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PictureThis - Plant Identifier App User Positive Comments 2024

PictureThis - Plant Identifier app received 155 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about picturethis - plant identifier?

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PictureThis - Plant Identifier for Positive User Reviews

Fantastic, highly recommend it.Best plant app I’ve come across. Lots of helpful info for every plant, how and where to grow, care tips, watering etc. Great when your are out walking and see a plant you like. You can take a photo, get it identified and save it to your garden (to look up later). So useful that I subscribed to it which gives you access to even more things..Version: 3.74.1

ExcellentI used the app to identify/check the plants recently added to my newly landscaped garden. Every shrub and perennial was correctly identified on the first attempt bar one which needed a couple of attempts. I think that was pretty reasonable. I'm not understanding the complaint about subscriptions. It was clear to me that I could use the app for free for 7 days and then there was an annual subscription. It was all very upfront and I don't feel conned by the app developers. Maybe they've improved the app since first I bought it? Whatever, this is a good app that I'll be using regularly.Version: 3.5

One of my top appsI’m an avid gardener but often go beyond my sphere of knowledge in botany, especially with identifying plants and trees. PictureThis has become my go to app for plant and tree identification. Whenever I’m unsure if I’m about to pick a weed or my recently planted sprouts PictureThis is there the help. It is very accurate even when the picture is crowded with other plant life and gives the option to correct if you know better. Another feature I love about PictureThis is the organization options. Recently I’ve expanded my gardens and I’m easily able to group everything together in the app. This is where the care information is great because I can see all my plants in a particular garden and figure out the best care schedule for that garden. If you have a small garden and you already know everything in there then this app may be more than you need. But if you have anything beyond that or want to identify that cool-looking plant on your next hike then this is a must have..Version: 3.24.2

Save the animals!I really like this app, but I think it would be greatly improved if a simple “toxic?: yes or no” would be added to the plant info. Sometimes it will tell you if it’s toxic in the “frequently asked questions”, but most of the time I scroll through, find nothing, and go to google. It is mildly annoying and takes up some extra time, so if the app design homies would consider changing that it would be wonderful! Besides that, the app is pretty lit. I wasn’t going to pay for the subscription, but ended up doing it anyways because of how many cool extra features the premium subscription has. The 360 plant identifier has been nothing but accurate so far. The diagnosis feature seems to be not working so well, though. I have used it twice and both times it said my plant had root rot, which was not the case. Overall, I would recommend it. The $30 subscription is a little pricey, but nice to be able to forget about that for the rest of the year..Version: 3.3.1

It’s Google for plants!Even being a keen and regular gardener, hadn’t intended to subscribe to this app, yet once I was aware of its capabilities, I quickly subscribed. And sure, while not every single plant I’ve snapped is correct, it has been pretty close and most helpful in many ways-from pest identification to best soil, growing location etc for different plant species. I am a spontaneous plant buyer, as well as Doggy Mum to a big boy (who loves burying bones in my garden then moments later “unburying” them😬🤨), this app has been incredibly handy in identifying which plants are or can be poisonous to him allowing me to plant where he can’t gain access. Super impressed and I recommend it to any other plant lovers I come across. Keep up the great work! I know I’ll be continuing with my subscription when the time comes..Version: 3.35.1

I haven’t tried much but it looks greatSo far. Have you considered an affordable monthly subscription instead of a bulk lump sum, for me in NZ it’s $40. I’m guessing you’d have a lot more subscribers, I myself have many weekly/monthly subs and was disappointed to see you don’t have that option. I’d happily pay $5 or so a month for your app. And yes I realise I’d end up paying more but small monthly sums are so much easier :o).Version: 2.6.6

Fantastic little app.I was dubious when I first got this app, but after having used it I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I walked around my property clicking plants/weeds that I was very familiar with and found it have a 99% accuracy rate. It doesn’t always get the exact species but it does gives you all the possibilities and it’s been pretty spot on re genus+species. I have more than enough confidence in it to help me identify plants that I do not know, unlike many other identifier apps I’ve used previously..Version: 3.33

Identity plants/ trees/ weedsI haven't had this app long . But it’s so useful helping me identifying plants/ trees/weeds. I’m not great at the names. But this app is going to improve my knowledge 🤩👏 I’m really delighted with this app. People think 🤔 I’m so cleaver I seem to know a lot of names of plants ect.. they ask me. ( may🙆‍♀️ be I ought to tell them why I know so much info ℹ️ 🤓🤣) But it’s a great feeling when they say “ wow ! 🤩 u certainly know your plants !” 🤣 shame my knowledge will soon have to b revealed as to why !🤣 ( so a huge thank you for this App !) just hope they see the funny side of why I let them believe I was very cleaver/ knowledgeable about the plants ect.. 🤓👏.Version: 3.66

Amazing app!This app is amazing! You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! It isn’t absolutely perfect, but this is probably as close as it gets! It has a super useful Diagnosing option, that can let you figure out what is wrong with a plant, and describes in detail how to fix it, wether it is bugs, sunlight, water, or pests. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn’t know. The only complaints that I have are the expenses of the premium level. I understand that the app designers have to make money somehow, but it is still too much for me. I am not a serious gardener, I just do it for fun. Maybe they could have different levels of premium, like a level for gardeners who are just curious, for gardeners who are very serious, and for garden professors, or photographers who need to learn about plants for their job. Anyways, I love this app a lot, and would totally recommend it for anyone who loves to grow plants. While it has some flaws, it is better than anything else out there..Version: 1.31

Amazing you must downloadThis app is great I had this strange plant growing up the side of my house and I knew it wasn’t ivy so i remembered this app being a Advertised so I thought why not try it out I can’t remember what the plane was so I did it in my garden because we have this tree that we don’t recognise turns out it was just a white willow tree then I did it on things I already know like my flamingo tree aka my Salix tree then on my wild cherry tree then on my apple tree so yes you absolutely must download this app it so great I thought it would be complicated and you would have to creat an account or something…COMPLETE OPPOSITE all I had to do was press cancel to buying the premium then I was in 100% great this isn’t a waste of time.Version: 3.30.1

Fun and interestingI try to remember to use this app when I’m out and about, to see what everything is. Not sure it’s always 100% but I can compare to the offered samples. It even works on images off the internet or if I aim my camera at the tv on freeze. I’d pay this kind of money for a good plants book, so the price is OK but cheaper would be nice. Unknown if I’d renew every year - maybe not..Version: 1.29

Super identificationSuper satisfaite!.Version: 1.29

Tremendous Aide but needs a tiny ergonomics tweak…App has been a wonderful help and identifying our very extensive garden that we recently acquired via a new home purchase. We have been able to identify dozens and dozens of flowers, weeds, and vegetables in our glorious verdant garden. However with one tiny tweak to help with one-handed operations on an iPhone 13pro…If the app designers could add a back button at the bottom of the screen after taking a photo. When I take a picture aka scan a plant, I don’t necessarily want save it to my garden but just see what the results are mostly to determine if it is a weed. I usually take a picture with one hand and have a glove or tools in the other. My thumb can’t reach to the top left corner of my screen because of my larger size phone.I then have to let go of my tools and remove my glove so I can use two hands to hold the phone and hit the back button on the plant results page. Having a back button to go back to the scanning option at the bottom of the results screen would be ergonomically super helpful! I am constantly using this app to scan plants..Version: 3.23.2

Works very well (9 times out of 10)Was skeptical at first but the identification feature is very accurate. Any misidentifications I’ve had are usually due to me not framing the plant in the photo properly or some other human error rather than the app itself. I really enjoy being given the botanical names, all the common names, pictures to reference and usually a very long description of the plant and its properties. The free version works very well but I ended up paying for a subscription as this app definitely deserves the support. This app has really helped me as a professional gardener and I would recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about their plants :).Version: 3.20.1

Great App!I love this app! It’s been very accurate with most types of plants that I’ve encountered so far and has lots of information about them! I also love the feature of being able to add and suggest plants that you cannot find cataloged. The insect identifier also works surprisingly well! There have been a couple times where the photo I took wasn’t very good or the insect was very small but both times it quickly and accurately identified them! I personally have found that it has difficulty identifying mushrooms. When you do try to search up a mushroom, it only will get as specific as a family or genus of mushrooms (at least in my experience). Though a lot mushrooms are very difficult to identify even for knowledgeable people, so I understand that and even just getting a possible family/genus with the app has helped me to more quickly identify mushrooms with other resources! I’d recommend this app for anyone with a curiosity about the world around them! Thank you!.Version: 3.22

Awesome!This app identified all my house plants with so much info on them, looking forward to using this outdoor..Version: 1.29

Quick and super usefulLoads plants fast and results have always been accurate for me..Version: 1.28.1

It works - no, really, it does!We just bought the house we’re in and moved in this past winter. It’s an older home, but we could easily tell that at least one of the previous owners spent huge time, and money, on the landscaping and gardens. Being an amateur gardener, I didn’t know what to expect come the Spring when everything starts to grow. I found PictureThis as I wanted some kind of plant guide app. I’ve been blown away by it’s ability to identify the plants, shrubs, and trees that are in this yard. I did notice early on that, on rare occasions, it struggled to accurately identify some trees and shrubs that didn’t have leaves yet and no clearly unique bark or other features. However, once everything started to bud and sprout, it has been 100% accurate. I have a close family member who is a master gardener and confirmed that it’s spot on. I’ve identified and cataloged over 80 different varieties of flowers, ground covers, shrubs, trees, etc. Its exciting to see something new come up and instantly know what it is..Version: 3.2

THE best plant identifierI’d say 99% accurate and has plenty of info with each plant to help further identify/care/control. Yes you have to pay a subscription but it’s good value for money and the best plant app I’ve downloaded. If you’ve got a garden or bigger property it’s invaluable or even if you just like the wilderness at weekends it’s great for satisfying your curiosity..Version: 3.45

Fabulous APPI’ve tried most of them and this is definitely the best. I particularly love that it identifies if the plant needs tlc and a separate section allows me to get a specific issue ‘diagnosed’ along with solid advice. It offers a great history of the plant too which always manages to surprise me. Love this app and was more than happy to pay the annual fee of $36 a year (something like that!) to upgrade as I’ve used it so often, even walking along laneways and at friends..Version: 2.1.6

