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Lightleap by Lightricks app received 87 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about lightleap by lightricks?

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😍😍😍This app is amazing and makes photo editing super easy, 5 stars I highly recommend for anyone that likes enhancing their photos.Version: 1.4.107

Really great photo editorI love this photo editor, it is truly an “all-in-one” one stop shop for all your mobile photo editing needs. The only thing I would like to see added (and if it’s already in it, then forgive me - I hope the creators would tell me how and where to find it), is a way to fade blemishes? For example, I have Face Tune on my phone and Photoshop on my computer to get rid of pimples and help perfect complexions on portraits. If I had that feature here, I wouldn’t need the FaceTune app. Adding a “brush” feature” where one could essentially “wipe away” unwanted blemishes, would make this beyond #1 editor in my book. I know there are other ways you can kind of do this, with lowering the contrast and detail a bit, brightening the image if possible or softening it, but again, if you really want to focus on the face and not touch the rest of the image, this feature would be amazing. Another idea, something as seen in OnOne Camera RAW (which is a desktop photo editor), but to be able to brush detail and light/color enhancement onto the human eye. To “zoom in”, on a portrait, and lighten/brighten the eye, even perhaps give a bit more detail? This feature in that software is called very simply, “magic eye fixer.” Anyway, that’s my two cents. Otherwise - I have the pro version and I love it. Thanks for making a great app!.Version: 1.2.2

Awesome app, easy to useMy only issue is not being able to add more than one feature at a time. have to save the changes and reupload to add more of the same feature.Version: 1.9.19

Try the free version, love it ,then you’ll buy the full versionWithout doubt these are the best free or paid for photos apps. I never leave written reviews but the team behind this app went out of their way for me so had to do the same.I have had the paid version of all their photo and video apps and a few months ago I noticed a feature had been removed. I got in touch with the team to say it was a good feature and really missed it , I got a reply saying they would bear in mind my feedback for a later release....a couple of months later I received another email telling me the feature had been reintroduced . Guys you are the best 🥳 and your apps are too.... IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO BUY ONE PHOTO EDITING APP THIS IS THE ONE..Version: 1.7.2

It’s really good but idea…Don’t make people buy for things it doesn’t say anything about buying things so why should you make it like that make it so you can do everything even they’re moving everything I think it would make this a bit better but you can also make really good pictures with it so that’s why I rated it four stars out of 5 but people that are reading this it’s a really good game and please download it I help to edit your pictures no I don’t have any pictures but when I need to edit them this game really helps okay good bye-bye.Version: 1.9.12

So close to being outstanding.This is a great app. The sky feature is incredible and the primers are a game changer. They seem to work much like LUTS which give added power. But there's a trick I think your missing that could make this THE must have camera app. USING PORTRAIT MODE. There are some apps that use it in a basic sense. You can change the amount of depth which is cool but depth matted give so much more potential. Here's some ideas: - create your own depth matted that are higher in res, detail and Z depth information when using portrait mode. - change lighting - change Bokeh shape - change aperture -Great fogs and fall offs that use the luminance channel - make slight but stunning 3D camera moves - use the matte across all of your apps. - add elements to faces and objects that contour realistically. - and the real pipe dream. Depth matted in VIDEO!!! The ability to play with depth could be something that games the game further. Just a thought..Version: 1.1.7

Thank youWhat a brilliant little app . I’ve been having trouble finding an ap. That would fix an otherwise first class photo . Thank you , well worth the $6.00 1 month subscription ..Version: 1.2.5

You can’t try out without payingSadly, a bit short sighted of the app developers/sellers. I downloaded this app and I would certainly pay for it if it does what they say as easily as it says. But I couldn’t test it out so I uninstalled it. UPDATE: thanks to the developers for their response explaining that you can test before you try (though not explaining how-read on if you’re wondering). I had by then realised from other reviews there must be a way to get past the purchase screen. There’s a “x” but it can be hard to see-top right. So I had a go and the app was ok but the object removal is clunky. The sky effects are fun. But this app is not for me..Version: 1.9.5

