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Best Plant Identifying App EVER!Highly recommended. This app is well worth it..Version: 2.10.2

My most used app everI absolutely adore this app and use it every day. However for some reason it has stopped working and won’t open. Maybe I’ve worn it out :) I don’t want to delete and reinstall as I will lose all the data I have accumulated so far. Is there someone who can help me?.Version: 1.24

#1 Plant Identification Care and diagnostic appI moved to a new ranch in a different forest and needed help figuring out what the plants around the property and house that have been planted. I also needed to learn all the wild plants and flowers that grew on the property. This app has been invaluable. All you do is take a picture and it gives you all the information from the name of the plant, if their is anything‘s wrong with it, how to care for it, when you’re pruning season is and how to heal the plant. It logs all the plants and information along with easy access to all information. Now friends ask me about their plants and flowers. After showing what this app can do and how easy it is to use. Everyone is quick to down load app. I have never used a plant app that works as great as PictureThis-Plant ID I would give it 10 stars if I could..Version: 2.6.6

ExcellentQuite addictive, even plants I know sometimes I test on the app. Has been very helpful.Version: 1.11

Great identificationSo useful when out viewing neighbour hood gardens - helps clarify exactly what I will use ....Version: 1.30

Very reliable even in AustraliaTried several other apps that claimed they could identify plants and was disappointed in them all with no better than 50/50. But PictureThis gets about 80 to 90%even correctly identifying many uniquely Australian plants. As well it has very useful plant health identification and management features..Version: 2.7

Seems quite accurate, and easy to useI just started using this app 5 days ago and I’ve done about 20 IDs both garden plants and wild field plants. Almost all seem to be correct, by cross checking on Google afterwards. For the couple that missed (the results didn’t match), a second photo at a different angle found a better answer. It also gives quite a lot of information on the plant in the results, particularly useful if it’s poisonous! I find it really fun and pleasing to have all this information at my fingertips. I’ve been using the app for free so far but will pay now to support the developers. (To use for free, bypass the subscription nag screen by tapping the little white X in the top corner, then tap the “New” button at the bottom.).Version: 1.34

Best app of its kindThis app is so much better than the well known plant snap (which costs $6, can’t identify anything, has an ugly dated interface, and after deleting the app it cost $6 if for some peculiar reason I did want to get it back, and it won’t let you write a review or rate on the App Store.. such a waste of money) Download this app instead for FREE. The interface is beautiful, you can connect with people on the map in your area and see what others are snapping and the database is pretty solid. I like that you can view multiple photos and unlike plant snap it’s not just a basic internet search, but rather a community contributed database with lots of information! Room for improvement : in regards to plants not yet added to database, I wish they would reply (the feature lets you ‘suggest’ a plant) and find a way to add the plant straight away.. and there is some tidying up that could be done such as when a plant is added and you suggest the name for your own feed it still shows as ‘unknown’. I wish there was a place to add a wishlist!! No plant app seems to have this feature yet! You can ‘heart’ (like) the plants you like, but then there is no place where all the likes or rather ‘hearted’ plants show up in a group together?! I hope to see these improvements and to see this gain better ratings, as it definitely deserves it over its terrible competitor!.Version: 1.7.2

Picture this I love itI just downloaded this app a month ago and I’m really impressed. I can take A walk down a woodland path and come up with names of any plants I’m curios about. I’ve been able to take pictures of flowers I’ve planted in outside pots and I now have a picture and name of what I’ve planted so next year I can duplicate it. I’ve never been able to remember the names of plants I’ve planted. I wish I had this 39 years ago I had this beautiful hanging basket and I don’t know the name of the plant so I can’t duplicate it. The only thing I wish this app did that it doesn’t do, is that I would love to be able to group my plants by use. Plants in my planters, bushes, house plants, wild flowers from my walks, weeds etc. that would make it a lot easier to find the plant I’m looking for. I can’t wait to go shopping next year for my garden plants. I’ll have such a good reference on what I planted on the previous year..Version: 2.6

Great app!!!Awesome for gardening and facts about you plants!!.Version: 2.9.1

Too many bugsI did the free week trial of premium access, and loved the plant identification part. I loved that part so much i subscibed to the yearly. And canceled the next day. The problem, is that the premium is supposed to give unlimited plant identification. But the free week has only has three or so free, before you have to buy another by watching an ad or sharing it on face book or something. Even though i bought a subscription, i still could not access the ident, because my subscription didnt start until the free week ended. And the “free week” forced me to watch ads to get idents. This was yesterday, so i sent them an email about the problem. Today, i still hadnt received a reply. So Today i had to earn an ident. I hate ads, so i tried sharing to fb. i tried sharing to earn a free ident, but it couldnt connect. It asked if i wanted to automatically connect when available, i said yes. Then the screen went dark and i could get back to other features of the app. 45 minutes later, it was still dark. Total bs. I canceled, since they didnt even bother to reply to my email. Wish i could give it a 5 star, but the bugs and bad customer service forces me to give only a fair rating..Version: 1.16.2

100% better than plantsnap. Expensive.Expensive for my budget. If it makes you money, get the app. Been using plantsnap and its a little inaccurate, this app though is 100% better. Better search results and more info like planting, soil, propagation, care, etc etc.Version: 2.6.3

Amazing tool for any farmer or forester !This app is totally amazing. When you find a plant and you don’t know what it is simple pull up the app point camera and shoot. Most likely in 5 seconds you have the answer right before you. It doesn’t stop there it gives alternate names the plant properties what kind of conditions the plant needs to flourish. If it’s a plant you enjoy and wish to keep healthy this app actually analyzes the plant and provides information you need to know to improve the plants health. I actually had the agriculture extension agent out to help me identify a plant I was unfamiliar with. I wanted to know if it was poison or anything bad you wouldn’t want in your hay. The agent couldn’t tell me anything about the plant so I would not use for hay. With this app open point shoot and there’s your answer right in front of you. I could have used this app hundreds of times during my lifetime. Oh well as they say “ Better Late Than Never”.Version: 2.5.1

Name this plant in a few seconds.A great tool for quickly identifying plants in your garden or when out and about. Easy to use, simply point your smart phone at a plant and within in a few seconds, you are advised of the plants name, it’s origin and other information. No more searching through books. It’s great fun and addictive, The Head Gardener at a local NationalTrust property where I volunteer showed me this App. We frequently have visitors asking what plant is this’? Also it could be a great way to get kids involved in gardening by giving them a list of plants to identify!.Version: 1.32.2

Wow!I’m an avid bush walker. And this helps me so much identifying native plants. I definitely recommend it! Just remember to turn off the free trial at the beginning, otherwise you might have a couple less dollars in your bank account the next time you check..Version: 1.22.1

Best App Ever!!!!!!!!This app has been the best app I have ever used! This app has made my job 100x easier 😁 I work for a construction company that does property remodeling. I’m a permit runner, this means that I’m the one who goes to the city and gets the permit to do the work on the property. Some cities have a thing about trees; I have to go to a customer’s property and take a picture of every tree within the area of work. After I have gotten all the pictures using this app, I have to print up all the pictures and I have to mark trees on the survey showing where they are located based on the pictures. Since I have been using this app it’s made processing permits a little easier because now I go in advance to the customer’s home before a city will ask me to do so. Also, I have been showing this app to everyone in the cities I go to and they are amazed. I really am so happy that I found this app and I’m continuing to use it!.Version: 1.23.1

