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BetterMe: Health Coaching App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

BetterMe: Health Coaching app received 201 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using BetterMe: Health Coaching? Can you share your negative thoughts about betterme: health coaching?

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BetterMe: Health Coaching for Negative User Reviews

Rip Off Do Not Get This AppThey will gladly take your money, will not respond to cancel requests and provide no service whatsoever. I tried this app & it’s good but it’s not for me. I contacted customer support to cancel my subscription soon after downloading. I was asked why I want to cancel, and after replying I have received no response to my cancellation request but they have the nerve to still charge me even though I was well within the cancellation period. I have tried since January 27th to cancel. It’s a complete rip off!! Save your money and try a different app..Version: 8.5.0

Bad experienceI just installed the app and i dont want to continue anymore there are no options showing me up for the subscriptions as it is a one month it is gonna renew next month and i dont want it. What can i do.Version: 7.27.0

DisappointedBe careful when getting this app . I thought I was getting the chance to try for free and then I could cancel but no I got charged $199 and although I could cancel I got charged for the year. I only wanted to try it for a week and see how I got on. A very expensive lesson. I did not get given an option of any lower packages until I went to cancel. Plus the writing size of the terms is very tiny and hard to see . Mmmh ......Version: 2.12.5

Annoying add on sellingAfter using the app for 3 days having paid for a 1 month subscription covering meal planning and exercises each recipe now has a lock symbol on it. When trying to access the recipe the screen is covered with an ad to up sell me to an annual subscription. Whilst I can click off that screen and finally access the recipe (already paid for in my 1 month period) it was not obvious that this would be the case. The app is misleading and I will not be signing up for any more periods because of this. Otherwise seems like a decent app but your greed has lost you a customer..Version: 6.24.0

Worst customer support and app everIts all scam.... They will show you cheap attractive offers and deduct the double amount of money from your account. On top of that they don’t have any customer support who can solve your queries or complains. Its all a scam .. I would never ever recommend this app..Version: 7.23.0

Cheaters, scammers, frauds and thugsThey put you in auto debit option when you register very first time and you even don’t know it happened. And next month close to auto renewal they will send you an email just 4 hours prior and deduct the money from your account and never return it. Keep saying we have money back guarantee with certain conditions. Who the hell asking you guarantee. One is asking their own money back which you deducted by fraud and don’t have transparent policy of putting someone in auto debit category. I don’t recommend this app, not useful at all. No results. No good features. But they focus more on charging you money. Not good for anything. Just keep sending push message for logging your meals. Nothing goood for any other cause..Version: 13.2.0

The more I use it the less I like itI’m torn between at 2 or 3 star rating. I purchased 3 months worth of this app and would not recommend paying for it. The first week I used the app I liked it a lot but as I realized some of my expectations of myself did not fit with what I was actually capable of doing I found I was not able to adjust my plan. I could edit my profile but my plan stayed the same and this discouraged my desire to continue using the app and keeping up with streaks. I also found it frustrating that i paid to use the app and then also was expected to pay to participate in challenges. I loved the menu and diversity of meals suggested but the pictures don’t match the recipe and the recipes are so basic that they were hard to figure out exact how to cook something. Also, once again, I was unable to change the way it had set up my plan so that it fit what I actually needed. I also was unable to save or find meals that I had made and wanted to make a second time. I like the idea of the app but it definitely needs some work..Version: 6.32.0

Won’t show my workoutsSo I’m having some issues with my app. I’m not sure if other people are experiencing the same thing but for me it won’t give me the workouts for the next days? My first day was fine, when I clicked “start workout” it would pop up asking me to buy a trial, which I would click the X button to close it, and the workout would start and mark it as completed. Then it asked me to schedule my workout for tomorrow which I did. The next day I was ready to work out and when I clicked “start workout” the pop up came up again. I clicked the X but this time the workout didn’t start. It just went back. I did it numerous times again and still nothing in all the workout sections. It was fine though because I just viewed the workout and did it like that. However doing this doesn’t count as “completing” the workout. Now it’s day 3 and I can’t move to a new workout since the app thinks I didn’t complete day 2. This is very frustrating to me and I can’t seem to find out why this is happening. I’m hoping me writing this review will get my question answered but I don’t know if it will..Version: 2.11.3

Poor Customer Service... 5 days of no responseI signed up for the fasting app. The calorie portion of this does not work in my country so I found this to be expensive for something that does not work for me. I paid outside of the App Store through an Instagram link. I messaged the support to cancel the subscription as not self managed outside of the App Store. It’s been days and no response has been provided. This is terrible service. I have, after making this review, received a response from the support team advising me that their lack of response is due to covid-19 and they have refunded my purchase..Version: 7.26.0

Billing scam!!I started with this app keeping an open mind but was instantly turned off when they took payments out of my account on December 7th (sign up date), December 9th and December 14th. They took $45 extra when they took money the second and third time!! And when I contacted them all they said was that “the membership had renewed” so many times a month do they renew memberships?? They didn’t reply to that, the just ended that session. Needless to say I cancelled my subscription (I doubt I’ll get the $45 back!).Version: 7.29.0

I didn’t like the appHi, it was a free trail for $6.99 a week but I didn’t like the app so I canceled it within a minute after I downloaded the app. Please refund me back $49.51. It’s not right to charge people like this. Thanks..Version: 5.2.0

Couldn’t log inI had high hopes for this app, but I guess I was wrong. I saw the program, and like every other person, I was intrigued. I put in all my information and went through the steps, but then when I needed to download the app and log in, it keeps popping up as “oops something went wrong, try again later” later? I created like a few seconds ago and I can’t even log in. And yes people might say did I put it in right, and I did, I wrote it down and everything. This has taken $37 and has given me nothing but a sentence. Thank you for that. I don’t even know what’s going on.Version: 7.12.0

Not worth the frustrationI was pumped and looking forward to the daily workouts, meal plan, trackers for every aspect of the journey, and the data logs that synced with health app! Until... I purchased it. Within a couple of hours the regret set in, as I learned the app is just another run of the mill workout/meal plan. I was let down like the lever on a slot machine. Nothing is customized, preferences don’t matter, and once you make initial selections there is NO going back. It asks you about preferences and goals yet still gives the same basic generic plan to every user. Allergic to a food? You’ll either get over it or not eat, because it will be in your plan multiple times daily. You not a fan of eating all day and want to choose intermittent fasting? Too bad, because with this app you’ll get a meal plan filled with several large meals and snacks daily. Accidentally choose the wrong diet type? Oh well, locked in for life. Avoiding certain workouts due to disability? Heal yourself quick, you’re working whole body on day two! I wanted to love this app, as much as I love mid afternoon naps, but it is so far from user friendly I can’t give it more than one star..Version: 7.15.0

Very unsatisfiedThis app takes a whole years subscription despite stating it only costs a certain amount per week. I cannot afford to spend so much in 1 go and was horrified when the total amount was deducted. The food plan is terrible and half the items are not readily available in my country. The communication doesn’t work so all in all I’m shocked to be scammed by this. Don’t attempt to purchase this app!.Version: 2.10.0

ScamIf I can give zero stars I would. I paid through the website ($60) and when I logged in on my phone it constantly asks me to purchase it. It does not allow me access the fitness and meal progams. Reached out to their support and no response. Feels like a scam. Deeply disappointed. Don’t waste your time..Version: 8.0.0

A ne pas installer du tout - désabonnement pas possibleJe me suis abonné et j’ai payé l’abonnement ... j’ai trouvé que le programme est très basique et pas grand chose de plus qu’on peut trouver gratuitement sur le web ou YouTube. Alors, j’ai décidé de me désabonner, et j’ai tenté de le faire comme c’est décrit sans résultat! Attention, vous aller juste perdre de l’argent! Regardez sur le web et vous allez trouver bcp plus et gratuitement..Version: 7.28.0

Don’t botherI saw this app on an ad n it looked great. So I downloaded and it said I needed to pay £7 which is fine until It then started charging me for things I didn’t even add to my subscription. I also tried logging into my account and it wouldn’t let me saying that I needed to pay £7 which I already had the same day. I cancelled my subscription and they’ve still been taking money from me. I’ve contacted and still waiting for them to give me an answer to why they’re still taking my money after cancelled subscription..Version: 8.2.0

Subscription ScamStandard subscription scam app. Free trial followed by inability to cancel. When you submit a cancellation they do not action it until you have been charged again no matter the lead time given and then claim that they do not do refunds. Do not purchase..Version: 8.13.0

You can only do the free trial by submitting a credit card information.Must remember to cancel..Version: 3.0.4

Don’t purchase!!They kept charging me!!! I wasn’t even using this !! I want my money back!.Version: 3.0.2

Absolute waste of money and my time, do not recommendI do not recommend this app. This app is useless and a waste of time. I have done the questionnaire and now it is asking me if there is a time i would lime to workout. Im ok with that but once i added it to my calendar it added it to family sharing. This app will not stop spamming messages to me and my family. You cannot cancel either. And the worst of all is, it said that my family left the ‘BetterMe Workout’ In calendar but once i got that notification they got a notification saying i added them back. Which i never did. I would not recommend. This is a waste of time and they are trying to scam you for your money. If i could give a -1000 i would. This app is the worst fitness app i have EVER downloaded!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! you cannot cancel the payment or purchases..Version: 14.6.0

Technical issueSo I have been using this app on free trial for 2 days now and it’s great ! It tells me what exercises to do for each part of the body , what foods to eat and it’s not always the same exact routine for exercise every day so you feel like this app really knows what it’s doing to get you back into shape. The only issue I have experienced is that when I went to click on this app tonight to do my workout , it’s given me to option to sing in or make a account? It seems as if the app thinks I’ve just downloaded it and opened the app to get started. When I went to sign in on fb , it come up with connection error ? I disconnected my WiFi from my phone and used my data and tried again. Still had the same issue, I then put in all my info , age, weight , height etc .. and when I clicked get started it jumped straight back onto the workouts I wanted to do stating I had already done the first 2 days of the workouts and that I was on day 3. I then clicked on do workout and it failed to start due to connection issues ? I’ve restarted my iPhone and used my data and WiFi and it says the same thing ? I am really disappointed as I feel this app is perfect for me but with issues like this , I don’t see how I can continue with my subscription and further more pay for it after my trial if I cannot get onto the workouts ?.Version: 2.4.0

Took $60 out of my accountI subscribed to this app mainly because it said it would be $60 yearly which rounded out to be around $6 a month. At least that’s what the description says. However it took $60 out of my account. This app is a scam to get people’s money and I want my money back. If I do not receive a refund I will be going to other means to receive my money. This is a major disappointment. Will not be recommending this app to anyone and will make sure no one I know ever uses it!!!.Version: 2.5.3

Edited review after refund*Updated review: I was told there was a return policy that I didn’t qualify for. After I gave a negative review, I was offered a refund and then was asked to edit my review. Days later, I was asked again to edit my review. I suppose I am more pleased with my experience now that I was refunded. However, my original experience hasn’t changed. I believe the only reason I was refunded was to fix their reviews. I should have been refunded right away because I was dissatisfied with the products I purchased. I would rate their customer service at a 1 and the app itself at a 3 so I will meet in the middle and raise my rating to 2. I won’t lie and give a rating I don’t feel is true. Rating are a way for customers to get the truth before spending their hard earned money. This isn’t just a $1.99 purchase, people should know what to expect. Original Review: I purchased the app but it was not at all what I expected. The ad was misleading and it didn’t function at all as expected. I requested a refund and they just kept replying without answering me about the refund. They finally sent me a link to their refund policy which basically told me I needed to follow the suggested diet to a T for a period of time, yet request a refund within a certain time, leaving very little time to do so. By the time they FINALLY sent me the return policy, it was too late. Waste of money!! Won’t refund if you are unsatisfied..Version: 7.1.0

Never subscribe the appI subscribed for this app and and in a week I had requested for cancellation of the subscription as I found a better app. I didn’t even ask them to refund the current subscription but to stop from next month. They didn’t stop the the subscription and next month they have again take the amount and today I see one more amount deducted from betterMe total close to $50 deducted in 30 days. This is very cheap. They didn’t even have a proper customer service. No reply and can’t load the previous request I had made. NEVER EVER SUBSCRIBE THE APP. It would be great if some can respond to my request and refund the money taken..Version: 8.4.0

Poor customer service.I have accidentally press continue with the payment of the meal plan which I wasn’t supposed to. I contacted them saying if I could get a refund the day I purchased the meal plan and the email said they would get back to me with a “human” response for 8 hours or less. I emailed them at 8p.m and the next day I still got no response. I know I am being impatient but if you state that you will get back to us with specific time limit then please do that. This app is giving me false hope..Version: 7.25.0

Poorly designedInitiation questions poorly formatted so you can’t read the whole question and isn’t clear if it’s talking about foods you like to eat, don’t like to eat, strengths or weaknesses due to it cutting off or having coloured text over a similar coloured image. Based on this I don’t believe the plans ect behind the pay wall would be worth the money considering the sloppy design of the other pages within the app. Seems to be rushed from a basic point of view but doesn’t even attempt to consider those who require accessibility. Eg audio for the vision imparted, colour options for the colour blind, large text for the elderly ect..Version: 7.5.0

