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Can’t join up as support doesn’t respond ACOID!Went to join couldn’t due to issues. Opened support chat been waiting weeks when it says “typically replies within few hours” which is a LIE. You won’t answer me can’t join so why should I trust you. I’ll be AVOIDING and suggest to everyone to AVOID! I can appreciate we’re in a crisis but I can wait just not weeks on end for a support ticket maybe a couple of days tops but this is ridiculous fed up waiting clearly don’t care about me as a potential client so not bothering. Had enough. Waste of time don’t bother people there useless!.Version: 3.57

Use something else, anything else !So first of, their spread is ridiculously high. Second they say the offer a 25$ bonus but You need to stake 500$ for a minimum of time, so basically their taking your money make profits and give you back a measly 25$. Every transaction you make will have a high spread applied to them. So if you plan on day trading small amounts they will bleed you dry. Use binance or Webull..Version: 3.91

Low quality and expensiveThis up is very expensive for the transaction…. The feeds are not very clear, today I had an investment when I should sell my assets I couldn’t cos the app crash and I lose at least £1000 cos took so long to sell and the price drops very fast … the app was blocked for about 1h or so! That’s was the reason left this app, plus the CRO the token from the platform is unstable goes up down a lot but the price never goes up! So when u sell and crypto on this platform the percentage is very high for the transaction. Plus if u send a coin from the app to another app like I did, and I didn’t pay attention to what they have charged, was more than half of the coins I sent like: I had 10k of the coin I sent it and I received 4K of the coins, could be my fault for no check how much was charging for it! Very disappointed.Version: 3.92

Good app, but can’t withdraw my moneyThere are no issues with the app. As a beginner I found it easy to use, but I can’t get at my money. I know it’s a short term problem, but as I have deposited in GBP I’m not able to get at any of my money, which has become a real issue recently. It’s been nearly 6 weeks since the option was removed and there have been no updates on timescales since. I don’t have a huge amount of money in there so it should be so difficult to get at it. If you’re using pound Sterling I’d suggest another crypto currency app..Version: 3.84

Wish I could rate 0Horrible! WARNING to Canadians. You can’t withdraw money. They trap you by only allowing you to convert your money to crypto coin. You CANNOT withdraw cash. Big mistake..Version: 3.90

Cannot use the app as my debit card doesn’t work and they say it’s a “bank error”Really frustrating that I can’t use this app to buy any crypto. Must be quite buggy......Version: 3.94

So slowThis app is ridiculously slow in terms of placing an order.Version: 3.91

Horrible customer service ****UPDATE****Everything was great on this app until one day my purchasing options disappeared. They don’t have a customer service number to remedy anything with an actual representative. You have to “chat” or “email” correspondence with their team. So as of now I have shares in limbo on this app without any way to move it around. Still waiting on an email back, and multiple chat questions pending with a status of “not read”. Frustrating. Found out this app is a scam. STAY AWAY. Let me say it again, STAY AWAY. You are subject to being locked out of your own account without any way to contact support. It is impossible to move your shares after this happens. The funny thing is you can watch you shares succeed with no way of interacting with it. Do yourself a favor and find an app that uses cold storage. I will gladly pay dumb fees as long as I know there is security behind it. I switched to another app and it rhymes with shloimbase..Version: 3.54

Beware of amount of Crypto currency that has to be heldI’ve held this app for a while but not transferred any crypto until recently I had some profit from another app so thought that I’d transfer it onto this one to try it out!! It was very simple to transfer the currency over and all seemed good.. until I’ve tried to transfer it either out or to another currency within the app!!! Unless you hold a certain amount of a crypto currency(the actual currency not gdp value) you can neither move it in app or remove it to another wallet...! Not for the small investors!!! Be very wary!!!!!.Version: 3.84

DO NOT GET IF CANADIANMade me buy more to transfer back to my other crypto wallet then I had to pay over $30 in a fee just a transfer $70 to my other one so, so mad.Version: 3.90

Good Wallet- Worthless as a Trading PlatformAn excellent wallet, but beyond that, clunky and terrible as a trading platform. No control whatsoever over any form of a ‘stop’ or ‘limit’ sell or buys, so if you enjoy losing 20% on your coins values until you happen to have a moment to check on their progress, and then be forced to buy or sell in different stable coins, and subsequently lose 1 -4% from each conversion or trade, then be my guest. But as a wallet, yes; it is an excellent crypto wallet, second to none, and I do frequently recommend it to friends for that utility..Version: 3.94


I can’t not log in my account for no reason!!!!Scam my money !!!wth just happen.Version: 3.91

TerribleAbsolute garbage. Freezes constantly and lags. Can't even buy and sell and have missed out on money cause this app is so slow. Will be going with a different crypto app..Version: 3.91

Don’t getGood but only thing is it seems to devalues tokens on the app when you should be getting more money from it but it misses a couple dollars when comparing prices on different wallets in guessing it takes small amounts of your money by marking you sell at less of a profit than what you would teally get.Version: 3.93

Waiting forever for the cardFirst impression is definitely negative. They say the card will be issued and will arrive within a couple of weeks. I’ve been waiting for about 2 months and it still says “pending” even for the virtual card which should be instantaneous given I’ve done all the KYC and my account is fully verified. Having read other comments I know they are trying to push people into higher tier cards by staking ridiculous amounts of their tokens but they’re going about it the wrong way!! If you want business from people you first have to prove your worth and earn people’s trust and deliver on your promises. Had I received the card and used it and found the app useful there would have been every chance I would have upgraded to higher tier cards but as it’s happened Im totally disappointed with their failure to deliver. Will delete..Version: 3.89

Verification issuesI have been trying to get my documents but everytime after few minutes app says resubmit your docs. I even tried to upload different types of docs and tried the manual upload. Same thing is happening to my friend as well. I think there are some issues. I hope the dev team fix this up..Version: 3.86

Stopped workingI’ve been using the app since March and it has made it possible to get into crypto currencies. However the later releases have been unstable. It wouldn’t refresh data and it stopped displaying any of my purchases. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app to see if that resolved the issue and now it won’t even let me sign in. It displays a message to contact support. I’ve sent an email yesterday and am yet to receive a response. When working with a financial app, especially crypto currencies, response should be quick. I am missing out on dips, or maybe selling at a good price so there are financial losses that can be had if the app isn’t available/responsive..Version: 3.97

Absolute scam - no funds returnedI have transferred funds from a Revolut account. After 4 days checked why the funds still haven’t being shown on the app. After many attempts with customer supports, one of the guys have told me that the funds will return back into Revolut account, as this is not accepted by them. I’m on the 3rd week of waiting and still nothing. Every time I have contacted customer support for evidence that the return transfer have been processed, I’m receiving back a generally mail “as they are very busy and they will come back to me...”. Unfortunately, I start to read more about them after I’ve been burnt. On trustpilot you can see thousands on the same situation like mine. They just took the money. It is a complete scam ..Version: 3.92

False advertisingIt’s a real pity with this app as the concept/ vision is great. But the ad claiming that you can trade crypto “at true cost” is false advertising. It is just not true. The difference between buy and sell prices is just enormous. I’ve not experienced anything like it on any other crypto trading service. These guys could have a great business if they just played straight. Which they don’t. Their customer service is also a charade. It doesn’t exist. However moving money or crypto out of the app has not been a problem for me as it seems to have been for others (except that certain tokens are not yet depositable or withdrawable).Version: 3.86

Horrible App, Horrible Customer Service.To be honest, I downloaded this app a few years back and stop using it due to the horrible customer service response and had switched to Coinbase. Recently however, I learned about their debit card program and it’s benefits so I figured I’d give them another go. What a horrible idea that was! I noticed upon completion of my application that it hadn’t let me submit an address for shipping the card so I contacted their support center only to start a long uphill battle that would last me an entire day and still remain unresolved. I wanted to change my address for shipping but they had claimed it’s too late and because the address they have on file isn’t valid they’re not going to send the card regardless. I had asked for a refund of my money and they say they’re still going to hold it even though they can’t hold up their end of the bargain! After being left on read countless times, my questions denied being answered, submitting countless documents and photos I still couldn’t get them to send me a card. They left me on read for hours trying to complete a simple task. When I would ask for a manager I would be ignored every time. It’s just a horrible experience and it’s unsafe for individuals to use. Don’t mess with this company or this application..Version: 3.91

