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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto Negative Reviews

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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto App Complaints & User Negative Comments 2023

Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto app received 176 complaints, negative comments and reviews by users. Have you ever had a bad experience using Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto? Can you share your negative thoughts about coinbase wallet: nfts & crypto?

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Coinbase Wallet: NFTs & Crypto for Negative User Reviews

DO NOT USEDO NOT USE COINBASE WALLET. You will be stuck with your money on their with no way of doing anything with it without paying stupidly high miner fees which it does not warn you about. Many many others like me have been left with money that they can’t swap send or withdraw. I literally feel like I have been robbed. Would go as far to call it a scam as thousands and thousands are in same position..Version: 25.6

Lost money because of this ridiculous app.I wanted to convert my SHIBA to CRO, but the Coinbase app said they don’t support CRO but I can buy it on Coinbase wallet so I transferred all my SHIBA to Coinbase wallet. The miner fees were absolutely ridiculous, 50$ and I didn’t want to do this so I went to send my SHIBA back to Coinbase and now it won’t let me because I don’t have any etherium in the wallet. It’s asking me to deposit about $300 dollars worth of etherium into my wallet, so that I can withdraw my $400 dollars worth of SHIBA? I cannot believe my money is now stuck in this stupid app unless I spend even more money….Version: 25.1

Bloomberg Subscription Trap!I use Coinbase regularly for all of my Crypto needs including as a source for crypto news. The app generally displays news articles pertaining to cryptocurrency which are complimentary and informative. Lately I have been seeing many news articles by a company named Bloomberg at the bottom of my feed. Now, whenever I select any of the articles by “Bloomberg” I am immediately funneled into a Bloomberg subscription page which is extremely misleading and exceptionally annoying. The entire Coinbase app seems cheapened by this strange method of advertising news articles that I don’t even have access to read within the app.Version: 24.13

Some issue with their customer supportThey takes weeks to months to reply back to a simple issue that can resolve now I don’t know if I am able to get my coins back. I have sent them email on may 6 about my issue with the coins that I sent to their coinbase wallet but now it’s may 28th. I had provided everything that they had asked for to verify the hash, time, date and which type of coins etc but still now no reply I can’t sell or do anything because of their poor customer services it’s really annoying to wait over two weeks to get a reply. I just hope they up their customer services game instead of wasting their clients time..Version: 24.7

Not an official Coinbase walletRead the mostly negative reviews and note the developer is someone called Toshi and NOT Coinbase. If that isn’t enough alarm bells and you have excess crypto you don’t need then go ahead..Version: 22.13

User friendly, still not worth itWhere do I begin… I have used many different crypto trading platforms and Coinbase has no doubt proven its worth over the others. I’ve been getting more into NFT trading and as you all know Coinbase doesn’t trade those yet. Today I went to make my first transfer from my Coinbase account to my Coinbase wallet and everything was running smooth until I found the money I just put in was sent to a random address 4 minutes later. Weird, I know. I went to track the address my money was sent to and under the comments section there were about 15 other people claiming that their Coinbase wallet was hacked by this same individual. I’m talking thousands of dollars worth of money/crypto gone. Although Coinbase has an easy to use interface and is user friendly, I don’t recommend it due to my experience with its poor security. You don’t think phishing/scamming is possible until it happens to you. Do yourself a favor and find a different wallet..Version: 25.6

ETH transactions do not workAll ETH transactions from this wallet are getting stuck and cancelled. Gas fees that you pay are not refundable. Reached out to support asking why all of my transactions are getting cancelled only to receive an answer on how to cancel stuck transactions. Which doesn’t solve my issue. Overall lost over $100 on ETH gas fees, essentially my etherium crypto can’t be transferred or used. And of course there are no problems transferring money into the wallet..Version: 24.6

NopeCoinbase customer service is as useful as a paper hat in a rainstorm, their charges are too high for their poor service. The platform always seems to be down when big moves happen, the rewards despite Coinbase getting bigger are getting worse. And the complaints from unhappy users is definitely on the rise. 4 days now I’ve been waiting for my restricted account that they restricted and never informed me (for the 3rd time) to be dealt with so I can withdraw my crypto ASAP. Avoid at all costs.Version: 23.1

DO NOT USE - LUDICROUSLY HIGH FEESAvoid this app at all costs - they make it very simple to move crypto into it but at no point explain that to move it out the fees will be silly extortionate to the point you’ll loose money if you want to transfer it anywhere else, including back to the Coinbase app. Do not see the point in this app due to the amount they charge for these transactions - it is quite clearly daylight robbery and I am surprised this app remains on the App Store. If they cared about security as it is claimed, then why not simply implement the technology in the main app, rather than having a split Wallet app? - TO TAKE YOUR MONEY IN FEES MOVING CRYPTO BETWEEN THE SAME COMPANY!!! No one in their right mind will willingly pay £25 “miners fee” to move a small balance of £100 - they will once you realise if you don’t pay the fee, your money is stuck in the wallet, quite literally holding you to ransom with your own money. Disgusting. Genuinely appalled by this. Shame on you Coinbase..Version: 24.3

AVOID THIS APP AT ALL COSTSI have a $138 worth of money stuck in this app. It’s not letting me transfer crypto to even my Coinbase account let alone other wallets. I have contacted customer support and no one came back. I understand that the Gas fees are high on the ethereum network, but all I am trying to do transfer money from my wallet to Coinbase so that I can withdraw back into my bank account if I am unable to transfer crypto from Coinbase but I am unable to do that as well. PLEASE AVOID THIS APP OR ELSE YOUR MONEY WILL GET STUCK IN..Version: 25.1

Steals your moneyLogs you out, then says you need a 12 word recovery phrase to get your account back up and running. Thousands of dollars gone, with no way to get it back. Do NOT get this wallet. It is 100% a scam, and they steal your money. No other explanation for not being able to help you after their site crashes and logs you out. Then they blame you and say you should have wrote down the recovery phrase, which you never got in the first place..Version: 24.5

Unfortunately uselessThe wallet has had a pending transfer for 2 weeks and reporting the issue is just as frustrating as you don't get any response..Version: 19.6

NoVery expensive lots of high fees buying and sending. Says cos easy to use and it is but have been running into technical problems a lot recently with coinbase.Version: 22.14

Money Pit With No ExitI use coinbase with no issue, however as soon as you transfer crypto to coinbase WALLET you may as well throw your money away. I have used the platform to earn Interest on my crypto however it is now impossible to withdraw any of it due to the fees associated with withdrawing and converting. I can’t get $100 worth of Ethereum out of the wallet without paying a staggering $300 in fees. STAY AWAY.Version: 24.11

Do not use thisThis wallet is not safe for your crypto. I recently had $1700 USDT transferred out of my wallet to someone else. I have never shared my passwords or phrases with anyone! Coinbase, basically told me too bad. And refused to do anything about it. They told me basically it’s a user wallet and not their problem. I’ve read many online posts about this issue too. And it’s never been resolved by coinbase. They obviously don’t care about the security of your funds. Please do not risk your money with this wallet. If you can’t trust the wallet you can’t trust the exchange either..Version: 25.6

Too much in feesYou have to pay too much in transaction costs and mining fees for everything you do. Most of the time the fees are even larger than the amount you want to transfer or convert. I’d sent some USDC and can’t do anything with it. It’s stuck there. Useless and disappointing..Version: 23.4

ScamTried transferring from one wallet to another never received the funds. Don’t bother with this app..Version: 25.11

Biggest Scam 2021 Plz Don't Use AppI'm very sad and disappointed to warn you guys please do not use this wallet and coinbase company at all and try to stay away. I have recently lost my $29,000 due to unauthorized or unauthentic Transaction. Top of that, it's shameful for coinbase on their customer services and responsibilities. There is zero help at all and nothing expect getting reply with useless and worthless link in response to secure password.. Please please please I am requesting you to avoid getting stuck. It's very terrible when Christmas is at its peak and I lost all my money..Version: 25.5

DO NOT BUY THIS IT IS A SCAMAfter buying bitcoin with this app, the value rose and I attempted to sell my crypto only to discover that selling was disabled. DO NOT BUY WITH THIS APP.Version: 25.14

ScamA miner fee of 17 dollars on the transaction of 200 dollars is a scam on compond finance.Version: 22.14

Feels like a scamThe main Coinbase app incentivises you open the Coinbase wallet but doesn’t make it clear that there are extortionate Eth charges that are higher than the low amounts you try to move. The only reason it got two stars was because it allows you to move Stellar Lumens without fees. Hard to ever see how crypto will become the currency of choice with fees equating to very high percentages of the transaction..Version: 23.4

Scam ALERT straight up criminal GARBAGE!!CoinBase needs to do better & dump thus thieving practice. CoinBase Wallet fees are totally excessive. It cost you most of the crypto you want to trade. They charge you near $100 to make a trade! They take $12.95 to transfer in & out plus want $50 in ETH to make a purchase for ‘gas fees’, plus charge you to transfer the ETH to transfer your coin. Every time the fee went up requesting more transfer. I was unable to purchase and lost the money in fees. Stole my money for nothing, no service provided. Don’t do it. Transferring out and never looking at it again. Digital highway robbery..Version: 25.4

