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PictureThis - Plant Identifier App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

PictureThis - Plant Identifier app received 99 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using PictureThis - Plant Identifier? Can you share your negative thoughts about picturethis - plant identifier?

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PictureThis - Plant Identifier for Negative User Reviews

Very unethical!!!It is like a scam, they charged $45 fir an app which says its free!!! Stay away! Do not download!.Version: 3.3.1

Seems US plant based, less useful in UKMost plants and trees I try to identify using this app seem to offer only a native US option, which I know isn’t growing in, for example, a deciduous wood in Scotland and are wrong. I then don’t use this app, but have to revert to google/books to try to work out what I’ve seen. If the AI of this app is after data from non-US plant pics to be corrected by users, that’s great for its eventual usefulness, but not so good for anyone outside the main data set right now. Also, the trickery of the almost invisible link option in the top right hand corner of the landing page, to cancel buying the premium option is appalling. Be upfront and honest about it - don’t try to trick people into buying the premium version of your app..Version: 3.22.1

7 day free trial?So let me get this right, you offer a “7 day free ‘trial’” but the consumer has to cancel 7 days before (ie on the very day they download the app) if they don’t like it, ‘not’ to be charged for a full year? That appears to be within the small print of your terms. Is that correct? If that is correct, that is an illegal use of the term “trial” because it’s ‘false and misleading’ to consumers. There is no 7 days of trialing the app. If you don’t like it and don’t cancel on the very day you’ve loaded it, you’re charged it appears according to your terms. Right? Have I missed something?.Version: 3.13

Free trial is a fraudApp works great but when I signed up for the free week I was charged for a year long subscription..Version: 3.4.3

Bad Apple ...do not download this app...I cancelled this app 2 days into my 7 day free trail, and received a message saying I would be contacted within 24 hr to confirm my cancellation. Email recieved, confirming cancellation, but still charged $30 au after the 7 day period. Apple should not allow there app developers to get away with having cancellation conditional in 24hr via email. I am very unlikely to ever download anymore apps from the App Store, all trust gone in a company who allows their loyal patrons to be ripped off in scrupulously. I used this app twice, not that impressed, demand my money back..Version: 2.5.4

DisappointedAfter reading many reviews on this app, I was disappointed with the overall performance. There doesn’t seem to be consistency with the basic information presented ie- plant height can be displayed clearly and easy to locate sometimes, where other times you have to read paragraphs of information to find this information. There are also tabs for ‘more’ which leads to a subscription that I’m not interested in, rather than displaying the additional information. Unfortunately I’ll be deleting this app and trying a different one..Version: 1.30

Took payment without noticeI installed the free app with a one week free trial yesterday, today they took $14.00 from me and I never accepted anything I even deleted the app because it wasn’t what I wanted!!! And no email confirming the subscription that I never agreed too and how do I delete the account when it doesn’t exist?.Version: 3.5

Totally Deceptive PracticesIf you need to be so deceptive to sell your incredibly overpriced subscription ($30 per month? Seriously? Twice the price of a basic Photoshop subscription ?!😂😂😂 Who do you think you are?!🤨) your product is obviously not good enough to sell itself. User be warned: this app is a classic money grab. Regardless of the functionality of your product, your sales tactics are despicable. You deserve no stars. Unfortunately, I have to give at least one☹️ Response: For an app, $30 per year is still way too expensive. Comparative and significantly better developed apps cost half that to buy outright. You’ve over valued your product. Further to that, trying to sneak in the most expensive of your subscriptions is just deceptive. This is blatantly clear from the feedback. Aside from all that, you probably have a decent app, but it gets lost in the cash grab, which builds a chasm of distrust with your potential customer..Version: 1.22.1

Always the same answerI’ve taken several pictures of different plants with problems; they all look different and yet the diagnosis is always the same - brown spot, always brown spot. Some of these plants don’t even have brown spots. It’s annoying because I’ve paid for premium and the answers don’t even help. I really want to to help my plants so I google the issues to find the answers..Version: 3.5

Could be betterWhilst the app is correct maybe 60% of the time - it is often wrong and does not give you the opportunity for you to tell it it is wrong, or to ask for it to try again. Also I think it would be useful for the app to take note of where you are. It often misidentifies Australian natives as exotic plants. I feel sure it could improve by taking feedback on every plant it ‘identifies’ and collects info on what you think it might be if you believe the app to be wrong. There are so many plants in the world the app can never have enough training!.Version: 2.6.10

Deceptive sales tacticsSo disappointed with the way in which you get caught paying the full subscription! They send a beautiful email with great superlatives in the first paragraph thanking you for giving them a try but then they have at least 6 paragraphs of waffle about their app before they get to the all important information of how to cancel! It is implied in the first paragraph that they have received your notification and I believe it is reasonable to believe that that is acceptable notification! Deceptive and sneaky! I too would have not even given 1 star!.Version: 2.8.1

Sneaky opening page but useful appReally hate the way customers are duped and misled into clicking on something they didn’t want as there looked like there was no other option. If you click the big green box of continue - you find yourself almost getting into subscription costs for the app which could have been used for free if you’d seen the tiny ‘cancel’ in the same colour as the background in the top right corner of the screen! A lot of non-tech-savvy people who genuinely don’t have the money, or want a simple use app could be easily caught out by this. Is this what developers pray on? Some of us just want to know whether that new growth is a weed or not. Or even if the app is worth the subscription or not - let us try it first before we decide! 2 stars given for this reason. Otherwise app is easy enough to use, has some helpful descriptions and advice and seems to be quite accurate overall. Shame I’ve spent most of this review being annoyed by the subscription catch rather than reviewing the actual functionality and use of it..Version: 3.21.1