It’s a good app...It’s a good app, but I think that I will be shopping around for a different editing app. (Any suggestions?) I tried this after I used PicMonkey, and both apps seem a little expensive to me. I make mini movies, and use apps to edited the cover for the movie. I only use an editing app once or twice a month, and I don’t feel like it would smart to put money into something I only use once or twice before paying again. Maybe do a weekly purchase, if that’s possible. I feel like that would be more useful to me. I totally understand if adding this doesn’t benefit your business and decide not to add it. Otherwise, it’s a great app and if you do quite a bit of editing, this would be a good app for you..Version: 1.6.4

ExcellentWorks well very easy to use just love it ... I brought the subscription for every months and love that I can cancel at anytime Great app.Version: 1.8.6

Not what is portrayedThe app makes you pay prior to actually being able to use. I wish that was the complete opposite, what was advertised and all of the options you could do with your photos is NOT what this app does. It is by far the worst app I have ever used for editing photos, ESPECIALLY because I paid for this horrible app. There’s nothing I can do to my photos except adding a sky, and some typical everyday FREE edits I could use on a generic app. Highly disappointed. Going to unfortunately have to delete and NEVER use again. IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A APP TO EDIT YOIR PHOTOS ANS ACTUALLY DO THINGS WITH YOUR PHOTOS DO NOT PURCHASE, I REPEAT DO NOT BUY OR ENTERTAIN THIS “APP”.Version: 1.6.1

App Devs! 2 words: SKY ERASER!!!!!Love the app guys! BUT, as my title indicates, you really, REALLY need to develop an eraser for the sky! It already exists in the strobe camera so the technology already exists! I appreciate the IPad update, but this seriously needs to be your next “big thing” since most folks are willing to pay for the sky replacement feature! Especially pro-photogs such as myself who would rather not deal with Lightroom and Photoshop’s process of doing the same thing! One more thing: ability to shoot RAW would also make this app more price worthy and probably downloaded more on a consistent basis!!!.Version: 1.1.5

TrialI’ve provided you with 5 stars even though I haven’t used it. I think I would buy if there was a trial period, even a short period would be ok. But with so many photo editing apps I don’t want to spend my money and regret, sorry..Version: 1.9.5

Very cool and quick. Perfect on the go!I never write reviews but I had to on this one. I’m somewhat of a professional photographer in the fact I owned a video production company for 25yrs and shoot pics at 24-60frames a sec everyday! This app is extremely easy and user friendly! It works as intended and once you know how the app responds you can tailor your shooting accordingly to get the most from it. Can I create the same effect on a computer in photoshop? Absolutely. Can I do it in 5secs? Not a chance! This app can and I highly recommend it for the cost. It’s IS a monthly/yearly subscription to get all the filters but for me it’s worth it. I take hundreds of pic on my iPhone Xs Max every week or so. The camera on it is superior (in almost every way) to even my Canon 7D! You’ll love this app!!!.Version: 1.2.9

Nice♥️Great app I paid for a month subscription but haven’t got a choice to change the Sky and Horizon. Still waiting on a reply back from them......Version: 1.2.5

User FriendlyVery awesome experience with this app.Version: 1.9.19

I gave 5 stars for one reason.I was reading through the reviews and it was the first one that caught my eye and they were talking about how in order to save whatever picture I edited I had to buy the pro package. Well I decided to try it out for myself because I needed to take someone out of my picture, and to my dismay it was in fact true that you had to go pro to save. I have a point I promise, but anyways I tried to do something which I know that works every single time. I have been outsmarted this time. Anyways just so anyone else thinks the same way I do, don’t screenshot it, it will not work. But hey can y’all like change that? We shouldn’t have to pay to save pictures that you guys say we can save without having to pay? That would be great:).Version: 1.6.8

It’s not a one off feeI just checked my CC statement and have now been charged $10 for 3 months in a row! Don’t be ignorant like me and think it’s a one off fee. It’s charged monthly. Upon further inspection an annual fee is $33 but I have had correspondence telling me that. It’s a good up but NO WAY with $10 a month! That a complete rip off for photo editing where most features are available on your phone for free but not all! Be alert and don’t fall into the same trap and it’s not money well spent. It’s feels like I’ve been taken for a ride. Be careful and read the fine print..Version: 1.6.2

