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Royal Caribbean International App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Royal Caribbean International app received 80 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Royal Caribbean International? Can you share your negative thoughts about royal caribbean international?

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Royal Caribbean International for Negative User Reviews

Non functionalCruise is 4 months out and app is Non functional.Version: 1.35.3

The App has lots of potential if RCL would use their investmentThe app has potential to be much more useful before boarding if the data was regularly and timely provided and updated. For example, we are taking a multi family vacation on Odyssey of the Seas’s Transatlantic cruise. We all bought Dining packages and want to coordinate our specialty restaurant nights. The selection of which nights to schedule is largely driven by the Main Dining Room menus. The app provides the means for RCL to post this information. However they don’t regularly or timely post it. Consequently we have to spend time after boarding going through the “meeting” to choose the nights vice spending time at the pool bar starting our vacations. RCL can use the app they invested in and often seek feedback about to maximize utility for the guests. Also, the same thought applies to special events and venues reservations. The means are there because I was able to schedule my “Book” theater time, but so far nothing else is posted with less than 25 days before the cruise. Better use can be made of the tool purchased..Version: 1.40.0

For general information it’s good.Our group purchased the onboard messaging through the app. It was very unfortunate though because you did not get new chat message notifications whenever you’re connected to the ships wifi. One of our people had cellular at sea connected (no wifi) and they were the only ones to actually receive a new message notification. Just a heads up that you won’t get notified of new messages when you’re connected to ships wifi (and without the wifi connection the app doesn’t work). I really hope they fix this issue so we can use it properly for our future cruise, otherwise it ends up being a waste of money when you don’t see real time messages and are trying to track someone down..Version: 1.38.0

Cannot link cruise to appBecause I already had my cruise linked to my account via the web, the app will not allow the cruise to be linked to my account in the app. All you get is an error message stating the cruise is already linked to your account and you cannot get past the linking page in the app, which renders the app useless as a result..Version: 1.36.0

Great but not complete.I love the app except for the fact you can’t put in your own events like hot tub time with family.Version: 1.37.3

It’s good but room for improvementNeeds needs needs a cruise count down! That’s my Biggest negative. It would also be nice to purchase via the app and not be redirected to the website to purchase items..Version: 1.23.2

App doesn’t show my ship/sailingSo far my experience with Royal has been horrendous. Your poor communication and lack of information has been terrible. Your website says you offer service 24/7 yet it has taken 4 days for someone to reply to my email with answers about our sailing and I still do not have the answers I am needing. Luckily we are onboard now and the staff are wonderful..Version: 1.8.2

Doesn’t workI am due to go on a cruise in a couple of days and this app does not work. Other people in my group can check in online and use the app. Where is my app does not let me do anything and it says that the check-in is not available. This also meant that the time to check in at the pier was one of the latest times which isn’t helpful. There needs to be some consistency..Version: 1.41.0

Will not work on my iPadThe app loads and shows my information and then has extremely limited functionality. tried every offered solution but nothing rectifies this ongoing problem. Also it will not open in full screen 9n the iPad. The app does work perfectly on my iPhone though.Version: 1.34.1

Some features are remarkably lackingFor what it does, the app does a really good job, especially when you put in your boarding documents and while onboard. The major glaring omission is any way to perform a search in the app! This seems totally crazy. What this says is that if you don’t know or don’t follow the logic the developers used to put it together, you have to hunt and search through what is available on the app (and what you’re looking for may not be on the app), or you simply give up frustrated. For example, I tried to figure out how to sign up for the discounted internet service the RC email I received said I could sign up for. The only place I could find anything similar was attached to a non-alcoholic drink package. No where else could it be found. This kind of thing creates noting but dissatisfaction and frustration..Version: 1.38.0

No Check-InI’m 55 days out and received a email from Royal Caribbean letting me know I could do my check-in using the App. When I log into the App it shows my Cruise but when I click on it it tells me to come back later and I cannot view any details about the cruise nor do I have any other options except to view the cruise listing. I deleted the App and downloaded it again in case it did not update correctly since I last used it in March but that did nothing. Still can begin any check-in process so I am forced to go to my desktop and log into my online account. Hopefully this is just temporary because I used the App back in March without any problems and having my phone with me all the time allowed me to show my Set-Sail pass at the port to bypass the desk and also to view events and bookings I had arranged. I also kept track of my spending with this App. So let’s hope this is just a technical error that they can fix or unless they notified me too early for the App usage. I was able to do everything on my desktop instead for the next 2 cruises I’m going on 7/5 & 7/12..Version: 1.16.2