Great App for native plants, wild flowers & city gardensMy husband & I love to walk, whether it be wandering in national parks in WA, Qld or NSW, checking out botanical gardens in city’s or rural areas, or just when admiring people’s gardens. I’ve used this app regularly now for 2 years, have found it very accurate and it’s extremely handy to have when out & about. Are traveling overseas next year and we hope it’s as good there too..Version: 3.63

An very valuable aid and guideI use this app almost on a daily basis. I don’t have to say, I wonder what that plant or tree is. There are even plants in my own garden whose names I don’t know. I recommend this app to my friends regularly. It is great..Version: 3.37.1

A truly excellent app!I recently found myself with some time on my hands to hike the trails of Balboa Park in San Diego. I practiced herbal medicine for many years under my acupuncture license in several states, but it's been a long time since I identified and collected plants in the wild. So, I thought it would be fun if I could identify some of the local plants. Spoiler alert: most of them do not appear to be of any medicinal value, but they're still fun to look at. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. When you first open the app, it looks like you need to buy a subscription to use it, but that is not the case. You can dismiss the subscription prompt and open the camera to snap a pic. I'm not sure exactly what you get with the subscription, but it looks like it would be useful for a serious hobbyist and awesome for serious home gardening enthusiasts and organic farmers. In fact, an organic farmer friend of mine says that he regularly uses it to identify weeds in his crops. Enthusiastically recommended with no conflict of interest..Version: 3.38.2

Beyond ExpectationBeautiful product and great customer service. I v tried some other similar apps. This one, the Premium subscription is definitely best value for money. Most importantly, I can rest assured since their support team provides the best service when I need assistance..Version: 3.15.1

A treasure trove in your pocketMy Grandad and other members of my family were conversant with country ways, identification of both flora and fauna. They worked as linesmen and groundsmen and could tell me as a nipper exactly what was what when I asked, what this or that plant was. Like many other things those days have sadly passed. But this app enables me to identify and appreciate the beauty that abounds around us if we only stop and look and the knowledge it imparts are passed on to my children and grandchildren… thank you. The only ability I would like to add is a heading for ‘my hedgerow’ and ‘my trip’.Version: 3.49

Mistaken identityI’ve only had the app 2 days and has proved very clever and useful. I’m in Scotland, and today I’m out in the park trying to identify trees which have lost their leaves. Picture This identified an American Ash, or White Ash, also known as Water Ash, however none of the trunks in the corresponding pictures, matched the tree I am with. I tried again, only picturing the splayed moss covered ( possibly copiced) trunks. The app immediately offered a different kind of tree altogether, a kind of maple tree. . I think it would be good then, if the App. Sort of stopped to ‘think’ and asked for more information, instead of ‘jumping to conclusions’. By the look of the leaf formations, the app got the tree correct first time. The bark is like an ordinary elm however the leaves are more akin to a lime, which is the reason I chose to ask Picture This to identify it. Many thanks. Julia G-S, Glasgow..Version: 2.6.5

Impressive!This app is really impressive! If you like plants… give it a chance. It works with no need to pay for subscription… but you will pay it very soon to get the other features. Really impressive!.Version: 3.37.1

App has improved a lotThe identification is more accurate than it used to be, and the additional features like the interactive plant care diary and health are fun additions. It is still unreliable for Australian native plants but I guess with more user data it will improve over time. I wouldn’t 100% rely on the identity yet, but it is pretty good, and the mistakes seem to be only made on very similar looking plants. I think this app will only continue to be great and grow. 5 stars because despite small mistakes it is the best app of its kind..Version: 3.39

Best EVER Garden and Associated Application-Novice to Expert!!This app is simply the most versatile and accurate handy go to reference tool and resource for managing and maintaining the perfect garden and environment! Amazingly useful for beginners to experts and with visual assistance from video content to chat features with subject matter experts!! Insects, birds and trees!! Weeds to pests and diseases and watering frequencies it has it ALL!! Trial unfortunately ends today but will DEFINITELY re-subscribe when actively gardening as current circumstance prevents moving freely outdoors to enjoy! Fantastic productive app for everyone to enjoy and learn about their own garden to wider ecosystems. Thank you for such a resourceful and informative app. Have shared with many friends, family and colleagues to help them grow and thrive with their gardens. 💯 😇.Version: 3.76.1

My favourite app!I bought Picture This during lockdown, to accompany my daily walks. I have identified all the beautiful wild flowers in the hedgerows, as well as those in my garden. The App is so easy to use. Just take a photo of a flower and within a few seconds, you not only have it’s name, but it’s species and alternative names. Some of these can be very amusing! I have made a real effort to remember all the wildflower names, but if I forget, I can just go back on the App and look them up in my library or take another photo! I am now using the App to learn the names of the trees too. I thoroughly recommend Picture This. It has added a new dimension to my walking..Version: 2.0.5

AWESOMEThis app was easy to use and helped us figure hire out what was wrong with all of our plants and also helped to identify them.Version: 3.37

Would like a search functionHave never been into plants, though my mum is very knowledgeable, but thought I’d like to start being able to identify things around us. After using this during the free trial period and really enjoying my new knowledge I decided to subscribe for the year and I’m loving it. I’m able to walk round gardens with mum and identify for her the few things she can’t, as well as what’s growing wild in my neighbourhood. One improvement would be the ability to search on plant names. You’re not always in front of a plant while talking about plants, or may want to discuss variants of something you’ve seen. Instead of having to leave the app to go to a search engine it would be better to be able to search in the app..Version: 2.1.4

Best plant app - highly recommendThis app works extremely well at not only identifying the plants you find (even in low light) but also gives you very detailed information on the plant. I’ve found that after a few months of regular use, this app has been correct 99% of the time. If you don’t have LTE while hiking, etc, you can take a photo and upload later for identification. The app will save all of the plants you upload and you can either leave them on your main list, add them to “your garden” or delete them. If you’re a nature lover and find new plants often, I highly recommend paying for premium as well. So much extra information and even some poetry. On a personal note, we can also thank this app for solving a skin problem mystery. My husband had unknowingly weed whacked some poison ivy on our new property (not far from woods and a river). The doctor misdiagnosed him. We downloaded this app and identified that we did in fact have poison ivy on a the property and he was able to get the correct treatment..Version: 3.7.3

Great app for gardenersThis app is a must have if you love plants. It gives all the info you need for your plants along with care reminders. You can take a picture of your flowers/plants and it will add “Your Garden” where you can add notes and care notifications. Also when you take pictures this app can tell you if the plant looks healthy or not. It can give you suggestion what might be wrong and how to correct the issue. There is so much more you can do than identifying plants …. It will identify trees, weeds, butterflies and other bugs. This developer continues to update app and address requests for additions to the app. I tried the other competitor, although that’s been almost 5 years ago so the app could be different, but back then it couldn’t compare to Picture This. I have a annual subscription to this app because it is so reasonable and extremely useful. If you are not sure about this app. I say just buy it … I can’t imagine you wouldn’t find it very helpful..Version: 3.80.1

Amazing and accurateI have downloaded the trial 7 day trial and experimented with tree and plant identification and all other features. I am amazed at the accuracy of all features as I know the answers already as a seasoned grower I find the accuracy to be spot on. The app may be pricey but the in formation and features make this the best plant app on the App Store. I use the iPhone 14 pro max and the better the camera the better and more accurate the plant and tree identifier and if their is a disease or sickness a snap of the plant 3 times is all it takes so the price is well worth the info. The work and time the developer (s) spent putting this together took a lot of work. So I recommend paying the yearly fee. These guys worked hard to provide all the info and research plus the photo plant identifier is a plus. So if your serious about gardening, a farmer, a plant enthusiast even pest and bird identifier has been spot on. So I recommend above any other app and I have tried all on apples App Store. To those thsose that put all this together excellent work guys. And thank you for every feature you have put in this package app. Kevin L Hall.Version: 3.49

Amazing app, highly recommend!Love this app so much. Knowledgeable. Love the diagnosis feature. So easy to use. Only thing that would make it even better is being able to put a date for watering/fertilising etc, it would take the care feature up a notch. Other than that, loooove this app..Version: 3.36.1

Easy to use, accurate identification and helpful infoLove this app - I am using it increasingly more and more. It’s so easy to use and the identifications so far have been amazingly accurate - grasses, pond weeds, trees, bushes, flowers and weeds! I’ve identified some bad weeds and caught them early thanks to this app before they could spread. And identified a couple of native Australian plants that we want to keep now we know more about what they are. Bravo to the team who built it and keep it updated. Highly recommended app, super useful..Version: 3.64

HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS APP!!This app is AMAZING I’m really good at photography and people often ask me what is this plant called it’s so beautiful and I struggle to tell them which type cause idk (I don’t know) what the name of the plant is and when it comes to describing, I can’t describe and search up on google so I use this app to SIMPLY take a photo of the flower or plant I want to know and when I take the photo it identifies it in less than 7 seconds and tells me what the name is and brand and name and where it is from or known by!! It also tells me how much plants there are in the WHOLE world or in a certain country or place and it tracks it!! Great!! Amazing NO ADS and I think u should download it NOW.Version: 1.34

Probably saved my pet’s lifeOut with my cat and saw her licking a wild plant in the garden I didn’t know. I used this app to identify the plant and found it was highly poisonous to cats and dogs. Immediately rushed my cat to the vet where she stayed 2 days, but due to my fast action she survived and she s fine. Never wait for symptoms to appear because then it is too late. Always rush your pet to the vet if they have licked, or especially eaten, a poisonous plant ( now eradicated from my garden). I am so grateful for this app my friend had only told me about a few days before the incident. I’m not a good gardener but this app has now helped me identify lots of plants and trees, really interesting. I cannot recommend it highly enough..Version: 3.3.1