Love the app but....ABSOLUTELY love this app. My go to app to edit my pictures and everyone always compliments me on the amazing pictures I upload. However, for the last couple months the app keeps throwing me out. I am editing and then all of a sudden it just crashes and the app closes itself. I have paid money for this and at first I thought that this will sort itself out but it does it every single time I use it. Can this please be fixed?.Version: 1.4.97

🥰🥰🥰Love this app!! All round amazing, only thing I could recommend is a focus option where you can focus on the main object an blur out the background, other then that has pretty much everything else I’m looking for!!.Version: 1.5.7

Ruined the appThe main features I used in this app are now useless! Put the “overlays” back to effects so you can move them around on the picture instead of having them cover the whole thing. For example there was an orange sun spot I used frequently in my pictures and now y’all made it into an overlay instead and all I can do is lighten the effect instead of move it around on the picture where I actually need it. I’m thinking about canceling my subscription as this was the main thing I used the app for..Version: 1.6.7

Update ruined itI don’t know what’s going on but this thing keeps crashing since the last update. It’s crashing when trying to save the photo and freezing while using is. No idea what you did but it wasn’t an improvement.Version: 1.9.0

Great app but...Thanks for a great app... it’s one of my primary tools in my tool box but... for the love of all that is good, please create an easy way to clear all previous sessions ( like a one button clear all) as when you use the app extensively as I do, it constantly freezes up or crashes due to having too many sessions and you have to clear them all one by one or just a couple at a time, since if you try to do too many, it crashes. Another well needed feature would be to save and apply a preset, for example I have a common configuration that I use that gives me my aesthetic through specific adjustments, filter strength etc... I have to manually do it every time, it would be an insane time saver to have a preset to apply straight away. Thanks.Version: 1.4.2

Great app, but needs integration!My only complaint about any of these apps is the fact that they’re all separate. I started out using Photofox (now Photoleap) and thought that by upgrading to the bundle I’d have access to all the features from within a single app, but since they’re all individual, it’s a bit of a hassle for me to jump between them to complete a single project. It’s not a dealbreaker, and they all offer wonderful features, but as someone who relies on this editing suite to create a lot of content it’s pretty frustrating. Artleap and Lightleap don’t really offer enough features to justify separate apps in my opinion, and I still prefer Photoleap to all the rest put together. Again, great app but wish it came as an upgrade option to Photoleap instead of a whole separate app. You decide!.Version: 1.9.4

My new Favorite App!!Great App, easy to use.. multiple options to make you photos look amazing. You can edit them to the extreme by overlaying each option or just make some clean edits, like brightness/contrast, clarity etc.. I use to love Kit-cam which my all time favorite app until I got a new a phone and it was discontinued and not available in the app store anymore. Struggled to find a similar app and this one is exactly what is was looking for. Besides the $20 a year payment.. its awesome, and actually worth the price. You wont be disappointed.Version: 1.4.2

It keeps crashingI have absolutely loved this app until recently, when ever I open app and start editing photos it crashes. Iv deleted the app and then re down loaded it but it’s not worked. Please resolve this as this is my favourite app!.Version: 1.7.2

Good ValueMore than happy with this bundle , has a lot to offer thank you.Version: 1.5.7

SlowToo good for photo editing but it’s take a time,I was sent a sms for this problem but still no results..Version: 1.9.19

Literally the coolest app ever.Didn’t think it would work well or look real. After playing around with it I actually don’t know how I’ve survived so long not using it?! I love it..Version: 1.4.97

PERFECT!!!Love this app sooo much it’s so underrated and easy to use I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and it’s perfect! Great quality picks, no ads... my insta followers are confused😂.Version: 1.3.0

No accessI go into the app and it shows a few photos added and there is no way I can add any more it appears to be frozen. Although, I can access the few pics showing . I pay an annual fee an absolute waste on money!.Version: 1.9.0

Soooo helpful!!This is the best photo edit app, especially with the new feature that lets you get rid of photobombs. There are also no watermarks on your creations. Highly reccomend!.Version: 1.5.6

Wow! Try It!Well Done on this it is absolutely amazing! Try the free version, LOVE IT there are only 3 features that you can’t unlock! I think this game is fabulous and you defo should try it! The VIP version costs £17 yearly so it’s not as bad as some of them that cost £52!!! If you try to screenshot it though, it’ll come up with a picture of an owl instead of your photo and it says... “Don’t screenshot cheater! Get LightLeap Pro!” So it is a very well protected game. Well done on this and make sure to try it! 😜 DOWNLOAD FREE FREE VERSION AMAZING VIP VERSION £17.Version: 1.9.0

