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Bouncy Drops app received 134 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Can you share your negative thoughts about bouncy drops?

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It’s okay.The game itself is very fun & addictive but i found when playing there were alot of adverts for other games. Even when i just pressed the collect button adverts would just keep playing which at some points made the very annoying & unplayable. Another thing is, whilst i was playing the game it crashed & didnt save my progress even though i was at a very good & high point of the game which was very irritating as i had been playingg for along time. I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t play the game as it is fun, im just saying it needs some bugs fixed & not to have as many adverts when you press a button..Version: 2.9.2

Not so good but okSo I tried the demo game and I liked it than I tried the actual game there is no point in playing and every single action you do in the game a ad comes up and the ads are consistent that you see more ads than you actually play the game not hatin just statin.Version: 2.13.1

Broke my phoneHad fun for a bit but I can’t play with my WiFi on because it glitches and has too many ads. The game left my phone screen frozen for a long time and I constantly have to power off my phone when trying to play it.Version: 2.10.5

Great game ruined by so many adverts.I get that the game developers need to earn a living, but when it gets to the point that they spoil their own hard work with so many adverts you have to ask why they bother. This is a really addictive little game, but everything (and I mean everything) you do sets off an advert. It is so frustrating, especially when it’s the same ads over and over. I downloaded this as my kids were playing it, but their iPads were clogged with all the things this game was advertising. Such a shame..Version: 2.23.0

Wayyy too many adsSomething that should never happen but does: I open the game, it asks to collect what I earned while offline or watch an ad to double it. I don't want to watch an ad so I just click "collect" which plays an ad. It's. 30 second ad that I can't skip. I get back to the game and the ad played for so long it asks me if I want to watch an ad to double what I earned while offline.. I don't, so I click collect. Another ad plays. After the ad, you finally enter the game and you click to upgrade. An ad plays. 30 second unskippable ad. Asks you if you want to double your offline earnings. No. Ad plays. This is a real thing that happened. If I didn't like playing it I would have uninstalled it directly after this..Version: 2.2.0

HorribleThere is an ad every. Button. You press. But two stars, because it would be good otherwise..Version: 2.12.2

FunIt’s fun but when u leave the app and come back it says “while you we’re away you earned...” you can collect or double it and when u press double you watch a video and it never doubles it!.Version: 2.10.2

Gameplay issueSure ads get frustrating but they are nothing compared to this issue. Because of the game making you phone vibrate constantly whilst playing the game when you hold down on a circle to get rid of it, the vibrate slowly overheats your iPhone to the point that it shuts down. This can potentially break your phone after continually overheating and shutting down. This issue is easily resolved so please patch it in an update..Version: 2.1.5

UnplayableThe game itself is fun, but the amount of ads is absolutely ridiculous. Every time I try to collect points I get an ad about Yahtzee or about 3 other apps. The thing that annoys me the most though is that sometimes when I try to collect points the app just totally freezes. Actually, everything on the app freezes EXCEPT for the AD at the bottom of the screen. And when I try to exit out and close the app completely, I reopen it to see that all the points I was supposed to collect are gone. Like, really?? I know it's a free game and they wouldn't be able to get money off of it without ads but this is just excessive. I'd say this app costs $3 because that's how much it costs to get rid of ads and actually play the game. So many phone app companies these days are like this. The only thing they care about is profit, not creating a quality game that you can play without being interrupted every 30 seconds with an ad or the app freezing because it's trying to load an ad. Disappointing. Rant over. Don't recommend this game..Version: 2.1.5

What do I expect?I haven’t played the game yet but looking at the reviews I’m really confused. Some people are saying that they love this game and say nothing about ads, but when I looked at other reviews they say they don’t like it because it has way too much ads. The developer is Voodoo, meaning he has games that everyone loves and plays everyday. (I even have some of their games in my home page). Some of Voodoo’s games ( the io’s ) they don’t give ads every 1 minute. If this game isn’t like that then great. I hope they make a app where there isn’t ads every five seconds. I expect a lot from this app because it’s made by Voodoo. I hope this is a app that doesn’t give out too much apps.. (I gave it a 3 star I guess.).Version: 2.13.1

Ok game but TERRIBLE advertisementGame itself is nice but your gonna have to fire whoever markets these games, a lot of what they use is click bait adds that you get in other games with a miniature game at the end, all it is is boring gameplay with click bait captions, not to mention the app has loads of adds as it is.Version: 2.0.15

Unique concept, but all-around boringThis game is actually very smart and has a great concept, but it's pretty boring. I recommend general upgrades like '+5% all' or '+10% tennis ball' (raising an item to a larger amount without buying it), as well as a prestige system. Great game though, you've done well!.Version: 1.2.0

Don’t downloadThe game has far more potential however completely destroyed by the adds, they rule the game with a new add every 30 seconds. I know they need money however they don’t need to have adds constantly, they’re just money hungry and don’t know for the people playing their game. £3 to block adds also is just ridiculous and could be lowered. Overall don’t get the game unless your willing to give these greedy developers your money!.Version: 2.1.7

DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAMEI feel totally ripped off! You spend 2.99 to get 20 ‘diamonds’ but need 25 diamonds to get the first level of a boost 😞 so you’re forced to spend more money! Plus at the level I’m at I spent another 2.99 to boost forward 4 hours and only got 150u, baring in mind I’m earning about 20u per level in about 5mins that was a total rip off!! DO NOT SPEND REAL MONEY. You’re much better off playing the game normally. I welcome the developers response on this as I feel totally ripped off 😡.Version: 2.5.0

Okay...The game is okay, not the worst game I have played, only problems with it is that it completely drains your battery, I was on 18% when I opened it, 10 minutes later and I’m on 1% this happens frequently. Another problem is the ads, you can’t press any buttons on the screen without it playing either a 30 second un-skippable ad, or a game trail, or something like that, and lastly the fact that the game is quite grindy in general, not that it’s bad but be prepared to wait a lot to level up, also the game is “idle” however you can’t move up any levels if you are not on the phone with the game open, not open in the background, actually open.Version: 2.0.15

Bad gameSo many ads and everyone else has already said everything that has needed to be said and also the game doesn’t continue in the background so u have to be on it to go up levels.Version: 2.10.2

Don’t Spend Money on Extra FeaturesThe ads are annoying but don’t waste your money buying the ad-free version because they still play ads. With the ad-free version, they only stop playing the ad that you have to watch to collect points, but you still have to watch everything else (to get boosters and for the 2x multiplier when you open the game after a long hiatus). There are a couple of other things that bother me about this game: 1) they don’t honor in-game purchases. I spent ~$6 on 80C and upgraded to an 8x PERMANENT multiplier, and it never worked. I even closed the app and restarted my phone and it was never applied. 2) once I got to level 150 and earned the Thunder Prestige Ball, the game started over and never gave me the Thunder prestige ball AND it actually removed my Fire prestige ball. I’m now on level 175 and the thunder and fire are still not there. It says I can upgrade them (which means I have them), but they’ve never appeared. I’ve just been upgrading over and over again, hoping that’ll make them show up. I’ve contacted Voodoo twice about this problem and nobody’s responded. It was a really fun game at first, but now I’m just irritated with all of the glitches/bugs. It’s upsetting because I spent roughly $6 on a game that doesn’t even work properly. They basically stole $6 from me. It’s fun until you start putting money into it... then it’s just a ripoff..Version: 2.0.15