Excellent app for plant ID and moreUpgraded to premium and love the functionality and simple process. Beyond identification, the additional info is really interesting and helpful, including diagnostic advice if photo shows plant problem. My one criticism is , after identifying a plant, having to go back to square one every time in order to access my photo album. This is a bit of a drag whenever I am identifying a series of plants (I take lots of wildflower, etc. photos during hill-climbing ventures). A shortcut button ‘back to album’ would be really welcome. This is just a constructive bit of feedback - it’s a brilliant app..Version: 2.1.2

A perfect gardening assistant!Superior functionality! I don’t use the auto identification that often. I tested it on several plants that I have, and they’ve all been identified correctly, so I decided to keep the app. What fascinates me was the plant care side of the app. It’s an identification app but much more than that. To start with, it gives you general tips on how to care for your plant, do they like the sun or not, how much water they prefer…etc. It even notices that one of my plants is in bad shape and suggests solutions. I never knew I was tending my plant in a wrong way until then. You can also mange plants in your gallery and set water and fertilizer alerts for each one. I have a few pots of flowers in my office and more in my apartment, and this helped me to keep track of which plant needs care. It saves me a lot of effort and time. It’s a bit of responsibility to care for so many plants when I already have a busy routine, but PictureThis is an excellent aid for me. I can’t name another app that has such comprehensive plant care information and functions, in addition to the incredibly accurate and fast identification..Version: 1.34.2

Made my life easierPicture this made my gardening life much easier. I have big garden in Harrow London with lots of trees and shrubs, I always made mistakes pruning at the wrong time, give the plants the wrong fertilizer and so on, all because i did not know the names of my plants so that i can google and get info. I wish i knew about this app before. I recommend this app for every gardener even professionals because no one know every plant on earth..Version: 1.32.3

Fabulous APPI’ve tried most of them and this is definitely the best. I particularly love that it identifies if the plant needs tlc and a separate section allows me to get a specific issue ‘diagnosed’ along with solid advice. It offers a great history of the plant too which always manages to surprise me. Love this app and was more than happy to pay the annual fee of $36 a year (something like that!) to upgrade as I’ve used it so often, even walking along laneways and at friends..Version: 2.1.6

Pretty good. Not super accurate but it’s learningI paid for a couple months gold+premium on this app, it definitely taught me a lot of things. After my subscription expired and I could no longer afford the prices, it is asking me to pay $12 for a succulent and cacti pack , I now realise why it always identifies the plants in the same couple of categories..... but hey, it’s better than pretty much all the other apps out there I’ve tried. Thanks PictureThis.Version: 2.9.1

Great app. Very informativeI am a Florist and am still studying so it’s really helpful to have access to this app. It is fast and informative, I had one similar to this app although was not as informative and accurate. This app it great for general knowledge about your own plants in your garden not just florists etc..Version: 2.9.1

Awesome AppWhat I really love about Picture This app is that it tells you so much about the plant/tree. If Pictures This doesn’t tell you about it, it is probably not worth knowing! Well done and I definitely think it is worth paying to use the app for detailed info by subscribing to the small annual fee..Version: 2.6.12

Mistaken identityI’ve only had the app 2 days and has proved very clever and useful. I’m in Scotland, and today I’m out in the park trying to identify trees which have lost their leaves. Picture This identified an American Ash, or White Ash, also known as Water Ash, however none of the trunks in the corresponding pictures, matched the tree I am with. I tried again, only picturing the splayed moss covered ( possibly copiced) trunks. The app immediately offered a different kind of tree altogether, a kind of maple tree. . I think it would be good then, if the App. Sort of stopped to ‘think’ and asked for more information, instead of ‘jumping to conclusions’. By the look of the leaf formations, the app got the tree correct first time. The bark is like an ordinary elm however the leaves are more akin to a lime, which is the reason I chose to ask Picture This to identify it. Many thanks. Julia G-S, Glasgow..Version: 2.6.5

Top appFor ages I’ve been trying apps that supposedly id plants, I finally found one that did! I was amazed it knew what a utricularia was, its amazingly accurate. Well done whoever made this, absolutely love your work. Get this app, you won’t be disappointed. One suggestion though, if it’s possible consider a change of name for the app, I only found this because someone told me about it, I probably wouldn’t have otherwise, and going by the name I would have thought this was a picture framing app. It’s just a suggestion, this is a fantastic app and it would be a shame to keep it hidden from the world.Version: 1.7

Fun and interestingI try to remember to use this app when I’m out and about, to see what everything is. Not sure it’s always 100% but I can compare to the offered samples. It even works on images off the internet or if I aim my camera at the tv on freeze. I’d pay this kind of money for a good plants book, so the price is OK but cheaper would be nice. Unknown if I’d renew every year - maybe not..Version: 1.29

Great siteAm learning so much.Version: 1.27

I really like this app!Ok, I’m impressed. I was a little skeptical before I downloaded this app but it works great and it’s a lot of fun. I read a lot of the reviews and I’m also very impressed that the developers respond to any problems that people have. I’ve been using it around the yard and I feel like I’m in Star Trek using a Tricorder. It even correctly identified the sassafras in my yard even though my leaves are not shaped the way most ID photos show them. By the way, sassafras leaves vary a little in shape but you usually only see the one traditional shape in books. It also correctly identified sugar maple, red maple and silver maple. Not tricked by the similar shape. If you don’t get a clear match on the first try focus on a single leaf. I’m going to be using this a lot. Very nice!.Version: 1.17

Holy... OMG! So helpful so good!!!Omg this just helped me with my science homework so good I love this app! So helpful!!.Version: 1.32.3

ExcellentI’ve submitted a few items and received very good results, many thanks John.Version: 1.9

Refunded me straight awayI signed up for a 1 week free trial and forgot to cancel at the end of the week. The app was great for identifying a tree, but I only needed it to identify 1 tree then no longer had a use for the app. I contacted customer service and Phoebe said she would refund me the money, she replied on the same morning. Thanks heaps. Such good service I want to sign back up!haha Or will recommend to friends who would actually use the app more frequently. Thanks !.Version: 2.6.9

Hasn’t failedEven random weeds can be identified in less than 2 seconds, unbelievable app.Version: 2.9.2

Brilliant app!So far this app has been brilliant for identifying all sorts of plants both here in the UK and while I was away in New Zealand. The fact that you can take your own pictures and spot plants while you are out and about is a big plus for me and a major advantage over lots of the other apps that I’ve tried. It’s incredibly easy to use and appears to have an extensive database, so would definitely recommend!.Version: 1.28

Brilliantly accurate!Super accurate across so many varieties..Version: 1.27.1

AmazingI manage an academic greenhouse and this app has actually helped me to narrow down the taxonomy for a few specimen that have been left unidentified or completely misidentified for years. The newer feature that identifies plant stress has also been an extremely useful teaching tool in helping my students understand the signs and symptoms of plant pest and pathogen infestations. The invasives warning has been especially useful for my students to understand and identify invasives on the campus ecological preserve too. I will be downloading this app on all devices for students in ecology to use this upcoming semester. Love it and frequently recommend to everyone even off campus. It’s obviously not perfect (not sure why some would think a plant ID app would work on mushrooms haha) but it is accurate in providing the correct genera or at least family which can then be used in conjunction with a field guide. As someone who has built multiple phone applications myself and lives a life centered around botany and computer science, I honestly am beyond impressed. I just hope most of the features remain free (if that changes possibly provide a university bundle subscription?) :) **note: I have not tried the app on unidentified specimen in the herbarium yet but am very curious.Version: 2.1.3

