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XAir Monitor Mixer App User Positive Comments 2022

XAir Monitor Mixer app received 21 positive comments and reviews by users. Can you share your positive thoughts about xair monitor mixer?

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XAir Monitor Mixer for Positive User Reviews

App works great!!My band has been using this app for a couple of years now and it’s been nothing but good!! Great app.Version: 1.03

Does what it saysI think it it is great. It allows me to check out and change the monitor mixes and levels without altering the Main L and R. It has saved me from a couple of recording mistakes. It is a simple straight forward and great app.Version: 1.02

Easy, worksEnough said really :-).Version: 1.02

QuestionI have the XR18 and im accesing it using an airport express external router. Everything works fine with ipad and laptop over the AE’s wireless connection. The only thing I cannot do is connect to the mixer through the XAirMonitorMix app it’s specifically looking for an IP address “”. What do I do? Thank you.Version: 1.02

Nice app!It does what it’s suppose to! In addition, no one will touch the main mix :).Version: 1.03

Does What It SaysI find this app very useful for low tech users that just need to adjust their own monitor mix. Very reliable. Very foolproof. Unlike some other reviewers, I’ve had no problems connecting to external WiFi devices..Version: 1.03

Great app for XR18!Great app! Thanks for updating! One thing though, on the iPhone XS, the notch gets in the way for channel 1. Would be 5 stars if that issue didn’t exist..Version: 1.03

Get your IP address rightWouldn’t connect at first. Hooked my Mac book up to behringer‘s app and under the setup menu it was displaying a different IP address than my phone. Punched that in and now my phone connects lickadee split. I’m using an external router too..Version: 1.02

Just what I was looking for.Needed this for my iPhone for when I’m practicing in my studio behind my drum kit. Works well and is more responsive than the full blown iPad X-Air app from Behringer. 2 feature requests: 1) auto discovery of mixer instead of having to pound in IP, and 2) mute control on the main bus channels..Version: 1.0

Simple and Easy!The interface of the app is simple and effective. Monitor mixes are set up using the app intended for the mixer. Run this app and select the monitor mix you want to make adjustments to. The app developer responded to my questions very quickly..Version: 1.02

Excellent and simple appExcellent app, works perfectly connection is rock solid (we use a dual band router) and app is simple to use. It’s completely changed our setup as a band in a very good way :-).Version: 1.02

Great exactly what I was looking forUsed it for practice just the other day and trying it live tomorrow! Can really get my own sound I want, right there!.Version: 1.02

It DOES work, but you may need to ask questionsThe app does exactly what it says! You just need to enter the correct IP first. Entering the IP of the mixer isn’t 100% straightforward, but it needs to be entered in this app so it knows what to look for. That’s available in the XAir software when it’s connected to the mixer. When this app starts up, tap the IP address showing on the splash screen, edit accordingly, and it will connect nearly instantaneously if you entered the right info. I contacted Eric (the developer) before I bought the app and he explained everything clearly and it worked once I got the app to band practice. The negative reviews you see here are from those that aren’t using the correct IP info. That is the key! After that, it does exactly what it’s supposed to. Im looking forward to using this app at gigs! fb.com/EasilyAmusedBand.Version: 1.02

Great simple monitor mixing appAt the time of writing this X Air Monitor Mixer has worked flawlessly. Thats not to say, after reading the other reviews here, that there may be connection problems further down the line but I wonder whether these connection problems are with the mixer itself as initial setup with the Proper X Air app was a problem for me. But mixing monitors while live has been a breeze..Version: 1.02

Amazing. Not one issue.Exactly what I needed. Developer is super supportive and I haven't had one issue..Version: 1.02

Great appThis is a great app, very responsive. The only thing I wish it did was include the FX bus in the control. We use the FX bus for click tracks and backing tracks through the USB input because we need all of the other channels. The group members would be able to adjust that themselves if the FX bus was included..Version: 1.02

Worked perfectly once setup rightThe key is changing the IP address when opening the app you can tap on the address and change it to match your IP shown in your opening window. But be sure to use a external router for better connection. THIS DOES NOT SEND AUDIO TO YOUR IPHONE but does give you to adjust your personal monitor mix via your phone regardless if it wedge or in ear take the control of your mix and not have to rely on the sound man for creating your mix that he can’t hear. Thanks tech support is great too.Version: 1.02

Work greatPeople who are having problems are not set up right. Using this live you need an external router to have wifi and hardwire to the main laptop. I’ve never had a problem..Version: 1.03

ExcellentSo far, this has worked 100% as advertised. Super super helpful..Version: 1.02

Working greatUsing with an Xr18 + router and it’s working great! Two of us band members connected with iPhones independently and it was the best monitor mix we’d gotten in a while. Only suggestion to developers is to make it more obvious that you can tap the IP address to change it. Thanks for making this!!.Version: 1.02

AMAZING!This saved me $200+ on the P16s that I would have had to buy! Now I can get the $50 ones instead!.Version: 1.03

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