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Great appLove this app, has really helped me with consistency. Love the fitness section, I use it at the gym and at home to guide my workouts. Would love to be able to favourite workouts as there’s so many I forget which one I did and enjoyed before. The meal plan side has been a bit difficult to work with as changes to my diet (e.g. going veg) didnt apply automatically. Would also welcome a meditation/mindfulness side of the app. I currently use headspace for that and continue to use BetterMe because their workouts are better..Version: 7.13.0

Great app!It is a fantastic app that I would recommend to anyone. I personally did the 28 day workout course and I saw nice improvements! I had it on my previous phone and I got it for my new one. I have been using it for a few weeks and it helped a lot getting more active and healthier during this pandemic! You can record what you eat and that's really a big plus. The app doesn't have a huge food database, but it's big enough for most people I guess. I found it much better than going to the gym as I can exercise without everyone starring at me and it's also way cheaper. The meal plans are not that expensive either. Lastly, it would be good to be able to see the fat loss, and not only the weight loss. All in all, great app!.Version: 6.6.0

A Great Workout AppOne of the best apps of its kind! I rarely write reviews for apps, but this one makes me want to make an exception. I love everything this app has to offer. It is extremely easy to use, never lags or crashes, as some of the apps that I used. The workouts are not tiring, yet effective. They also take not that much time, but you can literally feel how your muscles get stronger. You can also try various challenges, which spices up the routine and keeps it interested. It is a perfect option for you if you don’t like gyms but want to melt some excess fat. I also want to mention the diet plan, because that was the thing that caught my interest and made me download it in the first place. So, your meal plan is completely customized, I believe it is a once-in-a-lifetime finding for vegans, cause I’ve heard that it is rarely that apps offer you a decent vegan meal plan. Anyway, you won’t regret downloading this app for sure!.Version: 6.31.0

So easy you can actually stick with itI loved the seven minutes workout but didn’t like that they didn’t link with my health app. This one offers lots of different exercises for different areas of the body and combination exercises, short and easy enough that you can do a variety of exercises daily to fit in your schedule. Already feeling the effects too. The routine is definitely resculpting my body into shape. Thank you x.Version: 2.7.8

An App for those lacking timeIt was really troublesome for me to work out regularly for a very long time. I work extra 20 hours or even more every week, it was really difficult to fit a full-blown training session into my daily schedule. It became the least important priority, and I regularly skipped training instead of regularly exercising. This app was a game-changer for me. There is no way I don’t have 15 minutes to train every morning. Plus, the workouts continuously change so I don’t get bored. I usually like to go at my own pace, and it seems to me that the system in the app motivates you to push harder, but it is not a problem at all. I measure my changes each week, and I can say that I got much leaner than I was a month ago! It is actually much easier to extend your sessions once you get used to the short ones. I think my friends don’t want to hear me talking about this app any more as I do so much, but it really is that good. Try this app, you will be surprised how easily it fits into your routine! I guarantee you won’t regret the dollar spent!.Version: 6.33.0

Very Motivating!This is an excellent app for weight loss, tracking calories intake, water intake, as well as workout and daily steps. I am doing the 16hours intermittent fasting and amazed by the results in terms of weight loss! I honestly never imagined an app would keep me as motivated as I am today as I usually lose motivation when it comes to healthy cooking and prepping meals. This worked out well because It lets you select the time you want to spend prepping meals and the ingredients you prefer using, so the suggestions for the Keto plan I chose are working great with my schedule, similarly to the exercise portion of it. The only thing I wish was easier to do is the food tracking, I wish it had a feature to group food in a recipe so I can use it another day if I made this recipe again, also if it had a history of the most recent items I used or the ones I keep reusing. The last thing (and it’s not as important) but could be improved, is the ability to add fractions the your weight when you log in..Version: 7.3.1

