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MetaChat App User Positive Comments 2022

MetaChat app received 14 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about metachat?

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MetaChat for Positive User Reviews

Needs improvementIt freezes at times and logs you out , and it does not work right.Version: 1.2.9115

AmazingThe best app I’ve used by far. However, there are a few bugs I still enjoy it when I’m not home and away.. In chat there’s a icon that looks like an open book. It doesn’t seem to load or do anything it just disappears. Sometimes during another login it gets stuck at loading friends. These are a few would add more but I forget but I’d suggest adding a feature for nearby objects, and a search for map, users and so on instead of just the normal user search. Didn’t really get the starting a new I’m feature but it’s ok. Either way it’s a great app..Version: 1.1.3

Keeps getting betterWith each update this program keeps getting better. It is very stable in my iPad and iPhone and works as advertised. Chat is fast. I don’t have much use for the map and such since there is no 3D view, but for keeping in touch with people, it is very good..Version: 1.1.1

Second LifeIt’s seems to be working great for what I need it for. Would like to be able to view and update my own profile. Also would be great to also see the profiles of those who message you. Other than that it is great for iPhone users who don’t have much of a choice to stay in touch with SL community on a phone app. Thanks.Version: 1.2.9001

Thank you for parcel music! Need to be able to IM non-friends...Thank you for the update to add parcel music, it’s a small detail but one I missed from the old app. I am also impressed by the ability to see textures in inventory, this actually was convenient for a customer issue I had recently. I’m puzzled at how to chat or IM with someone not on my friends list, though. How is it done? I found the button to search for other avatars, and I got a namelist, but clicking on the person’s name did nothing when I was on my iPhone just now. I will try again with the iPad and see if it’s any different. Wow! And landscape mode is working on the iPad! This makes typing a quick IM or group message so easy, as I use an external keyboard. Thank you so much!.Version: 1.0.9

Works for me tooOnce you master the confusing log in it works fine. The secret is your sl life log in name goes in first name, resident goes in last name and your sl life password goes in password. The rest is easy after that..Version: 1.2.9104

Great toolThis is exactly what I’ve been waiting for since switching to iPhone. Please continue grow this app positively. A+ so far. 👌👌👌.Version: 1.1.1

Thanks!! About time we have a sl viewerI have been using metaverse for years and with iOS 11 it was killed off and removed from past history. This apple is still a bit rough around the edges, but in my opinion seems more stable than metaverse has been in years. You can view profiles, send tps, chat with bubbles like iOS. Even the rl tab shows profile pictures there. As long as development continues it show be a great product.Version: 1.0.7

Great replacement of metaverseFinally something replaced metaverse for iPhone users has more functionality but metaverse could run in background and leave u logged in when u had to switch apps.Version: 1.1.31

An Excellent app for staying in touch with your online friends.I am so impressed with the way Thomas, the creator of MetaChat keeps updating this, and correcting faults that may occur from time to time. Look up the web site if having difficulty. I give it 👍🏆.Version: 1.2.9118

Works fine, does what’s advertisedEasier to use than MetaVerse was, and has more functionality. I have had no issues with crashing etc that others have described. Perfect for chatting and reading notecards. Works well with iPhone. It does what it says it does. That’s all I ask from an app..Version: 1.2.601

CrashesCan’t log in now it crashes every time.Version: 1.2.9103

Positive experienceI read all the bad reviews and was unsure whether to try the app but I personally have had no issues and it is working well!.Version: 1.2.9114

Does everything it says it doesNice app. Read the description and you will see all it can do. Great for keeping in touch when away. I used to use Metaverse and this has actually improved upon it. I hope that a future upgrade will give us the ability to open our own profile and edit it. That would boost my rating up one notch. 😊.Version: 1.2.9132

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