Massive potential, but basic features missing. Broken on iOS 15Coinbase wallet EASILY has the potential to be 100x better than the dumpster trash metamask app which crashes every 15 seconds, however it is missing some extremely basic features such as setting gas price for transactions. I don’t understand how the devs could have left this out as it is the single most basic and simple feature an app like this has to have. Without it it’s literally unusable for 99% of crypto activities as your transactions will never go thru in time using recommended gas prices. ALSO, after upgrading to iOS 15 this app has a massive bug where it logs you out of your wallet 5 times a day with a “biometrics updated” message, which is not true. Devs, please fix this extremely annoying bug and add the missing basic features so this app is usable..Version: 25.6

Absolute ScamAvoid anything to do with Coinbase or Coinbase Wallet…you will lose all your money!!! It’s a total scam!.Version: 25.7

You won’t be able to get coins out of this walletI transferred some MATIC tokens into this wallet, no problem. I tried to convert it into something else it says I need ETH to do that. I transferred ETH to pay for the fees and the fees keep changing and the transaction failed but took my ETH anyway. I tried to transfer MATIC out of this wallet it doesn’t work because you will need ETH again to pay for the fees I transferred more ETH into the wallet to pay for the fees and it says I don’t have enough ETH to pay for the fees. The transaction failed again but again took my money. I hate Ethereum and the fees. I only had $100 of Matic and now I’ll just simply forget about it. Why can’t you just take some existing matic in the wallet to pay for the fees instead of having me transfer in more ETH to pay for the fees? This app is a scam..Version: 25.12

Scam AlertIt’s totally scam. They allow to buy so many fake coins. When u go to sell it, the price is totally disappeared. Like in the end, u will have zero. Be careful guys..Version: 25.4

Can’t even buy larger amounts.Useless..Version: 22.14

Potentially faultyMy experience is extremely bad. I tried to transfer ethereum token from the Coinbase exchange to the Coinbase Wallet using the wallet’s ‘transfer’ feature , but the tokens never arrived, and I lost almost $1,500. The Coinbase support couldn’t help me either because they kept giving me the same advice that didn’t work. I was extremely disappointed because, given that both of these sources belong to the same coinbase platform, the transaction should have been seamless, but it was not, and it cussed me to lose money. The only possible reason this could have happened is because the ‘transfer’ feature was flawed. Suspiciously, shortly after I complained, the Coinbase issued a new version of the wallet which I think it might have been linked to my incident. Horrible experience and I will log a complaint with the BBB. Be careful.Version: 25.3

No Cashout option for AustraliaDo NOT use this app if you want to cash out and you’re in Australia “unsupported in your country”. Uninstalling. Bye..Version: 25.12

Worst App Loose all your moneyHigh transaction charges and hidden fee. This wallet takes upto 60% of what you withdraw as some kind of charges. Avoid this app at any cost..Version: 25.0

FAKE wallet. NOT CoinbaseThe developer is some toshi inc, listed right there to read before installing, if you go to the regular coin base app, this app is not listed in their list of apps on iOS. The logo is even different. Reviews are filled with reports of this being a scam wallet and yet APPLE continues to allow it. DO BETTER APPLE (the we allow scam apps now company)..Version: 25.4

It’s mehYou need to fix the issue w transferring coins , you’re just stuck on a loading screen unable to do anything and that’s the whole point of the Coinbase wallet no?.Version: 25.6

Terrible experienceThis app doesnt deserve one single star for many reasons. I have been with coinbase pro for a year now. Whenever i sell crypto my money gets converted to USDC; this time my it was Tether USDT. Well, i could not convert it to anything or buy other assets. Opened up the account ( CB Wallet) hoping i will be able to do the transfer and conversion easily, bad idea. Now the app wont let me transfer back to CB Pro. I cant even buy other assets including Ether. They customer service is absolutely mediocre. They have no absolutely understanding of what is going so generic. Its as if the tech is perfect doesn't develop issues. Now my money is stuck on the app.I will take further action. If CB cant solve the situation immediately . Seriously i think these crypto companies are loathsome, should be regulated. This is absolutely non sense!.Version: 25.1

Would not recommendI was new to crypto and decided to try Coinbase Wallet to start. The fees they charge add up very quickly if you attempt to purchase coins not on their market and transfer to another exchange or wallet. To make matters worse if you deposit and attempt to withdraw a coin on the ERC20 chain they’ll only allow you withdraw if you pay the miner fee in ETH separately. Meaning if you don’t have ETH in your Coinbase wallet you will not be able to complete a transfer or withdraw regardless of how much money you have, they won’t take the fee from the balance. I have to buy ETH on a separate exchange and then transfer it to my Coinbase wallet (after waiting for the funds to clear) and then I’ll be able to complete my withdraw. Extremely inconvenient, there are better wallets. Would not recommend use unless you like keeping a separate ETH balance to pays fees when you want to move any of your currencies..Version: 23.7

Latest update is brokenGood app but the latest update is broken. Asks for face ID on the Coinbase Wallet splash screen even though I have "require for app access" turned off (didn't do this before the update) and sometimes randomly changes my default currency from GBP to USD (again didn't do this before updating).Version: 24.10

Scam scums bag fake app stole your moneyDon’t ever download or put your money into this app. They will steal all of your money. They will trick you and customers service won’t help..Version: 25.12

Lost my FundsBasically there is no option of getting a recovery password or another option to get your funds back, hopefully I didn’t lost a fortune, but I can really imagine if someone lost thousands of dollars. If you really want to be in crypto stay away from wallets or at least use them as less as possible they are not really secure, even with transaction if you want to make a payment or transfers it takes loads of fees to do it. I don’t really understand why there is not another way of getting back my account other than using (12 words or password) basically lost in someway and that’s it. Speechless.Version: 25.5

GarbageIt is a nonsense scam. Do not be fooled in any way.Version: 25.11

If You Like this App It’s Because You Haven’t Tried to WithdrawI have Deposited UMA ETH and Dogira to my Wallet, and Millions of my SafeMars didn’t make it there somehow, so I decided to withdraw Everything I had in the wallet, Oh Boy was this a Bad Decision, Unless Your and ETH Millionaire you’ll see the Stupid Ridiculous Fee’s, and I Emailed them my Transaction ID and Account Numbers, Still Couldn’t find my SafeMars, So I also sent a Screenshot of the Transaction and that’s when I got No Response, this is Useless to me until I make about a Thousand in ETH so I can withdraw my Crypto that I have in their that Literally worth Less than $100, thank God I only deposited that Much, I can only imagine the Gas Fees for how much Crypto I actually have, this is Worse Wallet Right Here for People who got into ETH after $1, like I said if you’re a ETH Millionaire the $200 gas Fee to withdraw $30 of Cryto will be nothing to you.Version: 24.3

ScamVery scam based..Version: 25.9

Coinbase wallet is a ScamTrying to transfer $80 worth of coins to another wallet or to Coinbase exchange and the miner fees asking are $300 ? DO NOT deposit any tokens into the Coinbase wallet unless you want to leave them there for the rest of your life and don’t want that money anymore. How is Apple even allowing to publish this type of apps?.Version: 25.6

NOT SAFE!!!I also lost all, but $0.80 cents worth of BTC a few weeks ago from my Coinbase Wallet. I checked my phone and there are no signs of hacking. I am also very careful with my information and there were no signs of hacking whatsoever. The strange thing is that the amount transferred out of my wallet requested an amount well above my available BTC. Nevertheless, Coinbase Wallet approved the transaction anyway and all my BTC, minus $0.80 cents worth was left in the wallet. Supposing that I was hacked, how is it even possible for any wallet or blockchain to approve a transaction higher than the amount available???? I submitted a request for investigation to Coinbase who said that the transaction was done from my device, but they failed to explain how a transaction higher than the amount available was even allowed to happen. I requested a review of their findings and I am waiting for their reply. There is something fishy going on here, a glitch of some sort and Coinbase is not owning it. THIS WALLET IS NOT SAFE. I am looking for another one..Version: 22.14

AtrociousMiner fee to send coins out of wallet more than double the sum of coins in there. Is this some kind of joke?.Version: 22.14

Coinbase support takes forever to help you solve problemsAfter I contacting their support team, they got back to me to provide more information but after I provided more evidence they never reply back!!!.Version: 24.3

Worst walletFees too high, transaction too slow. Lost coins in the process. It’s been 2 months and still nothing worst experience overall..Version: 24.11