Over spam with adsWhen I collect my money half the time it will have an ad in the background and glitch out which makes me have to reset the app and then I come on the app and the money’s gone, the app spams you with ads every 5 seconds giving you pop up videos ad banners at the bottom of the screen and automatically every time you collect money the game is okay but it’s a shame really would not recommend until they reduce the amount of ads I understand that ads earn the company revenue but this game is just too much ads left right and centre.Version: 2.1.5

Ads ads adsIt’s an ok game, but too many ads. I get an ad every time I collect money. I have to watch ads in order to get boosts, the prices of balls are trash, and more. The only way to make it tolerable is to turn off Wifi, but that removes things that are worth the ads. Just charge a dollar or two and not put all these ads in. I can’t believe this games ratings are so high. I’m pretty sure that the developers pay people to give the game high ratings. If so, then these people should be sued..Version: 2.13.0

Fun but too many adsSeems to be a common theme on these reviews. This is a great idea and game but it is too heavy in the ads, I know why they are needed but Christ I get an ad forced on my EVERY time I click on collect. If I’m away and get the chance to collect points in my absence I can collect or watch an ad for double but either option gives me an ad (why bother with a choice??). And sometimes watching an ad puts me back in a loop. If the rate I have to sit and watch ads is lowered to a reasonable level I’ll give 5 stars happily. Thanks.Version: 2.1.8

Good game, but ads are causing me troubleThis is a good game, including all the mechanics and I love how interactive it is, but ads? Their bad. The ads waste my time and when I finally get out of it, the game gives me a collect points option. So technically, "No Ads" Should be free for everyone..Version: 2.1.5

Personal info collection to play? Really?I never mind ads especially if the game is free but the addition of the consent to collect SDKs... I’m deleting the game..Version: 2.13.1

MehToo easy Got all the balls in like a month.Version: 2.11.5

AdsAbsolutely riddled with ads, you almost spend more time watching ads than playing the game.Version: 2.12.6

Ads of ridiculous volumeHere are far too many ads on this game. I understand ads are the way that free apps make money for the developer, however you cannot collect any earnings whether from in activity or from in play with out watching an ad. This makes the game less fun and uses up loads of customer data. The game itself isn’t that bad. It’s quite enjoyable in between the thousands of ads you have to sit through.Version: 2.0.15

RubbishI play a lot of idles and incrementals, but Voodoo games seem to be a cash grab. The ads are invasive and interfere with gameplay. Shame on you..Version: 2.10.5

This game is alright...I mean this game is pretty plain and simple but I still find myself playing it. And also to all you people that are complaining about ads... Two Words: Airplane Mode.Version: 2.3.1

A Disappointment...‘Idle Balls’ presents itself as an addictive yet very fun mobile game that could provide endless amounts of enjoyment to the player, but due to many game destroying bugs and glitches the game becomes simply unbearable. Having played many games produced by Voodoo I expected to enjoy this game and play it for a long time to come though even upon opening the game I experienced a crashing game that forced multiple loads to boot. After getting into the gameplay it is immediately visible that while the game is simple and fairly easy to understand, there is virtually zero guidance for new players. Continuing deeper into the game it can be found that the majority of the time a player wants to ‘collect’ their money, the game will either fail to present the players with the one of the far too frequent ads, or it will simply freeze and, upon reboot, revokes the player’s well earned money. In a nutshell ‘Idle Balls’ is a quick and dirty cash grab by Voodoo that leaves the player feeling cheated and angry. I can only imagine the horror experienced by users of older model phones (I ran the game on an iPhone 7). ‘Idle Balls’ is simply a disappointment that puts shame to the developers of well created and fun games such as its predecessor ‘Dune!.’.Version: 2.9.2

DisappointedI don't usually review an app but this was so bad I felt I had to. I fully understand the need for adverts on a free app, but my goodness there's a hell of a lot of them on this. However we'll ignore that because it's a free app so you expect it. This app crashes almost 98 times out of 100. You have to watch an advert every time you want to activate one of the "boosts" in the game. You subject your self to 30 seconds of advert only for it to crash when you close the advert and when you re launch the app the boost isn't active so you have to try again and more often than not same result. Same happens when trying to collect the in game credits. Reading other people's comments about the fact you don't actually level up unless the game is open is also a huge disappointment to learn as once you get past level 40 levelling up really does start to take a while. Overall summary, good potential, poor execution..Version: 2.1.5

You Kidding Me?I understand this game is free, and that is why I put up with the immense amount of ads (so, so many ads). But what I can’t tolerate is the bugs. After watching an ad, the game will freeze (or even crash!!) and I have to restart the app. After restarting, the reward I watched the ad for is not there and I have to watch ANOTHER ad and risk the app freezing (or crashing) once again just to get the reward. Or sometimes the ads will open a link (super sketchy btw) to Safari and every time I go back into the app it just immediately opens another tab in Safari with the same link. Do you even want me playing your game? Why have ads that pull you way from the game? I refuse to pay to remove ads because I read that you still have to watch ads to activate the boosters. Why pay to watch ads? Fix the bugs with your ads and I will fix my rating on this review..Version: 2.3.3

Idle AdsGame Concept: Fun and Addictive Ruined by the constant adverts, I’m not exaggerating this either nearly every time you click a button, advert. I’m scared to click a button for in case one pops up, it’s infuriating, so much so that I’ve open the App Store and left my first ever review on an app... I think. Please cut back the ads, the boosts I will more than happily watch an add for a boost, but to get in a menu an ad to pop up? It’s extremely infuriating. UPDATE: I have now deleted this app, the latest update added more buttons which mean more buttons to click which means more ads, instead of automatically gaining currency from the game you now have to collect it and click a button which as you can guess mean an ad, so bye bye app..Version: 2.1.5

“Remove Ads” purchase doesn’t remove adsI’ve been playing this game for a long time with the ads, I get it, everyone needs to make money. It was annoying to get an ad every 3 times collecting, but whatever. So finally I decided to purchase the “remove ads” option hoping that would rectify the issue and I could play the game without worry. It removed only the ads that pop up when collecting. Any time I want to boost anything I still get an ad. Every. Time. I paid $3 just to watch the same ad over and over again? If you’re going to charge that much, the least you could do is actually remove more of them. If you still need to play an ad, at least make it less frequent. I paid good money for this perk and I’m left feeling very cheated..Version: 2.10.1

Amazing high quality game*There is a HUGE amount of strategy when I comes to this game... Like waiting until the button has enough money to buy what you want the pressing it so you only get one ad :D For the love of god though I would like to collect my money without an ad every time *Game may not be actually worth any time.Version: 2.12.9

I cant buy skinsI cant buy skins i have 18k.Version: 2.20.0

Rips you off in-gameThere’s a glitch where sometimes when you’re trying to collect the amount you’ve earned either after idling or collecting in-game where the game completely freezes and you lose everything. Just lost 300b, worst glitch ever never experienced something so bad in the App Store! FIX THIS!.Version: 1.3.0

New privacy policyForcing someone to consent to allow them into the game. That is not consent at all. Then if you want to remove consent later, the game won’t allow you to return to playing. Disgusting..Version: 2.9.2