Port visitsI know and accept that the ship may not be able to get to a scheduled port from time to time, but to not refund passengers when this occurs is daylight robbery - in $US dollars, too - which adds ‘insult to injury’.Version: 1.39.0

Does not include detailed infoThis app is not that user friendly. It’s quite confusing to navigate the app. I can’t even find out whether the statement has one king or 2 beds. Also does not mention about formal nights. Maybe they do have these info in there but I can’t find it!.Version: 1.35.3

No search iconThis may help.Version: 1.39.0

Good but clutteredFeels like a good app but very cluttered hard to navigate on a phone.Version: 1.35.1

Functional, But Missing Some ThingsThe app itself works fine, aside from the chat going down on occasion. I’m giving three stars because I felt it was missing some obvious features. It would have been nice if you could receive notifications when someone sends you a message over chat. I missed several messages because I didn’t keep this app up at all times, which seems to be the only way to know if you have a new message. Makes it hard to communicate with friends and family on board. The other things I would have expected this app to have would have been a way to add activities to your own schedule (like the guidebook app). It would be nice to be able to scroll through the things I specifically was interested in for the day and get notifications about 15 minutes before to remind me. The information provided for the debarkation process also seemed a little sparse..Version: 1.11.0

Do same thing easy we don’t know English very wellUse Chinese language.Version: 1.41.0

Harmony of the Seas issuesI just got on a sailing on Harmony of the Seas and unfortunately I’ve had the app giving me bad information. It is telling me my dining room is on the wrong floor. It’s also missing some reservations even though the front desk and the cruise planner show them. My wife’s phone (while she’s logged into the same account as my phone) doesn’t show any of our reservations on day 2. And day 4,5 and 7 don’t even show on the calendar even though they do on my phone. I’ve force quit and restarted the app multiple times and the problem persists. The app may have a race condition or is locally caching bad data. I understand the app just added support for Harmony of the Seas but the data inconsistency between phones is weird. Small UI feedback: Opening the calendar is hard to do, it would be nicer to have a button to just open the full calendar instead of having to do a swipe up most of the screen. Additionally closing the calendar is a pain. Clicking the down chevron doesn’t close it, and half the time when swiping it down with my finger on the chevron I open the Notification Center on my phone so I have to mentally remember to put my finger lower. I appreciate all the Royal Caribbean development teams are doing, the app makes it nice to find upcoming events and makes making reservations easier. I just want to be able to trust the data I see and have all the correct information..Version: 1.13.1

Really laggy and buggy - Part 2Hi again, As a response to your response, Everytime i swipe left or right if it’s either going to the deck plans or the other side i forgot what it’s called, It lags heaps and it isn’t as smooth as it should be. Even if i want to go to a specific deck it still bugs out..Version: 1.37.3

No Notifications Outside of AppGreat app besides the fact that message notifications do not appear on the users lock screen or drop down tab when someone messages you. In order to see if you received a message, the user must go into the app and click into messages, where you can see if a user is online (which is helpful). One time during my cruise I did not know where my sister was, therefore I messaged her, but since she doesn’t receive any message notification unless she goes into the app, she did not see my message until 3 hours later when she checked the app (she was doing an activity and eating onboard). This can be frustrating when you want to engage in conversation quickly with a friend or family member. Carnival cruise line has the notification alert set correctly. I hope the software development team can surface this feature soon :).Version: 1.38.0

Not fairI made a reservation for a junior suite in March, paid for the majority of the trip but still had a balance, I had a credit card on file that was going to be charged the remaining balance as we got closer to the trip, not seeing any activity I got curious see if everything was okay just to find out my reservation was cancelled, I lost it, I can’t believe that they didn’t call me, they said they sent email reminders but I’ve checked, my spam, junk & deleted emails and didn’t find anything from them, I luckily got some help from a customer service agent and was able to reinstate my trip, I paid the remaining balance and lost my junior suite accommodation, I now have a smaller room, I feel totally ripped off, the sad part is that there was junior suites available but they wanted to charge me an additional 2k , that real scum bag customer service, I may not ever referred royal Caribbean to anyone anymore, Shane on you royal Caribbean for trying to charge me double for something I already paid for, I’m totally disgusted, what ever happened to customer service, I called about 5 times trying to get help, I don’t want a free upgrade I just want what I paid for..Version: 1.36.0

