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Vrbo Vacation Rentals App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Vrbo Vacation Rentals app received 122 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Vrbo Vacation Rentals? Can you share your negative thoughts about vrbo vacation rentals?

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Vrbo Vacation Rentals for Negative User Reviews

The app is laggy and sucksThe app is very laggy, takes a long time to load and is quite glitchy. They did not put a lot of money into building. AirBnB app is far superior..Version: 2022.11

Works pretty good, but needs improved featuresNot buggy at all, but functionality could be improved. The map feature is pretty limited - would be nice to be able to switch to satellite view, get directions, see what else is nearby, etc. The rate display is not great either - even though you enter in the date range when you search, you still have to select an entry and then select again to see what the total will be. And even though it shows the nightly rate when scrolling through the search results, just because one entry has a lower per night rate doesn’t mean the overall stay is cheaper, because taxes and fees are not factored in. So you could see one place for $200/night, and another for $215, but the total for the latter could end up being less overall. And lastly, when you share a property with someone, that person has to get the app to see it, instead of opening the website. P.S. While writing this review, I tried to select a word and “Look up…”, and then was locked out of the keyboard. I could select text but not type anymore. Not sure if that’s iOS or the app….Version: 2018.13.1

AppallingStill waiting for a full refund even though I cancelled a month before departure so fully entitled to 100% refund. They haven’t replied or sneered any emails. Their phone number is apparently not working!!!!! VERY CONVENIENT DISGUSTING ITS MY MONEY YOU SHOULD NOT BE HOLDING ON TO IT, GIVE ME A REFUND NOW I WILL GO ON EVERY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM AND WRITE A SCATHING REVIEW, THERE ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE WHO ARE IN THE SAME BOAT IT WONT BE LONG BEFORE PEOPLE AND HOSTS WONT GO NEAR YOUR COMPANY. GET IN CONTACT M JAMES.Version: 2021.17

All done with VrboUsed Vrbo many times but all done now. I booked a trip months ago but had to cancel recently due to uptick in Covid cases at my vacation spot. I have a special needs son who is not able to be vaccinated due to medical reasons. I was denied a refund even though I bought the insurance and everything ( complete waste of money). Vrbo canceled my trip upon request then later sent a denial of refund at which point I couldn’t even try to trade it off somehow. I have to say that this is completely shameful making no provisions for a family taking care of a special needs adult in this pandemic. It’s hard enough navigating life with him ( don’t get me wrong I love him and wouldn’t trade him for the world) much less in a pandemic not to mention expensive and to get your money taken like this is just appalling. Shame on you Vrbo. Update: Called the homeowner who tells me to call Vrbo who tells me to call homeowner. Also notice their response with the link that isn’t a link. Also when I called I got a person that barely could speak English and it was nearly impossible to understand them. Still all done with them. Air B&B for me from now on. Terrible customer service and useless insurance..Version: 2021.17

FrustratingI have no idea why it gets good ratings. Terrible app..Version: 2022.11

Southern Belle Vacation RentalsWe want to start out by saying this was a beautiful clean place. Great location. Loads of kitchen supplies. We could not use garage. Small and not really easy to get into. Garbage containers all over also. We had to try and find parking spots. Some are free and some are not but VERY limited on both. They say this estate holds 10. Really with one king and 2 queens you are talking 8 people if they want to sleep together. Younger children can do sleeping bags or air mattresses. We were lucky to have 3 that used air mattresses. Thank goodness one brought her own and one at the house was OK. The third lost air first night, blew it up to try again and no luck so I texted to rental place. They told us to go buy one and send receipt. I told them absolutely not as parking was too scarce to move car. Would have like at least two rolls promised of TP for bathroom. 1/2 roll on main floor, 1 1/2 in all bedrooms was all that was left. What was left on roll when we checked in and one more. Single ply so with 8 adults we had to go out and get TP, Kleenex (none) and paper towels. Please check all above before renting..Version: 2022.08

Wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemyVrbo gave me a nightmare experience. The host for my stay in Amsterdam completely ghosted me leaving me stranded. Vrbo was unable to provide me with new accommodations as they assured me would be possible. Their app made it impossible to chat, none of the provided customer service numbers worked, I had to have a friend help login to my account on a computer just to get an international number that did work for me. I was not only told I would be completely refunded in 3-5 business days but that a stay free of charge would be found for me. When they sent me the options they could give me, none of them were even available and they kept putting on me to book a new place in order to move forward. I kept stressing that they weren’t giving me viable options and thus a pointless cycle continued. I ended up having to spend an extra $1300 to book a new place on my own wasting two full days of my trip because of them. I’m still waiting for my refund and have since gone through my credit card company to get a refund. Absolute worst service and I would never suggest anyone go through them unless you want to have your time and money wasted while they do absolutely nothing to make it right..Version: 2022.09

Guests and Hosts - This App Needs HelpAs both a host and someone who books through both VRBO and Airbnb the VRBO app has slowly gotten worse. Here are the major issues with the app from a hosting perspective. By the way I’m using the latest iPhone pro. Finding messages is horrible. You are notified and then you have to search for it an often when you run a search it will indicate the search failed (with something like a first name search). If it’s a new message why isn’t the first message in the inbox? Additionally, you cannot schedule messages to go to guests. This feature is in Airbnb and it makes it easier to automate message delivery. When it comes to listing - you are limited by the amount of text to enter house rules, so you have to send a separate document in a pdf (very clunky). It also doesn’t yet have a feature to list if your property has EV charging. The app often logs you out for some reason. Last week it couldn’t retrieve any messages and the app had to be reinstalled on every phone and tablet my group uses to manage reservations through VRBO. I really feel like VRBO needs to work on this app and develop a new version with both guests and hosts in mind. If the app continues to be problematic it will lead to people just not using it or directing people to use a competitor..Version: 2022.10

Do not book through VRBO!For the love of God, whatever you do, just spare yourself and don’t book through VRBO. I’ve been hung up on by 7-8 different agents when troubleshooting my stay. I’m sure there are some good hosts where this wouldn’t be an issue, but my first booking experience was a nightmare. I couldn’t get check-in instructions for my stay, tried to get on the phone with VRBO and was hung up on multiple times while trying to prep for my flight. Finally reached a decent agent who helped force contact with the host who had went AWOL. Then, we show up to the property and there are all sorts of issues.. wet towels, bugs, pool was disgusting, etc. of course, no communication from the host. The first night, LITERALLY another family walked into the house at 4:30am with checkin instructions to get through the door (double booked the place). Contacted VRBO again and they escalated my issue to a customer care specialist. They forced communication with the host, and we discussed terms of a refund and terms for improved service and communication. The rest of the stay went fine. Now, my host is having issues submitting a refund (supposedly) and I have been hung up on by 4 different agents and they hang up after I describe the scenario. Please, spare yourself.Version: 2022.11

SharonI spoke with 3 different reps. The first rep. Understood how we wanted to pay, there were 3 parties, and we each wanted to pay our share of the down payment. 1st rep said we were only able to use two cards but thought we could get permission from owner to use 3 cards. He took 3/4 of the payment due on two cards. All was fine. 2nd rep- we can use two cards. So I needed to discuss with rest of family. Spoke with owner, all was fine, could use two cards. Called back to book....rep said No we could only use 1 card for down payment, and could use second card for final payment. Spoke with owner 2nd time, with rep on phone with us, but with 3 families each wanting to pay their portion of down payment seemed again difficult to reach an understanding with me using 2 cards, so I just paid down payment on one card. If the 1st and 2nd rep could understand everything without any confusion I am not sure where the breakdown in communication was and why the differing opinions. I finally got the 1 card down payment made, knowing that my original desire to use 3 cards may have been unusual, but with the 1st rep easily possible. The owner was so very gracious, and her property was so beautiful, right on the water, and private. I just think the issue could have been made clear right up front, and no changes in procedure between reps. We are going to have a great time anyway..Version: 2021.10

VRBO will scam you and leave you hanging while running you in circles to fix their mistake.Absolutely horrible customer service. They had a listing up from scam owners and kept telling us they’d contact them to contact us. Tell us they owner will call in the morning after contacting customer service 4 times prior, never called, customer service then tells us call when you are out front. Do so, 6th call, they tell us they will call the manager AGAIN! Meanwhile the window of the actual building says it’s owned by a completely different person, whom we talked to, and has been FOR A YEAR. She was appalled that VRBO has it listed and recommended talking to them HAHA, like that helps at all! VRBO only employes non English speaking CS reps so we continue telling the same story over and over again as we get transferred from one inept CS rep to the next. STAY AWAY from this horrid company. We and the people we are with will never ever use vrbo again. Use Airbnb or an actual hotel because vrbo is horrendous and provide awful support/care for their customers. These positive reviews are all fake too! Look at the actual comments. One talks about getting scammed and it’s 5/5 stars?!? VRBO is a scam! It’s only a guarantee you’ll be hung out dry if you’ve gotten lucky with them so far!.Version: 2021.22