Spend more time watching ads than playingLike most idle games, this one is filled with ads. Unlike most, there is absolutely no way to avoid them, or even ignore them. This is because in addition to the unobtrusive ads along the bottom, you can never actually earn any in-game currency unless you watch and ad. You build up 'money' by tapping spots with numbers on them. As the number goes down, it gets added to your total - which can only be claimed by watching an ad. To top it off, after closing the ad, you have another - splash screen ad to look at until a tiny 'x' appears so you can close that one. In short, great for leaving alone for a day or six, then sitting through a single ad/splash page for double your earnings. But terrible if you want to actually try to play it - you'll spend more time watching ads than tapping..Version: 1.3.0

More ads than gameThis is a BIG problem with all Voodoo apps, there are too many ads and it is too expensive to fix them. With most apps there are just a few ads here and there but with this, whenever I go to click on anything an ad pops up. And with most apps it is either $1 or $2 to remove the ads but with this sorry excuse for a game it’s $5, I’m in Australia so that is in Australian Dollars. Voodoo have some great potential to be very popular and less hated if they just get rid of most of the ads it their games and make it cheaper to remove them..Version: 2.0.15

CRASHINGA good idle game that is really funny to say. It is a cool game, but it crashes when I collect my cash. Please fix for a 5 star rating ;).Version: 2.12.1

It’s not good XDIt doesn’t do the shorter prestige anymore :( I give this 2 stars.Version: 2.23.0

Isn’t worth it at allThe new update has just made the game worse. Now everything triggers an ad, even when you try to collect your earnings (you might as well double every time as you’ll get an ad regardless). I have also noticed that one ad in particular always crashes the game. Another thing is that although you still earn while the app is not open, you don’t level up which means that for you to actually progress you have to have the app open, and this drains a lot of battery. The only reason I have not deleted is as i have almost unlocked the final premium ball and I wanted to at least finish the game..Version: 2.1.8

I purchased remove adsWhen I try to restore it says “Not connected”.Version: 2.20.0

Fun game lots of ads and glitchesI enjoy this game and I will play it only with no data which prevents ads from popping up. I do watch the ads for the boosts to get them but I immediately turn off data so I can collect the points with no ads. I have lost points because ads freeze the game and it will not recover from this state. The math isn’t done very well in the game. Not saying I have done the math but I think the tennis ball is the best ball for the points. I have been only spending points on the prestige balls at this point I am on my way to lvl 100. I wish that you could turn off the haptic response from touching the circles. Definitely not a game you will enjoy for a long time but fun anyways..Version: 2.1.8

MehI downloaded it once then took it off for a while I redownloaded it this evening it says I’ve purchased the no ads but it’s still giving me ads every fricking time.Version: 2.23.0

It’s okay.The game is satisfying in that you earn money and you really don’t have to do much. I enjoy watching the balls destroy the orbs. However I hate that when I watch an ad to double my money it either doesn’t do anything or just gives me a slight increase to what I already had. At first I thought it was a fluke, but it kept happening. I even watched 2 ads to try and double my money because the first one did nothing and I only ended up getting a bit more. If the game gave me my doubled money it would get a higher rating. The ads do pop up a lot and that does take away from the game flow, however many have the option to skip and you can ignore the money you can collect until you need it for an upgrade or a new ball. Less ads would be nicer though..Version: 2.9.2

Ads & CrashingI’m inclined to agree with the other reviewers; the game is fun and innovative and I’m still playing. However the game likes to lock up, forcing me to completely close the app and reboot. Then you get an advert forced upon you. Then to claim or double your winnings you need to do another advert. Another issue is the boosters. Watch an advert to claim a booster. Timer before advert was on 2 hours 1 minute. Time after advert remains as 2 hours 1 minute. This could do with a fix as I’d like to stack them. Either this or grey out the option completely when the stack has reached its maximum. Ideally, you need to work out what is causing the app to crash (( whether that is the adverts, a problem with iOS compatibility, game stability in terms of animation etc...) I’m on an iPhone X and an iPad Pro so I know my devices aren’t the issue. Please read this and the other similar reviews and sort the stability out, as the game has so much more potential to enjoy. As a cheeky side note; could you reduce the cost of removing said adverts? I’d be happy to be paying £1/£1.50 one off fee to stop them unless I initiate them for a booster..Version: 2.1.8

Still on old version?Do I don’t know if it’s normal, but my game is still the okd one where it’s balls just bouncing around, it’s not not canon one. I have the right app logo, but not the game..Version: 3.2.0

Super laggy! Ad after Ad!I thought this game was going to be fun and it really was until I realized just how much this game lags. Not only that but the ads are SUPER ANNOYING!! Everytime I collect my money in this game it wants to show me an ad. It also randomly show ads as well without even having to press anything. Please fix the lagginess and reduce the ads and this game would most likely become my favorite game. Edit: So yesterday I made my review after playing the game for the first time. And now something even worse has been happening. I get on today and without clicking anything at all, without even touching the phone, ads will not go away. It sends me to the play store to download more of Voodoos games. This company needs to be banned for making games and taken off the App Store. It’s a shame that you can’t play a simple idle game because a company is so money hungry. They might as well make an app where the only thing you do is watch ads..Version: 2.7.2

Read this guys!This is a very very very good game. I never saw a ad.... only those ads in a box at the bottom of the screen that did not bother me at all because I could play my game at the same time, that was small. When they saw the reviews some of you made, they probably updated the game so more people will play their game. Now there is not anything wrong with the game, but if I wanna upgrade my tap or more balls, I have to wait a lot of levels to get it, but they are just making it fair, not like the mini games were it’s really short. (even though the mini games were pretty fun) This is a good game for waiting or relaxing. Playing a really good game is great for relieving stress so thank you voodoo for all of the games that make people happy. I might redo the stars if I can do that. Voodoo, please make more games people love I love this one. I’m never done with this game so thank you so much voodoo. ;).Version: 2.0.15

Fun, but ad delivery kills it.This game is simple and surprisingly entertaining. It is more addicting than you would think a bunch of bouncing balls can be. It’s quite a bit of fun until the ads go haywire. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand a developer has to make a living and they can do that with ads. The ads themselves are fine even at the high frequency they show up in this game. But, when you ads start opening up web browsers without a user click, you’ve gone down the wrong path. I hope it’s just a bug you have to fix, but set opening websites are a no-no. Another irritating thing, a glitch I hope, is when you’re referred to a video to collect the money you earned while you were “away”. Well, I was away watching an ad. That results in two ads back to back (three sometimes when there’s an error) and you haven’t even started playing yet. I guess I could pay $3 to stop the ads, I’m not opposed to paying, but this (like all accumulation games) seems like it will get repetitive as you level up, eventually have nothing new to offer, and will take too much time to progress at later levels. In other words, why pay $3 for something that will lose it’s utility after a week?.Version: 2.3.2

Math is just something that happens to other peopleIt’s boring in the way that u don’t actually do anything but watch ads and level up your balls. It’s mathematically flawed. Each level the enemy’s ( if u can call then that) have more health but it doesn’t match the increase in your damage so each round is longer and less fun than the last. Since the damage output goes up so dramatically u need to buy the new kind of balls to get any thing done. Witch means it makes the most sense to invest 100% of your money into buying the new ball, not upgrading the ones you already have. The most good I can say about this game is, its satisfying when a new round starts to watch the balls erode away the orbs from the inside. Even if the feeling is flea ding. And I also enjoyed recognizing the cultural references on some of the balls (like Pac-Man and the rads symbol). But that’s it. I doubt anyone will ever read this. With how bad this game is and the fact that it’s free I’d have better odds going to a deserted island, putting this review in a bottle and throwing it out to sea. I’m only writing this review because I’m sitting on the bus bored but not bored enough to play this game..Version: 2.0.15