Best free app, fast and accurate!I absolutely love this app! I am always saying that I wish I knew what that plant was, or I wish I knew how to care for that plant but I just don’t know where to start looking. With this app, I only have to take one picture and within 10 seconds it matches me to the right plant, showing clear photos and information. It really is just amazing how it knows out of the millions of plants out there, and the best part is it doesn’t cost you a cent to find out and it doesn’t take you hours searching through google to find the right one. I really recommend giving this app a try and have fun sharing with your friends and others around the world..Version: 1.9

Super identificationSuper satisfaite!.Version: 1.29

The hype is real with this one!So many people in my plant groups recommended this app, but I hesitated for months. I finally caved in because I was overwhelmed by my new property which is overplanted and overgrown. I wasn’t sure what 80% of the plants and flowers were. This app accurately identified every single one. I even took bad photos of the plants I knew the name of just to see how accurate the app was and it still got them all right! It warns you if the plant is toxic or a skin irritant. What’s even cooler is that it tells you when a plant is in distress, it noticed by umbrella plant wilting and helped me find the problem. It’s a great app for anyone who finds themselves asking “what IS this plant/flower?” Could be great for foraging and hiking as well! This is the only app I can justify spending money on. Love it!.Version: 2.0.5

Picture thisHi, I use this app frequently, I work as a gardener. A lot of the time it is accurate. I work in NZ , so I enjoy learning the Maori too. Always fun to learn anecdotal, medicinal or historical uses. 🧤.Version: 2.0.6

Professional biologist thumbs-upI’m an environmental consultant with a wildlife ecology background, but in the last year have been finding myself in more of a botanist role. It’s been an interesting (frustrating) transition, there are literally thousands of plant species in California alone, and learning lesser-known family characteristics has been challenging...gotta love asters and poaceae...but it’s so gratifying when I can finally ID a plant that’s been bugging me. I only just discovered this app about two months ago, on the recommendation of a fellow professional biologist, and it performs way above what I thought it would. I thought maybe it would identify common horticultural plants like tulips or almond trees. I’m sure it can, but it’s also very good at identifying naturalized plant species. The suggested species identifications are usually in the correct family and sometimes genus, and after checking afterward I usually agree. Plant keying is still very important in order to determine species and subspecies when rare and endangered [sub]species are being considered. A qualified botanist should conduct surveys during the appropriate survey periods..Version: 2.0.3

Perfect for find plants at my new homeBought a 100 year old cottage on 3/4 acre. Perfect for trying to work out what to remove and what to keep!!!.Version: 1.17

Brilliant!This might be the first review I’ve ever written. I just love this app! It’s really satisfying and good fun. I’ve tried in the past to identify plants by looking through books but obviously this is so much more convenient and far less frustrating. It’s easy to use too. Great info and although it doesn’t know every single plant it is right so much of the time it’s ok that it it’s not 100% able to identify. I looked at other cheaper apps but this really did seem the best..Version: 2.0.7

Quick and super usefulLoads plants fast and results have always been accurate for me..Version: 1.28.1

Very useful for more generalist natural historiansI have used this app over the past week for identifying plants in France - some I already knew, others I didn’t. It is remarkably easy and quick to use and gives accurate identification for many plants. It seems to hit its limits with grasses and sedges, but even some of these it managed. So, whilst it can’t be relied on 100% it gives some fantastic pointers for further checking in books etc. And often I have been able to confirm the identification simply by comparing with other images within the app’s gallery. Highly recommended!.Version: 1.25

Fantastic appThis was so simple to use, fast and accurate. In a matter of seconds just identified a plant I’ve been trying to identify for 10 years. Will get so much use out of it. I’m just a home gardener in Australia. But has just bought a moment of joy and I now have the knowledge of a horticulturist at my finger tips. Thank you so much, brilliant effort..Version: 1.7.4

Comes in handyThis is really useful. I’ve never had a garden until recently, so I really don’t know what I’m looking at most of the time. It also comes in really handy when I’m wandering around garden centres as so many plants are without labels. It’s easy to use and it’s great because when I’m in the garden centre it tells me if its full sun or shade and how hardy it is etc. As well as telling me if its difficult or good enough for those with a brown thumb. It’s been great to help me start off gardening..Version: 1.34

FantasticI have spent years trying to educate myself about plants and plant diseases and all I have to show is unsuccessful gardening and a bad taste in my mouth in regards to planting and gardening. This app is incredibly knowledgeable in plant identification and disease diagnosis. I am beginning to refund myself loving planting and garden maintenance. This takes the hassle out of my lack of knowledge and allows me more time to carry on in the garden . Thank you.Version: 2.1.2

40 yrs green industry proI’m many ways it took more talent , memory , education ( lots) schools and school of life , at first I didn’t like this site cause I “ earned” my knowledge and landed more contracts by “ knowing “ more than 90o/o of competition I bid against. My greatest strength was reclaiming old overgrown poorly managed properties and I made it a point in many contracts where ph and overwatering were the major neglected or overkill apps . Now retired and coaching my son in law w/ no formal education In this discipline I say whatever you have to do to keep it “ green” and beautiful and question your chosen landscape services 👍. He able to “self educate “ through this site and others like “ what ailed it “ prob doesn’t exist anymore ? This is infinitely important to trouble shoot landscape problems . Get outside and dig in “.Version: 2.6

If you love plants and learning all about them, this app is for you!!!I absolutely adore this app. I am told I have two green thumbs! It is great for indoor and outdoor plants. It offers you everything you need for your specific plant care, including diagnosing issues with your plant!! All you have to do is point and click a picture and you have it all. I did upgrade to the premium level, which is reasonable and I gained a never ending level of knowledge from people all over the world!!! You are able to save your plants in your garden and can go back for pruning, watering, sunlight and even propagation!!! I’ve always been a plant lover and sometimes I just use it to verify I am correct when naming something. I have also found things I didn’t know of, including a pomegranate tree in my friend’s yard!!!.Version: 2.0.3

Identifies CorrectlyThis app is really good because it is free, has almost no ads(maybe even none) and quite easy to use. The only two things I don’t really like about it is that it sometimes doesn’t identify correctly and it need internet. I also use 3 other apps from the same developer : picture bird, picture mushroom and picture insect.Version: 1.34

Love!So many complaints seem to be from people who don’t know how apps work. I love this app and it’s worth every cent!!! It’s so fun taking it out with me on my walks and learning about the plants around me. I haven’t come across any plants that it wasn’t able to identify or at least suggest options. I’ll keep paying for this for sure.Version: 2.1.6

Great app😁This app is GREAT! i would totally recommend it to anyone of all ages, i use it on plants and flowers in my garden, on bush walks and basically everywhere. it tells you what the plants called, gives picture examples, tells you where it’s from and even if it’s edible or not! it’s completely free too (it will come up with a subscription thing but just press the X in the top corner).Version: 2.5.5