Great content Lots of optionsThe exercises are challenging and effective. The reminders and motivation are really helpful too. I do struggle with some of the meal plans as they do not seem to coordinate well into a shopping list. I will see something like rye bread for a meal (2 slices used) and then won’t see it again for weeks. To me that means buy a loaf, eat two slices, and then hope someone else eats it or let it go to waste. The logic there is a struggle for me. Fortunately I have obtained good results even when I sub a few things in to make the meal plans a little more economical. This app is best at just giving you a plan and not over complicating it. I always got stuck in paralysis by analysis from too many years of physiology and nutrition instruction with too little practical application experience. It is nice to have good foundational principles mixed with the simplicity of just doing what works..Version: 7.25.0

Responsive and responsibleI signed up for a 1 week trial and realised that the app is not suitable for me but I forgot to cancel the subscription after a week so it got extended to the whole 7 months subscription package, which is my fault since I was careless and forgot to unsubscribe earlier. I emailed them, requesting for a refund and they willingly helped me unsubscribe my plan and gave me a refund. The team is responsive and the whole process was carried out quickly which made me pleased..Version: 8.1.0

Love but could be betterSo when I started using this app (more routinely) in March I was 160 lbs now I am 146 so it works. I love the exercises and the meal plans it’s honestly an amazing app but it could be better. I don’t like that the exercises just jump from one to another. It would be really cool if somewhere in the corner you put “up next: ______ exercise” with a photo or video of the next exercise so I’d be a little more prepared. Also sometimes I can’t see my phone when I’m exercising so some type of ding when you switch workouts or a “3,2,1” kind of count down or something to let me know we’re switching exercises would be helpful. Another thing is I started the sugar free challenge and I’ve been clean since I started but I forget to mark down that I had a successful day and it automatically puts me as failed and it can’t be changed. That’s a bummer and it really brings me down because I know I’ve been trying. Other than that I really love this app it’s honestly helped me so much to change my lifestyle. Another suggestion is I would love if this app could remind you to drink water as well as workout! I really think this app can go places..Version: 6.3.0

Enjoy the meals, but…These meals are delicious and though I just started the program 5 days ago, I’ve already lost several pounds. Problem is, and I’ve emailed customer service about this, there are errors in either the ingredients or the recipe. They don’t always match up. Example: the ingredients will mention one vegetable and the recipe never mentions that veggie or what to do with it. Or the recipe will say heat oven to 180 degrees, (180?) and Carbs 25 minutes. Carbs? Do they mean cook? I’m assuming , yes. Photos don’t always match recipe: strawberries in photo, but pears in the recipe. I just feel that the editing is poor. And if the meals are not edited, what else might be incorrect. That being said, I like most of the program. Not love, but like. The workouts and articles are good. The logging of the recipes could be better when it comes to scanning a barcode for nutritional value. The MyFitness app scans and all the info pops up immediately. Here at BetterMe, after scanning, so far I’ve had to fill in every detail, fat, carbs, protein, etc. myself. Hope this helps some people and I hope BM can look into the issues..Version: 12.0

I’m loving it!I signed up for the 90 course, I’m over 30 days into it. I’m in Australia. I hadn’t read any reviews on this app before signing up but have just read a heap and I’m actually shocked so many people have been unhappy with it! I love ticking off my goals every day. Logging my water intake encourages me to reach my goal and I’m feeling so much better for it. I love the daily workouts. There are loads of extra workouts available too. All the meal plans are amazing and so many to choose from! I wish the fasting tracker could be manually altered if you forget to log that you’re in a fasting/eating period. I has an issue with my workout streak score being cleared so I sent a message to the team and always got a prompt response. The issue wasn’t resolved but they offered me to choose between 3 add-on challenges (that are usually paid for) for free, so I chose the 30 day plank challenge. Overall I’ve had a great experience. Thank you 😃.Version: 11.1.0

