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RV Dump Stations Negative Reviews

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RV Dump Stations App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

RV Dump Stations app received 43 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using RV Dump Stations? Can you share your negative thoughts about rv dump stations?

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RV Dump Stations for Negative User Reviews

Not worth .99Lack of information, only two camp ground show up when i’m looking fo dump station, none of them have dump station. If you need people to contribute your app, have them install for free instead of making them pay... the contributor is very active to respond each negative feedback, you better use that time to work on your lame app..Version: 1.1.75

CrapSi mutch places missing in Canada, trow your money at something else....Version: 1.1.7

Misses a few dump stationsOne I know it doesn’t have is the one between the fire hall and horse barns in Clinton Ontario.Version: 1.3.122

Save your buckI just bought a motorhome so downloaded a few apps that I thought would be helpful. Unfortunately, after paying for this one I found the Campendium which shows more dump stations, has a better interface, and is completely free. This interface is very clunky and the app doesn’t give any information about the campgrounds it lists. I realize information can be added but why go to all the bother when there’s already a perfectly working one out out there. Save your money..Version: 1.1.7

CostWould be nice if the app listed price if you have to pay for services..Version: 12.01

Not sureJust bought this app and it's cheap, but it's hard to navigate. I want to know closest by miles than as the crow flies. Also, the name of the dump site..Version: 1.3.121

How to search?I don’t see how one may search for dumps in distant locations for trip planning. It seems to only show dump stations in the area local to my current location..Version: 1.1.72

Not a happy CamperGot this app for use in the GVRD Area in BC, Canada. Only found 2-3 RV Dump locations which would be a 2-3 hour return trip just to dump my Campervan Black tank ??!.Version: 1.1.7

Not usefulThis app gives you RV dumps that are no longer in use and gives you the distance to them by air miles, which is totally useless. It does not give you addresses either!.Version: 12.03

Limited informationThere is limited information about the locations. No price info. When you use the “free” filter rest areas don’t come up. Dump stations are obviously free at rest areas. Map is confusing to use. Disappointed I bought this..Version: 12.01

Worthless InformationIt keeps making a point on needing to tell me how many miles everything is by air from where I'm at. What do I care how many air miles a dump is? I'm in an RV! It doesn't tell me once, it says it multiple places. It doesn't tell me anything I can use such as the cost, or where in the location it is located, or which way you have to enter a location to approach it. Basically a waste of time and money..Version: 1.1.75

Not updatedWe downloaded the app to find a dump station in the area we were traveling through. A Cabela’s was listed about 10min from where we were, so we drove to it, there was no dump station on the site even though it was listed on your app. Very disappointed in the inaccuracy and the time we wasted driving here.Version: 1.1.7

Not worth 1.00Missing lots of options in most regions I have traveled. Better to use free web searches for more accurate and complete info..Version: 12.01

Confused and disappointedJust downloaded the app hoping that by paying for one the information would be more and in better detail than others that are free. Upon paying and downloading I was immediately confused to the icons given. Typically the dump icon is a camper with an arrow and not just a camper icon. I’m not sure if this is just telling me there is a campground with dumping or just a campground. I don’t feel it is very accurate as there are a few campground indicated that I know for a fact do not have a dump station. I can find campgrounds and rest areas fine without the need for an app. What I was hoping for was and app that would show me only places that have a dump site, camp ground or other..Version: 1.1.7

Not accurateI don’t think the information is updated often. So far it’s hit and miss and many of the dump stations don’t exist anymore. I personally tried to send and update about a station twice, but they never corrected the info in the app..Version: 12.03.04

CanadaVery poor coverage in the Vancouver area. All Stays is much better..Version: 1.1.4

Not up to dateUse ioverlander more accurate and up to date. Dont waste your money on this!.Version: 1.3.211

I’m puzzledI’m puzzled first why I don’t see clearly on a map arrows indicating where a dump station is. Secondly, I know there is one down the street. The add button doesn’t seem to add or indicate anything was added. It’s like pushing button that has been grayed out. Not sure this was worth my .99..Version: 1.1.7

WorthlessDon’t waste your money on this app. Most locations listed no longer exist. Dump that do exist are not listed. It’s a pretty good bet that all RV campgrounds have a dump, but for registered guests only. You’d have more luck finding a dump with a crystal ball.Version: 12.01

Not up to dateThank goodness I called the station listed because they said it had been closed for years! Did searching of my own and found one not listed in this app..Version: 11.95

ConfusingZooming in may show you no availability. Start zoomed out to find locations, and tap on icons to see. Do NOT zoom in. In a densely-urban area like the San Francisco Bay Area, there may be far fewer dumps, and zooming in may show you nothing. There are far more locations per square mile near Albuquerque, NM, for example..Version: 1.1.75

