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Videoleap: AI Video Editor App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Videoleap: AI Video Editor app received 146 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Videoleap: AI Video Editor? Can you share your negative thoughts about videoleap: ai video editor?

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Videoleap: AI Video Editor for Negative User Reviews

This is getting ridiculousAlright this is just getting ridiculous. I can’t even reverse my videos anymore, and I can’t make a video longer than 1.5 minutes!?!? Seriously? Please change it, I’ve always loved this editor, and now I feel like changing my mind..Version: 1.23.13

Used to be goodUsed to be good.Version: 1.21.7

Loved this app until..Been using the free version of this app for literally everything video-related for over 3 years now. Told all my friends about it, raved about it constantly. I loved how smooth it made the editing process and just the overall arrangement of the app, it was so easy and so productive to use! But a few months ago they changed a bit, and removed the keyframes option for non-pro users.... at first, I thought maybe it wouldn’t be a big deal. But now I see it’s really impacted the app’s capabilities... Not only that, but the app hasn’t really improved much over those years. There’s still bugs in editing when it gets too long (anything over 30 seconds starts bugging out usually). They bugs aren’t too bad, and clearly i was managing them, but the fact that a lot of them still haven’t been fixed is rather strange to me. Also, the effects on the app are pretty much the same too. With the influx of modern media production, I would’ve expected them to offer a wider range of transitions, movement curves, effects, etc. A lot of other apps have capitalised on this now, but I feel that if only Videoleap had done it, it would’ve been so much better. I guess it’s not too late, because the other apps are still a bit behind in some of the areas Videoleap succeeds in. Anyway, sorry for the long review. Just a bit frustrated about how good this app was a few years back and how it’s only really gotten worse..Version: 1.17.5

FreeThis is not free at all, there are monthly and annual subscriptions..Version: 1.8.1

So badThis is the worst app ever. Its so dum because you can’t save enything and if you go off it doesn’t save worst app don’t get.Version: 1.12.5

The… Update!I loved this app forever until the update came Before, I was allowed to make a video more than 1:30m but I have to pay money now. If you want money, why not use ads?.Version: 1.17.9

Can’t add to projectI have been using since last October and been fine but now I can not add to project at all. It was happened last time too but sometimes works and sometimes not. and now it doesn’t seem to be working at all completely. I need to have a solution to make it work as soon as possible. What if not,I want to cancel subscription but I have already bought it for year. Otherwise I would like to get refunded..Version: 1.12.8

FIX PLEASEMy phone can’t install new apps so this is the video edited I’m stuck with and y’all made it so I can’t edit anything over 1 minute 30 seconds with the new update!? Come on!!! 10 minutes at least what is this bull crap 🤦‍♂️.Version: 1.17.9

Way too expensiveHate that they’ve gone with a subscription pricing model (or $140 for lifetime access)... Far too expensive. Enlight was much cheaper. Not sure why they’d do that—they’d sell ten times as much if they reduced the price to one tenth of its current cost. Wouldn’t those two actions offset one another, resulting in the same net revenue?.Version: 1.2.5

The App keeps crashing!!!!!😭😭😭Please help me. I have worked for hours on a project and have come so close to finishing, but can no longer open or load the project because the app suddenly keeps crashing and exiting before the project has time to load. All the other projects I’ve made before will open and recover fine, but I’ve finished them a long time ago. I don’t know what happened to this one and why it’s having trouble opening. I have tried to do as many things as possible: contact support, exit the app, restart my phone, stay on app and allow things to load before clicking on the specific project I want to work on... but to no avail!!!!! The project wasn’t even that long in duration (about 4 minutes and I was even in the process of reducing it) but I poured hours of editing into it and I’d really love to recover all my progress—PLEASE! I had been given the honor and task of creating a video recap of a friends wedding; I would really like to finish it ASAP as I hope they can relish in the celebration of their union from the guests POV.... it’s been almost a week now since their wedding and I was really aiming to have it done by now. I would have had it finished yesterday but unfortunately it’s been 24 hours now since it started crashing and I don’t know what else I can do. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME RECOVER MY PROJECT AND BE ABLE TO OPEN IT AGAIN! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😩😩😩😩😩.Version: 1.18.1

Good but ProblematicIt’s a really smooth and easy to use software. However, there are a few issues. Firstly, when the video gets over 3 minutes the software lags and I end up having to close and reopen it due to it no longer responding. When I do reopen it, it can take over 5 minutes to open up what I was working on. This isn’t the case all of the time, though. Another thing is when I remove the background of an image on another app it will transfer over to videoleap perfectly fine and the background will be transparent. When I download the video, however, the background turns white and blocks out whatever I have underneath..Version: 1.10.1

Everything is bad nowI’m going to keep this short and simple. The app got ruined in one update. We installed this app because it didn’t have limitation, I would understand if you put more ads but adding watermarks and making all the original features premium is a step too far, I won’t be using this and I’ll be moving to InShot as they still let us edit freely..Version: 1.17.4

I still enjoy this app, however..This is my most used editing app that i have, and i've enjoyed using it for as long as i've had it. However, i think one of the newer updates really ruined this app for me. I found the 1 minute and 30 second limit for videos to be quite a downgrade and i don’t really understand why it was changed in the first place to now be premium to extend that limit. Something like a 5 minute limit for free users would’ve been better in my opinion, since only having less than 2 minutes is quite hard to work with, especially if you’re editing a longer video. I’ll keep on using the app but i’ve got to find an alternative now so i can use longer videos, which is kinda a shame :/ But it is still a good editing app and has many good features, it was just this one thing that disappointed me the most..Version: 1.17.9

Bad update.I loved this app and used it everyday for instagram and youtube videos. The app was great and functioned smoothly, with a very easy to use menu system. After the new update you can only edit videos up to 1:30 without paying for the pro version. This is just ridiculous and I hope the developers reverse this change. For anything under 1:30 however, this app is great.Version: 1.17.9

This game is just pay to edit :/I would like to congratulate the Videoleap team for making this app pay to edit, sure! You can export videos without pro, but everything else just needs pro! What made ya’ll so money-hungry! You tried to “balance pro and free out”, and I would like to say that sentence is just plain lying. Bad changes: - Needing to double-tap something to bring up the duplication/delete/etc. buttons, just make it so it’s at the bottom slider! - Needing pro to make videos longer than 1.30 minutes! Like seriously! Why did you add this?! Literally everyone else who has reviewed your app said they despise this change! But noooo, you didn’t listen, you just sat back on your chair while your automatic corporate bot answered for you! - Allowing only 1 overlapping layers! I loved the balance of “you can’t have 3 layers on top of each other!” But you had to ruin that balance by allowing ONLY 1 overlapping layers per video without pro! I hope your automatic bot doesn’t just respond to this automatically and you actually read a review for once. PLEASE ACTUALLY TAKE THIS INTO CONSIDERATION! THIS APP IS JUST A DESPERATE CASH GRAB NOW!.Version: 1.19.4

Latest limit of 1.5 min is terribleI’ve been using this app for a few years and it’s always been amazing. So easy to use. I only use it for basic videos with a few cuts and speeding everything up. Yet, latest update that introduced the limit of 1.5 minutes for the video is terrible. Such a bad idea. It is the basic part of videos and it’s now taken away. This basically makes this app unusable unless you pay for it.Version: 1.17.9

Why the subscription???This is a great video editing app. I use it all the time. But why do you have to put expensive subscriptions on all your apps, Enlight? I would give this app 5 stars if there was no subscription because without it I can only put 3 layers and most of the good effects are pro too. Also you could do a bit more work on the Chroma Key. Plzzzzzz add more stuff you can do without pro or make it cheaper or something. Otherwise, 5 stars. It's a good app.Version: 1.6.4

Not worth your timeWhen I purchased Videoleap a couple years back, it was a very handy editing app with some pretty cool features. It had even more cool features behind a further pay wall, which is something I am never interested in with apps. But the upfront payment did what I needed it to. Throughout the pandemic I haven’t been videoing stuff so much but last night that changed and I have gone back to wanting to make short clips from videos on my phone. A new paywall has been put in capping video durations for standard users at 100 seconds. Flabbergasted at the fact that a pay for product is being castrated so bad by it’s own developers. Disappointingly uninstalling as despite all the apps good features, many of them I like have always been or have come to be inaccessible to users unless they are willing to pay a further premium..Version: 1.17.14

Ruined a videoI used to love this app, it was my go to for everything for editing purposes, but recently it’s been very faulty, after making for example 3 cuts in a video it would go super slow and laggy and crash, I just made a video with it and I went back and realised, after I deleted the rest of the footage so it was just the final edited product, that all the final edits I made, the sounds I added, the text, I added, had jumped forward about 10 seconds, so there’s these out of place sounds and texts that have completely ruined the video, because it’s super confusing now and hard to follow. Why on earth did it do this? I’ve relied on this app for ages but clearly now I cannot..Version: 1.16.1