Worst cruise app I have ever experienced!Worst cruise app I have ever used! If your not American online check in impossible! If you don’t have a Zip code you are blocked from completing check in. When called for assistance neither customer service or manager able to provide solution. It has now been forwarded to IT to figure it out. A huge waist of my time!!!.Version: 1.37.1

IPhone only? Would be useful if it also worked on iPadNot everyone has a phone….Version: 1.38.0

Totally disorganizedThe ship keeps changing its itinerary and our excursion that we booked keep getting cancelled. The app still shows the original excursions which are not available anymore. I am very disappointed with the cruise because we wanted to book excursions but are not left with nothing. Also, the cruise line should be reaching out to me to make this right however they have done nothing but send me cancellation notices..Version: 1.35.1

Mr j ReillyI am diamond plus and 300 sea days ,in the beginning of our cruising days we put Royal Caribbean International as a 5 star at the top of our cruising list but over time have lost many extras and recognition it seems to be after all the support we have given them they are not particularly interested in us UNLESS you are Pinnacle or suite guest.i think they should look after the people who have supported them over the years and not one time sailing suite guests....stop chasing the $$$$$ and look after the customers that support you R.C..Version: 1.15.0

Useful only deck mapThe app is really only useful for deck map and daily calendar since the daily paper itinerary is no longer printed and distributed in all staterooms. If you’re not a high tier loyalty member, forget about making reservations unless you BUY a dining package. Forget about booking a show, or if you do, it may or may not show up on your calendar. And then it may disappear. The app overall is very buggy. Thankful I had a Wi-Fi package to communicate with my wife and friends because I wouldn’t have wanted to rely on messages in the app. The messages needs an option for groups within the party to be able to message one another as a group, not just solo…if this is available, I missed it. And an option to message restaurants, excursions, entertainment, etc instead of standing in long lines. A person returning chats/ calls could likely resolve issues more speedily w/o congestion in the promenade created by lines at those counters. It would be great for the app to include photos shot onboard/ ashore for purchase. They could still be watermarked to prevent distribution/ printing. My biggest pet peeve is that RCCL wants the cruiser to use the app primarily only to find the app is not user friendly. Have the developers cruised and used it??.Version: 1.36.0

Can’t check in young adultsThough in Australia you are classed as an adult at 18, my 20 year old son can’t check in using the app as it states individuals under 21 cannot check in, yet I can’t check them (my children) in as they are not in my room.Version: 1.36.1

MeCredit Card shouldn’t be a requirement..Version: 1.39.0

Doesn’t WorkWhen I log on using my RC account it has my reservation but when I press the reservation it says “We’re working on the fun”. I’m sailing in 5 days. My wife created a new account and linked the reservation and it works on her phone. The details on the App Store say that my phone IOS is compatible with the app..Version: 1.33.1

I know it’s likely a soft opening but RC had YEARS to perfect this!First of all, I LOVE RC, and I’m soooo happy to cruise again and the measures the company has put in place to keep everyone safe and healthy are impeccable!! However, the app ONLY works for folks who are on a Sunday to Sunday cruise because “that’s when the week ends then begins again…” or - at least this is true for the European Harmony of the Seas Cruise Ship. We embarked in Roma and it just so happened there were others who embarked in Barcelona (4 stops away from our first day) and the app ONLY worked for the Barcelona passengers and not us because we embarked on a Thursday from Roma. Uhhh…makes zero sense. We were told at least 10 times that tech was “working on the issue…”. Thus, we couldn’t book excursions, reservations for dinner, or even see the schedule for the day on the app. It never worked for us. Booooo. I’m sure it’ll be figured out eventually, though..Version: 1.29.0

Utterly frustratingGreat looking useful app that just won’t work. I have the same name as my dad so it’s taken his name and stateroom details and mixed it up with mine so when I sign in I get his stateroom muster station and roommate. The best part is there is NO way to update this. Even called RC who tried but because everything shows correctly on their system (thank god) there’s not much they can do. Very frustrated..Version: 1.15.0

Worst traFormal night information hard to find it is no wonder very few people are dressed up.Awful to use.Version: 1.38.0

FeedbackHave paid a lot of money for cruise and it provides little detail about what our package includes, what the additional costs are and how much. The drink package is already $500 more than my last cruise, wifi is $15 more per day. Do not know if there are treadmills in your fitness room? How much the wifi packages are? Or if we can only eat at buffet what are the dining options, prices? Last time I received much more info up front. Disappointed.Version: 1.40.2