If I could give 0 stars I wouldThis company pretends that you are registering for a one week subscription, and then without confirmation or notification charges you for a whole year at 39.99 without consent. The language they use to get you to sign up is false and in no way would I ever have clicked on a subscription for 39.99..Version: 3.5

Not FreeNot a free app. Can’t open unless sign up..Version: 3.52

This is not free & should be stated upfront.I downloaded & then only choice was to use for 7 days or subscribe..Version: 3.6.1

#1 among all education apps? You’ve got to be kidding!A plant identification app has one primary purpose: to accurately identify plants. This one doesn’t. I live with a plant professional with over 35 years of experience. I purchased the app two days ago and since then have taken 48 photos of plants in our yard. Of these, Plant Identifier has accurately identified 20 of them. I took photos a second and third time at different angles and distances. In several cases, the app would come up with a different identification of the plant in the photo each time the photo was taken, but with another wrong identification. In some, the IDs were not even close to the correct name of the plant. Not only that, but few of the plants I’ve photographed have been identified by variety—the most important way to compare plants within a particular genus or species. But with Plant Identifier, every snake plant is identified as just that, “snake plant,” no matter how different the many different varieties look from each other. For those of you who thought you were purchasing a great plant identifier app, think again. Many of the plants you have identified using Plant Identifier have been misidentified, if my average so far of less than 50% accuracy has any merit at all. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a professional who knows the plants you are adding to your collection, as I have, I am sorry to have to tell you that you have purchased a bum steer..Version: 1.34.2

Misidentifies plants despite premium accountFor a non-free and pretty expensive app, it consistently misidentifies plants in CA. For instance, it has no idea what safari red leucandendron is and with clear pics, thinks it’s crimson bottlebrush or a form of asparagus. It also is terrible at knowing subspecies of plants (it can barely identify my lime tree and gets the subspecies wrong—sometimes even thinks it’s a plant from another genus!). There are even a few plants in my yard that are yet Unidentified because it wrongly identifies them every time. CA plants and plants common to this area aren’t picked up by this app well at all. I only know its identifications are wrong because of the accompanying pics of the example plants look NOTHING like my plants and a google search confirms this. Really disappointing and I won’t be renewing this app. The plant has to be VERY common and widespread for this app to be correct. Also, tried to use the diagnose feature but because of the disease on my plant, it wouldn’t even identify my photonias correctly! What a mess. Is okay at identifying SOME trees and worse at shrubs/vines/flowering plants. Waste of money, unfortunately..Version: 2.1

DeviousPictureThis tries to trick you into subscribing. The welcome screen, for instance: the button to buy is huge and labelled Continue. The button to cancel is drawn as disabled, but still works. My advice is to steer clear. PlantNet is a lot less devious..Version: 3.6.1

Difficult to unsubscribe - BEWARE THIS APP!!I wanted to trial the app and now can’t seem to unsubscribe. This is super dodgy especially when you consider how expensive it is. When I go to unsubscribe, you have to enter an email address (why?? Nobody else seems to need that) and then a message says “we’ll get back to you within 24 hours”. What???! Just cancel my subscription now! I’m shocked Apple have let this one into the App Store when unsubscribing is deliberately made difficult or not working, or whatever is going on there. Apple, remove this app now please.Version: 2.5.2

Good but annoyedThis is quite a good app. It is fairly accurate but not 100% of the time. The annoyance came when I thought I would only be able to use the app for 7 days as it is advertised as a free 7 day trial. When I deleted the app it prompted me to manage my subscription which I did, unfortunately I didn’t realise that I had already been charged £20 for the year. Then, reading reviews, it seems that I can use this free for as long as I want but this is not made clear. This app needs to be clearer that you can use it for free with certain restrictions and much clearer that if you do click start the 7 day trial, you need to cancel the subscription before the end of the 7 days. As I have subscribed I have reinstalled the app but I most definitely will not be subscribing again..Version: 1.32.3

No correct answers from two photosThe first photo I took was incorrectly identified so I still have no idea what it is. The second photo was of Italian parsley. While the foliage is very similar to the ‘identification’, they are clearly different plants because Italian parsley doesn’t have flowers, just seed heads which look in no way similar..Version: 3.9.1

SubscriptionsI am very disappointed and frustrated at this point. I downloaded the App then deleted the same day off my phone as it wasn’t an app I wanted to pay for. However even though I never subscribed, $34 was deducted from account and I they won’t refund the money. I have been charged for an App I don’t have. Be very careful when downloading this app..Version: 1.15

Try to cancel but couldn’tThis program was not what I was looking for and deleted the App The Bill still came.Version: 3.6

SCAM & FALSE ADVERTISEMENTI downloaded the app, went ahead with it since they offered 7 free day trial before being charged. I was charged RIGHT AWAY. I wasn’t even given the chance to see if I like the app, let alone change the subscription payment method, I canceled the subscription as soon as I downloaded to avoid accidentally getting charged before deciding if I wanted to keep the app, and nope that was taken from me and was charged right away despite being advertised free 7 days. This is ridiculous and false advertisement and because of that I don’t care if the app is good or not, I had my money basically stolen from me. Hopefully Apple will refund my money. I would have given 5 stars but I don’t appreciate people who lie and steal. Simple as that..Version: 3.5

To cancel before before chargedWhere on earth is the cancel button on this app. I feel like I was sucked into trial run for 3 days before being charged 24.99. Now that I want to cancel the option to easily do so has disappeared..Version: 1.33.5

Unclear subscription statusI downloaded the app thinking it was free and then I discovered there was a 7 day free trial period after which it sounds like a subscription kicks in. It is not entirely clear whether this is automatic or not. I am not interested in taking a subscription by default, so have spent too much time going round systemic loops trying to cancel a subscription that I may or may not have inadvertently signed up for or be getting by default as there seems no simple mechanism for cancelling the trial. The subscription does not show up anywhere so following one of the threads I contacted the company directly by email stating clearly I was two days into a seven day trial, I have deleted the app and informing them I do not wish to have a subscription. The reply was a sales pitch, trying to persuade me to sign up and the statement that they cannot cancel it their end. This is really unhelpful..Version: 1.32.3