Pretty Good But Could Do With Some ImprovementI’m new to crypto and tried out a few different apps and this is my favourite by far, lots of tradeable coins and low/no fees. Pretty easy to use and easy on the eyes. However I would really like to be able to make stop loss and take profit orders. It would also be great to have the option of customising the charts, even a candle chart option would be nice. Also it’s really annoying how long it takes to transfer fiat currency in and out of the app from your bank account and that your wallet isn’t shared between the app and the desktop exchange..Version: 3.91

AddressIs this only for the US? Because I am in Canada I can’t seem to change the address and country. Even sin number? Why is it only US based.Version: 3.58

BEWARE: Money Disappears When Using Fiat WalletIf you are accustom to selling shares/coins and then waiting for the right moment to re-enter on a dip, this app isn’t for you (at least not at the moment). I just sold some Cardano and instead of transferring to another Cryto currency I went with the Fiat Wallet (the option that converts to USD). Two of my transactions are successful but the balance never updated. My money is god knows where right now. The replied on Facebook saying “..we are aware of the balances not being reflected accordingly in the USD Fiat Wallet”. They also mention its being worked on without giving a timeline. So I’m not sure when I’ll get access to that money. It’s frustrating that they are aware of the issue but did not push a notification or provide any alerts that this was happening! With this being an issue I would’ve made a different decision before my money disappeared..Version: 3.84

FIX THIS NOW !I am a Canadian with a large stake in crypto, but little did I know that Canada is not supported on this app yet. I have no way of width drawing my money. My money cannot be moved out of Fix this..Version: 3.64.2

Scam BEWARE, will arbitrarily Lock up your fundsThis app arbitrarily Locked up my funds for no reason whatsoever and applied an arbitrary “account review” to me. They have provided the ridiculous reason of wanting to verify my source of funds after having no issue soliciting me to deposit into the app. So they encourage a deposit and then lock up your funds. They then refuse to provide any customer service about the issue and want me to jump through a series of intrusive verification checks over my personal banking which is none of their business and a personal security risk for me to provide to them. It is decentralised, it is dangerous, they are a law unto themselves and this is not a place for your money, you have been warned..Version: 3.92

Avoid this App until they lower their withdrawal fees!Absolutely absurd withdrawals fees! Why does this app charge so much to move your coins? And it’s not just a little higher, it’s outrageously higher. Nothing to do with network fees either. Also when buying or selling you have to buy a minimum and when selling there is a minimum which then if you don’t have enough to sell what are you suppose to do? You also have to have a minimum to move off the exchange so the only option ends up buying more coins to sell or move! Such a scam. And lastly, when buying I notice the prices are higher than other exchanges and lower when selling! This company is ripping all of us off. Very annoyed and bought when I was newer into crypto and didn’t know better. Now I will definitely lose huge profits due to their company policies. Do not use until they change their fees! It’s definitely not easy to know this up front! Hope this helps others..Version: 3.92

Fraud. At the highest levelsYou are offered a $50 credit. Which you can not get until you put in $100. The value of the coin is minimal. It’s been 3 months and they still haven’t shipped my card. After 3 months of waiting now they want sensitive information such as a bank statement to verify my address when they already have my address. The staking feature is also misleading. It only gives you 2% back after you put in $1000s of dollars. Better off getting a citi card. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. They collect your very highly sensitive data and hold their free debt card hostage. There is no debt card. It should not take 3 months to ship a debt card. And the come back to say, we need to verify your address. Send us all your personal details. But before then they were stating that they haven’t shipped it due to Covid or a printing issue. You will see their BOT comment below stating to contact customer service. I did do this and the above is what was asked of me. Please do not download this. Use Coinbase or cash app. Not worth the headache..Version: 3.73

Terrible customer supportRecently staked in for the purpose of card, then they showed the message that, card not available in your country. Shouldn't it be shown in the front, before we stake in for 6 months. While staking in it shows will be shipped within 6 days. Also the support is terrible. It's been a week since I have asked about this and still now update....Version: 3.86

ScamThis company is scam They won’t let u do anything really unless u meet high limit Some ppl can’t afford Then when u want take out ur money or coins they won’t let u again I lost 50 usd oh well I will not add any more money unless I can take out my coins to my wallet scam scam.Version: 3.57

Good app, iffy customer serviceLove the app, but they’re a little too trigger happy with their fraud prevention, and froze my account after my first transfer. To get it unfrozen involved a kinda silly verification process (pic of me holding my debit card), but it took them all day to even review it. Meanwhile my ETH was stuck in limbo (the froze the transfer too), and it took me five hours to get in touch with customer support. Once they finally responded (very helpful and patient CS rep, especially since I was quite irate), they were able to unlock my account and process my transfer within a couple more hours. I’m all for good fraud protection, but if your standards for freezing someone’s account is so low, then you need to have a much faster way of resolving the issue. Seven hours is an eternity when dealing with cryptocurrency, and I could have lost a lot of money..Version: 3.82

Unable to withdraw my moneyI am unable to withdraw my money as it is really difficult to do it I asked from support of customer care but they are also not responding.Version: 3.94

Not ready for prime timeThese are my initial thoughts, as I’ve only used this app for a few hours. So far, I’m not impressed. When signing up, I was asked for my nationality. I entered it and followed their requested steps. The next day, it asked me to resubmit my documents, so I did. After again being asked to resubmit, I reached out to support who told me to check my spam folder. Yep, there’s the rejection, saying that I should ignore my nationality and instead use my country of residence. That’s annoying and two days wasted... So, I submit different docs and get confirmation within a few minutes. Awesome! I generate a BTC deposit address and send over a small amount for testing. Ten minutes later, I get a notification of the pending deposit, saying the amount will be available once there are two confirmations - pretty standard. Well, there are now four confirmations and my deposit is still pending. For reference, a transaction I sent after this on CoinSwap has already been deposited, which means two separate series of confirmations have completed. While some of their features are promising, their UI is misleading and backend functionality isn’t working as advertised. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this review with better news soon. Update: it’s now been over an hour and a half with eight confirmations - and my transaction is still pending. Update 2: deposit became available between ten and 12 confirmations. That’s pretty bad. We’ll see if I try again later....Version: 3.49.1

PLEASE LISTEN TO NEGATIVE REVIEWSThey restricted my account because I accessed form my iPad and they deemed it as suspicious activity so I can’t do anything in my account I can’t withdraw, sell trade or anything! I contacted them several times and I confirmed all the logins and I have sent a selfie with my name and date three times already and they still won’t help. The only time they answer is when I begin the support chat with “I want to close my account” they keep saying they need to confirm that my account is not under suspicious activity and that for me to close they have to enable my account I do all the steps they ask and nothing! Oh and they take forever to respond but if you take too much time to answer back they will close the chat and you’ll have to start the process again. The last thing I heard was “I’ll the revenant team to know that that have to enable your account” which was a week ago and they no longer answer. How many times do I have to confirm the logins? how more selfie’s do I have to send ? How many more chats do I have to start? This all started on the 16 of February it’s been over a month and still no help and no change. Please listen to negative review of at least this one and use any other app..Version: 3.88

App constantly freezingThe app constantly pauses and freezes and glitches but it seems to only be affecting me. No one else has this problem and I have even asked my friends and they don’t either. I’ve tried deleting and redownloading but it still acts like this..Version: 3.91

Great to invest, but hidden costs! Read!!The investment platform is good and very easy to use, also any fees are waived for the first 30 days. The debit cards however, promise cash back which is good, so I started on the 1% cash back card which came and worked well, then I invested £300 into their coin which allowed me to upgrade my card to the 2% version. AFTER I had committed my £300 for 180 days, it became clear to upgrade my card it would cost me £50!!!! reissuing fee.... which would then take £2500 worth of spending to recover. This was not clear at all until the last moment where I went to click to send my card,,, I was forwarded by customer service to a link on their website that has this information, but is not publicised or easily accessible in the natural flow of the app or process. Be aware of this and don’t trust this app. £50 to reissue a card is ridiculous and tells you all you need to know about a company trying to grab money off you unassumingly..Version: 3.98.1

