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GoodGood start.Version: 4.0

Very good just one requestI would rate this 4.75/5 if I could, it’s an awesome app I just have one request: to allow the video speed to be changed to 2.5 X speed. I’m not an app developer so I have no idea how easy or hard that is to add, but I would really appreciate it..Version: 7.3

Cursor ImplementationLove the app. Amazing. I wish there was a library of useful JS extensions. Even better would be chrome-like extensions. Similar to the now defunct Puffin, can you please implement a cursor? Certain websites rely on the ability to drag the corner of a window or right-click; these are two of many uses this would have. With this, I could replace my laptop!.Version: 10.8

Best Browser on iOS platformAdblock is useful hope there’s audio download or video download and share feature..Version: 9.7

Hands down: best dark mode web browser for iOS at the momentWhere have you been all my life. I’m dark/night mode everywhere....mac, pc, and iOS. I’ve found rendering websites in dark mode is hard (in a way that looks natural and doesn’t hurt my eyes), but the solution on desktop/laptops has been installing a chrome extension called Dark Reader. Unfortunately, Dark Reader isn’t available on IOS, so I was on the hunt. Let me tell you, I’ve tried a dozen web browsers for IOS (tonight alone lol) and nothing is even close as Alook on rendering most all websites in night mode...may I say beautiful??. They don’t just reveres the contrast from white/black and visaversa...they actually render the website, text, background, sometime the image background in a thoughtful way that makes it look natural and doesn’t hurt your peepers. Also, it’s pretty fast considering. Well worth the $ that they’re charging! I’d pay much more for this because no one else has got it right!!!! Thanks for such a great product and not being mediocre..Version: 11.5

Great appI use it to watch lecture recordings, there is no speech option in other browsers.Version: 11.4

Swipe forwardI know it can swipe back anywhere. But can I swipe forward ? It seems what I can do is use the forward button..Version: 11.4

The best in its kind!I love this browser! Very functional and fast! This is what i need since i started using my iPhone and iPad..Version: 4.0

Great browserEverything I’m looking for if only a video and audio downloader would be added.Version: 10.9

Best browser by farWhen watching videos the gestures to turn volume & brightness up/down and fast forward/rewind is so helpful, can't wait to see what's new :) x.Version: 5.1

Amazing, awesome, wonderful and great browser ❤️This browser is amazing In fact this browser deserve that be default browser because it’s really amazing!❤️💐💐 Thank you for developers.Version: 6.3

Best browserSimply the best. I read a lot using browser and Alook has the best reader mode I've ever found on mobile browser. Night mode and adblock are also wonderful..Version: 12.0

One thing...One of the best web browsers in AppStore. But, the lack of one feature makes it less comfortable. That is - ad blocking rules are not editable, and not quite flexible to be able to apply a rule of a web page to the whole domain..Version: 12.5

My favorite browser!I use Alook for all of my video viewing. It’s also MUCH more feature rich than all of the other browsers available for iOS (including Safari). That being said, I’d LOVE to have it be my default browser. Please update this browser to allow me to set it as my default browser. Thanks!.Version: 12.2

Best BrowserEasily the best browser for iOS The developer seems to continually improve this app and I will continue to use it!.Version: 9.1

❤️ Alook BrowserIt beats Safari in terms of ad-blocking and speed. I use it for online ordering. One word of caution: they are a Chinese company and I cannot find any info about them—why so secretive? I am trusting but please, proceed with caution..Version: 11.3

Wow!I've tried a ton of browsers from the app store. Popular ones and down to the unknown ones. None of them satisfied me but, the first time running Alook I was blown away by the responsiveness and feature set. Super happy with Alook! Would recommend..Version: 6.6

Hulk15The best Web Browser ever, love it. Well done Alook, keep up the good work and thank you for giving us such a wonderful web browser..Version: 7.3