I love this app!!I rarely leave feedback or a review, but this app is one that everyone should have on their device. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. it looks awesome for home gardening enthusiasts and plant hobbyist. You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! You can also take photos of plants for diagnosis, there will be a professional botanist analyze for you. I absolutely adore this app. I’ve always been a plant lover and sometimes I just use it to verify I am correct when naming something. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn't know, a wonderful learning trip. I have one suggestion about the app. You may be interested in the plants in the gallery, the community, and while browsing the article. However, there is no ability to group together where your favorite plants appear. We would be very happy if you could consider adding this feature. Thank you..Version: 2.1.3

Favourite appI use this app all the time. It's accuracy has improved over the years since I first got it and now it's mostly spot on. Love that new features are being added. Particularly like the world map. Can't recommend more highly ... wouldn't be without it..Version: 3.46.1

Botany on the go!We absolutely love this app. During covid lockdown I kept my little girl and me entertained for weeks, just pointing this at all the little green things in our yard and on our walks. When you know what they are, plants become no longer just undifferentiated weeds but sort of friends (and occasionally enemies). I was always interested in plants but I never could get around to using a traditional field guide. This is truly one of the best things my phone has ever given me. I’ve used it more recently to know which plants to clear and which to welcome, meaning I spared an elderberry but condemned a little nascent patch of poison ivy (in England!) and I’ve even identified some edible ones to forage! Genius app, a must-have..Version: 3.24.2

MarvellousA marvellous app. Useful for identifying plants when you’re out and about and wondering what a plant is. I want to pay for it but object to paying a subscription for something I use so occasionally. So far I’ve still managed to use it in free mode. Please make it possible to purchase for a one off fee..Version: 3.38

Picture This VS. “Key to Vascular Plants of N.America “I was a Biology major in college ( Vert Zoo ) graduated with a BS degree in 1976. I took a couple of Botany courses to round out the the Bio Degree, and one was “Local Flora”. The class consisted of lab work and a ton of field work. Quizzes and major tests were in the field and the professor would pick out a particular plant and ask you to identify it , by head knowledge of Common Name and Genus and species. If you did not recognize the plant , you could use the book Key to Vascular Plants of N. Am. And you had a standard allotment of time to accurately key out the unknown plant. The “ Picture This “ App would have been a very useful tool in identifying and learning all the required information to hopefully get an A in the Class. My Biology days are long gone, but I still have a very keen interest in identifying and knowing what is out in our local environment, in both Zoology and Botany. If everyone had this App, then there would be no excuse for anyone not recognizing Toxicodendron radicans “Poison Ivy”in the field. Sincerely, JST.Version: 1.34.5

Professional biologist thumbs-upI’m an environmental consultant with a wildlife ecology background, but in the last year have been finding myself in more of a botanist role. It’s been an interesting (frustrating) transition, there are literally thousands of plant species in California alone, and learning lesser-known family characteristics has been challenging...gotta love asters and poaceae...but it’s so gratifying when I can finally ID a plant that’s been bugging me. I only just discovered this app about two months ago, on the recommendation of a fellow professional biologist, and it performs way above what I thought it would. I thought maybe it would identify common horticultural plants like tulips or almond trees. I’m sure it can, but it’s also very good at identifying naturalized plant species. The suggested species identifications are usually in the correct family and sometimes genus, and after checking afterward I usually agree. Plant keying is still very important in order to determine species and subspecies when rare and endangered [sub]species are being considered. A qualified botanist should conduct surveys during the appropriate survey periods..Version: 2.0.3

Shouldn’t be able to take my moneyDoes not have a clear way to unsubscribe, poor poor service..Version: 1.26

Ver good success rateI’m using this app very frequently for pasture weed identification, (in New Zealand). The app is 98% accurate matching it’s file photos to the target species, so I’m happy to accept the diagnosis. On the few occasions it has been wrong it has been easy to spot the error and take another photo from a different angle to help it. I even upload photos from clients with great success. I’m totally happy with this app and heartily recommend it..Version: 2.6.7

The best identification algorithm on the market!Thank you to the developers! Gone are the days of carrying field guides and flipping through pages while hiking. One snap from this app and I have instant reliable results. If I feel a discrepancy in the result I can reach out to a botanist directly through the app for further investigation. I was weary to allow AI to think for me when building maps of the local plant life, however my concerns were put to rest when I discovered this app. I have been using this app extensively and daily. As of now I have absolutely no complaints. The identification database and algorithm are unmatched when compared to other available platforms on the Apple App Store. One feature I would LOVE to see in this app (and I think many customers of my likeness would feel the same).. PLEASE add a map and utilize metadata from photos for GPS coordinates so I can more easily build plant maps. I can use Google Photos to do something similar but that requires juggling apps, copy/ pasting multiple times and is quite the hassle. If there was a streamlined method I would happily pay a premium for access. Perhaps you could pull from Googles API and pass the charge to us? I’m sure there’s a way. Please do consider. TLDR: the app is fantastic and does exactly as advertised better than anyone else on the market. I would like to see a map feature added ASAP. Thanks again. Cheers!.Version: 3.2

Great appThis app does wonders. I may not use it all that often but it is great when I do. The only downside, like a couple other posts, I thought they changed it to where you had to pay to use it. They have it to where the subscription comes up right away and it looks like the only way to do anything is by purchasing the subscription. There a “restore” in the top left and a “cancel” in the top right. The issue with those, they are grayed out so much that they aren’t the easiest to see. I saw the restore one first and it still took quite a while to see the cancel. Where most may not have an issue with finding the cancel so you can advance without purchasing the subscription, some may have a harder time locating the “cancel” and just delete the app and give a bad review. I had this downloaded for quite a long time and have used it before and don’t ever remember the subscription thing being there when you first open. I noticed it months ago and figured it was because I was using iOS 15 beta. Clearly that’s not the case anymore but I didn’t notice the “cancel” in the top right. I would suggest not having it grayed out but making both of those completely white if you’re going to have them so small. 5 star app aside from that issue..Version: 3.8

Great identification toolThe app is quite efficient but I wouldn’t say it’s perfect. Very handy tool to have in the garden or if you an avid tramper. There are situations where it misidentifies the plant so check multiple times. Slightly on the expensive side as well, but useful. If not would have given it 5 stars..Version: 3.11.1

Best app of its kindThis app is so much better than the well known plant snap (which costs $6, can’t identify anything, has an ugly dated interface, and after deleting the app it cost $6 if for some peculiar reason I did want to get it back, and it won’t let you write a review or rate on the App Store.. such a waste of money) Download this app instead for FREE. The interface is beautiful, you can connect with people on the map in your area and see what others are snapping and the database is pretty solid. I like that you can view multiple photos and unlike plant snap it’s not just a basic internet search, but rather a community contributed database with lots of information! Room for improvement : in regards to plants not yet added to database, I wish they would reply (the feature lets you ‘suggest’ a plant) and find a way to add the plant straight away.. and there is some tidying up that could be done such as when a plant is added and you suggest the name for your own feed it still shows as ‘unknown’. I wish there was a place to add a wishlist!! No plant app seems to have this feature yet! You can ‘heart’ (like) the plants you like, but then there is no place where all the likes or rather ‘hearted’ plants show up in a group together?! I hope to see these improvements and to see this gain better ratings, as it definitely deserves it over its terrible competitor!.Version: 1.7.2

The most amazing plant identifierI was delighted to discover this app, as my memory for names has got worse as I have got older. Now whenever a visitor asks me what this particular plant in my garden is I have this app to provide the answer. Not just the name, I have also the condition and tips on how to look after it. I was delighted to find an identifier for insects and birds too. I have included all my own plants in the folder ‘my garden’ . I wonder if the developer could build in the ability to add additional folders where we could add our own titles like - wish list, rockery, houseplants, wildflowers, weeds, pond etc and also similar folders to save info on insects and birds. I found two very interesting insects but have promptly forgotten their names but didn’t particularly want to save them with ‘my garden’ plants.I haven’t yet tried bird identification yet as getting close for the photo is likely to be more tricky. Overall an amazing app I would recommend to all plant lovers..Version: 3.31.1

Excellent plant app!I’ve been looking for a decent plant care app for a long time now that doesn’t have a massive pay wall. Sure the premium subscription ad pops up often but it’s easy to exit out of without closing the app. That being said though, I’m heavily considering the subscription because it’s a cheap yearly option with good benefits. The free option it’s still fantastic though and my plants are looking better than ever. Definitely recommend 😊.Version: 3.5

Very usefulWorth paying for and been helpful for all the horticulture and agricultural i do. Thanks, hope the app keeps improving as more people use it. But im happy as most plants are identified correctly quickly its like magic..Version: 2.6.10

Refunded me straight awayI signed up for a 1 week free trial and forgot to cancel at the end of the week. The app was great for identifying a tree, but I only needed it to identify 1 tree then no longer had a use for the app. I contacted customer service and Phoebe said she would refund me the money, she replied on the same morning. Thanks heaps. Such good service I want to sign back up!haha Or will recommend to friends who would actually use the app more frequently. Thanks !.Version: 2.6.9

A fabulous and most pleasurable App to utilise .This App is wonderful to use when on walks or visiting planned botanical gardens etc . It’s opened up my eyes to enjoy the botanical delights that we are so privileged to have around us..weather naturally there or planted! Simple to to use …it’s always exciting to learn about unfamiliar plants and have them stowed in your own mini encyclopaedia. Not always 100 percent …though mostly in my case . You need to alighnment the Picture this camera with the main flower capturing leaves and stem if possible …then the camera rolls over the main captured area of the plant ..flower tree etc and hey presto. It can utilise ones mobile phone battery life rapidly as the information it sources is vast and of course the plant needs to be identified so I imagine this would use up immense power too. I am a little confused by the pricing structure ..there appears to be different levels at differing price points . I am on an annual subscription..yet note that some price bands are extravagantly expensive …unsure why …add free I can understand. Confused about the pricing Despite a few gentle misgivings,I wouldn’t do without it and have no need to reduce the star rating from 5 to four after some contemplation! It’s fabulous!.Version: 3.9.1