It’s a lie, rip offThis software is not free, it’s a con. Once downloaded you are required to subscribe at a cost of $120. Hate when people lie like this. Then you are required to rate the app which only gives one option, 5 stars otherwise you cannot comment. Rip offf.Version: 1.8.6

Why did you do thatI like this app I started editing an intro after discovering pro I thought maybe it’s just some really cool effects or things like that and I finish editing the video than see audio and add some rain and lightning noises see spend ten mins on a Justing the noises then go to save it and realize... I have too get pro why would you do that make a good editing app videos online saying it’s free and a good app I mean wat!? Else is limited by pro just money thirsty people these days I’m a 13 year old and am lucky if I have more than 90 bucks bruh just stop being such a moron u literally ruined it ! ruined it!?! Every time I find a game a device a app that I use or play or watever I al wase find fun or cool and then it shufs a big ol u need a subscription u need this in that u can’t have a good time for example imagine playing Minecraft and getting to the portal and trying to use the ender eyes then getting told that u need to pay a subscription to place them and fight the ender dragon that’s how I feel right now thanks a lot..Version: 1.17.5

Useless and half disabled unless you keep paying moreWould not recommend in the least, paid the subscription only to find another payment after this would be required just to access half the dam features. Absolute waste of money and crappy app to boot..Version: 1.7.1

Worst update of 2021…seriouslyI’ve been using this app free for over 2 years now and i’ve enjoyed it profusely. The new update however is awful. You can now either choose to pay OVER $100 A MONTH for all the pro features, or, you could only make videos shorter than 1 and a half minutes. In the newest update countless free features were lost, and aspiring youtubers can’t even attempt to try and make videos anymore. Fix these issues, and i might consider redownloading this ruined app. First one star review i’ve ever made, and i’ve gotta say, you truly deserve it..Version: 1.17.10

Doesn’t workCreated a project to find I had to buy an expensive subscription to upload it. After signing up for the 3 day trial, to see if the app is worth paying for, my project refuses to load. Dissapointed..Version: 1.9


All about the money 👎🏼You were great until you started charging for quality AND templates. (Hidden In-app purchases) I’d rather do the work and make it myself now. This app is great if you get paid for making reels. But not if you want to just make reels. I don’t see the value in what you have to offer now. Thanks it was great while it lasted!.Version: 2.0

BugsI can’t download or purchase this app. As soon as I try to purchase, it just freezes the screen and nothing happens. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling it, but now it won’t even download into my iPhone..Version: 1.13.4

Ruined.App was amazing, until you started to slowly block off every single feature. Just a week ago I could make a video 10 minutes long, and now it’s cut at 1:30!! I’m very disappointed..Version: 1.17.9

Really?This app is one of my favourites, it allows me to make decent quality videos for free, which for a person like me who just can’t afford a subscription, is awesome. Or at least, it USED to let me make these videos, now, I can’t make my videos longer than a minute and thirty seconds, forcing me to either make short content that doesn’t fit what I want (only 5-10 minutes on average) or, to buy premium. Scummy, that’s just, wow..Version: 1.17.9

Used To LoveI used this app a bunch to edit my videos. It had everything I wanted in an editing app and it was perfect. No watermark and lots of features. I thought it would stay that way forever but I was wrong. I tried to make a video over one minute and thirty seconds and it said it was pro only. My videos are always over that limit so this is very disappointing. Because of this, I thought that maybe I could screen record my project instead of exporting it. I tried and it showed a watermark once I did. This was also disappointing. I understand that these guys have to gain money out of this app but now it’s just too greedy. I would only buy pro if it were only one purchase and you’re done paying. Instead it’s monthly or yearly payment which I don’t like for app store apps. I would recommend downloading this before the update but not anymore. I’m going to switch video editing apps which is such a shame because this was the best editing app. I don’t think there’s going to be anything better than this used to be. I don’t like what Videoleap has become and I think everyone else does too. I’m sorry but I’m done with this. Goodbye..Version: 1.17.9

Made keyframing a pro featureI loved the app. I’ve been using it for about a year or 2 and it’s been my go to editing app. The majority of the videos I make are made in video leap. Overall the app was a great free to use app and easy to edit with. A good majority of my videos included moving the clips around using the key frame tool. That tool was probably my best friend when it comes to editing. Anyways I open the app ready to make a new video and I start off with keyframing. The moment I add a second key frame it says “Pro Only Remove Limit”. It honestly doesn’t make sense to me because in order to use keyframing you need MULTIPLE keyframes. So I’m curious as to why it was made a pro feature and couldn’t just stay the way it was. It was likely to get people to buy pro but a lot of people liked the features of the app because it allowed a lot of editing freedom without having to pay. If you guys are reading this, please revert back to the way it was or at least give me more than just one key frame to use because that was just not smart..Version: 1.17.4

Keeps crashing and is practically uselessSo you can’t even export the video if it is too long?That’s a bit.... useless. No seriously what is the use of it if you can’t save the video in your photo album, then there literally is not a use to it, unless it is for short videos. Sure they have powerful tools and I’ll admit to that, but what is the point of those powerful tools, if you can’t have the video? Before I realised this I was editing a video, when for some reason it stopped? Also I couldn’t rewatch the video, and needed to refresh my tablet. This is a great app which would probably be the best editing software for a phone or tablet, but the fact that you can’t even save the video without paying, and the huge bugs weigh it down. Please fix these things, and I’ll be more than happy to use your app. From now on? I think I’ll stay away from it..Version: 1.11.2

It’s improved, but also gotten worseI’m not a professional editor nor am I even close but I’ve always used this app to edit EVERYTHING and even with some slight issues every now and then it’s always been my go to. It’s been the app I always recommend to people but now I can’t edit a video over 2 minutes without paying for it. Before it was free and I could manage without the subscription but after this change either I’m forced to pay for it or I have to find a new app. Because of this I won’t be recommending it to friends who wanna get into simple and basic editing since no one likes to pay for an editing app when they don’t even know if they will edit as often as others but for me it’s definitely too short when most of the stuff I use it for is longer then 10 minutes. Regardless they do have a free trial so if you want a simple editing app and have some extra money laying around its great but if you just want something simple and free to use then unless you’re editing one minute videos for tiktok or Instagram I wouldn’t recommend it. There’s other apps you can use for free or better paid editing apps that are worth the extra money. Sure it’s not a “lot” of money but it’s still over $5 which I don’t blame the app developers for wanting some more money..Version: 1.17.9

JunkYou have to pay to get the best benefits from it. So it’s not really “free” it glitches all the time. You can’t save videos because it may be “too long”. And when you try to contact them they ignore you for days. I’d rather use iMovie over this. Completely a waste of time. I do not recommend this app at all..Version: 1.11.4

Money HungryI love Videoleap and when I first found out about this app I was very amazed and immediately stopped using iMovie to edit the videos I needed to edit but time and time they come out with these different schemes to get money out of people. Don’t get me wrong I understand the grind and hustle but it’s sad. It’s like every other week they charge you for more and more like first they only charged for certain features now you can’t have more that two stickers without having pro. I sucked it up and dealt with it then you could have a video over 10 minutes I dealt with it. Then they changed it to no videos over 2 minutes I was like wow. Before you know it I go to edit a video and now you can’t have a video over 1 minute and 30 seconds so now I will be finding an alternative app because who knows what strings they will pull next. But I rated a 3 because despite all that it was close to being one of the top video editing sources before iMovie..Version: 1.17.6

Not worth to buyI purchased the lifetime version thinking that I will have an access to all assets but unfortunately you still need to pay on Getty images. The previous app I purchased offers everything but is no longer available in iTunes so I decided to buy this instead. So frustrating....Version: 1.13.11

Trial won’t run. Says paying members are more important.How am I supposed to decide if I’d like to buy the app if I can’t get a single effect to run? It either makes me wait 8 minutes to get to 82% and says “we’re too busy to process this.” Or won’t even attempt it because “paying customers are more important.” I guess I’ll never know if this is any good..Version: 2.0

DisappointingRead a lot of good reviews that’s why i even got the paid account for videoleap. But lo and behold... i can’t upload nor save the video i made despite close to a hundred of tries! Emailed their support but no one even bothered to reply....Version: 1.10.1

Please remove watermarkI’ve been using this app for almost three years now to make my videos on YouTube with no Videoleap watermark. I don’t want to have the watermark there on all my videos that I export and upload. I kinda alright with the whole 1:30 limit for the video editing, but now saving a video shorter than that with a watermark. That ain’t gonna do it for me. Please get rid of it. Thank you!.Version: 1.25.4