Good informations but wrong plants, wrong matchingGood informations but never get the right plants, try 22 plants which I known all their name, corrected only 4 try 13 roses, non of them correctly. But if you get the right plants, you will get the useful details and easy to share on social. Photos looks nice, app is easy to use. I understood that this app have an option for change the results....but if you do not know the name of plant and you hope this app can help you the right name....what is a reason to change the results for? Unless you know the right name and they gave you the wrong name...and when I corrected the name, no results. This app identified my Iris to Indian wood oak! And recommend that iris plants are roots rod! If your photos are common plants such as marigolds, thyme, lavender, mints, azalea..mostly you will get the right answer. Please keeping update...this app will become an useful app. Also a great guideline for the gardener..Version: 2.8.1

“Update to: In-app purchases” translate “subscription required “In fine print below the subscription advertisement that comes up EVERY time I open the app, there is an option to use the “limited” version for free. It is in fine print and a very faded font and there isn’t an X visible anywhere to exit out of the paywall, but it does work without paying. I still dislike the feeling of an attempt to trick me into a subscription on an app that is in the App Store as free with in-app purchases available. I thought I would give this app a chance. Who forgave a couple of plants that they can’t identify? I saw “in app purchases “ listed in the App Store and assumed some basic plants for free and a charge for more complexity. As soon as I opened the app, it asked me to subscribe - with a 7day free trial that I would then, of course, have to remember to cancel. I thought I’d come to the description and see if that was clear and I had just missed it. It isn’t. What I did find were other reviews showing people had trouble canceling at the end of the free trial. No thank you..Version: 3.1.1

It is kind of cheating practiceNot like the way it leads you pay for subscription and auto renew. Kind of using fine print approach. Simply delete it..Version: 3.4.1

I don’t understand these 4-5 star reviewsYes this app from what I’ve seen on people’s phone last that paid for it works very well.. it gives a lot of info on what I wanted which was care and maintenance of the plants, as well as soil needs, sun and zone conditions BUT .. When you install the app you can’t even test it out before paying. Literally nothing in the app will work with out paying .. $30 a year are you kidding me. These developers have gotten insane with this subscription model crap. I just won’t have any part of it any more .. who could own a phone and sit there and pay subscriptions for every app on your phone. I have no problem paying to buy the software outright cause then what does it matter if I barely use the app. But when you have 10-20 apps on the phone and they all want to start charging 10/ month to 30 a year. Do the math no body is going to do that .. we already pay a fortune just to buy these over priced phones and seriously overpriced phone plans !! App subscriptions have to die. I suggest no one buys one and see if we can bring these developers back into reality.Version: 3.9.1

“Free” trial trapI (like others, now that I’ve read the reviews) were automatically set up to be charged the full year’s subscription (AUD$30😱) after downloading the app as what looked like a free 7 day trial. This is a trap for young players😡! How does Apple even allow this?🤷🏻‍♂️ Surely you should be asked at the end of the 7 day period if you’d like to pay for the subscription. There’s even 6 subscription options from $2.99 all the way up, but I wasn’t even asked which one I’d like - of course it put me on the most expensive one. I had to look up online how to find the place to unsubscribe (under my Apple ID in Settings), which I did immediately! This was NOT a good user experience 😞.Version: 1.17

Don’t install, 7 day trial is a hoaxI am very disappointed in this app. I installed it with the understanding that there was a 7 day trial. On the 3rd day. The App would not open unless I subscribed. Also I deleted the App and installed the free version but this company has remembered that I tried the premium version and the free version opens by insisting that I subscribe. Given this underhanded behavior I will not be paying nor using this App.Version: 3.49

Scam AlertUsed once. Deleted app. Charged $39.99 weeks later. In Canada this is known as negative billing which is illegal..Version: 3.1.3

Frustrating!I was so very excited about this App after seeing my friend use it. But when I looked it up it gave me no information on the features of the free version or if there even was a free version. It just spoke of the premium. So I thought premium was all there was and I took the 7 day free trial of premium. I finally read the reviews and looked it up on the web and learned that there is a free version that gives me all I need, and now I’ve just spent an hour trying to figure out how to cancel the premium before it charges me for a year. It’s impossible to find! I finally found the instructions buried in the HELP page, but I followed them - went into settings, Apple ID, subscriptions - and it’s not listed the way it’s said it would be. So I’m stuck: no information on when I started my free week trial or how to cancel the premium before it charges me. And no information on who to contact or how to get help. And I just wasted over an hour. Is there a deliberate attempt to make it hard to get the free version and impossible to cancel the premium? Have no idea what to do next to not get charged..Version: 1.32.3

Not accurateTook 3 pictures knowing exactly what the plants were already to check accuracy. 2 out of 3 where identified wrong. Not good..Version: 1.33.3

Subscription necessaryWanted to find the answer to one plant, but a subscription and CC are required. Quicker to type descriptions into google..Version: 3.6

FRAUDULENT In App Subscription CancellationBEWARE !!! I have previously requested to end my trial account from within the PictureThis application on the 16th of January and have been charged a membership fee. I submitted a support request to have the account charge reversed as I clearly did not authorise the payment, I requested my subscription to be canceled, and my account and data deleted and to contact me when completed. Here is the unacceptable response I received... ——— * START EMAIL RESPONSE * ——— If you were charged for PictureThis by Apple after purchasing a subscription on an iPhone or iPad and would like a refund, you could contact Apple directly. Please note we don't sell PictureThis directly and therefore are unable to do refunds. Ours is like a manufacturer - distributor kind of relationship. It's the same as you buying something from your local grocery store but asking for a refund from the manufacturer of the product. Therefore, only Apple can process refunds for purchases made on iPhone or iPad. ——— * END * ——— I am furious this has occurred..Version: 2.8.1

