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MetaChat App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

MetaChat app received 66 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using MetaChat? Can you share your negative thoughts about metachat?

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PotentialLike others say it has potential. I wish it didn’t log me out when I switch apps! That’s my biggest issue with this. I end up turning off my phone’s sleep mode and keeping it plugged in. But if you get a text or call and have to pick up you are logged off!.Version: 1.2.8000

Inventory featureI’d like to be able to organize my inventory/move folders. It would also be nice if I were able to change the color scheme of the app to something less gray. Hopefully these changes will be made..Version: 1.2.9103

Great alternative text-based viewerI used to use the app "Pocket Metraverse" a couple years ago before it was pulled from the App Store. This app is a great alternative to PM since it has mirroring features. There are a few hiccups with this app, but I still appreciate that someone finally made a viewer to connect to Second Life again. I would recommend this app to fellow Second Life users. However, I feel like this app should have a "Lite" version that is free with less features. This version of the app can give new users a taste of what the app has to offer..Version: 1.2.700

Bad bad badYep don't let you login.Version: 1.2.703

Very poorI just paid for this and it won’t even let me log in, with my details . Tells me my information is wrong, I think after 14 years I know my old details. Can I have reply please?.Version: 1.2.9132

DecentIt’s decent, however keeps crashing. And logs me out when it goes dormant or I open another app. Would like to see that change. But other wise it’s ok with letting me stay connected to friends as I don’t have a laptop at this time.Version: 1.2.9001

Just crashesUsed to work great but with every update it’s been worse and now it’s to the point I can’t write or receive ims because it just crashes. Crashes every time you try to tp too. I have an new iPhone 7, shouldn’t be a problem but maybe it only works for the newer models with all these updates. Pointless app for me now..Version: 1.2.9100

Pretty roughI give it two stars for being the only meaningful way to interact with SL outside of a PC environment. It’s rough around the edges, crashes randomly and often doesn’t log in properly. But it’s what we’ve got!.Version: 1.2.9115

Crash AppConstantly crashing. I’m in an I-M and the chat bar disappears so I can’t text the person back. If I go world map it crashes and it’s a mission to log back in. Constant constant crashes. Annoyed..Version: 1.2.9110

Impossible to get chat logs off appThis app is functional, but the experience is not good. I haven’t been able to backup my chat logs or transfer them off the app. Chat logs also seem to delete if they become too large..Version: 1.2.9138

Please update this appThis app crashes everytime I type in heavenly angels medical center and Please Make this app better by adding a 3D viewer for second life so I can see my avatar better please add it soon.Version: 1.2.9117

Used to be goodThis app seems to crash more and more now. You click a profile and you are stuck there unless you close the app. Lately, I try to send an im and when I hit send, app crashes. Crashes and freezes constantly. I am on iPhone 11. This happened even back on my iPhone 6s. A few years ago this worked fine until updates. Speed light is better. Web based and does not crash..Version: 1.2.9112

App crashingEvery time I go to send a message to some the app crashes. What is the point of having a app too send message if you can’t use it. For 3 days now every time I logg into the app and try to send a message it crashes. They need to fix this problem before it happens to everyone and they lose all their business.Version: 1.2.9102

UnusableUsed to work just fine but now I experience nonstop crashing with the recent updates and have given up on using the app altogether. Hopefully one day a mobile version of SL will be possible, thanks for giving it a try!.Version: 1.2.9138

AmazingAmazingly bad Waste of money. The app crashes constantly and will not log any of my Avi’s in..Version: 1.2.9100

Your “update” fixes nothing on the pc client.Despite your update over the acknowledgement of the bakefail, your app has still caused the grievance of not rendering avatars in world when you use firestorm, sl viewer etc. I can’t believe something this archaic exists with problems that only get worse as they “update” I cannot wait for something else to be released. Never using your app again..Version: 1.2.9118