Its nice. Edit: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLEWarning: long reply! I downloaded it a while ago and it has some replay issues and a lot of crashing. I have tried other editing apps and they seem to have more features, like in filmora theres things where you can make it sway and stuff. Edit: you have to be pro to use keyframes. KEYFRAMES??.? And you have a time limit at 1:30min. ONE MINUTE AND THIRTY SECONDS THIS IS ABSOLUTELY PREPOSTEROUS BRO ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN YOUR APP THAT PLUS THE FREQUENT CRASHING What do you hope to gain from this I understand that you need to make money, but some people actually, like, cant pay, like (maybe they're broke or their parents like don't let them or something.) Are you trying to force people to pay? Cause that dont got to work. Also, because of this update, people are probably going to turn to KineMaster or something. How do you hope to make money by turning people away? You should probably find ways to make money that DOESN'T have a negative effect. And let me tell you, id much rather use an editing app with a watermark(eg. FilmoraGo, KineMaster, etc.). And, as I previously said BEFORE THE APP WENT WAYWARD, other editing apps have way more features, like, well i dunno, FilmoraGo and KineMaster. If this is an april fools joke, it sure is a late one. Please read this and possibly reply, because you are absurd and i would be very interested in hearing your reasoning. Just -wait- for the one star reviews flooding in.Version: 1.17.5

My go to editing program until the devs became disgracefully greedy.I really liked this app because I like the ease of mobile editing. This app was amazing and super easy for editing until the devs saw a little bit of popularity and decided to sell out on it. At first it started with a few things like limiting the amount of layers stacked on each other. But now it is practically unusable considering you cannot go over 1 minute 30 second videos with the free version. Thank you lightricks for the delightful editing experience, but personally I won’t be using your app for too many editing applications in the future. Please if possible can you either lower the cost of the full version (because $109 is outrageous for a mobile editing app) or add some of the basic features of an editing program back into your app..Version: 1.17.6

This app stole 45 dollarsThis app is garbage and charged me 45 dollars for no reason. Now I am 80 dollars in the hole with my bank because of the amount and the initial nsf fee and the nsf charges continue to mount because my next paycheque isn’t until the end of the month, which is coincidentally also my birthday. After bills I won’t be able to afford to even by myself a slice of cake though because this garbage app stole from me. Don’t download this..Version: 1.10.8

Super good but..This app is a really good editing app, and I was super proud that I found a good one. But...when I exported my video I found that the watermark was DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER!! I’m super disappointed...if you were going to put a watermark, first off, why directly in the middle?! And second I would’ve appreciated it if the watermark had shown while you were editing. Now, I have to fully restart my video and try to find an editing app without a watermark that’s really big and that doesn’t bother me much. I would’ve kept the watermark if it wasn’t in the center. Again, I’m super disappointed...I’ve just wasted about a week of editing. I know that the watermark and the screen recording thing is to prevent people from avoiding the watermark and/or cropping it out but putting it directly in the center is just absurd. Very, very disappointed. Again, if you’re putting a watermark at least not directly in the middle and if you’re putting it in the middle you should make it to where it shows the watermark is there rather then it just being there once you export/screen record. I honestly don’t even know what to do about my video......Version: 1.13.11

Now you must pay to use this appThis was my absolute go-to for editing videos but since the new update, now you pretty much don’t have a choice to pay a subscription if you want to share or download the videos you just spent hours working on. It really sucks..Version: 1.25.6

New update makes you get proYeah it was all good until they literally gutted the time. You can only make 1:30 videos now which is useless for free..Version: 1.17.4

Keeps getting worse and worseI think I’m not alone when I say that you are limiting free users too much. A good idea would be to make all features free, but with certain features requiring ads to unlock temporarily. This way you make more money instead of people leaving to find a better editing software. Win win! Also take away the 1 minute 30 limit on videos, I have 10 finished videos that I can’t upload because they’re too long. Thank you in advance, possibly..Version: 1.18.4

Good but there’s a problemI have been using this app for a while but there was a frustrating thing that happened recently. The app itself is one of the best editing apps I’ve ever had but once when I tried to add a few more photos into my edit it got laggy and then glitches me out and then all my work was gone. That edit took a long time so I just gave up in the end. I hope that problem can be fixed soon. Thankyou. New update now I can’t even play my video. It’s getting even more laggy....Version: 1.8.2

Great but a couple issues...This is the best video editor I think I have ever had. I got the membership for my Birthday and I will probably never change editing apps probably ever again, but, there is one major thing I would like for you to fix. My progress was deleted! I went into my video I edited previously and Where the video timeline should of been there was just a bunch of Caution signs with exclamation points in them. Also the preview box was black! I thought when I exported my video it would fix itself but it didn’t. The screen was just black and all that you could see was the text and special effects added on top of a black screen. Pleas fix . I’m going to have to export my edit and re-import every time I need to edit my video. I also would like the masking tool to be more flexible instead of just a line mirror box and circle. I would love to have a line that has several bendable points on it. I would also like a tool to add a shape where you can move the vertices around with options like opacity, outline, color, and animations. Thanks for reading and God bless!.Version: 1.12.11

The best video editing app on the iPad is getting greedyThis app is by far the best editing app for iPad, but they’re getting greedy, I literally have to pay for basically everything now, masking, green screen, reversing footage, adding more than 2 layers, making a video longer than 1 min 40 secs and more is all paid now, I don’t have that kinda money just lying around and videoleap is pretty expensive so it isn’t worth paying. Please, bring back some free features, not everyone wants to pay for basically everything.Version: 1.19.10

This app fell off unbelievably hardI edit videos every now and then for fun and have had this app for a good 2-3 years now (farthest back I remember using it was early 2019 for a school project.) It was excellent, at one point I even purchased premium for a short period to edit a whole video for a friend efficiently because I enjoyed the app so much and wanted to support the devs, I regret that so much. Over time I noticed not having premium just got worse and worse. First the developers began adding annoying ads for premium when you launch the app, which is understandable, I mean you need marketing. But then I noticed the layers they allow you to have on standard went from 4-5 to like 2, which is laughable because its a cheap way to annoy people into buying a premium subscription, but then they began taking away features from standard and making it premium only. Which is why I’m no longer using this app, because what I used it for is no longer available to me. I literally have no reason to have this app because the features I used it for (chrome key & animated text) are premium only now. Thats just incredibly lazy and a slap in the face to people that have been using, supporting, and recommendeing this app to others for so long. I understand what the developers are doing to promote their subscription but at the same time I feel cheated, and feel even worse for people who pay for features they could have been using 2 years ago for free. Be better please and good day..Version: 1.19.11

Useless for YouTube videos now!!1 minute 30 seconds???? Get this useless time limit off, and let us get back to using the app for making long form videos!!.Version: 1.24.2

Can’t add musicSo I had this app for a while and I had to do a project and I added sound but I couldn’t do it and all my hard work was gone..Version: 1.13.5

Amazing- you probably hear this a lot but a few things u might like to add inI did a review on this a while back saying it wouldn’t let me save it (I was using too many filters) I’m still using free as I can’t afford and it’s still the best editing app I’ve got for free, like iMovie on steroids. I’m aware u have updated recently adding voiceover which I love so thanks but I think you should add in a Ken burn effect (on free because ur nice) by Ken burn I mean an actual zoom in you can use in post. I’ve only found one other app (Vimo) that’s able to do this yet it is very hard to use and understand. I know you respond to these and would love to here feed back, also the chroma key I really can only use for green screen photos as green screen videos don’t really work but that’s understandable it’s I phone editing. I’m aware how much effort making an editing app has to go in and I know editing apps get a lot of back lash with basically everything but would love to hear feedback on the idea, thanks..Version: 1.8.2

Was awesome..I’ve used videoleap for a few months and after learning a lot on it I think it’s awesome.. well thought it was awesome until everything I usually use on it now requires a subscription fee. I usually make tattoo reveal videos where I swipe the machine pen over the stencil and the finished product follows. It helped me out and it was pretty unique for tattoo reveal videos and simple to do yet something I could better myself on to get a nicer finish. Due to limitations on everything I can’t make any videos on it unless I pay for it, I’m not prepared to pay all of that money just to use an app. What happened to paying between £3-10 for a good app then being able to use it forever!? All this subscription nonsense is a total rip off and the hefty price tag to buy it outright is way beyond a reasonable price, it’s greedy imo. Hoping I can come across an alternative that will give me a similar result. Such a shame!.Version: 1.19.10

What is going on?This app used to be the best, but for years now I’ve been asking them to add HDR Dolby Vision support. This has been something iPhones have filmed in for two years which makes the footage look stunning, but unfortunately editing with Videoleap strips all this off. Other apps including completely free apps all support HDR (Splice, CapCut, iMovie.. list goes on). I’ve been asking for this to be added for years but nobody listens. Furthermore, this app exports in the old H264 codec resulting in huge file sizes, whereas all the other apps export in the newer and iPhone native HEVC (H265) codec, resulting in no loss of quality but with half the file size. All these important things what could have been worked on over the years, and the developers have chosen to build a cheap knock-off TikTok style video sharing platform within the app what nobody wants. Laughable really..Version: 1.19.10