Enjoyable, needs a few improvementsWith gyms closed, I decided to look for alternate at home exercises. I am in my late 20s and looking to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. This app has great options. I subscribed and I really enjoy the daily 'do your exercises' that fit directly in what I am looking for. I also like the 'workouts' section if I am looking to work a little more on a specific muscle group. Yet, for me honestly I do feel that the food and dietary section is not useful to me. I am not looking for nutritional advice, im only looking for workout ideas so this to me is not useful. I would advice BetterMe to have a full seperate app just for nutrition and one just for workouts with the possibility of merging data from both apps together if the user wants to. Otherwise, a lot of the data on this is just not useful to some people. I do get the whole concept of being a full plan of food and exercise but thats my experience. Another think I want to point out is the 'do your workouts' section of the Plan page. Some days it recommends walking, other days it recommends a full 25 minute exercise routine -which is exactly what i love about this app and why I subscribed to it. Yet, skme days when i check the 'do your workout' section it says 'today walking' it doesn't make sense. I suggest modifying the Plan page to include under the 'do your workouts' section a 'walking' subsection and an 'exercises' subsection. That way you get to have both new options everyday..Version: 8.5.0

Update/ excellent customer serviceI purchased this app in March! Yeah- amazing access to meals and workouts! I purchased the year subscription. Well something glitched and now I cannot log in. I have contacted the developer and they asked for ALL of the possible emails that I could have used to create the account. None are found. The next message- looks like you signed up and just need to fill out the profile… uhm, I cannot do that if I cannot log in. Please help. This is such a disappointment for weeks now!!! I finally got ahold of someone who reset my account so I could log in. (After trying all the normal things: delete app and reinstall,reset password etc.) Although I lost all the data I was tracking daily- they finally reset my account- and challenge I had also purchased and they updated my renewal. They thankfully reset so I have a year access since I only used about a week- Frustrating at first but so glad they could help!.Version: 12.29.0

Cancel easilyThis app is great and honestly you can cancel so easily no need to rate it poorly due to misunderstandings. Simply go to iTunes &App Store on settings if you’re using an Apple device, tap on the Apple ID and then view Apple ID and put your password, then press on subscriptions and on the app ‘better me’ and there’s a big fat cancel button! Hope this helped! I’m not sure about other devices but google helped me so I’m sure it could help you too x.Version: 2.2.0

Great customer serviceUpdate review: if you have already had the free trial be aware that you may be charged. The customer service to get my refund was excellent..Version: 3.5.2

Great app!An easy to follow app with great diagrams and graphics. It’s motivating and encouraging. Because the workouts are so short it’s easier to stick to, especially if you don’t really enjoy exercising but want to make a start and get into shape. My only small complain is that the food section. It’s pretty basic. If it where similar at recording food to Lifesum or fitness pal then this would become the best out the best all round workout and health app hands down. One last comment would be to clarify if the exercises are one set of each rep or more (?!).Version: 2.3.6

Love it so far!I just had my first baby 3 months ago and as happy as I am, my self esteem has been at an all time low as my body has never looked so flabby! I’ve only been using the app for two days now but the workouts target my personal problem areas, have got my heart pumping and have me sweating which I see as a good workout! Also, for any Mums who are home with baby, the workouts are really easy to do without a gym :) 5 stars so far!!! No issues. Happy to continue use after free trial is over..Version: 2.9.5

Love the app. But it stopped loadingI really love this app. I paid for the annual subscription. The workouts are really good and they aren’t too hard for beginners it helps people with injuries such as myself and has the challenges to further you on your journey. So far I really like it. But the problem is now the only thing that is loading is the workouts and the settings page. The calorie counter isn’t loading or the calendar. Is it a glitch? Please help because I enjoy this app.Version: 6.26.0

Steady weight lossThis app is not about diet, or exercise it’s about setting a goal and helping you achieve it. First app I have used that has reminded me and pushed me, but set achievable actions that enhance your lifestyle rather than short term radical change that is likely not to succeed..Version: 6.30.0

GlitchesThe reason for three stars is because the app keeps glitching. It worked well the first couple of weeks and then the settings automatically changed which led to the disappearance of all my progress data. I have deleted and downloaded this app thrice so far and the glitches continue to happen. I paid 20 AUD for the services so I should get what I paid for! How can this be fixed!?!!.Version: 6.30.0

Really good appI only found your app recently and wow. As a person with little to no money in really thankful that your app allows me to access and actually use it without paying a fee. I have found it hard in the past to find good workout and unsure of how much calories I actually burn but your app has not only great workouts for everything but when completed one it tells you how many calories you’ve burn. Definitely a 5/5 for me.Version: 2.11.4

