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Smart Home Manager app received 32 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Smart Home Manager? Can you share your negative thoughts about smart home manager?

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Smart Home Manager for Negative User Reviews

Really obnoxious bugs!I have an iPhone 11 pro. I would share screenshots if I could. The app manager worked ok for the first three weeks of my service, however, always very SLOW to open the app and various features within. I set up a profile for my kids so I could limit their internet. Yesterday and today I get continuous error messages saying that “WiFi is not connected” (it is) or something about maintenance when I tried to access controls to turn them back on. I can sometimes open the app, sometimes not, right now, with varying/inconsistent error messages. I attempted to get the included AI “assistant” to engage in troubleshooting. It was basically a conversation with HAL 9000. Throughout this time my kids’ disconnected devices couldn’t be reconnected. I looked for an alternative way to access the controls - everything in AT&T’s help just redirects to this app. There’s no other way to set or change controls, apparently, so when it’s buggy you’re just stuck without service on whichever devices you turned off. With kids, this is a potential safety issue. And there is no way to report bugs in the app. It confuses the AI. This could be such a great app if it were reliable...but right now it just feels frustrating and at risk of leaving some devices in limbo forever with no alternative or manual workaround available..Version: 1.9111.51

WiFi Gateway offline!It sure would be amazing if you guys fixed this WiFi gateway offline issue. My gateway is plugged in. I have reset it many times and unplugged it, waited over 30 seconds then plugged it back in and I have had one of your technicians come to the house. The response I got was that it’s a problem with your system and won’t get fixed until enough people have an issue with it. Here is my issue…. I do not have unlimited data but I do have 4 kids that think they have unlimited data and the only way that I can prevent data overage charges is to restrict their access to the gateway but I cannot do that until this gateway offline problem is fixed. Hopefully you guys are willing to eat data overage charges until this is fixed otherwise ill be looking for a new provider that has a fully functioning system..Version: 2.2112.159

Needs some upgrades and a couple bug fixesApp is ok. I have a problem with it saying my Extenders are offline when they are not offline. It will tell me all the devices are connected to the gateway when I know they are connected to the extenders as I even have some devices connected to the extenders via Ethernet. Also sense we are taking about extenders please add a option to pick a device to connect to a certain extender. I will have a extender right next to a device and the device will connect to another extender all the way across the house. Finally I saw this in a couple other peoples reviews, add more device type options. Would love to label my smart light bulbs as “lights” instead of “smart home device”.Version: 2.2212.181

Missing obvious functionalityDear AT&T: Why can’t I set a different schedule for different days of the week? I have a profile to pause internet to my kids’ TV… but in order for it to have a later pause time on Friday nights than on Tuesday nights I need to manually edit the whole profile! We should be able to choose different schedules for different days. (I know you can exclude days entirely, but that’s not good enough — I still want a pause time on weekends, I just want it to be a little later then on weekdays.) Alternately, let me make a weekend profile that’s separate. I can’t do that either because you only allow each unique device to be in a single profile. Please add this basic additional functionality!.Version: 2.2206.173

Great when it works. Useless with no internet.I feel like I’ve lost years of my life with this app. Whenever there is an issue worth you’re internet connection you’re steered toward this app. If you’re internet is up, it’s great. You can customize a lot of settings on your home network. I like that. When your internet is not functioning correctly it’s useless. The app won’t even function when there is no internet connection. Kind of defeats the purpose of fixing a connection issue if it won’t work without a connection. I’m currently having a lot of internet outrages at my home and every time I try to use the app to fix it I get “we seem to be having trouble” restart the app and try again. Over and over…. The best part is that I have to reset my ATT password EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to log in when the internet is not functioning..Version: 2.2208.174

Great concept, poor deliveryThe app has some good features, if they worked. I’ve had multiple technicians come out to repair connectivity issues (Last one was today), and we are still experiencing the same issues with the app not accurately displaying what’s connected to the gateway. The technician was unable to pair Airties 4920 extenders using the app or his equipment, and AT&T Tier I level tech support told the technician they don’t provide support to the extender even though they sell, and sold, them to me and other customers. Why put out a product that doesn’t really give the user the ability to easily “manage” their home network, which would greatly minimize the need for so many tech support calls. My AT&T experience has been subpar and everything is layered so no one, except for the customer, has to take responsibility for anything..Version: 1.9108.48