Scam potential is too highAlmost got scammed.Version: 25.6

SCAM SCAM SCAM. Don’t downloadWe gotta help the crypto community grow organically and remove all scammers like these guys at all costs! If you were recommended this app by Coinbase like me, please be sure to read the latest reviews if you don’t believe these people behind the app are scum. They bought fake 5 star reviews online and got all the developers to leave fake 5 star reviews. The number of reviews about people being stolen their money are revolting..Version: 25.1

Load of crap lost moneyWhat a load of crap this app is and is just a way of stealing from people! I downloaded and installed the app sent my £5 to the wallet from coinbase! However i never set a recovery phrase! I had trouble exchanging my £5 in bitcoin too beta crypto and wouldn’t work so I uninstalled the app now it won’t let me sign in without a recovery phrase! What a load of complete utter crap this is and a complete scam! Luckily it’s only £5 I’ve lost and not any more! Dicks.Version: 25.19

Fraud Alert!DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!! Complete fraud app. As others said, miner fees are high. And somehow your money get transferred out without you knowing. Don’t trust anyone that ask you to download this! It is not safe! The person is a total liar!.Version: 25.11

Funds locked and zero customer serviceCoinbase wallet has stopped working on my iPhone 10 max ! I have deleted and reinstalled but always in a loop while trying to open! Now all my funds are blocked there and the customer service does not exist! I company managing billions of funds who be able to attend to its customers immediately! A competitor may use these flaws to steal your customers!.Version: 23.6

DO NOT GET THIS APPIt took over 60$ from my account and I have no idea why. Do not recommend, you need over 250$ in etherium to even convert crypto.HORRIBLE APP DO NOT DOWNLOAD.Version: 25.6

Cloud miningDont use this for cloud mining. A scam.Version: 25.6

A Scamer toolThe amount of scams being run on Coinbase and how loose their security is has become a joke. Do not use this service. They do not try to help anyone..Version: 25.3

HackedDo not download this app and do not attempt to make a account ever since I’ve been getting randomly hacked or attempts coinbase is so dodge.Version: 24.7

Overrated and Poorly Maintained AppSeriously, how is this even more than three stars? I might understand if you live in the Coinbase ecosystem, but even then, there are glitches. For about three months, I couldn't transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Wallet, always getting the same error. I explained this to support a few times, and they said they were working on it. Setting aside first-party integrations, which you'd expect to work 100% of the time, doing other activities such as swapping tokens or making mobile transfers are also glitchy. I couldn't convert ETH to WETH on Sushiswap from my desktop without seeing an infinite spinning wheel calculating fees on iOS. There is a three-month-old Reddit thread with the same issue. The only redeeming factor is that many popular dapps like OpenSea, integrate with Coinbase Wallet, albeit imperfectly..Version: 25.7

UnhelpfulMy capital is held to ransom on this app as I need to purchase ETH to pay fees in order to sell QNT in order to make a transfer to the Coinbase app so I can make a withdrawal into my bank account. This means im spending 50% of my withdrawal on fees in order to transfer and withdraw. Traditional banks don’t charge fees for withdrawal, this is unbelievable. It’s actually criminal, if regulation stops this, I welcome it wholeheartedly. If I’d known this I would have never had deposited in the first place..Version: 28.2

Professional ScamAvoid this wallet at all cost, fees most of the time +60% of the total amount of the transaction and if you can’t cover the fees you should just consider that money lost because you can’t move, convert or withdrawal it. Also read the reviews to have an idea about their customer service, your funds could just disappear and no one will respond to your emails or calls, it happened to me but fortunately it wasn’t a large amount..Version: 23.4

Any supportI’ve been waiting 5 days now for support to even reply to me on deposit missing, I’m not sure anyone even checks the email address provided.Version: 19.8

Lost money using this walletI’ve been purchasing crypto using several exchanges without any problems so feel like I understand what I’m doing quite well. I decided to try Uniswap and purchased some tokens which I stored in my Coinbase wallet. After transferring around £1000 of several different tokens I woke up one morning to find unknown withdrawal transactions to an unknown wallet, effectively my wallet had been emptied. I’ve completed their support form and gave correct details of a specific transaction, including amount, date, transaction hash etc. Their response was “do not use the wallet if you believe it’s been compromised” i was using an iPad to make the transfer and I don’t believe I have any malware/virus that could be attributed to the source of the problem. Coinbase make billions on transaction fees but don’t expect any help if you lose money, even if the problem is down to their wallet, you’re on your own!!! An expensive lesson, however I’ve moved onto MetaMask which works perfectly, I’ve not had one issue with it. So if you’re thinking of a wallet I would really urge everyone not to use this unless you’re willing to risk losing you’re money. EXTREMELY DISSATISFIED.Version: 23.7

Lost the appThere are many new users are coming and sometimes they can make mistake when something like recovery phrase is important why you let people skip it without back up or ask them to write it down, some wallet like Abra does not let you go in without rewrite your phrase, this just looks shady I never signed out from my wallet, the app updated itself and was signed out, now I lost my wallet and All I did using coinbase link to move my coins from coinbase to coinbase wallet, I trusted coinbase and thought they are protecting me but I was wrong like many other companies they want you to make mistake and loosing your money, they never respond me and not even try to help me, just tells me if you lost your phrase you lost your wallet, I just using coinbase linking to transfer to coinbase wallet and I just trusted this app and thought they will protect me, but I was wrong..Version: 24.7

This is scam!!! Please be aware!!!I deposited my us$ in this Coinbase wallet. It won’t let you send and trade at all. It will allow you to receive any amount from. I didn’t get help and support from their customers service as I asked help so many times. This is a truly scam by fooling the people. I urge you entire world to be aware of this . I am gonna rise this issue on social media around the globe..Version: 24.12

My account was locked unreasonably!!!!!!Please help me!!!!!! I was informed that my account was suspected as money laundering, so the company locked my account and transferred all my USDT into somewhere. But all my USDT were bought and transferred from Binance. My funds can be proved by bank. I’ve decided to call the police, and informed the customer service. The police and the bank can prove my money is legal, however, the customer service didn’t unlock my account and warned me that my account would be cleared. Now they require me deposit 5000 USDT to activate my account, but I don’t have anymore fund. I don’t know whether I can trust this APP. Could somebody help me with this?.Version: 25.6

App is staggeringly slow!I only use this app when I need to copy paste a wallet address that sits on my phone, otherwise the web app is my go to. Why? You’d think Coinbase cares about user experience. It’s year 3 using this app and it’s as slow as ever, and 5 minutes into using it my phone becomes exceedingly hot and my battery slumps at least 15%. Insane. This is terrible. This is the only app I ever used that behaves this way. Sometimes I get concerned, like what exactly is happening in the background that needs so much CPU crunching that my phone gets this hot? Why is the app consuming so much power whilst being so slow, I’m talking waiting almost 5 seconds for a button to become usable, or even page loads. Needs work!!.Version: 25.13

CoinbaseHello, I was dupped on Freewallet recently, so anyone wanting to invest in crypto right now better make sure your dealing with a legit company. Apple is is not screening properly. I downloaded this app and thought it might be legit but now I see the logo does not match If your Canadian, use an app that is based out of Canada only, as they will be regulated and that is better for you!.Version: 24.7

Charge too much miner feeJust transfer $500 from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase, Coinbase charge $27 miner fee, that’s ridiculous!.Version: 25.6

SUPER HIGH FEE’S AVOIDOnce you deposit anything in this wallet - you’ll be spending almost half of what you have to get it out or trade it for other tokens. You are better off buying the coin you want from another exchange directly - Binance offers a wide variety of coins that aren’t in the coinbase platform. This is the only Coinbase product I am extremely dissatisfied with - can’t even transfer coins to Coinbase or Coinbase Pro without a large gas fee… it should be free..Version: 25.1

Miner feesIt is a total rip off and does not tell you anything about the drastic fees to start with. Watch out.Version: 25.1

Complete TRAP STAY AWAYThere were coins I was interested in Coinbase that you couldn’t buy with cash, but the option if “buy with your Coinbase wallet is there”. That makes you think that it’s possible through that way.. As soon as I transferred I was hit with a miner fee from technically the same platform that cut a third from my funds. Once i was there the coins they show and I wanted where still not available, but here’s the worst part… now my money stuck there. Can’t trade it or covert it, cause minors fees are either more or a dollar less than what I have.. can’t cash out because minors fees are more than the couple hundreds I have in there.. They literally corner you and Jack your money.. if your néw even though when you winning Coinbase magically stops working, but at least after the whales pull their loot you still can have access to take your money out instantly and have some fun day trading… Coinbase wallet on the other hand is a scam that I was ultimately led to from Coinbase under false pretenses… Have fun on Coinbase, stay away from the wallet cause your money will eventually get trapped. Stay blessed people!.Version: 25.6

Miner feesThis app its out of contrôle on the miner fees avoid this app ! its a rip off !.Version: 25.6