What can help be purchasedHello! I just downloaded this app and I’m already thinking about buying it but there is one problem. The healing isn’t so great and I want perfection, I know, I am a bit too hard but yeah, it’s important. Is it fine if you can take a photo of the place you’re in then you like, heal and it sees the photo and heals it to look perfect? Thank you and I’m glad you respond to reviews! Ta, Mel Ps. I was trying to remove something I was holding but the skin colour wasn’t like it..Version: 1.8.10

A new way to think!Being a long term photographer (since the 1960s!) and having changed to digital and learned how to use Photoshop properly - I then have found an app (still want to call them programs) that allow me to use my iPhone and create incredible images without my PC. My photography is changing again. Thank you for developing this!.Version: 1.2.8

Thumbs upWorks great after the latest update, and love the batch editing for juicing up several photos at the same time, This is what I’ve come to expect from Lightricks, good quality apps. Enlight set that bar high, let’s keep it up there. Thanks..Version: 1.1.1

Not yet on MacI really love this app, but why is it not available on MacBook Pro desktop? There are also some features that would be nice, such as being able to add your own personal sky, or to change a houses windows to “lights on” when you change a daytime photo into a dusk or nighttime photo. Still a great app and good value for £50. I would happily pay again to get this in a Mac with the features just mentioned, and I’m pleased to hear that ‘pre-sets” are comming soon too!.Version: 1.4.2

ConThis is a con - they tell you there are 4 items in the bundle which you are purchasing and then, after buying the bundle, you find extras which they expect you to buy or rent! Very disappointing and I bitterly regret buying from these charlatans..Version: 1.6.8

Great app, but?Hands down my favorite editing app, gives me all the features I need. However, I don’t know if anybody else is having this problem, but as of the last couple of months it’s been near impossible to edit. The app keeps glitching out every time I upload a photo. The app restarts and seems to glitch out and restart every time I try to edit. I constantly wait for updates to the app assuming it’s just an error that needs to be fixed, but it never got fixed. Please look into this..Version: 1.9.4

Great app and used to be my favorite!I purchased Unlimited Access since the day I found this app (well over a year ago) and I loved this app to bits when it had the function to save your Favorite presets. Contacted Lightricks support right after they updated Quickshot (Jan 2018 if my memory serves right), the team was very responsive and helpful. I have now switched to PhotoFox and purchased Pro also. I am all for paying for more awesome features as the developers gotta have funds to keep the development going. People should not leave bad reviews just because you don’t agree with paying. Please keep up the good work you are doing Lightricks Team, and hope for my favorite app to back being my favorite again..Version: 1.2.4

InterestingThere’s a fairly simple way to get around the appalling way they force you to buy the pro version to even SHARE the edit you’ve made. It’s simple, but pretty effective. Pick a photo, add the enhancements that you like, and then simply capture a screenshot of your finished edit. The screenshot is automatically saved to your photos app(ios). You can then open the photo, crop it,and do whatever you want with it, including further edits in the photos app. I’ve found that the native resolution stays pretty much intact this way, and the result looks great. I was going to uninstall this app until I found this work around. I think I’ll keep it now 😀.Version: 1.4.92

Great!This app is so good! I would highly recommend it especially to those who are into photography and editing. The only thing is there are a lot of things you have to pay for but the free things are just as manageable. It’s amazing how you can change the sky to give the picture a different mood..Version: 1.4.101

The Best Apps bundlesHighly recommend I create pictures and videos from products, funerals, video ads and many many more. Things that I create with this App and the rest of the App family helped me to save thousands of £ by simply using my phone..Version: 1.9.3

Worth to buy.Good app..Version: 1.9.9

Great app to a degreeI have installed all of the lightricks apps because they are super detailed yet easy to use once you start working on a project. This app seems a bit older as I see aspects of Pixeloop that I imagine came from this app. As a photo editing tool there are great ways to enhance an image for sure, I just wish so much that you could insert text into a photo. That is my only qualm. I enjoy all of these apps and the ideas that they inspire me to act on quite a bit. My Instagram posts are feeling more unique each time I use one of these tools to adjust an image I want to post. Thanks for a great group of editing apps. Hope this review helps gain more users who want to explore a more creative side of boredom..Version: 1.8.0

