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Pretty decentThis app isn’t perfect (can be a little slow, and very occasionally says my gateway is online when no devices in the house agrees with that assertion), but it’s generally pretty accurate, convenient, and easy to use. I really like being able to reboot the gateway without having to get out of bed when my kids are trying to watch Netflix at 6:00 AM on a Saturday and can’t get anything to load. Much more convenient than the web interface most of my previous standalone WiFi routers used. The profiles could be a little more intuitive but I do like being able to broadly grant or restrict access to groups of devices at once..Version: 2.2010.123

Be in controlIt is nice to be able to see everything currently connected to wifi at home from anywhere. From pet and door cams to satellite receivers to anyone not authorized who may have accessed your wifi. Initial setup of ATT self install wifi was a four hour nightmare, but my issues may very well have been a fluke, we really do not know. But, after finally getting a live person on the phone at almost midnight, by 1:20am the system was up and running and all is good. Maybe the app can add convenient features later such as access to cams from the app or maybe just surprise us with some cool stuff. I am satisfied though all in all..Version: 2.2101.127

It’s ImprovingSo it has great features but that could be expanded more I think.. profiles is definitely an area that needs more flexibility and options. I do love that they brought back the ability to see data usage on a device by device basis and view it by each hour! Cudo's for that. I also love the Ability to prioritize certain devices but please change this to where it can be either a temporary or permanent setup. I hate having to keep going in and prioritizing the same two devices every 2 hours! That is just silly... Another feature request would be to not only see download usage by device but upload usage as well as that is usually what bottlenecks in most cases..Version: 2.2106.144

Great app, just needs more improvements!The app overall it’s great. It has not kick me out or anything. It’s been reliable. Just needs add ons. I would like to see more device types. In the era of connected homes, there is more devices than listed. Example: thermostats, security cameras, garage openers, smart displays. There is a camera device type but it shows a old school camera picture, not accurate picture for security cameras. Also, the profiles need work. It needs the option for a profile that’s been made a person to be able add different times on specific days. Example: have a time set Monday-Friday and weekends a different time. It just gives u the option that pick a time and what days. Not very functional on this part. For now, it’s ok and it works but needs a little more polished in those departments so make the app and internet experience little more controllable. 4 stars right now, but it can change as updates keep coming. Thank you !.Version: 2.2203.167

EASIER WAY TO MANAGE YOUR WIFI!!!😁I thank AT&T for this app! If you don’t already have it, and, have AT&T service; don’t hesitate in downloading it. The ‘SmartHome Manager’ app is a very useful tool for managing your account, connected devices, data usage per device w/timetable graphs, troubleshooting your connections, rebooting your router, optional downtime/restricted WiFi scheduler per device and/or profile. You can manage each device individually, or, create profiles for each family member and/or devices. P.s. I wrote an honest review about this app in a survey; it must have been a popular request, as far as, app quality and abilities. The suggestion about what I thought could possibly improve the functions of ‘SmartHome Manager’ app; appeared in an update within a few days. 😊🤔 The developers listen and are seeking ways to always improve their product quality 🥰.Version: 2.2008.117

Saved my devices and identity from theftThere were devices that popped up on my WiFi band that I do not have. I was able to block them and get faster network. In the past I had gotten hacked through my home WiFi and it destroyed the WiFi box and my iPhone. I had no idea there were computers and gamers in there until there was no WiFi signal at all. I have teenage sons who love video games. I feel they are safer now that I can set times they have access to the WiFi and when they don’t, keeping them from being targets for hackers. Smart Home Manager really comes in handy on school nights. Now my children get sleep, do their chores to earn internet time because they can’t sneak on the WiFi late at night. I give 5 stars because if I didn’t have this app on my devices those devices I blocked would probably have cost me another phone and very possibly my identity by now. Not to mention the rest of my households devices..Version: 2.2009.120

Smart homeI can manage all of my devices connected to my WiFi. I can fix issues I may have also I have extender and it let me know what is connected to it as well. I can make a guest internet access so I don’t have to give company my password. Also reconfigure any of my smart devices. It also does Speedtest tell me how to get the best speed what maybe slowing my internet down. I love this app I have been using it a lot. Also I am able to restrict certain devices from WiFi such as ps5 playing time. I can disable alarm alerts for a certain amount of time if I am sleeping and don’t want notifications. I enjoy being able to control the WiFi time without them knowing they just think internet is done. Awesome app features.Version: 2.2012.126

Updated and Well ImprovedNothing is more annoying than an app that you can’t understand or just crashes all the time. I’ve heard all the pros and cons about choosing AT&T as my internet provider, and just to be fair I gave them all a chance to show me how great their services are. Along with their services, are their apps that are suppose to help you set up, monitor, and ask for help if needed. I’ve used the app a few times in the beginning, since I wasn’t using much of the internet. But, with the pandemic I started using more and more of my devices that required internet. Setting up those devices somestimes needed me to go back and forth to check for IP addresses and MAC addresses and had it not been for the app, it would’ve driven me insane. That’s not all, the helpful tools they added on the app was really helpful to me. They have the speed testing, the strength signal testing, and they also list all your devices which was helpful to see which one needs attention. If you needed to figure out something about your internet, mostly you’ll find the answer in this app. So, needless to say... I’m happy with this app and highly recommend using it..Version: 2.2008.117