Great to send quick message to friendsAside from that, the app really needs to stay logged in when running in the background. The only time is should log out is if you swipe up to force-close the app or intentionally log off. Another idea/request; please fix the above, and also look into an easy way to accept TPs from friends (not sure of this is available; I couldn’t figure it out). An easy way to see your current location would be good too. Update: another good feature would be a way to set status so people know you are not in-world..Version: 1.2.9136

Still Awful. Bug not Hot-Fixed.The so called hot fix for the bug making you log in as a cloud - doesn’t work. Avatar is still a cloud! I wonder if it’s possible to sue the developer for loss of property?.Version: 1.2.9118

Not goodYou can login fine But the application freezes then logs you out after 5 seconds of logging in.Version: 1.2.9111

Can’t loginKeep getting error password is incorrect check caps lock etc. Total waste of money. BEWARE!!.Version: 1.2.703

Needs a bit of work, but good when using.I really like the app for what it does, but it really needs the ability to run in the background so I can look at other things/lock my phone. It’s pretty much an essential thing that all apps do nowadays. If it ends up doing this in a future update I’m definitely coming back to change it to 5 stars..Version: 1.2.2

Worst app experience I have ever hadConstant crashes - log in 10 times, maybe once you will be able to get past the first few seconds without a crash. No syncing, no links, no ability to paste or copy, crashes whenever you write a message in reply, or having written an IM, when you press send; shows friends online when they are not, not online when they are, blocks you for 30 seconds then logs you out if anyone replies to you or sends you anything (message, notecard, whatever). Unusable piece of crap that actually makes other people not want to interact with you it is so painful. Avoid at all costs..Version: 1.2.9112

It’s alrightI like the app I just really think you should make it so it will remain logged in if you leave that particular screen. If I get a text or something it logs me right out. other then that it seems alright. If i could have it remain logged in while in the back round I’d give it 5 stars.Version: 1.1.3

Needs workI got Second Life as one of my friends plays music in SL and I came to support her. Once in a while she is live when I’m not home, so I thought this app would work. It did. But it’s gotten progressively worse. It seems to always crash now when going to the Map Chat tab. Every time. On the rare occasion I do get to the map chat, it will freeze up and stay frozen when I start typing. I thought maybe it was because it was saving the chat on my phone so I turned that off, and it still does it. Deleting and reinstalling works for maybe the first time and then it goes back to freezing up again. If it’s not fixed I’m going back to the way I used to do it and access my computer at home remotely.Version: 1.2.9112

If you like freezes and crashing you’ll love thisProgram is loaded with bugs. Crashes frequently and don’t think you’ll be able to hold a conversation with anyone without having to relog 5 times..Version: 1.2.9115

Can’t believe I paid for this...This app will not allow me to chat with individuals without crashing- EVERY TIME! Tried again today to no avail. I can see messages but not respond. What is the point of MetaChat when you can’t CHAT? Very frustrating and disappointing. Would love to delete and get a refund..Version: 1.2.9110

Constant crashesWon’t even let me look at or respond to IMs any more. What good is a chat app if I can’t chat?.Version: 1.2.9111

Mixed but usefulThe app has it’s issues, with a fair amount of crashes (anyone on SL should be used to that anyhow). Nice to see it is still getting updates. Thanks for making it possible for me to keep in touch with friends when on the move..Version: 1.2.9136

Please add the ability to stay signed in...With pocket MV for iPhone 5, I was able to stay logged in for approximately 5 minutes after minimizing my app and switching to another app or simply answering my phone or text messages. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE. it’s so annoying and frustrating to get logged out from simply minimizing your app. Thanks!!!.Version: 1.2.8010

Latest upgrade??Your lastest upgrade has really made this app unstable. Crashes and slow responses to commands makes me wish i could return to a previous version which worked much better.Version: 1.2.9000