Not to trustI joined to try the app for one month for $5.99 and they took the payment for a whole year subscription. I did not agree for this I wanted to try the app first. I immediately cancelled the subscription and they keep charging me. Please STOP !!!!!!!! I want nothing to do with your app now !.Version: 1.9.19

Neat appWell, it’s a neat app, and I enjoy the features, but it would be nice if you could do multiple layers of edits. Like, if I want to add, just as an example, multiple sunbeams, I have to add the sunbeam, save the photo, use the saved photo, add another sunbeam, save again…etc. It does not let you add several layers of edits. I’d like to be able to add more than one layer of looks and filters, like once I click the check mark to save the look or filter or element, it should keep the photo that way, and then let me add another one within the same editing session. Other than that, it’s a really neat app, and I do enjoy it!.Version: 1.9.9

Used to love it - UPDATEAfter emailing back and forth with someone from the app, I stumbled upon a way to access the photos again. If you tap the camera on the top, take a picture, it will then bring up the window asking permission to access photos and all your photos will become visible again. I’ve had a paid subscription to this app for two years now and have loved the beautiful photos I’m able to create. But with the last couple of updates, I am unable to access my photos. When I open the app, it tells me it needs access to my photos and has a button that says “Let’s do it”. When I tap the button, it takes me to my settings, but doesn’t have an option to allow access to my photos. So I am cancelling my subscription and going to try to find another app that works consistently. Which is disappointing because I really like Quickshot. I tried emailing the company and didn’t get a response..Version: 1.5.5

Quick shotJust started working it out but looks impressive!.Version: 1.4.2

I’ve learned now.When I got the app I was expecting a perfect app like the one in the ads but.. Lightleap isn’t perfect! It’s AMAZING! It’s great! I feel stupid for writing that short comment about that I can’t even take a screenshot. Screenshots don’t matter! You can save it! You only have to buy Pro If you want something that’s pro. And for me this is the best Editing app I could ever have! You know that app called ‘focos?’ Yeah I didn’t like that app. At first the app looked ok for me. But… I couldn’t even understand that app.. Lightleap is my go-to app! Well.. next to Motionleap! Motionleap is my favorite!.Version: 1.9.5

Was great, ruined it with update.This app was great then they did a force update that took away the ability to move the elements like light rays around the photo to where they looked best. Now you can only add cookie cutter overlays and elements to your photo. Please allow those of us that are lifetime subscribers to go back to the old version and don’t force updates on users. Or at-least bring back the ability to move elements wherever the user feels they look best..Version: 1.6.8

Amazing App- well doneI love my photography and was not allowed to take my DSLR on the plane to Gran Canaria because of the weight and so had to rely on my trusty iphone to take my pictures. I downloaded this app to have a play with some of the shots I got. This is so easy and gives so much control over how your final image looks like. Well though out filters and effects make the skies look so good and realistic that it is difficult at times to tell of the image is straight out the bag or has been edited at all. Full of praise. You won’t be disappointed.Version: 1.6.4

Sharing between iPad and iPhone.Overall I find the app very good, the features in the free version are enough for the average user. I purchased the pro version on my iPhone but it does not allow me to use the features on my iPad. I will not buy a second pro version just for my iPad. It is for this reason that I only give a four star rating..Version: 1.4.2

CrashingThis app is amazing when it works, but it is unusable to me, every time i try to save an image it crashes and then bugs out constantly, and I cant fix it at all. not happy.Version: 1.8.4

This app made me lolTried to snapshot my pic and not pay . Was greeted with an owl picture telling me to pay lol oh well looks like delete app and go back to my Samsung s12 free apps where you don’t have to pay a cent.Version: 1.8.8

GoodFor some reason I enjoy editing photos and videos for entertainment so I found this on App Store and thought it was perfect I love the app but the thing is when you edit something and you press the tick button in the bottom right corner it comes up with the pro offer that you can purchase but other than that it was amazing.Version: 1.6.7

Paid for proLove the features but I can’t restore purchases to get sky control etc.Version: 1.1.7