Poor app experienceThe app could have been good if it used persistent storage and employed hash validations to update the content when connecting. As it was devices wouldn’t remain connected to WiFi and it trashed the functionality. Items and menus wouldn’t load, clocks stopped (ship time), calendar items sometimes notified, others not, reconnecting didn’t resolve issues, it required sign out, close app, reopen app and sign in to fix. There’s only so many times you can do this on a 19 night cruise. The content was a bigger problem with erroneous content - wrong times, wrong locations! Wrong activities. There needs to be a master notification function. Our cruise returned to Hawaii for a critically injured passenger but the only way to notify the guests was by a Captain’s announcement which isn’t heard everywhere. Good potential, let down by infrastructure, content management and architectural design failures..Version: 1.21.3

Sell sell sellNo real useful information, unless it’s trying to sell you something. Eateries aren’t marked whether included or not. One of our party was deregistered by the app, which habitually crashes. Complete rethink needed from the guest point of view with emphasis on communication, which Royal Caribbean seem to know nothing about - except when they are trying to sell you something..Version: 1.36.1

App could be way betterIt’s an ok app but there is zero info/photos of the rooms. Why is this? Why is there not a gallery of ship photos to look at? On clicking the deck map all the room numbers are the same!? Needs a lot of improvement..Version: 1.34.0

3 days to sailing and no menus & lost my reservationI sail on February 27, and my data has been lost. Can’t see menus to book extra dining. This whole cruise experience has been nothing but painful. Has cost me alot of time and money. All I’ve gotten is sorry. Sad no help. Last CS was to call back and I’m now waiting….. an hour is currently 1.5 and counting. I’m on hold trying to find out what’s happening. App has been nothing like previously, very disappointed..Version: 1.38.0

Great first effortReally impressed by the RC app. Intuitive and helpful UI with good functionality. Easy to register/sign in and no hassle cruise locator. While, reviewing the Cruise Compass each night (morning) before bed is a treat, seeing each days’ agenda in the app is brilliant. If you Could get it to Remember the filter settings as you move from day to day and also allow users to select/highlight the activities (maybe into some sort of daily list or favourites calendar), that would be even better. Overall though, good job. Well done..Version: 1.8.2

IssuesWe used this app in the past and loved it. However, that was with newer ships. We are due to sail on the Jewel next month and we are still unable to check in through the app and there is no facility to load our covid passes or complete our health questionnaire.Version: 1.31.2

A great start...This app is great for helping you find out what’s going on. Would be useful to be able to “like” an activity so it saves as a list of things you want to do so you can plan your day without having to continually scroll through to look for what’s on as a reminder..Version: 1.10.3

Just doesn’t work.First time traveling with Royal and the whole thing has been nothing but frustrating. The app doesn’t do anything its supposed to do. It shows reservation details but crashes on every single other page. I spent almost a month trying to get into contact with someone who could help and everyone I spoke to was rude and didn’t care at all. There is no information on how to check in when the app doesn’t work, thankfully I’m traveling with others who knew how to do it on the website. Every part of the process thus far has been as difficult as possible to try and plan ahead. I hope the cruise is worth all this annoyance but from the service on the phone and via email I highly doubt it. You want a cruise line app? Stick to Disney. The app actually works and if it doesn’t They at least seem to know how to apologize instead of saying “oh well, try again tomorrow.”.Version: 1.19.1

App difficult to follow for seniorsThe app has tons of features, which makes it confusing for seniors to follow. There should an an opt-out option during check-in, which would allow those with issues to cruise the old fashion way. Eventually everyone will have no problem using the app, but those non-technical older users should not have to spend more time navigating the app, then enjoying their cruise. Also, we all paid $14 (group of 9) for the chat feature to communicate whilst onboard and even though we have enabled all notifications in settings for the Royal app, you still must have the app open, and in chat mode otherwise all of your group show’s offline. Needs more work and should not be charged at all for a meh feature..Version: 1.37.1

No sounds in videosThere are no sounds for me in any of the safety video including the emergency horn..Version: 1.38.0

Poor customer serviceI booked a trip two days ago. Within my 48 hours. The price dropped. I called got put on hold by four different people. I told finally when I ask to speak to someone that it’s a going going going price and it doesn’t qualify for a price adjustment when the gentleman tried to offer me some chocolate covered strawberries and I said that’s OK. He said that the from what I just gave you is off the table like you just gave me nothing sir I’ve never been treated so bad and I’ve been cruising for quite a while because of the good customer service. This is my first time on royal Caribbean and I believe this will be my last. I haven’t even had my cruise and I’m already getting treated bad and now I’m waiting for and he tells me it’s going to be 24 to 48 hours. Go figure of course they don’t have any available management. That’s what I get for trying something new. I work in customer service. At least on carnival you don’t have to ask for anybody. They take care of you. They call and make sure you’re good..Version: 1.41.0