Unable to process my paymentDon’t cancel because you put the wrong date because when you try to rebook it will not process your payment. Lots of messages to very helpful host and also a phone call to Vrbo with an also very helpful person. Took theee days to sort out..Version: 2021.04

Awful Customer ServiceMy first time using and can’t say I’d use again. Had to cancel booking due to host not responding in time and then delays with refund due to tech issue, nearly 3 weeks for that to be resolved now waiting on the host to refund. Thank god for overdrafts otherwise I’d be well and truly screwed..Version: 2021.17

Utterly useless, inaccurate and flawedHaving been a passionate user of Home Away, I now have to use this app. So I search for accommodation in northern Scotland and it gives me results from Colorado, but still actually says at the top it is for my Scottish search results. Also- no SORT button. A little message saying how your sort works but no actual way to sort So essentially a useless app. I have no interest in searching through 300 results with no options to order them based on reviews or price. You have managed, somehow, to make an app that fulfills no purpose to satisfy the very years that make your business work. If I can’t search accurately, and can’t sort - what exactly is the point?.Version: 2021.20

ConfirmationI am still waiting to have my booking confirmed! I booked a property in Barbados on Monday for the 9th of March, you have taken a fee of nearly £300 from my account and you have the payment for the property pending in my account!! And I am still waiting for confirmation! Awful service!.Version: 2022.02

Double Billed !!! DON’T BOOK VRBOI have been double billed $983.30 for a vacation back in January. I have called VRBO “customer service “ numerous times to fix the problem. My case has been mysteriously closed with no correspondence from VRBO. Now when I call and wait the half hour on hold , I get hung up on !! I would NOT recommend VRBO because if you end up having issues they will NOT help !! I hope my review causes many lost reservations due to awful customer service !.Version: 2022.10

No communicationI have been trying done 9 days to get in touch with anyone at vrbo or evolve vacation rentals. We are trying to cancel due to the state being on lock down, and have still not heard back from anyone. They have now gone and processed the entire payment, after 9 emails, Facebook messages, comments, calls, and 5 messages through app. This is a joke!.Version: 2020.06

Great properties, poor booking system, awful customer serviceWhen you book a property… it’s not booked. The original property agency calls you to process the payment. Only after that do you get a confirmation - and only after the owner approves. So basically this is a advertising network for rental agencies. I called customer service twice for an explanation: the same person answered. She hung up the first time, after she realized she had no answer; when I called back she pretended all of a sudden she couldn’t hear me after a few minutes. Of course no call back. My advice: go directly to the rental agency..Version: 2022.02

Great homes but sticky appGreat homes but app is slow and sticky.Version: 2022.11

Disappointed in VRBODisappointed that VRBO does not hold owner accountable for their mistakes. I booked a trip March 2019 for March 2020. I reached out to the owner and told her we were excited to come. In May, the owner sent me a message to my personal email stating that there was a mistake in the booking and our trip would coast an additional $100 PER NIGHT (plus additional taxes and fees). The email actually went to my junk mail and I just saw it (Sept 2020). I contacted customer service and was told that it went against their policies however nothing was done. They advised I could cancel for full refund, however the availability of other places at the same location was slim and closest thing in our price range was $300 more. I asked if they would waive a portion of their service fees on the new booking and they told me no since it was so far away. There is no way to write a review on the owner. She admitted to me that she sent a few others the same email in regards to wrong price so I know there are others that she did this too. Had she informed me right away, I would have understood however she waited over 2 months to contact me and when she did contact me she sent to my private email address instead of thru the app. The situation is very shady and VRBO should require owners to honor their bookings when it’s their mistake or help vacationers find another place comparable in price..Version: 2020.21

Doesn’t work with safari…Big website that’s easy and clear to use. However payments don’t work with safari or through the app on the iPhone (or from an automatic payment set up through the App). Online chat was useless so had to call. They can’t take payment over the phone for security reasons, although this seems to be something that just about every other company in the world has mastered. Ridiculous that a big company like this can’t get this sorted!.Version: 2021.14

Wouldn’t use again - felt sketchyThis was my first time using vrbo and I can confidently say it will be my last. Vrbo’s customer service, app, and help center are lacking. Beware, you may have to make payments outside of the app which is a major liability issue. You’ll also be asked for gov. ID by the actual property manager for safety reasons, but that should be asked by vrbo… for safety reasons. When I reached out to their customer service team to ask about outside payments, they just said that it’s a norm! When I pointed out that it was concerning, they responded with “we are aware.” So, yea, save your time and go with another service..Version: 2022.05

Negative reviews for Properties get censoredVRBO does not take negative reviews seriously or complaints with properties. I left them a message two separate days and neither call was returned. On the third try, I was finally able to speak to someone but they were of no help whatsoever resolving the issue with the property I was staying at. They just blew it off and said to resolve it with the property manager that rented us the place. I used VRBO for an entire month renting about 6 different places and I will not be using them again. Lastly, since nothing was done about my serious security concern, I left a negative review for the property. After a couple days, they said my review didn’t meet the guidelines because I discussed security deposit pricing (one of my concerns) so I had the opportunity to remove that portion and resubmit which I did. They said they would review again but this time they waited about 3 weeks to respond again stating that it didn’t meet their guidelines. They didn’t give a specific reason either. This time when I tried to edit and resubmit, it stated that I was outside the window and could not post the review. This is a very shady practice for VRBO and I would highly recommend using a different app for your short term vacation rentals..Version: 2022.08

Name only!This review is for the name only, not the service. We used to use HomeAway, which we found easy and reliable to use. Apparently they have been bought by another company with this stupid name. It’s the sort of meaningless jumble of consonants and vowels that Silicon Valley thought was mold breaking about 15 years ago. The world has moved on, and ‘current’ or ‘relevant’ name styles (branding) have too. It creates a sinking anticipation that the service will be as mediocre as the branding. I really hope not. Update: The app is broken. My trips won’t load; can’t pay for a property; host phone number is a wrong number. When it was HomeAway it was so much better. Now it has lost my confidence. Avoid..Version: 2022.05

First time userThis is the first time I have used vrbo. I use air Bnb very regularly. I am frustrated because I have sent several messages with no responses.Version: 2018.18

Horrible processI tried to book this property several times and it kept giving me an error saying that the rates had changed and it would not let me book. I was on the phone with Vrbo three separate times and each person told me to do something different. First it was I should use a PC instead of a Mac. Then it was the fact that I was trying to book with an American Express card and they told me to use a different card even though it states clearly on their website that they except American Express. They finally told me to send an inquiry directly to the homeowners who then sent me a payment request. I tried to complete the payment request and it gave me additional error codes the first two times and then finally went through on the third time. We booked a different house for a couple of days on our same trip through Airbnb and had no issues at all. As a vacation rental home owner myself renting through Vrbo, this is very concerning to me. This, in combination with the shotty customer service we have dealt with in the past has finally made me decide to switch over to Airbnb. Can’t believe Vrbo is even still on the grid as I’m sure I’m not the only traveler/homeowner who has experienced this nonsense..Version: 2020.25

Don’t use this companyHaving just spent 3 days trying to sort out issues I’ve had with a fake listing I would advise anyone not to go near vrbo. Thankfully we didn’t pay any money as I had some suspicions about it but the scammers looking for details did get some information and we have been very disappointed. This site is dangerous and irresponsible. I would recommend going to a reputable company to book a holiday with real listings and good customer service..Version: 2022.02

Very limited featuresThe basics of the app work well enough, but searching is waaaaaay more difficult than it needs to be. There are several filters you can apply, but they have no persistence. If you do a filtered search, switch to map view, and accidentally hit “search in this area” (because it isn’t automatic) twice, all your filter selections disappear. If you create a “board” to save your favorites, don’t assume it’s saving your filters too (other than date, although click around a couple times and that disappears too....) So if you add properties to a board over a couple days and then want to compare them, you’ll need to re enter your filters, and look up each property again separately. If you don’t, you are looking at the price for a single adult, no pets, which can be hundreds of dollars less than say, four adults, one kid, plus dogs. I know they think I’m more likely to book if they present me with more options, but if I’m planning to travel with my family, I’m planning to travel with my family. Period. I’m ACTUALLY more likely to book if their app is easier to use than Airbnb, but this app is not..Version: 2020.10