Downward spiral of capitalismI got this like 3 years ago as a way to just make simple videos on my phone. It was better than anything else I had at the time, so I stuck with it. However, over the years, they’ve somehow managed to lock every individual good aspect of this app behind the mildly overpriced Pro subscription. First it was locking the green screen effects, then the split screen effects, then adding a time limit, adding a watermark, making the homepage a TikTok clone for no good reason (seriously, who is this for?), and now I can’t go more than a couple seconds using the app without being disappointed. Return justice to your free users. What’s with the watermark you managed to go several years without?.Version: 1.25.7

Unfriendly Marketing PracticesI’ve used this app to make numerous fun little videos for my friends to have a little laugh, but since my old phone had little battery power capabilities, I had to find a replacement for it at some point. Fast forward a couple of months and I checked out this app again and started working on small videos again and to my surprise, I cannot create videos that exceed the 1 minute and 30 second mark without using a “pro” account. This upsets me because what was once my great tool to make fun little videos is now under marketing influences that discourage me from using it often as I did previously. It personally feels discouraging and a disappointment as well now that one needs to upgrade to a paid licensing to exceed a time limit where previously one had the freedom to create longer videos. I didn’t have a problem not using pro features before, but now the new project limit doesn’t encourage me to use this app anymore..Version: 1.17.9

PAY WALLThis app has countless pay walls for features that are free on other apps. Now you can’t edit videos longer then 2 mins. Take my advice and download cap cut it has more features and it’s all FREE. Delete this garbage app.Version: 1.17.4

TERRIBLE USER INTERFACE AND PREMIUM IS REQUIRED FOR BASIC FEATURESWhile the editing features of this app are good, it’s user interface is clunky and hard to navigate. The constant premium pop ups are irritating. The app can barely be used without premium. The main issues include the fact that you can’t use text and transitions together. I constantly found my text going out of place when I added transitions. The app is very hard to use and I have used better free apps with the same features but better navigation. One may argue that Videoleap has a lot of features but 3 quarters of these features require premium. If you want to pay 109 dollars a month for Videoleap, I strongly suggest that you pay 10 to 20 dollars more for a more advanced software such as Adobe Premiere Pro. DO NOT INSTALL..Version: 1.23.7

PriceyPretty good video editing software. Although a bit clunky at times when using the phone, there is no need to use a computer because this software is enough. I got caught out at the end though when Videoleap wanted to charge me $11 per stock video that I used, despite my already purchasing the Premium version. Came to a pricey $175 at the end of a 2.30 minute video AFTER already paying for the full version!! At the time of editing, there is NO INDICATION that you will need to pay extra....until you try to export your project at the end. Next time, I think I’ll just stick with the tried and true iMovie to avoid wasting so much time and money on a 2.30 minute film clip..Version: 1.13.10

Change it backChange it back to unlimited minutes this app is the best with the tools and setting but now it’s changed to only less than 2 minutes It’s Not Good anymoreee pleaseeee change it backk.Version: 1.17.10

Limit?Why is there a time limit for the videos?.Version: 1.18.6

The app (which I purchased) keeps freezing and crashingInitially, this app was such a great alternative to iMovie, which had so many issues I gave up on it. I felt secure about Videoleap to the point I decided to purchase it. It worked perfectly for several months and then, of course Murphy’s Law, it began behaving exactly like iMovie. The app constantly freezes and crashes mid edit and I keep having to restart my phone to get it to work…which it will for 20 min before freezing and crashing again. Yes, I did update iOS to the newest versions (before you try asking)! It seems Videoleap is unable to keep up with the updates. I love this app for many reasons (effects, stickers, huge selection of music for my vlogs, great editing tricks, awesome transitions, clearer image, and it’s tremendous precision-iMovie only offered perhaps 20% of what this app offers). But, it’s getting more and more frustrating as I’m now shopping around once again and trying other alternatives, especially if Videoleap continues behaving this way. Please, fix this! I purchased the app and don’t want to regret this purchase. Thank you..Version: 1.22.3

You can’t make videos longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds anymore (unless you have pro only)I used to love this app and I've used it to edit a lot of things. This was probably one of my favourite video editing apps until now. Remember when you could make a video that was 5 minutes long? You can’t do that anymore… Why did you guys thought that it was a good idea to pay pro only to make your videos longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds? Nobody asked for this at all & it’s definitely a huge downfall to this amazing app. If you could pay a membership to make your videos longer than 30 minutes to 1 hour, fair enough. But 1 minute and 30 seconds? I'm not bothered with certain things to be payed for (such as video effects & certain fonts for text) but paying money just to make your videos longer is out of control. I will never use this app again (unless the video duration is back to the way it was) because the fact that you can’t make videos longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds is absolutely unnecessary..Version: 1.17.9

Fix your goddamn appReally? why do i have to subscribe in order to make videos longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds? this is such a scam.Version: 1.17.4

ReviewAt this point it’s useless now since the newest updates only allow you to have the video up to 50 seconds to save if it’s any longer you have to upgrade to the pro version one of the stupidest updates yet.Version: 1.17.4

Great Editor, Better Than iMovie, BUT!I Will, Once Again Say, It’s A Great Video Editor, Especially If You’d Like To Edit Videos On Your Phone And Not On A Computer. However, I Must Warn You On Something; If You Don’t Intend On Getting The Pro Features, I Wouldn’t Install It. I Currently Don’t Have It (Yet. . .) And The Developers Of This App Tend To Slowly Remove Certain Priveledges Given To Those Who Don’t Have The Pro Features. Before I Could Make Videos Longer Than 1 Minute 20 Seconds, In Fact, There Weren’t Any Limitations On How Long You Make Your Videos. Now I Can’t Make A Video Longer Than 1:20. Also, I Could Use Only 2 Visual Layers Before The Developers Got Desperate For Cash. And You Guessed It, I Can Only Use 1 Visual Layer At A Time Now. Once Again, I’m Not Saying The App Is Terrible, But I Suggest That You Have Your Money Ready If You Want To Start Using This App, It’s Just For The Best I Suppose. Thankfully You Don’t Have To Deal With Paying Monthly/Yearly For All That, Since There’s An Option Where You Can Just Pay It All Off For About $70..Version: 1.17.10

Tricky?I can not save the video project unless I sign up for Pro?! So it seems then that it’s not a free app..Version: 1.1.1

THEY STEAL YOUR MONEY!I wanted to try the full version (premium version) of the app by trying out the free trial which lasts a week or so till they charge you $40. When you sign up for the free trial they also give you a notification option to remind you when the free trial would end (or at least that’s what they say) I happened to forget the expire date and never got a notification for it, so I got charged $40 without my acknowledgment or recollection. If I did want to keep using the app I wouldn’t have minded it, but the app doesn’t really seem to fit my use since it’s a very basic editing app for your phone even if you purchase the premium plans. The only feature that seems worth it are the mask and key frame key stone features. Everything else is just as basic as it gets, filters are boring, presets are basic (you’d have much better results using your own filters or light rooms). The effects could’ve been worth it if they also allowed you to mess with the effect options more but it won’t. It’s just pre made effects that basically let you change the opacity, nothing special. For the price the app is mediocre. I want my refund for taking my $40 without my knowledge. I haven’t even used the app either since I deleted it. If the developers are reading this, y’all seriously! need to update your webpage! or give legitimate customer support services or email for cases like this. It’s crazy how there’s not a single site for customer support for things like this..Version: 1.19.11

Everything which made this appealing has been revokedThe user interface has devolved into poorly designed, oversimplified, rounded-edge rubbish with constant pop-ups, and the program is completely unusable without buying a subscription; it seems I now can’t use it at all without making an account. What was previously a quick and convenient way to edit something without having to use a computer is now an insufferable app that wants to be flashy and trendy (tik tok and subscription services) instead of what set it apart. It’s been getting progressively worse and now it’s hit rock-bottom. Any reviews for this that are over a year old are reviews of a completely different platform..Version: 1.19.9

Fantastic but still don’t get this appIt’s great for editing and I know your trying to get money but some pro things should not be pro for example saving a video like why!Its a video why can’t I save and don’t waste your time screen recording it then plan to cut the rest out because when you play it they put watermarks in it and at the end of video it says great editing but get pro to do it without watermarks or something like that it says it’s annoying I am always looking for an editing app that you don’t have to pay for, no watermarks, and is good this app is good and had no watermarks so i was going with it but then we i finished making an intro that i spent 3hours making sure it was perfect i clicked save video the it said get pro. i’m very angered i get your making profit but you don’t need the save video thing as well and i hate when company’s use watermarks and make it look like everything is there credit when even if they did make the app you edited it some people are kids that don’t have much money please reconsider the saving video and the time limit!Thankyou have a great day! Goodbye!.Version: 1.17.6