Down as often as my AT&T internetThe concept is great; however, the app is about as reliable as my dsl internet with at&t, so it’s not worth the weekly - yes, weekly!! - phone calls (a minimum of an hour and a half per call) to let *them* know *their* app is crap, *again*. Speaking of, for a communications company, AT&T is the absolute *worst* entity to communicate with in my universe, & that includes an ex-husband and a teenage son. An hour and a half on hold for tech support, listening to that inane recording inviting us to use our currently out of commission SmartHome app for all these issues to avoid that pesky hold time 🤦🏻‍♀️ edited: no, I will not, as my issue is not with my profiles, but with the app itself, & AT&T’s seeming inability to successfully manage/run or develop an app that works for longer than a week without locking me out of everything because your app has crashed, on a friday or saturday night *again* - Remove it from the market until your devs have proven in beta it can run uninterrupted for at least 30 days..Version: 2.2206.173

Soooo slow and annoyingI have to jump through hoops to get to my device manager- which is the most important feature on this app. I couldn’t go directly to it with the previous version and now you have to wait for it to find the connection for a speed test, connect to the home network, then find all the devices. Then there’s a feature for “profiles”- which is a good idea- however it is very limited. I am unable to pause the internet at different times, say if I want if off between 10p-10a and again from 3p-5p I am only able to set one preference. Then I am unable to make a second profile with the same device as a workaround of this flaw, and what’s worse is I am unable to manually pause a device if it is part of a profile. I have to go through the profile to edit all the devices there. So basically this feature serves no function if I have to keep manually enabling/disabling all my devices..Version: 2.2005.104

SuggestionThis is more of a suggestion, rather than a review; However, the review comes along with it. I just switched from Xfinity 1G to AT&T fiber 1000. I didn’t have any problems with Xfinity, but the internet installer at my new apartment suggested the switch because AT&T was a much faster internet option. It is, for the most part. My biggest issue is the lack of control I have over my devices and the fact that I have to pay extra for Active Armor. Xfinity had very similar security included with the plan, minus the website control options. The best part about Xfinity was the control I had over my network through the app. The ability to limit internet use (pause) on devices until I chose to unpause -not limited to 24 hours-, removing unwanted devices from my network while they were connected, creating profiles and choosing what devices are paused individually instead of pausing the entire profile, and the amount of information that is collected when a new device is added to the network is almost immeasurable. I have 3 devices currently on my network that just say “unknown device” no other type of information. It is extremely frustrating how limited everything is on this app, and I am not sure a slightly faster internet speed is worth a $10 difference in price. My suggestion would be to look at Xfinity’s platform and incorporate similar features to allow for a more user focused interface and service..Version: 2.2301.184

I shouldn’t need to download an app to set up my internetThey set up our internet over 2 years ago to the wrong apartment but we still had internet some how in assuming the whole place is just wired terribly and they are the only isp I can possibly get (dualopoly op) and now since someone is trying to move into that apartment they shut our internet down and the one going to our apartment with still no help after several service calls and no call backs from waiting in que genuinely terrible company that doesn’t care about customers but at the end of the day this is nothing new there has probably been thousands before me with this exact same complaint but what can we do nothing but at and t should compensate for the trouble they won’t they had a man come out to “fix” it but he literally just came to my house and dropped off a box and left Terrible company maybe if the employees got paid more they would be willing to actually do there job but that’s a whole nother issue hot take but I feel like business that out source for labor are the true people that need to be “canceled” in today’s cancel culture.Version: 2.2107.146

Can’t even access the appI enter my user ID and password and it says information is incorrect. So I figured maybe I don’t have the right info. Click the “forgot user ID” and it it emails me my user ID which I had correct. So then I figured I must have forgotten the password. So click the “forgot password” link and get sent a temp password which i use to log into the website, not the app, and reset my password. I then go BACK to the app and enter the information I just received and then it says “uh oh. This user ID is not associated with any AT&T internet service account.” Seriously? I clicked the “forgot user ID” and used the information AT&T sent me that was associated with my account but then it says nope. So I have yet to access my router through the app and my internet service is slower and worse than it was before I asked to upgrade. I have to shut off wi-if on my iPhone and use data because the wi-if doesn’t load anything. I have reset my gateway multiple times, I have cleared cache and deleted/reinstalled the app but still get the same Message..Version: 2.2009.120