Be very careful of FraudContacted them about a listing and shortly after got a separate email from the “owner” of that listing mentioning our inquiry and so we booked using info in his email. Turns out it was a scam, so someone from VRBO or the listing on VRBO provided him with our info as there is no other way they could know that we had just inquired about that property on VRBO. Our friends had the same issue only lost their money because they paid via e transfer. Listings on this service are actively being used as scams, if you book make sure you do so directly on the app, keep record of your communications and pay with something that offers you fraud protection..Version: 2022.11

Not had a good experienceIn theory this should be great but from my experience I have tried to book accommodation 3 times now and I’m not staying in any of them. First the owner asked me to cancel the booking as they were selling the property but hadn’t taken it off. They lied, they still have it listed but with an increased price. The second and third have never responded within the set 24 hours... Totally useless....Version: 2021.02.1

Abuse seems to be toleratedJust bumped across a listing that said it’s fully available over Christmas. So I booked it. The owner provided instructions to communicate outside the app’s messaging platform, only to then tell me over the phone the property was not, in fact, available as shown in the app. He then told me to cancel my booking, which the app warned me would cost me 50% of the rental fee (as the booking date is less than a month away). I had to call the owner and get him to cancel the booking. I don’t understand why this is so hostile to users, but after this stressful experience of having done nothing wrong and finding myself with no booking and feeling lucky I didn’t lose money too, I won’t be using it again. Nightmare!.Version: 2021.23

Unsatisfactory dealingWe used this company to book an apartment in Seville on 7th October for the chance to take part in my first triathlon on the 9th October. When we arrived at the apartment the woman in the reception told us she didn’t have a booking under my name. We explained money had been taken from our bank to pay . We would have liked to have spoken face to face but she refused to come down stating I didn’t have a booking. We had to drive back to Gibraltar and return to Sevilla on Sunday morning after little sleep to take part in my first triathlon. Very disappointed with this company.Version: 2021.20

The platform & the worst customer serviceAvoid VRBO at all costs. The customer service does not help you AT ALL. When all things are leading to the booking clearly being a scam, they make you wait PAST the time of booking to handle the problem. Left stranded with NO place to stay the day and MINUTE of check in, they offer no solutions, creating immense stress and no problem solving skills. Every single thing is preventative and the VRBO team does absolutely nothing to help you. You will be left with no place to stay..Version: 2022.03

REVIEWS ARE LIESAfter using Vrbo for my first time I was extremely upset with my stay. Hotel was dirty, the room was cleaned twinge and still was dirty, extra fees that where not stated by the owner and after leaving the owner a 1 star review he went and trashed my name. I couldn’t even defend myself from the review left by the owner. If Vrbo looks into the last 3 people who stayed with this owner. All 1 star review. The worst part is the property owner was so disrespectful in his review. I had to sun it my review 4 time before Vrbo would let me even post it. Stating it’s against their policy to report pricing on specific hotel. If I was a customer I would want to know that the hotel charges an addition $60 a night after paying all the fees and taxes on Vrbo. They charged us for towels if we swapped them out, got charged for toilet paper, they charged us for blankets on the pullouts. This wasn’t stated in the contract. Then the owner on top of it all state in his review that I should stay by the freeway where it’s cheaper. It’s not about the money, it’s the fact that he’s not stating the extra fees in contract. The owner is a liar and Vrbo has no support to remove his review. Crazy how mine got kicked back 4 times at that point most of the things I wanted tot state in my review where deleted. I WISH THEY LET YOU REVIEW THE OWNERS WITH THE TRUTH. THEY DONT!!.Version: 2020.25.1

Stick with AirBnBWe had a few different places rented in Dahlonega GA for our wedding in April, some on VRBO and some on AirBnB. When the quarantine began in March I cancelled all of my bookings. AirBnB immediately processed my full refunds and had an excellent response to the changing needs of their customers. VRBO on the other hand has really dropped the ball. It took them weeks to process my refund and I had to get the owner to actively help and make sure that I got my money back. VRBO only has chat support and the operators have no idea what is going on. Even worse, my father also had rented a property through VRBO. He wasn’t lucky enough to rent through and honest owner like I was. The owner took advantage of the lack of communication between the company, the owner, and the renter and told my dad he would have to book a new date before the original date could be refunded at 75%. So my dad rebooked first the end of May and the original date was never cancelled or refunded. Now that the quarantine is going to last through the summer he is stuck with a second booking that the owner and VRBO refuse to cancel and refund. Save yourself a the headache of poor customer service. Don’t use VRBO. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. Stick with AirBnB..Version: 2020.09

Poor sign up / login processNot a very user friendly login or sign up process. Couldn’t get past front screen.Version: 2021.19

AvailabilityIts really annoying when properties are listed as available when they are not..Version: 2019.17

No ProtectionsIf you use this app, know that you have only one recourse when things go wrong- to leave a negative review. That’s it. My wife and I recently rented what was basically a small hotel room in a desert community for over $200 a night. We made a two night reservation but could only handle one night because the air conditioner didn’t work. It was 95 degrees outside and started at 81 degrees inside. The a/c unit blew hot air after the air passed through insulated duct work. We contacted the owner who said we needed to use the thermostat properly. It was set to 68. We asked her to send someone over to take a look. After hours of back and forth texts, the room was 83 degrees at 6:00pm with no relief in sight. We notified the owner we were leaving. Some time later, she finally agreed to sent maintenance but we were a well into the six hour drive home. We asked for some consideration from the owner considering the room was barely habitable with zero response. Don’t use this app. Go with a company that will protect the customer. Even VRBO will tell you that, if the room isn’t as advertised (such as no air conditioning in the desert), write a review. Again, that’s your only option..Version: 2021.16

No auto-complete? No Apple Pay?Paying was a bit of a disappointment: I had to type in my credit card details and address like some kind of early 2000’s web user..Version: 2021.11.1

PricingNot too happy with the booking process. My property was listed at $1200 but the website wouldn’t work and I had to download the app. Price went up $400 in 2 minutes. I’ll stick to other sites in the future..Version: 2022.10

Totally unreliableThis app has a super disorganised back end - I was trying to book a house for hours and kept getting wrong pricing, houses that were in fact booked but showing available….then comparing some properties to the same ones listed on Airbnb and seeing them on VRDO HUNDREDS of dollars more expensive! Avoid. Stick to airbnb if you want to know you’re safely booking reliable accommodation..Version: 2022.1

Needs updatingGood app but crashes or loads and then shows a blank screen too often. Especially when needing to read messages or process payments..Version: 2021.23

Can’t open MessagesI can’t read the messages between myself and the owner of my booked property. Sometimes it lets me open them and sometimes it doesn’t. Today I managed to send him a message and then got a notification of his reply in the form of a badge on the app icon which I’ve been unable to read now for over an hour. The messages page just flickers and doesn’t load. Getting very annoyed with it now..Version: 2021.09

High Point Rosemary FlWent here on April 2nd - 9th 2022 for Spring Break. Had gone previous year so went back to same place to stay. This trip was different as far as the stay. They hired new security guards that made it feel more like a jail than vacation. We were not allowed any guests to come visit us in our room or any areas on the property. We rented bikes on the property and because they were left by the door the bikes were taken and put into a locked gate but no one let us know where our bikes had been moved to. We lost a couple of days of our bike rental because of this. A security guard there took two of our bands from us so we had two people that couldn’t get in or out unless someone else was with them. The security guard told us that the owner would have to come to get the bands back. We called the property manager right then to let them know. I was told a few days later by the property manager that the bands were lost or misplaced(by the security guards) but they wanted me to replace two bands at $300 after there insurance claim that I purchased beforehand was denied. In my discussions with the property manager I was shamed by her and told to stay somewhere else from here on out for something that wasn’t my fault. Needless to say this was $9000 for one week. Irresponsible security guards and property managers. Very disappointed..Version: 2022.07

Very disappointedOur experience was completely and totally terrible when we arrive to the Resort the computers were down and it took them an hour and a half to be able to finally give us our apartment opening it with the security guards key this was at 11 o’clock at night we were we did not arrive in our room till 1230 after that the next day when I went to get our keys they claim that we were not there registered the Night Shift had not communicated with the dayshift so our experience was that they nobody knew who we were we were able to finally get into our room when they finally gave us keys again the following day and when we arrived in our room employees of the of the resort we’re doing laundry in our washer and dryer inside the apartment without all of our belongings there the following day when we arrived back in the hotel again our keys did not work and again they claimed that we were not registered there they requested an extra fee that we had to pay after all these problems and us with a handicapped child with us what they offered back to us was $100 which I thought was completely horrible my experience at this resort was terrible in my experience with the people that are managing it is also terrible since they did not have our back beware be very aware of what if you book here.Version: 2022.05