Horrible customer serviceI got this app because I was looking for some structure to my workout routine and it seemed relativity interesting, so I decided to give it a shot. However I didn’t like ridged the app was, and how it kinda goes from 0 to 100 with certain things. So I tried contacting support trying to ask a couple of questions, and waited a few days. No response. Did it again. No response. I contacted support again asking to cancel the subscription so that I wouldn’t get charged 40 dollars for a product I don’t even like, I have contacted them several times both through email, and on the app, and still no response. This apps customer service is absolutely awful, I can see why some people would like this app, but I’m not giving it such a low rating because I don’t like how it functions. It’s because of the awful customer service I previously mentioned, this app is not friendly to its customers and it’s a joke of a service. So unless you want to go through several headaches while trying to get help from it’s support team, don’t even bother. And mind you my subscription still has not been cancelled, cause it seems that they still refuse to do so..Version: 9.1.0

Looked really good but not impressedI’m in my teenage years and as everybody knows us teenagers always wanna look really skinny so I put my information and personal details in the app and it says about the money but I don’t wanna even pay for a app that I’m only gonna use for 28 days then delete it please change this data information program and make it so you don’t have to pay until after 28 days or when you’re ready or else I will be trying to find you’re costumer severics or the person who actually lets you make the app and telling them that you are a dogy company & app and scam you have until next week to fix this 🙄😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.Version: 2.11.0

Has Great Potential....I started using this App yesterday. Already have huge agitations. Let’s start with the Calorie tracker. I have used other meal log/ macro Apps that are way easier and less time consuming. For example if I meal prep I should be able to copy the meals from the day prior into my next day of tracked meals instead of individually typing items all over again, the food items are scaled to Oz even though they are inputted as grams which is time consuming to go and covert the serving unit every single time. Now let’s talk about the workout. Day 1 was labeled Brazilian Booty in which there was no glute exercise. This is a full body workout that had abs and shoulders. The movements being demonstrated are jerky and fast lacking in proper form/technique. I DO HOWEVER enjoy the way the workout is designed so you can move along with it, timer and everything. Water tracker, if I accidentally click too many times I see no way of deleting my mistake in order to accurately track water intake over time. AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST the app opens you to another item to sign up for (which also costs) once you have already paid for the services, I chose one that says “ live coach access” where is the live coach ? Well I’ll see how I do in the end I already paid but I will be sure not to continue the subscription once completed. This app has such great potential just really needs to tighten things up for efficiency and accuracy..Version: 6.17.0

Confusing App & No customer serviceThis is not an app but this is a trap. The app is pretty much confusing and always ask to renew or take new subscription. It’s billing me twice each month via Apple ID and PayPal. Tried to contact the customer service and got zero response(I’m still waiting I think once they receive the money they dump) and tried myself to cancel my subscription nothing is happening. After all app never says which is your current subscription plan and all re-logins wipe your past data which is important including fasting window and all previous workout histories. I regret by downloading this app and subscription. Will never recommend to anyone. I wish I would have read the previous reviews before downloading this app..Version: 8.1.0

DisappointingWhile I want this app to be great it is not. It looks pleasing to the eye but the ease of use is poor. The calorie tracking is off, they offer you recipes with the option to press “log” but pressing that does nothing. You still have to manually log in the meal. It’s very frustrating. I like the fitness training portion of it but it’s not guided by voice or ANYTHING. so you have to stare at your screen to see when the time is up and you move on to the next exercise .rearing your neck around to check the time is counterproductive. Plus you have to manually press next through a lot of the warmups . So basically you kind a need to hold your phone or have it so close because you need to touch it to proceed. I’m super disappointed . I paid 60$ so I’m using the app but most def using Lifesum app for my food calculator. If they could make the fitness portion guided, and update the food tracker to reflect the content that they put into the app logging wise it would make this app much better and user friendly. The exercises are good and I do feel like I’m getting a good workout. Also the recipes are good too..Version: 6.5.0

Inflexible and overpriced for what it isI decided to jump on one of the promotions after having a quick look around the app and was bitterly disappointed to find just how limited the functionality of this app is. Two of my personal issues with the app - the calorie tracker is quite basic and if you cook your own meals, it’s hard to use. It doesn’t have an option to add your recipe - you can add a dish but you must know the amount of calories per serving. Also, workouts that you do outside of the app (even if you log them in) are not counted towards your progress. As a person who likes to mix workouts - some at the gym, some at home, some outside, I find it very inconvenient. Everything this app does, there are free apps that do it much better. It would be worth the price if they developed it to be an actual customisable wellness tracker with all the extra information and videos, but in the shape that it is now, I would highly recommend NOT paying for it..Version: 9.9.0

Misleading and too much up selling!The app is probably ok (once you do manage to get in that is!) But I’ve found the amount of up selling ridiculously high to the degree that it’s not clear what you actually get when you’ve subscribed. 70% of notifications is to upsell you yet another thing. Every time you open the app you probably need to skip 3-4 prompts of the next best challenge they want to charge you for or that next meal plan you don’t have that you can buy that you’d give up on going to the app and come out immediately. But when you do go to the apps the workouts are done well. Not so much the meal plans or calorie counter. I definitely don’t think it’s value for money for such a high subscription fee..Version: 8.0.0

MeThis app is a scam and has the poorest tech quality. Doesn’t work at all. PLEASE BEAWARE OF FRAUD AND DON’t DOWNLOAD THIS APP. I paid subscription but the app is not working and their is no plan made. It just says no internet but we have internet. I know this because I tried both mobile data and broadband network. Didn’t work!!!!.Version: 3.0.1

Not worth itThis app is the only app on my phone that takes more than 30 seconds to load every time I open it. The constant ads make this app not very enjoyable to use. I contacted customer support but haven’t heard back from my last message when I told them all my data disappeared. Luckily the information reappeared later that day..Version: 8.0.0

Great content, too many problems with the appThe set meal plan and exercise regimen is an awesome idea, and I think the workouts were pretty good and the recipes were fairly simple too. But there are way too many bugs for the price of this app. For almost a week, I wasn’t able to access the exercise videos, which is the main feature I was using. Then today I logged on and it said that my subscription had expired while I was still paying. So I cancelled my subscription and go figure even though I had paid through the 1st of April I can’t use the app any longer. I think the developers are more interested in making money off of people than providing a quality app, which is a shame because they could get so much business during this quarantine situation. Another thing is you cannot change the meal plan you are using or at least it takes a while to actually change. So that’s kind of annoying. If you use the keto plan, I checked and the recipes contained more than the 20 carbs that you’re supposed to be eating a day, so it wasn’t truly keto... But fortunately, if you have a Fitbit, Premium subscriptions are now free for 90 days, so I would just use that. One thing that was nice was that on the Facebook page they have been posting workout videos almost daily recently, so I’ll give them that..Version: 4.6.2

Free trial App keeps kicking me outI’ve done all what was suggested in regards to the app by the developer but this is still a problem. This is pretty bad because by the time the 7 day trial is up I’m going to get charged for something that I wasn’t using in the first place and it’s not in my subscriptions to even cancel it before the week trial. I really think this app needs to be in subscriptions in the first place because by all the views it looks like it’s a common issue with this. However, there seems to be a lack of customer awareness otherwise this would be sorted. Taking money from those because of the way this app is built but it is not their fault is not very good practice. I have contacted Apple to have a look at this particular app..Version: 2.12.3

Useless app,waste timeHi, I do not hide that I am regretting having chosen this app ... I was thinking of something more specific and intuitive ... I work every day from 9am to 9pm and I was not asked about my typical day or the actual possibility that I have to cook or prepare to eat, then even if I managed to organize myself I would have only one day to go shopping and then I would have to go and see all the recipes, recipe x recipe, to write down what I need for the week and this takes time, so time that I could use differently ... there is no possibility to insert various physical problems that limit my ability to do some exercises, but can you change the exercises ??? yes but if I choose the exercise to do , what do I need the application for ??? then I was asked what ingredients I would like to include in the diet from a choice of 20/25 ingredients ... but in the recipes there are 2 billion that I would not be able to get at work if not by preparing them first, which, I repeat, would require one expense that I should transcribe recipe x recipe x a whole week .....Version: 7.29.0

Unethical chargesAfter sending several emails and reporting that I am getting charged for something I didnt even subscribe for - No response . When I got a response I was told they cant figure which id I signed up with. Getting charged weekly when I never signed up for any weekly payments. After I immediately cancelled , nothing happened. You sent me instructions on how to cancel subscription! Are you serious?? I said in the first email I cancelled and still getting charged. This is cheating. How far can someone go with cheating?! Worst experience with an app..Version: 8.4.0

ShockingThis app was downloaded onto my phone by my partner, it was never opened and an account was never made. I have been billed twice now. I have emailed twice asked for a refund but at the very least to be taken off the billing list as the app is no longer on my phone. I have had zero response. And so do not want a bill coming out next week but do not know what to do..Version: 3.0.3

Rip offI accidentally cancelled my 7 days after paying 16.99USD. I should atleast have access to the app for 7 days. But now it says subscription expired. Really BUMMED..Version: 8.0.0

Great idea, bad designThis is a great app. I really do love it but there are some major flaws. When I first got it I was really looking forward to the exercises but when I started doing them I realized that there was no time to change positions. You’ll be standing doing one exercise and they expect you to already be on the floor and ready for the next one in less than a second. Also it says that this app is supposed to be for people who are trying to lose weight but use who are out of shape and not ready for all this bendy stuff it’s really hard to keep up. I personally am not able to pretzel myself up because I’m not very flexible. It feels like it’s more geared towards people who are already in shape. And some of this beginners stuff is just crazy. Maybe you could tone down the beginners exercises so beginners can actually do them and put some time between the exercises so we can get into position instead of just going right into the next one every time, just like 5 second or so would be great..Version: 6.4.0

InterestingI haven’t yet had a chance to try the meal plans but they do seem enjoyable and easy to prepare and I will definitely update my review once I have the opportunity to try them. But for the workouts them selves the thing I’m disappointed with is that they don’t seem challenging, I do feel tired when I come older them and my muscles are sore but I’m not breaking a sweat doing them. Also I’m just in the third of the first program but the workout has been the same so far since the second day, it doesn’t how you the next days workout until you complete the previous day but I can see that eventually the length of the workout increases a bit . So I guess we’ll see!!.Version: 2.0

Don’t waist your time on this DUMB APPWhen I first saw the app I was so happy a free way to loose weight but no it was quite expensive highly don’t recommend it doesn’t have a large variety of weight I won’t say I’m big big I’m just wanting to be skinyer without paying money like a gym isn’t expensive this is not the right app for u if your trying to loose weight without paying money it’s just annoying why would u have to spend money to loose weight it’s stupid their trying to get a profit of making us do something we can still do in a free gym don’t waist ur money or time on this ridiculous app.Version: 2.9.8

Absolute waste of money and false advertisingThis company does not even deserve one star. In bold and highlighted by the website, when plan was purchased we would receive a personalised meal plan according to our preferences; which I optioned for meat free, vegetarian. Upon opening my meal plan, it not only included meat as the main protein, it also was incomplete with no recipes. To add, my partner and I both signed up with two significantly different diet preferences and with different health goals as required by the questionnaire. Despite this and their “algorithm” to craft a plan tailored to our personal nutritional requirements, we both received identical, generic meal plans with another company’s logo “Eat & Fit” . Attempted to reach out multiple times only receiving one email back asking to retake the quiz when this was never an error on my part. despite the several messages. I have lost all trust and question this company’s integrity and wonder how they continue to deceive and gain the money off customers who are really trying to make a difference for themselves trusting their services. I have been blindsided by their false advertising and now reviewing the many complaints and reviews on multiple platforms, I wish I had read them before making my payment. Would not recommend this app/service to anyone..Version: 7.8.0

Scam!Just downloaded the app and entered my details. It says I can lose 53lbs in a month... that’s just over 13lbs a week. Not possible. Not healthy. If I was very overweight I might just lose 13lbs in my first week and perhaps around 7lbs the following week, but even if that happened it would quickly drop to no more than 3lbs a week. If people are paying money for this based on its predictions then they are going to be very disappointed by the results. Disappointed dieters tend to give up and return to their old habits. I predict people are more likely to gain weight than lose it as they fail to meet their targets and return to eating badly..Version: 6.28.0

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER...OVERPRICEDTo be honest doesn’t even deserve one star. Over priced for what you get, if I’m paying $30NZD per week I should have full access to the app but that’s not the case. I requested to cancel my subscription on the 21st of January, sent a follow up email on the 25th, then finally heard back on the 2nd of February and I replied immediately and have not heard back since my subscription has still not been cancelled! Also they say customer service will take up to 48 hours so more misleading information. Truly awful app, awful customer service. I’ve had free apps be 10x better than this. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.Version: 8.5.0