Updated: Love it, but I’d add one thing..Update: I’m THRILLED to see the integration of the ability to add progress photos!! Thank you, developers!!! 😁 This app is exactly what I was looking for in being able to take a picture of my plants, and keep library that could help me remember watering schedules and also provide useful information when my plants look unhealthy. One thing I really wish I had the option for is adding progress photos of my plants without having to add an entire new entry to my garden. I hope to see an “album” feature with each garden entry. Even now I can’t see the full photo of my own plant without pulling the screen down, and once I let go, it goes back to the half photo at the top of the page. I’d even pay to have such a feature, lol. If I see this integrated in a future update, I’d instantly change to 5 stars. Other than that, great job in design and ease of use! I don’t leave reviews often, but I love this app enough to hope that this review might be seen and taken into consideration with future updates. 😁.Version: 3.1

Amazing app that really builds your knowledgeThis app has been instrumental in broadening our family’s knowledge of botany. During the lockdowns we spent a lot of tome walking in our local area and learning a huge amount about the plants around us. Now we use it when travelling to learn more about different species. As you can take photos and then scan then when you have the internet. Worth the investment.Version: 3.48

Must Have App for your PlantiesI love this app so much - I used it a lot without premium also, but I actually find this subscription to be totally worth it. I like the identification feature as I often take photos of plants I like in other’s gardens (so I can buy the same plant), and it has been really useful to get quick and helpful info on plants I’m growing that aren’t going so well. Really useful for finding optimal conditions and diagnosing issues for your planties. It’s like having an expert gardener in your pocket..Version: 3.36.1

Picture this in the UKI really like this app. It recognises all the plants I’ve showed it so far. I subscribed to the full package as there’s more information when identifying diseases and plant condition. It will suggest different treatments starting with the most careful up through to types of fungicide etc if needed. It also has reminders to treat the plant. It dropped a star for me as it’s difficult to find previous advice and suggestions on plant care so I have to go through all the identification steps again. Also I’d like to see more info on plant propagation rather than ‘easy’. Otherwise it’s really worth upgrading for the extra information..Version: 3.46.1

Very good!I only needed this app for a short period to diagnose my monstera and it was absolutely amazing. I’m still in the free trial period and have no need for it going forward so I thought I’d leave a well deserved 5 stars. Great stuff.Version: 3.23.2

Been using since 2020Been using this app exclusively since its launch. I’ve tried other apps here and there just to see how they compare and this one is far superior. Still won’t identify fungus, mushrooms, mold, etc but I understand why as well. It’s very handy to have and I literally use this daily. It has given me a greater love and appreciation for plants. Thank you. Great app and it has definitely saved me from Virginia Creeper vs Poison Ivy. Gets a little quirky when there are other plants nearby. The only reason I am giving it 4 stars is it won’t identify fungi. I wish it would let me know what was safe and wasn’t. I had my dog get a hold of a mushroom and I wanted to know if it was safe or not. It would be much quicker to look it up here than Google. Also I wish this app would say it is this but if not it might be... sometimes I know it’s not a certain plant but it keeps saying it is. Easy to use and nice to have when you are hiking or gardening..Version: 3.79.1

I can’t use or even download itI could’ve get the app to open on my iPhone so I uninstalled it so I could reinstall it and now I can’t even do that?.Version: 3.2.1

Too many bugsI did the free week trial of premium access, and loved the plant identification part. I loved that part so much i subscibed to the yearly. And canceled the next day. The problem, is that the premium is supposed to give unlimited plant identification. But the free week has only has three or so free, before you have to buy another by watching an ad or sharing it on face book or something. Even though i bought a subscription, i still could not access the ident, because my subscription didnt start until the free week ended. And the “free week” forced me to watch ads to get idents. This was yesterday, so i sent them an email about the problem. Today, i still hadnt received a reply. So Today i had to earn an ident. I hate ads, so i tried sharing to fb. i tried sharing to earn a free ident, but it couldnt connect. It asked if i wanted to automatically connect when available, i said yes. Then the screen went dark and i could get back to other features of the app. 45 minutes later, it was still dark. Total bs. I canceled, since they didnt even bother to reply to my email. Wish i could give it a 5 star, but the bugs and bad customer service forces me to give only a fair rating..Version: 1.16.2

Could not do without this appI’m getting on in years so this app helps me to remember the Botanical names of my 250 odd fruit trees, over 50 varieties plus 8 different berries as well as many vines, it’s the best aid to identify any plant, anywhere, including pesky weeds so one has a way of dealing with them.. Realistically, I find a few errors now and then, but these are corrected quickly, really couldn’t do without this app… Hope it’s around for a long time...Version: 3.8

Excellent!This app really is fantastic! It’s not 100% yet but certainly about 95% accurate. Even if it doesn’t get it spot on it can get you half way there with the right family etc. It didn’t pick up my streptocarpus deciding it was an African violet instead. It would be good if we could express doubt on the identification in some way so that an expert could check it and add to model but aside from this, it has correctly identified several hundreds of wild flowers, house & garden plants correctly and the information is fantastic! It can now diagnose health problems in plants too. I wish the gold version was brought down in price to £10 a year. I would certainly pay this but at £30 I think only professionals and people who use it for work would buy the upgrade. The free version is very very good though and it’s definitely worth adding to your app collection. I would love one of these apps to help me identify insects too!.Version: 3.29.1

Blown awaySo pleased I stumbled across this app. This has enabled me to accurately and easily identify plants in a section of native bush in our garden - I now know what to weed out and what will take care of itself. A complete game changer!.Version: 3.38.2

Tremendous help in only a couple of weeks!Due to various life events, our garden needs serious replanning and planting. I value using native plants very highly. This app not only has helped me identify those that I already have, but also those I might wish to incorporate into my plans. Now I know what I need to remove, what to add and where to put the ones I want. It also lets me know how to care for these plants as well. I’ve identified over 30 plants, possibly over 50, in only about 2 weeks. I also can find out what condition my plants are in and how to make them healthier. Further, I can tell which plants may be planted near each other and which need to be tightly controlled. As for adding new plants, the information provided tells me the best method for propagating them and the best times to accomplish this. Another big bonus has to do with our USDA Zone. We are in a unique location and our zone is one grade colder than the area surrounding us. Also, I’ve noticed that global warming has affected our area so that plants I would never have considered adding to my garden could be potential new additions in my planning. I found this out through a feature of the app which displays the plants other people nearby own. This is reassuring, because nobody wants to spend time, money and effort on a hunch. There are many other features to the app I could write about, but it would take too much time and make the review less appealing to read. I suggest you give it a try!.Version: 3.60

Kingfisher bird standing on top of umbrellaI live in a very unique setting of bush little river and gorgeous native trees and the bird life here is very special our complex is named “Fantail Villas “ your picture app is just great to discover what plants we have here I found your app in Katikati buy sell exchange group.Version: 3.15.1

Excellent appLike the immigrant to New Zealand I find this app brilliant at identifying everything in the garden. Even told it was not a plant when I scanned an artificial ficus in a friend’s house!.Version: 3.34

Do you ever see a flower, plant, or fruit and wonder “what is that?”I walk the neighborhood for exercise and would often see beautiful or weird-looking plants, and say to my walking partners, “what the heck is that?” Now, I just pull out my mobile phone and snap a picture with this app. It’s great for identifying all sorts of trees, plants, fruit, and fungi. I am curious by nature and it is so much fun to be able to quickly and easily answer my “what is that?” questions. My daughter and I planted a garden and I’m starting to use the app to photograph and add the plants to my digital garden. My only complaint is that for a few plants in my garden, the app identification is somewhat generic. For example, we’ve planted collards and kale and the app identifies both as cabbage, but neither collards nor kale are included in the list of varieties. I’m not sure what that’s about. I use the free version of the app but I know there are still many more things I can do with it..Version: 3.6.1

Definitely 2 happy thumbs up!I just downloaded this app almost 2 weeks ago and 3 of my friends have already downloaded it and sent me texts telling me how much they absolutely LOVE this app! It is incredibly helpful and fun for all shades and levels of green thumbs! It’s especially great when you’re browsing the nursery because with one picture you have every bit of info about the plant you are interested in 🪴as well as all the tips and tricks to taking care of your new leafy friend 🤗💚 The only thing that makes me extremely sad is that I cannot afford to upgrade to the pricey premium app (which is also the only reason I gave the app 4 stars instead of 5) which I would love so so much to have! Do you foresee the monthly subscription payment going down even a little bit anytime soon? Thank you so very much for creating an amazingly brilliant app, and allowing me to get outside and feel like a human being again, I don’t know what I would do without this app! Two thumbs up and tons and tons of congratulations on a much well deserved app!.Version: 3.8

Top appFor ages I’ve been trying apps that supposedly id plants, I finally found one that did! I was amazed it knew what a utricularia was, its amazingly accurate. Well done whoever made this, absolutely love your work. Get this app, you won’t be disappointed. One suggestion though, if it’s possible consider a change of name for the app, I only found this because someone told me about it, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and going by the name I would have thought this was a picture framing app. It’s just a suggestion, this is a fantastic app and it would be a shame to keep it hidden from the world.Version: 1.7

Best free app, fast and accurate!I absolutely love this app! I am always saying that I wish I knew what that plant was, or I wish I knew how to care for that plant but I just don’t know where to start looking. With this app, I only have to take one picture and within 10 seconds it matches me to the right plant, showing clear photos and information. It really is just amazing how it knows out of the millions of plants out there, and the best part is it doesn’t cost you a cent to find out and it doesn’t take you hours searching through google to find the right one. I really recommend giving this app a try and have fun sharing with your friends and others around the world..Version: 1.9

Amazing softwareUse it at work daily on the estate it’s really good for learning, new plants and facts and creating files for certain types of plants one thing I wish they had is, where you could forward your file of saved plants to a work colleague where I work with deal with hundreds of types of different plants it would be handy to share files that you’ve made with other people that have a membership like a professional subscription to share your findings would be good the Speech Pronunciation tool if you could slow it down and pick Between plural and singular.Version: 3.60