The worst customer care everI booked a rental based on the pictures and that VRBO gave the host a “super host” designation. When I arrived the apartment was moldy and the Furniture and bedding smelly and old covered with fresh bedsheets. I contacted the host and he refused to refund. I checked out anyway because it was unsafe for us to stay due to the mold. We were planing a 3 week stay. I called VRBO stayed on waited for an agent for 30 minutes then waited for her to resolve things for 59 minutes. At the end all she could offer was 100 EUR for “minor problem”. I would never use this crappy company again and would never recommend it to anyone..Version: 2022.12

They are canceled 2 days before booking timeAfter paying full payment to reserve a vacation with my family and taking off from work they cancel the booking because of plumbing problem.Version: 2022.10

ConfusingBooked what looks like a lovely property (we haven’t gone yet!) and added insurance cover, just in case! Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find out if the insurance has been added! I don’t seem to have paid for it so far and have had no confirmation that it has indeed been added to the booking. Contacted vrbo 3 times through chat and the adviser ended the chat twice whilst I was still typing (different advisers too!!) On 2 occasions I was told to contact their insurer, which is irritating as it was added as part of the vrbo booking! And to add insult to injury the phone number they gave - gave a message saying I couldn’t be put through!! So who knows if the insurance has been added or I will be charged nearer the time of our trip! Hugely disappointing and I would be reluctant to use these guys again, even though they have some lovely properties!.Version: 2021.17

Full of bugs and owners reluctant to refundFirst and last time to use this platform, bad user experience, inbox always fails to load messages, I had to cancel my booking within the 100% refund window and it’s up to the owner of the property to approve the cancellation, still waiting for my refund, after a few messages the owner became unresponsive and Vrbo failed to obey its own T&C. Very disappointed and annoying experience, I do not recommend Vrbo in any way, travellers are not protected by this company.Version: 2022.03

UnreliableThis is the second time I have been involved with a booking that has been canceled at the last minute. I have had to rebook costing me several hundreds of dollars more. I think there should be some compensation as it seems that this is shady dealings going on over there at VRBO. I will be writing negative social media reviews regarding this and in the future will advise anyone to stay away from VRBO. I would expect a response and compensation!.Version: 2022.11

Do not useI booked a villa in Portugal last January for May 2020 and have been unable to go due to Covid I have tried to change the date this May as still can’t legally fly. I have been told they would contact the owner and get me some nee dates at no extra cost and I have now been told by Algarve Vacations that there will be an additional charge for the week and a 150 euro admin charge. No cancellation is possible!!! Please don’t waste your money and go on a atol registered site.Version: 2021.05.1

Correspondence when a problem is terribleThey take commission from both owners and travellers and do very little to help when things go wrong (see other reviews on sister sites). Would definitely NOT recommend this company. We lost hundreds- our deposit and the lack of correspondence from homeandaway (one of vrbos sister companies) meant we lost chance to change our flights. When the owners didn’t respond in midst of lockdown, the only help was for them to call the same number ... but take 3 days to do it and state Covid-19 is an act of god. You have to chase them up to get any answer and no help when things go wrong. Would never book with them again. Understand things go wrong, but farcical help..Version: 2020.21

HORRIBLE BOOK WITH CAUTIONThis app is not as secure as Airbnb we booked an apartment with a person that ended up scamming us by not refunded our deposit. The key that was given to us did also not open the door to the apartment building. We tried to contact the owner but it went straight to voicemail. We then contacted the app company and they was useless and did nothing. They definitely need to update their security policy..Version: 2021.12.1

Slow with poor usabilityNeeds attention from an expert UX designer.Version: 2021.24.3

Terrible CompanyMade a booking. At checkout price was indicated in CND. However, upon checking my bank statement I was charge in USD (eg. shown $500 CND but charged $500 USD). Reached out several times to bring this to their attention but was given a number of irrelevant explanations. At one point they even tried explaining the concept of currency conversion and told me I should discuss any issues with currency conversions with the bank😓. Next, I was told that I should contact the host. In the end I was told that they would not honour the posted price because I didn’t not have a screenshot of the checkout window for my booking. I didn’t anticipate having this issue therefore I didn’t think to take a screenshot of the checkout screen. Vrbo is unreliable and they have poor customer support should you have any issues. You’ll be given the runaround. I had 3 dropped calls which would constantly cut out..Version: 2022.05

ScammedRented a condo with bay tree condominiums in Port Aransas through Vrbo. I had a night shift at work so I skipped my 4pm check in for an early am check in the following day. The room was horrendous roach in the fridge, dog hair all over the bed, dirty showers. The room looked nothing like the pics would leave you to believe. It was worse than a motel and what I paid for they stay was just unacceptable. I kindly let staff know I would not be able to stay and requested a refund by front desk for the dirty room. I was lied to by the host Deborah that they didn’t offer refunds so I had to call Vrbo and argue with the host who was extremely rude while speaking to Vrbo on the phone. I was given every excuse as to why the room was dirty and my pictures of the room were brushed off. Took a 4K pic of the roach in the fridge and host tried to tell me it was a piece of old lettuce… I got a partial refund. They had they nerve to take a cleaning fee and service fee out of my refund for a room I never stayed in and that was never clean… Vrbo also won’t post my review of the property. If you look at their Google reviews they have a low rating but they don’t tell you the full name of the property until you rent. They just try to lure you in with picture. Vrbo allowed the host to to essentially be paid for below par service and lies. I’ve used rental services before but I don’t think this company is worth trusting..Version: 2021.18

Disgusting customer careWe have booked accommodation in Edinburgh and found ourselves in a flat with stained pillows and duvet, left us being passed around on the phone, having to tell our issue’s to several people and after over an hour have hung up on us without any help or anywhere clean that we can stay.Version: 2021.24.1

DisasterWe reserved this property for a family reunion one month ahead of traveling. At 9:02 A.M. on the day of our scheduled arrival, we received a text from Chris, the owner/host,explaining that they were unable to host us this weekend because the management software DOUBLE BOOKED THE PROPERTY!!! At this point, our dogs were already at the kennel, and the car was loaded for departure. The host was not sympathetic, but he gave us a phone number for VRBO’s customer service for stranded travelers. (Seriously? Does this happen a lot?) VRBO was UNHELPFUL, saying that they couldn’t help us find another property, but we should book hotel rooms for the family and send them the receipts. This wasn’t a good solution for our family reunion , so we wasted four hours calling everywhere and finally found a property with Vacasa to accommodate all of us. It was an extremely stressful experience and terrible start for our family trip which we had planned one month ahead. To add insult to injury, during the long weekend we continued to receive emails from VRBO, “How was your first night? Did you find everything OK? Christopher” The next day, “We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay at the Ranch” with check out instructions. What a mess! Beware of reserving this property, You may become a stranded traveler on your day of arrival. Never again..Version: 2021.20

Customer service is horribleThe customer service is awful. We rented a property through VRBO and there were many things that were in the ad and weren’t working or provided at the property. I contacted VRBO before the trip with the owner telling me there were things missing and they said once you’re physically there, get in touch with VRBO and they’ll find you a new place. We get there, I waited on hold and had 2 separate conversations with people who ended up disconnecting the call with me. They refused to help in any way. VRBO is quick to take your money but slow to help you when they promise beforehand. I will never be using them again..Version: 2021.24.2

Buttons don’t workI’ve been trying to view the check in instructions and the “View instructions” or “contact the host” button just won’t work, what’s wrong with this app?.Version: 2022.11

TERRIBLE customer service.My mom listed a house on here. At first she actually loved the website and how easy it was to navigate everything. But she had an issue with the calendar she needed to call customer service for. She gets on the phone and stays on hold for AT LEAST 1 hour. After someone finally answers, she explains the situation. The lady on the other end of the phone couldn’t solve my moms issue. She kept my mom on the phone for a stupid amount of time and put my mom on hold again. When she returned and tried again, she still couldn’t get it. She told my mom to hold on and it sounded like she was doing something on the other end. When my mom spoke again and said that the same problem was happening on her airbnb, this lady HANGS UP. I was literally astonished. She kept my mom on the phone for hours trying to fix the simplest issue, and when she failed she hung up right when my mom was speaking. My mom had to call again and stay on hold for another hour, when someone answered her again. Took them a long time to fix the problem but they eventually got it. Still furious from the disrespectful lady hanging up on my mom. Do better Vrbo..Version: 2022.10