I agree with all the bad reviews here - SCAM! Add a button so people can cancel themselves!I have tried to cancel this accidental subscription twice now -when you download this scam of an app there’s no way to cancel your subscription, you literally have to message and wait for someone to get back to you before it’s cancelled. Instead of cancelling the first time I asked they simply gave me a counter offer and now I am once again waiting on a reply for a cancellation. IT IS NOT CLEAR THAT IT IS A WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION, YOU ARE LED TO BELIEVE ITS A ONE OFF PAYMENT. It’s not worth the weekly price as you can look up all the information provided for FREE! If you see this review and actually want to get back to me and CANCEL without me having to take the extra steps of cancelling my card that would be great. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP..Version: 8.3.0

Needs more instructionsI’m enjoying the app so far but there have been a few exercises that didn’t make sense just based on the graphic. An option to select more information before starting the day’s exercises would be nice. Also, being able to actually track the meals eaten rather than just a menu to look at. I love that it has the recipe provided for the meals, being able to build a favorites list of recipes would be awesome! After reading other reviews, I checked out the billing and it does seem pricey for what is offered ($10/mo). Mine had the 6-month automatic $42 subscription selected already, so that would have been a crappy surprise. That does lower the price by $3/mo though, so I can see the benefit and will likely leave it that way. An earlier warning about the price would be good though, I’ve seen other apps put the subscription prices in the app description, so people don’t feel deceived when their account is automatically charged. The app itself is beautiful and I like the target areas. Some of the meal choices are a little different haha, you guys must really enjoy livers! 😁.Version: 2.4.0

Bad experience overallThis app seems great at first, however I felt it was bit more for experienced and dimmed a light on it. It also takes AGES to remove your subscription cancellation. It’s still taking me AGES to REMOVE. If anything this app/site needs to make an option button/slide to cancel instead of messaging. However, the team members are very responsive to problems and keen to help you that’s why I’m giving it three stars, surprisingly :/.Version: 8.11.0

Won’t cancelI signed up on the 4th of February and they took money which was in USD, I’m in Australia so it should’ve specified Anyways I tried to navigate and see what they had to offer realised it wasn’t for me. I immediately looked for the subscription information as it said I could do it on my phone. No such thing So I emailed asking for it to be cancelled, they suggested 24 hours prior to renewal. It was 5 WHOLE DAYS before renewal. I get a reply but not saying yes they’ll cancel. I wait a few more days and ask again for it to be cancelled, nobody replies. I asked for the 3rd time, again I was ignored. 4th time I ask and instead they say I’ll get charged and then offer me 3 months free. I didn’t ask for more time I want it gone. I don’t want money being taken away from me even though I asked 4 times!! Stupidest app and equally stupid customer service. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 8.6.0

Bad bad bd BAD!I have been requesting time after time to cancel my subscription and they keep taking money! I have been in an email battle from hell trying to tell them I WANT TO CANCEL!.Version: 7.30.0

Not worth the money you have to payFor the cost of using this program it could be set up much better. The food tracker part is seriously lacking. I can not even accurately use it. So I’m paying monthly to use the app, but I have to use a completely different app to accurately track food which is a hassle. The food can only be recorded in ounces. If I am eating a cheese stick on the go, I have no idea how many ounces it is. If you scan it on the app it may show up as a kraft Colby cheese stick, but you still can only document it in ounces. You can’t just log one cheese stick with the correct nutrients. Several items I have used are not in the database. If you have to manually enter the item, you can only enter the calories. When watching carbs, proteins, and fats, only being able to record calories is not efficient. All the food that is not in the database for this app are in the database on other apps with accurate measurements. Any challenges you want to do have to be paid for on top of the regular cost. The program is not that well set up to account for the cost of using it. There are much better apps available that are significantly cheaper..Version: 6.27.0

Give back my money.I have cancelled my subscription long ago yet they are still charging me after 2 months. I want my money back. I have contacted you through your email. I expect a reply back as this is really getting annoying. It was great at the start but the fact that they are still charging me even though I cancelled isn’t really that pleasant. Please refund my money..Version: 8.6.0

Food tracker is useless for other countriesIt would be easy for this company to link up with others and get the database of barcodes and food from other parts of the world. But all the food is limited to (I’m assuming) the USA. This app offering could be so much better if they only tried.....Version: 8.0.0

Bad appLots of ads and they just keep wanting more money.Version: 7.30.0

No service and will bill you after subscription cancelledYou can’t get a response from “support”. They won’t cancel your subscription or communicate. Avoid at all costs . Be warned. 0 stars would be more appropriate. So here is how it goes. Asked to cancel subscription as per instructions. No response. Developer responds to this review asking for a issue number - but no ticket number is provided in correspondence. A week later I receive a response saying sorry to see you go, how about another month for free. Declined immediately. (Read some other reviews). Over two weeks later I receive confirmation that the subscription has been cancelled. BUT THEY KEEP BILLING. Steer clear of this app. Probably easier to cancel your credit card and reorganise your life than get an honest response..Version: 8.5.0

Great ideaThis app would be excellent if it was executed a bit better. I paid $20 for a year membership and would not pay a penny more. I feel bad for those who have paid $120. The calorie counter is not at all user friendly. Half the foods I search for are not there. I can’t log that I’ve eaten one hard boiled egg, I have to log the exact grams or ounces of egg I’ve eaten. Honestly, that’s way to much work for a full day of meals. I wish that when adding in calories you could add the macros from that item as well. The workouts are good, but there is no timer or beeping so that you know when to switch to the next workout. It’s annoying to constantly look over at my phone so that I know when to switch exercises. It’d be nice if there were like 5 seconds between exercises to change positions. That way I’m not wasting time going from a squat to laying down for sit ups. You also can’t restart the timer for a set once it’s started. There are lots of little things about this app that just make it not worth it to me..Version: 6.7.0

Where’s the 1/2 a star ?I joined this app through their online program. It’s was supposed to give me a meal plan and a fitness plan. Than it told me to download the app to log in. I can’t even do that! Same email address, same password. So than I try to change the email address, couldn’t even get a email sent to my inbox to change the password! I only paid 4.99 US ( close to $7 CAD) but it obviously isn’t worth this kind of hassle. At this point I just want my money back. And from what it seems other peoples experiences are, I want it back before they take more money from my accounts..Version: 7.30.0

Fuming ! Hate this app! Would not recommend !I want to unsubscribe but it is impossible. My subscription was accidental and I am being charged so much money for an app I don’t even use or have... I deleted it as soon as I got it (it was terrible) Now when I try download apps, even ones that are free it wont allow me to do so because I have an unpaid bill towards BetterMe. I refuse to pay this bill as I didn’t even mean to subscribe and I have NEVER used the app before. I have tried everything to unsubscribe and followed the link you suggested to another customer and still I am unable to unsubscribe. I am so angry and disappointed because this stupid app has prevented me from downloading others. Why won’t it let me cancel this subscription?! How do I fix this issue?!.Version: 2.5.4

Bad Customer ServiceI was not impressed with the app at all. I personally did not like that everything you do on the app requires additional purchases despite purchasing a subscription to the app in the first place. I paid almost $35 for the services upon my download of the app. With that said, I chose to rate this app poorly due to their horrible customer service. After purchasing, I immediately realized the issues described in first paragraph. I emailed their customer service (Same day of purchase) through the cancel chat portion of the app with what I believe was within the cancellation policy I agreed to. I got a response saying sorry and asking what I did not like. Ok fine. I responded with a polite explanation and again asked for refund. They just stopped responding to the messages after that despite another request for an update. I wound up just disputing through my credit card and I was refunded. I rarely rate apps because some people may love it while others don’t. But horrible customer service is something to be aware of if you’re paying these types of recurring charges for an app..Version: 7.26.0

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THISTried to unsubscribe they stole my money.Version: 12.17.0

FraudI downloaded this and paid subscription fee for one week. Soon I unsubscribed it. I have been charged twice for that for no reason. There is no option of payment method removal in the app. There is no reply for my continuous messages to help. I am getting same reply in the mail. This is absolutely fraud..Version: 8.0.0

BadI tried the 3 day trial and i did not know how to cancel it afterwards they automatically took 20 dollars from my card. I want my money back!!.Version: 2.1.3

Maybe 3 stars if it were free.However, for a pay-for app, it is lousy. The food recording is ridiculous-good luck finding what you are looking for in the measurement that is reasonable. Many different measurements seem to have been done by a completely inept person/machine, having 5 different measurements that all say the same calories. Then, you HAVE to give access to every part of your health on apple in order for it to track your steps or to even log your weight? I don’t use apple health and don’t want to share my information with it. I can understand the steps but allowing just the step tracking to share does not work at all, it still requires you to share everything. What is the point of having separate sections if yo can’t allow one section. These issues render half of the app unuseable, add to the fact it doesn’t sync with Fitbit, and I def wouldn’t recommend this app for anyone unless you are only looking to read the little quips which are nice but so far are all information you can get free online in weight loss articles, just broken down in smaller bites. The water tracker is nice, and I haven’t tried the workouts yet since I use another app for those that is easing me into them. The daily log in award thing doesn’t even work correctly. For 3 days it told me I was at “day 5” and then I updated the app and it sent me back to 1. And despite what the response to my negative review says, it does not sync with Fitbit. There is not even an option..Version: 13.2.0

ScamThis is a scam I have now asked 8 times to get this canseld with no luck and every week I have money taken from my bank acc what ever you do dont use this app and dont sine ip to it.Version: 8.7.0

Confused 🤔I’ve been paying for this app and when I try to open it it tells me subscription expired and I have to pay for a years subscription and can’t leave that page. Even a day after paying for app I still can’t access it. What is going on? Feeling like I’ve been scammed at the moment. Is there an email for me to further discuss this with someone please.Version: 10.5.0

Be careful. You may waste your moneyEven after you pay for annual subscription, this app will not setup an account for you. I paid for annual package and after two months use, this app suddenly clear all my data and I was told I’ve not set up an account!! This app have big bug which you need really careful after payment that your account linked to those payment!.Version: 9.3.0

Scam Do not subscribe!!!I bought a supposedly free trial for 9.99$ but it was immediately charged on my PayPal account. I downloaded the app but soon realized it kept pushing me to subscribed to other stuff. I asked for a refund and then I was informed that it was a 9.99$ WEEKLY subscription!!! It was never stated! It’s completely against Canadian and Quebec’s consumer protection laws. I want a refund and a confirmation any subscription will be canceled. I buy apps and subscribe to online programs frequently but I’ve never seen such a scam!! Ticket # 652473.Version: 7.30.0

Be aware - Don’t buy any planI bought a meal plan thinking one time purchase since it did not state any weekly, monthly or yearly plan it had to be one time purchase but it was not. after a week they charged me another big amount I emailed them saying cancel my subscription it’s been another week now they have not responded me yet. Yesterday they have again charged me. This is a miss leading and false app do not get trapped in to it. Once you subscribed any of their plan they will keep stealing from your pocket. This is so sad scamming app like this is still surviving in Apple store..Version: 8.2.0

Buy before you try 😡You have to buy before you try. No thanks.Version: 4.1.0

Charge is not one off, it’s weekly!Aiming to get the basic version, I initially paid and was shocked to find that I was being charged weekly for the app that I was barely using. The content is good, and it’s nice that you can buy add ons, but given all that he free info available out there, I definitely don’t think this app is worth it. Sorry. Maybe if the charge was one off, quarterly or even monthly, but weekly is just greedy, especially as that detail clearly wasn’t that visible on signing up, I wouldn’t have purchased it..Version: 8.4.0

SCAM AND WORST SERVICEI HAVE CANCELLED THE SUBSCRIPTION AND I HAVE BEEN CHARGED 3X AFTER. I RECEIVED AND EMAIL AFTER I CANCELLED AND I THOUGH IT WAS SETTLED BUT I HAVE BEEN CHARGED 3X! REFUND THE CHARGES AND STOP CHARGING ME! I don't usually write reviews but this is getting too frustrating for me. I can let one payment go through because I can understand that the process might have taken longer BUT THE OTHER 2 CHARGES IS UNACCEPTABLE!.Version: 8.6.0

Meh. Not worth itI’ve used several health apps over the years and thought I’d give this one a try after seeing an ad. I was prepared to potentially waste $40 if it wasn’t as good as it appeared. Aaaand… It’s not. I found the process to track food cumbersome. The barcode scan didn’t work on a single food I tried and many foods weren’t found in the database at all, so I had to manually enter the macros. No ability I could find to copy a meal, so I had to go through the same annoying process of entering each component of my breakfast every morning. After Day 3 of that, I’d had enough. Other features, such as weight and exercise tracking, were difficult to navigate to and set up. Nothing user friendly at all about this app. $40 blown. That they don’t offer a 7-day trial should tell you something. There are far better options out there, so I’d suggest googling “best health and fitness app” and reading a few articles to find one. That’s what I did and found a far superior option for about the same investment. Oh, and I find the responses BetterMe gives to critical reviews here annoying. Don’t blame the reviewer, folks; make a better app..Version: 12.4.0

Kept being billed weekly after cancellationI accepted the trial to see how it worked but I found the notifications were relentless and then was offered $29.99/year but I cancelled, was refunded a week they charged anyway and now I’m getting no response after repeatedly being billed $9.99/week even after deleting the app..Version: 8.0.0

If you want to lose you money, download this app!I paid 45$ for this stupid app, hoping to get a personalized plan. My daily workouts just disappear from my dashboard, I never received my meal plans, and now I don't have a workout schedule anymore! I tried to talk to the technical team, but apparently they are busy with something else! DO NOT SUBSCRIBE!!!.Version: 7.27.0