Amazing AppI rarely write reviews, but I am so very impressed by this app I couldn’t just leave 5 stars without adding a review. My son and I were walking the dog in the woods a few days ago and he happened to mention this ad that he keeps seeing on his phone - he didn’t believe that an app could identify plants, but he said I suppose you’ve got it mum? Yes I have - which tree shall I identify for you? He was totally disbelieving until I told him and we went round the trees, plants and flowers - all identified correctly. He was very impressed. This app also identifies any disease and suggests treatments. I’m very glad I downloaded it. Well done to the creators..Version: 3.3.1

Making a garden for small birds including sparrowThis application is heaven sent… it negates hours of research & the plants, shrubs & tree for my soil… I am preparing for retirement with my partner to find happiness with nature… every little thing in my garden brings immense pleasure to us… when one of us departs our physical body… the other have to find solace & continue the work done by both of us… it should first create a purpose to continue & perhaps even move on to allow another special friend in their lives… happiness should be pursued by every individual & stop mourning for years… this Eden should bring immeasurable Happiness..Version: 3.33

A fabulous addition to any avid gardener!I love this app, it’s so easy to use, full of information and very accurate! I have learnt so much from it! I have a herb garden and new plants seem to appear every now and then, so I can use my app to just simply take a photo and all the information comes up on the screen! I also use it as I have horses and a dog and particularly my dog likes to self medicate on walks, so I can quickly check what he’s trying to eat and make sure he’s being safe, which of course, he’s far more knowledgable than I am! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do! Happy gardening!.Version: 1.32

Great app, reminders could be betterThis app is really great - I use it to remind me about watering and fertilising my plants. The reminder system however could be improved. You can only see one reminder at a time, so quite often I water my plants, then tap done, and immediately a fertilising reminder pops up for the same plant. It would be great if both reminders were shown at once. In terms of fertilising also, it would be great if there was a recommendation for fertilising in dormant periods so the reminder could be adjusted in the colder months..Version: 1.28

THE BEST PLANT APP!Arguably the best plant app on the App Store and I have downloaded them all!! So I can confidently say don’t bother with any other app because this by far exceeds all the others !!! :) Buuuuuut… with the exception and the only reason i couldn’t give 5 stars, is the fact your premium subscription can only be paid in a yearly amount (instead of having an option of paying it in equal monthly smaller amounts). Also the fact that you have made some of the features that were previously available on the free membership now only accessible on the premium version which I am hugely disappointed by :( I love the app and use it most days every week! I bought the yearly membership when I first downloaded and I wish I could renew it but financially as a broke student unfortunately don’t have the money to pay for another full year subscription atm. I have recommended this app to my friends and family, who have downloaded it and use it now too! Very happy and love the app as well!.Version: 3.32.1

Great app, have been impressed BUT..I have been keeping up with my watering and fertilising of plants since having the app, however may I suggest having some sort of weather detection in the app somehow. It had me back off on water when Autumn started for us even though it was still in the 30’s C , also so that we can monitor the rain, so we can add how many mm’s we had in rain, so the app doesn’t keep asking the plants to be watered or that I have over watered. Just I suggestion..Version: 3.78.1

Great app😁This app is GREAT! i would totally recommend it to anyone of all ages, i use it on plants and flowers in my garden, on bush walks and basically everywhere. it tells you what the plants called, gives picture examples, tells you where it’s from and even if it’s edible or not! it’s completely free too (it will come up with a subscription thing but just press the X in the top corner).Version: 2.5.5

Not specific Enough, Had trouble identifying Pine and Crab AppleOverall, I like the App. I didn’t have time to try the ‘diagnostic’ part of the App. I used it to identify some trees, flowers, bushes and vegetables in my yard and my neighbors’ yards. It did pretty well, identifying about 80% accuracy. It had difficulty identifying the pine trees and it never got the Crab Apple correct (which is small right now, and has no flowers). It identified Rose of Sharon plant, but could not tell me which color flowers were on each plant. Similarly, it got the Garden Dahlia correct, but could not further differentiate the type of flowers on the plant. The nice part is that you could send instant feedback if it identifies a plant incorrectly, and you know what the plant should be! If you don’t know, you can still send feedback easily. I couldn’t find a way to categorize my plants into Trees, bushes, flowers or vegetable garden plants. That improvement would be awesome! I could not create a separate tab for another person’s yard plants. That would make it better for people who might want to use it for their gardening business. This App shows promise, but I don’t want to pay $30 a year for the App. Nice App, but needs better plant differentiation and customization into Trees, bushes, vegetables, etc… I like that they have some gardening books in the App, but you can’t download them and read in another reader App. You must read them in the App..Version: 3.9

I love it!!I’ve always been curious about plants, but there are so many that don’t have distinguishing features to find online without an hour of searching. This app identifies EVERYTHING in seconds. I live on this thing and I’ve learned more in a few weeks than I have in probably ten years. I love it!!.Version: 3.7.2

Fantastic app ruined by modern pricing structure£30 per year is entirely extortionate and none of these apps should have any kind of recurring billing. That aside, this app functions flawlessly, identifying everything I’ve pointed it at correctly and giving further info on care and current health, which I was not expecting. I am sad to say that I can’t justify keeping it due to the recurring billing structure as I would very much like to have it available but £30 a year is the price of a premium PC game. I probably would have kept it if it was a one off purchase price of that amount because the few days I’ve had it has shown it’s worthwhile, unlike a lot of these apps nowadays.Version: 3.55

Amazing tool for any farmer or forester !This app is totally amazing. When you find a plant and you don’t know what it is simple pull up the app point camera and shoot. Most likely in 5 seconds you have the answer right before you. It doesn’t stop there it gives alternate names the plant properties what kind of conditions the plant needs to flourish. If it’s a plant you enjoy and wish to keep healthy this app actually analyzes the plant and provides information you need to know to improve the plants health. I actually had the agriculture extension agent out to help me identify a plant I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to know if it was poison or anything bad you wouldn’t want in your hay. The agent couldn’t tell me anything about the plant so I would not use for hay. With this app open point shoot and there’s your answer right in front of you. I could have used this app hundreds of times during my lifetime. Oh well as they say “ Better Late Than Never”.Version: 2.5.1

Thank youAwesome app! Appreciate the hard work to create this app. It is both efficient and effective to determine the health of my plants. :).Version: 3.10

What a great way to pass the timeSuch an amazing app. Learning the trees around me from the roof top. cant wait to get a leaf sample to far and label. This is making learning fun. Being a student means having a question about something and learning about it to satisfy the thirst of learning . This is what I try to inspire and em ole in my students. This is why I opened a virtual school so students can have fun learning again, online. Things they are interested about, exposing your self to new knowledge and information. Let me show you how I think. Every-time I come from the roof I start sneezing a lot. I know I have allergies from an allergy test, but couldn’t remember the name of the tree pollen. So I googled pollen index in my neighborhood. Then I realized apples weather app wasn’t proving me the information I needed. And I need to outsource. Downloaded a reputable app that gives me daily allergy notifications about the pollen count and learned the 3 types of pollen and how to reduce sneezing. Then I used this app to go a step further to figure out what trees surround me as they are the culprits of my allergy. Haven’t done the analysis but I will . All and all, we like this app!.Version: 1.32.3

Great appI have always loved plants and trees including wildflowers, but with the wildflowers, did not know much about them. This app is perfect! Identifies very quickly and provides useful info. I never leave home now without my phone and this app. I have the paid version which is extremely good value and gives you that little bit more. Love it. I have read sone of the rEvie’s saying it’s a con as subscription is unclear etc etc. I am 72 years of age not exactly a techno but if you read these things carefully, you will exactly what the terms and conditions are! Don’t blame anyone else for your lack of care or oversight. 🤗.Version: 3.4.1

AmazingWow! What an awesome app, I can’t believe everything it’s able to do! So much more than just identify plants! Wish I found this earlier!.Version: 1.28

Great app, shame about..This is a great app. I have really enjoyed photographing and identifying plants everywhere I ago. It’s just such a massive shame about the way in which the subscription is presented. It’s not obvious to most that you can simply click the cross at the top of the screen to use it without signing up for a free trial. It IS a free app. I won’t be subscribing, however if you were to charge a one off fee of a few pounds for this app to get rid of the ads I would happily do so. The map feature is lovely, you could use the data gained from this to map plants all over the world. I can see plenty of opportunities to broaden the app and advanced features could incorporate a subscription fee. But get rid of the ugly screen asking to sign up for the trial all the time. I’ll will however be recommending this app to anyone with an interest in plants..Version: 1.31

Rip offThe subscription plan recently changed, and that is quite understandable. I signed up for a free one week free trial and ended up cancelljng my subscription after 3 days as I didn’t want to continue and pay for it. A week later I get charged the subscription. I am in the throes of email exchanges with Picture This’s robots of different names, but they don’t seem to be able to read their own earlier communications which confirm my cancellation. If it weren’t for this I’d say it’s a good app..Version: 2.6.8

Great app and well worth getting a full subscription.Excellent app. I couldn’t be bothered with waiting for my one week to trial to finish and decided that I would buy the subscription right away. So far so good and well worth the money. We have just purchased another home and it is hard to know what exactly the previous owners grew in the garden. With this app we can go around the section and take photos and it will tell us what it is,, it’s botanical name, how to care for it and so on. I live here in New Zealand and it’s been very useful and helps so much identify many different plants and if they have any issues and how to remedy it..Version: 3.9.1

Absolutely awesome!I downloaded this app to help try and identify some weeds and vines that were growing in the yard with all intentions of deleting it before the end of the free trial, but honestly, this app rules! Not only did it give a almost constantly accurate identification for most of the plants on my yard, but also has tons of information on said plants and how to deal with them. Only unfortunate downside to this app is that some times it will miss identify plants or give different identification to the same plant if different photos are provided. There is, however, the option to ask a botanist to help identify or diagnose your plant. Overall I am very impressed with this app and will be keeping it around. Cheers!.Version: 2.10.2

An App worth having!!I only tried this out of curiosity and on the one negative note, was a bit annoyed that I get charged for the full year (£24) the second that the 7 day trial ended, without any warning. I’m sure it was in the small print somewhere but it just didn’t feed very customer friendly. Rather off- putting but hey, now I’m a customer for a year. Having said that, it is a brilliant app. I use it constantly and I have learned so much, both in my garden and on my daily walks, looking up wild flowers and trees. I have never written a review before but I felt that this was worth doing..Version: 3.6.1