Hacked and loss 24kCoinbase is not safe by any means. They do NOT provide any assurance to keep your assets safe. More importantly, they do not care how much they stole from you or how much you had stolen. They sell the idea that they are safe and you can invest in them. Please by all means get a cold wallet and do not trust coinbase to protect your assets. The hacker was able to bypass the seed phrase, the two-step verification, and the facial recognition. I had no alerts nor any emails confirming any transactions. All assets was unstaked and sent to another wallet in less than 10min. Coinbase’s response stated “ there is no way for Coinbase to cancel, reverse, or recover these funds on your behalf after crypto is sent off our platform ” if you want to lose your money then please use coinbase but if you want your money safe then please get a cold wallet or a more secure hot wallet..Version: 25.5

This is a scamThis app is a scam. I put $150 in a account as I wanted to test the service before putting a lot of money in. I bought some DAI stable coin (again, as a test) then transferred it to this wallet. Cost $13 to transfer my crypto currency to my wallet (really? Almost 10% of my balance?). I went to transfer it back. Said I needed $20 in Ethereum to pay miner fees to move it back to So I try to buy $20 in Ethereum. It then tells me that I need $129 in Ethereum to pay miner fees to buy $20 of Ethereum. Yeah, circular logic. What. A. Scam..Version: 24.3

Worse than the worst bank you can think ofImagine you go to a bank, deposit £100, and then return the next day to withdraw £20. They then tell you, you can withdraw your £20, but it’ll cost you £180 to withdraw that £20, but, you have to pay the £180 in dollars. That’s exactly what Coinbase Wallet does, do not use this, it is not like Coinbase in the slightest. The fees are all hidden, and it’s actually disgusting..Version: 25.1

Zero stars… Over $60 of feesI would not even give this app 1 star. It has been a bad experience from the beginning. First you would think that transferring from your regular Coinbase account to your Coinbase wallet would be fast, easy and more importantly free (since they are the same company). But you would be wrong. It was about $20 just to add coins to the wallet. Then everything you want to do with your coins once in the wallet also cost at least $20. And here is the catch, you can only pay the fee using ETH. That means if you us a coin other than ETH then you have to convert part of it to ETH to even get your money out even if the coin is part of the Ethereum network. And guess what converting will also cost you at least $20! To sum up, added funds to wallet ($20 fee) + converted funds to ETH so i can transfer the funds out of the wallet ($20 fee) + withdraw funds from the wallet ($20 fee)…. I completely waisted over $60 just to try this wallet. The app is a joke and is not beneficial at all. I would never recommend this app to anyone. I hope everyone reads this and does not waste their time and money like I did..Version: 25.6

Fake coin base appThis is the fake coin base app. Download the one with 55k reviews here. You can see the icon is also not the same. Had all my funds stolen..Version: 25.6

Beware - iCloud Back Up Doesn’t WorkI was using FaceID, but also backed my 12 word phrase in iCloud. I hadn’t had any issues until I got a new phone. I restored my iCloud and do have the passphrase saved, but the restore via iCloud option doesn’t work. It doesn’t recognize my password and after reading these reviews, I’m on one of many that have experienced this. I reached out to support and kept getting robot responses for over 20 email replies and was never properly helped. At one point it said I was getting connected to a specialist, which they never reached out and when I followed up on the thread it said my ticket was closed. I’ve lost a pretty decent chunk of money from this and highly discourage anyone from experiencing what I and many others have gone through..Version: 25.1

I have been waiting over a week for support to answerMy funds never landed into the wallet, there is zero support from this wallet provider...Version: 22.5

Use this if you want to lose your ETH to miners in failed transactionsI lost my ETH three times in a row due to failed transactions when attempting to send crypto to coinbase. I contacted coinbase and there is no way to get it back. This app is a scam or at best it doesn’t work properly causing users to lose their crypto. I am unable to get my crypto back to coinbase because this app keeps stealing my gas fees and failing to send. Update: I do not have my case number, I deleted the email I received weeks ago. I was finally able to transfer my USDC to coinbase. I tried and lost money on gas fees multiple times before it finally worked. I had to fund my ETH wallet four times and lost most of it. I have not experienced this ever before using other internet-based wallets and hardware wallets. Normally when I submit a transfer on the Ethereum network it goes. This is the first time I have had a transfer fail multiple times and take Ethereum gas fees every time. So this leads me to believe this is a problem with Coinbase Wallet and not the Ethereum network. This amounts to stealing peoples crypto and throwing it into Ethereum gas fees and providing nothing in return. This issue needs to be fixed, this is not right..Version: 25.6

Do Not UseMost of these reviews are bots. This app in idea is really really cool and you have probably heard all the good things about it, well what you don’t hear is the gigantic amount of issues this app has. First is the fees, now 5-8$ is no big deal but this app brings fees to a whole new level. Personally I transferred 500 in shib to my wallet, after six days of emails ( no in person customer support 100% email and it’s automated.) I finally was able to transfer the remaking 232, yea 232. I had to buy eth to transfer my money( not required to put on the wallet) 45$ worth was my original miner fee but had to pay 21$ in upfront fees then another 32$ to transfer to wallet. Then the transaction is was and I’m not mailing this up”failed” and all the eth was taken as a charge. I am not kidding do I had to rebuy eth transfer it and this the miner fee was more then previous. It cost me almost 200$ to take my money off this app after fees . Second your money is not safe( miner fee) you can your fee and the transaction fail and coin wallet is not responsible for replacing your fee. Yes you can Pay 30-70$ miner fee the transaction fail and your out that money. Maybe in the future this will be a good way to store coins and build Interest but at the moment it is a money Pitt..Version: 25.1

Robinhood of CryptoIf you would like your money/ crypto taken download this app. All the good reviews are paid/fake reviews. This wallet is completely different to coinbase exchange. Please stick to coinbase exchange and avoid this scam wallet at all cost. This app is not developed by Coinbase inc. I lost over $12,000 USDT right front of my eyes. It disappeared without any wallet address where it was transferred or anything. When you seek for help support you pretty much chatting with a bot. Not a actual human. It’s a mutual scam between Dapps/ smart contracts. ‘Defi Cloud- cards’ and over 16million USDT liquidity , over 40,000 participants as I am writing this review. No action taken from coinbase wallet up to date. Spend your extra money on your family and kids. If you would like to lose it all in 3 weeks put them in this wallet..Version: 25.5

Unable to Withdraw MoneyNo problem transferring money into the wallet but now it’s there I can’t get it out. Constantly getting an error about mining fees no matter how high or low the transaction I try to spend. Attempted to transfer back into my NiceHash account with a miner fee that was 50% the value of the transaction. This wallet is either screwed or a scam. Stay away..Version: 24.13

Stole my cryptoHad no trouble getting crypto into the wallet but there’s no way to get it out now my wallet is just a balance of how much money I gave them… Can’t even transfer it to my Coinbase account. Should have read the reviews before downloading and trusting this scam.Version: 25.3

Channeling my angerThis apps great for a easy way to send crypto to a wallet almost like you’re using zelle to move money from account to account. However, they do a magnificent job at slowing down whatever you’re trying to do and second guessing if you did something wrong with “error determining mining fee”’s “unable to process transaction”’s and “address not a real address”’s. They like you to put your crypto in your new wallet and figure out their standard of business as you try to act on your digital wallet. And don’t try to get in contact with their support team or you’ll end up with irrelevant how to use crypto articles that don’t address any complaints directly. Would’ve gave 1 star but wanted my input to be seen by more people, so I complimented y’all on what you push in the video you see as soon as you visit the website. Smdh.Version: 24.1

Switch to MetaMask!!!!!It’s a an alright app. Just the fees and the fact I can’t sign in to my account. I had switched to a new phone, and everytime I touch the “I already have a wallet” it’s just loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads and loads. Until you hit create a new Wallet and it’s full speed ahead. But hitting the i latest have a wallet is not working. For a company which charges a lot of fees for certain things you would think they wouldn’t have problems with you signing back in. Can anyone help? And still no help? No fix off this bug even after updating , deleting,restarting my phone and re downloading the app. I have money stuck there and I lost opportunities on certain nfts all because it just wants to load..moment I find my old phone I’m going to try get my money out, and DELETE this wallet! And go to MetaMask.Version: 25.10

PoorSomething wrong with the way transaction fees work here it won’t let me send £10 even though I’ve got £43 it says transaction fees to high but if I use my Coinbase account then it says that it £2.30 the way transaction fees are calculated and the fact you can’t change them means you will always have around £35 stuck on here unable to remove.Version: 24.3

Don’t do itWorst way to transfer money, there are much better apps out there. Their fees are insanely high and I don’t see a justifiable reason when the normal Coinbase has little to no fees. I placed $100 CAD to try earning interest on it and it would cost $120 USD on top of that to be able to do that. Since it was crazy expensive I decided to return it back to my normal Coinbase account but they have a $130 USD fee to transfer any coins other than Bitcoin and ethereum. So I basically have $100 held hostage and can’t get it back from them..Version: 23.4