FraudeFirst they booked me and then they cancelled me and now they are saying that the funds they will return me after 15 days..Version: 2022.11

Bad ServiceI booked a room with this company. My card was charge twice. I immediately file a report about a duplicated transaction. I was told the refund will take three weeks because of COVID. I was already disappointed, but I understood COVID makes everything more difficult. I waited the three weeks and decided to called. I was told they need to call the hotel to confirm my transactions. I kept going back and forth between this app and the hotel for two weeks with no answers and no refund. After the 5th week I was told Vrbo will not be responsible for the refund because it was Expedia who was in charge. I never made no deal with Expedia, but I was stock with them. Once again, I spent hours calling and asking for answers every call was at least 1- 2 hours with no answers. At the end this company blame the hotel and they blame Expedia. The hotel blame Expedia and Expedia blame the hotel. Bottom line I am still stuck with out a refund and no one wanting to take responsibility for the transaction. This is the first and last time I would ever use this app. Their customer service is horrible and I wasted at least 20 hours trying to fix something that it was not even my fault. Bottom line I paid twice for my same room. Saving a little money cost me twice as much the money I was planning to spent. This is so disappointing 😒..Version: 2020.15

Don’t use - worst customer serviceWe booked a place and it happened to have mold and no AC after advertising they had AC. We had to leave and book a hotel nearby. We reported this issue to the company and after being one hour on the phone with the company, they didn’t reimburse us. Since then we have tried to get reimbursed and the customer service keeps on telling us to call back in 2 days to get an update. It has been over a week. UNACCEPTABLE.Version: 2022.12

Very bad serviceI booked with them and when I reached location no one answered my call and then they said we can’t do anything my whole trip is spoiled because of vrbo thanks to them not recommended to anyone.Version: 2021.11.1

Scammed by ownerI have been using VRBO for several years and never experienced what I did this week. We rented a place that looked very cozy and relaxing. I always read the reviews and take that into consideration when renting a place. The reviews were good. We got to our house and found it to be NOTHING like the pictures. It was very cluttered with junk on the outside and the “yard” area was very crowded with stuff and not a welcoming relaxing environment like we were expecting. The front door looked like it was 200 years old and very heat and sun damaged. I’m sure it would not take much to break down the door. The “neighborhood” was very trashy. We definitely did not feel safe there at all. I called the owner and told her we were not going to be staying here based on what we observed when we arrived. She went on to tell me how much she paid for the place to buy it and fix it up. She did not acknowledge anything I was telling her. I have pictures of the way the house looks in person. Not even close to the ones posted. We asked for a refund and she said she would consider it if she was able to re-rent. I am very disappointed in VRBO that they would allow this host to rent this place and on top of it all she is considered a premium host. I will not be using VRBO in the future..Version: 2021.11.1

Use any of their competitorsHighly recommended that you avoid using vrbo and use ANY one of their competitors. Our group of 10, which was inclusive of individuals who work as first responders/essential services (nurses, teachers, seniors care, firefighters, lawyers and law enforcement corrections) wanted a deserved break/kid free weekend and decided to book a property in early December when the region we were staying in was still in the “green zone” and allowed indoor gatherings. However, due to the uncertainty of future events, it was confirmed in writing by the owner of the property that if for some reason he could not rent to our group due to government mandates, that we would be issued a credit and allowed to rebook for a future date! When the covid lock down occured and the "stay at home order" was imposed in Ontario, we attempted to reasonably come to a resolution to rebook for a different weekend, which was previously stated by the owner to not be an issue. But to our surprise, the owner went back on his statement and instead told us that he didn’t offer refunds or rescheduling and that he would not allow us to rebook for a different weekend as previously stated because “he could still honour our booking and recommend a one household limit” (even though he charged us for 10 people) and that we would be responsible for any fines issued if we were in violation of the rules. He then suggested that we cancel our booking (no refund) and rebook a weekend that worked for us (charge us another $2,100) so that he could attempt to rebook our dates and only offered us a “chance” of receiving a refund based on the funds he could recoup. We were then threatened with fraudulent claims that we would be held responsible for damages to his property for the weekend we had booked even though we told him we were not coming due to government restrictions. I contacted vrbo multiple times to get help in resolving the matter and on many occasions I was either hung up on or disconnected from the chat. They didn’t want to deal with any of it. They also just kept saying they can’t change the cancelation policy, which I wasn’t arguing with them. I was arguing the fact that one of the owners they advertise for was going back on a written agreement that was in place before I booked the property. Needless to say, they did nothing. Their customer service is a joke. Following our weekend, in which we didn’t attend, I received an email from vrbo to write a review. So I reviewed my negative experience with the owner and how useless vrbo is in resolving any issue and to use caution when booking a property through them. I then contacted vrbo after 2 weeks of not seeing my review posted and was told they rejected my post because “you didn’t stay at the property”. So I wasn’t allowed to review my negative experience with the owner (to warn others) or with them as a useless company because “I didn’t attend the property” which I wasn’t legally allowed to do...I also asked to put in a complaint about the owner they advertise for and was given an email that doesn’t even work. In conclusion, I would avoid using vrbo. If it was so easy for this one owner to get away with taking money from travellers and not receiving any help from VRBO in rectifying the issue, I would assume that it is common practice..Version: 2021.02.1

Horrible AppThe app takes very long to load, to change dates took me over 1 hour and it didn’t show up on the app, when the property Owner said it was available! I would not recommend booking with VRBO it is very frustrating and time consuming. Nothing shows up in the app correctly..Version: 2022.10

Host cancelled on us the day beforeI get an email saying that the host cancelled our booking a day before we were suppose to check in. She messaged me and said “sorry for the inconvenience” and that was it. She stopped responding to me. I tried calling Vrbo to see if they could find us a different property since they have a “rebooking specialist.” I was on the phone for over an hour and was hung up on twice. Basically they said they are not able to rebook until the day of the original check in date, which is ridiculous. They said the rebooking team would contact, I asked to be transferred immediately, and they stated they couldn’t do it. I was trying to be proactive and send them listing in the same area that could accommodate our party (16 of us). There were 2 at the time when I first checked. I have 3 families flying into San Diego, for this booking. 2 families were literally on flights while I was trying to get the problem solved. Now I have to tell them we still don’t have accommodations for tomorrow. And one of the properties that could accommodate us was also just booked. At this point we have to wait til tomorrow to see if they can rebook us. Avoid this company at all costs..Version: 2022.11

Vrbo will scam youIf I could rate them zero I would. They literally stole >$6K from us. We booked a property on the platform in Mexico for a family vacation. Got confirmation from Vrbo of instant booking. Only a few days from the trip still zero communication from the property owner with confirmation of how to access the property. Vrbo says their policy is owners must respond within 24 hrs or be kicked off the platform. It’s been 7 days and no contact. So I guess good for Vrbo that they can kick off a bad owner. But we have talked to Vrbo customer Svc for hours a day for multiple days and they just say pound sand, zero refund offered for us even though we paid for something that they can’t deliver on. They also charged a $500 service fee to use the platform and “protect us”. They laughed at us when we asked if they were at least going to refund that since they didn’t actually do anything for us or provide any actual service. They told us our only option was to actually go to Mexico and they would accommodate us if we got there and had no place to stay. Yeah right! Who in their right mind would travel to a foreign country with young kids with no confirmation that they had a place to actually stay?!?!? Total highway robbery!.Version: 2020.25.1

AVOID!The app is full of scammers & the customer service is the worst thing that I experienced in a long time. If you see this review don't use this app to book, I'm saving you troubles, money & wasted time!.Version: 2022.05

Not as good as its predecessorNo longer able to search with minimum or maximum price range, got to use the generic search then hope to get what your look g for by manually looking at each and every property available until you get your your look g for. This would be so much better is you could eliminate anything below or about your price range..Version: 2021.02.1

AVOID VRBO!!!Used to love VRBO until recent buyout by Expedia. They couldn’t process a simple payment on my recent rental leaving me scrambling to contact the owner myself. Multiple calls and online chats ended every time with promises to get back to me, elevate it to tech department, a resolutions department etc. All went unanswered. No responses until I re-initiated contact. Their final resolution? PAY THE OWNER DIRECTLY IN CASH!! Spent 3 days of my “vacation” travelling across a Caribbean island to meet up with the owner and pay him as much cash as my debit card would let me withdraw each day. On the third day the bank flagged my card due to multiple large cash withdrawals in a foreign country. 2 hours on hold for that.... I have used AirBnB as well with NO issues whatsoever. They have my business now. VRBO - never again. Cam I give Zero stars?.Version: 2020.05