Australians can’t withdrawAfter I did my deposit it took me a while to see it in my balance almost three weeks and now I tried to withdraw they said they have new government regulations and all withdrawals to Australia banks are on hold and can’t process any transaction. What the heck guys my money is stuck here for unknown further notice. Don’t create a shiny reputation while your service is terribly poor..Version: 3.56

Poor qualityIf you are thinking of using this platform as means to store and invest then think again, I strongly insist that you please don’t use this app. I have invested my own money into this app thinking it could lead me to financial stability one day but that is quite the opposite, when it comes to getting your own money back they try to keep onto it for as long as they can i.e I had a small amount of a currency but I couldn’t sell it as I had to invest more money to withdraw it into my fiat wallet which is BS, now they are converting everything to TGBP, I am trying to save you all time and money that is all. -Thanks.Version: 3.80

Don’t bother to answerIt’s been more than 15 days since I made support request for withdraw my money these stupid support staff doesn’t even bother to get back they just sent you auto generated email saying come closed chat and than they vanished . Real worst site.Version: 3.84

Buyer Beware!If you live in Canada DO NOT use this app! They are happy to take your money to buy cryptos on their exchange, but don’t tell you that you cannot convert your money back to CAD after purchasing cryptocurrency through their app! :-(.Version: 3.92

ScamDon’t use this app, everything about it sucks.Version: 3.92

Lies, wouldn’t trustSaid fees are free for 30 days. When purchasing says no fee. I check my bank account and was charged the 3% fee anyway. Contacted support about it, not getting responded to. Wouldn’t trust them with further purchases Edit: they left me a review to contact them. I did contact them through chat. I even sent my bank statement as proof and they refuse to accept they stole my money by charging me a fee. They claim they didn’t but my statement and my bank both conclude it went to them. Would not recommend risking it with this company. They are very rude. It also took them 1-2 days to get back to me and tell me my bank is wrong. They just point fingers and do the “check with your bank, it’s not on us” even though it’s obvious that if the statement says where the money went and the bank confirms it went to them that it went to them. But they won’t refund me. For anyone wondering it was $28 they stole from me..Version: 3.92

Very well executed scamStarts of great offering great interest returns, but don’t use thier card, I started to revive fantom CRO tokens, which I was asked by customer support to return due to thier error. So I moved some fresh crypto to buy the CRO at a now 25% increase, over 2 weeks later my card is still frozen, I have not heard from customer support in 5 days. And they have locked my crypto to crypto transactions so I can’t withdraw even if I wanted to. I’m stuck I have over 50k usd stuck on a platform that won’t respond to my messages. Please for the love of all things good don’t use this app if you value your money. Scammers everywhere.Version: 3.86

Still not able to login not getting the link in my mail :/Not getting link in my mail , done almost 10 times ,.Version: 3.83

Do your research/poor customer serviceI was/am new to crypto so when I was looking at what app to get this was the first one that popped up and then I just linked up my debit card and jumped headfirst into the app. After dumping a chunk of change I realized what if I wanted to withdraw my money only to find out my bank isn’t listed and I have no way of entering my routing/account number to my bank even though Coinbase uses the same plaid service and I can do it with them. So then I wanted to move all my coins to that app but then i got a new phone and forgot about the 2FA so I wanted to get it reset. I started a chat with the bot 3 days ago but haven’t heard anything so I sent an email only for it to be closed immediately due to me having already starting a chat with the bot. So right now all my coins are stuck on this app and I have no one to talk to.Version: 3.86

UNSAFE I REPEAT NOT SAFE USER BEWAREBeen with them 4 months at first liked there choice of coins and after a bit of learning begin to understand it's eco system. Then in February I deposited 1 of there BNB from another exchange like so many times before it never arrived into my account, I trippled confirmed my sending exchange had sent it with correct details Binance Support is Criminally incompetent, they kept playing games not replying or closing case without warning now April 70 days + found out others been hit with same errors now thinking of class action law suit it's BNB trading is flawed UNSAFE USER BEWARE.Version: 3.92

Verification -Fiat wallet delaysNew to this app. I’ve read every article and piece of info provided by the app. The support for this issue of setting up GBP Fiat Wallet was limited and the communication from the support team lacked a lot compared to other platforms I have used. This delayed my investment P&L tracking I use. Be aware delays in wallet set ups are in T&C so please read these. Also maybe look at setting up fiats as soon as you gain access to the app and before you invest...this issue has prevented me to pull profits from my investment during the rise and missing out on opportunities along the way:(.Version: 3.93

Falls really shortI was really excited about this app based on what it was supposed to do. It does not do what it should. The UI is extremely difficult to understand since they use odd terminology that would normally mean other things like “transfer” might mean to another wallet and not from one coin to another or you might need to select the word “sell” when you just want to convert one coin to another. It gets really confusing and is not user friendly at all. Support is very, very poor. I ordered the debit card and got an email saying it had been sent but it didn’t come. After a couple weeks I wrote to support but they never answered. I finally got the card two weeks later and activated it. I tried to top it off with the balance the app said I had but my balance was in their coin and it doesn’t have an option to use that for the card. I tried to sell their coin but it said it was locked. It turns out, the balance was from their “gift” which can’t be unlocked unless I buy more coins and stake them. It was complete deceit. I would not recommend this app at all and would give it zero stars if I could..Version: 3.84

I want to say it’s good...From the people I know that have used this app. They have all told me it’s great... but I can’t even get access to it I’ve had this app for a while now and I haven’t even been through the verification part, haven’t got the email, none of that. I’ve been stuck in 79 thousandth place for a long time and still am I want to give this app a good rating but I can’t.Version: 2.5

WithdrawalApp is terrible I have been trying to find out for weeks how I can withdraw if u are from nz they always make it easy to deposit money but when it comes to withdrawing they give u little to none information on how to do it if someone could get back to me it would be great.Version: 3.97

Listen to negative reviews!Con artists, scandals, rats... these are how I’d describe this company.... the verification crap is a joke, a ploy to keep your money in their hands... they set limits that increase as your money does, example being you have $5 in Bitcoin and want to sell, well the minimum limit is $6.... oh now you have $6? Wel the minimum limit is now $8..... I have $30 in Bitcoin, and I can’t transfer it out, I can’t sell it for another crypto, I can’t access MY MONEY no matter what I do!! I’ll be filing a report with apple to expose the con, as well as contacting other agencies and see about a class action law suit if this company isn’t willing to just release my money.... I work for my dang money and I don’t care if it’s a dollar, you try to take it and I’ll spend whatever is necessary to make sure you never do it to another.....Version: 3.91

Great app but MisleadingThis app is definitely not the worst. They offer a prepaid metal Visa card that you can load with your crypto wallet which is pretty awesome. It’s one of my favorite features, but my big hang-up is that I was losing significant amounts of money on trades and couldn’t figure out why. I finally realized that their graphs follow closely with crypto prices but aren’t exact - usually they’re above the actual prices. So when you sell, you tend to receive a lower amount & when you buy, you pay their advertised higher amount. I’ve time stamped some screenshots of this issue for reference where there was an advertised difference of $250 on Bitcoin prices. As a user if you’re going to invest long-term, this is a great app, but if you plan to day trade you may lose money. That being said, I still plan to use this app. The good definitely outweighs the bad if you know what you’re doing..Version: 3.85.1

Poor customer service.No one ever responds. Literally holding hundreds of dollar hostage. I cannot do anything with my account because their CS will not respond. AVOID..Version: 3.57

Bit of a scamThey’re still prominently advertising the metal cards even though they’re not issuing them at the moment. I’ve been waiting 5 months for mine..Version: 3.77

SIGN UP impossible!Great don't u just hate it when after hearing this is the app to get, so you download it, and after having to sign up, all attempts fail. Email confirmed next comes Phone number: which be validated! I tried an old mobile number that 041 worked my new number 049 cant be validated..Version: 3.84

Scam alertThis is a scam. You use interact etransfer and you do no receive your money. They will keep giving you excuses why your money is not in your account “its because their not giving you money “ they are just ripping you off. It says it will be processed in 1 hour and they dont process it. If you contact support they say their trying their best to work on the problem but they dont do anything. Risk your money but my advice is using a different site like coinbase or something where you wont be scammed at all..Version: 3.72.1