Games unplayable to a pointThe most annoying part of this game is that adverts pop up every time you click a button for example if you were to collect you’re money (the only way to level up) you’d be forced to watch an add and if you click off the add you’d lose all of you’re money that you’ve collected making you have to grind again for all of the money that you’ve collected. Adds are ok but that fact that it’s constant and it’s blocking the only way to level up please change this so adds only pop up frequently.Version: 2.1.8

I love it but there are too many adsThis game is so fun but I am getting frustrated with the ads. Every time I collect my game currency a ad plays and sometimes this game will just burn through my data! And don't even try telling me that $2.99 is a reasonable price to play to remove ads. It's pretty obvious you want money from ads, but you don't have to make it so obvious! My interest in this game is slipping, and it's only because of the ads spammed at me, and I'm not about to spend $2.99 just to get rid of these ads! Please either lower the price of ad removal, ($0.99 would be reasonable) or make the ads less frequent. (I suggest you do both like every other game developer) Thanks for reading my review!.Version: 1.4.0

Fun Game, but the Ads.This is a fun game and a great time waster while you're waiting for your class to start or waiting for your buddy to pick you up. However if you are not a fan of having Ads popping up every 8 seconds skip this one. I'm not a fan of how they implemented the Ads at all. They totally ruined the experience for me eventually and never wanted to open the app again. I understand it's a free app and they need to make money, but they went about it in the wrong way. I feel like every 8 seconds an Ad pops up. You can barely interact with it without triggering an ad. For example the most important aspect of the game which is collecting the money to purchase upgrades triggers ads when you tap the button to collect when you earned. Now I'm not saying they need to remove the ads completely at all, however I am suggestion to either reduce the frequency of them or reduce the cost of the in-game purchase for ad-free. There is no way I am going to pay $2.99 to remove ads for the game! If it was $0.99 I would purchase it.I think I'll save my money and spend it on another app that deserves it and isn't just trying to be a cash grab from its customers..Version: 1.2.0

BuggyGame would be rated better if it didn't lock up after watching an advert, forcing you to close and reopen the app and not getting whatever it is you watched the advert for. I don't mind multiple adverts, but does get stuck in a loop where "while you were away you earned xyz" and forces you to watch an advert, which is 30s long and by the time it finishes it thinks you've been away so goes straight back into "while you were away you earned xyz". It's just way too buggy at the moment..Version: 2.3.2

DATA SHARING!!You want me to constantly give you my data on my phone and i disabled data sharing on settings and it comes up on your game every 10 seconds (i’ve counted) and ads are another thing. i don’t understand why this app goes through so much to make a bit of money when they could just put less ads on to improve the game making more people use it. (you can load the game and play on airplane mode and it’ll be fine, mine even runs better on airplane mode. you can do this with most apps like this).Version: 2.12.5

Too many adsListen, this game is fun it’s addictive,but, for the people that don’t have the game the main focus is to get points by popping circles either by tapping or buying different types of sport balls to get more points, but it has a flaw, when you collect your points you have to watch an ad, which I though was fine at first but as I progressed through the game it became more annoying. Also when you open the game it asks you to either double the points you got while you were away by watching an ad or just collecting your points normally, BY WATCHING AN AD, SO YU HAVE TO WATCH AN AD EITHER WAY, you have no choice!!, also you can’t make a vital part of the game only accessible by watching an add, it’s infuriating, it’s fine if you give the people the option to double by watching an ad but you’re essentially forcing people to have to do it every time, also I’m aware that it’s a free game ad you need ads to actually make money, but you’re spamming ads all over making the game horrible, EVEN when I found this game as a mini game in an add it gave you the points automatically, you didn’t have to do anything else. The game isn’t bad but the endless ads definitely ruin it, I do not recommend this..Version: 2.10.2

TO MUCH ADDS !!!Oof.Version: 2.14.1

The balls just hit my balls oofGame is pretty boring and not worth wasting ur storage don't recommend.Version: 2.14.1

Ads and crashingIn a mere 2 minutes of playing this I got four ads and the game crashed whilst trying to load the fourth ad. Had to force stop the app. Had an ad instantaneously. Very bad, most of your time will be spent watching ads, if you have any value of your time don’t download..Version: 2.0.15

Do not download!!!!!!This game has a multitude of problems. Like if I’m staring at my screen, it will take me to the App Store for whatever app and when I go back to the game, i get to collect or collect 2x. No matter which of these options I choosers , I get an ad. Also, when I get prompted for collect 2x, the number will go up and then back down and never double my points and still make me watch an ad. I was addicted to it but it’s honestly just making me sick. I’m 3rd prestige and I’m on level 80 and I can leave the app for days and never go to 81. And the whole ball system is really bad and the rates the the balls collect are really out of wack, too. I wouldn’t get this app if you were thinking about it and I sure as hell wouldn’t spend money. Perhaps if they fix the collection rates and the ads, then I may get the app back..Version: 2.3.1

First of all...Can we stop calling this a game? This is obviously just quickly made to get a few bucks out of people, it’s all centred around the adverts. Anyway, once you prestige to lv150 then it’s more or less mundane and over with. Beware of the data sharing, it’ll try to ask to steal all your data and I luckily had that switched off from the beginning. It’s more of a time killer and tapping thing. The whole point of this “game” is for it to take sooooo long that you end up giving in to paying and the real achievement is when you get to lv150 without doing that and not sharing your data. I win..Version: 2.12.8

Prestige ice ball disappearedI spent a fair bit of time on this game, getting the prestige ice ball and then to level 76 when it suddenly disappeared essentially making the game impossible to progress. Nothing I have tried fixes it. Emailed Voodoo with no response at all. Don’t bother if this is going to happen, you will waste 3 days getting to that point and can’t go any further..Version: 2.1.8

Like it but not the AdvertisementsI’m ok with the game, layout a little weird for my liking but oh well that’s my problem. I don’t however really like the advertising for it with that slogan “do you have ADHD” that’s quite odd for a target audience and I don’t really like the fact that it’s just there or it could’ve been worded differently, ADHD is a medical condition not some advertisement hook.Version: 2.10.2

Developers please read!!!This game is a great game for when I’m bored and fun to play and I’m almost at level 150 to get the last prestige but there’s one HUGE problem that I have with the game that just doesn’t make it fair. My toxic prestige (my best prestige and really the only one that can do something) always seems to be stuck in an endless loop where it won’t hit the last ball in the corner. When it does this is take FOREVER (sometimes weeks) to finally finish the level and move on to get it unstuck and I just want to get to the last prestige. If you read this PLEASE make a patch in the game to where they can’t do this or put in an option in the settings to where you can reset all the balls if they get stuck, I would really appreciate it..Version: 2.1.8