Too hard to find a locationToo hard to find a location near where I am traveling. You cannot enter an area to search. Sorry.Version: 1.3.111

Not for sleeper semisI have a larger semi with the RV-like cab, complete with small shower and cassette tank toilet. So far, most of the locations are places I would never risk taking my truck and trailer. 75-80 feet long doesn’t work for most places, and how far would YOU drag a toilet tank to empty it?.Version: 1.3.120

No informationLacks ANY information about the place.Version: 1.1.7

Not very accurateThis app does not list all rv dumps. I am not impressed. I searched for a location I was familiar with and it showed only 2. I know for a fact , there are 9. I wished there would have been a trial period for this app..Version: 1.3.200

Not worth itShowed no dump stations within 90 miles of our position, drove through town and passed several RV campgrounds as well as two gas stations that had dump station. I know how to find a Cabela’s or KOA campground.....what I needed was a list of not so obvious dump stations. The interface is very confusing as well..Version: 1.1.7

First try-bad info.Very first place I tried the information was wrong. It said the facility had an RV Dump, but it did not. Could not find a way to edit or change the info..Version: 1.1.72

My favorite RV dumps aren’t even shown!Just bought the app and I am very disappointed. Three of the dump statins I use don’t even appear on the app. Two have been in place for decades, the other about two years. If it can’t show me places I know exist I don’t trust it for finding me options when I am in a new place.Version: 12.03.05

Worthless AppI was looking for dump stations in my area, Which I know of a few, non of which came up on the app as well as the only one place they showed in a 15 radius doesn’t has public dumping, absolutely Worthless!!!!.Version: 1.1.71

LocatorWe are new to the app so I hope to review again more positively. However right out of the shoot the locator link failed. No address was given for the location so we can’t navigate separately. Sigh..Version: 1.1.7

I-95 NB Georgia Welcome Center Dump Station ClosedWe pulled off of the highway twice for locations on this app that showed RV dump stations and they were closed. This app needs to keep current updates and apparently is not. Reply to developer: I did report it twice and looking just now both are still showing open.Version: 12.03.04

Waist Of MoneyI know of one sani dump 10 minutes away that doesn’t show up. The app is not user friendly. Would not recommend this app, will be deleting it even though I paid money for it..Version: 12.01

Why is this app called RV dump?I downloaded this app trying desperately to find a dump station to discover there is no way to filter for dump locations and call multiple places with no luck on finding one with a dump. I guess luckily it was only 0.99 :(.Version: 1.1.75

Didn’t show any of the dump stations near me.I was excited to find an app for finding dump stations but ended up using Google because none of the dump stations near us showed up on the app. I’m glad I found one on Google. Waste of $0.99..Version: 1.3.118

Do not buy this appThis app will cost you 1.99$ plus the 50$ in gas for all the driving to the locations where they say there is a dump station but there really is not. Twice I drove out of the way to a location but was surprised to find nothing there. When I complained to the app developer he told me that I should call the location first and ask them if they have a RV dump. No. That is what I payed you to do when you develop apps. Pure laziness and a ripoff..Version: 1.1.7

Missing many known stationsStations I know and use are not in this app. Deleted from my phone. Looking for better..Version: 1.1.74

UselessWell I figured for $3 what the hell. The RV dump is absolutely useless! It lists all the state parks near you.... that is it!! No really that is it! And it states that the state park down the road from me is in a different town 20 miles away! So they can’t even get their info right on where the state parks are located. Junk.Version: 1.1.75

It’s no help to meI downloaded this app to find the closest dump station while in Alberta but it showed none north of Edmonton. I know of one in Gibbons, Bonnyville, and Cold Lake. There might have been a closer one but I won’t know with this app..Version: 1.1.71

Useless & Missing obvious sitesI was parked right down the street from a RV dump site and this useless app couldn't find it.Google Maps is better & free.. Deleting this app and hope the so called developers choke on the money they charged for it...Version: 1.1.76

Also confusedAgree with JBParks above and the response wasn’t clear. Pretty sure a lot of the campgrounds listed don’t have dump stations. Also when clicking on the information for a particular location, I would’ve expected more info on hours open, and dump fees. Pls confirm that ANY location that comes up on this app has a dump station?.Version: 1.1.71

Info is false at timesThey advertise dump stations that never even existed. I’ve sent an update to them to correct their app and it never gets corrected. And yes, I update my app often..Version: 12.03.03

MissingWith even just a quick glance this app its missing an easy 2-3 dump stations I know about in a small area..Version: 1.1.75

Fairly useless application - no updatesEvery site I use in the state of Arizona, are not listed. I would say you are missing 50% of the actual dump sites..Version: 1.3.115

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