DO NOT USE THIS WALLETCoinbase is not secure. Once you sign out of their wallet app and sign back you will lose all of your currency. Their support won’t get back to you or offer any resolution. 0/5 *.Version: 22.10

Less payment methodsI can’t add any of my banks card in Canada to Coinbase it always gives me error and they don’t have any other payment option. Garbage app. Their customer service also don’t reply huh.Version: 25.6

Do Not Trust This App!I have used this app for about 4 months and have little over 10k xrp in it. Tried sending to my exchange like I have done multiple times but now getting an error message saying unable to transfer miner fee for the last week conveniently when price of the coin is increasing. Contacted customer service a week ago and still have had no action taken to help me get access to my fund despite telling them I need to help a family member in difficult situation. Absolutely shameful, I will be moving all my funds to the exchange or another trustworthy wallet soon as this issue is resolved however long that may take.Version: 24.6

Stay away!Same thing as others my funds a stick due to a fee issue :-(.Version: 22.13

Tons of pending transactions since 4 days agoIf crypto is supposed to replace fiat maybe it should be possible to process a transaction in 4 days? I have many of them that did not generate any block update and this wallet doesn’t even allow me to delete them. Also, it doesn’t allow me to change the gas fee when processing a transaction, it always applies the default cost..Version: 25.1

Thieves.Do not use unless you want to be hit with astronomical fees. You can’t even move your money back to your Coinbase account or another wallet because you get an “unable to determine fee, please try again later”. Inspired to move everything away from this scam my business model. Too many options these days, do your due diligence before setting up a Coinbase wallet. Only use Coinbase for the free crypto. Take from them, but do not give them a single satoshi..Version: 25.14

Losing faithYesterday I sent two transactions from a different t wallet to my Coinbase Wallet. Neither has arrived even though support for the sending wallet looked into it right away and let me know it has been sent properly. Support for CB Wallet responded with a ticket number, but a day later my money is still missing. To make matters worse, I sit made a (thankfully) small sale on CB Pro. I sold 50 coins, but my sale only shows 39.1 were sold, and that the wallet for that coin is now empty. ??? Where are the rest of the coins??? I have not had any issues with any of the CB platforms since I began using them. It’s incredibly concerning that 3 transactions in less than 24 hours have not gone as they should. Definitely concerned about moving anything else and I’m losing faith in CB. If these issues are taken care of I will update my review according to the support I receive. But this is concerning. Update: the two transactions finally did arrive. The other issue with CB Pro has been ignored for weeks now. Every now and then I get an email and then no follow through. Now today I’ve been trying to convert one coin for another on CB Wallet, and for over an hour it’s been telling me “Something went wrong; try again later”. Will never add anything more to this wallet..Version: 24.11

Canadian are not allowed to take out cash or link accountDon’t use this app..Version: 25.6

IOS IssuesMeant to be compatible with iOS 12.0+ It isn’t, it CtD’s every time. Ticket open with support for two weeks closed without resolution. [Update] ticket# 12468370 - opened 13/07/2022 - closed unresolved on 25/07/2022. All required details are in ticket incl current iOS, handset, app version, and even screenshots and video screen capture of crash as requested 13/7 and 14/7..Version: 28.2

This Needs Regulation Immediately!!There needs to be a way to regulate things better and see to it that the price initially said is adhered to. You attempt to swap a coin it says you need a certain amount in ETH to do so. You purchase that amount or a little bit more and go to purchase again all of a sudden that isn’t enough meanwhile coinbase continues to get money in fees from every transaction. Same thing with the gas fees. The transaction is going through all of a sudden it fails and you need more for gas fees. So the initial transaction doesn’t get honored. There needs to be something to regulate this because these people are pretty much doing whatever and charging whatever they want and it makes me not even want to purchase Crypto in this way anymore because it’s extremely frustrating and it makes me feel like I’m dealing with a bunch of crooks..Version: 25.10

Allow app to access cameraNot working.Version: 24.12

Extremely high mining feesTransferred some Shiba Inu to change it into another Crypto not listed on Coinbase’s regular app. Once received in the Coinbase Wallet their is nothing you can do with it. If you’d like to transfer it back they charge you about 20% of the value in Eth and if you want to exchange it to a different Crypto they charge you 300% the value. No other app has fees like this, not even their regular app. Very strange, now my Shiba is stranded in this wallet and is unusable..Version: 25.1

Getting on my nerves.Complete garbage . the miners fees for trying to transfer your coins AFTER sending it to the wallet are so high is almost the same price as the amount your trading. They should take this trash off the AppStore all together.Version: 23.4

Can not transferI can not transfer my coins from the wallet to any address. I assume the fees are too high to let them moves.Version: 25.4

Scam or fake.All of the 5* reviews belongs to the developers for sure. Sent small amount of eth but never landed and after reading the review, I believe I have lost it. It’s a dodgy app so avoid at all cost. Use my lost eth for your funeral. C u Nt!.Version: 23.6

App locked me out and no customer supportThe app suddenly didn’t recognise my fingerprint biometric and has locked me out. It asks for a 12 word recovery phrase which I do not have. There seems to be no way to activate the biometric again. There is no customer support to ask. I would appreciate assistance to recover my money..Version: 24.12

Not thought out…….. unfinished app needs improvingAll looked ok, but then when you come to use…………. !? If you created a “test” wallet and deposited a small amount into it this will not be available at the same time as another wallet you create. Furthermore, there is no method of merging them. So you have to go to another device, restore and manually migrate to your preferred wallet… which must be a totally different user name and recovery phrase. The next gripe is the speed / or lack of processing the transfer. I have not successfully moved any tokens from my test wallet into the permanent one or any other “user name” wallet that i can find, the whole process grinds to a halt while the network fees are being calculated. Now looking to moving off coinbase wallet asap..Version: 25.14

FraudI have been using Coinbase wallet and transfer funds from Coinbase to Coinbase wallet, then some of issues, I reinstalled Coinbase wallet then I clicked on “I already have account “ on Coinbase wallet to login, I am getting bored because I couldn’t login me, it’s really bad application, I mailed them , still they couldn’t solve it, all time saying me to do same, never get proper answers, no even customer call support, just through mail, and they didn’t reply properly, I loose my £250 pounds approximately! It’s very bad experience from Coinbase wallet ..Version: 25.1

Horrible wouldn’t recommendI got a coinbase wallet put $3000 usd into it and when I try to login to my wallet it says that one can’t be found even though I have one.Version: 25.14

Can’t move my last 20 XRPBeen trying to move my XRP over to another application but it says I can’t. The rest of it moved no worries so why can’t I move my last 20?.Version: 23.3

Lost my money and support never replied or tried to helpI had some money locked into this app. Tried everything that I can think of to get my money out of this scammers. Finally I was able to transfer my money out. I have transaction number and confirmation but I never received my money. Send couple emails but so far nobody ever bothered to reply to me. Left 1 star review on trustpilot and coinbase reported me and removed my review. They do everything to stay on the market and steal more money. AVOID AT ANY COST !!!.Version: 28.1

DONT DO IT ! Customer Support doesn’t supportWallet is pretty standard. You can move coins into wallet for a fee. ETH gas isn’t the problem. NEVER EVER EVER NEVER STAKE ON THIS WALLET. Website says you can withdraw at anytime. Not true. It’s the old bait and switch. Once you stake you will receive an error message that says can not calculate miner fee. Also will change the interest rate on you instantly. Contact customer support. They will send a canned response asking for more info then go silent because they don’t know what is happening. For a public traded company that handles fiat currency they should really open phone support. And I know what the vets will say. It’s crypto so just be prepared to lose it. But there are alternatives out there that practice what they preach and deliver. This wallet is not one of them. I wonder since they are on the stock exchange if the FTC would look into them now. I may just try it. What do I have to lose since I have already lost. I will report back my findings. Good Luck fellow crypto adventurers and be safe out there !.Version: 24.6

Haven’t been able to withdraw since 2020I’ve had unable to determine miner fee for the last year and a half, never fixed.Version: 25.6

ResponsivenessI’m on an iPhone 7 and some of the buttons are slow to respond. Even as I write this review some odd things are occurring..Version: 24.8

App is full of glitchesEverything went smoothly as I began using this application, until a re occurring payment i set up didn’t leave my account on the 1st of the month, then the reoccurring payment tab just disappeared off my page. prices were low at the time so missed that opportunity. Next time I wanted to buy there was a glitch on buy page, where the screen keeps flicking up so i can’t reach the numbers to input. (sell and convert pages totally fine). next thing a pay and learn page wouldn’t allow me to input correctly and screen flicking up so i couldn’t reach the correct answer. now on the assets page it’s not showing the % under the prices and Eth just says 0.00 and for some reason that cannot be correct is that my yield earned numbers on 2 occasions that i’ve noticed actually went down from the previous time i observed. how can i feel confident moving into crypto when i’m experiencing all these issues? I’ve had to use the main website to buy which just isn’t convenient and once you’ve gone through the 2 step verification, then the price has been missed. i have no idea exactly where i’m supposed to report this but it’s really grinding on me now and really i’m going to have to find a more professional platform as this just seems unprofessional..Version: 25.14

