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Penny Finder App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2024

Penny Finder app received 13 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Penny Finder? Can you share your negative thoughts about penny finder?

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Penny Finder for Negative User Reviews

This app used to workI had this app a year or 2 ago & although i never found any of the items in the store the app did work as described so i just re-downloaded it but it doesn’t work at all. Opens to a frozen screen. I forgot that i paid money for this app back when i first got it cause it doesn’t show me that now, but if you haven’t paid for it yet, id wait till the most recent reviews say that it works bc its a total waste of money at the moment…..Version: 1.8.7

Great app, but new loading issuesLove the app, used to use it all the time, but now the Penny List won’t load probably 90% of the time. Haul wall is fine, loads quickly as usual. I’ve reinstalled, cleared other apps, nothing is helping and it’s becoming very frustrating, to the point I can’t even use it as a tool in stores anymore. I can’t even get it to load at home most of the time to add or verify items anymore. Nothing has changed on my end, so not sure what’s happening..Version: 1.8

Dont waste $2.99I can not believe I fell for this. What a scam. I seen a post about penny shopping. Looked into it and this app was the app they said to use. As soon I downloaded it I went to all FOUR Dollar Generals in my town. NONE of them even carried the products shown on this app. Dollar General has a double clearance section. Items that were on clearance and didnt sell get an even larger mark down. Often one penny. All this app does is have ppl scan those items and post they got it for a penny. Odds are the item they got was the last one that exist. You could be in the store an hour scanning random clearance items. What a waste of time. This app is a waste of money and borderline scam. Save your $2.99 and just go follow one of those pages were people like to brag about what they bought, then go look and see if your local store has it, odds are it wont..Version: 1.8.7

Not worth itEvery time I try to use this app it freezes continuously !!! I have deleted an reinstalled numerous ti Es same issue I will be requesting a refund not worth the 2.99 if it doesn’t work!!! the photos of the items this your purse to be for a penny are very blurry and extremely hard to see unless you actually click on it and then try to zoom in on the first page where the listing should actually be able to be zoomed in so you can see all the items in the actual list instead of having to click on them individually this makes it harder and takes a lot longer to find an item.Version: 1.8.5

Not worth itThis app ONLY relies on the members that post a picture of their Penny find. And if you do find a penny item by the time you get to the store, it will be gone. Because the users on here are greedy and will buy up all of the penny items. Example one person found Hostess For one penny and she bought over 50 boxes. A full shopping cart. The Penny Finder is very very limited depending on your location and how the appearance of the store and workers are. I Find a simple Google search will give you the same information as this PAID App will give you. Now on the other hand, yes you can find and get a penny deal from using this app. Only if another person uploads their find and shares that information with you.Version: 1.7.9

Miss out if useera don't upload itemsIf you want some old penny items, this app can be helpful but you will never get a new item! This app only works if app buyers upload their confirmed penny items! Many times I've had new penny items in my hand but after scanning in the app it tells me "No" only because no one has uploaded it! So....for the new items it's not helpful, and if users don't upload this app will never be successful. I paid a 1.99 to keep this app in business by uploading what I find, and to hope others upload their finds?! However I have found older penny items i.e., pink dot, gray star f16 but the top groups are more helpful for new items. We need more users for a successful app as well as a price check scanner for regular priced items..Version: 1.5

App is getting worseThis app used to be very good and reliable. But now there is no enforcement of the rules and several times I have scanned an item and it matched as a penny according to app but rings up full price. Pictures in the haul no longer are just penny items. There are people who just post any items purchased regardless of the price and even random pictures of people, questions, or people posting personal items. Please monitor like you used to! I rarely use do to the lack of maintenance of the app..Version: 1.8.7

Highly disappointedYes! I never leave reviews, but I will for you. 1. This app never works that well. 2. Because of your fb community page. I was removed from, because I asked the question to someone about bragging about clearing items for 70% off, ON A PENNY PAGE. FB has a page for clearances. Yes penny shopping is a treasure hunt. But these post aren’t necessary like you found a treasure. Oh my sweet mercy, people! The store will help you find these sales, they normally have them sitting right in the front. So why do you need to post them on the PENNY page, when they aren’t a PENNY? And it’s a normal sale, what treasure did you find? Really people, let’s be realistic. Bragging about a store sale and getting 80 candles at 70% off on the penny finder community isn’t something to brag about. On a penny page, all I want to see is your PENNY FINDS!!!!!!!!! Not your clearance items..Version: 1.8.7

Not usable - freeze frame constantly - disappointmentI recently purchased the app and the purchase was far easier than the viewing of any items, Hauls, updates or even what features and options are available to use are not visible because of it’s NO load! It’s not worth the purchase price. The reviews although I read them before I purchased; are true. This is NOT a user friendly app. Don’t waste your time to purchase. I have seen more loading and the same pic in a freeze frame mode than by far any real use of trying it for myself. WoW, bummer and such a loss of money! I really wanted to know what value the app adds. I will just have to imagine through all of those that found $2.99 purchase price and beyond possible. The best to all of you in your shopping and I hope this helps you avoid the mistake I made in the purchase..Version: 1.8.7

CrashingI paid the $2.99 to Download the app today on my iPhone. I have been trying to get on it for a few hours. I click on it, it opens and then it closes. It’s done it about 10 times. I’ve restarted my phone and nothing happens. I have checked to make sure all my apps are undated and even removed some of my apps on my phone just to be sure it wasn’t full on memory. I wonder if this is just a fluke and maybe they are updating the app on their end. However it would be nice if the app would mention that or even if there was a area where it shows it loading. I am excited to use this app, I really hope I am able to get it to work..Version: 1.8.6

DO NOT BUY!!! Use the DG app to scan any item!!!Updating my review. There is no need to buy this app anymore! Download the new DG app. At the bottom it says list, click list and it will let you scan any item and show you the price even penny items! I still have issues with this app crashing all the time! It’s not worth it nor is is needed anymore! I have had this app for a while! It used to work just fine! Now they switched to a new server (so the said) and the app never works! I was suggesting this app to everyone for a while! Bought it for my husband, my daughter and my Mom! Since the update none of us can use it! It either doesn’t load or takes forever to load! Once loaded you can’t get the scanner to work! Useless app! I have tried to contact “support “ which just goes to the Facebook page that they won’t let you post on and will not answer private messages. Wish they would read the reviews, they probably don’t care!.Version: 1.8.7

Doesn’t work, no response from help ticketOne the one hand, the app is unnecessary since DG has a scan option that you can use on products in the store to check the price. On the other hand, it would be convenient to know what to look for ahead of time. The app was inly a few dollars, so I purchased it. However, it does not load and does not work. I tried deleting and reinstalling, refreshing, w/ wifi and with cellular, in store, out of store and nothing seems to help. I submitted a help ticket and received zero response. For those who it happens to work for, fantastic. Based on my experience I would say don’t waste your money..Version: 1.8.7

Love this app when it worksThis is a great app to find penny items at the Dollar General. However, it locks up on my phone all the time, does not open OFTEN. I have to restart my phone and other apps make it work. It’s slow working as well. My phone is fully updated and works well with other apps. Needs improvement but when it works it’s great. Something new is it locks up and has to be forcefully shut down when scanning consecutively. Wish this worked better..Version: 1.8.4

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