Disappointed really.This app has been around for years now for IPhone. You’d think after being here years, they would finally get it right and make a good version by now. This app has the same problems as it did in 2017 when I last had a iPhone ( yeah got the iPhone 12 pro max). The same exact problems, lots of random crashes, forced log offs and especially if you have a different app opened. The friends list hasn’t bugged out just yet but I’m sure they will soon. The app dinging notification still does not work when having the app running in the background or when off. The list goes on and years later it’s the same thing. The developer has a chance to jump ahead of linden labs and is not going to be ahead when LL gets their own app into the app shop probably before 2021 ends. Anyhow I don’t want to hate, this is the only SL app for iPhone since sparkle has been long gone. Still I can’t help to be disappointed. Hire someone to help you. With that all said I appreciate you having this app available but I question what’s the point if it’s just gonna kick me off..Version: 1.2.9117

Needs workOkay, beyond the blah UI (Netscape Gray? Really? is 2019, not 1997) The app is crash happy, eventually taking to crashing every time a message is sent, logouts are random, and half the time it won’t load the friends list..Version: 1.2.9108

The worse!This app used to work fine for me. More recently, I can’t even open a chat, it crashes straight away. I wouldn’t waste your money :/ such a shame, I used to enjoy the app...Version: 1.2.9140

Closes constantlyPaid app for sl is nice to have one but it closes almost always never stays open works for maybe 5 minutes before freezing or disconnecting with a stable internet connection. Plz update and fix I’d like to be able to sl while out..Version: 1.2.9140

Worst app!!!!Keep crashing, every time I tried to login, it freezes, lost a lot of IM, option to report bugs, not working, everything they said being fixed, still there. So, honestly, worst app..Version: 1.2.9115

Unusable at after last updateBefore it crashed and stalled, since last update it never finishes starting up. Hangs at “Retrieving unread messages” every time. Reinstalled, made no difference.Version: 1.2.9113

Useful updateMost recent update has fixed the login issues I have been having. However, public chat on an iPhone X keeps rising up the screen when the keyboard comes up and not coming back down until it vanishes off the top of the screen. So plenty of work still needed to be done to ensure most basic of text viewer features are met..Version: 1.2.9117

Horrible AppIs not worth the money spent.. is not what is advertised either. I log in and not able to teleport, stuck at my home location. Can’t message anyone, unless they send an IM first.. this app needs some serious updating....Version: 1.2.23

Needs upgradesI wish I were able to sit on and touch objects and interact with their menu like Radegast..Version: 1.2.0

Accessibility issuesI am a blind user who uses the built in VoiceOver on the iOS system. Used to, this application was more accessible to me when using in conjunction with VoiceOver. I took a hiatus from Second Life and this application and when I attempted to get back inworld with this application, no can do. This application has a great potential when it is accessible to the blind and visually impaired as well as everyone else. I just redownloaded the application today after deleting it about a month ago - very little accessibility..Version: 1.2.9115

Simple Fix?Let it run in the background and it’d be perfect. I like the simplicity but it is useless if it continually logs you out by simply switching windows or locking phone..Version: 1.2.9000

Crashes when I select chatCan’t go into the nearby chat section. Crashes..Version: 1.2.9112

Will not login slEver since the Halloween bug which took weeks to fix my sl directory I have not been able to log in using MetaChat no problems with other software. I’ve tried everything on their website but still can’t log in to sl..Version: 1.2.9120

Does not work wellI prob uninstall meta chat over 100 times does not load keep crashing can’t see nothing can’t hear sounds need major fixing we need better app for secondlife.Version: 1.2.9111

Can’t delete old or miser spellingWould help if I could delete these.Version: 1.2.9107

UnstableThe app constantly crashes and logs me out. The app has always done this at random but since this last update has become must worse. Pretty useless at this point. Hopefully someone fixes it..Version: 1.2.9105

Doesn’t workI paid for the app and it will not work on my iPhone .. I cannot even sign on with it.. I paid for something I cannot use.. glad it was only 3 dollars.Version: 1.2.9111

Terrible (0-10)I believe it’s fair enough to list this app as outdated and discontinued, besides not being able to login half the time when getting unread messages when you do login and try to check your messages, you’re almost immediately greeted with a freeze/crash. Every. Time. This app is currently not worth paying for and quite honestly needs to be taken off of the App Store..Version: 1.2.9115