Terrible walletGas fees to transfer money. is the platform to use.Version: 25.10

Useless customer serviceIs a great app until you need support, I thought it was impressive that when I called in I was talking to someone who was easy to understand and no wait times, boy was that misleading, I had $2k sitting in the account but when I tried to transfer even $50 is said insufficient funds for network fee, 4 times in a row they responded with step by step instructions on how to read my account balance saying that was the problem, even after sending screenshots of the $2000 in the account, thankfully online forums are available and I was able to get my money out, decent app but useless company.Version: 25.12

Not very good.After using a different app for my cryptocurrencies I decided to try this app. Coinbase has higher fees and slower transaction speed. The interface is cumbersome and not very intuitive. Plus very slow and expensive NFT transaction. My first NFT disappeared with the polygon transaction fee I had to pay. Very glitchy..Version: 25.9

It doesn’t work and fees are astronomicalFees are absolutely through the roof just to transfer Ether or Bitcoin into it. Then you’ll learn you can’t trade Bitcoin for anything. So you’ll pay more fees to put it back in Coinbase. Then you’ll pay more high fees to put ether in, and then you’ll learn that fees (allegedly paid to miners not Coinbase) to buy stuff with ether is like 100% to 200% of the price of what you wanted to buy - yes, 100 to 200% in fees. Then, when you foolishly pull the trigger on it, it will sit there and load and load and load and never complete the transaction: this has happened 5 times now with several different attempts on different things. So now I guess I’ll pay those big fees again just to put that ether back in Coinbase where I can do something, anything, with it. This is a pure rip off. If this is the future of currency, we are screwed. If I had large funds sitting in here, I would really, really worry about being able to recover them. Use this app at your own risk, and since this is their business model, consider getting out of Coinbase all together..Version: 25.1

ClunkyClunky and inconsistent. Verification notifications never send when trying to sell. This app has literally cost me thousands.Version: 25.11

Mining fees are ridiculous and once you’re in you’re stuck!This wallet is a joke. They say .5% fee, but THEN there’s the hidden mining fees for sending, receiving, and swapping. It cost me $30 to move $200 In Crypto from my Coinbase account and the $55 to move it back. I ultimately decided to move it back and close this wallet because to buy or swap coins here is crazy ridiculous mining fees. They quoted me $140 to swap $170 between two coins. Also, there is no way to cash out other than sending back to your Coinbase account and yep, you guessed it, big cost to do that too. Stick with KuCoin, Uniswap, or others. This platform is a ripoff. Oh and… read the fine print. They ARE NOT Coinbase… completely separate 3rd party platform, though the name and brand seem the same. Tricky tricky..Version: 25.1

READAbsolute joke of a app, forces you to pay a absolutely ridiculous average of $50 in mining fees for very small and simple ethereum withdraws.Version: 23.4

BuggyThis app is buggy. It works but with an annoying bug. When you try to transfer funds from coinbase you can click “Max” which ostensibly would look at your balance, subtract/include whatever transfer fee you incur as a result, and allow you to wind up transfering the max allowable so your balance on the sending side is zero. But you cant. The max button calculates an arbitrary number larger than what you have and then prompts you to buy the coin from Coinbase. That’s not even what transfer means, it’s a bug and here's what you do to fix it: make two buttons. Buy is one button Transfer is the other. That this app has a button which offers an OR function is bad design, not user friendly, and it doesn’t work as expected and is hence, buggy. A clear option to transfer is needed, and a clear difference between buying and transferring is needed. And the transfer function needs to work properly, instead we have to type in a bunch amounts until we arrive at the magic transfer fee plus whatever we want to transfer. And then there are some pennies left over, it’s silly..Version: 24.7

WARNINGFor those of you already using the coinbase exchange DO NOT DOWNLOAD this app thinking you can easily transfer money back and forth. I downloaded this app to see what is was and how it worked. Transfered 60$ kyner network tokens to try it. Immediately was charged 7$ for the transfer too the wallet and cannot transfer back to coinbase exchange for seemingly less than 40$. BTW you can also only pay the fees with ETH. So youll then have to send 50+$ in eth to cover its fee and pay the fee to get your other currency out. Think yoi could just exchange KNT for ETH in app to simplify? 244$ fee to exchange 50$ of KNT to ETH. Ill just consider that 50$ gone and that is the price i paid to findout this app is garbage. Please dont make the same mistake i did. Love the exchange app however, just use that..Version: 24.2

Coinbase stole my moneyIs stole my money from wallet.Version: 25.11

Rip offFees out of this world..Version: 25.14

Really liked the app up until nowNot sure what has happened with the wallet. Is it my phone or is it a bugged update? Been using for a year or so now and all been working absolutely fine. All of a sudden, I am not able to connect my wallet to any applications (opensea, shibaswap, uniswap, debank etc.). I have tried using the integrated browser as well as alternate ones. Really annoying I cannot access my NFTs or use any applications. NOTE!!! Been reading some reviews below and a lot of people complaining about high gas fees and not having the ETH available for transactions. This is not down to coinbase. A lot of the people complaining are simply unaware of how a lot of this crypto business works. This is coinbase wallet, somewhere you can store your crypto. Unlike coinbase, which is centralised exchange where you don’t actually ‘own’ that crypto, you own a share of coinbase’s crypto. It costs a lot of ETH to make transactions, especially the less known ERC20 cryptos, can cost £100-£200 to send £10 worth. Its how the blockchain technology works. Please do some research before lumping in your £50 worth of ETH then complaining its going to cost you £40 to get it back out..Version: 25.8

DO NOT USE!Do not use this wallet. It is far from safe. They are unable to send coins from Coinbase wallet. Even from Coinbase wallet to Coinbase. Nothing works. When you contact them you wait way to long amd when they do reply they feed you with lies and stop your email chain. Then you have to go through the process again and again. It’s been 6 days for me now and currently they’ve misplaced £500 worth of crypto. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. So please find another wallets. Also I’d suggest remove coins from coins into another app..Version: 24.8

Watch out the fees!The app is maybe good but fees are crazy! It’s all made up to rip you off! Every small transaction in to the wallet and out incur very high fees. Want to make any swap using the wallet you need eth coins to pay for the fee (other coins won’t do) and you can’t even conver usdc to ether without it charging the fee with ether. That means if you don’t have ether on you’re account you’re stuck and need to source it from somewhere which will incur more fees and higher expenses. Funny that all these crypto platforms are supposed to save you money in the transaction fees while in reality they charge even higher than your bank. A complete joke!.Version: 23.7

Need work on navigationI was exploring the wallet and went to the section where coins can earn interest. The back arrow to return or exit from the page is not working..Version: 24.7

DifficultI think this is the most difficult way to make payments and to have it take money from your balance is utterly ridiculous just to make the payment methods worse could they make it any harder to understand I don’t like it I don’t think I’ll ever use it again if it wasn’t fir the site I was trying to purchase from saying it’s the only form of payment they’d receive I wouldn’t of even tried this method.Version: 24.0

Should be called “Money Heist”This app is by far the quickest way to lose money, the fees are insane some transactions are more than the purchase and good luck trying to get out without losing a fortune due to fees!!! DO NOT USE THIS WALLET!!! IF YOU REALLY WANT TO THROW AWAY MONEY I COULD SEND YOU MY EMAIL!!.Version: 25.6

Horrible absolutely horrible. Do not transfer coin to this app.So I transferred 50$ of SHIB to this wallet and to do so it costed 1.99 which was reasonable as that is usually what Coinbase offers. Now I went to transfer it back to sell and now suddenly i have to purchase ether in order to do so and get this I need to purchase near 20$ of ot to do so. How was an able to transfer it from Coinbase to their wallet for 1.99 and in order for me to sell it I have to purchase ether on Coinbase, pay a fee to transfer it to their wallet and then transfer it to Coinbase for 20$ to sell it with another 1.99 Coinbase fee. This is ridiculous. I’m so happy I only transferred 50$ because this is now forever lost. Coinbase might as well just transfer it to their portfolio Bc I’m not spending 40$ to get 50. Totally ridiculous..Version: 25.14

Don’t useThis app has issues and from I can tell they are not able to address the issues as good as they should be. Had issue where I can send ETC, it just stays stuck of calculating fees. Looked this up and I see where people were having this issue a month ago. Now I have been given steps to double shoot and one of the things said to remove the app and reinstall with the updated version. Well the version I had is the updated version so I re installed and when I click on I already have an account (to log back in mine) all it does is showing the loading symbol but never does anything. To top it all off I had to use another brand of crypto wallet with my 12 phrase seed to try to gain access to my ETC and it’s only showing half of what I have in Coinbase wallet. Such a head ace, I will be removing Coinbase all together cause I can’t trust to to have this issue on my regular coin base account (non wallet)..Version: 25.1