Pretty goodI had this app for a year. I did find sometimes it didn’t quite identify the plants properly. And when diagnosing issues it always seemed to be ‘brown spots’. But overall happy with this app. Off to try another app though.Version: 3.15

Great AppI have used this app since the spring to help catalogue a large country garden. For £20 year for Premium it’s well worth the cost and it has provided a lot of interest. It’s also great for wild flowers and trees too. Identification is usually spot on and I have catalogued 250 plants so far and still going. As suggestions: I would like a simpler way to add notes (such as where found ) without having to go to ‘Edit’. I also can’t quite understand the ‘add to my garden’ button because all the plants identified are saved anyway as ‘Me’ and there is no ‘my garden section’. Being able to save to various self named ‘gardens’ would be better so you could Group plants to areas where found such as ‘front garden’ ‘back garden’ ‘on walks’ etc. Most importantly I would absolutely love a way to export my long list of saved plants complete with the name, my notes and my image etc so that I could save them off app and even print so I could permanently save the long list I have built up over the last few months as it’s been quite a monumental (but enjoyable) task. Overall really great and highly recommended. Thank you PictureThis Team!.Version: 2.0.6

FabFab app which I've recommended to all my friends. Feature request... Being in England I don't really want to know the American plant names and birds and wildlife they support. I would like to know which British species they support and the British common names of the plants. I've greatly enjoyed finding out the names of the common lichen on trees and stones and even on the walls of my house and the roof, but the only names for those are in Latin. There must be some British common names for these lovely lichen. What an amazing app. It is a miracle. It makes very few errors and you can send them feedback on the few occasions this happens. As the owner of much land and wildlife, this has changed my life and the tourism side of my business..Version: 3.30.1

Lifesaver literallyI found my cat was getting sicker and sicker and sicker and didn’t know why I’ve been realised I had some point poisonous plants but she was during on such as Cyclomen poinsettia and made her very very very old now I can cull accurately.Version: 3.38.1

Fantastic app!!!!!!Excellent!! Best app I’ve ever downloaded!! I mean it! People talk about the price but I had hopeless results with free plant apps I tried (4) and this is less than the price of one plant book where I live which would not give me anywhere near the information and ease of I.d. that this app does. I immigrated to New Zealand and have been able to identify all the plants I see with 100% accuracy so far!! (I have back checked on internet) So helpful, it even identifies possible diseases and treatment, ideas for planting and helpful growing tips on each plant I log.. I recommend this to ALL my friends… such a find! Thank you so much!!! I am 51, a tech dimwit and have an old, cracked and battered phone and have no trouble getting I.d on my photos so I’m really at a loss to see how people are finding this app ‘does not work’?.Version: 3.8

Best plant ID app I’ve used yetI took out the free trial to check the app out and I was impressed by its accuracy. It also recognises whether a plant is struggling and offers advice for improvements. It’s not perfect yet, but it’s more accurate than any other plant ID app I’ve previous tried..Version: 3.72

AmazingI manage an academic greenhouse and this app has actually helped me to narrow down the taxonomy for a few specimen that have been left unidentified or completely misidentified for years. The newer feature that identifies plant stress has also been an extremely useful teaching tool in helping my students understand the signs and symptoms of plant pest and pathogen infestations. The invasives warning has been especially useful for my students to understand and identify invasives on the campus ecological preserve too. I will be downloading this app on all devices for students in ecology to use this upcoming semester. Love it and frequently recommend to everyone even off campus. It’s obviously not perfect (not sure why some would think a plant ID app would work on mushrooms haha) but it is accurate in providing the correct genera or at least family which can then be used in conjunction with a field guide. As someone who has built multiple phone applications myself and lives a life centered around botany and computer science, I honestly am beyond impressed. I just hope most of the features remain free (if that changes possibly provide a university bundle subscription?) :) **note: I have not tried the app on unidentified specimen in the herbarium yet but am very curious.Version: 2.1.3

Mostly greatI’ve tried several plant ID apps and Picture This is by far the best. It’s easy to use and I often get a match for the plant I am trying to ID. I like that the common and Latin name are often both provided. It’s very helpful that there are pics in the database of plants at different stages of growth—some flowers look very different as they move through the stages, which can make identifying them difficult. It works best for me if I take pics of plants and then go in the house and have my laptop handy as I use the app to ID them. I can see everything better and if I am unsure of the ID provided I can hop on the computer to do a search. One frustration: once you add a pic, if you can’t ID it right away but figure it out later, you cannot update the listing—you can only add a comment, so it always shows as unidentified. I also wish there was a way to sort the listings in your collection rather only having them listed in reverse chronological order. If there can only be one sort order, I would prefer alphabetical so I could easily see and delete duplicates and have pics of the same plant at different stages grouped by together. I love being able to see pics from gardeners all over the place and make comments and read the comments of others..Version: 1.17

GREAT!!!I love this app I often come across all sorts of plants/trees/flowers that I would love to know the name of thanks to this I now can, I have even taken pictures of the Tv or a magazine to find out the plant name and as long as its a clear picture it always identifies it, plants in my own yard that have started browning or lacking a little you identify and it gives you the plant health what the problem could be and how to fix it, I also just want to add I’m a premium subscriber so I pay the yearly fee that could also be why I get all the bells and whistles I’m not sure as I only used it for a little unsubscribed so take that as you will but I overall can’t fault it!!.Version: 3.34

Outstanding!I don’t normally do app reviews but this one warranted a great one. I got this app, intending to keep it for the one week free trial only, to test it out. I was sceptical of its claims. Oh boy was I wrong! This is a truly incredible app, using AI to identify all of my house and garden plants within seconds, highlight issues with them, offer solutions and a whole load of advice about maintenance and long term care of them, watering and fertilising schedules and so much more. I was only too happy to take the subscription after the week was up. My plants will thank me for it! Good job, development team 👏 As someone studying computer science with AI, I’m impressed!.Version: 3.48

Brilliant app for nature lovers!I just got this app and am delighted! It’s so wonderful to be able to have plants identified and also their history and information about their cultural context. There are even little poems associated with some of them! I am often out walking and see flowers or trees I love, and wish I knew what they were- now I can find out and save the ones I like in my own garden on the app. Thank you for all the research and care that has gone into making this brilliant app..Version: 3.7.4

AccurateLoving this app. It’s very accurate and very easy to use. Would be great if there was some sort of discount if you also purchase/subscribe to the Picture Bird and Picture Insect apps. Would love to use all three but $40/year annual subscription each is a bit ridiculous. Maybe there could be a price for subscribing to all three? Regardless, highly recommend this app..Version: 3.7.2

Very Keen GardenerAn absolutely essential app for any one interested in gardening - from an expert to a beginner. One of its most useful features is that it will identify weeds as well - so I know which “plants” to pull out and which ones to protect and encourage! It is well worth the cost of its subscription..Version: 2.1.6

Great app but disappointed it’s paid app nowThis is the only accurate and easy to use app to identify plants but unfortunately they made it a paid/premium app some time ago recently which I am disappointed about as it was a free app previously and would recommend to people :(.Version: 1.11.1

A+Excellent app if you’re into growing exotic plants or any plant actually. A little expensive but only costly if you need expert help.Version: 3.76

Brilliant appI never bothered to leave apps reviews before, but this one is saving my life. I moved from the city to the countryside and inherited massive manicured gardens, however a bit overgrown as the previous owners were not in top during last summer, because they were selling the house. I moved in by the end of October, not much to be seen, but when the spring came an explosion of plants took the garden over… Cutting the story short I had not a clue of what to do with all those plants, abs this app allowed me not to identify them, but also taught me how take care of them, and always offering more organic options, as for instance introducing ladybugs to control aphids! I am mapping the garden with the aid of the app. The paid version is great value for money well worth it!.Version: 3.4.1

AwesomeI love this app. So helpful.Version: 1.28

New HomeThis app has been a treasure trove for us. Having moved house, we’ve inherited a cottage garden and being able to identify plants, flowers and weeds has been invaluable in tending to it. Love this app and also enjoy all the advice we can access to be able to care for the garden going forwards. It makes gardening for amateurs (and I suspect, some who are more experienced) and for those inheriting gardens, so much easier and more pleasurable. It’s also a great help in caring for our indoor plants in a better way. Not had time to access everything the app offers as yet, but am looking forward to using every feature as time goes on. A huge ‘green’ thumbs up from us!.Version: 3.52

Review of the appI have found this app absolutely useful in so many different ways. I like it so much I’ve even suggested to my friends to use it. I have one question regarding watering. When I have my reminders on the different herbs that I have on our balcony at our apartment, how do we alter the watering cycle when we’ve had nearly 40 mils of rain over the past four days?.Version: 3.72

SubscriptionI have really enjoyed this app and used it quite a bit last year, so when it came time to renew my subscription I renewed without hesitation. I went a few months without using it and had limited storage on my iPhone, so I upgraded yesterday. I see it in my Apple ID subscriptions, and when I look for this app in the App Store it shows I am subscribed. My subscription doesn’t expire until March 2023. I had to re-install the app to my new phone, and despite my subscription still being active I am prompted to purchase a new subscription when I open the app. I have looked for a way to contact Glority Global Group Ltd. and can’t seem to find anything concrete. I am happy to change my rating when this issue gets resolved, and prompt resolution will yield a higher rating. Update: It took several days, but I did receive response with guidance on how to restore my membership. It was not until then that I noticed the greyed out RESTORE option in the top left corner of the that was pushing to sell me on an annual subscription. The app is useful. The RESTORE option needs to be more visible, otherwise users might feel as though you are tricking them into taking more of their money. Not cool..Version: 3.33