Great app! Some suggestionsLove this app and keep up the good work! My fav part is the dark mode (Yes!). Plz support setting as default browser for the latest ios14! And the reader feature is a bit hard to use, it’s hard to scroll around? I wish there are small pictures of the page to see which page I want to go to, or even just a simple bar to navigate around instead of clicking the page numbers. And if it’s formats other than pdf (eg. Mobi ePub) the pictures often goes on a single page even if it’s a small picture, it’s a bit weird when you try to read..Version: 12.0

Best browserI don’t do reviews, but I can say this is my best browser app I have ever use, it is great for reading novel/books.Version: 8.4

THIS, THIS IS THE BROWSER OF MY DREAMSYes, it may be a paid browser, but OH. MY. GOSH. it runs flawlessly and really fast, this absolutely destroys safari and every other browser i’ve used, I also love how you can have custom settings so you can do the most with your browser, it has built in “extensions” like turning any page to dark mode. IF YOURE CONSIDERING BUYING THIS DO IT, NO HESITATION. DO IT. YOU WILL BE IMPRESSED, THIS BROWSER OUTPERFORMS ITS PRICE POINT..Version: 12.5

Pls add a vpn!!This app has everything I could ever ask for from a browser except for a vpn. Ik that we cannot use a vpn and a adblocker at the same time but having the ability to interchange btw the adblocker and vpn would be amazing!!:).Version: 5.3

Excellent and impressive browser!I have been using Alook for two weeks and I’m very impressed with it, especially with the privacy and ad blocking features! Great job! 👍.Version: 4.3

Great App!This is a fantastic app and I use it as my main browser on both iPhone and iPad. A couple suggestions: 1) Automatic night mode. It’d be great if the app would automatically open pages in night mode... at night and then return to normal mode... during the day. If I could set it to turn on/off at times of my choosing, that would be fantastic. 2) The “floating video” thing is both amazing and annoying. Anyone who has used it knows when it’s amazing and why. But it’s annoying when I DO NOT want to watch the video and have to constantly close out of the window..Version: 7.9

This is a great toolI keep my daily go to locations such as weather, earthquakes, how tos on tab on this browser. They don’t go away or lockout like they do on the others. I use A everyday..Version: 8.3

Honestly it's one the best!I rarely write reviews or pay for internet browsing mobile apps, this one is worth every penny. I wish Safari would have some of these features. It's great For download it can unzip also zip files, i hate download apps that require a separate app just to unzip a file. It's easy to download files, awesome to watch media off or listen, auto Translate web pages, etc. BUY THIS APP IT'S WORTH IT..Version: 3.1

So amazingIt is the best browser I have used. Clean, tidy, fast and privacy..Version: 5.5

很强大的浏览器!那个,如果下个版本能调视频画质就好了😶.Version: 4.0

The Best Browser by Far!I've tried many browsers from Safari to Chrome, Firefox, even Berry. Alook is the best by far and the easiest to use. Love the dark mode and the reader option. Only suggestion I would make is a better looking app icon or maybe customization. Other than that it's great! ** Update. They do have the option to customize app icon. This app is awesome!.Version: 8.0

PLEASE ADDYour app is amazing and I love your app but could you please add split screen view for two web pages I would love that.Version: 9.5

Downloading problemsI can’t download videos from any webpage. ( Please fix this ).Version: 7.8

Love itLove the app it’s very useful and fast but I wish I could increase the speed control to my liking rather than just having the max be at 2x.Version: 11.9

Best browser everSimple and effective! Best browser I ever used.Version: 7.0

Persistent. video adsWith Ad-Block on, and video settings turned off, I am still seeing automatic playing of video ads. Aren’t they supposed to be blocked?.Version: 5.3

Perfect browser appPlease add autoplay next youtube video function, it would be really useful.Version: 9.0