BuggyThis could be a very useful app if it weren’t so buggy. I have 2 Airties WiFi extenders from ATT. If I open the “Devices” tab, it might show the RG and my 2 Airties, or it might show one or both of my Airties grayed out, meaning not connected. Often times it shows no Airties connected and all 22 or so of my devices being connected to the RG. Right now it is showing one Airties connected and one not connected. When I click on the connected one, the app says there are 10 devices connected but in the list there are only 6 devices shown. This is absolutely no help in troubleshooting when you cannot get reliable data from the app. I also have the desktop version of this app and you would think the data between it and the mobile app would be the same but it is not. I would be willing to give 5 stars if the app worked better but there is a lot of reliability and accuracy missing. I do not recommend this app as anything more than a gimmick. The desktop version is what I use because it is more accurate..Version: 1.9108.48

Would’ve liked to use itI logged into the home manager the day the tech came to install my Uverse. He had me log in and told me he had to run to my leasing office and when he got back he would show me how to secure my Wi-Fi. When he returned he told me it’s not going to happen today. He said maintenance told me that I couldn’t connect your service today. An Integrated home solution guy arrived shortly after the tech arrived. He asked if I was interested in a new iPhone. He ended up selling me one. He walked out of my room with my phone & when he came back he said oh you can’t get into your iCloud? I told him,” I CAN!” Anyway he set up my phone to transfer to the new phone. He said he would be back in a few days for my device. After about an hour the data didn’t transfer on the new phone. I had to restart the process. My old number was sim swapped a couple of days later and I was never able to log into home manager after my service was set up. My phone’s have been hacked continuously. It’s been a nightmare..Version: 2.2204.170

BuggyLast year, when I began services with AT&T- I was VERY hesitant because I have never cared for them. The statement still stands. It’s hard to get the Internet to work at times. Even by myself, I can’t watch TV, work on my laptop, and use my phone at the same time.. total waste. App was good when I started, but now it’s not so much. Every time I go to login, there’s an error message and I have to start it all over. It sometimes doesn’t even load and I have to pull it up on another device. It has recently stopped showing some connected devices that were previously connected to it. The app also changed the names of almost all of my devices in there, and I can’t edit them any more. Something broke in the app recently, and it definitely needs a fix. When it works, it’s good- at best. The only real reason I need to use it is to constantly run a channel scan since the internet lags so much. It’s very frustrating. Be warned, if you have options of providers, just research and look elsewhere if possible..Version: 2.2108.150

Stuck on loading screenI saw other reviews sorting by recent addressing the same issue for a while. How come it is still not fixed?! I was looking for my wifi password and decided to check this app - which I hadn’t opened in months and thus was required to re-download. To my surprise, unlike how smooth it used to be, the app stuck on the loading screen “you are online”, and despite having deleted & reinstalled several times, the infinite stuck continues. Among all these times, one time I was finally able to somehow access the original interface and I thought maybe restarting the modem would help. How naive of me! After the restarting, the app stuck again, this time on the “now we are restarting Smart Home Manager” screen, yet it hasn’t changed for a couple minutes. After I closed and reopened the app, it is again stuck on the “you are online” screen. Why is this happening? Could someone please fix this issue? Thank you!!! ———— Edit: somehow after my review when I reinstalled again (maybe for the 7th time today) it miraculously worked. I had no idea what caused the problem or what made it work..Version: 2.2110.158(158)

Awful appOnly thing worse than ATT home internet service is this app. Stay away from ATT at all cost. Absolute garbage. I left Cox thinking I could save a little money. The grass is not always greener! Trust me! If I had a dollar for every time my tv went black or had to buffer, I’d be a millionaire! This app is the only thing that helps me tv/internet work. I have to literally ‘pause’ everything in my house just to watch tv. Even by myself, I still have to pause devices like Alexa and my home security system. This app, when functioning properly, is a must. However, lately it’s been garbage. It’s constantly ‘under construction’. Or when I inevitably have to restart my WiFi, it’ll go through the usual motions- when it’s done, I hit ‘log out’ and it bugs out and gets stuck on an endless, unstoppable loop that reads ‘error’. I literally have to uninstall/reinstall to get back to normal. And this is not an isolated incident that happens once in a while! I’ll be getting rid of ATT home tv/internet and never coming back again! Any ATT reps reading this- don’t bother trying to help me. Done!!.Version: 2.2107.146