WithdrawalI can’t withdraw money. Withdrawal process is very hard in this app. Before you invest lot of money in it, make sure you put a little amount in it and then try to withdrawal the money. If you find a way let me know snap: The karma.Version: 3.92

I don’t normally do this but..These people have given me trouble ever since I started with them. They required an extensive amount of verification in the beginning and after I supplied them with everything they asked for I was able to use my account for a few months and did countless purchases and I used my wife’s card one time and it went against their policy and they shut my account down but they never told me why or anything. Disrespectful the entire time not helpful at all. Also this is the slowest exchange I’ve ever dealt with,That used to take upwards of 2 to 3 hours for bitcoin to show up wherever it was supposed to and I never have this problem with any other exchange or with my Exodus wallet or electrum. With so many to choose from why would you pick this one? Trash Edit: don’t insult me by reading none of what I said and copy and pasting some stupid answer about KYC. I have been verified to the fullest extent cause you guys had me taking all types of selfies with cards and ids etc. Attempt to care and read the review before wasting my time, god knows you’ve wasted enough...Version: 3.69

Sketchy appCouple things issues ive run into with this app, issue one i cant tranfer money to my bank account so it just sits there in their stuff, second when i try to buy crypto i get an error prompting me to call my bank and gives me a number which i called, they claimed they needed all my info to be able to allow me to purchase crypto like a safety check. thought it was shady so i called the actual bank of america and spoke with someone and gave them the number to which they said doesnt belong to them and my debit card is not locked and can be used for any purchased that they typically send a text and have you verify certain purchases and thats their security check. So beware of this app currently trying to get my money out of it and closing the account permanently..Version: 3.85.1

Finally got respond from customer serviceI’m see this app having ADA that Coinbase don’t so I’m in. But seriously things were not clear when people just got in. Also, leak on CUSTOMER SERVICE. 1. It says 0% fee on credit card in 30 days but I’m not been told I’ll be charged 5% cash advance fee, which means I check bank and realized I got charged $50 from every 1k trades. This is not friendly to a person who is new like me. 2.My $ is losing every time I exchange from one kind Crypto to another and I don’t even know why. 3. To withdraw, address verification need to be done first. After ONE MONTH my pending address verification finally passed. Customer service respond my message after 2 WEEKS, which takes way too long. I was upset while waiting. Fees are few percent higher than Coinbase but more altcoins here, and withdraw is much slower. But I do like the notifications I can set on price targets..Version: 3.87

Nonexistent customer service and unclear withdrawal guidelinesI began experimenting with Crypto and opened an account with this app last week. I found an app that works better for me and have been trying to withdraw my money from this app and close my account. I was not made aware during signup that I would not be able to withdraw amounts less than $100. I do not have $100 in my account and do not intent to have $100 in my account. I have contacted customer service three times. Twice in the app and once through email and have not gotten a response. It’s my money so I should not be told I cannot withdraw my own money if I have less than $100 in my account. Ps. Finally got a response and they still refuse to refund my money. I became very frustrated and used some choice words in one of my emails to them and their customer service person actually scolded me for talking like that. They’re literally more concerned with how I talk than they are with helping me out..Version: 3.86

Terrible Customer ServiceYou can never get a hold of anyone. It’s been over a week. I bought a coin that brought my balance up $900, so it went to $1900, when I sold what I got was $750+. I lost over $1250 because a coin jumped nearly 128%. I was never notified why this happened. I reached out to the CEO on LinkedIn, he responded one day and it’s been over a week with no response. I’ve spent 15k on their site and the international fees are ridiculous.. I don’t recommend the app at all. They could’ve warned me I would lose money when I sold a coin that I made money on. I had $1015 in the account, went to $1900 I sold and it went to $759. Why? Alert the user not to invest or don’t sell the coin on your website if this is going to happen. I’ve since lost over 2k on their site, I transferred the rest to another wallet and trading platform. Only positive thing is their card..Version: 3.59

Be carefulAll Canadian users don’t use this app !!! They don’t reply to help you with anything and won’t let me withdraw my money.Version: 3.90

The perfect app if you want your money held hostageIf youre looking for an app to invest money into only to never be able to pull it out because every single bank you try to link your account with magically doesn't work correctly or somehow just has an error! If you're looking to also invest 50 dollars with no fee only to see it really invested only 45 for some reason and never be told where the 5 went this is the perfect app for that! Money goes missing and your money becomes forever inaccessible by you and you get to watch some numbers on a screen forever knowing they'll always have your money and there is nothing you can do about it because youll just run into another rabbit hole of issues whenever you try and take out your earnings or get your randomly disappearing cash without explanation of where it is! I would highly recommend this app to anyone looking to invest and never see it again!.Version: 3.73

Your app needs improvementThe user access control is poor, and at this stage the app only shows the “status” of a pipeline of announcements. You say things like there is an open beta but haven’t communicated or explained it. Also an issue ongoing with the app which has been sent to support with no response relates to changing over phones followed by an issue when attempting to sign in with a number. Still a long way to go....Version: 2.7

Stole my sharesI purchased 2,000 shares of DOGECOIN before the spike and when I tried to sell, it transferred my shares into Bitcoin, when I realized what happened I quickly changed it back, but in the process I lost over 150 shares of Doge. I still cannot figure out how to just sell out and take my loss already and never use this app again. I tried customer service but I’ve been waiting over a week for one simple message back on how to sell. So I’ve just been losing even more money than I should’ve, when all I wanted to do was sell at the beginning instead of transferring. Terrible app, worse design, do not ever get this app, if I could do less than 1 star I would. Probably even worse than robinhood in my opinion because at least I could still sell on that app. Do not download this app it is only a headache..Version: 3.85.1

MeI was recommended this app and most features are really good. The options with credit card and gift vouchers are great. The only down size, if u are trading is the fees. Even in the first month where it’s “free” to trade I would have to buy at about 5% less to break even. Now the month is up and it’s a crazy amount they charge when you buy and sell. I’ll be looking for a better platform because of this.Version: 3.92

This app is crude version of what it could beFirst thing, the service is way too slow like verification took an awful lot of time which compared to other platform is actually ten times slower. Customer care and withdrawing money are also as slow as verification. And other thing I didn't like about this platform is that you cannot surf the app without verifying. I would’ve liked to at-least surf the app while my verification was pending. There is a lot of room for development. Only then it could compete with binance..Version: 3.84

Horrifying. They do steal your money with an illegal insufficient funds errorMy money is currently stuck in the app. When I try to liquidate my profits to my approved bank acct no matter how low I type in a withdrawal amount - I get an insufficient funds error message. If I try to trade the balance in crypto I get the same prompt. I believe this exchange steals your money and gives you a digital balance that you can’t actually use - probably to fund a variety of their other money grabbing schemes. They’re dabbling in too much and there’s no one to follow up with customers. Customers are literally helping each other on Twitter. I’m so glad I started with a small balance of 400 but I grew it to 700 before they started telling me I have insufficient funds to do anything else. I’ll let you know if this ever gets resolved. Am about to join Binance and see if I can get my balance moved there by any means necessary..Version: 3.84

Beware attempts to withdraw freeze app, no support6 month user So, the intro period lets you invest in crypto without cc fees, this was attractive and I was pleased. Fairly simple to navigate the app. The problems come in attempting to withdraw...this sma big part of the purpose, right? To be able to deposit, exchange, transfer and withdraw. For the past month or so, every single time I attempt to withdraw currency from the app, it freezes and will not function at all. Cant go back, forward, make changes...nothing but close out the app and start over. Inquiries with “support” have not resolved the problem....they”re sorry it takes the, so long to respond, but we can’t help. What good is it if you can only deposit, but never withdraw?! That’s worse than not working at all, since it’s got your funds locked up, but you can’t access them to use!.Version: 3.89