It use to be goodI loved this app, you could say that it was one of the top 4 apps I used, untill…. The devs decided to completely sell out and ruin this for everyone, I’ve noticed they done this because of the large popularity this app has received but over the last 3 years of using it I have come to realise in the last months the developers have done this like, only a limited amount stacked videos on each other unless you have pro, only recently changing that you can only have 1:30 minutes of video length unless you have pro, and so many other features that have been taken away unless you pay for it. I believe that this app had such good potential until they decided to completely sell out. Don’t buy unless you are going to pay $190 dollars for the app..Version: 1.18.6

New update has made me really angry.During lockdown I have been using this app to edit videos of bible stories that I send into schools as part of a Christian organisation and it has been amazing! However this new time limit has made me really angry. I am a broke college student and I can’t afford to buy the pro version. Before the update I could make my videos with no real trouble. My videos tend to be about 5-10 minutes long, they’re only short, but now I can’t make anything longer than a minute and a half!? I get that the pro feature is something you need to have to make a profit but you shouldn't make the app basically impossible to use for anything other than short clips if you can’t afford the pro version. Please get rid of the time limit! Or at least make it like half an hour or something..Version: 1.17.9

Way to strictI find and probably many others find 1 min and 30 secs is way to small To make anything with unless you were making a Instagram short or something similar but anything YouTube or long video related is pretty much impossible now. I would suggest maybe making the limit at least 15 or 20 mins (or even 10 mins) as the limit so it’s at least possible to make a proper YouTube video etc. for now I’m gonna leave a one star review till this is resolved Bec this is way to strict.Version: 1.17.9

Can’t log in after being a paid subscriber for a few years!I have been trying to log in through my email and the app only shows three options, Facebook, Google, Apple. Not sure why I can’t login via my email as I used to. I have had to cancel my long term subscription because of this issue. I have tried accessing via the three options the app provides and it seems that they create a new user account for me requiring further membership payment! Very disappointed as no response to my queries also. So to save myself the hassle I cancelled the subscription via the App Store! Very disappointed though as it has been a really good app to work with..Version: 1.21.3

Too many limits!!!This app hands down WAS the best editing app for iPhone…. Until they made it so you literally cannot do anything unless you pay. Now you cannot make videos over 1 minute 30 seconds - what is the point in that!!??? Also you cannot layer things in mixer anymore!!! I was in the middle of making a project and now half of my edits and things now go ‘over the pro limits’ completely disappointing! Do you guys at Lightricks not realise that making these super restricting limits will make people move on from your app and find somewhere else to edit? That was what made this app so amazing: the free to use features that weren’t super limiting but now I’m not sure what to do… Plz fix this.Version: 1.17.9

It was good before the updateThe new update ruined this app, I hate having to pay money for simple features 😕.Version: 1.17.4

Rip offI would pay $5 per month but when it asks for $50 straight up subscription I deleted the app No app no matter how good is not worth being givin the opportunity to trial first at a small risk (I don’t mind risking wasting $5 but not $50) Also remember these developers make millions for nothing once they get into your reoccurring (subscription method) payments because they sit dormant for 6 months or a year then $100 silently slips out of your account (at Christmas time when least noticed due to many different spending transactions) & if you’re like most people you won’t notice for a year or two, long after you stopped using the app.Version: 1.3

Why would they do this?Honestly thought this was a really video editing app until I tried to make 39 minute video. It was so slow and you know the little pink bar in the middle, it’s supposed to play the video from there when you press play but 95% of the time it’ll just play the video 15 seconds from where the bar is and it’ll take an extra 5 seconds for the audio to start working with it. But that’s not the biggest problem. They had an amazing freeze which was really helpful in multiple parts of me making the video. The only problem was when I was done making the video it said that I couldn’t export it because I used the freeze tool and apparently that’s a pro exclusive thing. And instead of just not giving you the tool to use because you don’t have pro, they give it to you to make your video and restrict your export unless you get pro. Why would they give me the tool to use it if I don’t have pro!? Honestly pretty frustrating. Instead maybe you could have in the bottom bar with all the other tools and instead of letting them use the tool when pressed, idk maybe put a message saying that this a pro exclusive tool..Version: 1.16.1

Good but....Ok so I have had this app for a little over 1-2 years now and everything is fine. I love this app because the fonts and it has more than most other editing apps!! Con: Theres way too much pro stuff. I get that you do this for money but it isn’t fair at all. Only 2 overlapped layers?? I would think maybe change it to 4-5. Another thing is that you barely can make any gacha memes that I do because you can only fit 2 overlapping layers when I have 10. I was about to move to another app. I love this app and it’s just wonderful. The reason why I gave it a 3 star is because 1. Too much pro stuff. 2. You can’t flip it or do stuff like you can with cute cut. 3. The pro is WAYYYY TOOO MUCH!!! $70 or so for 1 time free purchase!! It’s outrages like make it 50 or 45. 70 in my opinions is way too much. Change the price from what it was a year ago, $32. You barely do anything by being a free user! Please change!Also, you cannot screen record and the only way to do it is the waste money and I am certainly NOT DOING THAT. Please go back to allowing sr. Soon, no one is going to use this app because later on, you’ll just pro everything!!! and I’m not up for it AT ALL! When you do screen record it makes it all bad forcing you to buy it! Outrageous!!.Version: 1.12.6


Top Fan To Top DisappointedI’ve had this app since early 2019, I would want to say around January of 2019 and I absolutely loved it, it was something fun and easy to use but then in late January of this year a watermark had been added to the app which completely ruined all of my unreleased or unfinished projects due to a watermark hiding half of the screen, however I still used it hoping that it would go away soon and in (I want to say maybe April it did, the watermark was gone and I felt happy, I had started using the app more and had uninstalled Capcut however earlier this month(which is June) a time limit has been added and it’s safe to say I’m going to uninstall this app, it’s just time to let go of it. I’ve faced constant disappointment with these updates but this one just pushes it. How could you say it can make “Artistic Videos and Hollywood Films but make your time limit shorter than a movie trailer. Over half of the things in the description are with a premium that no one wants to buy, this app is started to get more and more restricted after every update, I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the summer you would have to pay to create a video..Version: 1.17.9

Used to be good now terribleVideo leap used to be a good video editing tool you used to be able to use a key point feature which was incredibly useful and without buying the subscription it was amazing to be able to edit freely with only slight limitations like the amount of layers you can have when I started it was three but they lowered it to two layers it was fine but I didn’t really think anything of it now the app is just greedy and money hungry you cannot use the key points feature infinitely only once which doesn’t help at all it’s vital that I have that feature for my style of editing and they locked it behind a £70 paywall which is overly priced for what you would really use this used to be a good app and for someone like me who can’t afford to pay every month for the subscription Ive been alienated and locked out of something that was free before I’m switching editing tools which I wish I didn’t have to say as video leap is the only one that I can find that has that key points feature it’s disgusting how they have done this.Version: 1.17.4

Make The Keyframe Effect Feature Free!I’ve been using this app since the start of 2020. Very clean, well designed and overall a great app to edit it on. Pro features were just at the right amount until this last update. I absolutely love editing with the Key Burns (key frames) feature of this app. It was actually one of the main reasons, for editing purposes, that I used it. However, I can not use it anymore due to the fact that the app now requires a subscription to use the feature. I’ve thought about getting the subscription, but I just don’t have the money right now to be paying an app at the moment and I still need time to use this app a bit further before making a purchase like that. I hate to give the app a 1 star review but i’m extremely disappointed because of this change. I’m also just wondering if you guys can maybe make the limit for the amount of Key Frames for a project more than 2. Maybe like 10-20 would be better if you guys want to really make this a pro feature. Hopefully Videoleap can see this because I love using the Key frames tool and it’s a shame to see it go to waste because of the need for a subscription..Version: 1.17.7

Scam app who steals your information.If I could give zero or negative stars I would. I tried to check this app out and apparently signed up for a free trial. They not only charged me the day before said trial was supposed to end, before I got a chance to cancel, they also charged me TWICE IN A ROW for two completely different amounts than what the app advertises. Once I got a hold of Apple and they helped refund my money and cancel the subscription, three days later I got a new charge for a large (different) amount, YET AGAIN. Contacted Apple and guess what they said? That the purchase was made directly from the app developer. HOW DID THE APP DEVELOPER GET MY CARD INFORMATION?! This is a complete and total scam. I am livid. In less than a week they have taken almost $200 from me. And the worst part is I’m not the only one this has happened to. I’ve searched it and seen similar complaints about this happening to others through this app. I am appalled that this is happening to multiple people and somehow this app continues to stay up and running. Fix this asap,.Version: 1.23.7