Excellent Plant Identifier, but Has Some Minor IssuesWhenever I opt to sort my collection by name instead date and then close the app later, when I reopen it the sorting has gone back to default. Also, I haven’t found a “send feedback” option in the app yet, so I had to go into the App Store to get support contact information for the above and following questions and concerns. I haven’t yet found a way to remove the location information from plants I have identified, and I have searched the entire app thoroughly at least twice. I needed this because location access was turned on when I needed to identify some exotic plants in a group of photos sent to me on social media, and it marked my home’s location as the location of the plants from the other side of the globe. Other than these confusions and issues, this app functions well and identifies plants quite adeptly..Version: 1.32.3

Amazing,y accurate so far.I really like this app and it has been useful to go around the garden and identify plants that have been planted by previous owners. So far, it has been accurate in all but the Wollemi Pine. The only downside is the way in which this app is priced. I would happily pay a one off fee for the app, but I wouldn’t pay annually for the subscription. Please think about how you sell your product. There has been a number of complaints from people downloading the free trial and then being signed up for the annual payment and then finding it difficult to get out of it..Version: 1.34.2

Totally worth a subscription!!This app is absolutely amazing! I will definitely be letting the trial finish and then pay for the service. I have tried other apps similar to this, for different things, and they didn’t work at all, but this app really works. In fact, it works way better than I expected it to! I have so much fun using it that I take pictures of plants that I know all about, just to watch the app work it’s magic. I am a very outdoorsy person and I come across a lot of plants that I need to know what they are and if they are harmful or edible. I love that even if I don’t have enough service for the app to provide the answer right away, it’s stores the photo and provides the answer once I do have service. Super awesome app!! Thank you for making it and making it work so well!.Version: 1.32.3

Very CleverI am no expert, but enjoy trying to identify wildflowers, whilst on walks, and photographing them. It seems very accurate. I have only had app. a few days, but it has already helped me correct one identification, and helped speed up several others. Of plants I am confident of, it has been 100% accurate. The only error I spotted, is that it gave different identifications for a close up of flower, and one, of the same plant, that also showed leaves. I had already struggled with this myself, looking it up earlier. My only concern, was that on allowing location of photo, it gave my home location, actually my neighbour’s address, rather than where it was taken. This maybe because I take photos with a camera, and later transferred to my device, and looked them up at home..Version: 2.0.7

Loving itFinally started using this app after I kinda accidentally bought it because I forgot to cancel my subscription! I have a very diverse and garden that has the Baltic Sea on one side and a Scandinavian rocky forest on the other. It is now autumn and I’m discovering everything from blueberries to all sorts of fungal type growth that I have never had any clue about. I am really giving it a good test and thus far it has identified everything 😁 Finally I can identify and understand all the nature that is growing around me. I love this app, absolutely great value. Thank you.Version: 2.6

Overall in loveLove this app! I am now addicted to identifying all the plants! However it is very misleading that the first screen you encounter is a ‘free trial’ screen which asked for your bank details. When I originally downloaded this app I was so put off by this that I uninstalled it. Only recently, having read through the comments, did I realise that you can click the x at the top right of this screen and just use this app for free without being in a trial period. I would suggest making this feature into more of a pop-up once the app is running rather than a home screen. Great app otherwise! Xx.Version: 1.32.2

Love the appI am a born again plant carer starting my new green family in my freshly built living room and the plants are becoming an addiction to fill out the area with green liveliness. With this amazing app and its accurate diagnostics, references and information on plants I’m sure I’ll be on track to restarting an old hobby my much loved partner got me into and impress her with how much I learn and develop with the help of this app. Great stuff!.Version: 2.6.10

SaviourThis has just potentially saved the lives of my dogs!! Or at least hefty vet bills!! It identified a plant I didn’t know as”Highly Toxic, could cause death if eaten!!” My great danes and little dogs often eat plants and grasses but luckily theses weeds were in an area they can’t go to unless with us, but when I found out what the plants were I ripped them out to prevent them being eaten!!!! So app has already paid for itself!!!.Version: 1.30

I haven’t tried much but it looks greatSo far. Have you considered an affordable monthly subscription instead of a bulk lump sum, for me in NZ it’s $40. I’m guessing you’d have a lot more subscribers, I myself have many weekly/monthly subs and was disappointed to see you don’t have that option. I’d happily pay $5 or so a month for your app. And yes I realise I’d end up paying more but small monthly sums are so much easier :o).Version: 2.6.6

Picture This VS. “Key to Vascular Plants of N.America “I was a Biology major in college ( Vert Zoo ) graduated with a BS degree in 1976. I took a couple of Botany courses to round out the the Bio Degree, and one was “Local Flora”. The class consisted of lab work and a ton of field work. Quizzes and major tests were in the field and the professor would pick out a particular plant and ask you to identify it , by head knowledge of Common Name and Genus and species. If you did not recognize the plant , you could use the book Key to Vascular Plants of N. Am. And you had a standard allotment of time to accurately key out the unknown plant. The “ Picture This “ App would have been a very useful tool in identifying and learning all the required information to hopefully get an A in the Class. My Biology days are long gone, but I still have a very keen interest in identifying and knowing what is out in our local environment, in both Zoology and Botany. If everyone had this App, then there would be no excuse for anyone not recognizing Toxicodendron radicans “Poison Ivy”in the field. Sincerely, JST.Version: 1.34.5

Amazing appThis app identifies the plant instantly and give you a ton of information about it including how to take care of it and how cold it can get. really great app it deserves nothing below 5 stars..Version: 2.8.1

Great app but disappointed it’s paid app nowThis is the only accurate and easy to use app to identify plants but unfortunately they made it a paid/premium app some time ago recently which I am disappointed about as it was a free app previously and would recommend to people :(.Version: 1.11.1

Almost worth paying for...First, note that I only use the free version. I don’t pay for apps. That being said, I do love this app!! It’s almost perfect... The plant identification tool seems to be spot on. I totally dig being able to find what most everything I check for really is & love that I can then save it to my own ‘plant gallery’ where I can refer back to it if need be. Very rarely do I leave the app still not knowing what something is. My only issue has been the diagnosis tool. It is either too vague or lumps several issues into the same diagnosis. More often than not, ‘it’ obviously doesn’t really know, LOL. Basically, I’ve never gotten a definitive diagnosis. Maybe if I paid this would be more helpful but I’m not willing to risk spending the money to find out it’s no better. Thanks for the ability to identify without insisting I spend money. I really appreciate that!✌🏻💞🌿 PEACE, LOVE & PLANTS.Version: 2.1.2

To the developers.....Keep a history of the photos I take like a scrap book. That’s what I want for this app to do for me also... I take pictures and I like knowing where I take them that way I can go back and find them again with the info about the plant under my picture I have taken, maybe with some other example pictures from app sources. Then all the plant info so I don’t have to look them up again and have the app re-identity the plant I’ve already looked up once. I also want a map of only my plants, not just the ones that other people and I have loaded onto your public map. Maybe I just haven’t found some of these features that I have described yet, I’m not saying some of them don’t exist within the app, but I would like to see it do more personalized things too, other than just five different frame styles. THIS APP DOES EXACTLY WHAT I EXPECTED FROM IT AND WAS SURPRISED AT HOW WELL IT WORKED IN THE AREA OF IDENTIFYING PLANTS..Version: 1.20