Good but could be great!Great app, super easy to use and follow. The 1 thing that would make it better is music with the workout and some kind of countdown/beeping to signal when each work out is nearly done. It’s not always the easiest to see how long you’ve got on a workout..Version: 3.0.1

Love itI’ve just done day four of one of the work outs. I’m enjoying the challenge and I know I’m unfit but I can already feel it helping me. I wanted to pay the yearly subscription but I can’t figure out how too, I think it was an option when I signed up. Is the other subscription weekly or monthly? I really want to keep going, I love this app already, thank you..Version: 2.7.0

I look amazingBefore i saw an ad for better me i was wanting to get in shape but didn’t really want the hassle of getting driven to the gym and making an inconvenience. i would look up exercises to do but never stuck to doing them since i would have to re find them every day and it would get really annoying. Better Me has made this all easy with a very easy (and smart) interface. i pay a monthly fee (£8.99) which is easy to afford and is super cheap for the outcome. i have learnt to love my body because of Better Me and will recommend to everyone worth thinking about getting it shape Carrie.Version: 2.5.1

Love this approach and program - app has room for improvementLove the approach of exercise, steps, hydration and food tracking. All these together are giving me a chance at a better me. Loving the program so far. Reasons for not giving a 5 are, iPhone and IPad apps don’t work together. App should be device neutral- Use the devise you have and have any activity or workouts sync up. Also app is a little buggy with playback of some workouts with no prompts or visuals. Just ticks down the time remaining in the exercise. Also, profile asks for focus areas yet always provides the same types of workout recommendation even with all areas selected…Arms. I would expect that if more than one focus area was selected, that the recommendations would not always be arms. I don’t have the time to preview the possible workouts everyday to pick the one I want. Want the app to do that for me based on the focus areas selected. Lastly, scheduling reminders for workouts if setup, should also drive when workouts at suggested. I use the app to supplement Taekwondo training twice a week. I’d like to not get workouts on those days but the schedule doesn’t really do anything other than pop up a message. It should have those days as off in the suggested workouts. Overall, I plan to stick with this program. It has helped start to form some good habits even after 2-3 weeks..Version: 9.10.0

Want to get fit?💪🏽BetterMe is a great app! It allows you too lose weight in certain areas within a 28 day time period! It can keep track of the amount of water you drink and tells you what food to have at different times of the day! You can schedule a time to workout 🏋️‍♀️ so you don’t forget! So, you want to get fit? Well then, this is the app for you! Download BetterMe..Version: 2.9.7

Very helpful . . . ButIt’s a great app and offers great exercises that have been working and is helping me lose weight. The only issue I really have atm is that after day 4 the app completely resets and I have to re enter my weight and height details to get back to doing my workout routine. This is not really acceptable considering I have paid for the one off subscription. At close to 60 pounds I expect this to do the full 28 days with out any resets. Can this be looked at please other wise I think it’s fair to say I deserve my money back.Version: 2.9.4

AwesomeI really enjoy all of the workouts in the app and they challenge me and I believe the price is a reasonable amount. However, I can’t log any of my meals in the app as it only allows American foods or restaurants, I am Australian and it doesn’t have any of the store bought items such as frozen vegetables and such to track, so I have to use another app to track calories and this one for my workouts. I hope in the future you can add other countries foods.Version: 5.3.0

SUPER EffectiveI’m returning to this app after a year hiatus. At the end of 2020, I decided I needed to focus on something other than Covid. My husband and I had been dealing with infertility for 10 years and I know I felt solely responsible. We had a talk about trying IVF and I decided that I was probably not at a healthy weight to be considered for it. An acquaintance suggested this app, so I downloaded it and hit the workouts and calorie tracking hard. I feel that I saw results pretty quickly and was super excited to be on the right track to healthy! Two months into using this app, I started looking into clinics that offered IVF. I didn’t need to though, because the same month I discovered I was pregnant. We welcomed our daughter at the end of October 2021. I truly see now how important my health is and I have this app and my experience using it to thank for my new outlook. I’m excited to take up where I left off! Thank you for the hard work you’ve put into this program! It has been life changing!!.Version: 12.20.0