How do I cancel???I thought I had the 7 day free trial , it charged my account 24,99$ !!!! How do I cancel ?.Version: 1.14

Apps Great, Company is a parasiteSure, download the app, you probably have a curious flower or tree that you’d just love to find out about. Points where they’re due the user interface is great, the app is easy to use and identifies just about anything, even down to the the condition of the plants you’ve pictured. Unfortunately, the free weekly trial becomes a real pain in the bum when they sting you with an automatic annual subscription without a “are you enjoying the app, would you like the paid version?” Sure, I’m not blameless, I could have set reminders, but these people thrive on people forgetting and then it being too late. They know that some percentage of y’all will forget and they grub up those tasty auto-subscribes like roaches in the night. Screw em, send a photo to your grandma and ask her instead..Version: 2.6.3

Good interface but accuracy not great and too hard to cancel before being chargedThis app seemed great to start with but based on my experience so far it is running at about 30% accuracy. Some ID’s are just obviously completely wrong. For others I’ve taken 4 pics of the same plant and been given 3 different results, for others I’ve googled to confirm the id based on the initial result and have worked out that the correct answer is a similar but different plant (e.g. a yellow flower was identified as a yellow trout lily - the leaves were wrong, and that plant was not consistent with my location - but that was enough info to lead me to the correct id of yellow avalanche/glacier lily in the same family). There seems to be no way to either report the incorrect identification or amend the record to the correct plant, which is annoying, and also makes me worried that the app is accumulating a library of misidentified images. Finally, I tried to cancel the subscription several days before the end of the free trial (because I was underwhelmed by the results), but was charged anyway..Version: 2.0

Free Trial? Questionable at best.First of all, I did not even get to try this app because the developers insist that you commit to yearly subscription before you are able to use the app. Yes, I am well aware that you can cancel before the alleged trial is up but I’ve been down that road before and I’ve been burned by it. So the question begged to be asked - if this app is so great, why not give the end user an unconditional trial period? I suspect that most people who agreed to this nonsense will miss the deadline to cancel the subscription which by the way must be done at least one day before the trial period ends and will wind up with a nice $39.00 charge on their credit card. Sorry if I sound sceptical but the whole thing seems to be a pretty good money grab..Version: 3.5

Scam! Will auto charge you a full yearDownloaded this to identify a plant. Said it was a 7 day free trail. It did not identify the plant I wanted, so 30 minutes into having the app, I decided to delete it and went to my phone settings to cancel the trail subscription. The next day(day 2) I was hit with a full year membership subscription without my consent. Even without the app installed on my phone. Do not get this app, unless you are ok with being auto-subscribed and paying for a full year without your consent! Unbelievable. Worst of all, it doesn’t work too well as an App..Version: 1.33.3

Nice concept, poor engine, unclear chargingMultiple almost identical high-quality well-lit photos of the same common potplant gave me Common Borage, French Lavender, Cherry Pie, Bredasdorp Gasteria, Peanut Cactus. I can’t remember what the correct plant name is from when I bought it, but I know these identifications were all incorrect, and a quick visual comparison of these plants to the photos I took show them to be obviously incorrect. The payment of a subscription for a good app providing a good service is a normal and good thing nowadays and the price doesn’t seem high at £20 per year. BUT, there is nothing I can see which easily shows what you are getting for your money. And it’s not made clear you have a choice, or what the unsubscribed users will be able to do. It’s clear to me that a lot of plant experts have been involved in the production of this app. And some of the knowledge articles look well written and informative. But the AI algorithms need to be fine-tuned, since for me false diagnoses on common plants are a dealbreaker. And while transparent clear marketing could actively persuade me to pay for premium, I am less willing when the developers, despite their reassurances in replies to comments a year ago, still haven’t addressed the appearance of sneakiness. Message to developers: this could be a worldbeating app, but I respectfully suggest that your marketing and AI departments need to do some re-design..Version: 3.0.4

Could not cancel prior to the end of the 7-day trialDishonest business practices, reporting to Apple.Version: 3.4.1

Horrible instructions, great identifierThis is EXCELLENT for identifying plants, but their instructions are WRONG & INCONSISTENT! I have a brown thumb so I spent the extra money for premium and almost killed all my plants with their instructions!!! Sunlight & water are practically the two most important instructions for plants and their sunlight is TOTALLY OFF & water is often wrong!! For example: When the plant first pops up listing the care in a graph form, every single one of my 15 plants says something like FULL SHADE and it’s not until you click deeply into the professionals care tab that is a written booklet form that you get the correct care like BRIGHT INDIRECT LIGHT. Every single one of my plants is off!! One says BRIGHT LIGHT then the pro page says PARTIAL SHADE. Not one single plant is correct and even watering care is often wrong!!! I was caring for my plants by the initial & secondary page coming up and almost killed all my plants I got from my mother's funeral…which have so much meaning and sentiment to me. I want to keep these in her memory because she was a beautiful Gardner. I would give 0 stars for their inaccuracy on care but it definitely deserves the 3 stars for identification..Version: 3.4.2

Be forewarned!!!The app is listed as ‘Get’ (no cost), with ‘in app purchases’, but as you sign in, the wording is unclear and the sign in automatically signs you up for a $29/year premium subscription, before you even download the app. When I emailed the company support they took no responsibility for the misleading sign in process and made me go through a whole refund process with Apple. Thankfully, I finally spoke to a human at Apple who acknowledged the issue...and hopefully a refund will be on it’s way..Version: 1.34.2