Buggy AppSeems like application has always had bugs, very erratic. I currently have two extenders connected and in use. However when viewing Advance on Network, sometimes display shows items connected to Extender and sometimes to Gateway when signal is actually coming from extender. Glitch is mentioned many times in recent reviews. Been with DirecTv well over 20 years, Cellular and internet much longer. For past few years, service for all three products have suffered. DirecTv AM21 unable to edit OTA channels, Cell tower is two block away, signal down from 4 to 2 bars and internet infrastructure is close to 50 years old. Beach air and copper equal corrosion. Awaiting arrival of fiber to home service. AT&T and Spectrum are upgrading services in our city. Whoever offers it first get my business..Version: 1.9104.40

Unfixable bug after merging accountsI had 2 separate AT&T accounts (1 for cell, 1 for internet) and merged them together. BAD IDEA if you want to use this app ever again. Everything seemed fine and that even fixed some other issues I have having with my accounts. However, I went to open the smart home manager app and was not able to get in. I’m greeted with an error message that states “looks like there’s a problem with that id/password. Sign in with a different account id [205.7].” I press ok on the error message and it just loops with no option to change accounts. There are a few forums online and it doesn’t seem like they have a fix for this. Tried all the basic troubleshooting (delete/redownload the app, reboot the phone, etc) but it still gives me this error. It is like my login is stuck in the app with no way to change it. I think this may be the only app I’ve ever rated on the App Store. Hopefully someone sees this before they merge their accounts. If I could give it 0 stars, I would. AT&T - fix your app!.Version: 2.2110.158(158)

The worst internet/TV/VOIP provider!!AT&T sent me a router in one box with a bunch of cables, about four days later I got another box with television equipment. We had to call an installer because we didn’t even know what to connect to. After the installation guy was finished, there was a rather obtrusive white wire going all the way across the house starting at the kitchen telephone port all the way through the living room into the den. How pleasant to see against my freshly painted rose walls. So the setup guy leaves. I had to pay $8.40 to have my television equipment shipped (don’t ask me why) and when that came in I had no idea what to do with it. That’s when I called and explained that the cord that was installed didn’t fit the router that we had received from AT&T’s home office (this one I did not have to pay shipping) and when the wire wasn’t the same as the router’s connection, it was the beginning of the end. I may pay more for Comcast/XFinity but at least they come and set EVERYTHING up and do not leave until the entire system is ready and I understand how everything works!!.Version: 2.2107.146

Completely aggravatingI Initially loved this app as it gave me control over my family’s use of the internet, especially since one child streams video games and movies, essentially wasting all of our bandwidth each month. But, recently, it does nothing more than aggravate me. Despite having all of my above-mentioned daughter’s devices assigned to a single profile, with a scheduled time to turn off each day, many days, when I check, internet has not been turned off as scheduled. And, the major aggravation comes from the fact that the app keeps telling me my password is incorrect. I select “forgot password” and change my password. I am allowed to utilize the app using these new credentials. Until the next day, when I am told again that my credentials are incorrect. And because I have had to reset my password daily, I am now locked out because I used that feature too often! If all features worked correctly every time, I’d give it more than one star. If the App Store would allow me to give it less, I would have done so!.Version: 1.9201.54

Super FrustratedI have so many devices shown as unknown that it is impossible to determine what the unknown device is. This is ridiculous! Xfinity shows the name of devices when they are named on the device. Even when the device does not have a name, Xfinity will at least tell you if it’s a phone or smart tv or a general device type. AT&T smart home only shows unknown. What’s the point if I can’t determine what the device is. That is USELESS and a total waste. If Xfinity can specify, AT&T should be able to do the same. The WiFi address, host name, MAC address shown on the app doesn’t match what is shown on the actual device. Again USELESS and a total waste! Get it together AT&T. Don’t let your claim to be better than Xfinity be dragged down by this very simple fix. Figure it out. If I can’t identify devices connected to my network why even claim to have this feature at all?.Version: 2.2301.184