First workoutJust done my first workout. I really wish excercise videos would show the demonstrator from the back view… would be so much easier to follow. When a demonstrator faces forward I find it hard to reverse the steps in my head ie: they go left, I go right….they go back, I go forwards etc etc then I start to get lost on what they are doing. Maybe it’s just me..Version: 13.3.0

10/10 <3I think this app is very helpful and empowering I’ve only done one work out and I already feel great. (Mind you I’m only 12) but it’s made me feel just that tad bit more amazing about myself would highly recommend and is obviously very effective as they also track your steps carbs burned and so much more. Ik this sounds like an advertisement but I honestly love this app already and hope it takes people to a better path<3.Version: 3.4.0

This app is AMAZINGI must say, the workout I just did almost killed me because it’s my first workout for probably more than 8 months or more probably 1 year and I must say, I feel great and I will definitely be using this app more, great work on whoever made this app, hope you get really good reviews like this one. AMAZING!!!!! I just hope I can walk after that workout haha 😂. But if there’s a trial I’m not going to be happy, most people just like to take care of themselves without paying premium, like there’s no point. That’s my feedback..Version: 3.2.0

BetterMeThis app is amazing. I’ve been going through some struggles the past couple of years and came to food for comfort so I had gained quite a bit. My mental health has been ok recently and that’s when I came across this app. It’s helping me out a lot, the workouts are doing great for my body and the food plans are already making me feel healthier and more positive. The app also tells you when you should have a drink of water and stuff. It’s like u have someone taking care of your health. Anyways I really do recommend this app if you want to loose weight or even keep a good weight on yourself.Version: 3.1.0

Charged moreThe advert said you could try 7 days for £6.99 . I chose that option and was charged £8.39 . ? I hate when there are probably explanations in the small print which one misses . It’s so annoying that they don’t just charge what they will charge ! Be careful when signing up as they may say there’s an offer but you’ll find more being taken ..Version: 12.33.0

GoodYou don’t have to pay them or do the 3 day free trial. their meals seem delicious but i haven’t had opportunity to try them. the workouts seems very well put together..Version: 2.2.0

Has it’s perksI’ve been using betterme for 25 weeks now. My plan was to rid of all soft belly fat. I started as 125 pounds and set my goal to 112. I’m 16 just wanting to tone my stomach. It’s estimated time to reach my goal was only 28 days but I knew that would be too soon. I’m a little short of 175 days in and I’m at 115. My only adjustments to this app are in reference to messaging and meal plans. In my meals, I am allergic to all nuts and processed fish. Most of my meals have both of these, i went to the messaging app and wanted to ask how can I filter my meals to where fish and nuts don’t come into it? Instead there were prompted questions that only told me to substitute allergens. I’m not sure of alot of substitutes for fish and nuts which left me with more questions. I would only change to be able to enter allergies pre meal planning and direct messaging typing your own specific message instead of chosing between pre prompted questions..Version: 2.11.2

AmazingI understand that they should give your harder workouts, however you can continue doing other workouts so it adds up to your scheduled amount. They give you a range of coaches that you can talk to virtually about your meal plans or even workout virtually to them so they can help you out. You do have to pay for things like premium e.c.t but it’s not that much and you don’t HAVE to it’s up to you. It’s really helped me since I go to the gym usually however when I don’t I use this app to catch up. It tracks my meals and how much I’m drinking. My steps and also helps me fast. It sends notifications saying not to eat just yet. It really helps me keep determined to carry on. So I recommend getting this app!.Version: 9.13.0