Not one correct identificationTo test this app, I photographed four Australian natives from our garden. None were identified correctly. While it did a good job with general classification based on plant shape, everything beyond that was very wrong. For one plant, it suggested plants with completely different flowers where the flower size, grouping (photo had clumped flowers, suggestions all had single flowers) and colour (white submitted, coloured suggested) were all wrong. It is impossible to adjust the focus within the app, so I used my photo app to ensure that each specific plant I was identifying was in focus. I also made efforts to ensure plant shape, leaves and flowers were all in frame (plus one where the image focused primarily on the flowers). So with clear, in focus, photographs the app was unable to correctly identify any of the plants submitted (all were falsely identified as European species). Perhaps it will work with Asian, European or North American plants but it is no good with Australian natives..Version: 1.14

Rip offRip off - dont get it.Version: 3.52

Be carefulThis app seems to work well but it is set up in a way to have you inadvertently subscribe to the premium plan..Version: 3.6

ScamI did not agree to purchase this app. Very sneaky and unethical. I meant to download a free app and then it billed me almost $30. Be very careful.Version: 1.33.5

Out of 3 scansOut of 3 different scans the app claimed what I took 3 different pictures of was something different every time when in fact what I took a picture of 3 times was an gimpie gimpie seedling.. the app is correct at get adult plants correct but small seedling plants I honestly wouldn’t bother. While writing I took further pictures of other seedlings just to make sure I was given the correct review that I can say I have given the correct review very poor at seedling ID but correct at bigger plants.. telling someone a small plant is a cress when it’s a venomous plant that can cause serious serious pain should be enough for anyone to avoid this app for small plants that are not developed in the wild however good for established plants but take care for small plants.Version: 3.49

Not a free appFalse advertising. 7 days free then $39.99.Version: 3.51

Way too much moneySo I signed up for a free trial and it cost me 25 bucks to confirm what I thought was an apple tree actually was an apple tree. Next time I will wait till it fruits. Don’t scam people. It’s not right. Your yields will suffer from bad energy. You’ll see..Version: 1.33.5

How to be fooledNice but not free....$25.Version: 1.33.3

Could be betterDoesn’t even give me the right fruit or other options for similar and the app want’s me to start a free trial every time I go back to app.Version: 3.40

TerribleTerrible they don’t tell you the monthly cost before you download it..Version: 1.33.3

Terrible.BECAREFUL BEFORE INSTALLING!!!! I deleted it after 1 day and was still charged $25 (which is a lot for an app w such basic functions)..Version: 1.33.3

Good for identifying, not so much for plant careSeems to do a pretty decent job of identifying plants, although I did take 10 pictures of one of my houseplants and got 4 different answers for what kind of plant it was… I wish the plant care was better with the premium version. The app knows the watering frequency and fertilizing frequency for each plant you save, yet if you want reminders for when to water or fertilize you need to manually enter the information! Other plant care apps have this built in using only the free version..which is pretty disappointing. The AI diagnosis doesn’t offer specific tips for the problems identified, but rather a basket of tips for all possible cause of certain plant problems - which isn’t very helpful. I don’t think the technology is really there yet to provide this kind of information, but the App definitely oversells the promise of the plant problem diagnosis… I missed the deadline to cancel my free trial by a day and am now stuck with a one year paid subscription to PictureThis premium that so far is not very useful..Version: 3.2.1

Great app when walking my dog!I come home most evenings after walking my dog with at least one new amazing flowering plant I’ve spotted and your app has identified for me. Most plants are recognised straight away. I’ve got a colourful garden for most the year but now I’m collecting plants for winter colour next year - I’m really enjoying myself!! Now I need a to-do list built into this app with reminders so I don’t forget when to order plants. Score now reduced to 3 stars because: Sometimes plant identification is incorrect - I want to be able to notify The app if this happens but can’t find how to do that. Also I’ve subscribed for 1 year on my iPhone but I can’t share it on my iPad without a duplicate subscription which I’m not happy about..Version: 1.32.2

Nosebleed pricesThe app worked fine for the introduction, about 6 photos then you have to upgrade to a paid version. Nosebleed prices, run away, buy a book instead..Version: 1.13.1

Charged me money without my authorizationThis app has somehow charged me for a premium gold membership without my knowledge or authorization. I would like my purchase refunded and would like you to make it clearer for future users if there are charges..Version: 3.4.1

Really good but EXPENSIVE $$$$App works very quickly and very accurately but the cost for this app is unjustifiable. Soooo, sooo expensive. Plants are popular these days but this app will not reap benefits from this as it’s sooo expensive. I did the free trial and then unsubscribed. Couldn’t pay $35 a month for this app..Version: 1.19

Don’t do itLatest update: after reading countless other reviews, this has happened to SO MANY people who have downloaded this app. Whoever writes the “developer response” doesn’t seem to care. I have already emailed support with no response. This company is a scam. I have tried every way possible to end my subscription but any way I access my subscriptions, it does not allow me to cancel or end this membership. At this point I am forced to work with my bank about removing the charge. I just wish more would be done so that this can stop happening to other people in the future. I guess that’s how this company makes their money.... *** I have been attempting to end my membership for a week now after accidentally signing up for a premium membership. Seemed like I just picked up my phone and suddenly it was signing up for a subscription I didn’t want. I believe this app made it too easy for that to happen. I immediately attempted to end my membership and after checking my email - it forces me to manage the membership through iTunes. In order to do this properly, I’ve had to remove iTunes and re download it on my computer just to even get to the page they are trying to open from the link in the email. Overall, what I am trying to say is this app is NOT user friendly and I strongly believe they designed it in a way to take money from their customers and make it difficult to get it back..Version: 1.34.5