Great app but not happy about other stuffI signed up bought the app, have had it for a long time pay my dues regularly except recently. I got he app because I wanted to be healthier, life had other plans. And the app and I just couldn’t do what I needed to do to to get there. So I deleted it. And then saw I kept being billed for the service that I was no longer using. And there is no where within the app to cancel the purchase. Because what’s to point in having to pay for something that you quite frankly have Zero time for let alone cannot do half or more than half of the exercises because of personal injuries I have sustained. I think this app is great for someone who 1 can afford the time and actually do the exercises within it. You will loose weight, tone up, or raise your heart rate, and if you follow the diet plans inside it you will most definitely have a healthier disposition to be sure. My biggest issue here is I cannot use this app and I have no way of removing it from my phone let alone from having to pay for it each month. Which is not working for me. So please tell me how I fix this issue I just want it gone. I know I can remove it from my cell and have done so before, but I think it’s just crazy to have to continue to pay for it when you cannot use it. Please help me. Thanks... -Not to happy-.Version: 3.1.0

It was okay but now it’s notI haven’t been using this app for too long so I don’t think I’ve seen all flaws if there are any. But I think it’s great, I love the quizzes to give on nutrition and exercising. There is one thing, the tracker to see how many steps you take is great. Although I’m not sure if it’s tracking when I’m driving as well. I don’t know if it knows when you’re going too fast and that you’re not walking, but if it doesn’t I wish you could turn off the tracker temporarily or be able to edit the number. But besides that this app is great. Edit: Like I said this app is great but then apparently I’ve been using premium features I guess? I don’t know but all I know is that I’ve been tracking my calories, water in take, doing quizzes and getting my steps in. Then I open the app today on home screen and it said get premium and it won’t let me access the home page. So I can’t use anything without paying and I’m not paying so I guess I’ll just delete the app..Version: 6.15.0

AWFULI did not know i was subscribed to anything, i tried to message them multiple times to cancel. i keep getting charged & it doesnt show im subscribed in my app store. havent heard back from anyone either on how to cancel.Version: 7.28.0

Not happyI do not know how to cancel my subscription, it never gives you the option and they charged me $14.00. How do i cancel?.Version: 2.3.0

Exclusive sign up offer / I’m very disappointedI subscribed to the app this morning after having 3 month depression gained weight as I was eating constantly I had no control over the food. After downloading the app and paying for 3month you can’t add water to the journal because every time you press another payment comes up coach sport and flat belly more money to pay . Why I paid in first place . It should be no heading payments no extras you pay for the first use you get access. But I was to late didn’t read the comments to start with I tried to send online chat from the app same flat belly and more money to pay . I was looking for something to change my days , I bought stress to my life this morning..Version: 6.14.0

No refundsI’ve made the big mistake of purchasing this app straight out. Thinking that I could get a refund within 7 days if it proved awful to use. Well, the app it’s not refundable! It’s not the best app to use either. For some reason it won’t rotate which means you need to keep your tablet portrait direction propped agains something rather than have it horizontally on its own stand. If you’re complete beginner, watch out for injures as the exercises don’t give tip re correct positioning of the body ie knees should not go beyond toe line when doing squats. Etc If you’re doing an exercise that has a timer on it and you wish to restart (say you didn’t get in position quick enough) rather than taking you back to the beginning of the cloak, it takes you all the way to exercise one of the workout. I mean, how stupid is that! The range of exercises is good, but there are so many other little nagging use unfriendly things going on that it becomes very annoying to use. I want my money back!.Version: 2.7.0

SCAMSo unreliable. I was very disappointed. Told Me I was going to pay 9.99 as their “special discount” for a year. I’m getting weekly charges of 27 dollars. I emailed and contacted them through every platform, and they did not reply nor canceled my subscription. They will always send an automated email about thanks for reaching out, but there will never be someone behind the actual screen. Very upset..Version: 7.27.0

Absolute waste of money!Better Me are not up front and very misleading in the services they presumably provide. No responses to questions and the app is a joke to use. Im having trouble unsubscribing because the subscription details are so hidden. This is not the way to go! Highly DO NOT recommend Better Me..Version: 7.29.0

Cant cancel subscriptionHave downloaded app but am cancelling subscription as I only want to try for 6 months. Trying to cancel this subscription leads you down a bunch of rabbit holes regarding Apple etc and won’t let you unsubscribe. Have emailed the company and am waiting on response (I have the 6 digit number they keep asking for in the other reviews, so I will see how they respond). This company requires a greater level of transparency and improvements in the ease of use of their app etc. I’m looking for a quick resolution and to be fair, I’ll write a better review if they deal with this quickly and appropriately..Version: 7.29.0

Thirsty appEverything cost extra. Wanna do some face yoga? Pay. Wanna avoid sugar? Pay. Even recipes say they are locked then ask you to pay, but you can not. The pictures don’t match the recipes. If you log food it has all sorts of store bought stuff to choose from but that’s not what I’m eating because I’m trying to lose weight. I like the scan the barcode of food option but why does it automatically log 3.53 ounces of everything. You can change weight but it lets you click on once’s as if you can change it to grams or liters or? and a menu pops up but there are no other options. This app is ok if you are vigilant about not paying extra but its not worth the price and then they have the nerve to wanna charge extra for all sorts of options. It’s crazy. The only thing I think is worth paying extra for is the personal trainer. But I never would bc this app seems desperate to over charge you and I would not trust them to be clear about your actually getting upfront. I’m already not pleased with what I did pay for. Edit: You responded to my review by asking me to email you guys but your contact us link allowed me to write a long email but the button to send never became active. I just want my money back. Please refund my money..Version: 6.32.0

No information regarding opt out after free-trial?Nervous about the free-trial but then getting charged the full amount in a months time? Do I get an a choice to choose yes or no? What if I don’t like it and I get charged? I have looked too find this information but I can’t see it? Please can you let me know.Version: 2.9.10

Do not buy!!I found this app via an ad on Pinterest. I wish I’d read the reviews before I signed up for the 7 day trial, which I now can’t cancel! This app is designed for the US market. None of the food barcodes for UK Products are recognised. There’s no ability to select a meal plan. I don’t WANT to do a Keto diet!!! The interface is awful. Pop ups aggressively appearing everywhere. Literally nothing is included in the subscription fee- all of the content and ‘challenges’ are asking for extra money. Trying to cancel via their chat function sends you into an endless loop and then an error page. It asks me to log in constantly. Awful..Version: 7.10.0

The app sucks!I can’t see my stats even thought I already activated it. Tried contacting them but no reply since the 7th of December. I liked the workouts but lost interest on the app..Version: 7.30.0

Worthless “plan”UPDATE: So I emailed them and I did get my money back. The developer asked me to update my review. I will say that they were quick to respond to my email, which I found in these reviews, but didn’t find in the app. Regardless, I’m glad they honored the refund and I hope that other people find the app useful. The customer service was quick and I’m pleased with that. . . . . . Well I paid for 3 months for a program that claimed to be geared toward metabolic typing— it’s not, claimed to have great meal plans that are really just lists of recipes with no actual guidance as to why they’ve chosen these meals, no shopping lists, nothing. And their money back guarantee is a JOKE. You cannot go through the App Store and have to send them multiple ridiculous screenshots. SAVE YOUR MONEY and use any other free app out there. I wouldn’t call this a scam, but it’s completely useless and misrepresented. Also, there’s some sort of comment from the developer saying they can’t find peoples emails? That’s not something that is even asked for upon cancellation. If these developers aren’t trying to just keep peoples money dishonestly, they’re doing a great job of acting like it..Version: 12.5.0

No supportSent two requests to get help with issues got no reply. Accidentally selected keto instead of regular meal plan, no option to go back and change it. None of the meal plans take any of your food preferences into consideration. Overall huge waste of money and they charged weekly! $40 just gone. The interface looks pretty but that means nothing if I can’t get the content I need or help when requested..Version: 7.30.0

Police investigationIllegal scams made against anyone that downloads this app, credit card information will be stolen, and no possible refund. If you have signed up once, (even after deleting this app as well as the subscription) there is no way to have your credit card information removed from this company and the only way to stop being charged is to change credit cards completely. This organisation and the people owning the accounts receiving this stolen money have been identified and a police investigation has been launched..Version: 9.5.0

Food preferencesOnly option is vegetarian? Considering it’s for weight loss & health shouldn’t there be options for diabetes, formals, gluten free, allergies etc. No point giving me a plan with gluten in as I can’t eat it. I imagine a lot of people in similar boats..Version: 2.3.7

Better MeI accidentally signed up to Better Me, I thought it was free but have been getting around $27 a month taken out. It shows up as free but wont let me cancel it. Help!!!! It wont show up as a current purchase so I cant cancel it..Version: 10.0.0

Can’t unsubscribeIt’s pretty disappointing when you find the product has glitches, you chat with the helpline, they don’t help and then you try a d unsubscribe and it’s impossible..Version: 8.2.0

OverpricedI would not recommend this app to people just wanting a regular workout. I had used this app for around 3 weeks and on my 2nd day it said I had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to carry on with new workouts everyday. I think the price was either £10 a WEEK or £120 a YEAR. I decided I would just do the first workout I had done and just double the reps when I needed to. But then the app had to stop me doing that too! You can’t even have a free trial! Now, it just says the workouts but if you wanna know how to do them you’ve gotta pay! Absolutely terrible. Lower the prices to maybe £50 a year, and not £120!.Version: 3.0.0

Not answeringI’ve been trying to cancel my subscription since Wednesday, they don’t give you any option to cancel unless you email, and they’re not answering my emails. Wouldn’t recommend if you’re trying to try it out and want the opportunity to change your mind..Version: 7.28.0

😞 failed⭐️ I came back bc I don’t like it anymore it won’t let me login and when I do it restarts I have to log in to Facebook book which I don’t have I wish you can improve This could’ve been a great app sad to say it kinda failed❌ I had to delete my good review so it was kinda a fail❌ un till I see improvements with the logins and exercises(not that much of a problem for exercise but can improve for faster results)💔.Version: 2.3.0

Can’t cancel!Seems like a scam, getting all sorts of charges on my credit card with no clear way to cancel. Fraud!.Version: 7.30.0

Not Happy At All - SCAMI tried the trail and was not interested in the app. When reading how to cancel my subscription I tried and was unable to so contacted support. I received an answer about having an issue with the app but as soon as I mentioned cancelling it they stopped replying. I still can’t click on the cancellation button on the app and was charged for another mont even though I requested that the subscription be cancelled as it outlined in the terms and conditions as below: 4. Cancellation • If you purchased a subscription or enabled a trial on our websites: To avoid being charged cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the end of the then-current period. Note that if you have purchased the subscription through our website, you will not be able to control it through the Apple App Store or Google Play. Instead, you may cancel your subscription via our support chat that is available within the app and through our website. Now, I can’t even click on anything that has to do with cancelling the subscription. I want it cancelled now, and I want a refund for the month that was not supposed to be charged because I cancelled using the support chat before the end of the trial..Version: 7.29.0

They deducted money when i had clicked that I didn’t want renewBeyond angry- do not recommend this app- i tried for a week the extendbarre for seniors- after 3 days I decided it wasn’t for me. I followed the instructions to remove auto renewal because payment would come out by the 3rd. And to my horror they took money out today. The app itself is an AI image doing the exercises!!! Unrealistic. Prefer humans to robots when following exercises experiences!!! So i removed the app from my phone and it been very hard to gain access again to see what went wrong and why money was deducted. I even sent feedback after each exercise that i did to indicate i found it difficult- nothing was adapted to fit. I have sent about 4 messages demanding my money to be refunded back since they have taken without permission. Remember i selected not to auto renew!!! I just want to unsubscribe from this horrendous app. I thought I had by clicking don’t renew. I will tell everyone about this horrible experience if my money is not refunded asap- Tiffany Richards.Version: 13.4.0

Customer service reps lying to customers lolI haven't used my app in over a month from being too busy and have been letting the weekly charges stack up since there's no "skip the week" button or cancel subscription button. I looked through recent reviews on here to see if anyone knew how to cancel since there is no FAQ or quick help available on the app, and found the company responding with false info as recent as two weeks ago lol. multiple responses had instructions of going to the app, clicking "more" on the bottom right, tapping profile, then scrolling down to see the "cancel subscription" button. which is not a thing, doesn't exist, hasn't since i got the app or I would've a long time ago. what does exist is a "subscription terms" button which if you select and read through, you'll eventually find you have to contact them for cancellation. just tell people that??? or actually create a cancellation button? most people want to be able to have control over their money/purchases, without having to ask someone....Version: 9.13.0

Unfair subscription optionPrograms and recipes seems easy enough to follow and even nice to try but they offer you a one time price offer without a trial on subscription first!! I mean, I know you want to make money and not getting a lot of people going for a one time payment if you can get them to pay every month or six months and making more money but you have to play fair here, if I don’t know if I’ll like it how can you expect me to pay £60 in advance! Is bananas!.Version: 2.3.8