Great app but...I live the edits possible in minutes but I don’t have the sky feature. I downloaded the app on my friends iPhone 5s (the same model as mine) and he didn’t have it either. On my other friends phone (the iPhone seven) he had the sky feature. All I ask is that the sky feature can be supported on all devices..Version: 1.2.9

Great productSo easy to use and wonderful features.Version: 1.4.2

Why?Revising earlier review to reflect developer feedback. Hadn’t noticed there was a small x on the subscribe/pay page that lets you get in to the app and not forcing you to pay which had seemed the case. Have now been able to get in to the app and am pretty impressed with the available features. To the dev: thanks for responding and clearing that up. Maybe the x could be a little bit clearer as it gets lost amongst the background photos..Version: 1.8.9

In generalI find the eraser hard as it doesn’t create a very good background once removing object.Version: 1.8.6

QuestionSo far when try free mode its a good apps, just wonder whats the difference between annual subcription and one time purchase? Is there any diferences of features I can use for both (subcription and one time purchase?.Version: 1.1.5

Just got it and LOVE itI have used a lot of photo apps and this, for me, beats all the others. I especially love the SKY feature . Imagine being on holiday visiting that famous site but no blue sky in sight, instead you have a pure white sky. Now in seconds you can add a natural blue sky with some nice fluffy clouds while not changing the overall tone of the rest of the photo. Love it- thanks guys..Version: 1.1.5

????I purchased the Quickshot Pro app and fixed up my first photo to where it looks really good. Then, I tried to export the image to my photo stream. The app quits on me whether I choose to export the photo as a copy of the original or just replace the original image. I can’t save the image anywhere. What is going on? I paid money for this, and the app clearly states that there are no refunds on subscriptions. I finally found my way to the developer’s site, and under “contact us,” there are simply mailing addresses for four overseas offices. No email addresses, no phone numbers, no e-messaging options at all. I’m supposed to wait for a reply by international mail addressing my issue, which they’ll probably feign ignorance of or blame on my device?!?!.Version: 1.6.6

Updated/Amended review. Good stuffI've enjoyed using several photo editing apps from Lightricks Ltd. but experienced problems over the Christmas holidays with their Quick Pro app. I was pleasantly surprised that they replied to my email with a genuine response: they provided an explanation, a link to refund (if I wanted) and an apology along with a promise to fix the issue. Final outcome: Lightricks Ltd. delivered! They followed up with another email letting users know the bug was fixed and the app works (and very good too!). Great customer service such as this will retain my support. I'm glad to once again have my working daily "go to" Lightricks Ltd. Photo Apps folder to rely on..Version: 1.1.1

Best APP so farAbsolutely love this app, can’t believe it took me so long to find it. As a artist I paint and dabble in Photography to combine the medium. This app allows me to ad to that and so much more 🥰.Version: 1.4.104

Best filtersMany options to fit your different styles.Version: 1.9.0

Outstanding App..Just loving this app, the options available are excellent for any Photographers to create a Fantasy World from a mundane shot. The new “ Looks” option are brilliant. However, it would be a nice touch too add “Opacity Control” to them, giving a more controlled layer control. But still the best by far..!!.Version: 1.4

Looks really interesting…I’m really interested in this app. The adverts I have seen for it seem almost magical, which naturally makes me a little suspicious! I would love to test it out and see if it lives up to what it promises, but with no ability to test it out before committing to a £5.99 minimum purchase for 1 months use. I’m afraid I will be writing this off for now. Anyone can make a flashy advert, and I’ve certainly been burnt by products claiming the world and not delivering in the past. Updated based on developer feedback.Version: 1.9.4

Makes me look better than I am!This app is so easy to use and I have found it encourages the kids to look around and take more pictures too which isn’t a bad thing. Just wish I could afford the whole thing.Version: 1.4.100

Love this AppI have fun with this weekly…makes great memories 😜💕.Version: 1.9.19

SkyGreat app! Sometimes it has trouble distinguishing between the sky vs the water though. Is there a way to isolate where the sky features apply?.Version: 1.2.9

Since the last update I don’t recommendThis program use to be good but since the last update it takes up to two minutes to make the selected changes and makes editing a photo take up to 12 min instead of 30sec like it use to..Version: 1.2.0