Support subparSupport is not answering basic questions about this app. Just copying pasting information available on their website. I need to know if I can open this wallet app while abroad and not get locked out of my Coinbase Acct. I know from other forums that you cannot open the main Coinbase app while traveling abroad or it can and will lock you out, but I specifically need to know about this app. I’ve had Coinbase for over a year and am trying to find a way to be able to access my crypto while traveling abroad without creating multiple wallets and also not getting locked out. I leave in a week and they don’t seem to want to answer this basic question. I’m ready to transfer out of the Coinbase ecosystem entirely based upon this lack of a basic answer..Version: 17.0

Scammer!Stay away from this app if you don’t want to be robbed overnight. This supposed to be the biggest platform in the world but yet they are here to scam your hard work money! Stay away at all cost!.Version: 25.6

PatheticBeen waiting for Eth to transfer for over a week now.Version: 25.3

$10,000 stolen out of myWallet.Pleeeease don’t use Coinbase for ANYTHING. Do MORE research before using this company. Their exchange or their wallet. $10,000 was stolen out of my wallet and Coinbase has not been any help. Since this has happened I joined a group where EVERYDAY this is happening to people in Coinbase. Some have even lost hundreds and thousands. There are many lawsuits. One lawsuit that Just finished had over 6000 people. In that lawsuit they were all paid back by Coinbase but that’s because they all united together to fight them. Unless you want trouble, avoid this company like the plaque. There are many other exchanges and wallets out there that are waaaay safer..Version: 25.3

Don’t downloadWorst wallet I have. The NZ gas fees are x5 the amount of crypto I actually have in there. Coinbase app said I needed the wallet to buy a certain crypto, so I deposited money. Only to find out it’s actually not supported on there..Version: 24.13

Bug won’t let you move cryptoI have had the app for a year. Worked fine up until March of 2021. As of now I am unable to send crypto off the wallet. I just get an ‘oops’ error. I have tried EVERYDAY since March to move my crypto to another exchange or wallet. Only the error message of oops or a miner fee was not able to be calculated, try again later - it’s been over 2 months. How long do I wait to touch my +10k just sitting there. YOU WILL NOT GET AN ANSWER FROM COINBASE if you have an issue. I have access to the wallet. I can add to the wallet. I CAN NOT TAKE IT OUT or CONVERT. it’s not even like Coinbase benefits. It’s just sitting there. Fix your app or get customer service. Disappointed that I won’t be able to profit from this bull run. Wouldn’t Coinbase want my fees? I waited a year and now it just sits there and taunts me. Wish Coinbase would even sent an email telling me I’m just screwed, but nothing in months is a kick in while I’m down..Version: 24.5

Miners feeSo at first thought to give this app a chance, because I’ve been using Coinbase app for some time. After installing it and transferring some btc to this wallet what already was strange, why I can’t just have same wallet as on Coinbase, synchronized. So btccame to this wallet and I realized there is nothing more else I can do with them after that, only transferring from account to account with a MINERS FEE that looks like 200% of transaction to me(tried to transfer 7$ from USDC back to my wallet and it said fee will be ≈14,50$, before it I tried to withdraw my btc back 10$ and fee was ≈21$). Also you can grow your money there APR, but not BTC, that’s why I mentioned USDC, because you can earn interest on them, so I tried this feature and guess what miners fee was there… from 7$ it become 74(only fee), so now for me it’s dead end situation, because to get those money back I need to put more and pay a fee or forget about them and delete app. So the second option looks more likely my choice, hope my review will help someone before they download it. Best wishes..Version: 24.2

Eth scam!!!The coins I sent are stuck in this wallet. They want $900 Eth to transfer $60 worth of shiba.Version: 25.6

Biggest Scam walletI cannot transfer my money to any apps and it stuck in this wallet FOREVER pls do not dowload this.Version: 25.1

Be advised Fees...Fees...Fees...horrible customer serviceBeen using Coinbase for about six months just recently downloaded the wallet...disappointed to see that coinbase also charges for transfers between coinbase to COINBASE wallet..I understand the transaction fees in coinbase itself but to also charge customers for transfers into their very own coinbase wallets is a bit much...I would totally understand if it was to an outside wallet. At the end of the day prepare to pay for EVERY single transaction using Coinbase even if it to their very own Coinbase wallet. Also the app has been logging me out automatically...I have facial recognition set up and recently I transferred some BTC from my coinbase to coinbase wallet and now that I’ve logged back in it’s gone..btw customer service is horrible..have not been able to get in touch with anyone. Truely disappointed..Version: 24.8

Avoid this company and appFirstly, this is a pretty basic app and has glitches. As an investor this is the last thing you want when you want control over your investments. They also offer new user incentives which, once you’ve fulfilled the criteria, they will remove and deny ever existed. Lastly, and most important, their customer service is awful. You get copied and pasted answers which are not helpful in dealing with your query, and they don’t seem to understand that you could be a non-US customer. Do you really want to invest through a glitchy app and practically non-existent customer service? No..Version: 28.1

Really horrible and pointless appMan this app used to be good never the best though but I have it a shot anyways. Was using it everyday and sent my tokens here. Now I’m missing all my tokens! That’s not even the worst part, is I can no longer send ethereum out anymore. I feel like gas price is so low that even sending $5 worth of eth doesn’t process so now I’m just stuck in a pending cycle and the wallet never sends out. One other big issue is I like the icon for wallet #5 where you can go and select after going to the advanced settings. Since I have been using wallet 5 whenever I try to import the wallet elsewhere the backup only brings back wallet 1. So I cannot import the most important wallet which has all my ethereum and without changing the gas price my eth is still stuck in this garbage wallet. Customer service doesn’t even help out. They ignore my messages and I know it’s because they don’t have a resolution to my issue and that is because the developer would have to fix it. I am so disappointed and upset with coinbase wallet let alone coinbase themselves. Really horrible company to do business with..Version: 19.3

TerribleI’ve had problems with the app working out miners fee for over two weeks. I raised this with the app developers who responded and then closed the problem without resolution. Result: my bitcoin is stuck in the wallet and I am unable to to make transfers with the bitcoin funds in the wallet. My advice. Choose a different wallet. When I sent a message about the problem they closed the problem within 24 hours without solving the matter. Be aware. Their customer service is terrible. Currently my bitcoin is stuck and no resolution in sight. I’m now using another wallet without these problems. Don’t trust Coinbase. They are hacks who can’t be bothered to fix the glitch. Just want to save you these type of problems. That’s why I’m writing and ranting this review..Version: 20.1

Bad experienceFrom New Zealand the gas fees make it not worth moving from coinbase to other wallets, so when you need to you end up topping up the ethereum wallet with cash and then getting more fees again...Version: 24.5

Terrible app unreliableAll money I put in is lost or has been pending for over a month now. Terrible app I have reached out last couple days I can’t afford to lose $160 like that because an app. Tried to just take my money out and throw it into my Coinbase account where I trade crypto but that has been pending for over 2 weeks and I can’t find the transaction I can see it on the app but I can’t find the update on it if it’s going through and I tried to buy NFT’s on open sea in October and it still says pending. I hate this app and will never use Coinbase wallet ever again for being so unreliable. The $60 wasn’t a big deal but the $100+ was annoying and has made me not want to use Coinbase wallet ever again and possibly even switch over to another crypto platform..Version: 25.6

SCAM! Plain & SimpleWanted to get into trading so I downloaded the Coinbase app. Turns out you can buy as much as you like but because I’m in Australia I can’t sell any. Then I get prompted to download the wallet and transfer the coins there. Now I can’t even trade them for something else. Lost all the money, just watching it sit there dropping with the market not being able to sell it. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE NEAR COINBASE.Version: 25.10

Worst wallet ever!!Coinbase is a rip off merchant! Do not get fooled into thinking that this is a normal wallet for crypto..... it’s a mechanism for Coinbase to extract the most amount of money they can from you. Once you coins are In The wallet. They got you!! Try to withdraw them.... experience fees Beyond ten times that of other wallets. Like $463 in fees to move out just $256 in coins!!!! Also the customer service is no existent. If they do reply it’s asking for more info before they then ignore you. Don’t get suckered in. U can buy, sell move crypto for far far less elsewhere..Version: 23.4

Bad appHi been using this app for about two years now constantly investing then I noticed I was only getting 0.75% a bank is abit better I get a penny a month from starling with less then £50 so tried to withdraw £150 that got loss somehow or stuck or price is so high that it’s not worth withdrawing it more than half of investment or (dyxd )what has been saying for the last three months cannot determine price thanks a lot guys by the way and you can’t transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase but you can at a cost which is ridiculous Avoid please find low cost wallet Coinbase wallet and exchange actual not bad just don’t use this one.Version: 24.11

High feeNot reliable shbjdkdndjd.Version: 25.14

Complete garbageThey con you into transferring your balances into this app and then when you want to transfer out they charge you an insane amount in fees. DO NOT DOWNLOAD! TRANSFERRING will make you loose out on $20 us everytime.Version: 25.5