Loving thisI had back surgery a few months ago. I am 68 and looking to get back in shape. Last year at this time I was 121. Two weeks ago I was 160. With being home recovering and with the pandemic; this 5’5 foot person was OUT OF CONDITION and feeling miserable. I couldn’t get through my day without sugar be it candy or cakes or ice cream. I was eating junk food for my meals. My only exercise was from a comfy chair to the fridge or pantry and back. 😬😎 I don’t have those cravings anymore. I have followed this program with ease. It keeps me on track and I am down 7 pounds. I expect to be 130 by end of September. I am never hungry between meals and the exercises are awesome. You put as much energy as you’d like for 15-18 minutes and your done. You can add more if you’d like. I like to walk and add walking every day. Something I couldn’t do before my back surgery. Lastly, it keeps me accountable. I used to talk myself into sugary this or that but if I stay true to this program; the results will be a happier and more fit me!!!.Version: 6.30.0

Fantastic customer serviceI was having problems with fully utilising the app features and staying motivated, until I reached out the the customer service team via email. They had a solution to my issues and left me a very happy customer. I can’t wait to use the app to its full potential now and am almost certain I’ll see progress - thank you!.Version: 12.4.0

Really goodSo it is easy to use with all the exercises mapped out for 28 days with included rests. I especially liked the meals section because you can choose between regular and vegetarian which was handy. I wanted to start eating healthy and lots of good meals were suggested. I have tried the stomach exercises and found them helpful because after 19 days I can really see a difference. The one inconvenience for me were the leg exercises. It says these exercises are made to help you have slimmer legs but in reality all they are really doing is building muscle which won’t help with that. However, I can’t really blame the app for this..Version: 2.4.0

Some improvements neededI like the idea of the app and even got lifetime subscription, but needs a few more features to really stand out 1. Add cycling to workouts (in gym) 2. Allow Imput of calories burned on other workouts (so we can add data from smart watch which will be more accurate)and currently workouts just allow inaccurate time 3. Integration with Huawei health or Huawei smart watches ( they have smart scales that track bmi etc) 4. Meal plans, give us more control as most of the stuff I wouldn’t eat and unable to refresh or swap things out. Let us create our own meal plans from library of choices. 5. Give us meal plan shopping list with ability to add extra items 6. Give us free challenges without trainer support 7. Food calorie tracker needs a bigger database of products as many need manual input I feel with these it would be a good contender with MyFitnessPal.Version: 7.30.0

I improvement but overall good appSo on my last excersize I was like half y through it then it said the next thing was workout completed, I thought it was a glitch so I kept doing my excersize as usual, but on the next thing it went to rest then it went to where the excersizes should be it was blank just white and no sound, please fix this! But overall great app..Version: 8.2.0

Best health app to lose weightThis is a fantastic app to help you lose weight and help you with your problem areas. I would totally recommend for everyone to get this app and it helps with not only just adults to. You can get a 30 day risk FREE trial and this will help you to get fit, healthy and strong every year. I gave this app 5 stars. Get this app NOW and write your review and what you think about it NOW!.Version: 2.12.3

It’s one issueThe only issue I have with this app, is that it costs. If this app was free (and I can understand why it’s not, because it is such an amazing app) I would be using this app literally every day..Version: 2.5.0

A new meWith years suffering Parathyriodism of which my issues are mainly surrounding hypercalcimia calcuria. After my op I felt no better, further reading on my symptoms. It is my post menopause that is still apparent, and from today certain taking my findings on board, I found this app and applied myself, I broke out in sweat having to motivate through the difficulty as it’s been 8yrs of no exercising, this app helped me through, and I feel already sure on my determination. Great workout!.Version: 3.3.0

Support team was able to solve my wrong payment issueI had an incorrect charge of US$4.99 and after quite a few emails the support team agent was able to retract the wrong payment and even refunded additional credits as a compensation. The support team agent was very accommodating, friendly and courteous. Thank you for the effort..Version: 8.12.0

Want those supermodel Abbs then this is the app for you!Busy life - no time to exercise then this app is for you! Super easy to use giving great results!.Version: 2.10.0

Great supportI am using this app to assist and guide me to reaching my goal weight and fitness. This app is not just for your keen fitness enthusiast but also for people like myself (61) who would like to get and more importantly maintain a healthy lifestyle . It is very user friendly with support coaches there to answer any questions. I did have a minor technical issue however the great support team fixing the issue in an incredibly fast time, I thank you..Version: 12.17.0

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