MisleadingI was interested in trying this service and was approved etc but after reading and looking into all the fine print.. it seems to be a pyramid scheme. The whole basis of the app is to encourage you to buy their crypto coin in order to get anything back of value. But most of the value returned is also in the form of their coin which can easily lose value. Not worth the risks. Also the sign up referral bonus isn’t even paid unless you stake $1500 first. I'm offering 3 stars though because despite all the issues I mentioned, it can still be a valuable resource for their crypto tracking and trading services, as well as a respectable interest rate (as long as you agree to a 3 month hold period). Worth keeping for those reasons, just wish it had better offers that don’t require CRO staking. The payment cards had my interest until looking further at the details..Version: 3.76

Can’t link bank cardHave tried a couple times to link my debit visa card (with BNZ), but am unable to link it properly and purchase any crypto. Have called the bank and they said that I need to talk to someone on this end to figure out what kind of card will be accepted..Version: 3.65.1

Extremely slow to replyThe site seems ok, lots that can be improved. My biggest issue is the time it takes for you guys to get back when I have an issue. It’s all good saying time and time again due to unforeseen issues we are struggling to get back to everyone, hire some more people for crying out loud, you want to be a leader in this, well you need to perform. Been waiting for days now for something I deem very important..Version: 3.65

An absolute train wreck of an appMy account was disabled for literally using the app. I bought numerous cryptos and decided to move some eth to a wallet. Shortly after I’m disabled... They then send me an email wanting a selfie with me holding my card. Support has no idea when they will reactivate the account and my money is just stuck now on their exchange. Support claims they take security seriously but their logic when it comes to security is severely flawed! That’s like inviting someone to your home, shooting them in the leg when they enter, ask for their ID, then apologizing later, claiming you just take security seriously! An absolute joke of an exchange and I’ve never been so angry with an app. Cash App works flawlessly... hmmm, I wonder why they can handle things but this joke of a company is clueless. I still have no access to my own money..Version: 3.78

Keeps crashing on my IPhone 11pro Max. No support. CanadianKeeps crashing on my IPhone 11pro Max. No support. Canadian.Version: 3.91

Log in loopCannot log in at all Put email in got an email with a link to log in Click on the link App opened Asks me to log in again and repeat..Version: 3.93

Money StolenAs far as I am concerned, these providers are inept at being able to carry out the most basic of service provider functions and would suggest people do not use them. I have been unable to purchase any coins for the past 6months because they changed the security settings and I forgot my trader password. Despite there being a basic solution across every website in the history of the internet, Cypto seem to find this an impossible task. I have tried almost everyday for a month to get a response from the ‘support team’ but get nothing more than a robots response saying we are busy and will take a day to respond - and get referred to their help centre which says to contact Customer Support. Genius. This is small fry compared to them giving me a bank account to transfer money into which in turn turned out to be false and no money showed up in my account. Avoid this platform and seek any alternative..Version: 3.94

The app on IOS is so bad!On apple devices, this app keeps freezing and lagging. I even tried uninstalling and downloading again and now its not letting me log in it loads for 5 min and then gives me an error. So frustrating!.Version: 3.91

False advertising, ScamIf you are here for the MCO card. Do not bother, they wont issue it anymore because they dont have a vendor right now. And if you have made a CRO stake (6months) for the card then it’s too bad, no benefits for you. You cant cancel your stake either. All i can do now is wait for 6 months for my money to get my money back with no MCO Metal card or cashback benefit as promised. Tried hard to talk to the support. No solution given. They dont care. Becareful when you are trading here, fee is quite high. Lots of promises and false advertisement which sounds good but you might ended up stuck like me. Use at your own risk. For me, i would not recommend it to anyone. Regret it so much..Version: 3.67

Can’t withdraw crypto unless I have 0.003 worth of bitcoin.Can’t withdraw bitcoin to my wallet unless I have at least 0.003 worth of bitcoin. That’s like $400 worth of bitcoin, basically forcing me to buy more crypto just so I can get my bitcoin out..Version: 3.59

Very IrritatedI’ve had this app for 3 weeks now and have experienced the app taking forever to load on 4 occasions, whether I’m on or off WiFi. When it finally loads it deletes any saved information and you have to wait until I decides it wants to update your account. When I click on profile, it tells me to resubmit my verification information like SSN number and Address. I logged out and tried to logged back in hoping it would fixed the issue, but after inputting my information it takes long to load and after it finished loading it tells me to try again. On the last time I told me to try again, I tried and it tells me to contact customer service. Very frustrated. Other than the loading and crashing issue it’s a good app to use for crypto buying but it’s irritating when you have to take minutes to have access to your information..Version: 3.84

Long Way to Go to improve!!This app has a long way to go! I’m giving it 3 stars but it’s probably a 2 star app if that! The main reason for the low rating is that most of the buys I have tempted while connected to a strong WiFi connection have timed out! Just today I tried placing an order 5 times with my bank sending the text confirmation within seconds of the pin being entered only to have the App take for ever & time out on the purchase! This problem has occurred on multiple days using multiple payment methods! Another misleading problem with the app is they list multiple crypto currencies that they don’t trade! You actually have to CLICK in to the currency before you can see if it’s buyable on this app! Most of the crypto’s they have listed you can’t buy with this app! LONG WAY TO GO!!!.Version: 3.84

Avoid if you are British!Why make it super easy to deposit GBP without warning that you cannot withdraw GBP. So basically whatever cash you deposit, say goodbye to it! Unless you are going to transfer the Crypto to another platform and withdraw there. Also the RIDICULOUS amount they deduct from your sales of Crypto just leaves you feeling robbed every-time. I read someone say earlier that if they just operated fairly they could have been the best platform because they have a large selection of avail crypto’s unlike Coinbase. But they just can’t help themselves smh. Also once you sign up you’re on your own, they will not want to hear from you so do not expect any response to emails or “chat” assistance. You’ll be chatting to yourself :-(.Version: 3.87

Do no use if you want to withdraw your moneyI was very disappointed and still not happy with the way the withdrawal system works fiat wallet withdrawal was not hard to find and do but you have to deposit money into the fiat wallet separate of the crypto part in order to be able to withdraw, there is a $100 limit for withdrawing and it is very sketchy as I had to bank transfer the money to a bank in Lithuania and it took two weeks to go through after having to wait for the email now it has processed a month later my bank account is non withdraw-able according to the app so my money was stuck in the fiat wallet for many months but i figured I could rebuy Bitcoin then send that to my wallet on my Binance account which this worked perfectly although you have to have at least 0.003 Bitcoin to transfer and lastly it’s a really bad system compared to it’s competitors as I can instant deposit money straight from a card but have to wait long and mess around with bank transfers.Version: 3.88

Take your money and like to hold on to itIt is very easy to deposit money and has minimum transactions for all way to take it off again. They call it crypto dust and you can use it to buy their coin. Yeah right, well done guys, you tricked me 👍.Version: 3.84

Withdrawal in NZYou have got to sort out the issue with not being able to withdraw NZD or at least suggest me other ways to withdraw money back into my bank account 🤬.Version: 3.93

SCAMAVOID!!!! if you live in Canada you have no way of taking your money back once invested. Customer service will not answer or help.Version: 3.64.2

JerksTo register I had to supply pics of my ID front and back and also selfies, etc. They took over a week to “verify” me when they said it could take 2-3 days. Reached out to customer service in their “chat” feature, but they didn’t respond until several hours later at like 2am and all they said is that it could take a couple days, and then a few minutes after that they closed the chat because I was unresponsive. Then, it turns out they “can’t verify” me... not sure why. No option to check pictures or answer questions or anything, so I reached out to customer service again. Same thing, no response until several hours later in the middle of the night, only to tell me THEY DONT HAVE TO TELL why they reject people, and then closed the chat because I wasn’t responsive. Super disrespectful to treat people like that who have trusted them with their sensitive info. At least have the courtesy to explain what’s going on or give an opportunity to work through whatever the mystery issue is. All my accounts are in good standing. I have no idea why they wouldn’t approve me except *maybe* that I am conservative and they have opinions about that..Version: 3.84

Be very careful read before purchasingI transferred money to the app to trade. I done this well and made a gain from it. So I ended the trade. Had £1118. So transferred it to flat wallet. There was £1080? You have to also pay 3% to buy the crypto. Then it so they had me for £38. Then I tried to withdraw it. Can’t withdraw it to uk banks? But can deposit to it? This app is one big scam. I called customer services. They were very unhelpful. They transferred me to an online operator. She was unhelpful too. Still can’t get my money back. Also the money now in the flat wallet keeps going up and down. How is that when you have withdrawn it from trading? I would say don’t purchase this app if you are in the uk whatsoever. I’m now out of pocket massively.Version: 3.84