SO MANY ADSThere are so many ads my god.Version: 2.22.0

Don’t DownloadThis gets one star because there’s no selection for 0 stars. The ads are ridiculously annoying. I’m watching an ad to collect coins earned and this app opens up my web browser for another ad. I have never played a game that makes you view an ad WITHIN another ad. I can’t even play the game because of how many ads pop up DURING the game. I had to close numerous amounts of windows in my web browser from all the ad pop ups. I literally couldn’t play more than a couple seconds before my web browser automatically opened up for an ad. I closed my web browser and within a couple more seconds, surprise surprise... another ad. I deleted the app and reinstalled it thinking it might be glitched out somehow but nope... I continued to get a barrage of ads. NOT WORTH YOUR TIME DOWNLOADING!!! (Unless you love ads popping up every couple seconds).Version: 2.3.2

Adverts ruin gamesMuch like other reviewers i got sick of the ad's in this game. To 2x or improve the ball is understandable, they have to make money after all. However to have an ad EVERY TIME you want to collect points is just absurd. I played the demo of this game via another game, the demo showed no adverts and was rather fun with no penalty for collecting points. Its a shame some people see nothing but money and have to ruin a game to get it..Version: 2.10.5

Ads. Ads EverywhereThere's no incentive to play this game at all, and since it's an Idle game, that's really saying something. The ads are frequent and in-your-face (see below for just how bad they are), and the "progression" isn't very satisfying given that only your most recently unlocked ball actually makes a dent in anything it hits. Each ball ends up being completely obsolete as soon as you unlock the next one. In short, don't bother. The Ads: When you open the app, it displays how much you earned whilst the app was closed. You are then presented with the option of collecting your earnings, or doubling them by watching an ad. Except most of the time, opting to collect results in a 30-second unskippable ad anyway, so what's the point, just double every time. You also get presented with an ad most times you press the "collect" button in the upper-right, never mind the fact you probably already watched an ad so you could get the 4-hour "double revenue" booster..Version: 1.3.0

AdsAds ads ads there everywhere every split second there’s an ad its. A good game but the ads is the downside because when your trying to collect a couple K its an ad 24 seven ads it’s not so ideal cuz of ads if there no ads I would be an ideal game 100% not much to say now ummmmm I know there is a thing remove ads but most pearnts don’t want to spend money on games there kid likes plz cut down the prize for ad removel I know this was very short it should be renamed ad google for free again this was pretty short three stars cuz of ads.Version: 2.0.15

UhhDo I need to update or something? It’s not what the banner looks like so maybe it is the old version or something.Version: 3.2.0

Paid to remove ads and still getting ads?I paid real money so I can play without ads and I’m still being bombarded with ads. Not happy and want my money back..Version: 2.10.2

The ads are too muchThere are much better games with fewer ads. Especially ones that I’d find worth spending money on. Ads shouldn’t be required to play the game normally, they should be implemented for added bonuses; you should be more rewarded for ads rather than given access to play the games. Instead of all the ads, just make it cost $0.99 and I’d be much more inclined to play without ads. It’s not fun anymore. Somewhat addicting game, not much to it. The only issues I have with it are the required ads to collect points (and three dollars to get rid of them?? Ridiculous.) and the long loading time after every second of closing the game. I’ll look at my control center or Notification Center and I have to wait for the number to count up and then watch an ad to get back into the game. It’d be much nicer if there was a 10 minute timeout or something to get back into the game. There could be more work put into it to make it better..Version: 1.3.0

Completed prestige, level 200The game is satisfying to watch progress, however I think the advertisements could be implemented differently. There should be more boosts offered, or a use for the paid currency with advertisements giving small amounts of said currency. The ads upon collecting revenue should be removed completely—I had to play the game in airplane mode, because these ads specifically were absurd, and made the game unplayable. There should also be an in-game description and explanation of the nature of the prestige balls, along with more prestige balls (to keep the game playable for longer amounts of time). Overall, I realize the game is still being developed and updated, and I hope to see more prestige options added soon to allow for me to continue playing..Version: 2.0.15

Not MuchI Enjoy this game, but completed this game really fast and easily.Version: 2.12.2

Not bad but it’s not fun eitherIt’s not a bad game to have but it just destroys my battery also it’s annoying levelling up the balls do nothing.Version: 2.21.0

It’s good but...The game completely rinses your battery! A few times now I’ve played this game with around 90% and within around 10 minutes of play I’m getting the 20% remaining warning! I have an iPhone SE 32gb less than a year old that holds a very good charge for over a day with heavy use but, as soon as I play this game, my battery is drained. So, basically, I’ve stopped playing it anywhere but at home when I know I can afford for my battery to die. You guys seriously need to look into the battery optimisation on this one. As for the ads, as much as they are annoying, I don’t mind em so much, just wish the app didn’t kill the battery..Version: 2.1.8

Fun, but you know why I took off a star, boo.This app is fun. I love games like this, so I love tapping and having my points fill up and getting new balls and all. It's a great app! But the advertisements are way too many when it comes to Voodoo games. I always turn the Cellular Data off for each app and almost never play on wifi because it's just too much. I'll sometimes leave the app open in the middle of the night with the wifi on and wake up in an entirely new app because of a pop-up ad, not making any in-game progress. There is a time when I turn my wifi on though, and that's when I want to get the boosters. I understand and appreciate obtaining/extending boosters just through watching ads. I watch 6 ads in a row to get 24hour x2 Revenue—awesome! I would die before I watch 48 ads for 24 hour x2 speed and the part that I hate the most—Tap x6 for a minute. I hate that I need it so badly and I hate how it's done. You make it for one minute, but hen force me to watch an ad immediately after, thereforw reducing my multiplier time to 45 seconds. I'm glad Voodoo's wallets are fatter because of the inconvenience of others. Because of that, you won't really get much out of me..Version: 2.4.1

Ad maniaAbsolutely insane number of ads! Could barely even play in between them..Version: 2.11.2

Good but...It’s oddly therapeutic to watch, and satisfying to finish a level and start a new one. However, sometimes when there are only a few spheres left some of the balls get caught in a “holding pattern” that only bounces off the walls and never hits any of the spheres. At higher levels this can make a level take DAYS to complete. Which is why I’m writing this review. I’ve been stuck on a level for three days now and still have over 5 quintillion to go on the final sphere. My three highest of four prestige balls are trapped in patterns, and my two highest regular balls are trapped in patterns. Mathematically speaking, at the current rate it’s going I will remain stuck on this level for another 40 days. In the past 24 hours it’s been reduced 0.12U out of 5.24U. Not about that waiting time.....Version: 2.0.15

This is how to get no adsJust turn off your wifi then it can’t load add.Version: 2.22.0

REBOOT!!!I have to say I don’t mind the ads. How else can you develop your games. However, pressing the booster buttons is 90% miss and 10% hit. Most of the time I happily press the button, watch a 15-30 second add but then close it and hey presto the screen has frozen. Only way to get back is to shut the app down and restart. And back to where you were. No booster!!!! It’s so annoying. Sort please **update** I have personally found that the only ad that makes the game freeze is the TOP HATTER one??? Every other ad for me works and adds the booster. Please fix or remove the TOP HATTER ad?.Version: 2.3.0

AddsThe game is good though so many adds and when you leave and come back to collect the idle cash if you don’t collect 2x you still get an add.Version: 2.13.1