Not Ready for Prime TimeA fair start but needs refinement. Too many minor issues to document here. An example: wife and I booked using same credit card; one cabin. Our separate apps will not consolidate our ship spending on the cruise. She was allocated some credits and expenses while I was allocated others. No way to merge the accounts into one. We, thus, have two accounts for each trip and we want one! Define user “accounts” better on the app. Our ship spending should be one consolidated number, not two separate and different numbers. Other examples: show where ship is at any given time; enable dinner and excursion reservations through the app; show comprehensive past RCC travel history for users; and many more. While not an app issue, since Celebrity and RC share a parent, merge the accounts into a single app and give customers cross credit for bookings on either. This app could be MUCH better and far more user friendly!.Version: 1.31.1

Several critical things missingThis app becomes critical on the ship especially with kids. However it is missing the following: 1. Ability to text or message your kids. Kids 12 and under cannot create an account. RC is citing a US kids privacy law which is silly because kids can have accounts if parents consent and they limit interaction - they could revise it so parents can communicate with kids. Otherwise good luck communicating and finding kids under 12 on the ship. 2. Ability to call each other - in addition to the chat you should be able to call someone within the app. 3. Location - the app should know your location and allow you to share your location with your family. 4. Apple Watch Version! - this would be amazing if it worked with Apple Watch! All the features like Chat or room key could be awesome!.Version: 1.36.0

No Messaging BubbleHi I’m currently on Quantum of the Seas and having trouble with messaging bubble after updating this app. It just seemed to have disappeared. Everything was working fine during the first half of the cruise and messaging was working. Not working after doing the update..Version: 1.41.0

CovidI’ve been trying to inform you that Lawrence and I have tested positive for Covid and there is no way that we can contact anyone..Version: 1.36.0

Check in nightmareWe were on time for our 2:30 check in. We were directed to go to a line that had people ranging from 2:2:30 check ins. We then stood in line for 2 hours while they let people who had arrived late to go ahead of us. Why???? We had beat ourselves to get there on time. If you are late you should wait behind people who were on time. This calling people who were late to the front of the line went on for 1.5 hours. Ridiculous. Then there were people who had all kinds of exceptions that had to go ahead of us. The customers standing around me were mad and frustrated. The people wearing teal shirts were idiots and no one seemed to know what they were doing. The teal shirted idiots did not know what each were telling the customers waiting in line. I did not feel catered too. Also standing for 2hrs in the heat…no one offered water or drinks. The teal shirted idiots spoke harshly and were rude. I know we are all dealing with covid but we were asked to show proof 3 times through the check in process. Why? I even had to submit proof of vaccination days before. Why?? Get your act together Royal Caribbean. By the time I got through check in I was miserable hot sweaty and frustrated and thirsty. Cruise has not left yet so I’m hoping they can change my mind and emotions soon or part 2 to this review will be even more negative. I hope writing this review changes this process for someone. With technology it doesn’t have to be so hard..Version: 1.31.0

Horrible!For a company this size that requires you to use the app, this app is horrible. First of all I can go in and edit anybody’s information that I’m traveling with. There’s no privacy. That’s ridiculous in itself. Anytime I open something it defaults to someone else’s information. When I tried to take my security photo it said “oops sorry we hit a snag try again later.” I tried the next day and got the same error message. I can’t imagine what a nightmare it’s going to be to have to use this to get onto the boat. I cannot find where to print my luggage tags, guess I will have to get on a regular computer for that. Where do you find the instructions you’re supposed to follow the instructions for the muster station? Maybe that shows up later. Here’s hoping..Version: 1.32.0

Credit card issuesI’ve been having nonstop issues with credit card. Every time I changed my credit card, it changed a different person’s credit card to mine, and they could use my credit card on their account. And sometimes they would change their card info and then I would have someone else’s card on my account. When I logged out and logged back in, it would show no card but also did not have an option to add a card. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled the app, and the credit card issues continued. I have no idea why this is happening, the staff tried their best to help me but they don’t know why this is happening. This is only my second time cruising with RCCL. I’ve done all the troubleshooting on my own and with guest services on the ship. They said they had never seen the issue before. The only solution was for guest services to manually enter my card at the counter and then I had to review the statement at the desk every day to ensure that the card wasn’t randomly changed and that I wasn’t charged for someone else’s bills. It was an incredible inconvenience to my experience. My friends, family, and I hesitate to cruise with RCCL again because of this major app issue..Version: 1.36.0

