minutes..Version: 4.9.2

Overall- Great gameI love the game, it’s awesome! The only thing I would change is the bets. I would change them to a more realistic number. Minimum $10,000 bet is a lot and I feel as though if the bets were nearer to a normal figure, it would be more realistic. In New Zealand our maximum bet in a pub is $2.50..Version: 5.14.1

Loading errorMy app won't reload into the game and says it cannot load missions and to restart the app to continue. It's still not working, and I've got over 15,000,000 in coins left. Not happy..Version: 6.0

Network error glitch, but still goodThe updated version has a glitch where the network says it has lost connection but the app still is working in the background. It only has started doing this since the last update so hopefully the next update will remedy the issue. Because it ruins the experience a little, not to mention becomes increasingly frustrating. Other than this issue, this would be my top pick of all the slot apps. Very addictive..Version: 4.8.2

Great Game but....This is definitely one of the top casino apps out... minus one star because I can’t load it at the moment and whenever there’s a problem and we post on Facebook you never reply. Bonus coins / mission achievement coins have disappeared and not been refunded to us. Please be more accountable for the bugs!.Version: 4.9

Love it love it love itThis is my all time favorite game ever! I love to go to the casino but when I can’t (due to the lack of funds lol) lightning link is my number one pick. I only wish I could buy a bigger coin package hahaha. Keep up the great entertainment and if I may suggest just one thing.... take away the low coin bonuses. To have to wait 3hrs and then only get 150 coins keeps me in agony hahhahaaa. Maybe you could start them at 300 coins rather than 150 so that I could play a little longer? Either way I will play this game always and forever. Thank you so much for fulfilling my gambling itch lol 😄😄😄😄😄😄.Version: 5.13.1

Love this gameI love this app, I play it all the time, what I’d like to know is why the new daily missions don’t load until 10am now, I used to collect them before I left in the morning.Version: 5.9.0

Great bonusesLove Lightning Link. Realistic games. Great daily bonus from Facebook. Regular in game bonuses and excellent reward programs. In my opinion this is the best pokies app available..Version: 6.11

Designer’s and developers.I was typing out my biggest complaint about the app when I stopped and looked at it from your point of view and You all are hilarious. I was going to complain about the pop ups and how often they probably get clicked just trying to make another spin then I thought about how many others have the same reaction I do every time it happens and realized it must be for your own amusement. That being said I don’t know if I’ll be keeping the app if the frequency isn’t cut down just a bit but it has changed the way I’m going to look at these apps in the future. Take care keep your twisted humor.Version: 5.24.0

Great way to lose IRL money!!😁Do you like to play slot games? Like the adrenaline rush when you see bonuses, lights and sounds? Are you the type of person to fall for purchasing IGC(in game currency) with real money? Love watching the 20 bucks you just used to buy 10,000,000 coins turn into absolutely nothing? Then this game is for you!!😃 With this waste of space on your device you too can have as much fun as I did. Just watching all of the 20 MILLION coins(10mil of that being free) turn to dust really boosted the dopamine in me! I believe with all those coins including the others you get for blowing through that many, I got 4-6 bonuses on several “slots”. That sort of experience is rare, so if you really want to be like me. Don’t waste anymore time and download this app!!! GG to the developers for making this great game!🎰🤑💰💵💸💸💸💸.Version: 6.4.4

DannyessexboiOk.Version: 3.1.0

ThanksI would say it’s a really nice game, it’s so real like the same game in casino, but in my opinion, all the numbers in the game are so big, and the bets are too big as well, you wouldn’t even notice until ur points ran out, and it’s really painful to wait for 3 hours for the small amount of bonus credits come, and it’s so hard to hit the feature and jackpot, when it comes to hard to win, it lost the fun people should find in the game!.Version: 3.1.0

Favourite SlotsI’ve played this game since almost it’s inception. I have noticed the bonuses don’t come as often as they did in the beginning, but it’s still my favourite and now and then you get a great win-just like in a real casino..Version: 5.21.0

Fun but comes with aggravationLove how real the slot play is compared to casino machines. Totally agree with other reviews on the lack of bang for you buck when buying coins. Plus I bought a new device so had to download the game again. When I did I no longer have the gold pass option which was the only thing I found worth buying in coin packages because it gave you a temporary daily boost of coins. I inquired on the support page as to where it went and never received an explanation. The MOST aggravating update they have done is to increase the default minimum bet based on their mission settings. So if you forget to look before you spin when you enter a new game the 10,000 coin spin you thought you made is now 500,000 or even more! That is a BS move on your part Developers! Only done to steal our coins..Version: 5.9.1

Shabbir HussainGreat game good fun.Version: 4.5

Real poopI feel like I am in a casino.Version: 6.2.0

DisappointedThis is my most favorite casino game ever,And I use to get good hits and I definitely became addicted,which is all fine with me , I started buying coins so I could play all the time , I have spent way ,but I really did love this gameover a $1000 ,ever since I started buying coins to play, I don’t hit good anymore,I feel it’s so I will continue to buy . It’s been a while since I won good ,so with a heavy heart I will delete this app if it doesn’t get any better,I just can’t afford to keep it up ,I am sadden big time.I am in my 70s, retired and I just can’t continue to by all the time, but it is the best by far😥.Version: 5.13.1

Good butYou really need to fix your lightning points messaging for the last to or three months on the 12,500 points and previously 10,000 points when the message says get a number of wins of 1,000K it has meant win win a number of times with a million dollar bet not win a million dollars a number times typically 11. For every other task where it requires you to win a certain amount a number of times the task is at it is described..Version: 5.14.1

Great game & lots of missions to chaseI like the fact of completing missions in order to climb the tiers to get to a chance for a JACKPOT! This is a new phone and I lost all of my progress so I’m basically starting from the beginning and am finding it terribly hard to get back we’re I was having some great wins that kept me going. I’ve noticed that all I’m doing now since I’ve had my new phone is ‘chase my tail’ 😩...hoping it’s gets back to like it was when I had my old phone 🤞.Version: 5.10.0

Thank you to the developers 😁😁😁I love this game in the casino and at home. I play both, and can say they play exactly like the casino version. My only complaint is the coin packages are outrageous for a few coins. I like to play at home and would not mind paying but the packages are too high. This supports the app developer, and for a good app I don’t mind shelling out some money but the package offers stink. Other than that I love Aristocrat games, they are above all others for sure. For those who say the play is horrible, remember this mirrors the actual casino games, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but overall I am happy I get to play my faves at home. So cool. It seems allot of people feel the same over coin packages, what happened to the daily deal? I think the developer should listen to the players, we want to play but who can afford it the way it is now. I have won jackpots in the casino and here and want to thank the developers, hats off!!.Version: 4.9

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