Can’t Verify My AddressI installed the app because I wanted to move away from Coinberry (more options with this one) followed all the steps to be verified and then submitted a bill to verify my address. It’s been over 2 weeks now and my address has not been verified which means I cannot transact. Reaching their support is a complete waste of time, it just sends me automated responses that offer no help. All I want to know is if my address can be verified or if I need to upload a different document. Because of this I had to continue using Coinberry instead to purchase my crypto this weekend. Unfortunate..Version: 3.92

Do not use this app / Very bad customer supportI literally got my verification request declined five times even after submitting very clear pictures of myself and my driving license.Their support barely replies and even if they reply the replies are not helpful they are extremely busy and understaffed.If you have a technical issue with them you are done with your money. Save yourself some trouble and do not download this app. My suggestion is to go with an alternative to buy cryptocurrency this is not the only app which will let you do that..Version: 3.92

Customer service - 100 starsApp is great, easy to use many different features, quick trades and low fees. Customer service is not there, no one responds to chats / emails. So if your signing up for the crypto card and what to ask questions there is no one to talk to. For this reason I give the company 1 star. If they can improve and get customer service that could reply within 24 hours with a detailed correct response this would improve there app. Overall not worth it because to many things could go wrong with no support. Of your investing your money and have issues no one can help you get it back..Version: 3.84

Only works for AmericansI love it but I can’t take my money back because I live in Canada and I need a zip code 🙃.Version: 3.58

Unauthorized charges in Gibraltar???This happened a year ago or so. I had a bad experience with this app & lost money. I noticed unauthorized charges happening on my bank account from Gibraltar (a place I’ve never visited) that were affiliated with this app. When I brought it to their attention, they banned my account and access. Fortunately, I notified my bank first. Customer service is not on top of things at all. It takes too long to get a response and issues are not even resolved when they finally do respond. I only trusted this website because they seemed reputable from a cypto conference that my friend attended in the Bay Area. I liked the fact they offered the card but now it’s useless since I can’t access the funds I put on it. I’m thinking Nexo might be more reliable in that regard when their card is made available. I would never trust this website again. Unauthorized charges were made numerous times..Version: 3.80

Scanner won’t workI’m trying to pay something online and my scanner is only saying “Rescan QR code” I’m like I put some money on it for nothing?.Version: 3.17

New users be awareI am fan of crypto, in fact I have invited more than 10 of my friends and families to open account with them, however I had a very bad experience recently with crypto, I have upgraded my card from the blue one to the ruby one I have accepted the charge of £50 in order to get the new card, I have been advised that my blue card will keep working until I receive the new card, fact is they didn’t really do that!!they have cancelled my card more than 10 days ago now and I’m still waiting for my ruby card arrive. I understood from crypto representative that they have high demand and that it will be a delays, also they have advised me it can take up to 2 weeks until I receive a new card. I had a balance of £45 in my blue card, after they have change the viewing of my blue card to the ruby on the app the balance went to zero and I’m still waiting for them to explain why the balance went to zero. Please be aware if you want to upgrade your account you’re going to be charged a lot of money to do so. New users make sure to pick the most suitable card for you when you open the account. I hope from crypto to fix this bad communication, The only way we can communicate with your staff is through the chat platform, it’ll be great if we can give us the right information so we know exactly where we standing..Version: 3.76

InjectionDoing this for a verification.Version: 3.92

Do not useThey charge 4% for you to use your bank card to make a transaction and they won’t allow you to transfer your dogecoin to your own personal wallet. Scam alert..Version: 3.82


Crashes, ‘lost’ money and awful customer serviceThis app is inadequate to deal with the number of users. It runs slow, times out and has crashed with me 2 times now after authorising payments with my bank so have been charged but the purchases has not shown up in the apps wallet so the money has went missing. Cryptos Customer service has been awful trying to resolve the ‘lost’ money 4 days in and I still have no indication of when I’ll get a refund, never mind the fact the money that has been lost on the gains. I won’t be using this app going forward, I’d advise to check other apps before this one.Version: 3.94

Not user-friendly, lots of crashesApp is not intuitive. No idea how to purchaee crypto. It appears some coins require minimum spends and don’t allow fractional buys like other apps. There are lots of pop ups promoting a visa credit card but no explanation of how to stake CRO or how this currently converts from dollars. Today, the app has crashed on me 4 times and wouldn’t load. This is somewhat embarrassing as just yesterday I promoted this app to a friend and helped them sign up. On a related note, the referral bonus was never applied to my account even though I walked my friend through set up and witnessed my code being applied..Version: 3.84

Not really pleasedI decided to use this platform as coin base is costly in terms of their transaction fees. I’m Not impressed even by the slightest. They let you deposit money effortlessly but when it comes to withdrawal it’s an absolute nightmare. It appears they have temporarily disabled the fiat wallet for UK traders because of the UK leaving the EU of that was the case they should have disabled deposits also!. I have followed their procedures in terms of depositing money to my crypto account via an international transfer I have sent proof of my bank account ownership and yet I’m still unable to withdraw my money from their platform I wouldn’t recommend this platform to anyone. I will stick with Coinbase in future at least I know I will have no issues albeit expensive transfer fees. Sort it out crypto I need my money back!.Version: 3.83

Poor Customer ServiceI’ve waited over a week now for account approval. In this time they’ve asked for my ID to be resubmitted. I’ve received emails instructing me to confirm my phone number. All of which I’ve done. Family and friends have all been approved almost instantly. They provide no way to contact them. When you reply to their emails, you get a kickback email telling you to continue the conversation in their message board. The problem is that conversation is locked leaving you no way to speak with anyone. I suggest using one of the other platforms out there where you’ll be able to receive help when you need it. They’ve now asked me to re-submit my documents for a 3rd time. It’s been over two weeks trying to get approval. They provide no means of direct contact in order to work through whatever issues they are having. You just have to sit idle and wait. Truly a broken system..Version: 3.84

You will not receive card or stake bonusIf you are currently waiting on your 6month stake bonus and card, or are thinking about depositing, be wary as these are no longer available but that will not be communicated to you. Read other more recent reviews (late 2020) for most accurate feedback.Version: 3.69

Terrible customer serviceI’ve been trying to get assistance for days with no response , trying to withdraw money from the app is brutal, I don’t understand why I need to submit document after document. I’m concerned my money will be trapped in here. Update! Still no Andee from this app customer message center and I still can’t get my money out of this god forsaken app!!! WARNING do not download this app I’m so infuriated.Version: 3.84

Useless appDon’t download this app. You will waste your time. Crypto transfer charges are so high and app is too slow. Its really hard to take your money out..Version: 3.91

APP IS FREEZINGApp isn’t loading my account balance after today’s so called “update” this is ridiculous.Version: 3.91

Upgrading card huge delivery issues.Upgraded my card over a week ago. New card hasn't even been shipped yet. Might take few more weeks if not months. Going to competitors..Version: 3.73

Withdraw issuesI am from the UK and I am struggling to cash my winnings out! There should be a section where you can add your Visa card and the money gets transferred . I have emailed crypto and no one is replying. My money is stuck! Pls help! I dnt want to transfer the money into crypto or change the currency to EU which is soo is suggesting (still unsure ) I basically want my money transferred from the App into my VISA CARD. Pls add this option! Why isn’t this option on the app , this feature should be added by the programmers and the owners of crypto!.Version: 3.88

Your money is not safe. (Poor security)The security is very poor. All my bitcoin cash was taken. Fortunately my banking apps are much more secure. I am actually very lucky that I was just about to invest a lot more in bitcoin cash. I definitely will now not do that and I would not recommend anyone else do so. To make matters more frustrating, the so called “support” has been very slow and unhelpful in any way at all. Invest in this app at your own risk but don’t be surprised to find your balance zero and don’t expect assistance..Version: 3.75