Got scammed and terrible customer service.Let me start with the fact that we got scammed out of a place to stay for our first vacation since the pandemic. We arrived on location and had to call support as we couldn’t get into the property. Secondly, once we got in contact with support, we were on the line for about 2 hours back and forth. Finally after many of calls and e-mails we were told we would be accommodated for 2 nights and another booking would be done for the other 2 nights. Second night comes and goes and we have to check out of the place they gave us for 2 nights, called support again and was told that they couldn’t do anything until 1-2 hours before check out. So basically we had to run around in a car hoping to get an email or call back regarding our stay for the other 2 nights we will be in town. This has been the worst experience of my life regarding booking a place and the fact that we were not accommodated for the full length of our stay from the get go is absolutely unacceptable. I would never use this booking site ever again and would recommend anyone who is trying to simply not do it..Version: 2022.10

Greedy ScammersVRBO refused to issue a refund after i was unable to travel due to Covid19. They would not assist in any way and their live chat was frequently disconnected by the chat agent anytime it was convenient for them. Do. Not. Support. This company..Version: 2020.06.1

VRBO has literally the worst App and website in Internet HistoryYou cannot change your email address/contact info in either their app or on their website. They tell you to contact them but contact is thru a chat robot that cannot provide assistance unless of course you want to book something. Only option is to phone them where you sit on hold for a couple of hours - all to make a email address change!!! I mean, what company does this nowadays?.Version: 2022.11

Doesn’t load properlyThe messages in the app don’t load, I inputted the dates and then the confirmation was different- had to message the host and hope the reply comes via email as well.Version: 2022.02

Could use some workUse of the app is okay. Does not save my trip boards and creates a new one (which later can’t be found under trip boards) every time I want to save a property. I do not like the fact that there is no way to contact a representative from VRBO directly in the app. It takes you to the website which then takes you through a maze to locate contact information. I also didn’t like that you can’t see a list from the map view when you “search here” you have to click on each individual price bubble to preview listings. I had an issue with a host canceling a day before I could no longer receive a 50% refund. In my opinion it is really unfair for me to pay half price for a place I never got to stay in and had to find something within a week before my departure. I reached out to host to confirm well before the cut off date with no response up until the message that they could not accommodate me and would issue me a refund. All I got was 50%. I booked in July and it is now October if that gives you a timeline. Just be wary if you don’t get a response from a host. Make sure you confirm your stay and even then there’s nothing to stop them from suddenly saying they can’t accommodate and you losing out on your money..Version: 2021.19

Don’t Take A Chance of Losing Your MoneyI have NEVER left a bad review on anything. Ever. But I refuse to keep quiet about how screwed over my family was by this company. My family of 10 (3 families) were booking to go to a family reunion. A week out from our date, which by the way we paid in full in February and it’s now July, our host cancelled our reservation saying their “renovations were not complete”. Sounds like a bunch of bogus. I was returned our full refund (well hopefully, we will see in 5-7 business days if it actually hits our account). VRBO website states that they will help accommodate you if your host cancels. The recommendations they gave us were FIVE HOURS AWAY and you had to cross into another country. Unacceptable. Their website also says they will help to pay the extra if the place available to replace your cancellation is more. However, the customer service representative that was no help to me at all informed me that the policy only applies for host cancellations if they are 24 hours. So this company announces to their hosts that if they bail on the customers within 24 hours, they will bail them out. This is NOT how you create loyal hosts. This is how people get screwed over. Save yourself and your plans and stick with AirBNB..Version: 2021.12.1

Despicable CompanyThis is an Expedia owned company that didn’t help us out when we weren’t even allowed to leave our country to travel to our rental property during the COVID-19 pandemic. Greedy owners took all of our money, and VRBO just stood by and supported them. AirBNB did full refunds for their renters - they get ALL my business from now on..Version: 2020.06.1

Horrible refundsThis was my first experience using VRBO. So I booked a place for 5 weeks and paid for it right away. Turns out there was a glitch in thier systems that allowed double booking at the place that I had prepaid $3200 for amd it is not available. The host issued the refund right away but for some reason VRBO is going to take 15 days to process my refund. Why? You took my money right away why wont you give it back? Now I still have to find a place to stay while NOT having my $3200. I am in such a bind right now because of this. Stick with Airbnb. These guys have put me in such a bad position. Dont know what I am going to do now 😡 I need a place to stay and now I dont have the funds to do it. I do NOT recommend these guys at all. If I could give zero stars I would 🤬.Version: 2022.05

Oops!For a couple of years now, when I try to access my bookings in the app, I get the “Oops! Try again” message. So frustrating. Never happens in airBnB app so what’s the issue here, VRBO? I just access my account via Safari now..Version: 2020.01

Deceived by Property owner and VrboWe planned a girls trip to Dallas and we were so excited to get here. We booked what we thought was a beautiful location. I reviewed this property several times because the pics were so nice. We arrived Friday to a house that was nothing like we saw. We entered the home to see a BIG tacky board sticking from under the carpet. It’s covering a hole in the floor. There were air conditioning units in the window which was not a issue but it was hanging out the window and anyone could just come up and do anything. Take in mind again all ladies not safe at all. The house is beyond outdated for what we paid. Back yard looks like a construction site and we were planning to hang out side but not at that place. We had to go book a hotel in the downtown area so pricey yes. We proceeded to reach out to the host/property owner name Jerri and she proceeded to hang up in my face. We called VRBO and all we get is back and forth between the 2 and everyone wants to email. I will be contacting a lawyer about m refund since neither can seem to do anything about this mishap. I even sent a video of the place and the VRBO employee was agreeing the place looks nothing like the pics posted. VRBO allows these people to post deceiving pics so these places can be booked and upon arrival the customer is scammed. Bad business and trust me I will be going up the chain and this was my first and last time using VRBO!.Version: 2021.12.1

Florida emergencyBooked a house through Vrbo, the house manager has been mistreating me ever since I had to relocate. Booked July 17- 22 sunseeker house VRCC. The air broke on the 19th, maintenance man came in and said he was there last night with the same problem! He told me to ask to relocate through VRCC. When I did that he becameAbusive and stopped talking to me. My elderly mom turned 72 on the 18 th. She has congestive heart failure and is on her second pacemaker. I got no help , options or recommendations from VRCC or Vrbo. I was forced to figure it out on my own, with very little money. I was blamed for breaking the air and called a lier ( that the maintenance man never said he was there last week) mind you I have witnesses! At that point I was ghosted! Left the Vrbo at 5:30 the 19th. I was there less then 48 hours. VRCC said they provided and in stalled 2 portable air units. That is a lie! One portable air unit was in the garage ( red flag) I installed it in the room my mother was being held in. 90 degrees in the whole house! I would love help getting a refund! VRCC is not communicating with me! What do I have to do to get some help!? I got 2 insurances when I booked it through Vrbo. Please help Sincerely, Rebecca Just trying to spend some quality time with my mom! Tomorrow isn’t promised!.Version: 2021.16

Booking Reversed by HostThe host said he didn’t know how our confirmed booking of his place ‘got through the system’, so he asked that we reverse it. Something is wrong with the system..Version: 2022.11

Unacceptable customer service experiencesThe app is okay at finding rentals. However, my first experience with VRBO was so terrible that it will certainly be my last unless they improve their customer service support and fix their cancellation policies to protect renters who get ignored by the rental owner/manager. We unfortunately got a rental that was manage by someone who did not respond for days. I VRBO directly first through the website online chat support, which seemed to be positive, but then I was told to call the corporate customer service hotline number to speak with an agent to “escalate” my grievance about the lack of communication from the rental owner/manager. Because of the lack of contact from the manager and a negative review on the property I was confused about how to proceed and whether or not this rental was legit or a scam. I requested to cancel, and the manager finally responded by cancelling the rental and keeping the $1,700+ for 4 nights. So now we are out $1,700+ and have no rental! The agent from VRBO kept referencing policies and sounded cold and unable to make any changes or even partial refunds. At times, the agent could barely be understood. The customer service was abysmal at best. Apparently, VRBO does not do a good job at quality control and keeping property owners/managers in check to ensure customer satisfaction and good communication..Version: 2018.20

Issues with appThe app is super flaky, I booked a rental and it told me twice it couldn’t process my credit card and then. I suddenly got an email saying I was confirmed and it was paid. Now I have messages from the owner and I can’t open them in the app to respond. Pages in the app regularly just sit in a state like they’re trying to load but never display anything..Version: 2022.02