Annoying pop upsDownloaded the free version of this app during the first lockdown when the pandemic first hit. My husband & I began exploring the surrounding countryside so the app was useful for identifying plants & flowers while out on daily walks. Provides lots of useful information. HOWEVER- as soon as you open the app you’ll be presented with a screen to Upgrade to premium which isn’t cheap! The ‘cancel’ button is barely visible so could catch many users out! Once you get past that & search for a plant you’ll be bombarded with pop ups again trying to get you to upgrade to the paid app. I am not an avid gardener so don’t see any benefit in paying for an app I only use sporadically. Having a pop up appear on your screen each time you touch the keyboard just gets irritating. I’m now looking at other free apps to replace this one as it’s clearly just a money spinner..Version: 3.19

Not very accurateSo I tried this app, and some things weren’t correct. I took a picture of some lichen and needed some help identifying what type of lichen it was. I found this app and I thought “huh I’ll give it a spin”, and used the picture of the lichen. It said that the lichen, though completely covering the stick, was a Black Cherry Tree. I thought, “well, this isn’t right.” So then I was skeptical so I tried a picture of some Star Moss I had found to see if it could be trusted,(I’m a huge moss lover!). So I entered in the picture of the Star Moss and it said Moss Campion. So not 100% reliable, but it did say that the Star Moss was moss, but it wasn’t the right type. I entered in another picture of a mushroom I had found. It said it was a type of tree that stood about 98 feet tall, A MUSHROOM! So I wouldn’t try it. I also saw that the ad was showing the wrong plants for poison oak and ivy and the other plant, but I know poisonous and dangerous things when I see it, and those weren’t dangerous on the ad they were showing. I live in the middle of the country out in Ohio, and I go into our woods a lot. So I know most plant species, like say an oak tree for example, a sycamore, different types of moss like badge moss and star moss and fern moss, etc. I am pretty skilled at it except for the lichens, and fungi, and epiphytes. So I do NOT recommend this app. Consult an expert for how to tell what type of plant it is, not this lying piece of garbage..Version: 1.32.3

What a SCAM!This is the worst app I have ever tried...apart from the fact that I didn’t want nor need this app, I ended up being charged $30 for something that doesn’t work. I contacted the developers to say that I had been charged for a subscription but they still insist I be charged. I had a horticulturist check some of the plant photos in Australia and he confirmed that they were wrong!! WARNING...this is an app that does not work...the way they charge you after a 7 day trial is a SCAM... Please read all the other negative reviews before you even consider trialling this app...what a joke! Don’t trust my review, read all the other reviews by people that have been SCAMMED by this app as well..Version: 1.24.1

They priced me outFirst I want to say I think the app is great. Is it perfect? No, of course not, how many apps are? But I really like the app and found it very helpful. When I originally got the app, you had the option of essentially buying credits. Pay $X and you get so many identifications. This worked for me because I’m not someone who would usually use it enough to make a yearly subscription worth it. If I found I was using it enough, I’d have happily bought a subscription. Since it’s gone to a yearly subscription model I’m going to be, regretfully, deleting the app. As I said, I think it’s great but the sub system doesn’t work for me and since they no longer offer the system where you bought credits, it’s been rendered useless to me..Version: 1.29

Semi accurate and beware of “free trial”I used this app for some succulents and cacti and it was mostly good. It could not differentiate between different echeveria types, which was disappointing. It also has blurry pictures for some of its plants which makes it hard to tell if I’ve got the right ID. It did well with a cactus and another succulent, though. Many people have been upset about the free trial thing. It is very misleading unless you read prior reviews. When you first open the app it will ask if you want to sign up for premium or use it for free. One would think that using it for free just means using it for free, but that actually starts a free trial which apparently is a pain to get out of. If you really want to use the free version you have to click the X in the top right of the screen. You will not have to enter any information and you will have 6 free IDs. I used those up and don’t need more, so I will be deleting the app. I’ll figure out my echeverias on my own..Version: 2.7

Not FreeThis is advertised as a free app. It’s not free. As soon as you download it the app says you need a subscription to use it. I really wish app developers would just be honest. If they said up front a subscription is required I may have subscribed but since they are dishonest and claim the app is free I will not use it.Version: 3.4.2

Lots of Room for ImprovementThe plants recognition is not as precise as I like it to be! Thanks for google finding me the correct name for my plants and at least the system allows me to rename my plants. I can understand the photo taken for the the plant recognition system to work depending on light, angle, distance of the shot ect but it could be better. I also understand lots of people have their ornamental plants or succulent mostly indoor or anywhere that suit the plants. I wish this app also provides guidance on deterrence from stopping animals eating my plants! As most of my plants are outside of the house, some succulent get fully decimated and consumed by Deers or Wallabies. Also understand this may only applicable to some cases to some households. Just a thought.Version: 3.4.1

Picture thisDon’t waste your money on this app, was able to identify only about half my plants and the diagnosis of problems was the same for just about everything noted on the plant. Also very difficult to get out.Version: 3.21.1

It’s ok - UPDATE!!!!!Update: Not sure what’s going on since the recent update but I’m getting no internet errors when I try to complete the tasks. Everything else works as normal. But now I have overdue care tasks on all my plants. I’ve reached out to for help and it has not been fixed. Very disappointing. I paid for a full year so I’ve been trying to stick it out but I’m having to use other apps to track the care of my plants. I’ll most likely cancel my subscription and subscribe to the premium version of one of those instead. Original: Its the best app I’ve found for identification and tracking but it’s far from great. It’s ID’d almost all of my plants as Jade Plants at some point and none of them are Jade. And most of the information provided is the same but has whatever plant you’re looking at inserted. So once you’ve read it a few times you’ll recognize it immediately on each new plant. That wouldn’t be terrible but the same pictures are used for every plant so they’re not really helpful at all. If I’m looking for propagation instructions for an aloe plant, why would I want to see pictures of the process for a crassula? Would also be helpful if you could combine results. I have some that were ID’d as one thing when I first got them but found out they were actually something else recently. It would be nice to combine those results to have an accurate record of those plants..Version: 3.8