Well it did workThe app worked great for about a year and then all of a sudden we can’t connect to the Wi-Fi gateway. I have had two DIRECTV installers and literally switched all of my devices as in gateway battery and antenna. I have been on the phone with AT&T for the equivalent of 12 hours The three times I’ve called to have this fixed not a single person with AT&T or DIRECTV which I don’t even have DIRECTV could help me get this app to running it just simply will not connect to our Wi-Fi gateway I have even looked up this issue on the community page of AT&T and it looks like AT&T has not answered a single issue I wish I could have some thing other than AT&T but where I live I have no other options.. and every time you call AT&T you cannot understand a single person on the other line don’t use the app to contact AT&T because you’ll get someone telling you we have to call AT&T because we no longer troubleshoot fixed wireless on the app. Well isn’t that a joy...Version: 2.2210.178

Needs work and has fatal glitchesThirty-six days ago, the app developer responded to a review complaining that the app had stopped working and stated that they were working on a fix. That was March 1. Today is April 5. Between March 1 and April 5 many reviews have warned that the app fails to function, apparently because of a flawed update. The only incredible thing about “the incredible new version” advertised is how incredibly long we have waited for the app to work. Too bad Apple doesn’t allow users to award negative stars for miserable customer service and tech support. The app had been great but it recently ceased working on iPhones using updated iOS. It does still work on my iPad. On the iPhone it rejects the correct password. As usual, ATT is either unaware of the problem, suggesting inadequate quality control, or is slow in providing a remedy, suggesting inadequate customer service..Version: 2.2103.138

Inaccurate number of devices connectedWhen I check to see the list of how many devices are connected to my network, I can tell it’s not accurate 99% of the time. It does show that at one point there may have been 13 connected but I know for a fact that there’s only 3 or 4 later on at times powered on and connected and some have even been completely powered off for literally weeks, or even months and they'll still show up as connected. I also can’t help but to think that it still does have an effect on how fast the connection is despite a vast majority of the devices not connected and completely powered off. For example, an old iPhone 5 or 10 year old Xbox 360 does not have the capability of being technically powered off, but still has the ability to be connected to WiFi (standby mode); yet the connected devices list will still show either one or both still connected for weeks or up to months on end until I turn whatever device on and then turn it back off. It seems like the only real fix on my end is to turn, whatever is not actually on and connected to my network, on and then power it back off. It’s ridiculous that that’s what I’d have to do to make me feel like it showing the number of devices connected is slowing my connection down late at night when internet traffic is at its least giving me the best of its capability. This has been going on for months now but now it’s just getting annoying if anything to be honest. Please look into a fix for this issue..Version: 1.9102.36

Good when it worksThe app is very basic, which is fine for our use. But, it is not consistently working. Over the last 2 weeks numerous times I could not access connected devices to bring them online. Restarts don’t always work. Sometimes my spouse phone app works when mine doesn’t and vice versa. Sometimes the desktop browser works when app doesn’t. And frequently now I get “We are experiencing a temporary system error. Please try again later. (500)” Also, frequently in last 2 weeks it says they’re working on new features and some things are not available... like basic feature to edit profiles. Frustrating when we have kids devices offline and then need to bring it online for entertainment or summer school and you cannot bring it online. They need to figure this out. It is great when it works, which currently is very inconsistent..Version: 2.2008.117

Randomly Blocks DevicesDidn’t have wifi on my phone for almost 12 hours. Luckily, it’s not the only device in the house and they weren’t all blocked. There was nothing in the router to show any devices were blocked, so no way to solve the problem from there. My phone was connected but had no internet. I was able to turn on the guest network. Then I could use the app. Then I could find my phone in the previously connected devices. Then I could unblock it. There was no way to unblock my phone without the app and no way to use the app without a wifi connection (app didn’t work w/LTE). I HAVE NEVER BLOCKED ANY DEVICE USING THIS APP! It randomly blocked the only device able to use it. This app should not be replacing functionality in the router settings. My situation proves the point. Anything the app can do should be accessible directly in my router. I couldn’t even prove my phone was blocked without the app that wasn’t working. Now if only they could fix the router firmware update 3.18.5 so my laptop could find the network again…but I’m probably asking for a miracle..Version: 2.2208.174