Seems quite accurate, and easy to useI just started using this app 5 days ago and I’ve done about 20 IDs both garden plants and wild field plants. Almost all seem to be correct, by cross checking on Google afterwards. For the couple that missed (the results didn’t match), a second photo at a different angle found a better answer. It also gives quite a lot of information on the plant in the results, particularly useful if it’s poisonous! I find it really fun and pleasing to have all this information at my fingertips. I’ve been using the app for free so far but will pay now to support the developers. (To use for free, bypass the subscription nag screen by tapping the little white X in the top corner, then tap the “New” button at the bottom.).Version: 1.34

Very CleverI am no expert, but enjoy trying to identify wildflowers, whilst on walks, and photographing them. It seems very accurate. I have only had app. a few days, but it has already helped me correct one identification, and helped speed up several others. Of plants I am confident of, it has been 100% accurate. The only error I spotted, is that it gave different identifications for a close up of flower, and one, of the same plant, that also showed leaves. I had already struggled with this myself, looking it up earlier. My only concern, was that on allowing location of photo, it gave my home location, actually my neighbour’s address, rather than where it was taken. This maybe because I take photos with a camera, and later transferred to my device, and looked them up at home..Version: 2.0.7

Love the app but not the cost!Thrilled it has so many NZ natives, but I’ve just unsubscribed because of the cost. Great when I need it, but not frequently used enough to justify $$.Version: 3.16.1

Perhaps better than the rest?!I’ve had the best experience with Picture This over several other plant identification apps. It’s been accurate 80-95% of the time with exceptions generally of trees and grasses that look similar to others; for example it thinks that acacia trees are mesquite trees when not in bloom. I often don’t even get an ID on some of the other apps like I-nature or I-seek even though I know a lot of my friends rave over the app. I’m just super content with this one. I’ve spent the last 3-4years using this app daily/weekly to ID plants and occasionally bugs and birds and it gives good responses and facts like regions where it’s native/invasive so I’m learning beyond the name. I’ve been working to remove nonnative invasive species that are detrimental to the Sonoran Desert so when I’m uncertain, it’s helpful to cross-reference and make sure I’m not removing beneficial species. I love it. I’m also working on a coloring book with regional plants and species so this app has been a huge part of my research process as I learn. Thanks Picture This!.Version: 3.80.1

Worth it !I work with landscaping services and since I moved to another country and completely different region that has other species then my hometown this app has been a game changer . Works perfectly and so accurately, in my case the price was a no brainer..Version: 3.40

Not all ID’s are correctI think this app. Is great. However about 2/10 times the pictures supplied in the ID given dont match up with the plant I am trying to ID and I know it is wrong. It would be great to have a ‘this doesn’t seem right, have another search’ option where the app has another search using the same image, whilst ruling out the original ID so that it can’t come up again..Version: 2.5

Great but not perfect. Some plants not in databaseI bought some plants for my garden and went to add them to “my garden” in the app, but the app does not have a plant matching that of the label from the garden Centre. And I could not find an option to self-add a label myself... just make a comment. So the plant identifier called it a petunia based on photo identification, but the plant itself is a Calibrachoa hybrid. Similar, I know but it would be nice to have the option to be exact. When using a text search, there was a single type of calibrachoa in the app database but it didn’t seem to be a good match for the plant I had... for one thing, according to the app, the color of my flowers didn’t exist for that plant family. I’m no plant expert (which is why I am using this app), so things got confusing quickly. For the meantime, I am keeping it incorrectly labeled as Petunia based on photo identification but will note the exact details from the label that came with the plant supplied by the garden Centre. And I’m guessing that will be sufficient to keep it alive and thriving..Version: 3.1.3

Free Option is Useful!I use the free option and overall I would recommend this app for plant identification and plant care reminders. I try to use an app for a while before I write a good review. There are NOT annoying ads. Each time I open the app it does ask me to purchase the full version but I click “cancel” and move on. I use this app frequently to take pictures of plants and identify the species. For free you can also take pictures of plants you own and add them to “my garden.” You can add pictures over time and see a timeline of the growth of your plants which is cool. It will suggest proper water and fertilization schedules for your plants and you can set up reminders/notifications to water or fertilize each of your plants. On I-phone there is also a widget you can add to your screen for the care reminders, I like it more than just the app icon. There are added benefits if you pay for it like bird identification and you can unlock more information about the plants you identify and you can use something called 360 identify which is supposed to be more accurate. I have used the bird identification before because it used to be part of the free option and it was accurate. I hope this helps someone else decide whether or not to try this app! It’s worth a download to compare it to other apps you are considering..Version: 3.80.1

My favorite appThis app is wonderful. I have the annual membership because I bought a new home a year ago and there were many things planted already that I had no idea what they were. I use this app all the time just to see what kind of weeds I have too, it helps me identify the nasty ones before they go to seed and spread. Some plants that are similar like peaches and nectarines may show up as the same plant but they’re in the same family so that doesn’t bother me and I guess I’ll know which one it is when they give me fruit! I will probably be a lifetime subscriber to this app as I find uses for it everywhere. Oh, even in stores and at plant nurseries I use this if something doesn’t seem right, just to confirm it looks like what the tag says. A great tool! If I had one suggestion it would be specifically for grapes, to be able to tell the different types apart, but this is a tough one you can’t find many resources on this anywhere, so I can’t take away points for that, it’s just perfect !.Version: 3.1.3

Very HelpfulThis app is so helpful! I am terrible with plants and in the past I have killed virtually every plant I’ve owned. This app identifies what the plant is, what it needs when it’s sick and how to care for it. I wish it could put the information into a spreadsheet so I could group plants with similar needs together. I also think it would be great if you could plot each plant in a map of your own garden - for those of us that can’t remember when each individual plant flowers, or needs fertiliser etc. Overall, very helpful.Version: 3.9.1

So helpfulWe purchased a property that had a wide range of plants and fruit trees. We did not know what most of them were, and what care was needed or whether they were toxic to animals. I’ve had a number of different plant identification apps, but this one is by far the best we’ve used, I have put the app on both mine and my husbands phones so we can identify all the plants around the place. The diagnostic tool is brilliant and has saved me killing a few of my new expensive fruit trees!!! I just took a picture out the window of a vehicle doing 100km to identify a field crop - and it worked!!!.Version: 3.65

Excellent app for plant ID and moreUpgraded to premium and love the functionality and simple process. Beyond identification, the additional info is really interesting and helpful, including diagnostic advice if photo shows plant problem. My one criticism is , after identifying a plant, having to go back to square one every time in order to access my photo album. This is a bit of a drag whenever I am identifying a series of plants (I take lots of wildflower, etc. photos during hill-climbing ventures). A shortcut button ‘back to album’ would be really welcome. This is just a constructive bit of feedback - it’s a brilliant app..Version: 2.1.2

Absolutely Amazing!I love this app a lot! So far all of the plants that I have scanned are right, I know because my mum knows a lot about some plants in my garden. This app even tells you other suggestions if the first one is maybe wrong. It is SUPER easy to use because all you have to do is take a picture of the plant! I recommend this app to everyone who wants to know more about their plant..Version: 2.6.8

Misleading subscription applicationsI just got this app because my friend said that it was cool and so I got it and when you log into it it makes you sign a subscription and it doesn’t tell you what for and so I accidentally signed it and it wouldn’t let me cancel the 39 dollars for gold or premium and then there was a receipt for it and it’s so confusing so yeah I think it’s an ok app but just look out for that.Version: 3.22

Awesome !After trying the many plant apps available , Picture This is the very best by far . Accuracy on plant ID is awesome . Highly recommend 😀.Version: 3.58

Perfect Plant App for anyone with a light green thumb!This app has been a Godsend, best value for money. To help with soil health I bury veg peels and scraps regularly, what doesn’t go in compost goes back into the ground; as a result I get unknown (to me) veggie plants sprouting, so I use the app identify, add to my garden list and also provide advice on plant health. There is natural & chemical treatment info for plants needing extra care as well. Great App that I will keep yr in and yr out..Version: 3.70

Great app with little disturbanceI love this app It’s so easy to just whip out the app anywhere and snap a pic of any plant and get almost instant results with nice information to annoy your family with! There is only two problems I have encountered. The most pressing problem is that if no WiFi is available you obviously must use data to get results. This isn’t much of a problem as everyone now a days has data or some form of connection. I have a solution for this but first I will say the second problem I have with this app is that it’s constantly pushing you to purchase the subscription. You can easily press the x at the top right corner but I think it’s very easy to accidentally buy it. Now back to my solution for the data thing. I suggest that the app devs make an option to download the entire database on your phone. This would obviously take up some space on your phone but I think it’s worth it. Also I feel that this feature should only be available for subscribed members. Don’t raise the price or anything because I think it’s quite pricey as is. Other than that this app is great! I’ve seen a few apps like this where you take a picture and it takes like 12 hours for results. I think that’s ridiculous. This app is instant. 10/5.Version: 2.1.2

Suggestion for Developers!!!I love this app. it’s wonderful. works great, accurate, and a clean design. Although there is one thing that could make this app much better and more enjoyable. I was using this app for a school project to find certain species of leaves. I needed to quickly identify every different species of tree I walked by. I wanted to be quick. But after you scan you have to hit a tiny little button to get ready for another scan. This gets frustrating when you have leaves in your other hand and your trying to hit a small button across the whole screen with the same hand your holding your phone with. It would be great to see the back arrow button much bigger or have it in the lower corners so you don’t have to reach as far with one hand. other than that this app is fantastic and i highly recommend downloading this app for fun or for knowledge OR if you trying to do a school project like me..Version: 3.8

Fabulous and usefulIncredibly useful app. Does an awesome job identifying plants and shows great photo examples so you can be sure you’re getting the right results! Has care tips, tells you if a plant is potentially hazardous, shows commonly asked questions and their answers, and so much more. Love that I can “save to my garden” and look back at what I’ve scanned and reread the info anytime. Love the “diagnose” feature as well!! Had helped us identify different diseases and root rot and gives advice for care. Turns out we planted some (hardware store purchased) basil that had some infection in the roots that seeps into the soil, so now we can’t plant basil or mint or anything in our garden for several years. Would never have known without this app! Would have just thought the stalks were turning black because I have a black thumb 😂 My only critique is the cost of the “full version” of the app. I would be *happy* to pay the developers for their hard work on this app because it’s really so incredible, but $30 a YEAR is much too steep for me. What happened to apps being a couple bucks at most? What’s the deal with this whole yearly subscription thing?? I personally feel like the creators would make more money by charging less and having more buyers, but I’m no accountant. I’ll just keep clicking “continue with free version” til the cows come home..Version: 3.5