Amazing!!!I rarely leave feedback or a review, but this app is one that everyone should have on their device. I do a lot of nature photography and am constantly coming across unknown flowers. When I post them they have to of course have an informative description along with tags. This process was very time consuming as I would have to research every individual flower from that day, sometimes having twenty plus. I’m now able to take a quick photo of the flower with my phone which gives me all of the information at my fingertips. No more spending hours searching! I’m now able to spend more time out in the field thanks to this app. If only they’d come up with something similar for birds and other wildlife and insects :) This app definitely deserves a ten star rating! A huge THANK YOU to the makers of this app!!! You nailed it!!.Version: 1.22.2

Shouldn’t be able to take my moneyDoes not have a clear way to unsubscribe, poor poor service..Version: 1.26

Glitches with identificationFor the most part the app does its job but to test it out when I first got it, I asked it to identify plants I knew. Many it got wrong although. I was very disappointed. Let’s hope that with everyone contributing, it gets better. I’m loathe to trust it 100%.Version: 1.28

Great App!Compared to other apps to identify plants. This one is the best; very accurate 😊.Version: 1.30

Great appAs a lover of garden tours this app has been great for identifying plants - very happy with purchase.Version: 1.25

🌿🌱The best plant identification app ever! 🌱🌿Just snap a photo, wait for the app to identify and BOOM! Select the one that matches out of 3, and instantly there’s care instructions, facts and just about everything you need to know about the plant. I have all my indoor and outdoor plants identified plus I know how to properly care for them now! I’m super satisfied with it and I’ve even told a few of my greenthumb friends about it (believe it or not, I got really excited about this app aha) I wish I could rate this higher! 🥰💖.Version: 1.28

Amazing app!This app is amazing! You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! It isn’t absolutely perfect, but this is probably as close as it gets! It has a super useful Diagnosing option, that can let you figure out what is wrong with a plant, and describes in detail how to fix it, wether it is bugs, sunlight, water, or pests. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn’t know. The only complaints that I have are the expenses of the premium level. I understand that the app designers have to make money somehow, but it is still too much for me. I am not a serious gardener, I just do it for fun. Maybe they could have different levels of premium, like a level for gardeners who are just curious, for gardeners who are very serious, and for garden professors, or photographers who need to learn about plants for their job. Anyways, I love this app a lot, and would totally recommend it for anyone who loves to grow plants. While it has some flaws, it is better than anything else out there..Version: 1.31

A fabulous addition to any avid gardener!I love this app, it’s so easy to use, full of information and very accurate! I have learnt so much from it! I have a herb garden and new plants seem to appear every now and then, so I can use my app to just simply take a photo and all the information comes up on the screen! I also use it as I have horses and a dog and particularly my dog likes to self medicate on walks, so I can quickly check what he’s trying to eat and make sure he’s being safe, which of course, he’s far more knowledgable than I am! I hope you enjoy the app as much as I do! Happy gardening!.Version: 1.32

BUYER BEWARE!Make sure you cancel your trial subscription at least 6 and not the “7 days” free trial!!! I set my calendar for day 7 to cancel my free trial because the app would not recognize my email! But they had taken my $41 already! So hear I am $41 out of pocket and I don’t even have the year membership I PAYED FOR! How shady is it that if I don’t give 5 stars they won’t post a review! Not trustworthy! I never leave reviews but others need to be warned!.Version: 2.8.1

Useful app but not foolproofI have found this app very useful in identifying some of the plants in my mature garden, much of which was planted by others. However, its accuracy is very dependent on the quality of your photo and it can be fooled by close ups of large bushes. Also, The info given is sometimes wrong. For instance, in “tips by gardeners” connected to a photo I produced of what it identified as a cherry laurel, the tips went on to describe cherry trees! It said the fruit was delicious. As I understand it, all parts of Cherry Laurel are poisonous! On further use I started to be puzzled by some of the apparent identification errors until I realised it was identifying plants native to the USA and not the UK!.Version: 1.34

It’s good!I’ve recently started photographing a flower each day and posting to Instagram. I wasn’t feeling confident about posting the flowers names so I searched for a plant app and found this one. I’ve just tested it with a dozen flowers, some of which I already know the names of. It is quick, user-friendly and seems spot on in terms of the results. Thank you!.Version: 2.1.6

Simple and EasyI am very pleased with this app. I used 3 others before breaking down to use the PictureThis app and I have to say it is a lot more convenient and accommodating than the others. I don’t need my plant, flower, or leaf on a plain white background, other users can help identify a plant the app itself cannot recognize, and even if you take a poor picture of your plant it gives you subcategories to choose from with several pictures to scroll through in order to properly identify your plant down to its subspecies. Another wonderful feature is how there is a Wiki link attached under the name so you can get the low-down on what the plant care is. I love this app and have been recommending it to my plant friends non-stop! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 All this is the reason I give it a 5 Star Rating 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟.Version: 1.7.4

Great app, shame about..This is a great app. I have really enjoyed photographing and identifying plants everywhere I ago. It’s just such a massive shame about the way in which the subscription is presented. It’s not obvious to most that you can simply click the cross at the top of the screen to use it without signing up for a free trial. It IS a free app. I won’t be subscribing, however if you were to charge a one off fee of a few pounds for this app to get rid of the ads I would happily do so. The map feature is lovely, you could use the data gained from this to map plants all over the world. I can see plenty of opportunities to broaden the app and advanced features could incorporate a subscription fee. But get rid of the ugly screen asking to sign up for the trial all the time. I’ll will however be recommending this app to anyone with an interest in plants..Version: 1.31

Very usefulWorth paying for and been helpful for all the horticulture and agricultural i do. Thanks, hope the app keeps improving as more people use it. But im happy as most plants are identified correctly quickly its like magic..Version: 2.6.10

NZ PlantsThis app is awesome for identifying the trees/flowers/plants in my garden and the gardens if those I know..Version: 3.1.3

A good tool for identifying common plant varietiesAfter doing a test run of this app at the botanical gardens in my home town - I’ve found this to be a good tool for identifying common plant varieties and derivatives. It however is hit or miss on some of the more obscure native species (Australia) - but it may come down to the app not having as large of a user base in Australia as it does in other countries. As such, it’s a good starting point but needs some work before I’d consider this to be a comprehensive plant guide..Version: 1.23.1

For a free app, this is exceptionalI’ve tried other plant identification apps before, usually the cone with a few free samples, then you have to purchase the app to unlock it. The fact that this app is 100% free, no in app purchases or anything makes it stand out from the pack. The identification of plants has so far been spot on, and the speed in which it does this is very impressive. An extremely useful app and one that is likely to move to a prominent spot on one of my home screens very quickly..Version: 1.8.1

Awesome!This app identified all my house plants with so much info on them, looking forward to using this outdoor..Version: 1.29

A truly excellent app!I recently found myself with some time on my hands to hike the trails of Balboa Park in San Diego. I practiced herbal medicine for many years under my acupuncture license in several states, but it's been a long time since I identified and collected plants in the wild. So, I thought it would be fun if I could identify some of the local plants. Spoiler alert: most of them do not appear to be of any medicinal value, but they're still fun to look at. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. When you first open the app, it looks like you need to buy a subscription to use it, but that is not the case. You can dismiss the subscription prompt and open the camera to snap a pic. I'm not sure exactly what you get with the subscription, but it looks like it would be useful for a serious hobbyist and awesome for serious home gardening enthusiasts and organic farmers. In fact, an organic farmer friend of mine says that he regularly uses it to identify weeds in his crops. The only thing I've run across so far that I can't do with the free version is save the photos. There may also be a limit to the total number of pictures per day, but I am not sure and definitely have yet to max out on one of my hikes. Enthusiastically recommended with no conflict of interest..Version: 2.0.6