Pathetic service!It is impossible to cancel your subscription. Every time I have tried to cancel it they come back to me with an offer of 3, 6 or even 12 months of free service. I have declined the offer, however they still deduct money from my account weekly. I have requested a refund which is also denied as I now have to use the diet for another 10 days!!!.Version: 8.13.0

ScamI’ve sent two emails trying to cancel and they’ve charged my credit card twice. I will be calling my credit card to report them for fraud..Version: 7.0.0

Refusal To Cancel SubscriptionUnfortunately this app didn’t fit into my lifestyle so I asked to cancel my subscription a few weeks in. To do this you have to message the company directly via their message board, I received my first response asking if there was anything they could do to improve my experience. I said no I would just like to cancel. This was over 3 weeks ago and I’ve been unable to get ahold of anyone since, payments are still coming out of my bank account weekly. Very disappointed and an obvious lack of care or professionalism..Version: 7.29.0

SCAM APPI have deleted my card from my account. Your app does not show in the subscriptions to delete so this is a scam as are your other apps in the store. I have reported you to Apple. Any website or developer links to contact you do not work, which shows you set out to steal money from peoples accounts with intent and you should be charged for fraud and theft..Version: 2.7.11

Good response to my complaintUpdated: after buying my mistake I made contact to request a refund and got a reply and refund within a few days. Not too painful! *** I thought I was buying three months customised meal plans with shopping lists. I completed a quiz where I ticked chicken, beef and pork. After taking payment (which said it had failed but hadn’t, a ruse to get you to pay again) I got access to an app with meals of fish, turkey and vegetarian. No shopping lists. To add insult to injury I got an email with a “free gift” of three days meal plan. I replied to cancel and request refund. No response. Also the notifications are full of typos - was this made by a child?.Version: 7.11.0

HiI think some of the language/phrasing could use work. for example they label “healthy eating” or wanting to order a take out as a result from a negative thought or an unhealthy habit. i know they’re focusing on when this is repeated and becomes consistent, but i think they should be telling us that it is ok to do these things. as long as we aren’t unhealthy in a way that is actually effecting our physical or mental health, then it’s fine to do these things - even good if it makes us happy - and that it’s mostly about being happier and maintaining. a few more “you are beautiful the way u are/you’re body is beautiful, don’t let anyone tell u differently/this is about becoming happier for yourself” etc etc would be more than appreciated..Version: 13.1.0

HORRIBLEI downloaded this app having not very high standards because of most fitness apps. I was whilling to tru out the app and the was a deal going on so I decided to pay for it. I must add that before I purchased it said if you’re not happy you get money back. So I paid for it and all is good looking at the meals and what not, these meals are very complex with the food you have to buy. Atleast for me due to being a teenager with not a lot of money. I explored the app and decided it wasn’t for me, I decided to cancel my subscription and ask for my money back and what not. To cancel or subscription you have to message them so I sent them a message saying that it didn’t suit me good app but is not for me and I’d like my money back. It took them about 4-5 hours to reply and they asked for a review and whatever and completely ignored where I asked for money back and I have messaged them numerous times asking for it back and they have just not replied PLUS I might add they charged more more then was supposed to be charged. So disappointed..Version: 7.23.0

Needs to be more personalizedMaybe I’m just not the right target group for this app but I do feel it is lacking The workouts are nice. They start at your level and increase as time goes to make sure that you hit your goals. It also gives a great clip of how to properly do the workouts. You can choose the type of workout you like to do (run, home workouts, gym etc.) but it only lets you select 2 options. I do think the app should make an option to have the workouts run through instead of having to hit next or skip to continue. The meal planning is a nice feature but this is where I have an issue. Not a day in my life have I attempted to make an open chicken, squash and ricotta ravioli topped with brown butter sauce. I feel that the meals should be more simple than a recipe that just sounds nice. Especially right now during this quarantine when shopping isn’t the easiest. Meals and water intake are on a preset sliding scale so not much room to customize the actual numbers. Also, I feel that a trial would be beneficial. I don’t like apps that make you pay for the membership before you even see what it offers. However, I did bite the bullet and purchase the 3 months..Version: 5.0.0

FewYou make it very easy to join, but very difficult to cancel. I signed up for a 7 day trial, but your app has taken funds from my card. How do I cancel my subscription I do not want to use to app and all I wanted was to see how it worked. I would never use an app that takes money deceptively.Version: 2.7.1

Scammers - DO NOT SIGN UPI have tried to cancel my subscription for weeks!! The emails to ‘confirm cancellation’ do not come through. I have contacted the ‘customer service’ on multiple occasions requesting that they cancel as I have not received the emails. Their response was that they do not have a ‘record of my request for cancellation’…(despite at least 15 attempts??) and they will cancel when I have requested cancellation! I am only trying to cancel because I am unable to do the exercises due to my disability (they were entirely inappropriate). If I could give minus, I would. I am still trapped in a subscription that I CANNOT USE AND DO NOT WANT..Version: 12.35.0

WONT LET ME LOG INWont let you log in after signing up. I just want to cancel my subscription now and they’ve made it impossible. If someone from this team can please help me cancel the subscription and refund my money..Version: 8.0.0

Won’t cancel my subscription or answer my emailsHonestly it looks like an ok app, I just can’t afford the ongoing weekly payment of $13. I emailed before the first week finished and received an email saying they will get back to me after 8 hours.....yet no. They charged me another $13. I emailed again and received the same email back. I dislike dud services that keep scamming money. Please return emails when you say you will. Edited to say that they did end up getting back to me and refunding me. They were kind to offer one month free, but I didn’t accept it as I don’t want to fall into the same situation of not being able to cancel before money is withdrawn. Changed star rating from one star to two as I still think the cancelation of subscriptions needs to be better..Version: 7.28.0

Does Frustration Burn Calories?This app has a lot of great articles, workouts, and recipes based on your preferences and needs. I enjoy the little quizzes you have daily, and the water intake tracker, but that’s really where the niceties end with this app. Logging food is near impossible and not user friendly at all. The only measurements they have for most items is in ounces, and even then half the time it doesn’t pick up the fractions of an ounce you try to log in. Its food library is VERY limited, so good luck finding a barcode it will take. You’ll be entering in a lot of foods manually. While the fasting countdown is a great visual to use, you can’t reset it. If you forget to hit start or stop, it keeps on keeping on. There really needs to be a way to adjust the times on it to be accurate. Plus, if you’re done eating, but not yet to the end of your eating window, you can’t start your fasting window early! Sorry, but I don’t eat the ENTIRE 8 hours of my eating window. It’s like the developers don’t understand intermittent fasting? To top it all off, it doesn’t sync up with fitbits. It’s not even an option. So unless you have an Apple Watch and/or want to carry your phone with you 24/7, your steps aren’t counted, and you can’t manually enter steps or workouts. Those 3 things are MAJOR fails for me as a user, and it’s very frustrating to know I paid to get a limited sliver of use from it. I really can’t recommend this app to anyone..Version: 7.6.0

Unable to cancel subscriptionI am very disappointed in this app as I have tried contacting the team multiple times and yet there is no response. When I signed online they failed to mention it would be a subscription charged weekly in USD. I noticed I am not the only one with this problem and although when I signed up online, I was promised a full refund if unsatisfactory, I am still unable to contact the team. It has been more than a week and I have not been doing the exercises as I don’t not have the time. I really wish I could give this app no stars..Version: 8.3.0

Refunded meI contacted them trying to get a refund because I was not able to tailor the meal plan as I originally selected. They have now refunded my payments..Version: 7.28.0

They won’t honour a refund,I have no intention of using the app yet they take £50 from me, I downloaded the app as we all do when trying different apps out, I was looking for something that delivered food with meal plans, this is not what this app does. Because I had to set up a account to find out it’s not that kind of service. I forgot about the app as I never used it. They take £50 from me because the free trial ended however I never used that app at all, I obviously noticed this and politely ask for a refund and to cancel my account. I can can all the account but they will not give me my money back even though I’m not using there service. I would be carful entering into a subscription with this company they will not give your money back if there are any issues. Very very disappointed.Version: 13.12.0

Unauthorised taking of money from credit cardYes very misleading app. I signed up thinking it was a one off charge for a program and then found out I actually had to send an email to cancel subscription which I did. This was acknowledged immediately and I was told no further payments would come out. A week later they took more money out of my credit card. I have sent about 10 emails over 4 days and no response. Beyond angry at unauthorised transactions and no response so now it’s up to me to cancel my credit card! Don’t use this app! I advised in one email I would give a poor review but still no response....Version: 8.1.0

SadI just wanted to say I really wanted to get fit cause right now I’m not looking my best I thought this could’ve achieved my goal of becoming much better but it was a disappointment to find out they charge you money to get that so really sad 😔.Version: 3.1.0

False promisesThis app promises personalized meal and fasting plans. Neither of which are true. I filled out the quiz several times only to be presented with recipes that contain things I am allergic to. When I reported this issue, I was told I would not be given a refund, despite the fact that I never received the services promised. Apple should remove this app from the App Store, it is a scam..Version: 7.29.0

Don’t get this app!This is a terrible, scamming app! I saw an advert and have been wanting to get in shape for a while, so I downloaded it. It opened up and I was delighted. The text and graphics were cute, easy to read and top quality and it asked me questions like my weight, my target and what I wanted to improve on. It customises it’s workouts to reach that target too, all within 28 days! I was so happy and had a really good feeling about this app. I then started my first workout and it was great, it even had resting space in between exercises. I went to sleep with a smile on my face. Then, the next day, THIS happened. I clicked on the app, opened my workout and tapped on the start workout button. A picture of a before and after woman popped up instead, with text at the bottom asking me to pay over ONE HUNDRED pounds to continue! I frowned and clicked the ex. Nothing happened, it just took me back to home. I clicked start workout again and the same thing happened. I was outraged! It never said anywhere on the app that I had to pay for anything! And also, whatever you do, don’t click continue. This finalises the payment immediately and transfers the money from your pocket into the app. Better Me, how do you sleep at night?!.Version: 2.12.3

Terrible supportI canceled within 24hrs of renewal four weeks back and still being billed. Multiple attempts to get support but not one response as yet. Devastated..Version: 8.6.0

Paid and couldn’t use the appI wanted to try out the free trial to see if I’d like the app before I started paying. I was charged for the week even though I clicked free trial. I went to use the app the other day and it had reset itself or something and I could use it u less I clicked free trial or paid again. So I’ve been charged for nothing I can’t access the app.Version: 2.9.9

AttentionI have not yet try their program, I only did the trial for one day, then they started charging me, they said free for 3days, but not, for two month, the first month I contact them and let them know I want to cancel, they said ok, then never refund, then I let it go, this month keep changing me again, I have to downloaded the app again to be able to contact them, it has been a week, nothing comes back. So be careful this app, it is a big lies.Version: 7.29.0

Disgusting!Absolutely fuming with this app and I will be sharing over all social media how much of a con this is! I signed up last night for a FREE 7 DAY TRIAL, this morning I wake up and find that they have charger me £9.49 for something I’ve only had for 12 hours if that!!!!! You are a bunch on con artists and shouldn’t be allowed in the App Store should of actually took into account that all your reviews from basically the past year are bad!!! I will be sharing this on all social media accounts if no refund is given! It is absolutely disgusting how you can take people’s money after saying it is a free trial you bunch of horrible scam artists!!! I cannot believe it!.Version: 2.9.9

Livid... STAY AWAYI accidentally client the free trial, now it’s saying if I don’t cancel within 24 hours of the free trial my card will be charged?! That’s bs... I’m a very tech savvy person and for me not to be able to figure it out is brutal. Terrible app stay away !!!.Version: 3.0.1

DisappointedI’ve purchased the program via email and the pdf sent was a very generic plan which did not take in consideration my dietary options as well as the areas of my body I wanted to work on. It looked like it was a generic plan. I requested a refund multiple times and I have not received any reply. It’s also disappointing that you can only access the app for a week then you have to pay and it’s quite expensive. I still wait for a reply and a refund... Can I add I emailed you the 6 digit number and have received no replied...what’s the best email, happy to resend the email I’ve sent you so many times now....Version: 7.30.0

Warning - Read the fine print!You will be charged for this service weekly and the bill will show up differently every week so you don’t notice! I have counted 22 different receipts on my account and then when I went to cancel my subscription I had to repeat myself 4 times before it happened!.Version: 8.9.0

DO NOT BUY THIS APP!I am very disappointed in this app. I bought the one year package for over $100 and it isn’t even working! At first it was nice, I picked my meals for the week and decided to go shopping using the grocery list they supply for you. While in the store, every time I would try to select an item to check off that I’ve gotten it, the app would crash. I then had to go through the store memorizing what I did and did not pick up yet to ensure I got everything. This led to me spending two hours in the supermarket for something that could have been finished in one hour. After having this difficulty I still used it to prep for my first full meal day using the recipes. Everything went smoothly until the next day I began to get ready to prep again, and this time the app wouldn’t even load in. It has now been two days. The app won’t work at all, it won’t load the home screen or my meal plans. I purchased so much food and now I don’t have the recipes to cook it. I am extremely disappointed and still haven’t had the chance to use the exercise portion of this app. I would very much like a refund and to delete this app from my phone. What a waste of money!!!.Version: 3.0.4