Glitches after ios 13 updateI have been a paid subscriber for this app for about two years, it is by far the most intuitive and versatile video editing app I have ever used. I use it daily. However after the ios 13 update there are some critical glitches that render some basic functions of video editing unusable: there is now an inability to mute volume on some clips without it causing audio failure for a project, thus rendering a project useless even after trying to reverse the edit. There is also a consistent “freezing” of video scrubbing which makes detailed editing impossible without constantly reloading the app. I have a 7+ and had no issues until the ios 13 update, however these are critical glitches that a paid video editor needs to correct in my opinion, especially the audio issues as detailed audio ability is not only a highlight of the app, it’s a basic function of video editing in general (the ability to successfully adjust volume of a clip and final product). Also, attempting to seek help from within the app itself in order to send error logs/etc does not currently work either, however customer support does respond by emailing them directly and that’s positive. Fixing the glitches is still needed however and is somewhat unacceptable for a paid app..Version: 1.11.3

It was good, but then...I downloaded this app a few months ago and was amazed at how much it could do. With all the available tools, it was easily a 5-star rating. However, that changed a few days ago. I opened it today to see that videos over 50 seconds became paywalled, which is beyond ridiculous, considering that was never true before and is not a restricted feature on ANY other video editor app. I feel like this update was unnecessary, and it makes me want to delete the app right away unless it’s undone like all mistakes should be. I would be happy to change my review as soon as this is fixed. Adding this after reading several other reviews within the previous week which share my concerns, the new pro limits that were added in the most recent update were unnecessary and will most likely drive the reputation of this app underground if not fixed soon. Please revert it to the way it was before April 2021, as the new limits make this app basically a scam and a waste of space. Thanks for taking the time to read this review, and I hope you see through to undoing this horrible update..Version: 1.17.5

Now can’t use without “logging in”I paid for the full version and have been happily making content for some time. It’s an excellent app for quick video creation. Really very well done. Ordinarily I’d give it 5 stars. Since the latest release you have now forced users to login when the app loads. There is no option to dismiss that screen and just make content - even though I paid for a full ‘forever’ licence. I have also recently subscribed to one of your other apps btw so I really hope this is not the trend. I don’t want to ‘login’, I don’t have a facebook or google account. I don’t need profiling or adverts - I already paid for the app. If you cannot change this back I would like a full refund as you are now effectively stopping me using the app..Version: 1.19.11

Keeps crashingPls fix the crashing its really annoying overall this app is great execpt for the crashing just for that it sucks.Version: 1.13.9

GreedyYou'd get more people willing to buy premium if you weren't so scummy..Version: 1.17.9

Only 1 Minute.. SeriouslyI used this app for a lot and a lot of editing but because I updated the app there was a 1 minute limit until you have to pay for the pro version for it to be longer. Honestly one of the stupidest things anyone can ever add to an app they ruined the whole thing and this app had so much potential I’d recommend finding a new editing app for anyone out there unless you want to pay your hard earned money on a MOBILE editing app. Honestly ridiculous Update: Ok 30 seconds added onto the 1 minute length that’s honestly STUPID theres no way anyone will pay to get longer than 1min and 30 seconds I really want the developers to think about that. Also editing on this app was absolutely amazing before the updates and i really want to see that again all the developers need to do is just PLEASE LISTEN TO US! here’s my recommendations for the developers and I really hope they do see this. 1. Make Length of videos up to 10minutes until Pro 2. Allow up to 2 mixers on top of each other again 3. Only make reasonable acceptable PRO limits These are only 3 simple things that EVERYONE wants do this and you have the greatest Mobile editor..Version: 1.18.3

Not cooperative.Out of all the editing apps I have used this app has so many added things that really make this app professional and very good. There are a lot of good things about this app but it has been the worst that I’ve used as well. Most of the time if the video is really long the app will start freezing and frames will go back and fourth if I want to go to a different frame and I just have to sit and wait there for a couple of seconds for the app to kick in and finally load. Sometimes the app will crash and it is very frustrating. I thought I would get a better experience paying monthly so I did. I don’t really regret paying monthly because it does come with good perks. Another thing that really just pisses me off is that sometimes the video will not export because “the app couldn’t load the last few frames on one of your clips.” And that is very frustrating. I have contacted them and they haven’t responded so hopefully they do soon. I hope they fix these problems because it really just ticks me off and takes away time. If you are going to be making long videos, I do not recommend this app for you. It does not cooperate with you at all..Version: 1.13.9

Keeps crashing at random intervals,Otherwise a great app..Version: 1.11.1

Wonderful app back thenIt is indeed a wonderful app to use, however with the new update, I only get 1:30 min of video edit without pro, why?.Version: 1.17.9

Trash.I hate it. You need to pay to export? No thank you. The thing is tricky and without paying you get limited options..Version: 1.25.7

Powerful but too slowVery powerful app that bring some great functionality to iOS. The effects are impressive but the speed running on an iPad Pro make it very frustrating to use for any length of time. The ability to reduce the quality or turn off effect previews during editing would make it a lot more usable if it were to speed up the preview. Also there is no ability to pin the audio so as you can see it all of the time to makes cuts in time with music, this has proved a great frustration and means I wouldn’t consider using it for editing again but only to apply effects to videos that I’d edit elsewhere. I’m using the free version and would have considered buying it but for the very high price, it’s far too much for the occasional user and offering no multi device or pc editing takes it out of the professional market too unfortunately. There’s lots of potential which I hope to see realised in a future version..Version: 1.4.1

Impossible to cancelI accepted the free 3 day trial and 5 minutes after I loaded it on my phone I decided to cancel it. It shows up in purchase history but will not cancel. I hate how these people make it impossible. Tell me how to cancel before you start billing me! I hate stupid apps..Version: 1.11.4

I cannot do anything anymoreMy video cannot pass the 2 minute mark and I cannot overlap 2 layers!! without it telling me that I need pro. I’ve been using this app for 3 years and now and i’ve made some pretty cool videos, but now I can’t even make a proper video as i’m only allowed 1-1:30 minutes and NO overlapping layers. i’ve got minimum filters, transitions, effects and so much more - Why take away the most vital part of video making away because you want money. Give me 8 transitions, only 3 effects, minimum filters that doesn’t bother me. just give me my old free stuff like only 3 overlapping layers and unlimited video length.Version: 1.17.5

Good app but..It’s a good app, had this for 4 years now but it’s sad to see that there making some of the non premium things now premium. Making you spend money on things that use to be free..Version: 1.19.10

Rather not downloadThere are many editing software apps on the AppStore but this one is definitely not on the same level that they are, for instance I was making a quick little montage that was taking a lot longer than I thought, and as soon As I went to sleep and wake up pretty much all of it’s ruined. And what I mean by that is, some of the videos where changed to the wrong time, the music went out of tune, and some of the videos were turned into a checkered black and grey screen and there’s no way to change it other than delete it and chose the same one. And by the way it took me nearly 2 and a half hours to just make to half and now I gotta pretty much restart bc I couldn’t live with myself if I i quited. Thanks for making a app that gives me depression.Version: 1.13.12

Don’t use this app if you have an older phone!So I have an iPhone 6 and I edit videos to put on tik Tok (I use this app pretty casually but I like to make big projects sometimes). I was editing a video that had a bunch of images that needed to be edited in. I even purchased premium so that I could edit multiple images in. However, when I got to the third picture, Videoleap crashed. I went back into the app and started over as my progress had been completely forgotten. My app crashed again the second time I re did it. This was when I began to get frustrated, because I’m paying 35 dollars a month for an app that keeps crashing on me when I try and put any sort of strain on it. So I came here, to write this review. I’m not sure what the company can do about this. Or if they will do anything about this. The app itself is good for simple videos, such as putting text over clips. But doing anything that’s even slightly more difficult. I wouldn’t suggest using an iPhone 6 or older..Version: 1.10.3

Worst. App. Ever.The app was manageable at first, exploit the extra features in the first week of downloading it and keep doing that process again, but then they PREMIUM LOCKED even more crucial features (chroma key + reverse) I would've given four stars, but that has dropped it to one. Be morally better next time. Also, this is from a more recent time, they paywalled 4k quality. So ridiculous. You have to PAY for PIXELS???? What is this??? And you also have to PAY to remove a Watermark Last time I remember when you try to screen record your video to bypass the export restrictions it displays a watermark on your screen and tells you to buy premium. I guess they were finally scolded into removing that feature which probably came out of a dystopian dictatorship world. In short, just screen record your video. Low quality is better than not being able to export at all. This was a good app until it was ruined by greedy 1984 dictators. Used to be one of the best free video editing apps.Version: 1.25.4