An OK AppPretty limited information from what I was expecting. I was hoping to see some cruise compass/itinerary information for past, current or upcoming trips for the ship I will be sailing on. Since my reservation is entered into the App for Harmony of the Seas, it is not allowing me to simulate for Harmony of the Seas. I am able to view information for the Oasis, Allure, Enchantment, Serenade & Symphony of the Seas but not Harmony of the Seas. It would be nice to be able to see event possibilities on the ship you will be taking. It would be great to be able to look at a schedule of events for what is going on aboard the ship you will be taking later prior to arrival for your scheduled cruise. Just to get an idea of all the things to do. Understandable that each event may be different for each trip or not available at all. But being able to see some ideas, that would be awesome. Still an OK App. I was able to find a little bit of useful information..Version: 1.8.1

CovidUnfortunately there was a lack of continuity and vagueness in the Covid protocol which lead to a very stressful experience for my family. As I am traveling alone since my husband’s death I was behind the group and last to be checked in. As we had all followed the same protocol for presail testing and they had been passed through you can only imagine my surprise when I was detained and told I could not board without being retested. I am fully vaccinated and presented a negative test taken within 48 hours of departure. Before leaving my home I had checked your site and we determined that taking the test 2 days before departure and 3 days after our flight to Amsterdam was the most prudent and within the guidelines provided by Royal Caribbean at that time. After I was detained my family was stopped and also forced to retest. My father is handicapped which made for a more stressful experience. In the future I would hope that better training and consistency will make a better experience. Thank you for reviewing my comments and taking them into consideration for future travelers. Sincerely, Dawn M Bates.Version: 1.35.3

Limitations to useWhile RC encourage you to use the app as the go to “bible”, I have found it has so many limitations. I logged into the main website to discover that I had been relying on the app to allow me to book shows, ifly etc. ahead of the cruise, only to discover that (pardon the pun), I have missed the boat. The app doesn’t have that functionality so now I have missed out on the shows and activities I was looking forward to (despite purchasing the Key)..Version: 1.40.0

Royal Caribbean going downhillI have been on 7 Royal Caribbean cruises. I have absolutely loved everyone I have been on. From the service to the food to the entertainment on the boat. Everything has always been top notch. I’m not sure if it’s because the hit Royal Caribbean took during COVID or what but we should not have to suffer because Royal Caribbean is trying to make up for your loss. Food on this Trip has been 0.01 stars. I have yet to find anything good. You can tell everything is watered down to spread it out more. From the chicken to the steak it’s terrible. Have always loved going to the Dinning room. Definitely won’t be going back this trip unless I want good coffee. That was the only thing good there. Windjammer is absolutely an insane joke! Bacon labeled crispy bacon. Not one thing crispy about it. Eggs was so runny they dissolved in my mouth. I could go on and on and on. I have always refused to try other cruise lines but after this cruise. My next one I will be trying out Carnival. Hopefully they aren’t making their guest suffer for the loss hit from COVID. You keep this up and your loss from COVID will be nothing compared to loss of guests!.Version: 1.37.3

AvisDifficile de s’y retrouver.Version: 1.40.0

Please debug the appWhen watching and listening to the safety horn, the status is still marked as incomplete. I have watched the safety video countless of time but the status of the video is incomplete as if i didn’t watch the video..Version: 1.38.0

FreezesThe app was ok to set up, but then froze as I was trying to move from page to page, so is useless. Going to delete and reinstall to see if that work..Version: 1.28.1

Vaccination Details - who designed this?!Terrible app design. I appreciate you have to upload details but it asks for initial vaccination but then final dose - ambiguous. Why not just allow people to add in first then 2nd and then any booster beyond that with proof via picture. Everything about Royal from the vaccine advice to the vaccine upload is just hard work confusing, it's like a game of guessing what you think RC are talking about. It doesn't need to be this way. It must cost a fortune on the admin side keep rejecting valid vaccine information only for your customers stressing and getting upset which ruins the point of a cruise...Version: 1.33.1