Fantastic App, just 2 issues to be mentionedThis app brings me a fantastic browser experience with plenty of customizations involved. Btw, is there any plan of adding the Recently Closed Tabs to instantly restore the tabs I closed in mistake as Safari, or I just failed to figure out how I can do it. Also the Pirate button in Japanese shows the ブラウジングホ quite out of the left-bottom screen..Version: 11.5

Night mode problemPages becomes totally dark (no images or words) when turn off the night mode after long time using under dark mode, though the search bar and menu bar are white. Have to refresh pages and light mode would then be turned on. Device: iPhone 7 Plus System: iOS 12.1.1.Version: 8.2

Great potentialThis app has the potential to be number 1 ..Version: 5.1

Actually USEFUL featuresFast. Detects photos for you to download. Allows to block phone and listen to audio/video. Just the best browser period..Version: 9.8

Best browserBest browser! All the features you want it has.Version: 11.0

This Browser is amazing!I love this Browser it’s super fast and can multitask like it’s nothing, the only problem i’m having though is i’m trying to play music in the background on YT but i can’t get it to auto play the next song. I’ve tried to see if there was anything in the settings but there wasn’t and i do have my auto play on but still can’t get it to work :(..Version: 11.5

Amazing browserI absolutely love your browser and so glad I bought it. Does everything I’ve ever wanted in a browser and love to see how much you’re supporting and updating it. I will recommend this to everybody!.Version: 10.4

Wow, thanks an investment in a ADC Dev. that paid off.Wow, thanks an investment in a ADC Dev. that paid off; that's all I ask is that the app be refined, genuinely innovative, not a knock off of some other app and refined and, you get it. Part 2. I will want to see also, pay once w/o subscriptions and consistent regard for your actual clients: me/ us. Go the way of others and reap what they are going to soon see. iOS as well. :(.Version: 5.5

Fast, Ad free, plenty of customizationFinally avoiding Google Chrome and their tracking as much as possible. This is a great browser that is enjoyable to use..Version: 6.6

Best Safari Competitor! Best browser!Title says it all... genuinely best browser I’ve used! So many features and developer listens to comments and regular updates! Keep up the great work! Thank you!.Version: 9.3

Very well doneA great browser with great practical features and the first fun Brower I have seen in a while..Version: 5.9

AmazingI only bought this for the background music but it works perfectly. I was a bit skeptical because I had to pay but it’s perfect and I couldn’t be happier!!!!.Version: 8.2

In-site translate does not workAlso, can we have a pinch gesture to trigger tab switch view? like what in Safari. It would be more convenient if buttons in hamburger menu are shown in one page instead of two, at least on iPad..Version: 10.0

Such a nice browser looking for so long.. cheers Alook teamDid spend so much of money to get wright thing but when I had Alook .. awesome and found pretty good.. enjoying Alook browser.. I know teams are working hard to make it better...Version: 12.5

Not like an appThe app still look like web browser more than app! it will be very handy if you updated..Version: 9.0

Absolute innovative browser!Unbelievable browser. That floating background video feature is amazing. I can even close the window, turn off the screen, the video is still running in the background! Wonderful, a must-have!.Version: 6.7

Excellent!Great job with this one! Better design than adblock plus browser, more features than Safari. This is my everyday browser!.Version: 5.6

B站打不开我下载第一天用Alook看b站还OK的,结果从前天开始b站就加载不出来了。 想问问是b站的问题,还是app的问题。 但是用Safari和Chromeb站又是可以打得开。我下载就是为了边看b站边写作业了,太难过了。 希望能解决一下。。。.Version: 10.9

不错不错希望 再接再厉 提供更便捷的功能和更好的服务。让浏览器质量更上一层楼.Version: 6.8

Make it Default Browser!!!Please add the feature where the user can switch from safari to Alook as the default browser 🙏🏼❤️.Version: 12.5

Lovely browser app!Thanks! I use you strategically and it’s awesome. I’m trying to use you more too! I’m new, but is there a - save link as -desktop icon/shortcut - option already or can there be??? Aaaand probably now I’ll go to the FAQ... Thanks!.Version: 8.6