Was good until they added 1:30 time limitPlease remove the time limit you can’t make any good videos with a small time limit.Version: 1.17.4

I have no ideaI don’t know how to log in with Facebook or google and there is no instructions.Version: 1.17.4

What a JokeI used this app for 6 years and slowly watched as they tightened the restrictions on every little thing, but I was able to make it work. It’s easy, great and FREE video editing software, but no longer. Now you have to pay to export a video without a watermark and to export videos over 1.5 minutes. Just find a better free editing software, I assure you they exist and won’t constantly shove their own ads in your face and restrict your creativity..Version: 1.25.5

1.5 MIN!!!How am I supposed to start up a YouTube channel with full length videos when I have no money and can only go to 1.5 minutes!?!?!?!?!?.Version: 1.19

I used to love this app….Hello, the reason I am righting this review is because I used to love the app but now it is getting too greedy, I used this for high school editing and when I got to college I went to use this to edit and I couldn’t edit it because I couldn’t go over 3 minutes without paying, I have been struggling with money because in college I have been paying for tutors so on -etc Because of this I cannot use this app anymore. The reason for three stars is because I used to love this app. Bye… -Dan.Version: 1.17.9

Just disappointedI used to love this app because most of the features I used were free, but now they changed them to premium so I’m definitely going to uninstall and use cap cut..Version: 1.19.10

Amazing until its Unreliable.I was using this app for 4 years, fine just fine. Then all of a sudden the app start’s deleting things from projects randomly. I go and check my gallery to see if i had accidentally deleted something but its all there. Now i have hours worth of edits that have been ruined by some random malfunction. I have to substitute the material back into its place whilst keeping the timing and music all back to normal. THANKS ALOT, NOW I HAVE MANY MORE HOURS WORTH OF UNNECESSARY EDITS TO CLEAN UP..Version: 1.23.1

1 minute only! Really?!Ya this was a good app that I used daily until their new update made it so you can only edit videos under 1 minute and 30 seconds unless you paid $10.49 a month! Why they just decided to do that I don’t know but I hope they change that because maybe I’ll consider coming back..Version: 1.17.11

Lost the functionalitiesLast week, I edited a video with a lot of stuff that was free. My video was about 15 minutes long. Now you’re telling me I need to pay for something over 1:30?! Come one!.Version: 1.17.4

Fake free appsLoosing my time I cannot buy without trying first.Version: 1.2.6

Simple but needs more advanced featuresFun app but it would be nice to be able to make at least one more edit layer to use. 2 isn’t always enough. Especially with the iPad. I did a edit the other day and did a audio mix with needle drop music that was watermarked. When I got the paid version, I realized there was no easy way to replace the audio with the paid version. That should be a easy feature to ad like you have for footage. Export options are just size and frame rate. You are stuck with the same export compression otherwise. Not great! We are needing a more uncompressed compression or slight like ProRes HQ or 4444. Keyframes are cool but currently you make one that covers everything. You should have separate keyframes for each effect or layer and leave a mark or keyframe icon on any effect, position, opacity, etc. The icon on the outside next to the icon makes it easy to see. Also, have the icon be outlined, etc. if we are using that effect, etc. Sometimes, after you add a few things to the layer, you forget what you used and currently you have to click on each layer to see and search for a keyframe. Nice start to the system but it needs work. Last, can you add scale? Being able to scale and reposition with keyframes is important. If you could add those features, this would be a much more useable app and not just for beginners. Thanks.Version: 1.21.8

Life ruinerI used this app to make presentations for school now you have to pay a million dollars to make videos longer than 1 min. y’all are evil for this and now i’ll be using only imovie and alight motion from now on. do not spend money on the pro version either because it’s not worth it..Version: 1.17.4

Super frustrating app..It freezes really badly once you start to make a longer video... I’m now at nearly 40 min and it won’t export the video at all. Always coming up with an error message.. I’m paying so much money for nothing ...........Version: 1.11.1

You have to pay for everythingPretty self explanatory. You can’t go over 90 seconds, and can’t add more than 2 overlays..Version: 1.17.10

Disappointing Changes.I’ve been using Videoleap for a while now, and I previously found the free version well balanced and, whilst there were limits, they were manageable and a fair trade for the ads on the app. However, the recent change that means videos must be under 90 seconds is incredibly disappointing, as most projects I was in the middle of making I can no longer finish without paying. I understand the need to make money, but the free version of the app is no longer useable, which is particularly disappointing as I was in the middle of projects. No longer would recommend..Version: 1.18.0

Please Fix ItThis WAS without a doubt the best editor I have ever used. It continued to help me create amazing clips and long videos even without spending money. And look, I understand you guys have to make money somehow, And the pro version did not seem unreasonable at all. But the new feature of the video having to be under 1 minute if you don’t have pro? It’s ridiculous! I would have given a higher review if I had written it before this feature was added. And again, I get that you have to make money. But there are other ways to do it..Version: 1.17.4

No goodThis app only save videos for up to 90seconds just finish editing my video then suddenly cant save because its too long sucks😅😅.Version: 1.17.4

Watermark? 1.5 min limit? No 4K?The pro version is wildly expensive and with all the random hidden features it’s not worth using the free version.Version: 1.25.4

Cannot transform to desqueeze anamorphic footageNice looking app but sadly it cannot avoid keeping transformations in proportion so useless for truly changing aspect ration. It just crops or fits..Version: 1.19.3

Very good app but needs changesVideo leap is an amazing editor! And I encourage anyone to use it. But the thing that’s not very good is the watermark. It’s ok if you want to advertise your brand. But I feel like there should be an option where you have 5 places to put the watermark. Bottom right, bottom left, top right, top left and the middle. And it would be good if you were able to choose one of those spots for the watermark. This would be a very significant but good change for Videoleap. Because I feel that it is unfair that if you don’t have premeium then there is no point in the app..Version: 1.13.4

Could be better.Personally, the premium features aren’t something i would consider purchasing, but that’s ok because the free version is awesome, just a lot of glitches and crashes. luckily my videos save but halfway through editing the app crashes and stops working..Version: 1.10.6

I can’t export anything 😥I know you guys need money but can I at least export with a water mark.Version: 1.25.4

Are they joking with this price?For this specific package of features, it is one of the best apps of it’s kind so far. But in reality, these are not ‘pro’ features and this app does not come anywhere close to a ‘pro’ video editing/compositing suite. The cost of the subscription is laughable- and reflects the sad position of iOS as a genuine ‘desktop’ alternative..Version: 1.2

UPDATE THE APPGuys cmon man, I’ve literally only seen bug fix updates at this point. Where are the new transition effects, filters, features, etc. Correct me if I’m wrong and there is something in the works contributing to a big update down the road but I think something can be learned from an app like “prequel” which is another app I payed 36 for similar to your yearly charge. They’ve delivered consistently new updates to everything with effects you would almost believe come from a professional editing software along with seasonal filters/effects. Cmon man, y’all can do better (and have the potential to do far more than prequel) pleasssee I’d love to believe you’re working on something big behind the scenes but please don’t get comfortable with where you’re at. I see so much potential in this app...because for the longest I wasn’t even trying to pay for it and I typically don’t pay for anything extra service offered on a mobile app. Videoleap and Prequel are 2 exceptions to that..Version: 1.14.4

Way too expensiveI loved your photo editing app, but I’m sorry but the makers of this have priced themselves way out of the market. No matter how good your product most people are not going to pay the one off subscription of over £60, and many will be wary of a monthly subscription. I may be wrong but if you don’t sell many I’d suggest a top price of £10 with an option to buy certain high end addons. E.g. Hipstamatic has done well with that model as have many other apps. Basically I won’t be going near this product or recommending it to anyone till you change your pricing model, which is a lose lose situation for all concerned. Why not rethink your pricing system?.Version: 1.2.6

Not good .Lucky I have purchased one month subscription because on the face of it it seemed to be well worth the money. I bought the app two days ago and attempted to make a fancy 2.5 min video. After spending 5 hrs editing ... surprise surprise can’t export . The flick was perfect. Got up the next day and I thought to myself “maybe it’s my iPhone “. Let’s use iPad. Another 5 hrs later the clip was finished and the result . You got it ... Can’t export. So are the files to big, if so then why the app doesn’t give any warning. It seem to have great figures but maybe one can’t use to many of them at the same time or is it for the beginners or is it the iOS 12.4.1 and yes mine is up to date. I use a lot of editing apps that maybe are not as flash but they work . By the way it did export the video in early stages so that wasn’t a problem only once I made it fancy that it just wasn’t able to handle it so it maybe perfect for the basic editing. Truly disappointed..Version: 1.10.9

