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Alook Browser - 8x Speed App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2022

Alook Browser - 8x Speed app received 27 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Alook Browser - 8x Speed? Can you share your negative thoughts about alook browser - 8x speed?

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Alook Browser - 8x Speed for Negative User Reviews

It's good ButIt's good BUT videos from youtube you cant change resolution to HD, only low resolution. Please fix then it's almost ferpect..Version: 12.9

Doesn’t work with VPNWhen the VPN is on the app thinks there is no internet. And after updates when a video is playing and I turn off the screen the video stops..Version: 15.1

Alook Browser ReviewI personally think this is a terrible browser since it freezes all the time and it is incredibly slow. I have stayed up for many hours trying to open a simple website and it either freezing or not working at all. Please make this browser usable since it barely even works. Overall 3/5.Version: 13.9

Can’t float video following update:/.Version: 13.9

Adblocker needed to be updatedI love everything about Alook browser however when it comes to blocking intrusive ads and pop-ups it fails. It’s been a while i am having issues with blocking ads . Sorry to say that but Alook’s Adblocking needed to be updated with some more features and power..Version: 16.9

Now is fixedNow my issue was fixed now i didnt see my messages on facebook thank u for making the app good for us :).Version: 6.7

The latest update seems to have broken background video playbackThe latest update seems to have introduced a bug where I can no longer continue playback if the screen is locked.Version: 13.1

No longer backplay after updateAs title.Version: 13.1

Doesnt Block Youtube ads!I bought this today mainly hoping it would block youtube ads but it doesnt.Version: 13.0

Not support downloadHi buddy I have suggestions for that app this app is not support after update music and video downloading features so please don't install and pay for that app because you waste your money because I'm waste my money but I hope you save your money.Version: 7.0

Ad block does not work at allAd block does not work at all.Version: 16.2

Data not linked to youIt says bottom of alook data not linked to you do you have to tell me anything about that alook develop person.Version: 12.6

Tried to likeApp keeps freezing and the dark mode is severely lacking. I would love to keep trying the app and getting more use to it. But the constant freezing makes it unusable. Hope it has something to do with the latest update and not how it’s always been. Waste of .99c.Version: 11.4

JunkJunk.Version: 15.6

I’m madThis app costs 1 dollar and all I got was an error 404 it makes me mad.Version: 13.5

Why can’t change Default BrowserWhy Alook browser doesn’t have to change default browser instead safari. I want to give 5 star but does not have the function to change default browser, so I give 2 star..Version: 12.6

No background video playBrave browser does everything for free..Version: 15.8

Video plays in background that is not working nowI updated this app yesterday, but video plays in background that is not working anymore. Pls, fix it ASAP..Version: 15.2

Almost perfectAlmost perfect browser. I wish I could set it as default browser through the new iOS 14 api instead of the workaround that disables safari. I do need safari in some instances..Version: 12.5

Can’t chang/choose video resolutionFor Youtube: 1. Can’t select video resolution 2. Pops up a PIP and ‘beep’ every time open a new YT page.Version: 16.6

Terrible and absolutely TRASHI used this stuff for abt a day then it STOPS WORKING *DONT GET IT* hopes this helps.Version: 12.5

Good but not greatThis app is amazing but there are so many gliches for example when trying to watch videos in full screen it exits immediately and you cannot expand again some timesthat app freezes and doesn’t respond to your touch furthermore my email details are not autofilled when i go back into the app plus the adblock does not work for streaming videos..Version: 16.5

Background play not workingHi there The Background play not working after this upgrade, like YouTube etc. can you pls fix it? Thanks or….. Can we have old 13.0 version back?.Version: 15.0

需要改进在看视频多的网站时太卡了,工具栏会一直蹦出来,滑动也会失灵,也不能屏蔽广告.Version: 10.0

Lags and frozen in the latest versionIt was a great browser, however after I upgraded to the latest version, it has frequently lags when I try to type something and it becomes easily frozen when I try to scroll in a page or switch to another page/tab. Please fix it soon. 更新后非常容易出现卡住等情况,解决后我会改为五星。.Version: 9.8

Is it from Chinese gov?Be careful your safety….Version: 15.1

Good but slowGood browser, everything included. Only downside -it’s slow..Version: 12.6

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