Simple ad-revenue generatorThe objective of the game is to start the game and watch an ad, watch a ball cut across the screen, press a button, watch an ad, purchase an upgrade and collect your takings, watch an ad, watch the ball, collect your takings, watch an ad, and so on. I understand it’s £2.99 to remove the ads, but you shouldn’t counter this by having an ad play after every press on the screen. This causes a lot of your games to be uninstalled on phones. I did manage to prestige level 150, and now there’s nothing else to do, bar watch ads..Version: 2.0.15

More ads than gameEvery button you press aside from upgrading or purchasing a new ball triggers an ad. I’ve heard issues about in app purchases not working. Most ads are the developers’ OWN GAMES!!! And it’s slow AF. Not worth your time. Also, this dev collects your data. If you don’t let them, well, you can’t play!! I have made the decision to purge my phone of all their games..Version: 2.12.6

Battery KillerI know a lot of people complain about the ads, I’m not a fan of them and if they were the only issue then maybe I could see past it; however, this app will kill your battery very very quickly. I started playing it on 70% 10 minutes ago, as I’m typing this I’m at 33%. That’s obscene and I’d expect a fix to be employed for the amount of time this app has been live for. My phone might be 2 years old but that type of performance from an app is horrendous. If you want your battery to drain in 5-10 minutes then sure get this app..Version: 2.0.15

Misleading and PoorThe advertised game is better than the actual game somehow. The fact that I can only have one of each ball type is a little ridiculous, but it wouldn't bother me that much if the ad mini game I played on another app reflected this. The ad game has you purchase additional copies of the original ball, which is much more visually satisfying. The pacing/balancing seems rather bad. As the levels increase in "difficulty" it becomes pointless to upgrade lower balls, and you just have to sit and wait for the next ball to become available. I watched an ad to receive the 1 minute double score bonus, and after they reloaded I was unable to buy it, even though it appeared I should have been able to. Rapped the button and nothing happened. I assume this is a bug. Slightly too many ad walls but it doesn't break the game; the game does that fine on its own. Uninstalled..Version: 1.2.0

Needs be g fix NOWI love this game but it badly needs an update to fix all the bugs from the last update. Game constantly crashes and when rebooted, it will reset the current level. Just constant freezing and random crashing. Please sort it out.Version: 2.0.15

A truly pointless game that has absolutely no value.There is absolutely no reason for me to keep this app on my phone. I've played many idle games with some kind of thing you have to do when you re open the game. This has the most "nothing" I've seen in an idle game though. You look at balls moving around and occasionally collect money and buy more balls. Nothing in the game is motivating you to play more. The minigames in the ads that pop up as much as they possibly can are more fun than this game..Version: 1.2.0

Not workingI brought the no ads thing but still get ads. And i still gets ads when i get boosts and then the boosters don't work. Please fix.Version: 1.1.0

Great but have some suggestions.So i’ve had this app for about a month or so, and let me tell you—it’s a fun game, challenging and amusing. although, you should add more prestiges. i’m currently on level 98, trying to get the 100 level prestige ball and after i get the 150 one, it’s basically going to be a useless game. more prestiges would be nice, also maybe ball fusions, such as you can use your points and fuse two balls? it sometimes lags for me but the app is good. now, the ads. when you go to put the 2x speed on the balls, you get the collect screen again and have to watch ANOTHER ad. it’s not gonna make me give it one star, and it’s not the reason why it only has three stars, but it’s a tiny part..Version: 2.1.8

Well...I enjoy the game. It’s an entertaining game however has far too many ads. Every time I do anything, the game either crashes or I get a spam of adverts. This is very irritating. Yet this is not my main concern. There is a new update to the game (which is rated 12+ for the record) which forces you to say that you are 15+ to play this game. This is concerning as why should this simple game be 15+? Why do you need to be over fifteen to play? I would really appreciate it if the developers could come back to me on this. Thank you..Version: 2.10.1

HorribleThere’s adds like every time you open the stupid app. Unless you buy the add blocker, the game is basically unplayable.Version: 2.21.0

AdsThis game is really fun and I enjoy playing it there is just tooooo many ads. They pop up every 30 seconds.Version: 1.1.0

Game is advertsSo I never click anything to get an advert (unless I want to like multiplying my revenue) the only way I can think of stopping this is to turn my WiFi off so the game can’t get adverts. Also the adverts are too close to the buttons so when I do to multiply my earnings I have to live with the ad at the bottom and the advert within the ball buttons. The game is alright but the only way to avoid the adverts is either to pay or disconnect you phone or whatever to your internet.Version: 2.10.3

Way Too Many AdsI absolutely love this game, very fun and addictive but way way way to many ads, maybe cut down a bit, everytime you click "collect" an ad pops up, very annoying and time wasting.Version: 2.1.5

You have to watch ads to gain cash.The title says it all really. You won’t be able to progress until you watch adverts, this will THEN allow you to collect the “idle” cash to upgrade. Just no. You’ve ruined the entire gameplay. What’s just as bad, if not worse, is that I still have to watch an ad if I go out of the app and return to it just to collect what I’ve gained while away. There’s no way of avoiding it aside from paying REAL cash for no advertisements. It’s not an idle if I have to be relatively active to watch the adverts required to gain the cash to upgrade. There is no way I’m going to spend $4.49 just to get rid of them either. Deleting this disappointment..Version: 1.2.0

Math problems and game ball stuckThe math with this game is dumb. After you get to a certain lvl or maybe prestige 2 it gets really hard to get to the next level so the game wants you to buy a permanent multiplier with money . The balls also level up dumb. I’m at prestige 3 now and my first prestige ball makes about 100 times less than my most recent ball, so it’s useless to upgrade your old prestige balls. I understand that it has to be less than the new one but maybe the level should be reset and make it so you can use your old prestige balls with a benefit. Also my ice ball got stuck behind the red circle(color is relevant) and it is not bouncing or eroding away at the circle so it’s taking a really long time to try to erode away that one circle, in the one level. It’s just stuck in the corner. Thanks for reading.Version: 2.0.15

WAY TOO MANY ADSTHERE IS WAY TOO MANY ADS. Plus It costs $5 AUD just to get rid of them, AND to progress you need to watch ads, endless ads, so for anyone that even wanted to download this app just a tiny bit, DON’T. If you are reading this please read the other reviews before buying. If I could rate this app 0 stars with it counting as a rating, I would rate this 0 stars.Version: 2.10.10

Fun but inconsistent and a scamIf I sit and watch the balls rack up points in 30 seconds i get about 300U. For kicks and giggles I bought the 4 hour time warp. Which should bring in a lot more since I expected it to bring in 4 hours worth of staring at my screen. NOPE it gave me 143U. An amount I get in about 15 seconds. If I leave my phone on it will make a lot over night running the game. If I close the app and turn it on in the morning it says I only made 850U overnight which I would normally get in a few minutes. Plus every time you open the app it tells you that you can watch an ad and double what you collected which is still very low compared to what it would be if you left your phone on all night. The game is already pointless by design, but for the developers going as far as to throttle the game’s progress and make in app purchases do essentially nothing for money makes me angry. I’m going to have my bank charge that back..Version: 2.0.15

What a Cash GrabFirst thing that stared me directly in the face was a message politely asking if it would steal all my data on my phone to sell. This is quite ridiculous considering no one wants their data sold on to a company. They make the button as small as humanly possible, possibly to catch almost blind people or someone who is mentally disabled. I don't have clarification on this but it does spring to mind. Another thing that springs to mind are the advertisements, they make you wonder: 'did they design the game around the ads' and throughout my playtime, which I'm not going to lie was quite short, I just kept wondering how the advertisements massively affect the game. The game is it worth it especially with the insane advertisements. One advertisement being everyone time you collect your money..Version: 2.7.1