App stopped workingI've had the app for the last few years and is set to auto update on my iPhone sx max. I depend on my internet in large amounts since I'm an inbound call agent . Needless to say my app stopped working and shows a blue screen when I press to use as usual. I checked to verify an update. But there was not. I've updated my device so that was ruled out I also restarted my device, still no success. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it. It's very frustrating . Second thing was when it was working it would also disconnected my wifi extender almost around the same time daily. After similar rain dance for the app it still does this . But can't do anything until the app starts working to solve either problem. It would be appreciated to find some resolution and learn why the app seemingly stopped functioning. On a side note I am quite disappointed that this company really had not performed as reliable as it presents itself. And instead of acknowledging this they give us an app to say we can trouble shoot ourselves instead of call them. So basically service isn't reliable so here's an app to help with petty issues that may consume too much call volume . When people depend on a provider we expect it to be available without so much interference or loop holes. May as well have a hampster running on a wheel inside out routers. At least that's what I imagine..Version: 2.2102.135

Missing basic feature please fix Att!I spent over an hour and a half in a chat with a real person regarding trying to delete devices no longer on my wifi “previously connected”. I have 12 unknown devices under “ previous connected”. Some of these are from friends that came over and needed wifi and so they hopped on. I don’t need to keep it. I want to delete or hide these unknown devices no longer connecting to my network. I cannot. I also want to remove school iPads that will never connect to my network again. I cannot. I want to delete devices that will never connect again like a printer I gave away. I cannot. Apparently after over an hour on the phone ATT only “ real” solution was to erase my router and start from scratch which was not an option as I have over 20 devices connected at all times. They claim to have cleared out the these inactive devices on their end but they remain after several reboots and logging out of my app and browser for device manager. All I can do is block them which is annoying. I had to delete the list I made of unknown devices to even be able to do that!!! Why Att?? Give us the ability to hide it if you don’t want us to delete it for whatever reason. C’mon 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 Fix it!.Version: 2.2209.176

Ok for data managementWith our previous internet provider we could set a schedule that would allow certain windows for our kids to have internet. It would shut off wifi at bedtime, turn back on for a brief time in the morning, then shut off again when it was time for school, and then turn on again a few hours after school. This app only allows one downtime window to be set. So we have to manually turn things off and on throughout the day. What a pain. I do like that when you pause the wifi for a grouping you can set a duration. I wish you could do the reverse. Unpause it for a set time. My kids can earn a half hour or hour of wifi by doing chores. It would be so much easier if I could set a duration so it would auto shutoff..Version: 2.2104.142

Profile management is a painI have to open this app every day to re-enable a profile that limits my child’s screen time, and to do that, I have to wait for a splash screen to load, another screen to populate, then a network page to populate before I can get to the profiles. The process doesn’t really take that long, but on the IOS version, the profile page crashes 9/10 times. A good app would open to where you left it. This app also sends a bunch of notifications of “network health”, but not a one about profile status, or a notification that a profile was enabled/disabled. A good app lets you select the notifications you wish to receive. This app hasn’t had an update in quite some time, and AT&T support can’t explain how the profiles get re-enabled. They need a widget. Update - ios app crashes repeatedly still, profiles get disabled, and repeat calls to at&t about the issue are blamed on the syncing of the app. Lets get it fixed, I’ve been seeing the same issue since it was released!.Version: 2.2302.187

Bugs need fixing- put it back the way it wasThe app no longer saves your login to sign you in automatically (even when you click save info)- so when you’re frustrated with internet already you have to go through another few steps to login and get the problem resolved. It also stops remembering names of devices and puts AT&T phones as “unknown device” so you have no idea what this new device is that is using so much data. For the login issue, I’ve tried clicking save sign-in info multiple times and ways - manually typing in my info, using the phones saved option. The app takes a bit to get to the app age that actually allows you to fix problems and when you pause a device it can take up to 30 minutes for it to actually pause the device..Version: 2.2110.158(158)

Do not become a victimWe had AT&T TV and internet installed in our home recently. From the first day, the service was unsatisfactory. The internet speed was not as advertised. We utilized their in-app speed test while we had a customer service rep on the phone, which resulted in the range they advertised. However, when we utilized an independent speed test, the results were staggeringly lower. We tried multiple independent speed tests. All had the same results. We were not able to get any resolution with the speed issues after many phone calls, agreeing to pay more for faster speeds, and multiple attempts to have someone come back out. Eventually, phone calls and texts went unanswered. We chose to cancel the service after only 3 days service and many attempts to get resolution. AT&T is still requiring us to pay fees for a service we were never provided during those 3 days. I highly recommend you do not consider them as your service provider. Their customer service is non-existent. They will say anything to gain you as a customer and then provide NO service afterwards..Version: 1.9108.48

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