🌿🌱The best plant identification app ever! 🌱🌿Just snap a photo, wait for the app to identify and BOOM! Select the one that matches out of 3, and instantly there’s care instructions, facts and just about everything you need to know about the plant. I have all my indoor and outdoor plants identified plus I know how to properly care for them now! I’m super satisfied with it and I’ve even told a few of my greenthumb friends about it (believe it or not, I got really excited about this app aha) I wish I could rate this higher! 🥰💖.Version: 1.28

Stuck in camera modeI had downloaded the app today and after taking 50 odd photos to identify and save to my garden folder, I took another photo and the app got stuck in the camera setting and I couldn’t get out of the camera so had to delete the app and reinstall it. I was quite disappointed. I will continue to use the app in the hope this won’t happen again before whilst in the 7 day free trial period before making the decision to purchase the app..Version: 3.7.3

This app is getting better resultsThis app has been very helpful in quick identification of the more common plants and is becoming more informed as time goes on. The more people use this app and report the identification results, the more accurate the identification will be. So, everyone take a moment to let it know if it’s correct or not..Version: 3.8

Great app but not affordableGreat app plant recognition works well just too expensive. Would definitely keep it if was more affordable. All the best with you app. Please unsubscribe me, I have tried emailing but it didn’t work..Version: 1.16.2

An invaluable app if your addicted to gardening and plantsI very rarely leave reviews for any apps as they are at best ok or sometimes mediocre and don’t merit taking the time to leave a review . However if your addiction is gardening and plants this app is everything you need and much more . The annual subscription costs to unlock the full app is well worth the financial outlay for me personally. The photo identification is very accurate and the additional information provided is comprehensive and throughout the period I have been using this particular app on my iPhone and iPad I would say it is most definitely one that I use frequently. Therefore the 5 star rating is well deserved in my opinion ..Version: 3.22

Rick reviews PictureThisSo far I have found the app very useful and easy to use. I am still getting used to it and need to learn more about it, ie. so far so good! I work as a gardener/landscaper and find the app very useful when I’m working in a garden, and come across plants/trees that I don’t know (which happens quite often if I’m being honest). A great way to expand my plant repertoire.Version: 3.10.1

Great with exotics and helpful with native plantsThis app is great for working out the general types of plant you are trying to identify. In Australia it is very accurate with weeds and exotic plants but not always accurate with native species. For example, it will work out a Melaleuca, but not necessarily get the exact species correct. I wouldn’t rely on it but find it really helpful especially when I’m in an unfamiliar area. Really helpful for working out what doesn’t belong in your garden..Version: 3.38.2

Saving this notorious plant killer one plant at a time….I wasn’t lucky to inherit the natural green thumb of my grandmother and mother….. I rely on plants to boost my mood daily and enrich my sanctuary…. But I have lost countless plants that came to me healthy and flourishing. My abilities include drying, drowning and neglecting to the point of no return. I have countless black pots scattered around my home, with no green in sight just hoping that one day I’ll see new growth…. It takes me months to accept I successfully killed another plant before I recycle the soil and pot. Three weeks on to having this app, I’ve rescued several plants who are already thriving by providing the basic of care that takes no time out of my intense schedule at all - just the correct amount of sunlight, watering times and home made anti fungal care. It couldn’t have been easier thanks to this app. And although I’ll never absorb all of their names, I know I can rely on this app to identify and provide the right care advice for the 100’s of different plants around me. This app is genius, reliable and worth far more than the small investment I made. My favourite app I have ever had. Thank you!!.Version: 3.18

Great for wildflower identification in the field!I downloaded this app to try with my grandchildren on rural walks. They’re always looking for bugs and birds etc. I often get asked what a plant/wildflower/weed is too. I was impressed by high accuracy of identification. Yes there were a few very obvious incorrect ones but changing the distance and angle of photo corrects that. I upgraded to premium and love to see the shared photos and see what fully grown plants will look like, in someone’s garden, before I buy them at a garden centre. The information that accompanies them is great. Although using USA climate zones etc. I get info in degreesC and have quickly learned how to translate zones to UK. I gave 4 stars as I would like to see a dedicated UK version/option if possible. Other than that, I love and so do the children..Version: 2.1.8

Love!So many complaints seem to be from people who don’t know how apps work. I love this app and it’s worth every cent!!! It’s so fun taking it out with me on my walks and learning about the plants around me. I haven’t come across any plants that it wasn’t able to identify or at least suggest options. I’ll keep paying for this for sure.Version: 2.1.6

Fantastic appReally great app. I was a little out off by the full screen ads to subscribe which I generally find indicates an app that I will not subscribe to due to the hard sell however this app is definitely worth the subscription for the extra information you get. One thing that’s bugging me is I cannot switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius in the app and I live in Australia so wish I could find a setting for that..Version: 3.10.1

Such a lovely place to lose hours onThis is the first app review I’ve written, but I feel I owe it to you guys for giving us such a lovely free app! It has given me lots of accurate results, and my ‘nature walk’ is not interrupted by ads and pop-ups. There’s lots of opportunities for different ID’s - you can always get a second or third option just by taking a different photo - maybe change the angle, close up on a flower or leaf etc. And if you still aren’t quite satisfied by that, you can always offer up your plant to the community for some other ideas. I spend a LOT of time here and always come away feeling calm and happy 🌱🤔🌿😌.Version: 1.9

I love this app!!!!Very accurate description of flowers! Good job guys! This is awesome!!!.Version: 1.28.1

Wonderful AppThis app has made my dog walking an added joy. While Barney is happily sniffing around I am picturing trees and plants to identify and learn about them. This app is accurate about 95 per cent of the time. I have tested it against plants that I know and am confident in the results. I have a photo gallery of over 400 plants which I frequently scroll through to remind myself of their characteristics. I would love to be able to search for a plant in the gallery by name to see if I am accurately remembering it. At present this does not seem possible. I have tried other Apps which do not come close. It is aimed at the North American market but does cater well for European flora..Version: 3.8

The best app everThis app is super useful. Almost always right (a couple of mistakes in identifying but the pictures might have been at a wrong angle). Great advice! Love the scheduling feature! If I could ask for anything it would be to add a reminder ability for treatments for pesticides (natural or otherwise)..Version: 3.77

Very useful app, but has a lot to be improvedI love this app, it is one of my most used apps. I use it daily on hikes to help me learn plants around me or to confirm my identifications of plants. However, you must not rely on this app, it should only be used as a tool. It gets a lot of things incorrect. As for the drawbacks, it does get a lot of things wrong. The app is unable to differentiate between a lot of species of plants that may look similar, I’ve noticed this with my cacti. It has misidentified about 1/3 of my cacti, and sometimes will come up with different identifications based on the photo. This is something that can definitely be improved. The biggest drawback to this app, is the diagnosis tool. This is something on the Pro version. It’s not worth paying for. I have used it many times so far and only a handful of times has it gotten a diagnosis correct. It tends to say sick plants are healthy or say there is a pest issue when there is very clearly not. Every other time, it tells me that a plant is healthy when it is showing clear signs of stress. It is especially horrible at identifying what is wrong with cacti. It works better with plants that have leaves or trees..Version: 3.58

ImpressiveThe free version appears to work well. I am just wondering what the limitations of the free version are. It only appears to accept 3 or 4 plant photos per day. Is this correct or do I need to edit something in settings? What is the extent of the diagnostic service for the free version? Is there a limit to the number of photos I can save in “my garden?” A list of the limitations of the free version would be most helpful in deciding whether to retain that or go for the pro version..Version: 3.0.3

Very cool appI love this. It doesn’t always get things perfect especially in NZ where we have some very specific native plants but it is soo good at ID-ing plants!!!.Version: 3.22

Subscribed by accident and didn’t look backI accidentally signed up for a paid subscription at the start of lock down (totally my fault, no funny business) and emailed the apps customer service for help. They were really nice about it, but now I feel guilty because I decided to stick with it and the app is outstanding. The garden’s got some much needed attention recently and the app has been amazing in helping a house full of completely useless gardeners get to grips with what on earth we’ve been planting and how to keep it all alive 😅 it’s been great for walks in the woods too. Whenever I see something unusual growing I snap a picture and have detailed information straight away. Turns out one of our houseplants is called ‘dumbcane’ and drinking its sap would numb the larynx and cause the drinker to be unable to speak for a fortnight. Won’t be trying that, but knowing more than what a plant shows at face value is a wonderful thing. 5 stars, I’d recommend the paid subscription to all..Version: 2.0.7

So Helpful and Accurate!This app is absolutely amazing! It was able to quickly and correctly identify every plant in my garden, including one I had spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to identify on my own. I almost want the premium version because the features look so, so nice. Actually, I probably would buy it except that I have very low income and I probably wouldn’t get a whole ton of use out of it anyway. 😂 Anyway, this is absolutely a five star app! The design is great and comprehensive, and it holds a wealth of useful information you would have to surf the web for hours to find otherwise. Plus, I just love the light meter, diagnose, My Garden, and seasonal tips features. So helpful. If I had any suggestions at all, it would be to include options in the surveys (such as the one in the watering frequency calculator) for non-potted plants, and to allow you to edit the diagnosis as you can the plant names. However, these things did not detract from my experience at all, and this was still absolutely mind blowing! The accuracy, while not always perfect, is truly top notch. I applaud the developers, design team, and everyone who worked on this. You are all amazing. ❤️ All you plant lovers out there, totally support these guys by getting the premium version if (unlike me) you can afford it. Five stars!.Version: 3.51

Fabulous and worth every cent!We use PictureThis all the time around our own rural property to check on native plants and weeds or when we spy something we really like and want to know what it is. Also terrific for diagnosing plant problems. One of the best apps we have ever downloaded. Hats off to the designers!.Version: 3.80

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