HorribleI have tried cancelling and getting a refund within an hour after downloading as I can’t eat any of the meals due to a health issue. The guy (Jordan) who contacted me back literally stopped talking to me the second I asked for a refund. Wouldn’t help me at all. Horrible customer service. Do not recommend at all. If I could Give them zero stars I would..Version: 7.11.0

ScamAs this app wasn’t suited for me a long time ago after a few days I deleted the app. 6 months later I find money missing from my account. This company has been taking money from my account and when I contacted them to ask them why I had not been informed about the renewal before payment of £40 after 6 months and not even using the app they refused to help me and tried passing me around so they didn’t have to deal with my complaint and refused to refund me of any amount and kept the money that was paid for 3 months in advance knowing I was not using the app!.Version: 3.7.0

Very disappointedI've downloaded the app and paid for a 3months subscription but when I open the app I get error in the Plan and Meals tab. When I tried to chat support, I get a message about signing for another subscription. So now I have a 3months and a 1year subscription. I've sent email to support but no feedback yet. Not a good experience for me! I'm regretting downloading this app..Version: 6.9.0

Not worth the moneyI thought this app would create a personalised plan for me. All it does is give you three different fasting options to choose from. I regret sharing my personal information (weight, goals etc) on this app and I seriously regret spending any money on it. If you want to just fast - just do it. If you can tell the time then you can track the hours you have fasted. The design of the app is also not worth it. Could be easier by a long shot. Tracking food means you have to know what everything weighs. Who the hell is going to weigh all their food? I’m not that obsessed. Plenty of free recipes and other advice on the net. Seriously not worth bothering with this one..Version: 10.2.0

Do not purchase this app unless you wanna spend a lot of moneyWell first off this was supposed to be a app that offered many things like a guide,menu’s, and workout guide to follow to a specific persons need. After purchasing the app I later found out After I already paid that I have to pay more to get the hole perks. You literally get nothing when you purchase the app you have to pay extra for a guide, then menu and everything else cost extra. Then after figuring this out I wanted a refund since the app said satisfactory guaranteed and I was disappointed from finding out all the extra charges if I wanted the full help. After reaching out 2 or three times about trying to get a refund they kept offering me other alternatives instead of giving me a refund. Then after repeatedly telling them to just give me a refund they finally offered me 50% of my money back which it did not say nothing about me only getting half of my money back if i didn’t like the app. This app is a scam! Now after saying that, if you have plenty of money to pay for all the add ons that was supposed to be included in the app then you might like the app but in my eyes it was extremely dishonest and a money gimmick..Version: 8.8.0

Like the App, Hate the Update & SCAM!I got the app years ago & have been in a love/hate relationship with it since. When it first came out the exercises were not as detailed as they are now and I was impressed with the updates they made until the most recent update. I started using the app faithfully (with a faithful monthly subscription) since March but since the last update, last week I believe, every time I open the app their challenges pop up and I have to click on joining one just to be able to get to the home screen. I refuse to pay an extra $10-30 for a challenge when the app barely allows me to enter my meals daily because elf the limited food selection. I shouldn’t have to go through the challenges just to get to the home page to perform my workout, log my weight for the week, or log my water for the hour. Update: I agree with other reviewers, this app is a scam! It’s not worth the $9.99/month. The calorie counter section does not include many options the barcode scanner does not pick up barcodes leaving you to enter them on your own. It does not let you go back and fix previous day entries (i.e., water intake from the previous day), if you do a different workout aside from the one assigned to you in the app or in a different app it does not count towards your progress for the day. It is pt worth it..Version: 6.17.0

READ BEFORE YOU BUYThe app is really good to begin with, you pick out your problem area’s and it gives you those workouts for those areas. But once you’ve all signed in and ready to start. It comes up saying you need to pay to get ‘your dream body’ which they don’t tell you till you sign up. Which takes quite long. But fortunately you can click the X. The great thing is, is that you can do one of the workouts from each packet for free but if you want to do Day 2 and onwards you HAVE to pay. The worst thing about this app is the notifications. It is currently 7:00am and I woke up with at least 50 notifications from BetterMe of the same thing in a row. It goes on and on and I had to turn off my notifications. By the way all my scheduled workouts are set for 7:00pm. So it’s really stupid..Version: 2.3.5

Incorrect amount deducted and no help from the teamHi, I recently took the yearly subscription and an additional amount was charged. I have reached out to the customer service and received an incorrect response. When I reached back, no one responded back despite the follow ups..Version: 8.0.0

Not worth the $I really wanted to give this a try. Had the free version for a while so said why not. The workouts are tailored to your goals which is rlly a nice touch and different than any other app I have used. They get points for that. But! And it’s a big BUT. After purchasing there’s not really anything added from the free version aside from simple log/tracking, most of which it just grabs from the iPhones health app anyway. You get these ads for extra “challenges” that are like 30-60$, not included. The tracker doesn’t let you log your own work outs which you will need to do some Bc theirs feels like it misses a few things. It tends to force quit when doing the outdoor walk/running work outs. The meal logging also makes you do some guess work as to the weight of any item you eat so it’s not so accurate.. That being said, You will end up using several other apps to fill in where this one fails. They do have a great IG account with plenty of challenges and food/diet recommendations. They have a support person on your account you can reach out to as well which is nice. But again, There’s no reason to spend your money here, the price is kind of outrageous for an app considering how much better the competition is in this space..Version: 6.23.0

Not User Friendly, good customer service thoughUPDATE: The developer reached out to me after I wrote my review and after free emails back and forth, they kindly refunded my money. I appreciate their customer service and no hassle. Original review: This app has some good features, but it's not user friendly. I like that there is a "to do" list each day, but you can't customize what options are in the list. I'm a nursing mom, so fasting is not an option for me, but I am unable to turn off that feature. Adding the food I've eaten in the calorie counter is pointless because it barely recognizes any food I try to enter. I end up bluffing my way through it just to get a rough estimate of my calorie intake. And, most of the measurements are in ounces. My fitness watch is linked, but my step count isn't updated with it. It seems I have to have my phone with me just to have all my steps counted properly. I like being able to record how much water I've had to drink, but I can't seem to change my goal. I like that there are several fitness options, however I haven't tried a single recipe. I don't have time to go shopping for specific food and make a meal for myself... I have 4 kids and they're not going to eat these meals! I'm really frustrated that I paid for this app. It seems totally different than what was advertised (I signed up through a link in Pinterest). A free trial wasn't even an option..Version: 7.16.0

Horrible customer service ! No response to transactionsGuys, Before you proceed, please check this review and take your step in all senses. This ad came through Facebook. I have had payment done with the required subscription and see there is no traction on required services by BetterMe. Unfortunately, I haven’t even received response on their Facebook messenger as well ( it says typically within 2 hours they respond). It has been 2 days no response yet :( . Again am sure one of them will pop us and say it is unfortunate that I had to go through such experience!! Horrible customer service and for me the entire process looks fraudulent now ! Payment done with no services delivered till this moment as writing a review ...! Please refund the subscription amount back immediately... !.Version: 8.7.0

Also cannot cancel subscriptionThis is a ridiculous service that neglects customers and does not allow customers to unsubscribe themselves. I have never heard of a service that requires customer service to unsubscribe for you. Sounds like a cash grab to me. I messaged to unsubscribe on the 4th of feb, only to get a message back talking about ‘how we can make our platform better’ and not addressing my cancellation. I was subsequently billed a week later unlawfully as i gave them ample time to cancel the subscription. I have messaged twice since then with no reply. I believe a refund is in order and i hope the developers see this..Version: 8.6.0

Rip offUnreal multiple unanswered messages on the app and emails back and forth trying to get this cancelled. They dont show up in the app store or have sny easy cancellation option in their app like a legitimate company. When they finally answer your emails they offer to push your renewal out by a couple weeks. No thank you. And ask how does that sound . Really? Just cancel this. Total nightmare idk how apple allows them on their site.Version: 7.29.0

Better Me SCAM!This dodgy app refuses to refund my in app purchase that I accidentally clicked on. Stating an error when I try to restore the purchase. I will definitely be warning people to stay clear of the app and choose other ones..Version: 6.35.0

Great - till it’s not!I actually subscribed by accident, and the app subscription should not be £8.99, this app is NOT worth that much for now, until you develop it further. I understand it’s new but that is FAR too much money. I finished 3 programs 28/28 days - and nothing happened. They don’t get replaced with new exercises, there’s not even a “congratulations” - your customers NEED visual feedback to keep them coming back, otherwise it’s really anti climactic. I was really disappointed that no other exercise packets were to replace the ones I’d finished. I have since unsubscribed and I really enjoyed this app until I finished everything and then it becomes useless. Definitely needs some more development, and lowering the subscription price while the app is incomplete. Was really looking forward to some sort of VFX at the end when I’d finished 3 programs, or some achievement system. The feedback loop is abysmal and it’s disappointing as the app has such a nice aesthetic & coherency with its visuals!!.Version: 2.5.1

Subscription companies are the worstIf the product is as good as being advertised, why should any company feel so insecure about renewing subscriptions and mislead users into being afraid to turn off auto renewal 🤦🏻‍♀️ Auto renewal is of course applied by default and if you proactively try to switch it off, the wording is intentionally misleading you into making you think you are losing the current subscription. This is unfair and as close to scam as one can get..Version: 14.0.0

Misleading and no supportAfter being mislead during the “trial” period. I had entered my card details, though was not sent any email notification to continue setting up my account. When my bank reported a suspicious payment I looked into where the payments where coming from. Each payment is from a different Better*** supplier. Support when it came through advised I had to create an account and then submit a cancellation request. I have done that 4 times and nothing, no longer replying to my original ticket. Now have to cancel card to stop the payment..Version: 8.1.0

Only 28 days?I really loved this app when I did the free trial, so I bought the lifetime subscription. But it now seems that once I’ve completed 28 days’ worth of exercises, there’s nothing left to do in the app. Will you be adding workouts beyond the 28 days? I certainly hope so. If not, I recommend those who love the app purchase only a one-month subscription rather than waste money on a lifetime one, since you only get a month’s worth of workouts anyway. Three stars instead of five as a result of this issue. Tempted to move it to two. Update: the developer’s response was misleading and entirely inadequate. They responded to my complaint about only having 28 workouts by noting that there are 7 different programs. These are in fact only the “arms”, “legs”, “abs” etc. sections, each one containing only 4-5 moves and lasting roughly 5 minutes. You have to combine all 7 to get an actual, full workout, and there are only 28 total. Once you have completed the 28, there are no additional workouts. If you’re serious about getting in shape, don’t get this app. You will only get in shape for 28 days. After that, you’re on your own. As a result of their response, I am lowering my rating to one star. Should they expand to additional sets of workouts, I’ll be happy to increase my rating. As it is, extremely disappointed in my purchase..Version: 2.7.2

Do not purchaseMy daughter downloaded app and signed up. Payment has been taken from my bank account as I am the organiser (family sharing), now she can’t get into the app and I have no record of it being purchased in my subscriptions. Although she has a record of payment in her subscriptions. Any way we can sort this please? I’m rating one star because my review won’t send🤔.Version: 6.6.0

No responseRequested over a month ago to cancel subscription, after 2 weeks they came back and offered a “gift” for the inconvenience and its know been weeks since I politely declined and stated I just didn’t want to be charged anymore! I’m still being charged and they’ve taken even longer to get back to me so the payments are still happening!! If you read this please just want to cancel the subscription! That’s it! I don’t want to be charged for something I’m not even using and asked to cancel over a month ago.Version: 8.6.0

Won’t let me cancel my subscriptionI have tried to message them 5 times to cancel my subscription and they keep coming back to be saying “what can we do to make you stay using our services” all I want is to cancel the subscription because I don’t use the app enough to get the full service and they refuse to cancel this. Such a bad app do not use !.Version: 8.7.0

CancellingHello I am trying to cancel my subscription the option in the app doesn’t work I have contacted support with no response and unsubscribed from Apple for this app Terrible.Version: 8.0.0

Not nearly as good as I expectedI bought this app after clicking on an ad and filling out an online quiz. It seemed like it was going to be a great program for me. I didn’t realize at the time that the $27 I paid for it would be a monthly fee. I thought it was a one time purchase or an annual fee. I have now cancelled the app because it’s definitely not worth $27/month. My biggest problem is with the recipes. They sound great and the pictures are awesome, but here are some issues I have: 1. The images are not of the actual meals. They are stock photos of similar meals. 2. The recipes are very poorly written. Ingredients are skipped over, and the instructions are vague. If you are an experienced cook you can improvise but you can also end up with some real disasters. 3. The caloric count on the recipes is not necessarily accurate. I have cross checked the ingredient lists with other calorie counting programs and Better Me was calculating a much higher calorie count. I’m not sure if this is some kind of strategy to make you lose weight faster by getting you to eat even less than you think you are, but it is a serious concern..Version: 7.27.0