May 2020 redesign harder to useEdit: Thank you for responding and adding the old usability back! In June 2020 release the device usage by day and hour has been added back. Much more useful now, thank you! It’s nice to be able to see all the connected devices, but the previous UI was much better for that. On the home screen it said how many devices were connected, which one had used the most recently, and had useful charts for comparison of usage on one click. Now, the devices are just a list with no usage comparison available easily. Sorry devs, it’s harder to use now in my opinion. The WiFi strength detector is cool..Version: 2.2007.115

Was a 5 star, now a 4 starI recently upgraded to fiber and I love it. All of my 50+ smart home devices work flawlessly. However, simultaneously the “usage by device” function was removed from the Smart Home app. This was one of the most useful features as it allowed me to look back 24 hours or even a week and see ALL devices that had been connected to my Wifi...even ones that I do not recognize, so I could then black list them. The app captured the IP address as well as the MAC address of ALL devices that had accessed my Wifi. Now, if I’m going to catch someone piggybacking, I have to log on at the same time they are. Not very effective. PLEASE AT&T, restore that functionality!.Version: 1.9110.50

A little less arguing with the kidsThis app doesn’t give the ability to block certain websites (but it should be an option); however, it does allow you to block certain devices from accessing the WiFi and allow you to set a time block for each device. With this app, we don’t have to argue with the kids to come eat or take a shower, we simply just turn off their WiFi and they get it done before their WiFi is unlocked again. I also like how you can prioritize certain devices to allow a larger percentage of the available bandwidth or limit other devices to a maximum amount of bandwidth..Version: 2.2109.156

Faster internetI just upgraded my internet and so glad I did. My internet used to be so slow and my daughters would come home from college and wouldn’t even be able to get on their phones or Mac books without getting kicked off. During Covid they couldn’t even stay at my house to do their homework because the internet would not stay on steadily for them. It was getting to be stressful for all of us. My youngest does gaming and within a few days had given up because she thought it was her laptop that was giving her fits when it was the internet service the whole time. I have the smart home App which is extremely handy to have. I can see who is on our service and when. As soon as I figure out the devices that are continually logged on the better off I will be. I am still getting used to it but having the app is a game changer for me….love my new service and the new AT & T app!!!.Version: 2.2106.145

Great app for monitoring and securing your network.For those of us that aren’t IT savvy by trade, this app is fantastic! It first tells you that the network is online and functioning normally or if it isn’t. Once past that, you can conduct speed tests of upload and download and you can see the devices connected to the network and how much bandwidth/data they’re using. You can also give certain connected devices “priority” over other devices and you can block connected devices. I like the last feature in case someone outside your home we’re to gain access to your network, you can block them. Overall, a very helpful app. Great job AT&T!.Version: 2.2008.118

Great way to manage my home internetI love the simplicity of the AT&T Smart Home Manager app. I can easily control who’s online and prioritize two devices for 2 hours when needed. You can assign devices to people’s profiles and turn them off as needed, too (works very well when our 11 y/o is using too much internet for too long). I can also run a gateway speed test to ensure I’m getting all 1000 mbps (which I’m often getting more than that). Another perk of this app is that it helps you find the best and worst spots for WiFi access in your home and offers suggestions. I’m very happy with this app and have even gotten my mom and fiancé to start using it..Version: 2.2008.118

Pleasantly surprisedI’m really not a fan of AT&T - especially not very satisfied with the customer service experiences I’ve had even going back to when they were Ma Bell and Ameritech, but this app is a great way to see, understand, and connect with my home WiFi network. I’m not a hi-tech person, but this app has proven to be beneficial and useful. I recently got a scam call from “AT&T” that went to voicemail telling me my service was suspended for “verification” and “please press this button...etc.” I was able to pull up my home network from work and saw everything was running smoothly and then called the real AT&T to let them know what happened with the scam call. Pretty cool app indeed..Version: 1.1808.22

Wow! Well Done AT&T - Across the BoardHaving been a long time Comcast customer (not by choice) - my expectations for not only my internet service but everything else that comes with it like this app, were not very high. But.... I have been blown away by AT&T’s service and apps. This app is fast, just like the fiber optic gig internet service! It makes managing everything a breeze. It’s competitor from Comcast would take minutes to update a WiFi network name and password - this app does it under 5 seconds. Everyone I have dealt with has been great; very friendly & helpful.. So to AT&T as a whole, I must say.... Well done. I’m thrilled to be a new, 1st time customer!.Version: 2.2008.118

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