Problems with scheduling dining online when you have six peopleWe booked as so many others two years ago our trip on Royal we are diamond members as a gift we purchased three cabins for my son and his family when the Covid hit we had to reschedule using our vouchers and I spent two hours on the phone with Victoria and rebooked our trip. That time she booked all three cabins together or so I thought and we were supposed to receive my time dining of 615 we just learned a week ago that we were not linked together and we cannot eat together unless we have a 745 evening dining both my husband and I are on medication and need to eat before a certain time called and asked to link us and we wanted to eat dinner together especially for the holiday which was the purpose of us purchasing all three cabins. Yet we were told that we were not linked and the time was gone. Very upset and wanted to let you know THIS IS WRONG. We are on Harmony of the sea with a sailing date of November 21.Version: 1.30.0

SpaHaving a great time so far. Went to spa this morning sat in heated chairs only to be met by incessant pounding. Gave up and left. Came back in the afternoon tried again and there it was again. Could not stay. Told attendant at front desk who confirmed that there is a weight room above our heads. He said that he would pass in the comment. I walked up to the front desk on the top floor asked for a manager and I was greeted by a young woman who introduced herself as an assistant manager even though I asked for a manager. She signaled me to walk away from the desk to talk off to the side. I explained to her how miserable it was to be there in an environment set up for peace and tranquillity only to keep being woken up every few minutes by this noise. Unlike the attendant downstairs she tried to deflect an ask me questions like did it sound like construction? And made other suggestions about what the noise might be. It was clear however that she knew about the weight room above our heads. I usually don’t write reviews but I am a little frustrated right now. Really enjoying the cruise otherwise.Version: 1.38.0

Nothing being updated at allCan’t use the app as nothing is being updated. Appreciate the ships aren’t sailing, but many of us have booked holidays that we would like to be able to use the app for whether ultimately they are cancelled/deferred again Further to the response.l recvd from RC 9.6.21. I do have booked sailings....2 actually...does that not count under your comment ‘currently our app is built for guest who have a future vacation planned.... that’s the point, I am one.Version: 1.27.0

WorriedJust tried to check in to do our vaccination we sail on the but it won’t open on check in just goes round and round the rest is working I can see other things but not my check in so how am I to finish my check in status We sail on ovations update it’s now working hope it stays that way. All done ready to sail now thank you for fixing the app.Version: 1.37.3

Good start but needs improvementRCCL needs to look at the Disney App to see how it works Number 1 feature that Disney has is a Group chat that allows users to send messages without having to buy WiFi package. We were onboard with a large family group and this worked like s charm when same group was together on Disney for checking on who was where. Number 2 feature that Disney has is the ability to “like” an event in the Daily Planner and then add it to you personal calendar. It would be helpful to have a Personal Calendar button that would pull in all your pre-made reservations and events you have liked Number 3 feature would be ability to see Adventure Ocean activities to a particular age group A good start but has the possibility for a much better app if you look at how Disney does it.Version: 1.8.2

App reviewApp would be awesome 5 stars if everything was accessible. Two and half weeks out from our cruise and still not able to book anything on the cruise planer. Rather frustrating!!!!.Version: 1.23.5

Drink package rip offI currently bought a drink package from my husband and I and the first one was regular price and the second one was supposed to to be 50% off and we paid full price for both.Version: 1.38.0

Refund NightmareDecember 30, 2021 I cancelled a cruise with Royal Caribbean and fell under the requirements to get a future cruise credit. I was told at that time I was owed money back on to my credit card for gratuities and taxes that they were not allowed to put into a FCC. On February 3, 2022 I hadn’t received a refund of all of my money so spent 4 hours on the phone with Royal who had to contact the account and the refund departments and figured out I was in fact owed $1250 to my credit card and said they would “expedite” my refund. February 28, 2022 I get an email of a FCC for $1250, another 1.5 hour call to Royal to be told human error and they are again going to “expedite” my refund and I can call back in 2 weeks to check the status. Meanwhile I have a new cruise booked and that payment is due March 18, 2022. It has been over 2 months since I was told I was getting a refund, and still no one can tell me how much longer it will be and they are expecting me to pay by bill! I have loved Royal Caribbean for many many years and think they had a fabulous program set up during Covid, but this is unacceptable!.Version: 1.31.2

Wifi & messagingWifi drops out all the time and difficult to log back in. Would be great if we could message the people we are travelling with when on the ship to know where everyone is or to catch up rather than wait for them to get to their rooms..Version: 1.23.0

Messaging needs to send alert notificationsThe app is great as a calendar for activities on the ship, and saving the ones you want to remember. The messaging feature is the best reason to use this app onboard the ship though, and it doesn’t send alerts when a new message or reply is received. In our large group, we ended up either leaving the message screen open and checking constantly, or missing messages..Version: 1.40.1