FRAUDThey will charge you immediately ever if you take the free trial. DON’T download this! + it really doesn’t work well.Version: 3.4.1

Kinda of misleadingI came upon this App by a short video add. on Instagram. The misleading part comes @ the very start of the add/video!! It shows A picture being recorded threw the App of what is known as a “Tree Cookie” AKA Circular cross section cut of a Log/Tree. Showing every growth ring in the tree from center out. App then tells #1 Age of the tree #2 Type of Tree/Wood thats scanned, & #3 all the things from its Latin name ect. It’s not a far stretch I feel to make an App that does #1 & #3 But I have not found a decent app on the store that does a identifier of Wood sections like there (video) claims. As for the other identifying features in the app like plants, pets etc. I can’t give any feedback on because I did not try after no luck in identifying any “Tree Cookies” I photograph. Still the user interface was very well done and for the most part I guess their advertising was well done because it got me to get the app even though it might be misleading that’s my only negative I guess lol Kinda reminds me of a sports car that looks really good but doesn’t even start up! Lol.Version: 3.15.1

Subscription cancellationI have tried following your instructions to cancel, no luck. I’ve tried emailing you to cancel subscription, it bounced back. There was no wording on App store description that there was a fee associated with your app. I do not want to subscribe and am requesting for you to cancel any subscription you may believe I have requested. Regards.Version: 2.6.8

App is beyond limitedIf I could rate this app with less than one star I would. I started getting into houseplants about a year ago and I was looking for something to help me keep on top of all of the different types of plants and their needs. Since paying for the lifetime subscription, $50, I have lost more than four plants because this app tells me to overwater them. The identification aspect of the app isn’t accurate and I have had to do just as much online research on my plants than I did before I had this app. The app does not take into consideration the size of the plant or your own area, and I live in a very Ehret environment, and just gives you generic watering instructions. There isn’t even a function to skip watering you have to just ignore it if you know your plant doesn’t need water. It took all of the personal and emotional investment I had in my plants and made it technical and disconnected. I could not be more displeased with an app. I have written them feedback and will update this review once they get back to me; based on the other feedback I have read my hopes are not high for their customer service..Version: 3.4.3

ScamYou subscribe to the 1 week free trial and it automatically subscribes you to the 1 year subscription after the 7 day trial. If your 7 day trial hasn’t expired go into your emails and look at your app purchase email. There will be a link to cancel it. Do it before the end of the 7 day trial otherwise you’ll be charged. Thought it was funny it asked for my finger ID to download the “free” version. Total crap. Saw the other review where the person got charged. Glad I got to cancel before getting charged..Version: 1.15

Unable to completely trust the app unfortunatelyI was given a shrub but was unable to remember what it was. I put the app on to it throughout the weeks. I almost threw the plant out when the app said oleander (poisonous). I waited for the plant to flower and tried again. Now I’ve got its four other attempts at identifying it, photos taken at the same time but from different angles, none of which identify hebe - which I spotted on the RHS website and was eventually confirmed by the gift-giver. Are the other identifications in my garden correct ... I’m not 100% sure of them all. The app’s a great concept and it does give lots of useful info when you know it’s got the right plant. I didn’t create my garden, hence the purchase of the app to know how to look after it all. There’s personalised support on plant diseases too, sadly again that advice didn’t quite apply to the issue I’d queried. A few refinements still to be made I’d say..Version: 1.34.5

Rip offThe subscription plan recently changed, and that is quite understandable. I signed up for a free one week free trial and ended up cancelljng my subscription after 3 days as I didn’t want to continue and pay for it. A week later I get charged the subscription. I am in the throes of email exchanges with Picture This’s robots of different names, but they don’t seem to be able to read their own earlier communications which confirm my cancellation. If it weren’t for this I’d say it’s a good app..Version: 2.6.8

Deleted. Wants agreement to pay up frontCan’t even try app without signing up for $40 a year subscription. Yeah I’ll pay $5.99 for an ad free version, $40 a year? Nah fam you’re smoking crack..Version: 3.6.1

NamesWhen I first got the app it was cool because there was a voice that would pronounce the names of the plants so that you’d know how to pronounce such names, but after the last update the voice is gone now u have the names but don’t know how to say them.Version: 3.7.4

Be carefulWhile this is a great app with thought through design, it is very clear the developers try to nudge or trick you into signing up for a default £20/year auto renew subscription through a quick AppleID when opening it and don’t make it clear that the 7-day free trial is optional (and in fact the app itself is free if you find the skip button). Preying on people’s reflexes and making an auto subscription the default is really a bit of a con. Judging from how well designed and thought through the app interface and experience is, and from all the comments in reviews calling out the same problem, it is very clear that this is deliberate. The developers should change this if they have any good intentions towards their users and feel their app is strong enough to subscribe to without having to trick people. The fact that this is a hidden deceit, makes me wonder what else could be found in the permissions and T&Cs that are less obvious..Version: 1.33.5

Trial auto subscribes you for a yearWatch out as this app will auto subscribe after a few days for a 1 year subscription. Such a scam to not choose a 1 month by default. Shame, shame and one more shame. Try PlantNet or some other one that actually gives you what you think..Version: 1.34.2

Not as accurate as expectedI’ve had this app for about 6 weeks now and used it often to help identify plants, both unknown as well as known, so I could see it’s accuracy. On the plus side, it’s often correct and I particularly like the detail also given on care, position etc, in fact information that saves me looking up in books or online. However on the negative side it is often wrong. This could be the photo I’ve taken but it’s odd that I now have to take several shots of one plant, to be given a variety of IDs and then having to go with the one that is given the most. There’s also times when I know the plant name but it’s identified it incorrectly. Unfortunately as much as I’d love it to be, it’s not reliable. At over £20 p.a subscription it needs to improve I think before I consider renewing it..Version: 3.5