BestMy favourite browser.Version: 5.6

Best browser on the App StoreFantastic browser, it’s fast and rich with features. Video floating is amazing and not only an Adblocker that works but also an element picker to remove anything you want..Version: 9.5

Great!Great browser.....very sophisticated....thank you!.Version: 12.1

Error translating languageThe translation language in the page does not translate it does not show the translation language is Vietnamese I hope the developer reviews this problem for Vietnamese users..Version: 10.0

A Flippin’ Fantastic Browser!Just buy it! It’s worth it and it’s cheap!.Version: 10.9

GREAT APPFor such a cheap price, I can’t stress enough HOW THIS IS THE BEST APP IVE EVER PURCHASED. I can’t believe it only costs 1$, and yet there are so many features that should already be on safari (but aren’t) and this app has! I’m recommending this app to everyone I know.Version: 12.5

YouTube will not automatically play next?I like everything else about this App... But I cannot get YouTube to automatically play a video playlist while in the background. It reaches the end of one video and just stops. I need to manually enter the app and play next every time. There’s an earlier response from the Developer to try turning off video float, but when I did this there was no more background play at all! I hope you find a way to background “play next”, that will make this the perfect browser!.Version: 11.4

如何导入Chrome书签?如何导入Chrome书签?.Version: 12.5

Good, but features missingHow about ability to block auto playing videos? Set a user agent (desktop) as the app default? Needs UI update for 2018 iPad Pro 12.9”, transparent status bar..Version: 8.0

Great feature playing youtube at backgroundI just wonder if there would be a new feature in the future will let the browser play next video automatically?.Version: 11.6

Best for every.I am on ios. use focus, firefox, chrome, opera, dolphin, safari, tor, puffin, usb, adguard. all of them has some features i need, some not. but when i find alook...it is best i have ever use. fast, shine and...at the end find only one big problema for me- ads. hate it. and use a lot of filters. in yours browser can choose not many subscriptions. can i send yours developer some request to add more- like easy list or fanboys filters. or ability to add every custom adress to block ads. safari has great integration with adguard, that block all. can it be use here? anyway, thanks for yours app from me..Version: 5.5

Testflight内测版的视频音频下载功能被去掉了很遗憾testflight内测版的视频音频下载功能被去掉了.Version: 10.0

Auto fillI love the app only thing it needs is a Auto fill for names and addresses for websites so every time you don't have to put your name and address in over and over.Version: 5.1

Still awesomeThis app has been top notch since day one, my only gripe was that I couldn’t set it as my default browser because apple didn’t let you. I know the new IOS let’s you set your default browser now, but the function isn’t available for Alook?.Version: 12.1

Great Browser.Only thing I would love to see is to be able to make it a default browser in ios..Version: 12.6

Why not able to set as default?So far I tried, it’s perfect browsing experience with only one annoying thing is not able to be set as default software..Version: 12.5

I love it!I love it because first of all you can play something and watch something at the same time isn’t that cool! Second of all you don’t have to get your phone/iPad to watch and play at the same time. Last but not least you can make it BIGGER IF YOU WANT TO SEE THE VIDEO BETTER!!!.Version: 12.6

This is No 1 iOS web browserAwesome app and really good working.best Adblock browser.Bring the downloading method for downloading videos. Please considered alook team. Thank you for your service Alook team..Version: 5.9

...To the guy about asking about the tab switch. No, I think it’s more Convenient if it’s a swipe from the right to left or left to right from the screen. I just hate scrolling up or down to switch tab. I like to know where I’m at when reading article, and then doin research at the same time switching tab..Version: 10.1

Great language opinionsIt’s great to have so many options. Usually I have to use apps on English but I’m Spanish speaker I always love when an app gives you that option..Version: 6.3

Support the originalThanks for the author's conscientious work, looking forward to further strengthening. Expect more from the author.Version: 10.9

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