Good time killerIt's a great game to kill time; but I have all my prestige and have completed over 200 levels now on the game... There's really no "end game" or anything to work towards. So if you need a time killer, go ahead and download the game, you'll have an ad or two but the ads don't kill the game itself. I have to leave my game idle for days now to level up a ball by 1-2 levels just based on where I'm at in the game... Would like to see an added prestige ball or have a "hard reset" to start back at nothing with an added bonus of X2 profit permanently or X2 speed permanently for "completing the game" and resetting it. But that's just my opinion. I have had the game for months though and when I need a quick time killer, I jump on this still... No thought process needed and just chill while killing time..Version: 2.9.2

Unplayable because of ads.This game looked like it had a bit of potential from the pictures and video. After downloading it seems like it’s on the contrary. The game pushes an ad every time you tap on a heading to upgrade any item. By such harassment from the ads, the game is essentially unplayable. For every minute of gameplay you are probably playing 5 seconds unless you choose to not upgrade anything. Overall extremely disappointed and I wouldn’t put a cent into this game nor would I re-download unless serious changes are made..Version: 2.1.8

To many addsFun game love it waaaaayyyy to many ads.Version: 2.11.2

Too many ads and crashes!I really like this game but it’s so frustrating to play. Not only does an essential element of the game trigger too many ads but it also leads to crashes 3 out of 4 times. Pressing the collect button is a crapshoot. Almost every time it will trigger an ad. If that wasn’t bad enough then there are the times where it doesn’t trigger an ad but it just locks the game up. I have to double click the home button, swipe the game away and then reopen it. Of course whatever amount I was trying to collect appears to be lost. I fully support the ad model for free games but I shouldn’t have to see an ad nearly every time I interact with an essential game element. That game element also shouldn’t cause the game to freeze either. Please fix this!.Version: 2.1.5

Could be fun if it was stable and not over ad pushingThe most annoying aspect of this game is the fact that it locks up very frequently. Seems to be a problematic ad causing which is exacerbated by the fact this game forces a full screen ad on the player about once every 30 seconds of routine game play. Force restarting the game then triggers two more ads close together on launch (which sometimes is likely the bad ad which requires yet another force restart) then it’s a case of a short bit of fun while waiting for the next crash / ad. Has potential - if not so ad pushing and crash ridden... sadly I’ll be uninstalling immediately and not waiting to find out though..Version: 2.1.5

Good concept, poor ad executionI originally rated this game 5 stars because I really like the idea. It’s a fresh concept for a tired genre. I have to change it though. The ads don’t bother me.. it’s a part of all idle games. But what does bother me is having me watch an ad for double rewards then not giving me the rewards and then making me watch another ad to collect the regular reward. It’s apparently some type of glitch. Obviously not intended. But what is clearly intended and irritating is when you watch a “booster” ad... and then it makes you watch an ad to collect what you accumulated “while you were gone”. You need to change the threshold for what triggers these while you were gone ads..Version: 2.3.1

TerribleWorst game I think I’ve ever played, how are you meant to do anything with an ad every time you click a button.Version: 2.12.9

Ad-pocalypseThe amount of ads in the game is horrendous. The whole premise of the game is your typical idling game, but quite a new take on it which i like but the copious amount of adverts they’ve crammed into this game, baring in mind it’s clearly not even finished with the only sound effect being when you click to buy something is an absolute p*** take. £2.99 they’re charging for ad removal. absolute shambles of a game and a company. shame is all that’s been brought to whatever penny pinching moose knuckles made this game. i’m not even going to say avoid, download it, please. Then understand this review and leave your own. It’s laughable..Version: 1.2.0

No ads is a lieSo I've been enjoying this game, as I do with most idle games. I'm around level 50 right now and the ads on this game are WAAAY too prevalent. So I decided I'd buy the $5 upgrade for no ads. All was well, didn't get an ad for 5 minutes or so, when suddenly, every time I withdrew earned cash, I'd get an ad. Don't buy the upgrade, at least until this gets fixed, learn from my mistake. I would rate 4 stars, I genuinely enjoy the gameplay, but the ads dude...Version: 1.2.0

Nothing to do, scaling is completely wrongAs far as idle games go, this one is beyond boring. The damage scales slowly and “prestige” balls become obsolete almost immediately. With all the ads in this game, you’d think they could hire someone who understands basic math..Version: 2.12.2

Only 1% get to level 100 (because they get so bored and delete the app)Their ad said only 1% can get to level 100. That's because only 1% can actually stand the boredom of this app. There is so many ads you are literally downloading an app just to watch ads. Even if you use airplane mode for no ads you will get so bored you delete it. So bad it's a waste of Internet even if you have unlimited internet it's still a waste..Version: 2.2.1

Don’t payDo not pay for the ad removal. I did as I got fed up with the amount of ads every time I wanted to use a boost and thought £2.99 was a small amount to pay to put a stop to it. How wrong I was, it only removes the ad at the bottom of the screen. It’s a complete con, save the £2.99 and go buy your mum some chocolates instead. Sort it out Voodoo, I know you make money from adverts but I paid to have it removed. Still an addictive game though..Version: 2.6.0

The pictures at the top aren’t in the gameThe game looks completely different from the pictures up top. I give it to stars because I still like the game even tho the pics look 0% the same as the game but I still enjoy it also why is it called bouncy drop there is no dropping in the game..Version: 3.2.0

Needs an updateI’ve been past level 200 for ages now and there isn’t a prestige or anything I can do, I feel like the developers don’t care about the game and just use it to make money through ads.Version: 2.6.0

App Glitches and Game Gets BoringI have no idea how anyone gets a high amount of points on this game because lately, whenever I earn a certain amount of points and I collect them, the app freezes and I’m forced to close the app. I come back in, and all the points I was supposed to collect are gone. It gets frustrating after a while. Sometimes I wait days to gain a high amount of points and come back to collect them and the app freezes and they’re gone just like that. I wouldn’t call it a waste of time because you literally do nothing, but it’s just unsatisfying. At first, it was something to do when I’m bored, but after a while, with the combination of the uninvolving factors of the game that will lead you to pure boredom and app glitches making you lose all your points, I’m over it. I even got past all the ads they make you watch (which is a lot), but it’s still not worth it to me..Version: 2.1.5

Paid for no ads, but won’t let me restore no adsFeels like a rip off. Just get a no connection on their store Tab so I can’t restore purchases.Version: 2.21.0

Terrible gameThere is no point in this game, it sends ads at you randomly, and then it crashes and loses your progress. This game is ridiculous and boring, so just get another game..Version: 2.12.2

Freezes & Too many ads glitch!I can put up with ads as it’s a free game and expected, and don’t really want to pay £2.99 to get rid of them. But there are way too many! There was a point where I’d watched 7 ads in a row at one point just to get back into the game due to the “here’s what you wasn’t whilst you were gone” feature. When you click collect it makes me watch an ad anyway, even if I don’t choose to have x2 earnings (which you have to watch an ad for), if you click the normal amount to collect you shouldn’t have to watch an ad to collect your earnings, but you do. Anyway like I was saying, as you earn whilst watching an ad, it tells you again how much you’ve earns whilst watching the ad, and when you click collect (NOT x2!!!) it prompts you to watch another! I had to watch 7 at one point just to get back into the game which is ridiculous! Worse that you don’t have the option to not collect whilst your away, so it doesn’t matter what you select you’re going to have an unbearable amount of ads to watch. It also sometimes freezes after you click collect and have watched the ad, which is irritating as you have to watch the ad all over again to get back in. Is a really addictive game but would be made so much better without this..Version: 2.4.1