It’s ok but....So far I am not a fan. I get logged out a lot and the app freezes and crashes every time I uses it. If these bugs were fixed it would be a good app..Version: 1.2.9115

Crashes and freezes.Either crashes or when attempting to send an im the keyboard appears but the what you are entering window does not show up. Or after sl login it just freezes up. iPhone6 all up to date MetaChat 9110. Seems to be getting worse with each up date. I have been using this app for some time and like to be able to check on my phone from time to time. Now :(. It still works on my IPad. But that is not as convenient. Btw I have restart my phone and re-installed the app to no avail..Version: 1.2.9110

Very unhappySince the update, my app continues to freeze up and will not allow me to use. It is soooo not worth paying for. It should be free! This is ridiculous. Still continues to log me out everytime when I change screens on my phone. It could run in the background but it won’t..Version: 1.2.9001

Latest update locks up after loginOn iOS 15.7 and iPadOS 15.7, the latest update locks up, freezes, and crashes after login. When this app is functional, it is actually very good as it accesses a variety of platforms..Version: 1.2.9140

IM system bustedI can open IMs using the start new IM button but when I try to open one already on the list or leave for another window in the app (like local chat) and then go back, the app crashes without warning..Version: 1.2.8001

Will do for nowAs a iPhone users it was kinda sad not being able to have sl mobile anymore. Glad someone finally gave us something. Just like anything new it has its flaws but I’m sure in time things will get better with updates. So thanks for keeping me connected but you got some work to do..Version: 1.0.8

Dosent work will not log into second lifeDosent want to log into second life keeps say user name or password wrong when they are correct.Version: 1.2.601

Don’t buyIf you receive messages in the app, and crash... which happens too often, then you will lose them after logging in world. They will be gone forever. It crashes too much and lately was freezing so you can’t reply to IMs. They need to throw the whole app away and start over. Too many glitches..Version: 1.2.9106

Not greatNon-stop crashes on IOS13. You get maybe 2 sentences of talking before it freezes and goes non-responsive. Used to be decent once upon a time but god knows what’s happened..Version: 1.2.9111

App is awefulOpen it up and it just locks, can’t do anything. Paid money for a useless piece of crap. Not happy and won’t be recommending it to anyone. Sorry but really need to get this to work..Version: 1.2.9100

Avatars clues due to bad foldersIt’s being said that avatars are either orange clouds or grayed out because of Meta Chat. It’s a hassle to be in game when you can’t see yourself. I lost my friends list on meta chat than on over because of some folder called current look I am not a forever cloud. Anything you are doing to fix this???.Version: 1.2.9117

WorthlessPress a button to IM and you get the wrong avatar. Map shows the wrong place name. Search a location in map closes the keyboard after the first character. My clothing was removed when I returned to a real viewer, so I wonder if I was stark naked while trying to text. It is unusable as of May 2018..Version: 1.2.601

Was goodPlease fix Used to be a great way to get into secon life and at least text friends The last update broke it so it locks up as soon as you login.Version: 1.2.9140

Well a lot bullHalf of the time locks up on loading or it unlog you doesn’t work half of the time need a lot more improvements.Version: 1.2.9113

Crashes immediatelyI can log in for less than 30 seconds..Version: 1.2.9100

Not so greatGreat app. Does what it needs to. Despite going in app settings and selecting the option to keep the app logged in when phone goes to sleep, it will still log you out of your phone sleeps or you respond to a text, logs you out on any app switching! Reliable app if you just need to check to see if anyone is on. But the way I multitask on my phone makes this app useless to me..Version: 1.2.0

UnstableIts a very unstable app for the iPhone. It logs me out often. Especially when I try to answer a message. Its better than nothing. But now I can't retrieve off line messages. It was much better three months ago then now. I hope they fix these issues..Version: 1.2.8001

Careful!MetaChat causes a mess to my Avatar. LL support clearly points at this app as the reason for my inventory issues. Thanks a lot for releasing a big filled app..Version: 1.2.9118

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