Life hack for this app!!Hey! So you know for certain filters you need to pay, well I’m gonna help you unlock those without paying. When you select an affect for your photo and it’s a pro affect you can just screenshot it. When it applies the affect to the picture screenshot it before pushing the X on the bottom left. (If you were to push the check mark it would ask you to pay) and if you want to add more affects to that picture that you took a screenshot of just go back and pick they picture!!! Thank me later 🤫😉.Version: 1.5.7

Heal feature is crappyThe heal feature really does not work. No matter how far in the distance or how small the item I try to erase, the photo is always distorted. The “help feature is not very helpful. I learned more by trial and error than trying to learn from instructions on the help feature. This app doesn’t offer a free trial, probably because no one would purchase it if they had a chance to use it first and see how bad it is. Don’t waste your money!.Version: 1.9.0

To devOk so fix this I tried this hack on tik tok to get a screen shot of the picture so when you are screen recording you can screen shot what you made please fix this I don’t want you to lose money 😭👍.Version: 1.9.9

Fantastic…when it doesn’t crashI love this app. I have at least 30 photo editing apps and this is my favourite, the one I always use. Unfortunately the constant crashing is now starting to make me look elsewhere. It crashes when I try to use ‘sessions’ (does t let me in to that at all) and can very often take up to a minute when editing photos for it stop come out off a total freeze. When this happens a couple of times per photo it’s far too time consuming:(.Version: 1.9.6

Overall Amazing!I would just like to point out how the app crashes/closes when downloading a copy of the edited photo but overall, a really useful app that I use very often.Version: 1.4.108

SnapshotThis is amazing that u can edit and I have been looking for a app like this and this is the right one for me😉.Version: 1.5.7

Where’s a free month trialVery good app, love it , hope it gives us a free week or a month trial subscription, people need to be addicted to continue your service , thanks 👍.Version: 1.4.98

Five stars butSo the app is free but ... to actually be able to edit the picture's you have to pay 20 dollars. If you don’t like the app you can always cancel your payment. which of coarse I payed the twenty. I have no regrets. The photos I took turned to ok to looking great and they look like the picture was really like that when I took it. it’s scary what you can do with technology. Hopefully you can enjoy the app as much as I do. Ps please can you work on a sun rise not just a sun set. It would make the app that much more enjoyable. Just a suggestion Thank you.Version: 1.6.4

Not worth buying :(I purchased the yearly subscription of this app and very disappointed with it. It’s not worth buying this app. Whenever u edit the pic using the clouds feature it forms a white thick line on the edges of the buildings, trees and other objects in the pic, which gives out that you image has been clearly edited. The clouds feature does not blend in with the image you want to edit. However sometimes it does, it’s a 30/70 chance. Total waste of my $20. If u still are desperate to buy this app just for the sake of cloud feature, but the monthly subscription and try it out first. I don’t recommend this App..Version: 1.2.1

Tidy little appDownloaded these apps last night, so far they all seem good. A few things on this editor that I haven’t got on the one I haven’t using for a year or two. I’m using the free version so I’m going to give it a few days to see how I get on with it and if I like it I may consider subscribing.Version: 1.9.3

AwesomeGreat app for bringing out the natural look in the pictures. Love it..Version: 1.4.94

Free my A**So very annoying to actually spend time using this app in the most basic forms only to try and download my picture edit and receive the sarcastic message “REALLY!” over an annoyed looking Owl followed by “Do you want your picture?” only to find out that you must take the Pro package at a cost. Completely misleading and a lie! Glad I kept my old phone so I could take a picture of my photo edit. The only thing free is the ability to look at your edit and see what you could have if you pay for it..Version: 1.9.7

Remove imagesHow do you find the eraser in this program.Version: 1.5.7

Love the editsUpdate: At first I was really disappointed because the app kept crashing even though I had paid for the subscription, but I realized I hadn’t updated my phone. Once I did, the app worked perfectly. That being said, Make sure your phone is up to date or else the app will keep crashing. Other than that, I love the way my pictures turn out with this app. I’ve been using it for about a week now and paid for the subscription. It makes editing my pictures much quicker than coming up with my own edits and it has great variety..Version: 1.5.02

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