Fairly good editing program but...When I first got this program for editing, I got used to it very easily, the most simple editing program I’ve used it’s really fun to edit in this application, One of the bad downsides is that without pro you can’t get more than 2 effects for example: Vignette and Lens flare in the same segment was allowed but add one more thing and it’s a pro only project, which was fine but since the update that was 1 day ago which was the “Motion Tracking” update they did it so you can add only one effect without pro so add to effects and then it’s a pro only project this really infuriated me it’s comes of kinda money hungry, so I’m kind of considering moving on to another editing program. That’s my review, thanks for reading.Version: 1.18.1

Completely Worthless for Hour-Long VideosThis app is absolutely incredible for video making. However, with the videos that I am trying to make, which are more than an hour long, start to cause glitches and REPEATED CRASHES in this app. I am getting extremely annoyed by this problem, and it keeps resetting my projects to the previous point after it crashes! Whoever is developing Videoleap please find a way to fix this problem of working on videos more than an hour in length. I, as a YouTuber, need good apps to create these incredible videos. And I got this app and made it pro so I could do this. However, it doesn’t seem like this app can handle such videos of monumental length. Also, these premium clips you have, why must we have iCloud space in order to include them in our videos? This is also a problem. If you are able to fix these problems, please fix them! ASAP!!!!! I am very upset with the issues of crashes and other things. I want this to be a good app. Don’t let your loyal customers down. Good luck..Version: 1.10.4

Watermark? seriously?I used to love this app & recommended to all my friends, but now i come back to it after a while & see that a watermark has been added? really? not only is the watermark really ugly, big and out of place, the only way to remove it is to pay? your prices arent even reasonable enough for me to pay! 100$ for a one-time premium purchase? total knock-off! i'll stick to vllo, at least their premium is only 15$ for a life time purchase, you know, a reasonable price! who's in charge of marketing for this app? they need to be fired! do you know how much money you could make by making the prices lower? more people would be able to afford it which means more people would actually pay a cent to this basic app! seriously, it was such a good app but the watermark totally threw me off. i'll be deleting it until you get rid of it or do something about your outrageous prices..Version: 1.17.4

Black screenThe app worked well when editing, trimming, adding effects and music etc, once I was happy I downloaded my completed video and saw it pop up in my ‘Photos’ section of my iPhone. I then wanted to upload this 20 second video to my Instagram, i went through the normal process but on the last page just before you click to post the video I noticed the thumb nail picture was black. I still uploaded thinking it was just a glitch and it will be ok once on my profile. But once the video was on my profile there is no cover photo for the video, it’s just black. I clicked on the post and the video started to play fine just how I edited it to look. Once the video stopped the screen went black again. I’ve refreshed the page a number of time and even went through the process of uploading it again but it’s still completely black until the post is clicked on. When I see the video in my iPhone photo album there is a cover photo from the video, but not when I upload. Is there something wrong / need changing in setting to sort this?? Thanks..Version: 1.8.6

CrashingI downloaded this app only a couple weeks ago, it’s really good not too much going on where it becomes confusing and not too little especially if you don’t need extra perks, however a couple of things have started happening, When I press play to watch the video (from the middle of the video) you have to give it like 3 seconds before sound will start playing, which means I have to press play from like a few seconds before the part I want to watch otherwise I won’t hear it, this to me isn’t that big of a deal but now after having the app for a couple of weeks when I press play it’ll show me the video but when I pause it to edit it the screen goes black and it won’t play so I’ll have to come off the app and back on and start again but the same thing keeps happening to the point when I literally can’t edit my videos because I can’t see it, this could be due to my video being long, original footage was 2hrs but it’s gone down to half hr and it’s only just started happening, please fix this ASAP otherwise I’ll have to look elsewhere for an editing app thank you..Version: 1.8.1

App developmentPlease, for the sake of your users, allocate more funding to app development and bug fixing and less to Charli D’amelio advertisements. I have been using this app for over a year now, and although i have been able to create my content consistently, it never comes without annoying and unavoidable glitches. It used to be unwanted clicking noises within videos, which was fixed after 5 or 6 months. Now, it is purple lines showing up around emojis, post download, as well as app crashes when i type too fast..Version: 1.23.2

Money grabWas a regular user of this app and even recommended it to peers. It was one thing to have the 1:30 cap; however, I understood the need. Now with the latest update, even the most simple videos get prompted w/ a watermark. From a marketing perspective, making the features you provided for free, now paid is a sure way to lose clients..Version: 2.0

Too PriceyI really love this app! The editing tools are decent and cool and there are many options. The biggest problem I have with this app is that it’s too expensive, no matter if it’s half price it’s still quite pricey, I would like it if it was only £2.74 for 12 months and you don’t have to pay monthly, as a young editor doing school projects with this app. It limits me of what I can do, which is really quite disappointing. I can’t wait to hear a response from the developers to see what they have to do about this problem, Thank you very much. Also could you make folders so I can put my editing stuff in a certain section.Version: 1.7.2

Don’t recommendI used to love this app had it for 2 years until they wanted you to upgrade. Paid $9.99 for the upgrade which was supposed to be pro, and I I never got pro. I got the standard video leap. I still decided to continue using the app and just today I tried making a 35 minute video. Everything was fine up until exporting the video it said I didn’t have enough storage which I have 2TB on my phone. So I then go out of the app too free up space on my phone by uninstalling other apps, and when I go back into video leap it basically disables all my videos. It gives me a yellow caution sign and the background is black, the entire 35 minute video. I am unable to recover any of those videos I tried saving because I do not have it on my phone gallery, due to me trying too free up space like video leap said! Well I lost all my footage which I really need. is there anyone who can figure out how to get my footage back? It’s saved on the app but it’s nothing there just a yellow caution ⚠️ and I’m unable to save it. I will not be using the app anymore. What a shame..Version: 1.23.4

Removed FeaturesI used to love this app. When I first downloaded this app, I loved how I could make awesome videos FOR FREE! I however, came back to this app and was disappointed to find that text animations were for the Pro edition. This used to be free. Now it isn’t. This, along with some video transitions have been removed from free use. I was considering buying a subscription, so I could get even more things, but after this act, I refuse to! This is just greedy and selfish! I would have rated more, but I am very dissatisfied..Version: 1.19.11

WhyWelp why would you add watermarks I loved this app because there was a good amount of features for free and most importantly there was no watermarks but now because of this decision I’m definitely not going to use this app anymore.Version: 1.17.4

Not workingNot working with my iPhone 6s+, latest iOS. The media won’t add and photos won’t play.. sad:(.Version: 1.4

1.5 MINUTES LIMIT???Nononononono let me stop you RIGHT HERE!!!! Guys you added the watermark and now you add Video Limit of Fricking 1.5 MINUTES????? This is just....Version: 1.17.4

II installed a trailer version for one week, but after 2 days they dedicated 55$ from my account. I canceled my registration but they didn’t pay my money back..Version: 1.10.8

Keep freezingKeeps freezing when I am working on a project even though I paid full price for this app getting a bit sick and tired of it playing up video leap.Version: 1.14.1

This is so annoying ;-;I’m giving it a two stars because although the video imput and search was great, it’s really frustrating that you have to buy pro to put music and remove the watermark. And why do you tell me after I’m done with my video? To dig it in more? I’m a student and definitely don’t have my own savings to buy pro. As much as I want to, I can’t. When I try to screen record, your watermark is right in the way. I’m doing this for a school lesson, and this just delays me and makes it way harder. Thanks..Version: 1.13.10

Fairly powerful but underdeveloped, and as such the ridiculous price-tag is unjustifiedThe selection of tools are industry standard but hardly innovative and the iOS integration is intuitive but subject to crashing on some devices. The £130 down to £65 for a special one-time-just-for-you-buy-it-quick splash screen is an underhand, scammy marketing technique and is not fit for what is presented as a market leading iOS video editing app. Either it is £65 or it isn’t. And if it is, that is still a tremendous amount to put down for an unfinished piece of software which is fairly untested, and lacking some features which are industry standard on desktop editing suites. The updates from the team also make reference to a free version but there are no other “versions” available, so that is confusing too. I look forward to recommending purchase of this app down the line when it is no longer crashing, a complete set of industry standard features have been trickled in via updates and finally they can afford to bring the price down to something under £50..Version: 1.3

Over-rated and overpricedVastly overpriced for what you get and decidedly lacking when compared to the superior - and cheaper - LumaFusion. Whilst it’s true iMovie may not possess all the bells and whistles users may want, pound-for-pound it is still better than Enlight. They once had credibility, offering some of the best value-for-money photo and video editors on the market - but decided to go down the mercenary route instead, ‘relaunching’ Enlight as some sort of upmarket app. In the process, existing subscriptions were disingenuously cancelled. So much for rewarding loyal customers. This is not “the best video editor for iPhone/iPad” by a loooong shot: all it shows is that Enlight have a lot to learn when it comes to customer satisfaction, integrity - oh, and selling a product worth the inflated price tag..Version: 1.12.8

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