Does not deliver what was sold!I bought the programme via an app on Pinterest. The promises were high and misguided. There is no real personal trainer and what I paid for which included the full plan, plus fitness and face lifting exercises are not in the app at all. I’m also vegetarian and the meal plan offers tuna and so on. Besides requiring heavy daily cooking, which I do not have time, energy or patience. I do not recommend and deeply regret spending 50£ on this. Just an update, the company did offer an extension to 3m which I appreciate. And since I paid with PayPal I had already asked for a refund via PayPal, which has been refunded. I did try the workout and my body was sore today. The workout did not make me feel tired and it was only 15min. So I guess it was a very effective and efficient workout. The diet plan was not personalised to the quiz and my vegetarian needs, unfortunately. Overall, the app seemed good and gives you options for challenges and different workouts. But unfortunately it did not deliver to what was advertised when I bought it. If the ad was true to the offer I’d probably gotten it without the meal plan. As vegetarian apps don’t usually meat my expectations and needs. I would say that it would be worth getting a trial before buying it. And see if it is for you..Version: 7.6.0

Wouldn’t let me unsubscribeI tried the free trial and it was fine but I found it wasn’t for me. I tried to unsubscribe but then crashed. I tried again and it did the same thing. I deleted the app and thought it would be fine. A few months later I realised unknown payments were being taken out of my account. After an hour of trying to figure out what the payments were for I realised it was this app. I’ve been trying to find out how to unsubscribe for the past couple of hours how to cancel the subscription and yet there is no way to do it on the website and money is still being taken out of my account. I am furious and I DO NOT RECOMMEND.Version: 3.0.2

Disappointing!Not happy. App doesn’t work and Ive tried to contact the team to cancel my subscription and give me a refund and they don’t reply but if I have any other questions not regarding subscription cancellation or refund they reply..Version: 7.20.0

Wish I had selected the lowest option...I thought this would be a great option to help with accountability and extra guidance through my health journey. I signed up for the 3 months of fitness and food, totaling $50... however, cataloging meals is pretty nuts, everything defaults to the same ounces when scanning upcs, so u have to change everything, there’s no way to add recipes or extra nutritional information... I’ve had a lot better calorie counter apps and just wanted the daily workouts, but realize after only a day or two that this app isn’t really helpful at all and has very little customization compared to other apps. Also there was no option for a workout that couldn’t be done... for example, the workout today should have been a 10 min walk, but I don’t own a treadmill and it was pouring rain outside, there was no way to swap for something else. I wanted to cancel and get some money back, but unfortunately I’m stuck with the loss of my $50 until my months are up. Thankfully I know to go into my Apple account and cancel when the time comes so I don’t get charged over and over and using this app has caused me to research and download several other similar apps in hopes of finding one that’s got less kinks and will be a better fit..Version: 6.1.0

DisappointingI literally just installed the app and used it for 1 day. I cancelled my subscription yet the app automatically charged me $59.65. Somehow they have the authorization to my credit card information..Version: 2.8.1

Unable to cancel subscriptionI’ve contacted the team for more than ten times including email , msg on apps but nobody response as yet . Regardless , I have to cancel my credit card and requested a new bank card from my bank to stop further deduction from this betterme apps . At first I thought it was a monthly subscription in AUD but who knows it turns out to be weekly USD cost. Therefore I tried to msg them on apps to request cancel of my subscription but they just ignore and I still haven’t get any response until now , it has been more than a week. Pls note that I will not bear any further fees or debts from this betterme apps as I’ve strongly requested to cancel my subscription . What can we do when the team just ignore their client from cancelling subscribe and ourself can’t do anything about it ?.Version: 8.1.0

Great idea, poor executionThough the idea of this app is exactly what I want, the follow through on it has been awful. For starters, the food logging system is just pitiful, you all dont have the brand options that other apps do, and it makes it very hard to accuratley track my meals. Tracking my meals has been made significantly harder too because you all use a slider for the calories. The slider does not work as it should, because it moves as soon as you lift your finger. And even when you do get it to stay where you’ve put it, the slider locks in on what appear to be very arbitrary numbers, meaning that you can’t EVER get an accurate reflection of your calorie intake. I would also argue that this slider feature would make this app impossible to use for people with any sort of disability that limits their dexterity, and for individuals with poor eyesight or diseases that cause their extremities to shake. I have sent the above information directly to the contact listed in-app, and I would like to say that if the developers changed these two things (the slider, and the sub-par food database), as well as the lack of reasonably priced/attainable ingredients in their in-app recipes I would be willing to give the app another try and probably rate it 5 stars, but until then I’ve got a year long subscription to an app that I can’t use properly..Version: 4.1.0

It will not work if you do not payThis app is very very annoying, it starts going ok for the first day then for the second you cannot carry on doing your workout because of the subscription that costs $110 !!!!! This is ridiculous. Waste of time..Version: 2.11.2

Awful!! got 1 star because you can’t put no star’s!!!!I got this app because it said it was custom made which to me means when they ask you what food you want and want you don’t want that’s what you get! NO THAT ISNT THE CASE! They put what ever they like and the meals were exactly the same as my husbands even though we don’t eat the same thing,then after a couple of days I decided it wasn't for me so I tried to cancel it, which should have be simple except no one got back to me for weeks and when they finally did they said they would cancel it but as it was a fault on there end I could get the next 3 months free! I said no thank you just cancel it, I never heard from them again so I thought this had been done,until money went out of my account again the following month!! I emailed a couple of times saying I want this subscription stopped and my money refunded! After a week I finally get a response saying they have now canceled it, but I’m not getting a full refund! Which is disgusting and I did everything possible to cancel it, I won’t ever recommend this app to anyone ever!!!.Version: 8.5.0

DISGUSTING COMPANY STAY AWAY!!This company are an EMBARRASSMENT and quite clearly a SCAM! I’ve messaged them via the app, email, Facebook AND their website several times over the last 4/5 days wanting to cancel my subscription, yet got no reply what so ever. I have now been charged £13 - which sounds like will be a weekly occurrence! I explained why I did not want to continue, I simply do not feel I will get enough out of the service to justify paying the fees. Nor is 7 days anywhere near enough to explore all the app, or to come to a decision on whether I will get enough use out of the app for it to be worth it. Everything this App does, you can probably get on you health app on your phone device anyway and the work outs aren’t anything special. Less said about the meal plans the better. Absolutely horrendous customer service, you should be ashamed of yourselves! I am very disappointed with this, as I am sure a lot of people are and will be. I have been wanting to find a system to help me get back into better shape. This is certainly not it and I advise anyone looking at this to get as far away as possible!.Version: 8.2.0

I like it, but...So far I am enjoying the app a lot. The workouts are just my speed and the interactions are fairly easy to keep up with. I also love the reminders and accountability provided via the notifications. The areas I think need improvement: Food tracker: Everything is measured in ounces. I do not plan on weighing my food. Having the option to adjust the serving size makes it compatible for all types of lifestyles. I currently don’t use that feature because it just doesn’t work for what I’m doing. Fast tracker: I love this option and the reminders to start or end your fast. My complaint is I cannot adjust the times of my fast. If I forget to stop the tracker, I cannot edit the end time. If I forget, then the tracker is completely off until I decide to start it again. Some days are busier than others so being able to edit would be nice. Demonstration videos: The videos are extremely helpful as several of the workouts are new to me. The issue is the voice and the video don’t always match. The video will show arms down to the side, but the voice will say, arms bent at a 90 degree angle. Which is accurate? It’s a small issue, but when aiming for safety and effectiveness, it matters. I do wish I would have used the free version a little longer before purchasing a subscription because I think other individual apps could give me exactly what I want at a lower annual cost..Version: 9.3.0

ScamThey have taken money out of my account for 6 months despite me never once actually using anything. I downloaded and then deleted and requested to unsubscribe and they did nothing just keep taking money..Version: 8.1.0

Cancel subscriptionWhy can’t they have an cancel subscription button, i just want to cancel the subscription, how hard is that !.Version: 8.11.0

Beware - This company is dishonest!I accidentally subscribed - my bad! I never used it, and tried to cancel my subscription. They decided not to cancel my subscription because I didn’t reply to a loosely worded email asking for feedback, and then charged me another $50, even though I was completely clear that I wanted it cancelled. They are a money grabbing rip off, and the app is rubbish..Version: 13.14.0

Be AwareSubscription options indicated as FREE SEVEN DAYS TRIAL, yet the money was taken out. Apple wouldn’t do anything to refund either, so don’t waste your money and time. They charged 120.90 which was indicated no where in the subscription. Not much contents and such a scam in getting the money. Do your self a favour and do not download this app. Very disappointing..Version: 3.2.3

Fix the Diet PortionThe workouts are awesome and I like that the app shows you how to do the workout as you are doing it. I also like how it tells you how many calories you burned at the end of each workout. The workouts are targeted towards specific problem areas so you can tailor your workouts to your needs. However, the diet part of this app needs a lot of help. There is no way to put food preferences in to avoid seeing those recipes (ex I don’t like quinoa or beef liver). Also, not all the recipes match. The directions will be for something other than the recipe or ingredient list. The ingredient list doesn’t always tell you how much of something you are including in that recipe (ex 1 piece cottage cheese - what does that mean?). Calorie counts per meal are not included. I would expect this from a free app but not one for $10 a month. I’m on my free trial right now and I’m not sure I want to pay for this unless it was fixed. I see other people leaving similar reviews back in December and it’s now June. Please developers: fix the app! It’s a great start so tweak the diet part to match the thoughtfulness of the exercise part! :).Version: 2.5.2

Worse app I ever usedIt got subscribed and money is auto debiting from bank account , tried writing emails to support for no one response. Also there is no option in app for cancelling subscription. Money is getting debiting by itself and no one is responding from the app support, even my purchases are not reflecting in application. No one should get this app for time and money wasting. Worse app ever i have seen. They don’t respond. Such a care less support and useless application. And the surprise is the cancel subscription option in application is not clickable and that’s totally useless there. shame on you guys for taking money like this from people..Version: 8.1.0

Spam AppThis app almost screwed me out of $160. Filled out the info, and hit continue... luckily I have every transaction password protected, so the payment wasn’t made. Cancelled, and the payment didn’t let me go any further without payment, didn’t even get to see a sample..Version: 3.0.3

DisappointedDownloaded the app on an old phone and did not re-download it but was still being charged without realizing. The app was not on my phone!!! I would like my money back..Version: 2.3.8

Alright so farI find the app very useful in terms of offering simple and good recipes of food which in my opinion is the best value for it. However for the price you pay for it I would expect the app to have deeper explanations of the exercises, as in saying exactly what area each exercises focuses on, how to do the exercise correctly, etc. as simple and little diagrams sometimes fail to portray how the exercise should be done correctly. I only exercised for a few days so far so waiting for results still, so still have hope for this app :).Version: 2.5.4

You must pay for this appThis app may be wonderful, I installed it expecting to try it and find out. It is clear that it will offer me in-app purchases and I was fine with that. However, after collecting my personal data it only asks for me to subscribe to proceed. There is nothing to allow you to assess the app and the app does nothing useful without buying a subscription. As I said, the app may be wonderful and worth every penny. I don’t know as I uninstalled it at that point as proceeding would also have been taken as agreeing to their privacy policy. As I’ve not agreed, I expect that they have deleted my data, but as I had no option to decline it’s hard to be sure. In my view this should be listed as a paid app since it’s impossible to do anything with it without paying. The privacy policy should be available up front before the data is collected as the company are processing that data prior to agreement and the app should give a clear option to have it all deleted if you choose not to proceed..Version: 13.1.0

TERRIBLE Costumer Service & Misleading - Part 2I’m even more disgusted with the reply I did received today about my complain! I don’t think the Better Me costumer service understood that I’m not happy and I don’t want to continue even for free, I just want to get my Refund after so much waiting time! This is the last msg! - Barbara (BetterMe) Mar 4, 2021, 22:35 GMT+2 Hi! Thank you for reaching out to us. We have stopped your automatic subscription. You will be able to use the service until the expiration date, and you won't be billed automatically after your subscription expires. As mentioned before, we would really want you to stay with us. That is why instead of a refund, we can offer you a partial refund in size of 4.99 USD. This way, half of the amount will be transferred back to your account, and your license will remain active. Would you consider keeping the service on such conditions? BIG NO! Kind Regards, Team BetterMe.Version: 8.9.0

It’s a scam. Do not download!I downloaded this app about three weeks ago as I didn’t know much about fitness or dieting. After the first week it wasn’t much help so I wanted to cancel the subscription which was charging me $6.50AU every week. However there isn’t an option to just cancel the stupid thing instead you have to contact them through the app for someone else to do it. After a couple of messages I got a response that said I needed to wait 48hrs to get in contact with an actual person. That was 10 days ago and I still haven’t gotten an email and I’m still paying for there useless scam. Do not sign up what ever you do, they will scam you for as much money as they can..Version: 8.3.0

Good concept but the app is so buggyThe concept is good and really easy to follow, however you are unable to complete each day without the app failing in some way. Once installed, whenever you open the app it doesn’t remember if you are logged in, and you have to go through the process of questions again and again. Often when completing a work out the app then decides that you can not unlock the next day for no reason? Then the app will crash all together. This is fine if it’s free, but a subscription is hardly cheap. Disappointed.Version: 2.7.12