Great ideaGreat app Hi, great idea, but I do not really use it, can you please unsubscribe me. I can’t afford that. Cheers Thomas.Version: 1.18.1

Great AppI have used this app since the spring to help catalogue a large country garden. For £20 year for Premium it’s well worth the cost and it has provided a lot of interest. It’s also great for wild flowers and trees too. Identification is usually spot on and I have catalogued 250 plants so far and still going. As suggestions: I would like a simpler way to add notes (such as where found ) without having to go to ‘Edit’. I also can’t quite understand the ‘add to my garden’ button because all the plants identified are saved anyway as ‘Me’ and there is no ‘my garden section’. Being able to save to various self named ‘gardens’ would be better so you could Group plants to areas where found such as ‘front garden’ ‘back garden’ ‘on walks’ etc. Most importantly I would absolutely love a way to export my long list of saved plants complete with the name, my notes and my image etc so that I could save them off app and even print so I could permanently save the long list I have built up over the last few months as it’s been quite a monumental (but enjoyable) task. Overall really great and highly recommended. Thank you PictureThis Team!.Version: 2.0.6

Very Keen GardenerAn absolutely essential app for any one interested in gardening - from an expert to a beginner. One of its most useful features is that it will identify weeds as well - so I know which “plants” to pull out and which ones to protect and encourage! It is well worth the cost of its subscription..Version: 2.1.6

Unbelievable and really accurateThought it was joke at first but really does what it says! Awesome!.Version: 1.23.1

Mostly greatI’ve tried several plant ID apps and Picture This is by far the best. It’s easy to use and I often get a match for the plant I am trying to ID. I like that the common and Latin name are often both provided. It’s very helpful that there are pics in the database of plants at different stages of growth—some flowers look very different as they move through the stages, which can make identifying them difficult. It works best for me if I take pics of plants and then go in the house and have my laptop handy as I use the app to ID them. I can see everything better and if I am unsure of the ID provided I can hop on the computer to do a search. One frustration: once you add a pic, if you can’t ID it right away but figure it out later, you cannot update the listing—you can only add a comment, so it always shows as unidentified. I also wish there was a way to sort the listings in your collection rather only having them listed in reverse chronological order. If there can only be one sort order, I would prefer alphabetical so I could easily see and delete duplicates and have pics of the same plant at different stages grouped by together. I love being able to see pics from gardeners all over the place and make comments and read the comments of others..Version: 1.17

Great app with little disturbanceI love this app It’s so easy to just whip out the app anywhere and snap a pic of any plant and get almost instant results with nice information to annoy your family with! There is only two problems I have encountered. The most pressing problem is that if no WiFi is available you obviously must use data to get results. This isn’t much of a problem as everyone now a days has data or some form of connection. I have a solution for this but first I will say the second problem I have with this app is that it’s constantly pushing you to purchase the subscription. You can easily press the x at the top right corner but I think it’s very easy to accidentally buy it. Now back to my solution for the data thing. I suggest that the app devs make an option to download the entire database on your phone. This would obviously take up some space on your phone but I think it’s worth it. Also I feel that this feature should only be available for subscribed members. Don’t raise the price or anything because I think it’s quite pricey as is. Other than that this app is great! I’ve seen a few apps like this where you take a picture and it takes like 12 hours for results. I think that’s ridiculous. This app is instant. 10/5.Version: 2.1.2

Fantastic appI was reluctant at first to use the app because of the cost. It does have a trial period. But the small annual fee is well worth the cost. It even showed me a plant I thought was something else, to be an invasive weed. I’ve been able to identify so many plants on my walks. Thoroughly recommend it..Version: 2.6.3

Fantastic appI bought this last summer! Although we have a reasonably large garden bought when children were small- they have flown the nest now!! So we were left with a lot of grass and little in the way of colour or borders. Over the last 5 yrs my husband has developed it since he retired. I’m rubbish at gardening but I love to see a beautiful garden in all it’s glory. This app has really helped me to plan what we grow and slowly develop my interest in gardening both for the pleasure of looking and satisfaction of eating things we’ve grown 😊.Version: 3.0.4

Use PictureThis to annoy your friends and familyDuring the pandemic, I walk 1.2 miles to and from my office. The streets remain largely empty, even in September 2020. While working my way to the office a couple of months ago, I became intrigued by the identity of the trees I passed. I bought a tree identification book, but that did not help at all. After I acquired PictureThis, I felt compelled to ID just about every tree I encountered on my way to work. This compulsion has spread to other areas of my life. While visiting my daughter and her family for a home picnic (maintaining proper social distance, of course), I document the ID of the plant life in the garden while the rest of the family engages in small talk. My wife no longer enjoys evening walks with me ... you can figure out her complaint. I guess I can honestly say PictureThis has changed my life ... but I’m not sure family and friends appreciate the change. 🙂 A great app!.Version: 2.1.8

I know nothing about plants!So this app is a total gem! It is my lifesaver in the garden!.Version: 1.25

Wow. It just works.I had a photo of a flower and spent hours trying to figure out the name. I tried reverse image searching online and got nothing. I decided to download this app and see what happens.... a few seconds later the exact flower was identified! The user experience was great! Nice jobs developers!.Version: 1.19

Fantastic!I’d definitely recommend you try this app. It’s accurate, easy to use and very interesting! I adore identifying different plants. I’ll be honest, I’m not a plant lover, but I really like learning new things, especially when it comes to nature! I think the subscription page pops up a little too often, but you don’t NEED to pay it in order to use the app, so I suppose it’s not much of a problem. If you enjoy learning and identifying different plants then please download this!^^.Version: 2.1.8

Amazing! Works SO wellI was more than pleasantly surprised at how well this app works. I have a forest garden with a lot of wildflowers (“weeds” to some). PictureIt app is fast and mostly accurate, although there are a few things it struggled with. My buttercups could be one of three different kinds depending on which way I aimed the camera, but overall I am so pleased that this doesn’t even knock a star off. The information that accompanies each plant is comprehensive and useful, including uses and toxicity. I have a suggestion to ask if users know this to be a different plant when the app comes up with an ID. There were a couple of others, but so many are right. All the way down to ferns, grasses and moss! It’s worth the price. Buy it!! The developers deserve kudos for this..Version: 1.34.2

Does exactly what it says that it does.A very useful app. I suggest to buy the subscription which is not cheap but then you get the best out of it. I use it all the time when I am out and about. If it is not 100% sure then it gives you different options. Make sure that when you take a photo of the plant that you capture leaves, stems and flowers. Also gives you lots of information plus additional names that the plant may have. An excellent app..Version: 1.34.2

Updated review now that I paid for premium services ❣️Really happy to have found this app, I paid for the premium because I am an herbalist student and this app has helped me to identify many plants. Well worth the cost❣️ One thing I would love to see is more beneficial information on “weeds”. Many are medicinal and nutritious but on this app they are treated like something to disregard and even get rid of. In herbalism we use many of these plants to heal ourselves and our families so it would be nice to adapt this app for that, especially in these times. Japanese Knotweed for instance has anti inflammatory properties. With COVID-19 the viral symptoms are due in part to the inflammatory response. How interesting the earth sends us this plant right before the pandemic 🌱 💝. I would encourage the app creators to bring on some herbalists during this time to help support them and the people who use this app 💗.Version: 1.30