TerribleTerrible app. How can I close my account?.Version: 2021.12.1

Worst song play on addU must change this add or song what a worst song ever heard what the hell is being sung.. did u not pay the singer or get him free service for u.Version: 2022.08

Over chargingI just lost my condo and scrambling to find something. Vrbo charged me 500$ when I changed the date to arrive 2 days earlier. Keep in mind that I paid already. Not impressed.Version: 2022.11

No customer supportWas scammed by an owner at the outset of the pandemic and VRBO did nothing to support..Version: 2022.1

Full of promise but disappointingThe site frequently fails to load properly despite me restarting iPad and only running Vrbo. Clearly got some good properties so disappointing to find it is slow and frequently fails.Version: 2021.21

Can be slowPrevious 1 star as couldn’t access payments via the tableview; tapping it did nothing. However having tried a few times it did eventually work so maybe a slow connection. However no spinner or visual indicator that data still loading in. Either that or it’s flakey UI....Version: 2021.05.1

Great until you do a cancellation!Good app, easy to use, easy to take your $ for deposit. But if you cancel within all regulation, they app sends you to the landlord to duke it out! So be ware, landlords are not always forthcoming with your deposit.Version: 2022.12

User un friendlyThis is a terrible app. For example, it’s impossible to view the accommodation you’ve actually got booked, or a past accommodation?? Why?.Version: 2022.09

Review system and customer service are terrible.I had a very nice experience with a stay where the owner was very fair and refunded me. Vrbo had not refunded me yet so I hadn’t thought to review the stay until that was completed. Then received notice from host that they reviewed me and would like me to review them. I tried to give them the glowing review they deserved but the system didn’t allow it because my stay was two weeks prior. I did a chat with the Vrbo service team to fix the issue and that went nowhere. Then I had 4 calls. The first call they verified who I was, put me on hold, then 30 minutes later I hung up. The second call they sounded like they were outdoors in a hurricane, after multiple attempts to confirm my name they verified who I was, put me on hold, and 10 minutes later I hung up. The third call they verified who I was and said they can’t do anything and when I asked for a supervisor they hung up. The fourth call they verified who I was and said nothing could be done. I’m simply trying to review the host. I’m not trying to get any personal gain out of this but I give up. They need to improve the review system and check their service team for quality control. A lot of wasted time..Version: 2021.22

Don’t even deserve one starBooked a room with a vendor and then decided I needed a bigger room so I booked a bigger room with the same vendor and requested a cancellation on the smaller room. A month on, hundreds of dollars spent on international calls to Vbro, the smaller room is still not cancelled. Worst part is that Vbro team hangs up on me when they don’t know what to do!!!!! All those security labels on their site are a SCAM!!!! Buyer beware!!!!.Version: 2019.14

Two Terrible ExperiencesMy husband and I go to Las Vegas every year for CES in January. In 2019 we reserved a two bedroom, 2 bathroom condo that was very close to the LV Convention Center. The place smelled, there were burnt-out lights, the blinds in one bedroom fell the middle of the night and everything was worn out, i.e. the bedding, kitchen cabinets. For our trip in January 2020 we made a reservation for a condo at the Jockey Club. On December 9th we received a message that our reservation had been cancelled and a refund was being sent. It is very hard to get a decently priced room during the week of CES, which is why we always book early. My husband contacted VRBO. They said the owner is not allowed to do that. They tried to reserve another condo for us and said they would pay the difference. They also told my husband that if the owner didn’t respond within 24 hours they would call him to help book another place. They didn’t. We will never book a place to stay through them again and are telling everyone we know. BTW, a friend of mine who goes to Hawaii every year has had several people tell her about the nightmare experience they’ve had with VRBO. At least two of those said when they arrive at their destination, found out that the place they had paid for was rented out to someone else..Version: 2019.26

WorthlessApp and company are both worthless. Will not refund any amount or allow you to reschedule a booking even during a global pandemic. They could step up and force the policy but refuse. Use AirBnb at least they actually care about people..Version: 2020.05

NEVER AGAINThis company has a major error in there REFUND policy if your CONFIRMED and PAID in full reservation is canceled by the host or any reason You will NOT receive your refund for upto 5 days So if you happen to need that money to pay for a new reservation we’ll according to VRBO that’s Just to bad you’ll have to sleep in your car when u get to we’re your going now or on a park bench Ya NEVER AGAIN ….Version: 2022.11

Can’t load messages!!!Whilst this is a good service the app itself is rubbish. I can’t load any messages and get the check in details of my accommodation. Luckily I have the owners phone number from a previous stay otherwise I would be screwed. Please fix up your up VRbo.Version: 2021.24.1

Buggy website, buggy applicationI’ve had the most frustrating experience trying to book a property. I found a fantastic last minute stay that we have been so excited about throughly their website on browser. I booked it about 7pm last night. After putting in my credit card information I got a spinning wheel of death that took forever then timed out and told me error. So I went through the booking again. It spun forever again, then told me the property was no longer available. So I wonder if I booked it or not? 3 hours later I got an email saying my request has been submitted. So I download the app so I can get updates. The app is SO buggy and I can’t access the messages to message the property owner. It’s been almost 24 hours and I still don’t have a confirmation. At this point I don’t even trust that the owner has been notified. I seriously would have thought that a company owned by Expedia would have a better user experience and be better developed. Come on Expedia, build a better product or get out of the rental business. If this property was on AirBnB I would be able to move on with my vacation planning by now..Version: 2022.02

Bring back HomeAwaySince the app switched over to VRBO, the search facilities have become a nightmare. Despite having the instructions on how to sort, you can’t..! There are fewer filter options, and generally it’s just not as user friendly..Version: 2020.23.1

Do not trust, you might be recorded for your entire stayVRBO has an explicit policy that hosts are not allowed to have outdoor audio or video surveillance unless it is explicitly on the listing. We booked a 3 months stay and our host has a doorbell camera and audio recording device that records all of our conversations in the living room and kitchen areas of the apartment and observes us anytime we come in and out of the apartment, which is located in a secured building that has plenty of professionally monitored surveillance. VRBO decided that it is ok for the host to violate the policy and that we cannot leave unless we forfeit the $8k we paid to stay here. Huge violation of our privacy and literally ruined our honeymoon. We are under stress now daily and cannot wait for our holiday here to end. In addition, the host harassed us by asking for documentation for our service animal, had a camera inside the apt which he eventually let us take down, told us we can no longer get mail or packages after the incident, and tried to intimidate us by threatening to send the police on us if we refuse to be surveilled by him. He also lied to us by saying that the recordings are monitored by a team, only to later say that only he has access to them. VRBO continues to ignore our case, and insist that he is in the right. Never use them. They are horrible. If you have any problem, you are screwed..Version: 2021.01

LESS THAN ONE STARI recently booked travel through the APP to stay at a cabin in Asheville,NC. The process was very easy for them to book my stay and the money was sent immediately upon reserving the cabin. I also purchased their “cancellation insurance policy for 45$. When we realized we could no longer go on our trip I called VRBO to cancel. They told me they can not cancel my booking and the insurance policy was through a company called CSA. CSA travel insurance claims have to be filed online and you will be waiting weeks to hear back from them. The process to file a claim is the worst I have experienced. The other option was to call the booking agency for the cabin itself. I called them and they would only refund 50% of my money even though I was cancelling months in advance. They said they had nothing to do with VRBO or CSA travel insurance. VRBO is racketeering with CSA travel to have you pay travel insurance then making the process ridiculously hard in order to receive a refund to make you not want to cancel through them and they still keep their profit. VRBO is fast to take your money but provides little help when you need to cancel. In the military I have travelled for 15 years using various apps and this is the worst one I have seen thus far. CLICK AWAY!.Version: 2020.05.1

Cannot exit go back from photosWhen reviewing any accommodation and clicking on the images the app does not allow you to “go back” to the previous screen/page. This means you have to exit and terminate/close the app and restart it. Very annoying. iPhone 12 max latest iOS..Version: 2021.24.3

App always lags when trying to messageM sages always take forever to load.Version: 2022.09

Predatory BookingI booked a rental through VRBO in March 2022 and made the first payment on April 1 of $223. I was told the remaining balance would be due on June 10 and it would be around $1500. However to my surprise after attempting to make my payment over the phone with the actual rental agency I was notified that the total balance was more than $1700. I was told that in an email it was made clear to me that I would have this additional charge that I would have to make, however it was never explicitly stated (and I spoke with the rental company a handful of times since I booked to clarify details!!!). In addition to that, the invoice went to my spam mail (of which the customer service rep at the rental company stated “happens often”) and was told there wasn’t much that could be done and it was VRBO’s fault with their marketing. It’s quite unfortunate to me that VRBO would market in such a way that is harmful to the people booking with them, but that’s exactly what happened to me. Now I’m being forced to pay a service fee to the rental company in addition to the service fee I’ve already paid to VRBO in order to book - when none of this was explained upon booking. It’s predatory. Think about the people that can’t afford to pay the “hidden costs” associated with booking through agencies like this. Wild!.Version: 2022.11