Good app but not stableI am using this app this almost 4months & invested a bit, the overall user experience is good and works well in transfer funds but the big issue is it’s not stable and at several occasions it takes huge time to upload (approx between 5mins-2hours). I have lost some trade opportunities and lost money several time because I couldn’t buy crypto on time due to this technical issue and price rocketed later..this is serious problem and I checked with other friends in different location or Cities and they were facing the same problem at same time..developer have to really work on their network stability & down time otherwise I am surely moving in a month or so to other crypto app to future trade and taking all my investment out from here ... and pretty sure many will soon if this continues...hope this bugs resolves at lighting speed by company and I don’t have to move as it’s pain on both ends....also customer service response via chat is too slow and the chatbot is worst to understand your’s quite frustrating...Version: 3.94

Apple please remove this app.This app is scamming people’s money. Sent my e-transfer $ to the new account and never received it. It has been more than a week. Customer service via chat say they will look into it but never got back to me!.Version: 3.92

I want to like this appI downloaded this app after hearing about the card involved and being interested. The process to get the card is to make an investment of a certain amount into their currency. That’s fine and I did that but it’s the first step in the application. I stay in military barracks and we receive our mail at a UPS store where I have a mailbox. I have received a debit card here and this is where I receive mail. Customer service is absolutely not willing to send the card anywhere but my physical address despite me informing them that it will not be delivered. Customer service has been overall unhelpful and the lack of an ability to speak to a person on the phone is frustrating. It’s odd that someone that really wants to give them their business is being stonewalled like this. The investing side of the app works and seems to run well but I am very frustrated with the customer service and process as a whole..Version: 3.73

Total scamPaid the £50 re-issuance fee to upgrade to the Ruby card (yeah you need to pay £50 every time you tryna upgrade) for like 5 weeks still waiting for the so called metal card that does not exist. Contacted the customer services, response was slow and they said they could not do anything to chase it up because they ‘simply forward the card requests to the card vendor who issues and ships the cards’. What a scam. Oh and guess what, it’s 2021 and you still cannot chat to one of the assistant freely. You need to speak with the useless bot and let it decide whether you should speak to a human or not. The whole process was bizarre and frustrating. Avoid this scam at all cost!.Version: 3.93

BUTBrilliant app, simple to navigate BUT if you’re getting excited to use their crypto card, don’t be because I’ve been waiting for a month and still not received it, I’ve traded enough CRO to upgrade but I can’t because my card status is still pending. The customer service agents are either undermanned or never at work because their “typical 1 day to reply” isn’t correct, I’ve been waiting weeks for a reply. Also no GBP Fiat wallet since December..Version: 3.88

Impossible to withdraw, absolute scam!!!I was shocked to have this experience considering the high ratings. The difference between the buy and sell price are ridiculous which means that you need make at least over 20% to get any profit. After understanding this I tried to withdraw my money and this is where I realized that I have been scammed. It is impossible to withdraw any money from here. They ask you to deposit more in order to verify your account then you can withdraw, but then they also steal that deposit. No matter what you do not use this app. After you request a withdrawal they start asking you for ridiculous amounts of paperwork which they never review and there is absolutely no customer support regarding this issue because once you ask to withdraw they turn into a completely different animal. Please do not use this app!!!!!.Version: 3.80

Not workingThe app is not working. When I try to log in it asked me to verify my email address. As soon as I do this, it jumps back to the login screen. And the whole proses starts over. Can you PLEASE fix this.Version: 3.84

Could not create accountRefused over and over to accept my application saying my passport photo was wrong (it was clear) or the selfie was unclear (it wasn’t) there was no way to contact staff, and also no way to delete my half created account. Waste if time..Version: 3.94

App reviewDo not recommend for New Zealand users, I deposited $1500 and it’s been 5 weeks and I’ve messaged the company a dozen times and still nothing has been sorted and my money hasn’t loaded onto the app, so unprofessional!.Version: 3.93

Stay awaySeriously your going to lose money to this app..Version: 3.84

Selling for NZDEasy to buy using NZD but have to go through other places to sell with mean spending more to transfer crypto.Version: 3.97

Gonna carry onGoing to keep leaving bad reviews on this as i think when your doing well with your crypto and you open the app it’s designed not to open or go extremely slow so you cant have your money, never seems to do this when your doing rubbish or putting money in , so youll keep getting weekly 1 star reviews and im even going to screen record its functionality to show every one this is down right rong and everybody should stop using this app til they either admit it and fix it or completely switch to another app and bever use this again its a disgrace.Version: 3.96

Not workingThe app has completely stopped working as soon as dogecoin started going up and now i cant see what its at or if its going down or anything.Version: 3.91

GBP! Big problemYou cannot withdraw GBP from the app! It is happy to take your GBP and doesn’t notify you anywhere that it’s an issue before you download the app/make a GBP payment (so they are happy to take your money - good luck getting it out). So, when you go to sell it’s impossible! You can withdraw to a EUR balance, but a) you then carry an FX risk, b) have to make a EUR deposit before you can withdraw (and then get hit with the EUR spread!). In short, DO NOT Touch if you are based in the UK (which is frustrating due to their sponsored ads targeting you). Oh, and i have raised multiple chats on their support but no one ever gets back up you - so good luck trying to speak to anyone. It’s probably not down to dishonest behaviour, just too many user to support..Version: 3.84

Maintenance when coin pumpAbsolutely sucks, get stuck every time when coin price go up, even just one coin, they can’t handle it, NEVER USE CRYPTO.COM unless you love to lost money🤮🤮🤮.Version: 3.91

Useless company and terrible customer serviceAll of it looks and sounds great until you try it. Any credit card I added to try to make a purchase through the app is immediately declined. These attempted charges do not even show up on my side, as if they don’t even attempt to go through, just instant denial. Customer service is virtually non existent. I highly recommended you keep your money away from these people because when you have a problem it will take weeks/months for a response and even at that point your problem won’t be solved. I submitted a support request with multiple questions and received a response weeks later asking if I still needed help. They didn’t even attempt to answer my questions but instead asked if I still needed help. It’s like they assumed I already gave up on them and didn’t want to waste their time with me at that point. Overall a terrible experience..Version: 3.59

Bank Transfer to NZD currencyI like this app but I wish you can withdraw your crypto to more than just USD and EURO cause I’m from New Zealand so that means I have to use a different app now but this app was okay for the time being.Version: 3.88

Pointless and pretty much uselessThe spread is ridiculously wide; you’d end up losing 6 to 12 times the amount you would have paid for an average commission with other brokers per trade. It doesn’t have Exchange, so you’re pretty much playing roulettes and hope your gains don’t end up getting spent on the spread when trading. If the value of your coins drop in the middle of the night or when you’re away from your phone, good luck managing your losses. The only possible way it could be useful is when you’re holding your coins long term, but then you’ll have to worry losing money on conversion and then fees transferring them out. I bet they make a ton of money with how wide the spread is and the difference in conversion. When you’re buying and selling, there are options to convert it to either CRO, USDM, or BTC. I find the USDM to have smaller conversion difference but good luck with being consistent with choosing it. Those three options get shuffled all the time as if it is designed with the purpose of making you make mistake in choosing their own coin CRO. The whole thing is sketchy..Version: 3.78

STAY AWAY!! Cannot withdraw, No supportI have tried to withdraw my asset into my crypto wallet and this transaction requires an email confirmation. The app claims that it has sent me the confirmation email but I never received the email. I have checked that there is no mistake in the email address, I have confirmed that the email is not in my junk folder. I have also tried resending the confirmation email but it did not work. I have contacted the support but no one got back to me after more than 72 hours. I checked Reddit and found out that many other users are experiencing the same email issue and also being ignored by the support team for more than 2 weeks. Being able to withdraw my asset is a fundamental feature that should always work and I can’t trust an app to handle my asset if it can’t even get the basics right. STAY AWAY!!.Version: 3.84

They can suddenly close the systemThe system is very terrible; they can close it whenever they wish to as they did when DOGE jumped crazily high. Their only response is “sorry it was an unscheduled maintenance”. I believe an online high risk business dealing with cryptos should not have a maintenance of such without prior informing its client. Also, they are earning high commissions from every single trade& transaction (hidden commissions) while they promise to be a commission-free platform. What I personally experienced and learned from this app is that one must read trustpilot’s reviews first and then decided to invest money..Version: 3.92