I love this app!!!!Very accurate description of flowers! Good job guys! This is awesome!!!.Version: 1.28.1

Would like a search functionHave never been into plants, though my mum is very knowledgeable, but thought I’d like to start being able to identify things around us. After using this during the free trial period and really enjoying my new knowledge I decided to subscribe for the year and I’m loving it. I’m able to walk round gardens with mum and identify for her the few things she can’t, as well as what’s growing wild in my neighbourhood. One improvement would be the ability to search on plant names. You’re not always in front of a plant while talking about plants, or may want to discuss variants of something you’ve seen. Instead of having to leave the app to go to a search engine it would be better to be able to search in the app..Version: 2.1.4

Top AppLoved it from start. Use it lot’s around house yard and farm and wood lot’s too..Version: 1.28

HandyLove this app. So easy to use. Love the fact that it keeps a history of snaps..Version: 2.6.2

Such a lovely place to lose hours onThis is the first app review I’ve written, but I feel I owe it to you guys for giving us such a lovely free app! It has given me lots of accurate results, and my ‘nature walk’ is not interrupted by ads and pop-ups. There’s lots of opportunities for different ID’s - you can always get a second or third option just by taking a different photo - maybe change the angle, close up on a flower or leaf etc. And if you still aren’t quite satisfied by that, you can always offer up your plant to the community for some other ideas. I spend a LOT of time here and always come away feeling calm and happy 🌱🤔🌿😌.Version: 1.9

IdentifyGood for parents who take kids for Bush or Park walks Saves having to say no I don’t know to their inquisitive questions.Version: 1.33.5

Almost perfect!I love this app for identifying plants as I do nature walks or around my backyard. I love how it identifies it by photo & gives information about it. The thing that would make it a 5 star app for me is if there was also a “medicinal section” for each plant. There are some plants I’ve recently looked up that were correct in saying they were invasive, like chickweed for example. Yes it is. However, for someone like me, who’s an herbalist, I then have to go to a different app to remind myself what chickweed can do on a medicinal level. Chickweed has also been used successfully for constipation, stomach and bowel problems, blood disorders, asthma and other lung diseases, obesity, a vitamin C deficiency disease called scurvy, psoriasis, rabies, itching, and muscle and joint pain. If I could find that information on this app as well, I could get rid of the other app..Version: 1.34.2

Used to be freeI’ve been using this app for a while. I got really busy so I kind of lost track of my plants watering days and I recently got back onto the schedule. I have about 4 new plants. You used to be able to add more plants by watching a video, but now I have to pay. Now I get this, I get it. It’s just not free anymore, that’s understandable to some extent. But $30? I mean at least it’s yearly and not monthly, but I only open the app maybe once a month. I also don’t like the limitation you have if you don’t have the full subscriptions. Another thing I don’t like is that you cannot keep the slots you had. I have about two plants on here that have died and I want to put new plants in their slots but cannot. I either have to just delete the two slots and forget about it or pay to have more slots. It’s just a bummer..Version: 1.28.1

Absolutely Amazing!I love this app a lot! So far all of the plants that I have scanned are right, I know because my mum knows a lot about some plants in my garden. This app even tells you other suggestions if the first one is maybe wrong. It is SUPER easy to use because all you have to do is take a picture of the plant! I recommend this app to everyone who wants to know more about their plant..Version: 2.6.8

A mustHey, this game is so genius, everyone should have it. If you see a plant in someone else’s garden, and you want to see what species it is, you can just take a clear and specific picture and it will identify it! Then you can see all the info on how to care it It also has info on things for your garden, like how to identify weeds and how to get rid of each. You can also check out other wacky plants people posted! Get it now!.Version: 1.27.1

Use it all the time!$30/yr (only $2.50 month!) & it is well worth it. I have a couple of other plant id apps and used them all during the trial periods but paid for the subscription on this one. I use it at friend’s, on walks & trails, in my neighborhood & in my yard - it’s been so helpful. I dig wildflowers by the roadside for my indigenous wildflower garden. Now I know what each one is & how to care for it. It’s not a scam or “shady”. The developers just let you try it to see if you like it and then if so, buy the subscription. Just like many other apps. Don’t give them a bad rap for it. If it misidentified a plant, let the developers know. It’s the only way to improve the Artificial Intelligence Interface. For me, it’s been a game changer & many friends who saw me use it have also subscribed. Thanks guys for helping me improve my plant/gardening knowledge!.Version: 2.6.3

Great for wildflower identification in the field!I downloaded this app to try with my grandchildren on rural walks. They’re always looking for bugs and birds etc. I often get asked what a plant/wildflower/weed is too. I was impressed by high accuracy of identification. Yes there were a few very obvious incorrect ones but changing the distance and angle of photo corrects that. I upgraded to premium and love to see the shared photos and see what fully grown plants will look like, in someone’s garden, before I buy them at a garden centre. The information that accompanies them is great. Although using USA climate zones etc. I get info in degreesC and have quickly learned how to translate zones to UK. I gave 4 stars as I would like to see a dedicated UK version/option if possible. Other than that, I love and so do the children..Version: 2.1.8

HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS APP!!This app is AMAZING I’m really good at photography and people often ask me what is this plant called it’s so beautiful and I struggle to tell them which type cause idk (I don’t know) what the name of the plant is and when it comes to describing, I can’t describe and search up on google so I use this app to SIMPLY take a photo of the flower or plant I want to know and when I take the photo it identifies it in less than 7 seconds and tells me what the name is and brand and name and where it is from or known by!! It also tells me how much plants there are in the WHOLE world or in a certain country or place and it tracks it!! Great!! Amazing NO ADS and I think u should download it NOW.Version: 1.34

Wow??I had this plant that i found just vibing on a public path down a few streets completely out of the dirt (probably dragged out by a feral rabbit) and i took it home not knowing how to care and save it at all, and i saw someone recommended this app so i used it and it was recognised and gave me heaps of tips and tricks on how to save it! i’ll reccomend this to my friends.Version: 2.5.5

A must have app for plant enthusiastI love this app. We have a huge yard, full of mature trees/plants/shrubs/flowers/weeds, etc. I have used this app to identify and learn about most of them. This app makes identifying a plant so easy. Take a picture of it and as long as you have wifi connection, the results will instantly be provided. If you don’t have connection, your picture will be saved automatically and the results will be provided as soon as you do. As well, any plant you have saved in your photo album (even as little as just a part of any leaf) can be identified. Diagnosis of plant problems is also included which comes in handy if needed. History and care of the plant is always fun to learn. This app is full of information and tips, either about a certain plant or just plant learning in general. Well worth the $$..Version: 1.34.5

ErrorI downloaded in error, didn’t use app so please don’t charge me.Version: 1.32.3

Brilliant AppI enjoy using this app usually to confirm the name of a plant which I may have forgotten or something new that I like and need to know more about. Most of the time it does get the correct name and species, giving all the tips to care for the plant. The times I most appreciate the app is when I'm out and come across a new plant which is unknown to me, allowing me to add this to my collection, building a very useful portfolio of how to take care of them through the year. I'm very pleased with the overall quality of the app..Version: 2.1.6