Nice start, needs more work!We recently booked a cruise aboard Allure, and were pleasantly surprised to find that Royal had an apps detailing both the ship as well as our itinerary, dinner menus, and much more. The ability to check our account was also a nice feature. The onboard chat was a nice start, but without a notification feature you have to rely on the other party to open the app to check for messages. It really wasn’t as useful as we’d hoped. Another major letdown is that now that the cruise is over I can no longer access my personal account - in other words without a current reservation number you can’t past the first screen. It would be nice to access Crown & Anchor information, and it seems you should be able to access without currently being on a cruise..Version: 1.11.1

BrokenEvery try to book something the app rather unhelpfully say “Sorry we hit a snag” Developer response : not relevant, no help. Just added so you LOOK like u care. I solved the problem myself but it’s with your payment system, the error message you give to “card declined” is not helpful and needs updating to help people understand that it might be their card issuer declining for fraud protection..Version: 1.34.1

Nothing went rightI had 5 reservations including ours for our 50 th anniversary. We took whole family 1. I had to call back 4 times before cruise as they would cancel our beversge packages. Internet etc 2. Every time we called and went over every reservation they said it was all taken care of. It was not 3. Spent 3 hours first 2 days at customer service. Each time said everything was fixed. It never was 4. Internrt worked st bedt 30 percent of time. 3 people never got on 5, when i booked owners suite. Your representative said we hot free internet and 4 drink tickets each day placed in the room. We did not 6. The daily billing was sent to my 19 yesr old grandsughters email not mine. No idea what charges are being applied 7, my children and grandchildren ask if this type of constant issues is normal. I said in 30 + cruises i dont ever remember going to front desk services. We spent hours their. Not too helpful. One was redt were not 8 cards for arcade did not work at first 9. Real kicker. My 99 year old mother fell and was placed in hospital and i didnt know for 2 days due to the poor/lack of internet. 9. Theres more but i just quit.Version: 1.40.1

Please bring to the whole fleet!Such a fantastic idea, just a shame I can't use the app as I'm sailing on the Independence. Please bring the app out for the whole fleet! Edit: I’m now sailing on the Symphony of the Seas and this app is great. I no longer need to use the Cruise Compass, as everything is on the app! From restaurant menus, show reservations, ship map to seeing how much I’ve spent on my SeaPass. I don’t know whether this app is now available for all ships, but it’s a really handy app to have!.Version: 1.8.2

Lots of info but little on ship safetyI like the app. Tells me where places are where I can buy stuff. But one thing that it’s short on - info on safety. For example, where is Muster Station C12, which is where our muster station is? It’d be nice to know all this information beforehand in case of an event where we’d need to go there. Thanks..Version: 1.24.0

Missing a day?Myself and husband are both in the app which is missing a day of our cruise! Despite showing a reservations button on excursions this was disabled, but able to book online via computer. Other than not working properly the app is usable and intuitive.Version: 1.17.0

World Wide Printing Chairman of the BoardThe web site does not have a simple list to find things I want. After looking for 30 minutes, I never found out how to get the internet package. Unfortunately many web planners are very poor in making web sites easy. This one is not simple and easy. Most web designers want to make it look pretty but not easy to work with. One company I work with had a designer put their books for sale on the internet. Only a few people who tried to check out were successful. They hired another company and successful check out went from about 15% to about 80%. On this web site, people will not give up since that have not choice. To give you the last thing about the web site is this. I am on my IPAD typing and I am looking on it at a 90% view so if I made a mistake writing, it is because I can not proof sideways. A good designer could redesign this in a hour..Version: 1.30.0

ChallengeI am technically challenged so it’s not all your fault 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤪.Version: 1.39.0

Check inI was trying to check in when it opened. I checked in my son one day and wanted to my self and husband next day. The check in was closed. How in convenient..Version: 1.36.0

Good but could be betterWe joined the ship in Rome and the app wouldn’t work. The only way we could make it work was suggest we got on 3 days later in Barcelona. This meant it was confusing as to what shows were on what days. It says a show is on on day 3 but that’s day 6 for us..Version: 1.8.1

App not working - “Hit a Snag”When trying to check in the app is not responding. Restarted with same issue. Slow and finally comes up with the hit a snag note and to try later..Version: 1.36.1

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Is Royal Caribbean International not working?

Royal Caribbean International works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Royal Caribbean International.

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