Be careful.Even though the VRBO app may show that a place has availability on the calendar, and you book it an put down payment , down, does not mean you have it! I did this only to be told the next day that someone else had booked on another App, for a longer period so my short stay trip was not accepted any more by the owner, after it had been confirmed on the VRBO app. So on cancelling one day later my refund was reduced by $81.00 for something that was not my fault. Felt like ripped off! Terrible way to do business..Version: 2022.02

Not impressed so farI previously used HomeAway so this was my first experience with Vrbo. The website is not well designed - requires repetitive activity etc. The booking terms say that property manager had 24 hours to decline booking - I hear back after approximately 40 hours declining booking..Version: 2021.10

Virbo condo owners cancel at own willBooked a $200 condo in Edmonton, a month in advance to watch soccer game with my son, a block from Commonwealth stadium so watch for this listing. Owner cancelled the rental for no reason the night before our flight. Sent a message asking why, no reply. He probably got a better offer for more $$ from someone else attending the game. So much for planning. So much for the owner being an honest person. There’s no regulation with this Virbo I won’t be using their service again..Version: 2021.22

Good app could be better....Found the app easy to use until I wanted to see the property details. Many of the pictures out of focus (on so many properties). Hard to see the actual property when searching. Owners need to share more pics about location so you can gage exact locality. Scrolling your chosen area challenging. But saying that, found a great place that is not on the usual platforms I have historically used 😊.Version: 2021.05.1

VRBO should be ashamed of themselvesNot only do they have the worse email and the customer service is operated by a computer that answers question by a computer. We had to take my mom to the hospital and I tried to contact the owners multiply times. I’m beginning to think that VRBO does this on purpose. Do not go with this company and Expedia has dealings with them as well. I’m going to contact both companies and delete my accounts from both.Version: 2022.1

ABSOLUTELY UNPROFESSIONAL & DISGUSTINGY stay started out okay until day 4 and flying ants began to crawl in through the patio door… IM TALKING 60 or more!!! The property manager responds to everything until an actual problem occurs. I was told maintenance would be sent on march 3… after reaching out numerous times and having to contact “vrbo” customer service, maintenance was sent on march 9th, after I had already booked an early flight home due to being bitten in my sleep & I was officially FED UP. Maintenance confirmed they’re was a nest of flying ants & were able to get in through crack of door which isn’t aligned correctly. The kitchen sink has a dead smell on the side with garbage disposal any time you turn on faucet, also doesn’t run hot water! ONLY COLD. Had to clean some dishes in bathroom sink. I’m The property manager stopped responding, Wouldn’t even answer when “vrbo” reached out about the situation… also refused to give me a refund. I have submitted all evidence and pictures that I have. I will never ever book with vrbo again if this how they allow property managers to treat you, Airbnb would never! Worse booking of my life, ruined my whole trip. Please don’t waste your money with these people. I left my stay 3 days early and have yet to hear from them till this very moment..Version: 2022.05

Poor serviceDON’T BOOK WITH THIS COMPANY. This app used to be HomeAway. A break was booked and paid for in 2019 for the break in 2020. Covid and Lockdown arrived so we couldn’t go. No refund was offered and break was delayed until 2020. Without our knowledge this company increased the price which they asked us to pay for in 2021. We refused on principle and asked for a refund. The refund was supposed to be paid within 21 days. It is now over 21 days and we are still waiting for our money back. VERY POOR SERVICE..Version: 2021.17

BewareWe rented a home for vacation. On the date we were due to arrive, we hadn’t reviewed arrival instructions. We attempted to contact the property manager multiple times. No return call was received. It was getting late and we were traveling with a family so we contacted VRBO. We waited more than an hour for a response from them. When explained what happened, they said they would have to transfer us to the “escalation team” 45 minutes later we spoke with Israel. He was rather unapologetic. Eventually he booked us at the Comfort Inn. In the morning we received an email from the property owner explaining the property had been sold for a year and that he notified VRBO when he received payment and they responded “that’s your problem”. I then contacted VRBO support and spoke with Sebastian and he saw the owners email and notified me there was nothing he could do until the person managing my case returned to work. He refused to transfer me to a manager or anyone else saying he was not able. Currently, I’m out $2,500 without a place for my family to stay, far from from. I have used VRBO for the past 10 years, both as a guest as well as a home owner. This will be my last booking..Version: 2021.22

Booking confusion on daily rental pricesHad to clear up why two varying prices for nightly rate..Version: 2022.12

ConfusingCompared to Home Away which this company took over, this app is very poor and not easy to use. You can’t for instance delete properies that you have looked at but not saved so you end up with endless properties on the board. I would prefer to search for properties using the ID as an option and much easier to save which if I recall, was available on the Home Away app..Version: 2022.02

Bad servicePlease DONT book with this site, i booked and paid in full for a holiday, which in the mean time the owner decided to sell the property. So I went through Vrbo for help to get a refund and they would not help me. Just kept saying you have to arrive on the day of your holiday and let us know your stranded and we’ll get you another replace to stay …. were rude to me on the phone kept ignoring me and going quiet and said I should just hang up. Awful experience with them avoid !!!.Version: 2021.22

Do NOT use VRBOWorst ever! They don’t screen their hosts properly so I was renting a unit from a gal that they called a host and wasn’t. She was renting a SUBSIDIZED unit based on her income then was turning around and renting it through VRBO. I had about 10 cases open and no one was resolving my issue. I was walking around on eggshells the entire time I was renting the unit making it extremely uncomfortable. VRBO didn’t care at all. In fact I contacted VRBO on numerous occasions with no resolution and then the day after my check out date I finally was able to get a hold of someone and they said they couldn’t do anything for me because I already checked out. They literally sat on my case until I checked out knowing that they couldn’t do anything and then it was up to the owner to give me a refund. Of course that never happened because I exposed her to her property management company. VRBO is only in it for their hosts. They could care less about the traveler. I switched over to Airbnb and any issues that I have a resolved immediately by eight professional and English-speaking customer service team. I’ll never use Vrbo again. Ever and I’ll tell everybody I know not to go through VRBO including hosts and travelers..Version: 2022.02

FIX YOUR EMAIL VERIFICATIONHow is it that, when you sign up for VRBO, you can take someone’s money without verifying their account first? My personal issue was that I signed up through Facebook (which had an old email from college attached to it). Without knowing, I booked a vacation and gave a deposit, but then I was not able to verify the trip because the verification email was sent to the old email. Therefore.. I could not cancel my trip, I could not verify my trip, and yet you guys still took my money! I THEN had to go through a two hour process of talking to customer service people that were not able to change the email, but rather took me through an arduous process of connecting me with the property owners (which did nothing the first go around). I eventually had to call and cancel the order myself through the property people outside of VRBO, re-create a new account, talk to the property owners that I was re-booking under the same name, and then wait for the money to show back up in my account (still waiting). One of the most ridiculous experiences I’ve ever had trying to book something in my life. If it wasn’t for it being a timely manner I would’ve definitely looked at other options. Figure it out VRBO. And spare me the “we apologize” response with a contact number to call. I’ve had enough time on the phone with your “professionals”..Version: 2021.24.3

VRBO and the hosts are terrible to work withI have had great experiences with Airbnb and Casago, in terms of customer service and flexibility. I booked my reservation with VRBO about 45 days before the trip and included the wrong dates. VRBO offers no cancellation refund within a 60 day window! Airbnb offers 48 hours to make changes! It says it is up to the host’s discretion after that. I emailed the hosts at Bella Sirena (will include their names later), less than 24 hours after I booked with them. They initially said they would allow me to change the dates. Then after sending some new dates, they changed their mind and said we could not change the dates!!! I paid over $1200 for this stupid 3 day reservation. The owners said they would refund me the $200 cleaning fee if I wanted to cancel, but would keep the other $1000. Remember, this is less than 24 hours after I made the reservation and it is up to their discretion. After the back and forth and my frustration, the owners asked for an additional $500 damage deposit!!! As if I’m going to damage the property. Never use VRBO! Always use Airbnb and Casago. The site and owners have always been helpful and they have reasonable cancellation policies. I have never been so disappointed in a company!.Version: 2022.08

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