BrilliantThis is a fantastic app. I am rubbish at gardening, enjoying the efforts of the last owner of my house and hiring someone to maintain it for me. Deciding to take a bit more interest, I downloaded this app and in less than 5 minutes I accurately identified every single plant in my garden. This included a toxic foxglove and an invasive weed that I quickly got rid of. You don’t have to pay but you need to click away the screen you first see on opening the app..Version: 1.32

Subscribed by accident and didn’t look backI accidentally signed up for a paid subscription at the start of lock down (totally my fault, no funny business) and emailed the apps customer service for help. They were really nice about it, but now I feel guilty because I decided to stick with it and the app is outstanding. The garden’s got some much needed attention recently and the app has been amazing in helping a house full of completely useless gardeners get to grips with what on earth we’ve been planting and how to keep it all alive 😅 it’s been great for walks in the woods too. Whenever I see something unusual growing I snap a picture and have detailed information straight away. Turns out one of our houseplants is called ‘dumbcane’ and drinking its sap would numb the larynx and cause the drinker to be unable to speak for a fortnight. Won’t be trying that, but knowing more than what a plant shows at face value is a wonderful thing. 5 stars, I’d recommend the paid subscription to all..Version: 2.0.7

Good but.....This app does what it says on the can and quickly and accurately identifies the few plants I tested. Unfortunately, the app is not free as suggested in a headline review. I would be more than happy to make a one-off payment in recognition of the hard work the developers have put in. But I have been caught out with pay plans before and over a length of time find they work out very expensive unless you use the app almost on a daily basis which I would not expect to do. I have therefore deleted it in favour of a less costly alternative..Version: 1.14

Absolutely love it! I am now obsessed with finding new plants to my collection!Started using it to identify plants on holiday and got totally hooked! Now I love finding new plants to my collection! Plus I love the fact that you get a great summary of interesting facts about them, can check how to propagate or if their are poisonous or not! I found a new hobby! Now I just go for walks to find new interesting plant! The info on how to care for the plants that I have also helps a lot and I’ve tried expert advice recently and I’m enjoying that too!.Version: 2.6.9

Great app but not affordableGreat app plant recognition works well just too expensive. Would definitely keep it if was more affordable. All the best with you app. Please unsubscribe me, I have tried emailing but it didn’t work..Version: 1.16.2

I love this app!!I rarely leave feedback or a review, but this app is one that everyone should have on their device. This is the second or third app of this sort that I have tested, and it is infinitely better than any of the others. it looks awesome for home gardening enthusiasts and plant hobbyist. You can easily take pictures of any plant or tree, and it will give you the closest plants to it. I think it gets it correct 95% of the time! You can also take photos of plants for diagnosis, there will be a professional botanist analyze for you. I absolutely adore this app. I’ve always been a plant lover and sometimes I just use it to verify I am correct when naming something. Now that we are quarantined at home, I have been spending a lot of time in my garden, and this app is teaching me so much that I didn't know, a wonderful learning trip. I have one suggestion about the app. You may be interested in the plants in the gallery, the community, and while browsing the article. However, there is no ability to group together where your favorite plants appear. We would be very happy if you could consider adding this feature. Thank you..Version: 2.1.3

Picture thisThis seems miraculous bearing in mind how tricky flower identification can be. I have tried about 20 plants so far and the results seem to be accurate. A problem that I have not solved is that of including both flower head and leaves. Often one cannot have both in the same photo. Is is possible to include two or more photos “ in the frame” to submit for identification? I certainly don’t mind paying a subscription for this app if it does the job.Version: 2.0.4

Pretty coolI was actually surprised that an app could somehow identify my plants real time- I went around and checked every plant in my house and it was spot on. I will definitely use this before buying new plants from Bunnings! What a great app. Premium is good and I will buy it to support the app. Thank you !!.Version: 1.27.1

My favourite app!I bought Picture This during lockdown, to accompany my daily walks. I have identified all the beautiful wild flowers in the hedgerows, as well as those in my garden. The App is so easy to use. Just take a photo of a flower and within a few seconds, you not only have it’s name, but it’s species and alternative names. Some of these can be very amusing! I have made a real effort to remember all the wildflower names, but if I forget, I can just go back on the App and look them up in my library or take another photo! I am now using the App to learn the names of the trees too. I thoroughly recommend Picture This. It has added a new dimension to my walking..Version: 2.0.5

Mind blowing with a 'But'I would imagine I speak for s few more in saying just how wrong you pricing strategy is, without question a truly work of genius, but an annual fee is just not for me, historically App creators don't generally demand that, we the generally public therefore (and only natural) see it as 'Not for me' , I can as others use it without paying, don't see your business sense though, I feel guilty using it free, I want to contribute to the software, but not as a recurring annual fee, can you come up with a more workable alternative ?.Version: 2.6.5

Not all ID’s are correctI think this app. Is great. However about 2/10 times the pictures supplied in the ID given dont match up with the plant I am trying to ID and I know it is wrong. It would be great to have a ‘this doesn’t seem right, have another search’ option where the app has another search using the same image, whilst ruling out the original ID so that it can’t come up again..Version: 2.5

Amazing appThis is the best app ever. I am able to identify all the herbal plants when I am in the bush..Version: 2.0.5

AwesomeI love this app. So helpful.Version: 1.28

AmazingWow! What an awesome app, I can’t believe everything it’s able to do! So much more than just identify plants! Wish I found this earlier!.Version: 1.28

Ver good success rateI’m using this app very frequently for pasture weed identification, (in New Zealand). The app is 98% accurate matching it’s file photos to the target species, so I’m happy to accept the diagnosis. On the few occasions it has been wrong it has been easy to spot the error and take another photo from a different angle to help it. I even upload photos from clients with great success. I’m totally happy with this app and heartily recommend it..Version: 2.6.7

Just downloaded the app and love itI found this app from I used last account, now I create a new account, I still need it on my device, almost three months. I love this app It’s so easy to just whip out the app anywhere and snap a pic of any plant and get almost instant results with nice information! I love using this app on my walks around the neighborhood and in the nearby forest preserve. It has failed only once, I think because I “confused” it with too many other plants in the background. Otherwise, it works great and really impresses my friends. I love this app because I am learning about plants that have been around my house for 30 yrs. I got rid of all poisonous plants in my yard and she hasn’t had an issue since. So thankful for this app! It is easy to use and accurate and right on!!!! It seems to work equally well for flowers and trees. It has even worked on old pictures that I re-shot off my computer screen! I’m actually in awe of how this app can do what it does..Version: 2.5.5

💯Correct so far!Tried various apps before and found I was just adding to their plant database, no one ever got back or identified them, so deleted! Frustrated with myself and annoyed I could not place a plant I tried again and came across this app.. it found it, matched its picture and gave me loads of info including Latin name, Courtney of origin and more! I’ve since used it again on 3 more occasions with 100% success rate so far.. who could ask for more!.Version: 1.8

Helpful & informativeI only downloaded this app a few hours ago after discovering it by ‘accident’! As a novice flower/plant photographer & enthusiast, it has already proved useful & worthwhile. I posted a photo of a miniature type orchid and requested assistance with its identification. I received a reply within the hour! I now look forward to learning about flowers both familiar & rare, & to sharing my amateur photographic skills. Well done PictureThis!!!.Version: 1.9

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