Annual subscriptionWhen I registered i was prompted with 2 choices (not sure of actual wording but something like) (1) unsure of subscription (2) free trial. I clicked “unsure” and it automatically registered me as a subscriber with an annual (autorenew) fee of $35. I cancelled straight away but the message says I can still use my membership for 1 year. I do not want to pay for this!.Version: 1.32.3

Worst applicationThis is a fraud, it automatically deduct $39.99 from my Apple Pay, this application is a theft.Version: 3.4.2

RubbishI have no idea how this app scores 5 star reviews. It cannot identify my plants. Out of 8 I wanted to add only 3 are correct and these are basic plants you can get anywhere. When you take a picture it narrows identification to 1 plant, it does not offer alternatives to select. If you know the Latin name of your plant, there’s no way to add it! They advertise it as 10,000+ species but you can’t search the database. If you want to correct the results by adding the Latin name, forget it! If it’s not in the database you can’t select it. Once you add a plant to your garden, you can select watering and fertilisation frequency but if you do that by mistake you can’t set it back to none. Free trial lasts for 7 days. I got no idea what kind of care advice I’m going to get apart from ‘water your plants’. Unsubscribed, uninstalled. I’ll just keep on watering my plants as I used to..Version: 2.6.9

Scammed me into a subscriptionI never signed up for this subscription and was charged $44.49. I downloaded a free app..Version: 3.4.3

Warning it will auto renew even if canceledI used the app twice. Canceled it through the app before the trial period ended. They still charged me for the annual subscription. I had to ask Apple to look into it to get my money back. Don’t waste your time and money. Buyer beware..Version: 1.34.2

Was tolerable but….Tolerably accurate with a request for me to correct wrong ID info! However it’s got to go as it suddenly prevents me cutting and pasting the Latin names and I don’t have the capacity to remember names and spellings of both common and Latin names after closing. In reply to your advice which doesn’t address the problem I am facing:- Last week your app provided the ID details for me to remember the common name and cut and paste the Latin name which I could do in one operation. Now the type on the ID page is fixed and locked and cannot be C&P so I have to take two views to transfer both names to my iPad. So annoying! Gonna try and find how to get Photos and your app up on my screen simultaneously which will allow me to scan both. Maybe the fact that you app has a fixed aspect of portrait only might preclude this. The good news for you is that most plant ID apps seem to feature cultivated plants not wild as I require and secondly provide a confusing selection of possibilities, hoops to jump through and requirement to “sign up” and accept ongoing cookies and location monitoring. So I have returned to your app and will persevere..Version: 3.9.1

Beware Taking Out Free TrialI think I may have had a free trial just over a year ago, but in that case I feel that it should have alerted me to the fact that I wasn’t eligible for another, rather than just taking the money for a years subscription without any prior warning. I feel that this is not very transparent, and I feel tricked into taking out a subscription when I thought I was getting a free trial. I wanted to see how much I used the app for a few days and then I would most likely have purchased the monthly plan as it is a more manageable amount, with the ability to cancel without losing a lot if I wasn’t using the app as much as anticipated. I feel very let down and disappointed by this, and feel that you should make it clear if a customer isn’t eligible for a free trial so that they can make an informed choice about purchasing a subscription..Version: 1.34.5

Stole my moneyWatch out it’s a scam, thought it would be fun to try. However they dinged me for $25 on the hidden subscription thing. Missing care section for many of my plants and now they’ve taken $25 from me for nothing. I’m quite upset about this. User beware!!!.Version: 1.26.1

DisappointedRarely arrives at an accurate diagnosis. When you find the correct species name, it allows you to assign, but does not remove incorrect plant information from the listing. Overall low value for money when it’s not a comprehensive plant/species catalogue.Version: 2.1.3

Picture ThisI cancelled during my “free” subscription and was still charged $27!.Version: 1.33.3

Opportunistic subscription designI signed up for a free trial with this app because I couldn’t see an option for anything other than a one year subscription which I wasn’t sure I wanted/needed. Of course they auto subscribed me when I failed to remember cancel in time. I reached out hours later to see if I could adjust to a monthly option - which I was only able to view once inside the app. I had no response. This just seems like very disappointing and opportunistic service and has really tainted my feeling about an otherwise useful app. I feel like I was essentially tricked into a premium subscription I didn’t want. Generally confusing to navigate their subscription and account settings. Too bad their customer service can’t match the quality of their product..Version: 3.4.1

Don’t go premium! Use the free IDs only...Unlike most bad reviews here, I was actually able to switch off the premium for as long as I wanted, used the app frequently for identification, and I was really quite satisfied with that. Then I thought maybe it’s worth the annual subscription for $25 so I can get some proper advice, as I noticed some of my plants weren’t doing so well. After paying, turns out you only get *ONE* plant diagnosis for your $25/year. After that, it’s another $35 to ask any more questions. This is not explained anywhere before subscribing. I know maybe it’s somewhere in the terms and conditions or in a footnote somewhere, but these things should be properly advertised. That is just cheap and I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone again..Version: 1.33.3

ScamThis app is a scam..Version: 3.6

Amazing but annoyingThe actual identification this app offers is amazing, and tracking your plants and plant care and weed identification is very helpful. However every time you try and do something a pop up appears asking you to sign up for premium membership. The cancel button on this pop up is tiny and almost invisible in the corner as well, I’m sure many people assumed this was a paid app and didn’t see it. Please improve this pop up to be clearer and at most once a month.Version: 3.14.1

Took my money before I knew what happenedThe sign up flow is confusing and I tried to turn off free trial, not wanting to activate premium at all. Instead I was charged for premium. I want my money back..Version: 1.33.3

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