False AdvertisingThe app is nothing like what was shown on the Facebook ad. I was expecting chair yoga/exercises because that’s what the ad was about. I have knee issues and that is why I purchased the plan/app thinking that I wouldn’t be laying on the floor doing exercises. I've cancelled the subscription and have requested a refund. Actually I asked twice..Version: 13.9.0

Horrible customer serviceI gave the app a chance and it was ok but I am not willing to pay for the subscription which was not clearly said after signing up for it. So I wanted to stop my subscription and it took them almost 4 weeks to stop it. You have to go through hoops before you can stop your subscription. I had to pay 3 times again before they cancelled it. Totally unnecessary. If you really think that your app helps a lot of people then it should be easy enough for them to stop their subscription instead of making it difficult to do so. This makes it feel like the app is just a means to get money from people..Version: 8.6.0

Con?App is great idea if you want to lose weight, only problem is that it should come up with the payment/free trial option first before you put in your weight and height,as I didn’t know this I put the details in then found out that you had to pay after the free trail,I never trust these kind of apps as it’s always hard to unsubscribe from them and then they take your money without any warning and you’re left confused and can’t get your money back, so maybe you should have the option to pay first before putting in your details?.Version: 2.5.4

DO NOT BUY THIS APPTHIS APP IS NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE AND WILL DELETE TOUR DATA, WHEN YOU REQUEST A REFUND YOU WILL BE DENIED. I might have attempted to use this app again after the tech issues were sorted until I was denied a refund but now I will never use this app again, I will tell everyone I know to stay away from the poor quality products made by this developer. It is disgusting that I have been denied a refund. I have tried the turning it off and on again approach suggested by the developers to no avail. This continues to wipe the data I enter and ask me to create a new data sometimes twice a day. Fed up of this app and feel the product was a rip off that should have been put through a more robust testing process. It’s a shame it had potential. But at this stage I just want a refund as I paid £17 for what amounts to just a good idea. Another issues is I need more customisation on the food type preferences. Peanuts as a repeated snack suggestion is just not acceptable to me..Version: 2.9.9

Poor taste of adsI came across this app a couple months ago and it actually looks pretty decent. I’ve been contemplating paying the monthly fee, only as I’m not very structured at the moment so I wouldn’t utilise it to the full. Anyways, I’ve just seen your latest ad “perkier breasts, ‘rounder’ bum and slimmer thighs” and I found it pretty distasteful. Basically like a ‘get more attractive’ ad, which I feel like is encouraging body dysmorphia. I understand everyone’s goals are different, but to put it in people face is playing on the vulnerable minds that are in the market. I’m someone who’s just become comfortable and confident with what I look like, and am just looking to get healthy now. It vexed me a bit basically, just thought I’d give feedback.Version: 2.12.3

Stupid!!I signed up to this app as it said advertised on instagram that the app works out your “body type” and a tailored diet according to your figure. This was not an option on the app itself at all, instead it just had a meal plan and some basic exercises. I went to cancel and there was no one to contact. I saw another girl never got a reply after a week and was charged so I cancelled my subscription through the App Store. I phoned Apple and complained as I went through them to put in my banking details. Do not get this app!! Waste of time and should not be allowed to have no way of cancelling a subscription on the app along with having no means of contacting the company. 😡.Version: 2.7.2

Be carefulBe careful - I downloaded this app to check it out as it looked good - I was going through and doing what I thought was exploring the app - filling out my name height weight activity levels etc. and all of a sudden it told me I had purchased it which shocked me - No offers of price no nothing I had no idea what I had purchased or how much I have paid for it and then I had to get on the phone with Apple who told me it’s going to be 30 days before I get my money back - I have purchased things before on the App Store and never experienced this - I hope and assume the app does work for people and great but that kind of underhandedness I will never go near apps like this again.Version: 3.0.4

RefundI have the app and so does my daughter. We actually like it and has helped with our goals. There was an add for the meal plan onetime purchase for $9.99, I jumped on the offer and was excited to try the meals. Unfortunately I got sick and wasn’t able to try due to restrictions. But that’s not my issue. A week later I was charged (pending)another $9.99 and my statement said it was a subscription. At that point I wrote customer support to cancel my subscription. I wrote reviews and even tried through the app with no response. An automatic email was always sent saying someone would contact me within 8 hours. Then a week later I was charged again. At this point several reviews were written, multiple emails sent, apple support was contacted and nothing!! Apple support said that the purchase was not through apple but the company directly even though I made it through the app. I’m highly upset that this company has stolen my money, will not cancel the subscription I didn’t want, refuses to respond and it doesn’t look like I will be getting a refund. I have had to cancel my card due to this. Worst company ever!!!.Version: 7.22.0

DisappointedI saw this app advertised on Instagram with a “build a booty” diagram so I downloaded as I’m having trouble putting on weight too. I put in my target weight as a stone above my current weight but I couldn’t select any problem areas because they were all for losing weight instead of gaining muscle. I went to my “personalised” programs and I couldn’t find any “booty building” or any muscle workouts and there was no option to change them. Tried to change problem areas but this didn’t change the workouts anyway. Quite upset because I thought I may have found something that’ll work for me especially as what was advertised, but can’t find this so has to be 2 stars as it may be good for others but unfortunately doesn’t cater for all fitness needs :(.Version: 2.5.3

Disgusting customer serviceI have been asking to cancel my subscription since 16 November and they are still taking money out of my account. I canceled my subscription before the free trial ended but no one has canceled it so they keep taking my money. I am at a loss and do not know what to do as your customer service email is useless and wastes more time without anyone responding and you stealing my money.Version: 7.25.0

I don’t understandI am very surprised with this app. It’s unlike other apps I have used and it helps. I have done all exercises with this app for all day one in each category and it seems like a simple helpful workout. Also, I love the fact that this app has daily food plans and it keeps track of your problem. This really does seem like a very effective and helpful app. Now, why I rated this app 2 stars. Well, I was able to complete day one. But after shutting down my phone, uninstalling the app, and simply waiting and trying again, I am not able to open day two. This is because when the ad to get a yearly plan/free trial pops up, I will X out but day 2 won’t open up. I do the same cycle over and over. I don’t know if you have to buy this in order to do day 2, or it’s just me. Also, I have a family who uses this app and they have not purchased anything from this app. They also are actually able to get into day 2, 3, and so on. So I’m done with this app for now, I see no point in keeping it..Version: 2.11.2

Misleading & No customer serviceIt is such a shame that the foundation this is created on is rotten because the app itself is actually great. I signed up under the impression that I was on a monthly plan only to be charged $9.95US/wk to use this app! I contacted customer service at least 10 times over a 48hr period asking for my subscription to be cancelled only to be told to wait a month an see how I go. Tell me how are you suppose to cancel a subscription when you can not do it yourself and the service team that can won’t! I am beyond annoyed and have informed them that I will be taking this further if they do not respond to my emails and cancel my subscription! Disgusted, as I see in these revieiws that I am not the only one having this problem- wish I read them before hand..Version: 7.24.0

It’s too prescriptiveI find this very annoying! I’m only allowed to do one day at a time even if I am capable of a longer session. Too many upswells as well. I really regret buying $22 month is a lot for what you get. I’d like to get a refund ..Version: 13.4.0

Waste your moneyPlease be aware. Please don't pay for this app. This is a trap to charge you a lifetime. You can't log in to it and use the plans, you can't unsubscribe and you charge for a lifetime. They never support you they just said please login! And when you send them a message for unsubscribing they never care and charge you again! I don't know how can avoid charging!.Version: 8.0.0

Unhappy!I joined up a week ago and had no idea I had signed up to pay money already! There was no trial period mentioned. I do not recall being asked to set a password, and the app is not asking me for one as I try to log in to cancel my subscription. I have been charged two times in one day, on two separate days a week apart, for a total of almost $40 Australian. I was asked very few questions about my ability to do the exercises and given the pictures off the models this app is not fir me. Yet I’ve already paid almost $40, in a week. I had one question about food entry on the first day when I put in my minimal profile and wanted to enter a mandarine as something I ate, as part of breakfast. The food list popped up as: “mandarine flavoured yoghurt”. This immediately turned me off as I buy food that is as little processed as possible. I wrote in asking for help with entering specific foods such as fruit, and was asked to provide screen shots, not with advice on how to enter fruit types. Either they are in your lists of food or not. If they are, tell me how to enter them so they get into my food list. If they’re not, tell me. I’m not happy with this. I now read others’ negative reviews. I wish to unsubscribe immediately..Version: 7.24.0

Good, but needs workI got this app because I needed something that had a bit of everything. I’ve tried food tracking apps and I have the Fitbit app, but it’s hard to find workouts on either. This app has great workouts for newbies, like me, and I’m sure higher levels. So far I have been just the right amount of challenged by the workouts. HOWEVER, the food tracking on this app is absolutely awful. I don’t tend to be on my phone throughout the day to log what i eat so I log everything at night and god forbid if I’m a minute past midnight, everything logs for the next day and you can’t go back and log for the previous day. Also, there is not many brands on here as far as food choices go, I mean they didn’t even have Starbucks anything. Very frustrating to keep accurate logs when you just have to click random a foods and drinks that only half match what you actually consumed. It’s not quite worth what I paid because of this, but I’m hoping it will improve..Version: 4.3.0

Don’t get it!I download the 7 trial of this app. As described by other users it was ok to start with but not good enough too keep it. I cancelled it within the 7 days yet got charged £36,95 ( a 6 month subscription not 1 that other apps will do). I then go notified that Apple/and developer allows 24hs to take the payment (24hs before) so that the app does keep active and the user “does not risk to loose a day with out being able to access the app” as the transaction takes 24hs. This is not mentioned up front but somewhere on the small print which seems obvious why. The fact that Apple even allows this to happen is shocking and the fact that the developer has a 6 month subscription as the default when u download the trial, is a clear indication that they are trying to take as much money out of you as soon as they can, most people/ apps will renew for a month which makes more sense and sensible way of doing things. Really disappointed not just with the product but also with how the subscription works. Ps : it does not allow to post the review without start, again by default you need to give them one in order to be able to post the review. I’ll not give any stars if I could!.Version: 2.4.0

ScamBetter me are scammers , they are not letting me end my subscription and they wont respond to emails plz do not install this app or you will be scammed , i game them my 6 digit number and still no response , they are liars and thieves how are apple approving this app on the store this is a scam app , apple plz remove it.Version: 8.1.0

Could Be Great But Lacks Basic FunctionalityThis app could be great, but it lacks one important feature. I signed up on my iPhone with my Apple ID as my login. However, I like to work out with my iPad because the screen is bigger. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered there is no way to login to the app on my iPad with my Apple ID. There is only the option to login with my email. ‘No problem,’ I thought. I’ll set up an email login in my iPhone so I can login on my iPad. Reader, you can’t. There is no way to set up an email login if you signed up with an Apple ID login. I reached out to support and they said that even if I could login on my iPad (which I can’t), my workout info wouldn’t sync. What?! My other workout apps all sync across devices. It seems like that should be standard for any workout app these days. I really like this app. The workouts are great and it has many cool features, but not being able to change my login so I can use my iPad and not having my info sync across my devices is a deal breaker for me. I’m canceling my subscription. Until they fix these issues, you’re better off choosing a different app..Version: 6.8.0

Paid reviews!These have got to be reviews from people who were paid or compensated somehow because there’s just no way this app has any positive ratings at all. Well, I do like the idea. It has potential. But is so flawed I cannot believe they are letting it run like that. Their food tracker doesn’t have simple common foods listed. The portions/serving amount in their food tracker can only be measured by ounces. So even if you had 1/3 teaspoon of something you couldn’t properly log it. The WATER tracker & the STEP tracker not only do not reset every new day, but they also tend to glitch and reset in the middle of your day. All of a sudden, your 24 oz of water drank has been set to 0. It’s very discouraging. The WORKOUT also doesn’t change. I’ve had the same recommended workout for a week now. Every time I have contacted their customer support they don’t respond. There’s literally no one to help you. After I realized I HAD BEEN DOUPED, I asked for my money back, and of course there’s no one there to help assist me. This company is either a SCAM or a JOKE❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️.Version: 8.4.0

So close to being a great app, unfortunately it’s RUBBISH!!!The main reason I am disappointed with this app, is because it is so close to being amazing. Unfortunately, the problems just keep adding up. I am a personal trainer and I have been looking for an app to recommend to my clients in order to track their progress and make them accountable. The major problems I found are: 1/ What was offered within the subscription was not what was received. By their own admission it is misleading so they refunded half, which is actually illegal, but I don’t have time to waste with businesses who have poor ethics. 2/ The meals are great, but recipes are often confusing. 3/ Customer service although prompt, very unhelpful providing short answers with no real care. 4/ Meal and calorie tracking is hit and miss. I log my meals and sometimes it is calculated other times not. I manually log and it logs it in a different area, once again depends on how lucky I am. 5/ History is not stored correctly, especially with calorie intake, in fact for me it was completely false. All in all, I would definitely NOT recommend this app. Perhaps I am spoiled with my Fitbit app who just know how to do things properly, from product to customer service, it is A class..Version: 7.7.0

Horrible customer serviceI requested to cancel on 17 November and yet still have money being taken out of my account and no response from your customer service team!.Version: 7.27.0

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