DisappointedI was one of the first to sign up for early access when the MCO app first launched, and I already have the red metal card from staking 50 MCO for 6 months. I was really looking forward to using my card I waited so long for, but it seems I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up. First off, topping up the card is a nightmare. It never should have launched in its current state. It requires that you wire money from your bank to another using checking and routing number (all US establishments charge a transfer fee which costs around $35 at most banks). So each time I’d want to top up my card, it’d cost $35.. not cool. Beyond that – as if that part isn’t enough to steer away 99% of potential users – there still isn’t a way to export a transaction summary for tax purposes. So if you do actually load the card and use it often, then you literally have to write out each transaction and deposit on your own. I can’t imagine there are many people out there actually using this right now. I mean who wants to waste their time entering each transaction / MCO reward deposit into a spreadsheet to bring to their tax advisor when tax return time comes around? Fix these major issues and I’ll update this review. Until then, I guess I’ll just be using my Apple card..Version: 3.35

FrustratingI started out ok with this app but I’m really not impressed with how well equipped it is for trading. High traffic slows the app down so much that all your transactions time out and you need to keep trying (all the while the price is changing rapidly). Recently I bought an amount of a certain coin and, whilst it took it from my bank it did not show up in the app. I am now 48 hours waiting, and the chat help only responds within a day. Hardly the slick system I’d expect of a trading app!! Going to seek alternatives..Version: 3.94

Scam companyI invested 5million dollars, when I tried to transfer money to different wallet. It will pending forever, basically all your money invested in will be gone.Version: 3.92

Where’s the withdrawal to bank option.Before you go putting any funds into this application I suggest that you ask yourself will you need to withdraw those funds anytime soon, if the answer is no then carry on with the investment. But if the answer is yes then look at using another app like Coinbase, as you do not have the option to withdraw your own money back into your bank account with crypto. Other than that it’s fairly decent, with lots of cryptocurrencies to choose from..Version: 3.24

Scam!!!Do not use in Canada. Once you transfer crypto to the app there is no way to get it off the site!.Version: 3.57

Great but a couple of flaws1. A great app, easy to use 2. User friendly 3. Their referral program makes it impossible to make anything as they require the person you are referring to stake over $900 of their coin. Coinbase pays you just for making a trade. (Not getting paid to say this but if they want to be better than beat your competition) 4. Support takes forever to reply 5. To transfer funds to the crypto card is not an easy process 6. I like the hide your balance feature, that’s cool 7. Getting a statement for tax purposes? Ha, good luck. In their faq section basically says, you’re on your own. Great support ... 8. The website is just marketing for the app, there’s no actual website to sign on. Unless I’m missing something then it’s because it’s not easy to find. 9. The giveaways are cool but seem more scammy as there is really no proof of anyone actually winning anything ... 10. They have some work still. I would suggest you do your due diligence and if you still use them, track your transactions otherwise you’ll have quite the work to do... Not a bad app but not as great a their marketing makes it out to be. Will I still use them? Yes? Why? Because I have faith they will read this and improve or fall behind and never be # 1..Version: 3.86

Auto correct ruined everything!There is no option to edit your name once an account is made so my iPhone decides my last name isn’t bow it’s now. Now I can’t change it, their support is ignoring me they have all my forms of Id and I have been requesting an account deactivation for about an hour..Version: 3.75

Review my application alreadyFor Canadians- This application requires a hugh amount of private information and they say it will take about 2 days to do screening but it’s been over a week since I gave them all the bloody proof of address they need. Be ready to miss out on great deals because the developers of this app have the laziest people working for screening process..Version: 3.92

New user Feb 2021I’m new to this app my friend told me about it but he’s having trouble withdrawing at the moment. After reading many reviews on here about the same withdrawal problems I’m scared to deposit any money on here. Its a shame the customer support won’t answer queries on here, you’d get a lot more customers if this issue was fixed! Please let us know if you intend on making it easier for withdrawals so as new customers we don’t delete the app as soon as we see the reviews on here..Version: 3.84

They don’t let you withdrawIf you don’t have a lot of money to invest in crypto, don’t use this. I try to withdraw my Bitcoin to a different address and it says I need 0.003 Bitcoin when the minimum transfer is 0.001? And if you try to withdraw with fiat, it also makes you deposit 50 dollars or more to ‘confirm’ your bank account.Version: 3.84

ScamDo not trust this app. Of all the trading methods I’ve come across this one is by far the worst. Limit amount of currencies that you can actually trade. The layout is confusing, and people seem to only be recommending it based on incentives. The market data is also not reliable by a long shot. The graphs never match the actual current prices, and is limited to only an 8 hour snap shot. No zooming in, or getting real time stats. They lure you in with free trades for a month, but after that there’s no way it’s worth paying this company to trade as they offer nothing credible to justify it. Their debit card options are based on their poorly earning in-house crypto that doesn’t hold much value at all. The kicker is that you have to stake a set amount of money to keep any rewards you would benefit from staking. Specially when you end up likely going broke keeping your money with them. If your looking for trading crypto look elsewhere. Even the limited options with Robin Hood and Webull still give far more in-depth stats with free trades. Be warned..Version: 3.92

So terrible I had to write a review!!!I’ve never reviewed an app before like it or not but had to based on how terrible this app is! I sent an email for support and still have not received anything yet. The fiat wallet had shown pending for days even after uploading documents it wanted. I will delete this app and invest my money else where once my account has been closed. Avoid this app - I would give Zero stars if I could!!!!!!.Version: 3.92

Con artistsThey take your GBP but when it comes to cashing out there is no option to withdraw in GBP, only to their crappy cryptocoin or to other crypto currencies. The only way to withdraw to actual currency is convert to euros and then use revolut to convert. This is also an exacerbated process as you then have to deposit money IN to then be able to withdraw, and it takes them two to three days allocate the payment (they say- I’m still waiting so juries out) so not sure if this process will even work. Try and contact their customer support through chat to find solutions and you won’t get an answer (I’ve been waiting two days and no response so far). An absolute joke from start to finish- avoid if you don’t want to waste time and money..Version: 3.83

Don’t use as you can’t get money out in British poundAnyone considering this app , please do NOT. Myself family and friends have all used to invest in Bitcoin. It’s is not a trading platform and we are all now unable to get out money out into British pounds Sterling . They take your money in GBP but have said that we need a Euro bank account to enable us to get our money out. They are blaming the fa t that all changed recently due to EU trade agreement, yet like every other company , they have had ample time to make sure their facilities were ready . They claim It could be weeks until anyone is able to withdraw their money into pounds Sterling . What con artists !!!!.Version: 3.79

This app stole my money from my account!This app is the worst! I would stay clear of it and download Binance or Coinbase. They take forever to answer your queries. They closed my account without an explanation and they stole my money from my account before they even bothered to get back to me on how I could withdraw my funds. You can’t even withdraw any funds transferred to your bank account so once you deposit say goodbye to your money! ABSOLUTE SCAM!!! Stay clear once you transfer money into this app you won’t see it again! THEY SAY “PLEASE GET IN TOUCH VIA IN-APP CHAT.” I CANT BECAUSE THEY CLOSED MY ACCOUNT FOR NO REASON SO I CANNOT ACCESS THE IN APP CHAT! THEY ALSO HAVE SNEAKY WAYS OF ENCOURAGING YOU TO PURCHASE THERE “CRO” COIN. DO NOT! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND MANIPULATE THE TRENDS! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!.Version: 3.94

Selling issuesI found this app really good and worked clearly. However in December 27th 2020 we were told that they were looking for a new GBP provider to sell our crypto. The company did give us notice but however did not tell us how long this would take. Now almost 3 months on and we are still unable to sell any of our crypto assets but we can buy them?? This is very annoying as if you’ve made a profit on your crypto you cannot sell it to GBP fiat wallet and have to withdraw it to another app to sell which of course includes fees..Version: 3.86

How is this legal?How can they just steal money from you straight from your bank account. How. Can’t even transfer funds to another wallet to take it out. If you live in Canada they are preying on people. Wish I read the reviews first because this hurts. I feel like crying. I don’t have a lot of money and this is what I get for attempting to learn how to invest..Version: 3.91

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