Ads are aidsNice idea for a game but the ad placement makes me want to commit reset.Version: 2.11.5

Won’t loadI loved this game but for weeks it won’t even open!.Version: 2.14.1

ADSWaaaaaaayyyyyy too many ads there is one like every 30 seconds don’t download its a waste of time.Version: 2.12.5

App freezes from ad for boostersThe game is okay, I don’t hate it besides the fact that they have been using game advertisements that have been freezing the game every time you try to get a booster for free, the game freeze makes me use the game less eventually I’m just going to delete it before I actually finish it..Version: 2.4.1

Terrible Math LogicAs others have said.... The numeric progression increase is too much larger than the balls effectiveness. By level 130 the only ball that really matters is the newest prestige ball. And even at that it takes about 6-10 minutes to get to 1 orb on screen, and then maybe another 15 minutes. To get the last orb. At this level tapping has been rendered completely useless in the ratio of somewhere around 1000 to 1. So it’s either tap incessantly for 22 minutes, or sit there and watch a ball float around your screen for 25... and this is only at level 135. What’s going to happen at level 140. Which turns into watching tv while the game is going on. Which basically means it just turns into a means to run your battery out... which means play I’ll probably play it until level 140 and delete it..Version: 2.14.1

How to fix ads— THIS IS NOT A REVIEW— If your reading these reviews you will see almost all of them say ‘the ads are unbearable’ or something like that. A way you can fix seeing all these ads is simply to turn your phone offline so the ads can’t pop up then you won’t be complaining about all the ads and this works for every game if not almost every game I know it is because I haven’t even played the game yet..Version: 2.4.1

So many ads!!This game is ok when you’re really bored (or in lockdown 😑) but the ads are ridiculous! I’m pretty sure that no one playing will ever be sat at home and then think ‘oh, I need some double glazed windows. Let’s click this!’ I am almost certain that no bored kids want to invest in energy companies either. There are no relevant ads and it is very distracting when they are animated. Anyway, rant about ads aside, the levels don’t make any sense. They shouldn’t just get ever more painful and impossible to beat as you go through the game, as they end up taking hours to get through one level..Version: 2.20.0

Let’s be honest!Let’s be honest They aren’t gonna make a new update in a million years! Iv already finished the game ages ago and I’m waiting for an update but I’m about to give up on dis game.Version: 2.14.1

Currently uninstalling gameThere are mad grabs for money and then there is this game. when a developer intends to abandon a game and stop putting any effort into it they now seem to load the thing up with ads and see if they can squeeze as much ad revenue out of their victims as possible. its been a month and a half Ive had this thing installed and been waiting to hit level 150 and at level 145 ive decided its not worth the time or effort..Version: 2.10.2

Ad City!I remembered how much i enjoyed this game because im a tycoon game lover and this a good one to play but, i once downloaded this a long time ago and undownloaded it after quite a while of getting pretty far because i just couldn't handle the spam of ads every time i clicked to upgrade something.. which is one of the main the objective of the game, tapping the buttons that upgrade. 2 days ago i downloaded the app again and then i instantly remembered why i deleted it a long time ago.. the ad spam. I even tried turning of my wifi so that i could play in peace but then id forget to turn back on my wifi which caused me to miss many important imessages from my parents (imessage needs internet to send messages) and some messages and alerts from other apps so i ended up deleting the app again this morning because i couldn't stand the game anymore. Until the ad spam is either shortened or removed so that i can play in peace, i dont think ill be re-redownloading this amytime soon..Version: 1.4.0

Ads don’t even work?I get it. Devs have to make money. Ads are a way to do that. While agree with another review that $4 is way too much just to remove ads, I wouldn’t have as much of a problem if watching the ads ACTUALLY WORKED. Too many times over the past week or so, I’ve watched the ad to get the bonus speed, only for it to not work. The button is grayed out, and I just wasted 30 seconds because the game doesn’t work. This happens with the x2 points booster, and the x2 points when you open the app. Also the math is way out of whack. Spend 200Q just to get 200t? Why even bother! EDIT: new problem. Game keeps crashing, either while watching ads or from just sitting within the phone. I think it’s actually lagging out the phone as the music I’m listening to starts to stutter, rather badly. iPhone 5s, most recent iOS, game is updated, and it’s crashing after spending 30 seconds in the game. Fix soon, as this actually causes the game to be unplayable—I can’t progress in the game this way!.Version: 2.5.0

I’d like a game with my ads pleaseJesus, Mary and Joseph who designed this app to have soooooo many ads?????? It’s beyond ridiculous, literally anytime you touch your screen an ad pops up, even when it’s not supposed to. I understand ads help you guys but for the love of god tone it down a bit. I’ve had the game just close and open up a safari page for more adverts which is a first for me I’ve never experienced that using an iOS device before, and to make it worse I actually had the phone on a desk and didn’t touch it and it grew a mind of its own. Game is addictive but I think you ruined it with the sheer spam you’re dishing out, yes I could pay for it but with that type of experience I wouldn’t even risk wasting money..Version: 2.5.0

Could be good...butThis game could be good but is absolutely ruined by ads. I got so sick of them I purchased the £2.99 remove ads option. It only removes ads from the top right hand button to collect what you’ve accumulated. You still get ads every time you log in if you collect x2 or every time you want to add a booster, so you know, it’s not really removed the ads at all. It’s not made clear what ads are removed for this purchase. £2.99 is massively overpriced for such a simple game, for that price it should TOTALLY remove all ads. Stay away.....Version: 2.0.15

Ads ads adsYou give and option to collect points or collect double points to watch and ad and yet still often play the ad on the none ad option, what’s worse is you play an ad for a booster come back to the “while you were gone” select the none ad option and then get another ad which for the 60 second booster takes half your booster time away.Version: 2.4.1

Ads are annoyingWould’ve given it 5 stars because it is really addicting but you click a button to get a boost and POP! Ad. After you watch the add and get your booster, it makes you collect what you earned in those thirty seconds. Click ‘Collect’... POP! Another ad. If you don’t want to be bombarded with ads, turn mobile data off for this app. Probably the most annoying use of ads I’ve ever experienced..Version: 2.3.2

Why should I report an issue with Bouncy Drops?

  1. Pulling issues faced by users like you is a good way to draw attention of Bouncy Drops to your problem using the strength of crowds.
  2. We have developed a system that will try to get in touch with a company once an issue is reported and with lots of issues reported, companies will definitely listen.
  3. Importantly, customers can learn from other customers in case the issue is a common problem that has been solved before.
  4. If you are a Bouncy Drops customer and are running into a problem, might not be the fastest and most effective way for you to solve the problem but at least you can warn others off using Bouncy Drops.

Is Bouncy Drops not working?

Bouncy Drops works most of the time. If it is not working for you, we recommend you excersise some patience and retry later or contact Bouncy Drops.

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