DangerousI lost a handsome sum of money due to scammers hijacking this site wallet including the customer service representation..Version: 25.12

TheftNo other wallet asks you to spend this kind of money on a transfer. Now i can’t even deposit money into it to buy the eth. Coinbase is a scam. I sent a formal letter to the SEC in Ontario..Version: 25.6

Beware scamsThis is a wallet in the loosest sense. Yes, you can store crypto here, but it has numerous flaws. One of the worst being no 2FA or notification for withdrawal. If you’re using this for a mining ‘opportunity’ be aware people can withdraw funds from your account at any time without you knowing. There are ways to fix it, but I’d just avoid it and stake your coins elsewhere..Version: 25.6

Total Rip Off!The fees are so expensive if you are trying to trade low amounts of coin the fees are actually as high or higher than what they are worth. Screw this app it’s a rip off..Version: 23.4

AppLove how its easy to buy crypto but the fee sending it from coinbase to coinbase wallet i dont agree with it, its the same app!🤦🏽‍♀️ i would understand if it were sending to a different app but its not its the same company. Need to review this..Version: 25.14

Buggy app, zero customer supportWhen I installed the app it gave me a choice of logging in with Apple biometric data or the recovery phrase (which it would be possible to set up later it said) so I opted in for Apple sign in. However, later when I went to settings as recommended to set or back up that recovery phrase, it was impossible as the app kept asking me to log out and log back in using the phrase I never got to set up. Today, the app kicked me out for no reason (!) and I can’t get access to the account. Apparently, I’m still logged in, as it keeps asking me to log out and enter the phrase. I contacted customer support but they just copy pasted the general information from the website. When I asked them to address my specific concerns they just disappeared. I’m about to lose $600 worth of Bitcoin and I AM VERY UPSET.Version: 24.3

HelpCan’t figure out how to withdraw money from my coinbase wallet into my bank account.Version: 25.17

BEWARE AVOID!!!After transferred multiples cryptocurrencies charged me high fees for any transactions for sent to other ERC20 wallets or exchanges The miner fees is only £3 or £4 pounds but coinbase charged me £18 to £30 in fees Also more that 80% of my transactions has been unsuccessful and stay on pending up to 3 days Also the transactions unsuccessful coinbase charged me a commission fees from £3 the low one to £11 the high one . All cases has been reported but not phone contact number or real chat available only by request form online and they take 5 to 15 working days to respond to your cases. Horrible experience I never ever use it again I have spent and lost over £500 in transactions unsuccessful and abusives fees to transfer again all my cryptocurrencies to my wallets . If you wanted and like problems and lose money and time ? Enjoy it!!!.Version: 24.0

Lost all savingsAt first the app was great after accumulated crypto and was trading fine. You would log in with your faceID and they even have an option to back up your pass phrase to iCloud but be Careful. If you get logged out you will not be able to log back in without your 12 word seed phrase and the faceiD will no longer work. I think it’s a shame for a company heavily funded to develop less than standard applications. I lost a good bit of my savings so don’t fall victim to this and write your passphrase because otherwise you won’t be able to log in and no passwords will work if you forget it because got used to faceID and it’s not stored in chainlink. Anyways an Update the app would help those who can’t remember what password they used because got use to faceID logging into the app and directly your customers to write down their 12 word pass phase should help from experiencing crypto frustrations..Version: 24.15

COINBASE WALLET IS A SCAMI should’ve believe the reviews but this is the worst crypto wallet on the planet, once you have any crypto or money in the wallet u won’t be able to get it out. It is costing me over $300 worth of ETH to transfer MANA to the coinbase app. It costs $400 to transfer MANA to ETH. How is that even legal. I might just make my own crypto wallet and proceed to rob people. If you are looking at the coinbase stock from today, short it this is the worst app/company/business ever..Version: 25.5

About gasCould be better if the default option of gas fees could be modified.Version: 24.7

Garbage app Total scamI transferred 40$ USD to the wallet and now to convert its asking for a 200$ fee or a 249$ fee to transfer back to my coinbase. What a joke. Lost money. Never downloading again.Version: 25.5

Not a legit appThis app is not developed by Coinbase its some third party app Please be careful to use such apps..Version: 25.6

Don’t even waste of time! WAY to much miner fee to transfer ANYTHINGI use coin base and it’s actually pretty goodSo I figured with it being an affiliation with it it would be as well boy was I wrong. After I finally tried to do some purchases on this I realized to even try and transfer my five dollar US coin to any other crypto they were trying to charge me a minor fee of over $300. Now my six dollars I spent is stuck on here and I can’t do anything with it so I try to just put it on to gain the little interest since it’s stuck here and even to transfer to gain interest on it was trying to charge a minor fee of over $300 once again so now my money is stuck in this wallet I cannot buy any crypto‘s or transfer it or do anything with it without paying a fee of over $300 this needs fixed ASAP please don’tDon’t be fooled into putting any money on here I can only imagine what the fees would be on a higher amount of money..Version: 25.6

Do no go near this thing!My friend just lost over $10,000 after trying to transfer out his Doge. Transaction was pending for ages, then the pending transaction disappeared from the app, and now his money is gone. The transaction hash that he was provided can’t be found on any block searches. Seriously screwed. Many other cases of missing transactions on here. Stay away!.Version: 24.3

ThievesTransferred money into Coinbase wallet from Coinbase and then could not make any transactions due to “miner calculation errors”. Submitted a ticket for them to fix, and the next day all my money gone. Numerous requests for assistance and phone calls over many weeks and not one response from them. Do not use..Version: 22.10

Frustrating waste of timeMade and verified a Coinbase account through my safari browser, was then prompted to use Coinbase as a Chrome extension. Installed Chrome and was then prompted to download Coinbase app. Downloaded app but wasn’t able to log into app because I was never given and could not find a “secret seed” so I couldn’t log in with the account I just created and verified an hour prior. Help center is just a futile waste of time. So frustrating..Version: 25.6

LimitedI hate this budget limit they give you. Honestly annoys me I have to split investments among other crypto wallets..Version: 25.4

Continuing problemsI deposited a coin in my wallet. It is now locked and I can’t move or sell it. Support is up to three tickets and no offers to resolve it yet.Version: 25.8

It’s a scam!!!Do not use this App. Never!! I put 1000usdt And 3 days after I saw anonymous transactions And my balance was 0. You try to contact customer support and you cannot because they don’t have. Live chat. They dont have a number to contact them. Them. They don’t have anywhere. To report anything. Just avoid this app Otherwise your will regret it.Version: 25.1

They don't care to help you if your money ends up GONE.I made a large transfer of XRP into my Coinbase account on the 16th of June (it's now the 1st of July). I sent it to the right wallet address but made a minor mistake on the XRP TAG. Let me tell you. TALK ABOUT DESPERATELY DEVASTATING. The money NEVER showed up in my Coinbase account. Coinbase Coinbase help has only responded with generic emails of NO HELP...they...don' Since then, I have found that there are 1000s of others whom have written about the Coinbase "customer service" neglect online. whom also have lost (or been hacked from) a LOT money just like me. They will most likely NOT respond to me writing this. If they do I'm sure it will be another generic message. And the little people will just continue to get stepped on....guys...don' it!!!!.Version: 24.7

In one word? Terrible.I used Coinbase and CB Pro and thought that using their wallet was a good move. I WAS WRONG. DO NOT TRUST THIS WALLET. This app is buggy and kicked me off for no reason, forcing me to enter my seed phrase to log back in and will now not recognize the recovery phrase given to me. Let me repeat that: IT WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THE SEED PHRASE that was given to me when I set up the wallet. I cannot recover my coins and their customer service is practically nonexistent. All I get are standard form emails and no actual help. Read the reviews, this is not an isolated incident and hundreds of others have lost coins and have had issues with recovery. If you use this wallet, be forewarned that you may lose EVERYTHING in that wallet. Find a better wallet and get your coins out of CB. Not a trustworthy company..Version: 24.11

Fees are terribleThe fees to convert or send assets out of coinbase wallet is crazy, Ive seen miner fees up to 163 USD to send 250usd..... ridiculous.Version: 23.5

JoshDo not ever do any business with Coinbase !!! Your money is not safe!!! This is nothing compared to Binance!!! Coinbase is a thieves Company witch makes sense since many years they have stolen the globes money anything got to do with USA it’s thieves stay away from them!!!.Version: 25.12

Do not recommendNot user friendly at all..Version: 24.12

SCAM!!!Took 411.00 of light coin from me, this app is in no way associated with coin base, I can’t believe Apple is allowing this on there platform, taking money from Harding working people, I trust Apple to to only allow legitimate apps on there platform not predatory apps that are looking to hurt the consumer, this makes me want to stop using my apple products all together..Version: 25.5

Expensive feesThis wallet is a ripoff.Version: 25.1

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